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 Vol. VIII, No. 13.
$2.00 per Year.
D W. JAKES, M, I)„ 0, M.
Lath of
St. Thomas Hospital,
Large Shipments Arriving Weekly.   We buy the
Very   B.-si   Brands, and  Bell at Wonderfully Low
Give us a cull nml In* convinced that our
| It Is also obargod agalnil Judge Spinks that
, be violates his oath of ollico in allowing l.itlu-
-ilii'n In lie used u|ion him il.i.l .u-quitllng
utility men j two marked ciiiboii nf thi- nnttn-e
I uavo occurred In this dlstriot within the nut
in ins uud tne ro owing column.    |t i» alio an admitted foot that Jud«o BjHliks
will lielnuiula verbatim reporl (con-||»one „l u„- memben uf .. ollque ,,, GTraud
Graduate of McGill University,
T   P. McLEOD,
MlUWAV, n. c.
Of the Supreme Court of B, C.
N O T ARY  P TJ B I, I C, K T O.
VlUtNON, B. 0.
Notary Public, etc.,
Barrister and Solicitor.
Oiuxd l-'owts, it. (i.
MiNixti Broker,
Notary Ponuo, Etc.
Baiix.i.o, AVE., Vkiinon, B.0.
General Rollocling mitt   Insurance Agonl.
Mineral Claims Bought and   Sold,   Notary
til'AND   FORKS B.  <k
prices are the lowest in this secllon of the country,
I Boots ail Sloes, Clothing, So.
We carry a large and well-selected stuck of above
nf tho lownilto, nn.l
> Imvi- bofin kiinwn  In
limn-.l froln our lasl week's ia ue uf Hie Corks who are
evidei.ee   iiiken   by   I l.e   ('nuiinissinii  members of llllll cllq
Whioh wus   uppninied  In  , a-   i„„,   &< XZtfffla&tXlL^
the facts relative !•« lli- •.illedged uin. |   from my own knowledge, Sir, I mm* nay that
a,iministr;,i.nn uljuslu-ebv IlisHotinur on eonlon I sal ttl nm* nf lhe board ul
Judge Spinks,  Judge of the County  LicenseCommissioners (or thii dUtrlol when
i-,i,,,-i ,,r V-il„ '   annpplioiillunt-aiuo boforo us hy nnu of the
'"""   ' ''" • | luo.nbeni ol tbo ring abovo ittlonotl eumo
Mr. Sidley's cross-examination con- boforo l he lioarii (or a retail liquor llcenso, Tho
|ji,n,.(|       ' applicant was clearly ma i-miiled in a license
Q Vm, were charged with stealing it ^Jff_l_$^tJ__$Sfc _\
antl as we purchased our goods for SPOT CASH we
are enabled to give our customers the benefit of the
Discount.  Give uu a Trial Order.
"W. W. SHatfovd and Co.
FalrvloWi Cuuip Mcttlwioy mul Vernon,
Mills at Enderby and Vernon, 1], C.
Manufacturers of High Grade Flour.
Graham Flour, Cracked Wheat, ko.   Save expenses and buy the best,  See
that each sack is marked
All kinds uf Mill Feed kept in slock
A, M.C.S.C.E.,
Nor.inv Piiu.ic.
Miiiway. ll.C.
Watches, Clocks ancl Jewelry,
Spectacles and
VERNON, ll.C'*
nillWAY, B.C.
■•■    F5ifc, B.C.
EADQUARTERS   for   Hsners'
Supplies, Powder Caps Fuse,
Largest and best assorted stock of GROCERIES, DRY
GOODS,   CLOTHING  und    BOOTS   nnd    SIIOES.
Good accommodation atthe
Auextb fob .1. & J, Taylors Safes,
CilIlUI-isl'tlNUIaNt1!: BOMOtTBD.
Civil Engineer,
Travelers, Commercial men, Mining' men
ancl Sportsmen.
Irrigation Projects, Engineering and Survey
Work, with Plans null Estimates in any
Portion of tho Province Immediately Attended to.
Maps and Plans of Any Portion of Osoyoos
District and Mining Camps of Kottlo Rlvor
Mining Division.
U. A.llliuss, M, A. II. A.IU IKS8, Jl. A.
Chemists and Assayers
Thoroughly familiar with ifalrvlow un,l
Bouiiilui'y Ci-cek Mlnoral Properties, Proper-
ties Examined, Assays and Analyses of Ores,
Fuels, Ete.
Gimi'.Nvvonn. it. ia
(® Terminus of staire
®)   .
(C   lines from—««ass'
(® W. C. HAYWOOD     -
Orovllle, Wash.
-AND -
/   Cninp .Mt-Kinncy,
Midway, Greenwood,
Om'son, Griind Corks,
nnil Mui'cns, Wash.
lldacolt? A. Yes, Si.-. Q. Did
ynu tl-y tn «.-,,ll the enll ? A. No, I
il ill 11*1. (J. Yoll bad llle I'm,I ill yolll-
possession? A. Yes; on the range, Q,
Ami ynur brand on ii'i  A. Yes.  t-f.
Ami sucking suuu-nne else's null'.'?   A,
No, Sli-ildont think It, if. You cant | among
gu further than "dont think it"? A.I
i-itii; I shut lhe animal unil kepi the
hide. Q. You didn't shoo! ilu- unite?
A. I did shoot the mure: hot li the mure
and tlle coll. Q. Did ynu sliiuil all four
of ihem? A, I shot three ot them. Q,
And kept iheir skins? A. I kept the
skins of the grown animals, but tint I he
ftllll, I.. Well llu- seenml grown animal uats marked wilh llu- Indian's
I.rand? A. Well, il is hard In say; it
was blotched. Q, And lhe skin uf the
I'nii] was marked with your brand ? A.
Yes. Q, Had ynu tried to wean the
coll.? A, No, Sir; I didn't liy In wean
the coll; I .iiu quite! positive of that.
Q. Did you imt the colt away from iis
mot bur I'm u while? A. Nn, Sir; 1 ditl
not put the colt away l'roin its mother
fm-a while. Q, The'Ibsi charge ll:
was against you, vou tlid not object to.
because In* was righl liiui'ipiillingyoir?
A, No, he was satisfied, 1 did nol nl
jecl in ihul. bul in his lalk he favoured
ilu* Indians, Q. Don't ynu think he
favoured yofni little, inn? A. Nn, I
iiuu,!.. Q. Don't you think he inighl
huve sent you up (or trial? A, Nml
(lon'l think he ditl. Q. That is nm
your complaint, his nol sendingyouttp
rot-trial? A. No, Sir; Idiin'i'coinplaiti
of tli.al, Q. Upon my word, lhat ia
what vou ought to complain nl? A.
Well, I don't know, Q. Did you Bteul
lhe coll.? A. No;], didn't steal the colt,
(',  You  branded it. anyway?  A. I
dill, indeed. Killed il. Inn, aiid tli.I.i'l
pay for It, either, Q. How hint; have
ynu lieen in lhe country, Mr. Sidley?
A. Been in the cnuntry close ou fifteen
years. Q. In Brilish 'Columbia? A. 1
was a couple of vt-at-a smith oft he lime,
in llu- Suite nl Wnshingttui ; right, uu
ibe I:...-. Mining up llie Siniilkameen,
Q. Wen- ymi an American citizunwllen
ynu were dnwn I here? A. Nn, air. Q.
ile,nee ynu cam.' in ilie. a,i.an, ulna,
were yon? A. I was in Onturio, Q.
Had ynu liyed there a.nuui ber ol year.-?
A. Yes, air; I was lliei-e twelve year,**,
ten in- twelve, Q, Wbal pari uf On-
tarlti? A. North ul Lindsay, in in,
C'oimly of Victoria, li. [u relation in
lliese inn charges, you were up before
Judge Ilnle on' une? A. Nol nn lhe
Mealing. Q. Was Judge Huh* rlghl?
A, Oil, 1 have nm I.ing I,, say againsl
linn. (;. Well, lu* p.it.i-I.ed ynu? A.
Yi-s ; be lined mi' lnr trying lo hit a
The Commissioner:-—What was thai
charge? Jlr. Wilson:—A charge ol
assault.. Willies.-:- 1 was filled $lj.
I think.
('. Du yon t't'tneuiber lyben that una?
A. Well.' No ; 1 dni.'i recollect il ; I
knnyv it, was lhe time I was up belt*,
li, With respect to tlie Queen againsl
Allison, all you kuow is hearsay ; you
know nothing uf yum- own knowledge?
A. No, sir.   Q. Not it. lliing?   A.   Ni
applicant belonged in lliis partictil.u- ring of
wliieli Judgo Sjiitik** i*, nu telniHti'd itieiiiTitii-,
lie granted tin- llcouso in Hit- lime „f tin- l.icons-
ing 11,,,11,1's rofusal,
In ooucIubIoii, Sir, let me say tltuttiio above
nro only a fow minor charges tn-ougtii ngnitmt
Judgo Snlnks, thero is general dissatisfaction
l iile througlioul tin- whole (lis-
iti.-i and complaints have appeared through
llu: presson many occasions iviiimut nviiil.iilliii,
hiat nn iniioconl mul long sutforlng people hnvo
oomo toaccopt ii tu a condition of tilings whieh
ia cemodyless, nnd nnisi In; borne without com-
piaint, Let me any Sir. tlnil if ever a public
olllco in Brilisli Columbia rcqulrod to bu aired,
if thero un-ever a cuae. wlii.-l. required a Itojui
CDinmisslon tolssuotnenquro iulu thoBO abuses
which are su flagrnnl and su numerous that it
wen!,! be Inrposstblo fur uio lo tuuuiaicruto
them in ile.nil.
Again let niasay sir, that i would urge upon
„1 thef.
your lb.
vou thagi'cat necessity uf issuing a eoiitinission
lmiiiuiliiiliily, to (iiiiuui-c iiuu these abuses, as
your Honor with your lung oxporlcnce in tlio
admitistrallon of justtcoiuusl well know tltnt
abusosilke lliese nre dangerous to thu well
boingofsocioty and are r.uiiiioiis to the best
Interests of the publio ,tt large, Slneeroly your
obediout sorvaiit.
1*. T. McOaliajm,
,1.1'. Ynle District, B. C.
Peter T. McCallum, sworn; examined
by Mr. Henderson:—
Q, Your name is Peter T, McCallum?
A. Yes. Q, Where du yuii reside? A.
Grand Forks, Q Yon are a Justice of
the I',-iu-,* in and I'm-Hast Yale? A. 1
ani. Q. You have written a letter to
flu* Minister nf 1 istice? A. Yes. Q,
Ami in your leltei- ynu make the statement. It, Is a gei.t't'id statement, that
Judge Spinks lias nnl conducted himself us a gentleman holding ibe high
olllee he does should. Nnw, with l-e
sped tu tin- paragraph, have ynu any-
lliing In slulc? A. (Inly that he postponed court ou one occasion, Q. Well,
do you stale that Ihe men* postponing
nf courl waswroeg or irregular, A. It
was irregular. Q. Can yu give any
further slnlemeui   iv'ili  lefeience to
thai?  A. Noi I think    Q. Where
was this-- A. Al (I.and Forks. Q.
Were ymi present, al tbe court? A, I
'.i.aa. -i Well wbiil was wrong about
the posl polling? A. Well, there was
a prisoner held al lhat thnt*. convicted,
or charged wltb a criminal nll'*-iu-e, and
lit: .vns Ilelil fori, while, end the   COtlrl,
was pusl polled, and then  be was dis-
lunged ; uiui I elaiu. Ilintil wus wrong
'liglh of
■     -     -    VV. L. LEONARD, 6)
tors, Pen tit ton, n.c *gA
^-•vWVWWVV a-**^w*s_/.^\>v^* ^^\^s-/VJ/ai/s^S^w/
M. McCuaig'.
S. Larsen.
H. DAUHETT. 0. T. lltllltlSUX
Engineering and Assaying Co.
Greenwood City, B. 0,
Assaying and Analyses of Ore
Mines Examined and Reported on
Thorough Aci|tiiilnttiiivo with thu Kettle
Kiver antl Iloiintlury Orcctt Itllnlng
Is siliiiileil ut Rock Oreek, ll.(!., mi llu* main rotileof travel
'hotween Pentlclon and all Boundary Creek puinls. Snipping
place I'm- stages,
McCUAIG ct LARSEN, Promuetoi-s.
First Class Accommodation.   Good Stabling,  Terminus ni' Stage Line
from Marcus, Washington.
McAULEY & KEIGHTLEY, Proprietors.
The Commissioner!—Is that all Mr.
Wilson?  Mr. VVilsoni-Yes.Bii,
The Commissioner:— Is there anything nnw, Mr. Sidley. ytui wish In say
wiih respect lu .Mr Wilson's cruss-ex*
a.uituiii.ni? II yoll lane any thing else
in -uy, yon are quile al liberty in ,|,-
so. i ilnu'l -ug^esi il.itt there is uny
necessity I'm- your Baying any nnu,..
