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 *.•. fl.t. 4 ■■*♦■*■ ♦ '■■■♦ ■•"»♦
A little paper
with all the
news and a big
Published in the interests of Alice Arm and Anyox, B. C.
$2.50 a Year
Alice Arm and
Anyox. $2.75 to
all other points.
••»•..•.-«..•..«,.•„* H>«i ««4 >•-• I
VOL. 10,   NO.   37
Alice Arm, B. C, Saturday, March 7, 1931
5 cents eaoh.
New Council Elected By
Anyox Community
The members of the Anyox Community League went to the polls
on Wednesday to elect a Counoil
for the coming year to carry on the
affairs of the organization. There
were thirteen candidates to choose
from to fill the posts of eight ooun-
Following is the names of the
successful candidates and the number of votes polled by each one:
T. W. Cavers 167
D. Macdougall 142
R. Gale 126
P. Dresser Ill
Ed. Johnson 108
A. H. Kirby 105   '
R. J. A. Manning 105
Don Cleal 104
T. W. Cavers, D. Macdougall,
F. Dresser, Ed. Johnson and R. J.
A. Manning were all members of
the previous Council, while R.
Gale, A. H. Kirby and Don Cleal.
will serve their first term as councillors this yvar.'-.
The members of the Community
League are to be congratulated on
the wise choice made iu selecting
their members for the Council.
They are all well known as highly
respected and alert citizens, and
there is no doubt that the Anyox
Community League under their
guidance will continue to prosper.
Rev. J. S. Brayfield, F. Dodsworth and George Sellars were'the
returning officrs at the election.
Officers Elected Alice
Arm Athletic
The Annual General Meeting of
the Alice Arm Athletic Association
was held at the Alice Arm Hotel on
Saturday evening. Officers for
the coming year, which are as
follows: President, J. Trinder;
Vice President, Al. Falconer; Sec
rotary-treasurer, Mrs. H. F. Kergin.
Executive Committee, Mrs. O.
Evindsen, T. W. Falooner, A. D.
The question of fees for the members of the Tennis Club for the
coining year will be decided at a
future meeting.
It was suggested that the association sponsor the Empire Day
celebration on May 24th. as was
done last year. As funds are
needed this will probably be carried
Advertise in the Herald
Presentation Made To
H. B. Porteous
By Comrades
On Friday, February 27th, the
members of the Anyox Branch of
the Canadian Legion, B. E. S. L,
foregathered at the Elks'"Dugout"
ostensibly for the purpose of a
housewarming for their new quarters, recently opened, but in reality
to do honor to their departing
comrade, H. B. Porteous who is
leaving the district.
A pleasing program of songs
aud music bad been arranged,
vocal items being given by W. F.
Eve, R. Lavery, Tom Pinckney
and J. Varnes, while the musical
turns were attended to by the
Legion Orchestra.
At a suitable interval in the
proceedings the president, Wm. F.
Eve, on behalf of the members,
presented Comrade Porteous with
a silver cigarette case. He referred
to Bert's long membership in the
Legion in Anyox, his popularity,
and his valuable work as Treasurer
ofthe" Anyox Branch. IiT'replying,
Bert assured his comrades that no
souvenir was necessary to remind
him of the very pleasant associa
tions he would cherish of the
Legion in Anyox, and expressed
his regret that his connection with
the Branch was about to be severed. The meeting closed with the
singing of: "For He's a Jolly
Good Fellow," "Auld Lang Syne,"
aud "The King."
Officers  Elected For Mine
Branch Community League
The first election of Councillors
for the newly formed Mine Branoh
of the Anyox Community League
was held on Saturday.. Seven can
didates had been nominated to fill
the positions of five councillors.
Those elected to serve on the
Council of the Mine branch, wore:
D. Babich, Ed. Blundell, J. D. Ferguson, K. Montgomery, S. Mc
All of the above are active sooial
workers at the Mine and there is
no doubt but that they will place
the Mine Branch ou a firm footing
during their term of office.
