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The Advance 1894-06-21

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Vol. I, No. 9.
$2,00 per Year.
$Ve always have on hand a well selected stock of the following goods.
Soots k Shoos,  Hardware, Etc., Etc.
Fairview and Vernon,
Situated at tlie Foot of Okanagan lake.
.Stage Connection with SS. Aberdeen
to Fairview, Osoyoos and all points in
All arrangements made for providing
Guides and Outfits for Hunting Parties,
good Boating and Fishing.   Bow Boats and Sail Yachts for Hire.
Z.X3QX7I3MOE3   BEOS.   &   CO.
EC 3E3 X. O TV W A..
pry Goods, Groceries, Beady-lade .Clothing,. Hardware, Ete.,. Ik
Orders frorii tha Lowo'i1 Okanagan will receive prompt attention,
Prices Reasonable.
y,liiufacturci'H of
Sashes, Doors, Mouldings, Torn-
IUgD,   IIUII,   UWl
All kinds of Factory Wqrk kept in
stock and made to order.
111)6 best of material used,
Coast cedar worked Into furnishings a
Write for prices and discounts.
All kinds of lumbwj laths and shingles
kept in stock.
Sawmill on Okanagan Lake, handy to
Sash and door factory on ft P, Rail:
way at Vernon.'
^tock complete. Extra good quality and
value in ajt tne latest patterns, for
§ Suits \i HaiuSouie Stripe Tptefiis,«
Excellent Trimmings, Good Fit and Good
I can give Satlsfaptlp.il,   A Trial Will
BARNA^Pi AVENUE,          VERNON, |j|
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Constantly on hand at Reasonable Prices.
JfOqiilmo <fc  Fowerai,  ProprievtorB.
ft ft
i!4i'4i!ii!4i!iiT4i'4^T4i'4i'' +i'' *''4*'> Sl» <!» *!« SJ> «T> *V »T> *<>
/.v•)>/r»*.> •.> /,-. ft ft /!> /.>t•}»?>>t'I» 'jT7i?'j>?i^'i^l»,'i»'K
W. T. Thompson
Groceries, Dry Goods, Gents' Furnishings, Hats and Caps
Ready and Custom Made Clothing1
' Boots and Shoes Drugs and Stationery
vi1 Hardware Stores,  Tinware,
Agricultural Implements,     Miners' Supplies of All Kinds.
A Specialty Made of Direct Importations of Scotch floods, \
W. T. Thompson,
gp.A.xs^-VTug'w,   b. q,
ft ft ft
Mr. W. Newton has started a horse
herd at Bonndary Falls.
F. P. Vedder and 10. Covert have
taken up a pre-emption on Mi of July
Several new pre-emptions have lately
been located up tho north fork of
Kettle River.
The araster on Copper creek erected
by Mr. Ilarlaiiil, began working on
Mr. W. II. Smith has set a gang of
men to work on the Non-such near
Boundary Fulls,
Rock Creek is making a strong pull
against the removal nf the recorder's
oflici1 lo Boundary Creek.
Mr. 0. Sanders, tlie Kettlo Rlvoy mail
tfirouglj portinnsof the forest the- trees
are levelled to the ground,    ' -
We are pleased to he abW J*» utete
that tliciw js not a word of truUj li; the
report, that Mr. Barringl-oii Pftoj, of
Kcremaos, had lost his life.
Once again the bridge at ©soyoos is
available for traffic, For some time
past it has lieen completely submerged,
butowing to tliu water having fallen
considerably the last few days, travel
over this mute is resumed,
A grand International celebration
will take place at Boundary Falls June
28th. Horse racing and sports of I
kinds will lie held; a bowery dance in
the afternoon and a grand ball In thu
evening. About $150 will bo given In
prizes, of whicli particulars will bo
given later. A tug of war, Boundary
Creek against the world,  will be a
carrier, f;<uie nearly being drowned prominent f.eatJTO of the day's amuse-
OmcE, Barnard Avenue.
Office: Gllmorc'8 Block, Barnard Avonuo,
VERNON,     -     B. 1).
W. M. Cochrane,      -      Faro. Bhunos.
Physician'and Surgeon.
ft 'r» *r» ?i» 'i> 'ivv.?!.'. <;?v;*5i\ ftVit
Hi at
Plana & spoclftcntioiiB furnished on application
Sashes, Doo   nnd Shingles kept in stock.
Ollico and Stqro Fitting a Specialty.
Plana nnd Spcclfloatlona prepared anil catl
mates furnished on ull kinds of buildings.
Land SurTOjror.
Mem. Amor. Soc. Irrig. Engs.
Civil -:- Engineers.
All kinds of Engineering nnd Survey Work,
with l'ltins nnil IC»limiitcs in liny purl of
the Province, promptly attended to
Real  Batata   nnd  Ittinnoio
Veiinon, Fairview and Boundary Creek.
Boundary Falls'.
ilain los by Mull will rocclvo prompt iit\o,ii!liiii
Assoc, klom. Can. Soc, 0 ^,
Surveys oJJ. bIvsit Description In the ly,\ver
Country Immediately Attondod te,.'
AtHtrsssi    BOUNDARY CITY, ft. C.
Hyndford Hotel
SITUATED Twelve Wins South of the.l'tih'
view Mince, on tho hank of
Notod for Its Scenery nnd Hunting.
(By Exam.)
"V"©3t-ax on
A Pull Line of English, Canadian
And nil Requisites for the Toilet nml
Sick Room
Orders hy Mull receive careful A1 ten-
tiou anil Quick Dispatch.
Spectacles and Eyeglasses
vlv*I?VViSV ft ft ft^imm^ft
(Np)(t to Mr, Elliot's store.)
Horses and Buggies for Hire.
klatlve Birds aud Hands Kept for Sale.
Orders   by mnll  receive  prompt attention,
i^iinllng Heads a Specialty.
Ijlfatches, Clocks and Jewelry.
Spectacles and
G-eu.«»X-B.l      3BlEldK9»MlltJl.
All  Kinds of Repairing.   Horseshoeing a
General Blaeksnii,
luring hjgl) water. The cfttJo of Un
ferry broke, and the scow, with Mr.
Sanders aiid two horsos, drifted down
stieani onto an Island. They lrcre res-
'died with ("togftty.
Captain !;1 ' ^/^iil Montreal, who
has just come over front tlie KiujU'iiay
country by way of Marlins and Midway is at present camped on Kruger
.Mountain, near Osoyoos, making a
thorough inspection nf his mining
properties there, oa which work has
recently beejrj done.
There Is a certain class of individuals
in this, part of the country that the
community could well do without:
men whose only Vocation in life seems
to lie to break the law hy supplying
liquor to Indians, and other such ques-
tiotuiblu practices. Rascals of this
stamp, when caught, should be treated
with the utmost severity of the law.
For once, and it may be for all time,
tlie vexed question of tlie ioc.'vtion of
the road over Boundary Mountain has
been decided. Mr. Vernon, accompanied by Mr. Schubert, after looking
over the different routes, has selected
the one by the Skylark. This, it is
claimed, will give easier grades, yet at
the same lime is a little the longer
route, being about 21 miles from
Boundary Creek In the Prairie.
The time has arrived to call the
attention of the profession to the fact
that the whole of the Okanagan country does not possess a resident dentist.
A good denial surgeon located at
Vernon or some other convenient point,
would surely lie well supported. The
district contains a large number of
people, nml the population is increasing
day by day.
Armstrong will celebrate the first nf
July by holding athletic and other
sports, comprising races of all kinds
and a tug of war. Providing the
weather is favorable a jolly good time
may he p?pected. There will be as well
a pigeon shooting contest for a silver
cup between the different chilis of the
Okanagan, the cup tn be won twice in
succession, or three times, in (ill, before
it becomes the absolute property of
any team,
Dr. Boyce having moved I o Kelowna,
there is now no resident medical man
in tlie whole lower Okanogan, A government grant itt1 $1-100 a year stands
pn the estimates for this district, and
this, together with the large amount
of private practice that is In be derived
from thi' large niunl(o|! of people living
in one liuiiilri'tl sauare miles of tcrri-
ti.iry, should be a sufficient Inducement
Ui some medical man to give the matter his attention.
The building of the ferry tube placed
on the Okanagan River at Penticton
is about completed, The only thing
that troubles Ihe. authorities ttt present
is furnishing a cable for Ibe sump. Mr.
fji.htiliert stiine tinie since ordered one
from the coast, but owing to the stale
of traffic it Is not known when it will
arrive. It is to lie hoped I hat, something temporary will lie rigged up, as a
means of crossing the river wilh teams
is hadlvneeded.
inenls, 0n the 20th jMidway will hold
a similar ci'li'liralinn, and Grand Prairie on tho4th of July,
To bedrock flume Mission Creek hn?
always been considered a fe.os.ti.ble
scheme, and one likely li, give good re,
turns to aijyone who would engage ii)
tlie same, as for years past mom ot
less gold has been taken out, by pros,
pectors, We are glad, therefore, U) iii
Informed thai, a company has been
organized in Vernon wilji this etui in
view, and we trust the euergf of .tbo
undermentioned gentlemen forming
the company will meet with deserved
success; Messrs. W. J. Armstrong,
G. Milligan, M, O'Brien, (', Winkler,
T, Urquhart and J. Francis,
The present.is .a fjiv.orable opportun.
ity for the cattle men nf this section lr»
work off some of their surplus stock,
Beef is at present scarce iu the oiast
market,, the supply from the east having stopped; and as tlie quarantine law
prevents entile being brought In from
the other side, a ready market should
be secured for all the cattle in this section. A good deal of trouble would be
experienced in gelling through lo
Hope, the bridges over nearly all the.
rivers and streams having boen washed
away, but before the bridges were
built tbe same difficulties had to be encountered and overcome. Once at
Hope they can be taken down to tho
coast by steojnor, Wo have plenty of
prime hsof here if tiie people of the
coast. Iiaii' plenty of prime money U)
pay for it.
Over Twenty Per Cent Lost hy the Ordinary
Methods of Milling.
An interesting article by A. B. Paul,
on the methods of milling gold ores,
appeal's in the Mining and Scientific,
Press, and may prove interesting and
instructive lo those engaged in Ibis industry in tbe different milling camps
of the. district. It may also explain
sonic of tlie reasons why the low grade
ores of this section, which arc known
to give certain assays, do not, whon
milled, give satisfactory results, In it
be says:
"There is not a mill working gold,
ores with simply stamps, silver plates
and concentrators that docs not run
tway in its slimes and tails at least 20
per cent of the, value, and the majority
of thorn 115 per cent, unless in exceptional cases of working specimen rock,
I have uiud.e tup many tests on this
point tn accept any such data. I do
not doubt that with soipe tests of tails,
minus Hie run-nlf slimes, assays may
be had whicli will show a less percentage of loss; but take a 10x10 tank, full
of tails, willt all I he muddy water, and
let il fairly settle, then dry, sample,
anil assay, and see how your 85 pee
cent, agrees.
