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Vol. VI, No. 14.
$2.00 per Year.
TO W .TAKBS,M.D.,(!.M.
li'.    M'|. II'.'TJIK."
OFFICE      :      :      I      BOUNDARY FALLS
MINING  LITIGATION. I should lake the same duty wbelli. t
   ' I the ore is inure  or less valuable for
A tremendous amount uf legal lllh- fwid nr silver.   In Ihr Inst few years
VEHN-OX, 11. (1.
St. Thomas Hospital,
■—— m—mm—mmm —■—— j
Vfunon, B. C.
(iraiiunte . ol   McGill   University
Late   Physician   and   Surgeon:
Canadian  Pacilic   Ry.   Coroner
for East Yalu.
T   P. Mi'LHOIl,
UAimisTun, Solicitor, Etc.
Anaconda. II. ('.
Of the Supreme Court of B, C.
Vkiixox, B. C
Law and Collecting Aoenoy.
Conveyancer, Mineral Claims Boug-ht
and Sold.   NotaryPublic.
GRAND  FORKS   ....   B. Cl.
Midway, II. C.
Commission and Insurance Ag't
Civil En nine or.
Irrigation Projects, Engineering and Survey
Work, with Plans and Estimates In any
Portion of the Province Immediately Attended to.
Maps and Plans or Any Portion of Osoyoos
District and Mining Camps of Kettle River
Mining Division.
0. A. Ol.KSS. M. A. II. A. 001*88, M. A.
Chemists anil Assayers
Ttjorfttyrfily (umilitu- ".villi Fairviisw and
.limn vary Cr^k Min-rul Propcrtlw. Proper*
ics Kjcamlniiil.   Ashu.vh »•»<! Aiiiilysiw of Ores.
Large  Shi] Is   Ani. iug  Weekly,    We buy  lb'.
the Very Best Brands, .111.1 Hell nl  W lerfully l.nw
Prices.   Give us 11 cull anil be convinced Hint, our
prices   are   the lowest  ill  lllis   Kccliuli   nf  rnlmlry,
■hiiiery will lie sel in motion before
tin■ I'ninl ileri inn is reached asln the
ownership nf Mime iif ibe most Import-
nnl miaea i.ii eacli side nf lbe Iiuiinilnrv
ESTABLISHED   ,. „„ ...
Illle.        llle     Inu.-I      ICCCIlt     IIIJUIIClll.il
1670.        gin .I    ia    Iinl    duell   alfecls   the
famous I,a Fleiir mine, ivhicli is located
iiii Fourth nl .lulv creek on lhe rcser*
v.ilimi near Ncliuli Wash. The
Spilkestuail-Revleiv nf  lhe 23rd   nil.,
We carry a large and well-selected stuck uf above
null ns we purchased nur guilds fnr SI'OT CASH we
nrepiiiililed tn give nur ctislnnieis the beui'lll'nf lhe
Discount,   (li. s n Trial Order,
"W. *X. Slxa-fcffoi?d. and Co.
W. t. I.KUN.MIl).
Haywood &. Leonard, Penticton, B. C.
Pleasantly Situated at the Foot of Okanagan Lake
Slap Connections at Penticton
With Steamer Aberdeen fm Fairview, Osuyoos, and Ol'oyllle, Wash. Also
Camp McKinney. Ruck Creek, Midway, Boundary Falls, Anaconda,Greenwood
City, Ciirsnn, Grand Forks and puinls in Washington.
Ample Accommodation for Hunting Parties.   Guides Furnished
Good Boating and Fishing.
SMITH & McLEOJ), PiitiritiKTons.
Sash, Doors. Mouldings, Turnings, etc. All kinds of fanctory
work kept in stock and made to order.    Coast Cedar worked
into Furnishings a Specialty, All kinds ol  Lumber, Lath and
Shingles kept in stock.    Hest material always in stock,
HOLESALE    AND touching I he c.u*.',sn:>si
i>  ,  *| i>    1       •     1        "Judge  W.  II. Ilivl'.irn returned
Kci.11 Dealers in dry , , , ■    ,    ,  ,  ,
• from Seattle yesterday, Where In* lui.i
goods.^ boots and shoes, Imh,m m-nrvw before Jntlgb Haiifurd nf
groceries and provisions, ihr United Stale' court, Ihe emu in-
wines,  liquors and cigarsT vu.lving the granting nf an Injunction
against ibe ('uiii-iiii k Mlnlngciimpniiy
nl Wilbur.   Iliu'ln-, whn have I
Special Attention
winking mi tb" property called by
Ihem ilia 1 a .in-1.,. la in Nliiiidpitl claiiu.
The case ciiuie up for hearing in lhe
suit nf lhe I.i  Fleiir .Mining. puny
the national lend Irusl (so called) hat.
succeeded in keeping lhe price nf I hi!
domestic lend ut seiiliuard point,,! from
IHI In III cents per lull puiiuds hrlutv the
cosl of fiireign lend, Iniil down, duly
paid They have dune ii by Importing
considerable ipinniiiies of. "..reign lend
nl times when lite domestic price wus*
advancing tot) high, W'iire|iuiising .llie
saute in New Vuck fur ils effect upon
the iliiinesiic price, which, being nc-
cnniplislied, thev hnvc eillier nilh-
illam 11 tlie lend nud iniisiinieil it ur re-'
expiiited it. as wuuld prove must ad*
vnlllngeuus  lu  lhe  Irusl.   The rnlist.-
.piellre is Ihnt lhe dill)'nil fiireign-ll'*'
tilled  lend  shiiulil   lie  put   111  such a
een Itgnle us would li'iid to limit this put-
lii-ul.it Iraiisnrljuu und so would permit
American smelters, in times when the
dottiest ic market is being uiniiipulnic'l,
In smell foreign ures iu bniiil .ind Ml"
011 Mnniliv lust. The LliFlenr emu- poni-Hie resulting rellm-d leadnr-cew
pimy chlliii the ground uniler the inline Isury lo llieir operation nnil initkil use
iil'lhe Murniiig Slur. tliu  refilled tliellll   In cherkiniite the
"Tin- Ln Fliui Mining company was
PAID    to    Mail    Orders. ".'|it**nii*d by W. B. Hey -nut this
N,i ■        1     ,       i.   1 I 1     cltV, llllll   till'   ('uilisliiek   Milling cum-
otliing but rehab e goods ,,,..,.     ,,   ,    ,„   * „,.
" ft ) 1.-111 y aud William Hughes were rcprc-
kept on hand.. scntetl liy,Tones, Bell .V Qnlnii of this
cily, Stephen O'Brien nml P. C.
Robertson uf Sentile, and A. II. Colo-
man uf I'nrt Tnwiiseiid.
"Tha questions hefore the court
ware, wbelli..rur mil lbe (,'unisliiek
Mining rninpniiy ami Hughes should
be enjoined frum removing nny ure
from lbe claim-, and friiin interfering
with lbe Ln Fleiie Mining limni'iiny
wurking up"!) tlie gruiti.d rliiiiued l.y
Ihem us the M.1n1i11gSI.il. 'I'be pniiils
were strongly contested bv bolh shies.
The decision of Ihu court was In favor
iil'lhe I,a Fleor Mining cmnpiiny and
ngnitisl (he Oiillisllick Miningcuinpnny
——■ j nnd Hughes mi ull pniiils.
j   "Judge   Hevl.urn  snid yesterday 1
The Postofflee Bookstore I.HHHSrE
of Insl resort.'
"The Iji Fleiir tliine is a famous
property; iift'rl the wild ride by nighl
across  lbe  reservation   lu   make lbe
Hudson's Buy Co., Vernon, B. C.
1>; O.  Box.  S-l.
Crockery Glassware,
Toys, Fancy Goods,
Marked Down to 50
Per Cent. Below Cost
rril11 If IT T       I       wiiri;, and luui n  lurge nin it  uf on
This Is Io MhrjR£-as£
S.UVJIII.I,   ON OltANAOAN   liAKM,  ll.VN'DY   TO   SltlPMENT,   S.1SII   AXI)   1)001!
Factory ox c. I'. R., VebnoiI.
Call and be Convinced.
Have You a Coug'h or   Cold?
♦00 ♦•»♦«*>♦«■{♦♦*>
uperntinns of lbe lend trust, ll will
result in a inure. eVcnlylinluuccil innrkel Ihan we hnvc bud for veins, in a
better prntc.clIt.l] In (lie American
miner, and a higher scaliuuid price fui'
domestic lend."
 in   ■ —
Record of Mineral Locations for tlie Week
Ending January 26,1808.      j
JAXt'AllV III    -
London, Pass (Teek, .1. W, Kcjile,
l,ivi.|.|niiit, i'nss creek, .1. W. Slinll'.
I iii'rii, Iiiiiiii-. Ilrn.vn's iiiiiiii, ,1. 'lodgers.
Iticililiii. Ilirililni iniiniitiiin, IV. S. Murray.*'
Irun Iluin-. llnnl.v iniiiinliiin. A. ('. Sutton.
Siii-i'Thing ifriiitii.niili. l.t-iiil.viinil ruiii|i, \V,
M, lai.v.
...INl'AltV I'.i.
IM.lili.il Troasiiro; Smiths rninii. A. fiistlc-
J-.M'.UIV Hi.
  , ,       I'II, l'|.|ivi.li.lna.. i,'.ini]i, H'ianiliit'j('i'cok Min-
lhe I.ljlll.cllul,  was nutde penpal nnl,  ,„„,„;,, Mim„,. ,,„„,„„„..   ..
('. S. anil 11..  I'rovtil a; cmiip*. H'lttniliiry
Cluck Mining ami Milling I'liniimny.
CKHTO'tiaVI'K .11' WlltlK.
.HM auv -iii.
W, 1). A. iloihrook.
.I.N'I AltV '.ll.
till,' W'inity. 0.1.. Tliniiii-t, S. Ilciiiii'riiinii nnil
nml c. A. Peterson.:
*   'in.iNst-'inis.
.i.iMa.iiv 111.
Allilin, nil littoral, J.'W. JlcCbnl In A. .1.
S|iiikiinc. J liitorcsli II. I,. Niuli Id W: It.
Moure And IV. J, Sclimuuk. - '" '•..
Monitor, ! Intcrwi,' II. 1,. Kimlj I" »'. I!.
Mnlllu'ti. IV. J. Silllilllrk.
Welimiie. all Interest, Vi. Sninls in .1. II. Alb'-
Ilelil.   i
MSpto  I.cnf.   I   inleresi, ll. Mcl.lilll In .1,
liicntinii is ri'tiieinl.ereil by everyune.
