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The Advance 1897-01-25

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Vol. VI, No. 13.
$2.00 per Year.
OFFICE     :      I      :      BOUNDARY FALLS.
I.atk or
St Thomas Hospital,
London, Nnu.
Vernon, B. C.
Graduate of McGill University
Late Physician and Surgeon
Canadian Pacific Ry. Coroner
for East Yale.
T   I'. MuLEOU,
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Akac.inih, II. I'.
Of the Supreme Court of B. C.
Vkrnoh, H. C.
Conveyancer, Mineral Claims Bought
and Sold.   NotaryPublic.
GRAND FORKS   ... -   B. C.
NoTinv Public.
Midway, 11. C.
Commission and Insurance Ag-'t
Lnrge Shipiueuls Arriving Weekly. We huy the
the Very Best Brands, and sell nt Wonderfully Low
Prices.   Give us a call and he convinced llml our
prices are  lhe lowest in this section  of country.
and Shoes, (Mil
'(•led s
nek of lihove
■IS Wl
d our noods
fnr SPOT CASH we
■naliled ti
customers lhe
l.eiietlt. of lhe
Discount.   Give us a Trial Order.
"W. T. Sltatfovd a-axd Co.
The Monarch, Dandy and Tamarack Claims
Mr. W. H. Young of Spokane, the
accredited represent uliyu of a large
English syndicate, is now iu Boundary
creek uud his operations the past few
days gives promise that a large nuni-
her uf properties will ultimately fall
I rcsjicet of which either nf llie IiIkIi cniili-m-tlng
( nitrites slinll liiiic- right* iignllisl lhe other,
undor treaty ur ullisr.vlse-liriiviile' Unit lllch
mailers in dtlferohoa do nnl IHVolVfl n (Inter,
n.iniilii.n „f lerrllnrliil rlniiiin-sliull lie ilcull
will, nml ili-eiileil by i.n iirbilrnl Irlliuniil, run.
Those who ure desirous of exercising
the franchise at lhe nexl 'provincial
elerlioli   in this proviiiee,  would   do
'tltutodns provided (ur in the next following  well In attend to lhe provisions of III
Article .i, - Any siilijecl of arbitration dc
serlbcil lu iirlli-le I slinll hi, siilnullli-t! lu tlie
Iriliuniil inuviileil fur iu nrlk-le :l, the award nf
.vl.ieh triliiiiiul, If .iiiiiiiiiniiiis, "hull bo Until
ncl respecting ihe rugblralinn of
voters,-and lose no linua if lhey ale
not already registered, iu sending llieir
names to .Mr. Norris of Veriintl, wlm is
inlo other hands, should lievelepinenl ' limit iuiaiiliiioiw,clilii'r.if ihetiiiiiraclliixinir-j collector for the dlslrlcl,   Thoseulu.
work, whirl) will at once he started,! "•» may, within six inontba from Iho dato of |lire regiBleii'd III iiliotlier riding should
prove Ihi'iu lo hens vahiahle as »)„. • a«n.-,l. .l.-in.u..l.. ruvl,*w thi.ria.f.  I., ami, ens,*
,  ,    , , , , ,       ,   the iiiittler In riinlrineray slinll he siiliiinlleil
originul uivners have always considered
litem to he.   Included iu the deal is
tlie Miinareh,   Dandy   and Taninrnek
Fairview, Ciiiiij. McKinney ami Vernon.
W. 0. Haywood.
W. L. Leonard.
Haywood & Leonard, Penticton, B. C.
Pleasantly Situated at the Foot of Okanagan Lake
Stage Connections at Penticton
Civil Erieineer,
Irritation Projects, Engineering and Survey
Work, with Plans and Estimates in any
Portion of the Province Immediately Attended to.
Haps and Plans of Any Portion of Osoyoos
District and Mining Camps of Kettle River
Mining Division.
J. C. H
0. A. Gusss, M. A.
H. A.GUIiSS, M. A.
Chemists and Assayers
Thoroughly fnlntllnr wilh Knirvtow nn.l
llouudary Creek Mineral Properties. Properties Kviiiiiineil. Assays and Analyses ut Ores.
Fuels, lie-.
midway, n. c.
OltKIINW.lllll, 11.0.
Eiipeorinji and Assaying Co.
Uri'ouwor.il City, H. C.
Assaying and Analyses of Ore
Mines Examined and Reported on
Willi Steamer AherdeBll foi Fairview, Osoyoos, and Oroville, Wash. Also
Camp McKinney, Unrk Creek, Midway, Boundary Falls, Anaconda, Greenwood
City, Carsiin, Grand forks and points in Washington.
Ample Accommodation for Hunting Parties.   Guides Furnished
Good Boating and Fishing.
SMITH k McLBOi), Proprietors,
Sash, Doors. Mouldings, Turnings, etc. All kinds of fanct'ory
work kept in stock and made to order.   Coast  Cedar worked
into Furnishings a Specialty. All kinds of Lumber, Lath and
Shingles kept in stock.    Best material always in stock.
Sawmill on Okanagan Lake, Handy to Shipment,  Sash and Door
Factory ox 0, P. H„ Vernon,
I clllllliS, all of which are situated in
j (Ireeuwooil cninp, As lo situation ill
"he camp tiiey may he said to lie to lhe
southeast uml adjoining other import-
Iniil claims, such as lhe Rawhide, (Inld
i Drop, Tohoggatl, etc. Of the three
claim*. I he Monarch, owing lo I lie ureal
amount of development work wliieli
has heen done, lias realized the highest
figure, whi.li,as Ine claim is accredited
with helng exceedingly guod, may he
said tn l.e extremely reasonaiile, as the
hondi'il consideration is stated to he
$li),ltUtl, ten percent. ..f whieh lias heen
paid down, lhe l.ittance to lie paid us
follows, $11,1101) on or before lhe 1st
July, and $7,"*00 on or More Ilm Isl
January; 1898.
The l.undeil consideration of tlie
Dandy is $7,50(1, of whieh $37') has heeu
paid diiwu, tlie balance to lie forfheinn-
ill)-on the following dales, $8,600 on or
before the 1st July, and $8,025 on or
before the Isl January, 1808.
The bond on each of these claims
gives Ihe piircliusei lhe right to enter
upon, prospect, mine and sliip.ne, the
proceeds of whiel) ore shipped, providing the net returns exceed llle cosl, of
production, to be deposited to tlie
credll of llle vendors—Messrs. J. land,
T. Humphrey uud K. Keighlly.
The third of lhe group, llie Tamarack is bring disposed of for cash, llle
parlies Interested lieing Messrs. H. C.
Johnson, W. U. McMynn, E. Luwdei,
E, Kelgbtly anil II. C. .McCarren.
 S • -1      	
arritration treaty.
Following is the text, of the ill-ultra*
lion t'a.aly which iias been signad liy
representatives of Great Bntiiln and
America, ami wliieli only now remains
lobe ralllted liy lhe United Stales
senate to become law.
Dr. T. Hewitt Talionge, referring lo
the treaty, rellerls the feeling of millions nf his fellow countrymen ill the
following words:
"The mightiest, grniidesl movement
for driving Iiniiiil war out of the earth
dates from January 11,181)7, The men
who, on each side of lite sen,decided to
effect that plan of nrhitraiinn, made
themselves Immortal, The evening of
of llie piesenl administration of the
United Slates has been honored with
llie gladdest event of centuries,   All
",IUI!I1,W|C,   FARM,"
Our  Specialties—Varieties Profitable in British Columbia;
Irees Free from Pests.
Send for Free Catalogue.   |   E. Hutcherson, Manager.
ssta.gx: xumxi
Leaves Marcus Mondays and I hursda,ys at i p, m
Arrives (ireeuwooil Tuesdays ami Fridays at 5 11, \i
Arrives Marcus Thursday ami Sunday at 9 a m
 , -iit, —
tn Lbe arbitral tribunal consisting of flvojurteli
of repair, ono of whom hIihII have boon a mom*
hor of tlio Lriinuiiil whoso award I* lobore*
viewed, mul who -tliall hv selected aa follows,
vi/.; Two hy each of tin* hi^h contracting imr*
tics, nnd uur 1.0 act 111 .umpire liy ll". four limn
nominated, anl t<> bo ohoson wUhln throo
month!aftor ihe datoof tholr nomination. In
case limy shall fail tn choosu an umpire wltmn
thrco months after the dale of llieir nniiilnn*
lion. In oaso they xliall fail lo idinoso mi
umpire within iho limit of tiiim abovo uicii-
(inneil, Ihe umpire uiiid! ho appointed I y agree-
mont botwoon iboitomlnallngbodltttdosigpatnd
lnartlclo3, acting in tho matter ihorelnpro*
vldod. In cose they tail lo agree upon mi
uniuirc within Ihe three months from Ihc dale
of an application tuado to ihem in that regard
hy both tlio high c6litracUng purlieu, or c-ilhcr
of thom, tlio umpire shall he Boloctcd in lhe
manner provided for in artlolo in. Tho person
ho selected shall bu president of tho tribunal,
mid ihc award of a majority of the members
thereof shall be tltml.
.Vrlicle.*),--A Conlfovcrsy which shall involve
thedeteiiiilnatloiiof terrilorial i*|aimn Mhall he
submitted to n tribunal composed uf six mom*
hi rs, lliree of whom -subject to the provisions
of article 8-shall he judges of the supremo
court of the United Stales, or justices of the
circuit courts, to he named hy tlio Presidonl of
the United Slates, and the other three of
whom -subject to the provisions nf article S-
sliallbp judges of tho British supremo court of
judicature, or members of the judicial com*
ID It toe of the privy council, to be nominated by
Her Hrilantiii' Majesty, whose award bv a majority of not loss Num live to one shall he Html.
In case of an award hy less than the prescribed
majority, tho award shall alBd be (Inni, unless
either power shall, within lliree months after
Ibe award has heen reported, protest that the
same is erroneous, in which case lho award
shall bo of no validity. In llie event of an
award made by less than the proscribed majority, and protested as above provided, or. if
lho members of tin arbitral tribunal shall be
equally divided, there shall be no roeoureu to
hostile measures of any description until the
mediation of one ur more friendly pjwjrs has
been invited by one or bolhot the high contracting parties.
Article 7.—Objections io the Jurisdiction of
ftii 11, .li'-'V. :*ii».'i .1 uilMtltltp] 1111 ■!■ ibi'
treaty shall nol bo lalton oxcopt us provided in
thlsarliclo. If, before thi'close of ihc hearing
ofa claim submitted.lo nn arbitral trlbur.nl,
constructed under article 3 or article fi, oltho,.
of ihc high eoul raoi ing parlies shall move such
tribunal to decide, mid thereupon it filial] decide ilmi the determination of such claim is
necessary, and involves the decision of a disputed question mi a principle of grave general
importance, nd'octlng the national rights of
such party, as distinguished from private rights:
thereof, the merely Internal tonal roprosenta*
sec tn it that their ii'iiut-s arc struck
off Ihe voit'iV lini uf ihnt ijiiiuK iinU,
ihen re*reglnlei' in thu riding in uliuli
tht'V nmv reside. _*w iht- iiil'uiiiialiuii
of I hast-who ure not nn|uain toil with
I In1 iHui'ssiii'v i|imlilii*.ilniii which on-
titles nny mn1 to vole in lho prtiviucu
it tu'i'il only lie explained Ihal oh
B|'ittnh( 'nl um l ilu has um uIm nnl bu if rage
Hit'(inly i|imlilli'iitiiiiis mv citizenship
ami residence, All Brilisli snl.jerls uf
the a^cnf 21 years, mul vv|io hn-vu n-
siili'd in any part nf the province fo)1
um* year, and iu Iho (ItelrU'L iu ivhieh
lhey desire to vole fur I wii months, air
eligllile iur ri^islratinu. l.'puu appli-
caliol) at any nf tin' ^nvcininciil nllict'H
the ni'ci'SNii'y I'nrnis cnu lie proruri'tl,
.-uul these having hettn lilled in an- t'ni-
withleil to Ihe Kuvernnieiil ilgeilj for
the dlslrlcl, who pnsls Ihem up in lii-t
oftlei'. tf nnohjeelion is made In I he,
Hpplicalioil at'ler the silllie has heeu
posted fnt two months Ihe applieaul i.**
entitled tp vote at an elecliun, There
is nne pruvisiou, however, lhat should
heniiserveil, and thai is llie inline nf
Lho voter should he erased frum the
list in one tiding he-Tore il is reffMl'led
in the new une.
