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 | A little paper
with all the
f news and a big
Published in the interests of Alice Arm and Anyox, B. C.
$2.50 a Year
Alice Arm and
Anyox. $2.75 to
all other points.
VOL. 9,   NO. 16
Alice Arm, B. C, Saturday, October 19, 1929
5 cents each.
Council of Community
League Transacts
At a special meeting of the
Anyox Community League Council
on Monday, Ed. Ashton was appointed as caretaker at the gymnasium. Much work has been done
in the pool room to make it an even
brighter place to while away leisure
hours during the coming winter.
Paint and enamel have been generously applied. Thirty-six new
cues have been added, cloths and
cushions have been renovated and
several new games are available.
For the theatre-goers the secretary has arranged with J. E. Archer, Vancouver manager of First
National, who was a visitor here
this week, to show such Stellar attractions as "Smiling Irish Eyes,"
"His Captive Woman," "Sally,"
and "Paris." There will not be as
many black moments during the
performances hereafter as the
League has purchased several
double reels upon which the films
will be wound before showing.
In the library an attempt is being
made to supply more and better
books and to make the reading
room a more attactive place.
, With the appointment of a caretaker the gymnasium will immediately begin to serve the needs of
those inclined to indoor athletics.
Mining Men Visit Alice
D. C. McKechnie, mining engineer for tjie Consolidated Mining
and Smelting Co. arrived on Monday. He examined several mining
properties in the district during
the week. He visited the Upper
Kitsault oountry, North East fork,
McGrath mountain and down the
inlet. He was accompanied by
Mrs. McKechnie.
G. W. McMorris, president of
the Kitsault-Eagle Silver Mines
Ltd. arrived on Monday from Vancouver. He will make an examination of the big tunnel on the Sun-1
rise Group on McGrath mountain,
which has now entered the mineralized zone.
E. G. Davidson, mining engineer,
who has inspected numerous mining
properties in the Alice Arm district
this summer, is expected to arrive
on Monday from Vancouver. His
visit here will be brief. Before
leaving for the south he will examine the Elkhorn Group at Hastings
Arm, where spectacular gold ore
was recently located.
Toric Mine To Operate
Throughout Winter
Prominent officials of the Britannia Mining & Smelting Co. paid
a visit to the Toric mine and other
properties under option by the
company, during the week. They
arrived on Monday morning and left
again on Wednesday afternoon.
The result of their visit was that
plans have been made to conduct
development work throughout the
coming winter.
The visitors comprised W. J.
Quigley of New York, president of
the company; C. P. Browning of
Britannia Beach, general manager;
O. R. Whittaker of Denver, Colorado, consulting engineer; and C.
V. Brennan head of the exploratory
department, Britannia Beach.
In addition to examining the
Toric, they also visited the Dolly
Varden and Wolf properties, which
the Britannia Co. optioned a few
months ago.
. Development work this winter
will consist of sinking the shaft
from the main level. This shaft
was commenced a few weeks ago,
and will be sunk to a depth of about
250 feet. A raise will also be made
from the same level. Ore can then
be developed on three levels.
Arrives Alice Arm to Inspect
Mohawk Property
Mr. Dave Thomson, president of
the Winnie Mining Co. who have
taken over the Mohawk property
arrived on Thursday from Vancouver. He was accompanied by
W. C, Amett and F. Brown.
They left yesterday in order to
make an examination of the property.
tadio   Meeting On Friday
A meeting of those interested in
I'adio will be held on Friday evening, October 25th, in Recreation
Ufall. The subject of the cheap
lets which are now on the market
I'll! receive special attention.
Silver Crest Property
Gives Good Values
The Saddle property at Hastings
Arm, which is being developed by
the Silver Crest Mining Co. has the,
earmarks of developing into an important shipper. Latest reports
from the mine state that the tunnel
is being driven in a full face of ore
The ore is of a good grade
Samples which were recently assay
edgave returns of 15 percent, lead
35 ozs. silver, 20 cents gold, three
tenths of one per cent, copper and
four per cent, zinc, with a total
value of $45.77.
The Saddle is ideally located for
cheap transportation.   A short aerial
tramway connects the mine with the
beach, and everything is now com
pleted for the shipping of ore.
