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The Advance 1896-11-30

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<-£ft' c z/»■£*-*(    -<r
Vol. VI, No. 6.
$2.00 per Veal'.
D W. JAKES, M. I)„ O. M.
OFFICE     :     :     I     BOUNDARY FALLS.
•t. Thomas Hospital,
London, UNO,
Vernon, B. C.
Graduate ol McGill University
Late Physician and Surgeon
Canadian Pacific Ry. Coroner
for East Yale.
T   P. McLBOU,
Barrister. Solicitor, Etc.
A.v.iciiNli.t, D. C.
Of the Supreme Court of B. C.
Vkiixon. I). C.
Conveyancer, Mineral Claims Bought
and Sold.   NotaryPublie,
(JRANU  I'OKKS   . . . .   B. C.
A.M. 0.8.0. ft,
MIDWAY, H. ('.
Commission and Insurance Ag't
Dealer in
General   Mex*ch.andise.
Agent for
Powder Magazine at Anaconda.
Civil Engineer,
Irrigation Projects, Engineering and Survey
Work, with Plans and Estimates In any
Portion of the Province Immediately Attended to.
Raps and Plans or Any Portion of Osoyoos
District ani lining Camps or Kettle River
Mining Division.
J. C. ttiJLJLS,
*r-''W00D   CITY,   B.   C.
V   lama M. A. H. A. GUESS, M. A.
ifcmists .and Assayers
Thori.u«hly familiar with Fairview and
Duun.lary Creek Mineral Properties. Proper*
tion KxKinliicd. Assays mid Analyses at Outs.
Fin-Is Una
rs hi
GREENWOOD HOSPITAL  FIRE. | <irl|p||ti> gruillll- or gilcliM  Ivllicll llllll'
pushed Iheir way lip thnl.igh tin- llu
IIiirillylwoiiiniilhshactM-hipsi-dslure. i-oiiiiniaelii-.lv.   In lhe I.il 111  ruse llu'
Dr. Jukes and llle family iiiuvhI ln| vhIiihihi* tin lylrilc li-un-. nml
lOreeinvoiid City anil entered Intooccil-j mny !„. fullinvcd fur i -dlfel-iliilc ill-
I nation of llle buspitnl hulldlug, and | |(l    In clllmi-Cuse lite coiilncl of
ESTABLISHED these Iwo monthii hiice been i-l-eiit in an eruptive rock ivlili sc'llim « nt
[it'liul might tic leimcd a settling down  |ni|iorlaiici', -in.,' llle hem  veins nn'
process, in whicli pulling llle house in   (-'.>t■ ■ xl  ..ill.in .1 mil    Ill  .nib
   -** j oitlec has In cn lhe chief ehararlci'i lie  a ciniliicl.   Ill iitlillU'W in giild-l'i'iiriug
Furnishing mid ilrapliiij the building j veins iiiei-nurc i|rpti*il« nf oilier kind*
having pi-ngn-siu'd Miiisl'm Itnily, thi'l «|i|c|i un-tvnilliy ol atleiilltni. siiehus
Wl-llll l-'^Al 1' WI) il"""1''* "''lr J"sl beginning I" elljuy fuhlbiinds, niil, -Ifitlldltl.f SI'lllsli III 'nil,
Din I ■ j Ibfli- KUi-i-dittidfiiKM when on lliu night Hiargcil nitli »ii|phlile«i nml slnmiug
Retail Dealers in tlry . ..r tlit- aiili tln-> siill-.-ri-d n rude shuck ' n considerable tiiim 't free gold!
goods,   boots   and   shoes, iniilconsiderableIons, iik on Ihe nighll,,M\ dykes of folslli'iui|iuirl7.|ii.rphyry
groceries and   provisions, '"'I"1'"1'"" " *ery destructive lire ne-Lintiiinlng pyrin's and uolil 1 ll nil
1* 1    •        Iciiri'i-il in  llie building, which nccii- no to the iirciicni nolle of lliese hnvc
wmes, liquors and cgars,  ■    ,        ,■   , ,  ,,       ,      ,   ,   ,.,,   ,
I -*- sinned   nn   ei.lini.ileil   Injury   to  till-  been milled MlMi'lcntl)   In pint'i- llli-li'
all ail in., ol' $1,0011, nml In the fin-Ill- value.
Special Attention
"Slllllll Illl,'. Illll)   Illl   l.iilke.l lipi.lt  11*
till' li.cnl poilll  of  Ilia   Seine liv.-l    I
liniiii  lake gold  I'l-giiilii  hundred* nf
Paid   to
Notliinn- but reliable poods
I Hire nml effects of mi additional IfUiUO
j As lbe origin of lbe Hre germed
|,some,dial   slirullded   in  mystery, cn-
iipiiiies were iu-.iiiiil.al nml il was local Ions baying Im-cii liikcn during
Ilciineil Ibal lbe pi-tiyerblal HloVe Hie last lliree yi'nr* wllliiii 11 radius of
pipe Ihrmigh tlie roof bail nothing ico nillusufi his small Inki'i und a vcrv
Mail    Orders I "''..Icier to do witli IheeuiiHilgrttl.luil.' coiisldcrnbli-au lit nf work In- heen
' 111 would seem thai tin- InuialesdurhiK ilone nn sever,11 uf ilu pioprrllrs.   Ip
Itlie evi-iiing Iiiul   lin'** lighted 'tl lliu j to the  present   tin-    1   iinp.ul ml
Kept Oil hand.. open grates of iwo or ihree nioiiis,  mini's have licch fnuiid in nn nren uf
which befure n.liring In lull lhey were proioglnn granlli' iilmiii -ix miles In
  len refill to put mil.   Soon after leiii-i lengtli  from  iiuilhciisi  lo suiltli.vcsl
ing, liiiwi.v.ir, a smell of siiiokn per- and aliiuil 11 mile in widiln lying he-
A tbial soi,ioitbd.:v,,(|„i|  11,,* Iniildliig mul his wife be- \t.weeii Shoal lake ami Uul Vermilion
coining uneasy. Dr. .lakes got up ami I luke.  The whole granite nren hns In-cii.
unide an inspeelion of the rooms,   Al* j locitleil. and si-iire* nf ccliis li.i.e lu-eii
Iboiigb some .smoke was present, no found, carving gtcuily iu gold 1 '
sign of lire was niinle lllaliifcst, and be I tents, Inil goneinlly line llssuri- veins,
liecnuie puzzled.   Alllluugli  lhe   Hre With well deltued wells of slickcnsiiled
Hill's ay Co., Vernon,
2», O.  Box.  84.
Glassware and Crockery,
eliuld not  lie  Infilled  in  nny of llie luleui-serielt.-schlsli
" In lliis dlslrlcl there an' a 11 hei1
rooma, the donor got suflli'luiitly uu-
cusy lonrnllse llie matron unit other
inmates, mid while doing so Mis.
Jakes cnlcicd a mum on ihcsecund
liuseiueilf, anil inking up lhe carpel
near the Hie pin..', disclosed ibe fuel
School Supplies and Toys, Hint ihe lire ivns suiiiulderiog under*
Stationery, Playing Cards l"',1"","""'• A",'u" '!! TiiT
J'       J   " tors hands vigonaisly applied tnihc
andGames, Dressing Cases flooriinpiesti.il soon put ihenuitier
I lieyoiid  ihall.1. .oni iiiiiia.il,u.'lv  ,,11
of very line prop'Hies. The llu'iiriif
(iniil Mine company, owns tin- I'liley
inine. Do iuu' of iheir veins, llie
Qiiniiii/.ii, one slmfl bus been sunk 2111
feel llllll illiulliel'   I..VS1   feel   ,'lllny lull
depth ul'llll feci, mul iti.it.- I linn im)
feel uf drifting hnd lieen 'I al .aiii-
iills levels  al   the   Hi f   mil-   vl-til,
July 17. Tin- 1 rin pin.as very mil-
foioi iu  wldlh,  running frum -'- i"
VV. C. Haywiiod.
Haywood & Leonard, Penticton, B. C.
Pleasantly Situated at the Foot of Okanag-an Lake
Wall PapOP, Violin Strings\likm „.,,„ „•„,,,,   Allhniiglillichuiirlul  I feel, and .la- ore, which con
and PrODFietary Medicines. wls midnight und ii wn- extremely lulus a considcralilc imiil iif vls'l.le
cold, It was iiiii long liel'iire 11 ti uu, liui- gold,  is  suiil  in nri-cago  Ijrjllinfrcc
Agent for the jof.i-ulunl •sunrepreM-ut and organ-| iiiilliiigj-nld  ami  $11 hi coiiceiilrnl.-K
; in> T lsdllg.lt   luickl-l   h. ia.ile,   they sel |ui per Ion.   'I'll.- l-'ergu-ui  llline, lielllllg*
iPhraillY    HIPP    In^lPflnfifl    work with ll wiil   lo   pot  out  ll   lire  iiiglntlir Seine llivei linlil.Miuiseuui-
niPIA TS! b  lllbdldlllO, :w|i..h hy „|isljnii, J |1|mk, „„ ii;i;:|iiml,lll((l „„ £k, ,,„„,,,, ,,„„,.,
up hei ween tlle p.'lliil II loos mill uul nl 1 mine, whicli bus lieen ink..11 la.1.1 nfl,\
MIDWAY   B. C. ■ ""' ""'f' '''"'Iminlely nn lunxbiillsl|lil.'| Kdlllbuigb cnpilallsls, pioinises ivell.
mmKm^mtm,^m,^m 'supply of wnler wns ol laiiuilili-fioni ,.,    "Jinny lociilioiis  Imic been  taken
siniill creek which runs near Ihc bull I* up III  lilt*  Ki'i'wulin  -ihi-i-  ensl of
With Steamer Ahenteon fui Fairview, Osoyoos, and Oroville, Wash. Also
Camp McKiiinny. Rock ('reck, Midway, Boundary Falls, Auacondn, Greenwood
Cily, Carsiiii, Grand Forks and puinls iu Washington.
Ample AccoiimioMioi] for Hunting Parties.   Guides Furnished
MIIllV.tY, B.C.
Sl. H.IHRRTT. 0. T. I10D08OS
Sn i«ing and Asssyiog Co.
(ii'iHOiwooil City, B. 0.
Assaying and Analyses of Ore
Mines Examined and Reported on
Thorough Ani-uiilntniKc with tht. Kettlo
Itlror anil llnuiuliirj- ri-e.-li IiiIur
Good Boating and Fishing.
(S)     (S)     (J)iin-, mid lind such um  lu-en llu-ca.se,ISIiotil  lake,   ami   .'il-"   alimg   l.inle
^     V^ Iheelfoils of ilu- Intrepid viihuileers Turlli- river nml lake, norlli ul Hi.I
would li.iyc lieen iu ...in. Aflli, Vcrmlllloli lake. Tie-a lb-posits an'
lliiit.lllug with llie eletnuiit. fur over Iw. , mainly heililed vein- or I'.ilillimiil-.miil
i hours (lliiring which lime lhe sl niggle have heen very lillle ilevelupi-il.l hough
I wus on lhe poinl of being ii'iiiiipii.-beil rich specimens of ficc gold collie froui
1 tivoor tbiec limes) Ilm tll'oil if I lie 11 belli, llu Rnlny Like llself gold luis
j workers was, successful, nnd mi was heen found nl a liuiiihcr of |iuiiil*.j
Tliinigli iin mil fall hi tnko nilviiiiiiiBi. of saved io Greenwood City oneof her hill IheoiilV inini-s wurki-il arc iuu in
lluesl buildings, and lo the Boundary Jllnnesi.lii. Norlh of Uniny lake ami
Creek country one of lhe most useful I south of lhe Ci'iimdlnii I'licille rnllwiiy,
and valued lustllutloiis In it. nl   Wiililgoou,  i> 11  very  pruiulsing
The loss will  he  partly covered by  legion on lhe shot I  I, ike .M111.il..11.
insurance. and smaller bodies nf ivuler iieni-l.y,
ONTARIO OOLD  FIELDS. ' 0|" 'i"P"'i[" "f ):,r> """  ki"'N ,""1 "'
  nil degrees of richness occur here, mul
At presenl the gold* ringreg » ll|illi""1  •I'"''"1"1"'   »"' l""'"1'  ll"1
ofOulurlo ure intruding n gooddeiili1 -1'""" ' d'g,„li...l ..ul. Hu-
ufetU-ntlnii, and have bi suhjeel |„ " "fi ig hnsycl In-euuiliunplcd
®   ®
tills ratlior limited opportunity, and
have your Photo lukon wliilc you Imve
ilmi n|i)npi'itjiiiiy of obtaining a tmo auiI
® ® Perfect likeness
Sash, Doors. Mouldings, Turnings, etc. All kinds of fanctory
work kept in stock and m tie to order. Coast Cedar worked
into Furnishings a Specialty. All kinds of Lumber, Lath and
Shingles kept in slock.    I3cst material always in stock,
An.l a neatly ftnislii.il picture, -T. H.
