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—.+.«—+«.♦♦♦.■.♦ ..»♦ |
{ A little paper j
with all the |
news and a big j
circulation {
Published in the interests of Alice Arm and Anyox, B. C.
$2.00 a Year
2 Alice Arm and
Anyox. $2.25 to
all other points.
VOL. 14,   NO. 24
Alice Arm, B. C, Saturday. December 22, 1934
5 cents each..
So the residents of Northern anb
Central Iritish Columbia, 3 extenb
my sincere wishes for a Happy
Christmas anb a prosperous Neui
#lof Hanson;
Mrs. Lang Honored By
I. 0. D. E. Members
A special meeting of the members
of the Collison of Kincolith Chapter
I. O. D. E., was held in the Legion
Hall on Friday afternoon, December Hth. for the purpose of doing
honor to their Regent, Mrs. J. W.
Lang, who was leaving the district.
There was a good attendance of
Mrs. Lang has been a loyal and
untiring worker as a member of
the Chapter, to which she has belonged for eight years. She has
held the office of Regent during
five years of this time. During the
afternoon she was made the recipient of a silver water jug, the
presentation being made by Mrs. W.
F. Eye, second Vice-president of
the Chapter, who made reference
to the splendid work that had been
done by Mrs. Lang, and stated that
she would be greatly missed by her
associates. The departing member
would take away with her the best
wishes of the organization for her
future welfare.
In replying, Mrs. Lang declared
her intention of continuing in the
work. She had spent many happy
years in Anyox and would have
pleasant memories of her associations here, Mrs. Lang is returning
to the Chapter of the I. O. D. E.
to which she originally belonged
in West Vancouver.
Children's   Badminton
Keenly Contested
A Badminton tournament for
junior players was held at the
gymnasium on Saturday evening,!
December 15th, for which there
were forty-two contestants. This
tonrnamenf was promoted by the
Senior Badminton Club, a committee of which is active in training
and supervising the junior players.
Three courts were used for the
tournament, the winners being as
follows: A. Court, Robert Kent and
Hugh MacDonald: B. Court, Janet
Barclay aud Walter Uhich; C.
Court, Dorcas Mclnnes and Violet
Vine. A supper was afterwards
provided, during which the prizes
were presented by the president of
the Junior Club, Leslie Murdoch.
Several grown-ups attended to
watch the games. It is proposed
to hold another tournament in
On Tuesday next, the people of
Anyox and Alioe Arm will again
celebrate the great Christmas festival, and there is no doubt that it
will be joyously celebrated by
everyone. Due to the uncertainty
of continued operations at Anyox,
the old-tima oarefree joyousness
of former years may not be so
much in evidence.    But one thing
Dr. Lang Receives Gift
From Can. Legion
A pleasant surprise awaited Dr.
J. W. Lang on Friday last, when
ho was invited to meet Members cf
the Anyox Branch Canadian Legion, at their quarters in the Elks'
Building. There was a large turnout of members who had met to do
honour to their comrade,Dr. Lang,
who is leaving the district. Dr.
Learoyd spoke of the good work
that had been done by his colleague
as a Legiouaire, and wished him
well in his new sphere. The departing member was made the
recipient of a cs.se of pipes, the
presentation being made by the
president of the branch, J. A. D.
In expressing his regret on having to sever his connection with
the branch, Dr. Lang stated that
he had many happy associations
with the Legion in Anyox. He
had been a member of the Branch
for many years, and had served as
president for one year, but did not
feel that he deserved any special
credit for having thus done his
duty. He looked upon the time of
his residence in Anyox as the most
pleasant part of his life He
brought greetings from Mrs. Lang
to all the members, and along with
her he expressed a sincere wish
that the branch would continue
and perform its function for the
full life of the camp.
Community singing and other
diversions, together with refreshments, made up a social evening
which was very enjoyable.
