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A little paper
with all the
news and a big   j
circulation      1
Published in the interests of Alice Arm and Anyox, B. C.
I   S2.50 a Year
j Alice Arm and
Anyox. $2.75 to J
all other points. J
VOL. 11,   NO. 23
Alice Arm, B. C, Saturday, December 12, 1981
5 cents each.
Boxing Contests Staged
At Basketball
As a preliminary to the Senior
basketball game on Monday the
7th., three interesting boxing bouts
were held. The first of these was
between Ronnie Parsons and Dick
Ward, the boys exchanging freely
tlieir whole stock in-trade in a
whirlwind tussle.
Next came Beunie Parsons and
Tommy Scott, both well matched,
keen and willing. They went 'the
limit and were still rearin' to go
when finally separated.
The main bout was between
Henry Deeth and Jim Dixon, who
gave the crowd a pleasant surprise
with their clever exchanges. There
was no decision for any of these
bouts, and the fans heartily appreciated the exhibition, which was
arranged and managed by Henry
Deeth, R. Deeth, senr. and Sid
Peters. R. Gale refereed the main
bout and H. Deeth the junior.
Elks Hold Their Annual
Memorial Service
On Sunday last the members of
I the   Elks'   Lodge Anyox No.  47,
' held their   Annual Memorial Service  in   honor of those members
whose names appear on the Honor
Roll of the Great War.
The choir of the United Church
rendered two anthems, and Brother
E. Ross Oatman   gave   a   cornet
The Memorial Ritual and the
closing ceremonies were carried
out by the officers of the Lodge,
and the Memorial address was
given by Rev. Frank Bushfield.
This annual service, to which the
public are generally invited, is interesting to everyone with patriotic
instincts, and is deserving of a
larger attendance.
Anyox Rebeccas   Celebrate
Third Anniversary
On Wednesday, the 9th. mem
bers of the Rebecca Lodge held a
social evening aud dance in the
Oddfellow's Hall in honor of the
third anniversary of the Lodge.
A good number of ladies with their
invited friends and members of the
Oddfellows' Lodge, were present-
After the regular meeting of the
Lodge, the gathering sat down to
a very enjoyable supper, and then
held a session of danoing. The
Rebeccas are to be congratulated
on their success as entertainers.
Elks Still In Lead In Billiard
The Elks are paramount in the
Senior as well as the Junior Billiard League, leading in both by a
comfortable margin.
The Boiler Shop is putting up
strenuous opposition to the au tiered herd, battering home an odd
win occasionally, while in the Junior League the newly formed Celts
are making persistent efforts to
range" up alongside the leaders.
Some excellent scores are being
Officers Elected For United
Church Ladies' Aid
Officers of the Mine and the
Beach Ladies' Aid of the United
Church were recently elected as
Mine: President, Mrs, S. Murray; First Vice-President, Mrs. Ed.
Nelson; Second Vice-President,
Mrs. J. Russell; Secretary-Treasurer, Miss Helen Calderoni.
Beach: President, Mrs. J. M.
Dunn; First Vice-President, Mrs.
J. Evans; Second Vice-President,
Mrs. F. Dresser; Secretary, Mrs.
R. C. Cormier; Assistant Secretary, Mrs. J. McMillan; Treasurer,
Mrs. P. A. Forde; Pianist, Mrs.
Frank Bushfield.     ,
Canadian National Boat
Schedule Changes
Vancouver, B. C. Dec. 7—In
order to meet the requirements of
Christmas travel, officials of the
Canadian National Steamships
announce a change in the round
trip of the steamship Prince Ru-
peit, leaving Vanoouver for the
north on Monday, December 14th.
As far as Prinoe Rupert northbound, no change will be made.
Leaving Prinoe Rupert, however,
the Prince Rupert will sail at 10.00
p.m. Wednesday, December 16th.
arriving at Anyox on Thursday
morning December 17th. and leav
ing shortly after for Stewart, arriving Thursday afternoon.
Southbound the ship will leave
Stewart at 11.00 p.m. Thursday,
December 17th., arriving at Prince
Rupert early Friday morning
December 18th. The departure
from Prince Rupert will be 6.00
p.m. Friday Deoember 18th,, calling at Ocean Falls and Powell
River and arriving at Vancouver
[at 9.00 a.m. Sunday morning,
December 20th. instead of Saturday
It is also announced that a
change will be made in the sailing
of the steamship Prince John for
Queen Charlotte Islands. Instead
of leaving Prince Rupett on Sat
urday, December 19th. at 10.00
p.m. the sailing has been delayed
until Sunday, December 20th. at
10.00 p.m. in order to connect with
the mail from Vancouver by Union
Steamship "Catala."