Government Men Issue
Golf Challenge
Four members of tho Provincial
Government staff at Anyox have
issued a challenge to a similar
number of employees of the Granby
Company for a golf match. There
is no doubt but that the challenge
will he acoepted. While the Gran
by Company have a larger number
to choose from than the Government, the latter team will be
strengthened by the inclusion of
thu local champion, and the others
are no mean golf players. It is
now up to the Graiiby Company to
pick their best team and try con
elusions with their sporting opponents,
United Church Activities
A United Church Service will be
held at the Mine School, tomorrow
Sunday March  8th at 2.15 p.m
Sunday   school   will   be   held   at
3.15 p.m.
Remember the date of the Beach
Ladies' Aid E. U. B. March 24, at
2 30 p.m. in the ^United Church
Hall. Come and supply your home
needs.   Afternoon tea served.
Presentation Made to Mrs.
V. S. McRae
Work on Kitsault River
Wing Dam Closes
As an expression of esteem and
appreciation of her untiring work
during the training and preparations for the recent "Sunrise'"
Cabaret, the ladies of the "New
York Follies" who took so successful a part, have presented Mrs.
V. S. McRae with a silver sandwich plate.
The work of lengthening and
strengthening the wing dam above
the town of Alice Arm, which was
undertaken by the Department ol
Publio Works to relieve unemployment in this district, was concluded last week-end.
The work occupied three months
and an average' of 11 men were
employed. The dam has been extended a distance of 500 feet, and
the weak spots have been strengthened at all points. It is considered
that the dam is now perfectly safe
at all points to resist any pressure
of water when the Kitsault River
is in flood.
A small crew of men are now engaged in straightening' out the
course of the river above the big
suspension bridge. During the
high water periods last fall, a
gravel bar of considerable propor
tions formed in the centre of the
stream. A drag line is now en
gaged in lowering the bed of the
river ou the east side, and unless
unforseen circumstances happen
the river will cut a wide and deeper channel here during high water
and convert the bed of the stream
into a straight line. At the present time the main stream strikes
the dam head-on, but the present
operations will divert a lot of
water to the centre of the channel
McColl's Team Head of Golf
Following an enjoyable evening
at oards a party of Anyox friends
of Mr. H. B. Porteous presented
him with a fine leather club bag
this week. Mr. Ed. Blundell made
the presentation.
The Elks' Miniature Golf Lsague
is going strong. McColl's team is
at present in the lead, but MoCon
nachiu's and Machine Shop both
have a good chance of coming out
on top.
Mack Tornquist and Arvid
Luudstrom were each fined $25
and costs or thirty days, on Feb
ruary 23 on a charge of vagrancy,
breaking doors.
The Anyox Community League
Badminton Club will hold a mixed
doubles tournament in the Gymnasium on Wednesday, Maroh 11th.
starting at 7 p.m-
Advertise in the Herald
Celts and High School
Win on Monday
The first of the play-off games
for the coming trip to Premier was
played between the- Celts and
Sheiks, resulting in a win by nine
points for the Celts. The game
was played on Thursday, February 26th. Scores: Celts 28. Cal-
deroni-14. Steele-4, McDonald-8,
Hill 2. Sheiks lfJ-Dresser-2, L.
Gillies-4, J. Gillies-6 , Lindgren 6,
The Senior Girls league game
ended iu a narrow win for the
High School over the Pats. Scores:
High School 6. L. Dresser 4, G.
Peters-2. Pats 5-K. Eve-2, H.
Calderoni 3.
Building of Alice Arm Church
Building of the new Anglican
Church at Alice Arm commenced
this week. It will be 18 feet wide
and 30 feet in length. While not
of very great size, it will no doubt
be large enough toaccommodatethe
congregation for a few years. It
stands in the residential section of
the town on the corner of Victoria
Street and Second Avenue, and is
an ideal location.
