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 A little paper
with all the
news and a big
Published in the interests of Alice Ann and Anyox, B. C.
$2.00 a Year
Alice Arm and
Anyox. $2.25 to
all other points.
VOL. 12,   NO. 13
Alice Arm, B. O, Saturday, September 3, 1932
5 cents each.
Rain Halts Progress Of
The Anyox Tennis
The energetio seoretary of the A.
C. L. Tennis Club, Mr. Ross Oatman, is kept busy these days arranging cancelling and re-arranging the various games of the Anyox
Open Tennis Championships.
Jupe Pluve ia upset onoe more.
However, Sunday last saw the se-
oond game of the semi-finals in the
Men's Doubles played between F.
Dodsworth Jnr. and Fred Gordon
against 0. G. Macintyre and Ross
Oatman, the latter winning 6-3,
6-2, 6-2. The youngsters, however
put up a good game against the
veterans, aud some good play was
witnessed by the spectators. The
winners now meet A. MoDougall
and Frank Gordon in the final, the
latter pair having defeated Cavers
1 and Cavers, 4-6, 6-4, 8-7, 5-7, 6-4.
In the semi-final of the Ladies'
I Single M. Leighton defeated Mrs.
I Smith'6-2. 7-5.
In the Ladies' Consolation Sin-
Igles, eligible to those defeated in
I the first round of the Championship
|L. Dresser defeated K. Blakey 6-4,
6-4. B. Lee defaulted to Mrs. Car
I rick, Mrs. Stretton won from Flora
I Cavers 6-0, 6-0, Vera Eve defeated
' M. Cavers 6-4, 6-1.
In tha second round of the Men's
I Consolation Singles W. Cavers defeated H. P. Kent 6-3, 6-2. A. E.
Field won from R. O. Cutler 6-3,
6-2. J. Dixon defeated F. Gordon
6-1,6-3. R. Duffy defaulted to
Donald Gillies. In the semi-final
A. E. Field defeated W. Cavers
6-3, 6-4, 5-7, 3-6, 6-3.
Delhi Sailors Entertained By
Canadian Legion
A hundred and fifty men of the
Flagship Delhi were entertained by
the Anyox Branch of the Canadian
Legion, at a Smoker in the Elks'
Dug-out on Tuesday last. A musical program was enjoyed, songs
being rendered by the visitors and
by members of the Legion. Community singing, accompanied by the
Legion Orchestra, was keenly enjoyed, the men of the battleship
mustering many fine voices.
Comrade T. J. Kirkwood occupied
the chair and extended a hearty
welcome to the visitors, expressing
the pleasure of his fellow members
of the Legion a^ the opportunity of
entertaining their comrades of the
navy. Rear-Admiral R. P. E. E.
Drax with a group of officers, visited the hall and warmly thanked the
Legion for their hospitality.
Anyox gardeners and housewives are extended a oordial invitation to exhibit their produce at
the Exhibition at Alice Arm on
Monday next.
Granby Co.  Entertain
Officers From
Promptly at 1.30 on Monday afternoon last, the H. M. S. Delhi,
Flagship of the West Indies Squadron, slid into Anyox Harbor and
dropped anchor. A large number
of people were on the dock to witness her arrival, and all Anyox joined
in welcoming the big and stately
war vessel.
At eight o'clock that evening the
ships' officers were entertained by
the Granby Company officials at a
dinner in the Pioneer Mess.
By the courtesy of the Community League, the men were entertained
at the Picture Shows on Monday and
Tuesday evenings. On Monday
evening a big dance was held in the
Gymnasium, at which over two
hundred sailors were present.
On Tuesday afternoon a football
match took place between the Delhi
and Anyox teams, and on Tuesday
evening over a hundred and fifty men
were entertained at a Smoker given
by the Anyox Branch of the Canadian Legion. A large number of men,
as 'wlfl as officers, were loyally entertained at the homes of residents.