Stormor in a proftolent workltinn in his
pi-oiluotloiis nf art, unil gnarnliteos pur
feet siitisfaniliiii. Cabluota only S.VKI.
ia Gallcpy, Midway,
iiii-eslignliou   hv Ur. A. P. C llllll,  GnliUl.isl-u.-llfoUild.il   v-iirioils puinls
geologisl and 1.1 .llogist of the Oil-  ll"|,|h "flh" M"lw,,v' "' :"" "" Mir,"""-
luri., bureau of mines, This.-iiiim-nl' l"ki'' '"',1 Hlurget.n liiln-si but loci;
geologisl says gold is found in On- U«n« im*yel only lu Hi- pri-spi-i-tlng.
Iiil-io iu a terrllory uiui- hundred miles' sljiK1'- (# 4
ill  rslellt,   sl I el ell i I IK   flolll   HllSlllIgS B0NU   |,N   THE   JEWEL,
eollllty ill 111.'  ensl   lo   the   Mllllllllhll
biilllldary III tbe west, The gold of] o, \\u, aw, , 1 ■ 1.-r — I 11 liuml h.is*
llieeii.sii.ru section hns lieen klititvn ffl,-,.,] liy Vlr. I-'. Itilliift-r i«i Ins hull
I'm. Ihli-ly y.-.ii», Iul could mil be' inu-icsil in He Jewel cbfliH to llie
pioliiulily nnrked tlildur the old pro-' lVu.-| linn Syiullculc uf llriiish Cm
CCSSes.     Tlle   Mici'l-Sl'lll Hulking lllllll* i lnuii ll.    Til.    .1, llrl I- Inenled ill 1,1,1
GREENWOOD and GRAND FORKS 11 Siipriiiii*. iimsciies m uu-unr  |)	
llenliciiliir  ipuii'lz veins eticliised   III I yearsngii,   The ciiiisldernliun niiiiieil
j green   Hiiruiilan sclllsl, Ileal mi mil -  iu lhe Iniiul '- sl.'i..if»..  10 per eenl .a
Mont dollvorod ol Book Crook and all llio (,|.np of gia.iiite, is di-sci-llicd,   Aver)   tvllicll ha- lit't'ii p..i .1. I llf remaining
Sawmiu, on Okanaoan IiAKU, Hanov to SHIPMBKT.   SaUII  ami llonii xl Bl'""""" complete fen-sliiiup mill has been atipnyuii-nls  In In- iniiile   ..-   follows,
Faci'iiiiv .in C. 1*. H„ Vbbnon, J. Kerr. R. D, Kerr., "Illk l"'".' ,IW w,,,,'11l11,"","11"* i""1 ■*i:l"'" '*"''" "*" 'iM> "">' **>"'
 ]■ '   bricks  ill   glllll   huve heen nli-   ||M(]   |jt|0,IKJt*   iiii   "I    li.l'U.     .he   2llh
_ _.        . nnnnL  ''1'  Tl1 'f Is not high Iii gold mid Angii-l, 1«B7.  Tl,,< mw* ib- )'<-ft -t-
AllfJ    Ima   £ I Ull   fidlllll Is rather rcfractury, su thai not mini. ,„u Sv„ „,„|  ,,,,,1-i, , a bin mi
Iinui I'l or Iii per eenl. 1- oxir.irird In   np||nii on si-i'cii.elghlsifl the aliiilli,  ...
Empress mine on the south shore of | l^tki* rump, mul wus Itiki-u up bv ill
Like Snpil'i'ir. ill ll-elies uf beililell or   |)|||uil-l* llllll  Ml. II ban   neurit I.n'
(touornl    Bluolumlth
KAlltVIEW, B.0,
All  Kinds of Repatrlnc   Hersestioelnit a
J. W, I^EEI),
Fine Watch Repairing a Specialty.
All Work Warranted.    03-Sm
l>\ 11. JACQUES,
Watches, Clocks and Jewelry.
Spectaoles and
GommereialJob Printing..
"JI'HII,;.'*.:   B'ABM,"
For 8ulo*»w
Ouk  SPECIALTIES—Varieties Profitable in British Columbia
Trees Free from Pests.
Send for Free Catalogue.       L. HllTCHEKSON, Manager.      j
the sliiiups. |||,.y   furuiiilly   I..-I.l  llililci   ''"ml Mr,
"Alteiilioii is,  however,   spcelull)   l|,,ssbnii's  .rest  ..f tJ....•. i.-iuli-.
direct.-.1 nl  piesenl  tu llu- luiilil gnld   ,j,,.    | \]UK    j,,,..    ,.1    ,i hi. i,  11 is
legion of Oliluri...  Wlllcll exleluls I.n ; s|i,ul|li    '/'I,,, leuulil/illg  inneilgl	
iiiiii-.- Ibiin iVl mill- IV  Jin-, luiin ,,.,,.., i„ ,!„■ ilmi,1 Is iiwueil 1., Ml ,
ship west wind, the preliminary inporl .\|, Oarlaiid ol Porlage In F**i*.ii,l.-,.M.n i
js.ijs, nnil  bis in---11  proved 1.. heal  tolm.   Leilh* Mill. M leluai.-d min-
least  UIO  uiiles  .vide,    beHieeii   lhe  j,,;,   engllicel', eXpei'li-d   life   rial 11
Little America inine, just sutilh of lhe r..-l tn If uf Hm iibivc cnnipeny, ami
XilasKltata,atatKitatat'i"u'"mi "' '","' '.v line in .Mi,i„.-:w|„|e he,, i„nk .M, H .sa|,,„, *■„„.,..,.
T.1 T'tlrSiSiSTST'Si'Si'Si'Si sm 11, iiiid Like Mil l.ikn-,  uv.-nly     Mr, Hodg of lhe Boundary (,'rivk
Write for Price, to tulles north of lbe Canadian Pacific 1 Englneeriug|and Assaying cuinpuiiy,
_ _,    _ lj              railway,   Here ilm iiuiul.er of Inc..- uegoiiuicd fm the cunipmiy Mi. Iuu
L.    P R I D H A M, lions, usually of forty noes eiieh, mn-'s Interest,
'■■'  up for gold  mining piupusrs .,.
Jtvilbin lhe lasl four ycais, runs inlo COUNTV  COURi  JUliiih
jibe hundreds.   Mnny llf these will, of
cuurse, not prove tvoikiiblo mines; but,:    Mi. .I. A. Km in. It.nii-ii-i   "I   It-
M|iintbeuthei'Initio, new lluils miMom land, hns been   appointed mti
onr]   I iPirhflPfl   ' "lllv  '"'i"s;   l"'"1'''   """"-''""^ I" court Judge for Kuotenny,  .villi n i
UlIU   JJOJiJIUl II; n.Kliuis supposed In have been well ex- deuce nl Ranlitnit.
' pbiied years agii.   lu general lbe gold- In conn."'lion .villi this uppi/ililuiclil
[ bearing veins nppeiir in green chlorilie ilismore   iluin likely  lbe   UrVviiirlnl
'ami lioriihlendlc whlsi   proliahly of government willcrealeatiirllipi-roiiuly
.»-.-« I Huronlaii (Kee.v.i.i 1 i.;ie, and arc of! cniiil disirici. .mil 11 ngi-ii'iir l'"i lie'
SPECIAL ATTENTION (JIVEN TO MAIL, FBEIGHT ANI) EXPHBSS,j?01* SAI'1''    ' KICK -t1.?*00*        |itbedded'|l)'lentlt'ii!iii'kird| hut some, j rttrinc.  This court ttill l»   iilliigciln-'
Leaves Marcus Mondays and Thursdays at i p. m
Arrives (ireenwood Tuesdays and Fridays at 5 p. ,\i
Arrives Marcus Thursday and Sunday at 9 a, ,\i
r. V. I'lTTFVIIRIIIII   llofK 1'l-rri.*,
hm- lln-v   in   lonnd in iiiii««i'« of im.l»pnidi ni fi* u, N' '.• THE ADVANCE.
W . II. N'.u.tl'       I'ltoruuariut
Publialiod   I'ai-kly  nl   Miil.ni.ia 11. (.'
iiubsuripUoii l'lia., S'.'.iii por liutiuin. j-tiyulilr
ia -..'iva.ice,*iilri- yearly ur liiilf-.i'iirly in llu*
opltoil uf tlie suI'Seriliina
Atlrsriiiilng Unit's sent un application.
T'w .„'!i Un- i-ul'iiiiiis of '1'UM Aiiv.imi: ure
nl.'411. open fm- tin- ilisenssiiiu uf matters of
pnlilii- inleiesl mi.I IlliportAlloo. tvo ilu nut hoc-
cemarlly Diidorso nny uf tlie opinions oxprea-Ofi,
l.'iiiTesii.iiiileiiee uf u poisOlm) luilinr ..ill mil lie
Till! following lellcr which appeared fmiii $12 lo $20 per ion, and flour
in Ibe Province of the 21st insl., is of; fi-oni $1,10 to $1.3(1 a sack. Tlle farui-
iuleri-sl to Iheresideiilsof lllis secliuii.  eisiin-mil liable It, kick ul  the rise
Replying loWlr. Bnslock's entceaties
for heller mail facllllics for Ko.ileiiny
mul n 'iiiulary creek, III" writer says:
Tht* prospect is rather serious for Unpeople.
Tlie  cnllle  men  bnve commenced
: A crosfl ill lllis spun; ililli-
:eiue.slli.il y,ml' siiliseripl inn
In llllll pup ,- Inm i:\pllTil.
I.v uur lust issue ne drew the alteii-
l i. .si of ilu- mud superintendent to I lie
p.easing lieeessily  illll,   esisls of plnc-
lugbridges ill ihc crossings of Buck
ireck,  The urgency of ibe cuse has
ll.'l.ll   llelliiilistlilleil   ill   Illl'   past,   felt'
.1 its iiiiiI since the Iiuu- of mu .veiling.
'iwo freight   tenuis  plying regularly
between   Peiiliclon   mid   Biiiuidiuy
creek,    entile    heavily   laden   to  lh"
missing at. the mouth of Rock neck
mi Tuesdny Inst ami, in  fording the
sl renin, mm raiiit- in grief l.y siiiashliig
l.ulli hind wheels, mul the ulher by
s.i biteringa p itverful axliiiiitua dozen
pieces.   Tiie drivers  ot  lliese  teams
know lbe ford ns well ns any one, mul
yel imilil nol iu lbe depth of Wnler,
en used  by  the  iee  blocking  up the
siren tu, steer clear ol boulders,  The
luss sustained liy these freighters I hey
can ill nlf.ird, ns it  uieiiiis Ihe iiuihilu-
l ii ni  of pi'iitfl,  ou ii  whole tiitml li'.-.
wink,   .villi  freight  rales   nt    their
piesenl ligiu... nnd the bundled uud
   uhslneles In be nml  will] in the
hnudlliig nf guud- during llu-winier,
Thnl lliese men . iicse  llu- govcinnu-nl
wlii, li iilhnvcil ih" iviislufnl expcudl-
(lire of seijanl liiinis.ind dollars timing
ilm construilioii of   the Penllcltm-
Buundury crock wagon road, is not to
In- wondered at, mul thai Ibey huve
the sympathy of the public with Ihem
ill their grievance need cause as lillle
_ -.-».—
THE'goverinueul is carrying mi a
very comiucudiihlc  work in milking
topographical surveys of ililfeieni por*
lions of the pruvince, nud  no dnuhl
g-eilt   lielielil   will   iici-rue   fr    the
same in llie future,   At fhe same time
I   would seem u good dcnl of uniieees*
sary time is liikcn up  iu placing the
result of such surveys befurelbe pub-
lie  Tlie geologist,  mining engineer
mul others would  be glad  lo have
plnccd  nil bio  I heir   reach   accinulc
topographical churls us refcrenci'S, and
us :i guide lo llle eoinpiliilioll  of llleb*
iitvn work. As in s pins of Knoli*.
nay ilm labor of ilm topographical
sui veyors is mil of recent dale, surely
churls nf this purl ion of Ihe province
should now be iiirihconiiiig,
t'o.ii.MK.vTixn upon ih" iiiciirporaliun
of foreign milling cnmp inlcs mid their
legistralinn in this province, ill a former issue, we allowed ourselves to
full into llie u-isluki* of stating llnil
" l-'ui-i ign ciimpiilues registered iu
British (Jiiliiuihin ure subject in ibe
same rules and regulations usgnvern
pioviiiiinl companies." lusleiid of tbe
nbiive we slmilld bnve said lliat
foreign companies are subject to lhe
rules and regulations governing coin-
pntiies In the slulc iu tvllicll lhey are
iiit-oi'porntcil. even nfler llieir registration in lliis prutiiicc.