A revision of llie llsl Is held iumuilly
iu August, l(iit,t:lu'nllieit'visin^ollii-er,
unless petition is nimh1, removes llie
mimes of those only whom he knows
lo he (lead. Usually a special revision
i.s ilnecled hefoit} an electiun,;inil Iht*
ait, provides lliiil the list lie closed two
mouths licfiire an election. It will llllH
he seen that any who arc (ptalifted can.
hy legislet'ilig now, assure Iheuisclvi-s
of having ii vole al Ihc next elect ion.
 ► t 4    —	
030Y00S   NilTEi.
On TllUI'Stlay, lhe lllh .lannnv, llie
following cases fame up More l\ A. It.
Lauihly, S. ,M
Uu infui'tiialiuu iceeived Crnslahle
\V. U. 1. Ilavvlrey arrested William
Uigoand Jnlin Burnetl al Fairvii'w,
on ihe Uih insl., on eluirges uf having,
on the Hist Deeemlier,supplied whiskey
lu two Indians iif ihelnkaueop reserve,
hy (.lie mimes of John Skdkia, heller
known IIS "Cheeky Jolinny," ami
John Hurnelt, mi npppfirllig, pleaded
volvod is one whi«)i eoncoriisn particular stale
or territory of tho United States, ii shall be
open lo the President of the United Stales to
appoint a judicial officer i f smh slate or terri-
civilized nations will copy the sublime J tnry to bonne of the arbitrators, uadorarticlo
"I implore, lhe illustrious senate of
Ihe United States to allow nothing, lo
live.jurisdictionof such arbitral iriLumdover, no(      m     ft|ld )(I| ammm (lf aI1 im.
such  idiom shall cease, ami   il   shall In: doll1 i . ,    . ,,
will, liyi,,-l,il,.,,li,,,,,,>,,l,,|. .UIiH,ill. I I"""1"1 »»•• »M« '"'"'I-' "llil1'1'' lUUPPI'lll
Article 8,-In .-nils whero lho question In-  ""'""I"1* BlfknesB, llle pi'lnnner wm re*
llllllllll'll fur eight iliij-**.
William Ul|"!i ndinilli'd llle cliurgii
mul ivns si'iiU'iiccil I., ii tin., uf $ltitl uinl
fusts, witli tin. (i-)ti(in of lliri'u iiiniiili**
ni lllllll luinil', Ill'lllK nlsu Will nnl llial
llu* full pi'iinlly uf tlle Iniv   six luinil 11-.
3, or article (I, or mli.-lcii. In like iiiuiiiicr, in
cfisiH vvlioro tin1 qncrttloii Involved i« ono ivlilch
  I llllial Malaa I,.   „ll„„   ,,.   10   """",™*1" n'!'M' ™""'!' »r I*,*s.-.*l....._llKh«ll j |„„-.l l„l„.f ,l,„l «:«I0 fl,,.-    H'llllld I... III.
i lin onot) In    it nuMcah  In ii|i|nnnl a .lii'lnaul I ,,r,t.„i u|,,ut|,| i|,nu, .,,|.,i,„. I,,. ,„.,,,,.,
...,..,,,,.„. .. a . .. ,.,.■.. ,,r ,...,in...,,..,,,. iiimi'ii kiioiiiu iiicsai ici ii.ii i'i" ni" |n n\ ia
interim* wltb a vote nr rotltU'Htloti* LlBoiir of mioli colony or uowowloii to In ono of '    .     , .
  iigiiinal lum iigiiin
llllll Ilia liaIia nf illl  (,'liristl'lliliilll lllllj'
ring nut' Pence on eurtli, good-will t..
men,' , Hentilors—iniiny of you my
Iii'i'siniiil fiii'tiilh-let mi' suy tliu' this
is tlie uplnii-tunity of ynur lives, Hy
un t*iii|.lrMtic nml enthusiastic vote, rise
In llie splenilnriif the nccttsinn iiiul win
the fiivorof nil the g 1 nf unit hund
nil lhe mighty uf heaven, Let the
'Aye, aye'of our American annate re-
sound ihi'iingh   nil   the   capitals  nf
llie arbitrator.., undor article 3, or article 6, or
Artiotd 11.- Torritunal rluinm Liiclnilo all ollior
claimH Involving quosttoiifl .»f Bcrvltudo, rights
ul navigation and of acccqa, llsluniia.uml nil
rlglitu uml intorcflts noewaiir)' tn control, nml
tlio enjoyment ol territory claimed by ,itticrof
Hit. litgb conlraettng piirtlcH.
AHIcle lu. II. In nny case, ilm noihtnatliig
limliuH dGsignntod in arlloles II nml 6 sltall fall
to agree upun mi iimplro, in nccordauco wlllj
the inn. isiuus nl mid artlolo, tho plrosliali
In. appointed by His Majesty, lliu King ol
I'liropiMind iiinke nil llie arsenals and IHKoim ""a N"n™)- l';illuT "' ' "'"'""-
. ,,    ,      ,,,,       .,   . .,        trading parlies, however, may nl uny llmr
ni'inuries „f the |ivurl,l.lie,ir Unit lliere |Kiv J||(V ,„ „„ ,. „„„   bj. „.„„„„„,.
ahull he uu more murder among na-  material chnuges In I lltlons existing at
lions. [ the dato of this treaty, 11 Ih of lho opinion llial
a Hiibullluto for tii* majesty should bo chosen,
liber lnr ull ensci tlml may nrlaounder tlio| totliupi-iipiidlliiin of
.liiliu, llle Indian, was I Inn luui up
on u charge of aggravated ussiiull, laid
hy Daniel,  The assault occurred on
III.* tllst lleeeuilier, Ihe ilny   llle  litpior
was  supplied.   The   licensed   pleillluil
guilty uud wus selileliceil I" isull line
or Iwo n.iimils' hniil luinil'.
|The nhiive miles  nolo  receive.I JII-.I.
ton late for Insertion  in  lusi   week's
issue,   Kl),
Iii ii recent address Lefuio llie ('iiiiii
i iliitn tariff I'liiiiuiissiiin m 0, imvu, (I
W, Mill liell gave vigorous opposition
vend misguided
thorough AeqvuliiUiKw villi, tlle Kottle n.  tn   ntoaitTti  :o*v.  vkopbiutor
Illver uml lloaiiili.ry Creek Mfi.luii   ,
III., rills.
iu....ii..-a-.tl     ]3laolEaixi«.'t1ilx     44^4^
PAIRVIEW, B. 0, ♦ ♦
Ail Kinds oi' Repairing;,   HortosltMltig ».
J. W. KUEI),
Fine Watch Repairing a Specialty.
All Work Wurrunted.    „:Win
♦. ♦
Watches, Clocks and Jewelry.
Spectacles and
Commereial Job Printing.
'Till': ADVANCE."
Vidian Inilu Boundary Greek Mining L'linips, 8top nl the Aiiaennd
Good Table  -   Good Beds  -   Good Liquors -  Good Stabling
N. Tholl, Proprietor
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in and Growers of
AU Stock Grown Without Irrigation.
All Trees Inspected Before Leaving the Nursery
S p O K A N.E   FALLS,
P. (>. Ho3f.r>83. Waehirigtpri
" Th" ivuial llilng ynu run dn for
tiiaiihrakUlhliii.  Ti»^fi*tniry«<|SlS.-to»i»^ "■ ■ ■ ■   ' '■- i"i«- ■  'i-   i .-..    n.i:,
™»a«WPH»iHntalOMV#l  arison,nn.l tliaroupi... ti.eI.lgticmUmcUnicpar- inBlancP," fcr Iiu» i>x|nirl duly on iuvh.
Artliili! l. -TbohighconlraoUngpartiesagrto UniIirII nl onuo prucuoil tn ngreo upoiiHiicli j, js  [|)(,|r,  d,,,,,,... ,jl;lt ;lh ,.Xi,0|.| ,,1X
Ln Biibinll to arbitration, In ftcconlnnco with Uubatltulij,to ncl oitlmr In nil cnsMlonrlso       ' ..  . '.
prttvlslonBgulUoottolIraiiRlloriBof this Iroaty,  Ier the Irenly "i1 In nny pnrtleulnr cane "u,lllt Wl,,8e )lM lh ''s "'  Koplfimy
till (HiiHiiuiiH in iliiliuriici; in-! with llieni -A'hloli spodliu-l, an may bo Indlnatoil In itald notice; '" In-sini'llcil in KnntPllilV.   " It wnnlil
tiiey may full lo urJJuRl by diplomatic nogolla* provliled, liowovcr. thai. mieh nol Ico will have htivu Ihi*  very rippnidtp  cITuct," wiiil
Hons. ,l0flfl\jol iip-mannrblirntloii alroady begun by i ^ MilcliHI, "uml lit) nicit-u illmisthjim
Arllcloa-AII pecuniary olalms or group«o( n"^'"".^"'"> w1*;1"11 tribnniHiindorartlcle          ,, H|     k    , ,,      ,    ,
poounfaur Sulnltrw whioh do nol in Lho aggrolla. Tbo hlgb contraction parlies kIuiII nl once
galosxoood £10,000 in n um, nml which do [^roceud Lo  iiomlnnlo  d  nnbstlluto  for his U'uslry,   Ihu oivfl ur Konti'tiiiy nmliiiM
imi Involve tbo doLorinlnatton uf territorial majasty, In tho ovcnl Ilinl his maJesLy shall al it Ihiku propdi'tlnnnflonil, nml llii'liwl
olalms to hr don 11 wltb nnd decided  by an an) time notlfj ll "f iii- desire to bore- MiuIh n ruiuly  mnrkul   In  lho I'niU'.l
arbitral trlbimnl, constituted as provldod In | llovod from the functions giaclously accoplod siiti.*-"
Ill KtNllvllliy, Wlll'll' till'   >|lli'-li*-» nf
I ml 11 iia I i-i mininy \h IimILi'I1 iiiuli'itlui il
- Ill,in ill IC'tSll'lll t -iliatl.i. hanllv Mil)'
nlic favni's mi i'\|inM lax nl) iin- mvn nf
I hr dictiltl, Sitit'Jtfix iih- 1'iiililiiiK
Ihcit' uitlii.iit llii'< iiifi'iLM', anil limit'
arc illlth't' i-iiiit(-ii:|il.ilnin,   hi f.n I few
Illlnfll^diBlHt'lH   IllIM'   1 M n lilMHid |.H
KflotflljIV    llllN    ' I'M    fllMilVil    ill    Ihu
-pci'ily  I'lrrllnn  nf  Hini'llVfJ) rltlfl Ilm
Lhonoxtfollowlugartlolo, lu this nrtlclonnd
nrllole i, ilm words "groups t.f pocunlari
claims" mean pecuniary claims by ono or more
i)t'i*sijiiri,iiiri[ii({(iui nf ilm samo Iransactlon or
Inyolvthg tho samo bancs of law or of fact
Arilclo:! - Each of tho IiIkIi contracting par*
ttosshall noinliialoonoarblu-fttor, who shall '"!
