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 A little paper
with all the
news and a big
Published in the interests of Alice Arm and Anyox, B. C.
$2.50 a Year
Alice Arm and
Anyox. $2.75 to
all other points
VOL. 12,   NO. 2
Alice Arm, B. C, Saturday, June 11, 1932
5 cents each.
Much Business Transacted at I. 0. D. E.
At the regular monthly meeting
ot the Collison of Kincolith Chapter,
I. O. D. E., held on Thursday,
June 2nd. several important, matters
were dealt with.
A special canvass is being made
for shoes and clothes, to send to
the unemployed at Stewart. This
is in response to an urgent appeal
from that town. The milk bottles
which were put out in Anyox, some
time ago for the collection of odd
sums, have already yielded the sum
of $14.75. This will be made up to
$20.00 by the I. O. D. E. for relief
purposes at Stewart.
As Mrs. Bushfield,  the Publicity
Secretary,   is leaving  the district,
|  Miss  K. Eve was appointed in her
place.    Mrs. Bushfield received the
sincere thanks of the members for
| her capable services.
A committee was appointed to co-
loperate with the town's committee,
'forthe reception and entertainment,
t'of the officers and men of the Flag-
'ship "Delhi", which  will visit An-
lyox August 29th.
Details were received regarding
f the competition held annually by the
f National Council of the I. O. D. E.
for the best design for a Christmas
Greeting Card for the Order. This
competition is open to everyone.
The prizes are: First, $85.00, second, $50.00, third, $25.00. The
competition closes November 1st,
and the complete rules may be seen
in the Anyox Library.
Mrs. W. F. Eve, the convener for
the Sale of Work and Home Cooking which was held on Empire Day,
reported that the sum of $98.70 had
been realized. This would be spent
on relief and welfare work.The special thanks of the committee are ex-
tened to all those volunteer workers
who gave their time and labor towards the cause. Those in charge
of the various stalls at the Sale,
were: Candy, Mrs. Learoyd; Novelty, Mrs. Cody and Mrs. Cloke;
Home Cooking, Mrs. McRae, Mrs.
S. D. Murray, Mrs. J. Wynne. The
kitchen and Tea Room were taken
care of by Mrs. Kirby, Mrs. J. Smith
Mrs. Cundill, Mrs. Varnes and Mrs
The sale of Roses on "Rose Day"
July 1st. will as usual be taken care
of by the I. O. D. E.
Mr. George Fowler, who was
injured some time ago at the Concentrating Mill, wishes to convey
his thanks to the members of the
I. O. D, E. and also other friends,
for the kindnesses extended to him
I while he was an inmate of the hos
Funeral Of Late Patrick
Clune Was Held On
The funeral of the late Patrick
Clune, who died at Anyox General
Hospital on Monday May 30th was
held at Alice Arm on Sunday afternoon last.
Funeral arrangements were carried out by Anyox Lodge No 47,
B. P. O. Elks, of whom the deceased was a member. The body was
conveyed from Anyox on Sunday
morning, accompanied by twenty
six members of the Elks' Lodge,
and other friends of the deceased.
The body was conveyed to the
Anglican Church shortly before noon
and at two o'clock was taken to the
cemetery. The service at the grave
was conducted by Brother C. Harman, chaplain of Anyox Lodge. A
large number of friends of deceased
attended the service in order to pay
their last respects.
The coffin was covered with
many beautiful floral tributes.
Those contributing were: Anyox
Lodge No. 47. B. P. O. Elks, Mr.
and Mrs. O. Evindsen, Alma and
Ronald*; Mr. R. L. Healy, Mr.
and Mrs. G. Anderson, Mr. and
Mrs. J. Calfa, Mr. and Mrs. H. F.
Kergin, Mr. and Mrs. E. Moss,
Mr. and Mrs. E. Peterson, Mr. and
Mrs. T. Kostoft, Mr. and Mrs. C.
