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 A little paper
with all the
news and a big
Published in the interests of Alice Arm and Anyox, B. C.
$2.00 a Year
Alice Arm and
Anyox. $2.25 to
all other points.
VOL. 12,   NO. 17
Alice Arm, B. O, Saturday, September 24, 1932
5 cents each.
Organizing   Of   Night
School Gasses Has
The Granby Bay School Board
has now commenced the work of
organizing the Night School Classes
for the coming winter. The classes
will be conducted for six months;
viz, October to March inclusive.
This year the number of lessons
will be reduced to one night per
week for each subject. In this way
there will be less interference with
other activities throughout the community, and there will be a' better
opportunity for students to attend
more than one class.
Some of the classes conducted in
previous years are: English for
new Canadians, Sewing, Mechanical Drawing, Electricity, Mathema-
\ tics, French, Latin, and other High
, School subjects, Art, Shorthand,
type-writing and office work, Milling
and Metallurgy, Navigation, Welding. The classes conducted this
year will depend on the demand.
Qualified instructors are available
for most of the above classes.
Mr. Don Macleod is in charge of
the organizing work this year, his
telephone number being 74. If you
desire to join any class or wish any
information, get in touch with Mr.
Macleod as soon as possible.
Miss K.   Eve   Wins    Semi-
Final For Ladies' Singles
As in other recent semi-final
games for tennis championships,
that between K. Eve and M. Dresser in the Ladies' Singles, was played on Saturday afternoon last in
showery weather. The handful of
spectators, who crowded together
for warmth, were rewarded by seeing a really fine game, which Miss
Eve won 3-6, 6-0, 6-2. Miss Dresser played steadily and carefully,
and used a powerful forehand drive
with excellent effect, while the winner showed nice variety, and good
placing. There were several fine
rallies throughout the game.
Kavema Returns From Holiday Cruise
Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Eve and Mr.
and Mrs. C. 0. Fricker, who started out two weeks ago for a holiday
cruise on the Kavema, returned on
Saturday afternoon last. They visited Stewart and Premier, Port
Simpson, Prince Rupert and other
places en route. No rough weather
was experienced and they thoroughly enjoyed the outing.
Advertise in the Herald
Considerable   Damage
Caused By Floods
The high water in the Kitsault
Kiver last week-end caused more
damage than was at first considered. The most extensive damage
was caused by the North-east Fork
River. Log jams a short distance
below the cemetery caused it to
change its course, and it swung to
the east flooding the Kitsault Flats.
Two-thirds of the water is now running down the Cemetery Road for
a considerable distance, making it
impassable. Due to the tremendous log jams the work of turning
the river into its old channel will be
a considerable undertaking.
The heavy rains also caused several dirt and rock' slides on the
Dolly Varden Railway, and the
bridge across Paul Kladuc Creek at
7-mile was damaged.
Brilliant Play Featured
Mixed Doubles
Engineer Inspects Silver
City Float
J. B. Lambert, assistant engineer
for the Federal Department of Public Works, whose office is at Victor-
ia, arrived on Monday at Alice Arm
for the purpose of inspecting the
float at Silver City.
In reply to a question as to
whether a new float and approach
would be built, Mr. Lambert stated
that no guarantee could be made.
A recommendation for a new float
would be sent to Ottawa, but owing
to the demands on the government
for new wharves, floats etc. it was
difficult to say whether any immediate action would be taken.
The first consideration when constructing a new float or wharf or
costly repairs, was the tonnage of
freight handled over it each year.
Search Is Being Made For
W. Lazorek
The search for William Lazorek
of Anyox who left Silver City three
months ago to walk to Hazelton
has commenced. On Monday
morning A. D. York and Nels
Olsen left Alice Arm. They will
search the country between here
and the Naas River. They will
also travel along the banks of the
Naas and endeavor to find if Lazorek tried to cross the river on a
raft, which will be shown if cutting
of trees has been done near a likely
crossing place.
E. Sanvido returned on Wednesday from Vancouver.
As anticipated, the final for the
Anyox Mixed Doubles Tennis Cham
pionship, played on Monday the
19th. between A. Cavers and Miss
M. Dresser, and A. McDougall with
Miss D. Grigg, proved a splendid
game throughout. Both sides played a vigorous forceful game, and
there were some fine rallies, especially near the net. Good driving by
both sides was a feature, and fine
net play by both ladies made the
game interesting to watch.