ajurlBtof repute, nml tho two arbitrators ho
namod shall, within twu months fnnn lho date
of tholr nominations, aoleol an umpire, In i-n-n'
thoy fall Lo do bo within lho limit time abovo
mentioned, llio umpire ahall in; appointed by
ogroomont botwoon tho mombora for tho tlmo
being of tho Bupromo courl of the United
States and tho mombora for Lho tlmo being of
thojudiolnl committee of ilm privy council in
Groat Hrlinin, each nominating body noiltig by
by Iilm undirlhc treaty, either for nil case* in
arise Ihoroundor or for any pnrtleular spcdllod
case ilmi has already nrlson,
Artlolo II. tnoasii of death, aba
cnpiiclly to servo nf .in,, arbitrator or umpire,
or In the ovcnl of uny nrbltratoi or umpire
omitting or declining or censing tu not as such,
another nrbitrnlor ur umpire shall bo forth*
wilh appointed in liis placo ami Btcad, in man
nor provided (or with regard to iho original op* I
ArLlcio 12i—Kitch governmeiil nlmll laiy Its
own agent and provide for proper nMiiunrrn-  ,
lioiiuf.-.uni^lMiipl.iio.lbjil. ltlidr«i.ailiitr:i-"iiiiii«''lial.M*slal.l.s|iM..'iH,nt lli.-Mn
tors appointed by ll nnd for tho oxpouao of pre* I Ing Industry Upun n piullliililf Im>m,
paring and Bubmittlng its case la Iho avbltrn      xhe \m1p\_ nf Knnlcnin  w nut Inrnt
tribunal.  All othor exponaes conuealed wilh| Hint»iienii.|UVi. U,,.,,, alivaily,' and ui.l
majorlly.  Incase they shall fail to agroo upon anyarbllrallon flhnll bo defrayed by lho two
an umpire within throo months of tho dale of govornmouta In equal moieties, provided, now-  "H^ moi*, mil iln-y IlitVf mi inii'iilinii
application mndo to them In llieir boh alt by tho I over, that, if. In anj case Lho essential manner j w sillTiMKU'i'tng I Imil- mllilliK liilei <"i ■
high contracting partlos, or olther of thorn, the of dlm?ronco submlltcd to arbitration Is the  tn Ihe il/iiigt>rnf n Innil snirliiiu.' im-i.
umpire shall bo BOloolod in tho manner pro. right of one of the IiIkIi oontracting partlos to  Thuy  wiini   lhe   ciiiupiniiinn  u'l   fliU
vldod for In artlolo 10. Tho person soBoloolod rooolvo disavowols of or apologies for nola or  \lm.,.jniM sihi-Iici*
shnP lm prcfitdont of Uu; tribunal- and Lho defaultsotttio othor nol resulting lusuhslaii*
mvit.nl of ii majority of tlm members thorcof Hal  poeuiilnry injury, lho arbitral tribunal
slinll lio final. I llimlly (Uupc-sing of snid matter slinll din
Artlolo 4.—All pecuniary cluims or groups cf whether .'iny of the cspmi-ii"! ot Ihe HUCCOWfUll
pecuniary olalms which Ihalloxoeod kkxj.ojw in! party aha 1 bobotno by lho linauccoSifiUpaJriy, |
ADQOttbt a^'J an other ^.f."-:r: :.*. ilfftitntnu la ct'i, f-f :o. \o *rbr.t e-ttont,
In Ihu L'niii'il Huiles n.iiliiht jm'vw'
; llliltd    hIhHII      I'Xjinil     l.l.S'-;..   hll     llli'
Miiiplr ii'iihoii llial   till' liiiiii'is nl r Jn*
rmiKiltiiiiun laid ,i i*,in upun ibii fi-tjuj
uf i i-Yrtliotj. ;-, ;' -*.
W. II. SORltlS.
Published  WBckly   m  Midway. II. ('.
siiim i-i|,iii,ii Price, )*.... per milium, payable
lu ..ivai.ac. eillier yearly nr luill-yi'iiriy al tin-
option ol the sabstiriber.'
A'vertisiug Rates win un application.
Though the columns ol Tiik Aiicim-k an-
always open for Un. discission ul mailers uf
jublio interest anil importance, wo do not ncc-
eessarily eudorso any of tlie opinions expressed.
Correspomlenee of a personal nature will not tic
THP    AHVAMPR city to the .Internal! I Mining and
inc.   flUWll-eYl^   JjmHB '>'|...uy ..f II, C, a syndicati'
.■.iniiioXid'l..i.uiniillv nf Scuttle enpi-
.*   ll   Willi,Ic I,......,,,*•*.><> *      . ' '        *
A cross in Ihisspac- indi-
. cules l l,a t your subsi-riplioli
lo lliis pajier has expired.
MONDAY, JANUARY £*., 1807.
Byoiiu iv luislgns himself1'Mink.if In*
lerrngiit inn,"n lei Ier .viisivrillcii,which
appeared ill llle issue of llle lliiuiuhtl'y
Creek Times of llle Kith Insl. The
hetter In elucidate our own nhscrva-
I lulls, lie 1 t-piiicliu-i- llle suid Icl Ier, iiiid
hy il. il will he seen lhe questions pul
liy the Juli'i-i'iig..|to|.|iieof nn extremely
grille und serious niilui'e, us nut unly
ure they ipi.-slhms, lhey niny he snid
lo lie direct iKTtisutiiins, rolled iiig
upnu officers in lhe provincial service,
who, up lo lhe present, hud always
heeu looked upon us entirely ln-y.ii.il
reproach ns fur us llieir honesty und
integrity were concerned, Tlmt the
writer did mil allow the puliliciitlon of
his iniiile islll lle regielled almost as
milch as tiie fact Ihul (Uriel acctisu.
linns are veiled liehind interrogations,
As it is not, however, with lhe wilier
su uuicli as wilh what he lias wrilleii
we are concerned, we would any llllll
if such a slulc of affairs us depict I'll hv
the pertinent questions usked, exisis,
then the sooner a searching enquiry is
■nude into ihe mallei hy Ilm provincial government llle I.utter, us nol for
une liininelil shuuld llle prostitution of
an effice for private gains l.y the Incumbent he allowed, If, un Ihe ulher
hund, "Mark uf Interrogation" hns
heen misinformed, uud no grounds
exist for the promulgation uf such
lu lists. This company entering Inlo
possession*, at uiiiii Blurted a vigorous
develupiiienl uf the properly, und it is
suid spent, second thousand dollars.
Illft defendant in the present suit-Mr.
R. A. Hiiiwii-heing iheir representative. The exael relations of Ibe present
llligunls nre nut herein nol ed or their
d uml Ion defined, hut evidently again
llu* claims lieeanie vacant owing to Ihe
fuel Ihal ihe assessment was not recorded as required hy law, und lliis
fact having liecome known, the opportunity was taken advantage of l.y a
prospeclnr liy the mime of Overtoil,
whn gut possession of the ground iu
18IM, naming lhe claims respectively
Vulcanic and Iruncup. On Seplemlier
"JS uf I he snme year Illll proper! y passed
Inlo Ihe bands of ihe defendant, who
purchased il from ihe holder, Overton,
uud lnuii Ihen up In lhe time of its
uquisitinn in It-ISO liy the parlies whn
formed tin* Olive .Mining company,
with u ca pi till tail ion nf $20,000,001), the
now fatuous claims neai Grand Forks
were inliiiuilely nssiieluled wilh llie
defendant—R. A. ilr.iwn. Failure lu
record ihe assessiiienl wnrk mi lhe
purl nf R. A. Brown, whilst ailing us
the accredited representative of Ihe
[nlernnl luiinl Mining uud Milling company and his siiliseqnenl acquisition nf
ihe properly, furnished I tie grounds, il
Is understood, fur lhe present net inn
lietwcen the plaintiff and defendant.
Ax agitation is uu lout having fur
ils object llie reiiiovnl of l.lieciislouis
officer, Mr. R. II. Gilpin, troin liis
present locution near llie boundary
Hue In Grand Forks. We hardly
think lhe Doiiilninn government will
cnl i*i I ii in the Idea nf changing Ihe locution of the customs house just at
present, as liy su doing a certain section of llie people would he greatly inconvenienced. We icier to those constituting the population around
Christ inn luke. as also ihose whose
shortest route of travel docs nnl lake
ilitun In (iiniid Forks, hul rather over
the short road leading from 1 hecus-
enormous territory with ils ever increasing piipulm inn is represented l.y
three inenihei*. The south enst riding,
with its total at the Insl election of
1,032 registered voters, lias only one
member, whereas in snme of the const
constituencies tin* spectacle is present ed i.f two members lepresenling
less Ihnn aim registered voters, it will
therefore he seen thai the Ynle district, and especially the south east
riding, bus equally ns niuch eluiin In
consideration in the mutter of representation as cnn lm claimed by lhe
Kootenays, sn ihnt if it. is decided
tn increase Ihe number in tlie Kootenays, a readjustment!.! representation
should In- conducted sn that llie
southern portion nf Yale may he given
strictures in ure hurled holus-bolus at loins house to Oarson nnd puinls wesl.
lhe heads of officials m this district
then all the mure shuuld an enquiry he
courted, su thnl thesligiuii which bus
been cast upnu the fair nuine uf the
officials in question, by the publication nf such letter, he readily and
completely dispelled, ami reslilutiun
made tu the injured who, (living in
the peculiar positions lliev hold, are
oftentimes placed at a disadvantage iu
defending themselves against attacks
such as follows:
1. Arc your local government oltlccs brokers'
oftlccs, or hnvo the purlieu in <liiin*c a i'inlii in
do a general brokerage business in mines, or arc
tlioy paid to do the work of tbe people nnl)', ns
ollleers I
2. Aro llioy siqipojotl lo lie bureaus (Interosf*
eilly. for tlie low) for tho dissolubilities of hid)!*
Hint ion n-n.ti'.lini: claims aboul tn run oul, unit
chambers of silence for ihc inuny Illinoissork*
lug inforniatiini. who arc supposed to he factors
in the payment of tholr salary.'
