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 A little paper
with all the
news and a big
Published in the interests of Alice Arm and Anyox, B. C.
$2.00 a Year j
Alice Arm and j
Anyox. S2.25 to j
all other points. I
VOL. 13,   NO. 8
Alice Arm, B. C, FbIidat, August 25, 1933
5 cents each.
Activities  of   Football
Season Reviewed
In reviewing the past football
season the Anyox Football Association are gratified at results attained. They state that there are still
a few games to be played and every
effort will be made to get these
away early. Several games were
unavoidably postponed during the
season, due to sickness and also to
our old enemy the weatherman,
who has not been over kind to us.
The teams have been evenly matoh •
ed and some very close gameR have
been played. The Mine team, with
constant difficulties to contend
with, deserves a good deal of praise.
They have not many wins to tlieir
credit but have always put up a
hard fight. Hats off to their conscientious! willing manager Bill
The Rangers have been a hard
fighting bunch. They have played
some splendid games and given exhibitions that were well worth
watching. Manager Kirby has
done exoellent work iu keeping his
team in top form.
Last but by no means least, come
the Celts, who oan always be depended upon to fight to the last
whistle. They have had as many
ups aud downs as an elevator, but
these simply spur them on to try
harder. Our old enthusiast; Jaok
Bell deserves credit for his fine
work as manager.
Thanks are also due to the A. C.
L. for their unfailing support, and
for their ready assistanoe whenever
it has been requested.
Makes Inspection of Rivers
And Streams
The fishery patrol launoh, Metra
with Mr. Angus Molvor, Inspector
of Fisheries in the Naas River
district was a visitor to Alice Arm
this week. Mr. Molvor was here
in connection with the annual ex
animation of rivers and streams
regarding the number of salmon
coming up to spawn.
T. J. Shenton Addresses
Anyox Meeting
T. J.'Shenton, independent labor
candidate at the forthcoming election, held a campaign meeting at
Anyox Beach on Wednesday evening. About one hundred people
were present.
Mr. Shenton read correspondence
that had passed between himself
and Mr. H. W. M- Rolston of
Stewart in regard to Mr. Rolston's
alleged statement that Mr. Shenton
was withdrawing from the campaign.
The speaker made a strong appeal to those present to endorse the
platform of the C. C. F.
A meeting was also held at the
mine last night.
A more complete report of the
meetings will be printed in the next
issue of the Herald.
Flower  Service  At United
Church on Sunday
The second annual flower service
of the United Church at Anvox
will be held on Sunday evening,
August 27th. at 745 p.m. The
church will be deoorated with flowers and plants that have been
grown at Anyox. The young
people of the church will take a
large part iu this service, by rendering several orchestral and vocal
numbers. The musical programme
together with the special address
which will be given by the Rev.
Evan Baker, will make this service
attractive to all, and a hearty invitation is extended to everyone.
New Speed Boat Added To
Anyox Fleet
A new speed boat is churning
up the waters of Anyox these days.
This is a Sea Sled, owned by
Stuart Steele. It is 15 ft. long)
has a Johnson No. 14 gas engine,
and skims over the water at 25
knots an hour.
Herald Will Be Published On
Saturday Again
Owing to the change in the
schedule of the Canadian National
steamships, whioh necessitates a
ohange ill the mail service between
Alice Arm aiid Anyox, the Herald
will be published again on Saturday, commencing next week. The
Herald will arrive at Anyox every
Saturday at 11 a.m.
Advertise in the Herald
Improvement Made To Govt.
Telegraph Line
A considerable improvement has
been made to the government telegraph line between Alice Arm and
Anyox. A new submarine cable
was recently laid from Larcom
Island to a point near the Elks'
Beach, a distance of two miles.
This eliminates a short snbmarine
cable and three miles of line.
Five Atlin Men Clean Up
322 Ounces Gold
In 30 Days
W. J. Asselstine Describes Atlin
Mining Operations
W. J. Asselstine, liberal candidate at the forthcoming election,
recently returned from a visit to
the Atlin district, which was taken
by Mr. Asselstine to acquaint himself with conditions in this northern section of the constituency and
the problems of the people there.
He found everyone busily engaged in placer mining; full of optimism and enthusiasm.
Mr. Asselstine states that there
is approximately J20 men employed during the summer months on
the placer creeks. The greater
part of the operations are carried
on under individual leases and the
profits divided among those actual
ly employed in the mining oper
I was present, he said, at a clean
up on Pine Creek, near old Discov
ery, and witnessed 322 ounces of
gold being cleaned up from a 30.
day operation. Tlie profits- from
this cleanup was divided' among
five men. Needless to say, a few
operations of this kind in any district goes a long way toward de
veloping a very healthy and
optimistic outlook.
