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A little paper
with all the
news and a big
Published in the interests of Alice Arm and Anyox, B. C.
$2.50 a Year
Alice Arm and j
Anyox. $2.75 to j
all other points. I
>**-*-•.*..*.•..•. ,*4 ^a, ^4 |
VOL. 10,   NO.   13
Alice Arm, B. C, Saturday, September 27, 1930
5 cents each,
Football Teams Wind Up
Season With Big
Good fellowship held complete
sway at the banquet given for the
footballers of Anyox by the Mine
Club, on Saturday, September 20th.
The affair was arranged and staged
by the Mine Club, who are to be
congratulated on their great interest
in football and in sport generally.
Most of the members of all three
clubs were present, as well as a
good sprinkling of officers and visitors. After partaking of the good
things provided a lengthy program
was carried out under the able direction of Mr. J. T. Kirkwood, who
occupied the chair.
In welcoming the boys to the banquet, the chairman expressed his
pleasure at seeing so many of the
sporting fraternity present. He regretted, however, that in the gathering several officers prominent in
sport circles were not present, and
the function did not seem complete
without them. The secretary of the
League, owing to his duties at the
Picture Theatre, was unable to attend, and had tendered his apologies and best wishes for the
success of the affair. Mr. Bert
Kent, the President of the Football
League, referred to the splendid
success of the game during the
past season. A match between an
all-star Anyox team and a Prince
Rupert aggregation would have
been greatly welcomed, but unfortunately arrangements for such
a game could not be made. Mr.
Kent predicted an even better season next year, and he urged the
players to keep up their, interest and
be ready to make a flying start
when the first whistle blew.
Congratulations were freely extended to the Celts Club on their
success in winning both the League
and the Cup. It was the unanimous
opinion of everyone that all three
clubs were pretty evenly matched
in ability, but that the Mine and
Smelter teams frequently left their
rabbits' feet at home. This was
especially true of the Mine Club as
misfortune dogged them around to
several of their fixtures. However,
they were not in the least daunted,
and like true sportsmen were spontaneous in joining with the Smelter
Club in congratulating the victors.
Musical and vocal items were
contributed by the following: Walter Stenton, Stan, Mcintosh, Walter
Ridley, Ed. Boyd and Jim Arscott.
Stan. Mcintosh contributed a nov-
Drifting On 8 Feet Of
Molybdenum Ore
As development work proceeds
at the Tidewater Molybdenum the
prospects of it becoming a producer of considerable proportions
continues to improve.
The main drift is being pushed
ahead, with a full face of ore. The
ore body has been shown by cross-
outs to be over 8 feet wide, aud is
one of a series that will be developed.
Mr. Angus MoLeod, superintendent, who returned from Viotoria
on Monday was agreeably surprised with the persistency of the
ore body in the drift.
The trail from the beach to the
mine is now being improved and
as soon as this has been accomplished, a compressor plant will be
Anyox Badminton Club Elect
Officers for Season
The Annual meeting of the
Anyox Badminton Club was well
attended, over 30 members being
The following officers were
elected to conduct affairs of the
Club for the coming season. S.
Peters, president; A. H. Kirby,
vice-president; Mrs. C. O. Fricker.
secretary; Mrs. W. G. Johnstone,
Mrs. Roy, Don Cleal, Capt. Johnstone, were elected on the executive committee.
The Badminton Club enjoyed a
very successful season last winter,
and it is expected that the game
will be even more popular this
year. It is a first-class indoor
sport in which anyone can par
Death Caused by Injury
At Bonanza
Louis Kazanegra passed away
at the Anyox General Hospital' on
Saturday, September 20th. Injuries received while working at
the Bonanza mine was the cause
of death.
Deceased was 28 years of age
and was a native of Jugo Slovakia. He was unmarried and a
brother, who is employed at the
Britannia Beach arrived ou Monday morning.
The funeral was held on Tuesday, the body being interred at the
local cemetery. The funeral service
was held at the Anglican Church,
and a large number of friends of
deceased attended- Rev. J. S.
Brayfield officiated.
elty by executing in real native
manner a New Zealand Maori War
Dance, and Tom Mcintosh gave a
recitation on the merits of a well
known word used throughout the
world, but never found in dictionaries. Ray Roberts gave an excellent reading, and G. Owen
presided at the piano.
