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Herald Jun 20, 1925

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 A little paper
with all the
t news and a big
i t*+».~...**»**'..*»**'*H»
Published in the interests of Alice Arm and Anyox, B. C.
$2.50 a Year
Alice Arm and
Anyox. $2.75 to
all other points.
VOL, 4,   NO. 50
Alice Abm, B. O, Saturday, June'20f 1925
5 cents each,
Ore Encountered East
Side Of Toric Fault
Development work at the Torio
is aaain in full swing after a cessation of about two months, due to
the inability to freight in supplies
during the spring thaw.
Since operations were commenced about two weeks ago, ore has
been encountered on the east side
of the fault states Mr, A. G. II.
Gerhardi, managing director of tho
Homestake Mining & Development
Co,, who are developing tho Torio.
The ore body east of the fault
has boon encountered on the hanging wall section. Drift No. 1 east
is being advanced at present to
encounter the foot wall section of
the ore, approximately 50 feet east
of the fault.
it lias been decided to erect a
concentrating mill this year having
a capacity of 50 tons of ore per
day. Tho mill will be located
about 60 feet south of the portal of
the tunnel and excavation work is
almost completed.
The new gasoline speeder which
recently arrived is giving entire
satisfaction and supplies of all
kinds are being freighted in over
the Dolly Varden railway to Camp
The Torio has all the earmarks
of being developed into a mine of
the first magnitude, and the progress of development work is being
watched with great interest.
Work Has Cnmmpnrprl
On LaRose Tunnel
Work was commenced this week
on! the development tunnel at the
La Rose mine. The work is being
done by, Messrs. Neil Forbes, Fred
Martinson, Bert Burtleson, Jack
Garret and Phillip Stable, who
have taken a contract to drive the
tunnel, which is expected will be
about 400 feet in length. These
men are all hard rock miners, who
have handled local contracts previously, and no trouble will be experienced in putting the bore
through in quick time. The drilling will be done by hand.
Public School Boys Win
Football Sweaters
A splendid four game football series
has just been completed between the
Granby Bay High School and Anyox
Public .School. Weekly matches have
been played and what the boys lack
in the liner points of dribbling and
shooting they make up in vigor and
enthusiasm. The kindness of the
1\ T. A. in donating 1 set of sweaters
for competition and tho courtesy of
the Community League in allowing
the boys tlie use of the Held on
Wednesday alternoon have done
much in promoting the interest of
the boys.
The first game was a draw, but the
second was won by the High School
hoys who took possession of the new
sweaters until they should lose them.
The third game was a draw with the
Public School boys fighting hard to
bring home the stripes. At last, on
Wednesday being beaten by a 1 to 0
score, the older boys being forced to
hand over the sweaters amidst great
jubilation. Mr. Robertson's boys
shall claim the right of ownership until they can be defended again in the
fall when it is hoped to resume the
In another yeir Mr. Mitchell hopes
to obtain another set of sweaters so
that each school will have its own
colours and the donation of a cup
might bring out even keener competition than when the boys playing
for individual sweaters which might
pass to their rivals following a week's
treasured possession.
Sunset May Be Again
Mr. H. Bowyer arrived in Alice
Arm ou Monday from Seattle, and
left on the following day for the
Sunset property on Roundy creek.
Mx. Bowyer will make an examination of the Sunset on behalf of
the Keystone Mining Co., who had
an option on the property, but
failed to live up to their agreement. It is the intention of Mr.
Bowyer to thoroughly examine the
property, and if his report is favorable, the present tangle will be unravelled.
Development Work on
Standard Progressing
The Granby Co., who are developing the Standard property on
McGrath mountain are now settled down to active development
work. The construction of the
camp has heen completed, and the
pack horse trail has been completed to the camp. The work of surface stripping the ore bodies is
now being oarried on.
Surprizes Sprung By
Youthful Tennis Players
Another Mixed Doubles Handicap Tournament has successfully
passed into history, leaving pleasant memories in the minds of all
the participants. Held on Sunday,
under ideal weather condition <<,
and with a large entry list, the
games were at all times interesting, and often exciting; the brand
of tennis displayed being uniformly good.
The first prize went to Mrs. J,
Cody and Mr. Archie Smith, who
badly upset the handicap dope and
surprised everyone by the steadiness of their playing throughout
the day. Second prize went to
Mrs. L. McQuarrie and Mr. A. S.
Nickerson who, as a team, were
another example of what can be
done by perseverance, and the will
to win, combined with fleel.ness of
foot. All four players of the prize
winning teams" are comparatively
new players, making their wins all
the more meritorious.
A special prize was won by Mrs.