Regret was expressed by everyone
that the visit was so short. The
ship left at 6 a. in. on Wednesday
for Esquimalt.
Pop Eyed Fishermen View
Gigantic Ogopogo
There is a real, authentic ogopogo
at Trout Lake near Anyox. It
was actually seen by two reputable
strictly sober citizens, on Sunday
the 21st. These men—Tom Gorman and Dick Lavery—were out
with a fishing party at the lake,
and were peacefully angling from
a raft when the monster appeared
right close to them. It was estimated to be from 7 to 9 feet long,
and wide in proportion. Mr. Allan
McDonald aud his daughter Jean
were with the party, and keen re
gret is felt that Mac, who is always
canny, cautious and conservative,
did not oatch sight of the dreaded
Father LeRay Will Conduct
Catholic Church Services
Rev, Father Le Ray O. M. I. of
Stewart has just received word
that Anyox and Alice Arm, has
been added temporarily to his ecclesiastical jurisdiction. As a result,
for the next few months, Father
Le Ray will have to divide his time
between Anyox and the Stewart-
Hyder district. He will arrive at
Anyox on Monday September the
5th. The Catholio Church of
Anyox has been left vacant since
the departure of Father Wolfe 0.
M. I. for Natal South Afrioa.
Cash Prizes For Competition at Big
Plans are all made to make the
big Exhibition at Alice Arm on
Monday next, September 5th.- an
outstanding success.
The Exhibition will open at 1
p.m. Sports will he held in the
afternoon and a dance at T. W.
Falconer's hall in the evening.
It is expected that a large number of Anyox visitors will attend
the Exhibition and that Anyox
gardeners and housewives will
bring or send a considerable number of exhibits. It is hoped that
everyone both in Alice Arm and
Anyox, who has anything to exhibit, will make a speoial effort
to help swell the amount. Every
exhibit helps towards success.
Eight cash prizes of $1.00 each
and one of 50c. will be given for
certain vegetables and flowers in
which there is strong competition.
Special prizes of $2.50, as stated
last week, will also be given for
the best collection of vegetables,
and prizes of $1.50 and $1.00 for
the best collections of wild flowers^
Exhibits should all be delivered
not later than 10.30 a.m. on Monday morning. No exhibits will be
received on previous day.
Sweden Wins International
Softball Championship
On Thursday evening of last
week, before a large crowd of spec
tators, the Olympio Softball Cham-
ionship (of Anyox) was won by
Sweden, with Scotland as the runners up. There was never any
doubt as to the outcome. Sweden
had a crack team, which romped
through the preliminaries with the
other nations in decisive fashion,
Scotland, however, proved a snag,
and a real hefty game resulted, the
final score being 54 to 7. The
Scots were mostly footballers, aud
it was evident that had the ball
been larger the result would have
been another victory for "The Land
of Oatcakes and Porridge".
Rovers Pay Interesting Visit
To Smelter Plant
On August 22nd the Anyox troop
of Rovers were taken on a visit to
the smelter, by the courtesy of Mr.
Geo. Lee. The visit proved to be
very instructive, as Mr. Lee explained in an easily understood manner
the various processes through which
the ore and other materials pass
until copper is produced.
He explained the crushing, the
work of the concentrator, how the
lime, iron, and copper ore are mixed before going into the sintering
plant, and its treatment there. He
told how the furnaces and converters
were heated, how the copper was
melted, and how separated from
other metals. The talk was very
interesting and all the boys extend
hearty thanks to Mr. Lee for his
keen interest in their welfare.
Kidd Committee Report
Recommends Drastic
Slashing of the government service, abolition of whole departments and removal of others from
provincial to federal control, including policing and fisheries,
curtailment of free education and
reduction of the number of seats in
the legislature to approximately
half their number, are recommended
in the report of the Kidd Committee
on government administration which
was issued to the public on Tuesday.