Tuts being Ihu cuse, il would seem
lin; piiru'utseisiif sln.-k in aconipiuy
iiiiiirporaled, say in Ibe Stale of
Washington, hi'.d hate lillle fear of
lbe power iif ihe -nil company lo levy
assess'iiu'lils mi Ireusury -li.ue- si.Id
I'i'li'U |),ir, il* lbe Inn of the stale iu
ipmslinn explil-ilely slnles Ihul Ilia re
slock is sold below iis pur vulllc, il i-
laai aa-i ssiiblc.
Till-; -"la.iul page in tlm lii-ioiy of
Mm Cninp JIcKlnm-y gnld brick rob*
l.ei'.v ba- I ii ..pa,nl. ia i,ii Thiii-sdny
I.i-i Ocurge P. K-eiie, ih" uiii." fun -
inan uli k  lh" lite i.f Roderick-
lb" until held I i I." tlm pi-i-p-li-m,,|. nf
lbe robbery, wns iirresleil upun Ilm
charge of iniirder, This n.l imi wns
liken at ilm llisl imil lull < I' ilm iilliil*.
Ill-)- general, lu .. li mi lhe evidence ml-
ilileed hefoi'e Hi" I'tiiiiili-i'' jury nils
hiihiultled,   li uill I e reiNi inhered Ihc
.'i'l' i's jury   I.a llel'ell   a   fi'ldll'l   uf
j'l-iili,ible I...im.i iiii. Ibi'i'i-hyeXOIIernl'
I ig  Keene,   Tlm  ihis nu rof ills*
pusiiigol ihu case ..as   nllogellier
s.ni-l'.iiamy I.i ihe iilli.riioy-gciii'llll
Ilia. I." im. nnl h)   ih,.  n ,,-,,t nellon
lai.. II.  uul li:     ll     li in   II gill il ml-
visnblc a.   .   ii     ill    1.1„. I, i  ih"
supie 'uiui   uill laiii-iiui  llu greul
li ll Kill I) I of surprise In until)',
Mu .li'siai ■-■: Mrl'iii.tnitr |ms vci-l-
Ned theslut.'iii ail a. a.aii'y inaile thai
ba uill soon resign hi- posilloii ns n
supreme cuurt Judge. Advancing
years ami mi  hupmrcd hcirlng are
given as the can-" nf his ,, i ii uul.
li i- null Ilinl lb" I. gal fi.ilianiiv nr"
siilliiiinllv fnrettiiri ul a*, in the in-
li'inleil t'liciillcy, as ii uill give ihem
pleilly of opp ui nnil y to pmcllce n
Hill" effective wire-pulling, uud it will
also give lhe gnt'ei'iinieiil an oi'pni-li;-
idly uf selecting n successor ill leisure.
This will perhaps iibviiiie the necessity
nf a vni'iiiii seat on the bench for any
length ufllini', as was ihe case before
III" l-'ienl   iippiiinlioelil  uf .Ml .lllslice
1 Y   Ueah   Mr.   Bostock. - Wil Ii ; t,.,.(|inK 11,,-i,- s|,„k, ,-intl s,, ,'iii-lv un at-1
tele..-nee In vniir freqiieutiipp icelious ,   ,,      t   , . .     , ,,        :      «
.     ,,,   ,        • ' ,  ,,   '',     n   .,,    tllCk O    fee    bus caused    lie price of
i tor the iiijpioveineiil nt llie iinui ser- '
vice III lhe Kuotenay dlslrlcl iind elhuylo advance Ihree or four dollars I
j especially from Ro.-slaiiil iiiiii Penlic-' per  ton.   If this weather continues,
I Ion. lhe postlliaster-gencritl desires me 1-,.,.. „.*|| |„, |,.IV |„.fo|,, pp|.||j„,
lo infuiin von  thnl  llie iinpiovenieiit
uf innil nei'vice in these districts is nm Zero tyeathur sliil holds this district
a mutter tvllicll rests entirely wilh ihis in lis icy grasp, nud with a foot, of
department. Inasmuch us ilu* only Low it I-* verv im,..h ivhiter just-rtt
melius hy which ncreased iiiail service , .   ,.   '
cm, be given |„ U„-  ve places is l.y 11"1"-  "i Vernon.	
llle illlllznlIon of nulll motes running!-" T~" -
through llu- United Slates, mid lie bus
I instructed me In ciimiiiuiiieale with
the posliiuislei-gencinl ot llle United
Stales with a view to obtain iheeun-
sent of the Cllili-d Slnles poslnlliee for
lhe transmission of mails fi-oni Rosslnnd to the   eastern   pall   of   the Du-
uiin'ou—Toriniio, M teal, I'll-.—Ilium nf Spokuiu. and  thence hv the
[Nnil hern Pncilic nnd Siiull Sle, Miirlli
ll.ruucb of  llu* Cumuli in   I'.a.alia rail-
I way, which ooiiimiiujcules with the
railway Bvsleui of Oiitariu nl Norlh
.. Tlie Gold Drop Boarding Hon ..
t* ood Accommodation for Ti-nvelers.  First-cliiss Meals Served
Good Livery Stable in Connection.
We are taking First-CIa s
Mining Properties in hand
Willi   reference  I"   the   Peiiliclon | [
lnuii service, npplffilllnu  uill be made j 1
In Washington for uu liuprnved riiiii-
iniinit'.iti.hi  by way of Marcus nnd
thence tn Spokum-, where lhe corn's-
Ipmiilenee will fall inm  li" - iiiii,rlmn-
( ni'l  ns   ihnse   I'i -.in   1!-'--Uitiil;   Ihese
changes  will, ii   i-  hoped,  meet llle
[wishes  of your coiistlitn'iils in  lh"
Kootenny vitlley as f-tr as it is pussilile
to ib. so mull fuipiM'i <l .-,iniiiitt11it*n-
lion is pt iieii.1" t.libin Canadian
tlTI-itnl-V.    Villus fiiiibl'.illv.
IVji. White,
Olliiwn, 4lb Oclohec, 18.(1.
Willi lin- till.• r pail of Ibis coin-
uiiinlcaliiin we huve every reason lo
In- pleu.'t'il, ns it, nuI only shows our
lept'i-selilulive iu llie I) aiiliiuli house
to be alive tn um pressing necessities,
Inil nlsn ii pr.ai i-i s a much-needed
refill-in in lb" innil service belween
here ami puinls across the line und
Ensli-rn I'mindu. A registered lellcr,
for iii-l--inee. lorench Spi-kuue. has to
I ravel uroiind by tt-ny of Vieloria und
Beiillle, whieh is absurd.
Finding nil cash, time and
trouble and furnishing the
Stock ready for Mrrket,
and are willing to take
our pay in stocks. Treasury Stock   Listed
For Purl ber Particulars
Apply to
Broker, Spokane
The trade centre of the Grand
Prairie,    Kettle   river    and
■ ------,        -----     -
jSs Boundary creek mining and
agricultural country.
Tin- Osoyoos Vernon uud Kottlo lilvor
MIiiIiib llli Isioul of Yulo llisl, lei.
T^OTICE is hereby given tlmt nil plaeer
•l* elniniK legnlly belli iu tlie Osoyoos, Vernon nml Kellle KlTOl Mining llivlstunsof Vale
Platl-lllt, nre Iniil uvei-fruui llie Ist November,
Mi, inilu. 1st Juno, iW.
[Hlgiieill      U. A. It. I.AMIILY,
I llllll I'lHlltlli-silJlllT.
General Real Estite & Financial Age.
A._:^xa-t.  For'K^
The Royal Insurance Coy,
Tun London and Lancashire Fire
Insurance Coy.
The Insurance Coy. ov North
The London and Canadian Fire
Insurance Coy,
The Sex Like Assurance Coy of
The Diuiiniiii' Building and Loan
Appraiser for the Canada Permanent Loan AND SaVINOKCiiY.
Should carefully consi-.'er
the cost of materia!, and
by fii|u.*i,,,i.fi!i(l out that
all Itin.'s of
Rough -:- and Eressed:-: Lumber,
Shingles, ■ Lstls, ■ Etc.,
can be purchased at the
Grand Forks Sawmill,
1 «■ x a- tn m «-» » « « x « v. t/:- tn x m « «i
liav. ulliil, ua.   -,i. |il ami ,;.■„ ni-h. d,   }   $1    FIREWOOD   $1    '
I 1
i per load. 1
i c l
 , 9,	
I'Vinn Our Own CoiTcsponiioiit.
The Bon Diahle is being slocked,
mul Ibis vi-i-v favorable proposition Is
deservedly receiving good suppurl.
.Messrs. Slniiiiiinds und Ciislcrlon, 1
ani glad lo sea, have laken Ibe .sensible
plan of issuing dollar shares at a dollar. This procedure should meet with
the approval of iuirslnrs, as lbe
best authorities have divided tlmt
tvbii'evei'frail ionnl pari is paid fur a
dollar share, lbe bolder is liable for
tin-full amount, un nnfoiiiiunti' fact
Ihul. tuny lend lo gigantic cnmpiicii- j
lions iu Ihc fnce of Imgecnpitnli/.nlions
nud sntiill Inlttutury price of slimes.
The 11 ui Diuble company have capitalized I'm1 lhe ni'iilesl sun. of $75,1X10, of
wliii-l) i$H5,UU0 is nihil led for developinenl.. This soi-l of fupilnlc-ulion
makes thoipiestiini of dividends u possibility  fm-  iiiveslius;   whereas if il
I i'lllis up In lbe popular inillion, tlmt
desired reuliziiion hecoiiics decidedly
leinole. In lbe presenl case, with tin-
splellllid show illg mid good solid ledge,
I prognosticate al. no very distunl dale
III will lie iny pleasant duly to record
lbe perceiilnge of dividend ilecluied by
lh" linn DiaU".
j There tvns a siiiuul nf revelry by
[nighl,  und Okniiugitn's   capilul   had
gnlbeied Ibeie ber lieniily nml ber
I chivalry. This was ou Thursday Insl,
| wlti-n Lord nnd Lady Aberdeen gnye a
grand hull lo tin- dili) of Okaungaii.
rl'lie nlViilr look  place iu lbe jam fat-1
§fe Situated at the junction of
Hjj the Boundary creek, Marcus
H and Reservation wagon roads.
|H Nearest point tp the Colville
im reservation mines.