H. Speight and Mr. O. G. M'o-
Intyre, who, as a scratch team, by
stifling play, went through the entire tournament without losing a
The several prizes were presented by Mrs. Chas. McLachlan, wife
of the genial President of the
Community League. The thanks
of all the players are due to the
Secretary, and officers of the
Executive Committee, for the able
manner in which the details of the
Tournament were carried out.
The Union Church Ladies' Aid
of Anyox, take the opportunity
through the press, of thanking all
the ladies who took part in the
baseball game played in aid of the
Union Church, also the gentlemen
that coached them, the Anyox
board who gave their services, the
Community League who loaned
the equipment for the game and
the Gymnasium for the dance, and
all the ladies who helped with the
Anyox High School
Celebrate Closing
Of School Term
Closing day exercises were held
last Friday afternoon in the
Granby Bay High School in
honor of Miss McKay, Miss O'Nei
and Theodore Swanson, members
of the graduating class of 1925.
Members of the School Board, par
ents and friend were among those
It was also the occasion of a
presentation of an ''Honour Diplo
ma" to Miss Olive Selfe, who was
passed without further examination to grade X having reachec
such an excellent standard of
marks during the term tests. In
a brief address which was appreciated by all Mr. J. B. Haffner
handed over the djploma and was
urgent that all the students should
make the best of their privileges
whilst attending High School.
Mr. F. M. Kelley and Mr. Barclay
gave of their experiences to further
impress the value of scholarship.
Austin Lindren, vice president
of the High School Club, presented
Ted Swanson with the school
monogram for his- excellent services in the athletic department.
For the entertainment of the
guests the students of grade IX
staged "Les Martins au Restuar-
ant," a French sketch in which the
action and words had a parallel
setting in the English version
Characters in the  French group
u-oi'o .tnkon   liy.....'Ron»io  Chapman.
Stan Sawrey, Glynn Owen  and
Ernest Barclay.
Anyox Girls Are Rari^
To Go
Wednesday, June 24th. lias been
the day set for the return game in the
Ladies' baseball series in Anyox.
Both aggregations are determined to
win the coining fixture. The Mine
girls are anxious to uphold the name
created by themselves in the first
match whilst the Beach girls are de
termined to stage a come back. Supporters have lost none of their
enthusiasm and a bigger crowd than
ever is expected to be on hand next
The Catholic Girls have charge of
the affair and all have been working to guarantee success in the dance
which is to follow. Owing to the
nature of the occasion an effort will
be made to organize an excursion
from Alice Arm to allow the home
town boys to sit in at the game and
enjoy the dance which has always
proven to be one of the most popular
affairs of the spring season.
Mine Melodians Entertain at
Billed as a "Short Snappy Dance,"
the Melodians Of the Mine Club enter-
tained in their hall on the hill on Monday evening, when a fair sized gathering enjoyed a dance programme carried out with that particular "zip"
now so pleasantly associated with any
affair put on by the Mine boys. The
evening was the first of a series ot
shorter dances, timed to be open
promptly at 8.30, yet it was nearly an
hour later before the first arrivals put
in an appearance. But further attempts, will be made to popularise the
earlier hour-especially during the
"off" season. Much pleasure was felt
by the boys at the presence of so
many friends from the Beach, and
among the dance numbered enjoyed
wore: "Blondy" and "Moonlight and
Roses' two of the most recent hits
published. The Mine ' 'jass-hounds"
how number seven, and they are all
in fine form. During the evening icecream was very kindly donated by S.
Solonka, to whom thanks are due.
Concert Marks Closing
Alice Arm School Term
Alice Arm School closed yesterday afternoon for the summer holi
days amid the jubilations of the
pupils. The afternoon was given
over to merry-making and a pro
gramme was rendered by the pupils
in which music, recitations, etc,
played a leading part. A large
number of adults were present,
who enjoyed cake and tea, while
the pupils filled their little tummies
with ice cream, cake and anything
else that was going around.
Samples of work of tho pupils
for the past year was exhibited on,
the walls, and great credit is due
their teacher, R. G. Gordon for
their wonderful advancement especially in the art of writing and
drawing as shown by the exhibits.
Mr. Gordon will leave next week
for Vancouver, where he will take
a two month's course at the B. C.
university and will return to Alice
Arm again at the end of the holidays.
Following is the standing of the
pupils at the end of the school
term which closed yesterday.