"In South Africa (Johannesburg)
they have as line mills, with all tlppli.
unci's, ns in California, with skilled
California mill men to operate them,
anil, as a general thing, easier ore to
work, and see what I hey afO, lining
wilh their tailings alone,
A petition having been presented to Byway "' Information to many, I
Mr. Vernon by I'uu settlers of Grand i wl" K'v''tho "K""''*' Pm' " >"»« linio
Prairie, Kettle River, praying that the: *oy wore satisfied will, results, yet,
building of (be road i\ver tho Bound-H'llUon of liogronn| c„mp..,lle,l tho
arv Mountain be not lot by contract, il!sav "8 "f lR'"; Wta. ''I bey in lime in-
baa been decided to have the s,,„1(,, vesligated and found a value 111 them,
done by day work. This is just as |b and by degrees the mills took up tho
should be. If let, by contract, some one j w0,'kl"K "f'•1"'"'- a'"1 th" following is,
might step in from the oilier side antl!""' >'"'ia "f sutne for thi: respective,
tender and secure, the  whole of thej '"<mUls uf 1S;llil; Qmw
WOt'k, anil employ outside labor, tlllis i April, ISM, the yield from tails wns, In,
excluding the settlers from all benefit M„y°,'.,';;]]!]!!!!!!!''.'!.'!!!!.'!.!]!!!,'!!!!]si!'ifai
to be derived from the i\e.Uml. con- j Juno...':.'..'..'. '....'. !!""!"!.Stat
struct ion of the road, | Aueust!!!!!.'!! 1 !11!! ^!!!!!!!!!" I!li!!!!!!'.!!3oUo3
_,     „ ,.,    ,,. ,  i    ii     i    Soptombor 31,851
The Kettle River rond leading to Ootobor , ivw
Marcus is so badly blocked by fallen j ij;3^r ;;;;;;•     .;:;;;;::;;'::;;::;:; ijgfjj
timber al.401110 points, especially that! January, tail  '.,..,  tl'.'.'iit
porliuji just east of Ihe North Fork     California has not yet reoclj^ her
bridge, that it will have to be rebuilt, mtlmatiWA 0$ percent oi extraction^
Mr. Schubert, considering it less ex-1 but ah? is yearly advancing, and in i\
pensive to. re-locate ami rebuild the j few years more will be in the luie of;
road than to attempt to cut out the | per!;ect, milling.   Thorough inyestiga-
(alien timber, so thickly are the trees
(some of whicli arc. very largv) strewn
oyer the road, that it would be
lijke chopping through a solid wall of
Umber.   Tbe storm was so severe in
'*.,)ine parts ot the, district that for miles j mining uien
lion by competent men will give, many
profitable surprises as to what gold
you don't get. W' pay too, much at-,
tendon to crushing roofc, and too littio,
to securing the value of It, 1 givo.
these, ideas for tho consideration <$
s> r<
the advance, .yem, pri¥ale GoUege.
tjSTC^jjF&XOluUS Pitoi'iUETOiu,
Published wooklj nl !■.. 0!»        :,. .' ",
SubHcrlpt ton I'rl %   '. ■' \  • mi ■■■ i, ) ly.ible
,v>i advance, cither ywirlj ur toUf-yeiu'lj al tho
'OptiOII Ul Illl' KUlJHCI Iboi1..
AiLet'tlHliig lliitcrt sent on upulicuttyn.
'Though tho cnlunini i;' Tin. ;  van. i; i ro
ihvajs open for tho (Hr-hhhIm. of mi Iters ot
public IntorcHi tuid importance, we oo nol n ic-l
vjcumrily amluni iinyuf Llm uiiiii1iiih> exiiroAi cl.
\ !oi'reinwmliJUoe ul 11 pertioijuj naturo will nol ua
THURSIWi', JI KE21, IS, 1.
As In keop [lojdheiids on the mailing
ist is equivalent lu a loss of money,
this paper will not, after tho end of
jf.kte., be sent to any other tint1, paid
ii|i subscribers.
We wish lu inform Hie Oppi siliim
ii'trly lliroiigiinul ii;i- rldiu :' thai the
'"AhVANrK l- I'qiially willing in publl li
reporls of i^jposiiion nieelings ns of
those uf thu Government, :-:t. far none
of Ihe doings of .Mr. Graham ami !,is
followers havo reached ns, except tine
,i'''ii|ii Vernon,
I'artlesthriiiighoiil the district who
aril receiving rjiojjy out of the public
Ti\isury, wh. tlier iu receipl "I' regular
■4 temporary salaries, would d i well
*o stop can rugging for the Uoveritmont,
The money oul ol iviiieh publl ■ oflicl il;
,,ra\v   their pay is furnish' d by both
hurtles alike, at,' lb" ti has gune by
'for any suchui.ti, il'iVn tbcji'part,   'i hey
ni',!   paid   by 111. '"plibllo   i'l  ill. ";i,l   :l)
their ordinary ditties on!;,',  and the
,-"niier Hiev recognize :'',,;. fact and cl
ol,...   lie In Iter.
 > 8 < -
MISSION KEr.IT.1. .t)K3.
Mr. Graham's Mooting a;; "con Through C ;v-
eriuneat Spectacles,
Thee,,;, topic's of conversation here
are the pkiclion campaign and lite
merits aiifl ^'.'•le.'ii.s of the opposing
'ptirliw. JI1'1: 'Graham has held two
meetings, oneal, Bonvinilin tlie nil.,','
■nt Kelowna. and al, 1, ,|,'i addressid
largeaiidience.t, .',:.■. Gr;;hams meth icl
'l)f pleadingliiseaii.ie iiu'j that of the
Opposition Is, lo Su/ ;ii" iein-it, wer.l
an,I  lolisided.   lie  inn ui 'es   I incleeti
. twentieths of his ;:'!.!;■. s. ii, pU'.;i: ■-
holes in Ihe present iidmini :i '■at'''iiiiii il
in Hie tivimliuHi minotiiicen in1'!! ::!|
small voice that the policy of Ms parry
is 'ii be ;,:;,•! of retrenchment, ill.; prin-
",!>ial caiises uf cnmpliiinl i.e Uv.ise, the
Vfirliamout Iniildings, Ihe 8&0, and
'lie Nakusp iV- Slocan railway, 'It bmu-
■jnei'sal these ad nauseam". When, al
length, Mr. Gniliuui has nmircd forth
the vial '•!' his wrath nn the pt'ot'iigacj
o!'" ....vf-.viiien: thai builds fifty mile's
,«.«)i»i»Jastiryraih'i tul,makes an excellent bargain for iinnlhei1, nnil bus :':e
iiuhetii'il uf e.vtrav igiiuiu In wish tn
vacate theii n,,t>ri<riwii mid deltipidnled
'lll.llllitlj^s Ifi'i'K'i.ili till.i,,' li. u'er  than  li
I,'" ii, ho hurriedly wh:scors uver Hie
is^.... policy of his pitrty'tis it il, were
l! .''benediction nl iii'1 end ut' a inn."
ni..] vety iky ion   i.. Mr. !I„: hi1!., i is
■'   '.'■'■ ■"" 1 •' t S.     ' ill'::   foi'WIllll   lo   ex-
jilii., why Ir ha e p n ed (lie Opposition cause, Ho maintains Ilia1, lie was
,,1'ei'i.d ! y Mr. Wriion In ri'gar.l to
,TtiH letting of theS&O toatraot ir d
inn -v.-es the truth oflils remarks mi I
1 '^dc.'itraey nf his figtirei) on Lis aii'.'i-
. j;;;e by bidding Ihoni "see", [tngebtihg
.".ei Ihe . go i f milage is past, At
>fl.iv,'i'..i Mr. R.tfibiit concluded his to-
imiiks-by making n .■: temenl concoru-
jng a matter alloc:Hie; Mr. Vernons
fi'vtrticlji1,   The cause of the govt n
i;. Adrikn Meyer, Pkincjpai .
Til! iiii!
McAuley & Grant,
J. A. MOIIl;
TOpi'li inf.
Estates of G. (I. Mnekay&Co.
nglo-l lohimbian Co., L'td.
Yorkshire Guarantee and Securities
Nicholles k Rennuf, L'td,
j   .Sun Life Assurance Co. uf Called.
I'he Royal  Insurance Co,  ui' North
London & Lancashiro
Fire Insurance Co,
cu.iiiOKa M.itiEitvri'.
General Merchant
 —i t^ - Livery, Feed & Sale
Genepal Real Estate        Aet.
:-:  STABLES'.   :-:
Good Double nml Single Rigs always
un Hire,
 —— _—_______, 1
rr-.TTir*•<--'-" >t   <r^<r\    '^° Ladles' and Gents' Saddle
KNIGHT & GO. Horses.
.-,   -,.. ' limiting Parties Supplied With Pack
• Mn(iiN outfits.
S ' i
■■,! 'i
■ I {l 1
Harness and Saddlery
LuiVOVUilJ Ui   J^UUSjO1   Wo Bhail shortly open a branch al
u ■*" Okanagan Falls to conttt'cl with the
iv »ri 'fi;v new steamer whon running,
i>lli;K ^PK&'jfTi roiiK omEsrs       '!' '!' PKOWN k ( 11.. PBOPItlgrORH,
I'ltlMM 1 DIlNKll IIKK1'
Kill Bll iii ri'OX,
P01 K     INt)    I1KKF
IIOMK MAUK IfAMH. llAl'ON, l..\i:i)
Always on hai ,t. Orders aollcltotl nnil promptly
ulli'iiil'jil 111.   Willi]", alii nml Retail.
KNIGHT & CO. - - Vernon, B. C.
l!\EEl), OAT,-), IIAV AND PO'I'.iTORS.
''ill hotlollvcrctl a! Oknimgnn falls.:; noonna
IIOtVStCllllil'l'I'llllBOll ling Lai c,
•       .I.HI'Tl'llKMiN', Visiijion,
160 Acres of Lund. Al! Meadow.
R&l'll 1 ■     "•.: , : '       ; ::.  '..-.res     arcc:
..   mill   irnlneil.  :':'- jttili s Ft'inn (Jiuit|) Ale-
Kinney.  One Mile (ftini \Vnsgon ronil,
Applj' Al'V.'.Xi'litiKI'lt'i:.
-ood Walg'liiis
"hampion SlimglsMaehine
Capacity, 20,000 per day,
iSelf-Pecler, willi Jointer and Packer
coiiiplnte.   Teri'iis reasonable.
Apply AnvAXCR Oi'iicn or
Okanagan P.O.
g:iiiiSi?AL act] im-
Notjie of Application for Certlfieato cf I.ii-
Alexander Muir,
" Barnard Avo.,
P. 0 Box il, Vonion, II. I!.
Books l)e,li'il,'AutUteil and Squaroil Up.
Hrtipei' aitention glvon tnatnnllor flrma,
Ili'c, l.ifonnd Aceitlonl IiiEuranccoilo ctctl.
,    ,...l    ...n,. ill ,  „,,.,,,.<   i.ift,,  ,,,,,,,,u  ui.,<   .,; i ,;:,.■ "iiiiui
1 , mil, ,as niosl ably an.. ,,.,,,„ ;„,v muatbesontto the Mining neeordc,'.„,„laetio
S , 1,' ,1 mil   „    i'l''   Wn   I   BiU'°A.,HlJ  ™ ineod before tho issitanee of attehoortlt;
,                1      ,  Vi,"\"ii"1''';''"!-', atooflitiprovonioiita,
.ItdT  ti.   !::hr]^]^ U^'l  ' Wed this Kit] yofMaiMSW.
SJIOGGIE i  UIN!''.!i.M,(,i..Mll.
'TWICE Mi'ili", fh I t.Tlioniiia Billot, free
■*■    iiiiiior'a& nft< ■,',■ Nn. 5*181, Intotiil, slsty
days from the dnto horoof, lo apply to tltoOold
Clonnnlesloitiil'Joi'acei'tUl mloollniprovi incnts,
fnrilii'li tifioseof obtaining a Crown Grant nf
then! .,'beliiiiii,
Aiiil'tui'thiir lako nolieo that adverse dahlia
ppovlnoial iieiliiing& Loan Assoc,
Oi Toronto, Ont.
Is open liilgitn money for the purpose
uf building iu anil around Vprnon,   Nn
delay where security is good.   Apply
Sect.-Theas. and Agent
23; CD T Ii- X.
Good Stock of
Lipors aoil Cigars
.   .   .   Goo;! Stabling.
McLaren gros., PROpr.iETORS.
iiiiACKSJimi tnmi' is qoxneotion.
Stngiis Leave cvety Monday n.id Woilnesilny
for Mtirous, ll'asli.