Mrs. J. Thomas with her son
John and niece Katherine left
Alice Arm on Monday for Anyox
where their joined Mr. Thomas,
who has spent the past few months
at the Mine. Mr. Thomas was
proprietor of the Sunset Hotel
which was destroyed in the big fire
at Alioe Arm last summer.
Bar silver was quoted at 27
cents an ounce on the New York
market on Monday.
Exciting Basketball On
A very exciting game was played
in the Gym on Monday between
the Sheiks and Micos in the second
of the playoff series.
Right from the start it was a
ding-dong battle, both sides having
a tally of fourteen points at the
interval. In'the first half Dwyer
made use of his height to score 13
of the Micos points, while Dresser
and J. Gillies bagged most for tbe
Sheiks. Iu the second half the
Sheiks made several changes and
the game continued to be very hotly contested. In spite of the Micos
losing two of their men ou account
of excess fouls, their substitutes
carried on to help the Micos win
by four points. Scores: Sheiks.
Dresser 8. J. Gillies-12, L. Gillies-
5, Watson 1. Total 26. Micos—
Dwyerl9i Lazorek 4, Deeth-4. An-
derson-2, Flye-1.   Total 30.
Price of Copper Raises
The price of oopper advanced
one quarter of a cent a pound in
the export market at New York
on Monday to 10.90 cents c. i. f.
European base ports. The rise by
Copper Exporters Inc., brought
the foreign price to a level of 10A
cents a pound in the domestic
Senior A-Men's
Pld.   Won   Lost    Pts.
Celts 8        7        1       14
Sheiks       8        3        5        6
Micos        8       2        6        4 ALICE   ARM   AND   ANYOX   HERALD,   Saturday,  March  7,  1931
Alice Arm & Anyox Herald
Issued every Saturday at Alioe Arm
Alice Arm and Anyox $2,50 Yearly
Other Parts of Canada, $2.75
British Isles and United States, $8.60
Notioes for Grown Grants -   -   $15.00
Land Notiees ...      -      $15.00
Transient Advertising, "i(>c. per inch
Contract Rales on Application.
B, MOSS, Editor and Publisher,
The possibility of higher prices
for silver is slowly improving. The
world is now commencing to realize that sooner or later silver must
be called upon to assist gold in
carrying the financial burdens of
the world. The shortage of gold
is becoming more acute each year,
and as the wealth and population
of the world increases, the demand
for gold will become greater. It
has been shown by several economists that a world shortage of
gold inevitably leads to falling
prices, such as we are witnessing
today. There are no known large
deposits of gold existing that can
supply the present deficiency. That
being the case, the financiers of the
world will be forced to adopt bimetallism. There seems to be no
alternative. The adoption of bimetallism would not probably
solve all of the world's troubles,
but it would greatly assist as a
stabilizing influence and the great
trade depressions, one of which we
are now experiencing would be
considerably minimized. Bimetallism would of course, mean a standard market price for silver, and
this would automatically eliminate
China's present financial difficulties,
and allow her 400,000,000 population to trade with the rest of
the world.
Brief Items Provincial
A promising' discovery of lead-
zinc-silver has been made north of
Port Hardy, Vancouver Island.
Grain shipments through Vancouver to a recent date totalled
36,545,443 bushels as against 18,
679,810 bushels for the same period
a year ago.
Did you ever visualize the fact that
more fortunes have been made in
modern times by advertising than
any other means? Perhaps you
have never realized it, but it is
nevertheless true. Constant advertising alone has been the result
of the tremendous sales of nationally known goods. The manufacturers of these goods have learned
by experience that as soon as advertising is curtailed the demand
for their goods decreases in proportion, To those who have
anything to sell even in small towns
such as Anyox and Alice Arm,
advertising is just as essential to
them as the big manufacturer.
