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 A little paper
with all the
news and a big
Published in the interests of Alice Arm and Anyox, B. C.
,.« ■» ^»,.»^. j
$2.50 a Year
| Alice Arm and
Anyox. $2.75 to
j all other points.
VOL. 8,   NO. 49
Alice Abm, B. C, Friday, June 21, 1929
5 cents each.
Date of Visit Lieutenant
Governor Has Been
Definite news has been received
that His Honor R. Randolph Bruce,
Lieutenant-Governor of British
Columbia will visit Anyox and
Alice Ann next week.
The visit will be purely unofficial.
The Lieutenant-Governor will be
accompanied by his private secretary, A. M. D. Fairbairn, Olaf
Hanson ol Prince Rupert, and
other citizens of that town may
also accompany the party north.
At the present time the party is
visiting Atlin and Telegraph Creek,
accompanied by H. F. Kergin, M.
L. A.
They will arrive at Alice Arm
from Prince Rupert on board the
launch, Granby during the forenoon of the 27th. A trip to the
Toric mine over the Dolly Varden
railway will be made during the day
A reception will be giveu at
the Alice Arm Hotel during the
evening by the Alice Arm branch
of the B. C. Chamber of Mines,
who invited His Honor to visit the
camp during his northern trip.
Everyone is invited to the re
ception,     Refreshments   will   be
'served by the Chamber of Mines,
and a dance may probably be held
following the reception.
On the following morning at 9
a.m. the party will leave for Anyox
where they will be the guests of
the Granby Co. until Saturday
The  Lieutenant-Governor  will
have an opportunity of inspecting
_ the most up-to date copper produc-
P tion plant in Canada, and doubtless
will feel very much at home.
The party will leave Anyox at
10 p.m. on Saturday evening for
Stewart, and on Tuesday noon will
leave there for Queen Charlotte
Islands on the return trip to Vancouver.
Homeguard Devoloped
By Radiore Prospecting
F. F. Clark and J. Reid, who
are in charge of the electrical ore
finding device for the Radiore
Prospecting Co. arrived in Alice
Arm from Vancouver on Monday
and left immediately for the Home-
guard property. They will thoroughly prospect the ground for
ore, and tbe big ore bodies that
are confidently expected to exist
will be mapped out. Development
work of driving tunnels can then
be proceeded with. Results of the
outcome of future tunnels thus being elimated.
The Dalhousie Co. are the first
in the district to take advantage
of locating ore bodies by radiore
prospecting and their policy will
doubtless be followed by others.
P. E. Peterson Inspects The
' Tiger Mine
P. E. Peterson, consulting engin-
I eer for the Utility Mines No. 1
Ltd., who are developing the Tiger
property, arrived on Monday from
Vancouver.   He was accompanied
! by   P.   Price, who, in company
- with Mr. Peterson,  will examine
the mine.   They left shortly after
I their arrival for the mine.
Mr. Price is examining the mine
on behalf of Eastern capitalists.
He also examined the Climax
which is also controlled by the
Utility Co.
You will not have properly oele-
Iirated the first of July unless you
onclude the celebration by attend-
ng the Rose Dance at the Gym
iasium. It is being given by the
jinyox Branch I. 0. D. E. It will
le a splendid evening's entertain
A. C. L. Lending Library
Will Open Evenings
By resolution of the Council the
lending library will hereafter be
open in the evenings five days a
week from six thirty to eight
thirty. On Wednesdays it will be
open only in the mornings from
teu to twelve. Members of the
League are invited to suggest titles
of books to be purchased and in this
case the member suggesting a book
will have first call on a book when it
arrives. During the first month
after a book arrives, the loan period
is restricted to one week. The use
of the lending library and the
reading rooms is restricted to
members only.
Rain and Repairs Halt Anyox
Baseball Games
Anyox P. T. A. Hold Last
Meeting of Term
The Anyox P. T. A. held the last
meeting of the school year on Monday, in the basement of the United
Church. Plans were made for the
presentation of awards to pupils at
the High School Social, towards
the expenses of which the meeting
voted ten dollars. For the rest of
the evening the members enjoyed
musical numbers. Those contributing, being Mrs. Dunn, Mr. and
Mrs. Anderson and Mr. Ridley.
