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 A little paper
with all the
news and a big
Published in the interests of Alice Arm and Anyox, B. C.
S2.00 a Year
Alice Arm and j
Anyox; $2.25 to j
all other points.
VOL. 13.   NO. 32
Alice Abm, B. 0„ Saturday, February 10. 1934
5 cents each.
Mechanics Swamped By
Trojans In Monday
Flashing speed and power before
a mere handful of fans on Monday
last, the Trojans swamped the
Mechanios to the tune of 50 to 27,
thereby climbing to second place
in the Senior "A" League. It was
a willing go, with the junior giants
doing everything right and the
lathemeh doing most things wrong
Tlieir shots throughout were mostly unlucky, and all they could do
against the splendid teamwork of
the Trojans availed nothing.
Davies, Dresser and Watson toiled
harder than ever, the first-named
accounting for 12 of the points
soored. For the Trojans B. Gillies
and H. Dresser were the shooting
stars, notching 23 and 10 points
respectively. Two junior players,
T. Soott and J. Dodsworth went
in for a spell and performed creditably. The teams: Mechanics; C.
Dresser 8; I. Davies 12; L. Gillies
3; Buntain 2; Watson 2. Trojans:
B. Gillies 23; H. Dresser ]0; F.
Gordon 4; W. Shields 7; F. Dodsworth 2; T. Soott 4; J. Dodsworth.
Coming up strong in the second
half, the Rovers almost came
abreast with the Warriors in the
game on Monday the 5th. The
first half closed with a score of 16
to 6 against them, but on the final
whistle they were only six points
behind, the count being 18—24.
The Warriors divided up their
points impartially, while W. Pinck'
ney and L. Kirby did the scoring
for the Rovers. The teams: Rovers; Flye 2; McCarthy; Pinckney
10; Kirhy 6; Kergin. Warriors:
Dominato 4; McDonald 4; Arney
4; Obechine 8; Harrison 2; O'Neill
Tlie Pirates fought their way to
victory in the closing minutes of
their tussle with Mechanics B, final
count being 31 to 28. It was a
fine exhibition on the part of these
strong contenders for "B" League
honors, with Patriok, Church and
Hamilton doing stellar work for
the machine men and Scott, Ferguson and Dodsworth as the bright
lights for the Pirates. The teams:
Mechanics B: Church 5; Patrick
13; J. Gillies 2; Yelland 2; D.
Hamilton 4; J. O'Neill 2. Pirates:
T. Scott 13; D. Ferguson 11; Falconer 2; J. Dodsworth 5; Hardy;
Deeth; Parsons.
The baby born to Mr. and Mrs.
Fred Whitehouse on January 27th.
was erroneously reported by us last
week as being a daughter. It was
a son.
Once a familiar sight on the British Columbia Coast the Canadian National Steamships'
liner, ''Prince David" is now giving Miami, Florida, and Nassau (British West Indies) their
first regular transportation link by water. With a neat coat of white paint for service in
the tropics she is seen entering Nassau harbor where native divers surround the ship in
search of small change. She now makes overnight trips thrice weekly over the 200 mile run
between the Florida city and Nassau.
Elks' Annual Ball Was
Brilliant, Enjoyable
Over two hundred people were
present at the Elks' Hall on Friday
the 2nd, when the Annual Elks'
Ball was held. As a gay and enjoyable function this year's surpassed even the best of any previously held. Gorgeous decorations
transformed the hall into a scene
of enchantment, and showed painstaking work by many willing
hands. Novel lighting effectsadd-
ed still further to the charm and
beauty of the scene. Splendid
music was furnished by the Revellers' Orchestra, whose catchy and
tuneful numbers kept the daiicers
animated throughout the evening.
The supper was preceded by the
Grand March, led by the officers of
the Lodge and their • ladies, and
special tables were set in the club
room to take care of those guests
who oould not be accommodated
downstairs. The supper room was
gaily decorated, and this important
interlude of the evening was most
enjoyable for everyone. The
dancing proceeded until after 2 a.m.
The Brother Bills have been congratulated on all sides for the
splendid success which attended
their efforts  on   this   memorable
Fred Green, who has been undergoing special medical treatment in
Vancouver, returned to town on
Monday. Mr. Green was a patient
in St. Paul's hospital for two
months, entering that institution
on November 27th.