!l. Would il not bo a gooil Iden in coiiiicclluli
with tlio talk of stiortonliig the roud to Lamp
McKinney. lo locate a bay meadow somewhere
un the route Ml luiilil shorten tho roud, us It
■Iiii nut lengthen it.' it is a poor rule Hint dues
not work both ways, is it not,'
I. Would It not In; a good idea lo put up local
government oltlccs at iiticlton, as inside infm-
niiltion that can bu llsod by an nltl.-cr In charge
is woi-lh inoro than Ur ordinary ininers wage I
Tlienlhe people who pay the salaries might
hiivcsoini! idea of the value of till oltluo of ttill
kind ami have a pocpal I
The peuple nf Grand Forks, or rather
ibe proprietors of ilu* Grand Forks
luwiisile, must learn nut to be Inn
cuyel nuns, unil above all must uol en
ilenvnr fur Ibe sake uf adding a lillle
lu their own convenience, lo discommode a huge seelion of lhe
ciniiuiuniiy, As Ihe counlry de*
.chips clrciiiusiiinees may warriiul
uiHiiy changes being made in customs
nud oilier offices, at presenl und until
ihe I iiiul nf develupiiienl is mule
clearly ileliuial, il wuuld be well lu
pursue a conservative policy in such
unit I els.
the luiichine. in case it was being used to in-
cinnlii'iit's benefit.
,i. lsiui ulllcinls capability In he judged liy
Ihc number of mining IniliSaetloils be can enter
into in n given psrlod by virtue ol 'lie knowledge conlaillcd iu llie books which he, a sworn
iiUia... cnituoi divulge unless particularly ro*
i|ue$lod in individual cases.' Can be ,vs an
editor constantly he thai individual, antl acting
as quostiouor an.l iiiiosllonod act in accordance
10 Ills ou.. benefit.
 + .
What promises lo he the grealesl
ami most fiiiuiiiis lawsnil uver ihe
possession nf mineral ground io the
history of Brilisli Columbia has jusl
linen entered upun. as iul lie supreme
curl lli'lioil bus h..'ii taken by lhe
Internallunal Mining and Milling rwiu-
puny, In   secure   puss.'Sail.II   ul   (hose
nnw famous claims uu ihe Norlh Furl;
nf Kellle river, iii-iit* 01 ui nl Furks,
known us llle Volcanic uud Inm Cup.
AVcnic not, we must niiniii, eiitinlj
familiar wilh tlle cumins am es lending up lo llie presenl netlnti, Iheiefiue
only a rough idea cnu lie given us In
lhe grounds upun it. is taken. To gain
even a partial insight lulu the mallei'
il Ib necessary lu enquire into the his-
lory of the claims, and in doing sn we
find thai as early us IKS7 or IMS Mr.
'llillN MeCnnnell. ful'llierly nf (Iiiiiiii
1'iiii,ie, Keltic river, iniiileIwu lucii
lions, lliu names uf which we are uu-
ulile lu give. Bv this il will he seen
utti-n,imi was paid lu the mineral resources uf III.' Kettle Ililcr omul ty ill
su einly dale, and yet sn lillle wus
Ihollglll of qunrUclaims uogrcul effort
wus mullein retain I hem, unil consequently Mr. Mcl'iiniiell allowed his
title tu lapse, Sunn niter I his twu ulher
prnspecl..is, Messrs, Thos, McAuley
mil E. W'nriiislcy, located lhe same
ginuiidaiu) t hey, following I he example
it by Mr. Mi Council, nlsu relinquished
their I|ile. This gave Mc. McCiitmell
uinl her npport unity ui procuring the
cliiiins, and as in 18"01 he dim u uf l he
mining era was just being entered
upnu, be ugaill lunk possession uu the
ilinl nf A pi 11, naming his cliiiins llle
Ophir ..ml Dominion, respectively.
After holding Ihem lm a year, n
a.'lm iiiimi record win allowed nn the
Oplllr, owing in some Irregularity, On
Mb. .I.S. ('LUTE, inspect.ir nf ens-
tutus, whilst paying u visit, lu Rossini, d ibe nther dnv, expressed ills views
upun uial has reluling lu llle cllstiiuis,
uml iiilvnnccd the uplnlull llml lin.-s-
land shuuld lie elevated In lhe dignity
llf II ensl,uns purl, willi Trail us an
' imlpurl. lie Ihen went nn tu say lhat,
the customs business of the Boundary
Creek counlry was rapidly Increasing,
Iiiul the offices iin* uulporls nf New
Westminster, and Ihul sh.nil.1 Russland In, elevated lu the position uf a
purl., he expected the ulliees in
lhe Bntitidal'V ('reck annul ry would
10 id an,Ull,,,. of this. , ,     „,,„„,„„.•  Rlmlmla,   Wiih
he inside working nfi , ,. ,, ,
lisped   tu  llle elevillum   ul   Russland
tn ii purl, we huve mil it wold
to suy except that such shuuld
have been dune lung ugn, bin us In
making the offices of Btiuiidury creek
otltpnrls nf Russland, lhe tiling is
ridiculous in say llu, least as matters
sittnd at present.. The grounds of our
objection tu siicli un iiiiiiiigeini'iil are
easily explained and are these: We
huve no desire In be placed ill greater
inconvenience ill I he mu tier of the trans-
ui'lion of business than is attendant
upun the Irnnsiictinu ut' Inisiuess with
the present putt at New Westminster,
unit lliis unilijuliteilly wnnlil resull,
shuuld the uill.es in the llislricl lie
mull, li'lliuiiiry in Rosslaud, The
Kellle River and Bnillidiirj Creek di*-*
in-a n n large nne, and by .llr. dole's
own showing lhe anslums Inisiuess uf
llle mime is rapidly Increasing, uml ns
the CO,Ml11y is iteming Hi" llini'll uf
greul development, we run see nu
ii-.is.ini why lbe uiui uf creeling nn in-
ili piuiili nl purl I'm Iluin,.I.n a creek
should imi In* entertained, If this
suggestion is mil lieu.pinhle, Iiii ii by
till menus eieale Vei'llull iiii independent p ill, nod ciiuslilllle lhe offices of
lids   districl   nut posts   uf    Ihe   stllllu.
They would Ihen he wiiliin ivneliingilis-
tiiuce uf a cuiuuum center, whicli they
a,e nnl nl piesenl, nur would Htey be
weie thev Hindu Irlhiilary tu Russland.
another representative, whicli by area
end population it is justly entitled io.
Thk Vernon News, in its issue of
the 14th, took occasion to notice some
remarks we made re the McKinnnn
case, ill our issue uf the 41 ll insl,. nnd
endeavored In enlighten us upun lhe
formalities pursued in exlradlllon proceedings' Although nn dn.ibl the News
is well posted nn such matters, it
might huve saved itself the trouble uf
misconstruing our remarks. Evidently
whilst, scanning ihe columns uf The
ADVANCE the News editor was encumbered with liis Morning Glory
guggles, nnd Iherefore must lint lle
held nre..uut able fur lhe mental deductions drawn after reading nur nntes.
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The Choicest Blend of Ceylon Tea
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a   irr-ia a/** £*% -m y fm
•"a  & a k. i £ nl  tM
m*t The tracb centre of the Grand 8
§$$ Prairie, Kettle river and _m
%M Boundary creek mining and g
sp agricultural country. ffl
fSraJ Situated at the junction of jp$
the Boundary creek, Marcus g
«™ and Reservation wagon roads, ffl
S Nearest point to the Colville S
S reservation mines. s$p
ffl  . —- ffl
m -—■;   =     m
ml                 m,
j*a{*M [For prices nnd all -.III ll'infiir o ttiotl apply to               \_l\t
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goods, boots and shoes,
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G. K. Simpson, Prop.
fOTICE (■' rrKHfiBY QIYEN Hint application will uciiuidoto llu* Parliiiniutii of
inn i-I i nt llif iioxl rtt'Ksmu thereof, fm* un Act
to a Company tn construct nad
I operate n rallwa) frown pninl al Ot near Ilm
luiMlay, rhuiuluyniittMUiu-iliiy.uuikinjscoti-lrj^.,,   ,, :, thUHrl^o. in At North W«t Torri-
i"- v iiih witli train i -h Okunaifiin Umitlnn foi   [nrlc. oi" I'aiiniln ; llicttcl   i xlcmUiig iventoHy
Klunmuiifi Junolion Lo Jwtii main lino trains  I 1»i>ukI\ t'niv*'? Xw( Pnt*s to liic CpluniWA Hrer
.     , . in Hi. ['rnrincfl cf Hiitisb C'otumblnvtlionoo
I i\untorb Inn (Kiltil In snid prnvinoo nn or near
II lie Fraser rlvor or llio HtrnllB of Georgia, or
TlirmiBhTti-lrofRtiiHJiri fm r* l»anilln Piinal i tUiV .ilfii or inlet  of tho Willie lit tiilewillor ill*
... in „i.mo,um nom iin'i.uim .Uiiin ' s(.,i|((limL with powor In hiiild, .inptiro.
I iiiaitiiain nnd oporaio Bloatnrttul[othor vetweln
i in lie n«c(l iii crfiiitri'lion with the MlW rnilway.
* IdiBtorii ami Itluvopoiui I'ointn.
i7|iiipiii"hi uiisui'piiuuil, ooinhtnlng palatial
tourist and Vn olonlat rtlocpliig onrerim.on
.ill traina
For inforiuiitioii im lu tlino, rates, oto., apply to
H. S. Scadding-
Agenl, PonUototi.
Or to        Geo McL. Brown,
Dlst. I'uHH'r Agent, Vancouver.
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Taylor's Pharmaey
Till! pi-pea of Kouleluiy in cnllltiK
upon ihc niivcrinni'iil in liring iu nt
the euuiiiiK scssiun nf the |e|*l8lal.lil'e n
redlatrlhutlun iiiuasuru, an that by ti
reiidjiialUienl nf t'oiiatlliilleiieleii au
opporiunity may be uitercd for thut
portion of ihe province lo obtain
greater repreaentaliou, Thnt redlatrl*
butiiin is t-ciilly neeeasury and e8aentlal
tu tlle well-being of the province, few
except perhaps the nrilcnl supporters
nf Ihe present administration will
deny, but tlml redhUrlhiitlon ia solely
nml iihine neeesiitiry so llml Kootenay
may derive Increased repreaentatluu,
we cannot admit, us ive are mindful of
the fact that olher puritans nf Ihe
provlneejare in urgent need nf a greater
representation than is at presenl
vow lisifi'd to I hell), Take for institute
IV'.iii.ary 1, :S'*J, h.< inv.ileii tha pmi-.-'tlii. Yale diftrivl.   At present  this
Is une nf n Iciiin nf elglil hend
lliilonglllg In Shtlser Ilrus..tin'
Hustling DVelglilem, thai
helped l.. haul the lhrough time freight
(J0.0IHI pounds, fur Ml. Driscoll, the redoubtable b.ii-g.'iin dispenser of general tuurelian.
disc, Hariiess, Saddles, etc, at Carson, 11. 0.
My slock Is complete ludetiillandrepleteaiid
varied iti Suits of Clothing, Gentleiiien'a itnd
Ladles'foolweni'i Dry Goods,.Niillims, elc, My grocery supplies ure suliicieui
to satisfy the wniils of the entire Kettle River valley. My stock nf Miners'
Supplies i.s jusl. what, is wanted by Ihe Prospectors and Miners, I am selling
nt Spokane SPOT CASH Prices, freight only added (duly thrown in).   Come
and interrogate me.
The Golden Gate Hote
[■••AIRVlEW, B, ;
_7. 3ES!.l±©ifc   -. ■ -   3E*3w»opia3,ii*aitoa3>.
Stopping Place for Stug'es to anl from Penticton and Opo, Wash,
Minorea and Leghorn
also to nurclmiiu nml use walor tn ^ciu'iiiin
I'lefiricil power anil to wil and Imno mw.ti
Dntal ut  Victoria, Brillsh Colmnhis, ITIli
December, 1800.