.'VI -«.
fmk lis v..
h«        xrr..^,'.£w       VV(fi
Pioneer Boiler Mill of tho Province
71 PHEMIEIt Ti t
ntlinilS    JffltEE STAR     (-:pn-i|,C(
I.'aSUUjilCs™?NG BAKER'S fii flilUO
Mill Feed Always on Hand,
Write for Quotations.
Fjfeii^nfeapa P^otograplur
VEItNON, il.t;.
Fnts'i'-l'i.Ass Acco.MjtonATiox rot; Guests,
/iffl'Exoellont Fishing o« Kottlo River.JEJ
Tie Pioneer store oi tne uamp.
Always on hand a full supply of Groceries, Dry Goods and
Staples of every description, and at prices
to suit the times,
Zao'tjKT eiiaS "t»!|a.© Xeo-«rS7-es"fc.   .
niiWTiiTa>MrTr»mMTinrn-rrTTr«i-¥TTTi-Biiii urn rrniTm ■iirmi    un i, i^miiiiiw iiwiiii iiegnati^»anManMMMW*
CAPITAL (all paid up) $12,000,000.
REST     6,000,000.
Will. DONALD A. SMITH, Pres.    HON, OKU. B. DEUMMOND, Vlco-Pres
E, S. OLODSTON, Generai, Manahhu
Hi'tinctics in London, Kng„ New York and Qliicngo, nnd in all llipprineipitl cftfeft
in Canada.   liiiynnii,Scll,S'i!i'lingLxeliaiiti'c..iji,U;alililTr!inslei's.  (Jriint
commercial and travelling ereuitsjavaittiplo in any part of tho world,
Drafts Issued.        Collections Made to all Points.
lntANCUKS IN Illlt'l'ISU COl.t'Mllt.', ;
VICTORIA    -     -     -     -        NELSON
Vernon Branch, fi. A. HENDERSON, Acting Manager."
H.W. WRIGHT, Piior,
:-:   ENDERBY, B.C.   :-:
Livery in Conii^ellcn.
Flrat-olosa aecoirunodation for Conimorolal
lliintii!!,- nnd Flahlpgln nbundanco through
his district,
I'.i.'l: ilni'si'^ nnil finiilcK furnished to Sports-
neii on sliorlest nolieo,
inifiiail he looked Lir an iti alBtandnrd
,'if perfection in the .„lii,ii,l tralion
!'F the  presunt goveriHueut  but lie
WkljklitthattL i iiV.-.'.htoi'b.,ie,;t
.yvifleh Imdacer 1 to the province 1111-
nw their rule reduced [<, i.ieiguilit 1 ■ ■
fWi£i|aineal,t;n;hed In U 1 few bin ..i- ;s
.ii.iicli. Hn", have liiidoiifitcii;,' conn tit-
ld: ilc pointed 1.1 thu in; iti tlevolop-
iiiwit ol i he couiil ry by roads, r iliwii rs,
''le.i to l1 ■! 'beiielicial loylsisiiiiii "as
I'cgai'ds ll**ahol;Joii nf land piirclnisc,
the rt'cli.i.'ning of bind, the surveys, th
diiirviiwilliid horlieiiltiiriil m,;' etc,
ami to tlie i iumiihiiiit financial polii y
«:'.'■' Iiiul plaicO li, 0. so high . 11 the
Ii-'('iiir,'i)liii,i,'ii stocks, Ho n in   I  Mr,
C.'1b.'.;n'.iin..ii'l|liull lit.,1   [I, ■   V.l.r  i'
.ii 1 iSltican railway wns n hud y ur ct r-
rijjitly iniiiiiiged iiniioftiik ng, FI 1 con-
l'il ini by Buying thai a' prr.sfcjit i"-
iiV ■■ hiii.';,! i.as Bynononious with ni-
V'.'V, 'Ion mid Unit as riiiln adsiu'i Ihe
I'll,;., *ir;ins by whicli the cu  y can
be opened 1 p, il would ;«■ miulness .
I'l'turi!" ""r:\ niiiioiiiiehig thai ii ifi-
. ■'I'.l.!.'..';ni''.i,::' ■ h • li.it Nine ,,,111 nun uf
rtcvcu'.:n;e!i'. Illfth m, tiii^. , were
i"i"i'ii;,'il, I by rotes , , ikiiiiuTeuce in
Mr. (iHllllim .11;,I ,,l',.ili,'inks lu fin.I
■! ,'iii'iii.iii. Mr, t'li./ici',
" Flour iniT'Chojijcii Feed
Uolivored .. I Kolowna Wlmrf al Reasonable
, IVii'im.   Write for Prioos Ui
■J, T. OAV1KS,
I'Vll ilfl'iV S!|!|vinf| Mflrlep  bloya-Jon* Broa,, ilt'Trblii Crook, hoa this day
^ iu uuaj   11,1.1,1.1^   .Ullul    nt dlasolvjtl hj ittiitl oohsonl    Uldehta
.VRHNON, J),U, n'lhi'iii,,' lirni v.'.ii.iu ;.,.i and (feoountScol.
Tl.  llltH..H.  -.,l-..l. I !. ...    II..
. 1301.
UoviiiixMiiUT Otirren,
Fo the Electors of the East Rid-
lag of Yale District.
As lie nonilnco nf Ihe rccont convor.tlin
held nl Vcrnoii, 1 v..,l he 11 candidate In Ihe
Interest* if the Oppoiltion I'tirty, for IhoBuf.
;"' ■ of tho clcclora In the Easl Hiding nf
"■!'■ Halrlcl iv Iho npproni hlng g itionil oleo-
Meetings will 1,,' hold tbroughmit Iho Ills
... ,,,; (riileu duo notice uill ho given.
■■   1'   .;.,' GUAIUM,
Ariiiyo,^', li, Q„ f.|j| Hay, 1 ill,
To tho Electors of tho Eas< Riding: of Yale Dis'riov ' ■
Qknti.h, ii,,, 1 bog in im',,i'i,'' .nn ji.ni 1 mn
;i I'.'iiidi ;„i,! ii, ropl'os'.'itl IhWriding lu tho
i''''I bogl"!' i'.1 ni ill' itpplinaciilng gonoral
0I001I011B, iiiifl Uujj roapootfiillj' to aolloll your
vote a"1' support.
i.c.'.niNii iiousk fi,11
Ifeflwonc   ftjfiVfl   Tin
WPfl  po'pici   O'Iq
liiilii;  J.tUhll3i   Uilb
dill! Ifiifob,
C. W. W10AI
Gilbert's Resort-
- Kiiv.U'liiss—
'.'■lUORS and CIGARS.
Hi     Hi     H*
Financial, Real Estate, ktneo 4 fiiepal Aris*
Bank of British Columbia.
Agents for Salo of Lois on too Aberdeen and Lyons Estate
Oiit.'i; House, Hh.i.iteh Stbeet, Lokdon, Kniii.anii,
VANUU'v'I';;!, li, C, and VHI1N6N, B. C,
JOHANN WULFFSOHN, Managing; Director. '•;-.
Vernon Branch, G. A. Hankey, Manager,
ATT. —tttt- ■iX^*rirjin^|ff|
ii Irion uvepy
Ni ii lis Sties.
A First-Class House in Every
Fp88 Uiis to all Trains
Sealed Lipors a Specialty
Having lakt'ii over tlie stnblos of (laliagiier & Stqvonson, atnl thoroughly over-
luiu.etl ant! relil.lcil tho premises, I am uVepnreil In meet tho demands  ■•'
nt the I'ttli ,e.   I havo nn hand a complete stink uf new riga,    "'
(double and single) fur public use; and also a good wt
nf well broken carriage and saddle horses.
Tourists desiring to sec tlio country would do well to call.
TUOTICR  is IlKi'liltV GIVEN tlmt tliu
11   partnership I ui.i'oro oxlallng hotivoon
The Gilmore illook,
Opposite the Post OtTics.
r-T! ilios' one, (iiiililren's hnlr-oiittlng and
iml ijStiMioolng.u KiU'eli'.aj'.
,     ,!„.'.    ■''' H.(itititiMI'ltl'IlY. Prop,
;■•■:., ;■
Timi'T GiiEKK, JIav 30,
li. lloymdne's.
TIIE CI.YUM ST.'i.i.ei.
of Ifass
SUIH. Klilgi,; "f Telli'i'iisi (IHi iiill'    Ibln,
Mess nf 'wlnlln iiii*.   Bird qf'tmiii, Clans-
bum ilnip,),!;'!'''! |1£S) lily ..while gtufrUj   I i f
Cllllllflll,' '!:
TBRHBj   (ItllnrHro,
"iro fi	
.'' li ill, lll'linei'.   ]':
j ;■ I'Wiks,
ill. Jlis-hn.
foor Sale or Rent.
Two Story hlnckamtlh's Shop and complete
Bot nr topi (now), ula i atoi k nl ooul ;i!iil Iron,
On lmlf-nofn totut'BoiivoiiUd,
''   Apply D, KICnOJ.SON,
IX Till, BEST 1.(1 "AI.1TY ON THE Vlv
1   .NUN' rpwiialtp, n few aiifQ iiiiil luil[.iiol'h
|nia, either for liuUdlngor gai'iiclilng,
■ A.i'.'ly toiiii.. nilleoiirin
V. Allltl.W MEYER,
Vi.it;:,,.',. H,Q,
M,,jfrX Z&TSl'Xl
Milli IV Miljijjln   fiitfl Chiins'.' OdoiIf,
Portrait and
Stationers &c.
—Dealers in— '
Centr.-.ily i.onated in tho Boundary Crook
1 Mining Camps.
lllnlng Jinn Personally Condtiotoil in Any of
thu Oainpe, or llorsou fui'iilshod,
Good Stale Drivers,
.Tort: cs-:a.H
Wash House
',        (
Goner 1 Dealer in
Dry Goods, Groceries,
Y.      Boots and Shoes.,
Clothing and Provisions.
Particular attention paid to orders from tho
of lh" 1 ii,', r Con ilry,   Piicea RenaotmUn.
Kplowna Livery Stable,
LEfEVRE & LOUGHI5Kli,rrops.
 AND- ■
lirst-dlass Rigs
Always on Hand.
ocble Drivers,
fell Saddle Horses.
Ladies' gentle double a.id single drivers and saddle horses.
Ilnrses ln.iiI'detl liy tlie week iirn.nnlli (box stalls if desired)."
llni'hils broken to harness, and horse's nntl cattle old on commission.
Dealer in hay and j>r,'ii/1, wholesale and retail.
Oov^tn.. <D-.e B3CJjB«Bl<nia». tuid, nL'jjaoaoiiBoa* Streets
0| sin: \Y. II. Megan's Slum.       Iw   p AnHMPlI    n
IMHtOllioo ilex 137                W . OARUN ER, PROPRIETOR,
 x ~ *• ':
Note. TIiIh piablo will bo run strictly (Irst-cltifts in ovory particular.  My drlvon art all hot
Ktraf;t[,ao1td^l,ffirt *** k *•nmU r ^^»s$$&
im, All kluds of heavy teaming promptly attended to.
«• -
Golden Gate Hotel
F. R. KLINE, Proprietor.
Stopping1 Place for Stages to Penticton and Oro, Wash.
Victox^ta,  B. C.
Tiit'insT.s Driven Hound Tnti Cocnthy,
i   ... ^,.i
Mlnerfl1 SnpplleH,   Alsopiiincac (inndfi.
>     *
Brantford 1 Binders i and i powers
A Full Line of Waggons, Trucks, Plough's, Harrow &c. &o.
WA11 EHOn SE AT VEKNON. ' l'    ,
Qt 2£\ Coatcjpton, JSL&&ju.%> MR. GRAHAM'S ADDRESS.
