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 A little paper  j
with all the
news and a big
Published in the interests of Alice Arm and Anyox, B. C.
$2.50 a Year
Alice Arm and
\ Anyox. $2.75 to \
all other points.
VOL. 10,   NO.   12
Alice Arm, B. C, Saturday, September 20, 1930
5 cents each.
League  Council  Have
A Busy Business
A considerable amount of business was transacted at the regular
meeting of the Anyox Community
League Council held on Wednes-
September 10th. Members present
were: President Manning, Councillors Dresser, Youngs, Shields,
McDougall, Johnson and Stewart.
A letter was read by the secretary from Scoutmaster Gale, in
Connection with the Scout camp at
Terrace. The letter showed that a
very successful and instructive time
had been spent by the boys. Mr.
Gale will be recompensed for the
time lost from work while at the
camp, and will be paid by the
The use of the Gym. was granted
to the A. C. L. Tennis Club for
October 24th. and the Recreation
Hall to the P. T. A. and I. O. D.
E. for September 11th.
It was also decided to purchase
felt to the value of $100.00 for the
purpose of obtaining better sound
results at the theatre.
A discussion arose regarding the
use of the League's grounds by the
Football League for a benefit game,
of which the League had not been
advised. Such action was disproved by the Council as they were
open to criticism on a question of
this kind.
Owing to a shortage of cups and
spoons at the Gym. it was decided
to purchase a barrell of cups and
12 dozen spoons.
Mr. Dresser stated that at the
last excursion to Larcom Island on
September 7th., about 200 persons
attended. Ideal weather prevailed
and all spent an enjoyable day's
Mr. Stewart read the minutes of
a special committee meeting held in
connection with the Arts and Crafts
Display and Fair, to be held on
October 9th. and 10th.
The presence of doubtful books
on the shelves of the library was
brought up by Mr. Cavers, and he
suggested that they be placed in a
separate place. Considerable discussion ensued regarding their disposal. It was finally decided that
they be allowed to remain on the
shelves in the Library, and that
arrangements be made so that
patrons will know the different
kinds of books. It was pointed out
that only those paying dues could
procure books. School children
were   thus   barred   frem    reading
It was decided to purchase two
sets of chessmen.
Mr. Youngs submitted his report
of the Labor Day sports, showing
that they were a great success.
He also stated that the basketball
season would shortly be here, and
he hoped to hold an organization
meeting in the near future.
On Monday evening, the P. T. A.
held its annual meeting in the United Church Hall. Due to the
stormy weather, the attendance was
small. Nominations for new offices
were made; but it was felt best to
defer elections until next meeting,
when a bigger turnout is expected.
Esperanza  Mine  May
Reopen This Fall
It is possible that the Esperanza
mine, which has been closed for a
short time, will again commence
operations this fall. Negotiations
are almost completed whereby
Seattle capitalists will purchase
large blocks of stock. Sufficient
money will be available for development work on a much larger scale
than has been the case in the past.
Mr. Bowyer is acting on behalf
of Seattle interests, and a telegram
received by the Herald yesterday
stated that everything would
shortly be arranged satisfactory.
Mr. Bowyer will be in charge of
operations at the Mine, and it is
his intention to install a compressor plant this fall and commence work as soon as possible.
The first work undertaken will
be a survey and mapping out of
all underground workings, and
also a survey of all surface showings, showing the strike of the ore
Presentation of $50 Made To
Harold Eld
Harold Eld, the model pupil of
Anyox Schools for the past nine
years, was the recipient of a handsome gift from the Anyox Parent-
Teacher Association on Tuesday,
September -9th.
Mr. Eld obtained the highest
number of marks in the matriculation examinations for History
and Science thus obtaining the
two scholarships of §25.00 each
donated each year by  the P. T. A.
Mrs. Cutler, president of the
association made the presentation
at the intermission of the show at
the Beach theatre. In a short
address she revealed the interesting fact that Mr. Eld had never
bpen late or absent from school
during the nine years he iiad attended at Anyox.
Mr. Eld left last week for Vancouver where he will attend the
university of B.C. He has consistently headed his class at the local
schools and it will not surprise his
friends if he repeats the same
performance in the future.