Whether you have merchandisp to
sell, fire or life insurance, a meal, a
ticket lo a picture show, dance or
concert, a game of pool, or whatever it is, then don't be afraid lo
advertise it in your local paper.
Some figures taken to January
I st of this year seem rather at variance with a period of depression.
The number of motor cars registered in the province to January 31,
1931 was 62,119 as against 58,522
for the same period a year ago, an
increase of 3,597. The number of
telephones this year is 126,25.1 as
against 122,359 for the previous
year, an increase of 3,892. In the
number of telephones to population
British Columbia bus an easy lead
over all the other provinces.
During 1930, in Greater Vancouver 27 new manufacturing establishments began operations with
an estimated payroll of over $300,
000, and 36 established factories
invested over $1,500,000 in new
buildings and plant expansion.
There are about 1600 manufacturing plants in Vancouver. last year
the volume of business on the whole
was below that of 1929, with an
average about equalling that of
Following the success of fur-
farming, an attempt is now being
made to promote "fish farming"
in British Columbia. An undertaking is under way to obtain from
the Provincial Government the
lease of a small lake for the purpose
of stocking it with whitefish, lake
trout or other commercial species,
which in three or four years could
be taken out to supply the market
with fresh water fish.
Advertising shows that you are
alert, and anxious for business, and
there is just as much advantage for
you in advertising your small business in a small paper as the big
business who spends millions of
dollars on advertising. There is
no surer way of your message
reaching the public than by advertising. If you have anything to
sell, try an advertisement in the
Herald, and you will probably be
surprised at the results obtained
from the small investment.
Candies, Stationery, Proprietary
Medicines, Toilet Articles, Etc.
W. M. CummingS,   Agent for all Vancouver Daily Paper.
Post Office Building, Alice Arm
B.  P. O. ELKS
Dominion ol Canada and Newfoundland
Meets every second and fourth Monday of
the month
Hall for rent for dances, social functions, etc.
oh application to club manager
Al.  Falconer
Alice Arm
Baggage, Freighting, Pack
and Saddle Horses
Slab Wood Cut any Length
Every Order Given
Immediate Attention
Business Lots from $200 to
Residential Lots from $50
to $300
Agent for Alice Arm Mining
and Development Co.
Sell It!
If you have anything to
sell, try a Classified advertisement in the Herald.   Our rates are very
Someone may need that
article you don't require.
A small Ad. may bring
lots of
Winnipeg -Premier Bracken announced in tlie provincial legislature that the government had lost
the sum of $3,000,000 in guarantees to the banks for advances to
the Manitoba Wheat Pool on the
1929 crop. Saskatchewan and
Alberta, the other two prairie
provinces, have suffered oorres
ponding losses.
Advertise in the Herald
Bread,  Cakes, Pastry,
I i I
The Herald Job Printing Department is
equipped to handle any class of work
:   :   ;   Promptly and Efficiently  ;   :   :
Office Forms
Business Cards
Admission Tickets
Visiting Cards
Invitation Cards
and Announcements
Are among the many forms of Printing
handled by the Herald Office
During the past ten years the Herald
Printing  has  won  an enviable  record
Montreal Symphony Orchestra On Air
This is the Montreal Symphony Orchestra which will
broadcast a Fireside Symphony Hour every Saturday between 6.30 and 6.30 p.m. E.S.T., starting
Saturday, Feb. 21, over the network of the Canadian
Pacfific Railway Company's Telegraphs from Winnipeg
to Halifax, It will play symphony concerts of a very
high order and the conductor, Mr. Douglas Clarke,
Dean of the Faculty of Music, McGill University,
(inset) has drawn up a aeries of programmes which will
be representative of three centuries of music.
The programmes will be chronological in character
and each will be representative of music written
between the 17th, century and the present. They will
begin with works or part of works by Bach, Handel,
Haydn or Mozart, continue with Beethoven or Brahms,
then go on to Wagner or Tschaikowsky, and conclude
with tne moderns, English composers will be prominent
in the concerts, including such moderns as Elgar, Hoist
and Vaughan Williams, while an early English Tudor
composer will also be heard.
