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 A little paper
with all the
| news and a big
Published in the interests of Alice Arm and Anyox, B. C.
$2.00 a Year
Alice Arm and
Anyox. $2.25 to
all other points.
VOL. 13,   NO. 49
Alice Abm, B. O, Saturday, June 9. 1934
5 cents each.
Fine Recital Given By
Pupils of Local
Performances in publio are of
great benefit to students of suoh
arts as music and .dancing- Not
only do they give self-confidence,
but they are a stimulus to practise
with a definite end in view. The
recital given on Friday last in the
Recreation Hall by pupils of Flora
Webber (piano) and Florence
Kelley (dancing) was noteworthy
in many respects. It showed surprising results for a comparatively
short time of tuition, and demonstrated that many of the pupils
have a natural gift for the particular study which they have taken
up. Budding genius was apparent among many of the dancing
pupils, and an aptitude for interpretation of musical compositions
was evident among the piano students.
This was well exemplified in the
trio by Dixie Taylor, Helen Simpson and Edward Healy: "The
Secret." This number was treated with nioe precision and musical
rhythm. Each of these players
gave au individual performance of
distinctive merit, disclosing good
technique aud expression. In both
music and dancing the tiny tots
excelled, a "Fairy Frolic*' by five
of these being daintily presented.
With such a lengthy programme
and so many taking part it is difficult to mention some names without appearing to discriminate, but
all did good work aud deserve
praise and encouragement.
Piano solos were given by Lois
Sheen, Joan Adams, George Kent,
Alex. Wardrope, Marie Thompson,
C ontinued on Page 4
Mrs. A. R. Kent Returns
From Convention
Mrs. A. R. Kent was the delegate from Christ Churoh Women's
Auxiliary to the annual meeting of
the Council of Women's Auxiliaries
of the Diocese of Caledonia,.held in
Prince Rupert recently. Delegates
from other parts of the province
were present. Mrs. Kent left by
the Northern Cross on May 28th.
and returned by the Catala on
June 4th, She was accompanied
by Mrs. A. Abraham.
Mrs. J. Wheatley, of Silver City
opened the fishing season of Alioe
Arm this year on May 30th. when
she landed three splendid trout at
Falls Creek. Two weighed over
l'/& pounds aud the other was
very close to that figure.
Repair Work  Started
On Railway
Temporary repair work on the Dolly
Varden railway that runs from Alice
Arm seventeen miles up the Kitsault
Valley, was commenced last weekend. The brush that had grown
very dense on each side of the
track is being cut away. It is
planned to temporarily repair
bridges that were damaged last fall
by high water in the Kitsault river
and remove slides so that the track
can again be used for gasoline
speeders as formerly. The largest
portion of repair work is at the
ower end of the railway.
The work is being done by relief
recipients, who work three days
a month at the rate of 40 cents per
hour. As there are not very many
here now on relief the repairing of
the track will take a considerable
time, unless the number of days
each month for every worker is increased. In fact it is doubtful if
the work could be completed before
the fall.
It is hoped that sufficient money
wilL&e appropriated or the number
of working days increased so that
the railway can be used this summer for transportation purposes to
the Upper Kitsault Country.
Dynamiters Defeat Odd-
Fellows In 4th. Game
Four runs to two was the score
in the fourth game of the Anyox
Baseball league, played between
Dynamiters and Oddfellows on
Friday, June 1st. The blasters
got two runs in the 1st- and one in
the 2nd. while the Oddfellows were
blanked until the 5th, and 6th.
when they made their slim total.
Windle, Gourlay and G. Anderson
got two-baggers for the miners.
There was a good attendance of
The Catholic Harmony Club
Holds Social
Sufficient people for ten tables of
cards turned out to the social even
ing held in the Catholic Hall on
Wednesday May 30th. when both
whist and bridge were played.
The ladies' prize for bridge went to
Miss P. Brisbane, and that for
gentlemen was secured by Mr.