Is Created President
Mr. S. J. Hungerford has been
appointed President of the Canadian National Railways, reporting
to the Trustees. The appointment
covers the Canadian National
Railway Company and other railway and other companies comprised in the National Railway.
Mr. Hungerford has been Acting President of the Canadian
National System since July 20,
1932, carrying on at the same time
his former duties as Vice-President
in charge of operation.
Mrs. E. Moss left on Monday for
a visit to Prinoe Rupert.
The launch Awake, in oharge of
H. P. Kergin and H. R. Fowler,
left early on Monday morning for
Prince Rupert where efforts are
being made to sell the launoh.
Miss Alice Kergin, who plans
spending several mouths at Viotoria, left ou Monday. She travelled
on the launch Awake as far as
Prince Rupert.
y 9 '•• ♦ >•■ sf ••• «f ■•■••
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Johnston
arrived on Monday, from Vancouver.
Herbert Johnston returned on
Monday from a visit to Vancouver.
Mrs. A. Mast and Mrs. A. Clarkson left on Monday for a visit to
Prince Rupert.
S. Jabour, Northern Representative of the Sun Life Assurance
Co., left on Monday for Prince
Rupert, following a business visit
Mr. and Mrs. P. Curti and
daughter Babara left on Monday
for a visit to Prince Rupert.    *
Mrs. W. J. Porter left on Monday for Vanoouver. She reoently received the sad news that her
mother had died on Friday the
2nd. The funeral took place yesterday.
Miss Elsie Peters, who has been
visiting Mr. and Mrs. S. Peters,
returned on Monday to Victoria.
John Curti returned on Wednesday from a visit to Prince Rupert.
Bennie Windle returned on Wednesday from a visit to Prince
Mrs. Stan Thomas arrived on
Wednesday from Vancouver.
Mrs. W. Watkins left on Wednesday for a visit to Prince Rupert.
Mrs. D. C. Casey left on Wednesday for a visit to Prince Rupert.
J. E. Ferguson left on Wednesday for a visit to the south.
Shallowness tends to vanity.
No poorer music than, singing
your own praise.
War harms everybody, helps nobody, settles nothing.
Community League Will
Hold The Annual
The annual meeting of the Anyox
Community Loague, Beach Branch,
will be held in the Recreation Hall
ou Wednesday, February 28th. at
7.30 p.m. The annual reports will
be presented, and the councillors,
as chairmen of the various committees, will each give an account
of his stewardship. Nominations
for councillors for the ensuing year
will also take place. All members
of the Community League are
earnestly requested to be present,
and to bring along their ideas,
suggestions, questions, and grievances, if any. The Community
League is a vital factor in the
recreative and social life of the
community, and members are urged
to take an active interest in its
doings by attending this annual
meeting and taking part in any
discussions which may arisp.
On Monday, February 2b'tli, tlie
annual meeting of the Mine Branch
of the A. C. L. will be held in the
Mine Hall, commencing at 7. p.m.
The various reports will be presented, and nominations will be accepted for Councillors for the present
year. The Mine Branch has been
specially active throughout the
past year, doing much excellent
work for the general good and welfare of the community, and it is
expected that there will be a large
turnout at this meeting. Members
will not only wish to voice their
appreciation of the efforts of the
present Council but will earnestly
desire that the Branch keep up its
good work. Keep this date open
and remember that the meeting
starts at 7 p.m.
John D. Galloway Tenders
John D. Galloway, provincial
mineralogist, has resigned. Following his resignation he stated
that he will open offices at Victoria
as a consulting mining engineer.
"We are going to have several
active mining years in this province," Mr. Galloway said'* "The
gold mining industry is already
booming and other forms of mining
Ruoh as silver, lead and zino are
coming baok. Capital is eagerly
looking towards British Columbia
and engiueering advice will be required "
Previous to his appointment as
Provinoial Mineralogist, Mr. Galloway was resident mining engineer for the North-eastern district
with headquarters at Hazelton.
jmsmtmmmtmmtWmm ALICE   ARM   AND   ANYOX   HERALD.   Saturday.  February 10,  1934
Alice Arm & Anyox Herald
Issued every Saturday at Alice Arm
Alice Arm and Anyox 82.00 Yearly
Other Parts of Canada, $2.25
British Isles and United States, $2.50
Notices for Crown Grants -   -   $15.00
Land Notices ....      $15.00
Transient Advertising, 50c. per inch
Contract Bates on Application.
