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A little paper
with all the
news and a big
Published in the interests of Alice Arm and Anyox, B. C.
i ••-*■ r.». *-*-*<-••••--•»•--•"•--•-
|   $2.00 a Year
2 Alice Arm and
Anyox. $2.25 to )
all other points.
VOL. 14,   NO. 33
Alice Arm, B. C, Saturday, February 23, 1935
5 cents each.
The Junior Badminton
Tournament Success
A large number of visitors were
present at the Gymnasium on Saturday evening, February 16th.
when a junior Badminton tournament was held. Forty-two players
took part in this event, which was
played on three courts. Some exceptionally good badminton was
witnessed, the skilful playing of the
youngsters astonished and delighted the visitors. The winners were:
A Court, Bobby Kent and K. Dresser; B Court, Ellen MacLeod and
B. McMaster; C. Court, Dorcas Mclnnes and Lucille Brown. After
the tournament a tasty supper was
served, the eatables for which were
provided by the players. During
the supper interval, prizes were
presented to the winners by the
president of the Junior Club Leslie
Murdoch. The committee in charge
of the affair was composed of Miss
Glaser, Mrs. Warwick, Mrs. Over-
end, Mrs. N. Campbell, Mr. A. Kirby, and Mr. W. Gibb. The prizes
for the tournament and also the
drinks for the supper, were provided by the Community League.
Big Crowd Attends A.
C. L. Dance
Successful in every way was the
Valentine Dance, which was held
in the Gymnasium on Friday the
15th. under the auspices of the
Beach Branch A.C.L. The hall
was beautifully decorated in true
valentine style and reflected much
credit upon those responsible for
this work. Excellent music was
furnished by Buntain's Orchestra,
and tasty refreshments were served.
During the evening a dancing
contest was held, the prize for
waltzing going to Miss M. Shields
and Mr. A. E. Phillips. That for
the foxtrot was awarded to Miss
T. Gordon and Mr. J. McColl
Dancing was continued uutil a late
hour. The committee in oharge
deserve praise for the thorough
manlier in which the arrangements
were carried out.
Dr. Learoyd Is Removed To
Dr. D. R. Learoyd, who was re
moved from Anyox to Prinoe
Rupert a short time ago, suffering
from the effects of a hemorrhage,
has not been making satisfactory
progress so he was recently taken
to Vancouver.
Advertise in the Herald
Elks Badly Defeated By
Blame it on lack of combination
or whatever you like, but the Elks
were somewhat badly defeated by
the swifter and more maohine-like
Trojans, in the Senior A game on
Monday last, the final soore being
36-18. Individually, the Elks
played blamless ball, but the swift
and accurate cooperation which
is so necessary was missing. They
checked well, but on occasions no
attempt would be made to harass
an opponent making a deliberate
shot. The Trojans worked nicely,
took every chance whioh offered
and were always on safe ground.
The' game was well controlled by
Norton Youngs. Elks: Davies 5,
Currie, 2, Soott 2, McBryde 8, L,
Gillies 1. Trojans: J. Gillies 14,
B. Gillies 6, H. Dresser 10, F. Gordon 2, A. McDonald 4.
Alice Arm Liberal Association
Elect Officers
The annual meeting of the Alice
Arm-Liberal Association was • held
at the Club House on Wednesday
evening, and a good number of
members were present.
The meeting was called for the
election of officers for the ensuing
Those eleoted were: Hon. President,
Hon. T. D. Pattullo; Hon. Vice
President, W. J. Asselstine M.L.A.
President, T. H. Payne; Vice-Pres
ident, W. B. Bower; Seoretary J.
Executive Committee: Mrs. H.
F. Kergin, Mrs. G. Anderson,
Messrs. Ed. Petersen and A. D.
Following the election of officers, a
vote of thanks was extended to
Mr. Olof Hanson, M. P. for his
efforts in connection with the construction of the new float and ap
proaoh at Silver City.