There is at present two Keystone drills operating on the creeks
in an endeavor to prove the extensions of former pay streaks.
In regard to transportation,
Atlin district has approximately
120 miles of excellent roads serving
the various operations in the
While Mr. Asselstine's visit was
iu connection with his political
campaign, he found the actual
operations and problems on the
creeks far more interesting than he
had anticipated, and enjoyed every
minute of his visit among these
hospitable placer miners of the
Developing, Printing and Enlarging. All work returned on
following boat. Wrathall's Photo
Finishing, Prinoe Rupert.
Golf Champions Being
Knocked Over
The Anyox Golf Club Handicap
Championship, whioh carries with
it the handsome trophy presented
by Charles Bocking, has now
reached the third round. Three
games have been played in this
round so far, all of them in the nature of upsets. Frank Buckle,
who was much favored to win,
went down to defeat before H. R.
Taylor; and Dick Lavery, the much-
toted player from the mill, succumbed to Fred Brown. Sid
Peters the invincible was knocked
out by C. O. Fricker. So even in
golf you may guess but you can't
be sure. It is earnestly hoped that
contenders will arrange to play
their games at the earliest oppor
tunity, in view of the fast shorten-
Ball Cup Game Postponed
Due to inability to field the necessary teams, the third game of the
series of five to decide the winners
of the Baseball Cup, scheduled for
Sunday last between the Beach
and Colts, was postponed. It will
be picked up at the earliest opportunity.- ~   	
Ed. Ashton Will Visit Cities
In The East
A visit to the old ranch at Port
Coleman, Niagara, where he had
his first job in 1885; a hop aoross
the border to Chicago for an eyeful
of the famous exhibition; a trip to
Toronto for the Canadian exhibition; then back to Anyox once
more— such is the itinerary of Mr.
Ed. Ashton, who started out on
Monday last with his smile broader
than ever. Ed. expects to be back
in harness ou Ootober 1st.
" t
A. R. Kent arrived from Anyox
on Saturday and is spending holidays with Mrs. Kent and family
who arrived here last month.
Mike Santel arrived from Anyox
on Saturday and is spending a
week's holiday here.
Miss A. Barker who has been
spending holidays at the Alice Arm
Hotel left on Monday for her home
at Smithers.
Miss Alma Evindsen left on Monday for Vancouver, where she will
attend High School during the
coming term.
Mrs. H. R. Patrick, accompanied
by Patricia and Terry O'Brien spent
a few days' holiday at the Alice Arm
Hotel, leaving on Tuesday for
Mrs. C. McKenna and daughter
Betty after spending a short holiday
at the Alice Arm Hotel left for
Anyox on Tuesday.
C. O. Edwards and E. G. Brown
of Anyox recently made a fishing
trip to Clearwater Lake in the
Upper Kitsault Country. Their
trip was entirely successful, and the
catch they made dispelled all previous statements that fish were scarce
in this body of water.
Don't miss the big picnic at
Campers' Point today. Bring
along the family, and the food, and
make a big day of it. You will
enjoy it and also the children.
Sports of all kinds will be held.
The boat leaves the wharf at 2
and 3 p.m.
President of Rebekah
Lodge Visits Anyox
The president of the Rebekah
Assembly of B. C, Mrs. Edith R.
V. Todd, of Victoria, visited Anyox
on Friday the 18th. the occasion
being tlie annual visit of the Grand
Officer to this district.
After a special lodge session held
on Saturday the 19th. a banquet
was held, followed by dancing.
Mrs. Todd, who has a dynamic
presence as well as a most charming personality, made a lasting impression upon the fellow-members
of her Lodge in Anyox. At the
social following the banquet she
delighted her auditors with some
vooal selections, given in a voice of
remarkable quality. Her first song
was "Keep on Hopin' " which was
followed by "Service." Later she
gave: "One Alone" from "The Desert Song," and as an encore she
sang Ihe rollicking ''Come to the
Fair." The Rebekahs have cause
to be proud of their president, who
has not only an earnest and winning manner but a glorious voice,
.which she uses as a means of conveying inspirational messages to
the members of the subordinate
lodges of the Rebekah Order.