The First Encounter of the Two Candidates
Takes Place at Fairview,
Tim meeting which bad been eagerly
looked forward to for some time past,
was held here Monday, the 18th, at
the Miner's Home, in the interests of
the Opposition, A great ailment of
excitement was generated among the
electors when it was made known during the day Unit Mr. Donald Graham
had extended an invitation to tho Hon,
F. G. Vernon lo meet liiin on the platform aud take part in the discussion of
IDatlors affecting Ibe policy of Iiol.h
The meeting having been called to
order, it was proposed and secouded
that Mr. L. \V. Shatford should act as
chairman and Mr. \V. ll. Norris act as
Tho chairman, on rising, remarked
he was sure it would give ,.,11 presenta
great amount of pleasure to listen lu
tbe views of the speakers nf the livening. In the present contest Ibis was
[the Iirsl, opportunity that, tbe two can-
(filiates bad had of meeting each other,
aud in this tin: electors nf Fairview
might consider themselves mucli favored, liel'ni't) resuming Ills seal, he
j;i.iil ho felt qulto sure it was nol, necessary to ask those present to give a fair
hearing to the speakers.
Ho then introduced Mr. Donald Graham, who, on rising, expressed the
steal pleasure it gave him lo he allowed (,$) jdSdreSS fcheill Ibis evening,
.and in Mr. Vernon's presence', lie hail,
he said, been holding ineoiings In other
portions of the riding, endeavoring to
place the yiewsof the Opposition party
[before Jjhe electors. He noticed It was
(claimed by his opponents that tho Opposition had no platform, but befell,
mire the result, of the election would
show that this was not the ease. Owing to Imperfect information, coni-
iniiiiiication having been cut off from
•the coast, he was not in a position to
jplaue the full platform of the patty before them. Continuing, he jiaid, "I
will do my best, though, to shed a little light on some of the most pressing
flllfiStians of the dayvaud ;ty render
good reasons for my being at the present time one of those supporting the
jdause of tlie Opposition. For sixteen
years I have been a strong supporter of
the Government, and during that time
have had no great reasons for complaint, but for the last four years matters have been carried on in such a
recklessly extravagant, manner that
jthe time hiisurrived for a change."
[The full report of Mr. Graham's
sriech will he contained in our next
tho exception of the very few disfricts would see that the work wasearriod " ■ I! u, '■■'.•', Vernon for .' ■'■ b ■
In which municipalities existed, I through and the entire route would l-e the scheme impracticable. J -. [',
thrown upon thu Government.   The j ctirrii'd through  this summer.    (Ap-  Hitliet is the promoter of thi  solium
AL. :
Opposition had one crv for one portion
of the province and another for another. If, as some of the Opposition
wished, tlio representation iu the Lcg-
pluuse),   A party would be sent ahead nml is sure to be elected, us nl  i Or,
to clear the right of way righl away.
The men could board themselves as
they I'l.-isi'd, and there would be a local
foreman ul, each end.  (Applause).
In regard to the situation of the recorder's office  for  the  Kettle   Itiver
mining division,  Mr. Vernon  staled
constructed In tho Province, not one of j that, Hook Creek appeared at present   ferenl   points, excursions  tiro   being
which would lure lien buiil but for to be a ceutra! situation, in view of given and concerts held and the pro
tbe assistance rendered by the Govern- recent development al Camp .Mi-Kin- reeds turned over lo the relief fund,
islature were based solely on population, the rural districts would practically be unrepresented. During the
past foil!1 years live railways had been
Milne, so the issue is nol very safe for
(he Hon, Theodore Davie.
The Bank of M mtreal, Oppeiiheiinc:1
Bros, and Sir \V. I'l. Van Home li ive
each donated $1,000 to the fund for the
sufferers un the Fmstnr llivor,    Hn
sei'iptltui lists are being opened al '';!'-
nient.   Their policy   wns  not In in-lney,   He could make no promise iu the
■      , . i
crease taxation,  Tho wealth added by | mutter until ho had visited the latter
the. inllo'.v of seniors inure than paid j camp.
Boundary Falls Talk,
/Froni our own correspondent.)
Boundary Falls, June 111... The
Hon. F. G. Vernon addressed a public
meeting at Mr. Hardy's hotel on Tuesday evening, 12th iii'it., foi'l.y-flvo miners and pro-ciiiptiirs being present,
(On motion uf Mr. T. Hardy, seconded
'by Mr. ,1. A, Coryell, Mr. J. McCarreii
took the chair and stated that it afforded him much pleasiiro to introduce
Mr, Vernon to his constituents,
the interest of the money borrowed
fur Und purpose.
Mr. Vernon then entered Into the
financial status uf lb". Province, quoting facts and figures similar In those
|,i be found in his other speeches, slating amongst oilier things that there
was nn talk ul' "extravagance" In the
rural districts, especially in Ihe Lower
Okanagan, whicli was receiving mure
than it contributed to ihe provincial
revenue, He tlicn touched un the parliament buildings, using tho same arguments as elsewhere, also on the redis-
trlbiitlon bill.
Coming round to matters of purely
local Interest, Mr, Vernon then dwell
on tbo fact that, although he was Hn'
representative of this district, still be
had Ihe enlire province to all etui to as
far as public works was concerned, He
was certainly technically responsible
fur Ihe carrying out of all public
works; will be had, owing to the press
uf public business to bo attended to, to
trust largely to his staff at Victoria
and to agents, superintendents ami
other officials throughout the country.
The parties who were, so In speak,
locally responsible, were apt lu make
mistakes, and sometimes public works
wore delayed and mismanaged, ll
would he unfair to criticise the Government, therefore, on matters of
detail. Similar mistakes would bo
made by any gowiiiii.i;cnt, ant) were
often made by municipal and local
boards, Although he bad been in the
public service for fifteen years, and a
resilient of the province fur over thirl y,
still he had never before had an opportunity to visit this section of the country, As far as any negligence was
concerned iu this this respect, he was
certainly no more to lie blamed ijhan
the other reprosen tallies of the dlsj
triol, who had more time at their disposal, He had been very pleased witli:
what, be had seen of Ihe country. Ho
had no J.doa that such an extensive and
rich district existed. The matter bad
not been brought sufficiently tu his notice. On Saturday the residents of
Grand Prairie had done, him the honor
to hold a meeting pievions In the one
held by bin), at which a series uf local
resolutions had been drawn up, He
was glad to be able to slate thai, with
one exception be wns fully able to fall
in with tlie ideas expressed in the resolutions framed. It afforded him satisfaction to become acquainted wilh
local needs and requirements, nml now
Unit the lower Country possessed ,'t
paper he was cortain that its interests
"The Chief Commissioner, ou opening
his speech; slated that he would not would lie bettor brought to light,
attempt to   explain   many matters
which he would have preferred to entpr
Mr, Vernon thou spoke on the wag-
gun  road, and'' stated  thai   it had
into fiillywit.li a view lo throwing | been difficult.to obtain an appropria-
light on the actions of thi' Govern-1 Hon for it In, the house, The claims nf
.'ueiit during Ihe past four years, other portions of the Province were
'There score several subjects which, bad being pressed on thu Government, ostium been less limited, ho would have ' penally thosoof Kootenay. Boundary
liked to explain in detail, but owing to' Creek wusa mure recent dlBUoypry and
j'.hel'aet thai, his audience was in all growth. Mainly through his own ox-
'^rohahii,;!^ not. so interested in matters j eftioiis it special warrant had been oh-
of general provincial policy as in purely tained fur the Camp McKinney and
local affairs, he. would confine himself Bock Greek-rood, He then oxjTi.i.hicil
more especially lo the latter, I the nature of special warrants and the
Touching on the contest in this rid-1 difficulty of obtaining them. The doing, be slal,"!! tbjl the issue was a very' lay in the construction of I he Bound-
plain one. He himself was a member I ury Mountain portion had been occa-
nf the Government and prepared to de-, stoned by Mr. Bnrnyeat following tbe
fend und explain its past, present and old Dewrlney trail, whicli route was
future policy—one of progress and do- practically useless, Before he enuld
Movelopment, On the other hand, Mr. [ select the route himself he bad hatl lo
(Graham hail espoused the causa of the travel over biith the Skylark and
Opposition, Who. ns a party, hud no While's camp Irails lo pee for himself
policy of any kind to bring before the which was Iho best, and would ho
electors, Mr, Graham had always, un- more in tliu intorests of the general
,t.il quite recently, been a strong Slip-1 public, lie bad no besiliition in slat-
,'portor of the Government, anil bis ing that, in bh opinion) built roads
(hearers would probably learn from wnu|i| be required later on. lie con-
'Mint gentleman his reasons for cluing-. lidercd neither lo be a difficult road to
'"'\ji Jiis opinions, lie personally bad make, That by While's Camp wns
found out during the canvass that; certainly the shorter, hut It seemed lu
those whom the Government had must ( him, on the whole, Unit, OS the Sky-
befriended iu this district were at tho: lark route would give access to the
present tiino its most iirilnnt eneiiiies, ' mure developed mines, nnd afford
^Greatly owing to his own personal'longer and jaslor grade.;, It was (lit
.exertions the S, k 0. railway hatl been j proper one to select, (Applause), Hen
built, and through its construction I there was more mineral in night, and
land values jnSpiilluuicheen and in the j enough work butt been done In one
whole district had largely increased.
So far from having any feeling's of
gratitude, no sooner bad they obtained
what they hud been clamoring   for
camp alone to warrant the road being
built. When it wns considered Hint a
large quantity of ore was ready for
shipment, and also that the people uf
fur years, than they had turned rniintl I Grand Prairie wished this route lu hi
antl espoused Ideas which they had
formerly opposed. The policy of the
.Government, as he had explained at
other meetings, was to open up ami
develop the Province by means of
money borrowed .•>), low rates of interest. The Government ill this respect
]ii,j' ItMjisly assisted in tho'construction
pfrailways and in tlie reclamation of
lands. A large number ot people forming part of the local opposition party
were in the habit of cavilling and
growling at: the manlier in which local
»vnrVs bail been carried on, These
were a matter of detail and not of
policy, and in other countries would
fall to the lot uf municipal hoards antl
liouneils. The whole burden of these
matters in British Columbia wan, with
selected, and that fanners looked to a
present and not to a future market, he
would consider it, wrong i.D the public
interests to select any other, (Applause). He did not, wjjh. to say anything disparaging ry.l'ding the other
road or group oi nauipS, but he certainly considered the. Skylark route
the easiest h'.'tili,' ami best ail round. If
the minis in White's nnd Atwood's
camp?" became sufficiently developed
they would also receive a road. The
road would he built as soon as the tools
could be obtained and would be built
by day work. Otherwise a colli motor
>om across the line Would bring in his
own  men to \\ ork on it, and
skimp it,   Even if the money voted
would not  prove to be sufficient lie
li was moved by Mr. Murray, seconded by Ml'. Hardy, that a vole uf
l banks he accorded Mr. Vernon for bis
address, and was carried nem con.
Mi'. Smith then asked lie Chief
Commissioner If u deputy could nut be
appointed to take the recorder's place
when thai official was absent on other
duties, Mr. Vernon answered that n
constable winild bavu in be appointed,
as Mr, McMynn was now a justice nl'
lit" Peace, A:; Ihe distrlcl grow fresh
appointments would be made,
Al'ler a vole of thanks I" ihe chairman lb" meeting adjourned,
i-«. -i
Grand Prairie Resolutions.
A meeiingi'l' Hn' electors of Grand
Prairie, was held al. McLaren's hole!
mi Monday pinming, Juno 11th. On
motion of Mr. McCnllnm, soconded by
Mr. Mclnnes, Mr. S, li. Almond took
the chair.
The object of the meeting was explained by My, McCallum—to choose
delegates to represent the feeling of
the people in regard to the road from
Boundary and other public matters,
It was proposed by Mr, Peyton, soconded by Mr, McCalhun, that the Skylark route is Ihe best in the opinion uf
the meeting,   Carried,
Proposed by Mr. Peyton, seconded
by Mr. Brown, that work on the new
road be started immediately and be
by day work,
Proposed by Mr. J. A. Coryell, secouded by Mr, Midlines, that a foreman
of roads be appointed to look after
tho roads, trails and bridges from the
month of Bock Creek to Cascade City.
