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9W**M* •^^SS^^^^^^B^^^BW^^B""^^   ■
A little paper
with all the
news and a big
Published in the interests of Alice Ann and Anyox, B. C.
$2.00 a Year
Alice Arm and
Anyox. $2.25 to
all other points.
i..*)..*..*.,*..*..*..*  »-+.—-«..♦>—). i
VOL 12,   NO. 45
Alice Arm. B. C, Saturday, April 8, 1933
5 cents each
Vandals Win  Basket-
Ball Cup In Brilliant
Playing without spares, and with
their captain, Walmsley, limping
around in one spot with an injured
knee, the Vandals beat the Concentrator 41 to 19 on Monday last,
thus winning three out of five
games of the play-off series and
capturing the Basketball Cup of
the season. It was a brilliant
game throughout. Both teams had
only five players, and great care
was exercised in order to avoid any
losses through personals.
The first two or three baskets
went to the millmen, who played a
fast and clever game throughout,
being unfortunate in the first half
in missing the hoop by fractions.
Steele's field shots, although carefully taken, somehow would misbehave. Heinekey and Dodd
played a fast and brilliant game.
The shining stars on the Vandal's side were the brothers Calderoni. Freddy the youngest, played
the slickest game of his career,
making ten baskets, while Ton}
took six and a foul. These two,
with Lee, made some flashing passes at all angles, and the game
throughout was extremely thrilling.
The teams: Concentrator, MacLeod, Bushfield 1, Dodd 5, Heine-
key 4, Steele 9. Vandals: A.
Calderoni 13, F. Calderoni 20, G
Anderson 1, Lee 7, Walmsley.
The game was well controlled by
referees Youngs and Lee.
Spooks Win Cup And
League Series
Playing determined and aggressive basketball on Monday last, the
senior ladies' team, the SpooJ*,
defeated the Pals 17 to 10, thus
winning three out of five'games of
'lie Basketball Cup series and securing the coveted trophy. In
winning the Cup as well as the
League series, the Spooks have
proved themselves a strong and
well balanced squad, outclassing the
speedy Pals in combination. The
Pals tried hard to avert defeat,
playing fast and'clever ball, but fate
seemed against them when it came
to making their shots tell. For the
winners K. Eve was the star, she
made several nice field shots and
was at all times dangerous. The
teams: Pals, L. Dresser 2, M. Barclay, P. Louden 2, N. Salmon 2, M.
Dresser 2, J. McDonald 2. Spooks:
T. Gordon 1, M. Cloke, J. Phillip,
K. Eve 10, P. Sheen 4, H. Calderoni 2.
Elks Will Hold Their Annual
Easter Dance
Always to be relied on for staging
an enjoyable dance, the Brother
Bills of Anyox Lodge are busy with
preparations for this Annual Easter
Dance, to be held on Easter Monday April 17th.
, The committee in charge are
leaving nothing undone which will
make for the enjoyment of their
patrons. Peppy and tuneful music
will be dispensed by the Merrymakers' Orchestra; supper will be all
that could be wished; the floor committee will see to it that everyone
enjoys themselves; and the dance
will go on until at least 2 o'clock.
It is especially desired that an early
start be made, so that the evening
will yield the fullest possible enjoyment. Everyone should attend this
annual function and enjoy a real
Easter dance.
High School Defeat Bonanza
On Friday evening a team from
Bonanza, augmented by players
from the Beach, attempted to haul
down|he colors of the High School
but were defeated 30-23. The students are now in tip top form and
playing brilliantly, while their opponents were unaccustomed to each
other's play and were not all in good
However, the game was interesting and played in a friendly spirit.
The teams: Bonanza, Manning 8,
Sutton, Bowd, Vierieck, Ferguson
4, Mitchell, White 2, Dodsworth 9,
Wendell. High School, D. Gillies
18, H. Dresser 6, F. Gordon 2, M.
Patrick 4, W. Shields, A. Dodsworth.
Changes Are Made In Golf
Some changes to the golf course
have recently been made, and players who have since been over it state
that a decided improvement has
been effected. One result has been
that it is easier for players who are
not accustomed to much walking,
The greens will be put into shape
at an early date.
Judging by the enthusiasm already
shown, it promises to be a record
season. Everybody is getting into
the "swing."
