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All the Mining
News of the
B. C. Coast
The Herald Brings Results to Advertisers
$2,25 a Year
Alice Arm and
Anyox. $2.75 to
all other points.
»  t^.,-». t—
iVOL. 3,   NO. 8
Alice; Abm, B, 0., Satorday, August, 18, 1923
5 cents each.
Alice Arm
Mining Active
Homestake Concentrates on
Trail Work 1
Worfcat the Homestake Mine,
at present oonsists of trail work, all
I men being taken froni the mine in
order to complete this  work as
1 quickly as possible; J. Fiya has
taken a,' contract to construct
permanent camp buildings and
work will oommenoe at onbe. There
will be two log buildings each 14
feet by 24 feet inside measurement,
One will be used as a bunk house
and the other as a cook house and
dining room. Sixteen men are
employed by the company.
New Tunnel on Sunset
Augurs Well
The new tunnel recently started
on the Sunset property, by the
Keystone Mining Co. is in a distance of eight feet, and shows the
ore vein to be ten feet wide. The
vein will be drifted on for a
distance of 40 or 50 feet and a crosscut will then be driven to both
■ walls. This vein runs north-east
and south-west, aiid oan be traced
on the surface for a distance of four
claim lengths. A new trail is very
much needed'for the transportation
of supplies as the old trail is prao-
tioally worthless; -Only two miles
of trail'is required.
Verona Promising Property
Development work done 6tt£ tho
Verona property, op Roundy o&ek,
this summer, by Mr. TomMoRostie
has proved extremely, satisfaiitory.
A, surface oross-oqt {jjriven aoross
the ore vein, at a depih of thirty
feet, shows from 24 to 30 inches of
highgrade silver*lead. ore. Several
other surface outs have, been
driven on the vein with -gratifying
results. The great drawback to
the property, is the absence', of a
trail from tidewater;, should a
trail be built, considerably more
more worV would be done!, and Hie
prospect of shipping-pre would be
considerably improved.
Vanguard Lead Widens
Theore ledge on the Vanguard'
property, at' the Kitsault Glacier
has widened out to 14 feet, ten feet
of which is high grade copper ore,
estimated by Mr. M, Peterson.^ who
is working ou the property, to;
average six ;orj seven ;per oent
copper. The balanoe of the ledge
catties considerable'iron, but '8
expeoted to contain considerable
silver values. The Vanguard ore
in addition to copper values, carries
good values in gold and silver.   "
Rich Strike on Last Chance
A btrike of high grade silver ore
has been made on the Last Chance
property, by Messrs. A. McPhail
and P. Morley. A surface out
haying a depth of 14 feet was
driven aoross the ore ledge, and
proved the Or* to be 12 feet widej
carrying high values in silver; 'A
second cut has been started, and as
Pretty Floral Wedding
Celebrated at Anyox
A wedding .of interest to many
residents of Anyox, took plaoe at
Christ Churoh, on Wednesday
evening, when Miss Phyllis Grigg,
became the bride of Mr. T. Russell
Jorifjjs, >
•The bride, who wore a dress, of
white satin, with overdress of
georgette and pearl trimmings,
and wearing a veil of orange
blossoms and carrying a bouquet of
Ophelia roses, was attended by
Mrs; Alma Waite, as matron of
honor, who was gowned in blue
satin and georgette. Miss Violet
Eaton was bridesmaid, and was
attired in a oharming peach Crepe
de Cheue dress, with a- large picture hat, and carried a bouquet of
carnations and sweet peas.
Miss Dora Grigg acted as flower
girl, rnd.was charmingly attired in
pink organdie, and carried a basket
of sweet peas.: Mr. Harry Thorley
was groomsman* •
The bride entered the Churoh to
the strains of the Wedding March,
played by Miss S. Brentzem The
ceremony was performed by Rev.-
J. B. Gibson. During the signing
of the register, Miss Mable McKay
sang "Beloved it is Morn."
' 'After the ceremony,i a reception
was held at the home of the bride's
parents. At the wedding breakfast, Rev. J- B. Gibson proposed
the health of''bride.and bridegroom
>to Which the bridegrr 6mi.>e8pond-
«d. Mr. Harry Chapman proposed
a toast to the Matron of Honor
a/id Briaj»i#tid, _ which was responded to by Mr. Harry Thorley.
Mr. W.V. Eve then proposed the
health of the bride's parents, Mr.
and Mrs, J.Grigg, toi. which Mr.
Grigg replied in suitable terms.
The gifts were numerous, and
space forbids the publication of a
complete list...,The bride's gift to
groom was an onyx diamond ring.