Beach Win From Colts
In Exciting Game
In the second game of the Baseball Cup series, played on Friday
the 18th. between the Beach and
the Colts, the latter pranced home
three times to win from the low-
landers, who made the rounds but
twice. It was one of the fastest
and most thrilling games of the
season. Ferguson pitched a fine
game for the Beach, while Windle
was dynamite for the miners, striking out eleven men. Smart fielding by both sides livened up the
game, and errors were few. The
handful of fans who attended were
treated to an exhibition of A 1
J. Dixon Wins Hidden Creek
Tennis Club Singles
On Sunday evening last the
Men's Singles championship of the
Hidden Creek Tennis Club was
played between J. Dixon and J.
Gillies, the former winning 4 6,
2-ti, 9-7, 8-6, 6-3. Gillies won the
first two sets easily, after which he
appeared to lose his steadiness and
oontrol, while Dixon improved with
every set. The match took three
hours to play.
Mrs. G. Peters arrived on Friday
from Vanoouver. ALICE   ARM   AND   ANYOX   HERALD.   Friday, August 25.  1933
Alice Arm & Anyox Herald
Issued every Saturday at Alice Arm
Alice Arm and Anyox $2.00 Yearly
Other Parts of Canada, $2.25
British Isles and United States, $2.50
Notices for Crown Grants • • $15.00
Land Notices ... - $15.00
Transient Advertising, 50c. per inch
Contract Bates on Application.
E. MOSS, Editor and Publisher.
The economic committee of the
Native Sons of British Columbia
have submitted a number of recommendations to Hon. Joshua
Hinchcliffe, minister of lands.
These suggestions recommend the
abolition of allowing land pre-emptions in distant parts of the province
and advocate the concentration of
the population in the southern portion of the province. Their chief
arguments to the present system of
widespread land settlement, are
cost of roads, schools, and lack of
markets for the farmers' products.
They also point to the many abandoned pre-emptions as a failure of
the present system. Their plan
seems to be to abandon the biggest
portion of the province as far as
farming is concerned, at least, and
concentrate the farming industry to
a restricted district in the south, as
near to Vancouver as possible.
The sponsors of the recommendations have evidently lost the old
pioneer spirit of their ancestors
who hewed homesteads out of the
bush in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec and Ontario, and
laid the foundation of the pleasant
modern farms. They have lost
the vision of a greater Canada,
which was possessed by the pioneers of the prairies who drove their
prairie schooners from the far east
and transformed a wilderness into
a sea of waving grain. They
have lost the wanderlust of the
B. C. pioneers who rounded the
Horn in little sailing boats and
courageously and laborously cleared the southern part of the province of the huge trees and cultivated tiny patches from which
ultimately grew the prosperous
farms of today. These recommendations, of course, will not be
taken seriously by any British
Columbian Government. If they
were we would become the laughing stock of the world. Every
province in Canada, except British
Columbia, is encouraging the
settlement of the northern sections,
so that prosperous communities are
being built for the future. Every
new country in the world encourages settlers to break and till new
land so that the frontiers can be
extended. Imagine what Canada
would be today if such a policy of
restriction of settlement had been
carried out fifty or a hundred years
ago by the faint hearts. The
sponsors of the recent recommendations have evidently lost the vision
of their forebears in creating a
bigger and stronger Canada.
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Silver Production Lower
In Canada, Gains
Canada produced 1,176,487
ounces of silver during May as
compared with 1,350,974 ounces in
April and 1,418,384 ounces in May
1932. During the first five months
of 1933 Canada produced 6,504,279
ounces of silver as compared with
7,896,957 ounces during the corresponding period of 1932.
Prices declined during the month,
the opening quotation on the New
York market being 36.25 cents and
the closing bid 35.125 cents.
An advance of 7.1 per cent, was
recorded in the world production of
silver during May. Output during
the month totalled 12,987,000
ounces as against 12,130,000 ounces
produced in April. Production in
Mexico increased 12.3 per cent to
5,197,000 ounces from the previous
month's total of 4,628,000 ounces
The United States output rose
slightly in May to 1,933,000 ounces.
Increased production was also reported by Australia, Peru and
On May 27, silver stocks in
Shanghai totalled 344,210,000
ounces as compared with 348,660,-
000 ounces on April 29.
Great Britain's customs records
for May show exports of refined
silyer bullion to the United States
totalling 8,329,846 ounces.
Provincial Loan of $3,000,-
000 Sold
Finance Minister Jones announced
last week that three million dollars'
worth of 25-year 5 per cent bonds
sold to an eastern syndicate at a
cost to the province of 5.67 per cent.