Headed by Mr. George Kidd of
Vancouver, the voluntary committee urges salary reductions in a
wholesale manner, dismissal of
civil servants to the extent of fifty
per cent, in some departments and
the formation of a committee to
handle the unemployment situation
without making any suggestions
for relieving the unemployment
The committee recommends] re-
peal of the minimum   wage   law,
curtailment of   public expenditure
•by   $6,000,000,   reduction   t# the
seats in the legislature from 48 to
28 and the number of cabinet posts
to six.  Abolition of the department
of lands, agriculture and mines as
Continued on Page 4
Dainty Dancers Delight
Delhi Sailors
During intervals at the picture
show on Monday evening, when
the men of the Delhi were entertained by the Community League,
an exhibition of Sootch dancing
was given by the pupils of Mr. H.
G. Laurie. These dancers appeared in full Highland costume, and
danced their way right into the
hearts of the sailors each time they
The Highland Fling was performed by six girls, and their grace
and skill were much appreciated.
The Reel O'Tulloch showed the
results of careful training, and was
charmingly executed. The Sheen
Trews, by a group of six, was
splendidly performed. The items
proved very popular, and the girls
performed again at the dance
given for the sailors the same
The girls taking part were:
Ellen MacLeod, Jessie Brunton,
Lillian Barclay, Bessie Barclay,
Florence McLean, Margaret Smith,
May Barclay. Credit is due to the
able pianist, Mrs. James McMillan,
who played with nioe judgement
and rhythm.
Delhi   Football   Team
Draw With Anyox
All Stars
Oue of the best games seen in
Anyox was that between the team
ofthe Flagship "Delhi" and the
Anyox All-Stars, played on Tuesday afternoon before a large number of spectators. The husky
visitors gave a fine exhibition of
football. Their quickness with the
ball and clever passing delighted
the fans.. The result, which was a
2-all draw, was scarcely an indication of the play, as the sailors
appeared to have the best of matters
most of the time.
They have a splendid goalie in
Evans. His cool anticipation and
confident clearing was a feature of
the game. Horner, between the
sticks for Anyox was no less confident. The two which got past him
offered no chance at all. The
visitors were strong in defence and
had a speedy forward line, keeping
the local lads on their toes all the
The Delhi's first goal was a fast
low cross-shot by Barry at outside
left, and the second was a spectacular effort by the centre forward,
who headed the ball in from a pass
by Riley, the inside right. Buchanan scored the first for Anyos
from a mix-up near the goal, and
the second was from a penalty
taken by Morrison, just a minute
from the final whistle. From a
penalty awarded Anyox in the first
half Dixon was unfortunate enough
to drive the ball right at the goalie,
who cleared.
The looal boys put up a splendid
game, the result being that football
in Anyox received quite a boost.
J. J. Olds, A. B., handled the
game very oapably.
The teams: "Delhi": Evans;
Turner, Caunt; Smith, Crisp,
Render; Collett, Riley (Captain)
Scrivens, Wallace Barry. Anyox:
Horner; Calderoni, McDougall;
Williams, Field, Hamilton; Buchanan, Donaldson, Dixon, Morrison, Peel.
Not Time To Post Notices
Owing to the change of visiting
hours on the Delhi on Tuesday
afternoon from 1.30 to 4, instead of
1.30 to 6 as previously advertised,
many people were disappointed at
not being able to visit the warship.
The change was made by the ship's
officers, and there was no time
after the ohange was made to inform the publio by posting notices,
otherwise this would have been
The summer will soon be over.
Why not finish the season with a
visit to the Exhibition at Alice
Arm on Monday next. ALICE   ARM   AND   ANYOX   HERALD,   Saturday, September 3, 1932
Alice Arm & Anyox Herald
Issued every Saturday at Alice Arm
Alice Arm and Anyox $2.00 Yearly
Other Parte of Canada, $2.25
British Isles and United States, $2.50
Notices for Crown Grants •   ■   $15.00
Land Notices ....      $15.00
Transient Advertising, 50c. per inch
Contract Rates on Application.