Imi I  unly wiah ynu to iniderslund
Illll!  lain llle uul  limited lo, tliu  on,on
.Mr. Ilemlei-nn may think Iil toadupl,
Mr, Henderson ia simply hen- t'uryoui'
assistance, and If his tpicsl inns dn mu
exhaust ivllnl ynu would like In say! I
wi-h ynu to in,-1.■.■ i.11,11 ihal ynuarit al
lilieilv In iii,ike i'iiv slateuu'iil ynu
think li!. Win...-: 'Tlii.nl; your Lordship, very um, h, I Hum, 1 have a,.i,l
all I havu lo say.
The Coininisshinei-i I wi-h you fn
u.,,1,-island ti.at ynu a..- utterly un-
trammelled in evei V nay: Mia Ht-udei-.
sun is here simply fur y  n is-isliiiiut*,
in give t"i. .ttlvl. -. nud .,- Isl.iu. ,a
Me, lletit.e,-,,,. nut having anything
fill I lli't    In    -,la-a.'-l     In      lie-    u'llnea-,
lhe exitinbullion was i-lused,
Uriind forks, H. CSrtlJ , 18**,
Tlin Ilnnor-t!,!,' -Irttlive, [yjoti.u,
Mlnlstoi* of Justice, Ollnwn,
l.iaiii -nt, I have b, en rot|iicslod liy sevcitnl
i-cslilonu -a Ihis dlslrlcl' porl a- you direcl
certain alleged abuses in eon ti.,.. wiih ti„-
fiihiihilstrntlotiof Jtisllcubj Ills Ilonor .Intlgn
Sp nit Cotinlj Courl Jutli -„r S'nlo districl lit
this preiitico,
Il i-i, (roll known fuel thai Judge Spinks for
iIn-1. i-t Iwo ot* tln-co years lias imi  idticlcd
liltnsolfiu i, gcntloman holilliig the l.igl. olllco
bo does should. Complaints havo hoc ilo
fortliul nei-ioil anil aro being nindo Inn-fore	
n, favofftlBiM and partialityoxhtblled bv Judge
BplnkHfrnm Ilia Honrh, hnth In civil and crhn-
Inal cases tvltoro ocrtnln rings nn,l cllqiios are
It i-in well recognized fact,Sir, that Judgo
Spinks .luring tlio period nbovo mentioned, Im-
I'ln-elv, If ovor. appeared at lho tliircrenl |,ln, e-
appol 11 lin.iiKiii.nl Ihc lllstrlot for the holding nf County Cow-In on time, Imi ia always
froui two to llu-co days lale, ailoivhtg ani,,:*.
u-ilnosHesandporsotiH in custody un trial tor
criminal ofrcuccs;,, wait tils plousuro, then by
causing ihem great loss of time, Irnvoiling i'u
nml from tl,,- pltico nf liini, nml ontutliiig groat
un,i,...,.-.u-.i oxiiense.
li bus ropentedly happonetl lhat prisoners
waiting trial hero hnvo boon hold ovor two or
tliro'days uver ll..- ii..,,. appointed for their
trial ai'd then twqulttod. A marked -„-,- of
11,1s was Queen is. Davis, triad lioro at il.e
socoinl last ilttlng ,-f il„- County (',,...'!, nn,l
this Sir Is,,-". the Oxcoptton, ilis tlie rulo willi
; Judge Spinks,
in linlil ,-i prisoner I'm- tlml
iluie, nnd then discharge him, Q,
How lung was ll ? A. I coulii'l suy j
probably two or three days. Q. You
nexi it-let- u, Judge Spinks showing
I'iivn.ilisn. anil partiallly ftoui the
Bench, Imt li in civil and criminal cases,
Have yon anything to state uf a par
iit-tili,l- l,,,l,ua. with lespet-l. lu that
charge? A. Xnihing tnvself; only
hearsay.   Q. Nuw, wilh reaped tu the
lb,-, paragraphs uf your leller, what
huve ynu lusty ? A. I know nothing
Inil Ibis purl ici.Iur case al -Grand Furks
Ibe ulher.-ine unly hearsay,   Q. "Ho
always frnni two tu Ihree days lale."
Can you recall any Instance? A, This
particidai- case ihul I speak of at
(irand Forks, Q. "ll has repeatedly
happened that prisoners await ing trial
bale been held over twu in- ihree days
uver lhe day tu- linn- appointed for
their Iiiul, and Ihen acquitted." Is
thilsiill referring In lhe case you
...enlim, al Grand Forks? A. Yes, sin
Q. You refer to tbo case of the Queen
againsl Davis? A. That Is the case.
('. And then you next speak u( Judge
Spiuks trying anil ncqlllttlug guilty
llli'll, Have you any special case in
your tuii.il? A. No, sin 1 think nut;
merely all hearsay, Q. This letter was
ivi-il'eii in .liint* Insl ; Ibis lellei tu the
Minister nf Justice? A. The Ibii-d nf
June, Q. Then ynu speak uf a clique
ni- tins* in Grand Fm-ks whn tire the
nwnei's nf ilu- Inivnsi'e. Nnw,
I.aie ynu any complall t In make
wilh lespeel In Judge Spiuks' action
with Ilinl clique nr ring? A. Nothing
|i,.,-,„ialiy : inill.ing nf in>* 01VI1 knowledge ; ,,f my own personal knowledge,
(J. "Anil members ..I ibis clique Imvu
I,,.,... known to boaai  that no action
could succeed agaliisl|tl - while lodge
Spinks :-.t ,„. the Bench," Is that alsu
luaii-ay? A. That is all hearsay. Q,
Now y.-u -peak nf having sal  nn tmo
of llle I l-.nl' lieeli-e  fntuillisai,'tiers
lnr Ihis di-liiet when ..I. iipplicnliun
, nine hefnrc you bynno,f llu-members
,,l ihi. Hug above nlloned fm- a re-
ll.il llqlllll lieel.se.     Wl.ul (•HM! till   Villi
l-el'el- lu? A. I i-efcrln lbe Minis case,
(J. Wbal ...mpliiiui huve ynu lo make
i,g,it,-I Judge Spiuks with reference
lu ilu.t ciisi*? A. Personally I know
very Illl It* al.nuI ii, only whal I have
bc'ril Ibal Judge Spinks afler the
board refused lhe license, granted it at
Vermin, In the meantime In- found
mil hisinisii.kei.nilsenia messenger
I'm- il..- license, and afterwards refused
il. Q, Ynu cnn,plain, Ihen, Ihal the
license was granted wrongly; is lhat
lhe idea- A. I think it subsequently
was nut granted; il was refused. Q.
Hid yuu know that ai ihe lime this
leltei-wus wi-ilten ? A. I did ; lhat is
hearsay at the Iiuu*. Q. And you
mention thai the abuve are only a few
uf Ibe minor I'h.iivi's brought against
Judge Spinks. Have you anything to
say ivilh lespeel lu auv further cuin-
pli.inls? A. Nu, Q. Dn yuu know of
any dissatisfaction with respect lo His
Iliiliin* Judge Spinks? A. Nut personally. (Ji. Y,,u speak uf there being
general  dissatisfaction   mixing   the
I pie thi-nnghnut the whole   district
koiillliuclon page 3.1 4
Midway, B. 0„ January 21, 1888.
W. H. NOItltIS pKoritiKTott
Published  weekly  at Midway, B. C.
iiiii,siiri[,r,on Price, %'i.m per annum, payable
In advance, olthor yearly or half-yearly nt the
op-.ioli of lliesiibserilitir.
Advertising Rates sent on application.
Tliuiigli ilie columns nf Tm: ADVANCE are
always open for the discussion of matters of
lint.In- inli-riial it.i-1 Importance* we do not nee-
niissni'ilyi-iitloiai" uny of the opinions expressed,
corrospondonce of a pei-sonai nni uru will no. be
: A cross in this sinus- inili-
:to this paper has oxplred.
Records for the Week Ending January Uth, i8p8.
i   Turtle Dove, Rock Creek, G. Swcet-
Gallagher,   Ruck Creek, G. Sweet-
Reobntly Mr.D.O.Corbln, President
of the Spokane and Nothern railway,
paid n visit to Nelson, and while there
was interviewed by a representative of
the Nelson .Miner.
As a result of the Interview, the Miner makes Mr. Corbin say that although
he intended applying at the coming
session of tin* Dominion parliament
for a charter for the purpose of building a railway into tli Boundary Creek
dlstriot, he did not consider he would
be jusl Hied in giving the district transportation facilities lor at least a time,
hut that  a good business might be
done within tin* next two years.
In referring to the above wc do no
do so with any intention to cull into
question tlie, statement made by the
Jliner, but rather tu shew lhat Mr.
Corbin ditl uut wish tu disclose bis plans
tun freely, nr that since his Interview
with thu Minor, he has suddenly and
very decidedly changed his mind,
That such i.s the case, we refer our
readers to a letter received by Mr. R.
Wood of Greenwood, and published in
another column.
After perusing the letter it is safe to
say nur rentiers will recognize that
the railway question as effecting ihis
district has entered upon a decidedly
interesl ing .stage. So much su is ibis
lbe case, thai the Bpeclacle is presented
uf a reliable railway builder and operator, wishing lo give to lbe district
transportation facilities, and tha; immediately, if unly the Dominion govern
men! will be guud ennugli lu grant him
permission in do so.
And whal does this mean ?
ll means I hat. til lost an opportunity
is presented for lhe Provincial and
Dominiongovcriinienls, lo forma correct idea of nol mil) lhe vnsl Importance of this district in a commercial
sense, but as well of the grasping uud
rapacious policy which bus up io ihe
present, lieen pursued by I he land grabbing und charter-inongering fact ions,
who have ever and anon cried down the
possibilities of doing for years in come
a profitable rail way business, Ihul lhey
mighi cry up, the ueeessily of Iheir receiving millions nf acres of the public
tb.main, or hundreds uf thousands nf
dollars of ihe peoples money, for I hut
which others oiler to furnish wilhoul
Under llieseeii'ciiiiislancesil will be
interesting to watch future developments, and note tho treatment accord-'
etl the question liy one, ortheolher, or
boih governments,
Boundary Creek fl. & fl. Co. Ltd.
The annual generul meeting of shareholders in llu* Boundary Creek Milling
and Milling Company, Ltd., was held
on Thursday lust, 20th inst. There wits
a numerous attendance of shareholders, and many others werojrepresented
by proxy. Tbe directors' repurl and 11-
liancial statement was submitted, and
the secrotnay explained clearly the
nu,re Important items of the accounts,
The monetary position was shewn tn
be that the company owes IjlJOO, in
meet which it has a credit balance iu
thobankof$2I3.aud Hills Rocnlvablo
maturing shortly, $180, sn that its
liquid assets are nearly throe hundred
dollars, more than its cash liabilities,
The mnl.inn of the President to adopt
the repurl of the directors was opposed
by Mr. D. A. II,IIlll'Ook, whn besides j
being it tliieclni- ..ml manage.- of the |
cnn.pany, Is lhe logistel-cd holder of
more than three fourths of the coin-
pony's stock, uud who consequently is
iu a position In eilher pass nr defeat,
every motion that may be decided by
ballot, Mr, Holbrook gave ns liis reason for deciiniug to permit the adoption of the report of the directors that
as he will probably contest their right
to sell the McDonell ranch property,
adjoining the company's claims and
bought by them for the company last
sining for townsite ami other purposes,
he wuuld nut endorse their action,
He contended that Iln* property would
shortly be saleable ut a considerable
profit, and sn refused to sanction its re.
sale to Mr. McDonnell. The president
explained fully the reasons for the action taken by ibe directors in fhisi.latter, and maintained that Iheir action
was most necessary, for had lhey not
accepted Mr. McDonnells offer tore-
fund tu the oompany all the money
and shares the land hud enst tlle cnin-
pauy, legal proceedings would have
been instituted against the company
fur the recovery uf d-bts it bud in her-
wise absolutely no prospect uf paying.
Hy their action which was not
taken until after Mr. Hollirouk had
been given an opportunity to|subititute
snine other defin iti* and leasable scheme ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
or way* out of th • serious difficulty the JANUARY 12.
company was in, thev had avoided    Snowshoe, Cainp McKinney, A
* ' eller
legal troubles, saved the credit of the'
company and got rid of a property
which had nut only been a burden to
the company, but the purchase of
which was in liis opinion, responsible
for the entire stoppage of the sale of
the eni.q.iiiiy'.s Treasury stuck, He
hail opposed the purchase very strongly from the first, since he considered it
would hamper the company and pre-
vent the development of its mineral
cliiiins. They now saw that it bail
dune so, and consequently tbe course
taken was he considered the only way
uut nf the difficulty.
A lung discussion followed, and it
seemed that the action of lhe dlreotors
had the approval uf must if not all of
those present excepting Mr. Holbrook.
Eventually tiie meeting adjourned
I'm- a fortnight, uu a motion of Mr.
Holbrook, having lirst accorded the
president u hearty vote uf thanks for
bis services.
Afterthought, Fairview, II. W. Yates.
Mascott, Dog Lake, John Cockell.
Maud Thome, Dog Lake, Geo. E.
Rustler, A. II. Dixon.
Homeslnke, A. 0, Godson*
Klondike, (fractional) W. Dalryinple
tn L. W. Shatford.
Mineral Act 1896.
Certificate of Improvements.