To the numerous guests refreshments of more than usual excellence
were served. The President, Mrs.
Gigot' elicited from the Treasurer,
Mrs. Patrick, that the association
would begin the year with a substantial bank account.
High School Exams. Today
Matriculation examinations at the
high school began this morning and
will continue all next week. On
Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday the pupils of Grade VIII will
use the other room of the high
school, with Miss Heaney supervising.
Next Friday most of the teaching
staff will be passengers aboard the
C. N. boat. The departure of Miss
Hoadley will mean the loss of a
company leader to the Guides.
Students Will^ Be Hosts
On Saturday night, the staff and
students of Granby Bay High
School will be hosts to patrons and
friends. The party will be given in
the Gymnasium, beginning at nine
o'clock. During supper, prizes
awarded by the P. T. A. will be
Rain and repairs to the baseball
ground have occasioned a postponement of a few games, but it is hoped to proceed from now on without
a hitch.
There is, unfortunately, no- football league this year. An outdoor
diversion is promised soon by the
ladies who have arranged some
baseball games among themselves.
Dr. Hanson, Geologist,
Arrives At Alice Arm
Dr. George Hanson, of the
Dominion Geological survey department, arrived on Monday from
Ottawa. Dr. Hanson has spent
several summers in the district,
and this year he hopes to complete
his geological survey of the district.
A complete map of the active part
of the oamp will then be published,
as stated in our last issue.
Send your films to Wrathalls
Photo Finishing, Prince Rupert,
for careful work and quick results.
Enlarging and Soenic Photography
Advertise in the Herald
■j■•• ^'•■"^'•■■^'•' ^••*^*#,^'#-^••,^•##^*#*^*#,^*#*■
«i 4 '9' 4 **' 4 '1* 4 '*>* '*■ 4 '** 4 '** 4 '<■ 4 '*■ 4 '*' 4 't' 4 '*' 4 f
Miles Donald returned on Monday from an extended visit to Vancouver and other southern points.
H. T. Airey, who was in charge
at the Toric mine, left on Friday
for.the south, having been transferred to other fields of activity by
the Britannia Co. B. B. Brock is
now in charge of all operations.
A. Knox, superintendent at the
Saddle mine, Hastings Arm, arriv
ed in town during the week.
E. Olson of the Tiger mine
arrived in town during the week
and will proceed to Hastings Arm
where he will develop his mineral
W. MoNeish, auditor of the
Workmen's Compensation Board
was a visitor in town over the
Fred Brown left on Friday for
Prince Rupert. He is a director
of the La Rose Mining Co. and on
Monday attended the annual meeting held in Prince Rupert. It is
expected that plans were formulated at the meeting for the further
development of the mine or its
transfer to a strong financial
Standing Of The Pupils
Alice Arm School
The Alice Arm school closes on
Monday for the summer holidays,
and the children's big wish of the
year for two months of freedom
from school books will be realized.
Today the children will be
presented with honor rolls, and
parents are invited.
Following is the standing of the
pupils at the recent examination
which closes the present term.
Grade VII. Lillian Moss, 71.3;
John McGuire, 47.1
Grade VI. Barney McGuire,
65.5; Alma Evindson, 52.5.
Grade IV. Jerry O'Connor, 71;
Leah Kergin, 66; Marguerite Moss
65; John Studdy, 60; Jean Sunberg, 54.
Grade III.   Joan Trinder, 55.
Grade II.   Hilda Moss, 73.
Grade I. Peggy O'Connor, 71;
AnnaMeGuire, 69; John Sunberg
69; John Thomas, 65; Bobby Beaudin, 52.
Tryout Baseball Match On
In connection with the choice
an all-star baseball team to go
Ketchikan on July 4th. a game will
be played on Sunday.    Dick Man
ning  and Jack Cody will  be the
rival managers, and their line-ups
are:  Manning's:   Deane, Ressiter,
Lazoreek,     Whitehouse,     Hardy,
Baviani, J. Chenoski, Mattix, Cook,
Knight, Peel,  F.  Anderson,  Bart
mann, Evans.
