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} <-•• t-». ■+—+.».+■«■+■»-♦-♦■(
A little paper
with all the
news and a big
Published in the interests of Alice Arm and Anyox, B. C.
" V*- f'.- T—
$2.50 a Year j
Alice Arm and j
Anyox. $2.75 to j
all other points, j
<»W»"»».».i«n«..»,» ••-• *-• •«**   f
VOL. 10,   NO.   34
Alice Arm, B. O, Saturday, February 7, 1931
5 cents each.
Dr. Smitheringale Will
Conduct Mining
Dr. W. V. Smitheringale, mining
engineer of Vancouver, will oon-
duot a series of lectures at Alice
-Arm next week for the benefit of
prospeotors and others interested
in mining. The lectures will be
held at T. W. Falconer's hall. They
will commence on Monday evening
and will be held every evening
during next week, commencing at
8 p.m.
Among the subjects treated will
be "Practical Geology and Mineralogy." The lectures have been
arranged by the Department of
Mines, Victoria.
Dr. Smitheringale conducted a
serieR of lectures at a number of
the larger mining centres throughout the province. last year.
His services were so well received
that is was decided to enlarge the
scope this year and include a number of the smaller mining towns.
Dr. Smitheringale is conducting
a series of lectures at Prince Rupert this week.
It is pointed out by Hon. W. A.
McKenzie, Minister of Mines that
these lectures in small towns are
,.hi an experimental stage, and the
question of how far they will be
oontinued or extended will depend
upon the responses obtained in the
course of the next few months.
It is therefore hoped that everyone
in Alice Arm who can possibly
attend the lectures next week will
do so. Dr. Smitheringale is well
versed in the subjects he will discuss and his lectures should be
very interesting. Arrangements
for the meetings next week are
• * ing conducted by the Alice Arm
Branch of the B. C. Chamber of
Mr. Mayfield Will Conduct
f\    United Church Services
Owing to the sickness of Rev. F.
Bushfield, the services at the Mine
and Beach United Churoh on Sun
day, February 8th. will be conducted by Mr. H. M. Mayfield
who will take for his subjeot, "How
the other half lives," telling of his
experiences in social service ill
Canada and the United States.
Presentation Made To
F. E. Patton
A very pleasant event took place
at the Mine Hall on Saturday,
January 31st. when the many
friends of Mr. Frank E. Patton
gathered together to entertain him
at a sooial evening prior to his
leaving for the south. A very enjoyable time was spent, and during the evening Mr. Patton was
the recipient of a very handsome
leather grip, as a marlt of appreciation by his many friends at
Anyox, both at the Mine and the
Beach. He was also presented
with a beautiful wrist watoli for
Mrs. Patton, who has resided in
the south for some time.
Many tributes were paid to Mr.
Patton's sterling qualities, and his
large circle of friends are very
sorry to 'see him depart for the
Mr. Patton was one of the oldest
residents of Anyox—and possibly
the oldest, He has been connected
with the engineering staff at the
Mitifl since the Granby Company
started operations.
Steamship Camosun In
The Union Steamship Camoson
arrived at Anyox and Alice Arm
on Tuesday this week instead of
Monday. The result of the delay
was caused by an accident at ihe
First Narrows, Vancouver, when
she was on her way north. She
lad the misfortune to rain the
Steamship Northholm in a head on
collison during a dense fog. Th
Camosum returned to Vanoouver,
where temporary repairs were
made and she proceeded on her
way as soon as possible. The
Northholm was mors seriously
damaged, several men on that boat
having narrow escapes from serious
injury. Both ships received their
injuries above the water line.
Anyox Orchestra Gives
Excellent Concert
A very excellent concert was
given by the Anyox Amateur
Orchestra at the Recreation Hall
on Sunday evening under the
leadership of Stuart Steele.
The opportunity of listening to
this talented orchestra was not
taken advantage of by the people
of Anyox as much as could be
desired, but it is hoped that more
will attend the concerts that
have be arranged for the future.
The programme was nicely
balanced and those present certainly enjoyed the beautiful music,
The programme was as follows:
1. Overture, "The Line Up,"
2. Selection, "Southern Melodies," Orchestra.
3. Duet, Mr. and Mrs. James
4. Trombone Selection, ''A Slippery Success," by Stuart Steel, accompanied by Orchestra.
5. Selection, "Uncle Rumus tells
a Story," Orchestra.
6. Banjo Solo, J^. Buntain.
7. Selection, "U. S. Cruiser New
York," Orchestra.
8. Selection, "Lustspiel," Orchestra.
9. Solo, "The Bell at Sea," W.
10. Selection, "Gems of Malloy,"
11. Selection, "Latona," Orchestra.
Choral Society Will Hold
Another Concert
The Choral Society will hold
their second concert on April 16th
when something new will be presented in the form of an operetta,
entitled "Penitent Pirates." Rehearsals for this concert will commence from Tuesday next at 7.30
prompt in the United Church Hall,
and regularly every Tuesday evening thereafter.