Proposed hy Mr. l'eylon and seconded by Mr, 0, W, llendell, that the
sum of $,1800 bo asked to compensate
the builders of '.he bridge opposite McLaren's, across Kettle Kiver, lately
carried aw;/;,', and that a new bridge
be immediately erected at a convenient point.
Proposed by .Mi'. Peyton, seconded
by Mr. McOailum, that an appropriation of $500 ppr annum be granted for
a doctor, for Ihe district extending
from Bock Creel: io Cascade City.
Proposed by Air. McCallum, seconded by Hi: Brown, that Mr. S. I,'. Almond, Mr. I). McLaren, Mr. Mclmiis
and Mr..I. A. Coryell be a deputation
to present these resolutions to the Hon,
F. G. Vernon,
.Mr. Vernon, during lib spec;''! in ihe
evening, said he was very pleased to
receive these resolutions, and saw no
reason why they should not be granted, except the demand for such a large
sum for the bridge lately erected and
caYritd away by the flood, bill s;,".!,!il
that lie iielioved the late Mi'. Lumby
bad promised, a sum of $300 in tin'
builders of the bridge ou condition that
Ihe work was goon and that ii stood
ihe high water, Now it Is <?one, but
as iho rise uf the river has !:;;.'" abnormal this year, be sliil i'ii.isiii"l'e.l
that that sum should be paid. About
replacing the structure be would not
promise an ythiiiguntllhtihad consulted
with the Government, but would do
what he could about it at once,
Vernon Notos.
(from inn' own corroapoiidoul.)
Vernon, June 18,—-The committee
appointed by the citizens, consisting of
Messrs. Price Elllaqp, I'l. ,1, Tronson,
L, Girouard, 0, O'Kcofe, A. (I. Fuller,
(I. A. Ilankoy, S. 0, Smith, .ludge
Spinks, VV. P. Uainonni, .1. A. McKel-
vie, !h'. Kbeinnril and ,1. I', IJnmynatj
(I. B.i mot the Mayor and. council on
Friday, and aftor a good deal of dis-
cusslon, by a vote nf io lu ll, decided
on the Long Like scheme of waterworks for the city,   II, is, Iheaefuro,
reasonable to suppose that a by-law
will be brought before the council and
the mailer submitted lo the ratepayers.
wil hniit delay,
Politics io e quiet no;
porters of the. Govoniuipnt at the pitsat
cut time. Tlie Opposition are almost
certain nf a majority in all the colli ros
except; Lumby.
It is expected that two-thirds of the
votes nl; the Mission will bo cast Cor
Mr. Donald Graham.
A gentleman arriving from Ihe coast
stoles the damage to tbe O.P.H. haj
been exaggerated! no bridges, arc.
washed uut on the main line west,
only tbo approaches.
Ono of the Empress line of steamers
arrived with illl) passengers mi board,
who were sent, east over the (MM).
The railways to tbe south, the N, P,
and G.N.B., too just as much damaged
ns tho C.P.R, v
The same party, expressing his views
on the puj''leal situation, considers
that VancouiVr ami New Westminster
will both ret.in) Opposition me.\nhers.
Mr. C. A. Sentli.i will have, visually
nu opposition |,i Iii.-,- riding.
Tin'- npiiiinathins were expei li d lu
lake plane un (.he 23rd, and Hi" en e-
thins on the7th uf July, but Ihe lime
will, mi doubt, be extended. II bin
been arranged for one of the best, political speakers on tho coast tti lake pari
in tlie elections in In hull' nl' the Opposition,
'. A <
Mission Notes
[I'Youi our own porrcajuHidciil,)
Mission Valmsy, .lime I".   Politics
Is il,,' order uf the day here, and both
parlies nre working for their candidates.
'I he flood did ;..",'(al damns ' near Le-
qulnie'si and a largo gang Is nl work
repairing Ihe road. Tbe road suporin-
teliduul has abonl six team i al w..,-i;
and whal wilh Ibis and canvassing for
ihe Government lie is kepi, busy, 'i'li ■
nld argument that we should return
the Chief Commissioner in unlet' to
receive a large amount of Government,
money is played out, as whenever thi
Governmenl fails lu tin ils duly in the
way uf openin; roads ami public
works, we fan form a municipality and
so he Independent:, Tb1' wilful e-; ei -
dititro and reckless extravagance of the
lutc'governmunt has compelled most ui'
the farmers here In support M". Graham. The meeting al Bonvouli i
showed that, outside uf thos • filling
government appointments, or " c iv-
ing government pay, theii' superiors
are few and far between.   MlSSIoJOT."
\    ,'!Tn.-,>,■,.,- .   ;;. .   . ,    V  |,1 ■',   •'...   >s   (Jpoll
'I'hi'.o , . Lift' lil.tin-v.
Theii' cl LV.strti    I I.i h '   ■•■ to
til   or lei ■'. family of L   i
Ol'ill !' I  intahi!   111] it      •'.;■,,.. | !
in ami i   inllv bror'nt colore !  v in rs.
Ill   I, ia,..'.-, etc i   'i li s':,   .,
rn ;■■■;.    iiyisusninll un til ol thai i   it
I   :ii  finery, l; occurs most com   i
hifoici   .' im.ntr   ; hut       las ly I
form i ia ;a.. western     a of tho
mi a 11 iig ofti pre ■ ■ i . ; ' '
in " i :ti re il litis en ne I > be a factor ia
. .hO'liistiiij nfiMu .",.■ ahriibsim,l
'. ■'. i a Hi nlaiiy !.. a;. •, ii, iling its
il ii' - ■;;■:>.; rlie Cocci... ■ i
w!i! ii ia;n; : mse trei 'i', .; •: ;■ ■ (iv i
successive annual   gem ratio] i     'i In
In tho report of Ihe proceedings of
the [ki.ensing court .Mia McMynn's
name is uut correctly spelt.
Mr. W. T. Thompson, after mating
an unsuccessful uttempl lo reach the
coast, returned lu camp on Thursday.
Captain Adams returned from
Kruger mountain on Wednesday,
bringing with him some lino specimens
Mr, Donald Graharo.withMrJlubhitt,
left, on Tuesday for Boundary Creek
and Grand Prairie, Kettlo [liver, to
address tho electors.
Intelligence is receive:! announcing
tho death of Mr. Duncan Mclntyrc ul
Montreal, lie was ono of ibe lurgesl
shiu'oholders in tlio Strathyre Mining
Ct m. any.
Much sympathy is felt by a'! in the
camp for Mr, Boyor. A'lay ors i luce
he received ;; telegram aimouiirinn
the death of his mother, who lived in
West Point, Nebraska,
Messrs Sheen and Wutkiii'ii reci il
work un their mine, the Stemwinder,
proves this claim to bo just whal. il is
named, a veritable stcmwiiider. Thus ■
who have seen the nre, say thai il
proves nil the good things lu he found
In camp Fairview have not yet boen
brought l,u light.
A large Indian pack train arrived i„
camp on Saturday loaded down with
goods for Mr. Thompson's store These
goods were brought from Penticton,
and the means employed for the trillis-
mittance of the same, gives n good idea
of the difficulties we labor.tjndor at the
present Ibne, owing to tho flooded
stole of tho country,
Thankti to the rocont appintmoiil of
I'Xlrt! j.'s P, in the district, there waa
no lack of them at tho reconl licensing
court, nnd the result proved n regular
jubilee time for those parties making
application for Uconses to dispi use
creature comforts to their fellow men,
all tho applications having been granl
ed, If competition is truly the life uf
trade, then there should be nn reason
(or Ihe poor man In cry aloud fur beer,
Iho crying aloud part of ibe ceremony
may be left tu bis friends whoa they
are bearing his bier lo ll|e, grave. One
man, on lieiug inforiued uf Ihe resull
110  the SllR- 0f  (|](,  cmn'i,'ex.'L'tii I ,\ ..   r,ltll9
Till!    (
lovei'ti' tori; party arti
I.-, Idc.l
bit I
11 (hoBritish riitojlloqueslion,
ppople of Yk'fi i lft.,are wailing U."■. vi<
over bearing voico "set''em again
whii.tiiiiing-l'i inind a story I once
heard, in which it poor woman losl her
husband hy being drowned. After lying
In the water ftVr boiho days tho body
was found nnd broughl homo, when,
milch to tho horror of all, life seemed
still to exist in it, On close examination it wan found thai the stomach of
the corpse was full of live eels, After
these had lieen carefully extracted t he
woman was asked whal disposition she
wished to make of the body, At this
she oxi.Ui'!"'!1,; "Poor John, pom
John I Oh, dem', I Ihlnk wo had hotter
so( iiiin agi'i.J1''
Through mutter bet ling mixed Ibe
well kuowii.Skylark clivynnu Boundary
mountain is.uu ntlnnediialii Camp .\i.-
Kinney, A discriptlon of thia fine pro-
u *   , '      . -      li c
l!\a . ;''a. DI   .a IYER,
i'i. h rva fr nn lie!  ".  h. ■:'"    a   i .'    n
a i ll'i'll llln    .    LriiM nt ia.'  [t'OWIl '.av.:
''it'iipa.   !'. a i
firB* r.1" inranrn <f, tho mlull  n-cnr
a   ' '.I tl',0 Illl ! a    a    .';   1| I! |]e   \     • 11
r: tli ia •■' ■ ul   ". a   a a 1 il ;■
thu inl'ldlu i:f  a. ly I   ::.:' I  und   \	
iibnil lar.l      t'l'iiliiitii foil   : ' ■   ■    :
up] "..a. ,' ■!";... enti i f Ang'ist,
It   . a ■   i .lit a,.. :•    'I .: i ;.:  :   a: 1  ia
!'■ III!!' 11(11     aa'   !'a  ":;lii;' '. '",' ia !
j be!' owing In the Bcti'city of foinl nl tliusc
seiisoiis '!' ihe yenr, The egg luyii a'
la .'i":l la-t'i .-'.".'e;'"! illiys, '■:. 'li I III It!
i I'OiUu i ./a- Hit 100. Tie';.':;:.' drno. il
ed, tun) al a time, npe i lonvi a or yi it; :
l.ii'is nnil are often !. nl dirt'clly ni ■;
Iho bar!:. - i buii: I; !U. Aa aoon a.
liutcl'.etl thol.-ivv.". o a rai'.w a. luu.ic
ilovnaring iii" iiiti rntil organJ, b living
only the >x.<-'■' liko cov ring which ii
more or less Ilia1!; an 1 hard, A-. a ion
ns the i oi fonts of ono bark-leu ' has
la :. a your tl !'■•• l;trvtt(lballllons ii ..aa
a.'iaa a;u tlier. ;:.:",, a ,; il ulf in a tn a-
victim i< but the work of it (-.■:■ niia-
m.... SVIu-nnban.t Hid 'sold tl: a:a ;,
w!::!:' under the cove:!.1;; or : hell of
one of its vicl'uns, b gins the con
si ruction i.f it eilkoii web rtbu-.it
itself, using the bnrk louse ahell ... a
framework. Openings are left for the
liouil and feet und il now crawls iibml
carrying its ttrtiiicittl cas i and a imii i;
several victiina rack day. Tim ft: :
"i'.i'..a; 1: !".':: IB 111 11 'll 1 :.'a''l llllU! a liar!;
ltmsi) nnd as Itjow.i its n#: ;eisht;ii: mil
with silk mid frngiu ::'a ■ ■'' itr, vi H:„,1
fuvi ruble [losiiion in «•' h li lo fa-u n ..
en ":;■■:, ly * ilectin;! I man I" ■ r: i
by I'lvobram b".i ■ rn large ire ice ii i it1
I iirkjpl'epiu'csil id) a aa I 'rat     aa
to a pupa, Before traimln; ; in;.
