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Vol. VUI, No. 14.
$2.00 per Year.
OFFICE      I      i      :      GREENWOOD CITY
I,atk ni-
St. Thomas Hospital,
London, Rno,
Graduate of McGill University.
BAHRIHTIiH, Sol.lCITlllt, Um
Midway, a 0,
Of the Supreme Court of B.C.
NOTARY   PL'llI.K ', J*l T C.
Vkiinon, B. li.
Notary Public, etc.,
Fairvidw, B. I!
|_|    S. CAYLEY,
Barrister and Solicitor.
Oui.vn Porks, it. o,
Mining Broker,
Notary Poulio, (Jto,
General Collaotlng nml   Insurance Agent.
Minci-iil I'liunm lluii^lii iiiul   Sold, Notary
A. M.C.S. ('. Iv,
Midway, H.O.
Watches, Clocks and Jewelry.
Spectacles and
niDWAY, B.C.
Agents por J, k 3. Taylors Sapus,
CnRRBSroNDBNCB soi.li'l'rKli.
Civil Eiieineer,
Irrigation Projects, Englnoorlng nnd Survey
Work, with Plans and Estimates In any
Portion of the Provinco Immediately Attended to.
map-, and Plans of Any Portion of Osoyoos
District ind Mining Camps of Ketlle Rlvor
Minim; Division.
0. A. QUIMS, M. A.
II. A.lil'lass, 11. A.
Chemists and Assayers
Thoroughly fiimliar willi Kulrvluw ami
Boundary Creek Miicnil Proportion Proper
ties ISxivmini'il. Arniiy'*. and Analyses of Oros,
Fuels, Vito.
M. B -HRETT, 0. T. H0U080N
Eflgioeeriiig ani Assaying Oo.
G-reeuwoot Olty, 11, C.
Assaying and Analyses of Ore
Mines Examined and Reported on
thorough Acqlliilntioico with the Kottlo
ltu- -■ nnd n-nindur*,' Crook .Minimi
Large Shipments Arriving Weekly,   We In
Very Hesl Brands, and sell nt Wonderfully Low
Prices, Give us n cull und !»• convinced lhat uur
prices are the loH'ust in this soul lun of tho country,
§ Boots and Shoes, Mingjte.
Wi* carry a large nnd well-selected stuck of aliuve
and ns wh purchased nur goods for SPOT CASH we
areenahled to give our customers the lioneHt o{ the
In this uml tlm following cnliiiiitis
will lie fniind a verhatlm report (ctm-
tiiiiicil from our last weok's issue) of ihe
evidence taken hy tin* Commission
which was appointed in eutjuirn iul
us the circiuiistiiiici's connected with
that? A. The first I heard of the Mini's
matter wns when Mr, Lanibly and I
whero riding frnni Grand Porks, He
consulted inc ns tn whether il wns possible In grant twu lireiiscs tn llie olio
house. Talked il over and agreed Ihnt
Minis could not have the license.
Thai was before tin* Commissioners
fiwlacr«7ei;;tlve'telhe'ail«lged iiiiil" j "ft. Th" coin'nlsstoners sal uml rcfus-
 lululslrallonnfjusfleelivHIsHnnour fdtlleW  Uo1'  Minis appealed to
Judge Spinks, Judge of Uu* County   f. ""id Trefused.  Son lonthsafter
Omirt of YhI ' that he came to me again, and appeal-
if By the way, most of your jour- f.J'.f1}" stipendiary magistrate. 1
neys ai/o taken on horse baclc? A All \^,]'",r "'•?, n° " "W"! {™u' u"'
I this district on horseback.       thabdlstrlct.   He then sad i   1 gave
Discount,   Give us n Trial Order.
"W. T. SSxa-fc-fo-jp-d. etuiiLdL Co.
» , , w
at                     Fulrvlow, Oamp MoKlnnoy and Vernon.                     w
Wns there nnv nther case when  vnu ' > "" « c™ ''" ", '"' ,'">l1'' »>"' v 'l •»
! were forced to adjour icco.inl of Mr' Umb ? fh'1 h*>wa8a «t.,i..<l piop-
bad weather? A. think not. There ,°ReS"' . 1"1'!;1 Y'T'f '" i" fn
; was a .use last fall I wns one dav later: !lw  .hv"",l(l "r> |'" &■ L'"»}A>' u'n;
at Grand Forks, but then I e isu fulli!''«!"" '' ho could see his Way to grant
explanation of that,   I was about to 'Mf6**8?  ;M!ml,-'""' !''was "ot. ,llt
.start out I'i  Vernnn when I got -a I   "s ti'»<; "l>l'ly">K fori license for the
message from His Excellency the W,Gl'ttml F"k8 H.oto1 l",'l,lT ,l!"'thei;
ernor General was g g to call on me  '""IS' *?."', *ln " ^^dongifideof
tin* next il.iv, whicli was 11 ay I wns ; '«•, M.\M<!( « lum nllerwarils told me
tn start out! Thut kept me two days ?.e htttl1' t/r?DtPd th« "cen8e; "V"}
late, until might have made it if 1 had ^ certificate kunwing hat he kept
had a respectable team, but in coming Il -"■ ","ly rWc^bl« .h°$ thttt .kl'e.w
over t„ Grand Forks we had an accF- ofln Q,ra?d forI" at the J1"18* * ?h?
dent, and I was thrown out, and cut \t 'ol"Ld of r*f,s«>W8S "<?' ta respect of
mv bend, and SO could nol sit „n the tas fitness, but in respect Of the preini-
day of the court.  Thut was in Novem- ??8?. ,f '" respect to the nreuuses.
hei, twelve „ ths lust November.     7' A llcenso Is rivennot only in re-
Q, Have vnu-ver heen detained by 8Pecr, '"   he Individual, but to the
bad muds:''' A, Yesi I was detained iii; lmW.'*. ,,ls"'
March, going I'mm here tn Osoyoos.   11
IA —-^^^^
Mills at Enderby and Vernon, B. C.
Manufacturers of High Grade Flour.
A. Certainly,
And with respect to Mini's as to his fitness, you were satisfied ? A. Certainly. Q. And yuu gave him this certifl-
utte?  A. To shew tn Mr. Hllssey,
Graham Flour, Cracked Wheat, &c,  Save expenses and huy the best.  See
thai each sack is marked
All kinds uf Mill Feed kepi in slock
^^^^ HMIO
Fairview, li. C,
EADQUARTERS   for   Hiners'
Supplies, Powder Caps Fuse.
Largest and best assorted stock of GROCERIES, DRY
GOODS,   CLOTH INC,   and    HOOTS   and    SHOES,
_%"b lo**53er©ss"fc   o-za-ssia. prices.
Good accommodation atthe
•)       Travelers, Commercial men, Mining' men
§ and Sportsmen.
- Jj\ ll Fnlrviow, ^.\
v? Terminus of stage    \ Oroviiio, Wnsh.        tf
(•   1,nes ^om^m    JOampMcKIll|10y)       («
1} .Mltlutiy,  (ireeuwooil, 9)
/- Olirsou, ('nuni Forks, _^\
*-• noil .Milieus, Wash.
(9 W. C. HAYWOOD    ■    ■
(a Proprietors, Pen t
(®ai'AA££Aa»y.«'» M'» •*,••%•,© a® •*•■££(
was iloiiuuvd here becftuse  1  didn't)
knov tf the trail was open, and Mr.
Thompson and Mr. Douirlaa told nictm,  , , . -   *, __-%
jt was Impossible to gotaoross to Osoy- ?*%'?ffflB( n8^tl?te^ete tTO^
mis, und I bud to wait until ItwMhWK^'AJ68*, S'NrT
open, Directly I heard the trail was I"1",""'«"! Queen and Hayes? A. My
npen 1 went across -1 believe Mr. "otesuii* infill, tliere; 1 gave them to
Deans and myself wen- the second two! >™ trnmiribed.
that wi-,,1 across.   Another ti 1 was \   ■)1!' " lls"r''7[ m,"sl'to P"4 ,\¥
detalltet re by the work, and was a- ° f«ioek "'   these' lf *v"1"' l*linlslllP
bout three days late at Osoyoos*  That!' ,V,!,.'.'S-    „„     . .,       ,,
wasthe time that the two Mr. Chap- ., , ItnessiThere is some evidence there
mans were travelling through will. I ""' ,shou'1 be .contradicted. Dr.
me, and 1 bad to let them go ou in .BoJ'Jf°s l'v"l'""' ls \° heeffectthat
front, whicli 1 certoinlv wuuld uot lie nttended to him only for one week,
have let them do otherwise, beciuse I i ?,1"1 «>» ll", "f J"." »i danger; it m.
was supnosed to be takmg  cure  uf flanuuatlon hud sel In be might have
them,  4 Now abotft crhiiinals wait- ue,^ "1,    ig5liiii ,     n .-
ing tor trial after the dnvs appointed ' ' fJlfndeiPtel "" tho "wrulngf of
for trialV  A.  No criminal Ins ever11"'   V"1'    Ueve   W,TI'   two   kmt('
wailed tor trial after the day appointed for bis trial. County Courl may
have been Htljnurned, lint 1 never get
notice ofa inan waitlngfor trial, until
I get there, and when I gel tlie notice
1 inuneiliately fix a day, and I never
miss thai day. Q. The Queen versus
Davis case;'' A. Certainly; I gut notice uf it on the 18th of March; on the
18th March 1 asked him If he wns
ready and he said be was. nnd 1 tried
Iilm on tin* 18th of March, Q. There
is another statement, thill it Isu ii-;»i-
lei ul ii-iii'iaeiy unit cases aro tried
and decided lietnre Ibey ever cuine iulu
roiirl ? A, Well, us a rule I have no
ktlUWledgd nf a case until it collies lle-
fure ine iii court. I generally arrive
Iln* day lii'l'iirelln- cnurl, und' I iil'leli
wi li I could have llie lippul'lllnilv ul
gning through lhe papers. But fiuiii
ihe nature of my work il is liupossilile
Iur me lo know wbal is gning on, bemuse I ride iulu town, and the next
murniug I sil in cnurl and iry the
cases. 1 very seldom even see lhe
Hegistrur before. Q. It would be better lor you If you eniilil I* A. i ne\ ec
haveatiopportunity. 1 should.like in
see what. I have lodo. Q. Now, lliere
is,-inui ber slaienieiil that some uf your
decisions are grosslv uujiisl und decidedly illegal? A. Oh, welljl*j«ill leave
thai to the Cnurl of Appeal. Q- Well,
1 tuny sin, tun, Ibal, I Ihink yuu can
safely leave that to tlle Cuurt of Appeal, There is nne lliing yuu might-
explain: how many instances, if any,
that an appcul bus been thrown mil in
consequence nf your not gelling your
notes ut the trial in in lime? A. I
ilnn'l knnw of any. Q. Do you know
of this ease ,,f Nicholson and Dnl-
ryinpio? A, '. don't Ihink Unit was
thrown out because of my notes nol
being in: because lhey were in long-
bund. Mr. Fulton wrote fur thein,
and I tuld him lhey were in longhand,
und that ho could have my bunts, ('.
Then the notes in that ease were nol in
shorthand? A. Noi thoy were In longhand nml I will produce them lnr you,
The hunk was down at Osoyoos; but 1
was not dojvn at Osnyoosi I wus in
Vernon, Q. Well, then, the book was
acccusahle to tlle ajipellants ?  A, Cer-
>Un,B.C. jj)
wounds; the inst was half an inch in
depth, and about half an inch In length; the second a little over an inch in
depth, a third of au inch broad, The
deepest was only n little over half an
inch, but lhe lowesl one wns fuur Inches from the heart, [cannot tell if he
was in any danger at firsts it might
huve caused uiilaiiinialioii, and so
caused death, i atteuued him tor it
for one week". I ross- examined:— A
penknife could havei attsed the wounds.
Q. Elliot Is dead, loua, he? A. Yes;
i li.nelienrd so; 1 Uiiin. know n, as a
fact. t". Du you i.iniw how hedied?
A. I have heard be broke his neck falling down a shaft, t^. Tlie cause of
death was not this wound ? A. No; 1
asked the Doctor disiii.e ly, and he
said he ii as not in danger, il Tell ns
what you did suy iihout it ? A. What
I said from the Bench wus this: I put
myself iu the man's place, 1 bad a
knife iu my bauds aim a inan strikes
ine uu tiie niiuii b, I might on the impulse use a knife, altnough 1 would
Knnwaniomeul afterward** that 1 hnd
done wrung, Q. Elliot wus the aggressor? A. The evidence shews that
Thomas Klliol, the store-keeper, pulled
Boh Elliott, the agressor, hack twice,
to prevent him stubbing the other
mini, and he then struck liini in the
mouth, l". Vou hud nothing to do
Witli Iteyuolds then? A. He is a strung
personal friend of inine, but, then,
that's got nothing lu du with this. Q.
Nicholson and Dalryinple; wbatis tliere
about that? A, Dairyinple jumped
one nl Nicholson's claims, on the
ground that the stakes were too small.