Christmas Tree and Concert
For Hospital Patients
The ladies of the Anyox Hospital
Auxiliary are planning a Grand
Concert and Christmas Tree for the
patients and staff of the Anyox
General Hospital. The affair
promises to be even more interesting than usual.
There will be displays of dancing
by tiny folk, vocal items, recitations, and several other forms of
entertainment, and in addition the
Anyox Amateur Orchestra will
render several selections. It will
be held on Christmas Eve. and is
already being keenly anticipated by
those concerned.
Anyox Boy Scout Notes
During the past week the boys
have been busy collecting medicine
bottles for the Hospital. The large
quantity gathered up was surprising.
The Rovers held a very successful re organization meeting on
Thursday, the 3rd. Arthur Teabo
occupied the chair. It was decided
to hold regular, meetings on TiiUrs
days, after night school classes
were out.
The Scouts will deliver mail and
parrels this Christmas, as iu former years, This it; a real service
which is greatly appreciated by the
public generally, and needless to
say by the hard worked Post Office
staff at that season. Anyone who
notes the mountains of mail to be
handled at Christmas will understand that this assistance is great
ly valued.
Three Games of Basket-
Bali Played on Friday
December 4th.
Three interesting games of basketball were played on Friday the
4th. before a large crowd of fans.
The first, an Intermediate Boys'
event, was between the pirates and
the Vikings. The latter appeared
to need a little more stamina and
generalship to withstand the carefully planned attacks of the cunning
The ladies' game, between the
High School and the Spooks, was
a walk-away for the latter, who
apparently could do nothing wrong,
while the High School girls could
for once do nothing right. Time
and time again they missed excellent chances to score. Helen Calderoni was a real "shooting" star
for the Spooks, netting four baskets, while Marjory Cloke go,t two,
Bubbles Eve one and Jean McDonald one.
The Senior Men's game between
the Celts and the Concentrator was
fast throughout, the Celts combining beautifully and winning by 33
to 21. The Millmen put up a good
fight and did some excellent shooting. Scorers were, Celts: Steet-4,
Dwyer-4, Davis-3, Dodsworth-1,
S. Barclay-1, McDonald-1. Concentrator: J. Gillies-4, D. McLeod-
3, C. Dresser-1, L. Dodd-i, Locky
Gillies handled the game very capably.
Women's Auxiliary Hold Sale
Of Work
On December 8th. the Women's
Auxiliary of Christ Church, Anyox,
held a very successful Sale of Work
Those in charge of the various
stalls were: Home Cooking, Mrs.
]. ]. H. Varnes and Mrs. Eklof;
Sewing and Fancy Work, Mrs.
Geo. Stewart, Mrs. H. E. Doelle
and Mrs. ]. S. Brayfield; Candy,
Mrs. Warden; Afternoon Tea,
Mrs. A. R. Kent, Mrs. F. Dodsworth, Mrs. P. Powell and Mrs. J.
We regret that the Herald is a
day late this week. Every effort
was made to get it out as usual,
but a combination of circumstances
including rush work for the job
printing department and lack of
help, prevented the Herald being
published as usual, despite all our
efforts. We hope that our readers
are not greatly inconvenienced and
will understand the handicaps
which are sometimes forced upon
Harry Owen returned on Monday
from a visit to Prince Rupert and
S, Fraser returned on Monday
from a business trip to Vancouver.
Miss Becker, who has been visit-
.« «■♦■«■♦ T«fii»»4<T«»>»»f'i
. !
4 ♦■'>■»<■♦■«•♦«• ■'■♦■"♦ '* ♦ 'e. ♦ ».«/•••■*.•••♦••.♦ {
Mrs. Austin Lindgren, who has
been in Vancouver recuperating
from an operation for appendicitis
arrived in town on Monday.
Mrs. Heppeler arrived home on
Monday from a visit to Vancouver.
W. J. E. Pamplin returned on
ing her sister, Mrs. S. Fraser, fo- . Monday from a visit to Vancouver,
the past two weeks, returned on I Norman Roberts, formerly of the
Monday to Prince Rupert. IMine   staff,   arrived   on   Monday
j. T. McCabe arrived on SatuJfrom Prinoe Rupert
day from Aiyansh via the Govern
ment telegraph trail. He is reliev
ing J. C, Studdy local telegraph
operator, who is enjoying two
month's holiday.
J. A. Anderson, superintendent
of Public Works, arrived from
Anyox on Thursday. Mr. Anderson has not received any word from
Victoria regarding the resumption
of work at the Relief Camp.