Good serving marked the game
throughout, very few double faults
being recorded. The score was 6-4,
6-4, in favor of A. McDougall and
Miss Grigg. Quite a number of
spectators took advantage of the
fine weather to witness this final.
In the semi-finals of the Ladies'
Consolation Singles, played on Monday last, Miss Lillian Dresser won
from Mrs. R. Carrick 6-4, 6-3.
Miss K. Eve Won Open Tennis
Championship on Tuesday
In cloudy, cold weather, the final
of the Ladies' Singles Tennis Championship was played between Miss
M. Leighton and Miss K. Eve, resulting in a win for the latter 6-1,
8-6. The game was marked by
very careful play'on bo(h sides, resulting in some long rallies and excellent returns. In the second set
Miss Leighton displayed some fine
tennis, and was two or three times
within one point of winning the set.
The winner's cool judgement,
nice control, and good placing were
a treat to watch. This was one of
the best games of the season.
Send your films direct to Wrath-
all's Photo Finishing, Prince Rupert. Low prices for good work.
All orders returned following mail.
Anyox Golf Club Notes
M. J. Sheen was the winner of
the Golf Flag Tournament which
was held on Sunday last. In the
number of strokes allotted he reached the 18th. cup. J. Grigg was
second, reaching a point 10 feet
from the cup, and Harry Cathro
was third, about 25 feet away,
On the next shut-down day a
tournament fdr a special prize donated by Sid Peters will be commenced. This will be a 36-hole medal
tournament, and the prize will be a
Bobby Jones' iron. Members are
polishing up their clubs and estimating their chances of winning this
desirable prize.  .
In the second round of the tournament for the President's prize H. R.
Taylor won from Lindgren, W.
Henderson defeated McColl, Cutler
defeated Edwards and Person won
from W. Moffatt. In the semi-final
Person defeated Cutler.
J. A. Anderson arrived on Thursday from Anyox and is leaving again
today. While here he examined the
damage done by the overflowing of
the Kitsault River last week-end.
Mrs. T. Kostoft, who has spent
the past month at Prince Rupert and
Stewart arrived home on Thursday.
J. Trinder who has spent the
summer months on the Naas River
on fishery patrol duty arrived home
A Harvest Thanksgiving Service
will be held at St Michael's Church
tomorrow evening at 7.30 p.m.
Holy Communion will be held at
10a.m.and Sunday School atll a.m.
H. F. Kergin arrived home on
Thursday from a trip to Stewart.
Art'.'.ur Smith, who has spent several weeks here working on mining
properties in which he holds an interest, left on Wednesday for Vancouver.
^•••^•♦•^•♦•^•••'••^•••■^•••^•••^ 0*^*4* ^*v*^p%*v*^ j
Mr. and Mrs. P. Chillak and baby
daughter left on Monday for- Frud-
holme, Sask., where they will reside.
N. E. Nelson left on Monday for
A. H. Kirby left on Monday for a
holiday visit to the south. He will
make the round trip via Prince Rupert and Calgary to Vancouver.
R. Deeth returned- on Monday
from a holiday visit to Vancouver
and Victoria.
Mr. and Mrs. S. F. McDonald
arrived on Monday from Vancouver.
Miss T. Palm arrived on Monday
from Vancouver.
M. J. Isman, Special Sales Representative of the Paramount Film
Service Ltd., left on Monday for
Prince Rupert.
Miss B. Flye returned on Wednesday from a holiday visit to Prince
Mr. and Mrs. N. R. Redman returned on Wednesday from a holiday spent at Hazelton.
Doc. Vittoria returned on Wednesday from a visit to Vancouver
and southern cities.
S. Hopkins returned on Wednesday from a visit to Prince Rupert,
S. Armstrong returned on Wednesday from a holiday spent in
Prince Rupert.
R. Buttery left on Wednesday for
a holiday visit to Vancouver.
R. S. (Dick) Stubbs, arrived in
town on1 Wednesday from Vancouver, after an, absence of five years.