From Grade 7 to Grade 8
1, Kathleen Bruggy—passed
2, Alioe Kergin—passed
From Grade 5 to Grade 6
1, Gordon    Anderson—passed
with honors
2, Selkirk Falconer—passed
From Grade 4 to Grade 5
1, Emily McGuire—passed
2, Billy Ness—passed
•    3, Jean   Falconer—passed on
From Grade 3 to Grade 4
1, Juanita     Falconer—passed
with honors
2, Lillian  Moss—passed   with
3, Jimmy Ness—passed
4, John McGuire—passed
5, Chester     Falconer—passed
on probation
From Grade 2 to Grade 3
1, Irene Bruggy—passed with
2, Ellen Anderson—passed
3, Donald Anderson—passed
From Grade 2B to Grade 2A
1, Billy Wilson—passed
From Grade 1A to Grade 2B
1, Genda Falconer—passed
2, Barnard McGuire—passed
The Honour Roll of the pupils
will be published in next week's
Death Comes Suddenly
To Anyox Resident
Mr. Wm. Alexander Hogg passed away very suddenly at his
rooms in the Cement Block last
Saturday morning. The deceased
was 41 years of age, a native of
Belfast, Ireland, and has been
working for the Granby Co. for the
last two years.
The funeral took place on Monday, June 15th., and was well attended by the local returned men,
as the deceased was an Imperial
Veteran of the late war.
Rev. Brayfield was the officiating
clergyman and Geo. E. Tate had
charge of all funeral arrangements.
Don't forget the Girls' baseball
game next Wednesday evening.
Hostilities start at 7,30 p.m. A
big dance at the Gym. follows the
Anyox Elks Entertain
Distinguished Visitor
Colonel Royal Burritt, head of
the B. P. O. Elks throughout Canada paid a visit to the local Lodge
last Thursday. Col. Burritt was
met at the boat by a delegation
from the local Lodge, headed by
Exalted Ruler Barney Buck, and
was shown as much of the town
and plant as time would allow.
He returned on the same boat,
after having been the guest of the
local Lodge at a luncheon at the
Bluebird Cafe, with all the officers
of the Lodge attending.
Anyox Baseball and
The Beach football eleven were
successful in the first round of the
Anyox cup, when they trounced
the Mine on Tuesday evening,
eight goals to one. The Miners
were not up to full strength and
were playing with ten players.
The score clearly indicates the
play, the ball being at the Mine
end during most of the contest.
In a wild and woolly exhibition
of baseball on Monday evening,
the Mine defeated the Smelter by
an eleven to three count, Jimmy
Ferguson hurling for tbe winners
was in fine form, allowing only
five scattered blows. Ross on the
mound for the losers was hit rather
freely, this coupled with miscues in
the infield was responsible for six
runs in the lirst frame and four in
the second.
14^.^.a'4-a.4^.^*.^^.-4-a,f'»'♦■•■♦■■■ ♦'»♦*' •
i ANIUA nuico ♦
I t
Owen Rowlands was a passenger
for the south on Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. Alcock of Victoria,
were arrivals in town on Thursday
For a good smoke, try an El
Dora cigar.
Mr. aud Mrs. Russell Jones and
child left for the south on an extended holiday last Thursday.
Mrs. Coulter and family of the
mine were outgoing passengers for
the south on Thursday.
Dr. P. Whelan returned on Monday from a business trip to Seattle.
Art. Walters, who was called
south owing to the illness of his
father returned on Monday.
Miss Lila Anderson, who has
been attending the B. C. University, arrived home on Thursday from
Dr. Kinsman left on Thursday
for a trip to Prince Rupert.
Al. LaFortune, of the General
Office Staff was a passenger south
on Thursday for three week's holiday.
Nice cozy'room for rent, with or
without board. Apply Miss B.
Crawford, Box 22, Alice Arm.
Mr. Archie Berry and son Harry
left for Vancouver on the Cardena,
last Monday. Mr. Berry has been
employed for some years by the
Grandy Co., and now intends making his permanent residence iu the
Mr. and Mrs Chas. Bocking returned from the south on the Cnr-
dena, last Monday.
Continued ou page 4 ALICE   ARM   AND   ANYOX  HERALD,   Saturday,   June  20,   1925
Alice Arm & Anyox Herald
Issued every Saturday at Alice Arm
Alice Arm and Anyox $2.50 Yearly
Other Parts of Canada, $2.75
British Isles and United States, $3.00
Notices for Crown Grants - - $10.00
Land Notices .... $10.00
Coal Notices .... $0.00
Transient Advertising, 50c. per inch.
Contract Rates on Application.
E. MOSS, Editor and Publisher.
The presence of the minister of
mines, and the minister of public
works in Alice Arm during last
week, was a source of great satisfaction to all residents of the district, irrespective of their political
leanings. Both ministers were
able to study our problems at close
range, and both doubtless realized,
after inspecting the Toric mine,
that Alice Arm is worthy of the
support of the government in working out its destiny. The visit of
the ministers will make it much
easier for our member, Bert
Kergin in bringing local affairs to
their notice, and nothing but good
can accrue from the visit.