That all footballers may unite in
a social way, strengthen the bonds
of friendship, and determine.on an
even better season next year, was
the object of the banquet. Visitors
have stated that the class of football seen in Anyox lately is far
ahead of anything previously
shown,' and with the great interest
aroused, there is no doubt that in
the future the game will provide a
great deal of recreation and diversion for ths people of Anyox.
Basketball Players Will Hold
A meeting will be held on Mon
day, September 29th. at the Re-,
creation Hall at 7.30 p.m. for the
purpose of electing an executive to
arrange for basketball games for
the coining season. All those in
terested in basketball, should, if
possible attend. The coming season promises to be a busy one, and
its success depends a great deal on
a strong executive and an early
J. C. Brady Receives
Government Office
Friends of James C. Brady,
former M. P. for Skeena will be
pleased to hear that he has been
appointed a census commissioner
under the Dominion Bureau of
Statistics. He will organize a
census of institutions such as
hospitals, asylums, penitentiaries,
houses of refuge, etc., all over
Canada, starting his work at
Mr. Brady is at present at Ottawa, having gone east a few
weeks ago.
Birth at Anyox
Born to Mr. and Mrs. C. Gun-
derson, at the Anyox General Hospital, on Friday, September 19th,
a daughter.
£,.Mj •<•(•*•*•♦*+•-<|'«|'t'>H
■f ♦—. t)... 4 ■•■ + '»■■«■ 4 '*' ♦ '*■ ♦ '•■ ♦ ••♦•••♦'••*4',*'4 f
Amongst the arrivals on Monday
morning, were: Mr. W. Harrison,
J. M. Funk, Mr. F. Milkeli, Mr.
Walter Adams, Mr. W. Barclay
and Mr. F. Dresser.
Mr. T. J. Shelton, mine inspector
arrived in Anyox on Monday morning.
Miss B. Frey returned to Anyox
on Monday, after a vacation in the
Mr. Walker and Mr. Wm. Hanna were southbound passengers on
Monday's boat.
N. Sutilovich arrived on Monday
from a trip toVancouver.
W. Adams, W. Barclay and F.
Dresser who were summoned for
jury duty at Prince Rupert, returned
home on Monday.
New Ore Discovery Made On
Summit Group
A. Davidson, who has been developing the Summit Group in the
upper Kitsault Country has located
a new body of ore on that property. Open cuts have shown
that it is at least 8 feet wide, and
further work is expected to show
an even greater width. The ore
carries silver, lead, zino. Mr.
Davidson was in town during tlie
week, and after a short stay left
again in order to store his equip
ment for the winter.
Amateur Orchestra Prepares
For Winter Season
The Anyox Amateur Orchestra,
under the leadership of E. Ross
Oatman, is already actively preparing for the coming season,
which promises to be a busy one.
Much new music has now been obtained, same being very carefully
selected with a view to catering to
everyone. • Musicians who are ambitious to join the orchestra are
cordially invited to get in touch
with Mr. Oatman or Mr. S. Armstrong, Secretary.
Mr. L. Gillies Will Be Physical Instructor
Mr. Laughton Gillies arrived in
Anyox recently, and will be physical instructor and Gymnasium
attendant at the Gymnasium during the coming season. Mr. Gillies
has been-associated with the Y. M.
C. A. in Vanoouver.
The death occurred at Anyox on
Monday afternoon of Kathleen
Wenerstrom, who passed away at
the early age of four years. The
deepest sympathy of the whole
district is extended to Mr. and Mrs.
L. H. Wenerstrom in their sad
Tonight's Picture Will
Hold You Spell-
The ability of talking pictures to
bring the greatest plays of the stage
to the screen for all the world to see
and hear is strikingly demonstrated
at the Anyox Theatre, where Richard Dix's first Radio starring film
"Seven Keys to Baldpate," is being
shown today.
As the stage play produced on
Broadway by George M. Cohan,
this fast-moving melodramatic farce
was deservedly popular. After
playing in New York for an entire
season, it went on the road for another year, playing in the major
cities of the country.
And now Radio Pictures, through
the miracle of the talking screen,
presents "Seven Keys To Baldpate" in a manner that makes it
even greater entertainment than the
stage play. The embellishments of
the camera, the splendid performances of the star and his supporting
cast, the entire resources of a great
film studio in Hollywood, all combine to make it one of the most
diverting mystery farces ever shown
at the Anyox Theatre.