Dick will be remembered as the
champion wrestler of Northern B.C.
and an all round athlete. He was
married last spring in the south.
He was accompanied by J. W.
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Alfred   E.   Robertson
Passed Away On
Alfred E. Robertson, who has resided at Anyox for the past seven
years, passed away on Monday last
at the Anyox General Hospital,
death being due to hemorrhage of
the brain. Deceased was a war
veteran, having served in the Canadian Army Medical Corps. He was
a member of the Askew Lodge, I.
O. 0. F., and also of the Anyox
Branch of the Canadian Legion.
He is survived by his wife and
two daughters, Mary and Esther,
aged 12 and 14 respectively. Robertson was of a quiet unassuming
manner and was greatly respected
by all who knew him.
The funeral was held on Thursday
under the auspices of the Oddfellows' Lodge, the service being held
in the United Church, Rev. Evan
Baker officiating. A large number
of people attended the funeral,
which was led by members of the
Canadian Legion, and the Last Post
was sounded at the graveside by
Comrade E. Ross Oatman.
Mr. and Mrs. C. Kruzick
Celebrate Silver Wedding
On August 31st. Mr. and Mrs, C.
Krusick, of Anyox, celebrated their
silver wedding anniversary. They
were married in their home town in
Jugo Slavia on August 31st. 1907.
Seven years of their married life
were spent in that country, after
which they came to British Columbia, where they have resided ever
For the past twelve years they
have lived in Anyox. They have
one daughter living, Agnes, who
was but a year old on their arrival
in this country, and who is now on
the staff of the local telephone office.
On the evening of the anniversary
fourteen friends paid a surprise visit
to the Krusick home, and a most
enjoyable evening was spent. They
were the recipients of many handsome gifts, and congratulations of
their friends. Mr. and Mrs. Krusick are well known and greatly respected throughout the district.
Badminton Club Will Meet
A meeting of the Anyox Badminton Club will be held in the office of
V. S. McRae, Secretary ot the
Community League, on Thursday,
September 29th. at 8 p.m. for the
purpose of organizing for the coming season. All those interested in
this popular indoor sport are requested to attend. ALICE  ARM  AND  ANYOX  HERALD,  Saturday, September 24, i932"
Alice Arm & Anyox Herald
Issued every Saturday at Alice Arm
Alice Arm and Anyox $2.00 Yearly
Other Parts of Canada, $2.25
British Isles and United States, $2.60
Notices for Crown Grants - - $15.00
Land Notiaes ... - $15.00
Transient Advertising, 50c. per inch
Contract Rates on Application.
B. MOSS, Editor and Publisher.
Kidd Committee Would
Slash Mining Dept.
Reorganization of the B. C. Department of Mines to effect substantial economies is recommended
in the Kidd report. Expenditure
of publio monies on trails, roads
and bridges to facilitate the operation and development of mining
properties should, in the opinion of
the Kidd committee, be suspended
altogether until the provincial budget is balanced. Thereafter the
grant for this purpose Bhould be
limited to $25,000, with a limitation
of $1,000 expenditure to aid any
one mining property or camp. In
recent years expenditures under the
"Mines Development Act" for this
purpose have been as follows:
Year ended Amount
March 31, 1931 $111,438
March 31, 1930 106.928
March 31,1929 115,561
March 31,1928 113,015
March 31,1927 126,638
March 31,1926 112,390
Total expenditures on the Department of Mines in the year ended
March 31st.. 1931 were $299,568
and estimates for the current year
ending March 31st. call for $177,-
Tlie Kidd committee believe that
if the department is reorganized as
it suggests, its whole cost without
loss to the public service can be
reduced to $85,000. Its recommendations call for reorganization
of the department and for the merging of the duties of the Mines Inspection Branch with those of the
Resident Engineer Service.
In the Mines Department tht
Committee fell into error, possibly
from limited time spent in that
department. It confused coal mining and metal mining, and over:
looked to a great extent the
responsibility of the Government
for life and limb in all underground
operations. It also, provincial officials contend, forgot that mining
industries with nearly 100,000 people indirectly supported by them
m B. C , stands in need of encouragement, and has within itself the
inherent capacity to repay such aid
thousands of times over.
