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A little paper
with all the
news and a big
Published in the interests of Alice Arm and Anyox, B. C.
" T-*" t— f-r
S2.S0 a Year ;
Alice Arm and \
Anyox. $2.75 to !
all other points. !
VOL. 11,   NO. 6
Alice Arm, B. 0., Friday, August 14, 1931
5 cents each.
Activities Of Canadian
Legion Are Fully
At a recent meeting of the Anyox
Branch of the Canadian Legion
B.E.S.L. the question was brought
up as to the standing of an Imperial
ex-service man in the above mentioned organization.
It was very apparent from the
nature of the discussion that a few
of the ex-Imperial members are not
wholly conversant with the aims
and objects of the organization.
The chief aim is comradeship.
It is to assist our comrades who
■ are in distressed circumstances.
The assistance given is to take up
a comrade's case, direct it through
the proper channels, and have it
placed before the proper authorities.     It is the medium   through
I which any ex-Service man of the
Empire army may reach any department before which   he wishes
I to place a legitimate case.
Monetary assistance is given by
|/ local branches to those of Its members who are indigent,  when such
| members make application through
I the Relief Committee. The assistance given wholly depending on the
financial standing of the branch.
There being no General Relief Fund
to draw from, the local branches
depend entirely on the prompt payment of dues, to keep an adequate
amount on hand to meet such requirements as are made on it from
time to time. It may be stated
that the Anyox Branch has been
singularly free from such calls, but
other branches throughout the
province are being hard pressed at
the present time to meet the demands made on them.
The Canadian Legion, B. E. S.
L. has no authoritive connection
with the Board of Pension Commissioners, nor with the Military Hospitals. Any ex-Service man of the
Empire armies suffering from sickness or wounds attributable to war
service may be admitted to military
hospitals by applying directly or
through the medium of the Legion
to the proper authorities.
Those who have in civilian life
contracted sickness or are suffering
from some infirmity not attributable
to war service are at present not
eligible to receive treatment in a
military hospital.
It was the wish of the meeting
that any ex-Service marl who feels
that he has cause for complaint
should state his case clearly at the
Football Benefit Dance
Was Success
A good crowd attended the dance
held in the Gymnasium on Friday
the 7th. for the benefit of injured
football players. The committee
had done everything possible to
ensure a successful function.
The splendid music furnished by
the orchestra of the Prince George,
under Len Chamberlain, was a decided novelty and was greatly enjoyed by all. This orchestra played
during the whole lime the boat was
in port, and needless to say they
received a big hand when the time
came for their departure.
The New Victor Otchestra played
for the balance of the evening, and
the dancers were equally appreciative of the music supplied.
The tasteful supper was looked
after by a committee of ladies, to
whom the committee tender their
hearty thanks for their willing cooperation. It is expected that a
good sum will be realized as a result of the function.
Prince Rupert Football
Team May Visit
Although final arrangements have
not been concluded, it is fully expected that an all-star soccer team
from Prince Rupert will come to
Anyox to play two games here in
the last week in August. This will
be a great event for Anyox folk.
Football is the leading sport in
Prince Rupert, and they boast some
of the best players on the Coast. In
the recent games played with the
famous soccer team of H. M. S.
Dragon—a team which has won
honors in many parts of the
world—Prince Rupert put up a
splendid showing.
On the other hand Anyox has
footballers who are capable of giving any team Prince Rupert may
send a real surprise. Everything is
in readiness to hold a series of two
games here. Admission will most
likely be by ticket to both games.
This is a really attractive sports
Constable A. Barolay of the
Provincial Police arrived ' from
Prinoe Rupert on Friday. He is
relieving Constable 8. Servioe who
is on a vacation.
next meeting, so that the matter
may be placed before the proper
A. J. Kent arrived on Saturday
from Anyox and is spending holidays here with Mrs. Kent and
Mrs, D. R. Learoyd and family
aud Mrs. Chas. McLachlan and
Miss Wall, arrived from Anyox on
Saturday to spend holidays.
Mrs. Ellison and daughter
Molly arrived on Saturday fror
Prince Rupert to spend holidays
with Mr. Ellison, who is surveying
a route for the Illianoe-Naas road.
Mr. and Mrs. T. Pinckney and
daughter Jean arrived from Anyox
on Saturday on a vacation.
J. Deeraan arrived from Anyox
on Friday and is spending holidays
Mr. and Mrs. S. Service and
family arrived from Anyox on
Saturday for a vacation.
