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A little paper |
with all the ?
news and a big I
•->•.-•-.•..•..*- „.— .
Published in the interests of Alice Arm and Anyox, 8. C.
S2.00 a Vear
Alice Arm and ',
Anyox. S2.25 to
all other points.
VOL. 14,   NO. 17
Alice Aem. B. C. Saturday. November 3. 1934
o cents each.
Government Intends To
Solve D. V. Railway
The uncertainty regarding the
Dolly Varden Railway, as to who
really owns it, whether it can be
taken over by the Government and
operated as a railway or converted
into a truck, road will possibly be
cleared up during the coming winter.
W. J. Asselstine, M. L. A. realizing that a hardship is being worked
in this district by a private owned
railway being allowed to become
impassable, thus stopping all transportation up the Kitsault Valley,
has interested himself in the matter
aud it would seem as though his
efforts were gettiug results.
During this week Mr. Asselstine
has written a letter to the Alice
Arm branch of the B. 0. Chamber
of Mines, addressed to A. D. Yorke.
Secretary, advising them that he
had received a telegram from
T. D. Pattullo some time ago, informing him that the government
was endeavoring to come to an
understanding regarding the railway. Ou October 15th. he had reoeived a letter from Hon. F. M,
MaoPherson. which said:
"Iu regard to the Dolly Varden
Railway charter, the present status
of the Dolly Varden Railway is in
rather a mix-up, but 1 think the
Government is going to go into
this matter and. to use the Premier's words, 'take the bull by the
horns,1 and justify our position and
work by legislation at the coming
In his letter to the local Chamber
of Mines, Mr. Asselstine said that:
"I would like to assure your
Branch that I am making every
effort to have this work on the upper Kitsault continued, and I shall
make every endeavor to have the
railway problem oleared up at the
next session of Parliament. You
can rest assured that as soon as
the legal end of this railway problem is cleared up, I will do all possible to have the necessary funds
provided, for the proper conditioning of this line."
This is welcome news for everyone in the district. It is evident
that the Government means to take
aotion and clear up the present
unsatisfactory situation. It will
probably either take over the railway and repair it, or convert it
into a truck road, or it is possible
that a buyer may be found for it
who will undertake to provide
transportation, or the present owners may be forced to repair the
railway. Whatever is done will be
satisfactory than the present state
of affairs.
At the present time the railway
is in a ruinous oonditiou. A locomotive has not been run over it for
13 years. The ties are rotten and
bridges and trestles ne?d renewing.
It is the only means of transportation to the headwaters of the Kitsault Valley where are looated
many rioh mining properties some
partially developed and others
awaiting development.
Large Number Attend
Hospital Dance
The 11th. Annual Hallowe'en
Dance held by the Anyox Hospital
Women's Auxiliary in the Gymnas
ium on Monday October 29th., was
a very successful and enjoyable
event. The hall and dining- room
was beautifully decorated in orange
and black and qnaint Hallowe'en
designs. Novelty paper hats were
distributed during supper, which
added greatly to the gaiety of the
The plate supper served was very
tasty aud well enjoyed by the large
number of people present. The
music for dancing was excellent
and the ladies of the committee in
charge of the arrangements are to
be complimented for their untiring
efforts in making the dance the sue
cess it was.
Where  To   Spend  Your
Leisure Time
Saturday November 3rd.—"Har
oldTeau"is the .title of tonights
pioture. With Hal LeRoy in the
titla-rafe we.liacdijt>88»4i(»w*4t~OJVi
miss. In case you have forgotten,
he is the boy who throws his feet
around in that mystifying manner.
Sunday November 4th.—Badminton 1 to 5 p.m. Gym. Class
6:30 till 8. Anglican Church, Evensong 7:45. United Church Divine
Service 7:45.
Monday November5th.—Basketball at 7 p.m. sharp.
Tuesday November 6th.—Pict ire
Show 7 p.m. and 9 p.m.   Badmin
Wednesday November 7th —
B. P. 0. E. Concert 8 o'clock
sharp, at Recreation Hall. Don.t
miss this!