[I is snid In lie a valiialile mineral
claim. The Ciiinsluck Mining company
have dune L'oiisiilei'uhle developinenl
the Lnile Sine and  Washington; illl"
oilier well kiinwn prnperty,
"A large lilntk nf Coinstook stuck i (',"'t{|"-
,     ,. .. ,     t   •    li     ,,i      ,   lu      lll'l'ill lll'iliiin. I inti'1'i'i-t. •!• S.,sliniiTllllll
hnd be m disposed iit  iii Seattle at 1.1
cents,i shine, uud I lie act inn uf Judge.
Hiinfiird created fiinsl('million auioiig
ainuiig llie piirrbasers."
—„,      . 9 4
1 splendid structure is lu In* Iniill
,y      A aplellillil  stcilillire  is  1   llllll
I ; over llle ('ullliulii.'l liver nl  Niiithpor
Tliislle. i inlclTst, .1. S. .Slieni-n- In 11. .Mcl.riin
llriiish ('iilninliiii. ,< Intcrc-it. .1. S, Hliemrr i.i
II. MiI.ciiii.
(Iiitiii-in. J Inleresi, J. T, Irvine In li. Mi-l.i-nn.
Hull Ilny,') inli'l'i'al. .1. T. li'ii.ir In ll. MeU'ilii
I'llltilliin, nllililiTcsl. K. A. llleliailielKliiT.
I-'. Wren.
Lulu, | inleresi. W. Sivnii In II. I, flunk.
I     Teller. I inli'i'i'M, W. .Sum, i.i II. I., I'ri.nk.
^'TTTQQTWfU*!!,. ii.i'ui.iu alu the Bed, Monnloln WM\_i     ,
♦    1     & J Jltl I   IM   B\. 0      ,, i ,,ii   Tamarack, *10 Interesl, I. ('. .luluis nn.
f   i.   WVJUIil ^fl railway,! mulrael tor,,ivJiicli »;"*! w.,i. M,-My,„,u, w. ll. v ,g.
M. niURBTT. 0. T. I10IK.BON
KnpDBring and Ass.iying (Jo.
<arl'(.|»m\'iiilll Olty, Tl. ('.
Assaying and Analyses of Ore
Mines Examined and Reported on
Tl.nro.iKli Acquaintance with tin. Kettle
illver and llniiii.lnt-.v Creek Mining
General     Slaclcfsxixl-tilx
All 'Kinds or Repairing.   Horseshoeing a
l»«<'«->*»'t.'>«-»»'rv'i'»'»*'-.0*««i>* :'''' " ■     -"' speeiltc ,   TaiitSWicW lltl interesl, A. It. Uniler n, w
lolrttni's  in   ilia  rmitrui'l |ifl  lhe title H. Young..
which iiillipi'ls  tlie iuiii|ilelinniir I lie- |    Tii.u.u.|iel(. 1 illlen-l, la, K.-iglilly In IV. II.
bridge by lhe middle of May, I Y"!"«- ,.,„   ,              '', „ .
h , .,. ;    ('..iltr.il City, ,'nil''real. IV Hi II lull,SI.
The bridge will lie a lliiiglilllccnti.nl*, I (,(,.nv|c,v ,    ,
being wlliil is know n as a euiiiliiiintiun :   Allap Mimil, 1 lulci'esi,. A. (iuil'iiniu In W.
steel bridge,    With the iippronclies il '■ T. Smith. .,
will lie nliuiil 2,U0U feel lung, m nearly   ?,4PJ ""il11.'''''''-.'''!'.'''"'^:l ",' W; 1; ? '
h"lf»    ' •    Th"   l"i'1-"   l"'"l"''' W'" i-    Itlllllle 111.11. illlUiliW*^ l(,,yi..l«,iii,l,l I,.
".Minii.;*;i<: faioi
Oi;u   Si'iiciALTiKS-r-Varieties Profitable in British Columbia;
Trees Free from Pests, ,
Send for Free Catalogue;       E. Hutciiiikson, Manager.
In Bottles, 53c. and$i, at
Taylor's Pharmacy
(iHKKNW'(llll), B. ('.
J. W. I<KEI),
Fine Watch Repairing a Specialty.
All Work Warranted,     nllalin
Watches, Clocks and Jewelry.
Spectacles and
Gommereial Job Printing.
General Blacksmith,
All Kinds nf Wnrk Kxooutud to llio Satis*
taction of I'nsl omen.
Leaves Marcus Mondays and Thursdays at i P. M
Arrives Greenwood Tuesdays and Fridays at 5 p. M
Arrives Marcus ■ Thursday and Sunday at 9 A. M!
nullum six spans, resl ing upnu sulid 1 \\*. t. Hiniili.
llieni.   Three  spin-   will   In* each hit);  -A.lk-i- Maml, .. iiiirn'-i'i, A. Viiaijeuinuiii w.
I,-,.I  lung uml llie ullier lliree spans i T. Smilji..  ,
... ,    ,,-,, f    ,  , ,,,1,   ,'..1;:,,, ,1,,,!    Nii.ll I'niclinii. i. inlria-at. |.;.i )-.'Shainmli In
1. lie -..ll leel  lutlg   I'.'li'll, lllilklllg llle I     rt ,„     • 	
, ,., ! .'■ P. ^linnnn    ' V    '.,,-,:'•„
lui.il lengil, ul  lhe bridge proper l;iV|    mm „,,,,,.., i,,,,,,^,  ,,.t, „,,,,„, „,,,, j
jl'eel.    ' 1 l.yyiuii tn K. II. sliiiiiiiiin-.     .   „  ,,
. -        (    Tu   fncllilnlc the   work,  ll culliplelel . Juiiuv. Slu.v. .1 iii.iii.-l. -J. P. Sliaiimin nnil J,
We have to make^w;'; fo W^m, S& 'Acs,
 —Innil liy lis .iul llie iiieo will l.e able In (JlK
4.r.n<~ i    CntA    C^^.«-v.|vv'"'kll,l-v'""'   main, wliiih lhey inii-l.    |;V,.M„,..  ;  ailia.-i. il, I*. T.hin .1,, tl. 1..
room ior opring|,i„iu,.„ii,p!,.ieii„. wnrkin nvsi.,..i-1\„].,,„	
!||,.,| ti,,,,..   I, niil l.e rushed  ilu,nigh'   Alum.! inh-ir.i. -I. M. (lira in M. iih*..
Qfni-1^        T'hof     ie  so as to  prevent the  Irliiisteiiiig of    N.w St. M,.,„-„,,   nuireat, j, m. , u, M.
OLULK. indl       1S> !tl,linji   |,y   ferry   wl,..,, the liighwnle, :'""'■ .IIMUIV"
tonics, !   H'oko.JI -i.T. Wuti in.i.Aiui,i.i:.,iiii
'Wfiy     We      redUCe' nury  ON  LEAD OUE. Kilivnr,l,'|Interesl,t:Wi .11,1.1.It. in
j, P. ri.iii.1. ...
prices on an cnna- „„, .,„„ i(. w,,, i;nr«i r1*" ■  ■ 1Niai
Visitors tn the Boundary Creek Mining Camps, Stop nl lite Ainicnnd
Good Table -  Good Beds -  Good Liquors - Good Stabling
N. Tholl, Proprietor
Stales I'miii linlil tl iltilllil mul lUcxIr
is nne ivni.'b will probably omnii
during lb'' eiuuiiig seSsI f emigre
l!ii;s;Ni llnlcrffill, .Un W.illnre tt,,.l. I', M
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in and Growers oi
All Stock Grown Without Irrigation.
All Trees Inspected Before Leaving the Nursery
b P O K A N E   F A LI.S,
P. ( ». Box Has. Wasliiiialoo
TPn "5     htln     hnv's'is me' wnleh will prnhably i up 'lll,lv
" UU      ^J*   during lhe c ngseSs fwingm* .'i.n','ii'icv.'K..r ,m,.,,„vi;„kmv.
, ,     ArepreseiilntiM. ul t if the lurge    ,_„„ ,.|Ml  Tl,.,.     ,UoldMlWn'g •
§llOeS 33 Percent. Onlorailoemelleissiysi  ,,
.... I    "1  haul   ll lm iiiuy mi lend     Sun Smli, Tlie lti|.iil.lii. Iinl.l .Mlnliig inn.-
|.| > .4 (ires shiiulil be lhri'|..i|ilarlers nf a cent ' I'm).      , ■,-.-.
which gives them J,,,, ,»i,eii„.,s„,.i,„,.,s „„.,„„„.* ° '•p?^ >t<
-jurlcss valuable fur haul nr silica, ami! DOMINION  RAILWAYS.     ■
j Ihal llle duly un reliueil lead or,on tl
base bullion  slimilil lie  double, oi' l{\    The foil..wing relinns,-niii|iiiliil by
'ccliis per pound, '■ : the .lepnilinenrnf i-iiilwiiysnnil ciiinii a
i    "The  clause   in   tile   presenl   Inw ' will give a rorrecl idea of ll\ irni g
' whicli llxesii duty nf Ihrrc-ipi.irlers n( puiver'nf llie twu llnminlon-t'iiiiwii'a,
la cent per puittid nn all ure when nmre , wliieli it   will be seen well- npernl il
valiialile fur lead Iluin silier is w rung,: last year ut a cnnsideinble loss to lie
■jjiis prohibit ive,  unjust,   and   in   fhe cuiintryi Tofiil receipts nf I lit* Inlet-
to you
0. B. 4 P, B.
nature of a disc'iiiiliiinlinn sgulimi llijjj.colonial ainuiint to |2iUu7.fllO,^jjii| ihe
poorer n in.-. Further, it assesses it working expenses ij:i,iilJ.Si7, showing
duty upon the gangue of tliu ore,whichpiiitleHcltjof $6S,1S7. Tlie iiel.ileli.il mi
is of III) value   ullnl    i'i   nml bus   iiii  till'I'liuce Eilwnlil.lsliilid r.'lilivny Was
hcai'iug upmi  tla- 1-1. -iiii'limi   uf  lbe
American miner, .inci  ilie lead is ilie
$7>i,(lli-i, in-ii. Uilul -of. l(il.H,l,''lTuu ne
count uf the  two guvtrnnijcnt  ruads
inelal whicli lias lu' pay a  duly.   It   at d llieir brnuelii THE ADVANCE.
W. H. NORMS fiioriiWTOB
Pabllsked  weekly  at Mid my, B. C.
SnUorintii.n I'rioe, I2.tr l ft iinnuni, payable
In advance, elthor yeu-ly ur half-yearly at the
option of the •■tMerlbcr.
AdrortWng llutus mil on application.
Thoagli Uu colu.nna of Tnr. AOVANOI are
always open for lbe .limiuiwloii of mattci-s of
p.iblie Interest ami inipurlance, wc ilo not ncc-
ceHsarily oiuIono any of the opinions oxurossed.