Shields. For whist Mrs. Dwyer
had top score for the ladies, Mr,
Blomley being high scorer for the
men. A delightful supper was
served, after which dancing was
indulged in, the music being supplied by the Revellers and much
enjoyed by all present.
A Pretty Wedding For
Popular Anyox
Decoratod with a profusion of
Bowers and foliage, worked in
archway effects by girl friends of
the bride, formed the setting in the
Anglican Church at Anyox on
Wednesday. June 6th, for one of
the most popular weddings held in
the district. The bride was Vera
Dorothy, eldest daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. W. F. Eve, of Anyox, the
groom being James Norman, only
son of Mr. James Hueston and the
late Mrs. James Hueston, of Vancouver. The Rev. Alfred Abraham
performed the ceremony, and Mrs.
A. R. Kent the church organist,
played the wedding marches.
During the signing of the register
Mr. W. R. Murdoch sang "Calm as
the Night."
Given in marriage by her father,
the bride wore a white satin dress
cut on straight lines with lace yoke,
long raglau sleeves and draped
train. Orange blossoms, a beautiful lace veil, aud white satin shoes,
completed a most charming bridal
picture. She carried a bouquet of
pink roses and white carnations,
her train-bearer being little Judith
Learoyd> who looked sweet and
dainty in a dress of pale pink silk
net. She carried a basket of old-
fashioned flowers.
The bridesmaid was Miss Kathleen- Eve, sister of the bride, her
gown being of pale pink organza
with puff sleeves. She wore a picture hat and silk lace mitts to
match, and carried a bouquet of
pink carnations.
Mrs. Lloyd MoKay, matron of
honor, selected a gown of periwinkle blue georgette the coatee being
trimmed with silk net in self color.
She wore silk elbow length gloves
aud white mohair hat, and oarried
a bouquet of pink carnations.
Mr. Joseph Taylor, of Anyox,
was best man.
The bride's mother chose an
attractive, smart gown of black
and white ohiffon, with a soft pattern of black flowers on a white
ground. Tlie d ress featured a coatee with three-quarter sleeves. A
matching picture hat and white
kid gloves completed an ideal en
The reception was held in the
dining room of the hotel, over one
hundred guests being present, The
bride's table was beatifully decorated with pink and white flowers in
silver vases. Silver candelabra
held white and pale pink tapers
and a handsome three-tier wedding
Acres of Flowers at Alice
Arm Present a Gorgeous
During the past two weeks the
lower part of the fiats at Alice Arm
between the Kitsauit and Illiance
rivers has been a mass of color,
from the many flowers in bloom.
Acres of solid azure blue from the
millions of wild lupin flowers interspersed with marsh mallows, tall
yellow buttercups and various other
flowers have entranced all those
who have viewed this gorgeous creation of nature. The wild roses
are now in bloom and these, with
the later blooming lupins still well
repay a visit.
Throughout the whole district
the sweet perfumed solomou's seal jf
and the tall graceful spirea are encountered at every turn, and many
other bright hued flowers will shortly dot the landscape with their
gorgeous hues.
Monday and Tuesday last were
the hottest days experienced this
year. Temperatures of 84 to 88 in
the shade being recorded on several thermometers.
Men's  Golf  Tournament
Tomorrow, (Sunday, June 10th.)
there will be a Men's Tournament
of Captain vs- Vice-Captain Match
play. Entries may be made to
any member of the committee with
preference as to playing time.
The Hidden Hole competition
held June 3rd., resulted as follows:
Low Medal score, R. MacLeod
with 91 gross and 27 handicap,
net 64. Hidden Holes No. 3, 8,18,
F. Buckle.
cake, decorated with lilies of the
valley, centred the table. Dr. D.