»j»J For prices und all olberinformiitioii apply to
ffl C. E. STUART - ■ ■ AGENT
Shiiwhiif tin* Diili-H unit PIiicph of Cinirl**
of AhIkUiNM I'iIiim,OyuranilTcriuhi-
ur and GoilUful (iiml Dt'IIvurj lor tlie
your 1SIMI.
f 'liiilon  .Tluirwlny 'Jitli September
Kit'liilclil .Monthly, mh September
KlUttloopu Monday, <Mli Outober
Lj'ttoi) Kridny, iltb October
Vonion Monday, I2tb October
New WcHlmisler Tiiemlny, 3rd November
Vancouver Monday, Iltb November
Victoria Tuenduy, 17th November
Ntuiaimo Tuesday, 'Jith November
waxed and lilted up for Ihu occasion'
regardless of cost. Tin* decorations
ivi-re gotleti up uu nil extensive scale,
liirnlng ibe building Inlo a verilablel
per load
Ilium, of Terpsichore. Al  Kill guests fl    V    SitTintinn   Ppfltl
uccepled  ill. illll inns.   Their exccllen-1 U'   ""   J'' '1IJbUJ '*  f ' UP
I Can't iiki.i' talking to
you about tint hrtfe nii'l .vailselcnti-il
stock uf Clothing, Hats, Cap*, ll.otsanil Sines,
Unit bnve jusl boon rooolvo,! cnnisliiiB uf
ovorytl.ii.s roqulfo' by tin. Mini..', Rniiolior,
er Pl-ospootor. M)' sti-ek nf UilWlol'D, (ioi'inmi
Soeks. Wmil Sui-ks nml Hlillikels is uomploto
ilmi nf the very best nt ronsonnblo prlcos. My
slm-k nf Qrocorlos is iiinnplcti. In every ilelllil,
anil ivnnlii Invito J-pttr inspei-.linii.   .
fit's opened llie proceedings Ly holding
a in-,.pli.in, ul'ter wliieli dancing
was    Indulged     in     during     lhe
evening and until tlle nee sum'
biHii--. A sumptuous repast ivns served
ju-l In f ire midnight, "a lianipiei Iii
fui'  the  1,'iiii-,"   Tli - all'iii .. lis a huge
;;;;;;;'i,;;.11;:,:;:;:.1;;;;::;',',';;!::v:::|certificate of registration
causing lbe snclnl palrlclaus to ttblrl -oa .1
togeiber iii ilie ina/y dniice, "and all roBDiGN ooihpany.
Weill nierry a- a inarrlngi1 bull."
The .Mm nil". Cliorv Mining eouipniiy
G-eneral Blacksmith,
.Ml Kin's nf Work Kxooutoil in lho .Sail,
fuel lull nl ('iislul]ier..i.
"VEStSTOiXr,   ~t.   O.
This large and well equipped brewery has been re-opened
under new hianage,nent and will supply
Beeip, Ale EiEicl Pos»t3i»
I Of unsurpassed quality ami at jirices which  will be found
satisfactory to the public.
1 Special /itteriion Given to Orders from tJe Baundjpy IM Country
<?*♦**♦ ANACONDA,  B.  C.
♦ * ^———————————»——.—.
I held liuii Iirsl
Siituiibiy .'..nil
I bilge 11,1 i-i it I.i lit
I In dale ».i.e  -.il
I'l Illg Illl
le  was a
Comptinloi' Act, Pun iv, and Amending Acts \
Visitors to the Boundary Creek Mining Camps, Stop nt the Anncnndn
Good Table  -  Good Beds  -  Good Liquors  -  Good Stabling
.   "''''"""" "I' Eastern Slur Gold Mining Company
illetl   In   lh"   ahille-; h '       ■'
Inil.lers. sir.wing lil,n,Tlsb,ir„«  ll"'""i'"-'«'1
N. Tholl, Propriotoc
I,, en iiolil,,i  -ball   7,   I'eel, (I by 8, hud
1 11 -uul,, buildings ei-erled, etc. The !
Registered tlio notli Day July, I89G.
ri-piirl piling general Millsl'itelli lie  ,,,,, ,,„,,.„ |M       ...   ,
,     , ,,       I iii'.i.'|..Hi (|...nit iinui imvi. iius.inv
shareliolilers   elecled   the   Pillowing  1  regWorailtlie "BislemHliir Uoltl Minimi
.m id um Hi" bonrd nf iliiei'iois. itS"^^' li-^iiSiirnutoii 'if b>I^Jiyji,i^m.
Messrs, .Mm il.il |ibi.-el, Iinui. 1,'nilei- panifM." anil iiiiioiiiliiia Ael».
.    ,.      ,. ,11 ,,     1 'I'lii-bi-iiil ulliii'uf lln-sii,! Ciiiiiuiuiv is„ili|.
.-nnil.  Spilling,   Ili-mlen    (niribin nloil ut tliu City of -Hpuknlio, In thoSUUoof
nnil lllgliiiui'i,   Work will be pushed   WtwIiTin-lnn. U.S. A.,
' l,IJ'l.|l..|- fill' ll'll....! Ill" Clllll|IIIIIV   ISI'slllll-
along oil iiiii iri'i'SicU'ivoscnh'Ihrmigh  lUhwl un:: Tn buy; sell, utitnloiisf, pmslwi-l
""' "blU'r a "It reefed ns SaliiKf'lro!!!'1 X'T^^iuUiVni
J soon  ns pr.ielie.ilile.   Front  all   iiicli- l>t-t>ctnuButuloU^nndo)n}-Handiiil,icr<il>.hiXylitK
. ,    !.. 1 llioielnl value, in Una torrllor'y of Il.e
(•illiou.s Ibis inine promises soon to be*  United Slnles nml nf Iho I'l-ovlnisi of British
„,.    imm,,, p,,,,!,,,.,.,.. I'.iliiiiC.iii I'.inrli,; to bur. own. Wil, ll-nse llllll
' I upi'l'iite nulls, culu'an rutin's, sau-lli-i-sioiil otltor
I   Twelve sucks nf delayed mails, nvorn  ;m",,h.ill,'r.' iiiiiln.i.i«i*uiii»f.>rt*iiii,*.-ntr..iliiBnii,l
ii'i'iitlnn ores nml fnlnomls, mil alsu tn lm v.
tfl.cks nceiiuiiilalion, 111 rived on Moll-1own, sell, lenso, ilovelop uml nporato tvatt-r
]a*y i«»'. "«i'i« I-'""!- capn- ^^;-lli'^.Vl.ir'lSlI^-n^it^lrVhil'Kt.^TV.;
bililiis 10 ils  ill musl, hut  Mr. Venn M"!!''"«'". "ell. Icuto tint! opernato all tmmtviiys.
,        ,     ,                             I I'lillrimik I'lKbls nl nny nml othor means ul
gol   Ihere,   llimigh   lie had In gel a ,convnyotico and com lenlioti to and from
|.i,stli, 1111 Ibnl I bid ,,f    tin ,,,,*'„,, I, l» I HltJ' ittul till propol'lll-H ..Iiiih niny In: n.vnell ul
"lsl" "" [" "" '    m.m.'UP t. "loosed by sold Cnninnm-; to do go -ully 1,1
enlinei d idleness,   There i-, botvever, j ftiattorsftnd thlngH ivhlcn mny bonneessiiry in'
,, i ,.       1,    1    1       ,„i .   I Iil'i'l-erf'il'tlie euinlili-li. eiiinviiieiil ur use nf
llliutlier chance ot 11  hlnckiltle,    Hlls I fhopotvorsheroin se. f.nlb.iiiiil fur Itoobiiduot
tiiim lhrough stn.tf, us ihere ure ir. "f,i'p,|ii;;''l'|'"i"il'i<li;i*i»». ,,        , ,
„ ,              ,,                   ,. I    llie enpi al stock of tho «Utl Company la five
leet ol thai  Mipci'iluiiiiseiiiiiiiuiililv nl   titttiitft.il tliousinnl tloUmtt, dlvldod intu live
\',„.il, B,.,ul t l.i«ii'l«i-il tliousiinil slini'i.s uf ilu- par valuo nf
wiiri 11 timid. ono dollar oarli.
Tin,    nhiuml     i„,n,.„,.,.,l„„iHil    ,.<ii.|„     Oivun uiiiier my ll mil nml seal of olllee ul
Ilie   11I11108I    iinpieieilenteil   fai-IJ*  Vl6t0rl». Provlnoo of British Columbia, this
winter hits I'unsed 11 jump In prices uf 30thd»y of July, Ira,
polalueiiiiid lioin, pofiitoc.iiiilviiiiiiagl lleglnlrui' uf Jol'nl StockI'ompiniles,
Wholesale and Retail Dealers tn and Growers oi
All Stock Grown Without Irrigation.
All Trees Inspected Before Leaving1 the Nursery
b P O K A N E   F ALLS,
P. ( 1, Pox 582. Washing I oil
The Golden Gate Hotel
T- Elliot,    -   -  -   Proprietor.
; (.000 At'COMiMODATlON.  G000 STABLING.
Stopping* Place for Stages to and from Penticton and Oro, Wash.
NOTIOK is lusroby given tlmt application
will iiu niuile lu Hm l-uKinliUivc Assembly
ur i lie Provinco of HrHfoh (Juiuinljiu ut its next
BOSBloii for an uut iiicuipumlitigucumpiiny wijli
powor to coiwti'uct. (jpLi'iito ami maintain
ckcific powur and light BtaUoiiB and a system
oft'lueinu powor aim oleotrlo light piants at
the following slaliouH, viz.:
(u| Suhio cunvoniout point about throo huad-
I'od yiinir* abovo t ho upper falls an that, part of
thu Kootomiy river kboun as tho St. Agnes
Kails uf Kootenay river; also lo take, use and
ilivert from tlio said Kootenay river at said
point so much of the waters thereof us may bo
nm-ssary lo obtain therefi-om two thousand
fi.WWI horse power.
tb) Al some convenient point on the south
side of Kootenay river, about one hundred
yards ahuvu the point where tbe Columhiaand
Kootenay railway crosses tlie Kootenay rlvflt;
also lo lake, use aud divert from the said
Kootenay river at said point so much of tho
waters ttiereof as may he necessary to obtain
two thousand C-ViK» horse power.
in At some convenient point on tho uorlh
bank of Murphy creek, uuout one hnnm-ed
yards from lhe point where tho Murphy urcok
'.tosslund trail cruhses Murphy I'leek ; also to
take, use aud divert from the suid Murphy
Crook ai said point so much of lhe watcm
thereof as may ho necowu'y lo obtain throo
thousand (SiUju) horse power"
All of which above points an within tho
West division of Kootenay District.
With uoffor.to use all of stud water power
ui' any portion thereof from any of nuid\ii>inls>
fur Uio generating ol oleoirtoity to be uviedusa
motive tiuwer for propelling, driving, hauling,
tilling, puiii|iing. crusliim*;, smelting, drilling,
nulling, and ihe operation of tramways and
tho supplying uf puwor for iho operation o£
mines aim siatioimry iiia.'hiuei'y aiid elbelrlc.
liglinug of eiiit's, townu, municipalities and
minusftltd the supply of heal and lor any other
purposes for wuicli it may he applied or lm
ruquirudi wiih piiwcr to .inako rates .and
uliurgos (iirltie supply of said power, light'and
boat aim rocolvo remuneration at such nilcs.
Willi power lu lhe applicants to construct
aim maintain tmiluiugs. * m-uous, -.veils, Uiuiib,
mcewajs, viaduels, iramways,urolher ik-jos-
sarv wurks ciiuneclcd therewith for utiliiitllg
and improving ami iucrciwing ihu water prni-
leges and also to enter upon and expropriate
lands for sites tor puwor houses, siuiions and
ut'LTbsary Iramwuy lines and pubways ill ct)tl-
ncetiuii wilii the said works aim rigmofway
fur carrying the oleotrlo current underground
or overueal aud to erect, lay, construct,
aud maintain all necessary wornB, hridges,
pipes, pules, cables, wires slructuresaml ap-
pjlftliucs necessary ur proper for Ihe generating
oj elootrlo powor and light, its use and transmitting aud supplying lho name: with power
lo construct telegraph lines and lolephoiio lines
over iiiul along thu routestakou in iratiHuiitting
said 'power, ignt and heat; with power tu
maku rules ami collect same for the use
thereof hy lhe public, and all such oilier
powers as may bo necessary tu fully and completely carry on aud operate such works.