The slakes were ordered into court and
were measured, and it was found they
were too small, Dalryinple won
tlle case. Then Nicholson went nut
and jumped Dulryuipio's claim on the
same grounds, Tiie stakes in that case
were hroiighl into court, and Mr. Ferguson incusurcd Ihc stake and the de-
leiuleiit measured tho stake, uud both
said it was loostnall, illldof toursuit
was deelnred lu be a bad eluiin, un the
same grounds, t". As a Judge you buld
view willi respect In mining slakes?
A. 1 hold the view tlml llie la a rends
that a mining stake shall  be four feet
laiulv.   Q.   Vim inlghl see if thul Wiw|'#j ,,' {\M ."""'.I'01'1'f"''' ""'.{""''•
■ "-    ■ ■ ■ 'imi lour niches four uu-lies ;niul I have
h the man was
llie ease, and put the I k in, sn as to I '""" ,"'"'*'"".1 '"'"' "•"••"• *••"
show thnl  ii was i, ghand?  A. I I'.'.'.V1'™1'""' '''V '  ^  Ackers an
They arc must of them In short band, | !|,\^;i'l,,,i.,v.l;!ll.l'/.'.v!.' ?"! [".7L710'
M. McCuaig'.
S. Larsen,
I be ease, nnd put the bunk in, so us Iul
in longhand ?  A.
em in sbiirlbaiiil,  ,,,..-,, ...
liidihal  tvus III longliaud,   IMon't "'!* 'll  a   ! J1     mill i T
know why I did il iu longhand, and I l'"1'1"''1'7 nvkiZ mu',-? '!"'Il ±l
doil'l see ,vbv, either, I sbuulil cupv il : w,,(-""" PB.lrallS,l?,r' S"' ''v ",!" Wl'
If tlu-y mn ilo ii themselves,  (I'rodu- "™"' |lul ' I* ? ,kK)n"^"}'1! ,n!te
dug liook) Nichols id Dnlrymple, ?« !»>'«Pllt»plu.    Vlioil saw (he
It lsK..ll In longhand, and il begins at '* "'. '!""' H"J "|" '."",""■, '
page iiii, Q, Whal year wasthnl ? A. urnedtuAckers,ind.u.kedliln why he
thatwiu.in WH.  ('.  Then, "in ap-\m«"tsuuoi.tlmi.oto.  Howouidno
I sfroin Licensing Court, Judge "ca;   ''"'"" '''7'- |"i,"!,h"'".' \M
ti .s hits shewn uu evident.leslre to «"  '"", l!"7;    " 77 'o    "'''''  "
la I- Hi.'  iollu.it", nnd soon  Q. !'' a"' whirl, mu.I il„, (.ill.-si.,,- «,,s
nri.i    i     .    " .' ...... .      ?    In ellipl'iy Ai'ters, anil he said llllll. lie
Is situiilcd ill   Hock Creek, B.C., nn the main rnulc
between Penticton and all Boundary Creek puinls.
place fur singes.
Whal dn vnu say  about that
Well..since', ,881), 'the year I wn
hud uol dune the Work liielitiuueil iu
the contract: and of course he was non-
McCUAIG & LARSEN, Proprieto
f tin veil "'."•^"", '"""• ""' ■>r'"   ' mw HP
, pnihli-d, I li.'ivc ntii'i' ur.-Mili'il ;i llcenso      *,   ,    n»       ,       . i  • ,   ,
Slopping   ho magistrates refu?.',!,  Thai is lbe , M""":   H,e nuie, n»l being accepted.
"   "license to W, T. Thompsun,   I grunted TlT?i% M'»'i'.;rt.v, and
Ilia hum tho uiuglkr s who sal  "''"'"/""''I'l'1"; ••". ".'.Irrtnlnkclt.
==^«* oil the Iirsl IliMl'd had nu Kllnu ledge ai: I1"1;   '''"''■ "I''""'*    g«ve It to lull,.
-„„,,    ,„,„_,..   I all of lloek Creek, und I bad.   I  knew   (      '"' 'il"',''" "*,"'     ' • A'    ?
GOOD HUNTING.k ^ '"'"^"ft dtS^a'.h    ttW
'when vou went tliere vou colt (1 not    , ",,,,,       , , , '      ,  \,
gel a bed. and sometimes could uot get'B   "!' e**Pl" " "' th l '"«S   ll'1 ,"'
Food,   I knew also that Mr, Thompson  A"1""' 7";"' Ih eijtt-twled liy all tbe
was a  verv good I 'I keep,'.', and I   *l"''k"""» <■> keep a ebcek un the callle
thought it would be for the  public1'1"   l""™!i  ln},'%f   'u'\'""i"'i
I gOOd to let him  net a  hotol  there.    I    W'Alhs"''*'.'"i    (..b-".l,  who  use,
may add thai as to the magistrates I !" !'''"'*' " ll" ™,,l,!.,!' H.° *' "'m,»<llL
never spoke disresi tfullyofa magls-   ' ,601,i','d:,l ',,ul''' -""' l";""'ls «¥"
trate In any case,   hold too inuch ,--i ,"k"" ''>' All,sn" «''nlo.*,.aud after that
First Class Accommodation,  (loud Stabling,  Terminus of Stage Line
from Marcos, Washington,
McAULEY & KEIGHTLEY, Proprietors.
sneei for the Queen's connni*
llnil.  t.. Accoudlng lo Inivyi
appeal from the magistrates in mutters
if that kind, do.you nol ? A.   Yosi I
(C,, I was dune, Allison und Gibson wenl out
I,  || uu lhe range and hi ought in other cat*
1 lle, live nr six head,   li was jusl after
dark and they didn'i pul Ihem in lhe
might have granted Quinn's IIcVmoI I !Ml,,|,(llli ,TI,",' ",B)t,l,",,,ol,'nJ"p! ",','''V ''""
('. And when v.„. did[grant Thomp- th™' 'Ut '' " ' ' ?W B ihm l0
son's license, you were silling and ex- ""I"'* wl"'"' tiiey sold ihem lo a mini
wising ynur appelate jurisdiction ? whose name 1 forget, who paid them
A. Certainly.   Q. Tin; Mini's case; tell I MMIniiml on p«m 3,1 THE ADVANCE.
Midway, B. c, January31, 181.8.
w. h. Nomas,
,. I'llOCIUKTUlt
Published   weekly   at  Midway,  li, <\
Subseriiitic.il Price, "W.IKI per minimi, payable
In advance, either yearly or Imlf-yeiirly ul llic
option uf tbe subscriber.
AdverttuiiiK Kales Bent uu application.
Though the euliuiins of Tiik Advance arc
Always open fur tbe discussion of matter, of
public Intorest and importance, we ilu noi neo*
lieiiharllyendorse any of the opiniims oXDI'esiod.
eurroHpuntleiice uf u personal nature will nut be
: A cross In Lhlaspuoo hull*
: rates that your subscription
: to thin paper bus expired,
Iu this weeks issue the lasl of the
evidence taken befure the Commission
whicli was appointed to enquire into
the alleged mal-adininistration nf
justice on the part of Judge Spinks.
of tlle County Court of Ynle, i.s given
to the public. Having the evidence
liefore them, our readers wili be able
to draw their own conclusions, and
form a correct idea of the gravil y or
otherwise of tlie case. They will also
readily perceive bow strange the .Minister of Justice acted in appointing a
Commission, without having lind evidence, submitted to him, taken uniler
oath. To our mind this is the most
peculiar feature of the whole affair,
and we can only account fur t lie course
persued, by taking into consideration
lhe fact that tin* repi cscntntinns to the
Minister of Justice were made over I lie
signatures of local magistrates, and
therefore carried much weight. As to
the result of the Commission, considering the evidence taken before it, there
can be little doubt.
Railway fleeting.
A public meeting of the residents of
Boundary Greek district was held ai
Greenwood on Wednesday evening,
'Mlh inst. There wus un attendance of
about 150, Including representative men from Midway and Anaconda,
The chair was filled by Mayor Wood,
who In opening the ineeling. expressed
his pleasure at seeing such a repre-
senlutive^gathering. If the peuple nf
Boundary Creek desire lo have any
influence, or weight, or power, lhey
must unite upun all public questions.
The ineeling had been called lu obtain
all expression of public opinion either
favorable or otherwise to Air. Heinze
lieing granted a subsidy by tbe Dominion Parliament, Mr. ileinze's
representative, Cnl. Topping was present by in vitalion and they accorded him
a courteous reception. They should
meet this railway question purely ns a
matter of business. They wauled
cou.peleing roads and un nne bund
they found In Mr, Corbin a man wilh
A good barking prepared lu build into
the district in.medial ely so, he thought,
they should do all they could to assist
him tn obtain the necessary puwer lo
do so. Then they had Ihe proposed
Trail-Pentlcton line, but us Mr. Ileinze
had nut carried nut his promises to
build the line and il appeared, did Jnot
intend tu do su, be failed lo see that
that gentleman had any claims upon
the people of Bnundiiry Creek for support to his scheme.
Aid. C. S. Galloway in response to
calls came forward, Ho would have
preferred before speaking lo have
heard what Col. Topping had lo say to
them, hut as their visitor would nut
address thein until laterlt) the evening
he would proceed to move the following resolution: -
Whereas a representative uf ibe Columbia
nnd Western Railway company is In the district asking for signatures lun petition praying
the Dominion government to grant fun lua- aid
tothe Columbia nml Weslern Rail way company, ami
Wiikkkas the Col uin end Wostern lti.il-
way conipiiny Inn boon granted enormous land
grant.by ihc Provincial Logl latere loiwslsl ii
hi building a railway between Trull mil I'm.
I.letnn, iiii-l lYliareiu in lini ol n Inm!grout forn
railway from Penlloton to [loundary Creek n
cash subsidy was granted by tbo Provincial
bogl.lat.ire, mid wliorcas nntivllli.ilnndlngtlie
fact thnt die - oliuubln nml Weslern Hallway
company voluntarily plnecil Itself under n Is
to live up tni lm time limit in the Columbln nml
Western -Subsidy Ad il bus mnde nn Iiiiiiii ilile
effort toconstrnol the road from Trull In Pen*
Melon, be ll tlioroforo resolved llml in in.'
opinion ol ibis melting no signatures from lbe
people of Boundary Crook bo nltacbod lo lhe
petition presented by ilm roprc-ontuUvo nf ihe
Cnlunibiti und Western Railway company.
In conclusion Mr. Galloway said he
thought the resolution he hud moved
placed thu .natter faiilv before lbe
ineeling, llu* question for consideration
was whether they|wonld rather support
Mr. Corbln's scheme fur giving the
district railway cnnneclions,
Col. Tupping having been again re.
quested In speak, Mr. A. Leanty expressed the opinion Uial as ihose responsible tor calling ibe meeting bad
evidently made preparations tor it,
Col. Topping should lie allowed lo Iirsl
hear what, they had to say so as in he
in a position to form a fair opinion of
their views of the question.   This was
a mailer in which lhey shuuld make
haste slowly. They shuuld nol antagonize any scheme, should rather
support even a dozen railway proposals
if thereby mure wuuld come inlo the
Mr. 0, J. McArthur thought the
resolution hefore llie ineeling a fair
one to Iesl lbe feelings of the people.
He wuuld be sorry lo think thai any
attempt was 111*1111- made toantagunlse
the people againsl Mr. Ileinze. He
would gladly see Mr.lleinze, tbe C.P.R.
nr Mr. Curliin come iu, hul wuuld prefer which ever scheme enst the lax-
payer least. He hoped the district
would nnl support giving uwuy large
areas of lund which twenty years hence
Iheir children will want,
Mr M. .1. I'helan tbniight the ineeling bad heen called to hear whel Col.
Topping hud lu say. He did nut think
they could deal justly with lhe matter
befure Iheui until lhey bad beard that,
Cnl. Topping remarked lhat be did
nut Instigate that ineeling 'ml had
been Invited to remain to il. He was
entitled In a little latitude and be intended In lake it. At the request uf
Mr. Kerr he Ihen read Ihe pel il inns be
he bad lieen obtaining signatures tu,
Tlie cbairinn.i called attention In
llial part uf lhe pelilion which expressed disapproval of lhe ncliun nf lhe
C, P. R, Cn. lie though that company
will eventually build inlo the district.
Mr. Ileinze wunl ed assistance so as to
he in 11 position lo ask that company
mure to buy him out.