Catholic Ladies Hold Card
Party and Dance
On Friday evening the Catholic
Ladies gave a very successful card
party and dance in the Catholic
Hall. This is the first of a series
of card parties and dances that will
be held once each month during the
winter season.
The dance was well attended,
and very good music was provided
by tbe Merrymakers Orchestra.
The dance ended at 1.00 a.m.
Cards were played from 8.00 to
10.00 p.m. the prizes being won
by: Ladies first, Mrs. Croxford,
Gentlemen's first, Master Garvey.
Ladies consolation, Miss Ivy Hardy, Gentlemen's consolation, Mr.
B. Code.
A very pleasant time was enjoyed
by all who attended the affair, and
these monthly events will be looked
forward to with much pleasure during the long winter evenings.
Basketball Games Will
Commence Next
A two night basketball tournament will be staged in the Gym on
the nights of Wednesday and
Thursday, September 24th and
25th. This tournament is being
put on for the purpose of lining up
material for this season's basketball
league. All those wishing to play
are invited to get together and
enter a team. Some good games
should result and managers will be
able to get a line on the available
material. Team entries should be
handed in to Norton Youngs before
Tuesday, September 23rd.
There is a lot of basketball talk
in the air and there seems to be a
large number of players waiting for
the whistle to start them off. Basketball looks about due for its good
year. An organization meeting
will be held in the near future, so
watch for the date and be there
either as a player or fan.
Owing to the large number of
people wishing to make use of the
Gym, it has been decided to install
a temporary attendant, and open
the hall at once, for the use of
members. Tentative nights for
basketball are Monday, Wednesday
and Friday. The Council are still
busy trying to arrange for a real
good gym instructor, basketball
referee and attendant, but so far
have nothing definite to announce.
Anyox Scout Activities
The Wolf Cubs have now recommenced their meetings. They
will be under the leadership of Mr
Reg. Keyes, assisted by Mr. Jack
At the campfire meeting on Friday evening, Scoutmaster Gale
presented to Mr. Fred Graham, on
behalf of the troop, an instructor's
badge. Iu welcoming him as a
Brother Scouter, Mr. Gale thanked
him for the many services he had
Mr. Graham in replying stated
that it was very gratifying to him
to obtain a closer relationship to
the troop. Refreshments served
by Mrs. Gale were greatly enjoyed.
The Rovers are continually
growing, and ways and means for
providing a larger den are being
discussed, as the present quarters
are far too small. It is a credit to
Anyox that it is the only coast
town north of Vancouver that has
a Rover crew.
Notice To Hunters
The attention of hunters is called
to section 14 of the Game Act of
British Columbia:
"No person shall at any time
hunt or kill any game from any
sailboat or aeroplane, yacht, or
boat propelled by steam, gasoline,
electrical or other similar motive
power, whether the boat is in
motion or otherwise.
Miss Hi Robinson was a passenger from tho south on Wednesday,
Keystone Mining Co. To
Operate Next Year
The Keystone Mining Co. will
undertake further development of
the Keystone property next year,
stated Mr. Harry Bowyer, who
this week made an examination of
the property in company with M.
Terry nf Seattle.
Mr. Bowyer also stated to the
Herald that development work will
be commenced as early as possible
next spring and would be continued for 8 or 9 months. The main
tunnel will be extended to the
ore body and an upraise will then
be driven on the ore to the surface.
The Keystone is situated a short
distance down the inlet from Alice
Mr. Terry, who has had considerable experience in mining development will be in charge of
operations. ,
Presentations Made To Miss
Amy McDonald
Miss Amy McDonald, who obtained the highest , number of
marks of any Entrance Class
pupil in the province at this year's
examinations, was the guest at an
'At Home" held in the Recreation
Hall on Thursday. The hosts of
the evening were the Anyox Parent-Teacher Association aud Collison of Kincolrth Chapter fcO. D,
During the evening Miss McDonald was presented with a
handsome set of literary works,
bound in solid Morroco leather, by
the Anyox Parent-Teacher Association. In making the presentation Mrs. Lee gave a short
Miss McDonald was also tlie
recipient of a gift from the I. O.. D.