Elks Defeat Miners In
Baseball Game \N:
The Elks diluted up level with the
Miners on Thursday last week,
when they defeated the latter by a
five to two score. The winners started off with a rush in the first frame
when they got to Jimmy Ferguson
for three singles; a couple of errors
and a passed ball allowed four runs to
trickle over the plate. The Miners
scored their two in the fourth on an
infield error, a hit and a sacrifice fly.
The Bills got their final run in the
sixth wheti McDonald singled, stole
second, went to third on Brown's
sacrifice and scored on Sheen's single
to left.
Batteries: J. Ferguson and Lane;
C. Ferguson and Cody.
Umpires S. McKeown and Berry.
SUMMARY:   Runs Hits Errors
Mine 2 5        4
Elks 5 9        3
Smelter and Beach Draw In
Fast Football Game
Pioneer Hotel
RFFR  PARI OR Ou Around Floor, where you can
DEiEiIV r HIXIA/iY sit in comfort and enjoy a refreshing glass of British Columbia's amber ale
N. SUTILOVICH      -      -      -      Proprietor
-J I
B. C. Mineral Output
Last Year Made Big
The copper output for 1924 was
64,845,393 tb., valued at $8,442,-
870, an increase over last year's
output of 7,125,103 lb., or about
12.5 per cent.
An enormous increase is recorded in the production of lead, the
value of the output for 1924 being
$12,415,917, as compared with $6,-
321,770 in 1923, the largest previous year's production. This
great increase of 73,721,309 ft. is
chiefly due to a much greater production from the Sullivan mine.
The outlook for lead maintaining «
high market price of from 9 to 10
cents a pound is excellent. In
creased world demand and a difficulty in keeping production up to
the demand accounts for this high
price, which is about double the
average pre-war price. As a result, lead and silver-lead properties are in keen demand, and many
companies have scouting engineers
in the field to acquire such prop,
The gold output for the year
amounted to $5,541,285, an increase ef $1,416,291 as compared
with 1923, or 34.3 per cent. A
steady increase in gold production
during the last five years is to be
noted, and the output is now back
.to the normal figure of around
$5,000,000 annually.
Silver production for the year
was $5,292,187, as compared with
$3,178,129 in 1923, or an increase
of 42.4 per cent. This increase
was due chiefly to a larger output
from the Sullivan mine, and also
increases from the Premier and
Hidden Creek mines. Increased
lead and copper production alway:
means an increased silver-output,
as the latter metal is found in
association with lead and copper
The Smelter and Beach football
eleven played to a draw on Friday
evening last. Each side scoring two
goals. The game was fast and clean
throughout and from the spectators
point of view was a fine exhibition of
The Beach have strengthened up
considerably and should give a good
account of themselves in the cup ties
League standings for first half of
P.   W.   L.   D.   For Ag'st
Smelter    8     4     13      18      11
Mine        8     3     3    2      14      13
Beach      g     1     4    3      8      13
Midnight Mine at Rossland
Proves to be Another
A rich strike is reported on the
Midnight claim, about two miles
west of Rossland near the old Silica station and adjoining the fa-
moiH I. X. L. mine, which latter
mine abandoned in the early days
by the then operators, has given
up vast riches to the local syndicate of eight miners who took a
lease on the old mine from John S.
Baker of Tacoma, Washington,
the owner.
Work was started soon after the
lease was consummated, and a tunnel was driven in right along the
line of the I. X. L., but nothing
was diseoverered until Saturday,
when the men encountered a vein
of very high-grade ore about 12
inches in thickness.
Samples of the ore reveals the
gold in veins running through the
rock, in some instances about an
eighth of an inch in thickness, while
some quartz taken from the vein
is literally spotted with gold about
the size of grains of rice.
"Don't you think, doctor, youv'e
rather overcharged for attending
Jimmy when he had the measles?"
"You must remember, Mrs.
Brown, that included 22 visits."
" Yes, but you forget that he infected the whole school!"
Courting a widow is like playing poker,; you're apt to draw a
full house any time.
Milk. Eggs, Fruit and Vegetables,
Tennis, Playground
Entire charge of Children if desired
Mbs. Lanfeab, B. A.
and Miss French, A. L. C. M.
Terrace, B. C.
House  Dresses,  all colors,  $2.00  each.
Exceptional Value
Women's Silk and Wool Sweaters for summer wear $5.00 to $6.50
Women's fancy Chinese Slippers at $3.25 per pair.
LEW LUN & Co., General Merchants
West Side of Smelter ANYOX, B. C.