The applicants io havo the power to particularly transmit aud distribute tlm clecric power,
light and lu-al inthetowus of Nelson, itusslatid,
trail, Kaslo, Baudot), New Uenver, Three
/iirksund Nakusp. aud to such other cities,
iiiwnsand municipalities as may be established
in tlie said Went Ulviflioil of Koutenay District,
and Vale Hist riot, and particularly lhat portion
thereof drained by the Kottlo river and iiound-
ary creek. Wilh power to the applicants to
engage iu milling operalhnm ami acquire hy
localion or otherwise ho wsuovoniiiniiig proper-
lies and claims and work the same uud utilize,
ihc electric power generated as aforesaid in so
doing, wilh power lo purchase, acquire and
Unto over oy all requisite decus and assign-
iiiciiit. from ativ trustee for the applicants any
property, rights, water privileges, und casements and mining cauius or IcuseK acquired by
any trustee on boiialf of ilu* applicants and that
lbe wnter privileges su acquired as aforesaid or
ouiiiiiied liy the applicants lor whatever purpose miij' mi consolidated where possible and
may no held, utiii/.ul ami uinpluycd in lho
t'xerciseof all or any of lbe powers ubove set
forth. Willi power lu the applicants to lake
and use from Hie Kootenay river, Murphy
creek, tu-tlle river and Hounilary creek, and
tributaries thereof.ut convenient pulntssuelt
furl he water [lower 11s may be necessary for
the aforesaid purposes,
With power to lbe appllcunls to construct,
maintain and operate single cr double track
tramways wilh all uocc'sary switcher*), side
I rinks and turn ouls, poles anil wires, ano all
other requisite uppliunccs and [towers in connection therewith upon and along the lauds.
roads, -.treclsaudhrmgcsconncciiiig the towns
abovo tv;! forth and within the radius of leu
miles of each of said lownsund within the corporate limits nf any of said liiwus over Ihe
sircelsaud lirid.cs(hereof with Ihc privilege,
to hiiild such linos uf tramways in Bocuonsuiid
from nne town Iu anuihcr without heing
required, tu build lhe other linen and wilhin
une or more of ibe mu\ towns ur inuiiIcip,iliituK
wiHliuul hciug required tu build in all the said
towns; wiih power to take, tiwwiwrt ami carry
passengers and freight thoroon, and also with
power to us" in the running und operation
thereof tliootfldlrle puwer lu be generated hn
ufurc-uid, or such othor motive pnnvr aa
the npplleanU may sec (It, and power tq con*
striirt irif graph and Loluphonolines along tlm
lliu ronlt.-t (Alton by (lm tramway Hiich, wilh
tin: right lu in't,i' rales and collflCl same in.'
tho use tlioreof by lbe public, with powor lo
the applicants to outer upon and cxpruprlale.
lands and to open and break up Ihe soil and
l-iivciucnlhof tlicroiul.i, strecls, highways and
hri Igos fur ihc purpose of laying pipes, rails or
(racks, erecting pmes ur for any other purpose
and for all audi poweiv,astiiay bo necessary to
fully and c implololy carry on the works aforesaid rn*any of thorn. With power lollieappli-
canis to tuake running arrangomontabr amalgamate with mi) company having similar powers
or with OU1 in* more of the powors herein up-
plied for, and with puwer to acquire by.pur-
chase or otherwise any privilege held by any
l>:*rson or persons, corporation or corporations,
of brnellt. or ndwiutngo in the carrying ou of
lbe aforesaid wurks ami operate the busiiicus of
any such person or persuns. corporal fun or corporations or utilize the said privileges iu tho
carrying on of the aforesaid works and for all
such powor as may he uec, ssary to fully aud
compleiely carry on and operate all nr any of
tho aforesaid wurks.
Haled at the Cily of Victoria, this Will (Uy of
November. A. Jl.Iblki.
St) ieltors for the Applicant1*.
Sltl liit-s nt I ho Llcci.«h.|i Court lm- Itn* Ounyooa
nml Kulllu llivoi- .Hi-Mull-, uf Ynle dlsti'lot,
will bo lllllll ill (lanyim.. anil Miihvuy, oil tlm
loltt tiny uf Dcct.-iiibur. 181KL
(I. A. 11. I.AM1ILY,
0...iy..lia. II. (J,, Nov, 12,18IKI,, LOCAL AND DISTRICT.
Mr. J. Mi-N'ii'iil returned from Spn-
kniif on Thursday Inni.
The Grt-pnivt nil City Meminlile
ctiliipniiy huve sei-tirt-.l n liii'iisn to
hi'II ivinen ntnl liquors ivholryiile.
(,'oiirls *jf revision niitl nppenl «ill he
In-Ill nl Osoyoos till lhe Iiiiii. Midway
on lin* 1 Ti!■, anil Greenwood City on
(he 18th lleieiiilier.
Qitili- n l.usy time will lie hnd ut tlle
ttpproachtng llt'eiittlag t-oni't to l.e held
here, us it lurge iiuiiilii'i-nf lii-enses unil
trunsl'i-rsui'i- lining peliliiuied for.
Mr. Bush, muling*-' of the Virloriu
t-liiiio on ltiink ereek, hroiighl his ivift.
unil fniuily in froui Virliuin lilt- past
wank uinl is mnv I'liiiifiirlulily sel tli'il.
Thi' He.'. Mr, lruin of Hosslninl
i-.iiui. over lust ivet'k ntnl lieid divine
servii'e nl GriTliWuod Cily itnd Ann-
of i|iiuilrilli a uml luui-ura. At. midnight nn adjournment wan taken unil
the guests repnireil lo lho hotel dining
room, where a eolation awaited Ihem
whieh, for exei'lluntt. of iippiiintinent
und good things provided, it would he
diftieiilt to surpuss- Tousts were proposed and Happily responded lo l.y
untile of the gt'iitlt'iimn present, in
whieh the health of hosts and hostesses
did not suffer. A few complimentary
speeches hy Mr. .1. Lind und others
teruiiiinletl a cheerful hunqiiet, and
the lull rooni lias once nunu resorted
to, where daneiiig was enjoyed niilii
nighl futli'tl ini" d..y, nnd Ibust-- presenl were iniiile cmiscious Unit sterner
duties claimed thciruiit'iiiinii.
 , (, .	
lu a fni'hii-r issue
In   llie   fail    llnil   Al
drew ulliniioii
.-lli.tli   liiilinns
t-iiitilu.   lie reiui'iied to Bosslund h-   ttt-ri-1'ollutyinglh.- piuclice of cumlng
of Mureiis. '   Inlo Bitiwli Culiiiiiliiu .nnl slniighier*
iuu i iy aaa.-  lurge liuniliel's uf
deer,   ll iin.*. pine in   ...a.' ullonclj lu
wn v i
A i
llllll nil  llle-illl
l-lllt'ls   lllld  pi'lls-
urri,iig|.|ii,.|,ls I'm iliii ii.iisicnl pint of. iKvHin i;|l|llj, ,„!., „,• tUe line wuuld
the Christ nuts nee eiilerlaliiuienl.   A U|1(,„ ,emvU.m mUmil valuahle uud,
«' iil'v.i'u -ed "I Mrs. Lundy,', , ,,„„„,„„.„ ,,„„.„ ,mMe „f
MissMcKeiizii', Mr. Mi-lltuuiiiid Hey
u pi
ml lu ililenil
11. IV. lm io, n.i
lo lliis purl ol tin' pi'igi-iiiiiilli'i
All evt'|.-iui-i'i.nsiugniiiiiuiit nt freight
is lining Intiiiglil inlo llle eoiiulry viit
lii uiiiiiy liisiiinciv
Innil.   tn.i
put ll slop I
i ii-i'i fai il
|ltui|ll.;» -..i'l
n fen 'ilnys
l-lllg  taken IC
llg llUsilll-sS ic
in. pimclii
lji, r il  n  few  Ini'ile ex-
h    ...rn ,i,iiiliiiisleri.||
 li. li I'.iiiu' Wiilili'ii
Pent ieton,-md the cold ofc the Unsl few lu IJifi „,'.,■• , (ir.nul|l lieljire
tluys uiitkes the ineichuuts exirt-in. iy (J. _. |(, j,,h,>..j,:., ,\l„ uni-i- liidilius
anxious lest  it should llilt'e till' rlleoi  ilmigi'd with lhe uliiivi* ml'.-use, »ill
of closing iiiti'ignlit the Okuimgltll n„dollht pill a slop In llie pruclice.
lake.  Should such uu event happen]Oiti* Indian hy the in  of Chiu-lic
(led  gmlly In llle killing uf one
recourse would he hnd to llie old rout
viu Mnreus.
deer, nud tin- lined $25 nud costs, und
The cold wave hus struck this dis- j in tlilnuli of puyincnl lo take len days
tricl without a iluulit, us we are ex- j wilh hard litiiur, Tiie hue was paid,
pencilling Ihe most severe weiilher; In t he cuse of lhe oilier I wn thoy Inld
any une ever reineniliers having cn-|t.i'l.eselilillinllt llieir Inisiuess wilh ll
countered in this purl of the counlry. ciiitliin In Me extremely careful ill their
The niercurv is frisking uround iu the | conduct while un lllis side of llle line,
neighliorliooil of 21) and MO degrees The liiilinns were arrested on Ihe in*
In-low zero, and shows a disposition to I formal lull  of Mr. .1. Armstrong of
take a frolic iu still lower regions.
Archery is generally supposed to he
practiceil as a summer pitsliuie, hut
cupiil seems mil. to he purlieular us lo
llle lime of year, and is evidently henl
tij piercing the hearts of ninny of
ihe liestitiid fnireilof Boundary creek's
iiilinliilnuls. As a result the proviuciul
Ireusury is lieing enriched und lhe
usually iiulispcnsiililc preacher is reaping u harvest,
Mr. (I. D'H. Green, C. 1*., ciiine tliiivn
i'  Long Like  cninp un ihursiluv
uml proceeded to Osoyoos uu l-'ridny.
Mr. Green has up In date heen work
When applying for crown grutils for
mineral claims, request thul the same
he ail ven ised in Tun Advanob, tin*
otllcially recognized paper of tlle
ing,,,, i.i„* gtiveruiu.-ui i,i.„igiii.ui..ii Lath and Shingles.
sin ley, uud gave up work owing lo °
gave up
tin-lleplll ol   III,'  sunn   ill   III.-   Illl.un-
lulus milking il. Iilipiissllili! lo curry ou
lhe iriirk fur'her this year. Shin.ling
tile, nurlli star nl. 3 o'clock iu the morn
iug, .Un.ling in u foot of snow uud the i
Ihi-m'iiinelei' III degrees lielotvzero is,
nol nt ull it pleasaiit Inisiuess.
 -»i 4	
of limiting MiipMilo. ores, suolitu nlokol,
copper, ynlil anil silver iiruw. In looajitlcs
where lend ores and fuels uru Butt-or. mul al-
iiiiint iiiiiitiniiialilr.our prritto, v/ator jaoketod
Mutlc Smelter luis boon recognlBod ..illi highly
patisfiuitory results, unit lias lieen tliiirmiglily
tailed on viii'iinis pvrilin. nul|ililili. ami arsniii.le
ores, in capacity of:' tn tit) tuns nf ure per day.
II is tlie must prariii-iil. ohoapoflt, anil simplest
iiiellinil nf gold uml silver ore walling anil eon*
eeiitniting[hut is known I'l-ilay.
It requires uu extraordlnnr*' skill, nu lend
ures, no fluxing itiiileriiil. antl nn fuel of any
kind for llli* s Her nflir il is mnrli'd.   Tlle
BUlplllir in llie nre la ils iiiitinul furl unly, null
itscusi luis no comparison .villi any other pro*
ressitf coiicontratjng.
We urn proparotl lu filrnlsli any aizr ori-a-
pnolly iiiiint ooniploto tu substiuillul mining
|ien|)l|.. set II up uinl furnish our men lu run il
fnr ilii'in un easy payments. Prices and spcclfl*
ciiltons furnished wiih references .mil lesii-
iii.tiiiiiiauii application,
National Ore & Reduction Co.
UltH Clioltonliam Avriiiie. St. Louis, Mn.
Manufacturers of Furnaces
Nickel, Copper, Gold, Silver and Lead
'•IIH OltESlS.
To W. H. Norris, Esq., Gornld T. Hodgson,
Esq., and James Kerr, Esq., Justices of
the Peace:
TAKK NOTICK Ihul wc ililenil lu nppl) nl
tlio nexl sluing uf tin: Idealising I'miri, in m,
Imi.ii-ii ly ymi tm- iiiiriiiiii ut ih<- Osoyoostlivt*
bIuii uf Villi) illnlrlui.f.rn transfui- in Kluau-.l
II. .siaiuii.iiai.fia* lh,.  nnu li.. ,1 hy ii-in
sail spirituous iiiiii fot'inontod liquors liy ruutil,
iiiiiiii Ilia liraini.aca known ua Ilia lul.Tinili .mil
Hull'. BllttatO uu hits Istinil 111, In block i. in lhe
I'll)-iillln.-1'iitt'oii.l, llrili-li i'.iIiiiii'iIii.
llnli'iliitllrciaiw I City, 11. c.'.lih Nov., Hi).