Bridegroom's gift to bride, a white
fox fur. .Bridegroom's gift to
bridesmaid, a string of pearls; to
groomsman, a silver cigarette case;
to matron of honour and Miss
Violet McKay, white pearl gold
brooohes;, to flower girl, signet
ring.      •:     ;'v.
muoh work as possible will be done
before the; snow comes. The
owners at present, are very reticent
regarding! the strike, until more
work has been .done, but according
to all reports, a big strike of high
grade ore has been made, particulars of which will be published
later.      <>■•''-■       '",';.;':".  '.
Numerous Properties  Being
Numerous other properties are
being developed by their owners
throughout the whole distriot, arid
the work being done this summer
will enhance the value of several of
the older properties and also place
a number of the newer one's in the
limelight. Each season's work
proves more conclusively than ever
that Alice Arm*no's 'the goods"
and will be second to none among
the mining camps of the future.
■ •   ;-■■<!- /. ■:■■{■■       I,''
Weekly Meeting of
"Anyox Community
League Council
After several weeks of no meetings,
the majority of the councillors being
oh holidays or working overtime, the
Counoil met on Wednesday night,
with Mr. Callanan in the chair. ,
On the reading of the minutes of
the preceding "meeting, it was
moved by Mr. Seidelman and seoonded by Mr. Jones that they be
adopted as read.
The Secretary's report dealt with
expenses and receipts covering the
celebrations in connection with
Dominion Day and the trip of the
baseball players to Ketchikan. The
total receipts for the ball game,
field sports and dance amounted to
$468.65, the expense aggregation
$450.90, leaving a balance of $17.75
to the good. The manager of Recreation Hall had been granted an
advance in wages by the Finance
committee, reserving the right to
adjust this at the end of six months
in any manner they might consider
best. In connection with the
request of the Granby Company
for the use of the gymnasium for
a period, of two months, the Secretary asked to have this endorsed by
the Council as a body, as individually they had all agreed to the
arrangement when first brought to
their attention. It had also been
Suggested that Labor Day should
be rjr50ognised.,M „ ,»»jue..^WW^-this.,
year and a field day for those taking an active part in baseball, football and basket-ball should be held
with A dance in Recreation Hqll i'n,
the ivening.   |(~j ',fjj "' %**£
The Counclt' i eiiriSfi^iea^ ' ^e
arrangements niade with the Granby Company for the use of the
Gynpasium at a monthly rental of
$160,00. i*ijMj£me£J&■',.^
Mosetn&arry &Sar v|||mi$' J. F,'
Lee were read Mr. "raov-Moss
wrote informing the fJt&noil that
tlie prize for d^s^fk^i)|j^off.-.
by the League bad bew won by a
Mrs. MoIritosh|of Prinoe Rupcipt,
and that no one hod made the
necessary marls foit/iibe .prize
offered in the electrical class! Mr.
Pinder-Moss %anted^Kl! know if
the League would make - these
prizes a yearly donation.'. It was
thought that subject to the will
of each Counoil this might be done,
and Mrs. Dwyer moved and Mr.
Seidelman seconded a motion,., that
the Council continue to donate
these prizes. The letter from Mr.
Harvey asked, about chances for a
musician in.Anyox and the Counoil
agreed that the letter W filed. A
letter from Mr Lee requested the
Council to consider a refund to his
wife of alike sum that was received
by Mr. Waterman list year. Mrs.
Lee had been a member of the
Mine orohestra and was entitled to
a refund. In this connection the
Secretary read,a voluntary letter
from Mr. A. E. Grigsbyt. who had
Organized the orchestra, aud who
Wrote from Jerome, Arizona, after
the Council had paid Mr. Waterman the $20»jn 1922. .TheCouncil
agreed that Mr Lee should be forwarded a copy of this letter for his
Owing to lack of space—continued next week.
Big Dam at Anyox
is Nearing Completion
Under the able guidance of Mr.
W, Faust, the New No. 2. Dam' is
rapidly approaching a state of com
pletion. The activities for the past
two weeks have been centered upon
the last lift, and the coping   and
walk across the top of the Dam
. ■ ..i.i
,from Buttress No.- 1. to Buttress
No. 21. There remains only five
more of these to be placed to hive
this wprk completed.
Other interesting features are the
excavations underway on both sides
of the creek, particularly that on
the east side where the siphon spilt
way is to be placed. This is the
first Siphon Spillway to be constructed in western Canada arid
it adds fifty percent to the efficiency of the structure, it is being
watched with a great deal of interest by other, concerns who are
considering the construction of
danis it is alstf'believed that sever-
al, dams now having the roll-Way
type of spillway, may be altered
and have siphons installed.
The work on the dam was seriously delayed by the ravage of the
recent fire, but ii6w it: is forging
ahead and early coinpletetlon ffyr
looked forward to.
Mr. R. P. Wilmot auditor of the
Liquor Board was a visitor to
Alioe Arm arid Anyox during the
week. This was Mr. WJlmot's first
visit to Alice Arm, and he was
much surprised at the size and activity ofthe town.