Thursday November 8th.—Wolf
Cubs 9:45. Any boys between the
ages of 8 and 12 are invited down
to Cubs. A. Y. P. A. meeting 9
p.m. Anyone interested is cordial
ly invited.   Badminton night.
Friday November 9th—Big
Armistice Dance at the Gym.
Promises to be the success of the
season.   Let's all go.
Saturday November 10th.—Picture Show 7 and 9 p.m. Junior
Badminton.   Buy a "Herald."
The town of Alice Arm presents
a more trim appearance than it
has for a long time. All the brush
has been cut from the highways
and byways and other minor improvements made.
A new trail lias also been made
across the flats and it is now possible to walk from Alioe Arm to
Silver City without any difficulty
S. Moore, who has spent a few
weeks at the Anyox General Hospital arrived home at Alice Arm
on Saturday.
Elks Came Through To
Win Tuesday's
Tuesday's "A" game was, in
many respects, the most unique yet
played. During the first half the
Elks had it all their own way and
ran around just as they pleased.
With the score standing at 33-12
at the end of the half, the Trojans
looked decidedly sick. They showed a turn for the better in the second half to score 22 points in
twenty minutes, which is some scoring! Their phenomenal rally however, did not carry them to victory.
The Elks managed to pick up four
points to end the game at 37-34.
Elks: Dresser, Gillis 7, Davis 9,
Meagher 12, Curry, McKinley 9.
Total 37. Trojans: Dresser 4,
Gordon, B. Gillies 10, Arne 10, McDonald 4, Shields 4, J. Gillies 2.
Total 34.
Meagher got his;eye on the basket
to ring up 12 points. Arne again
showed unusual sform, netting S
baskets from neartentre.
The girls gam/'was close from
the start. With* Betty Muir doing
all the scoring for the mine, the
Spooks were lucky to grab a 10-11
victory. Spooks: Salmon, Wener-
sprom 2, Campbell, Eve 7, Gordon.
J. McDonald 2.   Total 11.
Mine Girls: Muir 10, Calderoni,
Arscot, B. Cannon, Y. Cannon,
Powell, Roberts.
The first struggle took place between the Mine B and the Foundry
men. The game was uninspired
and uninteresting, possibly from the
lack of spectators in the sidelines.
The boys roughed it up considerably
and came off covered with dust and
dirt from Monday's dance.
Vandals B: W. Home 2, Graham, Powell 8, Southey 11, Whit
taker. Total 21. Foundry: Scott
14. Yelland, Deeth, Hamilton, Fer
guson 2, Johnson.   Total 16.
Elks' Concert Will Be Held
September 7th.
November 7th. is set as the date
for the Elks' variety show.
Twenty-two of our looal young
ladies will take part in the surprise
chorus sets which are under pre
paratiou. Ihe hill-billy orchestra
is said to surpass anything of the
kind ever heard in Anyox, while
the songs and gags that will enliven
the show from start to finish, are
"up to the minute." It is even
whispered one of our local damsels
will do a fan dance that will make
Sally Rand green with envy.
Much work has been put in this
production and it will undoubtedly
receive the whole hearted support
of Anyox patrons. The time is
8 p.m. sharp, at the Recreation Hall
The Anyox Hospital Women's
Auxiliary desire to thank all those
who assisted, either by donations
or any other way, their annual drive
to raise funds to carry on their
good work.
Poppy Day in Anyox will be held
on Thursday, November 8th. The
ladies of the 1. O. D. E. are in
charge of the selling of the Poppies
and wherever you meet these ladies
you will be approached to buy a
poppy. For you to purchase a
poppy is a small thing. For every
person to do so is a big thing.
Anyox Notes
F. Caddillac arrived on Monday
from Vancouver. He is a brother-
in-law to Mrs. R. Summers.
Mrs. E. Baker and her moth r,
Mrs. J. H. Worsfold, left on Monday for Prince Rupert.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Henderson
returned on Wednesday from Vancouver. Mrs. Henderson has spent
an extended visit with relatives in
the east.
S. Steele returned on Wednesday
from a holiday visit to the south.
R. Duffy returned on Wednesday
from a holiday visit to Vancouver.