Ripley, Mr. and Mrs. B. Turbitt,
Messrs. H. Fowler, M. Peterson,
Harry Smith, C. M. Smith.
The Elks' Lodge wish to take
this opportunity of extendingthanks
to all those who donated floral
Why Not Visit  Alice
Arm This Summer?
A recent Anyox visitor to Alice
Arm thus gives his impressions:
Rich green foliage and a rare fragrance. Calmness and peace. No
wheels or whistles, dust or dirt,
booms or blasts. No bare hillsides
or barren land. So, he says, Why
not Alice Arm for your holiday this
year? It is only 17 miles distant,
and Its nearness is easy on the
pocket book. You can rent a cottage or live at an hotel. Its people
are the real human kind—friendly,
helpful, sociable. There are many
recreations. Resolve to visit Alice
Arm this year.
Guard Against  Fire!    Be
A serious fire at Anyox at the
present time would be a disaster we
do not like to contemplate. Everyone should guard against the danger of fire. Be sure all matches
are broken, and be especially careful with cigarettes. Everyone
should use the utmost care through
the coming dry weather.
Anyox Golf Club Notes
Regarding Recent
On Sunday, June 5th. the Anyox
Golf Club held a tournament between teams representing the Captain and Vic-captain, the latter
team proving the winner. On this
team James Murdoch was the low
medallist with a score of 69. The
second prize was, divided between
Sid Peters and W. J. (Sparky)
Johnston, each with a net of 73.
On the Captain's team, Jack
Grigg was the winner with a net of
76, W. Henderson being second
with 77.
Weather conditions were altogether unfavorable for match golf last
Friday, so that the tournament arranged by the Ladies' Club had to
be cancelled. This club is just commencing a series of two-ball foursome matches for prizes which u ill
be presented by the president of the
Club, Mrs. George Lee, and the
Vice-president, Mrs. D. R. Learoyd.
In the play-off for the Lo vested
Cup for the month, of May, for
which Harry Cathro and D. McKenzie were tied, the latter proved
the winner, thus holding the cup
for the month.
The Sun Life Golf Cup was won
by Mrs. Wenerstrom for the month
of May, with Miss F. Dresser as
Fatal Accident At Bonanza
A fatal accident occurred at the
Bonanza Mine about 2 o'clock on
the afternoon of June 7th, when Iso
Hajdukovieh was killed while follow
ing his regular occupation. De
ceased was prying away some ore
from a chute, when the heavy iron
bar he was using was struck by a
piece of rock, causing his death.
He was a Serbian, 25 years of age,
and has an uncle at the Hidden
Creek Mine.
The inquest was held on Thursday, when a verdict of accidental
death was returned.
A. H. Lewis Receives Minor
Head Injuries
Mr. A. H. Lewis, the popular
dam-tender at No 1 Dam, injured
his head on Tuesday last while en
gaged in his regular duties. He
fell on some rock, sustaining cuts
on his head. The injuries, which
were not serious, were attended to
at the hospital, and Mr. Lewis was
about shortly after.
Peter Zincovich accompanied by
his mother, left on Wednesday for
a round trip to Prince Rupert, Regina, Winnipeg and Vancouver.
They will be absent about two
Mine Team Winners Of
Ladies' Baseball
On Wednesday last a Ladies'
Baseball game was played, between
the Beach and Mine teams, the latter winning by a score of 24 to 13.
The game was sponsored by the
Ladies Aids ofthe United Church,
and a good number of people turned
out to view the proceedings.
The game was a lively one, full
of incidents and surprises, and the
scorekeeper, Dick Manning, was
kept busy recording the happenings
Excellent pitching was done by
Miss G. McKenzie, for the Beach,
and Miss E. Nelson for the Mine,
yet in spite of this there was a considerable amount of gambolling
round the bases. Home runs were
scored by Mrs. Docherty for the
Beach and Mrs Phillips forthe Mine
both these players starring for their
respective sides. Pat Louden and
Mrs Phillips were the efficient catchers. In one innings the Mine made
eight runs,indicating their batting
The teams were: Beach, Pat Louden, G. McKenzie, Mrs Wenerstrom
Mrs. Carrick, P. Bushfield, M.