R. Learoyd was toast master, and
the toast of "The Bride'' was proposed by Mr. B. M. Buck, the
groom suitably responding. The
toast of "The Bridesmaid" was
made by Mr. F. 0. Graham and
responded to by Mr. J. Taylor.
The happy oouple left on the
Prince Georgo for a honeymoon
trip in the south, the bride's travelling dress being a three-piece blue
swagger suit with grey accessories.
They will make their residenoe in
The wedding aroused great interest throughout the district, as
the father of the bride, Mr. W. F.
Eve, has been the postmaster at
Anyox for very many years and is
widely known and respected. The
groom numbers a large circle of
friends and is very popular.
Lodgemen Tie In Fast
Baseball Overtime
It required eight innings of exciting baseball to decide the game
between the Elks and Oddfellows
on Tuesday the 5th. and then
darkness won. At the end of the
seventh the score stood five all,
and the eighth brought no change,
so umpire Stephens wisely called
the game. The pitchers ran a
neck and neck game for honcrs,
Ferguson striking out eight batters and Ballentyne nine. Heavy
hitting was a feature, Turner securing a three-bagger and Hopkinson, MacMillan and- Roberts getting a two-base hit apiece. LaPlante was forced to retire in the
third through an injury to his
ankle, and Hunt, playing also for
the Oddmen, dislocated his shoulder while fielding a difficult ball iu
the sixth.   The scores:
McColl, 3b.
Arseneau, If.
Hopkinson, lb.
Allan, 2b.
MacMillan, ss.
Whitehouse, m.
Kelly, rf.
Ballentyne p.
Chenoski, cf.
Gibson, If.
Cody, of.
La Plante, 2b.
Hunt, If. & 2b.
Musser, 3b.
Anderson. G., If.
Shields, of. & ss.
Roberts, o.
Turner, rf. & 2b.
Bartmann, lb.
Ferguson, p.
White, of.
Vincenzi, rf.
Anderson, If.
re 1
Local Residents Lea
Trip to
Among the many passengers
from Anyox by the Prinoe George
on Thursday, were Miss Marjory
Cloke and Mr. Jack Cloke, who are
ou a trip to England. They will
travel via Montreal to Glasgow,
thence to Liverpool and from there
by rail to Cornwall. They expect
to return some time iu Oftober.
Twins Born To Former
Anyox Residents
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Settle,
who left Anyox a short time ago
for Vancouver, are being congratulated on the arrival of twin girls.
The little tots and mother are doing well. ALICE   ARM   AND   ANYOX   HERALD.   Saturday,   June 9,  19:34
Alice Arm & Anyox Herald
Issued every Saturday at Alioe Arm
Alice Arm and Anyox $2.00 Yearly
Other Parts of Canada, $2.25
British Isles and United States, $2.50
Notiees for Crown Grants - - $10.00
Land Notices ... - $10.00
Transient Advertising, 50c. per inch
Contract Bates on Application.
E, MOSS, Editor and Publisher.
Prairie Drought Affects
AU Canada
News continues to arrive from
the prairie provinces that drought
conditions there are serious. This
is the third and fourth year in some
sections that entire crop failures
have been experienced. It is a
calamity for the stricken farmers
and it is bad news for the rest of
Canada. It is clearly understood
by all leading businessmen that
there can be no real prosperity in
Canada until normal wheat crops
and higher prices prevail for the
prairie farmer. Crop failures and
low wheat prices are the main
reasons why trade recovery is not
more accelerated in Canada. The
big prairie market for commodities
of all kinds has in recent years
shrunk enormously, and the shrinkage is being felt in British Columbia and the eastern provinces.
Progress Being Made At Surf
Inlet Mine
Advance is being made with the
reconditioning of Surf Inlet mine,
on Princess Royal Island, 200 miles
up the coast from Vancouver, which
ten years ago was the only straight
gold mine in British Columbia pay
ing dividends. Work is being done
by Princess Royal Gold Mines Limited, with J. E. Woodworth, of
Vancouver, as general manager.