Alice Arm Notes
J. A. Anderson, district road superintendent, arrived in town on
Saturday from Anyox and left again
on Tuesday.
J. Hauber, who has spent the
past five months at the Premier
mine returned home on Monday.
Jens Larson returned home on
Monday, from a short visit to
Prince Rupert.
Badminton Club Splendidly Entertained
In return for the splendid evening
recently enjoyed by them at the
hands of the A. C. L, Badminton
Club, the Anyox Elks reciprocated
on Friday evening last with a card
party, supper, entertainment, and
dance. The evening was one which
will long be remembered by all
whose good fortune it was to be
present. Nearly 100 sat down' to
play cards, among whom were several visitors from Alice Arm, who
made a special trip over for the occasion.
Bridge and Whist occupied the
first part of the evening, the prize
winners being, Whist: Ladies'first,
Mrs. S. Down; Ladies'consolation,
Mrs. J. Cloke; Men's first, Mr. H.
Fowler; Men's consolation, Mr. J.
Heywood. Bridge', Ladies' first,
Mrs. G. Bailey; Ladies'consolation,
Miss M. Shields; Men's first Mr. F.
Stephens; Men's consolation, Mr.
Ted Kergin.
Supper was the next item on the
programme and was a most enjoyable affair, from both an appetizing
and a social point of view. This
was followed by a musical programme, in which the Elks' Orchestra
played a leading part. The newly
formed Elks' Hawaiian Orchestra
sprung a pleasant surprise by playing a number of selections in real
finished fashion.
The surprise of the evening, anticipated for some time with a mixture of wonder and glee, was now
unfolded. This proved to be a
mock Initiation ceremony, in which
three members of the Badminton
Club were put through, a formula,
which was evidently too much for
them, as they all succumbed to the
fearful ordeal.
The scene was laid in the desert,
the principals were dressed in true
Arabic fashion and the torture stations were weird, realistic and awe
inspiring. The whole arrangement—dialogue and contraption
alike—was original, and much clever
and painstaking preparation was
Each candidate had to pass three
stations after having traversed dunes
and burning sands. The first of
these was the Dissecting Station in
charge of Shah Islicem (K. Hunter)
the second was an electric station
controlled by Shah Ijoltem (H.
Hallcro) and the third was a branding station at which Shah Iscorchem
(L. MacKay) was the presiding genius.
Promises, made up in verse and
Continued on page 4
Fans  Eager For Visit Of
Prince Rupert Team
The visit of the Canadian National Railway "A" team of basketball
players, champions of Prince Rupert
is being eagerly anticipated by
Anyox fans. The visiting team is
no mere scratch aggregation. They
have recently won their championship laurels in a stiff series of games
with their local brethren, and have
added to their fame by defeating the
famous Port Simpson team in decisive fashion.
Their prowess makes it certain
that the Anyox boys will be fully
extended to hold their own and with
the excellent material available from
which to choose an all-star team
some brilliant basketball is assured.
Local fans will do well to be on
hand Friday and Saturday, April
Hth. and 15th. when the series of
games will be played.
♦•••♦♦♦ ••♦♦♦*4** ♦
Mrs. Ed. Blundell and family and
Mrs. D. Davies and Miss Dorothy
Davies left on Monday for Vancouver; -Miss Davies will return- to
Tranquille Sanitarium for further
Mr. and Mrs. Cesaretti left on
Monday for Vancouver.
R. Cormier returned to town on
Monday last. "Bob" is greatly im
proved in health.
Master Dick Wynne returned
home on Monday from Vancouver,
for the Easter vacation. '
W. J. (Sparky) Johnston returned to town on Wednesday He is
completely recovered in health..
J. A. D. Stewart returned J on
Wednesday from a visit to Priiice
Rupert. J
Miss Alberta Jones, who is a
niece ofL Mrs. O. G. Maointare,
arrived on Wednesday from Skfde-
gate. *
D. Boyd and B. W. Barber arrived ou Wednesday from Vanoouver. The former will take up the
position at the Bank recently vacated by Mr. Elgood and Mr. Barber will relieve there fur the holidays.
J. P. MoMullen, of the Canadian
Bank of Commerce, left on Wednesday for a visit to Viotoria.
Constable G. Home, of the Can
adian Mounted Polioe, left ou
Wednesday for Vancouver.