Geological Party Now
Dr. Geo.. Hanson, Dominion govt,
geologist arrived in Alice: Arm Oil
Satura^y; aooompai^-by MoJBrsi;:
Harry Gunning and Heber Jones.
Dr. Hanson has spent oonside^ble
time in the, district during4I1 '
two summers, in. connection
geological survey work,
^ t^e pajty^t.on'Tuesday fi
Illiance River Valley, and will
10 or 12 dai^^ihle "distriot ■ _
as far easias the Naas Divide,;
are now camped at 11-mile.
A geological survey will al
niade on Roundy creek and lime
work done in the Kitsault valtfy if
time can be spared. ■'
'During the present summer'. Dr.
Hanson has made a survey off the
mineral belt between the Naas
Valley and Terrace, starting from
Aiyansh. ,    ;
Enjoyable Dance Held
at Alice Arm Hotel
One of the most enjoyable dances
of the season was held in the Alice
Arm Hotel, last Saturday evening,
when over sixty people tripped the
light fantastic. The greatest
praise and appreciation is due for
the excellent musie rendered by an
efficient orchestra, composed of
Mesdames T,; W. Falconer, and W.
O'Neill, and Messrs, R. F. McGinnis, E. R. Oatman and C. E.
Hutchinson, Mr; G. Brdggy, as
floor manager, was as usual, in top
form and kept things going at full
speed at all times; The Alice Arm
folks were pleased ts see so many
ofthe Anyox visitors1 respond to
the invitation, and have to thank
them for their assistance in adding
greatly Jto the success of the occasion. Dainty refreshments provided
by the ladies, were as usual, appreciated by all.
Kitsault River Bridge
Will be Built
__       M
Dam to be Lengthened
Mr. fl. F, Kergin, who retuimed
on Monday, from a visit to Victoria, states that in regard to.the
lower Kitsault river bridge, ffcjiat
the bridge will be built at the; site
of the wing dam, arid that $5,000
has been appropriated for the-extension of the dam, and that, this
Work will commence almost immediately. The bridge will be huilt
from the end of the dam, and
building material will be assembled
this fall. Plans for the bridge are
now ready, and it is possible that
construction will be commenced as
soon as all danger from high wkter
is passed. Work on bridge, However, will not commence untit the
completion tf the upper Kitsault
suspension bridge, and the Bear
river bridge at Stewart has |ieen
completed, as until that time,
expert supervision can notv"; be
• "♦'»■♦'"♦'»■»■»■♦■«'♦'■' + n.«.....,+...».t.S , »
Recent arrivals at the Granby
Bay Hotel, inolude Messrs. J. A.
Macfadyen, G. Hanson, H. C.
Gunning and R. H, B. Jones, of
Vancouver, Mr. J. T. H. Thompson
of ViotOria^and Mr. G. A. Gerocin-
jros of Salt Lake City.
.Mrs.  Robert Armour left for-
funeral of her grandfather,   Mr.      |
Andrew Kelley, who was  one ol,,,»
the original pioneers of tbe province
The late Mr. Kelly, who was eighty
eight years of,age, was" widely respected in,.Victoria   where   for.
seyeral years past he   has   been
living i» retirement.   In bis earlier
Australia, during the gold rush.
He wwaweH known figure in the
Cariboo Distriot, where he I leaves
a host of friends to mourn his loss.
Chief Constable Minty who i has
been on an official visit to Anyox
left for SteWart on Saturday last.
Southbound passengers on the
Cardena on Monday last included
Messrs.P. Duby, R Greenwelland
J. Christoff, all hound for Prince
Anyox passengers per the Cardena on Monday last included,
Messrs. D. Monahan, W. Moffett
H. MoKinnon and R. McGregor.
Mr. J.  Robertson  left for  the .
south to join his wife in Vancouver
from whence they will proceed to
Victoria to spend their vacation.
Mr. F. E. Gigot of the General V
Store left last week for a month's
vacation which Will be spent in the ':.
Kootenay Distriot. >
Master Elvin Johnson who has
been on a visit to his uncle Mr; R
Strand, returned to Prince Rupert
oh Monday last.
Quite a number of Anyox people,
who have been holiday making at
Alice Arm returned home on Sunday per the "Awakje" among them
being Mr. and Mrs. Manzer and f
family, Mr. and Mrs. E. Armstrong 1
and family, Mrs. Foxley and child- f;
ren, Mrs. Barclay and family, Mrs. ;•
G. Booth, and Mr. and Mrs. Chas. 1
Gray aiid family, r
Mr. 3,, C., Byrn who has been j
working on the'construction of the I,
new dam left for Vancouver on I
the Cardena.