OPEN   UNTIL  10  P.M.
Producers of Copper, Coal, Coke, Benzol and
Ammonium Sulphate
Purchasers of Ores of Copper and Siliceous Ores
of Gold and Silver
Paints and Varnishes
Now is the time to paint your building.
We carry a large stock of Paints, Varnishes, and Kalsomine suitable for outside painting or interior decorating.
"Save the surface" and beautify your home.
T.W. FALCONER akc. A_,
Having your meals at the
ii a habit that grows from the first
happy  experience.    Our patron*
are regular patrons and we invite
you to join them
We use only the best and it is
cooked and baked under our
personal cure
J. FOXLEY    -   Proprietor
S. S. Prince Rupert will leave Anyox for Prince Rupert, Vancouver
Victoria, Seattle and intermediate points, eaoh Thursday, 1.00 p.m.
S. S. Prince John leaves Prince Rupert, fortnightly for Vancouver,
via Queen Charlotte Islands
Trains leave   Prince   Rupert   daily   except Sunday at 11.30 a.m.
for Jasper, Edmonton! Winnipeg, direct connections for points East
and South.
For Atlantic Steamship Sailings ot lurthei information, spply to any Canadian
National Agent, or to R. F. Mc-NAUGHTON, District Passenger Agent,
Prince Rupert, B. C.
L - —I
Hemstitching, Picot Edging,
Plain Needlework, and Gingham Dresses, a Speciality
House 217, Beach, Anyox
P. O. Box 400
Sunset Rooming House
For Rent by Day, Week or Month
Soft Drinki, Cigari, Cigarettei and Tobacco
J. PAVEUCH  -    ■  Prop.
Cigari, Cigarettei and Tobacco, Soft Drinki
Roomi for rent by Day, Week or Month.
Geo. Beaudin
Barber Shops
Dealer in Fresh, Salt, and Smoked Meats,
Fish and Poultry
W.   A.   WILSON,   Proprietor
Certificate Op Improvements
"Big Strike" Mineral Claim, situate
in the Naas River Mining Division of
Cassiar District. Where located: on
Evindson Creek, Kitsault River, Alice
Ann, adjoining the Royal No. 4 Mineral Claim on the west.
, TAKE NOTICE that Noel Humphreys, acting as agent for Robert T.
Colquhoun P. M. Certificate No.
81461-C, Walter 8, Baird, P. M. C. No.
808380, and Douglas R. Shewan P. M.
C. No. 80535-O, intend sixty days from
the date hereof to apply to the Mining
Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a
Crown Grant of the above clsim.
And further take notice that action,
under section 85. must be commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 28th. day of May, A.D.
Notice of Intention to apply to Lease Land
In Prince Rupert Land District,
Recording District Cassiar, and situate
at head of Hastings Arm, on east
Take Notice that Alfred E Wright
of Prince Rupert, occupation, Land
Surveyor, intends to apply for permission to lease the following described lands:—
Commencing at a post planted one-
and-a-half miles south-east of the
south-west corner of Kshwan Indian
Reserve, on east shore of Hastings
Arms thence north 30 chains; thence
west 60 chains; thence south 30
chains; thence east 60 chains and
containing 180 acres more or less.
Name of Applicant.
Lyman H. Hinton, Agent
Dated May 15th. 1925.
Subscribe to your Local Paper NOW. ALICE   ARM  AND  ANYOX  HERALD,   Saturday,   June  20,   1925
Beach Recreation Hall:
Pictures:  Tuesdays,
Thursdays, and Saturdays
Mine Recreation Hall:
Pictures:   Wednesdays and
Help the Organization
that Serves You
The Welcome
Pool Room
Alice Arm
Tobacco ud Soft Drinks
Pool Tablet, Cigari, Cigarettei
A. BEAUDIN, Proprietor
Vacant, unreserved, surveyed
down lands may be pre-empted by
British subjects over 11 years of age,
and by aliens on declaring Intention
to become British subjects, conditional upon residence, occupation,
and Improvement for agricultural
Full Information concerning regulations regarding pre-emptions Is
given In Bulletin No. 1, Land Series.
"How to Pre-empt Land," copies of
which can be obtained free of charge
by addressing the Department of
Lands, Victoria, B.C., or to any Government Agent
Records will be granted covering
only land suitable tor agricultural
purposes, and which is not timber-
land, i.e., carrying over 6,000 board
feet per acre west of the Coast Range
and 8,000 feet per acre east of that
Applications for pre-emptions are
to be addressed to the Land Commissioner of the Land Recording Di -
vision, In which the land applied tor
is situated, and are made on printed
forms, copies of which can be obtained from the Land Commissioner.