E. who guaranteed to supply her
with all text books and school
requirements during her high
school studies iu Anyox. Mrs.
Lang, Regent of the Order read a
very interesting address. Miss
McDonald in replying thanked
everyone for their kindness.
The Anyox Amateur Orchestra
gave a number of selections during
the evening. Solos were rendered
by Mr. J. L. Auderson, and Miss
May Barclay gave a recitation.
Choruses were also thrown on
the screen and the community
singing greatly enjoyed. Altogether it was a very pleasant
Mr. Harold Eld wishes to take
this opportunity of thanking the
Anyox Parent-Teacher Association
for their generosity in presenting
him with the sum of $50.00 for
the two scholarships of History
and Science, before his recent departure to Vancouver.
J. P. Scarlett, government agent
at Stewart, spent a few days at
Alice Arm and Anyox during the
week, leaving the latter town on
Annual Report Anyox
A. A. Shipp left for  Vancouver
on Monday.
During the past year, Anyox
Parent-Teacher Association has
had a membership of 31, and some
very good work has been accomplished.
For the purpose of raising funds,
the Association sponsored a Harold
Lloyd film, which realized a very
satisfying sum, close to $200.
The Association is pledged to two
scholarships of $25 each. Last
year, no High School pupil made a
record which complied with the
terms set for winning these. This
year, both were won by Harold
Eld, who more than fulfilled the
terms. The Association took extreme pleasure in presenting these
to Harold, whose school record has
been consistently good.
Anyox schools produced another
honor pupil; namely Miss Amy
McDonald, student in Gracie VIII.,
who had the distinction of leading
the entire province in entrance examinations, thereby winning the
Governor-General's medal for this
district. This achievement, the
Association gladly recognized by a
presentation of books—standard
authors and reference books.
During the severe months of
winter, cocoa was furnished to such
pupils as remained for lunch. The
Mine School was equipped with an
electric plate, cups and saucers,
cupboard, etc., to provide comfort
for teacher and pupils taking
One of the most satisfactory activities of the Association has been
that of the "study group." Certain
educational magazines—"The New-
Era," "Progressive Education,"
"Hygeia," and "Parents"—were
obtained; and the study group,
composed of Mesdames Cutler, Eve
and McMaster, has endeavored to
glean from these magazines interesting features in regard to
modern educational trends and
accomplishments, and to present
these to the meetings. These
magazines have also been passed
round amongst the members, for
home perusal.
A copy of the King's message to
the Empire was framed and presented to the school; and certain
pictures by Canadian artists, presented by the Department of Education, were framed for classrooms.
Mr. Clark, our High School
principal represented the Anyox
Association at the provincial convention, bringing back an interesting report. During the session,
Mr. Clark was elected a member of
the provincial executive of the
Several interesting speakers have
addressed the Association, during
the year, the topics of each address
having a distinct bearing on the
school and home.
In June,  the Association sponsored a tennis tournament for   the
school children,  presenting prizes
at the final meeting of the year.
M. A. McMaster
Acting Secretary. ALICE  ARM  AND  ANYOX  HERALD.  Saturday, September 20, 1930
Alice Arm & Anyox Herald
Issued every Saturday at Alice Arm
Alice Arm and Anyox $2.50 Yearly
Other Parts of Canada, $2.75
British Isles and United States, $1-1.00
Notices for Crown Grants - - $15.00
Land Notices - - - - $15.00
Transient Advertising, 50c. per inch
Contract Rates on Application,
E. MOSS, Editor anil Publisher.
London  Interested  In
Empire Trade
Ottawa, September 13th; (Special to the Herald.) Advices from
London indicate that the Labor
Government is devoting itself to
development of the Thomas plan
for the bulk purchasing of Canadian grain, and wool, meat and
dairy products from this and other
sections of the Empire.
The British Government intends
to have the proposal worked out
for submission to the Economic
Conference which meets in London
next month.