E. MOSS, Editor and Publisher.
The anxiously  awaited   Kidd
Report was made public by the
government on Tuesday.   A perusal of the synoposis shows that
there is no "kidding"  as to suggestions made by this commission
to  cut expenditures.   If all   the
recommendations   were  followed
there wouldn't be much left of the
different government departments,
except the tax collector's,   The
Kidd Commission favored the cutting of almost everything except
the salaries of the cabinet ministers and members of parliament,
and the abolition of the office of
Lieut-Governor.   They did, however,   recommend   that   students
attending normal school should pay
the entire cost of education; also
that all pupils over thirteen years
of age attending school should pay
a fee.   This is hitting the poor
man pretty hard.   It means that if
a married man or widow is unemployed or in financial difficulties
and unable to pay, that their child
ren are denied even a common education.     This    recommendation
appears to be much too reactionary
and is a big step back to the middle ages, when only the very rich
received an education.   The reduction of school teacher's salaries
by twenty-five per cent, is also an
unwise recommendation.   If such
a cut was made the best teachers
would leave as soon as possible,
and the rising generation, that will
become the citizens of the province
in a few years, will suffer a severe
handicap   through   an indifferent
education.     Everyone  is aware
that government expenditures can,
and must be curtailed, but   the
children should not be made to
suffer too much.
Skeena Winners Beaten
By Challenge Team
A friendly game of football was
played on Wednesday evening of
last week between the team that
defeated the Skeena Eleven and a
selected challenge team, the latter
winning by two goals to one. The
boost given to football by the recent
Skeena game, and the anticipated
match between the famous Delhi
team and the Anyox All-Stars,
drew a nice crowd of spectators,
who witnessed a fast and interesting game.
The first half olosed with no
score, but halfway during the second half Williams, playing centre
forward for the Skeena winners,
scored a beauty. A few minutes
later, Jimmy Boyd for the challengers, got one after a mix-up near
the goal. The game now livened
up considerably, both sides trying
hard to snatch a victory and a few
minutes before the close, Dixon
secured the ball and made a brilliant run. Though closely pressed
by Ion, he sent in a sizzler from
close in and cinched the game for
the challengers. Horner, in goal
.for the losers, made some brilliant
saves. "Sparky" Johnston refereed.
The teams: Skeena winners:
Horner, Dyer, Ion, Hamilton,
Currie, Dodsworth, Gillies, Peel,
Williams. H. Johnston, Flye.
Challengers: Bell, Calderoni, McDougall, Ferguson, Field, Rigby,
Buchanan, Morrison, Dixon,
Donaldson, Boyd.
Fall and Winter Schedule
C. N. Steamships
We still have quite a number of
subscribers on our books who are
in arrears. We hope that they
will pay in the very near future.
Operating a newspaper is not a
very lucrative occupation even in
the most prosperous times. During the past three years, due to the
falling off of advertising and job
printing the financial situation is
serious. We have reduced our
subscription rate to as low a figure
as possible. Your individual subscription does not make a great
deal of difference, but when it is
multiplied a hundred times it becomes a serious matter.
Customer (to butcher)—Those
sausages you sent me had meat at
one end and bread at the other.
Butcher—Yes, ma'am. In these
hard times it's difficult to make
both ends meat.
The fall and winter schedule of
the Canadian National Steamships
went into effect on Monday, August
29th. Under the new schedule
there will be one regular sailing
each week between Vancouver,
Stewart, Anyox, Prince Rupert,
Ocean Falls and Powell River.
The fortnightly service between
Vancouver and Queen Charlotte Island ports will be continued as usual.
Commencing August 29th. Steamship Prince Rupert will leave Vancouver each Monday during the fall
and winter months at eight o'clock
in the evening, instead of ten o'clock.
Calls are made at Powell River,
Ocean Falls and Prince Rupert
where connection is made with the
Eastbound passenger train. The
ship continues to Stewart and
back to Rupert before returning
southbound. The ship will arrive
back in Vancouver every Saturday
afternoon at 1.30 o'clock.