A. C. L.   Annual Meetings
Next Week
Members of the Beaoh Branch,
A. C. L. are reminded that the
Annual General Meeting will be
held in the Reoreation Hall on
Wednesday next, February 27th.
at 7:30 p.m. A large turnout of
members at this important meeting
is desirable.
The Anuual General Meeting
for the Mine Branch A, C. L)., will
be held on Thursday, February
28th. in the Mine Hall, at 7:00 p.m.
Members are urgently requested to
attend this meeting.
An Instructive Address
By W. J. Asselstine
In Legislature
•W.J. Asselstine, M.L.A. was
chosen by the Government, to second the speech from the throne at
the recent opening of the Provincial
Legislature. He gave a very interesting address, which was listened
to attentively by a crowded house
and also a full visitors' gallery.
Mr. Asselstine unfolded a wealth of
information regarding the Atlin
constituency and his speech was
favorably commented upon by Mr.
Bruce Hutchison, parliamentary
press representative of the Vancouver Daily Province. In his "Log
! ot the House" Mr.^ Hutchison says:
"Mr. Asselstine's another young
man who has found British Cplum
bia a good place to seek his fortune
in. He is known chiefly as the best
after-dinner speaker in the hearty
North and his imitations of Scandinavian mine muckers and Italian
organ-grinders are great stuff to
keep up the boys' spirits around
midnight. But no man gets into
Bill Asselstine's job in the Premier
mine, without a lot more than a gift
for impersonation.
He is no orator and doesn't try to
be one, but there was something of
the high North in his speech, something genuine and close to the real
stuff of British Columbia life which
is far removed from the usual stuff
of provincial politics. He told the
story of British Columbia mining,
from the days of placer on the
Fraser to the present era g>i big
hard-rock properties and he reminded us, that even now there are only
four mines in this province that are
actually paying their way. The
surface of our mineral wealth, he
said, hasn't been scratched yet and
we are not doing half enough about
He became almost lyrical, with a
rough frontier eloquence, when he
told us of the North, whose call he
answered long ago. Why, there is
enough wealth in his constituency
Continued on page 2
Chas. Graham, District Inspector
of Mines, left on Monday for Prince
Visitors to Anyox from Alice
Arm last week were Mrs. O. Evindsen, Mrs. E. Petersen Mrs. B. Turbitt, E. Petersen and A. D. Yorke
Apartment Honte for Sale at Low
Price. Completely furnished and
fully rented. A bargain. For particular! apply to Mri. N. Fraier,
P. 0. Box 187, Prince Rupert, B. C.
Anyox Couple Married
On Friday 15th.
A quiet wedding took place at
the United Church Manse, Anyox,
ou Friday evening February 15th.
when Doris Olive Gallagher,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. Gallagher, of Biggar, Sask., became
the bride of Frank Anderson, eldest son of the late Mr. E. Anderson
and Mrs. Anderson of Anyox. Rev.
E. Baker officiated. Miss Marguerite Jacobsen was the bridesmaid and Mr. Selwyn Owen acted
as best man.
The bride wore a white dull finish
satin gown, with white elbow
length gloves with brown hat and
coat. The bridesmaid wore a blue
velvet dress, with blue coat
and accessories to match. The
wedding slipper was held at the
>• eer Mess.
The young couple who have resided in Anyox for some time, were
showered with good wishes from
their many friends. They will
reside in Anyox.
inquest Held Regarding Death
Of Michael Busen
An inquest was held at the Court
House. Anyox, on Friday the 15th
concerning the death of Michael
Busen, which occurred in the Bo<
nanza mine on February 13th
through a fall of rook. A verdict
of accidental death was returned
no blame being attached to any
Deceased was 39 years of age
and was a native of Poland. He
had worked for the Granby Com
pany as a miner, for periods totaling two years. He is survived by
a wife and two children who reside
at County Line, B. C.
