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 A little paper
with all the
news and a big
Published in the interests of Alice Arm and Anyox, B. C.
$2.00 a Year
Alice Arm and
Anyox. $2.25 to
all other points.
VOL. 12,   NO. 46
Alice Abm, B. C, Saturday, May 20, 1933
5 cents each.
Golf Tournaments Are
Proving Very
Should there be a' lay-off tomorrow Sunday the 21st., a golf match
between the President's and Vice-
president's teams will be held.
Each player on the winning side
will receive a golf ball. If there is
no lay-off tomorrow and the plant
is closed on the 24th. the match
will be held on that day.
An interesting tournament was
held by the ladies of the Golf Club
on Tuesday, May 16th. when the
President's and Vice-President's
teams tried conclusions. In an 18
hole match the Vice-President's
team were the victors. The lowest
net rhedal score was turned in by
Mrs. Roy, this being 77. Mrs.
Fricker and Miss Cloke were next
with a net of 78 each, while Mrs.
Wenerstrom had the lowest gross
I score with 103.    Mrs. Roy's gross
I score was 105.
In the nine-hole competition the
President's team were the winners.
I Mrs. Taylor recorded a net score of
43 and Mrs. George Stewart a net
of 46. There were fourteen entries
for the 18-hole match and six for
the 9-hole route.
The qualifying round for the
Men's Open Championship will
take place on May 27th., 28th. and
Large numbers of local enthusiasts are taking advantage of the
healthful recreation which golf
Mr. J. Sleeman Passed
Away At Vancouver
The death occurred at Vancouver
on Monday May 8th. of John
Sleeman, at the age of 49 years.
Death was due to lung trouble.
The late Mr. Sleeman was well
known in the Alice Arm district.
During the development of the
Toric mine by the Britannia Mining
Co. he was in charge of operations
and left for Britannia at the closedown. He returned early last summer, and acted as caretaker at the
Toric. Owing to ill health he left
for Vancouver on March 9th. of
this year.
Deceased had been in the employ
of the Britannia Mining Co. for the
past twenty years, holding the position of shift boss for a considerable
portion of that time.
Deceased was born at Cornwall,
England. He is survived by a wife
and step-daughter who reside at
Vancouver; also a father and
mother, two brothers and two
sisters who reside in England. He
was a member of North Vancouver
Lodge A.F. & A.M.
The Rev. Jennings Will Hold
Farewell Service, Anyox
Rev. W. B. Jennings will arrive
at Anyox this week-end on board
the Anglican Church Mission launch
Northern Cross. He will hold
services at Christ Church tomorrow
as follows: Holy Communion at
10 a.m., Sunday School at 11 a m.
and Evensong at 7.45 p.m.
This will be Rev. Jennings' final
service on the coast. He expects
to leave Prince Rupert on Monday
evening for Ontario, where he will
be in charge of St. Mark's Church
Port Hope.
Rev. Jennings has spent five
years in mission work on the
Northern Cross. During that time
he has made many friends who will
wish him every success in his new
field of spiritual labor.
The price of silver is not rising
as fast as the people of Alice Arm
wish. But from present appearances the nations of the world will
be forced sooner or later to accept
bi-metallism and when that happy
event occurs all will be well.
Sporting News Items Gleaned
Around Town
A special meeting for the consideration of baseball and football
matters was held by the Beach
branch of the Community League
on May 4th. At the regular meeting held on May 10th. several mat
ters regarding sports were also
dealt with.
To permit Anyox people to take
fullest advantage of the long summer days, it was decided to start
the second show on picture nights
at 9:15 instead of 9.00.
The Football Association was
granted permission to run the Beach
Football Clubs as per agreement
entered into with the Community
The basketball trophies will be
fitted with shields, recording the
championship teams for the past
The Community League will
sponsor one baseball team at the
Beach. As there are many players
available, and a good number of
excellent players at the Mine, a
most interesting season is assured.
Regular practices are being held in
preparation for the opening of the
league schedule.