Mrs. D. McLeod returned on
Wednesday from a visit to the
Mr. and Mrs. C. Brehaut returned on Wednesday from a holiday-
visit to the south.
E. Phillips and J. McKenzie arrived on Wednesday from Van
A. F. Jackson left on Wednesday
for the south.
Miss M. Dominato left on Wednesday for the south.
Mrs. H. R. Taylor returned on
Monday from a visit to the south.
Mrs. E. Parson and family re.
turned on Monday from Vanoouver
Mrs. P. A. Forde and daughter
returned on Monday from a holiday
in the south.
Mrs. 0.' Paliwoda returned ou
Monday from a visit to Vanoouver.
Mrs. D. Casey returned on Monday from a visit to Prinoe Rupert.
The regular monthly meeting of
the Collison of Kincolith Chapter,
I. 0. D. E., will be held in the legion Hall on Tuesday next, November 6th., at 2.30 p.m.
Shall we have a friendly game of
cards, dearie?
No, let's play bridge.
Remember That Next
Thursday Is Poppy
Poignant reminder of those spacious days of glory, grieving "Poppy
Day" once more recurs to prompt
the citizens of this country in the
duties they have inherited from the
past generation. To Canadian
youth in this year of grace, the
deep red petals of the poppy may
not carry the same sigificance they
bore to the ycuth of fifteen years
ago. The symbol of sacrifice with
whioh the poppy has become
oharged is something to which the
present generation succeeds only
through the wistful memories of
the ageing men who fought their
Country's battles, who suffered
privations, endured bug agonies
and finally triumphed amid surroundings carpeted with poppies.
To wear this humble emblem on
Poppy Day is to proclaim that
amid all the jangling confusion
through which this country is
striving valiantly to penetrate, the
heart and mind are attuned to a
sense of homage due those men
whose peace inspired 600,000 Canadians to offer themselves for service between 1914 and 1918; of that
number more than 60.000 found
graves in France and Belgium, and
it is over those graves that the
poppy blows in perenial bloom.
The numbered dead were not
strangers. They were young Canadians, filled even as the youth of
today is filled, with the joy of living. So, also were the 1/0,000
men, who in 1934 bear upon their
bodies the marks and scars of war~
the disabled ex-service men who
suffered disablement on behalf of
Canada. To manifest that proud
recognition of tlieir place in this
Country, to mark that tribute
which is their due, Poppy Day has
been set aside in order that all may
join in reoalling the Great Sorrow.
The blood-red emblems distributed throughout Canada, by the
Canadian Legion's vast volunteer
organization are the product of
disabled veterans, men striving
to maintain themselves in the Vet-
craft Shops administered by the
Dominion Government.
All monies derived from the sale
of Poppies are used solely for the
purpose of helping ex-service men
and their dependents. To purchase
a Poppy is a small thing. For
every citizen to do so is a big thing.
Let us all wear a poppy on
Poppy Day.
The Herald is $2.00 a vear. ALICE     AK.M   AXU AKYOX   HEKALD.  Saturday. November -3,  1934
Alice Arm & Anyox Herald
Issued every Saturday at Alice Arm
Alice Arm and Anyox $2.00 Yearly
Other Parts of Canada, $2.25 ■
British Isles and United States, $2.50
Notices for Crown Grants -   -   $10.00
Land Notices - $10.00
Transient Advertising, 50c. per inch
Contract Rates on Application.
E. MOSS, Editor and Publisher,
Surplus Stocks Copper
Of World Shows
World copper-ore reserves have
risen by 16,288,200 tons, from an
estimated 88,542,000 tons in February, 1931, to 104,830,200 tons at
the present time, according to Percy
E. Barbour, consulting mining engineer, who presents his compilation
in the October issue of the Engineering & Mining Journal.
Chile with 35,498,500 tons;
Africa, with 22,395,400 tons, and
the United States with 20,992,700
tons retain their respective positions
on the list of reserve countries, but
with different tonnages, the survey
Europe with 10,851,000 tons
accounted for principally by the inclusion of estimated Russian tonnages, displaces Canada in the
fourth position.