Interment took plaoe at the
Anyox cemetery on Saturday
afternoon last, Rev. Evan Baker
Billiard League Contests Are
Arousing Much Interest
The standing of the teams of the
A Billiard League on Wednesday
last, was as follows:
PUjrcd Toiil       Arerafe
Meohanics    25       17096      684
Mine 25      17058      682
Elks 26      17550      675
The B League teams at the same
date stood as follows:
PUyed        Total       Average
Mine 25      13120      525
Elks 26      13379      514
Meohanics    25       11969      478
A large number of fans are foi
lowing the fortunes of their favor
ite teams,   and   the   contests  go
merrily  on with little to choose
between the various teams.
Card Party Held By W.
Auxiliary & Guild
A very successful Card Party and
Social Evening was held by the
Women's Auxiliary and Guild of
Christ Church in the Parish Hall on
Wednesday evening last. Both
Bridge and Whist were played.
The Bridge prizes went to: Ladies'
1st. Mrs, A. Pynn, consolation, Mrs.
J. Moore, Gents 1st. Rev. A. Abraham and Gents' consblation, Mr. J.
Forrester. Mr. G, Kent received
the prize for the highest score in
Whist. Mrs. G. H. Stewart, President of the W. A. & Guild, presented the prizes.
After a delicious supper served
by the ladies, community singing
and a short programme was gone
through. Vocal solos were rendered by Mrs. Samson, Mrs. C.
Stewart, Mr. J. Varnes and Rev,
A.Abraham. Mrs. C. Stewart and
Mr. J. Gillies were the accompanists.
A large number of people were
present and everyone enjoyed a
pleasant evening.
First Aid Certificates
Have Arrived
The First Aid Certificates which
were won by several members of
the classes held last November, are
now to hand and are awaiting the
signature of Dr. Learoyd before
being distributed. Owing to the
illness of Dr. Learoyd, it may be
some time before the certificates
can be completed. It may be that
some of the members of this class
will leave Anyox in the meantime,
if they will kindly hand in their
name and address to Mr. O. G.
Macintyre, seoretary of the Anyox
Centre of the St. John Ambulance
Association, the certificates will be
forwarded to them when completed.
The A. Y. P. A. Hold Weekly
The Anglican Young People's
Association, of Anyox, are still
holding their weekly meetings.
During the past few weeks they
have been discussing the history of
the Church of England, and same
has proved very interesting. This
most interesting topic is bound
up with the history of the British
Empire and so the Young People
extend a hearty welcome to all those
young people and the older ones
also, who are interested in the
Church of England and the British
Empire, to join them each Thursday
evening in Christ Church Parish
Hall. ALICE    ARM   AND ANYOX   HERALD.  Saturday. February 23,   1HK5
Alice Arm & Anyox Herald
Issued every Saturday ut Alice Arm
Alice Arm and Anyox $2.00 Yearly
Other Parts of Canada, S2.25
British Isles and United States, $2.50
Notices for Crown Grants - - $10.00
Land Notices - ■■ - - $10.00
Transient Advertising, 50c. per inch
Contract Rates on Application,
E. MOSS, Editor and Publisher.
Yukon-Highway Receives
Boost and Knock
Two speeches were made by
members of the Legislature at
Victoria recently that are of interest to the north. The first was
made by W. J. Asselstine, our
member for Atlin, and tbe second
by Clive Planta, member for Peace
River. Mr. Asselstine's speech
was both constructive and instructive. He dealt with the problems
confronting his constituency, and
gave reasons why more transportation should be provided. He
strongly advocated the construction
of the Alaska-Yukon Highway, and
explained to the Legislature the
many advantages to be obtained.
He painted a vivid picture of the
tough life of the hard rock miner
and pleaded for greater consideration for them by the government.
In fact, he made a very nice
Mr. Clive Planta, in his speech a
little later, started off by criticizing
G. G. McGeer, K.C., M.L.A. and
mayor of Vancouver. Now for a
backwoods member to indulge in
criticism of such a man as Mr. McGeer is silly. Mr. Planta banged
Mr. McGeer a hard one on the nose
when he wasn't looking, as the latter was in Vancouver at the time.