The Kidd Committee evidently
do not understand what a big assett
milling is to British Columbia,
It is the only b:g industry that has
continued operations uninterruptedly during the present depression.
More encouragement to mining
means more mines, and more mines
mean more pay nil Ir for the workers
and more dividends for the investors.
Early Showing of First
Class Pictures For
A recent visitor to Anyox was Mr.
M. j, Isman, who is the special
sales representative for Western
Canada for the Paramount Film
Service Ltd. with headquarters at
Winnipeg. Mr. Isman has just
concluded a contract with the Community League which means a great
deal to Anyox folk, as arrangements
have been made whereby releases
of pictures will be obtained much
sooner than in the past. The question so often asked as to the date of
showing well known Paramount
Pictures can now be satisfactorily
Many fine releases of the new
1932-33 pictures are in the contract
just made. These include "Love
me tonight" (Chevalier) "The Blond
Venus" (Marlene Deitrich) "Movie
Crazy" (Harold Lloyd) "Horse
Feathers" (Four Marx Brothers)
"The Big Broadcast" (An all-star
Cast of Headline Entertainers.)
The splendid new Paramount Pictures contracted for, of which the
above are examples, will commence
with the beginning of next year.
What Mining Has Done For
British Columbia
In the last ten years Britannia,
Consolidated, Granby, Premier,
Hedley Gold, and Crow's Nest Pass
Coal Oompany employed an average of 8,010 men yearly, disbursed
in salaries and wages a total of
$132,400,990, and spent for supplies
and equipment alone $111,336,072.
Gold Mining Active In
Slocan Country
About 200 men are working at
present in the Sheep Creek gold
camp near Salnio. according to A.
H. Green, Nelson contractor. The
llano gold mine is responsible for
most of the activity in the camp,
but there are several other operations. Mr. Green's company is employing 87 men on its contract to
install a hydro-electric plant, transmission line aud aerial tramway
for the Reno mine. About 30 men
are employed at the Reno mine
itself. There are 15 men employed
at the Motherlode mine, which was
recently acquired by the Reno
mine company. Eight men are
working at the Kootenay Belle and
five or six at tlie Gold Belt. The
Queen mine is being prepared for
operation and a crew is building
ore bins at the Columbia.
Leasers Shipping Ore From
Dunwell Mine
Something over thirteen tons of
higligrade ore from the Sunbeam
vein of the Dunwell Mine, were
shipped to the smelter by Messrs.
Yuuukiii and McFaddeu on the
S. S. Griffco last week.
Beach Gold Mining at Nome
Being Revived
Beach Mining at Nome, whioh
produced several million dollars'
worth of gold in tlie Alaskan gold
rush of 1898, is being revived, according to the TJ. S. Commerce Department.
Although no big pay has been
reported, miners are said to be
making four or five dollars a day
with handrockers. Alaskan gold
production in the first six months
of this year amounted to $2,635,131,
a slight decrease on that for the
corresponding period of 1931.
Our Big Cash Sale of Men's and Women's
Wearing Apparel of all descriptions is now on.
■;     Prices have been slashed to the limit.,,
Take Advantage of the Bargains Offered
LEW  LUN  & Go.
General Merchants, Anyox
West side of Smelter
■   I. ■ Vr.ii---..
OPEN   UNTIL   10   P.M,
B.  P. O. ELKS
Dominion of Canada and Newfoundland
Meets every second and fourth Monday ol
the month
Hall for rent for dances, social functions, etc.
on application to club manager
Anyox Community
The Beach Council''meets on the
Second and Fourth Wednesday of each
month, in the Recreation Hall, at 7
The Mine Council meets on the First
and Third Thursday of each month, in
the Mine Hall, at 7.30 p.m.
Bread,  Cakes, Pastry,
We carry at all times a Full Line of First Class
Groceries;   also Heavy and  Shelf Hardware.
Clothes,   Boots,   Shoes  and   Rubbers   of   all
descriptions.   A large stock to choose from
Alice Arm
In these days of economic living the Community League
Libraries furnish pleasurable and instructive reading at
very low expense. Those using the libraries and
reading rooms are naturally expected to belong to the
Membership in the League carries many other privileges.   Anyone may join.   The dues are only  50c.
per month.   The Secretary will be glad to give you
full information.