May you all speno a uery Happy
Christmas is my sincere uiish to
- :-: the resibents of the Atlin :-: -
I * * .'-J * Constituency * * I I l
Mm. j. Asselstine,
New Year Dance Is An
Annual Institution
Anyox Notes
Dr. and Mrs. J. W. Lang and
daughter Patricia, left ou Monday
for Vancouver, where Dr. Lang
has purchased a practice.
W. T. Tamkin left on Monday
for Vancouver to join his family.
Master 11. Wynne returned on
Monday to spend the holidays with
his parents here.
T. McCloskey and D. M. Cleal
arrived on Monday from the south.
Mrs. D. T. Evans arrived on
Wednesday from a  visit to   her
home at Idaho.
Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Jackson left
ou Wednesday for the south.
Mr. and Mrs. W. O'Brien left on
Wednesday for Prince Bupert.
Miss Grace MoDonald  left   on
The Prospectors Club of Stewart
has been incorporated under the
Societies Act, it is announced in
the B. C. Gazette. The objects of
the organization are enumerated
as follows: "To form a club for
amusement and social purposes, to
provide rest and reoreation rooms
and, upon obtaining suitable quarters, to include badminton, basketball, and gymnastics for its members."
A New Year in Anyox without
the well-known Elks' New Year
Dance would seem strange indeed,
as this event is inseparable from
that milestone in our lives. It is a
time when all care and worry is
forgotten, when everyone enters
with zest into the hilarity and fun
which the occasion brings. The
various details which go to make
up an enjoyable evening are being
carefully attended to by the Brother
Bills. The decorations, the floor,
the music, the novelties, and the
supper—These will leave nothing
to be desired. Plan to go early and
make it a long evening. You will
enjoy it so much that it will be all
too short!
firu. Ill A. Brian of the Anglican
mission launch Northern (Cross, br-
sitrs to exurt-ss the wish that his
ftienbs in this District, mill spenb
a uery Hau.uij Christmas.
U1UUII   itl   «'iu\,nvv. *-■».»    w..~       0
is certain, everyone will enjoy a Wednesday foravisitto Vancouver,
good Christmas dinner with all the      V. J. Southey left on Wednesday
added pleasure.
| for southern points.
Anyox Junior Badminton
Club Active Body
Last season a few enthusiatsic
members of the Anyox Badminton
Club undertook the training and
supervising of a number of junior
players. A tournament was held
which proved to be a great success.
This effort has resulted in the
formation of a Junior Badminton
Club, which numbers over forty
members and has its own elective
The president of the club is Leslie Murdoch, Vice'president, George
Kent; Secretary, Nadine Wenerstrom; Committee, Alex. Wardrope
Isabel MacDonald and Margaret
Smith- The club has a regular
evening for practise, and its members are most enthusiastic over the
game. Many of them would give
some of the senior members a real
battle over the nets.
Successful Party Held
By H. S. Students
The Ex-High School students
opened the Christinas season with
a party in honor of those now attending the Anyox High School.
The Party was held in the Oddfellows Hall on Friday, December
14th. The early part of the evening was spent playing games these
being topped off with a "Jelly Eating Contest" between Tom Cloke
and Frank Dodsworth. Both the
contestants were out to win and so
staged a very thrilling and amusing fight for supremacy, but alas
they were too good for each other,
so the contest ended in a tie. Another feature of the evening was
the arrival of the first ysar st udents
dressed in their initiation costumes.
After a delicious supper, dancing
was indulged in for the rest of the
evening, the music being supplied
by Buntain's Orohestra. Miss Joan
Bidgelow, a pianist, also assisted
in making tlie evening a success.
A large number of the young people
were present and had a very enjoyable time.
"Fresh" Men and Women
Advertise in the Herald
The time honored oustom of the
Anyox High School in initiating
the freshmen or first year students
was enacted again on Friday evening, December 14th. The "victims"
were thirteen boys and girls, who
hold the distinction of being the
youngest class, to ever have entered
the local high school. After being
solemnly installed as privileged
memhers of the school by ' their
seniors, they were marched through
the streets dressed in their ridiculous attire, to the Oddfellows Hall,
where a party in their honor was
being held by the Ex-High School
A Happy Christmas to our Readers mmmm—m
ALICE    ARM   AND ANYOX   HERALD.  Saturday. December 22,  1934
Alice Arm & Anyox Herald
Issued every Saturday at Alice Arm
Alice Arm and Anyox $2.00 Yearly
Other Parts of Canada, $2,25
British Isles and United States, $2.50
Notices for Crown Grants -   -   $10.00
Land Notices -      -      -      -      $10.00
Transient Advertising, 50c. per inch
Contract Bates on Application.