Cody's: Somerville, Hopkinson
Orr, Musser, McDougall, Allen
Chenoski, McColl, Swanson, Bat
Plans Ready For Anyox
Dominion Day-
Mrs. Lang Entertains Members of I. 0. D. E.
Members of Collison of Kincolith Chapter I. 0. D. E. were
guests of the Regent, Mrs. Lang,
on Monday afternoon, to hear the
report of the National Convention
which Mrs. Lang attended last
Mrs. J. Wynne was welcomed as
a new member. The Chapter is cooperating with the local post of the
Canadian Legion in arranging plans
for the welcome of His Honor
Lieutenant-Governor R. Randolph
Born to Mr. and Mrs. John Mc-
Ivor, at the Anyox Hospital, on
Tuesday, May 28th. a son.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Ad-
cock, at the Anyox Hospital, on
Wednesday, May 29th. a daughter.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Dan Sorrenti, at the Anyox Hospital, on
Sunday, June 2nd. a son.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Simon
Peterson, at the Anyox Hospital,
on Saturday, June 8th. a daughter.
Everything is practically in
readiness for the big celebration of
July 1st. at Anyox. As in former
years the celebration will be in
charge of the Anyox Community
League and no pains will be spared
to make it one of the best patriotic
celebrations ever held.
Outdoor sports will feature the
day's events. These will commence
at 9. a.m. with a men's marathon
race and finish in the evening at
the conclusion of the field sports.
A baseball team from Ketchikan
will play two games with the pick
of Anyox teams. The first game
will commence at 10.30 a.m. and
the latter at 6 p.m. A fifty cent
ticket gives admission to both
games. Otherwise the cash admission is 50 cents for each game.
The day's celebration will conclude with a dance at the Gymnasium. It is sponsored by the
Collison of Kincolith Chapter I. O.
D. E. and promises to be among
one of the best dances of the season.
It is hoped that everyone possible
will join wholeheartedly in the
celebration and endeavour to make
it an outstanding event in the
town's history.
Following is the programme of
the Day's sports:
Marathon race for men, 9 a.m.
Recreation Hall to Mine Apartments and return.
Marathon race for boys,  under
416, 9 a.m., Recreation   Hall   to
Beach mess and return.
Bicycle race final; 9.30 a.m., Flats
bridge r.o general oflice.
In the afternoon sports begin at
the ball park at two o'clock.
25 yards, boys under 4 years.
25 yards, girls under 4 years.
25 yards, boys under 8 years.
25 yards, girls under 8 years.
50 yards, boys under 11 years.
50 yards, girls under 11 years.
75 yards, boys under 13 years.
75 yards, girls under 13 years.
100 yards, boys under 16 years.
75 yards, girls under 16 years.
50 yards, Married Ladies.
100 yards, Men.   Open.
50 yards, Ladies.   Open.
50 yards, Sack Race, Men, Open.
Departmental Relay race.
High Jump, school boys.
High Jump, school girls.
High Jump, men, open.
Broad Jump, school boys.
Broad Jump, school girls.
Broad Jump, men, open.
Hop-skip-jump, open.
Shoe race, boys.
Shoe race, girls.
Three Legged race, open.
Pitching contest, school boys.
Pitching contest, men, open.
Ladies' nail driving contest.
Scout competition.
Tug of war.   Mine Ladies
Obstacle race.
Shot put, men.
Base running competition.
vs. ALICE  ARM  AND  ANYOX  HERALD,  Friday,    June   21,    1929
Alice Arm & Anyox Herald
Issued every Saturday at Alice Arm
Alice Ann and Anyox $2.50 Yearly
Other Parts of Canada, $2.75
British Isles and United States, $8.00
Notices for Grown Grants - - $15.00
Land Notices ... - $15.00
Transient Advertising, 50c. per inch
Contract Rates on Application,
E, MOSS, Editor and Publisher.
Next week His Honor R. Ran-
dolf Bruce, Lieutenant-Governor
of British Columbia, will visit this
district. This will be his first visit
to the north coast, and we trust
that he will find it both instructive
and enjoyable. We believe that
it is the first northern visit of any
Lieutenant-Governor, and Mr.
Bruce is to be complimented upon
the initiative he has shown. The
Lieutenant-Governor is one of the
pioneer mining men of the province.