But no one will take Mr. Planta's
criticism very seriously because he
is not in the same class with Mr.
McGeer, who at present has a following of over three-quarters of the
people of the province, and who
look to him to eventually lead us
from the desert of want to the land
of plenty as Moses did to the
Israelites of old. Nor does anyone take Mr. Planta's criticism of
the Alaska-Yukon Highway very
seriously. This is the second little
splutter this gentleman has made
in  connection  with  the  killing of
this project, His chief fear seems
to be that it would involve Canada
in military adventures with the
United States. From that remark
we presume he means that if the
highway is built and the United
States and Japan become involved
in war then Canada will be drawn
in because we have road connections with Alaska. That bogey may
be all right for the Peace River
farmers, but it is ridiculous to try
and frighten really intelligent people by such a wild yarn. Whether
the highway is built or not, if the
U. S. and Japan are ever at war,
Great Britain won't be neutral and
she won't be an ally of Japan if
Alaska is invaded or threatened.
In 1914 Great Britain did not allow
Germany to seize all the Belgian
and French Channel ports before
declaring war. History will show
that she has blocked every nation
from threatening the Empire and
she is ready to do it again. If Mr.
Planta thinks for one minute that
the non-existence of a road would
hold the Japs in Alaska he is living
in a fool's paradise. They could
land more easily at Prince Rupert
and use the railway for military
purposes if they wished to invade
us. Perhaps Mr. Planta will now
advocate destroying the railway
from Prince Rupert.
An Instructive Address
By W. J. Asselstine
In Legislature
Continued from page 1
of Atlin, he says, to absorb all the
unemployed in British Columbia, if
it were opened up.    And we can't
open it up without roads.
Instead of swagger public buildings, such as the Federal Government proposes to erect to relieve
unemployment, we should spend our
money, says Mr. Asselstine, on
roads into our mineralized area.
First of all, he would build a highway into Alaska—that glamorous
project first proposed by Dr. Tolmie
ind laughed to scorn by the leading
Liberals of the time. Mr. Asselstine was not concerned with party
considerations in this matter, and
insisted that the Alaska Highway,
costing perhaps as much as two
public buildings, would pay for itself over and over again in tourist
traffic and in opening up our northern treasure trove.
The trouble with us, said Mr.
Asselstine, is that we cultivate the
narrow fringe along the forty-
ninth parellel and forget all about
the country lying above it. It was
the voice of a young man, speaking
for young men, that challenged
Canadians to look over a wider
horizon and dare to face hardships,
where the rewards are sure, but
must be earned.
His plea for the men who work
with their hands underground hewing out the gold, making mines
that are only stock quotations to
most of us, was particularly effective. These men, he said, should
be given greater safety, surer safeguards for their health, compensation for occupational diseases like
miners' consumption. The mining
men of British Columbia have found
a vigorous and expert voice in Mr.
British hospitality and British Columbia foods blend happily in
making our guests comfortable.
Dining-room, lounge and rooms
are clean, homelike and quiet.
Near shops, theatres, boats and
trains. Mr. E. G. Baynes, well
known Owner-Manager of the
Grosvenor gives his personal assurance of the highest quality
modern hotel service to visitors
from all points in British Columbia.
Write For
Weekly and
Monthly Rates
cUS-UL   ...
.. , Oi.miivA lloiil „f Dulinrliiiif .-
Because It's Better Beer!
CAPILANO'S instant popularity . . . Capilano's sustained
and ever-increasing sales . .. Capilano's place in the sun,
revealed by steady increase in the usual consumption of beer
in B.C. (See Government figures), proves beyond the shadow
of a doubt that CAPILANO is better beer. Let others argue.
Compliment yourself and your friends by insisting on
Vancouver, B.C.
Bread,  Cakes, Pastry,
First-class Business Lots at
S200   each,  and   Residential
Lots as low as $25.