E. MOSS, Editor and Publisher.
Coast Brewers Place  New
Malt Beverage On The
The Christmas Spirit
Anyox and Alice Arm in company
with all Christendom, will on Tuesday next celebrate the big festiva
of the year. On that day our
Saviour was born and shortly after
his, death nearly 2000 years ago,
until today, his birthday has been
joyously celebrated. It is honored
by many people of different colors,
in all climes, and after nearly 2000
years the enthusiasm is as great as
it was then. There is a reason for
this continued enthusiasm and the
cause is not hard to find. When
Christ was on earth he preached the
doctrine of friendship and brotherly
love one toward another. He assisted the suffering and championed
the cause of the lowly. On Christmas Day, we follow his example to
the best of our ability. We swing
along the street with a pleasant
smile and heartily wish everyone a
"A Merry Christmas. "We visit our
neighbours and they visit us, all our
cares are forgotten on that day.
We exchange gifts, greeting cards
and good wishes, we feel happy because we are doing good deeds. It
is nice to feel at peace with all mankind on Christmas Day and if we
carried it on as much as possible
throughout the year, the world
would be a happier place in which
to spend our brief lives.
You're going to hear a great deal
more in the immediate future about
"symmetallism," which simply
means the use of an alloy of gold
and silver as a monetary base. Apparently the proposal has no other
basis than a desire to "save the
face" of the poor deluded nuts, who
have been insisting that the nations
of the world could remain on, or
return to, a gold standard. It
seems rather silly to melt gold and
silver up into alloys and then use
the alloys as money, when it is just
as easy to use the two metals separately on a bimetalli basis.—Northwest Mining, Spokane.
Canadian Copper Production
Copper production in Canada
during September declined to 27,-
623,000 pounds from the preceding
month's total of 32,703,000 pounds
and the September 1933 output of
30,720,000. An increase of 23 per
cent was recorded during the first
nine months of 1934 as compared
with the corresponding period of
1933; the totals were 266,953,000
and 217,046,000. The output of
blister copper in September amounted to 25,815,000 pounds; in tbe preceding month 29,169,000 were
Coast Breweries Limited, owners
and operators of the Silver Spring
Brewery and the Victoria-Phoenix
Brewery, Victoria, B. C, and the
Westminster Brewery, New Westminster, B. C, have just placed a
new malt beverage on the market
under the name of "Lucky Lager."
This new Beer has many exceptional features which distinguishes
it from other beers now produced
aud sold in British Columbia. It is
the result of considerable research
and experimentation on the part of
Adolph Brachat, well-known brew-
master, who has brewed Silver
Spring Lager in this province for
many years!
Lucky Lager is a light, sparking
beer with an unusual smoothness of
texture and distinction of flavor
without any loss of satisfying
strength. It is what is known as a
"krausenized" beer which gives it
an abundant, rich foam that flows
creamily from every bottle and
ingers in the glass until the last
drop is finished.
Lucky Lager is offered to the
public as a Bonded Beer because
the maturing and aging period it
undergoes is guaranteed by a $10,-
000 Bond. This is the first time
Canadians have had a similar assurance as to the quality of the beer
sold. Lucky Lager is held in the
most modern and up-to-date storage cellars for a minimum of three
months before a single drop is pasteurized and bottled for consumption. Vast, glass-lined steel tanks,
subject to perfect refrigeration and
sanitary conditions are used for
this purpose.
A radically new and artistic label
design and attractive dark bottles
to keep out harmful light rays go to
complete a new product that promises to win wide favour with those
who enjoy healthful malt beverages.