He was operating the Paradise
mine in the Kootenay before many
of us hardly knew where B. C.
was located, and also before many
of our readers saw the light of day.
In coming north he will be amongst
mining men. He can talk mining
from morn to night if he desires.
We extend a hearty welcome to
our Lieutenant-Governor, and hope
that he will enjoy himself during
his short stay and that he will
have nothing but pleasant memories
of his northern trip.
Rumors emanating from Victoria
state that the Canadian Pacifii
Railway Co. intend at some time
in the future to take over the
Stewart Short Line railway.
Similar rumors were rife over a
year ago, It is very probable that
the C. P. R. will sooner or later
become interested, in the railway.
They will then build through to
the Peace River country when the
time is ripe. Until they have a
northern outlet on the coast, they
can not compete successfully with
other railroads in the vast northern
territory of British Columbia and
Alberta. They are building a big
railroad mileage in northern Alberta
These roads will eventually be
linked up with the coast, and the
C. P. R. will take a share of the
vast tonnage offered for transportation.
It has been pointed out to us
that Alice Arm has many advantages over Stewart as a railway
terminus. We undoubtedly have.
Alice Arm has a better harbor; a
better townsite, and the pass over
to the Naas Valley is claimed to
be far superior to the Bear River
Glacier pass. We published these
facts a few years ago, but no one
seemed interested. If we wish the
Engineering Department of the C,
P. R. to investigate our advantages
as a railroad terminus, we must
point out these advantages and request an investigation of them
One man can not be expected to
voluntarily shoulder the burden
and let others reap, where he
has sowed, pr endure the ridicule of
failure. If we wish Alice Arm to
become a railroad terminus, the
citizens as a whole should support
any efforts made in that direction.
Looks just like linen. Handsome damask finish. Washes
like oilcloth. No laundering
necessary. Send for FREE
Europe   Buying   Very
Little Copper
Since the beginning of April
metal markets in Germany as well
in the rest of Europe have been very
quiet. Prolonged sittings of the
reparation experts at Paris, appreciable enhancements of money rates
in New York, and the current difficulties in floating European loans
across the Atlantic, distrust of the
"managed" trend of metal markets
on account of alleged arbitrary
price fixing, the revival of metal
bourses in Europe and even in New
York, with some increase of bear
operations, and many other factors,
combine to make business men unusually cautious in making commitments. There is no doubt that the
big blunders in driving the copper
price to unforeseen heights which
were a feature in the memorable
month of March ought never be repeated if the very sensitive European markets are not to be shattered.
Engineering & Mining Record.
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The Poor Man Pays   Tax
Whatever justification the government had in making some attempt
to curtail speculation, it at least
might have applied the incidence of
the tax in such a manner that it
would have affected all classes of
shares equally. It did not do this,
but left the poor man to bear the
burden and the rich man to get off
Specialties Sales Co.
Prince Rupert, B. C.
Acadia Fire Insurance Co.
Globe Indemnity Co. of Canada.
Ontario Equitable Life and Accident
Insurance Co.
Mine   ...       -   Anyox, B. C.
B.  P. O. ELKS
Dominion of Canada and Newfoundland
Meets every second and fourth Monday of
the month
Hall for rent for dances, social functions, etc.
on application to club manager
M. M. STEPHENS & Co. Ltd.
The oldest Financial Office in Northern B. C.
Pack Trains, Saddle Horses
and Heavy Teams
No Contract too Large or
too Small
Utility Mines No. 1 Limited have
taken over the Tiger and Kitsol Groups
in the Upper Kitsault Valley, and an
intensive program of development work
has been inaugurated.
For Full Information app/y to the Fiscal Agents:
Utility Mining & Financing Co. Ltd.
830-831 Rogers Building, Vancouver, B. C.
Worthy of your Support
Anyox Community League
Reading Room and Library
A wide range of Newspapers,
Magazines and Periodicals on
file.   New books regularly
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through your influence
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Residential Lots from $200
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Robertson & Dumas
Agents for Alice Arm Mining
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Al. Falconer
Alice Arm
Baggage, Freighting, Pack
and Saddle Horses
Slab Wood Cut any Length
Every Order Given
Immediate Attention
Ladies' Dresses & Coats
Gall and look over our large range of Ladies'
Summer Dresses and Coats.   We have a wide
range to choose from to suit the most fastidious
taste.   The very latest styles and colors.