Commencing September 9th,
Steamship Prince John will continue
her regular sailings for Queen Charlotte Island ports, every other Friday throughout the fall and winter
season at four o'clock in the afternoon.
British Columbia's Pay
Roll Is Well Over
Workers in British Columbia
industries received $131,941,008 in
1931, according to the annual report of the B. C. Department of
Labor. This compares with $167,-
133,813 in 1930, or less of a drop
than might have been anticipated.
Greater Vancouver payrolls were
$58,964,435; the Mainland apart
from Vancouver, $52,143,086; and
Vancouver Island, $20,833,485.
A total of 4,088 firms reported to
the Department, paying $96,296
567 in payrolls, to which is added
$1,704,194 in late returns; $1,550-
000 in industrial firms not reporting;
$11,890,246 in railways; $5,500,-
000 in Federal and Provincial services; $2,850,000 in wholesale and
retail firms; $3,400,000 for delivery
cartage and specialty firms; $7,500,
000 in ocean and express services;
and miscellaneous payrolls to a
value of $1,250,000; totalling
The year 1929 was the peak one
for employment in the Province.
The last two years have shown expected decreases both in payrolls
and numbers employed, but the
figures are still considerably in advance of those of the last decade,
taking 1921 as a comparison.
Nine firms in B. C. have individual payrolls of over $1,000,000
each; two pay between $2,000,000
and $3,000,000; one between $4,
000,000 and $5,000,000; and one
firm has a payroll in e'xcess of
$5,000,000 annually, it is reported.
Grocer: "You want a pound of
ochre? Is it red ochre for painting
Small Boy. "No, itls tappy ochre,
wot Maw makes pudding with."
Anyox Community
The Beach Council meets on the
Second and Fourth Wednesday of each
month, in the Recreation Hall, at 7
The Mine Council meets on the First
and Third Thursday of each month, in
the Mine Hall, at 7.30 p.m.
to the
Old Countot
A SK Canadian National
for details of new low
fares   on   Old   Country
Lower rail and steamer
rates now bring a trip
home within tho means
of all. Liberal stopovers.
Extended time of return.
For Information, Call or Write:
Local Agent, or H. McEwen, D. F
and P. A„ Prince Rupert, U. C
We carry in stock at all times a Complete Line
of Men's Shoes
Men's Dress Shoes in black and tan, all sizes, from
$4.00 to $7.00 per pair
Outside Work Shoes, in black and tan, from $3.50 to
$4.50 per pair.
Strong Mining Shoes, with 10 inch top $9.75; with
%Vi inch top $6.75.
LEW  LUN  & Go.
General Merchants, Anyox West side of Smelter
OPEN   UNTIL   10   P.M.
We carry at all times a Full Line of First Class
Groceries;    also Heavy and  Shelf Hardware.
Clothes,   Boots,   Shoes   and   Rubbers   of   all
descriptions.   A large stock to choose from
Alice Arm
A. C. L. Libraries Are a Boon
To The Public
In these days of economic living the Community League
Libraries furnish pleasurable and instructive reading at
very low expense. Those using the libraries and
reading rooms are naturally expected to belong to the
Membership in the League carries many other privileges.   Anyone may join.   The dues are only  50c.
per month.   The Secretary will be glad to give you
full information.
You may join at the Beach or Mine Libraries.
Beach or Mine Counters, or with the Secretary.
British Columbia
The Mineral Province of Western Canada
Has Produced Minerals of an Aggregate
Value of $1,272,731,028
You are invited to apply to the Department
of Mines, Victoria, B. C. for the latest authoritative   information  regarding   mining
development in British Columbia
Annual Report of the Honourable the Minister of
Mines for the calendar year 1931.
"Lode Gold Deposits of British Columbia."
"Placer Mining In British Columbia."