The next regular meeting of the
Beach Council will be held on May
The Community League will purchase one dozen football sweaters
of one color, and the Football As-
Excellent Concert Given
By Prof. Heppeler's
String Orchestra
A ooncert of unusual excellence
was presented at the Recreation
Hall on Thursday, May 11th. by
Professor Heppeler's String Orchestra. This ambitious body of
young musicians showed a marked
improvement over previous performances, in a programme whioh
offered much variation
The opening number "Chorus
from Tannhauser", was given with
vigor and freedom. "The Mill in
the Blaok Forest" called for nioe
expression and oareful execution,
in this the orchestra excelled themselves. The melodious "Sounds of
Mozart" and the "Verdi Selections"
were finely played. In a '"Waltz
Pot Pourri" arranged by Singer,
the rhythm and shading was highly commendable. . The violin solos
given by Miss M; Evans, and the
piano solo by Miss S. Kirkwood
were muoh appreciated, as was also
the violin duet by Miss B. Lee and
Miss Evans. A vocal solo by Mr.
T. J. Kirkwood: "The End of a
Perfeot Day" was well received,
and for an encore he gave 'Till the
Sands of the Desert Grow Cold"
Cyril Watson pleased everyone
with his song "Goofua.''
A very pleasing diversion on the
programme was. the dancing of
Mr. Laurie's pupils. These gifted
girls, who have reached a stage
where their appearance meets with
instant approval, gave some characteristic numbers with freedom
and grace. They are always assured of, and have rightly earned
a hearty welcome. The concert
was a fitting termination of a season of careful training on the part
of all concerned.
No Nominations Made
In Atlin Riding
While numerous ridings throughout the province have nominated
candidates for the forthcoming
election, not one candidate has yet
been nominated in the Atlin constituency. The local liberals have
held organization meetings, but the
convention to nominate a candidate
is yet to be held. There are rumors that there are several who are
willing to accept the liberal nomination.
The conservatives have not made
any move, so far as can be learned
in regard to a candidate. Whether
the Atlin conservatives will nominate a Bowser candidate or a Tolmie,
or both, is a question. There are
some who are in favor of not nominating either, but to support a
straight independent, who would
go to Victoria free of all party affiliations and pressure, and who
would be free to vote for any measure brought before the Legislature
that would benefit the district and
province irrespective of what party
sponsored it.
Big Crowd Attends I.
O.D.E. Card Party
And Dance
Anyox Notes
Mrs. H. Black and son Harold
arrived on Thursday from Vancouver.
Mrs. C. O. Brauer and mother
arrived on Thursday morning from
Vancouver. They will reside at
Granby Point.
Developing, Printing and Enlarging. All work returned on
following boat. Wrathall's Photo
Finishing, Prinoe Rupert.
sociation will purchase another
dozen. Thus two new outfits will
be procured.
July 1st. promises to be a big day
for sports. A live and capable
committee will be selected by
Messrs. Buntain and Donaldson,
representing the Community League
to look after the celebrations on
that day.
J i
Norman McLeod, who has spent
the past few months here, left on
Wednesday for the Bridge river
Mrs. T. W. Falconer, arrived
from Vancouver on Monday to join
Mr. Falconer here. Her daughter
Juanita and son Selkirk, who are
continuing their studies at Vancouver, will join their parents later.
J. A. Anderson, superintendent
of Public Works arrived from
Anyox on Thursday.
J. Trinder left on Tuesday for
Prince Rupert, in connection with a
launch inspection, for fishery patrol
work on the Naas River this
Mrs. Mikeli and family arrived
on Saturday from Anyox for an in
definite visit.
Marked by a gay and pleasant
atmosphere, the card party and
dance held by the I. O. D. E. at the
Elks' Hall on Friday the 12th. was
most successful in every way. A
large crowd turned out to play
bridge and whist, and the number
was further augmented for the
dance which followed.
There were thirty-one tables of
cards, and prizes were won as follows: Bridge, Ladies' First Prize,
Miss M. Cloke; Consolation, Mrs.
McRae. Men's First Prize, Mr. T.
Evans; Consolation, Mr. K. O.
Peterson. Whist, Ladies' First
Prize, Mrs. Patrick; Consolation,
Mrs. W. F. Barclay; Men's First
Mr. R. Ingraham; Consolation
went to Mr. A. Levoir after a draw
with Mr. M. Cranley, who had an
equal score.
An excellent supper was served,
then there was a most enjoyable
session of dancing to the splendid
music of the Merrymakers' Orchestra. Those composing the committee in charge were, Mrs. Fricker
(Convener), Mrs. Eve, Mrs. Cody,
Mrs. M. A. Wynne, Mrs. Harman,
Miss Abramson. Thanks are
due to the members of the Canadian Legion for their capable assistance, and also to those men who
prepared the artistic posters.