British comment evidences a
growing recognition of the fact
that the Dominions insist upon
mutuality of preferences within
the Empire. The Macdonald Government, and particularly Chancellor Snowden, stand rather uncompromisingly against taxes on
food in Britain and the Thomas
plan is conceived as an alternative
which may give the Dominions the
advantage sought in return for
preferences on all manufactured
goods entering the Dominions.
Details, of course, will not be
forthcoming until they are presented to the conference, though
advance reports suggest that the
proposal will be largely based upon
the methods of purchase and distribution in operation in Britain
during the war.
Empire May Dominate
World's Copper
World domination within the
next ten years of the markets for
copper and other base metals by the
British Empire is foreseen by Lord
Melchett, prominent British industrialist and advocate of Empire
economic unity.
"We already control the major
part of world production of gold,
nickel and tin and our advantages
of enormous natural resources and
well organized industrial enterprise,
if properly pressed, would soon
establish our supremacy in the
other metals," he stated in an interview during his visit to Toronto.
"Canadian mines are well situated to produce cheap copper—International Nickel can produce it for
5 or 6 cents a pound—and the
South African deposits, because of
their richness and extent, are in a
favorable position to meet any competition," he continued. "Withthe
Australian and Canadian deposits
to draw from, the empire is also
independent in regard to lead and
zinc.    All that is necessary, there-
General McRae To Receive
Senate Appointment
The appointment of T. E. Simpson, member for Algoma West, as
chief Conservative parliamentary
whip has been announced. The
position of chief Conservative whip
held by General A. D. McRae, is
likely to remain in its present
Rumor has it that General Mac
Rae may be appointed to the first
vacancy in the Senate for British
Columbia and resume charge of the
party's activities under Premier
Bennett before next election. It is
now considered unlikely that he
will go to London as Canadian
High Commissioner.
A revue without a bevy of pretty
girls is never a success, says a
producer. It takes a lot of misses
to make a hit.
fore, to the development of a vast
and active inter-empire metal trade
is the appreciation of the need for
Anyox Community
The Council of the League
meets on the Second and
Fourth Wednesday of each
month, m Recreation Hall,
at 7 p.m.
S.S. "Prince George" leaves
Anyox for Prince Rupert and
Vancouver via Stewart,
Wednesdays.   12   midnight.
Weekly sailings from Prince
Hupert for North and South
Queen Charlotte Islands*
Passenger trains leave Prince
Rupert for Edmonton, Winnipeg and points East dally
except   Sunday,   1.00   p.m.
Low   Summer   Fares   NOW
Auk Vs About Our
"Triangle Tour"
For Information call Local Agent or write
Prince Rupert, Il.C. W-U811
ere an
"We are quite satisfied with the
showing of the British teams at
the Empire Games lust concluded
at Hamilton. Ont,. for we picked up
quite a lot of honors, anil if I may
say so. made a very creditable
showing," was the statement of
R. T. Britten. In charge of the
swimmers who hung up several
new marks at the meeting. He
thought the Games would he of Incalculable value to the Empire as
a whole, since they brought all
parts of it together at one time
and one place.
The maiden voyage of the new
Canadian Pacific flagship of the
Pacific, the Empress of Japan,
from Yokohama to Victoria, was
completed In eight days, six hours
and 23 minutes, heating the Empress of Canada record for the run,
established In 1918. by four hours
and thirty minutes E. W. Beatty,
chairman and president of the railway companv wired congratulations to Captain E. Alkman, general
superintcndenl of the Company's
Pacific steamship fleet. Records
also fell on the Atlantic when the
company's liner Duchess of York
travelled between Greenock, Scotland, and Quebec City in 5 days, 17
hours and 20 minutes, even bettering the time hung up hy the Duchess of Richmond on her previous
trip from Belfast to Quebec, which
is a hundred miles shorter.
Speaking at a banquet given by
the Saint John Board of Trade tn
inaugurate the service of the new
Canadian Pacific steamer Princess
Helene, on the Saint John-Digbv
route, E. W. Beatty. chairman and
president of the railway, said he
thought Canada would respond
more quickly than other countries,
even wealthier than herself, to measures taken by responsible governments and large industrial organizations to alleviate unemph'yment.