Pre-emptions must be occupied for
five years and Improvements made
to value of S10 per acre, including
clearing and cultivating at least Ave
acres, before a Crown Grant can be
For more detailed Information see
the Bulletin "How to Pre-empt
Applications are received for purchase of vacant and unreserved
Crown lands, not being tlmberlanrt,
for agricultural purposes; minimum
prloe of first-class (arable) land is $6
per acre, and second-class (grazing)
land $2.60 per acre. Further information regarding purchase or lease
of Crown lands is given In Bulletin
No. 10, Land Series, "Purohase and
Lease of Crown Lands."
Mill, factory, or Industrial sites on
timber land, not exceeding 40 acres,
may be purchased or leased, the conditions Including payment of
< Unaurveyed areas, not exceeding 20
aores, may be leased as homesites,
.conditional upon a dwelling being
.erected In the first year, title being
obtainable after residence and Improvement conditions are fulfilled
and land has been surveyed.
i LEA8E8
I For graslng and Industrial purposes areas not exceeding 640 acres
may be leased by one person or a
Under the Graslng Aot the Prov-
lnoe it divided Into graslng districts
.and the range administered under n
; Graslng Commissioner. Annual
graslng permits are Issued based on
| numbers ranged, priority being given
to established owners. Stock-owners
may form associations for range
management Free, or partially free,
permits are available tor settlors,
campers and travellers, up to tin .
Wildcat Mining Companies to
be Investigated by
With the purpose of weeding out
from the numerous legitimate mining
company promotions, a certain few
which have devoted practically their
entire effort to stock-selling or "mil*
ing the public," as the procedure is
termed among mining men, the provincial department of mines is conducting a quiet investigation in Vancouver and Victoria, it was learned in
mining circles recently.
Mail and "handout" literature with
airy assurance of fabulous fortunes
built immediately on small "investments" are being gathered in and
scrutinized by Hon. William Sloan's
The co-operation of the attorney-
general's office will be obtained, it is
stated, in dealing with some of the offenders against the spirit of British
Columbia's Oompanies Act, which is
designed to protect the public without
fettering operations of new companies.
.1. D. Oalloway, newly-appointed
provincial mineralogist, has been
commissioned to conduct the survey
of mining companies floated in British
Late Resident of Alice Arm
Passes Away
George Merrill, who lived at Alice
Arm for a number of years, and later
moved to Stewart, was found dead in
a cabin at the latter town on June5th.
He had retired for the night apparently in perfect health, and the next
morning he was found to be dead.
Deceased operated a restaurant during his stay in Alice Arm.
He was born in India of English
parents, and at an early age was
brought to the United States. Of his
early history or present relatives,
little is known. He was among the
first to answer the call of the north in
the Yukon gold stampede, and had
been in practically every prominent
camp in the Yukon, Alaska and
British Columbia. He was a charter
member of the Nenana Igloo, Pioneers
of Alaska.
Loyal Order
Anyox Lodge No. 1412
Lodge Meets Every other Friday at
8.30 p.m. Prompt
Headquarteri: Catholic Hall, Anyox
Dictator: Secretary:
P. W. Obobs        J. G. Ellis
P. O. Box 187
Anyox Community
The Council of the League
meets on the Second and
Fourth Wednesday of each
month, in Recreation Hall,
at 7.30 p.m.
Orders ' Taken  for  all
Kinds of
Finished Building Material
S. DUMAS, Alice Arm
Alice Arm Electric
Downtown Agency: Welcome
Pool Room . +
Clothes Cleaned awl Pressed     1
J. LAIDLAW    •    ■    PROP. J
No Restriction Lifted on Log
It having come to tha notice of the
Minister of Lands that more logs are
being cut at present than the market
will absorb he has notified the Loggers' Association that the government
has no intention of relaxing its regu
lation with regard to export, and that
should the market become glutted by-
reason of operations carried on with
the knowledge that there is no market
to absorb the product export to relieve the congestion will not be allowed. Hon. Mr. Pattullo states that
permits for the export of logs from
timber licenses are only one half of
last year's figures. He adds that the
present situation proves the absurdity
of the contention that mills were being constructed across the line for the
purpose of cutting logs taken over
from this province.
The man who does an ill turn
seldom will forgive you for it."
Beach Cafe
Meals at All Hours
Soft Drinks, Sweet Milk and
In Prince Rupert Land District:
District of Cassiar
TAKE NOTICE, that I, Jacob
Saner, occupation farmer, intends to
apply for permission to. purchase tlie
following described lands. Commencing at a post planted at the northeast
corner of Lot 51, thence 35 chains
south to northeast corner of Lot 60,
thence 25 chains east to south-west
corner of Timber Limit No. 40640.
thence 35 chains north, thence 25
chains west to point of commencement, containing 80 acres more or
Dated this 23rd. day of May, 1925.