You may join at the Beach or Mine Libraries.
Beach or Mine Counters, or with the Secretary.
A. C. L. Libraries Are a Boon
To The Public
British Columbia
The Mineral Province of Western Canada
Has Produced Minerals of an Aggregate
Value of $1,272,731,028
C. P. R. Earnings Show
Earnings of the Canadian Pacific
ailways for week ended August
1st. were $3,730,000, according to
an   official    announcement    here.
This is an increase of $19,000 over
the figure of $3,711,000 in the same
week last year.
V OW rail and steamer
fares how bring a trip
home within the means
of nil. Liberal stopovers.
I Canadian National
representatives will attend to all the details.
Particulars   on   request.
Book NOW!
For Information call or write: Locn'
Agent, or Ii. McEwen, I). F, and
P. A., Prince Rupert, B. C.
You are invited to apply to the Department
of Mines, Victoria, B. C. (or the latest authoritative  information  regarding   mining
development in British Columbia
Annual Report of the Honourable the Minister of
Mines for the calendar year 1931.
"Lode Gold Deposits of British Columbia."
"Placer Mining In British Columbia."
Non-Metallic Mineral Investigations:    "Barite,"
"Asbestos," "Glassware," "Clay."
Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B. C. ALICE ABM  AND ANYOX  HEBALD,  Saturday, September 24, 1932
"Going Up
ffPhe Hearts Content", gallant little Puss Moth plane that carried her courageous pilot, Captain
1 J. A. Molllson, on the flrst East to West solo flight across the Atlantic, went up ln new style at
Wolfe's Cove, Quebec, recently.
Obeying the orders of his physician and the request  of  his  hacker, Lord Wakefield, Captain
Molllson decided to return to England ln the Canadian Pacific liner "Empress of Britain".     The
monoplane went, too, and is seen being hoisted over the side ot the liner.
Inset is Captain Molllson waving a greeting to Montreal Light Aeroplane Club pilots who roared
past the Empress of Britain in a flying farewell.
Overnight Bedroom Sleeping Cars Popular
reserve bedroom  on
r Canadian Pacific 11.59 p.m.
train for Toronto," is a common
call nowadays into the railway
offices by the travelling public.
The company reports a very
heavy demand of late for this
type of accommodation and this
has necessitated operation of
bedroom sleeping cars on the runs
between Montreal and Quebec,
Montreal and Toronto, Ottawa
and Toronto, Toronto and Detroit, and Montreal and Detroit.
Privacy, comfort and the last
word in convenience and luxury
are keynotes of this latest development in overnight travel by
Canadian Pacific as expressed in
these Bingle and double bedroom
and compartment cars, which
represent the equivalent of the
finest of hotel accommodation.
They provide all the luxurious
appointments of individual private rooms with a real bed that
assures deep and refreshing sleep.
Each room has toilet, lavatory,
electric fan, overhead ventilator
with exhaust fan, reading lamp
and other conveniences, the
whole being decorated in restful
colors. In the double bedroom
cars an overhead bed may be
opened from the wall, if. desired,
affording   additional   facilities.
Some further features of the
Bleeping cars may be enumerated,
which make the hours of sleep so
refreshingly delightful. Temperatures are controlled thermostatically throughout the
train; roller bearings assure
smoothness of motion; coil spring
mattresses invite restful slumber; heavily padded
carpeting harmonizes with interior arrangements,
creating a general soothing effect. Berths are wide
and long and unusually roomy. The service is
presented to travellers as a masterpiece of transportation luxury and comfort. It is the realization
of all those refinements of art and efficiency of
which travel equipment designers long nave
dreamed. From the inception of this new service it
lias won increasing favor among travellers who
distinguish between good average service and perfection in travel. The word "moderne" has its fullest
and most inclusive expression in these cars.
In the women's dressing rooms attached to the
sleeping cars there is real comfort and satisfaction.
The most fastidious woman will find facilities such
as she would expect to,see in a first-class hotel.