Mrs. E. H. Dunwoodie was an
outgoing passenger on Monday.
She plans to visit Seattle for
special medical treatment.
Mrs. J. Kirby was a passenger
to Vancouver on Monday.
John Vizier returned on Monday
from a visit to Prince Rupert.
Concentrator Win From
Store 19 to 11
The Senior Men's basketball
game on Monday between the
Store and Concentrator waR of real
interest throughout, Both sides
were strong and keen, aud through
out most of the game it looked as
though the Store aggregation were
about to break their hoodoo.
At half time they held a slight
lead over the Millman, aud the
hopes of their many supporters
were high.
In the second half, however, the
Millmen became more aggressive,
and despite excellent work on the
part of their opponents they won
by 19 to 11.
Advertise in the Herald
The many friends of Walter
Stenton will regret to learn that
on Wednesday morning last he
suffered an injury to his nose while
following his occupation in the
boiler shop. He was accidentally
struck with a small piece of iron. ALICE   ARM   AND   ANYOX   HERALD, Saturday, December 12, 1931
Alice Arm & Anyox Herald
Issued every .Saturday at Alice Arm
Alice Arm and Anyox $2.50 Yearly
Other Parts of Canada, $2.75
British Isles and United States, $3.00
Notices for Grown Grants -   -   $15.00
Land Notiees -      -      -      -      $15.00
Transient Advertising, 50c. per inch
Contract Rates on Application.
15. MOSS, Editor and Publisher.
Belgians Are Agreeable
To a Curtailment
Of Copper
Final Plans Will Be Worked
Out Shortly
New York—The chief obstacle
to an agreement among tlie world
copper producers for further sharp
curtailment of output appears to
have been removed with the reports
from London that the Belgian
• interests operating the Katanga
mines in Africa had accepted proposals made to them in recent
conferences in New York, says the
Financial News of Vancouver.
The Katanga representatives
according to cables from London,
notified the Rhokana Corporation
in London, operating mines under
development in South Africa of
tlieir acceptance.
The large American producers
already had indicated their readiness to adopt the proposed curtailment programme, while Rhokana
was one of the chief objectors to
the claims put forward by the
Katanga representatives, which
sought a higher share of output
than other producers were willing
to concede.
Although the willingness of Kat
anga to accept the proposals apparently opens the way for adoption of the curtailment plan, much
remains to be done in the way of
negotiations. Some of the smaller
producers must be lined up for the
Copper men here were inclined
to believe that announcement of
the withdrawal of the Phelps
Dodge Corporation, third largest
producer, from Copper Exporters,
Inc., had a good deal to do with
the change in attitude on the part
of the Belgians.
Copper Exporters, Inc., is the
cooperative selling organization for
mines representing about 90 per
cent, of the world's output of copper in the export market. Inasmuch as the Katanga interests
have been one of the leading exponents of copper marketing
schemes, it was believed they were
alarmed over a threatened break
up of Copper Exporters.
Phelps Dodge made no explanation of its withdrawal from Cop
per Exporters. There has been
dissatisfaction in the ranks of the
selling agency for some time, partly
because the export price had been
'maintained out of the normal relationship witli the domestic quotation. However, it was feared a
disruption of the organization
would add to the   unsettlement of
B. C. Has Big Reserves Of
Gold Says Galloway
Vancouver — British Columbia,
which has already produced gold to
the value of $140,868,011, possesses even vaster possibilities for production of this metal, J. D. Galloway, provincial mineralogist, told
the convention of the Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
Victoria—The 1931 .British Columbia automobile licence plates
will have a background of chocolate
color with white letters and figures.
The new plates will be available by
December 1.
the copper industry, now laboring
under the burden of a large stored
surplus and the lowest price for
the red metal in history at 6| cents
a pound domestic,
Compromise proposals accepted
by the Belgians are understood to
be based on a maximum capacity
of 430,000,000 pounds of copper a
year for the Katanga mines, with
actual production to be fixed at
115,000,000 pounds, while 60,000,-
000 pounds additional could be
mined, but must be kept off the
market until the industry has an
opportunity to work off the surplus.
That would mean a curtailment
to around 27 per cent, of capacity,
which producers figure is drastic
enough to bring supply into equili
brium with demand, and at the
same time allow for liquidation of
the surplus.
Mexico, United States   and
Canada, 3 Big Silver
Canada ranks third among the
silver producing countries of the
world. The four largest producers
of silver are Mexico, the United
States, Canada and Peru in the
in the order named. Together
they supply over 80 per cent of the
world's total silver production.