CorrespoU(leRee uf n personal nature will not be
: 1 uruaa in this spiii-e ilnli-
uali-.a tiiutyour.iiuscription
: to this paper has expired.
Wk call attention to the letter signed
'•Fanner" in  this issue, uud wuuld
recommend our renders lo pay purlieu*
Inr attention to I he views expressed,
Tin: Nelson Tribune advocates legislation against lhe truck system, if no
act isal present ill forcetn theprovince
healing upon Ihe subject. With the
Tribune we entirely agree, as we buld
Ihc puwer should not lm vested in employers, whereby nn influence could be
brought to bear upun eutployees.whlch
wuuld compel them to recupeiale the
eiilfers of employers through lhe
practice of so pernicious a system, if
I lie laborer Is worthy of his hire, he
should be paid for the same In the
recognized currency of tlie country,
aud should out In. compelled to pay
tribute to his employer, by accepting
nrilers ol) stores, etc,, etc. It is to be
Imped lbe mailer will he hulked Into,
nml soiue acl inn laken by t he government at the forthcoming session of the
provincial legislature.
Nut alone iu British Columbia is the
ipieslion of placing grealei restrictions
uu the promotion of mining incorporation, lining given attention, as it would
seem it is pussilile a hill may be introduced in the legislature uf the State uf
Washington, having fur its object llie
charging of a higher fee for tlle registration of a conipiiny than is at present
exacled, the fee lo depend upon the
amount of the capitalization of tin.
company. Fur instance, if a company
is capitalized at a ligtire mil exceeding
$1110.01X1 a fee uf ,$111 wuuld be charged,
and If over this auioiint an additional
charge of 10 cents per thousand is proposed, Under Ihis rale it would rust
$100tu register articles of incorpura-
lion for a company capitalized at
$1,01X1,0011. A very similar proposition
is lieing entertained in this province
and as ninny, more particularly uniting
the investing public, seem lo favor
such a proposition, nodolthtlhe mat ier
will he a subject for legislation at lbe
next silling of lhe provincial legislature, Should British Columbia and
Ihe State of Washington adopt such
legislation, it would main a tax of $201)
upon any company Incorporated with
a capital nf $1,000,1X10 lieing registered
in the state and province. Such a
course if adopted would certainly
enrich tlie ceffurs of the governments
iu question, but as to whether It would
furnish an effectual check to Ihe promoters of wild cat mining incorporations, witli gigantic capital, is open to
doubt. Our opinion is ils deterrent
effect would be hardly perceptible, and
to cure llie evil we would suggest olher
nnd more restrictive legislation.
What is the matter wilh our contemporary, tlie Boundary Creek
Times? In a recent issue of the Times
a letter appeared over lbe signature
" Mark of Interrogation," which, as
explained in our last issue, east, severe
relied ions upon officials having charge
.if government offices in this district.
The Times published a letter which it
knew would damn certain officials in
lhe estimation of the people, and yet,
neither al the time of publication nor
since, has it consented to take notice
of the anonymous epistle. Wherefore
this silence? Is it the outcome ofa
conspiracy hotween lhe publishers of
llie Times ami parties having a fancied
grievance against the officials iu (pies,
lion, or are we lo believe that the
Times hy its silence endorses lhe
strictures and accusations made a galusl
officials? If the former, llu. Times is
Iuu despicable a publication to it-
tuiiln upon Ihe face of the earth, ami
if lhe lm Ier, then il has chosen
au extremely circuitous met hod of expressing opinions which should only
luminal.* from il through lis editorial
columns, lu the meantime ihe officials
iu question remain under a ban, owing
In the fuel tlnil. they have been attacked iu un aiioiiyiuiiiis manner and
are therefore not able lu defend llietn-
selves or court enquiry l.y the government in whnsc service they are. The
i-liiuges are cither true or false, If
(rue, in the inleresls of Ihu public
specific charges shuuld be made nnd
au investigation asked for; if the
charges ace without 'iiiiiiilalli.il, u
great, wiling has been done nil Ihe
provincial government, officials In this
districl. .	
Old Case Postponed and a New Complaint
Is Filed.
The following is an account which
appeared iu t be issuenf the Spokesman-
Review nf the aiih January, relative
lb llu. M.'Kiiiimn rase. By it. it will
lie siti lliere is a .pussibilily uf lhe B,
(j, aiithuili a ba*.lUK tq wait some
lime before repaining possession of
McKinnni), whn is so badly wanted in
the province. The Hrst paragraph is
Hot accurate, lis'll was not upon coin-
plaint uf Officer Simmons thnt Mc-
Kiniion was Hrst arrested. The whole
account, however, lends to show how j
badly the case is becoming mixed op,
and how obstacles are being thrown in
tlie way of extradition, owing to a lack
of systematic proceedings intelligently
directed. Charging a mini willi cattle
stealing and then trying to extradite
bun for jail breaking is not jusl quite
the proper course lo take. Ultimately
no doubt McKiniion will be brought
back, as more charges than one have
been proven against him, that is if flic
expected dues nut happen, viz., Ilis
breaking mil of the Spokane jail, which
is recognized as out being by any
means a safe place to keep prisoners:
Spokesman-Review: The McKliinun
extradition case lias produced aunther
puzzle. John McKiniion was arrested
un complaint of K. C. Simmons, a constable in lhe service ol her Britannic
majesty, the Queen uf Ureal Britain
and Empress nf India, un the charge of
stealing callle frum Cornelius O'Keefe
al Vernon, B. C. Incidentally he was
accused uf breaking jail. Extradition
proceedings were cuuiniencedi involving correspondence tlin.ugh lhe capitals of bulb governments, in lbe
itieatilime a question arose as to Mr.
Simmons' authority.
A writ uf habeas, corpus was applied
for liy Attorney A. I,. Grotty of Seal lie,
aud United Slates Marshal Drake was
lequired by older of cuurt lu sliuw
cause in the federal court ill Senile,
January 25, why he held McKiniion in
custody. The result is cxpluintd in
the following telegram to the Spokes*
mau-lteyii.w i
'■Seattle, Jan. 23.—At. the request uf
defendant's attorney, Jutnes L. Crnlty,
Fedeial Judge Haufocd In-day post-
polled the hearing of llie writ uf habeas
corpus in the caseuf John McKinnun,
now iu jail at Spokane, ami wanted at
Vernon, B. C, fur larceny in stealing,
as alleged, fuur head nf callle, linlil
the April term of the United Stales
district court iu Spokane, Crotly
slated to llie cuurt that tiie Brilisli authorities were in reality trying to extradite McKiniion for jail-breaking,
and nol larceny, as set forth, McKiu-
iii.ii, it .appears, broke out of the Vernon jail."
Simultaneously with I he proceedings
at Seattle, E, 0, Simmons appeared
before United Slates Court Commissioner Kenyuit of Spokatie and tiled a
new complaint against John McKiniion, tie showed lo the commissioner
that lle had leceiyed Ihe requisite
authorization as agent fm the government of the Pruvince of Brilisli Co-
huuhia to act in lliu mailer, ln this
complaint McKiniion is charged with
participation in the Mulraiiey steer
stealing. Tlie prisoner was brought
over from llie county jail and arraigned
and the case was set for hearing next
Saturday. R, W. Nuzuiu bus been retained as attorney for the government
of Bri'ish Columbia. Attorney Grotty
bits been notified liy wire of lhe new
phase of the case and is expected to
take part iu Saturday's proceedings
unless ihe authorities agree that Judge
lliinford's order pustponiiig tlle case
until the April term must lake precedence.
Pending all ihese technical proceedings, John McKiniion is looking out
upnu the world through the burs of
lhe Spokane county jail with a cold,
glittering stare, To all curious questioners be replies lhat be is iu the
hands nf his attorneys nod friends. He
denies that he stole the cattle, notwithstanding the testimony of the
stipendiary magistrate that he found a
calf's hide that had heen partly drugged
out by dogs from under McKinniiti's
In thenpinionnf disinterested lawyers
McKiniion will remain in Ihe .spukane
jail until Judge Haiifurd can hear the
case in April.
The ninny friends in this district nml the
Upper Okanagan, and indeed thoy ..ere many.
Will hoar with Borrow and regret that tn this
world thoy will never ngniii lui'i't with (1. 11.
ilusli.lnil, ..'hu n low years ngo moved mining »
liirgeeiriln of acquaintance*, at Bndorby nnd
lliruiiglii.nl tin Bpallumoh'oon, ns on Friday,
tho 2iml January, ho Rilcoumbod to un attack
nf pneumonia nl the Kgotonay lakogonoral
hospital, to which Institution he was removed
just taut- ilnys previous la his death. Mr.
llnshdnll will be roinomborei] ns being prlttcl*
pally llislriuiiuntal In lbe orooiion nf the Hint
Iug, limn- mill In llie S|>iillnini-lui'.ll, which
mill Simula III liic Imvu nf I'lulnrby In-ilny, mill
Is owned by tl. P. Rllhol & Co, lu ibis vontiiro
Mr. Itnsbibill was singularly unfortunnlo mid
lost n guud ileal uf capital, anil sunn nflrr liis
loss IllOVod intu the Kniileiiny, lYtlOl'0 ll.
tered Intu the real rslnle ntnl milling brokerage
business. Subsequently hoontorotl thosorvloc
nf the provincial government, and nt tlm llmo
nf Ids dentil held tin. posilloii nf milling re-
order fnr lb" Xelsiin mining division, I, position wliloll lm Idled witli groat credit lu himself and lhe government, lie wns burled uu
Sunday, tlioSlthJanuary.and tlio Inwpageant
which tullo.vt'.l him Io the grave, furnished n
ready testimony to lho osteon! in which bo
was bold liy bis llliiro recent frioitda.
Perfection Brand of Ceylon Teas.
The Choicest Blend of Ceylon Tea
that can be produced. Strong,
Pungent and Rich in Flavor.
Guaranteed equal to any 75c.
tea in the market.
PER 5(3a LB-
5c. per lb. less in 5 Pound Lots.
Try a sample pound, put up in  Lead Foil Packages only.
Soo   PaciJlc   Ronte/fc.
The Cheapest .
Quickest and .
flood Accommodation for Travelers.  First-class Meals Served
Good Livery Stable in Connection.