The Society is practicing something that will undoubtedly appeal
to Anyox folk, as the operetta is
abounding in humor. The mem
bers will have to work hard, and
the committee will appreciate their
continued regular attendance to
ensure a really successful
entertainment, and will welcome
new talent to take part in the
forthcoming concert.
In addition to the "Penitent
Pirates" there will beseveral new
choral items on the program.
A. Davidson Arrives Down
From Wildcat
Will  Hold Card Party At
Alice Arm Hotel
P. E. Pederson, of Alice Arm
arrived home on Thursday from a
visit to Princo Rupert.
Advertise in the Herald
A oard party will be held at the
Alice Arm Hotel on Friday even
ing, February 13th. commencing
at 8.15 p.m. Mrs. O. Evindson
and Mrs. H. F. Kergin will be the
hostesses. The proceeds will be
devoted to the Anglican Church
Building Fund. Everyone is invited.
Advertise in the Herald
A. Davidson, who has spent the
winter developing the Wildcat
property in the Upper Kitsault
country arrived in town on Tuesday after an absence of several
months. He plans to spend a
week or I j in town before re
He has done considerable
underground work on the
Wildcat during reoent years, and
has looated two ore bodies oarrying
oopper values. He is now engaged
in driving another tunnel which
will encounter another ore body
that has good surface showings.
Mr, Davidson, is one of the
pioiieer prospectors of the camp,
and throughout eaoh winter and
slimmer is unceasingly engaged in
developing his various properties.
His example might be advantageously emulated by the younger
generation of prospectors.
Chris Cane left on Wednesday
for a vacation in the south.
Frank Rice Is Elected
District Chairman
Frank D. Rice, B.C.L.S. was re
cently elected district chairman of
the Northern British Columbia
branch of the Professional En
gineers' Association of British
Columbia at its annual meeting
held in Prince Rupert. Mr. Rice
is well known in both Alice Arm
and Anyox having resided in both
towns for a number of years. He
is a frequent visitor to Alice Ann
in connection with his surveying
The advisory committee elected
were Dr. J. T. Mandy, W. K.
Gwyer and J. J. Little. The two
former are well known in Alice
Arm in connection with their
government duties.
Anyox First Aid Classes
Are Formed
.Two classes in first aid have
been organized and a start was
made Monday night in the hall of
the United Church. The Beach
class is being conducted by Dr.
Gordon James with the assistance
of Mr. Fred Graham. Dr. Lang
has charge of the Mine Class. The
attendance at the initial meeting
was good and it is hoped the class
es will grow each week. First Aid
is an essential thing in any industry and an all round knowledge of
it teaches the student how to aot
in emergencies in almost any
Mock Parliament Has
Elected Officers
For Season
A Mock Parliament has been
mooted for some time in Anyox.
It has now been formed, and the
first meeting took place on Thurs
day, a report of which will be
published next week.
Following are the members of
the parliament:
Premier—H. M. Mayfield.
Secretary of State—Rev. F.
Attorney General: Not yet filled.
Trade and Commerce—T. J.
Finance and Postmaster-General
-W. F. Eve.
Agriculture—J. A. D. Stewart.
Marine. Fisheries and Naval Defence—Not yet filled.
Railways, Canals and National
Defenoe—W. A. Gibb.
Public Works—Mr. Wilkinson.
Interior- Mrs. R. 0. Cutler.
Health and Pensions—Mrs. W.
J. Lang.
Customs, Inland Revenue and
Mines—Mr. W. Barclay.
Labors-Mr. J, Evans.
High Commissionet—Not yet
Speaker—Mr. R, E. Collis.
Sergeant-at-Arms-Mr. J. Shields
Leader of Opposition—Mr. R.
At the opening night the speech
from the throne will be read by
Mr. Collis, who will net as the
Governor-General in addition to
Speaker. A guard of honor will
be on hand to welcome the representative of the King, comprised of
the local Boy Scout troop.
Two meetings will be held each
month, and subjects of general
interest will be discussed according
to strict parliamentary rules.
These meetings should be very in
struotive to the members and
general public.
Hospital Would Appreciate
Return of Bottles
The Anyox General Hospital
would appreciate the return of
empty medicine bottles. The Boy
Scouts have again offered their
services to assist in the collection
of the empties, and the residents
are asked to cooperate by handing
the bottles to the boys today,
Saturday, or by returning the em-
ties direct to the Hospital.
A. R. Campbell left for the south
on Wednesday night.
I* ALICE   ARM   AND  ANYOX  HERALD.   Saturday, February 7,  1931
Alice Arm & Anyox Herald
Issued every Saturday at Alice Arm
Alice Arm and Anyox $2.50 Yearly
.      Other Parts of Canada, $2.75
British Isles and United States, $3.00
Notiees for Crown Grants -   -   $15.00
Land Notices -      -      -      -      $15.00
Transient Advertising, 50c. per inch
Contract Rates on Application.