Richard Dix is ideally suited for
the role of Magee, the novelist,
whose visit to the deserted Baldpate Inn brings about the gripping
[iseries of adventures. His voice,
trained on the stage and in several
talking pictures is expertly recorded.
F. F. Brown Wins President's
Golf Prize
An interesting golf tournament,
the prize for which was a handsome golf bag, donated by W. R.
Lindsay, president nf the Anyox
Golf Club, was held on September 14th.
A large number of members participated. The winner was Mr.
F. F. Brown. Following are the
leading scores:
F. F. Brown 87-21—66
H. L. Patterson....95-27—68
H. Selfe 96-27—69
J. Grigg 96-27-69
C. O. Fricker 87-18—69
Play for the Lovsted Cup during
the month of August resulted in a
tie between S. Peters and C. O.
Fricker, W. R. Lindsay being
third. On the plav-off the cup was
won by C. O. Fricker.
The mountain tops were covered
by a heavy fall of snow during the
week, down to an elevation of
about 2500 feet. ALICE   ARM   AND   ANYOX   HERALD.   Saturday, September 27,  1930
Alice Arm & Anyox Herald
Issued every Saturday at Alice Arm
Alice Ann and Anyox $2.50 Yearly
Other Parts of Canada, $2.75
British Isles anil United States, $8.00
Notices for Grown Grants - - $15.00
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Transient Advertising, 50c. per inch
Contract Rates on Application.
E. MOSS, Editor and Publisher.
Short days and colder weather
is responsible for the termination of
outdoor sport at Anyox. The
past season was ideal for all kinds
of outdoor activities. Dry weather
prevailed during the last few
months of summer, and almost
everyone had an opportunity to
enjoy the great outdoors, either on
the athletic field or by boating or
picnics. As the long evenings
approach, thoughts again turn to
indoor sports, as a means of employing leisure time. At the present time it seems very probable
that indoor sports this coming
winter will be very popular. The
officers of the Anyox Community
League are already making plans
for a successful season. They are
doing their best to give everyone
in opportunity to indulge in some
form of recreation. It is up to the
members of the League to support
them if sport is to flourish in Anyox.
Premier R. B. Bennett has not
lost any time in carrying out his
election promises. He has at least
proved himself a man of action,
with courage to carry out his convictions. The new tariff laws are
expected to relieve unemployment
in Canada by manufacturing goods
here that were formerly made by
foreign workmen. The success of
the new tariff laws depends entirely upon Canadian manufacturers. If they do not manufacture
an inferior article or raise prices,
success will be attained. If however, they abuse their privileges
and insist on big profits, their greed
will cause a revision of tariff laws.
They have at the present time a
golden opportunity to demonstate
the advantages of a high tariff, and
it is hoped that they will take
advantage of it.
Howe Sound Co. Make
Good Profit
During the first half of this year
the Howe Sound Company, the
holding company for Britannia &
Smelting Company and for two
companies operating silver-lead-
zino mines in Mexico, produced
5,560 ounces of gold, 1,478,438
ounces of silver. 23,147,439 pounds
of copper. 35,524,825 pounds of
lead, and 20,290,415 pounds of zinc
and made a net profit after pro
vidi'ng For all expenses of operation, depreciation and freight and
marketing costs of $1,182,290,08.
It is now asserted that man is
1,000,000 years old. And there are
mornings when he feels like it.
No Dole System For B.  C.
Introduction of a dole system in
British Columbia to cope with the
unemployment situation is not
favored by the provincial govern-
ment, Premier Tolmie declared.
When in Ottawa, the British
Columbia Premier discussed with
members of the federal cabinet the
unemployment system in his province and told of extensive works
which had been undertaken by the
government as a measure of relief.
He said that there were quite a
number of unemployed in the province and suggested that to cope
with the matter during the coming
winter, it would be quite feasible to
undertake road construction work,
clearing right-of-ways, park development and harbor improvements.
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Anyox Community
The Council of the League
meets on the Second and
Fourth Wednesday of each
month, in Recreation Hall,
at 7 p.m.
S.S. "Prince George" leaves
Anyox for Prince Rupert and
Vancouver via Stewart,
Wednesdays,   12   midnight.
Weekly sailings from Prince
Rupert for North ami South
Queen Charlotte Islands.
