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The Advance 1897-01-11

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Vol. VI, No. 11.
$2.00 per Year.
DW. JAKES, M.l)., CM.
OFFICE     l      l      :      BOUNDARY FALLS.
Late or
3*1. Thomas Hospital,
London, Rno,
Vernon, B. C.
Graduate of McGill University
Late Physician and Surgeon
Canadian Pacific Ry. Coroner
for East Yale.
T   P. McLEOU,
Barrister, Solicituh, Etc.
Anacdnua, ii. 0,
Of the Supreme Court of B. C.
Vkiixon, B. 0.
Law and Collecting Agenoy.
Conveyancer, Mineral Claims Bought
and Sold.   NjtaryPiiblic.
&RAND FOBika ... - b. c.
poiillliS M. KEBBY, P.L.S.,
Notary Puhlic.
Miiiway, B.0,
VKItNON, 11. C
Commission and Insurance Ag-'t
Civil Engineer,
Irrigation Projects, Engineering and Survey
Work, with Plans and Estimates in nny
Portion of the Province Immediately Attended to.
Haps and Plans of Any Portion of Osoyoos
District and Mining Camps of Kettle River
Mining Division.
J.   -O.   H>nL aS}
11. A. GllKSS, M. A. 11. A. lil'KSS, M. A.
Lai-He ShlpnienlH Arriving Weekly. We l.uy the
the Very Best Brands, and sell at vVnnilerfnlly Low
Prices, (live us a call anil he convinced Ihul our
prices  are  liic lowest iu lllis seelion  of  cnunlry.
Boots and Shoes, Clothing, Etc,
Wc curry a lartfP mul well-seli'C'U-d slock of iiIiovp
and ns \vi> pit cell used mir munh fur SPOT CASH we
nrc I'Diil-lt'd In fllvH 'Kir I'listonii'iN lin* lieiielit at' (he
Discount.   (Jive ns a Trial Onlcr.
"W. 1_. Sla.a-fc^oa?-ti raxxd Oo.
Pttlrvlew, Ouilip McKinney unit Vernon.
" Retail Dealers in dry
goods, boots ami shoes,
groceries and. provisions,
wines, liquors and cigars.
Sleial Attention
A  NEW TRAMWAY. j I hemselves as mosl  linnnrahle gentle-
men,   To a large degree the propriety
'lo facililale the 1111111111111,' of freight '.fall 'hings depends upon lhe poinl of
and to cheapen the cost of transport..- view.   To llie  liriisque mind of lhe
lion I'd ween tiie present. C. P. R, ter- American. Ihis legal notice has suine
minus al   I'eniicion and  Boundary i of the coloring of ihe opera houffe,
cieek, il is proposed I. hiiild a train- Bul it's all right,
way line hetween I'eniicion and ilia     The iihove upprnred recenlly in Ihe
I head nf Dug lukivi dislnnrenf'threi'or editorial coluuuis of ihe Spokesman*
four miles.   Al  present goods coining   Review, unil as a specimen of siiceient
l.y way of llu. ('. I'.  R. anil destined sarcasm  il   is   nniloulieilly   niihpie,
for   pnlnls   on   Boundary  creek, inc  ,Mm h as our Cousin .lonallniii loves lo
hroiighl hy mil to lhe head of Okaha- apply ihe hniuualile, colonel, elc. in
gan lake, i hence l.y steamer lo Pontic* j personages of high il agree, lie evidently
lm. at the fool  of Ihc lake, and frum ' ilncsnnli'elisliprospei luseslieiiiggrnced
il.cie taken  liy frelghl   tenuis anil I .villi such appellations to give il	
hauled to distrihutlng pulnla. South | weight as calell-pi'iiny schemes. Ilm
of Okanagan lake another sheet of it's all right, of course it's all liglil,
water extends, of ahout. twelve miles
in length, whicli is called Dug lake,
ami dividing Ihese Iwo sheets of water
is a si rip of land aliout three or ton.'
uiiles in wiil lli, lhrough which Hows
the Okanagan river, wliieli is however
W. C, Haywood,
W. Ii. Leonahd.
Haywood & Leonard, Penticton, B. C.
Pleasantly Situated at the Foot of Okanagan Lake
Stai Connections at Penticton
Willi Steamer Al.eadi'i.n fin Fairview, Osoyoos, and Orovillu, Wash. Also
Camp McKinney, Rock Crock, Midway, Boundary Falls, Anaciinda, Orteuwood
Cily, O.'ir.'un, Grand Forks and p.iiuls iu Washington.
Ample AccninoJatioD for Hunting Parties.   Guidos Furnished
not navigal'le. The triiuiway esla1.
lishcil the ol.jcet woulil In, the loading,
of goods on cars ai Ponticton, then
hauling of same lo the head of Ilia
lake, anil then Ihe loading of cars,
., ._  ..     ..   .        guilds and all on scows, which would
lAII)^ to Mail Orders, trauspnrt Ilium tu Okaiiagaii Falls al
Nothing but reliable goods lhe fuut of lhe lake,, leauia would
kept on hand.. takntheni Fiiuri Ibis point, aud would
avoid sixieen oc eighteen miles of very
heavy hauling, as lie. govecuiuen',
wag-.n road running annuel Hog lake
is carried over a succession of sanil
hills,   ll is claimed liy the project or of
Ihis sche Ihal n saving of fnnn $2 In
$*. |ici- Ion would result l.y this new
melliud of haiiillnig frelghl, anil Ihis
reduction i.f ensl would place upun aa
equal foiling Hie charges over two
rival ruuies-tVutieliin to B .miliary
creek ami .Marco, lo 11 lllndal'V creek  -
A.   TXtXA.Xt,   :i01I,-;iTIID.
IIiidsDn's Bay Co., Vernon, B. C.
">""■    O.  2Bt3_z.   _tk.
Good Boating and Fishing.
moo  Fa^'afio Route -^
The Cheapest . H     HEE2SEK
CU.ckest'and .
SMITH k McLBOD, Phophiktiiiih.
Sash, Doors. Mouldings, Turnings, etc. All kinds of fanctory
work kept in stock and made to order,   Coast Cedar worked
into Furnishings a Specialty. All kinds of Lumber, Lath and
Shingles kept in stock.    Best material always in stock.
Sawmill ox Okanagan Lake, Handy to Shipment.  Sash and Door
Factory ox ('. P. ti., Vernon.
Chemists and Assayers|MAiNLAND nursery company
Tliaro.iKl.ly   familiar   will.   Knlrvicv nml
Boundary Crack Mineral Properties, Proper
tics tannine'. Assays and Analyses nf Ores, i
Fuels, lain.
MIDWAY, 11. c.
oai'-iaxwitniJ, it. ...
si. niKiiS'lT. ii. T. HODGSON
Engineering anil Assisying Co.
(leei'iiwi.iiil City, B. ('.
Assaying and Analyses of Ore
jumijF.m FARM,"
On;  Specialties —Varieties Profitable in British Columbia
Shortest Route jx gu
Toronto, Mm\, Halifax,
Boston, Now York and
All Eastern, European,
and Pacific Coast Points.
iicinii overy
Tues-liiy, Tluirs luy uml Saturday, making con*
iii-i'lioiis with iniint- ai. Okiiiiiigiin Landing foi'
SR'imouK -junction tu join main lino trains
unut uml wost.
Through Tlokola lo ami from llu; Pacific Coael
lo Eastern mid European Point*.
 *•*§**   —
rin1 l-onrt mi the No. " fin iin in Ci'li*
I rn I ciini|i Ims ht'cii cxleiiili'd from lliu
1st,of Jnnuary In llu* 15lll nf Kcluiinry.
The property U owned liy James Selm-
lit'lil and Kd wan I L'-iVvn*, nnd Ulf pntv
lies tn whom lbe pinpt-i'tv Ih lumiliri
is Hu* Biiiiiidniy Mine i-uiupiiiiy, ;v
New York nn poriiliuii, Tlin properly
has lii'i'ii uiiiier bond in the eon ]uii*y
siiuc f.ifly lusi summer, uml during
lliis liiiif a givul aiiiiiinil nl' wink hu**
heen doiitvuoinu nt*vi»n or eiglil iliuus-
Htul dollars huvhig lieen ^penl hi hiiik-
ing a sluifi, i'1'unsi'Ulliiiy lhi- leiive,
drifting, ete.
 ► # i
The H. ('. Manning .liniMi.il Btiyai
The rilltinhill' mine at S.ivmins is in
splendid shtipe al present. A tunnel
is in now li'il) feet nnil 100 feet is in ore
grading 1 in 5 per tent, (pdeksilveri A
new working I untie] is now Htarled
lower down. Kieli slreaks oi' ore are
ioiiud .nl through (he low t-'i,iili'.
which charges are at present in I'lieni | Twenty-three men are employed and
ofthelatlei lOUte, owing tn the short el Mh linger Veatch expects tn have thu
ilislanre ^.lo.l.i ha*..' to lie Li-.in.sp iried , new fui'imee in opeealion hy Miiicli,
y team. \ ('onifi'iiahle     hiiildin^s    huve    lutfll
erected ami allo^eliiec the oitlliaik for
the only ciiiual.nr mine under the
ii.iiisli ilag is in a very .s.iiisf.iclorv
At lasl an ui-iiei in-it u:ieil has heen
uiaih' which \\\\\ meil willi llie ap-
n.'rivul ofiiVtii'y mining man either in
oi' oul (it lli' prot iii.'e. as ii i.> a wlep In
llie rlglll din ctioli.    I. i- as follows;
\'..;i,v i^ lioroby given Ui.it llu r.ill.iwlnjf
rcj;ti>ivlion htw boon uiailo ly Ilis (loiirir Uio
LienIctmnt*Gi vcincr \o Council:
Any (loruun or joint snick coini-ntu*, being lho
holder of uny n.inliigiii'oiiLTly, who nmj ap|.;,
for relief ngniiiHl lho forfelturo ot bluer Hb i:i-
U'I'chi in such proporty by rcusonof hlrtorltB
i.mii-sion loobinln a now freo miner h eertlftailo
■ni oi* in iViv ih ■ ilay following Mn oxiiimtlou
oftlio l;i;.-rliv.-,iii'i;.'..-li.tli, up in Lhoprodue-
iiuu ni an nlhdnvil fiottiug forth ibe clroiiin-
BiiinucHof Rueli omimlnii, ami full pjirticulnrc of
tlioproporlj atrcetod.togothcr willi tho dcclnia*
linn nt ibf pliI coiii)iiii«Uilior or mining ic*
.•tinier tor the dlvtnion or dlvltiiiiiiH iu which
uiieli property Usituatoil ti> the eltcdHliat no
rcconlfl ndvewo to \\w nppllcani'B latcrests
thorolu have been uncle liy him miring ibe
A slock company  has heen funned!       i
... .     cniiil
under lhe laws of Ihe Slate of Wash
iuglon, and its name ]• llie I'ni ill
Nnu liiug .-.nd HeliliilJg company. Tlie
cnpiltll stock will i-om(ii i-e IJ.fHKI.^h'ires
i f a 4»ir value of.$5. Tie' olijecl. n|
ilie company is to erect a smelter al
Northport, al (lie jtmclioii <>f the lid
Mountain railway with ihe Spukane
Kails iind Nnrtlieru, ami there Hindi
ihe ores of tiie Kootenay, Rossland
ami Trail and oilier einnps,
The oi'gmii'/er of Ihe company is IS.
il. We.lerkind, formerly manager of
the Tiail snieiiei, and wiih liim are as
socialcd.iolin A. Finch, Tali id; Clack.