Cloke, A. Krusick, Mrs. C. Docherty, F. Dodsworth, M. Shields, and
Mrs. Musser. Mine: Mrs. Phillips,
E. Nelson, J. Roberts, C. Desjar-
dins, H. Calderoni, Dora Peterson
Mrs. K. O. Peterson, A. Truax,
Mrs. Jeffs, B. Watson.
Celts Defeat Rangers In
Fast and Open
On Tuesday, June 7th. before a
fair crowd of fans, the Celts defeated the Rangers by a score of 5-1.
The evening was fine and the game
was well worth watching.
There was some clever football
and excellent passing by both sides.
The Rangers, which numbers several junior players, played well, the
youngsters standing up pluckily to
their more experienced opponents.
Their goalie, Frank Mikeli, though
new to the game, is by no means a
novice. Always cool and collected,
he stopped several fast shots from
close in, and at once became a favorite with the fans. All the goals
scored were from rushes or mix-ups
which gave him no chance to save.
Jack Buntain scored three for the
winners, and Steve Peel and Horner
one each, Four of these goals
were scored in that number of minutes, towards the end of the second
Just before the close, Freddy
Calderoni, the Rangers' youngest
player, notched one from close in.
The game was capably handled by
Jack Evans.
League  Council   Hold
Regular Meeting
The Council of the Community
League met on June 25th. Messrs.
Allan, Johnson, Kirby, Cleal and
Field being present.
A telegram had been received
from Ketchikan Baseball Club suggesting, an inter-town series of
games. It was decided to invite the
Ketchikan Club to visit Anyox and
play games on June 30th. and July
As the I, O. D. E. do not now
wish to reserve the date of July 1st.
for an annual dance, the Community
League will hold a dance, on that
date, in the Gymnasium. Further
particulars will be announced later.
Herald Will Be Published On
Friday During Summer
Commencing next week the
Herald will be published on Friday
during the summer months. The
change is necessary on account of
the changing of the boat schedules.
The Herald will reach Anyox on
Friday afternoons, instead of Saturday morning.
Alice Arm Notes
Miss Nettie Thomson, Mrs. Alex.
Rigby and Mrs. J. Turnbull arrived
from Anyox last week and are
spending two weeks' holiday here.
P. Petersen and Ed. Peterson
left on Wednesday for Atlin where
they will engage in placer mining.
They will join Leo Paulcer and
Charlie Lee who have secured a
lease on Voloanic Creek.
S. Fraser returned home on
Tuesday from a visit to his ranch
in the Naas Valley. He hiked
((cross the hills over the government telegraph trail.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. H. Butler
of Aiyansh, at the Prince Rupert
General Hospital on Tuesday, June
7th. a daughter.
Zeppelin Seen Over Anyox
On Wednesday Morning
About 8:45 a.m. on Wednesday
a Zeppelin airship passed over
Anyox, travelling in a westerly direction. Constable Brunton and
his family had a clear view of it,
and it was also' seen by others.
Enquiries as to its possible identity brought no information, so that
at present its appearance is shrouded in mystery. It is surmised that
it was the "Akron" which was due
to visit Alaska this summer.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. M. Majerle
at the Anyox General Hospital, on
Thursday, June 2nd. a daughter.
Mrs. J. Ciccone and sons Vernon
and Eddie, returned to Prince Rupert on Wednesday. unaomn i
ALICE   ARM   AND   ANYOX   HERALD, Saturday, June 11,  1932
Alice Arm & Anyox Herald
Issued every Saturday at Alice Arm
Alice Arm and Anyox $2.00 Yearly
Other Parts of Canada, $2.25
British Isles and United States, $2.50
Notices for Crown Grants -   -   $15.00
Land Notices - $15.00
Transient Advertising, 50c. per inch
Contract Rates on Application.