In this way the concerts will be representative of
the best in music for the last three centuries, in whioh
the art of composing reached its height, and every
listener following the ten programmes already projected
will acquire a knowledge of music which it would take
the ordinary concert goer years to get, apart from the
enjoyment of listening.
The Montreal Symphony orchestra Iibb earned high
praise from critics, and its range of subject matter as
well as its perfection in technique is remarkably welt
developed. The concerts will be broadcast from Tudor
Hall, in Montreal, and are made possible by the
Canadian Pacific Railway.
\ ALICE   ABM   AND   ANYOX   HERALD,   Saturday,  March  7,  1931
Commission Will Investigate
Oriental Problem
A recommendation that a select
committee of the Legislature be
appointed to consider the whole
Oriental problem as it effects
British Columbia with authority to
take evidence and bring findings
before the Legislature will be made
by the committee on agriculture.
The Accused—I was not going
thirty miles an hour—not twenty,
not even ten; in fact when the
officer came up, I was almost at a
The Magistrate—I must stop this
or you'll be backing into something.
Twenty dollars.
ere an
K. 0. MacKay, senior dairy produce grader tor Western Canada,
states that Manitoba's creamery
butter production In 1930 showed
an Increase of 84.6 per cent, over
About 10.000,000 pounds of fish
are caught annually in the large
and small lakes of the province of
Saskatchewan and approximately*
1.400 men are employed In the industry.
Aggregate value of field crops
grown in Canada in 1930 Is officially estimated at $631,592,000 and
total area sown to crops was 62,-
214,670 acres, an increase over 1929
of about 1,000,000 acres.
In a final estimate of the wheat
production of Canada in 1930, the
Canadian Government Buraau of
Statistics places the total yield at
397,872,000 bushels, an increase of
over 2,000,000 bushels compared
with the previous estimate.
From end of September 1930 to
January 15, 1931, over 26,000,000
pounds of sugar was produced at
the beet sugar factory at Raymond,
Alberta. The industry has grown
to substantial proportions in that
province of late years.
From Winnipeg s radio fan
writes:—"'Melody Mike' Is talked
around the offices and warehouses
in Winnipeg as though he were a
real Canadian Pacific official." The
reference Is to the Canadian Pacific radio offering on Monday nights
across the Dominion.
g. Vancouver will have a team ot
"ine golfing calibre on the fairways
of the Oak Bay course where the
third annual mid-winter Empress
golf tournament for the E. W.
Beatty trophy will be staged February 23-28. Entries are in from
Victoria, Seattle, Portland, Tacoma
and cities of the prairie provinces.
Grain marketed along the western lines of the Canadian Pacific
Railway from August 1 to January
31 amounted to 165,793,000 bushels
of which 140,928,000 bushels were
wheat. The total marketings of
grain along Canadian Pacific lines
represent 54 per cent, of the total
grain marketed In western Canada
to that date.
Canada now has more than forty
bird sanctuaries specially reserved
for bird protection purposes. These
are scattered across the country
from Nova Scotia to British Columbia. Some of the provincial governments also maintain similar reserved areas for the benefit of native btrd life. A census of ten
such sanctuaries, not Including
young birds hatched ln 1930, was
100,836 of 16 different species.
Over 97 per cent of the assets ot
the Canadian Pacific Railway ar*
in Canada, and in drawing attention
to this fact some months ago, Mr.