Good single and double drivers and saddle horses. Ladies'
gentle double and single drivers and saddle horses.    Horses
boarded by the week or month.    Liox stalls if desired. Horses
broken to harness, and horses and cattle sold on commission
Dealer in hay and grain; wholesale ancl retail.   All kinds of
heavy teaming attended to.   Corner Mission and Tronson sts
W. Gardner, Proprietor.
The trade centre of the Grand S
Prairie,    Kettle   river    and iff
p|j Boundary creek mining and ^
pp agricultural country. ffl
^ Situated at the junction of jp*]
||m the Boundary creek, Marcus g[|
ffl and Reservation wagon roads, ffl
H| Nearest point to the Colville ||j
im reservation mines- ^|ji
ffl '■           ffl
■ mi
'Pur prices mul all othurinforin iti.in apply to rstuft
C. E. STUART ■ ■ ■ AGENT ffl
Shortest Route
Toronto, MantFeal, Halifax,
Boston, Now York anil
All Eastern, European,
and Pacific Coast Points.
SIR. ABERDEEN ';■">■"■*''™-
Tn. vi;,;,, Thursday iiiiiI Saturday, milking con*
t" it li trains nl Okaungaii Landing [ov
SU-aiijoiiH Juik'Uoii Lo join umln line ti-alus
ci-l unil '.Vr-I.
Through TlokefH to uml from lho Pncilic Cotwl'
Ui Kiit-iiTiiituil Kuropoan PolnW.
We are taking First-Class
Mining Properties in hand
Rqulpitiunl tinsurpouod, combining palatial
dining mill Blocjiliigwirtitluxurloim day uoaohpN,
tourlBl ami free ciiimiisi. sleeping oars run on
nil trains.
For Information iii* to lime, nil en, etc., apply In
H, S. Scadding,
Agont, Peiiliclon.
Or to        Geo McL. Brown,
Dist. PiwB'r Agouti Vancouver)
Lequime k Lloyd-Jones
The best hay and grain
raised in the Mission Valley
delivered at Penticton at lowest possible prices by
Lequime k Lloyd-Jones. Kelowna.
"TOTx-i-fccs   fox*  Prices,
Lath and Shingles.
Notice is horoby glvon that, a Bitting of tbo
County Court of Vale will be hold
At OfioyoOB, March 12, 1ND7.
At tho hour of eleven o'clock in tboforonoon.
By command,       0, A. It. LAMHLY,
Govorumont Olllco, Osoyoos, It, Q. I'.
Nov. 12th, 1896,
ion. sale.   Price $3.00.
o. n. rirrnNiiRiun. Ron- omul
Is nne of 11 li.nm llf eight llt'llll
belonging In SllilBI'l' Bros.,llie
lii'slling     I'VeiRlllels.    llml
helped   lo  Inni tin' lln'i.'U'li linn, 'might,
110.1101) pounds", foe I'I I. Di'lsetill, tin* redoul.t-
nlile bargain dlspensni' nf general iiimnihaii*
disc, Harness, Stiildlus, ete,, nt Carson, B. 0.
My slnek Is complete Indeliiilandi'eplete nnd
vni-ien in Suits of Clnthlng, Gentlemen's and
Ladles'footwear, Dry floods, Nol inns. nle.   My grocery supplies nre sufficient
In satisfy llie wants nf llie entire Kettlo Rivet' valley.   My stock nf Millers'
Supplies is just ivbnt is wanletl by lhe Prospectors and Miners,   I tun selling
at Spokane SPOT CASH Prices, freight only added (ditty thrown in).  Come
nnd interrogate ine.
■ ffl,
The Golden Gate Hotel
T. Elliot   -   -  -   Proprietor.
Stopping Place for Stages to and from Penticton and Oro, Wash.
Slttitigfl of tho (anility (,'iiiirt of Yule will l.e
holdon ns folio iva t
At Midway, on Monday, 1,'itli 'Unroll,
At Grand forks, on Weil.iesiliiy, J 7th
Mni'i'h, 18117.
At tin: hour of II o'clock in tho foramen,
respectively, liy Dominant),
W. (i. JIl'MYNN,
Uiivcniiiienl Olllii', Miihvny,       I). II. 0.0.
Jan, llli. 1807,
Cortlflciito   of Improvements.
Tim livoixti St.HI Mini.'Ii.ii. Claim.
SlUiuto at Camp Fairview, In the Osoyoos
Mining Division of Vale District,
TAKK MOTIUH Unit I, John Slovens, us
agonl, froo minor's corllllcatu Nn. HiSM,
Intond, »|xty days (ram llie iluie lioroof, In
niiiily In lhe Minliii! llii'imliir lnr u cortlUcnto
nt linprovoiiiniils, for tin. purpose nf ohtuinitii*
n Crnivn grout n( tin* abovo eluiin.
Ami furtlior tuke notice Unit notion, miller
soot'on ill. musl li" connnoncod licloru lho
liauanoo or such cortifltmie of improvements.
Datod this 7th day of Jiiniini'y, 18117.
Cortillcato of  Improvements.
MiNNK-n.i-lt.i Minhh.m, Claim, Situate in
Camp MoKinnkvi in tub Osovoos MINING
Invisiox nt' Yai.k Distbiot,
TAKK NOTICE Ihul I, Portion M, Kerliy,
netlnp; (is agent for Alnslcy Mograw, fl'OO
mliier's ccrllllciilo No. 70027, Inlenil, sixty days
fnnn tin. (lute hereof, lo npply tn the Mining
ilocorilosfcraocrlltloateof Improvements, for
llieiiiiriiiiBcnfiibiiiitiingii Crown I'rnnt to tho
nbovo olalm.
Anil furthor tako notico Unit iii'tiiiii. uniler
siTiint. Ill, must le cotnmonoed boforo tho
igsnaiico of sueh conl 'onto nf Improvements,
Dated this Is', da/v! SoccinScr, lE'JJ.
Finding all cash, time and
trouble and furnishing the
Stock ready for Mrrket,
and are willing to take
uur pay in stocks. Treasury Stock   Listed  East.
'•ni I'lnilier Particulars
Apply in
Broker, Spokane,
Should carefully consider
the cost of material, and
by figuring, find out that
all kinds of
Rough -:- and Dressed:-: Lumbep,
Skints- ■ Latfcs, - Etc.,
can be purchased at the
tad Forks Sawmill,
! $1 FIREWOOD $1 1
l l
l per load. i
l«»»*«»*e«««-ia«-f«5«5«"-.99 ml
G. K. Simpson, Prop.
LI 111 LIE!
If you want lo point up a cabin,
plnsler il lliiuse in-luiilil n fiiinnlilliiili,
cull I'm'lima nt
Geo. T. Wells' Lime Kiln
Office, tttwdell & OoVStoro,
Boundary Fulls, R G.
pAVtltOrpbtp licrctdfiire exiHtlngbntweeii
TlioimiK McCauloy uml ('. .1. Lundy, under tho
liini title of MoAitloTfe Lundy. Imid kccnor-ri
nt Midwiiy. lum this divy bctiu disBokcu by
nmt mil ooiiHcnt
In futnro lho btiRinosB will be eundiieted by
McAuloy « Mi'CuiiIb, tu whom nil debts duo
the nld linn jut to bo puid, and by whom all
liitliilitii'.-'t)f lilt* nlii tlnil Will lii';i-siilin'(l.
O. .1. l.UN'DY.
Midway, I). ('., Jammrv 11, IS'JU. la
eiiliun will he iiiitih.' to the I'arllnmeiii of
Cuiiiuliial tin* nexl si*sniiin (hereof, for an Act,
to ini-oi'iitinile a Company lo caiiHlruct and
nnoratoa railway from a point nl or near lho
Town uf LothbrldKO, in the North Went Terrl-
Inrieri of Canada ; Ilienee exIendiiiK westerly
through Crow's NcbI Cass lotheCohinl.iariver
in Hie I'rovlnco of Mrilish Colli' lience
WCBtorly to a point in aalil provim....' :*near
the fr'niser river or the Snails of Ueon,Ha, ur
any arm or inlel of tho same at lido water nr
seaboard. With power to hiiild, .leipiirc,
maintain and oporato Btoam and othor VMSDlfl
lo be used in eonneetion with tho suid railway,
also In p'lrcntlBC and use water to Reneralo
olflctrloal powor and to sell and louse sueh
Dated at Victoria, British Columbia, mi»
Docoinbor, 1800.
Solicitor for Applicant.
province ok british columbia.
VICTORIA, by IhoGriwoo! God. of tho Unliml
Kliiiriiom of IliTitt  Hrilaln and Irelt.
QUKKN, Iiifendeiotlhe Faith, KO., -SO., S
To Our fftlthfuli tho Aleii|hors elected to si.   i
in ilie LoffMallVO Assembly of the I'rnv,
nl' |lritl*ih Ciilniiibla at Our Cily of
torla QHBRTINa
]i. M. Km-."'.*.     ,   l\X/-HK»KAH\Vf. .ur
Atlorney-li'eneral, I VV    dcslfiius iuu! n
solved, m conn asnjaybo,tomcotOitrponplo
at Our Province uf Hellish Columbia, and to
have llieir advice lu Our LeKislaluro:
Nnw Know Vi*. thnl for dlvors OUUBOR and
coiiHlderaliuiiH, and takiny into eonHiderutlon
tbo ease 'ind convenience of Onr loving silb-
'eels, We have tlmiik'lit III, by tind wilh lho
ad vice of Our Kxeeut Ivo Council of the Provineo
of liritish Coluinblft, to hereby convoke.aud
by those projtontB enjoin you. aud each of you,
il n ,\luniln\.ilic Kighthdayof tho month
nf February, one thousand eight hundred am)
ninety-seven, vou meet t's In Our said legislature or Parliament of Our mid Provinco, at Our
City of Victoria. Foil tiik Dibi'atch ok Husi-
NKBfl, 'o treat, du, aet, and eouelude upon those
tilings which In Our Legislature of tho Provinco
of Hriilsh Columbia, by tho Common Council
of our suid Province may, by the favour of Ood,
be ordained.
In TESTIMONY Whkueof, Wc have caused
these Our Let tern to bo umdo Palont, nnd tlio
Ureal Senl of tlie said Province to be horouulo
nlllx-'d: Witnkhb, the Honourable Kdoak
HvwiiNKV. liieuicnantOovcrnorof Oursuid
Province of Hrltish Columbia, in our City of
Victoria, In Our said Pruvince, this twenty-
ninlti (liir of December, In the year of Our
Lord une tlmiisand eight hundred and ninety-
six, and in llie sixtieth year uf Our Itolgn.
Hy Coinumiid.
11 Provinetal acvrcUty, LOCAL AND DISTRICT.
Don't forget the sheet and pillow-
blip ball In the Midway town hall on
the evening of February 12, cotninenio-
baling Valentine's day,
Mr. Cotton of Portland has recently
been paving some attention to properties in Boundary creek. It is under.