Work On Elkhorn Group Is
Development work on the Elkhorn Group has been suspended
until next spring. This property
jumped into prominence two weeks
ago when high grade gold ore assaying over $8,000.00 per ton was
located. The cause of the suspension of work this fall was snow conditions on the high altitudes, and
lack of camp buildings. The cool
weather1 of the past week did not
permit open air camping. Development work will be undertaken next
Miss E. Yaeger, attendant at the
Red Parrot ice cream parlor, left
on Wednesday for Vancouver.
m ■■' ♦ ■■■ 4 '«'♦ '•' ♦ ♦ '*■ ♦ '*' ♦ '■'♦'*■ ♦■■■ 4'*'♦'*' ♦ '*'♦
♦ t
♦     t
Miss Gladys Ballantyne left on
Wednesday for holidays in the
Mrs. Dunn arrived on Wednesday
from the south
Mrs. M. C. Irwin arrived on
Wednesday's boat.
W. Calderoni arrived on Wednesday from a visit to the south.
Included among those arriving
on Wednesday were: T. W. Skinner, M. Nakye, D. Eaton, H. C
Catnett,  W. L. Kennedy.
Mrs. G. M. Lee left on Wednesday's boat. She was called south
owing to the death of her father
Mr. Lee accompanied her as far as
Prince Rupert.
Several Applicants For
While the SS "Prince Rupert"}
was in port on Wednesday night,
His Honor Judge Young presided
at the local court to take applications for naturalization. Those
who applied for the privileges of
citizenship were: Edward Hanson,
Joseph Chycardo, Adolf Bopp,
Frank Vresk, Michael Stefanek,
Jacob Sauer and Wasyl Petrusiak.
All have been law-abiding residents
for some years and are vouched for
in each case by two natural born
His Honor was heard to express
a highly favorable opinion of the
class of men who were presenting
themselves for enfranchisement.
These applications are forwarded
to the Secretary of State who in
turn sends the candidates certain
forms among which is a copy of the
oath of allegiance which the prospective citizen is to take before
local magistrate or justice of the
Details Given of Anyox
Night School
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Swanson left
Anyox on Wednesday for the
south. Previous to their departure
a series of farewell parties were
given on their behalf. They leave
^a large circle of friends, not only
in Anyox, but the whole north,
who are sorry to see them leave.
Henry Deeth left on Wednesday
for Vancouver where he will take
a position with Hoffar's Ltd.
Among those leaving for the
south on Wednesday were: S. L.
Thomson, Glen Gulich, J. E. Archer
Mr. and Mrs. Cook arrived on
Wednesday from the south.
The popularity of the ElDoro
cigar is increasing. There's a
Mrs. A. Matanarohi was an arrival in town on Wednesday.
Judge Young and registrar H.
McLeod of Prince Rupert arrived
on Wednesday and left the same
evening. While here they took
several applications for naturalization.
Anyox Golf Club Hold
During the last few weeks membership in the Golf Club has risen from
31 to 72. An increase in funds has
permitted the making of many improvements to the course. Last
Sunday twelve couples enjoyed a
mixed foursome handicap tourna-,
ment. The winners were Mrs.
Learoyd and Sid Peters with 57
while Miss Blakey and Angus Cavers received the consolation prize
for a score of 83 A fair sized "gallery" followed the players. Next
Sunday the men will engage in a
singles contest, individual scores to
determine the winner.
i+„, »,.,+,.,+«■ ♦♦<-»<.♦..»,..»,.> ...»...♦ i
Jens Larson left on Monday for
Vancouver accompanying his cous
in, Miss Hedegaad who has spent
holidays here.
Norman Fraser, managing director of the Esperanza Mining Co. left
on Wednesday for Prince Rupert
on company business.
Continued on page 4
Anyox Basketballers Fail To
Decide on Policy
Basketball is not much further
ahead, despite the calling of two
meetings on Monday and Wednesday. It is to be hoped that at the
next meeting there will be a larger
crowd of players and fans to deter
mine a policy and discuss plans
The executive so far consists of
President R. Deeth, Vice-President
Geo. Winklemann and Secretary
Ross Oatman.
Anyox P. T. A. Meeting On
The next meeting of the Anyox
P. T. A. will be on Monday evening,
In connection with the new high
school course Mr. Clark will at
tempt to answer the numerous
questions which are likely to arise
An invitation is extended to all who
are interested in any phase of the
subject. By courtesy of the church
authorities the association will meet
at 8,o'clock in the United Church
Following is a detailed report of
the Anyox Night School classes
that will be in operation this winter. There is an opportunity for
everyone to improve their learning.