E. W. Beatty, Chairman and President of the Company, went on to
say that he would be glad to see an
Increase in the Company's shareholders ln this country. Since that
time the increase has been moat
marked, as Is shown by the following statement of Canadian Pacific
common shares held in Canada now
and at the end of the two previous
Dec. 31, 1928    69,719
Dec. 31  1929    77,848
Dec. 31. 1930    91,399
Increase In two years....   36,231
Newsy Items Concerning
Canadian Progress
Interesting items culled from
Canadian sources by the Canadian
National Railways Agricultural
Canada has about one-sixteenth of
the known coal resources of the
Canada's average yield in potatoes last year was 142 bushels per
acre, the total yield being nearly
82,000,000 bushels.
Fruit and vegetable canning factories in Canada now total about
300, with an annual production
valued at about $40,000,000.
Canada has some three billions of
dollars invested in her transportation systems, including railway
and steamship lines, another two
billions in motor highways, and a
billion in hotels.
One of the large honey producers
of Western Canada is Duncan
Chalmers, who lives near Edmonton, Alberta. Last year he produced 8000 lbs., of honey from 56
colonies of bees, which had a value
of $1500. Mr. Chalmers also had
a net revenue of $600 from his
poultry. He carried 300 white leghorns, which means a net revenue
of $2 per hen.
Vancouver, B.C., Feb. 28. The
completion of the steelwork on the
new Canadian National Railways
hotel here makes the topmost point |
Prairie Farmers Will Enter
Saskatchewan is assured of a
new farm party.
By virtually a unanimous decision, the United Farmers of Canada, Saskatchewan section resolved
to enter politics. They will seek
the backing of all citizens in electing candidates on a policy aimed
at ultimate social ownership and
non profit production.
A backwoods mountaineer one
day found a mirror which a tourist
had lost.
"Well, if it ain't my old dad," he
Raid, as lie looked into the mirror.
"I never knowed he had his pitcher
He took the mirror home and
stole into the attic to hide it. Bur.
his actions didn't escape his suspicious wife, That night while he
slept she slipped up to the attic
and found the mirror.
"Hum-urn," she said, looking
into it. "so that's the old hag he's
been chasin'."
of the cupola the third highest
structure in Canada. It is exceeded
by but two buildings in Toronto
and is the largest piece of construction work ever attempted in Western Canada. The topmost point of
the cupola will reach approximately
370 feet and over 10,000 tons pf
steel were used in the construction
of this massive frame.
Workmen are now busy with the
stonework and pouring concrete for
the various floors. It is expected
that the hotel will be ready for
cccupancy in 1932.
Maybe you have thought of Life Insurance and just given it
up as a pleasant thought because you couldn't afford to pay
the high premiums asked.
The Family Beneficiary Society of Vancouver, B.C.
Insurance at Cost
See our representative, Mr. W. C. Grover, now iu Anyox,
or write us at—
553 Granville Street, Vancouver, B. C.
The Family Beneficiary Society
LEW  LUN  & Go.
General Merchants, Anyox
West side of Smelter
OPEN   UNTIL   10   P.M.
Picture Show for 25c.
Commencing with the advent of the Talkies, which
date is August 30th., members of the Anyox Community League, will be allowed admission to one picture
show each month, on the presentation of their membership card, showing dues paid to date, for the price of
25c.   This arrangement to be in lieu of past free show.
1. Library 3. Organized Sports
2. Reading Rooms     4. Excursions
To keep these going we need your membership and your patronage
We carry at all times a Full Line of First Class
Groceries;    also Heavy and  Shelf Hardware.
Clothes,   Boots,   Shoes   and   Rubbers   of   all
descriptions.   A large stock to choose from
T.   W.   FALCONER Alice Arm
During these tight times by failing to
take advantage of the advertising
columns of the Herald
If you have anything to sell, whether it is a piano,
a radio, phonograph, an admission ticket to a dance,
concert or card party, Life or Fire Insurance, something to eat, wear or smoke, an auto ride, or whatever you have to sell:  then
Advertise it in the Herald
and Increase Your Sales
Managers of social affairs are reminded
that an extra ticket or two sold pays for
an advertisement, and the others sold
through advertising are all clear
We will gladly  write your advertisement for
you,   if necessary, and display it to the best
possible advantage
Men's Work Shoes
We have a large stock of Men's Work Shoes with  Panco and
Leather Soles, from $5.00 to $6.00
Also Mining Boots, made from No.  1   Solid  Leather,  Heavy
Counter, Hob Nails in Sole, lOin. top, $11.50.