Mood Mr Outturn represented a strong
Syndicate desirous of acquiring good
Acrobatic and gymnastic feats will
(.non be tlie order of Ihe day, us un
Wednesday last the paraphernalia foi
the Midway Alliletii. association arrived from Chicago, and is now being
set in position in the Midway town
A large quantity iif freiglil is now
finding ils way inlo Camp Fairview
from all quarters, ami ns a result, of
renewed activity in 1 Iinl direct.inn lbe
neighboring ranchers are reaping a
rich harvest for produce tlu-y have to
dispuse of,
During three nights uf Iinl week Iho
thermometer gaily frisked around the
21, 2(1 and 20 lieluw zeru mark, lo the
great discomfort of many. Tlie weather
hus again moderated, huwevcr, ami all
are agreed llie worst of lliewinler of 'IHI
and "77 is over.
The marriage of Mr. C, A,|R, Lanibly
of Osoyoos to Miss Haynes of Midway
is announced to take place on llie lib
inst. As bulb are extremely popular
in tlle distriet, there will l.e no lack of
interest taken in the happy event by
their many friends.
A sleigh laden with goods weighing
very close to live Ions and drawn wilh
four homes only, was Mr. Hurry
Rose's record over llle Camp McKiuney road lasl week. Nol by uuy menus
a small loud this, when taking into
consideration tlie heavy grades on
this road.
Mr. W.Small, recenlly employed at
the Cariboo mine in Camp McKiuney,
cnniedin.il from Ihe camp last week
and proceeded lo lhe Greenwood hospital, where Dr. Jakes amputated a
wounded linger, which had been
crushed whilst the patient was ut. work
in the mine.
Mr. B, Deans, our local consl able,
took a trip to (iieenwnod the past,
week lo consult Dr. Jakes. A few
days ago Mr. Deans was unfortunate
enough tu wound his right hand willi
a sliver of wood, and it is feared blond
poisoning may be lbe result, judging
from the swollen condition uf tlie limb
when lie lefl. Midway.
Just l.y way of keeping his hand iu,
Provincial Cunsinlile Simmons of Ver"
nou, who is in Spokane awaiting the
vxtiaditiiin of McKiniion, lias been nr-
resting highwaymen in llnil cily, us uu
(he25th lle, with lhe chief of police
and two other officers, gave chase to
Iwo highwaymen and, after an exciting time, one was captured by the U.
S. offlceis and the other was brought
home lo roost hy Constable Simmons,
All will be glad lu hear that Mr.
McKay Ingriiu is progressing favor.
iibly since his removal tu the Greenwood City hospital, ami no doubt a
short tune will see him out and nboul
again, He bus lind it very close call,
and, as Dr. Jakes snys, il was fortunate the accident happened in the
winter, Had il been in the summer il
would have been almost impossible to
overcome the mortification which bud
set. in on the wounded leg.
On Friday's stage Mr. R. Smailes
nf Greenwood Cily relumed from the
coast. Mr. Similes took the opportunity of acquainting snuie of the
peuple nf the needs of the Boundary
Creek counlry whilst away, and his
efforts as a member nf the deputation
which was iiiilhuri/.i'd by the Bnunilary
Creek, Hl'Upgand Oonitnercial association li, interview the officials of the
provincial government and 0, P. 11.
on matters affecting the community,
will no doubt be attended wilh good
Many will be shucked when lhey
lienr of the deiilh of (heir friend, Mr.
Jack Lynch, who sn recenlly as Inst
jcing wits a resident nt Gi nwniid
.'valid Anaconda, Mr. Lynch died
. low dill's ago llt Russland, til which
place he went upnu leaving Bnnnilni y
creek. Many whoivcre nnl personally
acquainted with the deceased, will yet.
remember him as extremely cheerful
and pleasant to ineet, and all, even
i  ..se nf slighl iieipiiiinlance, will lie
rv sorry lo hear of Ills untimely
Thos, Feiithi'intunc, formerly nf
Osuyoos, was brought before Judge
,•*'pinks a few days ngo und sentenced
to four months' iiupiisoninetil Willi
nard labor, fnr assaulting a government official—Mr, 0. A. It, Lamlily—
il the execution of Ins duty at Osoyoos
on the 2Uth October last. It will lie
•eiiiembeved Ihe prisoner surrendered
to ball liefure Judge Spinks at Osuyoos
on the 7th November, but then ex-
piessid a desire to he tried liy jury,and
was therefore committed to stand his
trial at the assise. Evident,!** it two
months' incarceration, awaiting (rial,
tended to alter Featherslon's views
nnd hence his lieing tried by speedy
A mooting of tlie taouiburs "f tho Midway
Atllletll. association ivns liolil ill Uin l.i.vn lnill
on Thursday ovoiilng, the president. Mr. \V. H.
NnTrls. brasl'liig. Many mailers nf Itltorcsl
wivi.'ilH'!'Ji".'l'>' ",n,,g i*'''''!1 '''H* "H' m-i'l'S*
blllty of appointing a board ..( directors u. act
In conjunctii.n with tlie other nlHtcrs of llio
association, who would he ex-officio monibora
of the board, The aiiggestlnn that a hnuril nf
directors he appointed emanated fi-nia the
ollleers already elected, as they felt il would he
for the guud of their associates should the
ofllelnl duties of the same he'.-rne hy inure
than themselves.
The meeting accenting tbe vie.vs expressed
hy ihe prcsid-iii, aeiinii was taken, which resulted In the plootlon to tbe board of directors
of Messrs. 11. W. Deans, F, M. Kcrhy, J. A.
Coryell and \V, 0. McMynn.
Oilier matters of lesser impart having boot)
attended tu and a resolution passed tuhulil
another general meeting on the Ith inst., an
adjournment was vutud ami carried, ami a
mooting nf the directum was held, nver wliieli
Mr. W. (1. McMynn presided, Nu time was
lust in getting down tn business, comuillteoa
helng forinuil whoso duty il ..mild he tn Blrpor-
Intond ilieairungeineni uf the gymnasium ami
all uth.'.* matters lucldunlal lu ihe ostabllsb'
MOnt of an association ol llie kind, 'fills having boon atiumleil lu, lhe ineeling adjourned.
 ► ,4	
Seven men ure nl work 111 Cellini!
ciiinpuu the Jack nf Spades and Sl.
Maurice properties, held uniler lease
ami partly owned by llie French syndicate represented here l.y Jl. (lire,
The recent offer which was refused
of $101,101 fur the War Eagle mine in
Rossland, wns uitule by Lhe London
aud British Columbia Gold Fields company, Mr. S. S. 1'iiwlcr, well known
iii iin. Boundary ('reek district, iseou-
sulting engineer for the conipiiny.
It Ih slated lbe syndicate operating
in Fairview, nnd which is represented
by Messrs, Ilier and Davidson, intend
aliiiiisl iniin.'diitiely bringing in some
2IJu tuns of machinery for use ai lhe
Various claims being developed liy
llieni. This looks like liusiness, and il
is tu lie hoped tlie rumor is fuundetl uu
The Highland Queen Consolidated
Mining company is the most recent incorporation, having lor Us object the
development of properties in tlie
Boundary Creek district. The euui-
puny is organized uniler Ihi' laws of
the Salle of VVashinglon. nud is
capitalized at $1,0(10,(100, The head
ulliee uf lhe company is In he in
A magnificent specimen nf ure is on
exbilisliiui ut Buck Creek, which came
nut nf the shaft lieing sunk by Messrs.
Onpeland nnd Yniikin nl the forks of
Rock cieek, The specimen Is In keeping with lbe size of the claim, as it is
no pocket specimen, Imt rather a block
of ore which is taken from a vein said,
lo be proved of a width of smut
(10 feet on tin. surface. The value pf
the claim may be judged when il is
stated the owners received an offer of
$00,000 on bond for llle propeiiy,«'llich
they refused, although lhe shaft has
not been carried down us yet. lo any
 4 . 4	
From Onr Own Correspondent,
There is splendid skating llt Lung
bike just at present, and large numbers
of Vernonites drive down every day
In lake advantage uf this exhilarating
We -it e having aunt her very decided
visil from old king frost, causing the
mercury lo hover near the 20-lielnw
mark, His hoary majesty is gelling
even on us fur llie past six weeks of
mild weal her.
The ice harvest is nlioul llnislied,
several hundred Ions having been garnered. In (be reasonaiile hope uf llie
coniinenceinciil. uf u doom here lllis
summer, more extensive preparations
have heeu made fnr "a little ice iu
The construct inn of n road from lbe
Silver Slur group uf mines In Armstrong will be proceeded with at once,
and a shipment, of ore made as siiiiu ns
proclicable. I bear llie otter of $n,(XHI
cash made last, week fur Ihe Silver
Star, lias been uiigmciilcd liy another
$1,000 and again refused,
Tlie Morning Glory blockade bus
been raised, die Murdens again as.
binning full winking conlrol, the rest
ot the directors retiring, Mr, Mtirden
hns gone ensl (u arrange for a slump
mill, nnd ilium is not. the slightest
ilimlii Ian Iiuu desirableobjecl will be
attained, and iu ilie very earlj; spring
will he woikiug ntnl ihc mine prove a
bullion producer,
Considerable interesl. was laken in
a match race hotween S, A, Shatford
nnd I1, Crnwell, Jr., ai the skating
rink un Wednesday Insl. At the
previous races Uruwell tvustlie winner,
bill Mr. Nli,il Inni did mil consider himself lu good form on Ihal ncciillon,
hence lhe mulch, The result proved
lhe correctness of bis judgment, Mr.
Sliatfoid winning in it can let', Qui l u a
few dollars changed [nickels over the
The new council have decided lo
enforce the trade license this year. Fur
llle two previous years lliis lax hns
uut been collected. Why, 1 trow nut.
Vernnn I believe is the unly city in
Brilisli Columbia where it is mil
rigidly eiifoici'd, and 1 hardly think
our litiaucial standing is such thill, we
can iilt'ni'd to forego this substantial
item nf revenue. Naturally Ihere are
some kickers—iliose men who consider
they ought to have funds, sidewalks,
protection, etc, elc, oul of nther people's pockets. I lrusltlieiiewcniinc.il
will go on with the guud wnrk and In-
tliscriiiiinulelv enforce Ihis musl ren
suitable lux.
Tn the Editor uf the Advance.
Sik.—I sec liy Ihu papers thai your
seel ion of our province is attracting a
(( good (leal of attention, parliculitcly
Id railway matters, If reports are tn
he credited, there is quite a scramble
as tu win. will get the coveted prizt.