Passenger trains leave Prince
Rupert for Edmonton, Winnipeg and points East daily
except  Sunday,   1 p.m.
Low Summer Fares NOW
Ask Us About Our "Triangle Tour**
For Information call Local Agent or write
Prince Rupert, IM'..
Birth Stones
For laundresses, the soapst'one;
For architects, the cornerstone;
For cooks, the puddingstone,
For soldiers, the bloodstone;
For politicians, the blarneystone;
For borrowers, the touchstone;
For policemen, the pavingstone;
For stock brokers, the curbstone;
For shoemakers, the cobblestone;
For burglars, the keystone;
For tourists, the yellowstone;
For beauties, the peachstone;
For editors, the grindstone;
For motorists, the milestone;
For pedestrians, the tombstone.
ere an
As a norve tonic more effectual
than anything conceived by medical skill, Canada's rocky highlands and placid lakes were given
first place by Sir William Decour-
cy Wheeler, M.D., F.U.C.S., Interviewed recently .t Lake Louise
where he rested after attending the
arduous convention of members of
the British Medical Association
held last month al Winnipeg.
A note of confidence and sincere optimism in the soundness of
Canada's economic position at the
present time and faith in her future development was sounded by
E. W. Beatty, chaiioian and president of the CaLadian Pacific Railway, at the banquet given recently at Saint John by the Board of
Trade of that city In celebration o£
the first sailing of the Princess
Heleue. dew C.1J.U. consul steamer, od the Saint John-Digby route.
Mr. Beatty said he hoped to see a
.second boat run alongside the Princess Heleue in the not distant future
Determination of the Canadian
Pacific itaihvay lo maintain for
Canada the pride of owning the largest, lastest and finest ocean liner
on the Pacific and ihe company's
foresight in providing for needs
beyond those of the present in the
realm ot transportation were lauded at Vancouver recently, at a dinner held aboard the liner Empress
of Japan, new 2G,()00-ton Pacific
vessel, linn. R, Randolph Bruce,
Lt.-Uovernor ot British Columbia,
added bis tribute to those of nine
other speakers at the function.
Mrs. L. N. Calverley, wife of the
famous British surgeon, was credited with taking the largest fish,
ether than salmon to be caught in
UritlSh Columbia waters this season, when she landed an 18%-lb
Rainbow tiout from the sparkling
waters of Shuswnp Lake recently.
She Is a cousin of Lady Diana Duff
Cooper who as Lady Diana Manners gained world-wide fame as
the heroine of "The Miracle."
The Banff Highland Gathering Of
1930 goes down not only as the
greatest yet so far as events and
entrants are concerned but also tor
attendances since more than 10,000
spectators were present. Eight
events ran continuously and concurrently; athcletic events were
confined to Alberta and British
Columbia; dancing events added
Manitoba to the list, while the piping contests brought In the whole
of Canada, Scotland, China and the
State of Washington.
Marking the earliest opening of
the apple shipping season from Halifax to Europe, over a week in advance of last year, the first overseas shipment of the fruit went
September 2 in a cargo estimated
at about 4,000 barrels of Nova Scotia apples.
There Is a record crop of potatoes
in Canada this year. It will total
66,500,000 bushels or 46 per cent,
more than in 1929, according to
the latest official estimate. Potatoes are grown ln commercial
quantities in all the provinces of
According to a statistical report,
If all the wealth ln the Dominion
of Canada were equally divided it
would provide $2,996 for each person. This does not Include the
value of Canada's undeveloped natural resources. The national
wealth is placed at $28,940,000,000,
an increase of $1,272,000,000 over
tlie previous year. ■
Business Lots from to $200
Residential Lots from $200
to $300
Robertson & Dumas
Agents for Alice Arm Mining
and Development Co.
Al. Falconer
Alice Arm
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1         A
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US         1
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You have 600,000 neighbor! in British Columbia. Their effective income per capita is $836
a year. Multiplied by 600,000 this amount! to
Five Hundred Million Dollars! Prosperity in
British Columbia depends to a considerable
extent upon how much of this income we reinvest by purchasing goods made in B.C., and
how much we send away to foreign countries.