A. McGuire Is   Developing
Mining Property
Development work has been
commenced on the Gold Kish group
of claims in the Bridge River country by the Victoria Bridge River
Gold Mines Ltd. who acquired the
property from A. McGuire, formerly of Alioe Arm. The Gold Kish
adjoins the Nomad north-east of
the Pioneer Mine. Mr. MoGuire
is in oharge of development work,
and he recently reported having
uncovered good surface showings.
The mid-week price of copper at
New York was 7 cents per pound,
and silver 33^ cents per ounce.
Anyox Canoeists Start On
Adventurous Voyage
At nine o'clock on Wednesday
morning, after many farewells and
requests to "keep us posted," two
Anyox young men—Bob Mitchell
and Alfred Waters—started out in
a fifteen-foot canoe on a somewhat
venturesome trip. They will paddle
their way to the Skeena and up
that river to Hazelton. From
thence they will either go up the
Bulkley River or portage over to
Babine, and then on to Prince
After an indefinite stay in the Cariboo district they purpose trying
their luck down the Fraser River in
an attempt to reach Vancouver by
that route. Both young men have
had experience with canoes, and
are confident of their ability to complete their bold itinerary. They
have the best wishes of a host of
friends in this district.
Madam Annette arrived on Wednesday from Prince Rupert with a
full line of spring and summer
coats, dresses and hats. These
will be on display at F. Lew Lun's
General Store until next Wednesday, May 24th. ALICE   ARM   AND  ANYOX  HERALD,   Saturday, May 20, 1933
Alice Arm & Anyox Herald
Issued every Saturday at Alice Arm
Alice Arm and Anyox S2.00 Yearly
Other Parts of Canada, $2.25
British Isles and United States, $2.50
Notices for Orown Grants - - 815.00
Land Notices .... 815.00
Transient Advertising, 50c. per inch
Contract Rates on Application,
E. MOSS, Editor and Publisher.
Copper Price
Slowly Rising
Latest advices from the south
state that the price of copper has
risen to 7 cents per pound—newspaper quotation price—which, to
say the least, is heartening, and
puts a faint silver lining on the
heavy clouds of low prices. As
we have stated on previous occasions the price of copper will rise
just as soon as prices in other man-
facturing commodities rise. The
recent gain in price is evidence
that manufacturing and general
business is improving. Copper is
an indispensable metal. No reliable substitute for it has been found
and this fact assures a fair price to
the producers of copper. Anyox
people especially are intensely interested in a substantial rise in
price. The livelihood of the
whole population of the town,
comprising over 2,000 inhabitants,
depends directly on copper sales
by the Granby Co. at profitable
prices, and the recent ascent of
price is being watched with interest and satisfaction.
B. C. Govt. Leads Way
In Cost Reduction
Analysis of provincial costs
across Canada, now made possible
with the completion of other provincial budgets, shows British Col
iimbia in the lead for the last two
years in the reduction of expendi
tures. The reduction amounts to
more than thirty per cent in two
years, being eighteen per cent alone
for this year. The amount of the
effective reduction in departmental
expenditures is around $7,500,600,
while no borrowing for new purposes will be undertaken. The
B. C. reductions of eighteen per
cent this year compare with Feder
al cuts of some four per cent, and
in the case of the Proviuce little
new taxation was required, and
none additional ou the average
Bowser Will Place Candidate
In Every Riding
Politicians Are
Warming Up
The provincial political pot is
commencing to get warm, in a
short time it will simmer and a few
days before election it will boil,
then it will eventually boil down
to forty-seven members, from the
scores of candidates ready to give
their services for the benefit of the
province. Candidates are being
rapidly nominated in nearly all
ridings. When the election will
be held no one knows, but whenever it is held the government will
not spring a surprise on anyone.
All parties are fully prepared and
eager to test their strength.
This is just a reminder to say,
that when you have a spare dollar
or two In your pocket, and if your
subscription is due, send it along to
the Editor. We could write a
whole column on the reasons why
you should renew your subscription as soon as possible, but everyone no doubt understands, that
money is necessary to operate a
newspaper just the same as any
other business, we shall therefore
conclude by saying that your cooperation will be greatly appreciated.
Tht, 1932 pamphlet report of the
Anaconda Copper Mining Co. and
subsidiaries discloses a net loss for
the year of $16,893,240. compared
with $3,168,533 in 1931.