A. Beaudin left on Monday for
a visit to Terrace.
Cyril Mann left on Friday for a
two week's vacation to Prince
Rupert and north coast points.
Mr. And Mrs. Wallis Henderson
and Stuart Steele arrived from
Anyox on Tuesday for summer
Mrs. G. S. Maodonald arrived
from Anyox on Tuesday and is
spending holidays with Mrs. Learoyd and Mrs. McLachlan.
Mrs. F. Bushfield and family are
spending holidays here, arriving
from Anyox on Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Mahood and family arrived on Tuesday from Anyox
to spend holidays here.
Mr. and Mrs. Whitehouse were
arrivals from Anyox on Saturday
on holidays.
+ 4 ■ fi) 4*4/ ,u„i »».«.».. 4 •.+...+...4...*
Fred Williams and Stan. Ellison
returned on Friday from Prince
Rupert where they spent a vacation.
Miss Mary Dodsworth returned
home on Friday from an enjoyable
trip to Vancouver.
Mr. and Mrs. J. F; Cloke and
son Tommy returned on Friday
from holidays spent at Tlell. Miss
Marjorie Cloke also returned on
Dr. Gordon James left on Friday
for a vaoation in Vancouver and
other southern cities.
R. L. Healy, superintendent at
the Mine, left on Friday for a trip
to Vanoouver.
Mr. and Mrs. C. 0. Fricker re
turned on Monday from a vaoation
in the south.
Continued on opposite column
Unexpected   Visit  Of
Plane to Alice Arm
A Gypsy Moth plane of the
Northern Btitish Airways Co. of
Prince Rupert, dropped out of the
clear sky at Alice Arm on Saturday and made a perfect landing on
the bay. It was piloted by D.
Murphy and the passenger was
Capt. W. Paul Armour local manager of the Pacific Salvage Co. at
Prince Rupert.
Capt. Armour was here in connection with the transporting of
the logging equipment of the
Abbotsford Lumber Co. He arrived shortly after 4 p.m. and left
again about two hours later. The
trip from Prince Rupert was made
in a little over an hour, and it
shows the fast time that oan be
made by the air route.
Capt. Armour is well known to
many old timers of Anyox, having
resided there for a number of
years before moving to Prince
Rupert. Dtring his short stay
here he met several old Aijyos
Former Resident of Anyox
Passes Away
The friends of Mr. Walter Rashleigh who resided in Anyox for a
number of years will be sorry to
learn that he passed away at San
Francisco on August 1st. Mr.
Rashleigh operated the Beaoh Chib
House for some time. He leaves
to mourn his loss, a wife, Louisa'
Rashleigh of San Francisco, also
three daughters, Mrs. W. Wier and
Mrs. J. H. Clark of Ymir, B. C.
Mrs. George Sohlegar of San
Francisco, and a son Walter of
San Francisco. The late Mr.
Rashleigh was in the employ of the
Granby Co. for twenty years at
Grand Forks and Anyox.
Miss Margaret Shields returned
home on Monday from a southern
F. M. Carter returned on Monday
from a visit to Vanoouver.
G. Higgins, who has spent a
vaoation in the south, returned on
Tom Waddell and Richard Freeman arrived from the south on
E. Young and H. A. Darby arrived on Monday from Prince
Misses Dora Peterson and Edna
Owen arrived home from Prince
Rupert on Monday's boat.
Continued on Page 4
Mine and Smelter Draw
In Fast Cup-Tie
In the Cup-tie game between the
Mine and Smelter on Thursday the
6th. the only goals scored were one
by either side from penalties. Both
teams played an excellent game, the
Mine being a little unfortunate in
not being on top, especially in the
second half. This was chiefly due
to the sound work of the Smelter
backs and the good goal tending.
In the first half, George Hunter
effected a thrilling save from a sudden whizzing shot by Dyer. Pynn
had charge of the Mine goal and
was ready to clear whenever needed. A big crowd of fans was on
In the Anyox football league
game on Tuesday the 4th. the Mine
were beaten by the Celts 4-3. The
Mine played a first-class game, and
had much the best of matters in the
first half, but luck was against
them in their scoring.
Tony Yglesias, playing left wing,
put in a spectacular goal from the
25-yard line. Morrison and Davis
got one apiece for the Mine, the
Celts' counters being by McColl
and Horner (2.) The fourth goal
for the Celts was accidental, the
ball hitting the back of one of the
Mine players and bouncing into the
net. The game was full of interesting little incidents, and was
thoroughly enjoyed by the large
crowd who witnessed it.