LEW  LUN  & Go.
General Merchants, Anyox West side of Smelter
OPEN   UNTIL   10   P.M.
We carry at all times a Pull Line of First Class
Groceries;    also Heavy and  Shelf Hardware.
Clothes,   Boots,   Shoes   and   Bubbers   of   all
descriptions.    A large stock to choose from
Alice Arm
British Columbia
Has Produced Approximately
Worth of Minerals
The Annual Report of the Minister of Mines for
the year 1928, dealing with mining development
throughout the Province during that year, now is
available for distribution, free of charge, on application to:
The Department of Mines,
Victoria, B. C.
m ALICE  ARM   AND   ANYOX   HERALD,   Friday.    June   21,    1929
For every ten men who think of
an idea, only one exists who can
carry out an idea.
ere an
The biggest shipment of Hve
muskrats ever to bo shipped from
Canada, a thousand in number, were
carried by Canadian Pacific Express Company from Oak Lake,
Manitoba to Hamburg, Germany, recently. They were trapped in the
breeding grounds on the Manitoba
rat farm and shipped in boxes, each
box holding twelve pairs. They
were shipped on C. P. Freighter
Boaverford from Montreal and tlie
muskrats were In good condition
with a minimum of casualties when
they reached destination.
The Royal York Hotel, Toronto,
largest hostelry and highest
building in the British Empire, will
be opened by Ills Excellency the
Governor-General, June 11. The
following day will be rocoptlon day
for gnosis and the hotel is booked
to capacity. The whole water
front of Toronto is rapidly resembling that of New York with the
building of immense structures
of which this is the outstanding.
On the authority of an official
report recently Issued it appears
that the bicycle Is gaining In popularity in Canada. In 11128 production of bicycles in Canada
reached a new record with the
selling value of products 52 per
cent higher than in 1927. Last
year 27.999 wheels were sold valued at $899,480.
Within the next few weeks the
largest reforestation venture so
far made by the Ontario Government will be under way in the
planting of 1,200,000 trees in the
Thessalon district near the Soo.
This is to be largely experimental
and as a guide to schemes under
contemplation for the future in
different parts of Ontario.
W. E. Wilford will assume the
title of purchasing agent, Canadian
Pacific Railway, Toronto, according to an announcement recently
given out by B. W Roberts, general purchasing agent of the railway.
Mr. Wilford will have most of the
work in connection with the Royal
York Hotel purchases. He joined
the com.pany as a clerk in the purchasing department in 1908.
Fourteen cases of orchids were
carried from England to Japan recently under the auspices of the
Canadian Pacific Express Company
to the order of the Emperor of
Japan, the Empress and members
of the Imperial Court. They are
sent out from England about three
times a year and are highly
prized by the Japanese Royal
Family and Court.
A new wheat, known as R-49.
may be the long awaited rust-
resistant wheat. Canadian Government plant breeders have long been
experimenting in an effort to develop a variety of wheat that will
resist rust, and at the same time he
of high grade milling quality. Em-
mer. which is a rough, large, rather
poor-yielding grain of the wheat
family, which has seemed to be
rust-resistant, lias been crossed
with Marquis wheat and the progeny again crossed with Marquis,
resulting In a grain which is three-
quarters Marquis stock,' The plant
breeders have carried on their experiments at the Manitoba A.gricu.1-
tural College and from as many as
8fi strain^ rWe'rwed t?-19 p^e.ttls so
fail to be i' ■ mo3l promising,
Rattlesnake Oil
$3.00 Value for $1.00
This   wonderful   pain , killer   has
Sraven its great value in cases ot
Jieumatism, Lumbago, Neuralgia,
Asthma, Bronchitis, Headaches, Deafness,  etc.
For a limited time we will mail
you, postage paid, TWO dollar-size
bottles of Blackhawk's (Rattlesnake
Oil) Indian Liniment and a full-size
treatment of Blackhawk's 14 Day
Wonders, the famous Blood Purifier
and Spring Tonic Tablets.
AU three for $1.00
You have seen it demonstrated
at the Western Fain.