Jlr. F. Keifer agreed with Mr. Mc-
Artliiu that lhey should suppoi'1 any
sch-miu that would give the disirici a
railway ill. the least expense o lbe
country. He was against giving sub*
sidies. He thought, there is mineral
enough in th'tscuuiitry to make it, worth
while for a railway comp my to build
aline into it. If the mineral is nut
here Ihere is no need for a railway,
He was deeededly in favor of llle resolution,
As no one else responded to lhe repeated invitations extended 10 persons
present to speak, Col. Topping
addressed Iheineeling. Aftei referring
lu the hostility to Mr. Ileinzeilisplayed
there thai nighl, be contended that as
Mr. Heinze had already built 211 miles
of inail helween Trull and Rohson,
this being part-of the direct route tu
Peiiliclon, il was nut righl lo say Ihal
,he had done nothing Inwards building
lhe iinui. lie had always been ready
lu build provided he had been properly
assisted hy the Dominion government,
Hui he had met with strong opposition
al the lust session of lbe Dumiuiull
Parliainenl and lbe bund ofllie C.P.li.
bad heeu behind opposition,   lle
quoted figures |o sliuw ihal. ihis province did not receive nearly so lurge a
share uf public money in proportion to
lbe amoiititi nt revenue the Federal
Governnienl derived from il, as il
should receive, consequently it had a.
gnnd eluiin fur the railway subsidy
asked fur. He bad nn doubt there will
he n subsidy given this winter and
there would hen liglil for it. helween
Mr. Ileinze and lbe C. P. II., which
was he thought Ihe innsl cruel monopoly on the face u ihe earth. At
Vernon lately they had been almost,
unanimous in support of Mr. ileinze's
road. He believed thul the purl ion uf
Ibis iniiul ry lying between the C.P.R,
main line and the route of lhe Columhia and Weslern, an area uf about
2511 miles by 150 miles, has more mineral weallll lo Ibe square mill*Iliiiiinnv
olher similar nr -a the American
continent. If the 0, P. R. acquire the
Coluiiiliiii to Pentieton line, Ibis rich
country will be entirely at its mercy,
In his Instructions Ihere wns until
wind againsl Mr. Corbin who was
nut applying fur u subsidy, knowing
Ihul he could mil gel une. When lle
applies for lllh churter Mr. Corbin will
Hnd thai his strongest enemy is theC.
I*. li. which always endeavors tn crush
all opposition. When lbe Crow's Nest
Pass line is completed coke wili he
delivered nl Robsoii at half ils piesenl
nisi, which will admit of a reduction uf
ul least $2 per Inn in s Ilillg charges,
.ind when Ihal is brought nlimit, the
question uf lh iinpeliliun of American smellers will not cnn p at all --
lhey will simply he nol in il. He had
Mr. HelnneV assurance Ihul he will he
quite prepared tn coinineiice building
Ibis railway as scion as be gets the subsidy, and he believed thai, to he the
ease. There certainly had been some
negotiations lietwcen the C. P. 11. and
Mr. Ileinze looking to the purchase of
the killer's railway and smeller enterprises hut, nothing had come nf them,
They w.luld lind Mr. Heinze a slayer
when In* entered upon the construction
nl' ibis Honndary Creek mil way, Speaking nf the mineral resources of the
Boundary Creek disirici Col. Topping
said lhat in illj years experience he had
(continued nn page 3.1
(From our own correspondent .1
The Tin Horn Mine has shut down
for the present, the ininers having
been all discharged, but the mill is still
running on Stemwinder and Winchester ores. A route for a wire rope
tramway lias been surveyed frnni the
Sleiiiwiiider mine to lbe Tin Horn mill
and it is suid this tramway will be
built Immediately,
The erection nf the Joe Dandy stamp
mill is progressing favourably, and it
is expected will be ready for crushing
111 about sixty days.
The new il nlel Dior is open. It is
being run by Air. Mnrhuiif of the "Poodle Dog" Victoria. The hotel is elegantly furnished throughout, and can'
nut be outclassed by any similar establishment In any mining cuuip on tlie
Mr. Manner the Secretary of the
Joshua lleudy machine works of San
Francisco is in town on business in
connection with his company.
Dr. Foster, no old time friend of Dr.
White, our resident physician, is
spending a duy or two in town, and
upon leaving here he will proceed to
Greenwood City
Mineral Act 1896.
Certificate of  I mprovements.
FoiiTONE, Jubilee FiiACTiux, anii Diamond
r'uACTiux .Minkuai, Claims.
Sltuato in tho Osoyuns Mining Division of
Yalo district.    Whero   located!—Camp
TAKK NOTIOK, Hint I. OllOS. ile lllols (ircen
asagentforlnoTln UurnQuurts Mining
company, free ininer's cortiflcato Nn. 8530a,
lntonu", sixty dnys from tho dale horoof, in apply
in lbe Mining Itocordor for a cerllflcnlo of
Improvomonts, for tlio purposo of obtaining n
Crown granl of tbo abovootatms,
Anil furllier take notice llial. aclion. under
section ill. nnisi be coinliii-iiceil liefore the issu-
iiuee of such cerlslli-aic nf improvements.
Dated this 2Ath doy of Nov., 1807.
Certifloato   of Improvements
Situate at Fairview, Osoyoos Mining Division
and adjoining the Mammoth on the south,
the Atlas on tbe east, and tho Lakevlew
on the. wesl.
TAKEINOTIOK IIiiiI   I.    P.  0.   Stoess.
free minor's cortillcato N". 1201a, Intend,
sixlv ilnvs frnni date hereof, In llUlllv I" Ihe
Mining Itocordor forn Oertiflcato of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining it Crown
liniiii nrtbonbovoeluJ.n.
Ami furtlior lake notice Unil action under
seelion ;I7 innsl In commenced boforo lhe issuance of surli I'la-tiili-nieiif [mprovements,
I iniiul this Mil. day of November, 1807,
KuisT-cuKH Accommodation  vou Ul'khts.
,t-fl'Kxei*lliiiit I'islihiKon Kellle ltivcr..er
tit-1 ,v
. . . B. F. MILLER.
di \»
di FAIRVIEW, B. C. «
VKIINON. li. 11.
General ileal Estate & Financial Age.
Tim*; Royal Insurance Ooy,
Tiik London ano Lancashire Finn
Insurance Coy,
Tin;  Insiiiianok Coy, of North
'ini'. London ami Canadian Fir
Tut! Sun Life Assurance Coy or
Tiik Dominiof Building ano Loan
Appraiser van tiik Canada Permanent Loan and Savings Coy.
TENDERS will be received by the
undersigned until tlie 3rd day of
February, 1898, for Ihe re-construction
of lhe ihnn and irrlgatingdltch belong-
ing to the Lamb ranch, Midway, where
plans and specifications can be seen by
colli rue tors, The lowest or any olher
lender not necessarily accepted.
*5iJfe^i!Ss&Ai-i^&Ai&i^^'^AiAi **.
I  Pure as the Lily. \
■ nssmsf-asfi"-
Jj?       Lily Brand Condensed Cream   W
•/ft   made by the Los Angeles Cream-   <W
ery Company.
S The cans are one=third larger *■£•
| than either St. Charles or  Pet %
S Cream,   which   means a great w
; saving to you. JK
\   J.McNICOl, Midway,B.C.  f
L #
v V!»?-»-»*«?:«I?>S*'x*'x*"*»*"*».*'V''»v"v*'*v^*w
♦ ♦
Visitors to the Boundary Creek Mining Camps, Stop at the Anacond
Good Table  -  Good Beds  -  Good Liquors  -  Good Stabling
N. Tholl, Proprietor-
New Tea
or Old.
in Vi
ft;, i'li
■W m
stirs e
-];: i "
, i* *C -i
■Sill 'if.:
'■:  :'
TT is an important poin
*■ in buying teas. New
tea has a frag'rarice in the
cup that the most careless
consumer will not fail to
Our stock of tea is just
received it's carefully ts-
lficted it's of the  newest
crop it's the BEST.
Give us   sample order.
0. B. & P. B.
Practical House and Carriage
Paper Hanging, Graining and Sign Painting. Also Kalsomining
and all kinds of Decorative Work executed by
E. Nash - - Midway and Greenwood City.
Is llie Central Tnwnia ml Supply Point of the Boundary
Creek Mining Camps,   From this New Town roads
lead In lbe
Greenwood, Deadwood,
Copper, Summit; Long Lake,
Skylark, White and Atwood,
Wellington and Smith Camps.
Lots are Selling Freely and are a Guud Investinent,
Fur Price uf Lots and Oilier Information, Addreis
Greenwood City, Boundary Creek. B. C.
Or Apply lo Agents,
C. F. COSTERTON, Vernon, B. C.
A.  K. Stuart,  Vancouver,  B, C, THE ADVANCE
Midway, II. C, January 31,1898,
(Continued from pago 3.)
the Commissioner's offer.
^E-J-ttS&-'-MS-^£^2^'»^^3£^E^ tlle Commissioner's offer.
M^flfe^^S^S^^e^^^^S^rtSfl Mr. .Sidley, tn Judge Spinks:- Ymi
rawM-«ft^^^ have jusl said, Mr. Spiuks. that >	
'-'*-                                                    ^^                      wm did nut-dismiss that second car—     ■■
M*^      A     ^ff"^   4^i   _T^^.   HI    ftr$ [ have just swim lo that:*  A.
ise; ynu
HS^fi  iiiuvejiisi sHi-ui -.»  iiiiiii    n.   1   beg
wfij. i your pardon 11 have sworn Hint I did
SJMjj dismiss ii.   Q. But you said yuu didn't
SjSifi know anything about the second cuse
Vifui ; until I bud left?   A. I knew  nothing
igto about Iheseciind ease until after ynu
J1SJ5 hod left after the Hi sl cuse.  li. Prob*
— ^^==t=tt=                    VtrJi i ablv yuu know ynur own humiw.il in**;,
                                                       WtiW do you know these?  They ace ihe
The trade centre of the Grand ffl IfZ't'^AXTl^) i
Prairie,   Kettle   river   and ffl. MttttW
_ . ' , •     ■ J   &K{ la seciiuil   inliuinaliiiii.   and   I   knew
Boundary creek  mining and %m .i.,ii.ing m u*. second i.if»rin,uiu.i
. .    *       . a'Sil,    Iil I hen
v-v-s. Practical az~
M1NERAL ACT, 1896.
Cortiflcato   of  Improvements.
agricultural country.
Situated at the junction of p
the Boundary creek. Marcus m
S$ and Reservation wagon roads, ffl l^rrffl^^Sffi'S
fi Nearest ooint to the Colville B !;;ri'!,'T:f7':::::;ss!::,,:tSt
il.tilthen. Q. Wiih reference tn ex*
| liil.ii No, 5,do you know ihal une? A.
There seems In he it mistake in the
dales there, if. 1 ihink, Mr, Spinks,
there is a mistake ill your statement.
Altec s.uii u length of time, it is liable
not to he very clear. After discussion
us to Ibe dates uf exhibits 11, I and 5.
Mr. Spink-:—I have nn recollection of
ne  ul'  Iheae iiil'ininiiiiuiis.    Q. Ynu
m Nearest point
di reservation m  es
For prices and all ntherinforiontioii apply tn
J. C. McLAREN, Cifp
s'AMLOOPS,]'. C. TO(|
Ohtirtorod 18'i.t.  (Stock  Lifo antl Accident In limine.
ISSUES the best life h.«**ra**""
contracts in the world. No
disappointment as to dividends. Everything (iuaran-
teed in advance. Premium
rates, 15 to 25 per cent less
than those of old line Mutual companies.
ASSETS, ....
January 1st, 1897, $20,896,684.53
ji   LIABILITIES, . . .    17,920,260.29
SURPLUS      2,976,424.36
@    §.   ®
POLICY guarantees lor accidental injuries under
ordinary conditions.
lllllilli   Ilmirlll       ....
Losa of Right IIiuiil     .     ,
lass of Sight of Ilulli Kycs    .
Loss of Log a! or aliivo Knee.
Loss of Bolh Foctnr llotll Hands
.    ii.lKI'J
Losb of  Lofi Ilin.l     .    .     .
Loss of One Hand anil One h'oot
.    5,01111
Loss uf Klttier l-'iinl
Permanent Total Disability
,   2,500
Loss of sight of Ono lye
.    050
Lirqits of Weekly Ii|deitit|ity $1,1300.
AND, If such Injuries are sustained while riding as a pussungcr in uny
passenger conveyaoce using steam, cable, or uloctricity as a motive power
the amount to be paid shall be DOUBLE the sum specified iu tho clause
under which the claim is made.
and Commercial Travelers. Other sums at proportionate rates
Good Accommodation for Travelers.   Kirst-class Mefls Served
Good Livery Stable in connection.
:*IHKV_____r_i mu ■■ 7J"vr*i*«n-»
1',-rring toexhibil nun.her what? A
I have nu recnllcclinii ofeitherof ihese
exhibits, llur-l. There were tsvo infor-
inn:ions laid befure me, and 1 tried une
case and dismissed it. Iliad iu memory
I here were two; oue was written by
ine, and lhe olher wus nnl wrilleii by
u.e, After that was over the Indians
ran ill another case, and il appears I hat.
I took two inforniutions In the same
case. Q. The Uuminlssioner;—Then 11
and 1 refer to the same cuse? A. Nn ;
here is au iiifurinnliiin laid by an Indian George, and here is another information laid hy an Indian George, Mr.