Mirrored dressing table and other toilet accessories
provide maximum accommodation without overcrowding. Here are vanity chairs conveniently
placed, ample artificial and natural lights in softly
colored shades, spotlessly white lavatories with hot
and cold running water, specially dispensed soap
and a never-ending supply of clean linen. This
affords the requisite pendant to refreshing sleep—
perfect toilette.
The men are treated in like fashion. They too
have commodious dressing rooms where they can
foregather not only for the purpose of making their
toilets but also for an enjoyable smoke before
retiring or after they have slept. Their room is
perfectly lighted, well ventilated amply supplied
with lavatories of newest design and in decorations
harmonizes with the general finish and furnishings.
The Alice Arm Mining
and Development Co.
Announce a Djastic Cut in
Prices of all Residential aiid
Business Lots at Alice Attn
Prices have been Slashed from $1000.00
to $200.00, and to as low as $25.00,
or at least a 75 per cent, reduction on all lots
Now is the time to secure a good Business
Lot or a Residential Site for a Summer
Prices of Individual Lots, terms and all other particulars may be obtained from E. Moss, Sole Agent,
P. O. Box 8, Alice Arm, B. G.
Lay-out shows (lower picture) single bedroom
car and (above) double bedroom car.
Don't Rob Yourself
During these tight times by failing to
take advantage of the advertising
columns of the Herald
If you have anything to sell, whether it is a piano,
a radio, phonograph, an admission ticket to a dance,
concert or card party, Life or Fire Insurance, something to eat, wear or smoke, an auto ride, or whatever you have to sell:  then
Advertise it in the Herald
and Increase Your Sales
Managers of social affairs are reminded
that an extra ticket or two sold pays for
an advertisement, and the others sold
through advertising are all clear
We will gladly write your advertisement for
you,  if necessary, and display it to the best
possible advantage
M ALICE   ARM   AND   ANYOX   HERALD,   Saturday. September 24.  1932
The Train Service From
Prince Rupert Is
Official announcement is made by
the Canadian National Railways of
a change in train service of the
eastbound train service between
Prince Rupert and Jasper.
For some time the train has left
Prince Rupert at 10.30 a.m. o'clock
every Monday, Wednesday and
Friday. Effective Monday, October 3rd. this train will leave at 9.30
a.m. Mondays, Wednesdays and
Fridays. The westbound will continue to arrive at Prince Rupert at
9 p.m. every Tuesday, Thursday
and Saturday, as on the present
schedule this advance of one hour
in the eastbound service will not
effect the time of arrival at towns
along the line, the only difference
being the earlier hour of arrival and
The change is necessary because
of an alteration in the transconti-
nential train service between Vancouver and Montreal. Under this
change the continential service will |
leave Vancouver each afternoon at
3 o'clock instead of 9 each evening,
and will arrive at Vancouver at
9.20 every morning instead of 7.25
a.m. This change does away with
the previous long lay-over at Winnipeg, and now affords a fast
through service from the Pacific
Coast to Montreal. The time for
the Montreal Service from Vancouver will be 89 hours and 40 minutes
and between Vancouver and Toronto 85 hours and 20 minutes.
The first train to leave on the new
schedule will be Saturday, October
1st. The first train to arrive in
Vancouver on the new schedule will
be on Tuesday, October 4th.
Anyox Notes
Continued from page 1
H. L. Taylor arrived on Wednesday from Vancouver.
Morley Shier, representing the
explosives department of Canadian
Industries Ltd. arrived in town on
E. II. Clarke, corporal of the R.
C. M. P. at Prince Rupert, spent a
few days in town this week for the
purpose of registering those applying for naturalization.
Saturday, September 24th.
In this Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer picture Wallace Beery ties up with
Jackie Cooper as father and son.
And what a glorious team.! Out of
the magic studios of California has
come a talking picture so thrilling,
so majestically moving that true
immortality awaits it. This boy,
who had such an abiding faith in
the fallen idol, his tanner. He'll
win your heart as he fights his
father's fight, a laugh on his lips
but a pang in his young heart.
Wallace Beery, so wonderful!
Jackie Cooper, the boy star with
heaven in his face. King Vidor
directs each golden moment with
superb artistry. See this wonder
ful picture Saturday.