In 1930 Canadian production was
26,443,823 fine ounces. The latest
comparative figures available are
for 1929, when the production of
the Dominion was 23,143,291 ounces. In that year Mexico led with
an output of 108,700,372 fine
ounces. The United States came
second with 61,233,321 fine ounces
and Peru fourth with 21,495,169
fine ounces. The world's production of silver in that year was 261,
715,021 ounces of silver.
Prince Rupert Telephone
Will Be Linked With South
Arrangements are being made
with the iinking of the City of
Prince Rupert's telephone system
with that pf the Northwest Tele
phone Co., subsidiary of the B. C.
Telephone Co. which serves the
B. C. coast by means of an interconnected wire and radio service.
When the necessary equipment is
installed, Prince Rupert will be iu
touch with Vancouver and other
coast centres by telephone.
For Results Advertise
in The Herald
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H idlest
Possible    ftl
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Rum in public favor
for two centuries...
ever bought with absolute confidence because back of both ia
» reputation 211
years old.
IjWonyl^g (Eomjmttg/
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League and take an active interest in all its doings.
Interesting information regarding British
Columbia coal, and its efficiency in comparison with other fuels, is available.
Annual Report of the Minister of Mines for the year
1930, dealing in detail with mineral production and general
mining conditions,  both in  respect of metallic and non-
metallic industries.
Bulletin, "Placer-Mining in British Columbia."   A special report dealing comprehensively with this phase of mining
in British Columbia.
Bulletin, "British Columbia, the Mineral Province of
Canada," containing a synopsis of the mining laws and
interesting information regarding the mining industry.
Copies of the above may be
obtained upon application to
Victoria, B. C. 4
ALICE   ARM   AND   ANYOX   HERALD, Saturday, December 12,  1931
B. C. Population Shows
Large Increase
The population of British Columbia is announced as 689,210
following the holding of the
decennial census this year. This is
a gain of 164,628 over the British
Columbia count of 524,582 in the
1921 census. Incidentally, British
Columbia has the largest percentage gain of any province in Canada. Quebec has the largest actual
gain, showing an increase of some
Skeena Eleotoral District has a
population of 30,618 as compared
with 28,934 ten years ago.
The population of Canada is
officially announced as 10,353,778,
this being a gain of 1,565,829 from
Canada Raised 24,000 Tons
Of Tobacco Last Year
Ottawa—A preliminary estimate
of the tobacco crop of Canada issu
ed reoently by the Bureau of Stat
istics places the 1931 production at
48.230,000 lbs., as   compared  with
36,716,917 lbs. in 1930.    The estimate of Ontario's crop is placed at
[40,860,000 lbs, Quebec at   7,180,
I 000 lbs., and  British Columbia at
1190,000, making up the total.
Here pnd I here
— *t—.i i v ■,'    rj '—
{Jrujn yields ranging froiti 38 to
70 bushels to tha acre are reported In Northern Alberta, according to information reaching
the Agricultural Department of
the Canadian Pacific Railway.
A tree-planting plan on a large
scale to extend over a ten-year
period has been Inaugurated In
Saskatchewan. It will embrace
the whole treeless part of the province and Is to be started at once.
Establishing a new record for
quick delivery, a shipment handled by tho Canadian Pacific Express Company went from .Southampton to Vancouver In nine
days. It came over on the Empress of Britain to Quebec in less
than five days.
The Royal York, largest hotel
ln the British Empire, recently
staged the largest brtdgb tea and
fashion show ever held when over
1,100 bridge tables were In operation and nearly 5,000 guests attended the function. It was held
In aid of unemployment relief
P. Q. Wodehouse, world-famous
novelist and humorist, will write
his next novel aboard the Empress of Britain during the world
cruise which starts December 3
from New York. It will be a
continuation of the story of.
"Jeeves" who has already figured
in several of his best sellers.
Butter production in Canada for
the first seven months of 1931 increased 25.379)726 pound? or 15.5
per cent, over the production for
the corresponding period of 1930.
Exports In the same period wore
5,149,600 pounds or nearly 4,000,-
000 pounds more than in the same
seven months last year.
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2ad. Co-ed: No.
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Judge: "Do you understand the
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Boy: "Do I? Ain't I your
When men speak ill of thee live
so that nobody will believe them.—
Advertise in the Herald
The total of unemployed in Germany was announced last week as
being 4,840,000 which is an increase
of 250,000 in the last two weeks.