The engagement is announced of
Miss Mary Graham, youngest
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James
Graham, of Victoria, B. C, to Mr.
Fred Williams of Anyox. The
wedding will take place this evening
(Saturday, April 8th.) in the United
Church. '•Freddy" Williams is a
well known and popular footballer
in the smelter town.
Handling of The Anyox
Strike Citicized By
H. F. Kergin
Recollections of the Anyox strike
which occurred during the early-
part of February, were revived by
Mr. H. F. Kergin, M. L A. in the
Provincial Legislative Assembly on
March 29th. when he made a scathing attack against the Government
and the Granby Co. He declared
that both had committed grave
errors in handling the strike situation.
Mr. Kergin described the location
of Anyox, approachable only by
boat, where he said a foreign
company controlled everything.
The man who went to work there
found this company his employer,
his landlord and his merchant.
Prices of copper had been going
down. The men had had three
cuts of pay in a year, but neither
their rents nor their board had been
cut. They worked 20 to 22 shifts
a month at $2.25 to $2.40 a day,
and paid $1.10 a day for every day
of the month for board.
The men had a real grievance he
said, and on Sunday they declared
a strike. The company asked two
days' grace and it was given.
Within 24 hours of the strike being
declared to take effect Wednesday
the provincial police were on their
way from Vancouver.
Mr, Kergin described  the fight
between police and strikers on the
Mine Road, and said  that despite
Continued on Page 4
I.O.D.E. To Hold Card
Party and Dance
A good number of members were
present at the regular monthly
meeting of the Collison of Kincolith
Chapter, I. O. D. E., held in the
Legion Club Room on Monday last.
The Regent, Mrs. J. VV. Lang presided.
It was decided to continue for a
further period, the assistance given
to the daughter of a returned soldier
residing at Salmon Arm.
A card party and dance will be
held in the Elks' Hall on Friday,
May 12th, the committee to arrange
same, being under the convenership
of Mrs. Fricker.
An important item of the evening
was the presentation to Mrs. Fricker of a silver hot-water jug in appreciation of her two years' service as
Regent of the Chapter. Mrs. Lang
the present Regent, made the presentation and referred to the willing
and conscientious work of her predecessor. The hostesses for the
evening were Mrs. Kirkwood, Mrs.
Kent, Mrs. Harman and Miss V.
Eve. ALICE   ARM   AND   ANYOX   HERALD,'Saturday. April 8.  1933
Prince Rupert Unemployed Present Many
Demands covering a large range
of subjects were presented to Government Agent Norman A. Watt
and Mayor M, M. Stephens during
the unemployed march in the city
yesterday afternoon, says the
Prince Rupert Daily News of April
5th. The spokesmen of the work-
less were accorded a courteous hearing by both officials who gave assurance that their representations
would be referred to the proper
quarters for consideration.
The demands which were presented to the Government Agent for
transmission to Victoria were as
Twenty-five per cent increase in
Free medical and dental services.
Clothing for unemployed and
No evictions of unemployed on
account of non-payment of rent or
inability to pay taxes.
Women to receive equal rights
with men in regard to relief.
Children over fifteen years of age
to be granted same relief allowance
as adults.
Release of four delegates from
Prince Rupert now iu prison at.
Prince George for riding on freight
Dropping by immigration authorities of proceedings against sixty-
live striking miners from Anyox
now under notice of impending deportation.
Reinstatement of eleven unemployed workers who were cut off
relief at Alice Arm.
Investigation as to the suitability
of the present government agent
at Anyox to hold that position.
Official investigation into alledg-
edly dangerous condition of workings at Anyox mine.
Enipanelment of coroner's juries
from Stewart. Alice Arm and
Prince Rupert rather than from
Cessation of the use of the provincial police on behalf of corporations during labor disputes.
Release from Kingston penitentiary of Tim Buck and his seven
Non-contributory unemployment
Elimination of closed towns.
Repeal of the deportation laws.
The demands to the Government
Agent were presented by a committee consisting of Charles Chapman
W. Ross. K. Montgomery, J. Jewett
Ex-Aid. Oscar Larsen, Fred Hapla,
and Mrs. Gomez,
While the delegation was in session with Mr. Watt, the marchers
were addressed by Tom Bradley
and other speakers.