Mr. W. Bowser announced recently that organization of his
political movement would start immediately in all ridings of the province. Each would form its own
association and arrange its own
convention for the nomination of
non-party candidates, he stated.
"These conventions," he declared,
"will be open to all. We want all
classes represented in these meetings, regardless of political affiliations in the past. There will be
no machine tactics, no packing of
conventions. It is entirely up to
each community whom it nominates and there will be no interference so far as I am concerned.
We welcome old enemies, as well
as old friends. Nominations will
take place in several interior ridings shortly and a high type of
candidate, I feel sure, will be placed in the field."
More than half the people of
Canada are under the age of 25.
Residents under this age total
5,331,991 out of a total population
of 10,376,786, according to the
1931 census.
B.  P. O. ELKS
Dominion of Canada and Newfoundland
Meets every second and fourth Monday of
the month
Hall for rent for dances, social functions, etc.
on application to club manager
Anyox Community
The Beach Council meets on the
Second and Fourth Wednesday of each
month, in the Recreation Hall, at 7
The Mine Council meets on the First
and Third Thnrsday of each month, in
the Mine Hall, at 7.30 p.m.
Bread, Cakes, Pastry,
B.C. Business Outlook Shows
With hundreds of men going
back to work in British Columbia
lumber camps, appreciable gains in
base metal prices, and definitely
firmer trends in silver and wheat,
business prospects in the Province
look better this week than they
have done for some years. Movement among the leading nations of
the world for a stabilization of
currency and co-operation to bring
about an economic peace all gave
encouragement, sharply reflected
on stock throughout the world.
Only 400 Working At The
Britannia Mine
Fifty members of Vancouver
board of trade visited Britannia
and were shown over the big concentrator and beaoh plant. This
company has about 400 on the
payroll compared with 1,000 in
normal times.
(Ask the Sailors)
(Ask the Doctors)
Shipped by
LONDON Established 1849
This advertisement is not published or displayed by   the   Liquor
Control Board or by the Government of British Columbia
For all ailments:   Stomach  Trouble,
Neuritis, Rheumatiim, Colds, Hrthritis.
Is Now For Sale in Canada
$2.00 a Package—Postage Paid
One Package makes 15 gallons of
Mineral Water at a cost of only 13c.
a gallon
850, Hastiufs St. Welt, VancouTer, B. C.
Special Notice!
Madam Annette arrived on Thursday last, May 18th.
from Prince Rupert with a large stock of Ladies'
Spring and Summer Coats, Dresses and Hats. These
comprise all the latest shades and styles and are
offered at a very low price. Madam Annette will
leave on Wednesday next, May 24th.
General Merchants, Anyox
West side of Smelter.
First-class Business Lots at
$200   each, and   Residential
Lots as low as $25.
Now it the Time to Buy Property
Agent for Alice Arm Mining
and Development Co.
We carry at all times a Full Line of First Class
Grooeries;   also Heavy and Shelf Hardware.
Clothes,   Boots,   Shoes  and   Kubbers   of   all
descriptions.   A large stock to choose from
You may join at the Beach or Mine Libraries.
Beach or Mine Counters, or with the Secretary
NOTICE: Amendments to the "Mineral" and "Placer
Mining" Acts were passed at the 1933 Session of the
British Columbia Legislature having to do with the
staking and working of mir ral claims and placer
mining leases, effective on the 1st. of July, 1933.
Those interested should apply to the Department regarding same.
Copies of the Annual Reports of the Honourable the Minister of Mines and special bulletins, etc. may be obtained, free
of charge upon application. A new PLACER MINING
bulletin also is available, for which there is a charge of 25c.
Same contains comprehensive and up-to-date information as
to this phase of mining in British Columbia, together with
a synopsis of the new mining laws. Applications should be
addressed to
Alice Arm
A. C. L. Libraries Are a Boon
To The Public
In these days of economic living the Community League
Libraries furnish pleasurable and instructive reading at
very low expense. Those using the libraries and
reading rooms are naturally expected to belong to the
Membership in the League carries many other privileges.    Anyone may join.   The dues are only 50c.
per month.   The Secretary will be glad to give you
full information.
The Minerals of British
The amount of Gold produced in
British Columbia shows a total value
of approximately $227,000,000.