Same as above, but Sin. top, $10.00.     With 6in.  top,  $7.25.
Columbia9in. top High Grade Working Boots $10.50
Sisman's celebrated Waterproof Boot,  9in.  top,  price $9.00
-J) ALICE    ARM   AND   ANYOX   HERALD,   Saturday,  March  7,  1931
t i
j      ANYOX NOTES      ]
4 ♦«*♦■*♦ '■■♦'»■■«■♦ —♦■»•■».«-» •♦•••♦»4'«.* ♦
Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Jarvin arrived
on Wednesday from Vancouver.
L. Mayne was an arrival from
Vancouver on Wednesday.
Chris Cane returned on Wednesday from a vacation in southern
Sam .labour, representing the
Sun Life Assurance Co. arrived
from Prince Rupert on Wednes
H. Brown and R. L. Smith arrived on Wednesday from Prince
M. G. McLeod arrived from
Prince George on Monday and left
again on Wednesday.
Charles Clay, who has been an
inmate of the Anyox General
Hospital, left on Wednesday for
Prince Rupert
Stockholders of the Canadian
Pacific Railway at the end of 1930
totalled 91,399, an increase of 17.4
per cent compared with the end of
of 1929.
Silver is like the weather. Let-
son Balliet remarks. A lot of peo
pie are talking about it, but nobody
is doing anything about it.
Opposite Liquor Store
''The world is casting about for
ways to economize in the use of
gold." saj's Assistant Secretary of
Commerce Klein of the United
States; "Economists warn that
unlsss new gold mines are discovered, gold will become an even
scarcer and more precious metal.
That would mean sagging prices
and there would be a damper upon
business enterprise. The use of
gold in settling international ao
counts may sometime be reduced
greatly by settlements in securities."
While a surgeon was performing
an operation, a fire started in a
building directly opposite the hospital, and soon the operating theatre was lit up by the reflection of
the flames. Turning to one of the
nurses, he said:  "I  say, nurse,  I|
The prison visitor was going
round the cells, and was asking
rather fatuous questions. "Was it
your love of drink that brought
you here?" she asked a prisoner.
"Lor', no, miss,"replied the man,
"you can't get nothin' here!"
Anyox Community
The Council of the League
meets on the Second and
Fourth Wednesday of each
month, in Recreation Hall,
at 7 p.m.
(Form F.)
Certificate op Improvements
"Bunker Hill No. 1," "Bunker Hill
Fraction," "Couger"  and    "Rocket"
think we had better have the blinds | Mineral Claims, situate in the Naas
River Mining Division of Cassiar Dis-
drawn. I shouldn't like the patient
to think, when he comes to, that
the operation hasn't been a success."
Barber; "How would you like
your hair cut, Sir?"
Colonel: "Line up and number
off from the right, odd numbers
each way half an inch, dress smartly and dismiss."
"Can you give me a room and
Clerk: "I can give you a room,
Madam, but you will have to take
vour own bath?"
33,117,314 Pieces is Long Laundry List
Where located:—On Granite Creek,
about 7 miles from Alice Arm.
TAKE NOTICE that I, W. B. Bower, F. M. 0. 62146-0, agent for J'osenh
E. Trethewey F. M. 0. 35277-D, William Gray F. M. 0. 35278-D, and Robert W. Harris F.-M. 0. No. 35279-D,
intend, sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder
for a Certificate of Improvements for
the purpose of obtaining a Crown
Grant of the above claims.