Results  Of  Anyox  Tennis
Championship Games
Men's Singles.   Winners Qualified for Semi-Finals
E. R. Oatman defeated G. M.
Lee 6-1, 6-1.
F. Gordon defeated F. Dodsworth junr. 6-2, 6-1.
A. D. McDougall defeated A. D.
Cavers 4-6, 9-7, 6-4.
0. G. Macintyre defeated V. S.
McRae 6-1, 6-1.
Ladies' Singles
Miss K. Eve defeated Mrs. McRae 6-3, 6-0.
Miss M. Leighton defeated Miss
V. Eve 6-0, 7-5.
Mrs. J. Smith defeated Miss Tess
Gordon 6-0, 3-6, 6-0.
Miss M. Dresser defeated Mrs.
L. H. McKay 6-1, 6.1.
Mrs. J. Smith entered the finals
by defeating Miss Mildred Dresser
8-6, 6-0.
In the Ladies' Consolation Singles Mrs. Sheen beat Mrs. Warwick 6-2, 6-3. ALICE   ARM   AND  ANYOX   HERALD, Friday, August 14,  1931
Alice Arm & Anyox Herald
Issued every Saturday at Alice Arm
Alice Arm and Anyox $2.50 Yearly
Other Parts of Canada, $2.75
British Isles and United States, $3.00
Notices for Crown Grunts -   -   $15.00
Land Notices - $15.00
Transient Advertising, 50c. per inch
Contract Rates on Application.
E. MOSS, Editor and Publisher.
There are a number of people
in British Columbia who insist that
if the Canadian Pacific Railway
Co. do not see their way clear to
build a railway from the Peace
River Country to the Pacific
Coast, then the work should be
undertaken by the Federal Government. The advocates of a
government built railway claim
that it would relieve western unemployment. It would, to a certain
extent, but as soon as the railway
was completed the government
would be burdened with another
railway on which any deficit arising would have to be met by the
already overburdened taxpayers.
We are making good the enormous deficits of the Canadian
National Railways, the Hudson
Bay Railway and the Pacific
Great Eastern. Heaven protect
us from any more. Premier
Bennett was right when he refused
to spend the people's money on
building another railway. If the
C. P. R. cannot see any profits
accruing at the present time from
a railway to the Coast—and they
evidently cannot or they would
build—then the government is well
advised in not spending money on
a doubtful profit paying project.
Production Of Automobiles
Drop This Year
Ottawa—Production of automobiles in Canada during June num .
hered 6835 cars, including 5583
passenger care and 1252 trucks.
This output was at the rate of 228
cars per day, and compares with a
daily average of 411 in May and
503 cars per day in June of a year
ago. Comparison of this month's
figures with those of the previous
mouth shows that the decline was
general for all types of cars, pas
senger cars dropping to 5583 from
10,621, and trucks to 1252 from
Alaska Juneau Will Increase
Indication.? at present are that
Alaska Juneau Gold Mining Co.
will establish a new high earnings
record this year, with net profit,
after all charges except depreciation, of approximately $1,500,000,
or about $1 a share. This compares with net profit of $1,025,208,
or 71 cents a share on 1,446,000 in
1929, the previous record year, and
§831,085, or 58 cents a share on
1,443,000 shares last year.
The Alice Arm exhibition of
garden produce that is being
sponsored by Mr. Harry Smith, is
a sign that Alice Arm is becoming
to realize that it has an agricultural industry in addition to a mining
industry. Now that mining is
stagnated throughout the world it
affords such towns as Alice Arm
an opportunity to develop her agricultural industry. There is enough
land on the Kitsault Flats, which,
if properly cultivated could supply
the town of Alice Arm and a
surplus for Anyox with livestock
of all descriptions, butter, milk,
chickens and eggs, also small fruits,
and vegetables of all kinds.   The {world.
transforming of the Kitsault Flats
from the present stump acreage to
cultivated land will require a large
amount of work. A start, however, has been made and the clearing done has well rewarded the
efforts of those engaged.
The Benevolent and Protective
Order of Elks of Canada and
Newfoundland is the only organization, as far as we know, who
honor the anniversary of the entry
of the British Empire into the
world war on August 4th. 1914.