A power line has been installed,
and the railway runs to the mine.
Compressor and motor are being
shipped this week. There is a 300-
ton mill on the property on which
some work will have to be done to
fit it for operation. Thirty-five
men are employed.
New Policy Regarding
Relief System
It is the intention of the Provincial Government to revise the relief
system for the unemployed on August 1st. From that date all those
drawing relief must work a certain
number of days each month at a
fair wage instead of as was formerly the case of obtaining relief and
giving nothing in return. There is
no doubt that no one will find fault
with this policy. Under the new
system relief as it is known now
will be abolished, and anyone in
actual need of the necessities of life
will be given a certain, amount of
employment each month by the
government, which is a very different thing from the present dole. A
man will feel more like a man when
he has earned his money by his own
efforts. There are, however, several things that have not yet been explained by the government, but
should be seriously considered.
One of which is that when a man
must work he necessarily needs
more food than when idle. He also
needs more and better clothes,
shoes, rubbers, etc. especially on
the north coast during the latter
months of the year. Another
difficulty, affecting this district especially, is that owing to the exceedingly heavy snowfall during the
winter months it would be folly to
expect men to accomplish useful
labor, in fact it could not be done.
It would be far better if the prospectors of this district were allowed
to work two or three months some
time during the spring, summer or
fall months, either before or after
they had done development work
on their mining claims.
C.  N.   Railways  Plan  To
Abandon Many Lines
C. P. Fullerton K. C, chairman
of the board of the Canadian National Railways, told the House of
Commons railway committee that
the trustees of the Canadian National contemplated abandoning
many lines of an unproductive
Chairman Fullerton did not spec-,
ify which lines it was planned to
abandon but said the trustees would
soon apply to the Board ojf Railway
Commissioners for authority to
proceed with its policy along this
Howe Sound Co. Sells Much
Metal First Quarter
During the quarter ending March
31st. the Howe Sound Mining Co.
sold 4,286 oz. gold; 1,173,765 oz.
silver; 3,062,229 lb. copper; 34,-
308,395 lb. lead; and 17,415,597
lb. zinc; from which was realized
$2,742,321.41. The net surplus for
the threee month period was
$488,554.09. A distribution to
shareholders of 75c. a share was
marie on March 30th.
Prince Rupert Tax Rate Is
Slightly Reduced
City Commissioner W. J. Alder
of the City of Prince Rupert has
fixed a tax rate of 50 mills for the
current year in place of 55 mills
assessed last year. The total
amount levied is |229,189 in comparison with $201,010 in 1933.
Other forms of taxation will take
up the loss incurred in the reduction
of taxation on land.
Federal Government Advance
Relief Money
The Dominion Government has
by order-in-council authorized $1,-
250,000 to be paid British Columbia
as a loan covering the provincial
share of relief expenditures. The
province is issuing one year treasury bills bearing 5% interest as
World's   Gold   Production
For April Was High
World gold production for April
totalled 2,047,000 ounces, an increase of five thousand ounces over
March. South Africa continued to
lead the world in output. Canada
produced 240,000 ounces, a decrease
of 9,000 ounces from March.
' >   I r-
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Lode and placer gold mining have made remarkable strides
in the past three years.   Historic Cariboo and Bridge
River districts are now prominently in the public eye.
There are opportunities (or profitable investment, and
about 200,000 square miles of unexplored mineral bearing
lands are open for prospecting.
British Columbia is the leading Canadian Province in
production of silver, lead and zinc.
Inform yourself by consulting Official Publications of
which these are the most recent:
Annual Report of the Honourable the Minister of
Mines, for the calendar year 1932.
"Placer Mining in British Columbia."
Preliminary Report on the Mineral Industry of British
Columbia for the calendar year 1933.