To W, H. Norris, Esq., Gerald T. Hodgson,
Esq., and James Kerr, Esq., Justices of
the Peace:
TAKK NOTICK thnl I Inlenil to apply at llie
next silting of lite Licensing courl in lie liolilcn
by you foi* porliun i.f ihr Usojuos .livlslouiif
Vnle ilisti'ii'i, far a iransfcr lu Flunk II. Wood
nnil S. IV. Nelsin uf Ihe demise nnw held by
me tu sell xiih-iliiDiis and forinonlod liquors by
retail uiuui lbe proinised known us lhe Pioneer
Hotol, Bituato mi tuts ill and ii, hlnnk 5, in the
Cily of Uroeii.vuiiil, Ih-iliah Ciiluinhiii.
Ilv Ills iitliii-ntiv in fad, .1. \V, Nt.lsall.
Iiniiiil at Ui-ouii wiHitl Cily, 11. U„ Dili Nov., tm.
You will find at reasonable prices all kinds of
Rough and
Dressed Lumber
Shingles, Mouldings, Etc.
A Gall Solicited.
Up ui ihe iufur,nation of W. G. Mr-
Myiiu, chief ciiiisiniiic ut, Midway, u
wiirranl was issued on Thursday lust
hy W. H. Norris, J. P., for lhe arrest
of George I*. Keene of (Jump McKinney, who is charged lhat he did, on
llie 20lh of October, at (lamp McKinney,   murder one Mult lloderick ,  ,vi.n.*i m. *-i..-ki:t-.kV- ..kki.*i-.
llie iiiiiii ii'ho is held to he lhe parly Stli November, 1898,
who coin mil I ed lhe highway rohhery [ HIb Honor Urn Liouloiiiint-Gm-criior has heeu
near Cainp .McKinney ou Hit* Will uf pleased to appoint William Qrnnain McMynn.
August lust, when Mr. 0. B. McAuley of Midway, Esqidtc, a Beputy o( the lteglstrar
"    ,.      ,   ; a, „ ,,     ,.  .1,   of I Iit- County Courl of Vulc.
was relieved nt Ijll'IDII ivurth ot gold   ______^«_
(in I lh ,ii. lu cuilipaiiy with (loiisliilili-
IJeuns the accused c.iiun lo Midway on
Kridny, aud ou Saturday wns hroiighl
Mute the uliiive-nituietl justice, mul
ilie charge wus preferred iiguinsl him. j
Upun the request  of tin* defence, 11
"> \___
pi-i'liiuiiriry   hearing  n
until Wed day of 111' pit-sein
lu   nllmv   I'm    llie    proeuriilio
dj'iiirni'ii Court of Revision an.l Appeal.
Lequime k Lloyd-Jones
The best hay ancl grain
raised in the Mission Valley
delivered at Penticton at lowest possible prices by
Lequime k Lloyd-Jones. Kelowna.
"Wiri-fce   jFon*-  X*xr±c_e
llot-l, I reei
lust Hilling
Aliout Iwelie iiiniilhsngi. it hcciiiue
fvitleiil. tollii-priipiii'.iirs of lhe Midway hotel theii- liuililing wns nut of
stillicii'iil tiipiu-ilv In ui-ciiiiiiiiiiiIiiIi- tin-
evcr-increii-ing l.ul.lie, und llnil soiiiit*
thing ivnulil nave lo If dune I" pn •
vide sin -Iter I'm- it greater lllllllher of
guests. The illlvenl of stiiiiinel' <«
piepnriilions heing lllilde lnr nn exlt-ll
siilll of llleif preillises, mills inn II I'llllil-I
tlaliiill wus laid for a ihree slnry mu d-
ingiifiisiilllcienl size lo divide inlo ,ll|
good sized in..ins.   Into.the new llllllli
iug llie la-si iif material nnd workman-
ship huve heen pul, und heing sop   '* Comjjanlos* Act,
plied wiih modern conveniences fnr
heating, lighting, elc, il may he snid
lo class wilh llle hest lillildillgs to lie
Iiii Minn oi ilo*
ul' Ynle District
OTUIK Is hereby glvon llml Courts of llc-
.Vppntil, 'null r tliu Assessment
Acl nml Amiinilliig A.-is, will be belli at llio
f.ill'iwlng pin:.., .iu ih -il.il..s niuuiid below:
Osoyoos Tn..-Iny, I.il li Hm ilior, Islll
Miilwny  Thursday, irih llecenibor,lblHI
Ul'COinvimil Clly....l''rl.lny. Islll llnrt ier, ISIHl
At eleven ...I iek in tin- fiirciioon,
|au|   I' IAXK McllUlVAN,
Cinu'i uf l.lorKini iiiul Apponl.
HiiviTinneill Ulliee, Oseyinis, Slsi Nnv., WU,
Cortiflcato   of Improvements,
Tin: (Inn Mi.M'.u.vi, Cuim, Sitcatj* in ci:.v -
tii.u.c .Ma, is 'run Kkiti.i: Uiveii Mixini: i
Invisin.v ....* Vu.i: liisiiiii'i'
1 Iiiiii
ilnys fan
Hilling Uec
2,500 MEJ
In   llie   Hi,llial,111   I'ink   lltolrlel   to I
thut the
Culiiiiiliiu Hlrcul, .Iri'i'iiwinitl C'lly, M. ('.. In
opened with n ui" ■ wi-n-k nf (}ri>curi<M, V\ga\
ry. etc.   A unil i* roHpt'ctfn
„.,_ t rw ■ . a. -W-* l'|H'l|l'U   -i-tllllil     III"
Furtiicure Dealer, Armstrong, d. TobaocoBtatione,
1 °' MilU'lli'il.
C, who sells moi-3, cheaper and|0LSQN&pH£LA
b'ctter Furniture than any  other!      „  uipipnT
dealer in British Columbia.   Youj
will b? surp-is^d ir nu enquire his Jfj(j|
Greenwood City and Boundary Falls, 3. C.
Anaconda,  B. G.
Repairing NeMly and PporiiptlyHo
Onlors by slage slrlcllyattondoil lo, vl.li
Aniiiiiiiilii MorcaiitlloCo's ilure.
S. 1. Hi k 111
ISuiH-tssnrn lo II. N. Tayi-ni
Chemists and Druggis
Vernon, B. S.
Drugs, Chemicals,
Patent Medicines
ami Toilet Artie'
and Cai'tiial Atotl
~iil\l-:N TO
ciisTui-i-ii i: iu,\ 111,
. ti
v?<ft"   *-.     V .-
a ,
ia1"-* ^_~^ft_--Tfti-'"■-"  -\
If you uani  to puint up n cabin,
pliisU'r a house or luiild a fnuudatlon,
Oiiiee, Itenilell & Go's Store,
U.niiidiiry l-'nlls, B, (I.
a'J.,!u..J  J
" Part IV, and Amending
Tlio Silver King Oold Mining Company
found ill fnr more pretentions tmvns'. Rog|slorlsd tho 10lh Dny 0f septembui*. 1896
Iluin Midtvay,
Having decidcil lo pl'iividii uu enter-
tiiinnient,  Thauksgiving day was se*
,„:-,„„.!„„     i-AKK MiliiK tlml I..I'ilni Douglas, (roe
HgutrtltlOn    1  iiilnci-s ccrtlfle  Nn.sil'tu. mil,hExij
'   a lu'i'i'iif. a. apply in Uu.
i. a e .'iiii'*    ni fmpr ive*
I  Illll, r.lf tin'  pill'piHO of .uiili.,! lg nClaillll
JOiIi>AWT.   .I'liiuofili,. nbovo eluiin.
An.l further lake nolieo llml iielluti, miller
icl Inn 87,  tn n-st In- t*i,nit,i mail boforo tho
oiuniT i.f hu ib -ortilleiilij of imiit'iivumonts.
IHiiinl ilils Willi ihi) of Oelnhor, laid,        s
T HIUIKDY CKIITIKV thnl I Imvu Ihis du
1 reglslrri '
is I heOentrul Town and Supply Point uf the Biiuudiirv
Cleek Mining Onnips.   From this New Town roads
lead to ihe
Greenwood, Deadwood,
Copper, Summit, Long Lake,
Skylark, White snd Atwood,
We'ling    i aad j nith Camps.
Lois are Selling Freely und a     a Gnnd Invesluienl.
For Price nf 'Lots and Other Iiifiiriiinllnn, Address
Hamilton k MM
West l-linl '-1 W
it ml Av ,•.   VERNON,B.C.
White : Help :< >i]lv.
KI.-st-IJI.iK8 to Kuaa Itespeel,
lavi-ry Ciniifnrl in.il Cuntciliclicc.
i-Vi-i- litis in nml mini All Trains.
A full .Solli-llod,
(Iraeinviuiil Cily, Hiiulld'.l'V (!i k. II. ('.
Or Apply In Agents,
C, F. Costi kton, Verrc n, H. C,
A. K. Sti .in.   v aiicouver,  B. ('.
|| Stable :  ii| : < !or|V|eeUi i
iiiii iffi
11.  KEYKS,  I'mp.
ti I  Aei niiuil.ilimi.
Host Liquors ami Uigurs,
Firsl-l'li-.-Slal !i
  ii, '  "«i".i'l'''il "The Silver King linlil Alining
lecled for llu* occiision, nnd llierelore Comti'iiiy ' (Foreign), uiulrr Ibo "Cuminnlos
I Anl, I'lirllV, " negislrnlloii uf Foreign 00111*
'J'liursdiiy  evening lust saw   a   huge
tianius, 'mul uiuotitluig Ae
iiiunlier of guests gathered togt'lln-r:' Tlio licnil olUco of ihe sultl 1'tiiiipniiy Is situ
..        |, „,,. ,i„,,ii ,,„!,., i„.,'ihAi,,,iUletlal Uu- City of Spokane, in the simc of
from all parts ot llie districl, inclutiingi tyifeliingt u.s.A.
('rand Forks, Onrson, Greenwood Cily  „TIijnnjocbifur irliicli the Cinniiiiny Is csluh-
.     ' I lislit'.l arc: Tn iiiirehiisn, hnlil.invn, vvoik unit
and Anai'oiidii.   I'alinerslon Hall wns oporaio mines of gold, silver, haul, coppor anil
pressed intu service, and, allhough a ffi^^Mftt^&lJfSS
spiit'imis huildlli'g, It afforded mwigiv and opiirato wiy mill, sinultui- or roiliiciioii
.,.,,,, ,       e\ worktjiit'Ui'Hsiirj'orcinivniiieiit Itisiiehlniriini'Bs;
m'riimiimitatUHl tn t\\o lUJ'go iiliuiucr of i.lll(1 tolhat i-ml tnimivliiwo ami owintny nml
Kiii'sts ili'sii.iiis of cuU'iiiiu;  into thu MlSMkKIllliJS%& "W1'°im'
**" h vunicnt HiL-rofui*• nmt \a cotlntrucl und own
i)Ii';isuits  nr   tht'   liuii   t'OOtti,   Anuiit | uuy waroi) nuvil, imiiiwuy. railroad, or tolc*
.:.,, iniiinni liilrrfiiiwiiittf Hiioiwo'l I graph or ttloptttoio lino tiocoaWilt'j* or con vetilont
MimMiUht'i'Vi'miiKdaiiciiigwimnuM»u*(ljfl)r s||l.h buriincKs; suid bunluuss to h_ con*
to the- lUTiniiimiiiiiu'iit nf di-litflitful
music, fiiMiisliL'd liy a splciiilid stl'lllg
Imnd uudci ihL'lcadci*slii|) nfProfeB|u(!
Sinuc thirty couples wi-ru noticed
tukiiiK part in the K.'-imtf Willi a or
threading their way through the iinuu s
:Ut(!toil ulllieriii llie Unltcil Slnles or Brltlsli
Oolunibta, or both.
Tlm cji|iitnl (took iif lhe noirt Comnany is
suvin liiinilriid uml llfly Uiou^inil ubllrtlii,
[II Vi Iul inl-i s 'ii:;i lum Ir-jil mul  llfly tllOI-fUOTlfj
sliuruH nf tli j \i \r Viil nc of ono ilolliu- oauli,
t.iivi'ii unilcr my Intml nml Knil of otflco n!