First-class   Business  Lots  at
S200    each,   and   Residential
Lots as low • as $25.
Now it the Time to Buy Property
Agent for Alice Arm Mining
and Development Co.
Earnings of The Canadian
National Increase
A betterment of $6,501,976 in net
revenue for the first ten months of
the current year, as compared with
the similar period of last year is
hown in the monthly statement of
operating revenues, operating expenses and net revenue of the Can
adiari National Railwaysall-inclusive
system issued at headquarters.
The statement shows an increase of
$1,140,978 in gross operating revenues for tbe month of October, as
compared with October 1933, and
an increase of $14,887,407 in gross
operating revenues for the first ten
months of the present year, as com
pared with the first ten months of
A motorist stopped at a wayside
general store and enquired of the
rustic proprietor, "What have you
in the shape of automobile tires?"
"In the shape of automobile lires
I have wreaths, life preservers, and
doughnuts," was the quick reply.
Building permits at  Prince   Rup
ert   for   the    ten    months    period
totolled $64,640,   as against $28,
842 for tbe ten months of 1933.
Bread,  Cakes,  Pastry,
Lumber, Shingles, Sash, Doors,
Veneer, Ready Roofing, Brick,
Lime, Cement, and other Build-
I ing Materials.
Quotations Furnished and
Shipments made Promptly
1425 Granville Street, Vancouver B.C.
OFFICE—Opposite Liquor Store
Advertise in the Herald
B.  P. O.  ELKS
Dominion of Canada and Newfoundland
Meets every second and fourth Monday of
the month
Hall for rent for dances, social functions, etc.
on application to club manager
Gifts For Christmas!
Among our large stock of goods  suitable  for  Christmas
presents we have:   Embroidered Pillow Slips  from   $1.25
to $1.75 per pair.
Ladies' Silk Hose, and also Silk Crepe.    Full  size  and
all latest shades from $1.00 to $1.35 per pair.
We have a large stock of goods  suitable  for Christmas
gifts, for both men and  women.    Don't  fail  to  visit  us
before you purchase your Christmas presents.
LEW  LUN  &  Go.
General Merchants, Anvox West side of Smelter.
OPKN   UNTIL   10   P.M.
A Complete Line of Fall and Winter Goods in stock, consisting of Clothing, Boots and Shoes.   A large stock of
Groceries, also Stoves, Stove Pipe and Elbows.
Alice Arm
This advertisement is not published or displayed by the Liquor Control Board or by the Government
"   of British Columbia      * J ALICE    ABM   AND ANYOX   HERALD. Saturday. December 22, 1934
Where Four Centuries Meet
Uniting the sixteenth and twentieth centuries as typified in the lower left hand and the upper right hand corners
of this group, stands the lordly Manoir Richelieu, the fashionable holiday resort at Murray Bay on the north
shore of the St. Lawrence and the site of the activities of the "One Hundred Associates" of New France. The
Casiiio„ shown at the upper Ieft„ designed after the famous Chateau de Ramezay built in Montreal in 1705, now
nouses one of the most complete sound and talking picture installations on this continent.
• Acoustic engiheers_of the Northern Electric Company have been working for some time with engineers of
Aft Canada Steamship Lines, to effect the necessary treatment for the perfect reproduction of the best products
rf the moving picture studios, thus affording visitors to the Manoir Richelieu still another addition to the many
attractions of this famous pleasure paradise.
Wild Animals Friendly on Eanff-Windermere Highway
•"The Friendly Road," toy David
Grayson, which Is well-known to
many lovers ot nature, depicts incidents and friendliness of people
along oountry roads and in the rural
districts. There Is, however, a road
In the Canadian Rockiest tho friendliness of which is not due to mortals
as in Grayson's book, but to the
friendliness of animals. Arotaials
termed wild, but in this Instance a
■word that cannot be applied to those
on the Banff-Windermere Highway.