Sidley!—Mr, Spiuks has sworu positively tbu-l he heard une case, and llial
he didn't say that be would mil heur
the ulher. Nnw 1 piudnce these to
show that he did. The Commissioner:
The material pninl is the witness's
statement thai at, the li.ne uf the lirst
case he did nnl knew anything nf the
second case. Jlr. Sidley llial. is what 1
propose foshow, The Cunimisslaner:—
(live him tiiiie; he is entitled to time,
Evidently the information in both
cases was laid ull the lllth. Mr.Spinks:
Yes; and une was Hied uu the lillh.
The Commissioner:—Whal is not explained is this: uniler what, cltcuili-
stances the second summons was Issued
uu the same Information, it may Le
lliis: I.hat.une is in ynur handwriting,
linihlhe summonses in the George
cases are In yuiir.handwriting, su it, is
quite evident from that* that yuu had
lhe inl'iiriiialiiin, hul. then yuu state
lhat ynu issued the summons nn ihe
lllth iu the George matter, and afterwards the secondsuumiuns un the2(lh.
That i.s what 1 don't understand. Bulb
I he summonses iu yui.rb.indwri'.ingare
nn lile same case. Il'yuu can reuieiu-
her, I wuuld like io know under what
circumstances Iheseciind summons in
the same case was issued ? A, I tun
afraid I cau'l It'll yuu ; I don't know
thul. I issued une nf lbe summonses.
The Cniiillllsslnuert—Guun, Air. Sidley.
Mr. Sidley*—Thai is the unly poinl.
lle denied if, and 1 wished tu prove it.
.Mr. Spinks:-- One infurnialinn was
laid uu lhe lillh, and un the llllll a
siliumnlis was sent In Sidley, saying il
was on lhe iuforiniit.iiin nf George, but
llle information was laid hy Sophie.
Then George laid another infuriuutiou,
anil a summons was sent for George,
Mr. .McMyoii ibevv Ibnl ; and I issued
llle sun.mons fnr George; they were nil
mixed up together,
The Commissioner, to Mi. Sidley:—
Is ynur criiss-exainiii'illou Ilnlshed?—
have ynu any ulher questions? Mr.
Sidley:—Nu, ynur Lordship,
The Commissioner, to Judge Spinks:-
Looking at the papers which are now
brlor' you ; these several exhibits ;
hearing in mind the pninl pointed nut,
very properly liy Mr. Sidley as I'm* as
his point Is concerned—du you wish to
add anything to or in any way vary
the statement you made thai, at the
time you dismissed tin* firstacllon, you
bad no knowledge of the second charge?
A. 1 have nu recollection uf ihe charge
in the second at the time I took up tne
first 1 until the other mare und cult
were put intnihecorrul, Examination
W. T, Thompson, sworn ; examined
hv Mc. Wilson:—
Q, Was il. iu March or April lust
lhat ynu mel Judge Spiuks here, Mr.
Thompson ? A. 1 think li wn
Midway, B. C.
tt, epiaiirriiB-B;
Promptly  and   Neatly
Ex. cute 1.
Favorite Mimrrai* Claim
Situate on Kruger Mountain, In the Osoyoos
Mining Division ofYale District.
TAKK NOTICE lhat I, Chas, De Biota Qroen,
iicling us ngonl fur Thus. Klliut Irco
ininer's certificate No, 90587, intond, slxly days
from tin* iluin horoof, lo apply to the Mining
'h'l-iii-ih-i- for a Cortiflcato ef Improvements fur
1 iln- purposo of obtaining a Crown Grant nf tlio
j abovo claim.
j   Anil furllier take notico llml action, undor
section 37, musl tn mmoncod boforo ilm
iaainuici! iif .uol) Cortiflcato iit linprovonients
llnleil lliia-.".'nil ilny of Dec, 1897.
Certificate of Improvements
Wanbta .Minkuai, Claim.
Situate In lho Osoyoos Mining Division of Valo
Distriet, located at Kruger Mountain.
TAKK NOTICK llml I, (lias. Dillliiis.llrecll
agon' fnr Tbonia. Klliut. freo ininer's
-^- r-ADniArij DAIMTIMP A I cortiflcato No, 90587,lntond ftxty day. from date
"-y CARRIAGE   PA1N1INL   A horeof.to apply to tlio Mining Hocorder tor a
The Providence Fur Cuuipany, Providence, 11. L, wauls all kinds nf raw
furs, skins, ginseng, senica, etc. Prices
quoted fur thu next (J) dnys are as
SilveeFox $15 00 to $150 00
Bear   5 00 to    25 00
Otter   * 00 to     0 00
Martin   2 00 to    BOO
Beaver per lb.  3 00 to    3 50
Wolf   1 onto     2 nn
. Red Fox    1 00 to     2 nil
Mink         16 to     1 «
Skunk       26 to     tun
Cray Fox       811 to       75
Rut       20to       25
Price-list uf all other furs and
skills furnished upon application. Full
prices guaranteed, careful selection,
curteuiis treatment, and immediate
remittance on all consignments.
Ci'iiiili'iiic nf Improvonienfs, fur tint purposo of
obtaining a Orown (Irani of tbo almvc claim.
And furthor tako notico tlml notion, under
section :ti, nniHt be commenced before the
Issuance, of such Gertiftoat.) i.f Improvements
Doted this 22nd day of Dec, 1897.
II. KEYES, Prop.
Gnnd Accommodation,
Best Liquors und Cigars.
First-Class Stabling.
Cr4s.axGa.aX    BlEtclKsn-x-Li.-fcli.
All   Kinds  of Repairing.   Horseshoeing
a Specialty.
The Miners Home,
THIS HOTEL offers the best of accommodation
at moderate charges, Only the best brands of
liquors and cigars kept on hand. A good table
mid go tl beds add much to the comfort of its
If Yob Wet
J. C. HENDERSON, Fairview, B.C.
Yards and Mills nt* Fuirview, H. O,
OntTPSiwndence soli cited
Headquarters for mining men
visiting the  Christina  Lake
district.   Stopping place for
stages on  route from
Marcus to Boundary
ftStouf a7V.SC. H. Thomas, Prop I Creek Points-
OTL3P Hour has the name of
peine the
Um.iu'anidor7'hird'of'Yin'ii'.''q:'Aii.l  CASCiDE CITY, IL C.
ymi had al dial time coinefroiu—?   -V
Just eoine from Okanagan valley ; Mc
i I lunulas and 1 crossed by way of Camp
j McKinney.
j cuiulilinii i
j ibey wore llu* wurst I ever saw ; and 1
•  have gone uver ihem in ibe dead uf
M'iutcc.   The trail had mil lieen broken '
■* | for., i.niiuii, and it wus wil lithe gre.il-
■w-ib j.   enl   dillicull}'  lhat   we gui   Ihrnugh,
J-'.itf^iSft,  We had lo hold un to the liorns of our!
II i,a ,i i , -ii i      I Middles, and bad hard  wurk In keep
all-round flour on the market, try it and you will not use other ■'  ■ 	
brands, -Our shareholders grow the when and we j
flour with the latest inproved milling machinery.
SMITH & McLEOD, 1'iiiii'uiKT.iiiK.
Sashes, Doors, Mouldings, Turnings,etc. All kinds of factory
iln- horses up, (or if lhey pul n I
eii ber side nf lbe I rail ibey  wnnlil go
tlle  down,   Thai  kind of lliing Weill  on , ,
'ihere, I suppose foi a ample uf miles, work kept in slock and made to order.    Coast  Cedar worked
Il was the wurst tl I ever had, and , . .
I have ridden a gnnd deal iu British into Furnishings a specialty. .All kinds ol  Lumber, Lath and
OUR brands are, HUNGARIAN, XXXX, STRONG Columbia on hurseback. q, And hi. .       '       '
, ,  ,„, you reported ll lu the Judge? a.When Shin'-les kept in stock.    Hest material always in stock.
BAKLRS, ECONOMY, SUPERMINI'   all bags marked «-emeth m our arrlva*: down here,        s       ' 	
° he asked ils iilnnil, the I rail, and we  *■**■'
;'dealers from Penticton I1"1'1'",",''',?'""''''"' frtl' l",'""1' '" g0
' [iil'OlincI hy IhrnlluT w;iy,  liiTiUisi' we I
ulil mil, all ein pi lo-uo liuck uguin.
Wi- s;nv ;i borse  fiouiulering in the |
mw an hiilinn leave llu
"O. K.," and to be had at all the leadin
to Greenwood City.
/-vi -r-M ll/r mi       rf-^ Tii    8-nuw, find wc saw an Indian leave the
Okanagan Flour Mills Company, Ltd. t™il»l Ro(;k [i™*,rs*n«< snd !ie
" t J i only went a shml  distance when be
Armstrong, B. C.
Sawmill on Okanaoan Lake, Handy to Shipment, -Sahii ami Door
I-'actokv on 0, I'. II., Vebnon,
The Golden Gate Hotel
T. X33.li.o-tb   -   -  -    E*2»o*|sa?i.*aii03i?.
Stopping1 Place for Stages to and from Penticton and Oro, Wash.
hail to gel oil'and lead bis burse, and
then he himself couldn't walk io the
snow, he had to jump.   We mel the
sluge. and lhey bad   lefl   a couple of
burses dead on the trail; I bey said they
were sl age llnrses,   One nflhe burses'!
leg was broken iu two places,   Su Ibal
when ihe .liuiec asked nur opinion, we j Our   SPECIALTIES—Varieties Profitable ill British Columbia ;
told bun Ihal we thought il. Iugl.lv in-1
advisable for hlu. lo go,  There were Xrees Free from Pests.
aholll four leel uf snow on lhe level nt
the lime.  Q, You are the Mr, Thoinp- pRUIT   AM) ORNAMENTAL TRHES,   PLANTS AXI) VINES.
son who applied fur a license at Unrk I , .     .,        „     , ,,   ,, ,,
i-.riaiinuo-oin-acne., \    ^nd for Free Catalogue.   |   h. Hutchekson, Manager. Midway, B. C, January ,11,
The Cheapest . 11/
Quickest   and !j--
Shortest Route r
Toronto, Montreal, Halifax,
Boston, New York and
All Eastern, European,
and Pacific Coast Points.
tiutnn every
Tuesday, Thursday ami Saturday, making connections wiih trains at Okanagan Landing for
Hicamoiir) Junction to join main lino trains
carSl, 1111(1 Wl'SI.
Through Ticket* to nnd from tlio 1'acific Coast.
to Eastern and European Points.
Equipment unsurpassed, combining palatial
dining and BlooplngtCtttt, luxurious day coaches,
tourist and froo colonist. Hlcuping care run (in
all trains,
Kor information nn to time, rules, elc, apply to
H. S. Scadding,    Louis Hind,
Agent, Poutictou. Agent Anaconda-
Or to E* J. Coyle,
Dint, PassV Agent, Vancouver.
Should carefully consider
the cost of material, and
by figuring, find out that
'all kinds of
Bough -:- and Dressed:-: Lumber,
Shingles, * Laths, ■ Etc.,
can be purchased at the
Grand Forks Sawmill,
1 $1 FIREWOOD $1 ,'
l l
i per load. i
l r l
G. K. Simpson, Prop,
, ^.	
Succkssok TO :	
S. A. MUIR k CD.
(SuotOMom iiiii. N.Tiiylorl
Chemists and Druggists
Vornon, fi. C.
Koopn I'lri-l-CliiH-i slock uf
Drugs, Chemicals,
Patent Medicines
and Toilet Articles
Prompt and Careful Attention
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liy a cheque, The chuqira Allison received nnd handed it over in IJihsou,
and Gitisiiii i.mk il, knowing that it.
wan the money received for I lies.* cattle: und In* applied it to pny a partnership deht, iiuu Is be sent, It to Nicholls
uml Keiiouf (Vieloria), from whom lie
und Allison luui lionghta mowing machine, The evidence of Gllisi.n wus
certainly the stronnesl that could l.e
hud npilnst liim, Imt k was lhat nf ....
aecoiupllc, and of coiii*se there ein.Id In*
only ono course open, (J, Youfleclin-
ed to convict? A, Csmtalyj 1 could
not convict, Q. Now the Queen again-
SidleyP A. In ilu* first c.tso Siillcy
was charged with stealing a inure anil
a cull from the liiilinns. The Indians
said tin* mare was theirs, and thai they
never sold it to .Sidley, Inil on ex.in.i'-
i.aliu.., thev stated thnl tin* mure, I
think, wus two ...• three years old, hut
when Jlr. McMynn examined her she
was found to be six years old. I told
il.e liiilinns they had made tt mistake
nnd dismissed the case, Mr, Sidley
hnd hardly gone when th.- Indians
broughl In another mare and colt, nn.l
..nnll.e charge wns laid against hi....
In that case Mr, Lumby sat wiih mc,
and the depositions are in. — .Me. Wilson puts in the depositions! Air. Kid-
ley:—That is nut the complaint at all.