Mrs. R. H. Manzer and children,
left on Thursday^ for a short visit'
to Toronto. ,
Continued on page 4. ALICE   ARM   AND   ANYOX   HERALD,   Aliob  Arm,   Saturday, August 18, 1923
Alice Arm & Anyox Herald
Issued every Saturday at Alice Arm
Alice Arm and Anyox $2.25 Yearly
Other Parts of Canada, $2.75
British Isles and United States, $3.00
Notices for Grown Grants - - $10.00
Land Notices -',.'■- - - $.10.00
Coal Notices - - - - $6.00
Transient Advertising, 50c. per inch,
Contract Rates on Application.
E. MOSS, Editor and Publisher.
All Work and
No Play Makes—
The people that feel sorry for
themselves because they cannot see
their way to take "prolonged vacation" will feel a lot better if they
will let the bars down long enough
now and then to get a little fresh
air. There is something radically
wrong about a man that cannot
see his way clear to take a day or
two off and go fishing if he so
yearns. The lakes and streams
around Anyox abound in fish, and
the few dollars lost in wages will
be more than compensated for by
the injection of new life and vigor,
obtained from a few day's holiday
in the great out-of-doors that surrounds us on all sides. Take «
day off, get out ofthe rut; and forget work, and you will feel like a
new man on your return.
Gets Results
Are we in earnest as to what we
want to make Alice Arm biggei
and better? Results in any enter,
prise are generally proportionate to
earnestness shown by those who
are interested. We seem to bi
pretty well based as to our faith in
Alice Arm, but are we manifesting
the enthusiasm we should to get the
results we desire? Faith and en
thusiasm, directed by intelligence
and good judgement, accomplishes
wonders when concentrated. Now
is the time for Alice Arm to concentrate and co-operate. Our citizens seem to be in accord as never
before along lines to secure the
results desired. It is not possible
for any community to reach 100
per cent in co-operation, but the
nearer we can reach this figure the
better it will be for the future prosperity of all concerned. Faith and
concentrated earnestness is what we
need right now. Discussions and
criticisms must be made openly and
fairly, with the spirit of give and
take in order to get together on
plans to make Alice Arm bigger
and better. To do this we must
learn to have faith and confidence
one with another, in community
affairs. Help hold up the hands
of those who are trying to do things
worth while.
Some people think it real smart
when they ridicule another man's
mining property. A little more
co-operation among the local mining property owners would be of.
benefit to everyone.
Vancouver Hook Roasts 'Em
In a withering article this week, The
Hook goes on record hi denouncing
"Yankee Mail Order Matrimonial
Bureaus". Proofs are adduced where
one Fraser Valley farmer sent money
to get a blooming bride, and was met
at the C. P. R. train by a withered,
rouged hagiwho called him "dearie",
and who insisted upon marriage, It
cost the man half a year's crop says
The Hook, to get rid of her and she
was arrested in a city police raid two
weeks later. The same article states
that loggers and others have been
duped by distant American matrimonial agencies, and sensational disclosures are made by this -paper. One
"Mail order bride", says The Hook,
came all the way from Michigan, and
instead of being blooming and young,
was faded and painted. She explained
that the original photo was taken
some years ago, but "that was his
Erection of Provincial
Govt. Offices at Anyox
Workmen have been busy during
the past week preparing the site of the
new government offices which are to
be erected near the Beach Recreation
Hall. The contractors are Messrs.
Greer, Beaty and Douglas, It will be
a two storeyed building, the ground
floor being utilized as police head
quarters and the first floor Will contain
the government Agent's office, Police
office and Court House. It is expected
that the building will be ready for
occupation before the winter sets in.
Lumber is Manufactured in
Province Whenever Possible
British Columbia is not following all
open policy on the question of exporting unmanufactured timber. At least
the government is not, states the minister of lands, Hon. T. D. Pattullo, who
points out that in every instance
where it is possible British Columbia
timber is cut and- manufactured at
home. Only a very small percentage
of unmanufactured timber is sent out
of the province. The government's
policy of assisting the industry has
placed lumbering well ahead in this
province.. /
Southern Highway is Paved
The British Columbia section of the
Pacific Highway has been completed
as a paved, road and on Labor Day,
September 3, the event will be celebrated by a grand opening at Cloverdale.
This now means a paved highway from
Vancouver to Seattle. Despite the
criticisms directed against Hon. W.
H. Sutherland, minister of public
Works, for undertaking all the work
this year, now that the job is finished
he is the subject of hearty congratulations. It is conceded by good roads
enthusiasts all over the province that
the paving of tho Pacific Highway will
benefit every section of British Columbia, though the great increased tourists
traffic. Meanwhile, the minister is not
forgetting the newer districts, and an
unusual large amount of work on settlers' roads will be completed before
the season ends.
Omineca District Gets Big
Road Appropriation
An appropriation of $46,000 on public works in the district of Omineca
for settlers roads and bridges is announced this week among a list of
authorizations riiade by Hon, W. R.
Sutherland, minister of Public Works.