A chance that should not be lightly ignored. Leisure hours could
not be spent more profitably than
by attending one or more classes.
Commercial Course:
This is a thoroughly practioal
course in book-keeping, typwrit-
ing, Isaac Pitman's shorthand
system, etc. Office equipment
such as typwriters, duplicators,
etc., have already been procured
by the School Board, and the necessary texts can be purchased from
the instructor, Mr. H. B. Porteous.
Students in this class should qualify for positions in any of these
subjects. The class meets in Division I. Public School, Monday and
Wednesday, from 7 to 9 p.m.
Mechanical  Drawing and Mill
Building Design
The Mechanical Drawing course
is adapted to any student from the
one that has had no drafting lessons, to those of experience. It is
so arranged that each student receives individual instruction, forming a class by himself. The work
covers the subjects of projection
and drawing to scales of various
machined parts from single pieces
to more complex problems.
For the Mill Building design
work, some knowledge of mechanical drawing is essential to thoroughly understand the subject
handled. The courses start as
elementary as necessary, and progress as far as the season and the
efforts of the students permits-
Instructor, R. O. Cutler. The
class meets in High School, Monday and Thursday 7 to 9 p.m.
Electrical Course:
This course not only endeavors
to give a short course in electricity
but also a knowledge of the
"Why?" of things electrical, such
as motors and generators, their installation, operation and repairs;
troubles, how to locate and remedy;
transformers, how to connect up
and oare for them; gas engines,
ignition systems; condensers aud
their uses and also the uses and
properties of insulators.
T. L. Mitchell who so successfully carried on the class last year is
in charge. The class meets in the
Electrical Shop on Monday and
Thursday 7 to 9 p,m.
Milling Metallurgy:
The work in this class will cover
a course in Metallurgy and all the
processes used in Milling and
Smelting. Details in flotation
processes will be dealt with thoroughly and some practice given in
Concentration. The metals studied are gold, silver, copper, lead
Continued on Page 4 ALICE   ARM   AND   ANYOX   HERALD. Saturday.    October   19,  1929
Alice Arm & Anyox Herald
Issued every Saturday at Alice Arm
Alice Ann and Anyox $2,50 Yearly
Other Parts of Canada, $2.75
British Isles and United States, $8.00
Notices for Crown Grants -  ■   $15.00
Land Notices - $15.00
Transient Advertising, 50c, per inch
Contract Hates on Application,
E. MOSS, Editor and Publisher.
The members of the Council of
the Anyox Community League are
fulfilling their duties with unprecedented enthusiasm. They are supported by a secretary that is striving
to serve the people even better
than in previous years, and their
efforts are producing results.
Every kind of recreation is receiving
their attention, and suggestions
made by individual members are
carefully considered. Indoor recreation of all kinds during the long
winter months is being fostered.
The library is receiving special attention, and the Reading Room is
filled with periodicals from almost
every English speaking country.
To those who wish to study or
keep up-to-date on world events,
the library and reading room alone
is more than worth the small monthly fee. Become a supporter of the
League and by your assistance help
those who are helping you.
When the buildings now situated on the new streets of Alice
Arm have been removed and the
streets cleared and side walks built,
the town will present an appearance second to none in the province.
The business section will be located
near the waterfront. Farther back
will be the residential section, while
across the river small farms will be
under cultivation. Alice Arm is
fortunate in having such a large
area for townsite and farming purposes. There is not another town
in Northern B. C. that possesses
such an area of rich level land. It
is the duty of its inhabitants to assist nature in making it the town
beautiful of the north.
Canadians  Acquiring
Railway Bonds
That Canadians are supplying a
substantial portion of funds required
for capital purposes in connection
with the rapid industrial and agricultural development of the Dominion is evidenced by the fact that
fully 11 Canadian banks and investment houses are included in the international syndicate offering' an
issue of $30,000,000 Canadian National Railway Company 5 per cent
40-year bonds. These Canadian
institutions, with their Dominion-
wide clienteles, make it certain that
these bonds will obtain a wide circulation in this country.
Another interesting- feature is
that the bonds, which are practically
government securities, as both
principal and interest are guaranteed by the Dominion government,
are offered to yield over 5 per cent,
reflecting the recent rising tendencies in yields in the bond markets.