Non-Metallic Mineral Investigations: "Barite," "Asbestos;" "Glassware;" ''Clay;" "Magnesite and Hydro-
The Department of Mines,
For Results,  Advertise in the
Herald AL1UK    Alt.M    AM;   AMVUX   HEUALL.   Saturday.   June 9,   1HS4
Historic Wolfe's Cove Assumes New Aspect
The scene of the landing of
General Wolfe, under the towering crags crowned by the Plains of
Abraham and the City of Quebec,
is about to become the Betting for
yet another important event in the
history of Canada. On September
13, 1759, the British forces disembarked at what is now known as
Wolfe's Cove, to capture Quebec.
On June 2, 1931, passengers from
the new 42,500-ton Canadian Pacific
liner "Empress of Britain", on her
maiden voyage from Southampton,
will land within a few yards
of the same
spot and be
taken by train,
through a tunnel slightly
over a mile
long, under the
historic battlefield on which
the English
hero lost his
life, direct to
the Canadian
Pacific's main line to Montreal.
This new traffic link, which is being
completed by the company at a cost
of some $2,000,000, will eliminate
the present journey through Quebec's   terminals    and   materially
General Wolfe
shorten the running time from the
ship's Bide to all important Canadian and American centres. A
concrete quay-wall, 4,300 feet in
length, with 40 feet of water at low
tide, will provide berthing space for
the new giantess and her sister
White Empresses", and five railway tracks, converging into one
at the end of the wharf and thence
turning into the new tunnel, will
serve to transfer passengers from
the bosom of the St. Lawrence to
their respective destinations. Disembarkation will be effected through
a two-storey shed, with Btairways
leading down to the trains. The
pictures show: (1) Wolfe's army
landing to capture Quebec, (from
an old drawing). (2) The tunnel
mouth near the riverside, now under
construction. (8) General Wolfe,
Seven Seas Traversed
Qun Floating Home
yy e passed in luxurious comfort, free trom any
care or irritating responsibility and absolutely
without one disturbing incident from continent to
continent," stated Lady Williams-Taylor on her return
from a world cruise on board the Canadian Pacific
liner, the "Empress of Australia," during which tour
five continents, twenty-one countries and twenty-six
ports were visited and seven seas traversed.
"With sheltered ease," continued Lady Taylor,
"we had unfolded to us the Boul-penetrating magnificence and the somewhat repellant fanatical conditions
of India and distraught, yet ever thrillingly interesting China. We steamed up and down the dangerous
Pearl River, and saw first-hand the devastation of
Canton. Mysterious Java, and almost untouched
lumatra, held ua spellbound.   Singapore and its ever-1
growing docks amazed us, and lovely Ceylon en*
chanted ua. But Hawaii wound itself about out
hearts and, to its haunting 'Aloha Oe,' we saw it
fade away through regretful tears. Not only art
the islands more than fascinating, but the Royal
Hawaiian Hotel would tempt any traveller to return.
"After such a wonder tour of 188 days," concluded
Lady Taylor, "we 'Lotus Eating: Tourists' have once
again to face the realities of ordinary existence without the untiring supervision and perfect organisation
of the mighty and far-reaching Canadian Pacific
Railway and Steamship's protection and care of us.
It was, Indeed, with hearts fall of gratitude and
appreciation for our splendid captain, his staff, and
for the constant and devoted attention of the cruise
directors, that we finally bid farewell to onr floating
home—the 'Emnress of Australia.'"
re^r^^ls^ll/fe-l ^571 ^57IEg^rNf^ m
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ALICE   ARM | AL10K   AKM   AND   ANYOX   HEKALD,   Saturday,   June 9,  1984
Fine Recital Given By
Pupils of Local
Continued from page 1
Maisie Hilliard, Douglas Williams,
Ellon MacLeod, Shirley Mcllae,
Nanette Taylor, Jack Lindsay,
Nadine Wenerstrom, Vera Watson
and those above-mentioned.