Meals Served at All Hours
GUS.   ANDERSON,   Proprietor
Anyox Community
• «
Council meets every Wednesday
Evening,i at 7.30 p.m. Every
second Wednesday of month at
Mine Hall; every first, third and
fourth Wednesday at Recreation
If you can suggest anything to
better conditions, tell it to us at
the meetings.
For Rent, by Day, Week or Month.
Reasonable Rates. ;      ::
Waterproof Clothing
Men's Dress Waterproof Raincoats,
Latest Patterns and Styles
Slicker Goats, Hats, Pants, Rubber Boots
and Shoes of all descriptions
LEW LUN & Co., General Merchants
West Side of Smelter ANYOX, B. C.
Boot and Shoe
First Class Work
Highest Grade Material
C. H. WALKER Alice Arm
Opposite Rojrtl Bank
Leaves Alice Arm for Anyox 9 a.m.
Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays
Returning Same Days at 3 p.m.
Office: Next to Post Office       - J. M. Morrison, Manager
Outfitters for Miners,
Prospectors, Loggers,
and Campers
The Mineral Province of Western Canada
Has produced minerals valued as follows: Placer Gold, $76,542,203; Lode Gold, $109,647,661; Silver,
$59,814,266; Lead, $51,810,891; Copper, $170,723,242; Zinc, $24,625,853; Goal and Coke, $238,289,565;
Building Stone, Brick, Cement, $36,605,942; Miscellaneous Minerals, $1,358,839; making its mineral
production to the end of 1922 show •
An Aggregate Value of $769,418,462
The substantial progress, of the Mining Industry fn this Province is strikingly exhibited in the following
figures, whioh show the value of production for, successive five-year periods: For all years to 1895, inclusive,
$94,547,241; for five years, 1896-1900, $57,607,967; for five years, 1901-1905, $96,507,9,68; for five years, 1906-
1910, $125,534,474; 'for five years,1,1911-1915, $142,072,603; forfive years, 1916-1920, $189,922,725; for the
year 1921, $28,066,641, and for the year 1922, $35,158,843. r
Productioii During last ten years, $339,280,940
Lode-mining has only been in progress for about 33 years, and not 20 per cent of the Provinoe has been
even prospected; 300,000 square miles of unexplored mineral bearing land are open for prospeoting.
• The Mining Laws of this Province are more liberal, and the fees lower than those of any other Provinoe
in the Dominion, or any Colony in the British Empire.
Mineral locations are granted to discoverers for nominal fees.
Absolute Titles are obtained by developing suoh properties,, security of which is guaranteed by
Crown Grants.
Full information, together with Mining Reports and Maps,, may be obtained gratis by addrejraing
VICTORIA, British Columbia ALICE   ARM   AND   ANYOX   HERALD,   Alice  Arm,   Saturday, August 18, 1923
Maple Bay Cafe
Under New Management
Meals at All Hours
Shoe Repairing
B. P.O. Elks
Dominion of Oanadit
Meets Every Monday, 8 p.m.
Elk's Hall
Minimum price of first-class land
rxduced to $5 an acre: second-class to
IS.GO an acre, ■
Pre-emption now confined to surveyed lands only.
Records will be granted covering only
land suitable for agricultural purposes
and which Is non-timber land.
Tartnership pre-emptions abolished,
but parties of not more than four may
arrange for adjacent pre-emptions
with joint residence, but each making
necessary Improvements on respective
Pre-emptors' must occupy claims lor
five years and make improvements to
valuer of (10 per acre, including clearing and cultivation of at least 5 cres.
before receiving Crown, Grant.
Where pre-emptor in occupation not
'ess than 3 years, and has made proportionate Improvements, he may, because of Ill-health, or other cause, be
granted Intermediate certificate of Improvement and transfer his claim.
Records Without permanent resi-,
dence may he issued, provided applicant makes improvements to extent of
5360 per annum and records same each
year. Failure to make improvements
or record same will operate as forfeiture. Title cannot be obtained In
jess than 5 years, and Improvements
of $10.00 per acre, Including 6 acre*
cleared and cultivated, and residenct
of at least 2 years are required,'
Pre-emptor holding Crown Grant
may record-another pre-emption, If he
requires land In conjunction with his
farm, without actual occupation, provided statutory Improvements made
and residence maintained on Crown
granted land.
Unsurveyed areas, not exceeding 20
acres, may be leased as homesltes;
title to be obtained after fulfilling residential and improvement conditions.
For grazing and Industrial purposes
areas exceeding 640 acres may be
leased by one person or comcany.
Mill, factory or Industrial sites on
timber land not exceeding 40 acres
may be purchased; conditions Include
payment of stumpage.
Natural hay meadows Inaccessible
by existing roads may be purchased
conditional upon construction of a road
to them. Rebate of one-halt of cost of
) road, not exceeding half of purchase
price, Is made.