Solicitor for Applicants,
TENDERS will lie received liy Ihe
undersigned until Jnniuiry I5lh, 18117,
for Ihe construction of no irregiitlng
ditch and fiuine fyuiu Boundary creek
in Midway lint.
Plana and specillciilions cnn he seen
at lhe office of lh« Midwav Cunipnny.
Midway,JB„0.,un<j Ihe uilicenfC. F.
Oosterton, Vernnn, If. C.
The lowest or any lender not necessarily accented,
Agent Midway Company, Lid.
Midway, It. C„ Dec. 5,1HK1.
The time for receiving tender*, is further extended In January .list, 18117.
A. rt. STUART.
. . days after date, 1 intend to apply lo the
Chlnf Commissioner of Lands anil Works fnr
permission lo purchase tho following described
Ini-'l nf land, siiiniicil In the southern portion
of the Osoyoos dirtrion of Yale district, in the
provlnoo of Hriilsh Columbia:
HtnrtiiiK nt ;i punt l'h cliiiins foitth of the north
ennl corner of proem nt ind No. 1063, thenco
north io chains, thence etit li* chains, thenco
south M) chains, ttienoo west in cliaina
to point of couimcin-emeiit, containing IIU)
acres, more or less.
Dntcdat Midway, "th Docembor, tm.
ok sale.   Prick $3.00.
K. PlTTKNimum, Rook Cbkek,
Ccrtlflcnte  of   Improvemonts.
!, .    ■  , .•     ■.:    ; 1     ■      ■* i'i".T(.;   ty
1.1 thru   , ■ ■ Mu inc
|.  ft: ',.:■   1)1     \  ; ' fc     ■'-    ' '
TAKI   S'OTICK lh   I     •:       H   ICerby,
nt ni... ns iigenl ffii Ui li     ll      ■   fi ■
min 'i'.' ■  :: Ith ate '■':. ii.. * 11!, sixly diiys
from tin date hereof, to npi lj to the Milling
■'■■■I'l'i- ■ torn ui Miii.mi,'i.i improvements, for
.::'|iii.'!- .. j.-btii:'ii*)gii t ,'.nvi' .nn,. ; 1 tlie
above olalm,
\111l furthor lako notice that nollnti, uniler
seutlun 37, musl he cominoneed hofore llio
Issuance ol such rerUflcalc of iiiivrovements.
On'.eit tlita 1st <!ay of I'wr.'.iN::'. ISO:.
ncTOHI A* by thoQrAod of Qod, of Ufo l/nlted
Kini'.i.ioi of Qronl Miitiilii ami ti- liin-ri.
QllKKNi Defender of tho PnJUl, -Sic, &0.( An,
To Our faithful, lho Wombors oleotedlo Borvo
in Miu Uglslatlvo Assomblyoftho Provlnoo
of Hriilsh Onlltmbla at Our Cily of Vic-
torhi -flnBKTiNO.
D. M. BtUKM, 1 \XrilEUKAS Wo. aro
Atloriicy-tJoiK'rnl, I" VV dntinuis and re-
solved, ns soon ns may bo, lo moot Our pooplo
! of Our Province of Hriilsh Colniiihia, and to
i Imvi! thcli* iiiivico in Our Legislature:
Now KNOW \v„ that for divom causes and
coiisldfiratlons, and inking into consideration
tbo on*fl and totivojiionoobf Onr loving Bub-
'ootS. Wc have llinnghl fll.l-y nnd wltn lhe
advlcoof Oui'WxecullvcCounojlQf tho Provinco
nf Hriilsh Ciilmiihla, to Iicreby convoke,find
by tlioso presents enjoin you, and each of you,
Hint on Monday, the ftfgbth day of (tin monlb
nf Cobrunry, nno llions;inil eiVht hundrod and
lilnety-sovon, vou meet 0b in Our snid Loglaln-
t urti or 1'ail in men t of Our said Province, at Onr
cilvof Vieloria. !''(>u TIIK Disi'-.tch hf Hpsi--
NKf, io treat, do, aot, and ffinclnilo upon (hoso
thlngp whl-.'hlnniirLo.dslftturonflhi Provinco
oflJrlllBn I'olrtmbla by the nominnn foutifil
iif nur Hn|  Province may. by Iho favour of God,
i 'i;.-i."t'Nv WrtjjuKnr, Wc huve caused
tin - Our Letters tubC made Patent, nnd lhe
'.1 Sen! ofthestUd Provlnci to be liorounto
xod: w iTSiwfl the Honourablo Ktuun
Di:wdnkv, Llculenaiil'OovoriHirof Oul Hold
I ■ 1 f llrilisii Columbia, lu onr City of
Victoria, In Our snid Province, (Ills twenty
niiitli day of Dojjembor, In the year of Our
Lord one llioijMiiid oiglil linndreii and iilucly-
nixinndlti iho slxtlotmyodt1 of Our UcJgli.
liy Command,
U vm-mmW BocwUtyi'  ' b
Mr. George Rose returned from Spokane and Rossland on Thursday's
Mr. J. R. Brow n left for Osoyoos on
a business trip the early pari of last
Mr, Geo. Guess lefl for Fairview on
Tuesday last, and in all probability his
Sojourn there will extend ..vera short
Mr. W. H. Young, a noled mining
man and representative of a big European syndicate, was in the district last
week, and while here secured bonds on
several properties.
M. Gire, consulting engineer and
manager of the St. Maurice Minim:
company, spent a day or two io town
the past week looking after business in
connection with ilis cuuipany.
Mr. C. Giaham, nephew of Mr.Jaines
Mnnaghan, passed through Midway on
his way lo and from Camp McKinney
the past week. Mr. Graham reports
Mr. Monaghan in Olyinpia and Mr, G.
B. McAuley in Toronto at the present
Dr. Boyce of Kelowna came down
on Wednesday's stage and spent a few
days with Dr. Jakes of Greenwood
City. Whilst here he met many old
acquaintances, and was much pleased
and surpiised to note how rapidly (his
part of the Yale district is forging
It is to lie hoped the government
will not overlook the fact, when making up the estimates this year, thut
Inck-ups are badly needed in Greenwood City and Grand Finks. At, both
these places constables are stationed,
yet at present no provision is made
for tlle safe keeping of prisoners.
A sheet and pillow-slip hall will he
given in llie Midway lown hall on the
12th of February to commemorate
Valentine's day. How to choose a
valentine when all are so thoroughly
disguised, iH'ggtim contemplation, und
in this lbe impossibility of being able
tn detect the identity uf your partner
in the, dunce, is what furnishes fun aud
provides tlie incentive tor enjoyment,
Mr. .Inhn McAfee, of Carson and foi"
iiierly of Fairview, was in town the
past week, and it. is whispered his mission here included nn Interview with
Mr. McMynn, whn issues those liltle
forms which warrant llle pussessur's
-appearance before another official
closely couiieeled with Ihedlspeiisution
nf a life time's happiness. The nther
Intelested putty it is said resides iu
Nelson, Wash.
Mr. (1. A R.Lamlily, 8, M., proceeded
lo Vernnn hist week In attend the trial
nf Thuutus Fealhcretime whn, it win
ba I'l'inciitlieti'd, jivas cnttiiiiilled at
Osoyoos by Judge Spinks lasl fall upon
tin* clinige of assaulting a government
official—Mr, Lanibly—whilst, engaged
iu lhe exercise of bis duiv, Feather-
stone luis elected lo Is' I tied by speedy
trial, and Mr. Lamlily will be the
piiuci'iul witness iu Ihe case,
Mr. Powers, our local sawmill man,
met with quite a loss the past week,
owing to lhe giving way of tiie ice in
the Kettle river. He wns building
piers tn hold iu place the bnoin at high
water, and luui them purlially completed when the ice gave way, and
down they went. If il does nnl. again
freeze up so as to enable him to recommence operations, he will run the same
risk uf losing rafls of logs as in former
The Grand Forks townsite proprietors' iudiscreet iitlerauces whieh appeared in a 'went issue of Ihe Colonist,
gave tlie Boundary Creek Times a
favorable opportunity of not only correcting the misstatements made, but
of presenting iu a concise form Ibe
relative position of its own town l<. the
iniiny mining camps surrounding it.
Hud the Times been satisfied wilh Ibis
it would have been well uul good, but
the temptation lo belittle a neighbor
proved .on strong, and the result wns
an unpleasant reference lo the aspirations of those wlm constitute the inhabitants nf a sislci town.
Neat little Jl-calibre carbines have
ben issued to llie constables of the
district by lbe authorities. These,
owing to llieir light weight, may
easily be carried when mounted, aud
the possession of the suine transforms,
as ii. were, our constables Inin mounted
police, lu oiillying dlslrlcl8, where
tbe constables bnve tn contend with
horse and cuttle thieves, highway robbers, etc., the possession of such arms
iu really essential lo the constable's
safely, thetefore lhe mil limbics tne lo
be commended fur having supplied the
same without being solicited or importuned tu do so. It mny be suid the
man of lhe law is now fur reaching.
The quarantine regtilalions on entile
have been dune away .villi, nml no
longer is it necessary tn hold stock
thirty dais iu qiiiiraullia* at tin* line
before being allowed In tiring Ihem
into ill-, country. As fnc ns some parts
nf Hriii-.ii Coluuililn was concerned lbe
Imp'isiliiiii    !' 'li** I'lgulntiiUiR always
.•   •    ■ a-i Ihnllgl    'ii I.I..
,vt i-   pin  in ii, il ibey wen
.;.. fled   li     a   inn,l ('tent          ...
iiirgi'.in before being released us pro
vldetl Ina by law. Th1' mere tiirulality
therefor*'uf placing Hum in quarantine could mil be snid In exercise ..
(lelciTiiiit effect, iipiui the Introduction j
of discus..' iu ihc ilisirict referred to.
OapUin Adams, llle president of llie
Midway cuuipany, is nnw 'n England,
and his presence lliere gives rise tn llie
conjecture that all soils of good things
may lie in store for our lung iu the
near future.
The management uf the Morning
Glory inine luui* decided lo install a
stamp uiili and thrnwuside the recently
erected tin-put smelter. The adoption
of such n policy would entitle Ihem tn
a little mure respect as milling men.
On Thursday Inst Mr. McKay Iligiini
was Inken to the Greenwood City hospital fnr treatment, It seems that
about two weeks ago, whilst skinning
a deer, he in snme way allowed lhe
knife lo slip, and stubbed himself iu
the leg j.ist abuve lhe ankle, I hereby
severing the main artery of the fool,
lie fulled to siiiumun medical assistance and as a result blund poisoning
bus sel iu. Whether or nol it, will he
necessary tu amputate ihe limb has
nut yet been determined, but ut any
rate the ease is a very serious nne, us
the patient is in a very low condition'
Tlie following resolution was unanimously passed at the last meeting of
the Anaconda Commercial club: "Resolved: That the practice of anonymous letter writing over a fictitious
signature nr under lbe beading uf a
false location, by persons devoid of
sufficient courage to father their own
writings, lie severely condemned hy
this club; and resolved, thul after a
canvass nf the residents of this town
this chili deny uny ooniiectli.il ivilh or
knowledge of the lellcr published in
hist week's issue of the Boundary
Creek Times uver the signature nf
" Murk uf Interrogation."
. ►,*.	
Special Cnrrospondence.