Are we to suppose frum lliis Ihal those
about to apply fur charters are filled
witli a patriotic desire lo see the
country developed and progress and
prosperity go band iu haud ? Or, are
they only anxious to gal bold of trans-
pollution facilities uf (lie country, in
order thul l.y having the power to dictate rales, lhey mny enrich themselves, mil caring win. sinks or who
swims, so long ns thev make money
mil uf the enterprise7
Railway construct inn is very nice,
Mr, Kilitor, hul when the ml I way becomes ii melius of drawing the surplus
cash nut nf Ihc counlry, through ov
torlionate rates and charges, ii would
l.e altogether the l.isrsl cuurse lo continue I he pack-horse and freight-wagon
and keep the money we make In ihe
country. How long will il he before
the eyes of the peuple nre open In the
fact that the railway is a necessary
part ofllie machinery fnr the development uf a cuunlry's resources, and
shuuld be owned and winked by lhe
country, and nut by nn outside company, whose sulc object is to make
all the ninney lhey can squeeze nnl of
lhe country, using tlie railway as a
lever fur llial. purpose? What would
you thing of farmers tiud ininers wlio
wnnlil give lu a number nf individuals
the right lo charge them nny price
they saw lit fnr Ihe use of implements
and tools used in their uceupatinns?
How lung would ii be befure they wen*
liiiukrup! 'I Production is unly half
the prneess uf turning natural Wealth
inlo money; before this can be dune
it must be ciitried lu consumers, aud
this part, of llie wurk is bunded over to
a private company, ivhnse charges
make farming and much uf ure mining
unprofitable. This iu turn hinders the
development of our resources and
cripples industry, and isa chief factor
iu bringing nn and continuing hard
times and business depression. The
plea that the cnuntry could nnl afford
tn build railroads, will nut, do. Who
pays interest ou bonds, cosl of operation, and all the lung list uf costs thai
is included in lbe management and
carrying ouofa railway ciituliiniillull,
if lbe people dn nnl ? And all these
charges are made without any consideration for the people who must pay
Ihem, and whilst* living nnd litlslltets
is seriously affected by such charges,
Nor will the argument ihal the government could uut run the road do, government ownership ut' railroads on the
cuntiiieiit of Eliropi'i and inunieipnl
ownership of electric light, water
works, tramways, etc., in ulher parts
of the civilized world, abundantly
proves lhat railways and works of
public utility can be nut nut only
without loss, but iit ii profit lu ihc
A great deal can be said on litis subject; whal. i.s wanted is fair play, and
only when producers nf minerals and
producers uf lhe necessaries uf llfo get
fair treatment in regard to transportation, will they reap llio full benrIii of
llieir enterprise and work, and unly
when lhey get what is justly Iheir due
will developinenl and producl ion at
uur mines and on uur farms huve free
cuurse and enrich Ihose who are tlie
builders of their country's fortunes,
Vernon, B.C., January 25,18117,
" We Submit to
! Will of the Majority.
Greenwood City, B. ('., Ilur. 1. 18110.
Boundary Cheek and the Kettle River District:
GREETING,—We beg In call your attention to the fact that we
have recently opened a commercial establishment al Greenwood
City nn Bnunilary creek, and having received large ennsignu Is of
gnnds suitable fur nil classes nf ciistnniers, we take (Ilis opportunity
uf soliciting a share of public patronage.
Included ill nur slock is everything a miner or prospector needs,
and nur lines of family groceries and oilier goods will l.e found
replete wilh every necessary. In connection with nur olher business
we nre wholesale dealers in wines and liquors, a large stuck uf
whicli, uf different brands, we keep constantly on hand,
Hy conducting nur affairs nil guud Inisiuess principles, chief
among which will be lhe wellfnrc nf nur patrons, wilh a rcniiuiera*
tion In ourselves consistent witli lhe service rendered, we hope lu
win puhlic favor,
Tlianking you ill iiniicipatii.il,
We beg tu remain'
Yours obediently,
Tiik Greenwood City Mercantile Co.
Clothing and Groceries-
Are   Established
Facts,-   Bear this in
when in need nf
■■■       mmmmmmmmm^amma ***»»ii.nyi. ■,.■■■■ jiiii  m imimmtm^m-m^mm^mw-mm
Gresnwood City and Boundary Falls, B, C,
,!- A   :\___%^
'       J'llj-l:"*::,*
'■'• • aV,.' ava'a-i^a'aiaAxaLarlaairir
^l___i !T7~—
PADMOni* & I'EI-llSi Proprietors.
Tlie Mm Hotel
In the Interior.
Assessment Act and Provincial
Revenue Tax.
NOTIOE is horojjy given in neconliincc wilh
Lho statulus, tlm! Provincial I to venue
Tax and all tuxes loviod undoMho "AssiuMmeiil
Act," nro nnw due fnr liic yoftr 1807.
All of tho iih(i\ 0 niunod taxes onllcotable
within tho Uock Crook DlvUdon of District arc
payable nt my ofllco ni OnoyooB. It. (I.
Provincial Rovonuo Tux, 83.H.I per miplta.
Assessed Taxes nro collectable at tho following
ratos, vi/.:
If paid on or b-oforo Juno aoili, 1807:
Tlirc.i-tlfiliM of mm iii'i* cent, on mil property.
Two unit il Imlf per cent, un the assessed
valuo of wild Iinui.
One Imlf of one per cent, on personal property
On so much of (lie income of nny person as
oxuoods one thousand tlollurs, ilm following
niter!, mu i ic I,v: Upon Mich oxeMs, when tlio
BftinpIsiiot more iiiiiii it'ii thousand dollars'
ono por cent.; whon such exceffl In oVOI ton
thousand dollars and not more than twenty
thousand dollars, one and ono-quartor of ono
pur cent.; when such excess Is ovor twenty
thousand dollars, one and one-half of ono pot
per cent.
If paid on or nftor tho 1st July, 1897:
Koiirtifihsof one per cent nn real property,
Throe per conl. on the ftSSOBBod value of wild
Throo-quartow of orifl per cent, on personal
Onsomuoh of the income of anyporson us
exceeds ono thousand dollar:!, (ho fallowing
rales, namely: Upon such excess, when the
gauiois not more limn ten tboiwand dgllars,
uiio and ono-quartor of ono per eenl.; when
such excess is over ten thousand dollars aud
not more tlinu twenty thousand dollars, one und
one-half of one per eenl.; when imrli oxoosa Js
ver twenty ihousund dollars,one and throo*
quarters of one per oent,
0. A. It. 1-AUHLY,
Assessor and Collector,
lAitunt-rSiid, '."fi. I
la the Central Toivu'itnd Supply I'ninl nf Hie liuundnrv
Cieek Milling Camps. From lllis New Town rnads
lend to the
Greenwood, Deadwood,
Copper, Summit, Long Lake,
Skylark, White and Atwood,
Wellington and Smith Camps.
tails arc Selling Freely and it    a Guod Investment,
Fur Price nf Lots nnd Olher Information, Address
Greenwiiud City, Uiutnd'.ry Creek. B. ('.
Or Apply to Agents,
C. F, Costerton, Vernon, H. C,
A, K, Stuart, Vancouver, B. C,
Ynu will Fftve ninney. We
nre Hie lenders ill LOW
Prices. Ask ynur neighbor*!
ie fffcileFroot Store, Pimwggi.
S. A. Ml k GO.
{Successors to it. N. Tfcjwl
Chemists anil Druggists
Vernon, B. C.
Kei'l.ii Klrsl-l'liissiloulf nt'
Drugs, Chemicals,
Patent Medicines
unci Toilet Articles
Prompt and Careful Attention
[•08TOFK1CK HON 111.
XX.    Pitte»ai.iBH,    ■B/Xgea-t
'.'lliHT-l'l.ASS   A.'cnM.lllltllTlll.N    full  Ill'ICSTSV
*t3"Bxoollont fishing on Kotllo Rlvor. <v
General Real Estate & Financial Agu-
A^ont  JE*o-k->i^v-
Insurance (Joy.
Till!   INSBRAMCE Ciiy.  Ok  North
Tiik I.iinuon and Canadian Fihk
Insurance Coy.
Thu Sun Like. AbsurancH Ciiy iik
THE IlllMIXIIIK Ill'll.HIXll AMI litlAN-
MAMiST Loan and SavinusCiiy..
H.  KEYKS,  l'rop.
Guild At'Ciimniiiilalion,
llcsl liiipturs atlll Cigars.
Firsl-('lass Slabling.-
Marcus and Boundary Creek Points
Best Brands Liquors and Cigars
2.LJ-j;..- -i.
GcOl'IfO  ICihiiirils - - l'rii|irit'tur
GREENWOOD CITY    .    .    .    .
siTian-ia. ON TUB Mils Hiiaii to COPPEII,
lininwuni., skvi.uih, Bmnsuwoon, loot Terms: $1,50 to $2,50 per Day.
I,Alili AMI llTUEIl Hl.CMlAltV CttKRK (.AMI'S.
Anaconda, B. C.
Repairing Neatly and PromptlyDono
(inters in Riftydrftrk'tl) iillohuoil lo. A(Wrc*w
Aliiininilii Meic'iiilil-' Co'M Sltirc.
BOUNDARY FALLS HOTEL, N'-j-n,;!-;,-,-,:-^.^,:^ii.;rv
II i'-'t   '  J*g ''iiiiiiiliiiil It"' "''SI   '"*i"l. Ili|.|....f. r.iriiii ml
I2/-\1lt1 Hi fir      iHollo       R      I '"   il.™l'i'''l'.ll''   '■'■  '''....|iniiy   I" .■ii.W'liel  nml
DOUnaary    railS,   D,   -O. Djiomtotimlt«*ii-,frohja-ihiIIH nt or lionrilm
J I Tiiwniif Sii.niii.i in llilli-lir.iliinililii. Iliemi.
J. jr. -WHITB
Centrally Located Stoppinci Place for Three Different Stage Lines,   Nc
Trouble or Expense Spared to Make Quests Comlortable.
Strictly First-Clnss and Charges Moderate.
Best Brads Liouors and Cigars
Good Stabling,
-Nteiiilln1*/ ilinmuli or fionr LheLnwta ufTrall
iitid .MItl\Mtv iu a iioint on OkfttirWiiu Ukoot
orneiirlli'tuwii nf l'Miijcinii. ui ihr Distill^,
of Wofll Kootoimy nna Pn«l VhIi ; wilh powor
In Iniiltl, itcquire. n iilniiiji and oiiprnlo Rtemii
uinl olher •rMW0l» to lib lifted iln'imi.ei'1 imi Hiih
Ihf' suiil rnllmn, w\m lo jnin-lm- uinl iisO willed
io rfoiiomto nfeotricnl [xi-ffer nnd to nelliinil
Icit-i' -ncli powor,
I'ltlc'lut Tinil, Hiiii-'iiCtiluiiihiii, tth N'iv.,1",'-;.
Mddl.l. k HAMII.ldN,
Vj-I! ItOI :   fol     jQ    lldttflll EAR'S  GREETING.