It is not that the Indians swore point
blank against .ne; the complaint I
.nude wus not :.lio.it the depositions,
inil that Mr.-Spinks, after telling tin*
Indians that they hnd perjured themselves and dismissing the cuse, saying
he would not listen to them, did listen
to that same purjured evidence again.
That is all 1 have to say. I know the
Indians perjured themselves, nn.l he
knows it, and he said so. 1 have no
wish to have I lie ease tried uver uguin
Depositions, Beg. v .Sidley, marked
Exhibit 7 and 8. y, Did you tell the
witnesses in tlie first case that thoy
had perjured themselves ? A, No; I
do.it remember using those words.
Q, Did you tell Mr. Sidley Hint you
would not, listen tu the second case?
A. No; the second case was not brought
on when Mr. .Sidley ivas tliere. ll, was
brought on aficrwards, tj. At the
time the Hrst cuse was dismissed had
you any idea ol' the second case eon.ing
on? A. Not ihc least. Q. Tho information in tlie second case was laid
after lhe first had been attended to ?
A. Yes,
Q. Now, bolh of these cases were
dismissed. Why was it I he second on.*
was dismissed ? A. Mr. Lumby sal.
will, u.e, and although I was strongly
of ihe opinion Unit I In* cuse should gn
io trial, Air. Liunliy Ihuiightotheiwise.
Mi. Liiu.liy wnsun o'der man Ihnn 1
wus, a very shrewd man and a gnnd
nuigistrate, and 1 nave way lo him,
thuugll, .silling alone, Air. Sidley would
have lieen committed for trial, Mr.
Liunliy told ine to express to Sidley
how uiieli'Sa he lu.d heen in branding,
I in'il Air. Sidley if l.e wns nol ...nre
i.n,'Iul aliiiiii branding, the chances
v.e,a he would liad himself ill gail.
Mr, Sidleygul very angry and answered
me lack, uiui I said there wns eilher
inn'ni-iwo things) he luui lieen ex-
tie.nely careless, ur else he had stolen
me cnlt. He had ih" ii|iiniini uf lioih
..u.jlisl rates, Q. You didn't show any
ii'ui'uT in lhe matte. ? A. No; no
mini- Ihnn I nni nnw. Q, And then
iuu wen* uut, under lile influence of
iupior? A. I ilnu'i gel duiiik Mi. Wil-
-ui. Q, Now, iliHtiiaiid r,„l'a'i'„wn-
s.ie is uwued hy ii j-lilt I sun k company?
A Yes, H Do you own any slimes in
ii ? A. I iln. (', Il.-i- ine cuiiipanv
ever been a liliguiH in Vm cni.it? A.
Never. (J. lia, una nf Hie im. vidual
imaliliei-s nl' the cnilipniiy elec heen
lii.a.ints in ynur Vim, i ? A. Yer. Q.
\V il. what lesiilis? A. Al , Mauley
was ii u.e...lice nf lhe - - Alining
n.iiipaiiy, bill 1 nuln i knmv I lint when
I Mil, Tllt'.esilll of that case was that
tlle iniiihig coiupiuv had judgement
against ihem. Jla ('..mini.igs hnd nn
."i'liii.. hniught li-a'ii e me.uml liei-miae
of his I'lelnglll the T-uva-iie c.in.pauy I
...d.'.eda jury. Tu*' case was wiih-
diawn, Minis had un ncliun befure
un*. He is nni in im* Tuwiisito company, Iuu il hns been iismii I Ihul lie
was. I ordered .I jai.v, unit the jury
found for Mr, Mini**, and I gave judg-
uietitln accordni.ee wiih ilu* Hndiugs
uf tin* jury. Those mc llle only cases
In which a member of ihe Townsite
company has been define me. Q. Nnw,
there isa letter wrilien by Air. KV.it
in which he expresses the opinion Hint,
a Judge shnnld not hold any shares iu
,-. mineral eluiin. Sow, ynu recollect
llial the (Jiiiuil.y ('iniil, had certain
jurisdiction over iniiieriil cliiiins? A.
Yes, Q. What was ynur inisition ihen
us fur ns mining weul ? A. Up lo 181X1
the County Cuurt lind all Hie mining
work practically of the whole cuunliy,
In 180(1 lhey look Hint away wholly
from IlieCiiiinly Court. Q The Legislnl un* look il away? A. Tlle Legislature, 1'Yniii Ihal lime 110 cases huve
heeu Iliad in Il.e (,'iiunl Courl. until
1807. Hul up In WHI. Hie lime ihul
Acl was passed, 1 never owned, directly ni ludii'uclly any Inleresi in iinv
mining claim, nr mine, hui iu IK;.,i I
really had lusi nil jurisdiction, , ml I
began speeiilallng iu mi.iesiiiid mining
shares like ilm resl of Hie llenple, (J
Yuu did,Tl own a miner's license? A.
I ilidu'i nil ii even a ininc'i, Iii cuse
until  Hie   lull  nt  181)1).    ('    Iniil  lhe
jurlsdlelIon was lake., away? A. Yes\
1 should suy practically taken away, it
wits not absolutely taken away, This
closed lhe cxuiuiiiiilion-in-chief,
Ale. Sidley wus usked if he hud nnv
i|iiesliuns lu pul. Air. Sidley:—Nol
unless your Lordship thinks ii i.s necessary ihul I shuuld cross-examine the
The Commissioner pointed out Hint
Air. Henderson wus piesenl In render
Air. Sidley or anyone having complaints, ull possible assistance,and that
il would nut he pioper for llle Own-
inissiuner In make any suggestion one
side or the olher. orto give any opinion
upon the evidence, If Mr, Sidley
wished, the Commissioner wuuld buld
another silting this evening, sn as to
give lime fnc consultation with Mr.
Henderson nn any point which Mi.
Sidley wished brought out. Mr, Sidley expressed the opinion Hint it would
not be necessary to take advantage of
(I'ulililiued on page!.)
Extrn Provincial Company to
Carry on liusiness.
"OOMPAWBS Act, 1897"
(Canada, Provlnoo ol llrilisii Columbia,)
w..y('iu.ipniiy(Liinitcili,is authorised and licensed to carry on business
uilliin the I'rovi. .1' llriiish Columbia, and to carry on. ull or nny of Ihc
objects hereinafter set forth i.i which
tho legislative authority of the Legislature of llriiish Colombia extends.
The I lend Olllee uf lhe Coinpaiiy is
situate in ilm t'ily of Montreal, Province of ('ucbec.
Tiie amount of Capital of the Company is IKI.IKW dollars, divided Into 1,200
shares of 60 dollars each.
The Head Office of the Company iu
this Province Is situate in Midway, and
Angus Kllbee Stuart, Agent, whose
address is Midway, is the attorney for
the Conipiiny,
The objects for which the coin|iuuy
bus heen established are:—To acquire
Innds bv purchase, lease or otherwise,
in tlie Provinces of Hriiisl. Columbia
and Manitoba and elsewhere in Canada,
from the Dominion ur nny Provincial
Government, or any corporation or individual ; to sell, rent, mortgage, exchange or otherwise dispose of said
lands; to survey, colonize, settle, improve, and build upon said lands: to
lay out, operate, lease, nnd maintain
in and upon said lands, roads, streets,
wat.*.' works, electric light and power
Given under my hand and seal of
Otllce nt Victoria, Province of llriiish
Columbia, this 3rd. day of January,
one thousandoighl buudredanduinet'v
(L, S.) S. Y. W.iori'o.v.
Registrar of Joint Slock Companies,
Spokane Falls
..-*& Northern,
Nelson & Fort Sheppard,
-- AND - -
Red Mountain Railways.
The only all-round route, without change of cars, between
Spokane,   Rossland     e f
and Nelson. . .        /£.
GOING SOUTH,                    (lOlNtl HOl'TIl.
12.12.... MARCUS 2.28 p.m.
Close connections at Nelson wilh
steainlio.ll.8 for Kaslo and all Koolenay
Luke points.
Passengers for Kettle River and
Boundary Oreek connect al. Marcus
with sluge daily.
Certificate  of  Iniproveiiients,
Gii.nx Fhaotioal Minkhal Claim.
Situate In Osoyoos Mining   Division,   and
bounded on the north by the Cameron and
Old England,on the south by the Joe Dandy
and Daisy, on the east bythe Daisy, and
on thewcstbytheJoe DandyandCameron
mineral claims.
-TAKE NOTIOB tlml  I, John It. Mltoliol!,
I    -froo miner's cerllflcato Nn. IW381-. intend,
nixiy days from dnlc hereof, lo npiilv iu ihc
Mining Recorder f<>rn certificate nf Improve*,
montft, for tho purpose of obtaining a drown
Grant of tho aboyo claim.
Andfnrthcr tako notice llml action undor
nuciiou 37must bo commonood heforn ihc issunnco of such OorUflcatoof Improvoments,
Iwtod ihis20th day of Novombor, 1807.
^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦■♦♦-->^s^>if»o»r» £««
ffl   THE   FUTURE |®J
w  S
|    Tie Kettle Biver Country I
|*B   Lots cm Easy "1 erms to Actual Residents,
Cjto For Particulars Apply to
;Vff   A' K* STUART,   ob to   R, C, ADAMS,
Midway, 11. 0,
iMl'N'fltUAL, 1J. Q,
Pentieton Livery, Feed and Sale Stables
Good Single and Double Drivers, and
Gentle Saddle Horses.
Certificate of  Improvements,
An,is Minimal ci.um.
Situate In tl.c Osoyoos MIiiIiir Division of Vnlo
District, looated at Cnmp Falrvlow.
T IKK XiiTlfK ilmi I,.iiiiiii R.Mltolioll.froa
I    ml 'ai'i'i'iiiii-tiii' Nu,mil, Intond, ulxly
iln.ia fi-iim iln- ilmi' liorouf, in iiiiiiIv iu Ilm
Milling Iti'i'ui'ili'i'I'nr n I'i'i'tillriili' nt lmprovo*
tnonti. fur Mm purposo nf nlitiiiiiln^ u Crown
(ii'iini ul tlio abovo olnlm.
And furthor tako notloo Uinl notion, undor
Miction '11. iiniai  In- i-'iiiniHiimi'il beforo tlm
iBfliianco ula icii Cortlflcnto of Improvomoiita,
Untod .Iiia Ililii ilny uf Novomlior, 181)7.
fiappy and Prosperous
T'HK holidays being over we thank the
* public of Midway and vicinity for the
generous patronage extended to us since
the opening of our business and will try to
deserve their future patronage.
We are through stock-taking and offer
bargains in all branches especially in
Dress Goods, Silks and Satins, ladies and
gents Underware, Shoes, and Suits for
gentlemen, youths and boys, Rubbers, Slippers in fancy velvet, leather and felt plush.
A large stock of stationery and school
supplies always on hand. 'Groceries of
every description .   .   .
Ccrtiflcntii   of Improvements.
0..ANA...I MiNi-a.Ai. Claim.
Sltunte In Kettle nivei* Mining Division of
Ynle Dlstriot, looated in Graham's Camp.
-PAKU NOTU'K Hint I, l-'orbra M, Kerb)',
I nol Ina .is ngonl for Edwin Smith (li'iiluuu,
froo niiiiiTai'i'i-lllli'iitij Nu, 8IM80, lntoi.il. sixly
days from ilnlo lii'ia-af. fonpnlyto the Mining
Itooordor for a eortlfii'nto nf Iniprovdtnont, fur
Ilia pui'iHiai'iif iililiiiiiingiiCriiwngrant of Ilm
abovo olnlm,
And furthor tnko notion thnt action, under
Boctlon ll". iniiai In* I'li'innoiiecd boforo Ilm*
lssunnoo uf aucli oertiflcato of iinproveinenla.
Dated this 12th dnj of Dec. IW.
L ftAIN & CO. Midway, B.C.
Carson, B. C.
N direct route to the
Boundary Creek and
Colville Reservation
-   Proprietors.
Orand Prairie Hotel.
J. P. FLOOD, Monnger.
J. KERR, Secretary.
Tlie Kettle River Dressed Meat and Provision Co,
Orders will bedelivered in the towns named, and the
several mining camps of the district. Midway, B, (J, January 81,1
LOCAL AND DISTRICT. A motion  condemning the tax on
  working miners has been passed by the
Colonel Topping left Boundary creek j Rossland Trades and Labour Council,
for Grand Forks on Thursday morning i the legislative committe uf which or-
en route for Trail.
Mr. W. A. Oorbett last week shot
and killed a large oougar close to bis
camp on the Suniinit claim, Sununil
Mr. E. O'Shen, Treasurer of the Cariboo Mining Milling k Smelting Co., is
at presents..'....ruing in Camp McKiuney, an.l has charge, temporally il is
eaid, of the company's works.
Recently the owners of the Cascade
City townsite, refused a cash offer of
9100,000 for OK) acres of their land at
that point, an.l although they hnv
two or three thousand acres tliere, so
great is their faith in Iln* ultimate
Value of the land, lhat they refused
tbe templing offer.