An outlet to the Pacific coast
for the Peace River country has
been the cause of considerable
discussion in the western press
during the past two years. Everyone knows that an outlet to the
coast will be provided at some
time, but it is possible that a few
years will elapse before it is done.
President Beatty of the C. N. R„
recently visited the coast and  also
Sales of Copper  Are
Dropping Off
Reports at the latter of September announce decreased sales of
copper at New York following the
heavy demand in August. Stocks
of undelivered copper at American
refineries are the heaviest for 4 or 5
years and production of both refined
and blister this year have beaten
all records. Accumulations, however, have not yet affected price
and some action is anticipated to
prevent excessive supplies from accumulating. New York reports
foreign sales satisfactory,
Lead is in fair demand though
volume has decreased somewhat.
Prices remain firm.
St. Louis reports a very weak
demand for zinc with 80 per cent,
of sales for spot shipment. London
reports unfavorable situation in zinc
due to sales pressure following
P.   O.   BOX 1604
Acadia Fire Insurance Co.
Globs Indemnity Co. of Canada.
Ontario Equitable Life and Accident
Insurance Co.
Mine   ...      -   Anyox, B. C.
Dominion of Canada and Newfoundland
Meets every second and (ourth Monday of
the inonth
Hall for rent for dances, social functions, etc.
on application to club manager
M. M. STEPHENS & Co. Ltd.
The oldest Financial Office in Northern B. C.
The first electric railway in Canada was operated at Windsor, Out.,
in 1886, after an experimental section had been tried out at Toronto
Exhibition. The second electric
railway was built at St. Catherines
the Peace River country. He
stated that at the present time the
needs of the settlers of the Peace
River was being taken care of by
the building of branch lines. When
the country had been developed to
a stage that sufficient tonnage
could be guaranteed an outlet to
some point on the coast would be
provided. The date and place
has still to be decided upon.
Pack Trains, Saddle Horses
and Heavy Teams
No Contract too Large or
too Small
Powder. Caps, Fuse, Steel and Tocls.    Pain test Clothing,
Stanfield's Underwear. Hand-made Roots.   A full line of
Quality Groceries for Mining needs.
Alice Arm
Worthy of your Support
Anyox Community League
Reading Room and Library
A wide range of Newspapers,
Magazines and Periodicals on
file.   New books regularly
Join Up!
Make  the League better
through your influence
Business Lots from $200 to
Residential Lots from $200
to $300
Robertson & Dumas
Agents for Alice Arm Mining
and Development Co.
Bread,  Cakes, Pastry,
Al. Falconer
Alice Arm
Baggage, Freighting, Pack
and Saddle Horses
Slab Wood Cut any Length
Every Order Given
Immediate Attention
Fall Clothing
Keep dry during the wet season. We have every
kind of Waterproof Clothing, Slicker Goats, Pants
and Hats for work. For dress wear we have a
large selection of Rainproof coats in the latest
patterns and colors.
Rubbers for work or evening wear.
LEW  LUN & Go.
General Merchants, Anyox West side of Smelter
OPEN   UNTIL   10   P.M.
Fall Clothing
We carry a Full Line of Men's Clothing
for  Fall  Wear,  including    Mackinaw
Shirts and Pants, Waterproof Jumpers
and Overalls, Hats, Etc.
T. W. FALCONER Auce a™
Advertise in the Herald
British Columbia
Department of Mines
British Columbia, the Mineral Province of Canada,
has produced up to the end of 1928, $1,114,210,411.
worth of mineral products.
Annual Mineral Production Values:
1919 $33,296,313       1925 $61,492,242
1921........ 28,066,641       1928 65,372,583
1923 41,304,320       1929 (Estimated) 70,000,000
Gold, placer and lode, silver, copper, lead, zinc, coal, and
many miscellaneous minerals make up this output.
The Annual Reports of the Minister of Mines and
Summary Reports, bulletins, etc., dealing with the
mineral areas and mines, may be obtained, free of
charge, on application to:—
ALICE   ARM   AND   ANYOX   HERALD. Saturday.    October   19,  1929
Will Diamond Drill At
Dunwell Property
Following up a radiore survey
which was made some time ago,
Dunwell Mines Ltd. is diamond
drilling its property to try and locate the faulted ore bodies.