Every time you. demand B. C. Products you
help to create greater prosperity in your own
Province for your neighbors and yourself.
of the
_. Vancouver   Board=
:-=-   o( Trade- s»
ALICE   ARM  AND  ANYOX  HERALD.   Saturday, September 27, 1930
Galloway and O'Farrell
Talk on Future of
In all the silver producing countries of America, much consideration is being given to the price of
that metal. In the states of Wash-
inghton, Idaho, Oregon, Nevada
and California conferences are
being held by public men, who are
discussing means to improve the
situation. A sub-committee of the
U. S. Senate is also making investigation.
Speaking before a gathering of
mine operators, engineers, bankers,
and other business men in Spokane, P. A. O'Farrell, known in
mining   districts   of   the    Pacific
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Herald Printing Office
Alice Arm
Northwest for the past 35 years,
declared that the demonetization of
silver has resulted in wiping out 94
per cent of the purchasing power of
the Orient, basing the figure not
only on the parity of silver with
gold but on the decreased purchasing power of gold as a result of the
monetary famine. Only by making
it possible again for Asia and Latin
America to purchase foodstuffs and
manufactured goods can prosperity
be restored throughout the earth.
"Remonetize silver, bring back
its Roman parity of 12 to 1," he
said, "and you will see the hills and
mountains of Western America
covered with prospectors seeking
new sources of gold and silver to be
made into metallic money. Mines
will reopen, steamships will be
insufficient to handle the goods
which America will sell to the
Orient, and the disorders in India
and China will cease."
John D. Galloway, provincial
mineralogist of British Columbia,
discussing the situation, says:
"Silver is in an unfortunate position statistically, and world authorities see but little hope of price improvement. In the past, silver has
had a value based on the idea that
it was wealth, particularly in the
Orient, as well as its use as a commodity. Now it is rapidly losing its
prestige as wealth and in a few
years may only be a commodity,
subject to the law of supply and
demand. Unless new uses for the
metal are found, with selling prices
for articles and alloys manufactured
from it based in a reasonable way
on the price of the metal (which is
not the case at present), then silver
may sink to much lower price
A. R. S. M. Eng.
Stewart, B. 0.
Leave Samples at Herald Office
M. M. STEPHENS & Co. Ltd.
The oldest Financial Office in Northern B. C.
(Form F)
Unique Christening at Banff
was witnessed recently at the
Banff Springs Hotel when Hilda
Bahff Rocky Mountain Goat, 36-
hour-old Stony Indian papoose
(inset) was christened in the courtyard of the hotel in the presence
of around BOO guests and with A.
H. Devenish, manager of the hotel,
and Mrs. Devenish, acting as Godfather and Godmother. Left to
right the group shows: Noah
Rocky Mountain Goat, father; Mrs.
Devenish, holding papoose; Mrs.
ceremony unique in the his-1 Noah Rocky Mountain Goat, moth-
tory of the Canadian Rockies I er; and A. H. Devenish.
Certificate of Improvements
"Bing" Fractional Mineral Claim,
situate in the Naas River Mining Division of Cassiar District.
Where located: On Trout Creek.
Upper Kitsault River, adjoining the
Moose Group.
TAKE NOTICE that we, John
Strombeek, Free Miner's Certificate
No. 48135-0, and Miles Donald, Free
Miner's Certificate No. 48184-0, intend
sixty days from the date hereof to
apply to the Mining Recorder for a
Certificate of Improvements, for the
purpose of obtaining a Orown Grant
of the above claim.
And further take notice thataction,
under section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 20th. day of June, A. D.,
Candies, Stationery, Proprietary
Medicines, Toilet Articles, Etc.
W. M. CummingS,   Agent for all Vancouver Daily Papen
Post Office Building, Alice Arm
Picture Show for 25c.
Commencing with the advent of the Talkies, which
date is August 30th., members of the Anyox Community League, will be allowed admission to one picture
show each month, on the presentation of their membership card, showing dues paid to date, for the price of
25c.   This arrangement to be in lieu of past free show.