He added that in his opinion the
Maritime Provinces were particularly favorably placed in this respect
Dressed in while aid blue kirtles
and the traditional Normand" caps,
fifty Louisiana girls, descendants
of the Acadians expelled from Nova
Scotia 175 years ago, assisted in
the celebrations at Grand Pre recently, at which many Acadians
living in the United States and
Canada attended. The United
States, France. Great Britain and
Canada were represented at the
celebrations which were held on
the site of the old village and
around the Memorial Church made
ever famous by Longfellow's poem
of Evangeline
In the provision nf telephone
communications in cMies of 60 000
and over and In conversations per
capita, Canada leads the world, according to statistics recently published. In those cities Canada has
24.2 telephones per 100 inhabitants
against the United States' 21.8. In
1929 Canadians made 241.1 conversations per head of population as
compared with 230.7 in the United
States, her nearest rival.
A total of 18,029,973 telegrams
was transmitted and received in
Canada in 1929, an increase of 1,-
172,753 over 1928. There are 360,-
883 miles of telegraph lines ln Canada,
An Increase of 58% ln motor
tourist traffic from the United
States to New Brunswick Is shown
in statistics for the 1930 season up
to Judy 31 as compared with the
same period last year, according to
figures issued by the provincial
government Bureau of Information
and Tourist Travel from returns
from Canadian Customs collectors
at the 24 ports of entry along the
International Boundary.
It is not generally known Hint
the Prairie Provinces — Manitoba,
Saskatchewan and A'^erta — contain important commercial fisheries. In 1929 tho commercial
value of flr.h caturht In theo? provinces exceeded $4,090,000.
Herm.?n Trelle, nf Wembley, Alberta, former wheat and oats ki-,g,
won flrcl prises at the Itegum Ex-
bition for b's Marquis and toward
wheats. William Darn borough, of
Laura. Sark., was sccoid In the
Marottla c.'ars. and E. Thomson, of
P'lth'pw, Sialt., CTree .lust behind
T.ollfi in ti 3 r.ev. a.-J clr,„ii.
Business Lots from to $200
Residential Lots from $200
to $300
Robertson & Dumas
Agents for Alice Arm Mining
and Development Co.
Al. Falconer
Alice Arm
Baggage, Freighting, Pack
and Saddle Horses
Slab Wood Cut any Length
Every Order Given
Immediate Attention
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Winter Coats see our big display.   We have
a large stock of Coats in the latest styles, with
fur trimming.     Ranging in price from
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LEW LUN  & Go.
General Merchants, Anyox
West side of Smelter
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T. W. FALCONER Ali£eArra
You have 600,000 neighbor! in British Columbia. Their effective income per capita ii $836
a year. Multiplied by 600,000 this amounti to
Five Hundred Million Dollars! Prosperity in
British Columbia depends to a considerable
extent upon how much of this income we reinvest by purchasing goods made in B.C., and
how much we send away to foreign countries.
Every time you demand B. C. Product* you
help to create greater prosperity in your own
Province for your neighbors and yourself.
of the
■ Vancouver   Board-
b==-ol Trade-
■ 1i
ALICE  ARM  AND  ANYOX  HERALD.  Saturday, September 20, 1930
No Wheat Surplus In U. S. A.
Washington—There will be no
wheat surplus, according to statistics furnished President Hoover
by Department of Agriculture,
The entire wheat crop, together
with carry-over will be necessary
to maintain domestic animals and
for human consumption.
With more than 100,000,000
bushels of wheat in storage and
about 350,000,000 bushels in pro
cess of being harvested, Canada
has about $350,000,000 worth of
wheat to sell.
Child of Nature.—Visitor: "And
wot was you thinking of doing
with your boy, Mrs. Smith?"
Mrs. Smith: ''Well 'e's that fond
of animals, 'is father was thinking
of making a butcher of Mm."
Printing: :
I        Hi»l
High class printing of all
descriptions promptly and
:    : neatly executed   :   :
Pamphlets      Programmes   j
Posters   Letterheads       j
./     Envelopes   Billheads       j
| Admission Tickets
j Etc.   Etc.