Non-Metallic  Mineral Investigations:    "Barite,"
"Asbestos," "Glaasware," "Clay."
Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B. C. ALICE ARM   AND  ANYOX  HERALD,  Saturday, September 3, 1932
Of  Vegetables,  Fruits,
Flowers, Home Cooking
Canned Goods, Etc.
Of the Alice Arm and Anyox District
Monday, Sept. 5
Barring unf orseen events there will be a
general shutdown at Anyox on Sept. 5
The Biggest Exhibition
Ever Held North of Prince Rupert
Sports In The
Afternoon, also
Dance at Night
Spend Labor Day at Alice Arm and
enjoy yourself
Exhibition Opens at 1 p.m.   Exhibits must be in
place before 10.30 a.m.
The Alice Arm Mining
and Development Co.
Announce a Drastic Cut in
Prices of all Residential and
Business Lots at Alice Arm
Prices have been Slashed from $1000.00
to $200.00, and to as low as $25.00,
or at least a 75 per cent, reduction on all lots
Now is the time to secure a good Business
Lot or a Residential Site for a Summer
Prices of Individual Lots, terms and all other particulars may be obtained from E. Moss, Sole Agent,
P. O. Box 8, Alice Arm, B. C.
During these tight times by failing to
take advantage of the advertising
columns of the Herald
If you have anything to sell, whether it is a piano,
a radio, phonograph, an admission ticket to a dance,
concert or card party, Life or Fire Insurance, something to eat, wear or smoke, an auto ride, or whatever you have to sell: then
Advertise it in the Herald
and Increase Your Sales
Managers of social affairs are reminded
that an extra ticket or two sold pays for
an advertisement, and the others sold
through advertising are all clear
We will gladly write your advertisement for
you, if necessary, and display it to the best
possible advantage ALICE   ARM   AND  ANYOX   HERALD,   Saturday, September 3,  1932
Kidd Committee Report
Recommends Drastic
Continued from page 1
separate organizations, and the
grouping of these services under a
department of natural resources.
Merging of the departments of education, provincial secretary and
sorial services under a minister of
social services. Complete elimination of the departments of labor
and fisheries with the work of the
former being distributed among
other departments, and control of
the fisheries to be handed to the
Dominion government. Policing
of the province by federal police,
and the abandonment of the Pacific
Great Eastern Railway unless a sale
is made in nine months.
Changes are also urged in the
liquor control warehouses, and a
reduction of twenty per cent, of all
salaries of employees of the Liquor
Control Board. Withdrawal of all
government assistance from normal
schools and placing of entire costs
of maintenance and interest charges
on buildings on the students.
Drastic curtailment of the costs of
the University of British Columbia
and possible closing of the institution. Charge of educational fees
against all children attending school
after their thirteenth year, and reduction of teachers' salaries by
twenty-five per cent.
The committee would eliminate
provincial marketing efforts for
agriculture and lumber; would stop
all public works with the exception
of maintenance of essential roads;
would reduce the public ferry services and would stop government
assistance in the construction of
mining roads, trails and bridges,
and would curtail the departmental
technical services. It would also
end government assistance to farm
ers' and women's institutes.
Tragedy On Telegraph
Line Narrowly
Found in a dazed condition,
soaking wet, hungry and cold after
spending three days and nights
wandering in the woods, and ou
the verge of collapse was the condition of Harry Owen of Alioe
TArm, when men on the government telegraph line between Alice
Arm and Aiyansh luckily saw him.
Harry left Alice Arm a short
time ago to work as cook for a
repair crew working out of Aiyansh. The weather was wet and the
fog hung heavy on the hills, and he
lost sight of the telegraph wire.
There was no trail whatever along
the line and in a short time he was
completely lost, wandering he
knew not where. His timely rescue undoubtedly averted another
tragedy of thfe northern woods.