Canada, credited, with 5,620,200
tons in the present estimate, ranks
fifth in the major reserve countries,
the balance of the world figures
being made up of smaller quantities
led by Mexico with 1,600,000 tons.
Gold Production In B.C.
Shows Increase
Gold mines of British Columbia
produced approximately 200,000
ounces in eight months this year,
with a minimum value in Canadian
funds of $6,800,000 at $34 per
ounce. This is compared with $6,-
955,716 as the total value in twelve
months last year. August added
27,108 ounces to the previous total
with an average value of $34.19 per
For the first half-year the average
return was at the rate of $34.67 per
ounce, according to provincial figures available.
Total production for the full year
is expected to reach $12,000,000 in
Canadian funds.
Mining Institute Will Hold
Meeting This Month
The annual meeting of the B. C.
Division of the Canadian Institute
of Mining & Metallurgy, will be
held jointly with the Mining Association of B. C. in the Hotel Vancouver, November 28 to 30. Among
those expected to take part are the
resident government engineers of
the various districts of the province
About 300 men are working on
mining properties within sight of
Ymir, south of Nelson, and hotels
are taxed to the utmost.
Why It Is  Necessary
That You Should
Have a Will
This is the second article on wills
to be written by Mr. Carl M.
Stewart of Anyox. The first appearing in our last issue.
Last week we saw the trouble and
expense that a family were put to
where there was no will and an estate was left by the deceased.
Coupled with everything else is
the provision in the Administration
Act that no division of the property
can be made for at least one year.
Generally speaking, where a man
is single his estate, where there is
no will, goes to his mother and
father and  if they are dead to his
brothers and sisters.
Subject to a difference between
real and personal estate, where a
man leaves no will and a wife and
one child, the property is divided
equally between the wife and the
child. Where there is more than
one child the wife's interest is only
one third the remaining two thirds
being divided between the children
You will note that one half or two
thirds of the estate does not go to
the wife but to the children. The
children, in most cases being under
the age of twenty-one. cannot of
course take their share. You would
suppose that the wife, or their
mother would be given the custody
of their shares, but this is not the
case. The children's interests usually the largest part of the estate,
goes into the care of the court and
a court officer, known as the Official
Guardian takes possession of it.
Should the mother desire to use
part of the estate of the children for
their clothing, food, or education
she has to make a public application
to a judge in Court and after the
Official Guardian has approved of
it, the Court will make an order to
cover the need. This means more
expense and more trouble. Further
the Official Guardian ^retains his
control over the estate until the
youngest child reaches the age of
twenty-one. What a mass of trouble
and expense compared to the simpli
city of a case with a will, ln the
case of a will no bond is required,
you do not have to wait for a year
to wind up the estate, there is no
Official Guardian controlling the
estate ... in fact, the whole estate
can be transferred in most cases, in
a matter of two weeks and at a
fraction of the expense and trouble,
the property going to whoever is
named in the will, so that no proof
of heirship is called for.
Here are a few of the legal terms
you meet with:
Testator—the person making the
Executor—the person named in
the will to execute it or carry it out.
Administrator—the person named
by the court to wind up the estate
where there is no will.
Letters of Administration—the
official court certificate showing
who is the administrator.
Letters Probate—the same as
above only naming the person who
is the executor in cases where there
is a will.
These two court certificates, Letters of Administration and Letters
Probate are for the protection of
anyone dealing with the estate.
The banker will not turn  over the
money until he has been given a
certified copy of the certificate
which assures him that he is dealing with the person entitled to the
custody of the estate.
Do you think anybody should
leave a stack of trouble and expense
to their family such as we have,
just looked at when it can all be
avoided by the sitting down for five
minutes and making a will?
A will once made is good for a
lifetime in most cases. It is revoked or becomes of no value, in the
case of marrying after the will has
been made, or of course in the case
where you wish to make a change
at a later date and draw up a new
Anyox, B.C.       Carl M. Stewart.
Velvet Mining Company, Seattle
capital, is installing a flotation process at its operation at Rossland,
B. C.    Twenty men are working.
Large Old Established British
Insurance Corporation
Specializing   in    Accident    and
Policies adapted to  occupations
in the above towns.