1. Library 3. Organized Sports
2. Reading Rooms     4. Excursions
To keep these going we need your membership and your patronage
"Princess Helene" is a Princess Indeed
HP he new "Princess Helene" which has just entered
* the service of the Canadian Pacific Railway Company running between Saint John, N.B., and Digby,
N.S., ia worthy of her title in every respect. She is
the last word in speed and comfort, and her accommodation, as is shown by the above pictures, compares favorably with liner-claw ships.   L A bed-
room combining luxury and accommodation. 2. The
observation room, with comfortable chairs and specially constructed windows to aid passengers in "seeing the sea". 3. The graceful "Princess Helene"
cutting down the time between ports. 4. The dining
saloon; just as roomy and up-to-date as any restaurant ashore.   6. The smokeroom; real comfort ALICE   ARM   AND   ANYOX   HERALD.   Saturday, September 27,  1930
Parliament   Prorogued
On Monday. Bennett
To London
Following the passage of the
government's tariff bill, Parliament
prorogued a few minutes before
5 o'clock on Monday. The passage of the bill came following an
agreement of all parties in the
House to expediate the business of
Parliament in order that Premier
Bennett might leave for London
to attend the Imperial Conference.
By a vote of 196 to 58, the
House declined to make an order
"for a return showing the number
of cases in which dumping duty
had been refunded after being
collected during the past twelve
months with particulars in each
case." The motion was made by
E. J. Young, Liberal member for
Hon. E. H. Ryckman, minister
of national revenue, said that no
such statistics were kept by the
department and the gathering of
the information would be a long
and difficult task.
A clause will be inserted in the
new tariff bill which will provide
for non application of the new
rates upon bona fide contracts entered into prior to September 16.
The period in which imports under
this clause may enter will expire
December 1, Premier Bennett announced.
Angus McLeod, superintendent
at the Tidewater Molybdenum
arrived at Alice Arm on Monday
from a trip to Victoria. Mrs. McLeod will spend the winter in the
No Change In Canadian
Trade Ministers
Premier Bennett announced in the
House of Commons last week, that
he looked upon the Canadian ministers at Washington, Paris and
Tokyo as permanent officials but
the Canadian High Commissioner
in London should represent the
views of the administration in
office in the Dominion.
ere an
Asbestos production In Canada
during 1!)20 set up a new high record, according to the finally revised
figures ot the Bureau of Statistics.
Shipments in 1929 amounted to
30(1.055 tons, valued at $13,172,581,
an increase of 12.1% In quantity and
17.2% in value as compared with
the previous year. The average
value received by the operators was
$43-04 per ton, compared with $41.16
the previous year.
Nipigon trout, known all over the
continent as the gamest of game
fish, are coming into the spotlight
again according to reports from the
famous Ontario resort where the
annual contest for the largest
speckled trout is now in full swing
and will continue until September
14. The heat entry to date is a 6%-
lb. fish, measuring 22 Inches in
length and 14 ln girth taken with a
single spinner with fly, on a 9%-
foot rod, by Edmund Stalter, of Pa-
terson, N. J., July 29.
Dominion of Canada and Newfoundland
Meets every second and fourth Monday of
the month
Hall far rent for dances, social functions, etc.
on application to club manager
East and West, Orient and Occident, will meet ln the British Empire Piping competition, one of the
most Important of the new features
to be introduced at this year's
Highland Gathering and Scottish
Music Festival to be held at Banff
at the end of August. Pipe-Majors
John Clark and E. L. Collins of the
Royal Scots Regiment of Scotland,
of which Princess Mary Is Colonel-
in-chief, will come from the British
Isles, while Pipe-Major W. C. Mac-
Kle of the Scottish Company of
volunteers is on his way to Banff
from Hong-Kong.
Prospects for Increased earnings
during the fall months are good and
directors of the Canadian Pacific
Railway have no Intention of reducing the dividend, said E. W. Beatty,
chairman and president of the company, recently in reply to rumors
that the dividend might be cut
Nowadays the world moves on
rubber and this does not apply to
automobiles alorjs. According to a
recent return of the Canadian Government the people of Nigeria In
June bought 300 pairs of shoes with
rubber soles from Canada. Barba-
does took 3,020 pairs and Trinidad
6,555 pairs. In June the export of
Canadian automobile tires exceeded
$1,000,000 in value.
Canadian farmers are now producing all ihe fine tobacco required
by Canadian manufacturers, according to a statement just Issued
by the Dominion Department of
Agriculture which also claims that
the tobacco Is of better quality than
that usually imported. Canadian
tobacco has also become a factor
In the British tobacco market.
Bread,  Cakes, Pastry,
Pack Trains, Saddle Horses
and Heavy Teams
No Contraot too Large or
too Small
British Columbia
Department of Mines
British Columbia, the Mineral Province of Western Canada,
has produced over $182,455,854 worth of mineral products.