Lm*iug& Williams and mlirr proutin
ent, mining men. The general plan of
tlle smelter will lie the sainiilei in llie
center, wiih side tracks on each dde
connecting with the Sp-jknii'i* Kali-.
and Northern railway. Tnis hulldiug
uill li- IH) x 85 feet, und uill contain an
automatic sampling michiue, sn much I'-molii which Uc sad appliciuil wm not in
. ,. .,, ,, ,n-i , pjssimsioii uf n free inlnurts eortille,ito ingul
i.l f.ivof With .III   llie!.,. atlc.l uieu ill U ni|J| ,,„,. ,;. ,.  „,,„,,
lhe presenl I nne. The storage eapafliy tliniiilnWoriiliiiliiesofafooM llvoilnlliit-- lie
|.'i|iii|,inciii. uusiirpnsseil, ooaibtnlngpalatini nf ihc 8alu|.lhlR mill liuililhiK uill lie onlltludlo rojilvo llio relief huukIii far;mil
iliiiiiife'nn;lslee|iiii|ri:;irs,liixiiri:nisiliij'eiiiielics, :j,(xm Imia.   'I'lic lu.llli  hllililili)* Ofl'U- tin iiilnlstor of mines ma) ll, i-nniii giro in-
tourist and freo oolonlst sleeping ours run on  pled hy the furnaces ulil l.e iniill Wl-1 "truutfoiiii for tli alltrnlinn ol Il.o ilatoof the
^ ut I.- ■ r«*»■* * * m r«>.! ZTi^iu^t::;;:::;;,:;:::,:;-
For ilifiiriiliilion ns In lilnc, rules, elc, apply I
H. S. Scailding,
Agent, Ponticton,
Oi In Geo-!Kr;L, Brown,
1 rees free Irom rests.
Send for Free Catalogue.   I   E, Hutciiekson, Manager,    jHave You a Cough or   Cold?
Leaves Marcus.
ill which I.Vll I'tll'U.laca ul    |,cl'll.l|is fuur
will he hniil. nl Ilia slarl. These iw.i
fui'uaces will haven suii'llltix eup.ieily
uf '.Hi Inns every 21 hours. The hluwer
plant, ns nlsu ilu* sampler, will hu
lain liy wilier |.ii.ii-l. 1'i-lliin wheels
la i i.i a'r Agent. V.inci.uvcr.     |,.jM,, ,,M,,i f,„. |hi> puipnsi'.
The iiiiistiui* liuililing Will he n fi'.uni
sliuclllle,   IHO a   2H  fl'l't, Ullli   Will   he
e.ncrc.l and protecLe.l wilh ('tiri'iigute.l
r~— rrrtrstx
be in. ilc a n In- i"...i|.|. n:l'....id a. iiii; bao.ni-
Blileroil i-ia|..i-i..a
(Jnvciiiiiiciil T'iniher InspeclurMurray weul lu lh sslniiil He* iaiui day to
Investigate ihu iillugcti Illegal rutting
uf limber uu Hie land graul  nl' thu
Xclallll   llllll    FOI'I    Sill pp.llll    IllilwilV.
Alice sj.e iiiliin.' ii fed In.nrs i nk in,
iron, Ollices and olher neeessary luiilil- cnipiiriusof lhe  mill  men  aiid Wood
inus will nlsu he priu'ldi'd. The smeller dealers,  he  lelcgrapheil   Ihc  depurl-
i designed lu treal lho copper ures ul „„,„)  for liislrueiinns regarding the
lliissiiinil, li .ii,nl.iy and utlier cainp.., rlghl or I). C. Corl.l  colled royal
.     I    . I. I I      1.11      ..I-       I     . . . 	
«.»♦♦♦♦♦♦•»♦**)♦♦♦ *>«♦♦*»*>♦♦*>*> ami lin-  lead anil silver urea nf lliu  i|ra fni> UinU'i under his laud grunt, -i
, ,,,, •i-r,-"l«'*'-lT"«iri(':kl"llrl"-V|   "'"'   ""''    ''O    K":;'   ''""'   replv W'llslecei'.ed   l.uui l(. S. Skillliei
 Mondays and I 1iiii-m1.lv, ;u i i*. m I  || [QQi Wk | -ii.,a.,,
I Arrives Greenwood _. Tuesdays and Fridays at 5 i\ M 5 A  wWlJIAli-f.
Mines Examined and Reported on: Arrives Marcus iThursdav ::iv\ Sunday ai 9 ,\. m ♦ ^^♦♦-txie*^-*^****♦♦♦♦♦***•*■«>♦ As VuJ l0"K " 1T' royultlns held i.y Mr. (Jurhlii,  l.nsi
Kjt  ' ' uiglil Mr. (lorhiii li'legiiiphi'dMi'. Mur-
A l''B«l I"1-"'11' '  lli"Om-l.il niy| ,1   ,„| , Ml.   n,K|«e||„r
' llrilisii  Ci 1 in   Oiwelle
- ill. ii.i,iily will pi.iilnci.   |„.||,| |,|'  11,1-  ilepnr -nl. i.o.nnt   hu-
I i-i-.ili\,-   iii-inn 11 ilis   I.,   i-tilled   ihe
TIlOTOIIgll  Vc'illiilnlaiiiie witli till" Kellle :E1    30.   X.'.'20XS.Xfjl2 '.:OH.   PHOPIM :2iTCHtt.
Iiiici* iind Itnuiiiliii'y Creel, Mining   ___^__  	
-J^     v_~,  a NACONDA HOTEL
W. Il.li.l.'l Ml'Lh ♦ ■♦ 1      1      r- I. .....i...
*    ♦
Utau-Bt-Hl     X2i}.m.aItt_:oi.toll:t:      .♦♦♦♦♦
* ■!
All  Kin its of liopah'lng.   Horseshoeii a
 » ____«„_.-       M0,,rj T„-|)ie    _    q00{| ggrjg Co0i( Li,)llor
Fine Watch Repairing- a Specially.
In Bottles 51e. and $1, at
V'iail ni loth.  Bniiiulary Oiwk Mining Camps, Stup nl lliu Amir I
Good SUiblinu     GREENWOOD anil GRAND FORKS
"':,v'  '* \'i rn, i, a ;.|    .. n Insl nclcil lu plan
rii/ln i'o    Pl-iorori'mu  """ '""y ""'""'  ''""K '" ""'"'   tin* cihi* In i ..in, itelvmul Hint
I ciylOi   S     I   llfll maey  selves neross lhe  ,.   The puhilea-   -h    M,„T„y  u„„ ,,   ,„   ,„,,,„ iy
„    , '""' '" .|'»'*""» ''"""'V- li'K'il •»"■ '•■»'  ,|„.   :-.„,,nn i   lu still   proeei'dhigs
,,::i;:''-'    '"• "' '" j1'"1 '"""ll K""Hdneii   pole l„ he   ,„. ||(( „,,„„ ,,„,.,,,.,,
;, ' 'I'"'     ,"" -K.iHuiiii Guld MinilM     |,  |, ,.,. ,„| |.|,„|  u,.,,, ,..,:„,, -v
C'      XrfERR    BROS.        >{ '"'>"' """-'' r"'" '•I""i"'':   in ,.grei*.l ease peuJ
'-"*"     Iv  uny," and ihe pieainlile is as fu
** *■ —^_ ,»r'.'»"iii,-i.'. '
W, Tholl, Proprietor
All Work iViii'i.'iiito.l,    o,1*2in
Watches, Clocks and Jewelry.
Spectacles and
Gommereial Job Ppinting.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in and Growers of ||
Meal  ilclivere
Mining Ciiinii:-.
J. KERif.
helueell ihc riiil.mv I'lillip.lliy null ill"
,""": giivei'lillii in.     Iii   ill ■ ii i.Inn.   Mr.
••"* 'I.-' .;..l".-;.-" ']■"<■■ Honour C!-,itl   .,,     .   ,     ,„.    |(|||     „,„,..,	
iliia.ill    .llu, ..nil,-,i,   l.liillilial.l i.iil.l ■ ..1
u„. Nurlb-Wcst 'I. nil ■■ ... i.■:....I., i.i i!,     I'lh-i-U'-J   until Ihe nisi   is sellled III
I I'OWII Of ItcglUil, na T.l'l'll.. ill ■; llie lliil     ill.- Cf llllS.
.  i nariilile.i. Ni^ani ICIrelioll'cr, ..I llie I'llj -a     Thai ii Is ueeessiliy In eiirry a ease
il Pack Creek nml nil if '■ Hrnmlniij 11 Hi  I'rovlueoof Maillliiua,Scnnl i;  „|  n^,.  ^j,,,]   |||IM   i| ,,,1,1,  ;l| rl|■
V       ,l'"li ;'""";i■""""! "'"" ' .hows hi wh.it tn uu.hlg a niumier
1 ih;. ,'.inn i|i;ii i.cis n(feeling ihc
iho lliiiiiii.i.ii.ic .in,u! Mali.n
J iiiei'ii. ..I Vi. 1.1,1,1. in lhe Pi'.i.l
H. D. Kerr.; UnlumUa, Speaker ol llu Li-ulste
.11 llrlll
'.!' -1,11.1
(lonornl Ulmnoi a
lll.lle, III   Il.e Slall
\\ ,111.1111.1.11,1.- a.
All Stock Grown Without Irrigation.
All Trees Inspected Before Leaving1 the Nursery
bPOKA ,\' E   PALLS,
1', (1. Box (DBS. Washing ton
1 wi iii.ur iif lhe province, have lion
■ frmned.   In giaiiling 11 laial suhsldy hi
, enipiilalli.il, il wuuld hiilui'nlly he
',. ..iippuM-il  uur  legisliilors  would   hn
llli fill !.. 1 ia   1 yolid llie 11.it... 1 - uf a
fl                             T        1             the snuio plane,   linn-i-i r-i.i-l.im ■   H'muil nilefill lo |.ill lieyollll llle Illll III e ot 1
ipflTiflO nnrt   J OffmAPTI  """''•■■• "' ""' *  I'l:"'' i'l|.,*i,iul'' ■""l li'"11'' »» lni|i..i'liiiil .1 i|iiesiluii ns ti
liMUU f-ll'tl  JJUHilU.llj vlanilV.N. stove ,.rf llu ..un. pto,  u|,..,|.,,. ,|,, IIM1|,,. , ,i„,,l wllhh
O Unikor,hen  1 cerlllj lin .1 nle) Ihnt wc  ,, «.„i.i.,„, ,,.	
Tjioii sale,   Price $3.00,
,. K. PITTKKURIUH, Rotai Hiint.
•cHiroto-ormal , lor the proilsl  lh"'«  «'.IS Milijeel ... „ n.vall, up
of ihe "(.',,in|.iiiiii.-...-i, ISW,' nml niiieinliim ""'•   Till'|ll'tl(*,l'i*ssnl lllisensc wiil he
A 14, wall-In il With  .1 guud   lie il nf inleiesl,
'Un* nutlee hears ihe signatures of ns iiuiny are lul'elrsli'd luit.uihl ii is
all these appllcaiils, nnd n nliiuher ill n niullei'iif greal nuiliu'lil'li. tliu ievi."
lliu hioorporatoi's'ihereforu iui'i.1 lo uue uf llie lii'tiviuu... THE ADVANCE, fe
__l a
Pnlilishcil   weekly   ill   Miil.vn).   II. C.
SuiiiH-Tiptlon l'rieo. **■'.'«. ix-r annum, payablo
In silvnnee,eith-r yearly or hnlf-ycnrly nl the
option of the ittbsorlber.
AilverlisiiiR I aa;- sent nn application.
Tlmtq-li the coin s ol TlIK Aijv.inck nre
always open lor tlio discussion nf mutters of
politic interesl nml iinporUuieo,.. e do out noc* -
eessHrily otidono nny nf the opinions expressed.
Curresiwoilcneo of a porsoiwl nature will ma tu :
: A cross in thisspace imli-
crates Hint ynur rtiinsei'lptloi.
:io tills paper lias oxpiroil.
MONDAY, JANUARY 11.   1897.