E. MOSS, Editor and Publisher.
While many districts throughout
the province are considering the
abandonment of fall exhibitions
this year, due to financial difficulties, Alice Arm, with true pioneer
spirit has unhesitatingly decided to
go ahead and hold their second
annual exhibition. In fact, the exhibition will probably be larger
this year. This will be due to
the invitation extended to Anyox
gardeners to enter their produce
for competition. That it has been
decided to hold an exhibition this
year is good news for the people
of Alice Arm and Anyox. It is
an incentive for everyone to take a
greater interest in their gardens,
and to compare their efforts with
their neighbors. Just what amount
and varieties of vegetables and
flowers will be contributed by
Anyox is a problem at the present
time. Anyox gardens produced
some first-class vegetables and
flowers last year, and their exhibits may surprise the Alice Arm
gardeners next fall.
Already this year Anyox district has had one bush fire of
considerable proportions. Luckily
no serious injury to property resulted, but it should be a warning
to everyone to be very careful
with fire both in the woods and
around town. In the past Anyox
has experienced some serious con-
flagations, one of which seriously
threatened to destroy the whole
town. Every fire that has started
at Anyox or in the vicinity has
been traced to carelessness. A
lighted cigarettee butt, a burning
match, etc. carelessly thrown away
is capable of starting a fire that
may lead to serious consequences.
Due to the dry nature of the
ground around Anyox, extreme
caution is necessary during the
next few months if fires are to be
avoided. Be careful at all times.
If you are picnicing in the woods
be sure your fire is out before you
leave. If a fire is started during
one of the hot dry summer spells
it may extend for miles and cause
untold property loss.
Our decision to reduce the subscription rate of the Herald to
$2.00 a year, is, as we anticipated
proving very popular. Already
new subscriptions are coming in
and renewals are being paid. It
is our ambition during the next few
months to increase the circulation
of the Herald to a point that it is
read regularly each week by every
one in both Anyox and Alice
Arm. The efficiency of a newspaper depends entirely upon the
number   of    subscribers.      The
Mine Defeat Celts In
Excellent Football
The third game of the Football
League was plaved on June 2nd.
between the Celts and the Mine,
the latter winning by 1-0, There
was only a handful of spectators,
on account of the miserable weather prevailing. Lowering clouds
and a strong wind which blew diagonally across the field made accurate kicking difficult. Despite
all this, however, the teams put up
an excellent game.
Open play, good passing, and
some nice shooting, characterized
the game. The Mine had a strong
nicely-balanced team which combined well. Their defence was
sound, and their forward line very
aggressive. Tony Yglasias, left
winger for the Mine, scored the only tally of the game, with a nice
shot which was deflected off the
head of a player and thus beat the
waiting goalie. Tony played a fine
game throughout. Morrison played well at centre, as also did Dyer
and Joe Veriera. For the losers J,
Elliott and H. Johnston were fully
reliable at back. The forwards
were untiring, but could not pass
the stonewall defence of the Mine.
Lockie Gillies sent in a nice one on
his own which just topped the bar.
Such a game gives promise of
■some worthwhile tussles "later on.
Bob McMillan was the reliable referee'
Mrs. J. Dunn Gives Report
United Church Conference
At the evening service of the United church on Sunday, June 5th, the
regular sermon was suspended in
favor of Mrs. James Dunn, who
gave a report on the Eighth Annual
British Columbia Conference of the
United Church of Canada.
Mrs Dunn was the delegate from
Anyox, being appointed as such at
the Annual Meeting of the church
held in January. Mrs. Dunn gave
a full and comprehensive report of
the various doings of the Conference
and her account of the work being
done, was a real inspiration.
Many stirring and intensely practical addresses were given at the
Conference by prominent Council
officials and attending ministers,
and particularly by Rev. Hugh Dob-
son, D. D. , and the Rev. D. N.