Vicinriii. Provinco of llrilisii   Ciilmnlila, idi*-
liith day of Soptombor, 18UQ
[i..s.| H. Y. WOOTTON.
Registrar of Joint fitock t'ompanles,
NOTICK In lioroby bIvbii ilmi aimllcalloii
will bo um Inn iii- loifinlntivij ifwoinbh
of Ilia  Province «t' Mnii-li Uolltlilbln, ui  ii
next pension, iur uu uol hieormmitliig tlio tiw
j cmlo   Wulcr,   power   nnil   IM\\   Uoiilpanyj
(lililltctli, willi pOWOf lo U|i]ii'ii|iriule mul use fl i
inucb wnter fnnn Rotimldry ereek. Hell ic rlvor
nml tlie Norlli Pork of Ivollto rlvor an lbe oom-1
iiiiny niny »ec 111. fnr llu* purposo of cstabllali*
lug wnler- works und Biipjilylng Wftlor for milling, iluin:''lie. miiiiufnelimng,and othor pnr*
pOBol lo tlie ilili.lliiluiits nf  Ihc tOWIlBltCfl  of
Midwuy. Anacontlft,Groonwood, Qmnd Porks
ami Coaoado City in Vnlo district, and to appropriate and use 180,003 minor's Inches of
wuier fnnn Kottlo river, near Casoado cltj^ for
ilm purpose nf generating electricity for the
supply of light, boat and power lotboiiiHablt*
nuts, cities, towns, mines, muoltora .uul train-
wnj'K within n rndius uf In miles from the said
mwiifjlin nf Uruml Forks, uml lo construct,
creel uml mnininin all noccMiiry works, butld-
inns, duiiifl, raceways, Humes, poles und erce-
tiniis, iny pIpeH nnd strotch-ivlrofl for goncrat-
ing and supplying oloclrlclty n«i aforowiid, nud
 ntor upon nmt expropriate land for the pur*
iionuH of the company, and also to construct,
i ii 11 tit ihi mid opirile iiMitrviiy ruta bolo
Illume systems within the snid radius of 4i
mild?, and to du all other things necessary or
conducive to ihu iiiuiiimunt of ihe above
objects or any of thorn,
Dated ut the City of Vieloria, Ihe Itiduv of
Novombor, A.,D,.188fl.
a Solicitor for Applicants,
GREENWOOD CITY    .    .    .
.  G, E. SE'/MOUR d CO., Props
-Marcus and Boundary Creek
SiTi-.iTKi. on Tin: Maim Itmn to ciutcu,
iiiatuu'iiiin, i-.iivi.iui.-. iiiiKEsivanii. i.iim. Terms: $1.53 to $2.50 per Day.
I,IKK ASI. Ollll.lt IlllI'MllllV Cumin CAM I'S.
Boundary Falls, B. C.
Besl Brands Liquors snd Clg
George Gdwiuils - - Proprle
j. cr. wniMi
x>xtox*xt,x: toe.
Centrally Located Stopping Place lor Three Dillerem Stage Lines.   No
Trouble or Expense Spared to Make Guest.-. Conilortable.
Strictly First-Class and Charges Moderate.
Best Brands Liquors and Cigars
Goad Stabling,
NOTICK I- lii'i'i-l.. ni.ni llnil. -ivi.
itrirriiiiii... I Ililenil ><> iiii|>l. in llu-1
('(llllllli -inni 1' ul' laimla milt Vt'lirl't) fill" |lt'
-iiiii to nurchnrio tlin following dewrlbctl
1111111111.1-1111111.111 Hit' -iiiiilit'ni porlion ul
0«oioo«division ol Ynle dlurlcl, III (litil'n.t
ufllrlii-li I'liliuiilii.i: .III Hi.- iiiii.t...ii|ii|..'.
liiiinf llu-ivi-al lnill nl m. i     S, (owiikIiii
Itnd nil tlio iiii'-i'iaiiiii'l ■ a tlir .; ■ I
uf mi ilmi". tntrimlilli .,ii. niiituiiiiim i.l ii.,
more or low, I. TlUnU'i-'i '
Mitlwn-cOi-lolifr Sl, l".m. , KETTLE a.-.in   . i.-iiK,-, DIVISION.
Record of Minm-ul Locutions tor llie Week
Kiidin-r Ku-.eintcr 24. 1896.
Mii'i:miii:i: III.
tii. .t,.-|.li, C,.i,ir,il ,*,t,„|,. .M.l'. I.
it'iiiliuK »school Iii .. rural district, or
liy ilu- parents ur (,'UiirdliinB nl ul least
Hvt'lilj' children at lending schools Ill *
cily. mini or village,
•'.Silioul  work of it purely si'i'iilni
l-llllllU-tl'l l. ill OI-I'IIOV llu- tviiolc of llli'
(..Ire. '
..     ,   ..          m1ii.ii! iluv t-s'i'i-nl lin1 Insl  luilf hour
>,u'li Sl.u  ili.irlinn.il).  Providence '
i-.iii|i. II. C. tl,-.Iiiiiiii.
A rj-, uliiu-.  I'rul iilcnio in in |l, T. A.
(Ini lilliil. .
.   .      I-       i .Tic.   '"'.""K'HK I" "ls dt'U'Uiiinutiiui, pru-
villi ll till-   plll't-lll*   Illl*   llillill(,r III IlltVt.'
ilit'in ii'iiiuiii.    lu rases where  Hit.
|.i'o|ile derided nol  in liuye this re-
.  ligiuli*.insllui'lion, Illl' regular school
.then  lilt, rrpri'scntulives of uuy it
IjgillUfl   lll'IIOIIilllU.'ilill    tl'ill    til' IllllllVt'il
Iii iiiiiii. ill unil  iiislrui'l  tin* tliililii'li
FLOURS     ^FLOURjWe Hani Hardware and Hardware Only,
W^jLRMSTRONGle co>~~
Hardware, - Tinware - and - Stoves
We have commenced the manufacture of Flour and are in
the business to stay, and we now offer the following brands for
sale: Hungarian, X X X X, Strong Bakers and Superfine.
Also Bran, Shorts and Chopped Feed.
Patronize Home Industry and keep the money in the dis-
.... it ivill (to on until tlie iii.s.i.ii' t in- j trict.   Our Hour has been pronounced the superior of any now
.Mollil- /Vail. Kishel lliu li creek, li, II,
I.illi.'   .|.v. Summit ciunp, C. fun
.... ||.*      \|      s. lluiil IllllllS.
. 1111,011.   i-iiimio tree,.   •, . .        j ■      .(     ,     ■  iMl,.m|(,(] ,„,manufactured in British Columbia.
lama-leu v, ' |
.MlVI'Mlill-il.'   It make   till'   -rllmils   illTl'ptullll'    lllllll-
,,        ,   ,     u       ., ...   ininiirily, In Uiui ili.-n
.Mnitiii.tin i.uk'-, .siiituiiii i-uuip \\.
Iiu,..-.. n.
Culil'urui.i,    II,ui,.I.n i    L-lt-ek,    \V,
lini,ni,,. II,,mutiny iTt'fk,  W, II.nt
iivt-rilge   iilieiiiluoce   of   twenty-fiti
Hiniiiiii Piillmlli' si'lii.nl children shall I
id* hnwiiK..» Okanagan Flour Mills Company, Ltd.
O-vlv Stock  of
Armstrong, B C,
la'.'I.ii   III.I.II ill   I'i
i'l'l'i*k, w.
MU l-JIIll-'ll 21
le i'lilitll'll In ll.lVi'   :l   ti'iirlliT ofllll'if
nun i|<*iiuj|iiii,ili>ui, wlm iiiusl Iiu fully
ijii,ili!ii-il    iici'iirding     I"     |Muviiit-ial
Mul It'll.li M'ln-nl slilinlillds, --.
"In ilishiits ulicii-  ihe  children w
»|H'tik I'Vi nrli ulmllv. they im* t-o liavt*
Jil.uk IW. Kiinlieily m.iik W. li    " ",'U'lu''' "l,wikln« ,,oth Bl,K|l|,h ■",,",
\|(.M,-„n I'u ih-Ii, su liny will Icuii  Kii^lisli t\n
liai'iii-itii'iisiii ,t„i,K. rapidly us pu«bll,l...  Tin. rei.dt.rs used
*,*,IV|,;J| ||,-|i   HI "'   *'"'''   "ill1".Is   "ill   III'   hi*llllglllll, so
lliillu..I, .M. Tut I,,,-, ,-i ul Ilm children   "ill  jtrmv up I'inlii Ilia
Opllir. .1. M. Tail.,,.' I'. I'eldnll I    "'"'    '" ''" ~'' >"" *'    '"   Ul» EllglMl IlUI-
K T, Minim... -n.o^ift, ^
T.iiiiiir.i'.k.T. .SlnlIiiiiKii.il iiiiiI .1. \\
Ha...iii'i". Tin- Hhiiruiiit'eiilii'iil association of
Ni.vi:)iiii:it 'ii. British Ciiluiiiliiii shuuld lake under
Tip Top. .1. c. Ilu.is, W. li. Uicktirds advise in   tin-   adoption of   innri)
.•iinl IJ, T. lioilgMiu. slrlngi-nl regiilnllnns uiih ri'spi-t-t ti
lllll-lls. ,1. .I.ililis.ili ,'| ul.
I'lui'iiix. .1. Johnson id. ul,
Siaiiil.tiil, ,1. Johnson ct nl.
Violet, (i. A. lii'iiili'll. of iia own dignity,nnd ns n further!
THANSI-Iiiis, siifi'giinrd in Hit. pulilia, it should "Is" Lye,
MiVKMiiEH III iiuu-,. rigidly eiitmve seetlons 18,10and 'frtjflS
1'iul.iiif. 1 inicii-i. II. 'I. (iurluiitl In 31 nl'Ilia act.                                          i UftlS
M.ISarl I. Tin- fri-ipiency nf sulridi-s unil  llle $»$J
NtiM-:.MHiili III. ri'pi'iili'd  hlund.-rs  iu.idi.  in  lhe nil-
.Mnlam.,', init-ri-si, P. Davis to 8, P. iniiilsl nil Inn  lo pal it-ills llf some of
M.-pworlli. lhe puisnes included in Si-lu-duli. B, -™
Rli't'lrir. ' Inleresi, 3. A. Frank In ivnulil Kiiggesl   Ihal   lliu   schedules !&«£_
ti. W ..... I. slnuilil here*iiiTiiiigt'd,sii I hat a greater (}£__
Klt-i-lrlc, j iiiit-rest, S. Benui-i-iimii lo rest rid ion hi- plari'd upun u poison,
'-• -\..i.d. siu-li ns I'lirUilh-in-ill, limn Isut presenl '
(.I'liliai I'lit-li*, 1 inleiesl, T, ilcDoii-i provided for.
unil In 11. W I. Tnsliiuv the fur-reiichlng nalureof
xt iv km iiki? 21 'llinqui-slinn, il  uiny lie eiti-d Ihnt. ul  JSJHJ3JS2J8J
1',-rrililt-, jluli-i-csl, 15. P. Hiiydiun In un iui|Ui'sl rra-till)' ht'lil  in  Loud R^KteJK?
T. ,\I. (Irt-i-iiHooil, Rtiglniid, upon n fuse uf sttii-ldu liy
J'.-.tit*...ti. all iniciTsi, .1. lj, \Viilli'rs!cii|iho||i*iii'id,llii'i'nront'r's,jurystrnnglyl
'"■'• M. O'Timli', iu-|,'i-il llmlt-iirlmlii-ueid In-ini'liitlt'il it
I'ns'iuli' nil iuu.nasi, JJ.;. Willi,.,s n„. |j.| oi'sehi.'diili'd po'sons prolill'ted
(0,1, .11. ll (.uill-. (•„,, Sll|„ ,.S|.,.|,| nn,],.,. irriuin n-slrif-
I'   I hs.ii, all iniiri'sl, .1.  li, Wulirrs iinns. An |.*ug!!»hjiuirnul,i't>hiui<-htllur.