As the linn* draws near fui- the opening uf the legislative assembly, uur
Ihoughls drift' to lhe mallei* of ap.
propHatioiis, uml we nre rutniiiiled lhat
lliere is one pin'iialliir iipprnpriitlinn
which requires a lil.crul trt'iitliielil at
thu hands of lho government, viz,, the
donation which is yearly offered as
assislance to the agricultural sucielies
of ihe province, In yours gone liy,
when few sucielies were in existence,
llie until placed upon tlie estimates
rcprcseiilcd a rc.isuniil.lc diillillion In
each sneiety, hut as nnw, owing to the
rapid development uf ilu* counlry,
double the number of societies are in
existence, the sum received by each
has dwindled dnwn lo no am..mil
equal only I . ahout a half win.I
lliese ill'littllio'lis received live nr six
years agn. Each year hns seen new
societies spring into existence, unit yet
year after year tin* amount pluccil
upnu thu estimates hus remained (lie
same. There is another mutter also
whicli requires a lillle adjustment,
andtli.it is the Vein.m suciety sinmid
lie placed up in uu equal fouling
as regards guvecnineul palloliage Willi
the twu nther lending instillltionsof
of llie kind iu Ihe pruvince—tlie one ut
Victoria and the ulher al New Westminster, which have fur several years
past received au extra cash grain of
$1.(100. In laying claim In Vermin's
right lu such considuralinii, a few facts
lelnlivo tu Ihc slniidingof lliedifferenl
societies iiiuy nni he mil cf place, mul
a reference thereto will sliuw ihul in
point uf membership llie Vernnn
sneiety stands second, if not II.sl, iu
I he'proi luce* lhat fur urea uf lerri*
nny represented, il easily lakes lirst
place, nml will) the exception uf the
New Westminster sociely, il is by fnr
the must Huni'lshiiig und represents by j
far the innsl linporliiht aiteiiailiiir.il
sed inn uf llriiish Colli.uiiin. (liven
llle suine ami.mil uf pnliullage, viz,
aguveiiiiueut (lnllillil.il nf $1,10), the
Vernnn sneiety would outstrip nil cum-
pdiiurs lu tlie sphere of ils influence,
which year by year is beginning In be
felt with au ever increasing elfecl i
throughout ihe district which il represents. Tins hehi'j lhe case, we have
no hesitation in calling upon uur representative logive lhe mailer his closest ,
attention, antl upun thu government In
extend to llie Vernnn society llml
illinium uf assistance it is justly en*
titled In.
—*•* —
Ix llie Province ul Ontario Idlers nf;
incui'puiiilinn   have   been   refused   to j
pari ii'B desirous nf forming n company, I
ou Ihc gin nnd Ibnl  un milling cluim I
wits actually'owned by lbi.se seeking
iucui'puiiiliuu,  Tills in itself mny seem
ii.siunilii.ini, anil )el when il is looked
inlo ii really slrikes lie- kuy note in
Ihc  whole company pruiuoling business,   Iinl eveiy province cuacl n lava
milking II compiilsury mi ib'.sc ilcsir-■
mis  iif   iinui p,a.iliui;  Cuinpanies,   lu:
sliuw  llml   llie)    ma.,  ihe  absululej
owners of Ihe properties lhey were desirous nf   pulling  li)irui   Ihe innrkel,
wllill a check il wuuld be In lhe imlis-
criininnle foriiiiiliun uf mining emu-
jinnies.   Add In lliis lhe ueeessily nf
lhe  piiiiuoters   furnishing a sworn
siaieiiieiii showing the iictiinl local ion
nf the prdperty, nud fun hei', a reporl
upnu the piiipcrty uver llie signiiliire
nf a thoroughly competent mining engineer, nnil ncertnin nun uml iif security
would  he vouchsafed  lhe   investing
puhlic.   lind ihese nml otherruslric-
I inns uf a  like  nature  been  in force
during llie pasl few years, ll  is safe In
savlhu cupii.'tli'/itiiuu of mining com.
panics in British Cnl.nnl.in wi mid he n
great deal Ics. than nt presunt, aud the
milling Indiislrv woiPd buld n more
len ihi.* pi.-iiiiini Hun ii enjoys under
enisling c.inliiiniis.  There Is plenly
nf lnuii) fur the cuiliilncnl nf legisln-
lliili along these lines, nnd lbi.se haV.
i ig iii charge lhe well Fare of ihe people
wuuld dn well In piy a hi lie all anl ina
lu lbe snme.
- ■--*■	
Tiik uclli f  lhe Quebec II an
Ci.lhulic clergy in placing under Inter-'
did Mr, I'licniid's paper, l/Kiniciii. is]
severely ruiiuncnicd upnu liy Ihewhole
('iiniuliitn press, nnil 'he klinwleilge
lb«tlliepincliccnf such lynillliy will I
lint he allowed in go uuhei'deil gives
general satisfaction. That ihr clergy
should luive cuiiiiuiited su grave nu
eiriir us falling into Ihe belief ihal it is
pussilile in lliis llllll Icclilll ie iilm v Iii
dn grievous wrung to Ihc Individual
wil hunt redress being taken, isu mailer for surprise,   Tlml  lhey should on*
leillllli llie Idea, Inn, llml i reive iiiid
repressive incnsiin s wnnlil have a
lilitflll elfecl, slums 111.an In lime
p nllled lillle limn llle I.-ami which
might he adduced frum I lie expression
of popular feeling nn llie que.linns nl
ISjile   between chlltch   Ulil state,   is
■rhinvo by Ihc result in the recent
cliuii. Clerical tyranny and np-
picssiuiiciinnilt. ilnive in Ihis enlightened age, and sooner ur lulcr the ineii
who hate excoiuinuiilcaledM.Piicand's
paper lieen use ll dared lu give expression In liberal views, will nodotlht
Hnd il uul lo their cost,
As llie outcome .if a resolution
pnsseil ill a recent ineeling nf lhe
Boundary Creek Mining and Coinuiei-
rial association, Mia ilolierl Wood,Mr.
H. Similes nn.l Mc 1'. McDonnell proceeded lo the coast as a deputation tn
inierview ilie giuiermiieul upon inat-
lli.it lets uf v i I ill inleresi lo Ihis seelion
of the counlry .1 lhe present time.
Tlml wliieli wiil clnliii their most serious altenlion will be ihc railway qu«s-
1 i,in, after whicli lbe ueeessily nf n
vigorous policy being pursued in lhe
mallei' uf road building in Ibis dlslrlcl
lliis coining summer, will be pressed
upon lhe ginei'iimenl. .Many mailers
of in iiiih- impnrliiiice will mc be uver.
looked, and laken all iu nil, much
beuelli is expected lu accrue frum the
visit uf lhe (lepulillli.n lu lbe cnnsi.
   ► • 4	
From all qnailers ciunos lho word
lhat lhe fa us War Eagle mine nl
Hnsland hns changed ownership, a
deal having been I'ousuiuiiuiled in Toronto ou Ihe 4lh inst. Tiie purchasing
syndicate Is bended by the milliiiuaiie
distiller uf Toronto, Mr, Geo, (louder,
limn, uml associated with him are men
like Mc. 1'. (I. Hlackstuck.
Mr. Patrick Chirk, the presidenl nf
lhe War Eagle cnliipauy, carried lhe
negotiations nf sale to ciuupletioii, bul
at just what figure ilu* piopertywas
sold is nol made clearly apparent. It is
slated Hie coiisideralion was 8860,1X10.
The War Eagle was Incited in 188(1,
anil when slocked wns capllallzed nt
tjUJUO.OIX), Up tn llie present time the
mine lias paid in dividends $187,£00,
nnd has an enormous amount nf ore
blocked out realy lor mining, Tne
sale uf the mine causes great excile*
incut in Russland. ami may l.e said In
equally elfecl Ihe whole province, ns it
will go fur lu advertise the niines uf
Hriiisli Columbia.
■ ► • 4	
Asa result nf a recent engagement
in suuthw'cst Nyassaland, the English
forces severely punished llie Aiigoni
Zulus, who under Chief ('bikini recenlly invaded Ibal leiiilury and de*
slrnyeil Ihe liiilish slal Inn unil massacred the luhahiiuiilsuf ii number of
. illuges.
The Allgollis were routed wilh ti
grent (leal uf luss, lifter sum,, very
slinip liglil ing, in wliieli H is reported
fuur men of Ihe British lure, were
wounded.   Chlkiisi wns ruptured nnd
im linlely bnng'il, su il may reason-
ii I ily lie ex pec led llu. sceun.l upilsing
of apart of llie Zulu inilinn bus been
successfully nipped in llie laid.
Perfection Brand of Ceylon Teas.
The Choicest Blend of Ceylon Tea
that can be produced. Strong,
Pungent and Rich in Flavor.
Guaranteed equal to any 75c.
tea in the market.
PER 50°- LB-
53. per lb. less in 5 Pound Lots.
Fry a sample pound, put up in  Lead Foil Packages only.
TML±cL"%Kr_i,y    and   A-ixsacoarfla.
'iood Accommodation for Travelers.   First-class Meals Served
Good Livery Stable in Connection.
The Postolfe Bookstore
fm The trade centre of the Grand
^ Prairie, Ketlle river and
Ip Boundary ereek mining and
$fa agricultural country.
P| Situated at the junction of
^m the Boundary creek, Marcus
ffl and Reservation wagon roads.
|H Nearest point to the Colville
af! reservaticn mines*
ffl  '___; —	
1 e—eeeeeeeeee
pa\ri Put prices and all Hl'ld.'i .( nan ition apply lo
ffl C. E. STUART - - ■ AGENT
Crockery Glassware.
Toys, Fancy Goods,
Marked Down to 50
Per Cent. Below Cost
lis Is 1 Josh.
Call and be Convinced.
TI'MH'ltS will lie received liy the Inderal,n -a u;. n, Monday, lsili January, WW,
f.ir tin. eiiiisiiii.ainn iif i. small building f.ir llie
for 11,0 Mi.l way Company. Ltd Plans anil spocifl-
i-.ilinns In In-ai-elinllnyiilllee Tlieluivest.iirnny
teniler. nnl ni-eossiirily iieeelile.l.
A Sill's K. STUAItT.
Midwur, ll. ('.,.11111.5, isiii.
Isnneof a li.iiin nf eight head
iiclnnging In Shaser Ilrus.,Ibe
Hustling    Freighters,   llml
helped  In  haul Ibe llu ,'h lime frelghl,
OO.OIKI pi.uu.ls, for Ml. Driscoll, the redoubtable bargain dispell*..!' of general merchandise, Harness, Saddles, etc., at Carson, B. 0.
Jly stuck is complete ind"l inland replete and
varied in Suits of Ct.thing, Gentlemen's nn.l
Ladies' footwear, Dry Goods, Notions, etc. My grocery supplies are suflicii.nl
tu silisfy the wauls nf Hie entire Kettle River valley. My stuck nf Miners'
Supplies is just ivli.il Is wanted by lbe Prospectors nn.l Miners, I nni selling
al Spokane SPOT CASH Prices, Frelghl only added (duty thrown lu).   Come
and Interrogulu nu*.
11,. s.|
i'ROViNCli   OF   BiliriSlI   COLUMBIA.
VI. •lull I A. In tlio Draco of Qnil, of lho I'lillod
KIllKll  iif llrenl  lli'iliiln nn.l  Ireland,
i'i i;i.n, ilofondor i.f Un. faith, So., fie. &,.,
Tn Illll- l.iilliflll. llie   lleinlieis oloOtOll In serve
ill llio l/wMllllVO A"illllil.Vif llie I'll.vi	
Of !lrlll-li liiliinililn nl (lnr Cily  nf Vie-
iiii-in  liiiia.T.sii.