.es n voice from the mountain;
I shoutu ii voi'-e Irom tlie mine;
,e! let the lianils ol brothers
..leet over the Boundary Line -
Hands ilmi us bands of children
Clasped rniiiid one Mother s knee.
That old hive lhey lisik buck to,
Tliat country ovor tin. sen.
Hands tlmt its bunds nl ivi.i-kc-s
Huve tivisti'd tin- .vnrlil In their will,
11 iv i c..*i„*li! Ilia Annul nl Thunder
And sel bim In drive a drill.
Tin- Wi'iilili uf the World" '" their pockot,
Tin. trade ul the Wnrld is Ihcils.
Their BlllpH cnu unloose it or lock it,
The puwer,- may giuniblo—wlio caroul
Shake! lei lbe hand ef Knsliuiil
lie out In lbe luinil uf The Status:
Let the lentils whi -h nib. lhe nations
-Meet in qyeg.ip -ilsnmli's.
Why shuuld lie slum! muii-der
IVe. ini-ti nf nne sjiixtii, um* birth (
Sliuke! and II,id unly under
Ilo absolute lurds of the earth.
Cl.lvl; I'Mll.l.ll-K-W......1-:v.
t. • 4
Tlle flllllliviug reply was received
frull) Mr. linstock iu nusivcr In a l.-l Ii-i-
iiddtessed lo him by Mr. A. li. Stuart
on llie milusability nf III'paying II visil
to the Boundary creek seel lull liefyre
leaving for OtliiWn:
VllTiilllA. II. ('...Illll. 21. isti;.
Annus K. Stuart, Esq., Midway, B, C.
Plant sin. I mu in rerelpi nf your letter uf
the lllh insl. Will pi-l-hupa leave here fur
k'uiiliiiiiiy liboill lliii Isl iif hvliriiiiry. nnd I ahull
Kit In Russian.!. If ll ivcre passibl.. In K I neriiss
frnin RoKslatiil tu Miiiway,! ijrlglil tillable lu
visil you, hul as I hnvn In li - in Ottawa hy the
•jlili Pobruary, ltuve very littio tlmo. ('annul
yull buld a nieetiiiK aliil Kill resolution* ilruwii
lip, i-lviuii mu 111. vluws uf llu* people in llu*
boundary Creek cuuulry ou tniitlcrs lUTf-tiling
their interests which are likely l.i arise during
the next sjsston I I romiiln yours fnithfully,
Hbivitt Humtock.
The iigreemoiil lietiveen the seere-
lary of agriculture and the Cauiidiiiii
minister nf ngriculiuri*, rrlallilg lo the
ipiurntilim uf nnlmals hetivuen ibe
United Slates uml Cnniidii, pruvnlas
1. Each cnuntry .shall accept, the
vderinnry ccrtilii-ale nf the nllicr.
2. That llie chief nf tin* bureau of
iinlmiil industry uud llie chiel' inspec-
lur nf stuck fur Cauiidii will mutually
inform nne unnthcr nf any rillthl'CIlk nf
contagious ttiiliniil disease iu cither
country, ur of disease in minimis imported from cither cnuntry.
II. A liinalv-ilav i|ii,iiainliii(. shall be
enfiirced by bulb .-oi.iili-ics upnu nli
cattle inipiirti'd fnnn I'linopi- nr fnnn
nnv nther country in whicli eout'igiuiis
pleurii-pnciimniiiii is klimvn In exist ; a
lifleen-diiyipinrunliucshiilll'c ellfnrccd
upon all riliiiiiiunts ami sWille luipnrt-
nd from counteics ivherc foot and
iiiiiiii li disease has existed within six
muni lis and upun all swine Imported
frum all nther countries,
Breeding cut lie admitted In this
cnuulry must be accunipanicil by a
cerlillciile Unit they have been subjected to tin. lulierciiline lest anil found
free frum tuberculosis; otherwise they
shall be retained in qiliii'illllinu one
week nnd subjected lu the Inlierculine
I cm, All (.attle found to hnvo luhenu*
Insis must lm returned to ihcrnuniry
whence shipped, or slaughtered Willi-
..III Cllllipi'tlSlltitlll.
Cattle fnrfecdingiirsl(ickingrani.|ie.s
must liencciunpiiiicd by a cerlilicnle
allowing that, lhey art. free frum nny
cutltllgllllis disense, and Ihal (excepting luberciilnsi.s) nu such disease ex.
isls in lhe district whence lhey ciiuie.'!
Callle in transit win lm admitted ut j
purls nf the United Slnles and Cannilii
In bund for exportation by sen limn
nnv Ciinadi an port, or frum Purl land, I
Bnsli.it and New York io lhe United I
Nn animals covered by litis iiienm-i
riintliiin uiny he placed ou linard lhe
cars till the lill cr irnm previous hinds'
has been removed nnd the car
thoroughly cleaned and disinfected,
"sheep may be adinilleil subject lu
inspection nl tin. purl nf enlry uud nc-
couipiinii'd l.y nil nUicinl rrrtilirale
llial sheep scull luis tint existed in llu,
district where Ibey have heen fn|
within six iiiiiiii ha. If disease exists
in any of ihem ibey mny he relumed
ur slaughtered.
Sheep limy he admitted I'nr transit in
linnd trinii nne purl luiilinllicriif cilbi'l'l
counlry, und if for sluuglilci', lhey
may be admitted wit hum inspection.
Subject iii InspeciIiiii ai a shipping
purl lhey inay be adiullletl hilt, ell her
COimlry fnr transit iii any shipping
purl In Oaniiihi fur I'xpiirl by sen in ibe
United Slnles Inrcxpiirlfrnn, I'.irllitml, |
Boston lllld New Viuk.
Swiniiiniiy l.e iidiulllcil wiilnuii in-
speciinn fur sluiighinr, |u hnniled cam
In lhe bonded sh-uighlcr-houscs, in
when funning pan uf n setlh-r'si'ircclsl
; and uccuinpitnied by a cerlllieate thai
swim: plague or hog c-lt<il(>i*a bus not
itxisii'd'wiiliin six innnlhs in ihedis*
Irirt whence Iheyciinie, Licking such
cerliHcalc they  sl  be iuspueli'd at
port of entry, and if diseased will be
slaiightere.il williniu ( peiiHUtlon,
llnrses may   he nil mil t eel   in   i 1
froui une pnrl   In a ber in  cither
counlry wltliiiul Inspeullmini the shipping pint. Iliuscs mny l.e admitted
for racing, show or breeding purposes
un l!|apuctili|] nl llie pnrl. of enlry.
llnrses may be admitted fnr a tein*
pnrary slay, learning or pleasure driving, at puinls along the I'rniiiier for a
period mil exoeedlng nne week, at purl
nf unity, ii) ji ii i permit of Hie ciisluins
nlllecr. Should he tihsul'vo any tivi-
deuce of disease lie will del a in llicatii-
liitil and report  to lhe disirici inspec
tor, who will decide whether tbe ani- scarcity nf fond a fiijltlne nll'eiis a
mats may be admitted. i large portion   of  my   duininiuns in
Horses used fur driving nr riding lo | India."
or from points in Manilnba, Nnrlh*! After referring tn lhe measures
I west territories or Brilisli ('.ilninbiii, [inken In miiigale the sulfeiing frinn
Ion business connected wil li stuck- j famine nnd making reference tn lhe
raising iir mining, and horses la-lung- liuhuiiic plague in Biitnliiiy, the speech
Ing tn lin Indian lril.es, may be iid-| says; " I have directed my i*nveruinenl
milled wilhnul  inspection, Imt musl  lo lake  must stringent incisures Io
I report   tu  the  Customs nfflcers bulb  erndirale il."
guiiig and coming, Under all other! "Genii.'men of Ihe house of com-
eirciiinsiauccs horses inns', he inspected umns," tin* speech (•iintiiiucs, " the
ai lhe port nf entry. estimate's  fnr  the  year  will   he laid
     (*•-* I befure ynu.   While f nni desirous uf
ARBITRATION  TREATY. gllllldlng llgllilisl   lllllllle I'Xpelldilllres,
  II   liuve fell Ilm presenl. ennditinn uf
■    III llu* Iiiiiiii' i.f lords the Maiipils nf the wnrld will nn! pennil ynitlt'idcpnrl
; Salisbury, referring tn llie arbitration frinn ihe spirit of prudent  foresighl
II real,v between (ircal   Britain nud the  wherein ynu have uf reci'til nans pru
United States, cninineiited In lhe fol- vided for lint defence nf my empire,"
Inwing strain : |   The sp di rnneliides -.villi reference
j   "Id.i mil   s.i v   il   will  refildW the lu the proposed bills Mr relief ufvnlun-
I grealesl risks nf war.   I di I say il   liny sclinulsaiid eiupluyi'i's'lliibillllesi
will restrain n Nupnlcon.it a Bismarck,  adding lull Ill-iency of iiilliliiry de-
But diplomat-)'  is  full  of an inl'milc  r.'iiei-i Incslahli-li tlie Irish hoard nf
In ber nf small dllfereiires which are agrlculliire, and  various commercial
canghl by the peuple and press of I .nth i hills, Including lhe exellli.1 1' guilds
iiianuficliircd iu fui-elgu pi-lsnns, mul a
Lill in csliihllsh refiiriniilnile : n
ji-uiiutrics, and if lhey are writ ten up in,
exiiggeraled and enlarged, they tend
tu diminish tin- frl l-hin belu ecu lbe
! cnimliics nnd give llll'lll I" a feeling uf ]	
alienation iindresen nl, NOTICE,
I   "The power „f gning iuu Untidy In j w|0Tir!B is m* frcnToiVBN llml, sixty
in Iriliiiiinl In si-lllc Ihose things will  IN   ilnys aftor ilalo, I Inlenil to -iinilv lu Ibo
.,     t'bli-f l iiiiiiul-liHi.r i.l Limils nnii \\ inks f,,r
pri'Velil it prneess so injurious to llle .lermlMlon to piircbmo llio following tl rlbod
guud uill of nations,especiall, bet ween mofotland,sltiuiled hi llio mntliernportliiii
* ' nf IhrllHiii'iiimillvisnui uf lule illstrirl, in the
Provlnoo of llrilisii Columbia:
marling al n inst Ut) utinlun siuuh uf i lie north
east ,-ii.-ni*r nf pri--aui].tlml Nn. IM",. 11n-iii-e
nurlli in chains. Ihonce ...st in clinlus, llicncS
smith -III chain.*, llicncc .vest in cIiiuih
tu point uf conuiiouooniont, containing nu
acres, moro nr less.
John i.iniihay.
llnleil nl Midway, 7th Doc ber, imm.
Meal delivered ill Kai'k Creek anil nil the
Mining Camus.