On Wednesday lasl Mr.Blokards wns
pleased to welcome lo Midway, his
brother Mr. F. B. Rickards, of Sat.
Fancisco, Cat, where he resided for
some time, but so impressed is lie with
the outlook for this districl, that he
has decided to become a resilient.
Writing from Portland, Oregon, on
21th inst. to a friend in Greenwood Mr.
W.W. Gibbs says that in that city one
hears scarcely anything but Klondike
talked of. Quartz claims iu this province have no interest for residents
there. Mr. Gibbs found bis family all
well, and he is enjoying very much tbe
change of scene aud climate,
A C. P. 11. survey party is camped on
Eholt Creek, having last week come in
frum the Kootenay. The counliy I
tween Boundary Creek and the North
Fork of Keltle River is being exam,
ined with the object of locating the
route of the Columbia—Penticton railway through that part of the district.
The ininers .....1 prospectors who will
be obliged to go up the main Kettle
River this spring to prospect and work
on their claims taken up last summer,
are wondering what the government
will do in tlie matter of providing.,
road or decent trail, and a bridgo with
which to cross the west fork of the
Messrs 0. G. Dixon, general agent,
of the Great Northern Railway, and
G. H. Martin, auditor aud freight traffic manager of tho Spukane Falls and
Northern Railway, both having their
head quarters at Spukane, came Into
tlie district lust Wednesday evening
and spent Tiuu'-ulay at Greenwood
dealing with iniitlers-chii.il)- conueci-
ed with the freight business of the district— coiuiug .uuler their control in
their respective departments. Bulb
were favorably impressed with the
bushlB'S outlook and agreed that there
are good grounds fur the contention
that the pr.igiessuftlie.listriclisniuch
retarded fur lack of railway connect-
tion, tlie early provision of which
would give tbe district a decided impetus, to the benefit uf all concerned,
Mr, J. Christie had a narrow escape
from a very serious, if not fatal, acci
dental the Winnipeg .nine, Wellington camp, uu 23rtl inst. lie was working on shift in the shaft and with another man was lieing hoisted in the
bucket to the surface aftor lighting tin*
fuse prcpurat iry to firing sovoral holes
that had beon charged, A sudden jerk
threw the "Due" out of the bucket
against the timbers of the shaft. He
grasped the edge of the bucket and
was drugged up for aliout twenty feet
knocking against tin. timbers all the
way, Ho was, however, rescued frinn
his peri!..us positlou and hauled tu the
surface, in.ml. bruised and shaken, but
otherwise not soriously hurt, lie was
able tu take his pluce ill the shaft when
hi i shift weul un again, hut he had the
niirr-nvo't escape, and -me he hus nu
desire to have repented.
ganization lias been instructed todraft
a resolution to tliat effect and ti. immediately forward a copy of it to tlie
Provincial Government,
The matters in dispute in connection
with the steam mining plant supplied liy the Ingersoll—Snrgei.l company for the Golden Crown, Wellington comp, were adjusted lasl week.
Tho plunt will probably all beon lhe
inine very shortly. Meanwhile a difficulty regarding the heavy freight
charges will in ull liklihnod be settled.
II is stated that Mr. P. C. Stoess, of
Spokane, who a few weeks ago bunded
the (iolcii.i.ln grnup, in Smith's camp,
for an English company, has applied
for nil extention of lime within whicli
to eiuiiiiieiii'.' development work on the
claims, other business having so fully
occupied his attention as to prevent a
com.ne..ce...cut being made by February 1st, the date named in the bond,
The Provlnolal Mineralogist, Mr. W.
A. Carlyle is reported to have said recently, when speaking tu a representative of a Rossland newspaper: "Regarding changes in the Mineral Act, 1
hope tliat the Provincial Legislature
will, at the coming session, amend the
Act so as to require the prospector to
do his assessment work before recording his claim, This provision, which
is in force in Colorado and Montana, is
necessary he said, to prevent tho i.ules-
crimlnate location of laud by men who
have no intention of developing it,
 4 . 4	
J. A. Unsworth,
(I     fOTGS.
Ore wus .net with in the vertical
shaft uf the Winnipeg, Wellington
camp, one day last week al the depth
of 85feel.
A contract for sinking the shall on
the 0.0. D., at Long Lake, n furllier
50 feel has been let lo Mr. Die Sanford.
Tbe shaft was already down IS feet.
The Nightingale claim, in Skylark
camp, is to again have attenlion, Mr,
J, Christie having arranged to do at
least a couple of months more work un
On tlie Bruce, in Graham's camp,the
tunnel is now in aliout 81) feet, and a
somewhat softer rock having lieen encountered, more rapid progress is now
possible in carrying on the work.
The adjourned annual general meeting of shareholders in the Boundary
Creek Mining k Milling Company will
be held next Thursday afternoon Hid
preix. at Reudell's hall, Greenwood, al
three o'clock.
An experimental shipment of two or
three tons of quartz will shortly be
made frinn the Jewel mine, Long Lake
eamp, to Vancouver, lor treatment by
the cyanide process. A few tons will
also be sent uul for a smelter test.
(Continue* from pnge2.)
never before known of sueh large
masses of ore that, will pay to work as
those met with here, All bough not in
the .list.icl himself lie had hnd Iwo
men out and he hnd assayed ahout •'"ill
eft he samples sent, him. He found
that there were numerous heavy veins
running from $11 to $22, and some
highi'r. In conclusion he characterised
the "Hi... flam" anecdote ns a very
pretty hut untrue story and one thai
Mr. Heinze is not. likely to believe,
Afler some diverting remarks by Mr.
Alex. Wallace, Mr. D, Ross spoke at
considerable length g.iing through
Ihe hist.uy uf Mr. Ileinze's actions in
connection wilh lhe Onlliliililii und
Western scheme from the beginning,
nnd expressing Ihu opinion that the
gentleman is nuw in a hule uud has no
reasonable claim to assistance to get
out, of it. He must either fulfill his
railway ohlgutiuns or be lhe loser,
Mr. Loamy sarcuslically .cnn.iked
that if Mr, Russ lind delivered his
eloquent indictment of bribery and
corruption against bolh Dominion uii,|
Provincial groverninents thai would
sell led lhe question, He hnd delivered
auexcellenl polll leal address and they
might take a note.if it foi future use.
lie hud damned both governments, so
there was no more to l.e said about the
The resolution '.vus then put and was
curried with unly one dissenting voice,
Upun tlle motion of Mr. Jas. jlcNicul
nf Midway, seconded by Mr. P. ,1. Mc*
Arl bur, the following resolution was
next unanimously adopted:—
Wiicui'.AS tho Kottlo Itivor Valley Railway
coinpaiiy is making application to tlio Dominion
I'ni'liniiiuiil for a ohnrtor to build n railway in
Boundary Crook dlstriot, mul
WnuitGAS tlm compnny is asking fur nn
publio aiil nud luis pxpressod iis intention ul'
beginning notua] construction immediately
upon iln- charier bolng granted, lm it therefore
rnsolvod llml ilia rea'donls uf Boundary Creok
lllstrlot urge upon tlm Dominion I'li-linnmnl lu
grant llu. said charter tu tlie Ketlle Kiver
Vnlloy itnihviiy company,
Vules of I bunks to t he chairman for
presiding and ('ol. Tupping fur attending ami addressing the ineeling, were
ihen puHst-d bj an-'.iuiiiiiiiii. in acknowledging I liiscuui'lesyCnl. Topping
snid ilinl llle iiu-i'iiiig li.ul nf course
ma n ma.iiuu.ui- ni passing 'lie resolutions, I'liey iluul.lless ali knew whal
th.-v were doing, bul ba ivould now
it'll iln in ihul. Mr. Heinze would cm*
lalulybnlld bis Iliad, l'h -y would Hnd
im. ibal Mr. Ileioze iniiul li*> ii strung
neuiy ns well as ii sirnng friend, nml
would reciprocate,
Mr. Runs hoped Ihal ll would be
nude known In the Dominion I'.niia-
ineiii ilmi Cul, Tupping hud inld ihen.
Mr. llein-'.ie unillil in,ike il bill I'm
them if lie gill Ilia alt: e.     lie   Imped
ibal iio|one there would sign the peti-
ion Col. Tupping hud rend In them.
Col. Topping suid llial, be bad not
asked a man there lo sign il nur would
be do so.
The chairman snid he thought they
had now gone far enough in this matter. Col. Topping laid been corteonsly
treated nn.l he should be permitted to
go away feeling that they could conduct their public meetings without
going Into personalities, If Mr. Heinze
would build intu the, disirici, ull the
better, fnr thev would then have co.u-
pelelitive ronds, which wns whal they
required. He then declared tbe ineeling adjourned and tin* comparatively
large assemblage dispersed.
HIDWAY,   -   I'.C.
Tie Mighty Dollar
How to make it go the
furthest is the
Burning; Question
The White Front Store
Quality, prices and
Certificate  of   Improvements,
Ilivnitsins MittxiuL Claim.
Sltuato in the 'Osoyoos Mini.li
Vnlo Distriet.
Fairview. ■
Division of
Whore located: Camp
TAKI'' '■- -
I ngonl fur Hh'ai-lii'l Cohen, froo minor
corllllcatoNo. 201138a, Intend, sixly days [roil
Um iluin liercuf. in apply to lhe Mining Rooor
dor for noortllicnto of improvomonts, fui- llu
purpose nf obtaining a Crown Grant of tin
nbovo itlniin.
And furthor take .inline that nellon, under
flection  II", must, hi- coinmonccd before ilia
Iflsnnnco nf sui'tt cortitknto nf Improvements.
Dnled lliis Ullli day uf Nov. 1807.
Mineral Act 1 96.
Certificate  of Improvements.
Situate In the   Osoyuus Mining Division nf
Yale   District.   Where located.- Camp
SlU.M.UH.'K,   Onii.UA,  lll.ACK   ]'...sen,   Ex*
TAKK NOTICK (Ina I. Chna, doBlolnGreen
ngonl I'm' Vi. A. Dior; froo miner's oortill*
I'lilesiHK and A. A. Davidson, free ininer's
ecu ilk-ale No. KIWI, intend, sixly days from
tho date lioroof. tonpplyto Um Mining llocordor for a cortitli'nto of Improvoinonls, fur tbe
•purpiso of obtaining a Crown grant of tlm
Vnd furtlior lake notico that notion, undor
lection 31. inu-i ho commenced boforo llic
i nuance nf Mich i-.ti-tiiii-iiie nf improvements.
Dated this isth day of Nov. tsiii.
Is situated between  Cam
McKinney antl Fairview, on    e
trunk road lending' from Pent -
ton to Boundary Creek.
Tlio best accommodation affo ded
J.P.McCUDDY, Proprietor
,,..We carry everything in lliese lineH,..,
Mail orders receive prompt attention.
First class tin-shop In conneotlo
Goods away op.     Come io and see!     Prices away down,
Real Estate and Mining Brokers.
(11:0. R. NADEN > MANAUEI*
Umnwood City, B. C.
lbe besl
Ti|.is.   Wake
The hotol is centrally located an.l is a  stopping place   for  stage
Good llshing in llu* vicinity,   Good slabling.
Meals will be served at nil hours, the tables being furnished with
A variety of the choicest bran.Is.if liquors ...id cigars at  Il.e bar,
J.   I^EEU,
Fine Watch Repairing a Specialty.
All Work Warranted.    u3-2in
A HALF INTKUKST In a liotcl luisinew In
Qreoonwood.  Apply lo
ANDREW LKAMY. Barrister,
Ooppor Strflot,
(/men .vood. B 0.
Commercial and Mining men should put up
at the Fairview Hotel when in camp.
Qeo. J. SKeekar.
Greenwood City, Boundary Creek, B. C.
1     We have jusl opened lbe abuve hotel at Greenwood City, and are prepared
to welcome gnosis anil provide good iieeu.......uial inn.   Good Catering.   First
class Livery .Stable,
Midway, B ft, January 81,
IContiniieil from page -II
Creek ? A. Yes, sir. Q. What kind
of accommodation was there at Ruck
Creek, taeii!' A, Very poor. I ienieiii-
be. distinctly that the bed I was lu
occupy lhat night, hud been occupied
by a iiiuti with leather breeches—that
was the first time I had any idea uf t he
accommodation there. Then I sub-
milted a plan to get a license and il
was subject entirely to the erection uf
lllis building thut I was lu get the
license, I said lu the proprietors if
they would put up a proper place, I
would withdraw my application fur a
license, Inn I jnevsr used the license.