I). M. Kiiiarrs.       I \iniltItKA8 Wo. nro
Atlornoy-ll iral, i VV   doslriiiiH nml ro*
DOlVI'ti, lis KOOII  ns lull.' lie  In llieel (lilt-|i-.||i!i.
nf Ilur I vinre nt llriiish I'lililinliin, inni In
|„iv.ll|..|..|elei....|n(lil|.|, -ialnm.,.;
Nnw Kmiw Vi:, llnil fnr divers causes uinl
cntiatleiiilline. nml lukina inln eiuisiiicriilliiii
Ihc ei.se iinl cotivcl.loilcoof (lnr Invll.g snle
ieeis. Wu liavo thought 111,by nml .villi lho
mlviii'iif lliirKxi'iiitlrcl'iiiliiclliifll," Piiiviiinc
i.l llrllilll liililllllilii. In here:.}- enliv..kernel
hv Ilii'Se liii.a.'llls Olljoltl  v.lll. Illl.l i-ilell i.f lull,
IiiiiI iiii j|.inilu. Uc Klglillidaynf tlio iniinlh
uf l-'eliiiinrv. mu. iliaiisnicl olglil I Irnil nnd
iiiiuii -even, nni mool r. III Our snid I/hIs'ii-
turn or 1'iirll.i nl of Our said Pri.vlnoB.nl O.ir
III. Ill Vielnrill. l-'.li. TIIK ll B.'.MVU iu' Ilea.-
mom, in iienl. iin. act,and oi Iil.ln ii|ian Ilium*
iiiiiii;.. wl.lcli In ""i- LcKMaturoaf Hi.' liiivli	
nl llriiish liitulnlii.i. hy Mm Common .''.illicit
.,f iuu'. it1 Provlnoo may. by tlio favour nf find,
Is Tkbtimonv Wlimiitor, Wn havo oolisod
Hies.. Our hellers I.. he mn le i'.ilcn!,,mil Hi*
lll'.all s'enl iif Hie Mllil Iinl illli- In lie liernlinli,
allhi'di Wrests-., ilm 11 nublo Item
DlawiiM.v. I,ieili"lnuiialivci' -uf Oiirsiiiil
Pnirlne.. nf llriiish.i.liiiiiliin. in ..ur Cliv uf
Vieinili, Iii nur snl.l I'rnvlnoo,thistwoiily-
nliilh ditj nf iieceiniiii', in llie year nl'diir
hiil-ii line tlinlliilllil ela'ht Inni-lreil mel llltli'l V-
six. ,uul III Ihc ..ixllelhyeiir nf ..nr llelgn.
IU liiiiiin.ii.il.
tl ROVlMUl Heeretltl y.
The Golden Gate Hotel
FAIRVIEW, 11. ('.;
*F. ESlli-oii    -   -   -    3E*3t?oj>a?i©*fcoi?.
Stooping Place (or Stages to and from Penticlon and Oro, Wash.
l.VjS. Jl. S,.rt
NOTICE is hereby given ihal application will be iuiu|.. tu liic Legislative
Assembly .a' lin- Pruvince uf llriiish
Columbia, a' il- next lession, ina in
acl   ilicorpotillitlg  a   ' lUnpnliy    wilh
I-ivi-i -ni**1   Q I-i ii'i'i-lor*    power lu conslruct, opernle mid main-
...ai.n anu v..)*.]in,-*.tcb. >\,-m,.|r(h.i,.,„,„,,,. .„„. n,,^ ^Mimv
nnd   a  -v.a..ir  .,|  elecfrlc  powei   anil
elect.ic liglil   plant,   al   lbe  following
SASH    -   DOORS, i't^-onvoni, intor	
nl nr near Dug l.'nl'., un tip. Ok inngnn
river, ivilllmii ilislnliccnf...... ihuilsiiiiil
(1,101) feel ..f saal  I lm. Kails, or snme
i   AMI)  nnPCdrlliH1"1" the iumieillate lieighhorhond
1 Aliil Miii'OOmJ'! Vf'"h,"'" f«*'.«*»nd rilverl
.   .   111-< un Ilia Kit nl Okflliaglltl  liver nl .-uin'
I   II1\/IPPD pninl or  puinls  five thousand (5,1X10)
-^» L U Ivi b lL IS.'*-' inches uf water, ot sitclt gl'eatel' lllllll.
ber uf inches as may be necessary fur
llie exercise of all or any uf the powers
hereinafter set forth.
The said proposed point or points of
diversion ami use 111 said waters lieing
within Yale district.
Willi puwer lo use all of snid wnler
puwer, ur uny portion thereof, frum
nny uf I be said puinls fur the generating uf electricity tn be used as a liiolive
power fur propelling, driving, hauling,
lifting, pumping, crushing, smelling,
drilling, milling, and lhe operation of
tramways and uf supplying of puwer
for t..e operation of mines und stationary uiacninery, and electric lighting of
cities, luwns, iiiumcipaiilics aud mines,
uud lhe supply nf heat and fur any
ulher puriinses for whicli it muy bej
applied nr he required) with power to
make rnlcs and charges for llie supply
of said puwer, light nnd heal, anil receive remuneration at such rates.
With power lu the applicants lo construct und maintain buildings, eree-
lions, weirs, dams, raceways, viaducts,
tr.iii.wavs or oilier necessary works
connected I herewith, for utilizing aqd
improving nn.l Increasing the water
privileges; nud also In entei Upon and
cxpiiq.ri.ilc lauds foi* silcs fur puwer
houses, slutiuns and necessary liann-
wiiy lines anil subways in ennnciiion
willi lhe said wurks and right nf way,
fur carrying the cleclric currenl underground or overhead J aud lo erect, lay,
construct and maintain all necessary |
works, bridges, pipes, pules, cables,
wires, structures and appliances necessary ur proper fur lhe generating of
electric power and liglil, ils use, and
transmitting and supplying the same t
wiih puwer tu construct telegraph
lines aud telephone lines over nnd
alung lhe routes taken in Iruiisniill.iiig
snid puwer, light and bent, with puwer
to make rates und collect, same fui llu*
use thereof hy the public, and for nil
such i tiler puwers as may be necessary
lo fully and completely carry on and
operate such works.
The applicants tu have lhe power to
particularly transmit and distribute
Hu. electric power, light and beat in
the following localities aud thruugh-
oul the same, vi/..: Okanagnn, Fair-
view, Kereineos, Kruger Mountain,
Osiiyuns and Peutictoll, and Inlhe cast
uf tiie said poinl or Points where Hie
puwer station or slutiuns may be sit ii-
ale to and inclusive of Ihal locality
known as Cninp McKiuney, wesl as
far ns Hie mountain range which
divides liic Fraser river from llie
Siniilknniceii,nnrlh as funis l'enliclun
uinl sinilh to Ihc internal iniiul boundary line, nud in llu* towns uf Nelson,
Trail, Rosslnnd,BiiiinduryCreek,Oamp
McKinney und In such other cities,
towns and inunicipalilics us are noli'
established ur may In* eslnl.lished in
lhe wesl division <>f Kooleliay district
nnil Ynle distlict; willi powtr loth'
applicants tu engage in mining opera-
Iiuu.-, und iicqnire, by location or otherwise howsoever, mining properties and
cliiiins, uml work the snme and utilize
the electric puwer genetaitiu) as aforesaid in sn duing; with puwer In purchase, acquire nnd lake over l.y till
requisite deeds ami assignments from
uny trustee fnr lhe applicants nny
properly, lights, wnler privileges, und
easements, und mining claims or
lenses ucqui led by uny linsteeun behalf
nl llie applicants, nud that, the wnler
privileges su acquired as aforesaid nr
obtained by lbe applicants for whatever purpose mav lie consolidated
where possible, nnd may hn held, till,
lifted and employed in I he exercise of
all or iiiiv of. Ihc puwers above sel
forth; with power In Lhe applicants In
lake and us., frum llle Okaiiagiin river
nud liibiilnries llieecnf, nl convenient
puinls, such further water puwer as
may lie necessary fnr the aforesaid
Willi puwer lu Hu. applicaulsto construct, maintain and operate single or
double track tramways wilh all necessary switches, side tracks and turnouts,
pules anil wires, and all nther requisites, appliances and puwers in connection therewith, Ihiongliout ull the
above described lerritory nnd upon
unil along lhe lands, mads, streets nnd
bridges connecting lhe towns above
set forth and within lhe radius of ten
miles ut each uf suit! towns, and within
the corpoiille limils nf said luwns, uver
the streets and bridges thereof, With
(he privilege lo build such lilies of
Iramways in seclinns, and 'from one
li.wu In another, without being required III build flu. ulher Hues, and
within one or mure uf Ihe said luwns
ur municipalities wil hum being required tu build in all the said luwns nr
municipalities uud llirmiglioiit all Hie
snid territory' with power tu lake,
Irnnspurt and carry passengers uud
freight thereon and also witli power
to Use ill llle running nud operation
thereof, the electric power to be
generated as atoresaid, or such olher
puwer as llie npplicauls may see Hi:
and puwer lu conslruet telegraph and
telephone lines nlong lhe routes taken
hy the tramway lines, wiih lhe right
In make rules anil collect same for the
use thereof hy the puhlic j willi power
I., lhe applicants In outer upun und ex-
propriule lands, and lo open nnd break
up llu.snil and pavements of the roads,
streets, highways uinl hrldpes, fur the
purpose of laving pipes, rails ur tracks,
creeling pules ur foruuy olher purpose,
and fur all such puwers us may be
iiri-essiit-y in fully iiiid completely carry
on the works aforesaid, or any of
thein; wilh power in Hie applicants In
make running arrangements or anial-
guinnlc willi nny company hating
similar powers, or wilh one ur more nf
the puwers heieiu applied for, and
wilh power In ncqiiiic (iy purchase nr
ul bei wise nny privileges held by uuy
person or peisuus, corporation or cor-
piiraiiniis, nf heneHl nr ndviinliige in
| lhe carrying nn uf I he aforesaid wurks,
lund nperale the liusiness of uny sueh
' persun nr pei'sims, corpora llou or corporal Ions, nr utilize lbe snid privileges
I in lbe carrying nn nf lhe aforesaid
i works, and fnr all such power ns tuny
In. necessary n. fully nml completely
carry un an.l opernle all nr nny of lhe
I al'.iresaiil works.
I    Dated nl the Oily uf Victoria, B. 0„
ihis Iirsl day of December, A. D. 1SIKI,
i 111•I'HIM.IPS, Wllili'TUN k Haiinaiid,
Solicitors for lhe Applicants,
We are taking First-Class
Mining Properties in hand
Finding all cash, time and
trouble and furnishing the
Stock ready for Mrrket,
and are willing to take
our pay in stocks. Treasury Stock   Listed  East.
For Further Particulars
Apply lo
Broker, Spokane.
Should carefully eont (der
the cost of material, and
by figuring, find out that
all kind! of
Bough ■:- and Dressed:-: Lumber,
ShiDgliS, - Laths, -Ete.,
can be purchased at the
Grand Forks Sawmill,
1 $1 FIREWOOD $1 1
l l
l per load. 1
G. K. Simpson, Prop.
nl otieu It. work In t'li(riiii*v.
NOTICK IS HKHBKY Q1VKN tlml n|i|ili-
ciUltui will lu* mwlu lo Iho l'ltrliuiiic-Ht uf
('iiiiatliiiii ihcnevt Ht'Srtiuii tlioroof,for nrtAct
Ui [iin>n>m-nt(! it Company to croiwtrtlct itnd
uiiornton railway front a i».lm nl or nunr tho
Town nf LotlibridifO, In tlio Nnrlh Weul Tcn-i-
torlfiH uf CiiiuuIh ; tliclico exlpmliiiK wwilcrly
iIii'miikIi Crows Ne«l I'tiHHloihoColiimbiiiriver
in lhe I'vovitiiT of Hritish Columbia; thenco
woftterly loa iiolnl in -mill province on or nunr
llie Ki'iiw'r river or Ihe HlrallH of (-Jem-jfla, or
nny arm or inlol of tliommo at tldo water op
Kcfthoftrd. With iwwer to build, iiequire.
iiiiiiiiiain nnd oporato .-itown uml othor vessels
to be UHeii In ronnoolioii with tho said railway,
atco to jnirchawo and one water to gcneraUi
I'lot'lrii'iil power nnd to wil and tuaw Btioh
1 lower.