The Dunwell, which is completely equipped for production, including a 100-ton mill, closed down in
November, 1927, when ore in sight
unexpectedly petered out and metal
prices declined sharply.
A geophysical survey was made
in 1928 and good "conductors"
north and south were located.
It had been the intention to carry
on about 2000 feet of diamond
drilling to test the results of this
prospecting. During 1926 aud
1927 the stock was a sensation on
western exchanges.
Charles Bunting Visits Mines
In Eastern Canada
Charles Bunting, pioneer of the
Portland Canal Camp, has returned
from an extended visit to Toronto.
He has brought with him interesting specimens of ore and semi-
refined metals from the holdings of
the International Nickel Company,
Noranda and other eastern mines'.
In addition, he has a display of the
ores found on the Premier in the
early days of its development.
May Increase Gasoline Tax
An increase of the present three
cents tax on gasoline to five cents
on account of the extensive highway program planned is regarded
at the parliament buildings as almost certain to take place at the
next session of the legislature.
Ore Movements From Mayo
Last season the total movement
of ores and concentrates of the
great Mayo camp totalled 4,500
tons, valued at about $1,500,000.
This year the movement will be
8,000 tons of a total estimated value exceeding $2,600,000.
Copper Production Declines
The world's production of copper
in August was 173,729 short tons,
which compares with 174,347 tons
in July and 196,820 tons in April,
the peak month for the current year,
according to the American Bureau
of Metal Statistics. August production in 1928 amounted to 161,
838 tons.
When at Smithers recently, Hon.
W. A. McKenzie. minister of mines,
exchanged greetings with Samuel
Hunt, 91 years of age, who has
prospected for 72 years and is still
he Stoney Indians on the Morley Reservation
along the line of the Canadian Pacific Railway
near Calgary, are benefitting by the oil developments in Alberta. Every man jack of the 640 members of the tribe, representing 125 families, receives
$10 per annum for oil lease rentals on the tribe's
land and should oil materialize will receive a 12 Vz
per cent royalty on all production, a certain amount
cf which will be set aside for agricultural implements. They gathered in all their Indian bravery
of feathers and finely worked shirts, shawls and
mocassins on the occasion of the first payment.
Pictures show Chiefs Wolf Teeth, Lost Buffalo and
Black Buffalo saluting the derrick, source of their
iww •wealth. Chief Hector Crawler receiving payment from B. Hinton, Indian Agent at Morley;
Indian with pipe ln mouth is "Wild Man," son of
•Wild Woman." Chief Wolf Teeth faaide derrick
with driller. Squaw Becky Beaver and papoose,
counting her money.   She looks heap happy.
Premier  Has  Formulated
Highway Policy
Legislation for the creation of a
highway classification and the expenditure of a million dollars on
highway construction and maintain-
ance in all parts of British Columbia affected by through traffic will
be sought by the government at
the next session, Premier Tolmie
announced in an address before the
Saanich Conservative Association.
The new highways will be termed
arterial highways and will be built
and maintained at the sole cost of
the provincial treasury.
Canada's Export Trade
Canada's trade in the five months
ending August 31 amounted to
$1,044,883,786. Despite a reduction of nearly $57,000,000 in wheat
exports, the total for the five
months was $2,400,000 higher than
the corresponding period in 1928.
Pool Elevators Increase
Three years ago there were only
four grain elevators in Alberta belonging to the Alberta Wheat Pool.
Now there are 437, representing an
investment of over $6,000,000.
"The introduction of combines and
auto trucks has speeded up harvesting on the Canadian praries to a
remarkable degree.
Welcome Hotel
Alice Arm
Comfortable Rooms for Rent
Tobacco & Soft Drinki Cigari, Cigarettei
A. BEAUDIN, Proprietor
Beach Recreation Hall:
Pictures:  Tuesdays,
Thursdays, and Saturdays
Mine Recreation Hall:
Pictures:   Wednesdays and
Help the Organization
that Serves You
For Results Advertise
in The Herald
S. S. Prince George sails from Anyox for Prince
Rupert and Vancouver via Stewart ouch Wedneaday at 12.00 midnight.
I S.S. Prince Charles or Prince John   leaves
'Prince Rupert for North and South Queen Charlotte Island ports fortnightly.
Trains leave Prince  Rupert Daily except Sunday, 11.30 a.m., for
Jasper, Edmonton,  Winnipeg, direct connections for all points
East and South.