Blasting Powder
The large consignment of Blasting Powder just received by us enables us to supply your wants for "
60, 40, or 20 per cent, also Caps and  Fuse
Baggage, Freighting, Pack and Saddle Horses
Slab Wood Cut Any Length
Meals Served at All Hours
GUS.   ANDERSON,   Proprietor
>.«.+.» +—+•» ♦■■■+■•■ +■•■ + ■#■+■•■+'•■+■*■♦■•■ ♦■»+■••♦'••♦'•' ♦•*• ♦*»♦••'♦■•' y—»»-"» +■»+■»+■» ♦■»
Leaves Alice Arm for Anyox 9 a.m.
Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays
Returning Same Days at 3 p.m.
^ ■»+•**♦'♦'♦•**♦•*•♦•*•♦'•' +■*■+'»' +—■■»■«■ $»»»»+«»•+»»+.»+■»■+■»+.«■ ^.».^.».
The Mineral Province of Western Canada
Has produced Minerals as follows:' Placer Gold, $77,382,953; Lode Gold, $118,473,190; Silver, $68,-
824,579; Lead, $70,548,578; Copper, $187,489,378; Zinc, $32,171,497; Miscellaneous Minerals, $1,431,349
Coal and Coke, $260,880,048; Building Stone, Brick, Cement, etc., $42,225,814; making its mineral
production to tlie end of 1924, show an
Aggregate Value of $859,427,386
Production for Year Ending December 1924, $48,704,604
The Mining Laws of this Province are more liberal and the fees lower than those of any other Province
in the Dominion, or any Colony in the British Empire.
Mineral locations are granted to discoverers for nominal fees.
Absolute Titles are obtained by developing suoh properties, security pf which is guaranteed by
Crown Grants.
Full information, together with Mining Reports and Maps, may be obtained gratis by addressing
VICTORIA, British Columbia
N.B.—Practically all British Columbia Mineral Properties upon whioh development work has been done
are described in some one of the Annual Beports of the Minister of Mines. Those considering
mining investments should refer to such reports. They are available without charge on application
to the Department of Mines, Victoria, B. C. Reports of the Geological Survey of Canada, Pacific
Building, Vanoouver, are recommended as valuable sources of information. ■rn?«-s»«K,.'S^*:.sa-;s'.'-,--:.«'».T- -. .^"i-*^-—^•9tl/J[-fHtr
ALICE   ARM AND  ANYOX  HERALD,   Saturday,   June  20,   1925
Prevent Forest Fires-It Pays
W\^m _____3 ____H ____! ISZcH __i__3 ______H iH__2 ____H ______} il____1l_^_____S__^_^ll_____li_^ill__3il____1l___lll__^__S__l
Airyo* Notes
Continued from page 1
Mr. Jack Moore, of the General
Office staff, left for Vancouver on
a three week's holiday on the Cardena, last Monday.
Miss L. Johnson, of Prince
Rupert, arrived in town on the
Cardena last Monday. Miss Johnson will visit for two weeks with
Miss Heilman of the Mine.
Mr. A. J. Tolhurst, who has
been manager of the Mine Pool
Room for the past three years, left
ou Monday for Vancouver.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Craggs, who
were married a few weeks ago, returned from their honeymoon trip
on Monday.
House at Silver City. Suitable for
two persons. Apply P. 0. Box 14,
Alice Arm.
Surveys of Mineral Claims, Subdivisions,  Underground Surveys,
H.   M.  SELFE
I. 0. 0. F.
Askew Lodge No. 38, Anyox, B. C.
Meets every Thursday even-
at 7.30 p.m., in Elks' Hall
N. G. V. G. Recording Sec.
J. D. Wilton    W. BUckbum      A. Strieker
Main Street, Alice Arm
Wkere tke boys ire f ton a square
meal ana a square deal at a fair price
LEO PAULCER    -   Prop.
See Al. Falconer for Freight and
Pack Horses
Mr. Woodward, who is a bridge
expert for the government, arrived
on Thursday. He will inspect the
two suspension bridges across the
Kitsault river.
Worthy of your Support
Anyox Community League
Reading Room and Library
A wide range of Newspapers,
Magazines and Periodicals on
file.   New books regularly
Join Up!
Make  the League better
through your influence
Dominion of Canada and Newfoundland
Meeti eveiy second and fourth Monday of
the month
Hall for rent for dances, social functions, etc.
on application to club manager
Trethewey left   on
two weeks holiday
Alice Arm
First Class Rooms, Hot and
Cold   Water,   Heated,    and
Electric Light
An ideal place for youi summer vacation.