Now is the Time to Buy Property
Agent for Alice Arm Mining
and Development Co.
A Complete Line of Winter Goods always in stock, consisting of Clothing, Boots and Shoes.   A large stock of
Groceries, also Stoves, StoVe Pipe and Elbows.
Alice Arm
Men's   English   Gabardine   Raincoats   for   dress   wear.
Excellent quality.    All sizes at $16.90 each.
Men's Slicker Coats in black and light brown.    All sizes
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Underwear in all weights and  sizes in combination and
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SPECIAL:   All Wool Hudson Bay Blankets, fancy colored
and white.    Also flannelette Blankets.    At lowest prices.
LEW  LUN  & Co.
General Merchants, Anyox
West side of Smelter.
British Columbia Has Produced Over
$1,373,000,000.00 Worth of Minerals
This advertisement is not published or displayed by the Liquor Control Board or by
the Government of British Columbia.
Improved base metal prices,  the increased value in
Gold, and the general trend toward recovery, are bringing about steadily an  increasing activity in mining
throughout British Columbia.
The estimated gold production for the year 1934
showed an increase of 64,543 ounces over 1933, establishing an all-time high record. The estimated value
in Canadian funds of gold production for 1934 is
Annual Reports of the  Honourable the  Minister   of
Mines, and special reports on lode and placer mining,
etc., may be obtained upon application to—
~\ vl.in-     ..KM    vN 11 AN VOX   HEHAL1). Raturuay. February 28; i!«5
Beautiful Ontario Summer Camps Call
ILJnrivalled for its scenic splendors, the beauty of its lakes and
streamB and their world-wide reputation as fishing-grounds,   Ontario
offers the  holiday-seeker as fine
territory as any to be found on the
American Continent.    Bungalow-
camps bring practically virgin areas
within easy reach of the disciples
of Isaac Walton, with handy connections from Toronto and other
pointB by Canadian Pacific Railway
lineB. These camps are a combination of the lure of the wilderness
with the comforts of civilization and
consist of individual "camps" or
sleeping-cottages,   centred   on   a
dining and recreation hall. Modern
furniture   and   conveniences   predominate, and thus the individual or
family seeking a country vacation
find golf, tenniB, hiking, swimming
sailing, canoeing, motor-boating and
dancing for their amusement, apart
from a wide variety of fishing, which
may be carried out, either in the
vicinity of the camps thenuielveB, or
back in the hinterland, with competent guides, who also act as
servants.  On the main transcontinental line of the Canadian Pacific Railway, three
such camps are found in
the Province of Ontario.
At  French   River,  215
miles north of Toronto,
within a stone's throw of
the railway Btation.there
is a well-found camp,
which offersmuskellunge
and great northern pike
to the fisherman.   At Nipigon, 22-hours run from
Toronto,  trout, pike  and
pickerel   are   the   principal
offerings and at the   Devil's
Gap,  Kenora,  Lake  of the
Woods, Ontario, 126 miles east
of Winnipeg, the famous Canadian
black  bass  offers  sport  such  as
anglers dream of, but rarely get.
All these campB combine the excellent features already referred to
and   are   visited   by   fishermen,
tourists and holidaying families from all quarters of
the globe, each summer.   They have a thoroughly
enjoyable and thrilling holiday time and return
each season in ever increasing numbers. They are
: part of a great chain of such installation operated
in connection with the railway, for the purpose
of taking people "back to nature" and yet giving
them the same standards of accommodation and
service as are found elsewhere throughout its system.   The  pictures show: (1) A scene at the
Devil's Gap Bungalow Camp. (2) A typical fighting great northern pike.    (3)  Home-coming at
French River. (4) One for the train-crew, from a
fair angler at Nipigon.
Life's Work Is Hobby, Too
Mechanics are a hobby as well
as the life's work of Henry
Blane Bowen, chief of motive
power and rolling stock, Canadian Pacific Railway, who has
an up-to-date machine shop in
the basement of his Montreal
home. Here he has invented a
number of tools now in use
throughout the vast shop system of the company and built
a series of model stationary
and marine engines, to the
great delight of his three sons.