I   Prompt delivery on every
! order
j Herald Printing Office j
I           Alice Arm I
!   I
~r r
Britain Sends Much Money
Here as Pensions
Few people in Canada realize the
large amount of money which Great
Britain spends each year in pay-
ment to Imperial war pensioners in
this country, according to Sir
George Chrystal, K. C. B., who
was in Ottawa this week visiting
the Canadian headquarters of the
British Ministry of Pensions.
Sir George stated that a sr
between five and six million dollars
was paid out each year by the home
government to Imperial pensioners
and their dependents resident in the
Dominion. Canada is the only
part of the Empire which has a
headquarters for payment and this
was rendered necessary by the large
number of pensioners.
Sonic idea of the colossal burden the Motherland is bearing in
connection with the post-war care
of its veterans can be gauged by the
fact that the sum of more than
$400,500,000 has been spent in war
pensions alone since the Armistice.
Pleasures of Hope—Chairman
(finishing eulogistic speech.) "Our
dear old friend here has lived
amongst us for forty years, is living with us now, and he says, he
hopes to live amongst us for many
years to come. Gentlemen, I can
only add that we arc looking forward to burying him here."
Modest Suitor—"I have only
$5000 a year, Sir, but I think I
can support your daughter oi,
Father (enthusiastically)—"Support her, my deal- boy? Why, yon
can support her entire family on
Empire Games at Hamilton
A. R. S. M. Eng.
Stewart, B. C.
Leave Samples at Herald Office
M. M. STEPHENS & Co. Ltd.
The oldest Financial Oflice in Northern B. C.
(Form V)
Oamilton, Ontario, will be the
** centre "'•"• month of the
British Empire Games to which
athletes from all the Dominions
and the Mother Country will flock.
E. W. Beatty, chairman and president, Canadian Pacific Railway, is
chairman of the national committee of the A. A. U. of Canada for
the Games, and promises of support have been received by the
committee from Australia, New
Zealand,   Africa,   British   Crown
Colonies, the Irish Free State,
Northern Ireland, while a strong
and representative British committee has been formed to ensure
full British participation at this
notable sports gathering of the
British peoples. Canada will, of
course, be very fully represented,
practically every province sending
its outstanding athletes. The
Games are scheduled to be held
August 16-23.
"Bing" Fractional Mineral Claim,
situate in the Naas River Mining Division of Cassiar District.
Where located: Oft Trout Creek.
Upper Kitsault River, adjoining the
Moose Group.
TAKE NOTICE that we, John
Strombeek, Free Miner's Certificate
No. 48135-0, and Miles Donald. Free
Miner's Certificate No. 48184-C, intend
sixty days from the date hereof to
apply to the Mining Recorder for a
Certificate of Improvements, for the
purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant
of the above claim.
And further take notice thataction,
under section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Datec this 20th. day of June, A. D„
Candies, Stationery, Proprietary
Medicines, Toilet Articles, Etc.
W. M. CummingS,   Agent for all Vancouver Daily Papers
Post Office Building, Alice Arm
Picture Show for 25c.
Commencing with the advent of the Talkies, which
date is August 30th., members of the Anyox Community League, will be allowed admission to one picture
show each month, on the presentation of their membership card, showing dues paid to date, for the price of
25c.   This arrangement to be in lieu of past free show.
Library 3. Organized Sports
Reading Rooms     4. Excursions
To keep these going we need your membership and your patronage
Breaking New Trails in the Rockies
T? very year the Order of the Trail Riders of the
Canadian Rockies gathers together its devotees
who set out into the unknown, or the almost unknown, on mountain ponies from the starting point
at the Banff Springs Hotel or Chateau Lake Louise.
For those new to the game there is a trail ride of
a few days, covering, however, little travelled paths,
while for the expert there is a ride of three weeks
penetrating to the heart of the Rockies, and both
end in a Grand Pow-wow or campf ire meeting where
songs are sung and the feeling of general jollity
is perpetuated. These Trail rides are held in August
when the weather is at its best and lovers of the outdoors gain an experience which, even if they never
repeat it, will furnish them with memories and
stories for a life-time. Every year new trails are
broken, the one last year being over Gibbon Pass,
named after the founder of the Order. The rides
attract travellers from every part of the continent
and from Europe, and some 1,600 of them are now
enrolled in the Order.