A million dollars, the minister
stated, would be used for unemployment relief.
B.  P. O. ELKS
Dominion oi Canada and Newfoundland
Meets every second and fourth Monday of
the month
Hall for rent for dances, social functions, etc.
on application to club manager
American Report of Yukon
Highway Compiled
The construction of the proposed
Pacific-Yukon highway from Seattle
to Fairbanks is feasible and would
cost $14,000,000, says a report prepared by the American members of
the International Highway Commission. The report has been submitted to President Roosevelt,
Edward Allen, chairman of the
Seattle Chamber of Commerce
Alaska committee said.
The cost of constructing the section through Briti^i Columbia and
the Yukon is estimated at $12,000,.
It is presumed that this means
the total cost of the project would
be $26,000,000.
Bread,  Cakes, Pastry,
(Ask the Sailors)
(Ask the Doctors)
Shipped by
LONDON Established 1849
This advertisement is not publish
ed  or displayed  by   the   Liquor
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S200   each,  and   Residential
Lots as low as S25.
Now is the Time to Bu; Property
Agent for Alice Arm Mining
and Development Co.
(Effective from August 28th to October 2nd)
Lv. Prince Rupert   • -   7.30 p.m.
Lv. New Hazelton   - -   4.25 a.m.
Lv. Smithers • • • • -   6.55 a.m.
Lv. Burns Lake ■ . - ■ 11.02 a.m.
Lv. Vanderhoof- - - -   2.29 p.m.
Lv. Prince George   - •   6.00 p.m.
Ar. Jasper   ......   7.00 a.m.
Direct connections at Jaflpu.* for all points Eoat and South.
Lv. Jasper   ......   9.05 a.m.
Lv. Prince George   - -   9.40 p.m.
Lv. Vanderhoof. - - - 12.51 a.m.
Lv. Burns Lake ....   4.38 a.m.
Lv. Smithers .....   9.10 a.m.
Lv. New Hazelton   - - 11.14 a.m.
Ar. Prince Rupert   - -   8.00 p.m.*
'Connecting, effective from August 31st, with southbound steamer Thursdays and Sundays 10 p.m.
Mon., Wed., Sat.
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II. McEWEN. D.F. & P.A.. Prince Ruprat
Canadian National
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Groceries; also Heavy and Shelf Hardware.
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cooking that your family will immediately appreciate.
St. Charles is rich, creamy milk, wholesome as nature made it
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It is sterilized after being sealed in the tin to assure perfect
sweet flavor and absolute purity.
That is why Borden's St. Charles
Milk tastes so fresh and sweet-
why it improves the flavor of all
recipes where you would usually
use milk. St. Charles IS better-
ask for it—use it—and PROVE it.
The Minerals of British
The amount of Gold produced in
British Columbia shows a total value
of approximately $227,000,000.
British Columbia offers excellent opportunities for profitable investment
NOTICE: Amendments to the "Mineral" and "Placer
Mining-" Acts were passed at the 1933 Session of the
British Columbia Legislature having to do with the
staking and working of mineral claims and placer
mining leases, effective on the 1st. of July, 1933.
Those interested should apply to the Department regarding same. ,
Copies of the Annual Reports of the Honourable the Minister of Mines and special bulletins, etc. may be obtained, free
of .charge upon application. A new PLACER MINING
bulletin also is available, for which there is a charge of 25c.
Same contains comprehensive and up-to-date information as
to this phase of mining in British Columbia, together with
a synopsis of the new mining laws. Applications should be
addressed to
VICTORIA, B. C. ALICE   ARJJ   AND   A.WOX   HERALD.   Friday. August   25.  !»X3
ere an
Indications point to a fairly
early harvest ln Western Canada,
says a late July weekly crop report of the Canadian Pacific Railway agricultural department. A.
tow points in southern Manitoba,
the report added, had already
started cutting wheat and barley.
Canada Jumped to fourth place
in bacon exports to Great Britain
last May as compared with sixth
place ln 1932, behind Denmark,
Holland and Poland. Total exports to Great Britain from Canada in May were 5,566,400 lbs. or
at the rate of 66,000,000 lbs. per
There were Increased retail
sales in Canada In May as compared with April and the Index
number of the Dominion Bureau
of Statistics rose from 83.7 to 86.6.