British Columbia offers excellent opportunities for profitable investment ALICE   ARM  AND  ANYOX   HERALD,   Saturday, May 20, 1933
The old order of human affairs is
gone irrevocably. The loose, individualistic and acquisitive democracy of the nineteenth century will
be replaced by a much more highly
integrated, socially conscious form
of government. The trouble you
see about you is not the end of the
world, but merely the end of folly,
miscalculation and stupidity.
—Walter Lippmann.
Canon Rushbrook Will Visit
Here July and August
The many friends of Rev. Canon
W. F. Rushbrook, in this distriot
will be pleased to learn that he
will again be in oharge of mission
work on the Anglican Churoh
Mission launch Northern Cross,
during the months of July and
August.   Sinoehe left the North
ern Cross, Canon Rushbrook has
been the Reotor of St. Peter's
Churoh at Seal Cove Prince Ru
pert. A host of friends along the
northern ooast awaits the opportunity of renewing acquaintance
with "Parson Rushbrook" by
which sobriquet he is known to
The Herald is $2.00 a year.
Talking Shop at Angus
The Royal Scot, here from
Great Britain to haul the
flyer of the London, Midland
& Scottish Railway on Its Canadian and United States tour,
and Number 2810 of the Canadian Pacific's fleet of flyers,
comparing notes and doing a
little boasting at the Canadian
Pacific's Angus Shops, Montreal. The Royal Scot has been
equipped with a bell and
searchlight to meet North
American railway regulations.
Bungalow Camping in Rockies
tyring ii here, according to the calendar, though
*' you may not other wis. have noticed it, and with
Aim spring the thought of vacation begins to gather
.strength. In another month er sis weeks the bunga-
vow camps of the Rockies, famous the world over
/or their beauty, will have opened again for the
reason Outstanding asnong them are the Lake
O'Hara Bungalow tamp (lower left), just behind
Lake Louise; Yoho earns (lower right), under the
rear ef the TV*a> ew 1 ifllj and Emerald Lake
Dhale* (sjp|.t#)   #   um    *seidered to be the gem
of the Rockies, although artists and others will often
contend that Lake O'Hara ia a close rival. Stay* at
reasonable cost may be made in any or all three of
these camps, since they are not very far from one
another and are easily accessible. As a by no means
minor part of the lore of these camps there is the
attraction of trail riding on trained, sure-footed
mountain cayuees over mountain passes ^through
some of the most magnificent scenery in the world.
Centre inset are the famous Twit Falls near tha
Yoho Camp.
Silver Spring &
Phoenix Lager
Carton of One
Dozen Pints—now
Less allowance for undamaged
empty bottles
This advertisement is not published or displayed by the Liquor
Control Board or the Government of British Columbia
Your Message To
The Public
Will give you 100 Per Cent. Results
when it is Published in The Herald
If you are holding a Dance, Card Party,
Concert, Public Celebration, or any Public
Affair, or if you have anything to sell, the
quickest, cheapest and easiest way to inform
the Public is to carry an advertisement in
the Herald
Our Advertising Rates are
The Herald finds its way into almost every
home in the district, and your message is carefully and leisurely read by the whole family
round their own fireside. It is not scanned
over and forgotten as is a small weather-beaten
message stuck on a post
We can also handle your printing orders cheaply, quickly and
■Anyox Representative—Mr. P. Powell,
Phone 262 ALICE   ARM   AND  ANYOX  HERALD,   Saturday, May 20, 1933
Madison Square Garden
Jack   Oakie,     Thomas   Meighan,
Marion Nixon, Zasu Pitts, William
Collier, William Boyd.
This is a romantic, dramatic story
of three men and two girls fighting
desperately to rout the mechanism
of   unseen forces.    It is a rapid
moving drama set against the col
orful background of New York's
famed centre of political, social and
athletic life.    It is the story of a
manager who brings two proteges
to New York,  and their meeting
with two girl telegraph operators.
Collier plays the manager;   Hymer
and Oakie are the proteges;   Miss
Nixon and Miss Pitts are the girls.
The picture includes such old-time
sports favorites as Jack Johnson,
Tom   Sharkey,   Billy   Papke   and
Stanislau  Zbyszko.     You'll enjoy
this number on Saturday.
"A Successful Calamity"
TUESDAY,  MAY  23rd.
George Arliss, Mary Astor, Evalyn
Knapp,  Grant Mitchell.