liowev a. the larva pre] ires u pi a.; of
- ;i( for Ihe future moth I pon ■ ii.t;
iu'g frtiiii ti." t:oeoou the moth fulls 11
Ihe gt'i aud, Three or four niit'.'ites
, •;!'.• its wbiga exjuii d and it I.i".-
up among tho branches During
layll lit,   i: :'.:..:; .., ui'  lo    .",  hold
: , a 1 ,!        ;  a .'    !r   1 .    I      •       !    0
possi! il; -a of transporting thu inset li
from pln'eo to plncn has received nt
tetillon, it '■ lound thiu a." ia'.i'
aaa.a: lai .■ will live rigid da; n r'f'i
a; nourish: i . ;. Nor will t! y lo
stroy '■■ ii ' lbi ]' as is Hie . . e v-ii.li
! - i cm ii.,.; is lurvai 1 • ce 1 in
i» tiles... y a I !:■: a portetl Ions (lis
; in ■.    .  I nl Hie i'i. t ti  tli   j. iriiiiy
:,e. .,,,;, t'J ll I a! aa I Ul a I ■ 111 : Ol
;. rs   illl  . ! .ll   witli   la',' il'd   ' Til ' CO
oi us   cnulaiuiii;   full ■ ■ • .vij   lai ',.r
will  ' " stem! n jnnrni " nl' i ighl or tea
vs.   In wi ■:■"' ihi  co ■ ■ .    cr c;   '
ll hi   ceill '!'•':' di ■'. ' a ■   a I  tli   ;
a •:      ".  ."ay i! i a not  t -a
muled in till couuti'l a ,ih ac Un! i:\ee
:' as hark lieu pn vail. The ac' .;
;.: ying ilir..-!rations nre ra en ,.
front b si cl . :■■: no! i y tbo !':.:: d
Stntcs I t'pni'tnii nl of Agriculture, En-
touologicnl sec.ion.
Tliry Are Kntlroly A iiicniiWo to House
Culture !iy Ainuti'ui-s.
Tho !!:".' eper 'arsi-Mimy amateur I'ci ti are ".i"''!' the i.a; re  i ii
i tlmt   !"..''    a:  '    :,;   'HfllCUlt   lO
niniw-p!:;!'1! it w " bolsdor!  -:
iittompi c tivnfilig laelil.   Vi !Ul '"'l'1
extrti nil  illiii 1 I '•"   found ti |ni o
.,    m   | ,;;'!■'   (')   hull i 'Cllltlll'O   its   til'
■ 'iuaiv gcrcninnu1,;" ' the ':'" it bicai of
the fr . rn: I v in i iaki s tin in i t
(i litdj tin im a ii 'tt'tiio,
The poly aa'a"', ov''';':' '. :"■■ an
Bivwt tlttil r,ft' r m " h"' one i gro n
ti.   : they '■""■' ■■ nbm ' Indhi; ••       •
!',;.,:, : ■   . lie    ill   til i a: ;'ii . ',
hnBlieiiiilil'iil ' ill I now i hit ' .
and li'to a. , rof cl." I cilo II n-r
has lunch li ':.■ r I'owi I , pi rft a a
tlonble, very sweet nul pnlo pb i in
color, changing to w'uilo, each s mot
herring nn muiTW l clr.sl a of i1' nu i,
Cl',)o;4i''.i.i : a; t Is Hi aa a ni all,
:i" !; " ; ■ I ' ' ' mi ' !',';'", and
,a ry .!,. iiilo; i, in '. a i: I most
alniia'aal i I "aier. "ll a in many
ns t'.'Tly 'ia' blomniiig on one
branch, ami ll " ring u irly all
th ' ••' "a,", ■ iii I, i" L'.a >v, i iii the house,
;;','■' ] a i-a! ■ ail Is ni Iher lovely vnr-
■, ty blouinii!: ia greal cliiftevs, and
i'i nnlng a delightful contrast ivitli the
■- lief posOS,  its ini 'I' llein:;'  11 lit il i!"ep
,.,■' -.,,,]
•'1 i:i..,, ,.'-:■:,. I lllitlk, a!','  I'lnre  el'i'ilj
cosxo'il "•!" yielding a wealth, pf blo,f.
!■. nistliU'i lb ' Invgii1 vnr1 lies A fow
of the month')1 ir everl I i. ; :"s. t,
linv -v. ;,a Id eqiii ". iu ' hai mi a i
suits. 01 Hi se I would reromuier.! the
following fo llientuiiteiir: Qmen'sl ei t
let. rich, vi Ivety crlm en, very di nl le
llia.l :' a".'i.   'it. I  11  le'lti'!'',.".-  lit   ' a",
-a,;;, u ,,, i ,■■ ;.( I,, ricut y 'How, sott-o-
til", s ' ' •'"'    • ) -a-.'.e I   iVItll :'"-", very
Mi'sc,I.:-,:, nnil exquisite htids, in leeil
ono ia tho loveliest o! roses, a .■! lastly
American d ally, iiil.ecp hrilliiuil phi;
and as torfei t as n ro e cull i e In ever)1
way, ill cor and Papa Gontlci are
vci'y liiiiiuMimn criniBu.i vt ri tics, bnih
blooming abundantly.   Ln France ami
too chary of ill Ir
e, bill fo; iiu' tar
pei'Ly W
ill some future urn
Mr. I'. Ait'.i.iu Mi ye
Mr, firabai'. '•■■ couimittce al Verin a,
and will be (.i';"l to receive coniuiunicat
ions from tl\dso who are yrorkiiig tin
the opposition cause,
Utile Ttilnaa in thu, I..,,':. ti.
We inn)1 plan greul il.iaa i for the
garden mijs lien's i ,,,i,.i Guide, but
we and iii'.t the great things in no i mo
there are ,d,.a;,s iniule up of  .. ilo,
BCi ltd)' ;■! ii.l, n...nu tuillgS,     if tt'l   III'.,'-
lcct '..'.''i1 buiiii • tho)1 se. :n tiivh.l, (lie
great...,:.,.. tie ,,.1,1.11,1 10 .> me iioVev
iil'lni.qai. illltl,     ., ,\, 1, IU"'   ',"   !,,»'  i.,,a.
fl.ia.a-    '■",..,II),    lUl'l    I" I  I'.ante    ,1'elt
liiiui,' il i..e wai ivu had m liew is at
1 od,
Tho Qnration of SouiiiIiiuhb nnil riiaiinnil-
111   B  l'i:,,,,,in;l,iy ( UIIKllll'I'l ii.
The snbjei't of Biitindnesa in hnrret,
how I', ih a ct, nnd tbe 1 ;ni stn u of
tin   i"  ion  ' jity of 11 sal   man i- di
'  ■    Iho voterlnariiiii, Clitis,  P.,
\\ t» I, in  'J In   West   1   I'lijiil,   v; 0
'    1111      land hi   la.s'.i    a   lie
nut 11 lion    h; the
■iii I til to ra   ■   it the
liilitvof lull   igsi i! ' ' ,. :.   ".am
11 the i   : . a. tl . iiriiateil
lu the 1 n ""
111 I ..;   .        ' am,   • -.;'.: ■'•
have 1,1   I ." i  thu iitti    ■      ' 1   li'"
:        ith    ',a'' anil      ' .■'.' ..:. ti'
:'   Hi '.'.   ' II!    tO   I "    ... ■        .:■ i'..'
" ■ . il ' iiln of Bouiiilncs: "A
licr.-e ii s ;ui I ii lion ho i. free fro: 1
iii ease,   is   in   the   p
:    i in   of   his  ia tnral   und   co 1 li
tn ii   J licalth, c::;! has 111 much ;   : y
; rfcclion ,;s is consisti ;ii ivith hi ■ mi-
tnral fori       1." ' ; li rso :     ■■ 1'vo 1
rice wh    hu lias no had Im        wliie.'i
m iki Iiii   tli !i       a or that an.' i.a
jnrioi   lo hi hi alUi, 1 ;■ llial   111
1    Id 1    1  Inral     11 ■;
'"'   li li ■. ion is : 'i'li n   111 ■
..    ...,".    . .     eo
;l      ace , I i;ic    i.   :. ■.  .
Ittillli ..'a  aa  '   il
n :ti .-. il.'b ei : Iii I ill a "..>:■
Inti   I     M'.ivts and itr.r   tl ■•    .  ,
ing all ' .   1 '
I a slow I      III
big hit   ■   Ih li am' 1   1
ilci  .'.a-,. lim   :  -
1    1 thai "all ia nol      It!       ....   '
lnyfitifio 1 :  "
; rph an • •> 1 itiu 1 win I r, 1 ■': n '.
ho hinisi If, as well its tbe In ; i r, .1
a ild," the only self po ran ; an ,
happy figures in the gro ;;■ 11 i g ti n
legal advisers, who liuvo pn iciiukI Uj
(!..■:.111 glorious fluid for tu ikii .; ' in ..
fa lion a- irsi confu mil 'I." i ;■ ,tn Vi'b
we have nlr . iy bi id, our reader,! «:i
at 01 ci a.a with what caul on any ;>...,
:      Illl    ' ".""     i Kill il ';:■:.'.': Iltil     .. '■„■■     ■
"Boiuid a.el li ,' from ri.•■ a mid li .1
n:i such 1111 11 icnsion bo sli id i   la . ■
pretty clear i lens of the ■ .' ;.
discii   io .. always!  1 tin i .: tc a :  -
I   ;  ,     ■■   .;;•;•;     ..,;,.y     „f     ],..,     |      ;
" 'mc O'.vucis will not und a any .
i :;:a >;.■."•; "ive I 1;  " aa.. iv! i   :
m my . a ■■" ,. :"; tupon! . ill a b
is i| lite trill) that these p
!;.   provide 11   til!     til ■  :: tin
. tills sviii   , v.'o 1.,',. iiiemii acil .a, ;.n,   ■
hi ■. I ii  il  1111 ; i i* lip for 1 Uiat u
a..; 'i.a i ol. I'l'Vi II ■■ a SUi " : nl   . aa
ni',- .. a 1 a'..,}'   with   tllO  Cl '1 -  "t   a
.a ■. I- t hai ,. f a , nn i .-,,    , ,i :
wl i, i: a ,nii  .. louqii red wil - jn li 'im
cut a ir    a id ctmlidcuce, uiigUl  luivi
pre  nl, I
iilaiij nl ':!"■:■' tiiil r ivhn "■ ' ■ '■ ■
aa icl 1 I     ... Ill 111] )'   Iltil ll ■
..a .ia nre ih : il a'-iaa Wine 1 iu 1     '
of the  III ', ! aiv ciiiistitiite "1 a- .  ■
in a."    for ■■ tuple:    An   .1 .   .   .
tin :• ': !' ,v Hy I   ."<■' tibhi,  un I r. ■.'  ■
ing 1 ut lilt - cm . is un 11:.
u 1 til   i» a 'i tly   honied.     ;   -. tie.' ' ■
Biieukiii (, win 11'Xiiuiinii'gn h n's ■ ns lu
ro    tin   -. the fell iwi: a :a.   -   nimbi
bo nl: ii'veti:   Hnvi tim hors 1 t-> l.-is    ■
nmi a I, if i " nil i"   !■ i'l  i ' u ' '"■:      i
:' .   ■ ! ,: a.-a.  I hi ll lluvu utti ir'niii    li.'i'.d
him iiit. where tl.o examin r or pur-
cl.i   r  -: ' a'af' llvsee i1' I! or" in eny
Ihia ..i die time and place the
animal will ex'n'' I1 i;  ■::•■'., IT
'.".   . ; a  ■,   .    ■ .I TSB ill tllC   ■' ;7   iei '1
lit" he.el f'l  'ill ' lit   anna, an lii.it lit,' ,a;
,.   i".i.r    a ■'    ..ii-""'"    ■;;'.    ', ■    .
p.q i!    : 0 ct   .iliii'iil 5   a.i'i   alike
I he 1 : .is the h : ; 1 over Ihe ; a
to :;   over tli ■ oxii! nice o" it ill evil
ii 1 a. cut, fro n li.'i.ae to the paro.i ;
mil i el ..a-    rc'iioiis    to   fin i
.a .   ■   ... !'■■   '.nu'iitil. ' i'i lU'.i i -1
of ihe aiih iinsilliir) glands.   1 lo olj ...■
a • liiii'aui. liiuri ..i. 'oI'M
exists,   i'i 'aa the tliinnb ;,■,..,
,,':.:    OV'I . r.Ui.i,
Will  ' ■ - ;'    ■   .:..   : ill  i.   ■ '.' '.■ :    '    \
■■'        a :■ ';"    "'        "   "
ua 1. !'.!    !'  .   ;..' ".;' fully 11  '''!''-
II ..a- f ir .' lulu orothc: "   ■  e.   i'. .■
null   pIOC.'C.l  I''   amia     :,o poilil
ii o.v .",,1       11 oils, 1111: ;  ■■   nt :
the a'     ; '■.. losoo il' ; ".   '■       : ■
'     ! 1 a ;li  i, 1. .,;,;:: :,;   111 '
ll   :     ...... Iilio a." i a  ',.;.'  ...a  to1
.,:•;..' ['I'tmytracei    icl of I iv
i.a'gst'..:    .   i a   . Imlen a:        ; ■
Vi    ■ ■ ■ ii :'.,.''