Mr. Dior is expected to return to the eamp
from the ensl, in n few ilnys.
Times nre ccrtninly stirring nroutld the camp
nml visitors aro in luck if they got n boot stoak
und nl.c.1.
Four blocks of a Uiwnsito have been surveyed
olf nl Ihemoull. of the gulch nml lots uiny he
bought for cash.
The fienoiul payment bus boon iniiile on the
the Kteinwlndcr, nml tlie roproaciltattvos of Ibe
purchasers ure cxpocle.1 In shortly.
Mr. (leu. Kheehaii returned from Vernon n
few days ngo, nn.l hroiighl with liini a new
sleek in Initio for liis new lintel.
The syndicate represented by Messrs. Dior
and Davidson havo lot moil of their work by
: I'tnitniel ..ml dovolopnteii! is proceeding on
; sovoral elulnn., somo of whicli nre, looking well.
| Mr. Geo. Guess, nn old-lime resident in Kilir*
view, arrived in ('ninii n few days ago. having
come over from Midway.   Ilo roportsmnttors
j in Ihe Boundary creek section ns very promts*
j ing-
Aiming other \ tailors to the eamp is the
"divining rod man," who, is ooiv engaged ply*
i ing his vocation, but it seems his employers are
often chary of acknowledging their oonnooliou
' with him.
I Tlie syndicate operating the .Ine liamly group
atosaid to havo conilb.il the water power at
Okanagan Falls, and (hero is talk nf their installing n plant fm- the purposo of generating
oleotrlo powor nnd light, lho same in be li-ans-
initted lo Fail-View.
i Tliore nre now ivlni.it fifty men working iu the
oamp and ovory week the number Booms to bo
increased, On lhe Joo Dandy and ils extensions'ill men are employed. Four tuiinola, two
[shaftsnnil a wing represents the dovolopiliolll
' whicli is lining carried oul. the work upon
! which is heing prosecuted with uuicli vigor. A
good road has boon built to lhe claims and a
tine building lias been erected fm* the accommodation uf tho minors,
 4 . 4	
From Our Own (.'nrrcspoutleut.
The civic elections took place on Thursday,
(tie following returns of tbe po 1 being somewhat uf a surprise to a number of our citizens:
Mayor, W. .1. Armstrong; aldermen, W. Lawrence, F. McGowon; (illicit, H.C. Cuopcrand
II. fi. Henderson. This resull proves beyond a
duubt lhat, it is the wish of Ihc majority of lbe
people uf Vernon lo adopt the progressive
policy laid down hy Mr. Armstrong, to go right
ahead will, the oonstruottotl of the much-
needed walor works nnd sewerage, inaugurate
an electric system and build a town hull. Al
this epoch ln tho history of Vernon a spirited
policy is imperative, and 1 do not Hunk I am nt
alt visionary whon 1 predict that, before Ihc
public works are complc'ed eillicr n smelter or
■urge stamp mill and concentrator will he under
Our police niagislrale, Mr. Ireland, has commenced very linilly with the now council. The
aldermen purposed going in a body on Monday
lust to Mr. Ireland to be sworn in, but thai
gentleman unwisely raised several quibbles OS
(o lhe itiinlilleitl lints uf somo of Ihem, and pnsl*
lively refused to swear in Mr. (I. (1. Henderson;
though Ihc supposed objections were explained
away. The aldermen dooldod to stand together,
(lie other live gentlemen refusing to ho sworn
by Mr. Ireland, Thoy accordingly adjourned
to Mr. [,. Norris, government agent, wlm duly
ailminsslereil the oalb. Froui the In., nnil Ier-
fugs, I glean Mr. Ireland, nl a .cry curly dato,
will lie miiiesleil lo resign, and if as furmei'ly
he refuses l,n du so, lhe council will petition the
Iienl ciiaiil .governor tu oonool I tie appointment.
On the evening of cleciion day lho cily band
sereniiiteil Mayor Arm.alrinig, 1-1)0ox*mnyor,Mr.
Meyer, nail the ilillcrcnl iilileriaen. Hhorl ad.
dresses were given by the sereiuideil, and llie
members uf the hnnd, together wilh a large
contingent of townsfolk, wlm pro tnin.Jotnod
tl.c procession, wont Ireuleil righl royally to
refreshments usually dispensed un such occa-
sinus. Tlie lung circuit wus nut concluded
until after llie witching liuiirof mi'lnighl, nt.
l.'l.ieli lillle the Inn prouolliiceit hospitality of
uur new city fathers may havo caused a few
accidentals lo creep intu the tunes that ivor0
not. on the score, anil many 1 believe would
rather not he uslicd los.vcnr whether lhe lasl
two or three tunes were tho Old Hundred or
Maggie Murphy's Homo.
2 " We Submit to the
Will of the Majority."
The Postolto Bookstore
Crockery Glassware,
Toys, Fancy Goods,
Marked Down to 50
Per Cent. Below Cost
is Is
Call and be Convinced.
Lequime k Lloyd-Jones
The best hay and grain
raised in the Mission Valley
delivered at Penticton at lowest possible prices by
Lequime k Lloyd-Jones. Kelowna.
TVrlte  for  Price*,
Lath and Shingles.
Greenwood City, B. ('., Dec, 1. 1806,
Boundary Cheek and tiik Kettle Kivkk District!
Greeting.—We beg to cull your atteulion I., th.' fuel thnt wc
have recently opened a commercial establishment til Greenwood
(lily oo Boundary creek, and buying received large consignments of
goods suitable fur nil classes uf customers, ne luke this opportunity
of soliciting a share nf public patronage.
Included in our slnek is everything a miner nr prospector needs,
and our lines nf family groceries nnd nther gnnds will lie found
replete wilh every necessary. In connection .villi our ulher business
we are wholesale dealers iu wines and liipiors, a large slock nf
whicli, of different brands, we keep constantly on lm ml.
Hy conducting our affairs on good Inisiuess principles, chief
among which will be the wellfme nf ' pillions, wit li u remuneration to ourselves cunsistenl wilh the service rendered, we hope to
win public favor,
Thanking ynu in anticipation,
We beg to remain'
Yours obediently,
The Greenwood City Mercantile Co.
Are Established Patriotic
Parts, Bear this in mind
when iu need uf
Clothing and Groceries,
You will nice money. We
ine the lenders in l.n.v
Ibices. Ask your liplglibom
The White Front Store, Greenwood
S. A. MUIR k CD.
IBuccooon-to It. S_ Taylorl
^*W *»-ji*ffffff*f*f***fffffffffff*—r-iff***—
Greenwood City and Boundary Falls, B, C.
Vernon, B. G.
K(-c|in l-'irsl-l'lnssllnrkiif
11 rugs, Chemicals,
Patent Medicines
and Toilet Articles
Prompt and Careful Attention
II.   Pltteiidrig-lx,   IVXr-*-.
FutsT-Ci'AM Accommodation foii Guests-
hip liorrlnfitrc exisl inflict ween
Thnuuts McCnuloy und (3. .1. Lundy, undor (ho
linn lille nf McAuloi'S Lundy, hotel keepers
ut Midway, has tins day boon dissolved liy i
mutual consent. i
In future llie liusiness will l.e conducted l.y i ;        I','
Mi'Aiilcv x.Mct'iiiiiB. to whom nil debts due   :       ll'.
llie iilil linn ure In lie paid, ulli! liy wlllllll all    a *
Ilablltllos of Hie nld Ilmi will ho assumed. , ^;
THUS, McAULKY. , ft,   i
C. .1. LUNDY. ; :'>"'
Midway, H. C. 'annim II, 1«>.           !'• ■ ■'.',,.
Sk******^ J2*
■arUxccllont Hulling on Keltic lth'cr.jy
General Real Estate k Financial Agi.
I   Tin* Royal Inhueanok Coy,
PADMOHE . PEKIIS, Proprietors.;    ,,.,„.. ,„N|]||N Ax|( -lAX(.A(..,.,,K p,,,,**
I   The IxsuiuNCK Coy, ok North
The Loading Hotel
In the Interior. I   aj.eh.ca.
TENDERS will lie received up In the 20th i,
day of January, inn. for Hie lock work iu
cutuioctton with proposed wagon road aluiin
tho nnrlh side nf lhe Keltic rlvor, helween
Midway and Carson. The lowest or uny tender
not iiccessnrll.v accepted.
Agent Midway Company, Lid.
Midway, B. 0. Jan. U, Wl.
Certificate   of  Iniproveiiients.
Tin; Kviisisu Staii MlNEIUI, Claim,
Situate al Camp Fairview, In the Osoyoos
Mining Division of Yale District.
TAKE MOTIOK that t, John SI evens, ns
ngont, free miner's eertillcate No. 7SSS1,
inlend, sixtv days'from Ihc date horoof, to
apply to the Mining Recorder for a eerlilleaie
of Improvomotits. for tho purposo nf ublaituiig
a Crown grunt uf Hie abovo olalm.
An.l fnrllier tuke notice Hint, iiclion. under
section :,7, must lie commonood boforo tlio
Issuance of such certificate of hnprovomonts.
Hated this llli dav of January, Htff.
Sittings of lho County Courl of Yalo will he
holden as follows:
At Midway, on Monday, lIStli'.Mnroli,
At <lriLi.il Porks, on Wednesiluy, 17th
March, 1NU7.
Al the hour of 11 o'clock in the forenoon,
respectively.   Hy eoiiininnil.
aiivcrnincnl Olllee, Midway,        II. it. C. 0,
Jim, llli, 1887.
Is theCi'iitr.'il Town nnil Supply Poinl fifths Boundary
Creek Mining Camps, From Ibis N'e.v Town roads
lead to the
Greenwood, Deadwood,
Copper, Summit, Long Lake,
Skylark, White and Atwood,
Wellington and Smith Camps.
Lois nre Selling Freely nnd a    a (loud Investment,
For Price of Lots and Other Informal inn. Address
Tiik London ini. Canadian I'iuk
Insurance Coy.
Tim Sun Lii*is Assurance Hoy op-
Tiik Dominiop Buii.oinii and Loan
Appraiser por tiik Canada i'nu-
I      manent Loan and Savings Coy,
II.  K BYES,  l'n.p.
Good Accommodation,
Hest Liquors uud Cigars,
Fii'st-Cluss Htnlilln**,
(iri'i'iiivoud City, Ilii.iii.l-.t-v Creek, li. C,
The Osoyoos Vernon  in.'l  Kettle Kiver
Mining Divisions of Vale District.
Or Apply Iii Agents,
C. 1*'. Costerton, Vernon, 13, C,
A. K. Stuakt, Vancouver,  13. (
GREENWOOD CITY    .   .    .    .
.  G. E. SEYMOUR 4. CO., Props
Marcus and Boundary Creek Points
st lirards Liquors M Cigars
Gooi'ifi. I'd nn nl h - - Proprietor
General Blacksmith,
AU Kinds of Work K.xceutcd lo llio Slltls*
faction of Ci's'.iitners.
NOTICK Is hereby glvon Ihul all placer
olallllS legally hold III Ihc Osoyoos. Vel-I
"""'"' " Anaconda. B. C.
non and Kellle Illver Mining Divisions of Ynle j «-———, — Rffl|M|||| NCiltlV llllll 'PdllipltyD-MO
District, aro Iold ovor from lho Ist Novombor, ,     '        o '"    J r  j
1800, to tho Ist Juno, I8D7, BituatKI) ns TIIK Mux lln.ui to Cnmai.