Hardware had the best showing,
the increase being trom 75.8 to
A spare blue-clad figure which
to thousands of passengers
through Vancouver in the past
seven years represented a symbol
of friendliness in a strange city
will no more be seen around the
wharves and tormlnals of the
Canadian Pacific railway in the
Coast city since Albert Charles
Pearsall, terminal passenger
agent for the company, died there
Self-regulation of motion pictures by producers to conform
with ordinary standards of decency will ultimately render boards
of censors unnecessary, predicted
Will H. Hays, Czar of Hollywood,
interviewed recently at Vancouver
where he arrived from a short
stay at Banff and Lake Louise.
Clark Gable was another movie
star visitor at these famous mountain resorts.
All Ontario district brother
officers of Norman M. McMillan,
superintendent, Bruce Division,
Canadian Pacific Railway, with
H. C. Grout, general superintendent, as chairman, took part recently in a presentation to Mr.
McMillan of a silver tea and coffee service, at the Royal York
Hotel, Toronto, on tho occasion of
his promotion as assistant to H. J.
Humphrey, general manager,
eastern lines of the railway.
Unheralded, unrecognized and
unexpected, Mrs Franklin D. Roosevelt, after au all day motor trip
through French-Canadian country
east of Quebec City, motored recently into the Ancient Capital
and put up at the Chateau Frontenac. The wife of the President
of the United States, the follow-
In? day. took in the sights of Quebec from the high seat of a
caleche. tbe quaint one-horse
vehicles characteristic of Quebec'
Printing: :
High clan printing oi all
descriptions promptly and
: neatly executed  :   :
Pamphlets      Programmes
Posters   Letterheads
Envelopes   Billheads
Admission Tickets
Etc.   Etc.
* *
Prompt delivery on every
*   *  *
Herald Printing Office
'Alice Arm
The   bee   that  gets  the honey
doesn't hang around the hive.
On the gate of success you will
find the word "push."
Artists in British-Canadian Concerts
Brilliant entertainers are to be heard this fall and winter in a nation-
t wide chain of musical centres throughout the Dominion, sponsored
by the Canadian Pacific Railway. They will appear in a series of six
concerts, the outgrowth of the Music Festivals, now internationally
known, which have been staged by the Music Department of the railway.   Each of these concerts will be given at Toronto, Winnipeg,
Regina, Calgary, Vancouver and Victoria with a probability of other
cities being added to the list. Among thoBe now taking part in these
concerts will be Florence Hood, brilliant Canadian violinist; ^Mary
Frances James, lyric soprano of Montreal; Stanley Maarted; Montreal
tenor; Rudolph Plamondon, Canadian-born star of the Paris Opera;
and the Hart House Quartette, internationally famous an players of
Chamber Muaii.
Montreal's "Radio Police" Get The Air
PAIR of giant steel antenna towers, rising one
hundred feet above tbe roof of police headquarters on Gosford Street, is the only visible indication that the general public has of the Police Radio
System which will be officially put into operation this
week by Fernand Dufresne, Director of the Police Department of Montreal.
That the new radio system will be of value in the suppression of crime is
indicated by the fact that while the preliminary tests were being carried
on during the installation of the system a call came over the air to the test
car driven by a police officer who made the first radio arrest in the Montreal area.   Several other arrests have since been effected during tests.
(1)   The transmitting desk and operator on duty.
(2) Police headquarters, showing the two 100 ft. steel towers and
(3) Switch and Volume Control Box on steering column, all of the
system that is visible in the patrol cars.
(4) Fernand Dufresne, Director of Montreal Police Department.
(5) Paul E. Demere, Northern Electric Radio Engineer, in charge
of installation of the Police Radio System.
(6) A radio-equipped police cruising car. ALICE   ARM   AND   ANYOX   HERALD,   Friday, August 25.  1933
Chas. West returned on Monday
from a visit to Skookumchuck in
the East Eootenays.
Mrs. E. McKnight arrived on
Monday for a holiday visit the
guest of Mr. and Mrs. Hilliard.
W. B. Maxwell returned on Friday from a holiday visit to the
H. E. Doelle returned on Friday
from a trip south.
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Wilson returned on Friday from a visit to
Frank Larson and son Billy returned on Friday from Vancouver.
Mr. Larson was accompanied by
his sister, .Miss May Larson.
Fred Williams returned on Friday from a holiday visit to Vanoouver.
A. McDonald returned on Friday
after spending a holiday in Prince
Thos. Behan, who has resided at
the Mine for the past six months,
left on Friday for England.
0. Halvorsen, of the Salvation
Army, arrived on Friday for a short
visit to this district.