3 There is <posstbly no more beautiful road than thla which ruoa from
Banff to Lake Windermere, in the
Columbia River Valley. The distance
of 104 miles is spectacular and the
scenes are constantly changing. The
views from the high passes looking
down into valleys, thousands of feet
Mow, tiny lakes surrounded by al-
pine meadows, rivers crossed and re-
crossed, and glimpses of cascades
tumbling down slopes from dizzy
htlghts are intriguing and beautiful
To this natural beauty is added
that of seeing the animals ln their
natural haunts. Rocky Mountain
sheep are seen on the road alon^
Vermilion Lakes not far trom Banff.
They are so tame that often motors
have to slow down as they will persist, almost to the point of danger,
ln standing in tin.- middle of the
Bozo, a black bet.T, >s u friend to
many motorists on the Banff-Windermere road, Ha comes out on the
highway as if he bad sole right to
it. He does not resent these invaders in the lead and really wishes to
show his friendliness. Sometimes he
has lunches handed to him and the
remarks of "nice old chap, fine old
fellow," .please him tremendously,
and he will try to come even nearer.
Bozo no douM had many dreams
during the winter of summer tourists, and possibly has figured out la
true bear fashion Just how to get
tlie most out of the tourist eeason.
Deer are seen, also, on this famous
highway, though not as often as
other animals. They are regular visitors to Banff, and are frequently
seen on the streets of lbs village.
There are hundreds of miles of
smooth motor roada through the
Canadian Rookies, and devotees of
the open road are visiting tills region la incTeaatng wrrtwr* annually. °
Printing of Every
The Herald Job Printing Department is equipped to handle
any class of work promptly
and efficiently, Irom a plain
black and white Handbill to a
three or four Color Souvenir
Office Forms
Business Cards
Admission Tickets
Visiting Cards
Invitation Cards
and Announcements
Are among the many forms of Printing
handled by The Herald Office
is executed in a Neat and
Attractive manner.  Delivery
is prompt and the cost as low
as possible
Can be filled within two or
three days, or even earlier if
you phone us a rush order
Estimates Gladly Given
The Herald Printing
ADVERTISE   IN   THE   HERALD ALICE    ABM   AND ANYOX   HERALD.  Saturday. December 22,  1934
Gymnasium Is Closed During
Festive Season
Devotees of badminton and basketball will take time off from their
favorite sports, as from December
18th. to January 1st., the Gymnasium will be closed except for
social events. Meantime such functions as the A, C. L. Annual Children's Party, Christ Church Annual
Sunday School Christmas Tree,
and the Elks' New Year Dance will
have the big hall to themselves.
Sports will be forgotten and festivity will reign.
Anyox Contributes Liberally
To Christmas Fund
Christmas Services At The
Catholic Church
The Midnight servioe, Solemn
High Mass, will begin exactly at
12 p.m. The Choir will render
special items. Sermon and Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament.
It is hoped that all Catholics will
sanctify Christinas night in a
christian manner by attending this
service. All non-Catholics are also
cordially invited.
On the morning of Christmas
Day at 9:30 a.m. second Mass.
At 10 a.m. third Mass.
Christmas Services At United
On Sunday morning, December
23rd. the Sunday School of Anyox
United Church, is holding a White
Gift Service, during which the
students of the Sunday School will
present gifts to be sent to less fortunate people.
On Sunday evening, Christmas
Services will be held in the Mine
Hall at 6:15 and in the Beach
United Church at 7:45.
The Choir will sing Christmas
Carols at each service. After the
second service at the Beach a social
hour will be spent in the Hall belonging to the Church.
A service will be held on Christmas morning at 10:45.
Adding its quota to the Christmas Cheer Fund for the Needy of
Northern 15. C, Anyox has contributed the sum of $111.00 by
means of public subscription. This
amount, as per resolution passed by
the A. C. L. Council on Wednesday
12th., has been forwarded to Constable H.J. Jennings at Vanderhoof B. C. for distribution. A detailed report will later be received
showing- how the money was disbursed.
-Whash yer looking
for a
Festive On
Policeman—We're lookin
drowned man.
Festive  one—Whash   yer   want
one for?