Commands fine view.   Splendid fishing
and hiking facilities
Good Single Beds for Workingmen, 50c.
Mrs. E. M. McCOY propri,tc
One way via Vancouver, or direct rail
both directions
For full information apply:
R. F. MoNaughton,
District Passenger Agent
Prince Rupert, B. 0.
Mrs. J. 0.
Thursday for
in Vancouver.
Geo. Clothier, district mining
engineer, arrived on Thursday to
inspect various mining properties
in the district.
E. J. Conway, mining engineer
for the Granby Co. arrived on
Hand Laundry Work. Moderate
prices—Miss B. Crawford, Alice
S. Morrison, who has spent the
past winter in Victoria was an
arrival in town on Thursday.
Mr. L. A. O'Connor and family
arrived on Monday from Red Deer,
Alta, to join her husband, who has
been here for the past year.
Barney Gray arrived in town on
Monday from Seattle. Since leaving here last fall he has spent the
time in Portland and Seattle,
T. W. Falooner arrived home on
Monday from Vancouver.
See Al. Falconer for Wood, Coal
and Lumber.
Mrs. Macintominjr left for her
home in Anyox on Thursday, after
spending over three weeks at the
Alice Arm Hotel, reouperating
from her recent illness.
Miss Owen, who has been visiting Mrs. Macguire, left on Thursday for Anyox. It is rumored
that Miss Owen will shortly take a
leading part in a wedding to be
held in the smelter town.
S. Dumas has opened a cigar
and tobacco store on Main Street,
opposite the Kitsault House, and a
large display of goods are now on
For first olass shoe repairing soe
C. H. Walker, who will make
those old shoes good for another
season of hard wear.
John M. Morrison
General Contractor
Teaming Freighting, Wood
Coal, Pack Horses and
Saddle Horses
Notice of Intention to apply to Lease Land
In Prince Rupert Land District, Recording District Cassiar, and situate
at head of Hastings Arm.
Take Notice that Alfred Swanson of
Prince Rupert, occupation Mariner,
intends to apply for permission to
lease the following described lands:—
Commencing at a post planted BO
chains north of A. B. Wright's application post; thence north 40 chains;
thence west 20 chains more or less to
tlie low water mark of the main
branch of Kshwan river: thence south
10 chains along low water mark of
said main branch: thence cast 20
chains more or less along the north
boundary of A. 15. Wright's application to point of commencement, and
containing 80 acres more or less.
Name of applicant
Alfred E. Wright, Agent
Dated May 17th. 1025.
Candies, Magazines, Stationery,
j   Proprietary Medicines, Toilet Articles, Etc.  j
W. M. ClimmingS,   Agent for all Vancouver Daily Papers
Post Office Building, Alice Arm
Hartt Shoes for Men
22 only pair Hartt's No. 1 Calf Stock, Black Shoes on recede last.
REGULAR $12.00 FOR $9.00
Men's White Canvas Shoes, with leather soles, cool and dressy,
REGULAR $3.50 FOR $2.75
Women's White Leather Sandals.   Regular $5.50 for $4.00
Dry Goods Department
Children's Crepe Rompers, 2 to 6 years,     $1.50
Children's Bloomer Dresses, 2 to 6 years, $2.25 and $2.50
Children's Black Bloomers, 4 to 8 years, per pair 35c.
Children's Black Bloomers, 10 to 12 years, per pair, 50o.
Children's White Bloomers 6 to 10 years, per pair, 45c.
Children's White Bloomers, 12 to 14 years, per pair, 50c.
Men's Wear Department
G. & C. "Venticool."   Just
received, 12 different styles
to choose from.
Pure Wool Cashmere, Art
Silk and Wool, Art Silk,
and Pure Silk.  3 pr. $2.00
Men's Fine Dress Shirts.
New   range   of   Popular
Stripes, $2.25
Drug Department
Fresh  Marshmallows,   plain   and
toasted, per pound  50c.
Allen's Toffee, | pound bars  25a
Hoy's Pastelles  75o.
Baby Mint Humbugs  60c.
Moir's Chocolates, per pound  $1.00
Moir's and Ganong's, put up in is., Is. and
2s.   The gift that is always appreciated.
Hardware Department
The last word in the glass maker's art,
where refinement is the keynote, and in
oolors that will harmonize with any setting
Such designs as Candy Jars, Footed Cake
Plates,   Berry  Bowls, Salad Bowls and
Candle Sticks; in Blaok Green, Blue and
Peachblow, would make excellent gifts
or prizes
Prices from $1.50 to $3.50


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