Endorsed by users everywhere.
Blackhawk Indian Remedy Co.
291 Gladstone Ave.   -   Toronto, Ont.
Britannia Co.Developing
Kootenay King
Development work is reported to
be going ahead steadily on the
Kootenay King 18 miles north of
Cranbrook and six miles from Fort
Steele on Wild Horse Creek.
Between 15 and 20 men are employed and the five claims of the
group will be thoroughly explored
this summer by means of diamond
drilling, it has been announced.
Already this property is well opened
up by over 300 feet of tunneling.
Ore taken from the Kootenay
King is similar in character, it is
stated, to that of the Sullivan mine,
which is the property of the Consolidated Co., at Kimberley, and from
present indications the Britannia
Co. has the makings of equally
valuable property in this mine.
Will Diamond Drill Atlas Gold
Diamond drilling is to be done
this season on the property of Atlas
Gold and Copper Company, which
adjoins George Copper, in the Bear
River section of Portland Canal
district. Atlas Gold may come into prominence, as the ore found on
George Copper by Consolidated is
close to the boundary of Atlas.
Stewart, Batten and Associates will
be in charge of the work.
Premier Stock Boosted
As Good Buy
Considerable strength has been
shown in Premier of late. It has
always been a matter of surprise to
brokers how the public have sheered off from this stock. It is without any doubt the most spectacular
and profitable of all B. C. mines,
with a record of $13,000,000 in dividends, with a regular disbursement
now of 6 cents a share per quarter,
or 24 per cent, annually on its par
value of $1.00. True there have
been fears that the mine is nearly
exhausted, but the general belief
prevails that it has still many years
of life ahead, and that, before its ore
has all been used up, additional adjoining properties will have been
secured or developed to keep the entire organization and equipment operating. There is still a prospect
that B. C. Silver may enter the
Premier family and that some of the
other neighboring mines may be
consolidated under the same management,
Bayview, situated south of Stewart, is to resume development work
again this summer. The company
has decided to abandon the Arlington property in the Slocan, which it
had optioned. Meantime funds
amounting to approximately $25,-
000 have been invested in diversified
holdings of mining properties pending a final decision as to what will
eventually be done with the parent
Bayview claims.
Powder, Caps, Fuse, Steel and Tools,    Rain test Clothing,
Stanfield's Underwear, Hand-made Boots.   A full line of
Quality Groceries for Mining needs.
Alice Arm
People Are Funny
That Way!
It is an extraordinary fact that people who are rigidly
careful with Fire in their own homes are utterly
reckless with it when out of doors. EIGHTY PER
CENT, of our Fire Losses last year would have been
prevented had people tried to remember that FIRE
is an element with which it is NEVER safe to be
British Columbia Forest Service
Canadians Profit From
United States Visitors
Tourist traffic brought $250,501,-
000 into Canada in 1928, according
to estimates of the Dominion Bureau of Statistics, an advance of
nearly $35,000,000 over the estimated amount spent in the country
the previous year.
The increase was largely due to
the heavy influx of motors from
the United States.
Stewart Water Powers Will
Be Developed
The water board last week handed down a decision by which the
Northern British Columbia Power
Company Ltd. will develop American Creek near Stewart to increase
the Power supply of that town, and
also to furnish electricity to the
neighboring mines. Up to a thousand horsepower will be developed
but in two or three years it is
believed the mine will require a
larger source of supply.
Wright & hinton
P.   O.  BOX  1604
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Welcome Hotel
Alice Arm
Comfortable Rooms for Rent
Tobacco & Soft Drinki Cigari, Cigarettes
A. BEAUDIN, Proprietor
Beach Recreation Hall:
Pictures:  Tuesdays,
Thursdays, and Saturdays
Mine Recreation Hall:
Pictures:   Wednesdays and
Help the Organization
that Serves You
For Results Advertise
in The Herald
S.S. Prince George or Prince Rupert leaves
Anyox Fridays midnight fur Prince Rupert and
Vancouver via Stewart. S. S. Prince Charles
leaves Tuesday 7.00 p.m for Prince Rupert, and
Vancouver via Massett Inlet Ports. S. H. Prince
John leaves Prince Rupert fortnightly for Vancouver, via South Queen Charlotte Island ports.