E. MOSS, Editor and Publisher.
State Health Insurance
For British Columbia
State health insurance in British
Columbia, will be given serious
consideration by the government.
It will be brought into force as
soon as a sound basis of contributions can be decided upon, states
Hon. Dr. George Weir, provincial
secretary and minister of education.
State health insurance has been
adopted by several countries and
has been found to function beneficially. When 90 per cent, of the
people are employed there is no
worry in regard to contributions,
for everyone drawing wages or salaries are forced to pay a small
amount into the fund, and in return they receive free medical
services. When trade depressions
appear—and we are well aware
that they do—then contributions
shrink, but the demand for medical assistance remains the same.
It is this problem, with others,
that must be solved in order to
ensure success. The three greatest worries of the human race today are unemployment, sickness
and old age poverty. When these
worries are lifted from off the
shoulders of mankind the world
will be a happier place. In the
case of sickness and old age a start
has been made, and when everyone
is assured of permanent employment we will have made a rapid
march along the road of civilization.
Bi-Metallism Is Having
Hard Struggle
Latest reports from London and
New York at the beginning of the
week are that if and when the
currencies of Great Britain and the
United States are stabilized that
the price of gold will be set at
$35.00 per ounce or close to that
figure. If this is done the outlook
for the re-monetization of silver is
not unduly bright, and it means
that silver prices will fluctuate with
world conditions. The world's
financial experts, who are mostly
bankers, are undoubtedly opposed
to bi-metallism. The only alternative was*to raise the price of gold,
and thus stave off, for a time at
least, a financial crash due to a
shortage of that metal. But this
price raising remedy is only temporary. As the population and the
wealth of the world increases the
shortage of gold will become more
acute. There are only two remedies, either continue increasing the
price of gold or adopt bi-metallism.
It is more likely that silver will be
Consumption of Copper
Shows Increase
Light on the growing demand
for copper outside the United States
which for the past few months has
been sopping up the entire production of Canadian refineries, is
shed by latest figures issued by the
American Bureau of Metal Statistics.
Apparent copper consumption,
exclusive of the United States for
the latest three month, reported by
•the various countries, averaged
76,941 short tons, as compared
with an average of 70,974 tons a
month for 1933.
Last report for Great Britain is
for December. Seven countries
have November their last month of
report. October is the last month
of report for three nations, and the
last report from Hungary is for
September. Canadian apparent
consumption for the last three
months is 4670 tons, as compared
with 3891 average for 1933.
Average of 72,271 short tons a
month for nations outside North
America is the highest monthly
average for any three months for
these nations for several years, and
compares with high of 68,833 tons,
three-month average five months
First Schoolmaster: "Have you
any abnormal boys in your class?"
Second schoolmaster; "Yes,
two; they both have excellent
Cash disbursement of $976,771
results from the dividend of $1.50
a share declared recently on the outstanding stock of Consolidated Mining and Smelting Company of Canada, being the first c:ash distribution
by the company since early in 1932.
Total dividends paid since incorporation amount to $44,658,599 im
addition to shares of a par value of
$2,852,500 distributed as bonuses.
re-monetized ahd perhaps at an
earlier date than a great many
people expect. Experiments in
currency today are many. But bimetallism is not an experiment for
it has stood the test from the dawn
of civilization down to a few decades ago, when silver was discard-
ed and a gold standard adopted.
Since Great Britain and the United States went off the gold standard, the price of that metal has
risen nearly $15 00 per ounce. If
the price of silver would only rise
15 cents per ounce at the present
time instead of $15.00, as in the
case of gold, it would go a long
way towards solving the unemployment problem in Canada.
It is sincerely hoped that Premier
Bennett will follow the example of
President Roosevelt and set a standard price of 64^ cents an ounce
for all government purchases of
newly mined silver in Canada. As
one of the leading silver producing
countries Canada should do everything possible to help raise the price
of silver. We can't expect the
non-producing countries to make
the first move.
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When Friends
Drop In
After a couple of hours of "Auction" or "Contract" . . . complete an enjoyable evening with a
light repast of sandwiches, crackers, cheese and
PHOENIX LAGER is sparkling, pure and
healthful. It is so easy to serve, and many prefer
it as a late evening beverage because it aids digestion and induces calm repose.