For Atlantic Steamship Sailings or further information, apply to an) Canadian
National Agent, or to R. F. McNAUGHTON, Diatrict Passenger Agent
Prince Rupert, B. C.
Alice Arm
The Bonanza Silver
Camp of B. C.
We invite you to investigate the  mining shares now
being offered in Alice Arm properties and recommend
Kitsault-Eagle Silver Mines Ltd. (N.P.L.)
British Colonial Securities Ltd.
Suite 312, Standard Bank Building, Vancouver
Alice Arm Representative:   A. McGuire
W. A. WILSON, Proprietor
Dealers in Fresh, Salt, and Smoked Meats,
Fish, Poultry, Butter and Eggs
Equipped with  Modern  Cold Storage Plant
ADVERTISE IN THE HERALD ALICE   ARM   AND   ANYOX   HERALD, Saturday.    October   19,  1929
Details Given of Anyox
Night School
Continued (rom Page I
and zinc. The class meets in the
High School Thursday evening at
7 o'clock. D. McLeod, Assistant
Superintendent of the Concentrator, is instructor. 25 are already
Engineer's Course:
J. McMillan is conducting this
class. A large number have enrolled with a view to preparing
themselves for the examination of
fourth, third and second class
standing. This class means business and is already down to hard
work. They meet from 7 to 9 p.m.
on Tuesday and Friday in the High
Music, Vocal:
The class meets in the Public
School Monday evening under the
direction of Mr. H. B. Redman.
While the course will be instructive, dealing with the theory of
notation and training in voice
culture, the practice in part singing should make it one of the most
enjoyable of winter occupations.
Music, Orchestral:
Stewart Steele is again in charge
of this work by the unanimous demand of the class. The value or
the work last season is well known
to all on account of the public entertainments given.
J. J. H. Varnes will continue the
work he has given such care to for
a number of years.
English for Newcomers:
This class far outnumbers any
other single subject and great care
in the selection of the right stamp
of teacher is always taken. The
prescribed text "The new Canadian" outlines a most practical
course and in one season a total
stranger to English gains a fair
practical understanding of both
the written and spoken word.
Teachers assisting with this work
are: Mr. A. C. Vogee, MissHeaney,
Miss Greenwood, Mr. S. H. Bartman. Classes are conducted at
the Public School, the Mine Club,
and the Bonanza Reading Room,
Alice  Arm Notes
Continued from Page one
C. H. Homer, provincial assessor,
arrived on Monday from Prince
Rupert. His visit was in connection with the new ownership of lots
on the former Indian Reserve.    He
left again on Wednesday.
Gus Pearson returned on Mon-'
day from a visit to Prince Rupert.
Miss Hedegaad of Copenhagen,
Denmark, who has been visiting
her cousin Mr. Jens Larson, left on
Monday for Vancouver. Miss
Hedegaad may spend the winter in
Jack Edwards suffered a painful
injury on Wednesday. While
chopping wood he had the misfortune to almost sever a ringer.
He left for the Anyox Hospital the
same day, where it was found
necessary to amputate the finger.
The new streets of Alice Arm are
being slowly cleared of obstructing
buildings. Several smaller ones
have been moved and plans are
made to move several more this
A bridge party will be held at
T. W. Falconer's hall this evening.
October 19th. commencing at 8
p. m. It is being held under the
auspices of the Alice Arm Athletic
Club. Mrs. H. F. Kergin and'
Mrs. 0. Evindson are the conveners. Admission 50c. Refreshments provided. A good time is
This is the first of a series of
bridge parties that has been planned by the Athhtic Club for the
coming winter.
Big British Smelting Co.
Formation of a new smelting
company, with a capital of ^7,500,-
000, to be known as the Imperial
Smelting Corporation, has been announced by Sir Robert Home, chairman of the National Smelting
Company, at the annual meeting of
his company held recently in London.
The new company, according to
the plans outlined, will include the
Burma Corporation, Broken Hill
Group Zinc Corporation, British
Metal Corporation, and the National
Smelting Corporation. Necessary
additional capital, to be issued soon,
will be offered first to preferred and
common shareholders of the com
panies involved in the merger. To
protect British Empire interests, all
foreign shareholders are excluded
from voting power.
It's discouraging to do your
best and then find out it isn't good
Some of us might find happiness
if we would quit struggling so hard
for it.