He came into particular prominence recently asthe builder
of the C.P.R.'s new giant,
"8000" type, multi-pressure
locomotive, the biggest and
most powerful of its
kind in the world
and unique on
the American
destined   for
heavy duty
in the
The pic-
t u r es
show the
workshop, in
which so
many of
Mr. Bow-
en'B  lei-
He prides
that it is
the most complete private plant in
Montreal. Inset, Mr. Bowen is
seen operating a milling-machine,
which he built with his own hands.
The model marine engine, shown
lower right, is the latest product of the hobby-shop.   Although ltv ^sjtar four Inches high and could almost
be housed in a cigar box, it is complete in the minutest detail and cv.   ^velop 4000 revolutions a minute.
It offers an interesting contrast when considered ln comparison wiK. >e newest mammoth looomotlv*.
_ Mr. Bowen. bujltJhem_both.
$2.00 Will Give You the Herald for One
Year, or $1.00 for Six Months.
Printing of Every
The Herald Job Printing Department is equipped to handle
any class of work promptly
and efficiently, from a plain
black and white Handbill to a
three or four Color Souvenir
Office Forms
Business Cards
Admission Tickets
Visiting Cards
Invitation Cards
and Announcements
Are among the many forms of Printing
handled by The Herald Office
is executed in a Neat and
Attractive manner.  Delivery
is prompt and the cost as low
as possible
Can be filled within two or
three days, or even earlier if
you phone us a rush order
Estimates Gladly Given
The Herald Printing
8 with Tiimrrwt i w ut ti w <n w n
ALICE    ARM   AND ANYOX   HEKALD.  Satura.ay, February 23,  1HS5
Anyone Notes
Dr. D. Seott arrived from Vancouver on Wednesday for relief
duty at the Anyox General Hospital.
Stewart Steele returned on
Wednesday from a visit to Prince
Chas. Bocking President of the
Grauby Company, arrived on
Wednesday from Vancouver. He
was accompanied by his secretary,
A. White.
Darrow C. Casey left on Wednesday for Trail, where he will
Bert Anderson, Gus Aderberg,
Mike Drkuljn and Mike Gurrch
left on Wednesday for Vancouver.
G. Denvis left on Wednesday for
Joe Horovatin left on Monday
for Grand Forks.
John Niven left on Monday for
Nanaimo. where he will reside.
Miss Leighton left on Monday
for Courtenay, where her father is
seriously ill.
J. Costello aud J. McEvoy left
on Monday for Vancouver.
T. Sainsbury arrived on Monday
from Vancouver-
H. P. Kent, of the staff of tbe
Granby Stores, who has been a
patient at the Anyox Hospital for
some time, left on Monday for
Vancouver, where he will receive
special medical treatment. He
takes  with  him the best wishes of
Whales Are Exploring Anyox
News of the possible evacuation
of this landmark of the north has
evidently reached the creatures of
the deep, as well as the animals of
the forest, as a school of thresher
whales paid a visit to our harbor
on Tuesday last. Some of these
whales appeared to be from 30 to
36 feet in length. We managed
to survive the invasion and are now
wondering what next we may
Basketball Sweaters Donned
Once More
Oil has been poured ou the
troubled waters of basketball, and
the seas of dissension have been
smoothed out. A good crowd was
on band for the games on Monday
last, which was under the efficient
control of Norton Youngs. Fans
are again discussing their favorite
sport and speculating on possible
league winners. With everyone
co-operating and doing what they
can to assist the officials and everyone concerned, the season will be
brilliantly finished.
Mineral production in British Columbia in 1934 was $60 per head of
a large number of friends for his
speedy recovery.