According to all those who are
acquainted with this section a man
should not travel alone either in
summer or winter. Deep and
treacherous canyons abound; fallen timber makes progress almost
impossible; no trails \yhatever exist, and a crippled or lost person
would probably die before assistance arrived. This section is used
neither by prospectors or trappers,
and once the wire is lost even an
experienced woodsman might
travel for days before locating it.
i ^^.-f^.4...+... 4) ■•■ 4 ■■■♦■•■♦'•■ ♦ ■•' ♦ '•■♦)■•■ 4 ■»■ i
Mr. and Mrs.   D.   Macleod  and
A De Slyva, Brown and Henderson
Production, with Gloria Swanson,
Ben Lyon, and Arthur Lake.
"Indiscreet" is a straight comedy
drama. It is a drama of love, beauty, \vitty dialogue, and smart settings. It shows Gloria Swanson in
her most finished portrayal of a
brilliant woman of the modern
world. The story of tangled loves
and lives will hold you spell-bound
in wrapt attention. Elaborate modern settings, a clever plot, and a
brilliant cast, headed by the one and
only Gloria Swanson. Don't miss
this picture on Saturday.
Miss M. Lindsay returned on
Wednesday from a visit to Prince
Mrs. L. H. Wenerstrom and family returned Wednesday from an
visit to Allenby.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Shields returned
on Wednesday from an extended
visit to Cobalt, Ontario, and eastern
Mr. and Mrs. T. L.
daughter arrived on
from Victoria.
Davies and
Delhi Football Team Entertained After Game
After the game on Tuesday the
Delhi football team, with their officials, were entertained by the Anyox
Football Association at a banquet
in the Gymnasium. A large number of local footballers were present.
Mr. J. Riley captain of the Delhi
team expressed the pleasure of the
visitors at their reception by their-j
Anyox brethren, and voiced their
keen enjoyment of the game just
played. Speaking for the Anyox
team and for the Association, Mr.
J. Donaldson welcomed the visitors,
and expressed pleasure at the opportunity of meeting the splendid
sportsmen of the Delhi. The gathering was greatly enjoyed by all.
Labor Day Dance Postponed
The Labor Day Dance, sponsor-
sored by the Anyox Moose Lodge,
which was advertised to be held
on Monday next at the Gymnasium, has been postponed. Officers
of the Lodge regret the postponement, but it was unavoidable.
child arrived from Anyox on Friday
for a week's vacation. They leave
for home today.
Mrs. C. W. Ruckhaber and Miss
P. Brisbane arrived from Anyox on
Tuesday and are spending holidays
with Mrs. J. Wier.
J. W. Hughes arrived on Monday
from Smithers and will be in charge
of the local school during the coming
term. Mr, Hughes has had considerable teaching experience in
different schools throughout the
Arthur Smith a former resident
of the town arrived on Monday
from Vancouver. He will spend
a few weeks here developing mining
properties in which he holds an interest.
Kirk. Falconer left on Friday last
week for Vancouver. Mrs. Falconer and daughter Juanita will leave
on Monday next.
Lome Falconer left on Wednesday for Anyox, where he plans to
spend a few months.
J. A. Anderson, district road superintendent, arrived on Thursday
from a business trip to Atlin, Telegraph Creek, Dease Lake and other
northern points.
Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Kergin, who
have spent nearly three weeks visiting Atlin and other northern.points,
returned home on Thursday.
Due to an oversight, the names
of Mr. and Mrs. 0. Evindsen of
Alice Arm were omitted last week
in the list of those sending flowers
to the funeral of the late Mrs. M.
A. MoKenzie.
"Secrets of a Secretary"
A Paramount Picture with Claudette
Colbert, Herbert Marshall, Georges
Metaxa. She knew everything
about life and love, but even the
"Secrets of a Secretary" were not
enough to keep her from getting
into a jam. She falls in love with
Metaxa, and marries him in spite of
warnings. Her father dies and
leaves her penniless. She finds
Metaxa is just a fortune hunter,
and he leaves her. She gets a job
as a social secretary, and from now
on the plots and complications start.