Not being able to pull any funny
stuff at home, radio comedians have
to use the air.
New Record For Gold Out-
Put This Year
A new high gold record is the
goal of British Columbia mines.
This achievement will be a fitting
climax to a year of vigorous development, when British Columbia will
close her 1934 chapter in mineral
activities by reporting a new high
record in the value of her gold output. Canada's third largest gold-
producing province removed the
last barrier to the new goal by
eclipsing her 1933 record in the
first nine months of the current
year, when gold to the value of
87,750,000 was produced. This
compares with the 1933 total of
Policeman—Lady, dontyou know
this is a safety zone?
.   Woman Driver—Of course—that
is why I drove in here.
It pays to be careful with your
diet. It also pays to be careful
with what goes into your ears.
The Minerals of British Columbia
This Province offers excellent opportunities for useful and
profitable investment.    British Columbia has produced
OVER $1,352,000,000 WORTH OF MINERALS.
The gross value of mineral production for the six months
ended June 30th. 1934, exclusive of gold premium, is
estimated at $18,667,691.00, an increase of 50.5 per cent,
over the estimated value of the production in the corresponding six-month period of 1933.
GOLD PRODUCTION: Gold production showed a
decided increase; a total return in Canadian funds
to the gold producers of British Columbia during the
first six months for 1934 being approximately
$5,028,124.00, an increase of 81.3 per cent, over
the return in Canadian funds received during the
first half of 1933.
Recent Publications of the Department of Mines
Annual Report of the Honourable the Minister of
Mines, for the year 1933.
Summary and Review of the Mineral Industry of
British Columbia for the six months ended June 30th.  1934.
Bulletin "British Columbia the Mineral Industry"
(containing a short history of mining, a synopsis of the
mining laws, and other data of value to prospectors.)
"Placer Mining in British Columbia,"
Non-Metallic Mineral Investigations: "Barite," "Asbestos;" "Glassware;" ''Clay;" "Magnesite and Hydro-
Ask for this Good Beer.. jgi
Recipe For Duck Soup Is
Who can give U9 a reliable
recipe for duck soup? The more
we hear about this delicacy—and
it sounds so good— the greater our
desire to try it. During the past
few weeks most of us iu Anyox
have enjoyed the delights of roast
duck—can it be possible that the
bones could be utilized for soup?
Some people would deplore such a
ghoulish idea, and prefer to allow
the bones to rest in peace; but
epicureans would not scruple to
use them if the resulting dish were
a delicacy. And why not utilize
everything possible in these times
of depression? Frankly we are
wondering if'Yluok soup" is a mere
ligure of speech or an actual reality, and if anyohe can send us a
tried aud tested recipe for it they
will confer a favor upon tho numberless readers of this journal of
the north.
: New Year:
:: Dance ::
Floor, Music, Supper, Everything of the Very Best
DANCING  9 TILL  ? ? ?
$1.50 Per Couple      j
The first helium gas to be discovered in Europe is said to have been
obtained in Germany at a depth of
2000 feet.
Jobyna—Would you marry a woman who is a great talker, or the
other kind, Ezry?
Ezry—What other kind is they?
Him—I hope you'll dance with
me tonight.
Her—Oh, certainly, I hope you
don't think 1 came down here merely for pleasure?
$2.00 a   Year
$40.70 Return
$10.70 Return
Meals  and Berth Included
Boat Leaves Anyox
These low  rates  in  effect  until
February 28,  with  return   limit
March 31
This advertisement is not published or displayed by the Liquor Control  Board or by the
Government of British Columbia
Io dtttt gnu!
Jll this season we take the welcome opportunity
of extending to you our HEARTY GOOD
WISHES for a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous
New Year.
We are indebted to you, and to all whom we hade
been permitted to seroe during the year, and with
our good wishes express our gratitude.
That the Day may bring to one and all the greatest of happiness is the sincere wish of
She Staff 0f the
: (Sranhjj Stares:
:: 25TH. AND WEDNESDAY, THE 26th.::


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