The scope of this Act Is enlarged to
tnolude all persons joining and serv-
. ing with His Majesty's Forces. The
| * time within which the heirs or devisees
of a deceased pre-emptor may apply
for title under the Act Is extended
from for one year from the death of
such person, as formerly, until one
year after the conclusion, of the great
war, This privilege Is also made re-
No fees relating to pre-emptions are
due or payable by soldiers on preemptions recorded after June 26, 1918.
Taxes are remitted for five years.
Provision for return of moneys accrued, due and been paid'since August
4, 1914, on account of payments, fees
or taxes oh soldiers', pre-emptions.
Interest on agreements to purchase
town or elty lots held by members of
Allied Forces, or dependents, acquired
direct or indirect, remitted from enlistment to March 11, 1920.
Provision    made   for   Issuance   of
Crown   grants   to  sub-purchasers   of
Crown Lands,  acquiring rights  from
purchasers   who   failed   to   complete
chase, Involving forfeiture, on ful-
nerit of conditions of purchase, interest and taxes. Where* sub-purchasers do not claim whole of original parcel, purchase price due and1, taxes may
be distributed proportionately over
whole area. Applications must be made
by May 1, 1920.
Gracing Act, 1919, for systematic
development of livestock Industry provides for graslng districts and range
administration ' under Commissioner.
Annual grazing permits issued based
on numbers-ranged; priority for established owners. Stock-owners may
form Associations for range manage*
ment. Free, or partially free, permits
for settlers, campers or travellens, up
to ten head.
Anyox Tennis Club
During the last week Tennis players
have been very busy, some very good
games having been played both in the
Ladder Series and also in the men's
open singles cup games. In the Ladder series special mention must be
made in reference to ^he game between
H. Ballion and O. G. Mclntyre. The calibre of tennis in this game was of a very
high order and was full of exciting
rallies from beginning to end. Mclntyre by better placing and more steady
play, winning. The first round of the
cup games has been, with the exception of two games, played off, and up
to the present no startling results have
taken,. place, the winners coming!
through us expected.
In the Ladies Ladder series practically no games have been -played for
some time, owing to so many of the
oontestents being away. The season
is now getting near to it's close and I
as many Ladder games as possible)
should be played, in order that everybody rimy have a good chance as
possible of winning the prizes. To become eligible for participation in these
prizes, not less than ten games should
be played in the Men's singles, and five
games in all other events.
He who grins in clowns disguise,
Often hides an aching heart-
Sadness sometimes worldly-wise,
Dresses for a motley part;
Cap and bells to cheat the ears,   .
Chalk and paint to hide the tears;
Lest the world divining pain,
Turn to gape and stare again.
Every man is a free agent, and
he can, if he exerts his WILL shape
his own life and be -the master of
his fate, if he refuses to take advantage of. this privilege, he , will
become the'slave of the combined
thoughts of others, and they will
shape his destiny for good or evil.
Anyox Community
If you are in need of a mental
tonic, take advantage pf the
League Library. The digestion
of a good book is often the
cause of a different viewpoint
Anyox ■——
League '~^
Get the Habit Three Nights a
::   ::'   SATURDAY    ::   ::
0 OO 0
BeSme& Keep These Nights
for ihe Pictures
x 0,0  '■
Proposed Moose Lodge
at Anyox
Mr. W. F. H.- Thompson, 'the
Distriot Supervisor of the Loyal
Order of Moose, is visiting Anyox
with, the»purpose of instituting a
Lodge of this Order. In a reoent
interview with Mr. Thompson,
"The Herald's" correspondent gathered that the Supervisor was more
than gratified with the- progress
made and "promise of support that
had been made to him. Beforethe
Looal Lodge oan get it's Charter it
is necessary to have a membership
of 50; and to this end a meeting will
shortly be held at which the fraternal and social advantages of this
Order will be fully explained. The
Charter Fee has been fixed at $10.00
with a monthly subscription of $1.25
and should attract quite a large
number of men who at present are
not memoers of any Lodgei, '
The Loyal Order of Moose is an
international fraternal society, consisting Of more thaii 1600 lodges in
the United States, Canada and
throughout the world. The Headquarters of,the Moose are at Moose-
heart Illinois, 35 miles west of Chicago, here' they.have an estate of
over one thousand acres of land.
Moosehoart is a home and training
school for > dependent children of
deceased members of the Order. yAt
the present time there are over a
thousand children being educated
and trained under the very finest
of conditions. Any reader of the
Herald wishing for further information can obtain' same from Mr.
W. F. H. Thompson, district Supervisor L. 0- O. M., Granby Bay
After the institution,' the initiation fee will be $12.50 untili the
Charter is closed, when the Lodge
initiation Fee will be $25.0,0.
The Welcome
Pool Room
Alice Arm
Pool Tables, Cigars, Cigarettes
Tobacco and Soft Drinks
A. BEAUDIN, Proprietor
Hard Fought Football
Game Won Smelter
The Elks having to discontinue run
ning their team owing to several of
their best ph.yers not being available for Lhe rest of tho season. The
Football League have arranged that
the Smelter and Mine shall play a
series of three games to round out the
second half.