Efficient   and  quick Adjustment
Address Correspondence: Box 1, Alice
Arm and Anyox Herald
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Veneer, Ready Roofing, Brick,
Lime, Cement, and other Building Materials.
Quotations Furnished and
Shipments made Promptly
1425 Granville Street, Vancouver B.C.
British hospitality and British Columbia foods blend happily in
making our guests comfortable.
Dining-room, lounge and rooms
are clean, homelike and quiet.
Near shops, theatres, boats and
trains. Mr. E. G. Baynes, well
known Owner-Manager of the
Grosvenor gives his personal assurance of the highest quality
modern hotel service to visitors
(rom all points in British Columbia.
Write For
Weekly and
Monthly Rates
diaUi fiom
J imruim-r's Uolrl «j tKilitntion* £%.
For fall and winter wear we have  Mackinaw  Shirts and
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Other lines of Sweaters for every use.
Woollen Underwear in all weights and sizes for fall and
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LEW  LUN  & Go.
General Merchants, Anyox
West side of Smelter,
A Complete Line of Fall and Winter Goods in stock, consisting of Clothing, Boots and Shoes.   A large stock of
Groceries, also Stoves, Stove Pipe and Elbows.
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First-class  Business  Lots at
$200    each,   and   Residential
Lots as low as $25.
Now ii the Time *o Buy Property
Agent for Alice Arm Mining
and Development Co.
The Minerals of British Columbia
This Province offers excellent opportunities for useful and
profitable investment.    British Columbia has produced
OVER $1,352,000,000 WORTH OF MINERALS.
The gross value of mineral production for the six months
ended June 30th. 1934, exclusive of gold premium, is
estimated at $18,667,691.00, an increase of 50.5 per cent,
over the estimated value of the production in the corresponding six-month period of 1933.
GOLD PRODUCTION: Gold production showed a
decided increase; a total return in Canadian funds
to the gold producers of British Columbia during the
first six months for 1934 being approximately
$5,028,124.00, an increase of 81.3 per cent, over
the return in Canadian funds received during the
first half of 1933.
Recent Publications of the Department of Mines
Annual Report of the Honourable the Minister of
Mines, for the year 1933.
Summary and Review of the Mineral Industry of
British Columbia for the six months'ended June 30th. 1934.
Bulletin "British Columbia the Mineral Industry"
(containing a short history of mining, a synopsis of the
mining laws, and other data of value to prospectors.)
"Placer Mining in British Columbia."
Non-Metallic Mineral Investigations: "Barite," "Asbestos;" "Glassware;" "Clay;" "Magnesite and Hydro-
For Results,  Advertise in  the
Herald AlJCK    AR.M    VNM ANYOX   HEIiALU. Saturaaj. November 3.  1H84
American Visitor Is Not
Enthused With Roads
From an Editorial in Alaska Weekly
After several days ol motoring
through the mining districts of British Columbia we came home impressed with the thought of the
tremendous impetus mining activity
gives a district and wondering what
becomes of the seven cents per gallon tax they take on gasoline.
Certainly they do not invest it in
roads. Here is a country of scenic
grandeur and vast industrial possibilities which is almost as inaccessible as it was in the days of the
Cariboo gold rush. Main highways
between important mining towns
would scarcely do for detours on
this side of the line and yet residents
of the province and tourists contribute seven cents on every gallon of
gas they purchase supposedly for a
road fund.
Everywhere one goes there is talk
of mines and mining. In every
merchant's window will be seen ore
specimens from a nearby properly,
in  the hotel lobbies there is a buzz
Big Exports of Gold Bullion
Exports of gold bullion from
Canada in August amounted to $10,-
080.000, $8,420,010 going to the
United States and $1,660,000 to
the United Kingdom.
For the first eight months of
1934, the shipments of livestock
from Western to Eastern Canada
consisted of 59,752 cattle; 636
calves and 45,222 sheep, and showed increases in comparison with
1933 of 17,924 cattle, 428 calves
and 10,739 sheep.