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ticulars may be obtained from E. Moss, Sole Agent,
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And save money at the same time ALICE   ARM   AND   ANYOX   HERALD, Saturday, December 12,  1931
New British Tariff Will
Favor Canadian
III the report of the copper trade
of the United  States with England,    which   country buys more
copper from  America   than   any
other country,  the United  States
Department of Commerce indicates
that  it may  be difficult for the
United   States   to   maintain this
trade.    The     Department    says:
"United   States   resources in ore
and its established trade channels
should continue to insure a favor
able position.   Recent trends, however, appear to justify the prediction that competition will become
increasingly acute and that it will
be more and more difficult to main
tain the strong position which has
been so   long   enjoyed.    The in
creasing share of the trade which
may   be   secured   by the British
Empire appears the most immediate concern  to   producers in tlie
United   States.   It is interesting
in  this   connection   that  Canada
now has only a small trade  with
the mother country, although its
rapid increase in developed resources   and     refining   capacity   will
place the Dominion   in a highly
competitive position."
"Do?s your business school do
Very well. Of forty-nine girl
pupils placed in position, twenty-
five have married the chief."
B. C. Paper Manufacturers
Not Included In Merger
British Columbia paper manufacturing companies are not
included in the present proposal for
consolidation of Canadian newsprint companies. The proposal
includes mills in Nova Scotia,
New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario,
and Manitoba. West Coast mills
are regarded as belonging to a
separate area for market purposes,
their products going principally to
Australia, New Zealand and the
Pacific States. The eastern Canadian mills aim to get together to
correct a situation which has
meant unprofitable operations
owing to over production accompanied by price cutting.
Certainly a seasonal, If not an
all time, record for a lady big
game hunter waj recently established In New Brunswick when
Mrs. Walter R. Peterson, of
Nashua, New Hampshire, shot a
moose, two buck deer and a bear
during a hunting trip in the Serpentine section of the Toblque
district of the province.
Catfish leather may eventually
win favour with the lady of fashion for her handbag or shoes.
Not until recently lias a market
been found for catfish caught In
Nova Scotia, but a firm of leather
manufacturers In the United
States has found that a soft and
pliable product can be made from
the skins of catfish.
B.  P. O.  ELKS
Dominion of Canada and Newfoundland
Meets every second and fourth Monday of
the month
Hall for rent for dances, social functions, etc.
on application to club manager
Radio ia to be use4 for promoting correspondence school
courses in Saskatchewan, This
is believed to be an entirely new
departure, tliougl. ii has already
been used as a medium of instruction for a prepared proirrnm
hy the intension Department of
the University cf Alberta, for the
past few years. •
The number of Canadians who
are part owners of the Canadian
Pacific continues to increase. A.
year ago, on September 2, the
total number of the company's
Canadian stockholders was 26,185.
On September 1 of this year the
number had grown to 35,217, an
increase of 9,032 shareholders.
Many of these have been added
since the recent break iu the security markets carried stock
prices to new low levels indicating that Canadians have confidence in the country's ability to
"come back" to prosperity.   (7Bii)
iBrs. E. ffi. Stone tx-
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suhiept to conuietitlvt examination, to Its nnpiei.iires and other
employees under 21 years of ase,
and to minor sons ol employees
The candidate rereinns hlirhesl
marks in suiiJecfjS required for
admission to th* University will
be awarded tlie SchiilMsliip. (7»ti)
E»tabli»hed  1849
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Candies. Stationery. Proprietary
p Medicines. Toilet Articles, Etc.
W. M. ClimmingS.   Agent for all Vancouver Daily Papers
Post Office Building, Alice Ann
rj.MIL Feb.  29th. 1932, the fallowing  Round
Trip Winter  Fares   are effective on steamers
From Prince Rupert
From Anyos - $53.3'
.   .   .   .    .   $40.00
From Stewart. $56.70
To Prince Rupert anil Return.
From Anvox. $13.35 From  Stewart,  »16.70
(Meals and Berth Included)
For information call or write local agent or
II. McEWEN, D.F. & P.A.. Prince Rupert
Canadian National
(lite. Xargeit ficriluraij'.MidJte*VL in. c^merictz.
At Government Stores
C.B. 9
fo/^l!lMi»^ n
This advertisement is not published or displayed by the Liquor
Control Board or by the Government of British Columbia.
(Sine Slippers Shis
- Christmas -♦
What is nicer than receiving a pair of Slippers for
Christmas? They are useful, warm and comfortable, and when sent with a Christmas wish they are
always appreciated. Our styles and colors are the
very newest, and the prices are most reasonable.
Why not have a New Blue Serge Suit
for Christmas ?
You can obtain a perfectly tailored Ready-made
Suit with two pairs pants for $27.95, or with one
pair pants for only $21.50.   Four stylish models in
sizes 38, 39 and 40.


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