A group dance by tiny tots was
composed of Patricia Lang, Ruth
Sohwoerer, Paula Schwoerer, June
Blundell, and Joyce Pinckney. In
another group dance, 'The Blue
Danube," were Moyra Manning,
Shirley McRae, Nancy Gigot,
Ellen MacLeod, Shirley Manning
and Dorcas Mclnnes. Shirley
McRae, a pupil of both teachers,
gave an excellent toe dance.
The performances of the teachers
themselves were of a high order.
Miss Kelley gave "The Slave
Dang*," with a freedom, grace aud
realism that showed her art at its
very best, and was equally good in
the "Gypsy Dance." Flora Web'
ber delighted everyone with her
impromptu number: "Rachmaninoff's Prelude," and as an encore she
played Mendelssohn's delightful
"On Wings of Song." Tribute
should be paid to the excellent
work done throughout the evening
by Miss Winifred Wilkinson as
accompanist for the dancing. The
recital drew a good attendance.
A Newspaper For Stewart,
Perhaps Two
A new newspaper published in
the interests of the Stewart district, made its first appearance on
May 30th.
Its name is the Northern Argonaut. W. R. Smith, a resident of
Stewart in the early days of the
camp around twenty years ago is
the editor and manager. The first
issue deals chiefly with mining
news of the Stewart district, and
ou the front page is a large map
showing Stewart's strategical position as a railway terminus for
northern B. C and the Peace River
Country. It is printed in Vancouver, which makes local news
somewhat ancient by the time it
reaches its Stewart readers.
It was somewhat of a surprise
when a newspaper entered the
Stewart field without Mr. H. M,
Rolston, former publisher of The
Stewart News, being interested in
the project. A news item however
appeared in the Prinoe Rupert
Daily News on Tuesday last, stating that Mr. Rolston would resume
publication of The Stewart News
as soon as his plant can be assembled. The printing plant of the
Stewart News was completely
destroyed by fire a year aud a half
ago, and since that time Mr. Rolston has been untiring in his efforts
to resume publication.
Norman Hueston Guest
At Stag Party
To commiserate with him on his
approaching "doom," and make the
last of his bachelor days as pleasant
as circumstances would permit, a
number of the friends (male) of
Norman Hueston, gathered at the
home of Cliff Cameron on Saturday evening last for a social evening. A thoroughly enjoyable time
was spent, with music, singing and
recitations playing a large part in
the proceedings. A singing competition between members of various Scottish clans was held, honors
being declared even.
Mr. Hueston was presented with
a Bridge Set, evidently on the assumption that his evenings will in
future be spent at home. Ross
Oatman did the honors and proposed the toast of "The Groom-
elect." The toast of "Father of the
Bride" (W. F. Eve) was given by
Mr. J. Jeffrey and P- Powell gave
"The Best Man." The evening
was successful in every way.
Mine Softball League Is
All four teams in the Mine Softball league are thriving vigorously.
League have been played to date
according to schedule, the teams
being about equal in standing.
Friendly rivalry is keen.
In the last game played to date
130 level and 150 level tied, and in
a recent game between 385 and 150
the former won.
385 invaded the Beach on Sunday, June 3rd. walloped the Waterfronts in decisive fashion and slipped back into the hills. Sundry
ambitious Beach teams are planning to hunt them out shortly.
All the Mine players now have
colored caps, which are a great
help in distinguishing the teams.
Henry McCartney Was
Honored By Friends
A group of old-timers of Anyox
foregathered on Thursday evening,
May 31st. to do honor to a much
esteemed comrade, Henry MoCart
ney, who was leaving the district
shortly for the south. Remines-
cences of days gone by were the
order and many interesting incidents commencing with: "Do you
remember?" were brought to light.
During the evening Mr. McCartney was made the recipient of a
case of pipes, the presentation being
made by John McCallum. "For
He's a Jolly Good Fellow" and
Auld Lang Syne" brought the
evening to a close.