Magistrate—The policeman says
that you and your wife had some
I had some, sir, but I didn't get
a chance to use them.
of mining talk—and speaking of
hotels—we travelled from seven in
the evening till one in the morning
trying to find a hotel in which a
room was available. At the town
of Greenwood which has two fair-
sized hostel,ries we thought surely
we would have no difficulty but we
had no luck.
1935 ALL-WAVE ::
During the past year Radio Engineers have improved short wave reception to such an extent
that reception is near perfect. Allow us to demonstrate this new thrill of Foreign Broadcast
in your own home or at our Headquarters in the
Elks' Club any evening after Seven P.M. The
New General Electric All-Wave Mantel Model
at the new low price of $65.50 wil! surprise you
at its brilliant reception and marvellous tone.
Elks' Building
Phone 200
Just Plain Happy
Honorable George St. Lawrence Neufllze Ponsonby, son of His
Excellency the Governor-General of Canada and Lady Bessborough, and Master William Herrldge, son of Honorable W. D.
Herrldge and Mrs. Herrldge, and nephew of Right Honorable R. B.
Bennett, indulging in a fraternal handshake before going on with
the business ot the meeting—a little heavy sand-digging, on the
glorious Katy's Cove Beach ot the Algonquin Hotel, St. Andrews-by-
the Sea,
•*« r>
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Company's list and of a quality that
has won first place with connoisseurs
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been a favorite
In 26-oz.
Qmfurti&iA. fofc rrvote. than, tuw-cazhjUocU^L^
This advertisement is not published  or displayed  by  the  Liquor Control   Board  or by  the
Government of British Columbia
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Creamed Sauces
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so well in savory soups, giving rich velvety body to sauces—
there's nothing like St. Charles Evaporated Milk to make good
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St. Charles Milk Is evaporated to creamy richness. All herds are
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ol ihe natural water is removed and nothing is added. No wonder
St. Charles is the safest, finest flavored milk you can buy.
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$2.00 Will Give You the Herald for One
Year, or $1.00 for Six Months. ALICE    ABM   AND ANY OX   HERALD.  Saturday. November 3, 1934
Aces and Mine Were
Victors In Friday's
Again the Vandals proved their
superior ability last Friday night.
The game was played as an exhibition, there being some argument
concerning the refereeing. The
Calderoni boys again showed the
nice combination that is a pleasure
to watch. Kulai was also well up
in the scoring and at times seemed
to have the Elks bewildered with
his clean, fast passing and lightning
The Elks played good ball and
several times threatened to stop the
mine machine. Poor eo-ordination
however, proved their downfall.
Elks: McKinley 4, Davis 7,
Murray 2, Marr 5, Gillis, Currie,
Dresser. Total 18. Mine; T. Calderoni IS, F. Calderoni 8, Kulai 8,
Samaan, Gourlay, Woodman 6.
Total 37.
The girls game was undoubtedly
the best of the season to date.
With good combination and fast
playing, both teams showed nice
work. The Aces led the Spooks
by one basket until the final minute.
Bubbles Eve tied up the score while
the bell rang for the end of the game.
Playing overtime, Pat Loudon came
through to score the winning basket
for the Aces. Pat was again the
shining light of the game. Playing
hard and checking close she still
managed to ring up 8 points.
Aces: D. Rogers 2, N. Wenerstrom, I}. Ion 6, J. Pinckney, P.
Loudon 8, L. Dresser.    Total 16.
Spooks: Mrs. Wenerstrom, Mrs.
P. Campbell, Salmon 4, Simpson,
K. Eve 10, B. Barclay. Total 14.
J. McDonald, T. Gordon and Mrs.
Carrick. were missing from the
Spooks' line-up. Mrs. Campbell,
who went on in the second half, is
a newcomer to our local league and
looks like a find. K. Eve piayed
her usual effective game and rang
up the highest score.
The Rovers being unable to field
a team, the Foundry won by default.
A game was played between a pick
up scrub team and the  Foundry.