Tuesday, September 27th.
Featuring Bert Wheeler, Dorothy
Lee, Rosco Ates. This domestic
comedy picture, an R. K. 0. Radio
production, brings more chuckles
and hearty laughs than any other
comedy seen recently. It is the
story of an engaged young couple,
Wheeler and Miss Lee, who spend
their days and nights visioning their
honeymoon home. Just when everything appears to be running
along smoothly, and they are at the
peak of their happiness, Miss Lee's
family—ten or twelve of them—enter the scene to disrupt matters.
Then Wheeler's uncle decides to direct the future of the young couple.
See the sequel—its a scream.
Tuesday's showing.
H   M.   SELFE
Office:    Opposite Liquor Store
Advertise in The
J. P. Scarlett, Govt. Agent at
Stewart, Transferred To
H.W. Dodd who for the past 24
years has been Gold Commissioner
and Government A^ent at Telegraph Creek without a holiday, and
who has been appointed to succeed
J. P. Scarlett here in Stewart,
who is reported to have been transferred to Barkerviile, arrived on the
Catala Monday ni^lit with Mrs.
Dodd and two sons Gerry and Fred,
both of school age. Two other
sons, Jack and Dann with McRae
and another man by the name of
Cubilic formerly of Alice Ann left
Telegraph for Stewart August
28th. coming over-land—Stewart
This year Canadian National
offers four different fares lo
Eastern points for you to
choose from)
1. Coach One-Way Fares
Good In conches.
2. Intermediate One-Way
Good In Tourist Sleepers upon
payment of Sleeper charges.
3. 30-Day Round Trip
Good in all classes of equipment upon paymont of sleeper
4. Summer Excursion
Round Trip Fares ■
Good In all classes of equipment upon payment of sleeper
charges. '
Complete information from
Local Agent or H. McEwen,  D.
F. & P. A, Prince Rupert, B. C.
Canadian National
a Leader!
SEVENTY-POUR years ago, in
1858, the first Phoenix Export Lager was made in Victoria,
and ever since then it has been
first in popularity throughout
British Columbia. Phoenix Export Lager is a British Columbia
product and always dependable.
This advertisement is not published or displayed by the Liquor
Control Board or by the Government of British Columbia,
You'll notice
an immediate
HIS morning cup of coffee will
bring a new ray of sunshine
to the breakfast table—the flavor
is so wonderfully improved. His
dinner at night will be something
to look forward to. Rich creamy
soup, as only St.'Charles Milk can
make It—a St. Charles entree fit
for royalty, Then a cream pie
—and what a pie—flaky pastry,
light as a feather.
Tear out this coupon and we'll
send you a wonderful cook book,
in full colors, showing you just
how to make these things—and
make them far better than you
ever dreamed possible.
Truro, N.S., Ingersoll,
Ont., Norwich, Out.
and Sunss, B.C.
The Borden Co. Limited snel
50 Powell Street,
Vancouver, B.C.
Gentlemen: Pleste send mc copy of your free cook book 'The
Good Provider."   .
Address.. ■
-ir=il—ll—II II 11^—ll—II—II—
Candies, Stationery, Proprietary
Medicines, Toilet Articles, Etc.
W. M. ClimmingS,   Agent for all Vancouver Daily Papers
Post Office Building, Alice Ann
The nights are beginning to lengthen- rapidly,
and worn-out lights must be replaced.   Note
these low prices:
25 Watt Lamps, clear or frosted 25c.
40 Watt Lamps, clear or frosted  25c.
50 Watt Lamps, clear or frosted  30c.
60 Watt Lamps, clear or frosted  35c.
75 Watt Lamps, clear or frosted  50c.
75 Watt Lamps, frosted outside  65c.
100 Watt Lamps, clear or frosted 60c.
150 Watt Lamps, clear or frosted 90c.
200 Watt Lamps, clear or frosted $1.25
Dental Plate Brushes 50c. and 90c.
Dental Creme for Artificial Teeth  50c.
Corega 35c, 60c. and $1.00
Dental Floss  25c.
Wright's Coal Tar Tooth Powder, tin 35c.
For Results Advertise in The Herald


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