Premier Co. Have Large
Holdings In Cariboo
Premier Gold Mining Company's
largest holdings in the Cariboo area
are understood to be a long strip of
31 claims on Antler Mountain
south-east of Barkerville, Its
ground is adjoined on the south-east
by a group of 51 claims owned by
(United States Mining and Smelt
ing Company. The Premier holdings on Antler Creek are crown-
granted and are traversed by the
belt of veins which runs from
Ron i id top to the Sugar Creek area.
Near Sugar Creek, Premier holds
a group reported to be about 12
claims in extent. The location is
approximately 10 miles north west'
of Jack of Clubs Lake.
In addition Premier has bonded
from Messrs. Hawkins and Horie,
land surveyors, 14 lode claims on
Cedar Creek, covering ledges which
were exposed in placer operations
"My bill for improving your
hearing conies to $25," said the ear
''Did you speak, doctor?" asked
the patient, cupping his hand to
his ear.
"Perhaps I'd better make it $10,"
said the doctor.
"That's better, doctor." said the
patient quickly.
Advertise in the Herald
Former Anyox Workers To
Demand Investigation
Armed with sworn statements of
former employees in tlie working,
a delegation sponsored by the local
unemployed and consisting of Harvey Murphy, national organizer of
the Mine Workers' Union of Canada, Russell Barr and Joe Sarich
sailed from Prince Rupert on Tuesday for Victoria, where they will
demand of the Legislature, before
the present session prorogues, that
a public investigation be immediately made into allegedly dangerous
condition of the Hidden Creek and
Bonanza mines at Anyox.
The proposed investigation committee, it is demanded, should be
composed of representatives of various trades unions and labor bodies
workers who have been employed
at Anyox and representatives of
the government and company.
Among those making sworn
statements in regard to conditions
at Anyox are Russell Barr; Dan
Babich, Lars Larson, Joseph Sarich
John Sakulioh and Mike Marchuk.
Copper Producers May Meet
Again In New York
Informal conversations having
to do with the administration of
some potent tonic to the copper
industry, may beheld in New York
this month or early in May.
Various important North American producers expect to talk with
Fernand Pishart, representative of
the large Belgian syndicate, who
is to arrive in a few weeks.
Producers in Canada and United
States have been somewhat encouraged by the fact that copper has
been holding rather steady arouudt
five cents a pound. Securities ol
some of tho companies also have
displayed a firmer tendency.
Prices of the metal, however, have
refused to edge up to their levels of
this time last year.
Farmer to customer—"No, I
wouldn't think of charging ye for
the cider. That'd be bootleg-
gin'—an' praise the Lord, I aint
come t' that yit. The peck of pota-
toes'll be five dollars."
B.  P. O. ELKS
Dominion ol Canada and Newfoundland
Meets every second and fourth Monday of
the month
Hall for rent for dances, social functions, etc.
on application to club manager
Anyox Community
Tbe Beach Council meets on the
Second and Fourth Wednesday of each
month, in the Recreation Hall, at 7
The Mine Council meets on the First
and Third Thursday of each month, in
the Mine Hall, at 7.30 p.m.
Bread,  Cakes, Pastry,
L =_ J
{Ask the Sailors)
(Ask the Doctors)
Shipped by
LONDON Established 1849
This advertisement is not publish
ed  or displayed  by   the   Liquor
Control Board or - by the Government, of British Columbia
For all ailments:   Stomach  Trouble,
Neuritis, Rheumatism, Colds, Hrthritis.
Is Now For Sale in Canada
$2.00 a Package—Postage Paid
One Package makes 15 gallons  of
Mineral Water at a cost of only 13c
a gallon
850, Hastings St. West, Vancouver, B. C.
First-class  Business  Lots at
$200   each,  and   Residential
Lots as low as $25.
Now is the Time to Buy Property
Agent for AlicC Arm Mining
and Development Co.
We recently received a large stock of high grade
Men's Dress Shirts, in all the latest shades, and we
have them in all sizes
Dress Shirts with collar attached, in all colors $.1.15
"Kenwood" brand with collar attached, in striped effects,
'Sta-rite" brand Sport Shirts in white English  Broadcloth.   First-class quality, $1.75.
Dress Shirts in white and various colors,  with separate
collars, from $1.75 to $2.25.
General Merchants, Anyox .
West side of Smelter.