Q. Did you own a house at that time?
A. Yes; there was a house there at
the time. Q. That, is, yuu were doing
business there ut lhe time? A. Yes;
I had a store there, nn.l I was interested iu seeing gum! hotel accommodation, And Judge Spinks al. the time
bound me down to the erection of a
very good place, and the drawings bad
to be pul in before lie would issue u.e
any right tu have a license. Q. Jlr,
Henderson.—At Ihe time you applied
for the license, hud you u hotel, oc lhe
necessary requirements? A. I had a
liuililing there thai, with a very little
alteration, would be far and away
ahead of the one that was called a
hotel. Q, I understand thai Mr. Sidley's con.plaint is that ul the lime ynu
were granted the permit, yuu had nn
accommodation for a hotel ?  A. Nu.
the permit tu have the license wns
issued In me nil lbe condition that Ibis
liuililing wuuld In- creeled, a substantial building, and the plans were submitted to I.i.n befure be granted me
that permit, whicli gave u.e u right
to have a license when that building
was erected, and nut befure. Exam-
inatlun clused.
Snine discussion ensued nn the question of the dale uf receipt of exhibit 9,
the letter from Mr, Thempson, Supet*
intended1 of lbe Tenasket Indian
school,wtl-hdrawinghts charges against
Mr, Sidley; and il was found ou comparison of the dates Ihal the letter una
received by tflc Judge after the proceedings against. Mr. Sidley.
Mr, lj.in.bly, recalled:—
List of County Courts frnni 181)0 to
1800 put in and marked Exhibii "!)''.
Q. Air. I-lendersnu: — Referring to
Exhibit I), are yuu able lo say why the
County Court of tho 6th December, at
Fairview, was adjourned to April 10,
1898? A. I couldn't say why, Q. Mr,
Wilson:- It might have been because
there were no cases ? A. Then'do noi
appear to he ally cases entered hetween
the 21st October 1892aud the 10th April, 181)3. Q. That is one reason. And
the nexl one, un the lllh nf June 1898,
County Court at, Fairview adjourned
till the 29th of June, 1893? A. 1 can't,
say why it was adjourned, Q. The
Commissioner!—Is tin- rensnn entered
up in the bunk in any wnv ? A. Nu,
sir, Mr. Wilson:—(to Judge Spink.-.)
Can yuu give the reaauu? .Iiid;,c
Spinks:—It, would see... in l«* on the
request of Counsel; il .was uol mi my
account. Q. Mr. Wilson (to witness):—
On the 16th April, 1895, Onurt at Midway was adjourned fur iwqdavs? A.
I havent the least idea why. Q. Then
the Court at Osoyoos was adjourned?
A. It bus very likely clashed ui:I.
some nf tin* ulher en...is. Q. Then we
comedown to the lib Mav, 18911? A.
(Judge Spinks):—The 4th of May Is lbe
time my horse lunk.* .Inw.., Q, Then
then the 15th Julv, 1800? A. Thai
was on lhe request of counsel, Counsel
at Kamloops wanted iheir court ul.ered, and that.necessitated the alteration
here, Q. Mr Henderson: -(to witness)
Exhibit II is a statement shewing the
dates on which courts have been held
in the disirici. nf whieh ynu nre registrar, frnni June 7lh, 1890, up Inilu* 71 h
November, 181)8: und I his llsl nlsu shews
■ill the adjournments Ihul huve been
made between thus.* (lutes? A, I believe it dues; In lllc best of iny knowledge. Examination closed.
Mr. Sidley, heing asked hy the Coin-
missioner, if he had anything to suy,
said:—I haven't, very much tu say, except what I have already said. I mny
say, hmvevei, thai I hnd im (.'.illusion
with nny nne else iu making iln- charges, The Commissioner; -There is no
suggestion by anyone, .Mr. Sidley, that
you have acted In enNusi.m with anyone else, Mr. Sidley: I dnu'i knnw
anything about Ihese other charge, hut
seeing that the Commission was ap*
Pointed, I certainly senl in the cl.urges
did, because I naturally gol it ilii.jp.
hostile, when [heard thai Mr. Spinks
made these remarks aboul me. These
charges wero being made by everyone
about Mr, Spinks, and i certainly
thniight thnt lhey should be Investigated, I said distinctly iu my letter
that thev were unly hearsay, nn.l I.....
prepartd to tell Mr, Spiuks niyniillenities fur them, and iny reasons for lie
lieving these tilings were sn, nnd fnr
writing that: leltcr when I tlltln'l knnw
of thein myself,   Hui  heating Hi	
things, uiui hearing so much talk
around, nnd hearing Ml', Spinks himself say things iiliiini people Ihal I
didn't .'believe, I Ihollglll il wuuld In'
righl In have ii I'liuuuissiiiii In luvpsll-
gate, The only reason I cross-examined
Mr. Spinks on .he pninl Ihul 1.11.1 tv.i
that he swore distinctly I hai he tlldn'l
adjourn that second cose; now he did I
adjourn it from une day in tlm nther i
I was kind uf surprised, und I Ihink I
remonstrated with Mr, Lumby, bul he
said he didn't wish In have anything
todn with it. The other lime I ills
tinctly reineinher that Mr, Spink- said
he wuuld not. listen I.n the witnesses,
that they had perjured themselves, I
think Mr. Spinks bus probably forgotten the matter i afler il.e lapse nf
time, his memory perhaps hns proved
a little treacherous. I don'l ihink he
would wilfully speak falsely. \n
honorable man, whn had nnv regard
for his ne.ghiiors, but wnnlil du whal I
have done; and thai is iny unly inm ive.
I have nothing to do with Ihese other
charges, and I regret'very much llml
these other,people have nnl come forward to back up their charges, I simply want the commission to understand
that I am not acting in collusion wiih
anyone. The Commissioner:—There
is no suggestion, as I said before, Mr,
Sidley, that ynu are acting in coll..ssion
with  any person.    The only obser
vation which I will permit myself tu
make now with reference to thuse
gentlemen, who, in formulating complaints rather vague, Iuu iu very strung
terms, is this : it.Ts not easy to understand, if they thought it llieir duty to
make the complaints at all to lbe
Minister nf Justice, how they can
reconcile with the exercise ofth.il duty,
their conduct io nnl even answering
the formal request made for particulars
of the charges; in mil appearing h-*v,
although the enquiry was lirouglv i-i
their doors as ncnrly as pussilile, iuu
iu Ignoring the com.nlsssonaltogether,
The commission then adjomed to
New Wesltulnstei on Tuesday the28lh
Deceiiihei, 1KII7, to lake Mr'. Bullock-
Webster's evidence.
New Wi'sl minster, Dec. 28, 181)7.
The Commission sat pursuant to adjournment.
W. II. Bid lock-Webster, sworn : examined liy Mr. Ili'iidi'isiin. Q. Your
niiuii' is—? A. William Howard Hul
lock-Websler, Q. You an. the Chief
Constable un the Mainland here in the
service nf the Priivincbil Giivetnmenl ?
A. Yes. Q. And you formerly resided
nl—? A. Osuyoos, Q. In lbe" County
nf Ynle? A. Y'es. Q. And yon were
acting as Constable there? A. I was
Constable and .Mining Recorder. Q.
Do yoo recollect the case nf Reglua
against Hayes? A. Yes. Q. Were
ynu present nt lhe trial? A. Yes:
I prnsecnied, Q. Dn you knnw .Mr.
Sidley? A. Yes ; I know Mi. If. II.
Sidley. Q. Mr. Sidley wus examined
nl Midwny .... lhe 2lsl Instant, nnd
wilh respect In Ibis case nf licginu
againsl Hayes, he was asked iln- following quesiiu.i: "Now, willi respect
to lhat case, wbal have you lu say?''
His answer is th's: "Merely that I gol
my informal ion frum the witnesses and
ulsn frum a gnnd number of persons
who said lhey were there. Mi. Webster, the Constable said it was u must
disgraceful case, lie is nuw the Chief
of Police-'I New' Wesl minster." Nuw,
whal li,ua-ynu In.say wilh respecl In
that statement nf Mr. Sidley's? A. I
have im recoil.clion of saying anything of the kind. Q. Have yuu any
recollection of speaking tn Mr. Sid ley
nn the cast- al all ? A. I remember
Mr. Sidley lining a great deal of talking
lull it is four years ago now, uud jus!
whal was said I can'l remember; but
he was talking uiiuul it wherever I
saw him, although I don'l think he
was presenl at the Iiiul at all: 1 doti'l
remember seeing him lliere. Q, Might
I ask ynur ..pinion uf the case? A.
The ...an was charged with aggravated
assault and lhe Judge found! his gulll
of common assault ; a most reasonable
conclusion to come to, Q. And would
you deny—of course I cannot truss examine ynu. .Mr. Webster— but would
ynu go so far as In uiake a denial nf
lllis statement ? A. 1 have nn recollection nf using Ihnse wnrds wilh reference tu Judge Spinks ; If I used those
words it was probably that the Hayes
case was a. disgraceful affair; hu! if at.
nil, I certainly did nnl, use it with reference to Judge Spinks, Q. It wus mil
your opinion ?   A. No.
Examination closed, No Cross-examination,
Paper,*containing a statement mnde
by the witness Peler T, McCallum,
handed in the Commlssiuuer, win.
promises lo Include it among the ex-
hiliils in his report In lhe Minister.
Thu following was the substance of
the said pa par:
Q. Wlm requested you tosign thelet-
|.*rli.The Minister.if Jusl ice which was
produced al-to days enquiry? A. A.
C. -Stittnn, Barrister, at. Grand Forks.
LJ. Was anyone else presenl? A,
Yes; Mr, Falconer, Q. Did Mr. Sutton
press yon to sign tt ? A. I hesitated lo
sign il, eilher he or Falconer read it
uver in me .and Mr. Sutton told uu-
llnil .Mr. Sidley and other Justices
were sending In other petitions to ihe
lliinniiialili! Sir Oliver Mowat, and
Ihal  il   would result u. an  enquiry.
(J, Did ha ask yuu at, Ihal dale ur
any subsequent dale tn sign any ulher
Icliei ? A. Yes. Q. Tn wlinni wns
that, Icl Ier addressed? A. If I remember righl ly it wus nil dressed In Sir
Wilfred Lam ier. Q. Whal, was in
llml leller? A. I don't, remember Ihe
whole of the letter hul the substance
nf ii was asking him to use his Influence to have.. Commission appointed
nud have A, (', Sill ton appointed Commissioner,
This stale il mnde this 21st day of
Dec ber, 1HII7,
W. ti. Mi-Mvini. MidwavB.C.
W. II. .V.in is. J. I'. Midway.
I'!, Jacobs, lireeitwnnri Cily. B.C.
The Commission then adjourned,
dent, constable; Ihe slate of the town
has continued to be orderly and very
satisfactory, There have been no
serious crimes reported, and when
occasionally there has been a disposl-
linn towards boisterousness shown by
nne or two convivial persons, lbe tactful II. unless of the officer has hud Ihe
iiecessnry repressive influence and sn
rendered unnecessary nnv severe
measures, In mailers conducive lo
.he public b.'iillb Mr. Lawder has ren.
dei'i'd lhe local hoard uf health much
nssistniice.iind ..miller ways has proved
bin.self.. zealous officer,
I1 dues nnl follow thai because he
ceases to perform ihe duties of City
Constable thul he will be removed from
Greenwood. In fuel lhe increased and
slid increasing piipiilalinn nflhe several
miniug camps aro.....I Greenwood uiake
it most, necessary ibal there shall sliil
la. a resident. Provincial constable,
with numbers of men working al Long
Luke cnmp eight miles nurlli nf Green*
wood, al Summit camp 12miles northeast, nl Greenwood nud Wellington
camps five and eight miles east respectively, and al Deadwood Ihree or four
miles wesl, it appears evident Hint a
police officer should be located wit bin
easy reach. Ii Is therefore milIcipated
thai, Mr. Lawder will still be stal lulled
nt Greenwood, wilh theireqiieul pntrnl
nf the surrounding country as his chief
 4 . 4	
Records for the Week Ending Jan-
unry'2.<tli, 1898.
Ideal, Central camp, C. M. Crnuse.
Snowdrift, Central camp, G. I). Cunningham,
Modoc, Long Luke cuinn, T. P.
High Ore, Lung Lake camp, ,1.
Clipper, Skylark camp, T, P. Kane.
Waldorf, Skylark eninp,   F. llauss-
Rhine, Skylark camp. F. Haussoner.
M.W.. fractional, Deadwood camp,
M.M. Welsh, et al.
Klondyke, fractional, Greenwood
cainp, M. A. McDougttl.
Queen Sube, II. L. Morgan, etal.
St Lawrence, .1. Fisher, et nl,
('. S. k H, Boundary Creek Mining*
Milling Company Ltd. l.y.
P. II., Boundary Creek Mining .v.
Milling Bompuny Ltd. Ly.
Hidden Treasure, A. Ca'stluuiau,
Denero Chicn, all interest; Robert
Eniinett, J interest; Laura, I, interest;
Marjory, J inlerest, F. Shonqucst 1.
G. R, Naden.
Police Change.
Now ilmi ihe official connection of
Provincial Police Conslabln A. II.
Lawder wilh ih" Corporation of Green-
utiitil has closed il isu lining Iii.ie lo
acknowledge Ihal since his appoint*
iiiiaii six ur seven months ngo us resi-
Records for the Week Ending January 21th, 1898.