Lay-out shows riders passing through Gibbon
Pass, taking a rest at Shadow Lake with Mount Ball
in the background, and fording an arm of the Lake
of Hanging Glaciers. ALICE   AliM  AND  ANYOX   HERALD.   Saturday, September 20,  1930
I. 0. D. E, Hold Monthly
The regular monthly meeting of
the Collison of Kincolith Chapter
I. 0. D. E. was held on Tuesday
evening in the Union Churoh Basement. The Regent, Mrs. Lang,
The sum of $25.00 was voted to
tlie Mary Croft Fund Mesdames
Fricker, MoRae and Roy will be
joint conveners for the Cabaret
Dunce to lie held in November. A
committee of three, comprising
Mesdames Lang, M. A. Wynne,
and Harman, was formed to assist
the Girl Guides. Mrs. Don Cleal
was sworn into the Order. Mrs.
Fricker was elected Councillor.
A very interesting .address on
South Africa was given by Rev.
Mr. Bushfield.
Tea was served by Mesdames
Cavers and Cloke.
Tlie meeting closed with the
singing of the National Anthem.
i ••-♦•••••* •►♦•••+■ <-f »•♦ •♦•♦ •••+• •••♦•••♦ •••♦•••♦+
|      ANYOX NOTES      !
+ +...+*.+...+«..*♦ .«-f»-f»-f ••+•••♦ ■•-4-X't »
Miss F. Dresser arrived home on
Monday from a visit to Vancouver.
Mr. and Mrs. S. Peters arrived
home on Monday from holidays
spent in Vancouver and coast
R. E. Collis, who has taken the
position of High School Principal
here arrived on Monday from Victoria.
Passengers   on    Monday    from
Vancouver, included E.  Mitchell.
H. Hanson, P. Palomba, Mr. John
stone,   L.  Rawka,  D.   Cessaretti.
H. Jacobson.
Mrs A.  R.   Kent,  accompanied
by her daughter, arrived home on
Wednesday from Kamloops  where
. she lias spent holidays  with  her
Wm. Selwood left on Wednesday for the south. It is understood that he will return with a
Mr. and Mrs. Kancks arrived on
Monday from Vancouver.
Mrs. R. L. Fox arrived on Monday's boat from Prince Rupert.
Miss Rita Brentzen, arrived on
Monday from Prince Rupert to
visit her sister, Mrs- Carr.
Miss Robinson arrived in town
from Prince Rupert on Monday.
J. Humphries arrived home on
Monday from a visit to Prince
Rupert and northern interior
O. Landry, superintendent of
Dominion Government Telegraphs
at Prince Rupert was a visitor to
Anyox on Monday.
Among the arrivals on Monday
from Prince Rupert were: J. A.
Cotirie, Fred Fisher, Alfred Lind,
W. Watkins, G. Walker, R. J.
Ford., D. H. Anderson, F. Willan,
M. Nastioh, H. C. DeWolfe, G.
McLagan, Andrew Kidd.
Messrs. F. Dresser, A. Crerar,
W. Barclay and W. Adams left on
Monday, having been summoned
for jury duty at Prince Rupert.
Mrs. Cha«. McMillan and family
were outgoing passengers on Mon
clay, bound for Seattle.
Mrs. E. Boyd left on Monday for
Mr. McKenzie and Mr. Parsons
left on Monday for Stewart,
F. F. Childers left on Monday's
boat for Seattle.
R. Hodson was a passenger to
Victoria on Monday.
D. McAulay, an old resident of
the camp left on Monday for the
Premier mine after a visit here.
Mr. and Mrs. F. Cameron left on
Monday's boat tor Stewart.
Mrs. G. Allen arrived from the
south on Wednesday, to join her
husband here.
Mrs. Mitchell was an arrival on
Wednesday from tiie south.
Mrs. J. Munro returned home on
Wednesday, from a visit to Vancouver.
Mrs. K. O. Peterson arrived from
Prince Rupert on Wednesday.