Dated at Vieloria. British -Columbia, 17th
IHieeinber, 1890.
Solicitor for Applicant*-,
Certificate of the Registration
-OV A-
Companies' Act, Part IV, and Amending Acts
Tiik Cahi boo Mining, Milling and Hmelting
Company (Korkign).
Registered the 23rd Day of November, 1896.
T HEHEBY 0KUTIFR that I hnvc thf»
1 day irgiKtcred "The Cnribon Milling,
Milling ntirisniolUng Company MforoignMiiidcr
"Tlie CotnpanloR'Aet." Part I v. "'ItegiHtration
of l'Vclgli Companies," nud amending act",
The head otlicoof the snid eompuny in Min-
ated i\t llio Cily of Spokane Falln, State of
WuKhiiigton, If. S. A.
TheohjeetH for which Ihc company is ealab-
I IhIiciI are: Ofowning inlucMtind mining elainiri
j and real properly, with all lho nceeHKiirv wntor
i I'lghtBllici'otoin tno trrrlloricsof Wosnlngton
: ami Idaho in the Unite.! Slates of Amerien,
and also in Urltfnh Columbia, ami aho for the
i purpose of owning, controlling nnd opcraltng
j all neecssary mills, smelters and reduction
works wil bin said localities for tho reduction
of any and all ores mined or exliacted from
any milieu so acquired or worked hy the sain
l company within said rwpoctlvo jurisdictions;
I and also to work and reduce any and all ores in
j any of said works owned or operated by said
company in any of Raid hcalltios1andtopro<
; (luce liulli'in I herefrom and sell and dispose of
1 lhe same, and lo sell, Irnnsfor and dispose of
, ami mining properly or bullion therein, and do
llliy anil all thing-* neeessary to carry on n
■ gciicwil mining, mll'itig and smelting Inisinesn
; Within Bald respective jurisdictions, and for
! such purPORoa among ol hci-s to make, use and
, consll'lici (Innies, dildies, limuwiiys, railways.
and lighln of way uooossnry for llio full ami
, complolu control of tho husinoBBatorostild,
Tho capital iftook of the said company In
eight hundrod thousand dollars, divided inlo
eight hundred ihoHnand shares of ono dollar
I each.
> Uivoii under my lunul and seal of olllee at
' vicioria, Provinco or Hriihii Columbia, thin
iweniy ihinl ilhy of Novombor, ono thousand
olghli Hundred and nlnetr*8ix,
'leglsi ear nf Joint Stock Companies,
TENDRHS will l.e iweivetl hy llie
I iinHeraigiieil linlil .laniiai'y loth, 1807,
Cei'tlHente   of   liiipi'oveiiiiMitii. I fm* tlie .-.insl i*iiL-lii>ii of an liTeKatinu;
ilileli nnil llintie leuin Iliitinilarv ereek
ivnw.iLa.?. j to Midway Hal.
Plans .mil snet'iftt'itl lontt ran be seen
taxi i" ii.. HiKKiiAt. Lum  Siii iti   in  „| ihoofflcaof the Mlilwrt'v ('iiinpiniv.
i un- MrKiMXRV, is THK Osovoos MtxiNO   A| i,|„,lv, ll ('., ,-m,| ihe ollieeotC   i'*.
Division* ok 1 ai.b DimirT. Coslerton, Venion, ll.C.
H< IKIi N0TICIS thul I, Foebof. M. Koeby,     Tll„ |mv  ,„. ,„,,. u.mU.r,   (,
1  -i.-Miiir ia. i.iii'iii tn-a.iiii'.le. McRnnv. free       .,
inliierf ecrtmenlc N'u. WIS, a,!, ilsl. 'ayfl   ",I,,|IV nt'i'epleil,
(.'.an tlin .io.. hereof,lo .a aa In lho 11 a. A. K, N'l'I'AUT,
:''   "left    '■;''•"   ti.of ininrovenionts, f,ii* Vk  Jliil.uie Cm, |,any, Ltil.
Sveeiiilin "K       ":" iliiluny, 11. !'., IMa 5.18011.
uul fuuli'iir lako nolieo it*- iietlon, iiiiiIct    The II foe iwi'lvliiB tende'ii. Is fnr.
i" eli'.l   ii,  iiiiiiii   l.e ei.liinieln.-a  liefere the   ,i vi„,,,l,„l ,., 1„„.,„,.,. Hlol   IB07
■Ismiiinee .if snell ecrlll'eiite i.f iin; imeineiiti.     "" ' "XtWlOIKl til JlltlUHIl •* ,s, • '»"'•
Dated this 1st day it DocoUlbor, 1881 A, K. SlUAKT.
Mr, T. McDonnell of Greenwood City left for
Victoria on Tuesday's stago.
Mr. It. Smales of Greenwood City passed out
to the coast on ThunHlay's ntagc.
The Midway Townsite company nro calling
for tenders for the erection of a building in
connection with tbe Lancashire bouse.
Mr. Fred Graf intends giving a grand hall and
eupperon the 21st inst., to eclebrale lhe opening of his new hotel, tho Brooklyn house, in
Greenwood camp.
Local merchants arc jubilant since the ad*
vent of tho Christmas holidays, as lhey say
people havo had enough of Raton for Home time
to come.  Amen I says the preacher.
It has been decided to extend the time for
receipt of tenders on the Midway irrigation
Bystem to tho 31st January. This is done to give
parlies up north an opportuuily of looking over
the ground.
Since the sad decease of Mr. It. N. Taylor.Dr.
Jakes has kindly tolunlecrcd his services lo
Mr. Klelior, who has charge of the drugstore,
and will personally superintend the dispensing
portion of the establishment.
Mr. J. K. Johnson of Grand Forks passed
through Midway on Wednesday last accompanied by his two sisters frum Vernon. One of
bis sisters, it iu understood, will take charge of
lhe school at Grand Forks.
Mr. George llnukin's now blacksmith shop at
Anaconda is fast noaring completion, mid is a
very imposing structure, The building is a
two-story one, lhe upper portion of which will
be utilized as a carpenter shop and wheelwright ef talilisluueiit.
The government agent at Vernon, Mr. L,
Norris, has been appoiutcd a justice of tho
peace. The lieutenant-governor has evidently
made a mistake again. Mr. Norris should havo
been given a stipendiary magistrateship and at
the same time created a gold commissioner.
Mr. Leslie Hill, representative of the Prospecting Syndicate of llriiish Columbia, came
inlo Greetiwoixi ou Thursdays stage, and is
already hiring foremen anil other men, who
will be pin. lo work al once ou the properties in
Long Lake camp held under bund by tbe company.
Mr. Jensen, proprietor of tho Dallas hotel,
Victoria, is now iu the disirici, and as Mr. Jensen is an old pioneo., having been in Granite
creek aud othor camps in the earlier days, be
will no douhl be able to form and carry away
with biiu a true estimate of the llouudary
Creek mining camps.
A gentleman recently purchased an eighth
interesl in a mineral claim for ?l,75J, and after
holding it for ahout three mouths lias bonded
thu interest to a good linn for $U,0Uu. This
gives au idea of some of the ad vantages uf mining speculation, nud snows what a guod Held
llouudary creek is in which to profllably invest
al the present lime. As au instance of the rapid
appreciation of property it may be staled that
the Hrst three-eighths uf the claim in which
this one-eighth interest was held, was bonded
to a syndicate at the rale of about $#,000 for
ihe claim, thu second half was bonded al llie
rale of pi'W, aud I li • last portion, thi; iUtemst
herein referred to, at llie rate of 118,00. fur the
eluim. All these triiiisuetioiis took place
within iho space of throo mouths. An a Held
tar involineiil. Doundary ereek ranks flrwt in
the province at I ho piesenl tine.
followed, in which Messrs. McMynn,
Deans, Irwin, Guess, MtEn'yie and
others took pail, will) the oiilcnme
that it wns proposed hy Mr. H. \V.
Irwin, seconded by Mr. Deans, tlml au
association Iw formed with tho title as
above stated. Upon this lieing put it
the meeting, it was carried unanimously. The election of officer*} was
then proceeded with, und it was moved
hy Mr. Irwin,seconded liy Mr. Atwood,
that Mr. \V. II. Norris lie tendered the
position of first president of the as
sociation. Upon lieing put lo the
meeting this motion was carried
unanimously and against the protests
of the chairman, who, finding dissent
useless, gracefully acknowledged the
honor conferred. It was then pro
posed hy Mr. McMynn, seconded liy
Mr. Irwin, ami curried without adii
settling voice, that, Mr. .1. McNicol act
as secretary-treasurer of the association. This Mr. McNicol consented to
do. The third office filled was that of
curator, aud Mr, (i. Guess was elected
to lill that position, The ollleers
elected weft) then deputed to act as an
executive committee to solicit luem-
het'ship, etc., and so enthusiastic were
those present, each and all subscribed
themselves as meuiliers uf the new
association, the initiation fees of which
have heen placed at $2, with utilise
quent dues of 50 cents per mouth.
The success already met wilh has
warranted the committee sending for
the necessary gymnasium and reading
room paraphernalia, and therefore the
association may   he said to he fairly
launched Upon its career of usefulness
Fi-oll! Our Own t'orrn-poudciil.
Mr, Geo. SJicehuii leaven for Vernon today on
mining uml other business,
ThtfOkauagati valloy Is clear i f snow, and at.
pr*;ciit we are enjoying balmy weather,
Mr. Jon li un ter is about to make a deal on
his ''Ifiinis, whi'.ih ure located on tlio .simikn-
Owing lo mull ef trado, Mr. .Slmlf-inl has
boon obliged lo increase ihe number of his store
At present the camp is quite busy, quite a
number of men being at work on the different
Mr. C. D'H. Green. P. li. S„ is busily engaged
surveying mineral claims here, nud has been nt
this work for some time past.
On the Joe Dandy group of claims there are \
at presenl 21 men at work, and this number,
will be increased toward spring.
Mr. T. Elliot is slightly indisposed at present,
and during his confinement to bed Mr. D. M-
A damson is in charge of the business.
Mr. Dler loaves to-morrow for Victoria, and
and after visiting tlmt city it is snid he will
proceed to Eastern Canada on mining business.
Mr. Cousins, formerlv in chargQ of the
Strathyre company's belongings here, ha_ left
for thu old countrys aud the position of care*
taker has been tilled by Mr. J, A. Muntcitb,
formerly of Vernou.
Twenty men arc also at work on the different
properties hold by tbe Victoria syndicate, represented here by Messrs. Dicr and Davidson. A
few days ngo Messrs. McBride nnd Powers disposed of their claim, the Winchester, to Mr. j
Fairview, January 5,18i)7.
 *,« 4	
The question -as to whether the
second payment would he made on the
Mother Lode claim iu Deadwood camp,
which fell due a few days ago, has heen
a matter of great interest to many in
the disirici for some time past, and
Iherefore when it was made manifest
without doubt Ihe terms of the hond
would he adhered to, great satisfaction
was expressed.
The mother lode was bonded hy
Messrs, Schufield, McCormick, Me-
Cuaigaud Richie, the owners, to Mr.