The first game took place on the
evening of August 9th. It was a hard
fought battle for supremacy; the Mine
were handicapped by the absence of
several of their regular players but
nevertheless made the smeltermen
play all out. The only goal of the
game was scored in the first half by
Westwood on a well placed pass from
Ed. Boss. Score halftime, Smelter 1,
Mine 0.
On resuming it was a ding dong
Struggle, both teams being evenly balanced. During the last ten minutes
the Mine tried hard to equalize, but
the Smelter defence proved too good
and the game ended in a victory for
the Gas Eaters. Score 1—0.
For the Smelter J. Mair, Ed. Boss, and
Westwood, played star games, whilst
special mention shonld be made of the
ploy of Ourrie, Twaddle and McKeown
for the Mine. V
Line Up: Mine: Goal, Corckle; Backs,
Pynne, Lange; Half Backs, Oane, McKeown, Currie; Forwards, Twaddle,
Evans,   Barnes,  Frost,    Halverson.
Smelter: Goal, McDougall; Backs,
Mair, J. Kirkland; Half Backs, Rowan
Boss, J. Mnir; Forwards, A. Kirkland,
Wilson, Westwood, Greenwell, Armstrong.      / ■'   •
The Matter Mind'
'So your husband has given up
smoking. That needs a pretty strong
will don't it?"
"Well, Iv'e got one!"
Orders   Taken  for all
Kinds of
Finished Build'
ing Material
S. DUMAS, Alice Arm
|jj   Turkish   Sweat  Shower
and Tub
Kitsault House
Rooms for Rent by Day,
Week or Month
All Kinds of Soft Drinks
F. J. BISHOP, Prop.
Rooming House
First Clan Rooms to Rent by Day,
Week or Month
Soft Drinks, Cigars, Cigarettes and Tobacco
Subscribe to The Herald
Producers of Copper, Coal, Coke, .Benzol and
Ammonium Sulphate
Purchasers of Ores of Copper and Siliceous Ores
of Gold and Silver
MAIN OFFICE:   Anyox, B.C.
Rods,    Lines,    Hooks,
and Salmon Bait
Mosquito Veils and Tents. Large Straw Hats
Baggage, Heavy Freighting and Pack Horses
Wellington Lump Coal, Slab Wood
Cut any Length, $3.50 per Load
Dealer in Fresh, Salt and Smoked Meats,
Fish, and: Poultry
W.   A.   WILSON,   Proprietor
-J ALICE   ARM   AND   ANYOX   HERALD,   Aliob Arm,   Saturday, August 18, 1923
(Form P.)
Certificate of Improvements
"Homestake," "Homestake No. 1,"
"Homestake No. 2." Homestake No.
8," Homestake Fraction," "Homestake
No. 1 Fraction," and "Tip Top" mineral claims, situate in the Naas River
Mining Division of Oassiar District.
Where located: Kitsault River, Alice
TAKE NOTICE that I, A. 0. H.
Gerhardi, F. M. 0. No. 76027-C, acting
agent for Arne Davedson, F. M. 0.
No. 47401-0, Arthur F. Smith, F. M. C.
No. 73743-0, Gustaf Pearson, P. M. C.
No. 72515-0, and Harry M. Mann, Free
Miner's Certificate No. 67886-0, intend
sixty days from ±he date hereof, to
apply to the Mining Recorder for a
Certificate of Improvements, for the
purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant
of tne above claims,
And further take notice that action,
under section 85 must be commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 6th, day of August, A. D.
Mr. L. McAlister returned on
Sunday from Alice Arm where he
spent two week's holiday with Mrs.
McAlister and family.
Virginia Herman was oharged
before Stipendary Magistrate
John Conway with vagrancy, and
was fined the sum of $25.00 and
$2.00 costs in default 30 days hard
William Watts was also oharged
with an offence under the Liquor
Act viz attempting to purchase
liquor with another person's permit
and was fined $50.00 and $2.00
costs or in default 30 day's hard
Homer Martin was charged
before Stipendary Magistrate J.
Conway with being drunk in a
public place at Anyox, was fined
$50 and $2. costs or in default 30
days hard labor.
Inspector Parsons of the Provin
Loyal Order of Moose
of the World
The Advantages and Benefits of this
Order will be fully explained by District
Supervisor W. F. H. Thompson
A Charter for a Local Lodge is being applied for
Speaker: W. F. H. Thompson
Chairman: J. G. Ellis
Drugs and Sundries
Stationery and Novelties
W. M. Cummings,   Agent for all Vancouver Daily Papers
Post Office Building, Alice Arm
oial Polioe at Prinoe Rupert was in
Anyox during the past week on a
tour of inspection.