Work is progressing nn the Ruby, in
Smiths camp, where prospecting is
still being actively carried uu, hut with
what results nothing more appears to
be known publicly than lhat (he out
lunk is a favorable one.
The Athelstiui in Wellington camp
i.s stated to be .shewing up eucoui-agin-
ly. A crosscut i.s being run at the 00
foot level. Some of the ore already
met with i.s described as being very
nice-looking. Tbe width of the ore
body is given at Irom six to eight feet.
Those interested in this claim appear
to bu well satisfied with developments
up to date.
It is understood that no work will be
done on the Snowshoe, Greenwood
camp, under the bond recently given
by Mr. R, W. Macfarlano, A. M, I, 0.
1-)., until his principals are in receipt of | „
bis detailed report on the claim,
Meanwhile it is opon tn the owners nf
thu claim tn mako any nther arrangements for thu sale ul the claim that
tlu-y may deem advisable,
At the Winnipeg in Wellington
camp, the vertical shaft is nuw down
between 70 am! t>0 feet. It is intended
to crosscut at tbe 1!!,) foot level, which
it is expect t-tl, will be reach-ad about I vim
February ulli. As the lode hud pre-1
viously been proved down to ID feet in -
the old incline shaft every coulideuee!
is felt that ,'jit the 100 font level il will
be found fully equal, both as regards
its sine anil the value of the ure tu *"'"*
what it is nearer the surface.
There is at pre-ent 10 or 20 men employed at the B. C. Suniinit camp, in
connection with tha development of
this very promising milling proporty,
A few others are engaged on survey
work aud in other ways, Tin- dimensions uf the neivly erected building,
serving as both shaft hnuse and machinery house, are !-!0 feet by 70 feet
and, at its highest part, above the poppet head, -Iii feet in height. Wnrk w ill
in all likelihood, be vigorously pushed
from nnw nn, sn with ll gnnd steam
plant tu expedite development, the
permanent value ur otherwise of the
property should be demonstrated during the current year.
S'liAOTION MixK.ui. Claims,
Sltunte ln the Osoyoos Mining Division of
Yale district.   Where   located;- Cnmp
TAKK NOTICK, thnt I, Chas. dc Hlois Groen
as agent for llio Tin Horn Quart/, Mining
company, free miner's certifloato No. 85'Kla,
Intond, sixty .lays from lite date hereof, to apply
to ibo Mining Recorder for u cerlillcate of
iiiipiui'iiiiiunts, for the purpose of obtaining a
Crown gi-iit.iof the above claims.
And further lake notice ttint. action, under
sect iun !I7. must b-i ooinmonoed before llic Issu-
anoo of such curtsflcate of improvements.
I'tiled tins «li day of Nov., 18!)!.
Certilicate   of  Iniproveiiients
Belmont Fbaotional Mineral Claim.
Situate at Fairview, Osoyoos Mining Division
and adjoining tbe Mammoth on tbe south,
Ihe Atlas on the east, and the Lakevlew
on the west.
TAKE INOTICIH thnt I. P. C, Stoess.
froo minor's cortlflcnto No. 1201a, intond,
sixty days from dite hereof, to apply to lhe
.Mining ttceoriler forn Certificate of improvements, for the pnrpost! of olilaining a Crown
Grant of the above olaim.
An,I fni'tlior tnku notloo llnil notion under
.otiott 87 must be commenced before the issuance of such Ci't-lillcnieof Improvements,
Dated this an It ilny of Novoinbor, 1897,
Pore as the Lily.
i\S _____________________________
>Iv   ery Company.
iti.     The cans are one-third larger
Lily Brand Condensed Cream
made by the Los Angeles Cream-
than either St.
Cream,   which
saving to you.
Charles or Pet
means a great
J.McNICOL, Midway,B.C.  I
t ^ _______________________
}—\ ANACONDA,  B.  C
♦ ♦ ——————
Visitors to the Boundary Creek Mining Camps, Stop at the Anacond
Good Table -  Good Beds -  Good Liquors - Good Stabling*
N. Tholl, Proprietor*
New Tea
or Old.
Old Log!
Hi:! CHEEK HOTEL . . .
'I, .>:s   Ari'iiu-ntoivvnii:-.    ■Mill flllKflT**
1... M.'lit 'l-l
General Blacks ■■ :    ,
All Kinds of Work ICxooulcd-lothe Sails*
ncilon of Customer-
T is an important poin
in buying1 teas. New
tea has a fragrance in the
cup that the most careless
consumer will not fail to
Our stock of tea is just
received-it's carefully t s-
lected-it's of the  newest
crop- it's the BEST.
Give us a sample order.
<. LtSniacje
Records for the Week Ending January 18th, 1898.
Sl Catherine,  Deadwood camp, ,1
Fisher and T. Uogan.
si Itiinsiaii. Ii,-iulu dcomp, J,Fish
er uiui T. Uogan.
Jennie, (fractional) J, I,nay.
Premier,  Providence oamp, G. A,
llentlell,     tin
old Guard, A. Wallace,
LaPhizii. S. Hund.
Gem, .1, Dunn t-t ul.
Huston Boy, J. Lucy,
E. II, .1. II. McDonald,
Johannesburg, O. Dillier.
Tiger, J interest, E, Dttfour to G.
Monte Crlsto, J interest, F. 0. Wood
to W. E. .Mclluvle.
Hester, F. 0.  Wuud to W. E, Mc-
Dcncrn, 0. Lavagnlno.
Skylark, 0.Lavagnlno,
r A
Pa-ft-.y J:,.:':.:. ,*; ,/■-!■-v; diid Sign Painting. Abo Kalsomining
and all -kind  of       rative Wort ".tccittcd by
E. Hmh - • Midway and Greenwood City.
Assayers, JJ
Fairview, B. C. iit
General Real Estate & Financial Agt.
Thk Royal Insurance Ooy,
Tun London and Lancashire Fire
Inburanob Coy,
Tun  Insurance Gov. of North
The London and Canadian Put
Insurance Ooy,
The Sun Life Assurance Goy ut
The Dominion Buildinh ami Loan
Appraiser kor thU Canada Permanent Loan and Savings Goy.
TENDERS will hu received hy the
undersigned until the 3rd day nf
February, 181)8, fur the re-construction
nf Ihe (him itnd irrigalingdilch helung-
ing In the Laiuli ranch, Midway, where
plans and sperillciil inns can he seen hy
contractors, The lowest or any other
tender not necessarily accepted.
Is thc'Ceiitrnl Tmvn'iinil .Supply Poinl nf I lle Bnundiiry
Oreek Mining (lamps.  Prom this New Town ronds
lead In Ihu
Greenwood, Deadwood,
Copper, Summit, Long Lake,
Skylark, White and Atwood,
Wellington and Smith Camps.
Lots are Selling Freely nnd aro a Gond Investment.
For Price nf Lnts and Olher Information, Address
Greenwood Olty, Boiind-.ry Creek, B. C,
Or Apply to Agents,
C. F. Costerton, Vernon, B. C,
Stuart, Vancouver,  B. C. Midway, B. 0., January 24,1898.
Toronto, Montreal, Halifax,
The Cheapest .
Quickest and
Shortest Route
Boston, New York and
AU Eastern, European,
and Pacific Coast Points.
tictoo every
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, making connections with trains at Okanagan Landing (or
Sicamous Junction to join main line trains
east and west.
Through Tickets to and from the Pacific Coast
to ttaatcrn and European Points.
Equipment unsurpassed, combining palatial
dining and sleeping-cars, luxurious day coaches,
tourist and free colonist sleeping cars run on
all trains.
Kor information as to time, rates, etc,, apply to
H. S. Scaddlng,     Louis Hind-,
Agent, Penticton. Agent Anaconda.
Or to E J. Coyle,
Diet. Pass'r Agent. Vancouver.
Should carefully consider
the cost of material, and
by figuring, find out that
lall kinds of
Hough-:-and Dressed:-:Lumber,
Shingles, - Latbs, - Ete.,
can bo purchased at tho
tail Forks Sawmill,
j $1 FIREWOOD $1 {
i i
i per load. |
G. K. Simpson, Prop.
->} IW.W.6IBBS
S. A. Ill k li
ISucotmiiori. lo II, N. Taylor)
Vornon, B. C.
Ki-cp » Klrsl. I 'litsa slock -l(
Drugs, Chemicals,
Patent Medicines
and Toilet Articles
Prompt and Careful Attention
TOs-romcE box ill.
Commereial Job Printing.
ICoiiUitued from pane 1.)
ct.i..plaints have appeared in the press,
ind so on, Dn yuu recall any particular complaint. A, I don't remember of any dales. Q. I see. Well,
huve you anything tn suy with respect
to any of these run.plaints ? A. Nu : I
haven't, Q. Ynu make Ihe statement
in this lei ter that "if ever a public
ufflce in Brilisli Columbia lequlred t
lit aired ; if there was evera case which
required a royal commission to issue to
enquire inlo these abuses, which are so
flagrant and so numerous thai it would
be impniisll.li' for me to innuuiei-ate
them in detail," and ihen you stop
there. I presume you mean wilh leaped lo Ihese charges that you have
spoken of that the Commission should
issue? A. What I meant by Ihal was
lhat if these charges could be siil.stuii
tinted, there certainly should be a
commission to enquire whether they
were really a fact or not. If not, and
if the Honorable Judge Spinks was
innocent of these charges, the puhlic
should know of it ; and if he was
guilty lhey sliiiultl also know of it.
That was my object in wrillng that
letter. Q. You didn't write this as
against Judge Spinks? A. Not at all.
Q. But for the purpose of having Ihe
rumors and complaints—? A. Investigated ; llml Wus llu* object in writing
that letter. Q. Have ynu anything
further to state respecting the investigation? A. No; I think not. Q, By
the way did you write this letter yourself? A, I signed my name to it. Before signing it. I gave an explanation
that if the Judge was guilty of these
charges, lhey certainly should be investigated.
Cross-examined by Mr. Wilson i—
Q. You only signed your name to it,
Mr. McCallum, I understand? A.
That, is correct. Q. Who composed
this letter? A.I couldn't tell you. Q,
In whose handwriting was it? A. I
don't know; it was already written
when I seen it lirst, .. Where was it
you signed it? q. In Grand Porks,
q. Whereabouts!your own house? a.
No. sir. (J, Whose house? A. One of
the law offices, q, Whose office? A.
Mr. Sutton's, q. And the letter was
presented to you already written ? A.
It was thoroughly explained i it was
read ovor to ine, q. And it was explained to yon that the purpose of it
was to have an investigation, in order
that the nml ter should be cleared up ;
that wus your idea ? A. That was my
idea, q. In point of fact, ynu wouldn't
have signed it on any other grounds?
A, Idnn't Ihink so. I know personally
if lhe man was guilty I would sign it.
q. You don't know Mr. Spinks was
gtiillyi your only object was to get. the
Investigation? a. Thut wus all. q.
Did vnu rend the letter through yourself?' A. I didn't q, 80 thut you
really did not know, except whut you
were told, what the contents of the
leller were? A. I Ileal ll it read over,
q. Who read it over to you? A. I
don't remember 1 there were two
parlies in the room, q. Who were
the two that were present? A. Mr.
Sutton und a Mr. Falconer. Q. Yes;
Mr. Falconer also wiotea letter to the
Minister of Justice? A. I don't know,
q. Il wns not read lo you ? a. Not
lhat I remember, q. You yourself
have really nn complaint to make
ugiiinsl Judge Spinks? A. No, sir, q.
None nt all? A. Nothing more than
posl polling lliis court, q. And mi how
ninny occasions has that happened ?
A. To my knowledge only once, q,
And theti, I think Ihal was the Queen
against Davis, wasn't il ? A, Thai cuse
came on al that time, Whether it was
that or not, Idnn't reniemhei. q. Aud
yon thought It was not quite right to
keep a man there two or three days?
A. I didn't think so. q, Did you ever
tuke the troube to verify the statements made in your letter, or did you
tuke them for grunted? A. I mnde
enquiries; that's nil, q. But when
lhe letter was written, you took it for
grunted? A. That's a question I don't
know. Q. But when the letter wns
wiil ten, nfler it wits explained to you,
you took it for grunted that the statements made there wei-e right? A, I
took It for grunted there must ha something in it, and that there should bean
investigation. Q. And ynu yourself
took nopaiiiB, no trouble, to investigate
them ut nil t A. 1 |didn't because I
didn't, think they would ever amount
to very much,
Examination closed,
Charles A. R, Lanibly, sworni examined by Mr. Henderson;-
Q. You are Gold Commissioner, Mr.
Lambly? A, Yes, Sir. Q, And Stipendiary Magistrate, and also an officer
of the Court? A. Deputy Registrar
of the County Court of Yale, (J. And
you reside nt—? A. Osoyoos, Q.
Huve you the books of the court here
that will shew the dates of the various
county courts that huve been held ?
A. I have, Q. Fnr how far back ? A.
Ever since I haye Inicn deputy registrar
of IheCotirt. IvnU'i- Tho Commissioner suggests that the witness take the
hooks and make nut a list, to be put in
certified by himself, of the dates when
courts where set and held during his
tenure of office.    Agreed to.