Juhn Weir of New York, in June
last, the bunding consideration being
$14,000. Ten percent of this was paid
down, iind a few days ago the second
payment uf $4,800 hecume due, which
is now paid. Since (he inception of
lhe loud a guod deal of work has been
done ou die claim, which is lieing developed by Ihe driving of a tunnel,
which is now into the mountain for
over a hundred feel and which is designed to crosscut the ledge, It i
stated this tunnel foi1 lhe last sixty
feel his been nil in me, and up to the
present time no second wall has been
mei with. Judging from siirfaei
sho wings tlie Mother Lode gave
promise of being ail enormous body of
cupper-gold me, bul recent development, would indirule llial no idea can
he entertained as to iis extent. The
final pity ui en I on ihi*. properly fills
due in March in-xt, aud there need lit
no fear entertained Uu lhat it will In
made, as the mine is already shown lo
l>e worth teli times (he amount of il
hooded consideration,
On Wednesday last sn llle of Midway's
citizens assembled iu the town hall,
the ohjecl of the meeting being lo dis* j
cuss Ihe advisability uf funning an \
athletic association,
lhe meeting having been called to
order, Mr. W. H. Norris was voted to
the chair, and Mr. J, McNicol was'
chosen tone" es secrelary. The chair* !
man, after thunklng Ihose present for !
the ho lor ^inferred upon him, pro-
ceded In liusiness, and In a snrumvhat
humorous vein, stated the object
untight in lie attained, v|/.M the forum* I
lion of an alhlelic association, the uc-j
eessity for which, he said, might he
all libit ted to the progressive fever i
Which had laken possession and was
rampantly raging in the breasts of Unpeople of the -flourishing town of
Kellle river, who not, being iu a position lo erase the spuls off lhe cuticle
of creation, contemplated Ihe erasure
of cuticle, in spots off themselves. The
object of Ihe association, llu* chairman
explained, would n«t be however the
sewing of discoid, bul exactly there-
verse, as its chief aim would he tn promote a feeiiugof gooil fellowshipiiiuoug
its members. In facl, except in lit le, the
association would he to ull inl.Mits and
purposes a Young Men's Christian as-
sociation, as, apart from the gymnasium, all other kinds of sociable
games would he provided, and ns well
a reading room und library if funds
would permit,
The chairman having  resumed hi.-.
H'#t_ h goodly amount Nf discussion
On lhe Cornucopia claim iu Central
camp, Mc. John Douglas has put more
men to work, and has now Iwo shifts
Steadily engaged iu development. Iron
slain was encountered on the outcrop
and Ihis was followed down, and at a
depth of twenty feet the shaft disclosed a ledge six feet in width, which
is heavily impregnated with iron
pyrites. The shaft is lieing sunk ou
the foot wall, aud so promising are
present indications, it is expected a
good body of mineral will soon be
The ores of Central camp are noted
for their gnld values, and it is useless
to say this is the metal the proprietor
of ihe mine wishes it lo produced) such
profusion the title of the mine will lie
no misnomer.
From the following account laken
from the Spokane Chronicle of the 4th
January, it will he seen tlnil MeKln-
non, the notorious, has again been up
to his old tricks, and very nearly succeeded in slipping away from justice;
Provincial Constable .Simmons of Vernon, B.
0,, Who just two weeks ngo arrived in Spokane
after John Mcliinnon, the fugitive frum jus-
Uoo, wanted at Vornon for cuttle stealing and
who broke jail there whilu awaiting trial, left
for home with his prisoner this morning over
tlie ypokuuo Kails and Northern road, McKin-
u'jti having suddenly changed his lit Ind and
consenting logo without awaiting extradition
There Is a story conneclcd with Ihe prisoner's
change of front, ll will ho remembered thai
MuKiniion employed counsel to try and oiled
his release from custody on a writ of habeas
corpus, which proceeding-- are still pending. In
the ineaulime Constable Simmons was obliged
tn apply to Presidenl Cleveland for thu nueess-
ary extradition papers that would permit him
to carry liis prisoner over lhe Canadian boillldr
ary. Those pipers wero nol due b> arrive for a
week yet nnd in the meantime McUinuuii
hoped to escape by means of the writ of habeas
It now teems lhat the laws delay in postponing tho hearing of the writ was elm Hug
upon lhe prisoner, who determined to again
try his luck al breaking out of jail. Prom Constable Simmons it was learned for Uc: Iirsl lime
Uml to McKlnuon is due lbe credit of tho
nearly successful attempt at Jail breaking ihaL
look place iii. tlio county jail on the
morning of January 1. When MoKInnon's attorneys learned of bis complicity in Ihntaflhlr
lhey informed him llial. it would bo useless to
expect tho Court to release him ou Ihu writ of
hshfU-i corpu" Aftor that wuftparte and uriviiwj1
him to go hack to Canada wilh the officer.
This accounts for McKinnon's willingness to
go back to Vernon without waiting for the extradition papers lo arrive,
The Boundary Creek Mining company are moving steadily ahead, aud
during Ihe next week will put six
more men tu work, The D. A. claim is
the oue which will now receive attention, itnd this will be opened hy shaft
and tunnel. The D. A. is the claim
from which, iu the first days of the
camp, ore was shipped which netted a
handsome profit afler all expenses
were paid, aud expenses at that time
were anything hut light.
Ou (he G, A. H., another of the
(ompany's propel lies, the ledge has
widened mil to a width of six feet, und
gives promise of being oue of the finest
bodies of ore in the district. Tbe af-
faiis uf the B. 0. M. Co. are in a
flourishing condition at present, as
stock is selling readily and thu money
derived from the sale of treasury stock
is being applied to development of
claims with great success.
. Jan. 21
Everybody Invited. Oood Music
Excellent Slipper.
First Ball in Greenwood Camp.
Lequime k Lloyd-Jones
The best hay ancl grain
raised in the Mission Valley
delivered at Penticton at lowest possible prices by
Lequime k Lloyd-Jones. Kelowna.
■OTx-i-fco for Prioea.
Gbbbnv.'ood City, B. t'., Dec. I, 1800.
'I'u the Mixers, Prospectors and Residents Generally of
Boundary Cbeek and tiie Kettle Hivkr Districti
Greeting,—We lieu lo .-.ill your iitteiitliin to the tact Unit we
have recently opened a commercial establishment .it Greenwood
Olty ..11 Boundary ereek, and having received large consignments of
goods suitable for all classes of customers, ive lake this opportunity
i.f bi.Helling a share of puhlic patronage.
Included in our stoek is everything n miner nr prospector needs,
und ...ir lines of family groceries and oilier goods will lie found
replete .villi every necessary, In connection .villi our other liusiness
we are wholesale dealers in wines nnd liquors, .1 large slock of
wlii.li, of different brands, we keep coiistanlly on ban.I.
By conducting our iiHalri on good business principles, chief
among which will lie the wellfareof mir patrons, with a remuneration lo ourselves c.nsistenl wilh llie service rendered, we hope 10
win p.ililic favor,
Thanking you in anticipation.
We beg to remain'
Yours obediently,
The Greenwood (Iity Mercantile Co,
" We Submit to the
jWill of the Majority,"
An* Established Pnlriotia
Fuels, Bear this in iniiul
when in need of
Clothing and Groceries.
Vou will save money. We
iile the leaders in LOW
Prices. Ask your neighbors
The White Front Store, Greenwood
S. A. Mil k CO,
(8i\ccwHorH to It. N. Taylor)
Chemists and Druggists
Vernon, B. G.
Koepn Fini-rliisa
in,.i, ui
1 irtij
s, Cl
ml Toilet
n.l as rn -
I'ostoi Tin; im\ III.
-■■ I
Greenwood City and Boundary Falls, B, l]J
Tin* Ottoyuofl Vernon ami  Kettlo River
Minia*. DlvlKiuiiN of Yitlu District.
NOTICK is horoby given tlml ull placer,
cliiiins legally hold in tho Osoyoog, Vor*'
non ami Kottlo Kiver Mining Divisions nt Yule
District, ure laid over from lliu l«l Novombor,
1890, to tliu 1st June, 1897.
ISIgiied]     C. A. It. LAMBLY,
Gnld Conunlfflioiior,
PADMORIS St PEE11S, I'm. rlotors.
The Leading Hotel
In the Interior,
Ills Hoiiur Miu Lieutenant-Governor, under
the authority conferred on him hv mib-seciiun
'i of sootlon 27 of tlie "Health Aot, WKi,' hns
been nleaaod to make, mid tines hereby iiinke,
the following regulations, namely :
1. That tho Kettlo Biyor Mining Division of
the Yalo Kluuturnl District be created a Health
District under the provisions nf thu " Health
Act. 189a"
2. That.WilliamGraham MoMynn,Ueeordcr
at Midway, bo the Local Board of Health for
the said District.
Deputy Clerk, Executive Council.
days after date, I intend to apply lo the
Chief Commi union cr of Lands and Works fnr
permission to purchase the following described
tract of laud, situated in the southern portion
of tho Osoyoos division of Yale disirici, in tlie
Province of Hritwli Columbia:
.Starting at a pott 20 chains south of (he mirth
cniit comer of prc-eni|*t.iod No, 1083, thence
north 49 chains, llicncc cm>t In chains, thonco
smith 41) chains, thence west 40 cliiiins
to point of commencement, containing lU'i
acres, more or less.
Dated at Midway, "tli December, 1HXJ,
Companies' Act, Part IV, and Amending Aots
Eastern Star Gold Mining Company
Registered tho 30th Day July, 1806.
T IIICItKlir CKUTIKY Ihall have this day
1 rogMorcd lho " Eastern Star Gold Mining
Company' [Foreign)-under the "Companies
Aot. Purl IV." Registration uf Foreign Com*
putties," and amending Acts.
The head olllee of tho said Company lssltU<
ated al the Citv of Spokane, iu tlio Sluto of
Washington. U.S. A.
The OojCOtB for which lho Company Is established aro: To buy. sell, own, loose, prospcol
for. equip ami oporaio nifties and mineral
claims of iron, gold, silver, copper and oilier
precious metals, and clays and mineral!-, having
a L'Oinincri.ial value iu the territory of tho
Jnited Slalesand uf ihe Province of British
Columbia, Canada ; to buy, own, sell, lease and
operate mills, concentrators, HIitolterMlid oilier
machinery ami apparatus fur conrcntruling and
(renting ores and minerals, and also to buy,
own, sell, lease, duvclo)) and opcralu water
righ'.s, ditches, flumes and waterways necessary or proper for tho working of tho same J to
buy, own, sell, lease and operate all tramways,
railroads, rights of way uml other means of
conveyance and communication to and from
my and all properties whicli may he owned or
i*'l hy '■aid Company i lo do generally a I
matters anil things which may bonuoessary or
nroporfor Llio complete enjoyment or use of
the powers herein ho! forth, and for the conduct
of a general mining busiuuss.
Tho capital stock of the said Company is live
hundrod thousand dollars, divided inlo five
hundrod thousand shares of lliu par value of
one dollar each.
Given undor my hand and seal nf ouTce ut
Victoria. Provlnoo nf Ilritlsh Columbia, Ihis
80th day of July, MM.
H?gtstr!\r nf .loint PtOflJf Cnmjil-il*'!:.
Is theCmitnil Town iiiiiI Supply Point of the Boundary
Cieek Mining (Jumps, From lliis New Town mini*.
lc.i.1 to llie
Greenwood, Deadwood,
ttl.    2P±t.t,om2.*Xxr±&lxt   Met.
KlltST-C[,.\ss   ACCOMMOUATIUN    KlIH   (il K8T8.
!   IS'Extclloul PUIiing on IColllii Itivor,.**/
General Real Estate & Financial Agi,
A_t&ait.   £"ox-i*v.-'
j     Till-' II..YAI. ISHUHANTI' t'ov.
Tin: I, ixiiiiK am. I.am Asiniii; I'Titi*.
Ix.sniAM'K Coy.
Till:    IXHUIIANI'K   ('l)Y,   OF   NllKTll
Ami;iii< a.
Tub London anu Canadian Finn
iNHUIlAXlll! UllY.