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T. W. FALCONER Ai.ee a™
Lode and placer gold mining have made remarkable strides
in the past three years.   Historic Cariboo and Bridge
River districts are now prominently in the public eye.
There are opportunities for profitable investment, and
about 200,000 square miles of unexplored mineral bearing
lands are open for prospecting.
British Columbia is the leading Canadian Province in
production of silver, lead and zinc.
Inform yourself by consulting Official Publications of
which these are the most recent:
Annual Report of the Honourable the Minister of
Mines, for the calendar year 1932.
"Placer Mining in British Columbia."
Preliminary Report on the Mineral Industry of British
Columbia for the calendar year 1933.
Non-Metallic Mineral Investigations: "Barite," "Asbestos;" "Glassware;" "Clay;" "Magnesite and Hydro-
The Department of Mines,
:j ALICE   ARM   AND   AXYOX   HERALD.   Saturday.  February 10,   1984
Printing of Every
The Herald Job Printing Department is equipped to handle
any class of work promptly
and efficiently, Irom a plain
black and white Handbill to a
three or four Color Souvenir
Office Forms
Business Cards
Admission Tickets
Visiting Cards
Invitation Cards
and Announcements
Are among the many forms of Printing
handled by The Herald Office    .
is executed in a Neat and
Attractive manner.  Delivery
is prompt and the cost as low-
as possible
Can be filled within two or
three days, or even earlier if
you phone us a rush order
1 iiiliiiilijlllX
Estimates Gladly Given 1
The Herald Printing 1
Bi^§B.^s^-.iaMias^B^ ESI^^
Sunshine and Showers—New Version
item Is) ta fastsrlw tt flu wtmsfs tmMimia, Wn • tww st Of rsmr mi st tht "Mtarru" cu.  Tka Mr m flu i
1 Qver ninety thousand dollars has
I been spent on each of the new
"Solarium" ears designed for use
on the long-distance all sleeping
ear trains of the Canadian Pacific
Railway. Fifteen of them have
been built at the Company's Shops
at Montreal, and the one pictured
above; the River Thames, will be
one.of those in use on tht Trans
Canada Limited. These cars are
given over entirely to the use of
the passengers and contain, among
other things, two green-tiled shower baths, a ladies lounge, a
large smoking-room, an observation
lounge and a Solarium. This latter,
which takes the place of the open
platform is glazed with vita-glass
which admits all the beneficial sun
rays, and permits an unbroken
view in luxurious comfort. Ths
main observation lonnge and the
ladies lounge are furnished in
various tapestries. The smoking-
room and the Solarium in soft
leather, blue and red in the smoke-
room and sand colored in the rear
compartment. A small buffet will
provide ref reshrr.«mt as auxiliary to
the dining car which is also of new
and novel design.
Breaking New Trails in the Rockies
P very year the Order of the Trail Riders of the
Canadian Rockies gathers together its devotees
who set out into the unknown, or the almost unknown, on mountain ponies from the starting point
at the Banff Springs Hotel or Chateau Lake Louise.
For those new to the game there is a trail ride of
a few days, covering, however, little travelled paths,
while for the expert there is a ride of three weeks
penetrating to the heart of the Rockies, and both
end in a Grand Pow-wow or campfire meeting where
songs are sung and the feeling of general jollity
is perpetuated. These Trail rides are held in August
when the weather is Bt its best and lovers of the outdoors gain an experience which, even if they never
repeat it, will furnish them with memories and
stories for a life-time. Every year new trails are
broken, the one last year being over Gibbon Pass,
named after the founder of the Order. The rides
attract travellers from every part of the continent
and from Europe, and some 1,500 of them are now
enrolled in the Order.
Lay-out shows riders passing through Gibbon
Pass, taking a rest at Shadow Lake with Mount Ball
in the background, and fording an arm of the Lake
of Hanging Glaciers.
Herald Ads. Will Bring You  Business
SSHSl ALICE   ARM   AND   ANYOX   HERALD.   Saturday. February 10, 1934
Vandals A and B Teams
Continue Victorious
Battling the aggressive and
speedy Trojans to a whirlwind
finish in the third game of the
basketball card ou Friday the 2nd,
Vandals A secured the narrow
margin of 3 points, the final score
being 25-22. It was a tough go to
the final whistle, with the Trojans
playing the game of their career.
The swiftness and teamwork of the
miners won them the day, and was
a real treat to watch.