On that day, or as close as possible, each Elks' Lodge hold an
Annual Flag and Children's Day.
The chief reason for the celebration is to instil into the children the
fact that on that day the weight of
the mighty British Empire was
thrown against the Empires of
Germany and Austria-Hungary,
and later against Turkey and Bulgaria, in order to stop their war
of aggression, that if successful
would ultimately have enslaved the
Our  Big Stock Reducing Sale   commences   on
Wednesday next, August 5th. and continues until
Monday, August 31st.
Remember the Date!   Shop Early!
LEW  LUN &  Go.
General Merchants, Anyox West side of Smelter
OPEN   UNTIL   10   P.M.
Profits of Granby Co.
Show Decrease Last
Granby Consolidated Mining',
Smelting-and Power Co. Ltd., for
quarter-ended June 30th. 1931, reports profit of $7,405 after expenses
and inventory write down, but
before depreciation and depletion,
this comparing with profit of $170,
078 before depreciation and depletion and federal taxes in preceding
quarter, and profit of $418,099 in
June quarter of previous year.
Profit for six months ended June
30, 1931, amounted to $177,483
before depreciation, depletion and
federal taxes, against $1,106,485
in first half of 1930.
In the second quarter of 1931
Granby Consolidated Mining,
Smelting and Power Co. Ltd.
produced 8,395,107 pounds of copper, monthly average of 2,798,369
pounds, compared with 8,700,283
pounds in first quarter, monthly
average of 2,900,094 pounds.
Net cost per pound of copper
produced in second quarter, including all operating, general and shutdown expense of the Allenby properties, which did not operate
during this quarter, was8.078cents
compared with 7.065 for the first
quarter of 1931, according to Chas.
Bocking, President. These costs
are before depreciation and federal
taxes, and after crediting precious
metals and miscellaneous income to
"Well, well, I hear your brother
made $1,000,000 in cotton the
other week."
"Yes, but the story isn't quite
right. It wasn't my brother, it was
I. It wasn't cotton, it was copper
It wasn't $1,000,000, it was only
$100,000. And I didn't make it, I
lost it."
This milk
is made in
EVERY drop of Borden's SI.
Charles Evaporated Milk la
made horn Ibi full-cream milk
of i.lidid B.C. corn, pas-
luted In Iht Famous Fimi val.
lay. Nothing bul 60% of Hit
natuial water content li removed. Itiqualityli putt and
unvarying, and you will And
llinvaluaolt In cooking when*
•vera recipe calls for milk.
II Imparls ■ new delightful
flavour, and can ba used for
soups, cream sauces, puddings,
desserts, etc..and Is exception-
ally convenient as a regular
milk supply.
Tha Borden Co. Limited,
S Homer Arcade Building.
Factoryi South Sumai
The Herald Job Printing Department is
equipped to handle any class of work
:   :   ;  Promptly and Efficiently  :   ::
Office Forms
Business Cards
Admission Tickets
Visiting Cards
Invitation Cards
and Announcements
Are among the many forms of Printing
handled by the Herald Office
During the past ten years the Herald
Printing  has  won an  enviable  record
Don't Rob Yourself
During these tight times by failing to
take advantage of the advertising
columns of the Herald
If you have anything to sell, whether it is a piano,
a radio, phonograph, an admission ticket to a dance,
concert or card party, Life or Fire Insurance, something to eat, wear or smoke, an auto ride, or whatever you have to sell:  then
Advertise it in the Herald
and Increase Your Sales
Managers of social affairs are reminded
that an extra ticket or two sold pays for
an advertisement, and the others sold
through advertising are all clear
We will gladly write your advertisement for
you,  if necessary, and display it to the best
possible advantage
For Results Advertise in The Herald ALICE   AEM  AND  ANYOX  HERALD, Friday, August 14, 1931
Tested   Recipes  For  Salad
Now that salads are the order of
the day, really good recipes for
salad dressings will be welcomed,
i A salad is often made or marred by
the piquancy of the dressing used,
so that tested recipes are very
desirable. Since some prefer an
uncooked dressing and others a
cooked dressing, we give two
recipes, both of which we know
will please:
2 eggs beaten until light; y2 teaspoon salt;   yi  teaspoon mustard;
IF YOU have not received your copy of
Infant feeding literature together with our
Baby Record Book fill
ln the attached coupon
•nd they will be sent
you free of alt coat*
Eagle Brand
The Borden Co. Ltd..       C.W. 17
'2 Homer Arcade BIdg., Vancouver
gentlemen: Please nendnie free
copies of your authoritative literature on Child Welfare.