MaeLaehlan,D.D. both of Toronto.
The Rev. Peter Bryce gave an inspiring address on Missionary and
Maintenance work, he being the se-i |
cretary of that branch. Mrs. Dunn
brought back to her fellow-members
in the church a message of hope
and encouragement for the future.
Facts About The A. C. L.
Mine Tennis Club
The A. C. L. Mine. Tennis- Club
has 30 members. Mr. A. Milne is
the President, and E. Moore the
Secretary-Treasurer. R. L. Shewan, Glen Owen, and Norman
Roberts constitute the committee.
The season was opened with an
'American" tournament, in which
every member plays every other
member. Over fifty per cent of
these games have been played.
Ladder games have also been com
menoed, and everything points to
an interesting and successful season
larger the number the better the
paper. Every subscription helps
to increase the efficiency.
Send your films direct to Wrath-
all's Photo Finishing, Prince Rupert. Low prices for good work.
All orders returned following' mail.
One English baby buggy in first
class condition, original price $35.00
will sell for $15.00. One baby cot
$5.00. One collapsible English
baby bed $3.00. For further par-
particulars apply Herald Office,
Alice Arm.
B.  P. O. ELKS
Dominion of Canada and Newfoundland
ANYOX LODGE No. 47   „
Meets every second and fourth Monday of
the month
Hall for rent for dances, social functions, etc.
on application to club manager
Anyox Community
The Beach Council meets on the
Second and Fourth Wednesday of each
month, in the Recreation Hall, at 7
The Mine Council meets on the First
and Third Thursday of each month, in
the Mine Hall, at 7.30 p.m.
% Rail
water and Golf-
on the great
Every vacation sport—golf at its
finest—in Jaspet National Park, an
Alpine summcrland!
You can make this epic vacation last
trom «ix days to expiry date ot ticket,
Oct. 31st. You'l1 enjoy every travel
comfort over its-1300 miles by land
and 600 miles of smooth inland seas.
Optional Alaska side-trip. Ask for
scenic color-folders to help you plan.
For Information, call or write: Local Agent, or H. McEwen, D. F. & P. A.
Prince Rupert, B. C.
Canadian Rational
A man is not well dressed unless he has a good pair of
shoes to complete his appearance. We have a wide range
of Men's Dress Shoes and Oxfords in both black and tan,
at prices ranging from $4.50 to $6.50.
For outside work we have a strong Mining Shoe in black
and tan, with 10-inch top and nailed sole.
Inspect our Stock of Shoes for Summer Wear
LEW  LUN & Go.
General Merchants, Anyox West side of Smelter
OPEN   UNTIL   10   P.M.
We carry at all times a Full Line of First Class
Groceries;   also Heavy and  Shelf Hardware.
Clothes,   Boots,   Shoes   and   Rubbers   of   all
descriptions.   A large stock to choose from
In 1930, among the Canadian  Provinces,
British Columbia was the leading producer
of Silver, Lead and Zinc.
In this Province, 45 per cent, of Canada's
silver, 97 per cent, of the lead, and 93 per
cent of the zinc were produced.
British Columbia has produced over $1,260,-
000,000 worth of mineral products.
About 200,000 square miles of unexplored
mineral bearing lands are open for prospecting.
Practically every mineral known to
be found on the Continent occurs
to some extent in British Columbia
A special report on placer mining in British Columbia
is available, and may be obtained, together with copies
of the Annual  Reports and  Bulletins  (one of which
contains a synopsis of the mining laws) upon
application to
T.   W.   FALCONER AIice Arm
League members benefit all ways, and especially as
patrons of the Picture Shows. Note these low prices to
Community League members and their families: Men,
one show a month at half-price. Ladies, all the time,
25c. on presentation of Membership Card. So join the
League and take an active interest in all its doings. ALICE   ARM   AND   ANVOX   HERALD. Saturday, June 11,  1932
Copper Tariff In U. S.