We carry at all times a Full Line of First Class
Groceries;   also Heavy and  Shelf Hardware,
Clothes,   Boots,   Shoes   and   Rubbers   of   all
descriptions.   A large stock to choose from
Alice Arm
You may join at the Beach or Mine Libraries.
Beach or Mine Counters, or with the Secretary
Among the Canadian Provinces, British Columbia is the
leading producer of Silver, Lead and Zinc
In this Province, about 45 per cent, of Canada's Silver,
97 per cent, of the Lead and 93 per cent, of the Zinc are
British Columbia has produced approximately $1,300,000,-
000 worth of minerals.
About 200,000 square miles of unexplored mineral-bearing
lands are open for prospecting.
Practically every mineral known to be found on the
Continent occurs to some extent in British Columbia
Annual Report of the Honourable the Minister of
Mines for the calendar year 1931.
"Lode Gold Deposits of British Columbia."
"Placer Mining In British Columbia."
"McConnell Creek Placer Area"
Non-Metallic Mineral Investigations:    "Barite,"
"Asbestos," "Glassware," "Clay."
Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B. C.
A. C. L. Libraries Are a Boon
To The Public
In these days of economic living the Community League
Libraries furnish pleasurable and instructive reading at
very low expense. Those using the libraries and
reading rooms are naturally expected to belong to the
Membership in the League carries many other privileges.    Anyone may join.    The dues are only 50c.
per month.   The Secretary will be glad to give you
full information.
m. ^
ALICE  ARM   AND  ANYOX   HERALD.   Saturday. April 8. A9B3
Beatty of the C.P.R.
As Montrealers Know Him
Reprinted from Montreal Daily Herald
Vt. Beatty is
a quarterback who studied law, but
by a twist ot
fate, became a
railway president.
Though h e
couldn't make
the first string
on the Varsity
gridiron squad
he had no difficulty with the C.P.R. and has
played regularly ever since. They
say it was Shauglinessy coaching
that turned the trick (Lord S. not
He is probably the shyest man
in Canada.
The ladies admire him because
he wears his hat over one eye
and walks with a quarterback
swagger. The fact that he is a
bachelor and apparently intends
to remain one provides a secoad
element of "jo no sals quol" to
loop feminine hearts in a state
of flutter.
Business men like him because
he talks straight from tho shoulder and has an uucanny talent
for getting at the core of the
most intricate problem.
The man in tlie street respects
him because he preaches The
Gospel Of True Canadlanism.
Politicians fawn on him because
he is the boss of the C. P. R.
The Prince of Wales is another
citizen who thinks Beatty is "all
right," and His Royal Highness is
always ready to prove it by officiating at tho launching of a
new'C. P. R. ship.
Ordinary people respect, him
highly, and are sorry his railway
is having a hard time.
As a youth he wanted to be a
judge, but Fate intervened and
sent him a job in the C. P. R.'s
legal department. Young Beatty
refused to regard this as his life-
work, but ultimately had to decide in a hurry when the lato
Lord Shauglinessy sent for him
and asked him to be a Vice-President.
Here is one version of what
took place: •
Beatty said "No!"
"Tom" Shauglinessy fixed the
young attorney with a stem eye
and exclaimed, "My God, Beatty!
Do you want to be a mere lawyer
all your life ?" Young Beatty
smiled and took the job.
Some people think Mr. Beatty
is hard to reach and tales are
told of citizens who wait for
weeks for the call to conference.
Nevertheless he is the easiest
man in tho country to talk to,
provided you can crash the outer
He is one of the few leading
citizens who go in for Good Works
in a Big Way without thought of
publicity or praise. Not long ago
the mother of an ex-Boys' Home
youth who had lost his job in the
States, was destitute and needed
trainfare home in despair telephoned to E. W. The Chairman
and President of the C.P.R. came
to the phone in person, discussed
the case with the harassed mother,
told her not to worry and instructed the C. P. R. official
nearest to the boy to ship him
back to his home, paying the fare
out of his own pocket. These
are the things which have won
him a reputation for kindness and
He was born at Thorold, .which
Ontario people will tell you is
situated in the Garden of Canada.
He attended several schools In
Toronto, and ultimately scratched
his way into, through and out, of
Toronto University and was called
to the Ontario Bar. That was ln
1901 and almost at once he wen!
into the C.P.R.'s law department.