Mrs. A. I. Jeff left on Friday for
a holiday visit to Vancouver. She
will be absent about two months.
Mr. and Mrs. Dan. McKenzie and
Miss Betty Cameron left on Friday
for a visit to Prince Rupert and
interior points.
Dan Morrison arrived on Monday from Prinoe Rupert, where he
has paid a visit to his parents.
Constable L. Olson returned on
Monday(from Stewart, where he
has been doing relief duty.
T. J. Shenton, independent labor
candidate, arrived in town on Monday from Prince Rupert.
Dr. A. S. Lamb arrived on Friday from Victoria." He is an expert in regard to tuberculosis and
is making his annual visit of the
northern portion of the province,
conducting examinations at hospitals and giving advice.
Waterfront at Stewart
Busy Last Week
The port of Stewart had a busy
week last week. Besides the regular calls made by the Union Steamship and Canadian National Companies, the C. N. steamship Prince
John (Capt. D. McKinnon) made a
special trip here with a cargo of
limbers for the provincial public
works department, while the Coastwise Steamship and Barge Co.'s
freighter Griffco (Capt. Brewster)
was'1 also in port for a load of ore.
A Canadian Airways plane in charge
of Pilot N. G. Forester is also anchored here and will take off for the
interior with a prospecting party as
soon   as   flying   weather permits.
Also during the week H, M, C.
S. Skeena and H. M. C. S. Vancouver were at anchor here. There
was no evidence of any depression
on the waterfront last week.
Record  Grain  Shipments
From Vancouver
The grain season of 1932-33 for
the Port of Vancouver officially
closed at midnight July 31st., and
was responsible for the creation of
a new all-time high record.
Since August 1, 1932, 97,000,000
bushels of grain have been handled
which makes the year's export about
1,500,000 bushels higher than the
best previous season, which was
1928-29. A very large amount of
this grain was brought from the
Prairies to Vancouver over Canadian National lines.
R. Ingraham Honored At
Birthday Party
Mr. R. Ingraham, a resident of
thi? district for a long time, was a
guest of honor at a birthday party
held at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Powell and Mr. and Mrs. E. Ross
Oatman on Wednesday, August
16th. A delightful evening was
spent, being largely devoted to
musical and vooal items.
Mr. Ingraham was born at
Rookfort, Maine, but has spent the
greater part of his life in Canada.
He received the congratulations of
a large number of his friends in
the distriot.
Canadian National
AFTER hard woia or vigorous play, a glass of
good beer is the supreme builder of health and
strength. It builds body tissues, renews expended
energy, aids digestion and enables you to carry on
sustained and refreshed.
Ask for any of the brands mentioned below and you
are assured beer of a quality and flavor second to none
in Canada  ...  or elsewhere.
Carton   of   One
Dozen Pints, now
Less allowance for
This advertisement is not published or displayed by the Liquor
"Control Board or by the Government of British Columbia.
Change In C. N. Steamship
Commencing next week, the
Canadian National steamship will
arrive at Anyox every Thursday
morning, leaving again the same
day at 11 a.m. This service will
be continued for one month, after
whioh she will arrive on Wednesday evening.
Ram Stops League Fixtures
A downpour of rain all day
Monday made the football grounds
unplayable, so that the League fixture between the Celts and Rangers had to be called off. The
match will be played at the first
Bargain Trips
On Sale
AUG. 22 TO SEPT. 6
To all points East as far at Port
Arthur and Armstrong, Ont.
(Slight Extra Charge
for Tourist Sleepers.)
Children S years and under 12,
half fare
Ask any Agent
Advertise in the Herald
Hats Caps Socks
Men's Felt Hats for dress wear, London made, in all the
latest shades and sizes, from $3,00 to $4.75 each.
Strong Tweed Cloth Caps in all shades and sizes.   A
large variety to choose from.
Summer Dress Socks of good grade from 25c. to 35o. per
Strong, well made English Dress Socks, in silk and wool.
All shades from 65c. to 75c. per pair.
Heavy Grey Wool Sooks, 2| lb. to 5 lb. weight, 30c.  to
% 45c. per pair.
LEW  LUN & Co.
General Merchants, Anyox West side of Smelter.
OPEN   UNTIL   10   P.M.
Candies. Stationery, Proprietary
I Medicines, Toilet Articles, Etc.
W. M. CummingS,   Agent for all Vancouver Daily Papers
Post Office Building, Alice Arm
School Will Soon be
Opening Again!
Watch for Further Announcements!


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