Likely To Prove
Proposed tariff on copper of four
cents per pound, approved by the
U. S. oongress will mean that U.S.
cousumers will have to pay more
for their oopper and at the same
time U. S. producers may be faced
with ourtailed markets abroad, eta-
ted J. Y. Murdoch, president of
Noranda Mines Ltd. in an eastern
It ia expected that the American
action regarding oopper will make
this particular material an important subject for discussion at the
forthcoming Imperial Conference
at Ottawa. According to recent
advice from Ottawa the prospect of
a duty of four cents per pound on
copper going into the United
States, regarded as a prohibitive
impost, has turned the attention of
conference officials to the task of
obtaining data which may make
possible a more assured market for
this metal.
Mr. Murdoch expressed the opin
1 ion that the only mines that would
'■ be affected by such a tariff would
be the United States producers. "It
l)is likely to mean," he stated, "that
t'other   countries   will   take   some
[action to offset this high duty and
ftwill tend to shut American copper
Ijiut from other large consuming
■countries." He went on to say that
■only about one third of the United
[States producers favored the tariff.
Regarding the reaction on Nor-
J'anda, Mr.Murdoch said that he did
■not  believe it would have any di-
rrect effect. "Since the first of the
| year Noranda has not been ship
(ping copper to the United  States.
What   copper the company is
selling is going to Europe," Mr.
Murdoch stated.
Mr. Murdoch said that Noranda
had been quite successful in introducing its new brand of copper, and
that it had received a good reception in Britian, particularly in view
of the fact that Noranda is a British
Empire producer. He does not anticipate that his company will be
unable to dispose of, at world market prices, all the copper it will
Noranda has been building up a
strong market for its red metal
across the Atlantic, and, Mr. Murdoch stated, it will continue to find
an outlet on the continent for its
products. Noranda copper has
been shipped to a considerable number of countries and, although a
new brand, has received a truly
1 gratifying reoeptiou, Mr. Murdoch
', stated.
As to the effect on the United
States, Mr Murdoch believes that
the proposed tariff will mean that
American consumers will have to
\ pay more for their copper and at
the same time may be faced with
curtailed markets abroad.
TO $2.00 A YEAR
$1.00 for $ix Months, 50c. for
three months
One of the best, cheapest, brightest, compact and
most newsy weekly newspapers in British Columbia
All the Local News of the whole district. Also reliable reports concerning the copper and silver
markets, mailed to you regularly each week. Bright
editorials and interesting news items of outside provincial points are also published
All this interesting news will  be   mailed   you
each week for $2.00 a year, $1.00 for six months,
or 50c. for three months
Subscribe Now
Swell our rapidly increasing list of subscribers.
You will obtain much pleasure by so doing, and
the cost is trifling
Subscriptions in Anyox are being taken by Mr. P.
Powell, P. 0. Box 221, Phone No. 262
Advertise in the Herald ALICE   ARM   AND   ANYOX   HERALD, Saturday, June 11,  1932
Hidden  Creek   and   Mine
Tennis Clubs Play
A very interesting; inter-club tournament was held between the Hidden Creek and the Mine Tennis
Clubs on Sunday the 5th. at the Hidden Creek Court. Close play featured the Mixed Doubles event between the two clubs, nine sets being-
won by the Hidden Creek players
and seven by those from the Mine.
The outstanding players for theMine
were Mrs. N. Roberts and R.
Shewan, and for the H. C. Club
Mrs. Stretton and J. Gillies, deserved the honors. The home court
took 76 games, as against 75 by the
In the Men's Doubles the Mine
were outclassed, Steve Peel and Bud
Gillies, winning all three sets 6-1,6-2
6-5, against Norman Roberts and
Glen Owen. The Hidden Creek
members entertained their guests at
a chicken dinner, held in the Beach
Mess, and during the afternoon refreshments were served.
A return tournament will take
place at the Mine in the second
week of July.
The weather man has spoiled the
ladder games somewhat at the A.