Owen Sound, Siniilkanieen, II. ti.
Puzzle, Osuyoos, F. II. Wollastqn.
Skylark, fractional, Fairview. Jno.
W. Bartlett,
Susie, Geo. A. Guess.
Highland Lass, J. T. Bell.
Bell, Alex. Wallace,
Dividend, II. A. Bowerninn.
California, B. A. Anderson.
Liikoview, G Y. Bowerninn.
Orient, ti. A. Anderson.
Pride of the West, nil interest, Bank
of Montreal to Thos, Elliot.
Pi'ldeof the Wost, all inlerest, Oscar
Peterson to Thos, Elliot,
iiLmis^'iZimi'Jssrsf^MSSii^^^M* *&**•—
Camp JVlcKinney, B. C*
Patrons will find a new house, neatly furnished,
ancl possessing' all modern conveniences, tending-
to Lhe comfort of g'uests. Strict attention paid to
the wants and* wishes of customers at all times.
T. DONALD <£ Ilo. Props.        T. DONALD, Hfogr.
Notice to Taxpayers.
Rock Creek  Division of  Yule   District.
NOTICE Islicri'liv glvon In accordance with
llu- Statutes I hm Provincial licvcnneTiix
ntnl nil Tii\l-h In it-it uniler llic Assoa8tn.il i Art,
aro now duo for lho fear is*. All ihe abovo
iliilni'il taxi's t'tilli'i-liiilc uilliin Ilm Rook Crook
Division ot Ynle District nro payable al my
i.illi'oai iisojnus, Ynle District. Assessed taxes
are oollootlblo, at tho following ratos,vl!-:-
If |i...il on in' I11 toil' .Iiiiiii 30th, 1808.
Tlirci'-I'iiiii'ilis of nut! por eont on real proporty
Two ntnl nin'-iinll' por conl on assessed v.iiue
ot Willi lllllll.
Una hull' of tun- ner ee.ll nn personal property,
(in mi lunch nf llu- Income nf nnv person as
exceeds mn' thousand dollars ihi- (allowing
rim's aa ly:   I'linn 8II0I1 excess of Income,
wlira llie Kline is .nil it llinu leu llinusniiil
i.n thousand dollars 1 not moro than twenty
thousand dollars, one uud one quarter of ono
per conl., whon sueli excess Is ovor twenty
thousand dollars one and 0110 half of one por
It paid after Ial .Inly 1898.
['our ilfi lis of mn' per eent, on real property,
Thro.* porco.il tin tlio assessed value of wild
Throe fourths of nno por cent on personal
On so nnn'li of llu- iin-in f any porsoi. as
oxceods one thousand dollars: tlio fallowing
rail's uaiiii'ly: Upon ei.i-1. i-xitss. whon tin-
siitni- is im. inoro limn ten thousand dollars:
une ami oncquarlor percent., Whoiisucli excess
is uver len thousand dollars uud lass iluin
twenty thousand dollars, 0..0 nni] olio half ol
.an: pel' cent, when suoli exooss Is over twenty
ilioiisiniil dollars one nnd throuquartorsof one
I'riiviiii-ial Rovonuo tux 811.00 por capita.
.'. A. I!. LAMHLY,
(isiiyous, 11. ta, Assessor nml Uolloctor.
Jtti.11.1ry, ll.-il 1808.
Extru   Provincial  Company.
Q la.', I.I'll TKNIIKI.'S. will lie received by llic
O undersigned up to i o'lockp.m. of tu.-s-
ilay, l-'iliy. ,','h IMI*. for the puri-hnsu of ilu- sawmill, inilchliior) I buildings belonging in the
business lately tairrlod mi ty Mr, .:. O.tjhur-
■nn. a I'.iit-'. ii aa Tho ...ill Is in good running
order.  Tonus easl),
Tin- lowest or any lender ma necessarily
accepted,  Kurt lier purl I011I11.11uill hr tnrnlslicd
nniipplicn In
Envelopes sl tl bo marked "Tender."
"Companies Act, 1817."
•The Cariboo Mining, Milling and -Smelting
, l|l||.^!!uv'1iu'n'!'l,ll.'jilj;,nf December. 18(171
- .        I.',''1  'V'lx" I Lave this day
I   liau.-lciiil   ll.et|irit'.H..MIniiig,Mi|]|ngan4
smelling Oompany,  ns „,, Extrn-Protfnolo]
(itiiiiiiniy under ilu: "Companies Aet, aa."
ll..'l.i'ililiilll.i'iirili,:l',,,i,|,„1,y i, ,(1|Ulllc ,
US A       hpiJk""('' 'sl'lU) »' Washington,
Tlie illinium of ibo capital nf the Company is
rig il Iiiiiii rial ihi.us.iml dollnrs, divided Into
righl hundrod thousand slum's of one dollar
Tho head ofllco oHho Company in this Pro-
vinceissitualoni camp MoKlnney.nnd VV. A.
Hawley, miner, whoa,, address is Camp McKln.
noy aforesaid, is thentltonoy for the Conipiiny.
ineumooi tho oxlsuiucc of the Compnny Is
llfly years. '
The objects for which llic C'o-npany line heen
esialilishid aro:—
For ilu- purposo of owning mines and mining
claims, 1111,1 real properly with nil llu: necessary
wnler rlghis 'hereto, in ilm Territories of
Washington and Idaho, hi tho United Slates of
America, nud also It1 British Columbia, and also
fur Iln; purposo of owning, rmuniliing and
iilicriilingidl necessary nulls, smellers nnd ro-
auction works within suiil loonllttcs for lho
reduction „fany und ull,n-cs mined, orcxlrnctud
rro.11 ally mines so acqurod or worked by tlio
said Compnny. within said respective iuriB*
iiieiiniK ; iiiiiI also 10 work nnd reduce any anil
all ores 111 any of said works owned or operated
by Bald ( ompiiny, In any of said loonliiic, and
In produce bullion thorofro mil sell nnd dis-
pnsi-oi llio sanio. and to soil, transfer and dispose ol any milling proporl.- in- liiilliiai ihcrohl,
and do any and all things iicccss-u-y u, carry on
a -ciii'i'iu mining, milling uml .molting business
within said respective jurisdictions; and for
such purposes among olliors, tomnko, use und
construe flumes, ditch.*, irnmirays, railways
and right* ol way noooBsary fur .lm full nnd
wniplcocontr  Iho business aforesaid: end
Ibo said Coinpaiiy has boon registered tor Ihc
purposo of carrying »ui or odbctlng all lhe
objects aforesaid to which Ihc legislative 11a-
lliorlty of the Legislature of llriiish Columbia
Ulven under my lain,! und senl nf olllee at
victor a. Province nf British Columbia, llus
fovonth day of December, one thousand eight
hundrod uud nlnoty soyon.
i'-ji, no as
■■■'■  ftfth^Thxt,
A Billing of lho Count) Cnurl of Yale will be
At Grand Forks, on Monday, the Mia
ilny of ,MnroIi,1808.
Al il.e I >' or II o'olook   11 ihc foronopn.
ItyC and.
s. It. ALMOND,
Qovornmonl ORlco, Qrund Forks,D.R, 1:0.
•Inn. iiii, IW.
Province of British Columbia,
VICTORIA, by the Grace of Ood, or the United
Kingdom of Great Britain nnd Ireland,
I'na■■:.. iiui'ondorot the Faith, Kso., &o.
TOOURfnlthliil ilie Members elected to serve
ni die Logisla.ivc Assembly of Our Pro-
vlnpe ol Banish Columbia al cur Cily of
ul Victoria ■ Ul.KI'.TINd.
Vernon,"/Osoyoos, Kettle! Rlvor, mul Grand
Forks Hlning Ilivision of Yale District.
NOTICK is horoby glvoi I all  plneer
clnlmalegally hold iu ihc Vor Omvoos
Kettle Rlvor and Urand l-'urku MlnlngillvlBions
nf Yale District. II. .Villi' luui our from ||,i:
l.'.lh day of Novrinl.ci', 1807 10 Ial dav of June,
('. A It. LAMBLY,
Osoyoos, B. 0„ Qold Coinmfssiu.ior,
Nov. liuii. isnr.
Certificate of  Improvements,
OtIICKAMIN  ami  Diviiii: *Mim:i.ii,   .'l.atM.s.
Sltuato In the Osoyoos Mining Division of Yulo
District, located nt Kruger Mountain,
-TAKK NOTK K Ibnl I, John A. Coryell, as
I    ngonl  for ilm Adams llriiish Columhia
Company. Lid.. Ly.,frocmlnor'scorlt(lcato No.
KCtin, inlend. slxinbivs fr  II,,  dan- In lam.
toapply I- ihc Sllnlng in rdor fnr a Cor'
tiilrale nf iin]n'incincnls, for .],,- purpose of
nliiiiiiiliigiii roivit Qranl nf ihc nbovo claim,
And further lako notloo ilmi notion, undor
Bootlon 37, musl In- commenced boforo llu-
ss.ianooofsucl. Cortiftcuto of Improyomonls,
liuii'il this Ml. tiny of Ootobor, Iss;.
Doputy Attorney-General,
WHEREAS we nre desirous and re-
Vf    solved ns s us iiiiiv lie, t„ meet,
| Our people of Our Province nf
llriiish Columbia, ami to.have their
advice in nur legislature i
.NOW KNOW YK, tlmt fnr divers
causes nud considerations, and taking
Into consideration the ease and convenience of Our loving subjects, Wo
have though! lit, by and with the advice of Our Executive Council nf the
Province of British Columbia, to hereby convoke, nnd by these presents enjoin you, nud each of yuu, that on
Thursday, tlie Tenth day nf lbe month
I of February, one thousand eight hundred unil lllnoty-elght, you meet la's in
Our said Legislature or Parliament of
Onr said Provlnaa. at Our Olty of Victoria, FOB Till-: DISPATCH OF
BUSINESS, to treat, do, aot, and conclude upun ihose things whioh in Our
Legislature of the Pruvince nf British
Columbia, by the Common Council of
Onr said Province may, by the favor
nf (iod, be ordained,
In Testimony Whereof, We have
caused lliese Our Letters to be made
Patent, and the Greal Seal nf the said
Provinco to bo horeunto affixed i Witness, ilu* ll rable Thomas 11, Mclnnes,  liieiiti'iiiiiil-dovernnr   of Our
said Proviiu I' llriiish Columbia, in
Our City of Vieloria, in Our said Province, this thirtieth day uf December,
In the your of Our Lord une thousand
eight hundred uml ninety-seven, and
in Ihcsixly-ll.'sl yearof Our Reign,
lly Cn.n.niiuii.
Provincial Secretory,
Certilicate  of [mprovements,
Daisy Minniiu. claim,
Shunted In lhe Osoyoos Hlnlnir Division of
Yulo Districl.   Where Locnled; Fnlrviow.
TAKE NOTICK llml I. .Inlin 11. Mllcholl,
I    froo minor's -illl-i..,- No. 01831, Intend,
sixty days fr  dale horoof, in ninth in ihc
.Mining llcriirilcri'iii a Cortlllcalo of Improvomonts, forlho purpose nf obtaining a Crown
Cr of lho above olalm,
And I'lirihcr take notloo thai notion, undor
section .'tL must lie commenced bofi.ro lie
Issuance ofsuoh Cortlllcutoof Improvomonts,
Dated this 18lh day of Novombor 1807.
A Bluing of ilm County Courl of Ynle will
Fit- holilctt
At Mbl ii i,\, on Thursday, tho 10th, day
nl Uin, it, 1 sits.
Al llu* liniir of ll o'olook In the forenoon.
My command,
W. ti. McNTNN,
aovorn.no.il Ofllco, Midway,      D.lt.c.c.
January inh. 1808,
Anaconda, IB. G.
Repairing Neatly and PromptfyDone
Ordewby BtORO strictly attondod in. Art-ire
Anaconda Mercantile Co'* Ktoio.
Application to Parliament.
NOTIOE Is   hereby  ulicn llnil application
will I null' In llic I'nri; ail m I'm,,dn
ta lis noxl Sia-sinn. by lbe Columbia nnd
Ui-aici-n Railway Company, for an Act do-
chilling ihc ral]v,ny ami un.lortakt.ig of tbo
"nltlC panylo be a work for lhe gnnnnil
mlrnntngo of Canada, nnd drrlnrliig ilm said
Compnuj to i.c s body 'norato ami politic
illidcr Ihi'li'llWallv.'inilliorl.y of Hn- Purlin-
mom nf Cn.lll.ln, ami In have all IllO rlgl.ls,
nrlvllegea nnd franchises conferred upon li lulu presenl Ad of ii 'Duration, and in oxtond
Iln-linn-for ilmciani-letiiiiiof llu: snid railway,
anil fm- ulher piirpoiw,
Ci'i'letiin Chiitiihers, iiiiiiwa,
Solicitor tor applicants,
Commercial Job Printing.


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