Anyox passengers on the Prince
George on Thursday, included Mes<-
srs. C. McKeown, G. McKenzie M.
A. Dupuis, arid M. D. Deane.
Mr. A. S. Niokerson of the general Store, returned from his vacation
ou Thursday.
Mr. E- R Winder, of the Canadian Bank of Commerce returned on
the Prinoe George after a month's
vacation in the south.
Provincial Police Officer, A, Dryr
den'and Mrs. Dryden left for Prince
Rupert on Thursday last.   .
Mr. Fred Whittaker returned on
Thursday from a trip to Vanoouver
Mr. H. Crawford, of the local
bank, left on Thursday for holidays
in Vanoouver.   ?
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Jones left
on Thursdsy, for their honeymoon,
whioh will be spent in Vanoouver.
See Al. Falconer for Wood or
Mr. Jaok Murdock arrived home
on Monday from a holiday trip to
Edmonton. Jack states that after
obtaining first-hand information
regarding the difficulties of! the
average prairie farmer, Alioe Arm
looks good to him.
Gus Webber and Geo. Wolschegel
of Naas Valley came in over the
Telegraph trail on Monday. They
are in the party cf Dr. G. Hanson
having worked with him throughout the summer.
The secret of
good beer lies
in purity—
That's why Cascade Beer has for 35 years
been British Columbia's favorite health
beverage. No expense has been spared to
ensure purity. It has cost a million dollars to build a plant to accomplish this.
But after testing Cascade Beer, you agree
that it has been worth it.
Insist Upon
This advertisement is not published or displayed by the Liquor
Control Board, or by the Government of British Columbia.
Geo. Johnson and Linus
Johnson, who are cousins to J.
Fiva, arrived in town on Monday,
from Greenwood, and left, during
the week for the Homestake property. " .       '
1 Mr. Art. Beaudin has oommenced
the construction pf a store, adjoining the Welcome Ppol Room, The
building will' measure 11 feet by
24 feet
Mr. and Mrs. J. Laidlaw spent a
few days in Prince Rupert during
the week.
Mr. C. W. Homer, provincial
assessor, arrived in town on Thursday.
Mr. Carl Winerstrom, hook-
tender at the Abbotsford Logging
Co., received injuries to his leg on
Thursday, while at work, which
necessitated his removal to the
Anyox Hospital.
Mr. Kirkwood, of Anyox Mine,
arrived during the week to join his
wife and family.    /
Mrs. N. Gurvich and four ■ sons
arrived from Prince Rupert on
Monday, and is the guest of Mrs.
N Sutilovioh. \
Mr. C. J: Harrington and three
daughters arrived on Tuesday,
from Anyox and are spending
holidays here.
See Al. Falconer for Freight
and Pack Horses.
Mr. T. McRostie left for Anyox
today, after spending several weeks
in the district on his various mining properties.
Mr. H. F. Kergin returned home
on Monday from a trip to Victoria.
A Cinderalla Dance will be held
at the Alice Arm Hotel this evening. Dancing 8.30 to" 12. Good
music. No refreshments, but a
good time for everyone.
Mr. J. O. Stenbraten, known
throughout the Yukon, Alaska, and
British Columbia As "Stampede,
John," arrived in town recently
after an absence of three years. He
lately returned north from the
mining camps of Nevada, Colorado
and California; he gave Stewart
the "once over" and came on to
Alice Arm. '< John says that' in all
histravels, (and he has travelled
some) he has never seen a mining
camp that has the mineral showings
that Alice Arm has. He prediots
a great future for! the camp and
intends to stay right here and
help develop it.
Rain-proof Coats
Which also serve as a
light overcoat for spring
or fall wear
These coats are made from fine wool Broadcloth
with rubberized lining—colours Dark Brown and
Oxford Grey
Men's Wear Department
We guarantee every line we sell
'■St'■V-'J-.J !'">■{'": -i  iO'A-.'
Keeping timber for B.C. Industries?
Keeping alive a prosperous payroll?
Keeping fur and feather in B.C.?
Keeping timber for manufacture?
Keeping a green forest for posterity?
' ii , '■  , '- ,'    ' ■" '    ■'     ' "..
Coast Steamship Service
will sail from Anyox every Thursday at
1.00 p.m., for, Prince Rupert, Ocean.Falls,
Powell River, Vancouver, Victoria; Seattle.
S.S. PRINCE JOHN will sail from Prince Rupert, for Vancouver*
via Queen Charlotte Island Ports, every Wednesday at 8.00 p,m.
DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAY, at 6.45 p.m., for Smithers, Prince
George, Edmonton and Winnipeg, making direct connections for
all' points East and South.
For Atlantic Steamship Sailings or further information, apply to any' Carjadian Rational Agent, ortoR. F. McNAUGHTON, District Passenger Agent,
Prince Rupert,'B. C.


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