Q. Mr.Lnmblv, you have had control
of these books liow long ? A. I have
had control of the County Court books
since the first case was entered, the 17th
June, 1800, and they have been in my
possession, in the office ever since. Q.
And the enteries are in your handwriting ? A. Some have been entered by
Mr. Webster, who was in the office.
Q, What do you call this book? A.
The Countj Court Procedure Book.
Q, In the County Court Procedure
Book, have you the dates of the various
courts that nave been held ? A. Yes,
Sir; the dates of the courts and when
they sat. Q. When were the entries
of these dates made; on the day ? A.
The day the court sat. Q. Have they
ever been altered ? A. Never; I am
positive of that,  Nevei been interfered
KoDrillUfcd »n jhhtv -I.)
Extrn.  Provincial  Company to
Carry on Business.
"OoMPAmifs Act, 1897"
(Canada, Province of llrilisii Columbia,!
NO, 11.
* wayCompany(Llmited),is authorised and licensed to carry on business
within the Province of British Columbia, and to carry out all or any of tho
objects hereinafter set forth to which
the legislative authority of the Legislature of British Columbia extends,
The Head Office of tho Company is
situate in tho City of Montreal, Province of Quebec.
Tho amount of Capital of the Company is 00,000 dollars, divided into 1,200
shares of 60 dollars each,
The Head Office of the Company In
this Province is situate in Midway, and
Angus Kilhee Stuart, Agent, whose
address is Midway, is the attorney for
the Company.
The objects for which the company
has been established are:—To acquire
lands bv purchase, lease nr otherwise,
in the Provinces of British Columbia
and Manil oba and elsewhere in Canada,
from the Dominion or any Provincial
Government, or any corporation or individual ; to sell, rent, mortgage, exchange or otherwise dispose of said
lands; to survey, colonize, settle, improve, and build upon said lands; to
fay out, operate, lease, and maintain
in and upon said lands, roads, streets,
water works, electric light and power
Given under my hand and seal of
Office at Victoria, Province of British
Columbia, this 3rd. day of January,
one thousand eight hundred and ninety
(L. S.) 8. Y. WoorroN.
Registrar of Joint Stuck Companies,
Spokane Falls
...& Northern,
Nelson & Port Sheppard,
-- AND --
Red Mountain Railways.
The only all-round route, without charge of cars, between
Spokane,   Rossland
and Nelson. . .
GOINO NORTH,                    GOING SOUTH,
12lUa. m MARCUS 2.28 p.m.
Close connections at Nelson with
steamboats for Knslo and all Kootenay
Lake points.
Passengers for Kettle River and
Boundary Creek connect at Marcus
with stage daily,
Certificate  of  Improvements.
On.i'iM Fhactiiiai. Mineral Claim,
Situate In Osoyoos Mining Division, and
bounded on the north by the Cameron and
Old England.on the south by the Joe Dandy
and Daisy, on the east by the Daisy, and
on the west by the Joe Dandy and Cameron
mineral claims.
TAKK NOTICE that I, John R. Mitchell.
freo miner's certiorate No. 00X11. Intend,
sixty days Irom dato hereof, to apply la the
Mining llectn-dor tor a certiorate of Improvements, lor tlio purpose of obtaining a Crown
Grant of tho above claim.
And further take notice that action under
section XI must bo commenced beforo the Issuance of such Corllflcate of Improvements.
Hated Ihis 20th do.) of November, 1897.
Certificate of  Improvements.
ATMS Minkuai. Claim.
Situate In the Osoyoos Mining Division of Vale
District, looatod at Camp Pairview.
TAKE NOTICK that 1. John It. Mitchell,free
minor's cortlftailo No, 90X11, Intend, sixty
days from tho dato horoof, lo apply to the
Mining Honnrdor for a oorliOcnle ol Improve-
mi.iiu. for lho purposo of obtaining u Crown
Grant, uf lho above claim,
And furllier tuke notice that notion, under
section 37, must bo oommonced before the
Issuance of sueh CortlOcalo of Improvements.
Dated this IHU. day of November, 1891.
Certificate   •* Improvements.
ObanadaMineral Claim.
Situate In Kettle River Mining* Division of
Yale District, located In Graham's Camp,
TAKE NOTICE that I, Forbes It. Kerby,
acting as agent ter Edwin Smith Graham,
free miners certificate No, 80180, Intend, sixty
days from data hereof, to apply to the Mining
Recorder for a certificate Of Improvement, for
the purpose uf obtaining a Crown grant of the
above claim.
And further take notice that aoilon, under
section 37. must be commenced beforo the
issuance nf such certificate of Improvements,
Dated this 12ih day of Doc. 1807.
The Kettle Biver Country 1
Lots on Easy Terms to Actual Residents. fei
For Particulars Apply to
A. K. STUART,   an to   r. c, ADAMS,
Midway, B, 0.
Pentieton Livery, Feei and Sale Stables
Good Single and Double Drivers, and
Gentle Saddle Horses.
Happy and Prosperous
np-HE holidays being over we thank the
■ public of Midway and vicinity for the
generous patronage extended to us since
the opening of our business and will try to
deserve their future patronage.
We are through stock-taking and offer
bargains in all branches especially in
Dress Goods, Silks and Satins, ladies and
gents Underware, Shoes, and Suits for
gentlemen, youths and boys, Rubbers, Slippers in fancy velvet, leather and felt plush.
A large stock of stationery and school
supplies always on hand, Groceries of
every description .   .   .
HAIN & CO. Midway, B.C.
Orand Prairie Hotel.
Carson, B. C.
AN direct route to the
Boundary Creek and
Colville Reservation
J. P. FLOOD, Manager. J. KERR, Secretary.
The Kettle Biver Dressed Meat and Provision Go.
Orders will bedelivered in the towns named,  and   the
several mining camps of the district, THE ADVANCE
Midway, B, C„ January 24,1898.
The trade centre of the Grand
HJ Prairie, Kettle river and
H| Boundary creek mining and
MJ, agricultural country;
ffl Situated at the junction of
ffi the Boundary creek, Marcus
Ks and Reservation wagon roads.
|HJ Nearest point to the Colville
S$a reservation mines-
Fnr prices nnd all otherinfi.rm laoti apply to
TheTravelers Insurance Cq.
Chartered 18(53.   (Stock' Life and Accident Insurance*!
ISSUES the best Hie insurance
contracts in the world. No
disappointment as to dividends. Everything Guaran.
teed in advance. Premium
rates, 15 t(i 25 per cent less
than those of old line Mutual companies.
POLICY  guarantees
ordinary conditions.
ASSETS, ....
January 1st, 1S07, $20,896,684.53
LIABILITIES,...   17,020,260.29
SURPLUS      2,976,424.36
.    ® Wi @'
fur  accidental injuries   under
*   -•■>-
Hc.tth Bonoflt    .... Si.Wi
Lobs i.f Might of Hoth Eyes     . .    '.(Ml
Loss of Both Foot or Both Hands .   5,0m
I,oas of Ono ll.ii.il and Ono Kont .,   5,0:10
Poi-mtticnl Tolal l)isnbll|ty    . ,   2,51)0
Lass nf Right llltlld . ,
.Luss of La-gal Ol- nbiivo Knee
Lois nf   Lull Hand      .    .      ,
Loss of'Wither Foot     * .     ,
[loss of siyhf of Ono J ye
f Woekl
Itldcninity $1,300.
AND, If such injuries are sustained while riding as a passenger in any
pasieuger oonvoyitnoe using steam, cable, or electricity its 11 inntive power*
the amount to be paid shall bo DOUBLE tlie sum specified in the clause
under whicli the claim is made.
COSt $?*5   A  VKAI'   TO PkoI-'I'-S.'ONAL ANI)   BusiNliSS   Ml-!N,
and Commercial Travelers, Other sums at proportionate rates.
Accoiniiioiliitioii for Travelers
Oood Livery Stable In connection.
First-class Meals Served
Oixit? flour has the name of being the EEes-fc
all-round Hour on the muiei, try it and you will not use other
brands. Our shareholders grow the wheat and we grind the
Hour wilh the latest inproved milling machinery.
"0, K„" and to be had at all the leading dealers from Penticton
to Greenwood City.
Okanagan Flour Mills Company, Ltd.
Armstrong, B. C.
The Golden Gate Hotel
, FAIRVIEW, 13, C,
-  -   Pvopxietov.
TV Ullio-fc
Stopping Place for Stages to and from Penticton and Oro, Wash.
(Continued from pngc 3.)
with ill any way; that I mil positive of.
Note:- Witness undertakes tn make
out a list of the times when sittings nf
cuurt'were fixed: when they were held,
and if adjourned, with the reasons If
Q.  Have you nny recollection, Mr.
| Lanibly, o£ any. court, not being held
on tlm' day iijipninfed'!'  A.   Yes.   Q.;
I Sow long ago!1 ■ A, There were sever.
ill enurls nnl held nil the ilay appointed; ' li. 'Wliieli will appear ft-i.ni the
J list yuu will uiake 11111?  A. I think I
can shew itfroin tin* bunks.
('iiiss-Kxiiniinetl by .Mr, Wilson:-
Q. 1 have li.nl nn opportunity nf seeing these bunks, nnd knnw   nothing
..limit it, Lilt, tell nn-. Mr, Lamlily, are
tlii-i'i.iiilsr.-c<'...'i.tlydelayed?   A. Nn;
1 tain hardly say frequently] tliere has
been  several courts delayed.   Q.   Ill
Imw intiliy yearsi*  A.   Siuce 1SU0,   Q.
When y.in say .several, can vi.u give
me any iilea.iiii'iglily '( I shiiulil like to
get an idea of lists thing, that's all.
A. Well. I I'liiiltln'tsay.   Q.  Can ynu
give me any leas.m fnt-any of tbe tie
lavs?  A. 1 ti.in give ynu one reason
When be wnstleinmetl in Veiiion, by
01 der, to meet Ltntl Aberdeen.  I re-
int'ii.l.ai- that* one occasion.   Q.   Antl
you i-i'ineniherone oilier?   A,   Well,
iin anotnei* 1.tension he I'liultlii't gel
over lilt* mountains l'oisnnw.   Q. And
dn you renienii'ier any nther?  A, J I* is
so long ago, 1 ran hardly stale Irom
meinoay.   1 lillOW lliere was 1.1.e case
lie was detained in Russland w-ith a
iongel'court then* than he-expected,
Q.  Antl in these eases, has word been
seiit to you, liel'oi-eliaud? A. luvuiaa-
bly; wliell I always p-.steil ae.'nrtl.i.g
to*the Aet.   Q.   Has there been any
very serious int-nnveii-ence about tins
tiling?   A.   I 1I011I/ lll-.il' so.   Thee
were a great manyc(>ni|i|a'n..Mihuntil'
remarks about it.   Q.   Sou were present; at tlie Hayes trail, were you?   A,
Yes, Sir.   Q. Have yuu got the nnt.es
of the evidence ?   A. They lire in ,1 ndge
Spinks' nniebi.nk.   Q. Toil were piesenl at lhe Uinl, and yoll ri-iin-.nl.i'r the
case.   Did Mr, Spinks make! use of this
oliservataii: llml il'tiiiy li-.-nninn can..'
to him with his list clenched, he would
use a knife himself?  A'.   1 ddli'tre
member the'word "Irishman",  1 ln-
lleve he made Use of the remark thtltif
anyone hit him in lhe face, lie might
be tempted to use a knife nnnsell'.  I
don't remember the woi-ds exactly, but
tlieru was some suchleninikmade,   Q,
Now, you also Inow something about
tills Minis license ?   A.   Yes; 1 bail enough worry by   Minis  about it.   Q.
What lonk'plan' iibnui it; what happened?  A.   1 ibink be wetn, 10 Vernon, and when lie i-iititrnetl lt-otii Veiiion, he came to 11..-, as he told me, direct to Osoyoos.   Jtitlge Spinks would
not give nun a fliieiise, but 1 as Stipendiary  Magistrate might -givi> him a
permit to ctiui mue tne license till the
nest silling ft' tlle 1 censing Court,
wliieli I was 11.table 10 ilu,   Q, Did yuu
cnn let* with Judge S|>ini,s nbout it?
A, Wespoke 11110.it n.   Q.   And did
yuu both arrive at lhe t-nncltisiun that
it would be an inipi"|icr enurse to a-
diipl?  A.   [spoke to Judge Spinks,
and he agreed Unit 11 permit could not
be granted,  Q. What was the reason-
wasn't Minis a iit anil pauper person to
li-.liltilis.-n.se?  Or wns ibe hnuse im
prnperly situated ? A. The hnuse had 11
license.   Q. There was no objection to
Minis? A,   I should think Minis a'fit
and proper person to buld a lieense,
but it was simply on tbe ground that
there was 11 license lor the house already.  Q. And consequently ynu and
the Judge ajaeed—?   A. That, we could
not give bint a license 10 that house; a
second license.   Q. And ynu were hnth
content us to the man's fitness?  A.
From what 1 know of the inan. 1 stayed at bis hoiisesevi'i-itl utiles.   Q. What
took place about the Hno/.ier license?