[signed]    o. A'n'J;*™^M|oMr   „,„„„,,„„, g,(VUKK, .llimw , ,.„,,, TePms; $1,50 to $2.50 per DayJ 0rd(" v"""■'" !":"""' '' "'• * v"
Anacondn Mcr
Lahk inii Otiikr IIHINI...IIV cmaai OAMI'S,
His Honor Uio l.ieulenaiil■tiuvcrnor, uniler
ihc authority oonforrod un him l.y buo-sooIIuii
2 of section 21 ol Hm "lloalui Act, lain, luis
boon nlcased in make, uml dues hereby make,
the fiilliiwinu t'ogiilntlotis, naiiioly :
1. I'linl the Kellc Hivcr .MiiiiiiKl.iviiiii.il of
the YalOUlloctnr.it District booroalodn llenlih
llislricl  uniler llie nt'OVisiOIIS of lllfl " Health
Ad. 1803."
2. Thai WiUiiiiii Unit,inn Mi-ilyiin, llecuriler
nl Miil.vav.fiel.il'-  Local  lluliial  llf  llenllll fur
Ibo said lllstrlot.
Doputy (.'1'iri:. KxeoutlVo (tounoll   j
\Qn,,r.'An,..r     Collr,       13      (~*   i."  i.l™.'l»il'ille ii i''ini|i.u..v"io"|..il|s|.ii.-l  I
Jbounaaiy rails, ts. L. .-..i.-. ™yf i«.i lonimriho
• / Town of Say mini lu llrlllih Ciiluiiiblu, Ibonro
NiHIi K la HI.iikiiY HIVKN Um' a|>|.||.
cation l.lll he niinle lu lie I'lllllninolll af
Ciitiiulii nl Hie ne\i snrslnit Ihcrcof, for an ncl
or. J. ■wkite
loiiilltig iIiioiikIi rn- near Hi.' minis ofTrnll
il Midway lu n liolnl i.n Dkiiungaii Ukual
I or near llio lown uf I'eiiiiclon. In tin. Dlnlrlrtn
,-,.,,    T ,   j c, tv, i      rr,u        ^-,, r.. , ,,     nl Wesl KootciiHV uml l.usl Vtilc; Willi |.i.v..|.
Contrally Localed .Stopping Placo lor Thren Dillnrwii, Stage Linos.   Nc j ui build,acniilro.inaliilalii und oiHiralp iteuiu
Trouble or ExpciiKc. Spared to Make Guests Comiortablc*.
Strictly First-Clasn ancl Charges Moderate.
Best Brands Liquors and Cigars
Good Stabling,
I otlior vossols lo bo used In cotitioollon will.
llie all III I'liihni;. also In 'nirclin'O llllll 1110 ItHlcf
tu gonorato oloctrlcal [lower nud in sell nn.l
l.ai-e-mil powor
tlalcilalTrail, Urltlsl. (.'nluinbla, lib No. ,l-w.
M<*' l.f.l. .v. HAMILTON,
, , Su.iei'aia foi Adtllnaiits, FLOURS*    4.FL0UR
ill inleiesl, C. ,1. Lundy to
kettle river MINING DIVISION.       her of inches as may be necessary for
  1 the exercise of all or any of the powers
Record of Mineral Locations tor the Woek   hereinafter set forth.
Ending Januiry 19,1836. I    Tlle suiil proposed point or poinS of
,.. diversion and me ut said waters being
JANUARY 18. witbln Yulo district.
Epemnza, Providence ciqip. (t. »   |    WJlji power tu use all of snid wnter
Taylor. power", or any portion thereof, from
JANUARY H. I rtiiy of lhe said points for the general*
™ , , ■ _ u bi«»iiitf of electricity to he used as a motive
tapper. Hardy  uiitaim B. BIng    "  rf(H, p    ' g, driving, hauling,!
and J. S. Harrison. liflinjc, pumping, crushing, smelting,                        .       ........   _            D,             i   c       r
Isabel, Skylark camp, S. Webb.       i drilling, milling, and il peration of sale I Hungarian, A X A X, Strong  linkers and  .^upenuie.
iiNi'VHY io liriiinivuvK and of supplying of power
Man- Ellen 'summit eanip, J. C. **''*'ihe opern i of niines und station*;f Also Bran, -Shorts and Chopped Feed,
mar)   mien,  a        nun-,, «.  ^-:.,|-y mm-|m.cry, uinl cleclric lighting nl; ■'
Seal's, ,cities, tiiwns, municipalities und mines, i        i>
JANUARY IS. .md tho supply uf bent  und for nnv j
Cuba. White's camp, E, A. Bielen-\<>ther nu,puses for whicli It may be
appnedor he required; wilh power In trict.
bei'K* iiinke rates and charges for the supply;
Lady Franklin, Carson Oily, O.Cook ,,fsnid power, light and beat, and re-
TRANSFERS, reive reiiiimeiiitiiin al such rules.
With power lo ilu* applicants to con-
struct and inaititaiti buildings, eree-
, linns, weirs, dams, raceways, viaducts,
11. White, tramways or other necessary works!
Cily uf Paris, ■illiiiloi'i*sl,0, J, Lundy connected therewith, for utilizing nud
to H VY'iiili' improving nnd Increasing thu water
,., ; privilege*; mul also to enter upon and
JAMARI expropriate, lands for sites for power s*\*-*i«
Marie Sluarl, llutereat, F, VV. Felch houses, stations and necessary tram- Si_C-
■in II. Itibliins. way lines and subways in connection
Legal Tender, all inleresi, .1.1,. Wise-; "ilh lbe suid wanks nn.l rlghl „f way, j
for ciirrviug lite eleclne ■■iii-j-.-ul under-;
inan tu,]. A. Drain. ground or overhead i nud lo erect, lay,
Little Chief, J interest, J. Dufour lo construct and iiialiilain nil necessary
.1. Fisher, j works, bridges, pipes,  poles, cables, I
JANUARY In. wiles, sl run ures and appliances neccs- j
.,,  .„ ... ,   .    snrv ..r proper lnr the generating of
Apache Chief, J Interest, I, Wake to eleutliu power and liglil. its use, nnd
,1. Douglas, ; irunsiniitiiig and supplying tho same;
Excelsior, .'. interesl,,!. Atwood In i with  power In   conslruct  telegraph
I  Douglas    " lines and  lelephone  lines uver  mul
'"      .,",,. ,   ,        ,      along Ihe routes taken in Irtinsniilting ft___    -roir   i-ii-riinc
Oro flraude, J inleresi, J, Atwood to ,,'jj p,>we(ri light and bent, wilh power WIS    fHfc   FUlUHb
J, Douglas, to make rales and collect siime fm Iht-.jKgfifi     —————-*■
Urn Finn, all Interest, J. Atwood to | use thereof by lite public, ianil fnr all BgBR
■ niumlii. sm''1' I her puwers as may Iw necessary 'tfllS
',,?,''., ,    ,i     i to fully nn.l i tplelelv carry on and  KM
lixculslor, 4 interest, J. Dimgliui to „peni.Liiaui-li works. ' !«5M
T. Wake, j   Tiie appliciinis lu have lhe power to
(lin (liainile. ,| interest,
T. Wake,
We have commenced the manufacture of Flour and are in
the business to Stay, and we now offer the following brands for
itronize Home Industry and keep the money in the dis-
Otir flour has been pronounced the superior of any now
manufactured in British Columbia.
Okanagan Flour Mills Company, Ltd.
Armstrongs B. C,
We Handle Hardware and Hardware Only,
Hardware, ■ Tinware - and
Otlp  Stock   Of
Crockery, Glassware, Shelf and Heavy Hardware,
Bellows, Anvils, Heating nnd Cook Stoves, Woodenwarc, Snsh
nnd Doors, Paints and Oils, has been selected to meet the
requirements of lbe country, nud will be found most complite.
•■^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•^^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦« •>♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
Oro Finn, J inleiest, .1. Douglas to | m',t tho''same,\ii!.'i' 'Okiiniigon'.'Fair-1 j^p
Jessop's Steel (any size); San Francisco   I'owder,
Caps ancl Fuse; Miners' Outfits.
«J"olb'fc>i:-*xg*   Shop
Any order in the Tin or Iron Line will secure our
Prompt, nud Careful Allculiuu al  a  ltcasniinlilc Figure.
W. Ji Armstrong tl Co.i the Harto, Tin and Stove Men, Anaconda.
T. Wake,
Hecla, J interesl, J. Douglas to T,
j-D-«i-Hr»lrr:lf«i^l,Krd^ AGRICULTURAL CENTER OF
the following liiculilies iiiul through* JjRttg =__ ________—____——.———————.
tint the same, vIk.1 Okanitgon. Fair- SSfflJ
Tie Kettle Biver Country
'estietoii livery, Feed ani Sale Stables
Good Single and Double Drivers, and
Gentle Saddle Horses.
Osoyoos and i'ciiliclon. noil lolhu ensl
iif the said pninl or puinls where llie
poller sinlinii or stations may he situ-
Nn. 8, J  interest, ,1,  Douglas to 1. ale In and  inclusive of  llnil'locality
Wake. known ns Cninp McKinney, wesl as
Crown Point.J inleiest, J. Atwood '*'', •'"   l,lil'   i««M»«t"in timae which
,,,,  .., i   ,    ,  ,.      i divides  the  eraser   river  limn   the
and I. WaketoJ. D.uigl.'is. Sii,|ilkai„ei orlh us far ns IViiliclou I SJffj
California, all interesl,  W. Ituvsnii .uid'aoiilh to llie International bound- aafS
In .1. .1. Ciiiillleld. arv line, and In the towns of Nel-.m.  ws_
JANUARY W. aVun.Iiosslaiiil,BoundaryCtwk,CampIffl CTlliRT
,, u i, , , ,      ,  ,, ,,    ,        I.Mclviiinev and In such other cities, I'JfSSt    A. r\. OlUAKI,
Cannon B.ill, J interest, O.Gniden to tl)W||s m;,, llmn|(,||w|UJP!l ,ls „,,, llon: fjflg
,1. W. Spauldiug. established or may be established injlMftJ
i lend wood, 1 interest, .1. W. Hpnulil-  tlle west division'nf Koolcnay districl |K*J(r
illffto 0 (iruden                                   I''""1  Vil1'' llislli,-,i ."till P-W.I' lotli" Bftfcf
?,,,,,,        .  . ,      ,   .,   ...   applicants tu engage ill inlniitg opera- MlWJSjWMIjMJJJ
Great Eiy-teni, 1 Interest, (,. \\.; ,,'„„., .„„,„,. %»hy i,,,,,,!,,,,,[;.„',,,„,.. S^S^Sf    '
Averill to A. Clyde. i wise hmvsneyer, milling pi-nperlies nml! fc^KSSW?