Mineral Production, year 1928—$65,372,583.00.
Mineral Production, year 1929—$68,245,443.00.
Reports and Bulletins available on application, and mailed
free of charge to any given address, include:
"ANNUAL REPORTS"—These contain detailed accounts of
mining conditions and developments in the Province during the year with which they deal.
"British Columbia, the Mineral Province of Canada"—A handy
reference book summarizing the previous year's mining
activity and giving an outline of British Columbia mining law.
"Placer Mining in British Columbia"—A Special Bulletin
dealing with a branch of mining in respect of which the
Province offers unusual opportunities.
"Report on Taku River Area, Atlin Mining Division"—This tells
the story of the discovery and the pending development
of a new lode mining field now attracting much attention.
For Results, Advertise in the
Unemployment in Germany
Cologne, Germany, September
20: (Special to the Herald.) The
buying power of the masses is
being greatly lessened in Germany
as a result of labor conditions, and
the number of receivers of unemployment dolts in that country
on July 1st, had increased by 100
per cent, over the number of re.
ceivers last year.
(Form F)
Certificate of Improvements
"Sub-Collector" Mineral Claim, situate in the Naas River Mining Division of Cassiar District.
Where located: On the North-east
Fork of the Kitsault River.
TAKE NOTICE that we, K. Okubo,,
Free Miner's Certificate No. 45408-D,'
D. P. Farquhar, Free Miner's Certificate No. 45109-D; Alexander Player,
Free Miner's Certificate No. 40019;'and
Joseph Newton McPhee, Free Miner's
Certificate No. 35800-D, intend sixty
days from the date hereof to
apply to the Mining Recorder for a
Certificate of Improvements, for the
purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant
of tlie above claim.
And further take notice thataction
tinder section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements,
Datcr' this 27th. day of September,
A. D„ 1030.
Dry Goods Department
We are still offering you Bargains from our Dry Goods Department.
We have not considered What the Goods Cost Us, but have put On
Our Own Sale Price and you Can't Afford to Miss These Specials:
Crepe Night Dresses, Regular $2.25. Sale $1.50
Cotton Tweed, which can be used for Children's Suits or Men's Work Shirts, Sale Price
25c. per yard
Children's Dimity Bloomers in Nile, Pink. Peach, Blue, White.   Regular 75c, Sale 25c.
Maybelle Pyjamas, per suit $4.50.
Maybelle Bloomers $1.00 and 1.25
Figured Cotton Crepe for Kimonas.    Regular 65c, Sale 35c.
H   M.   SELFE
Office:    Opposite Liquor Store
NOTICE is hereby given that on
and alter August 1st. 1030, lands in
the Railway Belt and Peace River
Block recently transferred to the
Province by the Dominion, come
under the administration and laws of
the Province.
It is the desire of the Government
to foster settlement in conformity
with these regulations and furnish all
information to assist this end, but no
consideration will be given persons
squatting upon or entering into occupation of such lands without authority.
Deputy Minister of Lands.
"Tiger Brand" Combinations, Spring Needle Knit,  Long Sleeves and Ankle  Length,
Sizes 2 to 14 years.    $1.75 and up.
Penman's No. 95, in Long Sleeves and Legs, also Short Sleeves and Knee  Length,  in
all sizes.    Price $2.75 and $2.95.
English made All Wool Combinations, Short Sleeves and Short Legs, sizes 2 years and
up.    Price $1.75.
Boys' Drawers in Long Legs, sizes 20 to 32.    Price to clear 50c.
Boys' Slickers in shades of Blue or Olive, sizes 4 to 8 years $3.25
Slicker Hats, all shades $1.00
Hardware Dept
We have a new shipment of the new
"De Luxe" Gillette Razors in the following makes and prices:
Norfolk Gold or Chromium Finish, $5.00
Criterion Gold or Chromium Finish, $5.00
Belmont Gold Finish $6.00
The new "De Luxe" blade of Kro-Man
steel, packet of ten $2.00.
Drug Dept
Paroubeks Double Strap Leather Wrist
Bands, 75c each.
Seiberling   and Dominion  Hot   Water
Bags, 3 quart size, $2.50
Combination Attachment Sets..... .75c
Nasal Cups, each 50c
Household Rubber Gloves, per pair, 50c


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