A. Mr, llonzier made an application to
the Board at Osoyoos, when Mr Sidley and myself were sitting.   We refused.   He made a second application
to Mr. Sidley andMr.ThniiiasKHis.aiid
was again refused,  He appealed from
the magistrates'-decision,- and the de.
cision was sustained.   Q. Did you ever
hear the Judge speak disrespectfully
of the magistrates ?  A. I never have
that I remember, heard him speak disrespectfully of any magistrates in this
district, or any  other district, . Q,
There were two cases—<lo. you know
anything about this case of' Nicholson
anil Dalrymple ?  A. I was in court
both  cases.    Q.   Do you' know the
grounds upon which the Judge's judgment proceeded?  A. Yes,  Q.  That
is that one of the stakes was too small ?
A. Not of the size required by the Act,
tj. Have you the notes in that case?
A. They are in the Judge's own note
bonk.   Q.   It was a case in which nne
niitn jumped the nther man's claim.
anil une siti'i-eeileil ill his case and llle
too small, isn't Unit it?  A. That was
about it.   I  have the. summonses and
documents in both cases in my possession,   0., Yon wen* iu court also in tlie
case Akers V liillcspic P   A.   Yes, Sir
q.   Do  you   l-eiueuilier   the    gnau.il
of     llie     decision     ill   that ease ?
A. With regard to the mite ?  q. Yes?
A.   1 re.licit.I.ci- the question   being
asked by M. Akers if he would take
tin* note, ami I think he said lu. would
not accept the note.   q. Hail he refused
ill the lirst place tn accept it?   A.   He
liiltl refused to accept it,   As I luidei-
stootl it, the note luui been in Mr. Sidley's possession.   That is to the best of
my recollection,   q.   What hud  Mr,
Sidley got to do with it?  A.   I don't
knnw.   q.   Mr. Akers hod some work
miller contract, hadn't he?   A.   I believe so.  q. It was afWritten contract ?
A.   I lielieve tliere was a written contract put into courtl** Q. Have you got
it?   A.  To my recollection, it was ordered to be handed hack to Gillespie,
with the note.   Q.   So that the note
and tlie contract were ordered to be
taken and given to the defendent ?  A,
I think sn,   Q.   Judgment was given
fnr Iiiiii ?  A: Judgment was given for
the defendent.   Q.   Now during the
time you have heen connected with
the Court in how many cases has the
County Court Judge overruled the tie-
[ cialons of the magistrates with respect
to the granting01 licenses?  A. There
was the Thompson case; 1 don't know
I of.nny other,
1 IConliiiii-.' no i-i*yi- (i.i
, Practical,
Midway, B. C.
Certificate   of  Improvements.
Favorite Mine«»i. Claim
Situate on Kruger Mountain, in the Osoyoos
Mining Division of Yale District.
TAKK NOTICK tlmt I, Chns. Do lllois Green,
noting ns ngciit for Titos. Klllol free
miner'scertlflonte No. 00A87. Init-ntl, sixty .lays
from the dale ht.rt'tif. to uppiy lo tho Mlnii.-*
'.it-c.n-.il!.- for .i Ct-riiiii-nt.- of Improvements for
Hii: purpiisii nf obtaining n Crown Qntl.t of tho
above i-l.tltn.
Ami furthor tnko notice thnt nctlon, uniler
section HI. must he i-onutiei.i-t't) before  Ihe
IsHimiici* of such t'crttHemc of Improvements
Dnlctl Ibis-a.tl tiny of ller. 1897.
Promptly  and
Certificate of  Improvements
Wakcta Mihehai, Claim.
Situate In the Osoyoos Mining Division ofYale
District, located at Kruger Mountain,
TAKK NOTICK llintl, Chns. Delllols, Breen
ngonl fnr Thtiniiis Klliot, free ntiner'B
corl.iflcule No,90687,lnlenn sixty ilnys tram ilnle
hereof, to apply to the Milling Recorder for n
Ceriillcjtte of Improvomonts, for the purpose of
oblnlnhi!*, A Crotvn Grant of ihe above cluim.
And furllier take notice lhat action, under
section 37, must be commenced before the
isBitancc, of such Certificate of Improvements
Dated this 22nd day of lice, 1897.
The Providence Fur Company, Providence, B. I„ wants all kinds of raw
furs, skins, ginseng, senica, etc. Prices
quoted for the next 60 days are as
Silver Fox $15 00 to $150 00
Bear   6 00 to    26 00
Otter   400 to    0 00
Martin  2 00 to    9 00
Beaver per Ib. 3 00 to    3 50
Wolf  l onto    2oo
Red Fox    lOOto    200
Mink       76to    100
Skunk       26 to    1 00
Cray Fox      60 to      76
Rat      20 to     26
Price-list of all other furs and
skins furnished upon application. Full
prices guaranteed, careful selection,
curteoiis treatment, and immediate
remittance on ull consignments.
H. KEYES, Prop.
Good Accommodation,
Best Liquors and Cigars,
First-Class Stabling
Cre3a.ex*>sxl.    331;»oli:MMxi.*l».
All   Kinds of Repairing.   Horseshoeing
a Specialty.
The Miners Home,
THIS HOTEL offers the best of
at moderate charges. Only the
liquors and cigars kept on hand,
and good beds add much to the
best brands oi
A   good table
comfort of its
If Too Want
J. C HENDERSON, Fairview, B. C.
Yards and Mills at Fuirview, B. C.
Cnrresiinudent-e solicited.
C. H. Thomas, Prop
Headquarters for mining' men
visiting the Christina Lake
district.  Stopping place for
stages on route from
Marcus to Boundary
Creek   points.
SMITH k McLEOD, Pnoi'itiCTiuts,
Sashes, Doors, Mouldings, Turniiigs,etc. All kinds of factory
work kept in stock and made to order, Coast Cedar worked
into Furnishings a Specialty. All kinds of Lumber, Lath ancl
Shingles kept in stock.   Best material always in stock.
Sawmill on Okanagan Lake, Handy -to Huii'mknt.  Sash and Door
Factory on (I. p. R., Vehnon.
Our Spkcialties—Varieties Profitable in British Columbia;
Trees Free from Pests,
'■ Send for Free Catalogue.   |   E, Hutchekson, Manager. Midway, B, C. January 24,1898.
Mr.E.S.Topping, of Trail, is at. present
a visitor here. The business thai
brings Mr. Topping to Midway is in
connection wilh Columbia and Weslern railway mailers.
Mr. Hawley, Superienleiident. of the
Cariboo mine in Camp McKinney passed out to Spokane lo day. Mr. Hawley
is under Iheuecessiiyuf going outside
lo consult, tin oculist.
Mr. fi. Bert. Taylor, lately store-
keeping nt ltock Creek, has lieen appointed constable and collector for lbe
Corporation of lhe Olty of Ureenwond.
Mr. Taylor is|well and favorably kiinwn
throughout the district and will, there
is little doubt, prove a gond officer.
Now that the additions and
Improvements to I he Lancashire House
are completed, it is intended to mark
tin-occasion by a ball aud banquet,
which will be given about llle end of
the month, although theexactdate has
not yel. been fixed. Arrangements are
nnw being made tn prootiregnod music
for the lieuellt of the dancers. It is
intended to throw ihe whole of the
hnuse npen to guests, so tliat. non-
dancers will readily And room for enjoying themselves in other ways Ihnn
dancing. The banquet will of course
lie a veiy prominent, feature of the
function, and Mrs. Dowding intends
thai the table shall be supplied with
everything that can be obtained to
maintain the reputation the House
already enjoys in this direction,
Residents of Midway Endorse Mr.
Corbln's Application  for a Railway Charter.   If Secured Building will Commence at once.
On Thursday evening last a number
of the residents uf Midway and a few
visitors from Greenwood assembled in
McNicol's Hall, for the putpose of discussing the railway situation. Very
few hours notice had been given of
the meeting, sn the attendance was
not as large ns It ol herwise would have
been, but what llu* ineeling lacked in
numbers was inure than counter-balanced by tbe enthusiasm of those
present. At about 8.30 order was
culled, and Mr. .lames McNicol was
elected to take tlle ehiiii*. and VV, H.
Nun is was asked to act as secretary.
Theclniifiiiiin after I banking Ihose
presenl. fnt- the honor conferred upon
Iilm, briefly antl pointedly explained
tbe ohjecl of llle ineeling. which be
.•'.id luui lieen called lo allow Ihe
.' te residentsnf Midway an opportunity
I "| giving expression to their wishes,
"•'.Villi regard lo tbe question as lo
wlieiher Ibey would endorse llleappll-
cat loll tot* a charier to be made In the
Dominion Cti.vernu.enl by Mr. D, (I.
C.n-bin of the Spukane Fullsand North-
em Lliiilwuy, whn is desirous of extending bis railway system into ihe Boundary districl, by crossing Uu* Inter-
national boundary line at Cascade
Cily, and following Ilienee up Ibe
Kettle river lo Carsim and Midway,
and thence on up Boundary creek for
a distance of 20 miles, wbich roud
would be kninvii as the Ketlle River
Valley Hallway. '
For his own pact the chairman said
be woe decidedly of the opinion that the
Duininii mllo vern men i should favorably
entertain Mr; Cochin's application, as
iheroad ifhuill would he a great factor
iu lhe development of lbe disirici.
In response to a cull Ml-. Robert,
Wood, of Greenwood, came forward
uud explained thai In* had cm.it io
the ineeling expecliug lo listen rather
than In speak, nt tin* same time he
was glad, he said, lo note the great
interesl lhat was being laken not unly
by the peuple uf Midway but throughout the whole distt let iu lhe mailer
under consideration, He was greatly
in favor uf Mr.Coi-biti gelling a charter
therefore he hoped tlmt their efforts
wuuld beat* gnnd fruil. He believed,l\hc
speaker snid, that as wilh individuals,
so wltb a community, there were]tlnies
when opportunities presented themselves, and when they did, lhey should
be embraced, At present he believed
Boundary Creek's opportunity hnd
come, and such being tlie case, everyone should lend every assistance so
that it may be made possible for Mr,
Ont'bni to build into th\*3 country, for
should he do so, a great Incentive
would be given tu others to follow his
example, and that would mean that
very soon the distriet would enjoy un
efficient railway communication, a
lack of which, was being severely felt,
at the present time. Expressing a
hope that all would work together, he
resumed his seat amid applause, Mr.
W, T. Smith who is a verynctive worker in Mr. Carbin's behalf, wns the next
to address tht* meeting and in doing so
said he was pleased tn endorse (he
forinor speakers remarks, andito add
that he believed if the people would
impress itpon the Dominion Government the necessity of mulling Mr.
Corbin a charter, thai the government
would do so, and t hat would mean the
immediate construction ofa railway.
Everyone knew Mr. Smith said, whal
railways had done for the Kooteoay
and more particularly Mr. Corbln's
road, and as the same gentleman was
willing tu build in here wilhoul receiving any assistance frnni the Government, it was to be hoped his request for a charter would be granted,
Upon a doubt being expressed by someone present that perhaps if Mr. Cut-bio
got a charter he would not immediately commence construction, the
chairman asked If anyone present could
furnish docuineiitery evidence of Mr.
Corbin's intentions. Replying to this
Mr. Wood handed the following letter
tu the secretary, who read it to lhe
Spokane, Jan, 15th, 1898,
Mr. Hubert Wood.
Greenwood City, B.C.
Dear Sir,—As to ibe charter for
ilie Keltle River Valley Railway which
I propose lo ask the Dominion Parliament In grant, nt ils coining session, I
desire to suy that I believe I shall tneel
witli strong opposition, considerable of
which will come from members of ibe
Government and iu such action as your
people may take in presenting the
nialler through yuur representative,
Mr. Bosloek, ynu cannot dwell two
slrungly upon tbe following propositions:
That while the Canadian PaciHc will
probably build into thai counlry within the next year or two, your interests
demand thai, you should have a competing line in order to iissute reasonable rates ; that tbe Ketlle River
Valley Railway company propose to
haul ores front puinls in llie Boundary
Creek country to any smellers that.
may he located on the lines of the
Nelson and Furl,.Sheppnrd and Red
Mountain roads at as reasonable rales
as it will haul ores lo smelters located
tin ihe Coluuiliia River is lbe United
Slates, this practically making it a
Canadian line of transportation in
order to enable you to wt.tk them nl.
nil I and that lbe Ketlle River Valley
Railway with its connections will give
ynu a competing line connecting wilh
the wholesale markets uf Eastern
Cnnitiln, fur the purchase of supplies,
machinery, etc.
Beyond a doubt, if the Canadian
Pacific was the only line penetrating
lbe Kootenay counlry to-day, llu* pro-
ducers of ore would be paying $5 a tun
fur freight and treatment charges,
more than they nre paying, whether
llu* ure wns sent out of the country or
wui-ked in Ibis country. I wiil [be
entirely fair nnd say Ibnl if the Nelson
nnd Fori Sheppard and lied Mountain
roads, were I be only lines penetrating
llml country, the mines would probably he doing the same thing; antl this
will apply to your country its well,
I would like In be ndviseil of what
ncl ion your people lake, and have
copies of the proceedings of any meet-
'ng yuu may buld, ami of such pelilion
as you may send to Mr, Bosloek, and it
is desi.able ilmi. I should have ihem
wit iiiii ibe nexl seven ut1 eight days, as
ihall probably go east in about thai
J. A. Insworth,
IniDWAY,   -   B.C.