A fine entertainment in polished
yet simple plot. A millionaire,
tired of the gay life of his family,
pretends he has lost his money.
He gets a shock at the family's reaction. His son announces he will
go to work at once. His daughter
decides to give riding lessons. His
wife begs him to get a small place
in the country where she can raise
chickens. His butler hands him
his bank book to help out.    Stocks
Working Bee Cleans Up
Tennis Court Grounds
That co-operation achieves satis
factory results was again evidenced
on Wednesday evening when a
working bee was organized to clear
the ground of debris adjacent to the
Club House and Tennis Court of
the Alice Arm Athletic Association.
Sufficient numbers of both sex,
were on hand, and rakes axes, etc,
were wielded with energy and enthusiasm. Volumes of smoke indicated to the laggards, that the good
work was under way, and human
labor plus the element of fire quickly cleared the picturesque grounds
from all rubbish, and everything is
once more neat and tidy.
Northern    Planes    Carried
Nearly 1500 Passengers
The production of leather footwear in Canada during February
amounted to 1,200,276 pairs, according to the Industrial Department of the Canadian National Railways. This production represents
an increase of 30 per cent over January 1933.
Mining as au industry has per
manence greater than any other
except agriculture. One Swedish
mine has produced profits for 700
years. Rio Tinto, Spain, was a
producing mine over 2,000 years
ago, and is still producing.
in which the millionaire is interested
slump. See the grand finale Tuesday. Also special short subject
(2 reels) "Tip Tap Toe" a Broadway Brevity, with the famous team
of Hal LeRay and  Mitzi Mayfair.
Advertise in the Herald
Planes of the Canadian Airways,
Ltd., in their operations in the
Mackenzie River district between
Edmonton and Aklavik, flew 408,-
192 miles, during 1932, according
to the annual report of the company's operations in the area.
The mileage flown, which is equivalent to more than 16 times
around the earth at the equator
required a total flying time of 4,903
hours and 25 minutes. The company oarried 1,405 paying passengers, and their baggage which
aggregated 5,719 pounds, and also
moved 402,843 pounds, or slightly
over 201 tons, of express during
the season. Residents at posts between McMurray aud Aklavik received and sent a total of 54,828
pounds of mail on company planes
during the year.
Effective Mar Uth
Steamers for Prince Rupert,
Ocean Falls, Powell River
and Vancouver—
Leave Stewart
Saturdays, 9 a.m.
Leave Anyox
Thursdays, 9 a.m.
Passenger trains leave Prince
Rupert for Edmonton,
Winnipeg and points East-
Mondays, Wednesdays and
Fridays at 9.30 p.m.
Phono or write local agent or
H. McEWEN, D.F. & P.A.
Prince Rupert
Reduced Prices
THESE products have earned an
international reputation for
their high standard of purity and
excellence. They are brewed under
perfect hygienic conditions in your
own province and compete successfully with imported malt beverages
on sheer merit alone.
Local Prices Obtainable from
Government Liquor Vendor.
Coast Breweries
Vancouver, B.C.
This advertisement Is not published or displayed by the Liquor
Control Board or by tho Government of British Columbia.
Order by
Brand Name
Do not accept
a Substitute
A Salad Dressing Everybody Likes I
k/jANYa knowing housewife hai discovered this egglessmayonnaise
■v> recipe. Try it for yourself, and once you do we predict
that it will become one of your most cherished cooking secrets.
14 teaspoon salt 3 tablespoons St. Charles Milk
14 teaspoon dry mustard % cup safad oil
J| teaspoon paprika 2 tablespoons vinegar, or
14 teaspoon sugar 1 tablespoon lemon juice and
Few grains cayenne 1 tablespoon vinegar.
Thoroughly mix dry Ingredients. Add the milk, blend well and beat
in the oil gradually. Add the vinegar, or the lemon juice and vinegar,
beating until mixture is smooth.
This It just one of the many tempting recipes that you will find in the
80 pages of' The Good Provider". This beautifully
Illustrated practical cook oook is yours for the asking. Write to The Borden Co. Limited, 50 Powell
St., Vancouver, and a copy will be sent to you
by return. B17
Candies. Stationery. Proprietary
Medicines, Toilet Articles, Etc. (
W. M. ClimmingS,   Agent for all Vancouver Daily Papen
Post Office Building, Alice Arm
We invite you to call
and see us about the
new low prices on
and RHonunsjMsMl bi|*^


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