Yi can Eagle Brand Condensed
Milk; l/2 cup of vinegar. Beat the
flrst four ingredients vigorously for
a few minutes, add the vinegar,
stir well and set aside for a
few hours to thicken. Excellent
for fruit or vegetable salad. Will
keep for weeks. For Russian dressing add Chili sauce to taste.
salad dressing (Cooked)
yi teaspoon salt; 1 teaspoon
mustard; 1 tablespoon flour; 1
tablespoon butter; % cup Eagle
Brand Condensed Milk; l/2 cup
water; }( cup vinegar; 1 egg.
Mix dry ingredients, add slightly
beaten egg, butter, milk, water and
vinegar. Cook until thickened.
Strain and cool. Whipped Borden's St. Charles Milk or Cream1
may be added before serving if
desired.    Yield 1 cupful.
Mandy: You'alls reminds me of
one of them flying machines."
Rastus: "How cum, woman,
how cum? 'Cause I is such a high
Mandy: "No, sah, cullud man;
it's just'cause you aint 'no use on
Jack—"Dad, what are ancestors?"
Dad—"Well, my boy, I'm one of
your ancestors and your grandfather is another."
Jack—"Then why do people brag
about them?"
The Alice Arm Mining
and Development Co.
Announce a Drastic Cut in
Prices of all Residential and
Business Lots at Alice Arm
Prices have been Slashed from $1000.00
to $200.00, and to as low as $25.00,
or at least a 75 per cent, reduction on all lots
Now is the time to secure a good Business
Lot or a Residential Site for a Summer
Prices of Individual Lots, terms and all other particulars may be obtained from E. Moss, Sole Agent,
P. O. Box 8, Alice Arm, B. C.
Here and There
"What could we farmers hope tp
accomplish without our railways?"
asked a Kentucky agriculturist,
recently. He added that no agency
had contributed more to the
prosperity ol the farmer than the
"1 have never yet found any
place where the salmon fishing
could compare with New Brunswick," said Arthur Train, well
known novelist, speaking at a camp
dinner given in his honor recently
by the New Brunswick Tourist
Travel Fturpnu.
Encouragement came to western
Canada's farmers and agriculturists with the return to normal
temperatures and varying rainfall
of mid-July. In the drought areai
of Manitoba and Saskatchewan
and to a less extent in Alberta very
great benefit has been felt.
Authentic rainbow trout weighing 7 '/2 lbs. were taken recently
in the French River six miles
below the IMngalow camp, the
first ever caught there according
to the oldest guide. It was caught
by E. A. Farintosh, of New York,
a yearly guest at the camp.
Since the split up of Canadian
Pacific Railway common stock into
(our for one, this issue has taken on
great popularity with the general
run of investors. Between September and June 1931, the number of
these increased from 21,186 to
34,872, an increase of 13,686.
Over 250 members from RameBes
Temple, Toronto, went to Cleveland recently by Canadian Pacific
special to attend the annual conclave and imperial council of the
Ancient Arabic Order of Nobles of
the Mystic Shrine. This conclave
was held last year in Toronto.
A great influx of tourists is
coming into the Maritime Provinces this year, the chain of the
Canadian Pacific hotels at Yarmouth. Digby and Kentville proving strong influences in promoting
the traffic. The ten-day all-
expense Canadian Pacific tour to
the Toronto Exhibition next month
is also drawing much attention in
the Maritimes
Grain exports from the port of
Vancouver this year will probably
exceed 75 million bushels. Up to
June 4th wheat shipments amounted to 65,331,601 bushels. Accommodation for deep sea vessels has
increased from 12 piers in 1920 to
24 piers at the present time and
elevator capacity has increased
from 1.240,000 bushels to 16,205,-
000 bushels.
An Indian Schoolboy's band of
which the leader was also a schoolboy and in which the instruments
were mouth organs, gazoos and
other noise-makers was one of the
leatures ol Indian Park at Banff
which opened July 21. This was
counterbalanced by a septuagenarian Chief's Choir of 18 chiefs
and ex-chiefs who rendered airs
taught by the first western missionaries back in the 1860's long
belore the Canadian Pacific Railway penetrated the mountains.