Dealers iaxj********.
,,..We carry everything in Ihese lines..,,
Mail order* receive prompt attention.
First class tin-shop In conneotlo
Goods away up.    Come io and seo!    Prices away down.
The Mighty Dollar
How to make it go the
furthest is the
Burning Question
The White Front Store
Quality, prices and
Olson & Phelan.
Vuiii-.s truly,
0. ConniN.
^^^^^^^^^^l       President.
The reading of this letter wns received wilh marked expression of
Mr. A. K. Slimri", Haing, said thut he
believed tlmt the majority of t-hepPople
of ilie distriet favored Mr. Corbin getting a charter, and it whs well that he
should, for if he built in here, other
roads would also come along, and if
Mr. Corbin was nol given the opportunity to build, then the dbtriet might
he without railway connection for
some time to come.
Mr. Rickards spoke in very much
the same'strain, ami others followed.
The chairman then suggested that a
commit lee be formed to take the mutter up and push it along, working
in unison with olher committees in
different parts of Ihe district. To
ibis committee Messrs.James McNicol,
C.J. Lundy and A. K. Smart* were
'li'i-h'il, With the unanimous wish of
tbe meeting the above committee with
iluee other mem hers added, Messrs.
W. B. Rickards, .1, I>. McLeod and
W.1I. Norris, were empowered indraft
the following resolution!—
Rksolvkd. Tlmt aconunlttoo boappnliitod to
ilrufi ii HMoUulon, ombotiylng Mm ^I'liiiinonlK
ot itih mooting, th.it  u clinrlor -*li..nlii bo
grunted hy ibo Dominion Parllnmpnl to tho
Rlvor Valley Hallway Company, ami
 _„j)!mof ilm Bamo hi fnrminlnl to. sir
WilM'il Undor, tlio Minister of Rallwaya, sir
fJliavhw Turnior, Hon. avow Foaior, Howlll
Ho-iui'ii M. I'..mul iho Bonaiorfl ami mombora
tor Hi: i-li Columbia.
hi accordance with tho abovo tho folioivinif
resolution i* hi'ii'tiy prcwntoil liy tlio com*
mittoo appointed todraft thosamoi-
WnRitBASthoUginlaturoof lho Provlnoo ofHrll
Ish Columbin ha- NUIi-iimi i>1<hIkIiik iln* orodlt
nf ili«' Provlnoo for the purpoio of KmntltiK aid
in iho oonntruotton o( mlmr railway* Into tho
Boundary Crook districl and tlmt mawitli-
standlng Ihla fact construction has not yot com*
me need ; uml
Whbheab waare (riven to understand that
lho iCeiiio Rlvor Valley Railway company la
desirous of Immediately uonstruotlng a lino
through this -seotbnM soon as it oan obtain a
charter nulhorizIiiK it lo do nO and
VVHRREAS wo arc also given to understand
Hint no land or cash subsidy i« being applied for
by mid company, and
WhkreaS tho growth of population and lho
development, of ihc mining resources of this
region render the construction of a railway
into it without any furtlior delay absolutely
imperative, and
WHEREAS the mining Industry and the commerce of the entire district Is most seriously
hampered by-such transportation facilities not
having yet been supplied and further dc'ay in
thia matter will engender ruination to the
interests of its entire. pnnuWton,
THEREFORE be It resolved tlmt the Dominion
Parliament be urged, that not only in the
interests of this portion of British Columhia but
for the benefit of the Dominion of Canada at
lurge a charier authorising the IC. R. V, R. Co.
tn construct Iheir proposed lino as set forth in
tholr application to the Parliament of Canada,
he immediately granted; providing the said
company commence construction directly aftor
said charter is received by it and that no alteration is made in its proposed route, and also
thnt no subsidy bo granted it.
W. H. Norris. James McNicol.
•Secretary, Chairman.
Certificate  of   Improvements.
Riverside Mineral Claim.
Situate In the iQsoyoos Mining Division of
Yale District.   Whero located: Camp
TAKK NOTICK that 1, Chas. DeBlois Green,
agent for fllrachol Cohen, free miner's
corlitlc'iteNn, 2ttMou, inlend, sixty days from
the date hereof, toapply to the Mining Recorder for a cortiflcato of iniproveiiients. for the
purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of tho
ubove cluim.
And further tako notice that action, under
section  117, must be commenced before the
Issuance of sueh certifloato of improvements.
Dated this 18th day of Nov. 18117,
Mineral Act 1896.
Certificate  of Improvements.
Situate in the Osoyoos Mining Division of
Yale District. Where located:- Camp
Shamrock, Orillia, iBuok Prince, Ex*
ohanor ash Reliance.
AKK NOTICK, Ihal I, Chas. doBlotaGreen
agent for W. A. Dior, free miners ccrtltl-
,3at0 8W92 and A. A. Davidson, free miner's
oortlfloato No, 80401, intend, sixly days from
the dale hereof, toapply lo the Mining Recorder for a oortlfloato of improvements, for the
purpHc of obtaining a Crown grant of the
Ami furlhcr take notico that action, under
section 117. must bo commenced  beforo tho
secuon  .11,  iiiiibh m*. ■.,  .   .   	
issuance nf sueli cortiflcato of improvements,
Dated thlsKthday of Nov. 1897.
McCuddy's Hotel
Is situated between Camp
McKinney and Fairview, on the
trunk road leading from Penticton to Boundary Creek.
The best accommodation afforded
J. P.McCUDDY, Proprietor
Liquor Dealers
Special Reductions to
Out of Town Trade.
Real Estate and Mining Brokers.
Fire Insurance a Specialty.  m%f'^0Tc;iyTcom
Titos.   Wake
PROPRIETOR.        ^^^^^^^^^^
The hotol in centrally loctued and is a stopping place for stage
lines.    Good fishing in Ihe vicinity.   Good stabling.
Meals will be served at all hours, ihe tables being furnished with
the hest.   A variety of the choicest brands of liquors and cigars al  the bar.
Commercial and Mining men should  put up
at the Fairvitiw Hotel when in camp.
Qeo. J. ShezkarN      •      -      -     proprietor
J.   I-JEED,
Fine Watch Repairing a Specialty,
All Wort! Warranted.
A HALF INTEREST in a hotel business In
Qrcoonwoorl.  Apply to
ANDREW LEAMY. Barrister,
Coppor Stroot,
Groen *ooil. B t'„
1 lie. mm0W44V*VWNnt*JiMNfy*A4
Greenwood City, Boundary Creek, B. C.
We have just opened Ihe above hotel at Greenwood Oily, and are prepared
to welcome guests and provide good accommodation. Good Catering. First
class Livery Stable,
iWimvAY. B.C., January 21, ISPS.
(Continued from page .11
Forlts, His Honour Judge Sjiinks pre-| was examined, and it was found that j Inconvenience as possihle, and I there-
Q, 'TheThompson case is in fad the sidiiig.andontheHrdcontiuu'cdsttting.llheafee of the horse -ial i
hy Iln*   In-
only one, isn't it, Mr. Lamhly; you On tGe 12th nf Attgusl 1 advertised a j| il with the agi  .
don't know of any other? A. Noi over- sitting of the county courl nl .Midway diaos, 0. in the second ea-' the inan*
ruling the magistrates. Q. Tin* Com- for the 2nd of Octouei',1897, and on the was Inan,led wilh tin* Indian brand
missluner:—-Jou are speaking to a net-14th of Octobor, 1897, at Grand Forlts. | alone, and Ihen
l-rauded wilh
fore caused lhe Registrar at Kamloops
lo communicate will) .Mr. .Mc.Mynn.
Since these complaints were made, I
made up my mind nol to adjourn any
coilits, lnill have received line-* appli
iod ofhow iimnv vearsT A.lSi'uce SJO On 2nd Octoiier I attended as Regis-18idley's hrarid alone ?  A. Yes,  4-The l(,lliim; |,y ,. „.,]   ,e,.ueRLlng ml; Io
n.v 11,I'll   TheiVmav have been other tar a sitting nf lhe county court of coll wus sucking thomare.;  a. tnnni. postpone circlts,   II'Ihese  complaints
c^s I don't Just re^!&
iln* prosecution that he had bought nwu convenience, hui  for  lhe eon
this colt from the Indians. Ivunlence    of     ihe     counsel,
Mr, Oayiey asked  mi'   in   adjoutn
for.hltti, and offered to gel lhe Blgna
,.,.,, her.   } wouldK'tswear push ively Spinks presiding; and on the 4th I at- of tbe wilnesse,, that was hi ^tfitjm | off lhn,e out pf five courts, not ,fot* my
but I lust reinemher that one case,   Q, tended at Grand Forks the sitting ol "	
Mr. Hondersont-Mr. Lamhly, do yon ; the, county courl there,   lis Honour
re inner the decision In tbe matter of Judge Spinks presiding,   On tho 27th
oneQuiun?   A. Yes.   Q,   Whal  was ofOc r I advertised a sitting ofthe
lhat?  A, Thai was overriding my re- county court at Midway tor the llth
usa  to grant Qulnn a lieen.,-.   His ofJanuary, 1808, and tho Grand F rks
pwlner was convicled-his supposed sitthig    presume has been advertised
garner- of supplying  llcptbr m ihe by Mr* Almond who is now tho deputy
ndlans. and .llitlge Spinks sentenced Registrar there.       -
L™,at ; a .     lm'  i,:...,..'.;...'.* ta*K"i"l.;e '<;->,">' ^ |.osmo.,?|,.ddr,.ss,-d m Hu* I .l«r of ,l„s„r
fhe license | ding the silling of the A.   Ves,slr.    Q.   low many times
next hoard.  Q. Mi'. Wllsont  Arevou have courts been postioned?  ..ile
quite sure It was uol Mr. I.n-nl.y lhat|March courl was postponed, bothal
granted I li-' license, ll is niny fair lo
Judge .Spinks tusay lhathe now tu'ls
tne Ihal il was Mr. Ltllhhy Ihal grained Ihal license? A. Noi It was granted hv Judge Spinks. (J. Wellwouldn'l
llie hooks shew ihal? A. It Is another
books wo keep a separate book for tho
licensing court, The Commissioner!
1 don'l think there was anything improper Btiggcsted in connection with
thai. Mr. Henderson: Mia Sidley
mentioned il toineasaiiotliei'tinstniice,
that is all. Witness:—Thai was not an
appeal from the magistrates. II, was a
license pending application to tho lice-
nosing board.   Examination closed.
W. (J, McMynn, sworn: examined liy
Mr. Henderson: - <". What ia yout
name in full? A. William Grahiuu
McMynn. Q, You nro Mining Recorder at Midway here, and Registrar 01
Deputy Reglsl ear uf tho County Court f
A. Deputy Registrar of the County
Court; yes, sir. Q. Havo you with you
here the* honk known as the County
Court Procedure Book ? A. Yes,
Q. And does that book contain entries
of the days on which i'unly (,'ou
have boen held? A. Yes, sir. Q, For
how far hack? A. I was appointee
Deputy Registrar in Noveiuher, 1800,
and have heeu acting as Registrar ever
since that dat-'. Q. Do you knowof
any occasions when the court was not
heid ou the days appointed, a i lie advertised dales'? V. Yes. (-'. How
many? A I was appointed lteglslrar
on tne6th Ndvember 1896, and on the
llth of November 1893 a sitling of the
County Court was held in which .Mr,
Lanibly acted as registrar, On the I llh
of November 1 advertised a sitting ol
the County Court nt Midway lor llu
IB of the following March, aud on the
4th of January, 1X97, I advertised a sitting of the Count v Court al. Grand
Forks for the 17th of March, On the
loth of March, thai was lhe dale set
for the silting al Midway, lh-* Judge
had not arrived, and I postponed tne
Court until Ihe following day, lh-' Kith.
On the 18th of March I received a tele-
grain from ilis Honour Judge Spinks,
dated the lllh at Ilnssland. postponing
Courts one week as he was coullned to
bed on account of sicknees, I can shew
vou the telt gram. These (holding up
iiln of papers) arc the different Cuitnty
Court nol ices, The telegram is dated
the llth March,1897, and is tn William
McMynn, Esq., Midway, and mailed at
Marcus, "Kindly adjourn court one
week; am conilned to my bed. W. \Y.
Spinks". Then, thoro is iln* stamp of
my otllce on the telegram, shewing
that it was received af Midway on
March 16th, 1897. There Is a letter here
of the same dale, rccuivud by llu* same
mail as thnt telegram, from John Boult-
bee, written at th-' request of Judge
Spinks, confirming the telegram, Tin'
letter reads:—
Rosslnnd, B.C. Mnroli U, isa;.
William MoMj-nii. Esq.
Itcglstrnr, Midway, ll.C.
Pbah Sm:—I ivlrcil yoll to-day by roquosl
of Judgo Spinks roqimsflnu you to adjourn lho
Court -ia; \v--i-k. mul I now beg loronlli'iii (lie
snme. Tli" Judgo laia boon in bod far two days
willi aorora oold and Is grippo, and il will bo at
least four m- live dnys boforo lie is woll onough
lo leave bore.