.;a    i:; I'i' .aa dijorhoo 1 of liic km a
■ ara    ii 11 olo-io pi'oxi'.nit) 1      ." ;'
il .; will itltel'i'ei'C with  tl] '  a ai 111 oi
W   :'• 'ii a-aiarae,-'.,-,.1, ''    ;.-   '   ' r
porli       1 tne aaar..'. to tli cover •/: ■
tier tut,'.' I1.1 ■ Iioen iu y nt] tnre, pa; : I
■ ■I . ■:'.;.' '", of IllOSU; ;■■: 11 ri ii ;.:':: i
vVHo'i,, i ci i. 111011 piU'llUICi , i : !..' i
...      ..;. ; a.  -,,"    If iu   a  i '   ""    "   •
; ii  a     ., ■   irunco wl'l      ; ■
,. ":..  hi aa  an I  ini .. tl   I,   wi '■ l
\\  ri     ol iho fetlock anil 11 b ll Ibi :
;• i.a   cell   :.,,aaa' w ;y r    a   i:i"        I
iiuinii i aiovi ..   In this in no dale  '.;.
c'm     ■    in 11 li 0! for win    ill.', whii '1
we p     "'  1 .' (htly, inusuii, ih lis th y
■ Idon, c, us' injnryi slili, hi some in
..;,.:. -. . ." slonlil not 1 e igllOl1' I, ■ 1
we li ve icon Iii 111 '■■..;.', Iiuueness, in
a, iii i  c ISI ti ■ .'.' il   ■ kllOl ,   fi 1 lill . in
a ,■   , . i. ■:    iiuul whili   .. ■  llorw   :
• 1 via^ in foi tliu fir ; [1 .,' 1 b |'B,   Our
ailiuii     ;      ■' nil' ■ lotl to     leho
f| .   a,     crutch ■:■,   till       .   Cllll    1",
i, "...:..,.,"
crnck,      .... r ui ease 11   I 1   in
I :.:, .; .-' have alsi , on 1 1
toed liorses from nvei ,vi . V,. -, .
lent thbhi r - 'llill' ill nroiiud  li n U li '■'.
II ii ;n,'j. eight, 1 nl event inily iiirubiiv
him with Ids buttocks to Hie
lighti by so lining we phnll dis.
cover fHin,'"'ilt. if it cnists, nnd
,1 tl, re bi v..'e.i.a fS pf the buck, or
iiuriial tractnre pf (hp ip.uitav verte-
In ,,. iisuailv known ns rii i." i bnc ho
willed 'v itagw or fall, according fo
tl„. (.xteiil "I the ilefect, iVu now
,„,,■:,;. 11 ire bi'liiutl liiiii. but ut « re
ppoembhi iliatmice, anil casu lly glnn ■■
fruni his I'i ,s ever the ri! s to the
sin older, vt'eshp'l then iii 'over tiny
ileiecli that niny lie present, 1 li 11 li
inn hi; |ied. Bavin (sutisliwl ■ '•;i'v :••"■■■•■
thai i - these reepscis the uui in [To-
setitsa . oriiinl iqipenrmoo " s pn - i"
one side, gently nut lie bjiim.nhing the
lilinbar veil 'bra1, '"".■.".! ov r u.e stli 0
and tome buck, '. i..a;iy ilisens a locating I ' "s,'iv ■' there. An 0 .: llm
most p " lb put niny he un uiiu ■' 1
s.:;,.,, s of ilo. ' distinct kim; -. "ceiiit
;l' a 1 ur lilt il :.nn',.a.;']:,,! Iloi cf
v in.-      ... llllVO t\\      ai.iiit:.     \\ Ii.l    a "
exec: 'i a.  uf iinviciihi ill "a a wne
is 1 ;'tr nie'y riiro il; the !i,..ei K,:. (ti
0N,, ,,, ,;i.-■, of the lower,- I'iud li nba
wiil I. s.iiillili'  to tbo cuiii-v pn: ni'i't.
with n 'en i; ■ to tlm lower l re "■.,.-
Wi . us; nqumiit to notici tuec di]
extreuiii)  to.iliseover if tbcr.' 11 e mi)
till,.nl'S ill vi.,'! KCgloU, WhjCll S"...etulu;t,
A   1 l llllll 111  Utll'hllllll.
Have you got a good hog "astnre', :5iEEe5*!5?r!T^7y^^2sv^7w^
old at Osoyoos, June 13th, Before Ilis Hon.
Judge Splnjis.
Kills vs, Philip, judgment for plain-
Jjff; Ellis vs. Clei'hlise, j'.idgmenl for
plaintiff! Ellis vs. Thompson, judg-
inent. for plaintiff; Ellis vs. Wilson,
not served.
Two Indians named Miwhimiiken;
Mid'Paul were charged with banging
a stolen horse into Canada, The preliminary hearing wns taken before
Messrs. Lanibly, and Miicniynp ,1,'s P,
and tho accused were committed for
trial. They elected to he tried under
the Speedy Trials Act, and were
brought before His Honor Judge Splnlts
Pail! was acquitted and Mb' hiiijliken
found guilty, bul an arrangemenl
having been oniite lo between the pi'OS-
eeitlerand prisoiior, the prosecution
was allowed to be withdrawn on con-
dltioii that (he burse bo lelnrned to
'.lo. ,'j'„..t!p thi'un ier.
Cam;: McKinney.
Il-'ntin our own oorreapniidoiit.)
Ilj |or early days uver 150 claims
were located, and now that the camp
has got a fresh lease of life a number
km bo i'e:u-t,!|j(bly pxpected to be staked
off tins season.
' Those wlm wish Information about
fhe camp should Inquire of Mr, II.
'iunuii'iii,, ill;, uue man wlm never de-
sorlot] McKinney from Ihe time uf Ibe
fa excitement until ijbw, lie is in
lilm'scii a perfect mine pf infi'.ruinlinn,
1 At the nurth-eust end nf 'tahc'camp
nre laf pntented claims, tin.' Argon
iind Iiii' Vancbuver, owned respectively
lij Mr, j.' Ai M:ira, M. I'., nod Captain
Mjij Irving,
The Fonteiioy, better known throughout the distriet as fhe'Oarbnnate, form-
el^ ,',j, 1,1,4'|aj 'J,'i„' iitri.iiflrl), is now
the property of Mr. il, A, Cameron.
[The oro of this claim differs from any
littler in Hie camp. A shaft 811 feet has
been sunk on the vein and a large
huaiitity of ore lies on tiie dump, which
is almost solid mineral, A small tun-
l.|ij'"hag also been run ou the ledge,
Wberi'tllf! new road is completed to
PeiftfotOT, ore 'Wih'tliis claim will in
all probability be shipped to Taconia,
i* Vlll'1'0" hotll gold and silver. The
southern extension, the pvenlng Tide,
iind the northern extension pf the Fonteiioy, the .Scotia, and the south extension of Hie Evening Tide, the
Heckla, are owned by Messrs, J). Cameron aiid'OopeliiiidtitidYoiikiiivcspect-
i    y, :, ..I I "t ' ..   .
At the liuitli end of Hie camp i.-; tile
Bird's Nest, uwued by Mr. II. Cam-
iron, which corners onto the Amelia,
tiie.rp is a cross ledge on it carrying
concentrating ore, assaying $20 in gold,
Mr. Turrencc luuk up tin extension on
f Iiii v(,;iv:,
Oinfi'o main lead in the camp are Ibe
following claims, all uf which are pat-
iinVC) ,.\r.cpl Ihe Maple Leaf: lit" Ok-
iinagan,' Oiuibiio, Amelia, Alice, Ein-
jna, Maple Leaf and Eureka,
Ti"! Okanagan is owned by Steve
Miiiigoif, J. Moran, M. Holler and 0.
Winkler. It is considered If. he. good
' Tb Ai;iolin is owned by Hie Cariboo
Miffing & Milling Co. and KLefevre,
who!"ild .aone-lbii'd Interest, There is
ji (S-'root shaft on this vein, und u
quail lily of ore on the dump not yet;
F>'i': ,„y,|igb thu mill. This claim is
rri'iVslltored by many to be equally rich
iis the Cariboo, though not so well developed,
1 The Alice and Emma are owned by a
y.iiiiip;tiiy of Victoria and New Wost-
jnhister people.   A 60-foot shaft was
- .     ,.  i.i
si|lik"'(!i.t th .''chriit ^ho tiiiteof tlie
original boom.
' ,lbe Maple Leaf is the property uf
Mr. ,1ns, Lynch, of Bnnudiiry Creek,
Wh\i;,,..; Mu(ii, inure than the necessary
development, to secure a crown grant'
The ledge here widens out to six fuel'
The Eureka, bettor known as ibe
Vi.pj,';;,, I,,. ,i, is the best developed
properly in iii'i. Hunpiovl'r fjiSXlXJO having booii spent iu opening il up. The
ifytft is uver 150 feel, deep ami a'70-Iout
tunnel  has been run nu Ihe  100-foot
lev!',     ,'tI' pnekelsuf ure were struck,
1., '.I     I.,
nit tin)' shaft, like the majority of
those hi the cuinp, is now full of water
julrf'tirii ':u ' has been lying on the
dm"" 'a.,' since Camp .McKinney was
i.,ii.;.illi'iii'lil fur want uf a waggon road.
About b ill' a mile further west is tho
lmi,.iii.ii, ' 'i"' by Mr. 0. A. 11. Lanibly and ':-.' •"tl'.V'ii'rfU. Uiuinel is nnw
(Hil'iVg run lu tup iho iii.ii.. ledge, which
is an enormous body uf ure from 50' to
fti Wil. vide. There are also two cross
Intigilii ^'waging tout' feet. Enough
work  bus been done nn this claim to
' One mile  further  west  is a ulnini
foriuerl   ..'.i^ctthll'tluuncer, hut which
Ivas'W.iijc'ali'd by Ml1. Sidlay and called
thj. l.'ua,t iiist.    A 2£ffoot shaft has
jieei) sunk un U and sonify :i( ll looking
ll, ties tut tbe dump.        '" '
' AnVung the other well known, claims
jn the camp are tho Mimic llii lb.,
Widl^lijsl'aild Sailor liny.  The Miune
il'a Hn was formerly owned by John
East and called the Nellie, mid by Mr.