Anyox Junior Badminton Is
Well Sponsored
Enjoying the full benefits of the
game of Badminton at absolutely
no cost whatever, the members of
the Junior Badminton Club of
Anyox are a fortunate group of
youngsters. They are sponsored
by the Senior body, who look after
them as closely as a hen watches
her chicks. Shuttles and Rackets
are furnished through the assistance of the A. C. L. They hav<
their own particular practice even
ings at the Gym. Senior Clul
members do the coaching, and also
arrange and supervise their tournaments. Above all, the children
appreciate all that is done for them
and are making the most of their
splendid opportunities.
Winners act while losers talk,
Lumber, Shingles, Sash, Doors,
Veneer, Ready Roofing, Brick,
Lime, Cement, and other Build
ing Materials.
Quotations Furnished and
Shipments made Promptly
1425 Granville Street, Vancouver B.C.
(1.)   Employers, respecting salaries and wages paid to employees
during the calendar year 1934.
(2.)   Every person in receipt of salary, wages, or investment income.
These returns are required to be filed not later than
February 28th. 1935
Taxpayers should obtain forms from any Provincial Government
office or chartered bank in the Province.
An urgent request is made for these Returns to be filed as much in
advance of the final date as possible to enable the Department to
give better service to taxpayers than can be provided during the
rush of the last day.
Corporation, business, or professional income is required to be returned within three months after the end of the taxpayer's fiscal year.
Victoria, B.C.
Commissioner of Income Tax.
Alice Arm  Notes
O. Flint left on Monday for
Prince Itupert and other points.
Police Constable Geo. Blaney
arrived from Anyox on Monday,
on departmental duties and left
again ou Wednesday.
Mrs. W. Henderson arrived from
Anyox on Thursday and is spending two weeks' holiday with Mrs
J. Larsen.
Lome Falconer arrived on Thursday from Vanoouver, on a visit to
his parents. Following his visit
here, he will proceed to the Premier
mine, where he has been employed
for some time.
Messrs. Currie and Son, contractors of Prince Rupert, completed
the construction of the float and
approach at Silver City, early this
week and have left for Prinoe
The Herald is $2.00 a
Gold production in Canada in
1934 was $10.20 per capita of population.
B.  P. O.  ELKS
Dominion of Canada and Newfoundland
Meets every second and fourth Monday of
the month
Hall for rent for dances, social functions, etc.
on application to club manager
(Form F)
Certificate of Improvements
"Regal No. 1" and "Regal No. 2"
Mineral Claims, located at Camp 8 on
Coat Creek, Alice Arm, B. C, Naas
River Mining Division.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Arthur F.
Smith, Hope, B.C., Free Miners's
Certificate No. 84741-D. intend,
sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining
Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a
Crown d rant or the above claims.
And further take notice thataction,
under section 85, must be commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 2(lth. clay of January,
Bowman Storage
When shipping your Household Goods to Vancouver and way points, consign your shipments
to us.
Three Storage Warehouses, Moving Vans for
local and long distance hauling.   Low storage
and moving rates.
We offer many lines of Ladies' and Children's Lingerie
at greatly reduced prices.
Rayon Slips, lace trimmed; regular $2.25 (or $1.00
Rayon Vests, regular 50c. for 25c.
Children's Rayon Gowns, regular 95c. for 50c.
Runners,  Pillow  Tops,  Tea Sets,   Bridge Covers,
Aprons.   All attractively priced.   Call and see them !
Prospectors, Hikers and others will be interested in
these specials.   Well known makes such as Palmer,
Leckie and Sisman are included.
Solid Leather Hi-top Boots, with 9 inch, 10 inch and
12 inch tops.   Mostly Oil-tan Bluchers that will give
lasting wear.   Regular $8.50 to $12.00 for $7.50.
Solid Leather Hi-tops; 12 inch, 14 inch and 16 inch, in
mocassin and plain toe styles.    Splendid values in
these.   Regular $14.00 to $19.00 for $12.00.
Regular 25c. for 19c.   Regular 30c. for 23c.    Regular
15c. for lie.   Other specials in this group.   See them.


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