J. Kerr. R. D. Kerr.
The Osoyoos Vernon nml l.'-.-le Iltv r
Milling Illvlsle. »..!' ',■:,■ Distriet.
(ITI.'F, is horcb) given ll,.,' ell lilur r
lahiislcgiill] i" Id i'. tbe '■■ pyooa v**r*
ii hi nnd Kottlo lilvor Mining Divisions of Vole
District, aro laid over from the isl Novombur,
1800, Inilu. 1st I'i     IS!)".
ISlgnod]        . A. K. LAMI1I.V,
Oold i iiiiilni- aiiini-r.
We have coniineiiced the niainifactufe of Flour and are in
the liusiness to stay, and we now offer the following brands for
sale: Hungarian, X X X X, Strong Bakers and Superfine.
Also Bran, Shorts and Chopped Feed.
Pain ni    11 me Industn and keep the up m .   ■   [ ■   •
trict.   'iur ll'.in has been pion mu olth-a superior of .un now
manufactured in British Columbia,
Okanagan Flour Mills Company, Ltd.
Armstrong, B. C,
ihe uut inns who iindersltindencii other
unfurlnniilcly, loo well, that if we nre
mil friends we shuuld he enemies, But
there is still a general nil vim I age in
lhe ex isl ei in* nf I he arbitral inn system,
nnil lhat arises from lite presence nf
popular insl it ul inns in must, nf the
coiuiliics of llie world where Ihere me
ininislers ivbo govern and uieiiihers of
parliatiienl nnd others whn criticize
Ihem. nud this budy generally miliums
nne class nf whom ] desire lo speak
wilh nil respect. They aie knt.wii
popularly as jingoes. They are very
palrintie, nml Iheir waruilli of patriot*
iuu sotucliities clouds the uilprccinliun
nf dt'lnlls, But lhey exist in all conn-
fries, nud ynu will ill nays Ihul thai
nne i.f tlie principal subjects which pre-
nceiipii's Ilie ininislers is in how in furnish an account nf llie iiu.I.li»i- whicli is
satisfactory' In Ihis purl ton nf his!
(■lilies. Il is iny belief Iiiii! a well-
wnrkingiirl.ilr.itii.il system will prove
an Invaluable bulwark todefend tlie
mini.Ier from such criticism. It wuuld
he,Impossible. In license him wilh trilling witli the hniinr uf Ihc cnuulry nr
sm rendering a s ilialanlial advantage
f In- ruiiid say that he had submitted
tlie iiiiiI let' Iii au Impartial Irihtinal,
mul, iiiifiniiinali.ly, the decision had
lieen iigninst liltu, It is Impossible uut
In feel I ha f ininislers ctitild negotiate
wilh n freer hund and mora deli rininii-
linn if lhey wen- ahsnlulcly secure
froui ilnuger nf such interference, I
do nnl suy (his with reference to nur
cnuntry, liecillisti here, less than elsewhere, is n minister's hand furccd liy
Hi.   11.K.i.l*  'lie  Liellleilillit.(luvcl.|i.ir. llllillT
tin- until.iriiv |..iiii'.:rii*i mi Iilm by inb-seetion
2 i.l Mellon '2i iif Ilia "Ilrnltl. lor, ISM,' has
Imi'M lilensnl In muki.. and iliiiaili'iieliv make,
l ho following regulations, iiiinicly;
1. Thnl llu* Kelt 0 Rlvor Minim-Division ut
III.' Yah. Kliielmil District, becl-i-.i,." n llenllil
Dlslriol Ulldor the innvisiuns iif tlie "Health
Ael. 11*0.1,"
2. Tlml Williiini tirnlnini McMynn,Recorder
nl Miiiway, be tlio boost Hoard nf Health for
Ilm said Disirii't.
Doputy Clerk. tCxoouttvo (Jounoll
We Handle Hardware and Hardware Only.
Hardware, ■ Tinware ■ ani - Stoves
©TUP    S-fcOOlK    Of
Crockery, Glassware, Shelf ancl Heavy Hardwaie,
Hallows. Anvils, Healing nud C'.iok Stnves, Wondcnwiirc. Sash
and Haiti's, I'.iinis and Oils, has been selected tu meet lhe
requirements nf the cnuulry, and w.ll bu ft.und most pomplile.
Jessop's Steel (any  size); San Francisco   Powder,
Caps and Fuse ; Winers' Outfits.
•JTo'b'bis.'S.g"   E51*.c»]p
Any order in the Tin or Iron Line will secure our
Prompt and Careful Alletilion al a. Reti'sniiuiile Figure.
W, J.ApmsiPong& Co,, tlie Hardware, Tin and Stove Men, Anaconda.
Prcspeetors' Livery, Feed and Sale Stables
Mieton Livepv Peed apd Sale Sta'jh ,■ , 'Tr^eV^TiT^irii
.,„,„ ..,,        lllU11 ^I'uij* luuu uku uuiu \jiiuji.'Oiijyopy Tennis, Saddle snd M Kcrses and Lite Siliie flapses
sinner ul 2 o'clock in llie nflcrnnon
I''..linwing is Ihc substance uf Ihc
(pit-en's speech :
I'My Lords and Gentlemen I Sly re*
Ini ions witli nil olher powers ciinlinue
In he of a friendly cliiiracler. Appalling massacres which have laken place
in ('unstiiiitiuoplc (ind iither purls of
Ihe (IiIonian ihiiniuiuiis have called for
special iilleiilion nf Ihc puwers signa-
lury of lin- treaty of Paris. Papers
will he laid before ynu showing ilu
The Kettle River Country
Lots on Easy Term.1', to Actual Residents.
For Particulars Apply to
A. K. STUART,   <"< t"   R. C. ADAMS,
Miiiway, I!. (I.
®        ©        GEO. P. MIMS, Proprietor.
Gt--i?a>-n.d FojpIxis, tt. C.
f|) JERMS $1*60 AND $2*00 PER DAY-
Hay, Grain and Wood for Sale.
Good Single and Double Drivers, and |Teaming of All  Kind:,  a  Speck
Gentle Saddle Horses. i
:r;::::::::;,.r;.:r:;::,,i,;::Jl(iyS|l jj0{ej  (jy for]*s
of Ihu.Otliiiuiih empire the aiibjecl.of 4lVJ-U1      -UWWW1J      UlUtlU        J.U111U*
ai. r*\ p'Oi.G-BB, I'ltiii'itii-rmit,
pccinl consul.Tnlinn Willi rcpresenlii-
^rj^Sliiiiiii Accommodation and Moderate Charges.:
instructed lo hold itr*Slill proceeding,    j
"The action undei-lakiiu by his high- 25Jq €31a.X3Xe«3e EI©lp»
nesslhi. khedivenl' Kgypl .ignin-l the]   ,
Khalifa, wi iy appruviii uul assist-; Finest brands of Winss, Liquors and C^ars,   Livery and Feedj
illlce, bus so fill heen elllilely successful. Ilis forces, su..purled I y iily
..Hirers anil troops, have rewon the
Hfovllieo of llmigiila In civilizaliuii hy
npcriitioiis condiiclcd Willi rciiinrkiilili
skill, nml ihc way litis heen (.pencil for
furlhcr advance Whenever such a step
is I'litisideied desirable.
"My gnvi-rnnielit hu'discussed uiih
lilt- L'niletl Stales, nt'llllg as the Irictiil
nt Vcnc/.uclii, Icrins wheraiuider pending tpiest inns uf the disputed frontier
between lhat republic and uiirculnny
nf (iitinnii, li.i.e been submitted Inar-
lillrallnn. mul the iirrniigeineiil in lie
iii-i'iied al »iihlhai giiveriimenl,which
I trust will effect tin iiiljiisiini.iit nf I lie
ciinlriivcrsy without exposing In risks
lilt, interests nf any cnlnnists wlu.sc
established right* iil'll III Un- disputed
"Ii is with iniiib gralIRciilinii thai I
cnncliidellK. I real V fnr naneriilarliilru-
liiin willi llu- president   nf  llle ('nil..1   MnlARPM  BROS
Slnles whereby I Irusl nil (inferences  ^
whicli   may   ari-e   I.liie.-ii its will I.i*  ~      "'" 	
pcuefiilly ndjusled, I hupe lllis ni-
iniigeiiicu.l inni- liini' further value iu
couiinendlngl 11 other powers consideration of-lhe prilici|.l.! whereby I he ilnuger of war tuny be notably abiilcd.".
The queen's speech refers In the sup-
pressiuu nf llle rebellion in Snillll
Africa nml the iippuinliiiciit (ifiicoui-
iiiissinii In eiitpiire into llle sugar industry nf tin- West Indies, and continues :
" ll is wilh much l-egi-el nnd feelings
of deepest sympathy I huve heard thai
owing to failures uf autumn crops anil
Stable in Connnetion.   Saddle Horses a Specialty.
l-'irsl (lass Accommodation,   wood Stabling,   Terminus of Sluge Line
from Milieus. Wiisbinglun.
McAULEY & McCUAIG. Proprietors.
v      -^UPHOLSTERING*"^-:...
JhlO    I     P^ \ J      ROSSLAMD  B. C. VERNON, B, C.. '
Grand Prairie Hotel
Gheenwooi) City, Houndau.v Ckkek, 13. C.
CARBON, |-|.,ITI,r, IIIVKII. II. ('.
■', ,     ,,     ,.        ., ,,„,,.      ii   ii     n      j        n     .    if       i       Wl i.ave just npeiti 1 llle above hotel at Grrcnivoiid Cily, and are preparer
Situate in tne Immediate vicinity ot the Boundapy Creek Minte. unveil* guests .md pmvido good aceoimu^ation..Qgodpatiiriiig, m^
First-class accommodation for the Traveling: Public,  Stage Lint.
to Midway and Marcus, Wash. Blacksmith shop in connection.
LE, -
Always on hand Good Single and Double Drivers, Ladies
nnd Gentlemen's Gentle Saddle Horses.   Pack
Horses for Hire.
Heavy Teaming at Reasonable Rates.
-luss Livery Stable.
Vou ran itow ptn'film*«? -fKMlar pminl ilour.*-, InMiiiifnlly made ind flriisli.id; ivlndniv hiihIi,
lutlir' iliiiiKl'^ mid all nihnr kimlH of lioiWO fiirnin'iin^, nl thp Okanagftn SftWmlll. Rough and
drufisnl Inmlici' cotlRtfttitly on hand. OrdfePK from Kottlo Htvor dinlrlct w)lic!tod and pHcuw
iiiniishcd upon application to
N. H.-Siwh mid Doors nt Coiwt Prlcw, wit h oIIbIM- Advance to cover o4 "(frolght.
is. x*e!q;o:ok£X3, prop.


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