Somewhat outclassed by the
Vandals B. team in the second
game of the evening, the Rovers
went under to the tune of 22-7.
The miners showed superior speed
and combining ability, and had the
game sewed up soon after the start
though the Rovers were never
daunted and kept up a good spirit
to the end. The teams: Rovers:
McCarthy; Pinckney 4; Kergin; J.
Cloke 3; Flye. Vandals B: Heine-
key 10; White 4; Reid 8; Graham;
A tentative all-star ladies' team
tested their ability against a quintette from the Men's B teams in the
second game, and put up a surprising. The stronger opposition drew
out the best efforts of the ladies,
whose quick passing and open style
of play were a treat to watch.
They also made frequent changes
in the team, which made the game
fast aud forceful. It was evident
that Anyox can put up an aggregation of ladies that would prove a
real obstacle to any visitors from
the outside. The boys nosed out a
victory by a score of 26-22. The
teams: Ladies' all-stars: M. Dresser
5; K. Eve 5; T. Gordon 2; J. Philip; L. Dresser; N. Salmon 6; P,
Loudon 4 Men's team: D. McDonald 5; T. Scott 7; G. MoDonald 6; Hardy 2; J. Dodsworth 3;
Parsons 3.
Trojans had most of the fans
with them all the way in their
battle with Vandals A, and almost
succeeded in snatching a victory.
A feature of the struggle was the
splendid checking on both sides,
the scoring of star shooters on both
sides being kept down to a minimum. It was a fast and brilliant
exhibition, especially in the second
half. The teams: Trojans: B. Gillies 12; H. Dresser 6; K. Falooner;
W. Shields; • F. Dodsworth 1; F.
Gordon 2; J. Dodsworth 1. Vandals A: F. Calderoni 6; L. Falconer 7; T. Calderoni 10; Woodman;
8wanson 2; Reid.
A good crowd witnessed the
games, which were well handled
by referee N. Youngs
Premier R. B. Bennett
Who has authorised the forming
of a committee to investigate price
spreads between consumers and
producers. Mass buying by big
chain and department stores will
also be investigated. It is hoped
that the result of the investigation
will be beneficial to the consumers.
All parties united in voting for the
Advertise in The
Mr. Lars Anderson Reaches
Home Safely
Mr. Lars Auderson, who left
Anyox several weeks ago for his
home in Norway, has arrived safely, aocording to a letter received
from his brother by Mr. J. Cloke.
Lars, as he is familiarly known
here, is seriously ill and not likely
to recover. It will be recalled that
a subscription was taken up on his
behalf, and the grateful thanks of
his people were conveyed in the
letter to all those who assisted in
this good cause.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. S. Hopkins, on Saturday, February 3rd,
at the Anyox General Hospital, a
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. R. Summers, on Sunday, February 4th, at
the Anyox General Hospital, a
Canadian Silver Production
Rose In October
Canada produced 1,200,260 ounces of silver in October last as compared wit 979,286 in September and
1,545,175 ounces in October 1932.
On the New York market, silver
quotations ranged from an opening
high bid of 40 cents per onnce to a
low of 36.125 cents per ounce on
the sixteenth. A rising trend was
shown towards the close of the
month; on the thirty-first the price
was 39.375 cents per ounce. The
average price in Canadian funds in
October was 39.1199 cents per
ounce, at which value the Canadian
output was worth $469,541.
Radicals start reforms;   others
put them through.
ere an
The first event in the celebration of the Centennial of the City
of Toronto, to be held this year,
took place at the Royal York
Hotel in the closing week of 1933
when Mayor Stewart handed out
loaves of "Centennial" bread to
a large crowd of interested recipients.
Emile St. Goddard and Leon-
hard Seppala, heroes of many
hotly fought Dog Derbies, will
fight It out again in the Quebec
Dog Derby of February 23-26 next
to be held in Quebec City. Many
other teams have already registered and special training events
for the big show are being held.
A tip for the encouragement of
the younger ski generation is
given by the Canadian Pacific
Railway in the company's Inauguration of a special school age ski
excursion at low rates to the
Laurentians just* outside Montreal. The special was heavily
patronized by the youngsters.
Statistics recently issued by the
Bureau of Railway News and
Statistics show that the safest
way to travel is by railroad. In
a year's operation of Canadian
and United States railroads only
one passenger was killed out of
a total of 469,048,629 persons carried a total of 16,941,246,109 miles.