She knows how to wear clothes and
how to fascinate men. See this
picture on Tuesday.
i„ 4,. s.».,+ 4.,+,.,».»,. s.,»,.,»,. »»4
j     ANYOX NOTES      j
j 4
4 4 '»■ 4 ■>■ 4 rn 4... ..14 ■•■ ♦ *♦•■♦ t•4•*4•••4,••♦ ♦
Mr. and Mrs. Alex. Stewart returned on Monday from a holiday
spent in Victoria and district.
Mrs. C. P. Ashmore and son Phillip returned on Monday from a holiday spent in Vancouver.
Mr. and Mrs. Croxford arrived on
Monday from a holiday visit to Vancouver, Victoria and Seattle.
Mrs. J, R. Carr and children returned on Monday from a visit to
Port Simpson.
Don Ritchie returned on Monday
from a visit to Prince. Rupert.
N. E. Nelson returned on Monday
from a trip to Ketchikan and Prince
Dr. Murphy, of the Workmen's
Compensation Board, visited Anyox
on Monday, leaving by the same
Mr. and Mrs. Dan McKenzie
and family returned on Monday from
a holiday visit to Victoria and
D. Sorrienti and A. G. Card returned on Monday from Prince
Miss Florence Dodsworth left on
Monday for Vancouver, after spending summer holidays with her
Mrs. J. S. Kirkland and family
returned on Wednesday from a holiday spent in Vancouver.
Mrs. J. Cody and son Trevelyn,
returned on Wednesday from holidays spent in the south.
Mrs. 0. G. Macintyre and family
returned on Wednesday from a visit
to Skidegate, Q. C. I.
J. Vine left on Friday for a holiday visit to Vancouver.
Ernest Santurbane left on Wednesday for Prince Rupert.
Miss E. Mitchell returned on Friday last from a visit to Vancouver.
Miss Peggy Arscott and Mrs. B.
Davis returned on Friday from a
holiday visit to the south.
Miss A. S. Scharfe arrived on
Friday last. She will reside at the
Mrs. A. K. Dwyer returned on
Friday last from a holiday visit to
the south.
Mr. and Mrs A. Seaton left on
Friday for a vacation in the south.
Doc Vittoria left on Friday for a
visit to Vancouver and Seattle.
Mrs. George Bailey and Mrs. C.
Cameron left on Friday for a visit to
Prince Rupert.
Mrs. T. W. Pinckney and daughter Joyce left on Friday for Vancouver, where Mrs. Pinckney will
recuperate from a recent illness.
J. McGilligan left on Wednesday
for Victoria. He contemplates a
visit to England.
Miss K. Blakey left on Wednesday for the south.
Send your films direct to Wrath-
all's Photo Finishing, Prince Rupert. Low prices for good work.
All orders returned following mail.
Office:   Opposite Liquor Store
B.  P. O. ELKS
Dominion ol Canada and Newfoundland
Meets every second and fourth Monday of
the inonth
Hall for rent for dances, social functions, tic.
on application to club manager
Bread, Cakes, Pastry,
Candies. Stationery, Proprietary
Medicines, Toilet Articles, Etc.
W. M. CummingS.   Agent for all Vancouver Daily Papi
Post Office Building, Alice Arm
The newest style Pants (or Boys are of good quality
striped material, medium weight and sateen finish.
They have Toreador fronts, belt loops, and adjustable straps at back. Exceptionally good wearing
quality. Fawn, blue and grey. Sizes 24 to 32.
Monarch Dove, in many pleasing shades.   Per oz.
Monarch Down, in a nice selection of colors, per
2-oz. ball, 30c.
Monarch Silvertwist, in white, pink, green, yellow,
and mauve.   Per oz. 20c.
New Monarch Knitting Books   -       -       -   25c..
Folders on the newest Sweaters -      - 5c.
We feature Viyella  Wools in an assortment of
shades.   Per oz. 20c.
For Results Advertise in The Herald


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