C. L Courts, though these are progressing, whenever opportunity
presents itself.
Mr.  and Mrs.  Shields   Go
East To Attend Golden
On June 17th there will be celebrated in the town of Cobalt, Ontario, the golden wedding of Mr.
and Mrs. J. Shields, the parents of
Mr. Joseph Shields, of Anyox.
Mr. and Mrs Shields Snr. who
reside in Scotland, left tlieir home
on May 27th. in order to celebrate
their golden wedding, among tlieir
sons and daughters in Canada.
Three brothers and two sisters of
Mr. Shields will be at the celebration. Two of these brothers reside
in Detroit, one in Cobalt, and two
sisters in that town. There are
remaining in Scotland two brothers
and three sisters, making a family
of eleven.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Shields left
Anyox on Wednesday, amid the
good wishes of many friends.
Mr. 0. Evindsen Extends
Shortly before his death, the late
Mr. Patrick Clune requested Mr. O,
Evindsen of Alice Arm to make all
arrangements necessary for his burial, and specially requested that he
be buried at Alice Arm, under the
auspices of the Elks' Lodge. His
wishes were carried out and Mr. Evindsen desires to express his thanks
and appreciation to the Elks' Lodge
for the valuable assistance given
him and also to many other friends
who so willingly assisted.
+.«.+it,+,><f ifrii, 4 ■■■ 4 ■•■+■».+ •-+<••+<w4>***t f
VV. R. Lindsay returned on
Monday from a business trip to
Vancouver. I
James Elliott, who has been in
Anyox for some years, left on
Monday for a visit to his home in
Newcastle, England. Jimmy's
cheery manner and sporting spirit
will be missed for the time being
among his many friends, especially
in football circles.
Mrs, W. Mitchell returned on
Monday from a holiday visit to
J. Kruzick and A. Dokovich returned on Monday from a visit to
Prince Rupert.
J. Crnic left on Monday for a
visit to Vancouver.
Mr. and Mrs. D. McDougall left
on Monday for Vancouver, where
Mr. McDougall will undergo special medical treatment.
C. Graham, district inspector of
mines, left Anyox on Monday for
Prince Rupert. He returned again
on Wednesday.
A. Zamai left on Wednesday for
Montreal, where he will reside.
N. Pudyk left on Wednesday for
a trip to Edmonton.
Dr. Gordon James left on Wednesday for a month's holiday in
W. Ballentyne returned on Wednesday from a holiday visit to Vancouver.
Gordon H. Anderson arrived
home on Wednesday from Prince
Rupert to spend his summer vacation.
Tennis Open  Championship
Tournaments In July
The second week in July will see
ihe commencement of the Annual
Open Championship Tournaments
in Anyox. This date has been fixed
early so that those contemplating
holidays, may make their arrangements accordingly. There will be
Ladies Singles, Men's Singles. Ladies Doubles, Men's Doubles, Mixed Doubles. There will also be
Consolation Singles for both ladies
and men for those who are eliminated in the first rounds. This latter
series proved very popular with both
sexes in last year's championship
Canadian Copper  Exports for April
Copper in various forms in Apil
was exported to the amount of 14,
250,500 pounds, valued at $842,-
811. In April, 1931, the amount
was 3,957,500 pounds, valued at
$389,810, an illustration of the increase in quantity exports that is
taking place in a number of lines
and the decrease in values. The
largest purchaser last month was
United States, with $518,907. Great
Britain came second, with $251,887.
Some of the others were: Sweden,
$37,412; Italy, $25,181; Norway,
$3,066; Germany; $2,265; Japan,
$1,147; Holland, $1,096; Belgium,
$648, according to the Dominion
Bureau of Statistics.
"Children Of Dreams"
Tonight, June 11th.