Britannia Co. Changes
Mill To Suit Market
Notable of the achievements of
Canadian metallurgists during recent years is to the credit ot the
staff of the Britannia mine in British
Columbia, When the price of cop
per fell, in place of closing the mine
and mill and turning the staff and
workmen adrift, the management
searched diligently for an alterna
tive, and found it. The technical
side of the story is recounted in a
most interesting way in the July
Bulletin of the Canadian Institute
of Mining and Metallurgy.
The Britannia mill treats ordinarily 4000 tons a day of a rather iow
grade copper ore, containing a little
gold. When this became unprofitable, the'metallurgists turned their
attention to a part of the mine,
hitherto not mined, that contained
zinc ore with a larger proportion of
gold. The price of zinc had not
gone to such depths as had that ot
copper, and gold had risen in price,
so this gold-zinc ore could be made
to pay if these metals could be separated in the mill built for the
separation of copper.
Skill and ingenuity of the Britannia start were equal to the occasion,
and in short order a simple means
was discovered of making the copper mill over into a gold-zinc mill.
The treatment of this gold-zinc ore,
formerly considered useless, saved
the substantial community at Britannia Beach. The mill can be very
simpiy and rapidly changed back to
the profitable treatment of the usual
copper ore.
The scrubs held their own during]
the first half, but lost ground swiftlv
in the second. George Kent playing
for the scrubs showed some nice
Johnny Lazorek handled all the
games very efficiently.
James Currie.
He developed his amazing ability
to "give it"' and ''take it" in a
town where such expressions are
part of the game.
Prince Rupert can lay claim to
making "Jimmie" Currie the player
and coach that he is.
With a zest for the game, that
time and again has been his downfall in fouls, or a chasing to the
showers, Jimmie has proved that
he can be a formidable and able
opponent in any man's basketball
In spite of his zeal, that is rapidly
gaining him a reputation for rough
methods, Jimmie will, no doubt be
"in there" at the finish.
As captain of the Elks, li9 fills
the bill completely and takes his
job with a seriousness that is highly commendable.
:-: DANCE :-:
Under the auspices of the
Canadian Legion
Dancing 9-2. Refreshments.
Good Music
$1.00 a Couple, Extra
Lady 50c.
Hallowe'en Party Held At
Alice Arm
A Hallowe'en party was given
to the school ohildren by Miss
Florence Dodsworth following
school on Wednesday afternoon.
It was held in the Club House, aud
the ladies of the town were invited
to share in the fun. Refreshments
were provided by the ladies, aud
candies, etc. were distributed to
the childeren by Miss Dodsworth,
The room was prettily decorated
with Hallowe'en emblems and colours, and everyone spent a very enjoyable time.
The ore exhibit in British Columbia house at London, England,
which has been unchanged for many
years, is to be renewed- Many fine
ore specimens are available for the
OFFICE—Opposite Liquor Store
B.  P. O.  ELKS
Dominion ol Canada and Newfoundland
Meets every second and fourth Monday oi
the month
Hall for rent for dances, social functions, etc.
on application to club manager      '
$2.00 a  Year
Ask for this Good Beer..
This advertisement is not published or displayed by the Liquor Control  Board or by the
Government of British Columbia
:-: SMOKER :-:
Under the auspices of the
Canadian Legion
AT 8 P.M.   ADMISSION $1.00
All Ex-Service Men Are
Invited to Attend
Elks' lig Variety Shnui!
Sponsored by Anyox Lodge No. 47
On Wednesday, November 7th.   Recreation Hall
Commencing at 8 p.m.
The Strathcona Hotel
One Block from the Crystal Gardens. Central Location.
Moderate Rates.   Fireproof.   Our bus meets all boats.
E. J. MARTIN, Proprietor and Manager
Drive Away Colds
Stop a Cold at the start with DOMINION
C. B. Q. TABLETS!   Take them in the early
stages of a Cold; per box 25c.
OIL; tasteless and palatable. For Coughs
and Colds and for building up a run-down
condition; the year round tonic, per bottle
DISKS, for dry and inflamed throats, 25c.
Mtt Jour tmrthfll Christmas (keeling toits Ndui !
We never had a finer range or better values
than this year.    The sample books   are
ready for your inspection, and the choice is


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