The old belief that women cannot wear high heels without injury to posture and health was
described as '"bunk" by J. S.
Brower, shoe expert of Milwaukee,
delegate to the National Shoe Retailers Association convention recently held at the Royal York
Hotel, Toronto.
A Canadian lnter-collegiate ski
meet, unique development in Eastern Canada as far as ski-ing is
concerned, will be held at the
Seigniory Club, Montebello, end of
January. Toronto University,
Ottawa University, MoGill and St
Patrick's College in Ottawa are
among the collegiate teams to be
Snow shovels and twenty below
In many places in Canada are replaced by mashies and 66 above
at Victoria B.C., these days where
the sixth annual midwinter golf
tournament swings into action at
the Royal Colwood Course February 19-24. Enquiries and early
entries from ardent golfers indicate that again this year the
tournament will be a big success.
Silver Fox Breeders' Association convention was the first of
three big gatherings held at the
Chateau Frontenac Quebec City
this year. It was simultaneous
with that of the Canadian Fruit
and Vegetable Jobbers' Association and was followed shortly
after by the convention of the
Canadian Association of Tourists
and Publicity Bureaus.
Gratification at the way ln
which the public Is using the new
rail "shuttle service" between
Moose Jaw and Regina was expressed by H. R. Mathewson, general passenger agent, Canadian
Pacific Railway, Winnipeg when
Interviewed recently at Regina.
He had had ample opportunity to
view the running of the new
"seven-a-day" train service between the two cities and was very
pleased with the results being
Girlhood lost a valuable safeguard
when modesty ceased to be counted
a virtue.
Political Speaker—I'm pleased to
see such a dense crowd here tonight.
Voice from the Audience—Don't
be too pleased. We aren't all
Listen with the wise and talk
with the foolish.
Who looks too much at himself
looks too big to himself.
A watch without a maker would
be less strange than a universe
without a Creator.
Man (telling friend how to find
his home when he calls on him)—
You go a long way out on a road
until you come to a red barn, but
that's not me, so keep on going till
you come to an old house, but that's
not me either. Just keep on going
and you'll come to a white house
with a pig in the yard—that's me.
B.  P. O.  ELKS
Dominion ol Canada and Newfoundland
.i   ANYOX LODGE No. 47
Meets every second and fourth Monday ol
' • the month
Hall for rent for dances, social functions, etc.
on application to club manager
It's for Children's
Coughs and Colds
As well As your Own
Mother, don't worry whan tha children have a
hid cough or cold—just give them BUCKLEY'S MIXTURE mixed with equal parts of
honey. One pleasant little dose will give immediate relief. Two doses are often all that are
needed to end a bad cold*
Buckley's is absolutely safe for the smallest
child, but so supremely good that it will banish
tha toughest adult cough or cold and It's
simply wonderful for 'flu or bronchitis. Refuse
eubstitutas. Buckley's is aold everywhere.
COLDS 4,!i.ok'y1cured by
reliable home remedy. No drugs. Five ingredients procurable at any
grocery store at small oost.
Recipe 30c. postal note (no
A splendid rcoipe to have on
We can measure your foot for Christie's Celebrated Made-to-Measure Hand Made Shoes.
These Shoes are built of No. 1 Chrome leather,
double or triple sole, outside counter and Hungarian nailed.
8 inch top $10.00,   10 inch top $11.00, and
12 inch top $13.00.
General   Electric   1934
Radio Sets
May be  Purchased on Easy Terms.   Trade  In
For Satisfaction Buy General Electric Radiotrons
Precision in Construction Makes
Every   Tube a Matched Tube
THERMOGENE WOOL for heavy colds and congestion in
the chest, 65c.
and eases conghing, 75c.
SYRUP COCILLANA.   A Parke Davis Product.   Gives
prompt relief for night coughs, 60c. , i
DOMINION C. B. Q.   A laxative compound tablet to be
taken at the start of a cold.   They break up a cold
before it settles, 25c.
HOT WATER BOTTLES; 2-qt. size, guaranteed for 1
year, $1.00.
3-qt. size, guaranteed for 2 years    • •   $3.00
ALUMINUM HOT WATER BOTTLE   .       .    $3.25
General Merchants, Anyox West side of Smelter.
OPEN   UNTIL   10   P.M. '>


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