As a token of the high esteem in
which he was held, a number of his
fellow employees presented Mr.
H. McCartney with a club bag.
Mr. McCartney, will be missed
especially by friends in the departments with which he was connected, and the gift will serve as a
tangible reminder of his long connection with the smelter town.
Mr. Alec Rigby made the presentation with a few well chosen words
and Mr. McCartney expressed his
sincere regret at leaving so many
staunch friends behind him.
ball and other sports. He saw
active service during the war and
was slightly gassed, this trouble
evidently affecting him until his
death. He will be greatly missed
at Premier, where he was a prominent citizen.
The late Mr. Bruce was 30 years
of age and was born at Stonewall,
Manitoba. He spent most of his
life in Vancouver, where he was a
student of the King Edward High
School before the war. He is survived by three married sisters all
residing in Vancouver.
Tho cause of his death was a relapse from an attack of influenza,
which he contracted in the north
and went south to recuperate from.
"The manager of the show picked twenty chorus girls in ten minutes."
"By jove, he's quick at figures."
An opportunity of earning a substantial income is offered to a local
man of high standing who will represent a prominent Toronto Financial House in this territory. Please
give experience and references in
Mr. and Mrs. K. Paliwada and
children, left on Thursday for a
visit to their home near Edmonton.
They will be absent about two
Huge Profits From  Nickel
Net profit of the International
Nickel Company of Canada, Limited, for the first quarter of this year
amounted to $5,049,275.91.
Willard Bruce  Passes
Away at Vancouver
Willard Bruce, a former resident
of Anyox and latterly residing at
Premier, passed away in the Van
couver General Hospital on Thurs
day May 31st. after being in that
institution about ten days. Bruce,
who left Anyox about five years ago
was well known and very popular.
He was active in sporting circles,
being interested in baseball, basket-
The Red Man Tries the Pipes
candy has a broad grin on Ms
^ face as be • watches brother
Redman take a fling at the bagpipes which he has loaned him for
a moment to try his luck. The
1 Indian is all intent on his unaccus
tomed task and since it is only a
photograph and not a sound picture you can contemplate the scene
without misgivings, Photograph
was taken during the recent Highland Gathering and Scottish Music
Festival held at Banff, Alberta,    ,
The Premier Gold Mining Company has declared a quarterly dividend of three cents a share in Canadian currency payable on July 16
to stockholders on record June 15.
The truth hurts, sympathy heals.
B.  P. O. ELKS
Dominion of Canada and Newfoundland
Meets every second and fourth Monday ol
the month
Hall for rent for dances, social functions, etc.
on application to club manager
Write to "Financial Advertiser,'1
o/o A. MoKim Limited,
320 Bay St., Toronto 2, Out.
*X     SHIPS
Leaving Anyox
At Midnight Wednesdays
calling at Prince Rupert,
Ocean   Falls,    Powell
1900 miles ol de luxe travel
by train and boat • . .
Vancouver. Jasper National
Park. Prince Rupert.
For Information Call or Write:
Local Ajent or P. Lakie, D. F.
* P. A. Prince Rupert, B.C.
Summer Underwear
Shirts and Shorts, Fine Mercerised Broadcloth,
Per Suit $1.50.
Silk Combinations; non-run and fast colors.
Per Suit $1.15.
Hatchway Combinations,  light and medium
weight, $1.00 to $2.70.
Men's Work Shirts, a good range to choose
from, 95c. and up.
Grey Flannels, Plus Fours, and Dress Pants
at reasonable prices.
Boys' Long Pants, good quality tweed, sizes
8 years to 14 years, $2.25.
New line just received, "Country Gentleman,
Permanized, will not shrink or fade, collars
attached, $1.95 to $2.50.
Special Order Suits; measurements guaranteed.
We carry the best lines possible: Tip   Top,
Leishman, Coppley Noyes  & Randall,   and


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