He stayed there for thirteen years
before becoming the company's
General Counsel. In 1016 he was
elected to the Board. In 1918
they made him President, when
Lord Shauglinessy dropped one of
his two portfolios. Six yaars
later he added tho title Chairman
to his letterhead. Since then hr
has held both jobs and has har"
plenty of worries on his hands.
He thinks co-oiieralive manage
ment will solve the railway pvnb-
lom. He does more travelling
than many salesman! To-day
you will see him ln Calgary. Next
Tuesday he will he In Montreal
On Wednesday hi) will appear before the Railway Commission In
the Capital, On Thursday you
can talk with lflm hy long distance to the Empress of Britain,
outward bound. Wherever he
goes he carries his work under
his hat. When \'\\v». wore Rood
It used to he written that he had
the Biggest Industrial Job In The
World. The job tn-riny Is pro
taably just as big but inflate!
more arduous.
Artists in British-Canadian Concerts
Brilliant entertainers are to be heard this fall and winter in a nation-
wide chain of musical centres throughout the Dominion, sponsored
by the Canadian Pacific Railway. They will appear In a series of six
concerts, the outgrowth of the Music Festivals, now internationally
known, which have been staged by the Music Department of the rail-
. way.   Each of these concerts will be given at Toronto, Winnipeg,
Regina, Calgary, Vancouver and Victoria with a probability of other
cities being added to the list. Amow? those now taking part in these
concerts will be Florence Hood, brilliant Canadian violinistj'^Mary
Frances James, lyric soprano of Montreal; Stanley Maxted, Montreal
tenor; Rudolph Plamondon, Canadian-born star of the Paris Opera;
and the Hart, House Quartette, internationally famous as players of
Chamber Musk.
A rare print of the Confederation Conference held at Quebec, in October, 1864.  It was jctMnted to the
Public Archives recently by the Right Hon. Sir Robert Borden.
The Herald is only $2.00 per year, $1.00 for six months, or
50c. for 3 months ALICE   ARM   AND   ANYOX   HERALD,   Saturday. April 8.  1933
"Trouble In Paradise"
Miriam  Hopkins,     Kay  Francis,
Herbert Marshall, Charles Ruggles
Edward  E.  Horton.
Here's breathless romance for
every girl who wants strong arms
about her and For every boy who
risks caresses that are intimate.
Romance for every woman whose
heart beats faster in the moonlight.
In this picture there are two Eves
and one Adam, who was somewhat of a snake. One Eve was
a brunette and the other a blonde,
but they both saw red when Adam
offered them an apple. This Ernst
Lubitsoh picture means a rich two
hours of love and laughter, what
a night and what fun. Don't miss
this great picture on Saturday.
'A Bill Of Divorcement'
John   Barrymore,     Billie  Burke,
Katherine Hepburn,  David  Manners, Paul Cavanaugli.
From every viewpoint—type of
story, acting, direction, and manner of presentation—this is a big
picture. The story is a domestic
drama. A divorce, a daughter, a
father who has been shell-shocked,
a re-marriage, blasted hopes, and
the family all broken up. John
Barrymore is a greater Barrymore,
more natural, more powerfully
dramatic. In one scene, where he
pleads with Billie Burke to take
him back, he reaches emotional
heights seldom attained by any
actor. Katherine Hepburn makes
her screen dobnt and is marked as
a potential star. Billie Burke,
aa the wife, puts over her part with
splendid ability.
Vandals Increase Their
Lead In Play-off
Playing smooth and clever basketball, the Vandals beat the Concentrator on Friday the 31st. for the
second win in the play-off series,
the final score being 39-23. At half
time they were leading 21-9, but the
Concentrator boys, by aggressive
play and good passing, made 14 pts
in the second half, as against 18 by
the Orangemen.
Steele, Heinekey and McDonald
worked untiringly for the losers,
while Lee and A. Calderoni topped
the scoring list for the miners, both
playing a brilliant game.
The teams: Concentrator, Dodd
2, Steele 4, Heinekey 4, Dwyer,
Mcleod, Falconer 4, McDonald 9.
Vandals: H. Jack 4, A. Calderoni
1.1, Lee 21, G.Anderson, F. Calderoni^,
You do not have to go to perdition because people talk about you.
Badminton  Club Splendidly
Entertained By B. 0. P. E.