Mrs. J. MoMillan returned home
on Wednesday from holidays in the
Among the departures on Wednesday were Dr. James and Constable Cameron.
Miss O'Neill left on Wednesday
for holidays in the south.
Mrs. E. Moore of the Granby
Bay teaching staff, left for the
south on Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. McLeod were
southbound passengers on Wednesday's boat.
B.  P. O. ELKS
Dominion of Canada and Newfoundland
Meets every second and fourth Monday of
the inonth
Hall for rent for dances, social functions, etc.
on application to club manager
Bread,  Cakes, Pastry,
J. Roberts, who has been receiving treatment at Anyox hospital
for a crushed foot returned on
Constable S. Service of Anyox
paid tlie town a short visit during
the week, arriving on Tuesday and
leaving on Wednesday.
Geo. Bruggy who was suinmond
for jury duty at Prince Rupert.
left on Monday and returned home
on Thursday.
Lome Falconer, who has spent
summer holidays here, left on Monday to resume his studies at the
B. C. University.
L. 0''Conuor arrived from Anyox
on Saturday and spent the weekend with Mrs. O'Connor and!
Mrs. Nations left on Monday for
Prince Rupert after a short visit
H. Bowyer and M. Terry, who
arrived last week and made an
examination of the Keystone property, left on Monday for Seattle.
Pack Trains, Saddle Horses
and Heavy Teams
No Contract too Large or
too Small
British Columbia
Department of Mines
British Columbia, the Mineral Province of Western Canada,
has produced over $182,455,854 worth of mineral products.
Mineral Production, year 1928—$65,372,583.00.
Mineral Production, year 1929—$68,245,443.00.
Reports and Bulletins available on application, and mailed
free of charge to any given address, include:
"ANNUAL REPORTS"—These contain detailed accounts of
mining conditions and developments in the Province during the year with which they deal,
"British Columbia, the Mineral Province of Canada"—A handy
reference book summarizing tlie previous year's mining
activity and giving an outline of British Columbia mining law.
"Placer Mining in British Columbia"—A Special Bulletin
dealing with a branch of mining in respect of which the
Province offers unusual opportunities.
"Report on Taku River Area, Atlin Mining Division"—This tells
the story of the discovery and the pending development
of a new lode mining Held now attracting much attention.
For Results,  Advertise  in the
H    M.   S  LFE
Office:   Opposite Liquor Store
NOTICE is hereby given that on
and after August 1st. 1030, lands in
the Railway Belt and Peace River
Block recently transferred to the
Province hy the Dominion, come
uniler the administration and laws of
the Province.
It is the desire of the Government
to foster settlement in conformity
with these regulations and furnish all
information to assist this end, but no
consideration will be given persons
squatting upon or entering into occupation of such lands without authority.
Deputy Minister of Lands.
Biggest Dry Goods Sale
We have ever had. We are offering goods to you at Less than Cost
Price. Now is Your Opportunity to Save the Dollars. An inspection will convince you of the Outstanding Quality, and the Ridiculous
Low Prices
200 Pairs of Ladies' Wool and Silk Hose in several Two Tone Effects.    Sizes 8 1 -2
to 10.    Regular 95c.
Eiderdown   Materials   in   colors   of   Blue   with   Brown,   and  Fawn  with   Brown
Figured Casement Velveteens in several colors.   Pure Linen Towelling, Shadow
Cloth,   Corduroys,   Satins,   Taffeta,   Curtain Scrim, Silent Cloth of   Felt, Dress
Flannels, Linen  Suitable for Luncheon  Sets, also  Beach Cloth in  many shades.
VALUES TO  $2.25,  SALE  PRICE 50c.
Monarch Brand Wool in colors of Dove, Tobacco, Emerald, Deer.
colors of Fawn and Black.
Silver Twist in
Children's Combinations made with Long Legs and Sleeves, also, closed crotch.
from 8 to 14 years.
To fit
Heavy Fleece Bloomers in Pink and White.   Sale Price   -       -       - 35c. and 50c.
Dimity for Lingerie in colors of White, Fawn and Peach.   Sale Price    -       -   20c.


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