Trains leave Prince  Rupert Daily except Sunday,  11.80 a.m., for
Jasper, Edmonton,  Winnipeg,  direct connections for all points
East ami South.
For Atlantic Steamship Sailings or further information, apply to anj Canadian
National Agent, or to R. F. McNAUGHTON, District Passenger Agent
Prince Rupert, B. C.
Alice Arm
The Bonanza Silver
Camp of B. C.
We invite you to investigate the mining shares now
being offered in Alice Arm properties and recommend
Kitsault-Eagle Silver Mines Ltd. (N.P.L.)
British Colonial Securities Ltd.
Suite 312, Standard Bank Building, Vancouver
Alice Arm Representative:   A. McGuire
W. A. WILSON, Proprietor
Dealers in Fresh, Salt, and Smoked Meats,
Fish, Poultry, Butter and Eggs
Equipped  with  Modern   Cold Storage Plant
ADVERTISE IN THE HERALD ALICE  ABM   AND   ANYOX   HEBALD,   Friday,    June   21,    11)29
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I      ANYOX NOTES      I
Mrs. 0. G Macintyre and children left on Saturday for the south
where they will spend tho next six
months with Mrs. Maointyre'sparents.
Fred Brown left on Saturday
for the south where ho will join
Mrs. Brown.
Mrs. Nickerson and child were
outward bound passengers ou Saturday. They will be joined later
by Mr. Nickerson whose departure
leaves a gap in baseball circles.
Mr. and Mrs. Alex H. Stewart
returned from their wedding trip
last Saturday. Numerous friends
were on hand to welcome them
Arrivals from Vancouver on
Monday included, L. Buck, B. Carrick. W. Rogers, M. Able.
Mrs. C. Cundill and family are
spending holidays at Silver City.
Mrs. M. Bowe arrived from
Prince Rupert on Monday.
Those arriving in town on Monday from Prince Rupert, were:
J. A. Black, F. Howe, W. H. Oliver, J. B. Thompson, H. Montgomery, K. Vertice, J. A. Morris, W.
Goldbarne, A. McKenzie, M. MacDonald.
A Cigar that sells on its merits.
The El Doro. For sale at all first
class tobacco stands.
Among the departures on Monday's boat, were: T. Walker, F.
Bncka, C. S. Williams, F. Howe.
Fred Watson left on Saturday
on a visit to Vancouver and Victoria.
Mrs. W. E. Godfrey was a southbound passenger on Saturday.
Mrs. F. Mattix and children left
on Saturday for the south.
Mrs. M. Orchard left for the
south on Monday.
P. Warren, who has been assisting at the Print Shop left on Monday for Vancouver.
Mrs. M. Todd was a southbound
passenger on Monday.
Alex Rogers and F. Buokhill
arrived on Saturday from the
Among those departing for the
south on Saturday, were: G. A.
Woodland, J. McLaughlin, J.
R. Cathro arrived on Monday
from the south.
Ed. Johnson, who has been
spending holidays in Vancouver
and other points arrived home on
Return   Summer   Excursion
Tickets On Sale
The Canadian National Railways
have now on sale very low Summer
Excursion Tickets from Prince
Rupert to Eastern Canada, United
States, also to Edmonton, Calgary
and Jasper National Park. Tickets
can be purchased going and returning direct or via Vancouver. Full
information from F. F. Brown,
Agent, Anyox, or R. F. McNaugh-
ton, District Passenger Agent,
Canadian National Railways,
Prince Rupert.
Annual Report Minister
of Mines For 1928
The Annual Report of the Minister of Mines for the year 1928
has been received. It contains a
largo amount of valuable information relative to the mining industry
of the province, and will undoubtedly be in greater demand than
previous years on account of the
big expansion of the industry, and
the eagerness of the big mining
companies to acquire new properties for future use.
Developments of the North- west
em district, of whioh the Alice
Arm and Anyox district form a||
most prominent part, on account
of the big tonnage of copper, produced has been describe'd by Dr.
H. T. James resident engineer for
this district.