Diamond  Hitch,  !, Inlerest, f. A.ll'l»luis, and ivniik the same iind ullline
Willi.iuison tu J. B. Brooks, ! I he e'leel rii power generated ns afore*
,,     ,     ,,      , . ,,,,,,    said In sn lining; with pniver Iii pin-
Butcher B iy, 4 interest,.). U. Brooks I ,.i1;ls,.. ,m]U-m | |.lkl. m,,. |,v' „n
requisite deeds nnd assignments from
any Irustee for  Ihe iipplicnuls any
property, tights, water privilege
easeiiieiils,   anil   mining   claim
.. .       - „       ,-     -     i   I lenses ucunire.l bvitnv triisleenn 1
Some interesl iug in nr mil in, Is oh- , >r, ,„. applictils, mid Ihul thewale.
ti I Ly a peiusnl iif the published  privileges sn unpiireil as aforesaid or
slal ist ics of Ibe piisliilliee depart meal   oblaliied by the iipplirauls for whal-
i.fC.iniiibi.   By the repurl  il  will I V'1'   purpi'S'   mav  lie consolldaled
i i   ivncrc puss In e, nud nitiv bo bed, mi*
ul'serveilonacct. , ol t • us L^J, ,*„,„,, ,„ ,,„, „„,,.,,;.;. „,-
stretches uf cnituiry over which lhe ,|.|| llr llnv „f ||„, powers nliove set
lllllll bus lo be delivered al tbenrdiniiry I forlll; .villi pniver In lhe applicants In
ra'es, thegoveriiincut of Oaiiiiila found! tnkM »nd use friuii I he Okanagan river
., k i ii i I ,i , m i ,. nnd liiliiilnries thcrenl, at, enliven cut
itself behind In lbe p ,-l..lll e depart   po,,lt8i ,,„,,, Fl„, ,  '„,,,, ,.M
inenl   In  tilt'  extent   nl  $800,000, tlin  ,m,y lie  necessary  fnr the  aforesaid
Inlal net revenue lieing $2,71)2,700and   purposes.
tho Iiiul expenditure $:i,5:iS,(H7.   The I   Willi pnwer In Ihnappllc
,.,,.,     ' ...   .„,,.„,    .,      struct, in.iinluui imil i,..einle singli
daily distance traveled is dO.ldO tulles. U,lMe Umk tramways with t ei
The lolul distance traveled in 18 In was snrv switches, side tracks and tnriioul
rgg   Lots on Easy 1 erms to Actual Residents,
For Particulars Apply to
to'*, E. Tnriiey. d
 ♦ • -i	
"ball, 11 V/   1    _-JM~_ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦<)♦-—»-
(i)   '     (i) CEO. P. MIMS, Proprietor.
Gr3?*aiXiLd Fox*lz:f3, tt. C.
(!) JERMS $ I -50 AND $2-00 PER DAY.
1,™. Prospectors' Livery, Feed and Sale
KTo Chinese Help
Finest brands of Wines. Liquors and Cigars.   Livery and Feed
Stable in Connection.  Saddle Horses a Specialty.
First Class Accommodation.   Good .Stabling,   Terminus of Stage Line
from Marcus. Washington.
McAULEY & McCUAIG, Proprietors.
Grand Forks, li. C, Below tlie Bridge.
Grand Prairie Hotel
Situate ia the Immediate Vicinity of the Boundary Creek Mines.
i i„s io,™ iniies. Out of iiie total num- poii-is oii.i' wiit ^\*in.r ;',^i'ViVii'.-'i" Vi'i'i'iii- iiivRpv Tfiaiiis Siiilillfi Uu Pfck Horses and LadiBs' Saddle Horses „. ., j.*  ~„  I?<_^    ,.   n ,.,.   o
l,(.1()f1(.Ul,l.ss  lUnM„h Uu, lulll|Si siies,,ippii!iu,.,.sand pnivers in (•nnnec. \uml mm< Mmi nilu Iflia ^"^ aim u"lw kmuiu "u"5g j First-class accommodation for the Traveling Public.   Stage Unes
"" "  Hay, Crain and Wood for Sale. j   to Midway and Marcus, Wash. Blacksmith shop in connection.
igSuinellC of All  Kinds  a  Specialty, 'mclarenbros.     ....     proprietors
, ,,     'hm  therewith,  llirniighnut   all   lhe
it will be seen tlml, llle peop f On   ,lhm.,,  ,|,,s(.,. (1  teri-fiV.ry   nml upon
tarlo contributed 20 letters per head of
population, Quebec 16, Nova bcol ia 17, '
New   BrunsHiek   17.   Prince  Kdivaid I s",l1''"'1^ '""} "i1""'!, '"""'i" "Vu
,,,,,„., ,   ,    .,     , i tulles nl e.-uli ul saiil Inivtis, anil « lllllll
Island 11, Maiiiloba and the Northwest n)t,,.orpnralellinitaof said towns, over
territories 2."i, ami British Columlia lhe streets nnil bridges thereof, willi
27, llicrcbv.sluiHiiiglb.il lbe people nf! •■"' luivilege In build such lines nf
,, ... , ,,',    ,. ,, ,   , i ,   li'iiiuivnys in sections, anil from ono
ll,"lsl,l;i Il"i,''"v the greatest let- |mvn  ,;, ft| |w,   ^J™  ,;»      .
ter writers in lhe limn n. [iptireil In  build   llu.  other  lines, and
 ... . j within nne ur more of tlie said towns
NO TRUTH IN IT. I"1'  licipulilles  without, being re
quired In luiilil iu nil lbe snid towns ur
I iiiitiiiiipiililies and throughout nil the
There is no truth III lbe slali'iiiei.l i ""id  terrilury • with power to luke, I
Ilinl Hie Ilein/... sinuller al Trail had  LI'Ti|),"Im '""' '"''"i  HlmeW,rS "'"'
,.,,,,, .       ,: li'i'tglil  thereon nnd also willi power
lieen sold. Mr. Ileiii/.e was nilemcwed !,„„„. in |hl,   ,.lllining ,IMI| „,„.],,,i„M
on lhe matter and gave a positive! de- thereof, tin* electric power lo be
nial lo the sliileii,cut,   The plan; is Io generated ns atoresald, or such oilier
he greatly enlarged, lend slacks being P'"}™,'? ,'i "PP**™"'"  '»'>? s"«' "'j
, ,   ,     '   ,       B , ,    , anil power lo conslrucl ti-leL'r.iph unil
lidded, so that copper nud lead tut  telephone lines nlong the rallies laken
will bolh be turned nut.   There is also liy the tramway lines, wilh ibe right
Mime  talk  of n retinery being esltib- to Iiinke rales nnd collect sainn for the
lisbed in conned ion with lhe smelter.:!'«,',l,"",;'!'i''v, '.'"i ',,|l;li''; "M h \T'7,
„  ,,-,,., ■ to llieuppile-nils loi'iilet iipou.-iiid ex-i
I he whole works ure in be lighted u iih . pniprial,* lands, und to open nnd break
electricity iu the near future, or as tip thusull and paveineiilsnfliieroads,
'streets, highways and brldues, fnr the!
purpose nl laying pipes, rails nr tracks,
■.reeling poles nr I'orniiy other purpose,.
tut fnc iill such pnwrrs ns may be |
s-iirv in fully and eninplett'ly curry
wurks afurnsiud,  or liny oft
11 : wilh power lu the nppllciiiils lu ■
J uiake riiiiuiiig iiriangeinenls or liniiii-  my p
gamale with nny  t'oinpany   having   1 rl fc,
similar |hiivi.|«, or wilh une ur more of
• , .I     lbe  powers herein  .applied  fur, nml
I""" "'  " "  uiih power In itrniilie bv 'chase or
plaster a boos,, ui Imihl u foundillloii, oiherwlsiiany prlvllrgeB' held l.y any
persnii nr  peisntia,  I'tirpoi'lllllin 111'COf.
poralions,of lieiiefii nr ndviiiiiagc in
n        „„,,,,. |        ..,.   I the carrying Oheaforcsald works, I
to, T, Wells lie KilDi'-^'i^ii:'^^^^^
.iiuu ns lbe plant arrive
. W ^A/'^.'^/N
Always on hand Good Single and Double Drivers, Ladies'
and Gentlemen's Gentle Saddle Horses.    Pack
Horses for Hire.
Heavy Teaming at Reasonable Rates.
Good single and double drivers ancl  saddle horses; Ladies
gi ntle dotiblt iind iingle drivers and saddl'   horses,    Horses
boarded by the week or month,   Box stalls if desired, Horses
If ynu wunl
.luster a lions,,
cull fur bine nl
Greenwood City, Boundary Creek, B. C.
ken to harness, and horses and cattle sold on commission
Dealer in hnv .md "rain: wholesale .mil retail.   All kinds of
Olllee, UcllddlltS*. do's XI (ire,
Boundary Kails, ll.C.
tfOTIOB is hereby given llml application will lie iiinili.' lu the [ygislnlive
Assembly nl' tin- Provinre nf Brilisli
Ciiliiiuliia, a! iis nexi. session, for nn
ml Ilii'tirporHliug tl eoiiipiiny witli
powerlo construct, nperiite und maintain oleclrii. power nml light slatiuns
.nnl it sv.*.leiil uf electric pnuei ami
electric light plants at ibe folloning
pnillts. viz.:
11) Snuie ciuivpiiIhiiI point ur puinls
ni iii- in-1.- Ilig Kills un tlm Okaiiiigan
river, wil bin i (list.i nee of one Ihonstitid
r.0,"l)|-..el nf niil ling Kills, ur Mini,.
point in ti..* i>.mi."liiile neighhorhnnd
thereofj al>" in l.ikc, use and divert
front llie suiil Okanngiiii liver at anil
I .Iul ..r points li .- thousand (6,000)
Inches i.f wait r. or .a',:, b greater num*
piii'.ili.ins, nr utilize ihe snid privileges.      We have jusl opened I he above lintel at (if ." 1 City, nnd are prepared
in llie carrying uu nf ihc aforesaid  |(> wi-lL-uuitt guests and provldtTgootl nceominodatlon,   Good OaturiiiR.   First
IKia^r ' ,'"y"1""' WOOD & WESTEL  . .  PROPRIETORS.
llnleil at tlm Olty nf Victoria, II. C,i	
Ibis Iirsl day of Deri'inher, A. II. 1800,
Mcl'iiii.rii's, Win im ix k Uaiixard,
Snliiiturs fur lhe Applicants,
heavy teaming attended to.   Cornet' Mission and Tronson sts,
W, Gardner,
7 **r-.*»-a ■  .     ■■/■ '
Notice is horoby Riven that, a sitting of the
County Courl of Vale will lie hold
,11 OlOJ'OM,  Mureli  ;•.*.  ISII7.
At tho lion- of eleven o'clock in llio forenoon.
By command,       c. A. n. LA3IHLT,
Governmoitt Offlc*., Osoyoos, R. c, c,
Ktrv. 12lli, lfflil. I
O. B. & P. B. NELSON
reservation"Trading cot
OarBun, ii. P., and Reservation Sinre. Nelson, Wash.
General .7 Merchandise
Vou oun now putvliii.-o t'pil.ir pan-^l ilnor**. Iieiiiiilfully matte ind flmxlu'ri; wliiilmv Bflfili,
liithii, Btalngloft nud all othor kinds of lioUfiG fnriilshliigSt at tho OkAtiEigau SnwinilU Roogli iind
dressed lumber conrtantlj' on hniid. Onlen (mm ICottlo Kiver district rolloited andprlow
(uriiiehed upon npplicntinti to
N, B.—9aah und Priors ar Cnftsl Prices, with Slight Advnnrc (o cover font ot freight,
And Miners'Outfits uf ull descriptions.  Our stock is large
and complete and ive believe you will lind
Our Prices  an  Object
if ynu wish lu save money.   8lvo us an early call.   Fait
and sfuvn,' deal'iif-'is out v.ic.tto.          ' •-. *-n


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