!   Tiik Sin Lii'i: Abbuhanok Coy of
Tiik Dojiixiof llrii.nixii and Loan
I      Ahbuciation.
Ai'imiaiskii I'on the Canada I'kh-
atANENT Loan and Ha vinos Coy.
II.  KEYES, Prop.
Good  Ai'('..ii.iiiiiitnlion.
Btisl Liiptors anil Cigiti-s,
FlraU'liuw SIiiI'Iiib.
Copper, Summit, Long Lake,
Skylark, White and Atwood,
Wellington and Smith Camps.
Lois hit Selling Freely mid n   n Gnnd Invcutiiieiit.
Fur Price of Lois and Othor Information. Address
Greenwood City, Hound-.it Creek, B, ('.
Or Apply lo Agent*,
C. F. COSTERTON, Vcrili.lt, B, C,
I Marcus and Boundary Creek Points
Best Brands Liquors and Cigars
A, K. Stuart, V-m
couvcr,   n.
GREENWOOD CITY    .   .    .    .
George Kilii.-n-ils ■ - Proprietor
Boot and ShoeMaker
Anasonda, B. C.
Repairing Neatly and PromptlyDonu
SITUATHII  UN  TIIK  MAIN   ItO.lli Til  Cl ill,
Dt-ADt-ooB, s-.kvi.aiik. orhnwood, i-oxo Terms: $1.59 to $2.50 per Day.
Onlcwb; nUtRii sLi-H-11; muniiM lo. Ail
AllllUOI.llI M.i-.aiiinl.-l-,.- -il.iri".       *
i.akk .vsi. Otiibr Boundary Oiihbk c.amiu
Boundary Falls, B. C.
J.   J.   WBITH
Centrally Located Stopping Place lor Three Diiifireni Stage Lines.   N..
Trouble or Expense Spared to Make Guests Comfortable.
Strictly First-Cless and Charges Moderate.
-   -   Good Stain?.
Best Brands Liquors and Cigars
NOTICK Is IIKIIKH*. U1VBX llml nl'l'l
...lliiill Will 1.0lllllll.' i.i .In- I'lll'll  I nl
. aiiiiiii.nl llio Hi's, -i-.-iini Hi-na.i, (.a hi ml
lo Incorpomlo n .oui'inii'   to i .i.-i-an-i iin.i
u|n:l-ilt(; I. rail..... from I. pollll I.l i.r llt'lll lliu
Townol Hiiyivm-d in ltrllli.liC.il.il       H  ■
oxtmnlinK llirougli ".' mail' llicloiu ■ i.l Trull
mul .Miilv.ii) In ii I'ninl nn ulna. an. Ijlkonl
or nmr llio lonn ol I'milla In iin Dl»iti.
nf Wial Kna.i-laiJ  null  la.. :  V..I. : Willi i  .V.tr
lu build, acquire, imilnltilii .n.l ..(.i'liii
mul uiln.r vi'sai'l.. iu a., iiiiil n will
ilicaniil railway,iitiH. In I'm* ti i-i .in n [«r
to Koiiotntu ofeclrlcnl a'..': '.ml >" - 'l mul
Ii'iihc huuIi liowor.
liniiii ni Trull, Una li l.'iiliniil.lii, nli N'ov.,1 1«.
...   .. ..   A| tlluuili. CAR1BM- purlers and orig I loralorn upon tlie U-*T    /% "if T IO » M tTT    *T\ T T D
hide   received   lias    la.n  oln' hundred , JH   1.1    S If   K^x"" ""77 F LfiJ U JA.
II In leiirneil from tli.. 11. C. Mining  ,| N.„„| A„\]im •„,. ibe)r claims; also t-~Z^-L-Z        '
.lo.irnal llnil. some 10,000,(100pi hul
freight passer! liming!) Aillt'nofl dm*,
illg the past year liiniii.l for point*, ill
tin* Ourlhon country, nn.l to move this
IIUl six horse le.-ims, hesldcs IUU puck
aniiniils, were eiuplnyeil.   The llverng
ihal siilise.pieiil owners paid Irs- ihnn
a milli",i .loll.us mil nf their nun
pnrkels as working capital lii*l'oit* the
levying nf .'isscssnienls hegllll, I'rnr-
tic.-illy. Iherefnrp, .uul vieweil as a
whole, lhe ('n.nsl.ifk hula in 21 year
\\V have commenced the manufacture of Flour and are in
the business to stay, and wc now offer the following brands for
Patronize Home Industry and keep the money in lhe disirici.    Our flour Iris been pronounced the superior of any now
price of frrigh,.,, nil pi.inls was a „   ,,,,,,,,,1 fr,,,,, ils yield, ami a, a eosl of      ,       , * *        X X   V X    St„)no-   Bakers am|   SupcrlillC
2J cents per pound, so that the ii y lynhoiit sixly-lhree million dollars     ' &        ' •** '
expend In frelghl c ges wnnlil he (adding ssrsstuenls as preyionslv  ;\|;-0 Bran  Shorts and Chopped l'ccd.
nlioul IfB-fl.OOO,   Il.e question of led! noted), all ih,- mines of towns, mills,
isn grave one to the freighter,ns ul Iuilu'tip, iiiiicliineiy au.l othercn-oiiiiii*
sum. point*, as ninch iu $100 per tun \Ai_ nt-tiiiiMrics  too iiiiiuerniis lociiln*
wns paid for hay.   Although tills emir- logne, -Western Mining World.
molls .iu,.,,ml nf freight   was handled |—.	
ni Ashi-i-.ifi. import nf entry has lieen |, McDUFF !manufactured in British Columbia.
esl.-il.lislii-d the.e null people tl.II,pi,lill I
hiiieriy „f ,i,e neglect shown .he,,,.  G      i Blacksmithi  Okanagan Flour Mills Company, Ltd.
Hu- uuiliiirili-'.s  should remedy tins '■-' '
will,mil deliiv, fur Ihe point is a fnr loo
imporlant one lo he wil hunt ll customs
culled ur,
— -    . •,	
Armstrong, li. C,
We Handle Hardware and Hardware Only,
Ora.3?    jS-fcOC?3aC    Of
Record ol' Mineral Locations for ihc Week
Ending January 5, 1696.
Luckie, (.niter cnmp, I.a linr Purrln. I
lvuiili.it. Cartel cninp, 0. 0. Lellcr
Crockery, Glassware, Shelf and Heavy Hardware,
Hallows, Anvils, Healing and Cook Stoves, Woodenwiire, Sash
and Doors, Paints nnd Oils, has heen selected to meet the
requirements of the country, nnd Will l.e found most euinpkte.
Jcssop's Steel (any size); San Francisco Powder,
Caps and Fuse ; Miners' Outfits.
^.Bt'iignuf, Kiniherly cninp, II. Well.
jani'ahv 2
Prospect in* (frncllnuiil),  Dead
ramp, P.. ('. Brown,
Ureal   Hopes  Krnrli.m  (fraclionul),
11,-udivooil cam],, K. ('. Brown,
While Hose. J IntuiMst, .1. It. Dji-
rosierslo T. Hardy,
(llenwond, \ inleresi, J. Sutherland
I,, M. Garland.
(Ireat I'lstern, i Interest, II. Mill ray
to .1. Pugsley,
Kiiripiu  Uilu, J Interest, (i. Iliter lo | (Jounty c
W. Caldwell.
Iliuipire, \ inleresi, A. (loon lti,J
Little Chief, all inleresi, R, Walsoi
lo .1. B, Desrosiers.
you  want  lo p.nni   up a ia*
plaster a lioiisu or I.llllll a foundation,
in 11 fur lime ul
• ' ij.30, T. Wells' liini] Kiln ■P*
tfir-'-s.}       -t-
(1.liae, Ueiulull & tlo'u Store,
li. Iiiry falls, II. O,'
ji*$S  *iJol»Tbi.xi.sr   SSJ-xop.
er in tint Tin or Iron Line will secure our
-t mm
 — WiC.,'
Notice Is hereby glvon Ilinl nsllllngofllio SgjHJ
.f Vulc ..an:«. huiii fe;5
At .lliilway. mi Monilny, 1,-itli Mnr'oli,  BHIk
1NI17. I .Kli"!
At Griinil li'ortis, .... Wo.luosiliiy, i'li.
Miircli,  1807.
Al llu- I ■ uf II o'clock In Un- forenoon,
liyi'iiiiiiiiinil. IV. II. McJIViVK,
Oorerninonl Ofllco, Midway,       I). 11.0. C.
Kettle Iver Coimtpy i
Prompl and (toiefnl Attention nt n  ReiiBfHMlifu Figure,
ffl IW, J. Armstrong k Co., the Hardware, Tin and Stove Men, Anaconda.
1 Penticton Livery, Feed and Sale Stables
Good Single arid Double Drivers, and
Gentle Saddle Horses.
,ots on Easy Terms to Actual Residents.
Snow Sturm, all interest, P. N. Mr
Gregorln li". K. Luens.
.inn. iiii.nn;
,    -ft' /': '.-.'a; -;,J  N
-,'■ j ,'i, J o   7ft
For Particulars
A. K. STUART,    un tu    R. C. ADAMS;
.Mil.WAV, II. C. Jl'..XTIIIUI,, P. IJ.
iMift I |S0yoi Hotel, fad Forks, 11. C.
New Zealand sel nn "xumple lo tin
world in llie mailer nf ki anl in** llu
friiiichis,* lo woman, and so snlisfiie-
tory has lhe experi ,1 heen, a direcl     COUNTY COURT NOTICE
nthlnidiitiun   luis   lii'i'D   |;i\'cii   lu llii
i-onviclimis of the scepl inil upon this I   Nollt1{5 b ,,l;H,J' ff»v«i «mt anIUI»« of lhe | tj | \  f
... ii      , i   *.      i I'onmj Coiii'L of Yulo will lie Imid *** A.^ii
hII •iiiiporlniil HiilijLH'l Iii ii uiHJoi'll.y cl
Tr"v     'f'1^
if^ft? Wo -dxixxerse XZelp
;»S I Finest brands of Wines. Liquors and Cigars.  Livery and
Stable in Connection.  Saddle Horses a Specialty. ■
II. I'. 0.
^u ruivivo
. ,, .. ..       ./ii    At tho hull" of o even o'clouli In IliUf.iraiinon.     H S     I    fi      L^     	
A i;enlleiniin  froiu  New A'nlnn.l,    ,, ,.,,„„„,,       r. a. n. i.avii ov,       1 1 \J   i   Ji-^1- c-J.O***?'.**ja<i**«>m.>=».—
®        (S) GEO, P. MLMS, Froprietor.
•©•3*j»S3i2a.<3. l?£i2S',Is:a', ^B. G.
(|) JERMS SI-50 AND $2*00 PER DAY*
speakini' iheolher day hi Bii(,diilul, nl*  [jovorimii.nl Oil"    n
hiding In lhe siilijivi, .-aid : "In nine* Nov. 12th 111*),
families in New Z*iil.iii(l prelly well  NOTICE OF SALE  BY SHERIFF.
vole together,   Diiiighlers vulu wilh
llieir fill hers; sister!*, as a rule, hut.
not always, vote with Iniil hers; wives,  .      ,      ., „      ,        _ . . ,
I lieliev,.', ns n  r  vole will, lh.ll-  '" lhti  C°U!Uy °0Urt 0t  Bntl3h
husliands, nr, If you  like lo pul if lhe | Columbia,
olher way, husliands vole willi thai
wives: hut it certainly lias mil pn:
llilced niiich domestic ili.icurd.   Now
ivllitl is llie ellVel, whnl is lin- trend of1 ,Ixo, A. Cohykll Iii:i.'!:m.'.n
ivoninn's inlliii'iice in pnliHcs? Hull, in
First Class Accoinmodntioi),  (iinui StiiWlhg,  IViinimtsof Sirtge Line
from Mai'L'us, Wnshlngton.