Yours Willfully,
John Bnn/rnia-a
Goveriiinenl office stump, Midway
March 18th, HOT.
On the same, day I postponed court
at Midway until the llllll, anil I lieu
proceoded I" attend a sitting of the
courl at Grand Forks, (hi thumb, al,
Grand Forks, I postponed the Court
for nm* dav, at the same hour and
place, On tin- 18th I attended a silling
of the court 111 Grand Forks, Ilis Honour Judge -Spinks presiding. County
Court was continued lhe following
day, at the sapio place, (in the same
day I postponed lhe silling of tin*
County Counl ul Midway until thn20th,
that was in order lo allow- lime for
tiie Judge In get over here, ami on lhe
same day the JUli, I ptlspoued il from
eleven o'clock In tho loronooii till four
o'clock in lhe aflcriioon. On iln< Jllii. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
1 proceeded over lo Midway and nd-ion il, evidently lhe Indians' liruiid,
lottrned court until llie Monday uiorii- and also tliu Indian brand, li was on
ing; lhe 22nd, ai in o'clock, a. in.   On these grounds possibly Ihal Ihere mav
tho 22nd I attended a courl al Midway, 11 n hiiiiiu don i-i, as' io whether ilia
Ilis Honour Judge Spinks presiding, Indians wore speaklngcorrcctlyor nut,
On Hi- 21th of March [ advertised a| Because uftcrwuids in il 'mil lhe
slrting of llu* Ci.'iniy Courl al Mid- horse was examined, and Instead nf
way on ihe 17th of May, 1807, null nl  helng the age given by lho Indians, ii
Grand Forks op ilie 10th -.1 .Mav.    On i was f nl I hai the horse wns probably
lhe Ullli of May. 1897, I received In- t wo years older,   I think lhey clai il
sl rucl imis from lh-' Duputy lleglslrni'  llle horse was lliree yea is old, lhe
Grand Fork., ami Midway, ami  tl.
May   courl   was   postponed at both
places.    Q,   And these were all the
postponements?  A. Vos.
Cl'uss-exaiuilied l»v Mr. Wilson:—
('. And I here have heen, as I  understand ll, unly two adjournments the
in t ilia March courl ami Iln- oiler
-.1' Hi- May court? A. Yes. IJ. Til-'
Ma re hone iii consequence of I hi' ,1 udge's
illness, and the May une Inconsequence
nfsniiirilung llml. happened al Kamloops? A. Yes. Q. Y'lii weie present
in com I ui i he i nne of the prosecution
of Hayes, ill the case of the Queen
,-iL'iiiusi Hayes? A. Y'es, sir, Q. V-*ii
assist ed in the prosecution of that ease,
didn't you? A. Yes. Q,Did you hear
lhe Judge make use nf lhe expression
Ihal he would use a knife himself if
any Irishman came at him wilh list
clenched? A. He dldn'l use ihose
winds. Q. Do you remember whal
lhe tenor uf his observations wus? A.
Tint, if 11 lllllll were I'i Illl llllll ill lbe
face, and he happen, ii lo have a knife
in his hind be might have used It, Q.
You were also presenl at the two trials
when Mr. Sidley was before the magistrates? A, Which two. ti. Tbeie
were Iwo eases when Sidley was
brought before lhe magistrates? A.
There were three charges aliogeilter,
Q. There were two charges for burse
stealing? A. Yes, sir. Q. Yon were
also present when Bole convicted him?
A. Y'es, sir. Q. You heard lhe evidence III the horse Blenling ease? A,
Yes, sir, Q, Whal Impression did
that produce on your mind, supposing
you were a juror, now? A. Well, Mr.
Sidley made explanations of how jl
liuppened. I lielieve -Mr. Sidley was
charged with Inking two lueses. The
Iirsl explatlut[oil Mr. Sidley made, 1
believe, was thai lhe horses were running nl lurt-c on llie rang-*, lhey were
driven iulu his corral and branded,
One of lhe inures gol oul -if the corral,
andluuau thai was wanking fur Mr.
Sidley nnilied George O'Nell, Iold him
Ihal II  cellilin   coll.   belonged   to  Mr.
Sidley., and branded if for Mia Sidley,
No furlhcr notice was taken uf the
man* lhat got. out of the corral, and I be
burses were kepi in lhe field a few
days, probably used thrashing corn.
Mr. Sidley was afterwards charged
wilh branding iwo colts, [n Ihu second
charge be made an explanation which
presume Is in lhe depie>ilions, li, lie
inle the defence himself? A. lie explained himself; ie' made his own defence, I). Weil, thai was mil. in lhe
ibapeof a deposition, Mr. McMynn,
-vns il ? A. No ; il was simply an ex
damiliutl. IJ. If yuu bad been a
uagisirale, whal would you have dune
in Ihal ease? A. Well, if I remember
ihe evineiice rightly, ilu* explanation
Mr. Sidley gave did not quite carry oul
the evidence given by llie wiltiesses al
lb-'I rial. Q. Sldlev's explanation wus
salisfiuaiiry ; I inil is whal il conies
lo? A. No; because ihe mare was
not branded wil ll Sidley's brand; but
Ibe cull llial was sucking lbe inine
was branded wilh Sidley's brand, i;
■Vnd lbe explanation was not a   -alia-
factory -ine: it would not have I u lo
viiii? 'A. Mr. Sidley claimed Ihal hoth
iif Ihese mares had ilis brand. Q, Had
lhey bulb bis brand on? A. Evidently
nut: I don't Ihink so. i; Although hi*
luinicil llnil they bolh bud bis brand
n ? a. He did in bis explanation, q,
Hu you know of any Instances where
licences have been granl all over the
uiglstrates' refusal? A. No. ij. And
have you ever hemd llu* Judge speak
lisrespeell'iilly of ilie magistrates? A.
Never, i). Mi. Henderson :—Al lbe
I rial, du yuu recoiled Judge Spiuks
telling lbe wilnesses in lhe Iirsl place
ihal   they   had peijured iheinselves?
a. No; I don't rei nber him using
Ihose wands, ij. Alter the uial did
i give Mr, Sidley ihe horses in dis*
pole, the horses Ibal he was charged
wilh stealing? a. No; lhe horses were
in il.-- rnri'iiil in lhe Iirsl place, In Iln
Irsl.case lhe Indians claimed lhe mil-.
el maie wbich had  a  hlnlclied  la.ua)
Examination closed,
Mr. Henderson:--1 haven't any other
witnesses, my laud.
The Commissioner- Has anything
come lo your knowledge w itli inference
lu these ulher killers? Mr. Ilender-
BOtli There is ll I 'ter which seems lu
be t le pari nf Ibis Investigation
nnd which leller rends a-, fnllowi
Grand Forks, Jutiul, 1807
Personal ^^^^^^^^^^
Tiie Honorable Sir Oliver Mowal,
Minister of Justice, Ollaw-i,
Deab Sin. I have arrived up herons
Deputy Supreme Chief lliuger lor lhe
Independent Older nf Foresters, fnnn
Yieioi ia, where us you know in)' home
is, There is a mutter I bat as a liberal
and a friend, I d-ein it my duly in
in*! I ii,, i ii i you of: viz.. lhe conduct of
W. W. Spiuks, Judge of Yale dlslrlcl.
lum al a luss lu use wolds In convey
my liupi essions regarding his unseemly
conduct, bul It Is simply appalling, If
ever an investigation was necessary lo
inqure into I he conduct of any man, il
is necessary in Ibis ease, fur lbe guud
name of your department uud for ilu*
glaring atrocities nud the extreme
favoritism shown by this official il
is highly necessary step in Ihe inlerest
ol jusl ire a ml good government I o have
a commission appointed in Investigate
at once.   Believe me, Hon, Sir.
Your obedient servant.
Jambs Falconer,
21 Rlchel 81 „ Victoria, ll.C.
I inay stale that 1 have seen Mr.
Falconer and hail a eonvei sal iull wilh
him nn the boat ns we were coming up
to Nelson, and I mentioned the mailer
of this investigation, staling to him
I but as he was one of lhe parlies who
had complained nf the conduct of Mr.
Spinks, and luui put his complaint in
writing, and ihul as perhaps il was
owing as much to bis letter as io any
olher leller lhat this dun mission was
appointed, il would bedesltable in lhe
interests of the administration of jusl-
ice that he Should came down here and
give evidence, He slated to me then
that he had no personal knowledge of
any irregularities which had been committed by -Mr. Spinks, but lhat he
wiole his leller entiieiy owing lo the
representations made lo him by people
w lniin lie had metal (Irand Forks and
lhrough Ibis part of the count ry generally, lie slnlid to me Ihal 'be bad
been engaged in Ibis business of his,
organizing lodges fnr the Foresters,
ami bad met a great, many peuple ami
heard a number '•!' complaints, and
Ihal is why lu* wrote to lhe Minister
ot Justice. I pointed uul l-> him Ihal.
his leller was a very strong one, and.
if possible, he shnulil be here lo gave
evidence. He again staled thai he had
no evidence lo give, and lhat if Ilis
leller was loo strong, anil liis repre-
seiiiations not line, he could nut help
'< ; thnl is, he was nol inn posilion, In*
frankly slated, lo justify bis leller. 1
ilit11k ibal Is niiniii ibe siibsiaiice uf
my conversation wiih him. I would
have subpoenaed him perhaps if hv bad
uul. been so positive lhat he was unable lo give evidence, and. acting upon
my own discieii'in, 1 fell hound lo accept liis slntcincni llllll he bad no evidence lo give.
The Commissioner;— Is Mr. Ken
here? Mr. Henderson:—Nn, my Lurd,
1 was informed Ibal a day or two age
be bad left here. I think lo go In
Greenwood, and would be absent some
four or five days, I made purticidai
enquiries wiih respeel lo him.
Mr. McMynn:—I have made sunn*
enquiries, and I understand thai he
has gone lo Vernnn, and that he is not
expi cted buck fur a few days.
The Coininissiiiner— Is there uny
gentleman present befure .Mr, Spinks
is heard, who di .-ires lo suy anything
with reference lo lbe mailers now
under hives'.Igst Inn ? [f so, now is his
ilpnurlunity in come forward, and he
will be heard, either under oath or
olberwise as lie- circumstances may
admit,   No one answered.
Mr. Henderson:— I supposed, my
l.nril, if Mr. Sidley later ou wishes In
make a furllier statement he might be
llelird? The Commissioner:- Musl. cer-
Ilis Honor Judge Spinks, sworn;
examined hy Mr. Wilson! (j, Yiiin*
lull name is William Ward Spinks, and
vou are Cntinty Court. Judge nf the
County Courl nf Yale? a. Yes. <*,,
Wbal bnve yuu lo say. Mr. Spinks,
aboul   llle  adjournments   Ibal,   have
laken phu'cfriim lime loll al differ
enl places? Nuw, lor lhe momeill I
nm mil. abb* lu a-k you specifically
about those in Osoyoos, ami a list iif
which Mr. Laniblyis gelling nut, hill
yuu mighi deal, if yuu plea-', wilh
iliose which .Mr. McMynn us Reglsl rar,
has given evidence of. Now, why was
lbe courl postponed iu March? a. Ii
Was impossible lo get over lbe luoiiii
Inn* of nther counsel iu ibis disirici in
unler lu enable him lo goon bis hnney-
innon, Mr. Poiillon and Mr. Whil*
laker wrote and (elegraphed lo uu*
twice for Iwo othei' courts, .. Can
ymi Iiiiiii memory, dealing with those
of which Mi.  Lamhly will give us a
list, -late lbe   ntllllhur  uf limes  lliese
courts huve I u adjourned ?   A. I can
only slate llle limes ibey have been
adjourned after allowing enough
entice iiiii iii Inconvenience the public.
There was one case Iliad a telegram
from tlleAltnriieyGeneral, lhe presenl Chief Justice to moel him al lhe
Glacier House, and I Immediately
wrote a lei ter io Osoyoos lo adjourn
lbe courts, (), Thai 'wus lhe lini ol
K'an (?) ease, and involved Impurtanl
constitutional questions? a. Cert uin ly,
ij. And il was necessary Ibal llle Attorney General should have an interview willi you un ibal matter in order
io presenl il beforethe Stipieme Courl
of Canada? A. Ceriuinlv. I mrl the Attorney General aud direcllyaftet'Wards
Hide down lo Osoyoos ; of course I was
lule Ihere—oue day lale. And I muy
suy thai I killed a burse on Ihe trip.
Q, Trying lo keep your time? A. Y'es;
ibal, I Ihink. was lhe worst time 1
evet bad, Then I Ihink il was in IK',11
that the llowds were, I am nol sure
whether 1 ivas lale or nol, hut it is
almost, certain lhat the courts were
adjourned—I could um get iu und out
uf Vernon, so lhat I am almost sure
lhat in lbe spring nf 1894 lliere were
adjournments. In the spring of 1808 I
came from Vermin, and iny horse
caught cold and got tlle sl tangles ; lu*
gave mil, and I bind work lo gel. him
lu Rock Creek. There Mr. McMynn
bad in get me another horse, and
wilh him gol on to Midway, one or
two days lule.