A Warner Bros. Picture by Oscar
Hatnmerstein II and Sigmund
A supreme oreation of America's
favorite masters of melody and romance! Among the Romberg
achievements are "Desert Song",
"Blossom Time", "The Student
Prince", and "Nina Rosa". Books
and lyrios were done by Mr. Haui-
merstein for many hits, among
them being "Rose Marie", "Show
Boat", and "Sunny". These two
collaborated on "Children of
Dreams", it being theirseoond offering, written exactly for the screen.
It is the beautiful love story of a
girl who has lived the life of a
gypsy, wandering with her parents
from orchard to orchard in California. Idyllic pettings of orchards in
bloom and at apple-picking time
in New York-and Italy wonderful
songs and a musical setting of glam
orous and haunting beauty. The
lovers are Margaret Schilling and
Paul Gregory,Broadway stage favorites. This picture is said to be
more beautiful than "Viennese
Nights".   See it Saturday.
"The Modern Age"
Tuesday, June Hth.
Joan Crawford, Monroe Owsley,
Marjorie Ramheau, Neil
In this Metro Goldwyn Mayer picture Joan Crawford returns to the
"whoopee" type of role which made
her famous, aud which she tempor
arily deserted for the straight
parts in "Paid", and "Dance, Fools
Dance". The plot concerns an
American girl who lives in Paris
with a mother who is so ultra mod
ern that she even has a secret love
affair with a wealthy man about
town. This affair brings disaster
to the daughter, whose fiance refuses to marry a girl with so disreputable a mother. The means
by which the complications are
solved make for an extremely lively
and tip-to date story. The picture
is full of thrilling episodes of youthful exuberance, and a wide variety
of luxurious settings and costumes.
What should a girl do when she
learns of her mother's mistakes?
See the answer on Tuesday.
All those whose subscriptions to
the Herald are in arrears, can now
pay their overdue subscriptions at
the rate of $2.00 per year instead
of $2.50. Prompt payment will be
greatly appreciated.
Visitor: That is a beautiful
clock.   Is it insured?
Manager: No but it is absolutely
safe. There are more than a hundred men working on this floor,
and every one of them is watching
Office:   Opposite Liquor Store
Established  1849
"Lamb's Fine Old Navy"
Old and Goodl
Ask the British Navyl
On snlc nt Liquor Vendors or direct from
Government Liquor Control Mail Order
Department, Victoria, B. C
This advertisement is not published or displayed  by   the   Liquor
Control Board or by the Government of British Columbia
Bread, Cakes, Pastry,
Subscribe to the Herald
Candies, Stationery, Proprietary
Medicines, Toilet Articles, Etc.
W. M. ClimmingS,   Agent for all Vancouver Daily Papers
Post Offloe Building, Alice Ann
From Anyox for Stewart, Prince Rupert,
Ocean Falls, Powell River and Vancouver,
11.00 p.m. Fridays.
Fortnightly service to Queen Charlotte
Isiands.   Particulars on request.
Passenger  trains   leave   Prince  Rupert
Mondays, Wednesday? and .Saturdays at
12.30 p.m. for Edmonton, Winnipeg and
points East
'Effective June 13th
For in/ormation :aii ii write ,oati agent or
H. McEWi-N D.F 6? P.A.
Prince Rupert, B.C.
.   jffcj
It will
the Flavor of
Your Cooking!
i x—^
DON'T take our word for it.
Order a can of St. Charles Milk
Irom your grocer today and use it lor
cooking wherever the recipe calls for
milk. You will find that St. Charles will
give a creaminess,a fresh sweet flavor to
your cooking that your family will like.
Send for this FREE cook book.    Fill in
this coupon and we will send you a copy
of our new cook book "The Good Provider." It contains over 80 pages, illustrated in color and will tell you
how to make nearly 200
deliciousdishes better
vith St. Charles.
Truro, N.S., Insersoll,
Ont.,  Norwich, Ont.
and Sumas, B.C.
The Borden Co. Limited, ST. o,i
50 Powell Street,
Vancouver, B.C.
Gentlemen: Please lend mc a copy ol your free cook book,
The Good Provider."


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