Crockery, Glassware, Shelf and Heavy Hardware,
Bellows, Anvils, Heating uud Conk Sloyi-s, WoodunwHre, Snsh
nnd lluors, Puinls and Oils, has lipen selected to uicel lhe
ivqulrt'inenls uf the counlry, und will lie found must linniplete,
Spek ialties
Jess.p's Steel (any size); S.in Francisco  Powder,
Caps und Fuse; Miners' Outfits.
■Jotr-toi-iig*   Slxo-p
*»*«♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦■»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ~>*\,^s
ii-:,,:;!;™:,';::;.;:::.::;;1 ■ A6RICULTUBAL CENTER OF
tail Acl nf Ilia provinci'.   1'nr llicsiikc'fyftj    ——.^—^——"—«—————
..i i u...... i r....ii 'im;
The Kettle Biver Country
Any order in the Tin or Iron Line will secure our
Prompt uml Careful Al'entlnil ut it Reasoiuilile Figure,
W. J. Apmstron^ k Co,, the Hardware Tin and Stove Men, Anaconda,
Penticton Livery, Feed and Sale Stables
gg! Good Single and Double Drivers, and
Gentle Saddle Horses.
I Hotel, Grand Forks, I C.
(,      U1UUU        1UI11U,
M. F. l-'OI.O r.'.K, PROPRIETOR,
l.i.l. Jl. II Ti,
upun I lie laise, snys;
('uiiiu.it   Hull,   l-IS Inleresi.   li.  J.      "Althcli  llu- Phnrinucy Acl of
Mi.i-i in A. H . Seigiil, |Si|K mis iu ci niltcc lhe inclliuiin uf
XiiVHJIBKR 2), i-iu-liiilic acid  ivns urged, Imt il  wus
Jewel, .'. inleiesl, I-'. |i|(tmei lo i In- poiiiied uul, n illl suine apparent dims
I'riisiiifiiiig sjiitliciite uf llrilisii ('..--i|„,i ,,,,.|„,ii|.|„-i,| tvus Im-gply nacil ns
m M Accommodation and Moderate tops.
Wo ClxixLese Help
Finest brands of Wines. Liquors and Cigars.  Livery and Feed
Stable in Connection.  Saddle Horses a Specialty.
. 4 .
Il.'i.'ilie puid  ii   ii-il    I.,   llu.   Wesl
l''ul, ul' Kellle river,
il  ilisiiil'ecliilil,  null   lo   plan-  nl
sll-ii'lliill ull llu-snle nf il   tt.mid lie In
llleilis:ulviiiitiif»i-of Ilea pulilic lieulth.
This is u Kiilind uiui ivciuhly ni'i'iiiiit'iil,
lull il iiihv In- remarked Ihnt a one per
(#)        '4)        (iEO. P. MIMS, Froprietor.
Grva.zi.cl Fovks, tt. G.
|) JERMS $ I *50 AND $200 PER DAY*
first Class Accoininoilittion.  Good StHbltiig,  Terminus of Stage Line
from Marcus, VVasliiugion,
McAULEY & LUNDY, Proprietors.
Grand Prairie Hotel
ensl li
' Livery, Feed and
Grand Forks, H. O.j Below the Bridge
Situate in tbe Immediate Vicinity of tiie Boundary draek Mines.
MIDWAY       |
!!'i Lath and Shingles.
T"*\ J  T   »',    v-  T   f    ",■'"•*
CHEAPER   'TKAr   E  f
i i . 1   ii
A g |
i. A'*.*
i'/ -J j 0
, ;ie ni i
■ i !e
■■■   .     Hi
lank:   La*
.   U.l'-es"
at Reasonable
i i-nl. ni|iieoiis solutiuii is snUii'ielll to j
ilrslioy   lin- niilhriix   liucilliis. out-uf;
llle luugllesl uf I he genus, n nil clieu lists
I'm., iin-liiilii.ri..iiii,.x|,|,,r,.,|,,.Mi n|j,|,|   he permillud in sell fiirholic , .        ,,, ,,   , „        . „   ,   „ . ,   ,.   , ,,  , „    „
i" "•"«"■ i"-«*. ini! me p.,s, r,.« ...i,, in „„! „„„,„ „, ,•„,,,„ ,,-ii,,,,,,. Livery Teams, Saddle and Pack Horses and Mies Srid o Horsss!-. . . „ Qnnnmmn,,Hm "ZT^TZZ,,   0 * ,*   „   ,
' '*• siiieraiiieuiiiniii,,,,.',.,,^.,,,,,, ,,  eerminiy  uiihoui . , ,'        A „   ..   . . FirsWass aoeommodation for the Trave tag Public,  Stage Lines
Tlm ■■•■■uin y fm ti,,. >i ,,,„,| ,■„,,. ,,,,„,,„,. ,, n,,, pil|,||t.|M || w„„;,| ,„, Hay- C""a>n ano *"><>•> 'or Sale. \   to Midway and Marcus, Wash. Blacksmith shop in coninctioa,
thTi,n]7nttft'n7'u''^<* '-i^'i'''''«;>^.!iHind dose. 8o,,„.beaming of All Kinds a Specialty, xuwn^
""     " A   '""'l  peaks,   .lletn    ,Hn|iii-i t.iic,|ii  to lie pluceil on the ° r J
iiiorphn i-iii-k-t iii-eiii-iu llu-iu,i liiiie 31l|i,„f i|,ja pniauti, us silii-ldesfrom it   I
taianiyui   K.iclt Creek -culcilt's, chin*  ur,, lieeninlng far lun liuinerous,   Pul-
nl1'*  '""' *l''l,'~ l,m- niillii''.   As-  sous llllll  ivould ensure I'.ir n mull a
ii'li.lioe   the  river ymi  ,,„'-*    tairiuu-   |,.,i„|,.,> „x||   f,,,,,, ||„.  ,v,„|,l uru nil I
l..i-si.'..rii|.;.i,.r„..|,-. inustlyporpliyrifie,  si'hetliili'd, uiui n poisutt ivhich entails
tl'.u-ll.vl.-s. i ,v|os,  luiMill, elc,   ll,-  Ml,a,  aiilfc-ini,'  „.-  cai'l.tilic mail, cer* j
yiiinl llu.su iii-ctii- mem Kin idles   pen- tninly nti-'hl In La."
nmlilt',   illicit   uml   rlllurilii    scliisl.s,	
syi'lille, I'.-l-ih. uml iliiuiie. ,U„.si ,,f
lhe loitiliniis un ipiiiru i luhus, anil
lhey all  seem  In  lie   ronrcnlriilinK
pro|io.<iluins, uliile -  of   i,,.,,, ;M,,
rt-innrkulily well utiiii.riili„eU, One
lui-illliiii. .in-I iu.air in S..|i|i.iiiIi,.|.,
.iliicl. ill" tvrili i ,iii, Imi n vein of
i|iiii'l/. I.i fri'i u iid , lieliveelt ivllnl up
pe.'lled lo lie felilslle uml :.j,.|,ii,., '|V
mineral iniiln-r ul lhe .al;. coudsli
nf irun und i-uppi-i pyriiiw, zim- litcncl,
mid kiiIi-iiii uliu li ciiiiipiiseil I'l-iiiii Hit,,
12: tier eenl. uf tin- li i|i/e inutlei     \n
™»' * h.« aumutSASH ■ DOORS
-ilti'l   litis Olllllilll ll   I'lu'lil   Si.|l.r iif |||,.
ore    Seii-rnl mlna   |irntuisii|i- .|.iiiriz
loenlloli" ii'iaia in  |.|,
Ti,,-,','  I*  al-,,  ,   c„|
ure i-i..|i|.er iiiiii   pyr -   in   n  h.ai;
hi, idle „'..H'4ai- uul in. in- j,, ■-..■ i■ n-t-.
Hull -villi n dyki-iifm .wn..I I,I..,,,1,.
Ill illi*t,*lallill.a    Til..I ■ I,-.i 50*fllllt Sllllfl
'"' ""■* "'lai"'. all ill nr.-. I ii ivi.ll. «j ZBgLjfe
mini' iii/.ed.i |..,i ii, I, ih, t* ^yii^iH'p;
"A uri-itl. tlml ui  .|„.  ,„uni,y is ^''T^TOffHt?
i uieia-il ,1 ul) ,-t lieuvy tvush ..I gliicinl _h^-'::'^^{Lii^^rf-9
1 1"'- "'''-a nl  ifreui  sizn, uml uv "        W»
timing lu Um n-rj tnnt ut the, ,„.    COUNTY COURT NOTICE
I.IIU, in some |tl ii es,"
> a-»
::-■..,:.-,. ..■,,'.'i:.: ROUGH AND DRESSED
Good single and double drivers and saddle horses, Ladies'
gentle double and single drivers and saddle horses.    Horses
boarded by the week or month.    Box stalls if desired. Horses
broken to harness, and horses and cattle sold on commission
PIOrlEER." MOl ELDeaIerinlwyandgrain;wh°,esa,eamiretaii' a"^s^
,,               ,          ,,  ,,    heavy teaming attended to,   Comer Mission and Tronson sis
GllKENWOOD (.IIA. DOL'NDARV Crklk, 11. (..     :.. .       	
We have jusl opened Ih.-nliove holel nl Greenttootl Cily, iiiul ure prepni'i'tl
In ivi-lconiH (jiiesls ntnl provide pi.itl iicc.niiuiiiilnliiui.   (Sond Ontel'lng,   Firm
.Voliti* is licii'liy glvon Hint mlttlllgof llio]  ,      r ,        g, ,,
(".iiuiiy Court ul ynle ivill In- held ,   ' "'  *
ai -.i,.,,,,,, 1Mb -5, mx.    vyooD & WESTEL
Innil  At tlie hour of II unlock In tha (urt-niioi..   ftft~_~~' _____
By command, IV, 0. MoJITX-N, -   ~=
On. ornment Olllt-e, Midway, R. C, C.
W, Gardner, Proprietor.
Nov. Illll, I
Tla- :l)*vexHil   .Muiiitiil.u
in •'.'-. ems in a fair ivny of lieing
-■ Illll a. lasl in llie Siillsl'iiet'ou of
■J 11   c nii'-l nail,   llllll   llie   iiiiiI nn el.-y
u hull I.:. kepi Canada in n feruieiil
Iur m.i'.iy irnuiihs pusl, censes l.y the
ndnptliiu nt ihe follotiliiM rules nnd
i.."iaiii"i'..i, iihii'h ivill In* emhiidii'd In
at It' »bo--|) hv the lec-iilnlili*r uf
' IMigWiu leiU'bu.g to lienindiicted     COUNTY COURT NOTICE.
111 tic i.u'.iv .. I,,,;.'- (1) if aulhiii'ized
'.v.. .e...il..11. ii pmtseJ lit  n imijnrity     s'",lcc 1S l,e^e'," Klvon Ihnt n Billing of the
"!' Ill" a' html  l.lialec.- ; or (2) i'li p-'li
linn l.f |i. •■'-iiit-.-l in ine iio.ud ul
. In...I iriisu-es, iiskiiig i't*i' I'vllgioii,
It-ni-hilig, uii'l signed hy Hit- paieiils or ctervorninnm Offlce, Onovnos, It. i'. r.
Ynu can nnw pnrohM* wdar panel door", henntlfully tnnde ind fliilnhoil; Window flnith,
County Court nf Vulc will bi* held ' '""'*. »bitiB-les nnd nil .iilior klnd« of holla, Ririillhltlgs, at tho Okniinunn Sawmill.    Kougli nnd
.(• Onoyooit, (March 12, 1807.        . dresseil lumber ronsliiiilly on hnnd.    Ordori-fi'oni Kettle Illver illittrltit solicited nnd prices
At IV hoi" ot eleven o'clock ln the forenoon,   ■'i™i6lle'1 "1"". nppllcniln,, to
By coin.nniid,       c, A. II. I.AMIII.V. N'. 1). -Awh .ind nuns nl Coa.tt Prion-, ultli Slight Advuiicr Io cover eont of freight,
0. B. *& P. B. NELSON
Cursoii, B, P., and Hesnrvation Slope, Nelson, AVasli.
General ,v Merchandise
And Jliiiiirs'OuiHts of all descriplions.  Our stock is liir(jt.
and complete and we believe you will Hnd
Our Prices an Object
'all   illillli.
tt.  LHOTTSa_.II. FttOF.
If you wish tu save money,   (live us tin early call,   Fair
nud   r(ii:iii' ifeitllllg is our niiitty.


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