McAULEY & LUNDY, Proprietors. '
Tlios.-l. KABIiV I
,i,x,„,JPpospee(ops' Livery, Peed snd Sale
.! Ciiah. \V. II. Hansom..
Livery Te»n
New Zealand and Siil.tl. An-I ralia. Ihr l "l'«<- " ' '■•.-.•'""»'■• -.I'i.iim'U--,' . [i,\, i ('   1,'!;;!!;-,   '-ii',|i;'   '(iii PcCii Ifeflii lilili LlJljS'  SiiJli! Hji'SSS
result has heen lo return lo pn wtil* I hi* I jK0 ^ CnitVKi i                     I1ei.*i!kihnt
parly which gn d the stiffrnge.   I   ,
sl Id say Mint ll.eintlueneeof w. n |„ obcdlonco tu lira wills of KlnriFiiclns   I QcLWlflP"    Ot     /^ ti      rLiflU-
inpolilii-s seerininly lo hrln'glhe |.™wj out ^ |]|° ^^uliTOiwtoil'            '                  '
ti'uiper.iiice. the lici'iiuiligquesliiin, I o sum of H'niir I: ini.ir.it ami TlilrryKivoIii.lIn
.,    ,.     ,       ,   ,      ,     ,.,-,■   v nnil Sixty oonls iSltlUl, nnil lho Inlici* suit fi
the frunt, nnd already, I Hunk, u, New Hiositin of Three lluiinrnl iinilTuontv .Sov.
Zealand, ymi ran see ihal lhey lire dis* !."*"'* ',"."'. i';'*''1,-!.','1''"',','",, '.'i'1",," !:'il|;'T' ;V,'
jiosed, snnie of Ihem ul  nny  rite, In  f.
exert. Iheir influence iu llie dired.iuu of "
Grand Prairie Hotel
CARSON, khi'i'ia.; iiivnii. n. c.
Situate in tiie Iiiimeiliate Vicinity of ths BowiiJapy Creek Mines.
First-class accommodation for the Traveling: Public.  Stage Lines
8Sny, Crsit: and Wc-o-1 for Sale. I   to Midway and Marcus, Wash. Blacksmith shop in connection.
s  a  Specialty, mclaren bros.     ....     proprietors
Oriind Forks, it. P., Below (he Bridge.
•:..,-,'■:..: ..ML
what is cuiuilionly kimwu as the sup,  lluvmiini'inl illllci', Vcrn in Ihu I'ro.limo nl i
..   .    „ Hriilsh Coluinhin, all ilu- ri.-lii. lit Jo uinl In-
pressl I viae. ,,.:...... ,f .1,. „.JUVI mm\ icfcnilnnl i.i I!,.
 »i  jlniiils holnw ilcKorlboil, or siiflelonl llioivnfI.i
a,, i.l'y  Uin .illllijlllL'llI  lli-lil  Ilia!  ,aiala   ill   lliiil aim,.
KS'i.v,':; nit
I'oc flinpto
aa..    wuisni: i.i un soi.ii
vn   ir     e'lscisn
Any one who claims tu In- iistudent   ih.tiuii.  ]v    u.-sriii-*tiiin* I
of uiiiiliig Interests musl  rise lo a "! i''H-'!Hffi
lironder view  Mum  Unit  suggested l.y    Own-out
lllvisl'lll lit
nf   Vl.il
luiirket.   ll  Is something uf course lo   I'lstrl.a
know what lu.a he,.,, uitaie.-l in assess
nieiils,  how  sineks   Imvi* liuciu.'.letl,    ivubx to
and what fortunes have lieen gained or
Inst lli'-rem.   Iliil   ii   is in every re- On Hnlnnlti}',llu Uth
»P"C n' Impor » ' »■'"'"■  frfiic'tinJafllVeiS I lio.S"\■Jrilotac!
de.vcliipineiit "l Hm  mines from lhe In Iho fore	
standpoint of legitimate husincss ci>
toi'i'iiscs, eiilirely luil.'peiiclenl, in the
I ist analysis, nf oulside ganil.ling nle-
uienls. Individuals hiive heen im
poveiIslieil Iinl has ihe P.I iii' roust
uml I lm world al large galiicl or lusi  ,,,,'|.''.'.,.,
in  a lin,uua.I  -.'lis.,' hv ll HHnus  '•..; I", iir.ua I
Bpent upun th.'t.iiiiisloek? Iul M-ir   , Ull  Jntni A.Ciiryi.iliunl Wll.ln
Till, anau.a   ran   he   I'm, ul   iu Mil' '
FEED - LIVEpy - /p r.ftftl^ SJJlBiiES
Always on hand Good Single and Double Drivers, Ladies'
and Gentlemen's Gentle Saddle Morses.   Pack
Horse's for Hire.
Heavy Teaming at. Reasonable Rates.
'urins nf sale, .a a.
A. (I. l>K.MHI"llTOS',Hii'rltl'.
•i-i... .lain. Kiiinliiiiiis, /      L
nf   X.ium'.aia    I -:ii.     i       r
VERNON, Ei. C,     >
i/'\s-JX~rSi»i.S*is v'V'VvA>y'\. --y^i/\f''^ri-it
I herein
'i. .   ,' .a a , ::,   I
ill '    V..1 .     'I-1!
 * .•-•r~.v ■    - .     -
i ri h. ......ri ■
i i. . " \ .      .   .
111    »""»"       '"    ""iiu   mini   ,.,,......,..,,             .,,, „        ,.. „|         -H-~>,-r   A-**,   -d.   V   f;"-'   ,         '     , •',       '.
n'lleinl   record-*.   If  we lake I lie sum    in.l lift)'ilnlliu      ,....•.,.. » Isl ilny nl     M) i f   \ !\j   t.    ;.,,    '   J      . LJ /     \     '-.      Li    fl
 Mifm.a- ini,,.,,,,i„.„,„i   ft      .,:,.ft',':ft:;:\.n. rlUnLJ.-: h 1 *.• S 1/L
(riii'i'NWoo i ; 'iii, Bot'MtAUV Cri I :*. li. C,
We hnvejiisl .
SHU, up Mia ,.-,-'—ilf.l' ■   oi uio l.y Ilia "-• ,' :.-'■ "
1                                    .      „ lo'i I'1  ''.l.iry, I- •     a il   a ,i.    ||] i,. || a
several  Luinstuck   riuiipiiuics  lnr .1   \i .-.:.  ,i	
>•"'•'•».«<- sh.,11 „criv,.,,i ih,. „r ;;',,;■ ■;.';,V"."";;:■'."■;■.;  .,  ,,,,   „,„
loin! of SitlJIlilfOlil. in-ilIii,.; In gov- I.M'iri'ii) lu Mult-iliti Mi'I'iiiiIb, MorlK.iKe In
,,. ''       '       "   I.      lai. III. Ill   I 1 ll.     -II !' I -...,..■
eriiiiienl ra puis,   lllvidends paid ilur- i,„, |,,,i,.„i :;,■;.  i|„||„     Slitil.il   nnlliu lillh   ,
[.,. ,1, ,.,.„,„ ......i., I   ,,,   .,,,,. ftiill. a,, .ii,.;, .■,,,!.:;. .aa,    rest,.!   hr r.ni, el   I" weleoinii gi  mul pinMUo gi
''"         ""-.<"-   }'-ll''*l  <M       •,«    "I". ;;,„,.,.,,,„,,,,     ,   ;a   l ■.,,'. :,,.,!, a,,!,,.. |,iv,,,vsi„lil,..
0fX),0U0, lllld I"  Hns  Mi- slnllsllcl tin, ii!,.n   ,.     mn In chivi-Kc I I,
add   ,*2,Ui:i.ii;ill  on-   iiurep u-l-il   huli 'talllluiMs'lh.m'lin'A.Cnrj'i.ll In llrrnnri
vldu.il  pnilii- mi   mines Ii I'..a,,   he) ,'l!J",lj,l,,!*.ll.l|jrH1*; ';'.■,"."'','[;'!' T '''I'.;','',1;:',11
were incurpurale.l.    Sllikillg a   cash  linmlroilnml tliiri) i ■ i.■.!...-. ii.tu:i| oi [In
holel.'ul In.', lauii'il (lily, und are prepared
nl n'l'iiiiiiii Iul lull.   (Iinui Cnlerliig,   Firsl
1 injjle and double .Iriiiaa and saddle horses. Ladies'
. iaii!r. . .. a . I single drivers and saddle horses. Horses
...' :. lie we. I< a- m wl. I' stalls if desired, Horsi s
broken to harness, and horses nn! cattli sold <m commission
Dc.-ilci n 1 i and < • ■■- li ■ ... ai d retail. All kind:, of
heiivi    ,'  a      .".a.ili'i.  Comer Mission and 1'ronson sts.
W.   ('iAKiAl.1'.,   PKOl'IUKTOl*.
.an.',   I".i:   ,ln
s. Murrv in Th
,..a nf lliree tai
i,am  Ulr   Irian
.  liciji
i la'
.  Ur
ImIiiiiit Ilia Cuius I.  ledger exhihils JJ
an nclil.il prolil uf $.*tll001,01)0
In roiinil niinihi'i's ilia liiilllou yield •',
for Ihis group "f mines for Hies  [JJ
period   was   mined    al    ft.Oil.O.IU.IIOO. :1
KtihlrnclIllg lhe prollLs, .... li ive in Ihe "
cnl of Ilia piireliislug. ui.ilnlalnliig, I'l'e,"1'1'•'•
d'fending uud devi'luplng  lhe  greal u .\nn.»i, i-a
|i,de fur til   yenrs  111,'   ant;"  son, i.l il,',1l;i.,';if„;.;'': ;■ '- ;!;
•s'';,ii (Kill IMI. Tin I'l-I'iniii.'..-i.f I Ills! a Mil '.aai a I IU.nl
.... ,tn .inni-. i-i.; .;
il  mosl  lia  I leinnereu,  euuie Iiiiiii tnluoil hy Tlninns .1
llie mines llieiiiselves; lh Iter one*, 1'"j",',x')'!' I".,01,'.'^'
fourth was Mm resull nf direcl nssess. llnnnfim a, ,: ,*, ,■
nieiils iiiiiiii llie slo.'kin'I.I.'rs. j iorcjdstorcil liicnin'l
insider   lh" ,,III,'rata- I
T A ^ fa "f
-lllH   fill
llll'l    I'll
,1,, ;v, ii.
llCgl I'l'i"!
oil, SIlllJOCl
■*" **■« **i*g**'a*t**MiM**M«**a*,**a**in**M***B**aMi
('arson, 11. P., nml Reservation Store, Nelson, Wnsli.
General .7 Merchandise
Turning lu
si.-iii-a. i\ ii. I'l'CK,
lllslrlrl lloglslrar.
UlClltS 111 Clttl   we  lllld   llllll   On   pri's 'TnA.ll. I'.lnliiU'li.ll, i:*i|„ Sluriir.
Villi chi iii.v. |iiii.-Ii,i-., <a-..-ii- |aai..| (Inm.-. Iic,ll|tlfllll}' liiniir nllll lliilalinil; .viniloiv snali,
. ■ -. a a, a  nn.l till oliire lilii'l. a!' 11 * ■. i - ■ -fieri laii','-, m llie Oliniuigaii Hnivnilll.     Ilnnali nml
lltitnli    rami I. un Imml,     Orilcr   from Kotllo lilvor dlslrlcl solicitor! and prices
niiiMi..1 upon njipHroilon in
X, li, Siisli iiiul lluoi ..n Cm-; I'l-i,...!, with Sllghl Advnnco to cover cost of frolgh't,
.Vnd Miners'Out (its of all descriptions,  Our slnek is large
and complete and Wu helieve you will Ihul
Our Prices an  Object
If you wisli lo save money,  Hive ns nn early call.   Fair
nml Bquiuii dealing is uur milUu,


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