4nd further take notice thataction,
under section 85, must be commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 29th. day of October,
A. D. 1930.
W. B. BOWER, Agent.
British Columbia
Department of Mines
You are invited to apply to the Department of Mines,   Victoria, B.C.,
for the latest authoritative information
regarding    mining   development   in
British Columbia.
Annual Reports, Bulletins and Maps are
available free of charge, upon application to
For Results, Advertise in the
Can you Imagine a bewildered
Chinaman trying to total a
laundry list of 33,117,314 plecss ?
But there is one like that. It is
the total of washing done
by and for the Canadian
Pacific Railway Company In 1930, In Canada,
including hotels and bungalow - camps; sleeping
and dining car service,
(which also operates station restaurants), and
the British Columbia
Coast boat service. If
one stopped to sit down
and figure out the gallons of water and bars
of soap required for these
operations, the results
might be even more astounding.
Tho hotel, department
owns 789,821 pieces of
linen; tho dining and
sleeping car, service
some 1,500,000 and the
British Columbia steamships another, 247,000,
making a grand total of,
2,536,821 pieces. These
include all "flat-pieces",
such as table - cloths,
sheets, napkins, towels,
pillow-cases, etc; the
white coats worn by the
company's   servants   ln
the various departments, and, in
the hotels, a certain amount of
laundry, done for guests. In the
hotels, too, blankets, bed-spreads,
rugs, and so forth must
be considered. Every
piece of laundry handled
becomes a laundry-piece
each time It appears in
the wash. Thus a single
table-napkin may be a
laundry-piece over and
over again, according to
the supply of linen needed and available.
The picture shows a
battery of washing machines In the laundry of
the Royal York Hotel,
Toronto, the largest hotel in the British Empire.
Similar equipment ln the
great chain of Canadian
Pacific Railway hotels
throughout Canada handles the great laundry
list in various centres,
with the assistance, in
certain districts, of laundries outside the company's service. But the
Standard maintained Is
the same everywhere,
immaculate cleanliness
being the motto from
coast to coast, both
ashore and afloat
l Shoe Department *
This is your chance to buy at reduced prices, shoes taken from our regular
stock.   There are always one or two pairs left in odd sizes and they may just be
your fit.   It will be to your benefit to come and buy a pair of these shoes.
Special Price, $3.45
We have lamp shade materials in shades to match your furnishings.
Georgette in colors of navy, powder, rose, pink and maize, and fawn and green    Price
per yard, $1.60 to $2.00. *
Jap Silk for foundations, colors gold, rose, mauve, pink and green.   Price per yard 65c.
Braids in gold, with colors to match Georgette.   Price per yard 5c. to 25c.
Gold Applique, $1-55 per yard or can be sold in individual designs.   Tassels in antique
with colors of rose, blue and green.   Price each 60c.
Drug Dept
English Tooth Brushes of the finest
workmanship, good bristle, silver wire
drawn. Our price was formerly 75c.
but in order to reduce our stock we have
brought the price down to 45c.   We
guarantee every brush, too.
Ask for your trial tube of Euthymol
Tooth Paste. The regular size of Euthymol Tooth Paste sells for 25o.
Hardware Dept
White Cups and Saucers  10c.
Clover Leaf Cups and Saucers 3 for 50o-
Fancy Cups and Saucers from 50c.
Marjorie Cups aiid Saucers 40o. and 45o.
Riveria Cups and Saucers 40o. and 45c.
Mixing Bowls from 30c.
Pudding Bowls from  30e.
Bean Pots 60c. and 75o.
Tea Pots from 80c.
• Waists and Shirts ■
Boys' Waists and Shirts in a wide variety of patterns.
Made from good wearing broadcloths in neat stripes and allover pattern effects and iu
plain colors of blue, mauve and fawn, in sizes llj to 14. and prices
range from $1.00 to $1.50
Boys' Pure Wool Golf Hose in sizes 9, 9j, and 10, prioe 65c.


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