Continued from Page 1
relating to local affairs, were asked
each candidate, the first of whom
fell down at station 1 and was tortured in a most uncanny manner,
finally expiring and being carried
out by two slaves. The second infidel tripped at the second oasis and
underwent severe punishment in the
electric chair, he being given ten
thousand jolts and disappearing altogether under the heavy voltage.
The third was gleefully operated
on by lscorchem, being branded
with red hot irons and finally forced
into a roaring furnace, a few rags
being the only evidence that remained. The "Ponderous Rajah" who
dominated the affair was Duncan
Campbell, and the slaves were M.
Abel and J, Kelly, while P. Powell
had charge of the sound effects.
The whole proceeding evoked a
continuous roar of laughter, the
dignified bearing and witty remarks
of the Rajah, and the antics of the
two slaves being noteworthy. An
enjoyable dance followed the music
being supplied by the Merrymakers'
Orchestra and thus a memorable
evening was brought to a close.
Great credit is due to the Elks for
the splendid evening's entertainment
which was entirely free to all the
guests. Quite a number of articles
were needed for stage effects and
this was made possible through the
courtesy of the Granbv Stores.
Handling of The Anyox Strike
Criticized By H. F. Kergin
Continued from page 1
there being no trouble after this
incident the police continued to
arrive by airplane after airplane
until there were more than 100 on
A Dominion Government cruisei
also arrived and played a searchlight on the town all night long.
The police also placed a machine
gun outside the bunkhouse. All
this, Mr. Kergin claimed was quite
The exportation of men from
Anyox was also criticized by Mr.
Kergin, and, he said: "If they call
that British justice then I am a
He concluded by pleading for an
investigation to see that the board
and rental charges were fair and
that a living wage was paid.
The more a man finds fault, the
more proof it is that he has never
done anything worth while himself.
B. P. 0. E. Anyox Lodge
Annual Easter
: Sance:
Dancing 9 to 2.   Good Supper
Don't Miss  this Popular
Gents 50c.   Ladies 50c.
all Soups and Creamed Sauces!
Thousands of thrifty housewives know that they now can get that
rich, creamy blandness In their cooking without overstepping the
dictates of economy. The use of Borden's St.
Charles Milk gives that added touch of delicious richness, not only to cream soups and
sauces, but to every recipe that calls for milk.
St. Charles is a B.C. pro-   WM 1/
luct made in S. Sumas.B.C.   |W|   |  Ijsj f\
The Borden Company Limited, 50 Powell St., Vancouver, B.C.     *"
Please send me a copy of your FREE cook-book "The Good Provider".
Distance will lend quite a bit of
enchantment to winter.
Blinks—That young Oasberused
to be speed crazy. What did it
ever get him?
Jinks—Oh, a very nice funeral.
Fortune never smiles on a  man
because he is a joke.
The closer a man is the more distant his friends are.
A wise husband makes his  wife
do what she wants to do.
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦+ + » + »» + ».»+++4 + » + + + »44+» + + »»»4»»,t.+T7T7«>'
for its Hospitality
and Service . ..
Detached Bath       With Bath
Daily $1.50 $2.00
Weekly    7.50 10.00
Monthly 25.00 30.00
"The Vancouver home
for B. C. people."
Our guests are invited to visit CJOR,  Vancouver's most modern radio station—just completed on the Lower Floor of
Vancouver, B. C.
E.  G.   BAYNES,  Owner-Manager
♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦♦♦♦+++'»-t-t++^+-t-t^-M>*+4-t^^
11=11—11—11 ii ii—ir-|t—ir
Candies. Stationery. Proprietary
Medicines, Toilet Articles, Etc.
W. M. ClimmingS,   Agent for all Vancouver Daily Papers
Post Office Building, Alice Arm
New Dresses & Suits
We have just received a shipment of Dress Lengths in
FIGURED FLAT CREPE, in colors of Green, Navy,
Maroon, Eleanor Blue, and Fawn. These make very
attractive dresses and suits.   Per yard, $1.50 & $1.65.
ALSO FIGURED PIQUES, in white background with
floral designs of green, mauve, and fawn; also in green
background with white designs; per yard 45c.
in colors of pink, peach, white, and blue; also in two
shades of green; per yard 50c. to 75c.
See our new and complete line of KNITTING WOOLS,
in Monarch, Viyella and Corticelli;   also Rug Wools.
We have all the newest shades.


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