('I'd lie continued.]
A silling of tlio I'uiir.ty'Cnurl of Vulc will be
At Fairview, 'in -Mny -Ith 1898.
Al tin-Imu"nl ll o'clock iii tlm foronoon.
By command,       ('. A. it. t.A.iilil.v,
ovoninioiil (IiII-t. (i.-ivu'K. II. i'. i'.
Novombor Sib 183".
Extra   Provincial  Company.
"Companies Aut, 1807."
•The Cariboo mining, -Millinn and Smelling
(RtoiBtorefl tho 7(h dav of Dcmnlter, I'M)
I IIUiKllY CK1OTY that I hftvo this day
I  rcKlHtored "Tho Carihoo Mining, Milling (MA
Hmoltlng Company,  us nn Extra-Pronnolal
Company under tho "Companion Act, 18SI7."
Tho hoad oftlco o( the Company in riilualu in
thoClty uf SHiunc, Hiiiio of Washington,
U.S. A.
Tlie nmoiinl uf 1 he capital of i' Company In
olghl hundrod lliouaond iluiliu , divided into
olghl hundred thousand aharua uf um; dollar
Tho hoftd ofilooof tho Company in lliis Pro-
vinco la-situate 111 Camp McKinnoy, and \V. A.
Iliiwicj. minor, ivhoatj i^ddrosa is Camp MoKln-
ik'v aforenald, ia tin- atttone) for tho Company.
Thotlmoof tlio oxifllatico of tho company in
ilfi> yoaiu,
TnoobJocU) fur which thoCoiipany b-ae boon
l-'or t lir pnrpoao uf owning mhw.s nnd mining
i'lniiii-. nml real proporty ivith nil tlm necessary
water rlghla thereto, in tin* TorrltprloB uf
Washington and Idaho, In tho United Slates of
America, and alan in British Columbia, and n\m
fur ilu' pnrpoao uf owning, ujiiirolllug mid
oporalingall uecoaaary mills, Bmoltors ami rc-
ductlon worka within anid localities fur tlm
reduction otany antiallorea mined, orextracted
from auy mfuesbo flcqurod or worked by iho
•■niil Company, wiihfn Bald respective jorin-
ilici loin : and nlsu in work ami reduce any and
nil oroB in nny uf snid worka owned ur operated
liy -aid Company, in nny uf hiIiI localities, and
in produce bullion Iburcfroui, and sell and dis-
poaoof tho same, and to soil, transfer and dis-
pii-.' of any mining proporty nr bullion 1 herein,
nni! ilu any ami all tilings ticcuBBirj' to curry uu
a --''lieml mining, milling uml smolUng buBlness
within Miid rpBpocttvo jurisdlotinnB | und for
auoh purposes among othorSi lomukc, um and
.'oiisiniei flumoB, (Ulchost tramways, railways
atidrightsof way necessary fur Mm full and
complete control <>f ilu* business atoroBtiid ;und
lho aald Company has boon roglBtorod for tho
purposo of carmng out, or emoting all tho
objectsaforosafd to wliieli ihu leglBlativo uu-
lliorih of iho Legislature uf British Culumbin.
Given under my bund and Boat of ofilcc at
Victoria, Province of British Columbia, this
seventh day of .December, ono thousand eight
hundred nm
REQiBTItAK OK Joint Stock GOMl'AN.
at Kilinloopn slulmjr ilmi, (iwhi^ In j ilm1" yuuis ..Id, u lien sin- ums in rt'iilily j \n\Wt ]'^)m Osuyniis,   Tliclniil Wiian'l
the clmilKo'nf CourtHiniiifidlHlviiil, tohi linlV nld
po-stponocouvl'H ui Gmnil Korks and|ghiiiiHlstlwii I
'i'lii'su nit*  the  unly
po-stpnnucouvtH nt uraiui vovkh -nnu 1 -giiiiiiHiRuwu 1 1 in-iertm which thi*
Midway for ono wook. On tho lotii ul' Indiana'ti'sLiiinniyrnuld In* iiiiL'stinncd,
May, tin1 satnoday, 1 puhllshcd iioticon i/. Thnn .Mi'. Sidley had stated Lhai iluin the local puptn'H, and nlsu mnllt'd | horse wiw of 11 t't'i'iuin nge-P A. No;
cupii-s tutlii'dillVi'i'iii siiiii-tsiiilcivslcd i Mr. Sidley did nol stub' nny n^c, Inn
On Iln- 26th May I attended ;i- Reg* the [iidlan-s in dpserlliing the horse,
istrara silting uf tho county courl ;it > biitd it wns a em-tain ngu, 4. Mr. Wil*
Midway, His Honour .Juugo SpinksUoiii—That was in He- firsl ruse? a,
presiding, tin lliu 27ih I proceeded to Yes, 1,. And il ivnsshown tliai they
attend a sitting of the county courl ut ] hadn't dtsiTihed lhe age correctly ? .\.
Grand Forks, advertised for the 28th, ll was in ihis rase that Mr, Hldley
and nil llic iSih I attended as Hegls- mode ihc explunallpn that hr had
trar at the sitting of the county court branded what he ilmii^hi wus his own
at Grand Porks, ilis Honour Judge coll. [twnnt'ound tnat the two rolls
Spinks presiding, find continued on' were branded, the cult uf ihc sorrel
the 20th. June the 1st, I advertised a mure and the colt uf iln- lay marc,
sitting of Ihr county court for July uud thu colt of the bay mare had the
81st,al Midway, and August tho lind Indian brand on H, and theeoltoflhe
;it Grand Forks, July Hist attended a 1 boitoI marc had Mr. Sidley's brand on
sitting of llic count*)' court nl Midway, I ll. Q, Did lbe Judge cum mm I un the
Judge Slinks presldingj nnd on tin'2nd ■ evidence of ihc Indian witnesses? a,
of August.attended its Hcginlr.ii' a sit- I don't think so, as I understood. I
ting  of  the county court at Grand 11 hink.it was afterwards that the [mrsc
broken, so I came ai'ouiid[by Rosslaud
nnd when 1 reached Uosslatld I wus
taken ill, and v us ill there for a fort*
night alingiither, ten days or a fori
night, and when the Doctor told mu It
was Impossible fur me to travel, and 1
saw I could not get io the courts
in lime, 1 requested Mr, Boultheo to
telegraph postponing the courts in my
name, and I also asked him to write
in my name, <i At thin time wore you
really confined to your room? a. I
was in my tied lliere, and Mr, Boulbpe
stayed up with me nnd nursed yie. I
bad ijuiuscyniid slight inflammation of
lbe kidneys, i/. What was the May
court post noned for? A, When 1 got
to Vernon I found telegrams from the
Rpgistrar aud also (be counsel at Kamloops, asking me to adjourn their cases
because lhey were not ready with any
of llieir cases ;.so that the ofily thing
that remained for me lodo was to give
ample notice, so as to cause as little
Vtirnon, Osoyoos, Kt'ttlo: Rlvor, und Grand
Forks Mining Division of Vale District.
NOTICE ia hereby glvon llml all plneer
eliilnmteiilly liolilln lho Vornon, Osoyoos
Kettle Illver nnd (Irani', fork" Jllnliiglllvl»lnn»
nf Vnlo Ilialrlcl.B, C.iiro lulil over nun Ihe
l.'iili ilia, -if Noveinbor, ISIH in l-l -lav o( Juno,
I'. A. il. I.AMlll.V,
(l.allviina, H.C. Qolll loiiiiiii-.iiiin-i-.
Nov, mill. Kiii.
Certificate nf  Improvements,
ClllCKAMIN  ami  lliviiii;  MiMait.ll.  111.aim
Situate in tilt- 0so\ oos Milling Division ol' Yulo
District, locnted nl KrilRcr Mountain.
TAKK NOTICK llml I.,lohn A. Coryell, iih
ngonl fnr ilm Ailtiniii llrltiiih Uulnmbfn
Conipiiny, Mil.. I,y„freoinlnort eorllllcnto Nu.
G3M5n, Intond. also 'lava Irom Iho ilalo lion-of,
tonppl)' I-- Hn- Sllnlng llocnriior I'm' n Cor-
lilliaiii- uf Improvements, fnr Hn- piirpnmi nf
oblniiiliigiil rnnii liana of llio nbovo olnlm.
Ami furthor tnko nolloe llml ncll  undor
Hi'i'ilnii 37. inuai lie i- ii-ni'i'il before lho
aaiiiiiii'iiiilMii'iiri'i'iiili'iiii-ui' liuiiroroinonle,
Dated, thii "Stli ilny of Ootobor, iw.
Certificate  nf Improvements
iiaim, Minkuai, claim,
Situated in Ibo Osoyoos Mining Division of
Vnlo Disirliit.   Whero Loeiuodil'nlrvlow.
TAKK NOTICK thnl I. John It. Mltoholl,
I    fm' minor', ewtlllo  S'-*. MSI, I ml.
hlxly diiyK from .h.i.- lioroof, to npiilj- in ilm
Mining ii'ii'iii'ili'i-i'-n-ii Corllllcnlo ol finjrovo-
inriiia, for llio purnoKo ul uliiniiiing a Crown
Orniilot tlio above olnlm,
-\inl I'urilii r in ki- notico Iiiiii. notion, miliar
Bcp.llun ST. nai-i lm oommoncod boforo Uio
l.asiiiiiiiii* of Htioli ci-riiiii'iiii'iii ImprovomontB,
Datod ihi*- nub -iny nf Novombor I8D7.
t and ShoeMakep
Anaconda, B. C.
Repairing Neatly anil Pi-omptlyDone
Ordor. by .togo ntrlotly attondod lo. Address
Aiuuiuliila Moi'Oantllo Cos atoro.
Province oi*' Hhitimi Oolumbia.
VICTORIA, by the Grace of (Iod. of the Unitod
Kingdom ol' Great Briinin and Ireland,
i'i in n. .lefendei'ol'ihc Fnith, &c., tut.
TO OUR faithful lbe Members olociod in serve
in tlie Legislative Assembly "I' Our Province of Brillsh Columbia al our City of
of Victoria -GitiiKTi.vo,
Deputy Atiiiriiry-Gi'iii'ral.
Willi UK AS we nre tlesiriitia und resolved ns anon iianiiiv In*, hi meet
Our 1 iiia ul' I) r'Province (if
British Ciil'iniliiii, nnd to have theii
liilvlee in our IrKis-liitim)i
NOW KNOVV YE, thul for divers,
cuiisrs and considerations, und baking
into I'onsidi ration tin* ease anil eon-
vi'iiii'iu'i* of Our Irtvlng Baibject-s, We
have tlitmghl lit, hy and with the ntl-
viri'ol'tliir Executive Council of the
Province of British. Columbia, lo herehy convoke, and hy these presents en-
loin you, ami each of you, thut on
Thursday, the Tenth duy of tin* month
of Fehi'u'ary, one thousand eight hundred nml ulnetj'-elglit, you meet I's in
Our snid Legislature or Panllaiuent of
Our said Prnviiiao, nt Our City of Victoria, l'"OU TIM': DISPATCH OP
BUSINESS, to treat, do, arl. und con-
-•Iiiiii* upon those tilings which in Our
Legislature tt the Pfovlnco of British
Cnlumliia, hy the Cotiuiinu Council of
Our said Province may, hy Ilm favor
ol'(imi, he oHl.-.iued.
InTestimonv Whereof, We havo
caused these Our Letters to he made
Patent, nud the Qroat Seal of the said
Province to ho hereunto affixed : Witness, tho Honorable Thomas H. Mclnnes. Lieutenant-Governor of Our
said Provinco of British Columbia, iu
OiirCiiy of Victoria, in Our said Pro-
vince, this thirtieth day of December.
In thu year nf Our Lord one thousand
olghl hundred und ninoty-sovon, and
in the sixty-fat yearofOiir Reign.
lly Command,
Pruviiii'iiil .Secretary.
A sluing uf iiu, County Court of Yalo win
be luilili a
At Mill uuy, on'l'lilirnillly, tlle 101 ll, (lay
of March, I nun.
Al Ilm biiur of| II o'clock In lho foronoon.
Hy command,
(iiiviTiiini'iii oilli'i', Midway,      1). H.C.C.
January IHn, ISM.
Application to Parliament,
NOTICK in horoby kIwh tlmt nmilioatlon
will lie iimilc In tlm Parltameilt ot Canada
nl lls tioxl Bow-don, liy lho (.olumlil.v and
Wlestoni Itnihvny OomDany, fnr mi Act dc-
I'liiiilm: lliu railway and inidcrlnklng o( tho
wild Compnny in hi: a work for lho gonoral
advantflfcoof Cmmrin, and declaring tho mi iil
Ci)in|)iiii.v lo he a hotly curjiornlo and poltLlo
under lho loglBlatlVO authority nf the Parlla-
ttHint of Canada, and I" havo all the rlghU,
nrlvilogw antl franohlBca conferrod upon it by
its prosotil Aiii of Incorporation, and to extend
llu- time for Ihe completion of Lho .said rolhvay,
mul for other purposos.
Carlcton Cliainhers, Ottawa,
Solicitor for ,'i]i]ilit'nnts.
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