Dr. James in his introductory
remarks deals extensively with the
geological formation of the coast
and the coast range batholith. In
this coast batholith are located all
the big mines of the coast from the
Britannia at Howe Sound to the
Engineer mine at Atlin.
In speaking of the Alice Arm
district, after describing the Stew-
irt district, he says:
''At Alice Arm is the Dolly Varden, now inactive but a property
well worth investigation. Across
from it is the Toric, one of the best
low gradesilver prospects in Northern British Columbia; adjoining
the Toric is the Tiger, recently
icquired by the Utility Mines
(Number One), Limited; and within a mile of tide-water is the
Esperanza group, a small high-
grade sil ver property. Many other
good prospects could be mentioned,
but these are fairly well known
and are sufficient to show what
has been found in two short sections of the eastern contact-zone".
Reports on various properties in
the district are also given.
Through the agency of B. C.
Chamber of Mines, a number of
mining syndicates have been formed recently to develop promising
properties. No stock is sold in
these enterprises, each member of
the syndicate bearing a pro rata^j
share of the cost.
Two small furnished houses for
rent at Silver City. Suitable for
summer holidays. Ideal location.
No Blankets. Apply Mrs. J.
Wheatley, Alice Arm, B. C.
H.   M.   SELFE
Office:   Opposite Liquor Store
Large housekeeping room
fully   furnished,   modern
convenience.   Suitable for
family or bachelors.
Packed in;, yW$M$it tins to
preservefarQnia> ancl': flavour.
A Henry Rogers' Silver (E. P. N. S.) Coffee Spoon is placed
in each Tin of Blue Ribbon Vacum Packed Coffee.    Be sure
and get it from your grocer
Candies, Magazines, Stationery,
Proprietary Medicines, Toilet Articles, Etc.  g
W. M. CummingS,   Agent for all Vancouver Daily Pap
Post Oflice Building', Alice Ann
3 cane
Alice Arm
Comfortable Rooms for Rent
By Day, Week or Month at
Reasonable Rates
N. Sutilovich        Prop.
Anyox Community
The Council of the League
meets on the Second and
Fourth Wednesday of each
month, in Recreation Hall,
at 7.30 p.m.
Alice Arm
Bread and Pastry Always for
Gus Anderson
% .
For Golf, Tennis or Outing wear, Ballantine's pullover sweaters in the new futuristic and panel designs, made in fine lightweight yarns of pure wool, these sweaters
rank second to none in color, pattern, style and quality.
Old English Lavender Water, 75c, $1.00 and $1.50.      Old English Lavender Face Powder, $1.00.
Old English Lavender Dusting Powder, $1.50.      Old   English    Lavender   Sachet,    25c.
Old English Lavender Smelling Salts, Purse size, 60c.
Yardley's Bond Street Bath Salts, per bottle, $1.50.      Yardley's Bond Street Pace Powder, $1.25.
Yardley's Shaving Cream, per tube, 50c.      Yardley's Shaving Sticks, each, 50c.
Yardley's  Shaving  Bowls,   each,    $1.00.      Yardley's Bond Street Perfume, $1.25
Yardley's Lavender Tale Powder, 40c.       Yardley's Solid  Brilliantine,   60c.
Yardley's Orange Blossom Verbena, Olive and Limes, Red Rose, Cologne & Pine Bath Tablets, 35c.
Yardley's unscented oatmeal soap, 35c, 3 for $1.00.
Yardley's Jessamine O' Devon Perfume, $1.25 and $2.25.
Scarlet ground with Blue Figures, Grey
ground with Blue Figures, Grey ground
with Rose Figures, Powder Blue ground
with Rose Figures, Brown ground with
Orange Figures, 3)4 yard ends, $6.15.
Satin Glow Paint, all colors, 50c. and
Satin Glow  Clear Varnish, 60c. $1.10
and $1.90.
Wood Lac Varnish and Stain, all colors,
35o. 50c. and $1.00
Rogers' Brushing Lacquer, 50c. 80c. and
Varnolium Varnish, 60c. $1.10 and $1.90
95c. Sale
Ninety-five cent Sale of short lines and oddments.   These are all good  bargains
and you oan't afford to miss the opportunity of getting a good pair of shoes cheap.
Your last chance is on Saturday the 29th.   No refunds and no changes.


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