Adversity is a medicine which people are rather fond of recommend-
iing indiscriminately as a panacea
for their neighbors. Like other
medicines, it only agrees with certain constitutions There are
nerves which it braces, and nerves
which it utterly shatters.
Canada has 28 per cent, of the
area of the British Empire and is
twice as large as 30 United Kingdoms or 18 Germanys. Canada is
twice the size of British India, 18
times the size of France, and 33
times the size of Italy. Canada is
almost as large in area as Europe.
Being sick is twice as depressing
if your ailment has an ugly name.
H.   M.  SELFE
Office:   Opposite Liquor Store
(Form F.)
OBivrni'icATE of Improvements
"Moose No. 1," "Moose No. 2,"
"Moose No. 5," "Moose No. 6," and
"Bing Fraction," Mineral Claims,
situate in the Naas River Mining Division of the Oassiar District. Where
located: about 22 miles up the Kitsault River on the East side of river
and joins the "Silver Horde No. 2,"
Mineral Claim on the south.
TAKE NOTICE, that I, Miles
Donald, Free Miner's Certificate No.
11007-D, and John Strombeek,
Free Miner's Certificate No. 35818-D,
intend, sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder
for a Certificate of Improvements, foi'
the purpose of obtaining a Crown
Grant ot the above claims.
And further take notice that action,
under section 85, must be commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 2nd. day of October,
A. D. 1029.
Advertise in The
Candies. Stationery. Proprietary
Medicines, Toilet Articles, Etc. n
W. M. CummingS,   Agent for all Vancouver Daily Papers
Post Office Building, Alice Arm
Alice Arm
Comfortable Rooms for Rent
By Day, Week or Month at
Reasonable Rates
N. Sutilovich        Prop.
Anyox Community
The Council of the League
meets on the Second and
Fourth Wednesday of each
month, in Recreation Hall,
at 7.30 p.m.
Alice Arm
Bread and Pastry Always for
Gus Anderson
Utility Mines No. 1 Limited have
taken over the Tiger and Climax Groups
in the Upper Kitsault Valley, and an
intensive program of development work
has been inaugurated.
For Full Information apply to the Fiscal Agents:
Utility Mining & Financing Co. Ltd.
830-831 Rogers Building, Vancouver, B. C.
All wool, light weight, coat sweaters of good quality.    Will give the maximum
amount of warmth,    In shades of Heather in grey and fawn,  also,  Lovats with
neat contrasting trim, sizes 34 to 44, priced at $6.00.
Soft wool, heavy weight, extra quality, coat sweaters with shawl collar.    In shades
of fawn, myrtle green, navy or brown, price $7.50, in all sizes.
A dainty and pleasant dressing for the hair in two forms to suit the individual taste
and preference.   The liquid form is non-greasy and keeps the most unruly hair in
place.   The solid form is a heavy brilliantine and imparts a beautiful lustre to the
hair, both delicately perfumed.    Liquid Glo-Go, 50c. per bottle, Solid Glo-co50c. per jar.
A NEW SHIPMENT OF M01RS BULK XXX CHOCOLATES.   80c. to $1.25 per pound.
Percolator Sets  $24.00, $22.00
Percolators  $21.95, $12.00
Three Heat Radiant Grills, each.    12.25
Waffle Irons, each     14.00
Ranges     28.00
Toasters  $14.00, $7.25, $5.00
Hedlite Heaters, each.... $10.50, $5.00
Irons, each  $7.00, $6.00, $2.95
Men's  $1.35, $1.50, $1.85
Ladies'     1.00
Boys', with heavy soles,  sizes  1  to 5,
Youths', with heavy soles, sizes 11 to 13
Misses', sizes 11 to 2     95c.
Childs', sizes 5 to 8}£     85c.
New Corticelli Hose in the latest shades of pearl blush, parchment, light parchment,
light blue fox, shadow, spring tan, flesh, white.    Price $1.95.
Chiffon hose in the same shades at $1.95
Also a new line of chifton to sell at $1.25 in colors of white, pearl blush, champagne
and French Nude.    Sizes 8}4 to 10
Mrs. Parker of Prince Rupert will be in our Department on October 21 st, 22nd and 23rd, with the
Newest Styles in Coats, Dresses and Millinery.   Come in and make your selection.


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