Six First Aid championships and
five second places lell to Canadian
Pacific Kailway teams across Canada according to the recent annual
re| on ol the St. John Ambulance
Association Of these, three firsts
and one second were captured by
the Railway's Montreal Police
Team The second was in the
coveted Monti/ambert Trophy,
representing the championship of
Canada lor all comers in which
they were only five points behind
the winners Royal Canadian Army
Mtditai Corps ul Kingston, Ont.
(Form F)
Certificate o» Improvements
"Cracker Jack," "45," "Storm
King," "Brownie Fractional," "Violet,' "Molly Darling," "Sun Set No.
1," "Sun Set No. 3"MineraI Olaims, situate in the Naas River Mining Division of Cassiar District.
Where located: at Alice Arm about
two miles up Roundv Creek.
TAKE NOTICE that I, L. H. Hinton, agent for the Keystone Mining
Co. Ltd. Free Miners's Certificate No.
45521-D. intend, sixty days from the
date hereof, to apply to the Mining
Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a
(Jrown Grant of the above claims.
And further take notice thataction,
under section 85, must be commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 1st. day of August A.D.
Candies, Stationery, Proprietary
Medicines, Toilet Articles, Etc.
W. M. ClimmingS,   Agent for all Vaicouver Daily Papers
Post Oflice Building, Alice Arm
We carry at all times a Full Line of First Class
Groceries;   also Heavy and  Shelf Hardware.
Clothes,   Boots,   Shoes  and   Rubbers   of   all
descriptions.   A large stock to choose from
Alice Arm
League members benefit all ways, and especially as
patrons of the Picture Shows. Note these low prices to
Community League members and their families: Men,
one show a month at half-price. Ladies, all the time,
25c. on presentation of Membership Card. So join the
League and take an active interest in all its doings.
From Stewart for Anyox, Massett Inlet,
Prince Rupert and Vancouver,
Tuesdays, a.m.
For Prince Rupert, Ocean Falls, Powell
River and Vancouver, Saturdays 9.00 a.m.
From Anyox for Stewart and ports South
Fridays 11.00 p.m.
Weekly service to Massett Inlet and
fortnightly service to South Queen Charlotte Islands. Particulars on request
Daily from Vancouver at 1.45 p.m. and
1.00 a.m. for Victoria and Seattle.
Passenger trains leave Prince Rupert daily
(Sunday excepted) at  12.30  p.m.  for
Edmonton, Winnipeg and points East,
cflnflDifln nflnonflL
For information call or write
local agent or
District Freight and
Passenger Agent
Prince Rupert, B.C.
THE HERALD, $2.50 A YEAR ALICE   ARM   AND   ANYOX   HERALD, Friday, August 14, 1931
Anyox Notes
Continued from Page 1
D Deane arrived home on Mon
day from a vacation to Terrace
and Port Simpson.
Mrs. J. Hardy loft on Monday's
boat for Vancouver.
Thomas Stewart and H. R. Taylor left on Monday for Vancouver.
Canada Ranks Fourth In
Zinc Production
Canada ranked fourth in the
list of zinc producers in June according to figures furnished by the
American Bureau of Metal Statistics, with a total output of 11,226
tons. The United States came'
first with 23,483 tons and Poland
second with 13,417 tons. Belgian
output was not given for the
month, but for six months its contribution was higher than that of
For the six months' period, Canada stood in fourth rank with
66,513 tons, as against 172,720
tons for the United States, 89,601
tons for Poland, and 79,513 tons
for Belgium.
A 15 foot Row Boat in good
condition with oars and rowlocks.
$20.00 cash. A bargain. Can be
seen at Dolly Varden Wharf,
Apply H. F. Hoadley, Alice Ann.
Ship anywhere. Sample Package. 10 lbs. Good Leaf Tobacco,
Mild or Strong, with Free Real
Briar Pipe, $2.50. 20 lbs. for
$4.00. Quesnel 2 lbs for $2.00.
Address G. Dubois, 18 Henderson,
Ottawa, Ont.
Anyox Community
The Beach Council meets on the
Second and Fourth Wednesday of each
month, in the Recreation Hall, at 7
The Mine Council meets on the First
and Third Thursday of each month, in
the Mine Hall, at 7.30 p.m.
$2.50 a  Year
Big Drop In Profits Of
Howe Sound Mining
Howe Sound Company, operating
the Britannia Mine on Howe
Sound and properties in Mexioo,
reports net income for the second
quarter of 1931 at #127,466.80,
compared with $319,698.31 in the
first quarter and with $459,260 iu
the second quarter of 1930. As
copper has declined to even lower
average levels since the beginning
of July, the third quarter is not
expected to show any improvement.