JSc'liiifevTO, who named it the Mont-
I'Mit',' |tWas owned later by Mr. Mc-
Myn, from who^r, it was acquired by
JJv Megraiw, Ittt<PoJf the Vernon News.
It tellers on to th* Cariboo and bus
a-ijiillji vein nf cobcohtrating ore, on
whicli a H-fuul; sll.'tft"lias been sunk
The I(uiiiloiips is ah extension of the
Cariboo and is owned by Mr,  ,[.h"
Moian, who ban eouverted it into real
estate.   A crosscut and a 50-foot shaft
form' part of the development,    A
small but rich vein uf concentrating
ure lias been opened up. The Sailor
liny lies to the north of the Kamloops
and is uwued by Mr. 0, Poet, Only
line Assessment has been ('one on il,
Thirteen men are employed on tlie
Skylark. Seventy-five Ions uf nre will
be shipped In Tneoiiiu this full. As the
road ciiinii' aait possibly be completed
in time, i will til be sent by the United
States ins.'■•    'I via Pcnliclun,
The claims fur whicli crowii grants
have boen obtained in the Kettle lllver
mining division are i Camp McKinney
—Cariboo, Aiuolia, Alice, Emma,
Eureka, Kamloops, Argon, Vancouver
und ()k;;n:'g,a:i; Copper Oainp—Cop-
per, Copper Qutiuti and King Solomon;
Smith's Camp—Republic (applied fur);
North Fork - Eagle,
White Valley Notes.
(Kriiui our own corrcspondouh)
White Valley, June U.—While
chopping nut some trees thrown across
the rtintl by the storm, Tommy Christian received a severe rut on thu elbow from tbe axe of a follow workman,
Tin1 cut is a very dangerous one, but
we trust Ibe use uf the arm has nut
been destroyed.
Jumping and foot-racing now draws
quite a crowd In Lumby every evening.
This looks ns if the buys were beginning to take more interest in athletic
spurts, nml we hnpe such is the case.
A foot ball ebib is being formed, which,
we believe, will before long be able to
make it interesting for any team in
this part of D, C.
The school attendance has increased
so rapidly that the schoolhouso no
longer sefljts all the pupils, and another
school in .lliis valley will soon he not
only needed, ]iiii npepssary,
Crops in While Valley arc looking
splendid. Mr. Peter Bissette's Held of
spring wheal, behind the school, attracts special notice,
Tiie sawmill is now running full
blast, under fhe management of Mcll-
vnineand Ellis, and Limibor is Being
teamed daily to Long Lake and Vernon
lil'imby is soon to boast of a couple of
sidewalks. These are much needed,
and the sooner laid the better. We
understand, also, that a town hall is no
longer a thing of the dim future.
 ►!!■< -'
Osoyoos Notes
(From our own correapondent.)
Osoyoos, June 18.--A licensing court
fur Ihe southern portion of the Osoyoos
Division of Yalo District was held al
Osoyoos op the loth June, Thefollow-
ing justices constituted the board:
0, A. R. Lanibly, chairman, R. L.
Oauston, R. G. Sidley, E. D. Reynolds,
Win. (J. Maemynn audi'. T. McCallum.
Certificates to obtain a license were,
applied for by Mr. Hrgh Qaragron for
bis premises at, Cam]) McKinney, Mr.
Mauley for bis new hotel at Grand
Forks, Mr. Valentine Haynes for the
llyndfoi'd Hotel, Osoyoos. All of tbe
applications wore granted and permission was also granted to Mr. McAuley
to move into more commodious quart
ers at Midway.
Mr. Fred, Hillings, of Vernon, np
peii'reil on behalf of Mr. Haynes, and"
Mr. Henry Nicholson Introduced Mr.
Hugh OauieiTii and Mr. Mauley.
Ah Slut and Ah Leon, two Chinamen from Ruck Creek, were brought
over to Ihe Osoyoos lock-up on Tuesday, ]2h June, by Mr. Macuiynn.'on a
charge of Slipplyingliquorto Indians at
Hock Creek, on the night of June 7th,
They were brought before Mr. 0. A. R.
Lanibly, who remanded them until
Friday, when they were brought before Messrs. R. G. Sidley, C. A. R,
Liinbly, E, II. Reynolds and P. J. Mc-
C.illuin. Mr. Hillings appeared, for Ihe
prosecution, and the prisoners were defended by Mr, Nicholson, This case
excited a good deal of interest and
besides a heated argument by counsel
for either side as tu the advisability of
the si'iteinoni uf another Chinaman,
Ah Leon, taken before two justices
and signed by the prisoner, Ah Loon,
as evidence against \ b ShOo, there wns
a lively discussiol'] usi to whether, after
counsel had finished their addresses
anil closed the case, it was legal to
allow the prisoner tn llBSWi fhund.givfl'
evidence in bis own behalf. In slipping of his ..limn tliat thin could not be
flono, Mr, Billings quoted authorities,
but I heir worships Anally overruled bis
contention. However, as a matter of
fact, the prisoner convicted himself in
(Us. statement. He was sentenced to
pay ii lilte of $50'and eojBtfi. or in default, three mouths' iinprisiiniiient
wiib hard labor in Kamloops jail. He
still remains in custody,
Ah L.onn,"lho dupe of Ah filicu, was
then brought 'iii'i 'for sentence, ail the
evidence in his case Living been taken
previously by Mr. \Vhi, 0, Macniynn
ami Air. Sidley, He was chufg,^ with
having given the liquur to fUhiont,
and admitted having dope so, biitsuid
that it was at the iustigtiiitiii of Ah
Slice. Mr. Billings iniidc nil tjoijuont
a'dfljtss to thtir worships iu mitigation
nf puhi.diuietit, contending that thu
lawJ-woulilTii.fullysatisfied if the prisoner w'cre liheiiiVvJ on suspended sentence, The bench, however, took a
different view of the case, ami the prisoner was sentenced to pay a fine nf $60
and cusls, or lu default one mouth's
hard labour in Osoyoos lock-iip.' Ah
Leon stjll remains tbe guest of Her
 >■ *->- ■
More Chinese have lately been going
up ('eihir Creek lo the placer diggings,
They buve n bunt un the west fork,
will lease Penticton 7 a, m. every Tuesday, Thursday and
Saturday, arriving at Fairview 1 p. m., and (jro, Washington,
the same evening.
will (cave Oro, Washington, 7 a m„ Mondays, Wednesdays
and Fridays, reaching Fairview at j 1 a. m., connecting with
SS. Aberdeen and S. & 0; and C.'P. Railways.
Aaron Johnson, P^op.
H.   Cl.   a«CXrl.I.ai»,  Propicletor.
TERMS - FROM    $1.00 - PER - DAY - UPWARDS.
Okanagan Saw Mill
Kelowna, B. C.
A L arge Stock of All Kinds of Rough anc) Dressed, Euiflber,
of Superior Quality, Thoroughly Seasoned, Constantly on Hand.
Orderia   Vxroxxxjp-tTiy Filled,
Lath, Shindies, Sash and Doors.
Goods Delivered at Okanagan Falls at Reasonable  Rates.
LEON LEQUIME, Proprietor.
Importers and Manui'-actuiiehs ot All Kinds ok
Upholstered Goods, Carpets, Linoleums,
Oil Cloths, Table Covers, Curtains,
Down Quilts, Window Shades,
Baby Carriages, to., to.
Those of our readers who improved the opportunity of attending: the
It, contains some tilings yon ought to
know. You ought to know tlmttlio World's
Pilr Muiiagoiiiiiiii. naked all mimumCtllr'
era of Hinders und Mowers to tuko tlielr
ulaeliliii's Into Ihe grain and graaa fields,
nnd liy their work prow tliolrclalms, You
oughl lo know Unit thu luunufueturei's
of   Mct'iii'mli'k   Illinleis   nnd   Mowers
promptly noillled the Worlds Fair Com-
"leotlint they would comply Willi 1 Ills
You ought to know
will always remember it as one of the
grandest privileges of their lives.
The Peristyle,
(lie Court of Honor.
The Golden Statue of the Republic.
Administration's Beauteous Temple.
The Collossal Manufactures Building,
Transportation's' Golden Doorway!
'•'Midway's" Wealth of Orientalism.
Or who can ever forget Ihe proud
distinction achieved by McCormick
flinders and Mowers ? Who can ever
forget that the McCormick received
the highest awards given "for any'
make of Binders and Mowers, and
that in the regular field trials th.fj;.
earned the only honorable menf'ioii,
for grain and grass cutting machinery?
'' Write to the
Mccormick harvesting machine co., Chicago ; or,
better yet, call' on your nearest McCormick Agent.
Holawiin, B. O.
|3>J   Sole Agents for Mist), Columbia    °^3
iiiltle'otliiitthey would com
reasoiiiihlu reipieat,
tlml, viii'lousothiirniuiiiifacturersof Illnd-
era und Mowii.i* went ri'iiresnit nllves to examine tho'giulii and grass lields speellled,
and that tne« roprCaonlatlvGB reported
U) their respcrtlvo compunlcs thnl the
condltlqpof the crops to do out was aui'h
that onllnary machines eould nol handle
i ti|om. You ought to know that nono of
i tivoau pmnufnclurers allowed their ma-
I'lil'nito.Kii Into lliese tests where thoy
know.the! nloC'iiiiulok Illudeis and Mowers
would lm at work, You ought lo know
that tho World's Fair Judges said ot
McCormick lllndersthatthcy weroslmplo
und easily operated, and that their performance was In all respects thoroughly
satisfactory. Ybli'ought to know that tbey
said of McCormick Mowera that their,
draft Is at k'nst 21) lbs. InjWer Hunt'tie
ilmll «l orajfia™ mnnicin.   You plight to
I-,..',,,, fltnaAll ft. 1,1        ' '   ' "
Ono tun uf Prime Bacon Beans,
Apply to
Ok. Mission,
33  c.. t'i-:ilGHI*1>;i« & oo.
Arnistroiist,;?. C
s ''
Dry Goods, Groceries,
Eoots and S!„aes, Etc.
A urge list of forms fur sale,
nf Stoves, Ranges and Heaters of all Kinds
Agricultural Machinery,
General Jobbing  Shop in,
A.U. X-fcs Branchies.
1   First Lager Beep Brewery in B. C,
m Keep Money in the Province by Patronizing1 Home Industry.
$$ Orders From AH Parts Promptly Filled.
Juiportor and Denial', i.i
A Full Ass rtment of Groceries Always in Stock>
Boots and Shoes.        Hats and Caps,
Dry Goods and 61ething.
Jxxjst. ]      r   < { ^i5Sli.ixi.«
l    A Lai'gii Viirii'ty    1    * ^
0]3exi.e<3.,  j [ Tackle^
(StedeBi'os.&Co.) G AB D E N  SEEDS  fefOo,
Casji Discount of 5 p^r cent, on Dry Goods and Men'^
Furnishings.   Orders Promptly Attended to.
The GARDEN TOWN of B. C, and the natural
'S'V,PP'nS. ™n Distributing point for the famous
%•     Olcanagait YaUey,
This new town affords the best and safest investments to be found iu British Columbia.
Thn eiimllest size boim| 671x120 feet(
with 100 feot avenues and 20 foot
lanes, Aefo blocks frtiuj 5 Acres upwards.
Town Lots
First Glass Aowiiniiioilation.   Good Stabling,  Terriiinus of Stage Line
froth MarciM Washington.   ■" "
T. McAULEY   i  : ;   :    Proprietpr,
Hotel Kalemalk&
Every Modkrn Convkmiknge ^qr Permanent and Trans,-
W, J. MEAKIN, Proprietor,
(Formerly of tho Ifhrchants' Exchange, Vapeouvcr.)
M,Jk.TtfE:'?S>  HORN  JEi-Qft^Xti
Ii'irst-ClaaS Aeconimodation for Guests. Good Hunting, a^id Fishing,
Stages to Vorrion and Blue Springs. ""     ''
i ^ L
1   1


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