For the six months ended June
30, 1931, net profit before depletion was $447,165, equal to 90 cents
a share, compared with $1,182,290
or $2.38 a share in the first half of
Howe Sound Co. in the second
quarter of 1931 produced 8,006,654
pounds of copper, 24,871,074 pounds
of lead, 20,700,604 pounds of zino,
919,772 ounces of silver, and 1200
ounces of gold at its properties in
British Columbia and Mexico.
This compares with output of
8,054,620 pounds of copper, 29,168,
294 pounds of lead, 22,692,729
pounds of zinc, 1,088,408 ounces of
silver, and 2489 ounces of gold in
the first quarter.
Lower price of copper and some
of the other metals, together with
lower output of lead, zinc and sil
ver and gold account for the lower
gross income as well as the lower
net income for the second quarter
compared with the first three
months of 1931.
Sell It!
If you have anything to
sell, try a Classified advertisement in the Herald.   Our rates are very
Someone may need that
article you don't require.
A small Ad. may bring
lots of
A |D |A |B sfl aS aS A
Sand your films direot to Wrath-
all's Photo Finishing, Prinoe Rupert, B. C. We use the best materials in a modern plant. Careful
work and quiok service.
3 lbs. Prints $1.00;   3 lbs. Silk,
Velvets or Cretonnes $1.50. Agents,
dealers wanted.   A MeCreery Co.,
Chatham, Ontario.
Trains   leave   Prince
Rupert daily at 12.30
p.m. (Sunday excepted)
connecting with this
T JNUSUAL comforts . . . radio ... j
cuisine par excellence . . . trans* j
continental   travel   de   luxe!   Through
service to Montreal. j
Ask about Triangle Tours . i{
To art 'rom ill tvti of the world.
For Information Call or Write: Local Agent, or H. McEwen, District Freight and Passenger Agent,
Prince Rupert, B. C,
Office:   Opposite Liquor Store
B.  P. O. ELKS
Dominion ol Canada and Newfoundland
Meets every second arid fourth Monday of
the month
Hall for rent for dances, social functions, etc.
on application to club manager
Bread,  Cakes, Pastry,
Total Mineral Production to the end of 1930 valued at
$1,237,847,847.00, made up as follows.
Gold, placer $78,588,949.00
Gold, lode 140,868,011.00
Silver 102,435,047.00
Copper 265,871,528.00
Lead 163,617,773.00
Zino  87,772,190.00
Coal and coke 330,293,688.00
Structural materials  62,538,833.00
Miscellaneous minerals, etc - - -    5,861,828.00
Total $1,237,847,847.00
The Annual Report of the Honourable the Minister of
Mines for the year 1930 now is available, and may be
obtained free of charge, together with copies of special
bulletins, maps, etc., upon application to:
Victoria, B. C.
For Results, Advertise in the
cflnflDifln nflTionflL
Umd 'l/ouot taieti
How hed enjoy
A BROWNIE camera
makes a marvelous gift
surprise for any boy or girl
—and a splendid source of
fun and interest for years
to come. Brownies take
sharp, clear pictures the
easiest way. And they're
available here for as little
as $2.25. New colored
models as low as $2.75.
Men's Department
Big Saving in Men's Suits. A fine range
of Fancy Worsteds, Woollens, Tweeds,
and Blue, Grey and Black Serges are
offered to you at much reduced prices.
The Suits are tailored by the well known
"House of Hobberlin" and we guarantee you a perfect fit.
Look!    Suits  made  to  your  individual
measurements   from    $23.60,    $26.50,
$30.00, $36.00, and up.   You can't afford
to pass up such good values.
Hardware Dept.
Aluminum Kettles  $1.25 to $1.40
Copper and Nickel Kettles, $3.25,   to  $4.00
Galvanized Pails 80c.
Galvanized Wash   Tubs,   $2.25,  $2.50, $2.75
Aluminum Sauce Pans  50c. up
Frying Pans  25c. up
Aluminum Pots $1.00
Dust Pans 20c.
Dry Goods Dept.
Among our new shipment of Viyella Wool you will
find shades of green, fawn, dark fawn, pink, white
and blue.    Price 25c. per ball.    Knitting Books 25c


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