E. MOSS, Editor and Publisher,
According to advices from
Ottawa, Premier Bennett does not
give any encouragement to the
west regarding financial support by
the government in the building of a
railway in the Peace River Country to the Pacific coast. The
government, he said, is facing very
heavy financial obligations which
must first receive attention. Neither the Canadian Pacific Railway
or the Canadian National Railways have yet made any statement
in regard to their policy of a Peace
River outlet. Vancouver is still
strongly pushing its claim as the
ideal port, voicing its claims as
being the most southerly point and
its excellent facilities for handling
large quantities of produce. Prince
Rupert continues to draw the
attention of the government and
railway heads to the fact that it
has one of the finest harbors in the
world, unlimited waterfrontage,
and its nearness to the Orient, all
of these natural advantages at present not being used. Stewart vociferously explains its nearness to
the Peace River, its sheltered harbor and also that it is closer to the
Orient than any other port. Stewart also points to the rich jnineral
country traversed by a railway
having a terminus there and is
sure that economic conditions will
not permit another outlet when the
short distance to the Peace River
is taken into consideration. For
our part we hope that Stewart is
successful in her efforts. Failing
that, then Prince Rupert should
enjoy the privilege. Vancouver
is inclined to be rather avaricious.
It would compel the Peace River
farmer to ship his wheat double
the distance. Its action would
sanction the closing of the vast
territory between Stewart and the
Peace River to mining companies
and others, and the same wilderness continue as at present. A
rather narrow minded view.
Watch your step next Friday,
for it falls on- the 13th of the
Breezy News Items Of
Provincial Govt.
Victoria, January 26, 1931—Dr.
Knight, Chief Provincial Veterinary
Inspector, is going into the Peace
River district immediately for a
period of two months. The present low price of grain is inclining
the farmers there to start mixed
farming, For this reason it is
essential that they should start
With their cattle in a healthy condition. Dr. Knight hopes in the
time he is there to be able to inspect every herd, and advise as to
the best method of keeping them in
sound shape.
In order to secure a wider market for B.C. apples in Britain,
Hon. T. G. Coventry, Overseas
Markets Representative, recently
sent a letter to all the newspapers
there advising people to buy apples
by the box and assuring them that
the cost would not exceed 15 shillings or about $3.60. The letter
was widely published and was
printed in full by the London Times
just before Christmas, and since
then inquiries and orders have
poured in. Formerly it was customary to sell these best grade
apples at $5 a box, but this year
the rush on the market was so
great that it was found necessary
to cut down in order, to find a
wider market. There is reason to
believe that this move has resulted
in a large increase of permanent
buyers of B.C. apples who will not
object to pay a higher price when
the market advances.
Before leaving for the north last
week the Hon. R. W. Bruhn,
Minister of Public Works, awarded
the contract for remodelling the
New Westminster Mental Hospital
to the Pacific Engineers and the
Archie Hogg Construction Co.
There was one lower tender but
this contractor notified the Minister
that he wished to withdraw his
offer, and the contract was awarded
to the next lowest. The amount is
In spite of business depression
during 1930 the number of preemption records taken ou,t in B.C. was
934 as against 524 for* 1929. No
doubt this was in  part accounted
We carry at all times a Full Lino of First Class
Groceries;   also Heavy and  Shelf Hardware.
Clothes,   Boots,   Shoes  and   Rubbers   of   all
descriptions.   A large stock to choose from
T. W. FALCONER abc. a™
for by the provincial Government
taking over the Peace River block
where about 400 of the entries were
recorded. Sales of land were a
little over 11,000 acres for 1930 as
against 17,000 for 1929.
In the month of November the
Pioneer Mine of Bridge River shipped out gold said to have a value of
$51,000, and the extension of oper
ation's to provide for a larger output is continuing. The present
mill capacity is 100 tons, but a 1200
h.p. plant capable of supplying
power for a 200 ton mill is being
Some people say mining is dead.
Is this true?   Is it reasonable.
Mining is Canada's fifth greatest
It is one of the means by which*
Canada has been lifted in a few
short years into world prominence
as a nation and a mineral producer.
In 1929 the mineral production of
Canada reached nearly a million
dollars a day or $303,786,000,
exceeding the previous year by
$28,837,000.00. This was the
fourth consecutive year of record-
breaking production.
Mines and mills in every branch
have been taxed to capacity in the
past two years and new equipment
and developments commenced in
1929 or earlier are swinging into
production in 1930. A tremendous
future lies before Canadian mining.
Mining in Canada is far from
dead—it is very much alive.—Financial Post, Toronto.
The Estate of the late Mr. J. E.
Stark, Deceased is now under the
administration of his sister, .Marie
A. Wallace, 230, 10th. Avenue
E., Vancouver, B. C.
Including Meals and itorth.
Anjruj lo Prince Rupert and
Return, S13.3.1
TickeU on Sale up to Feb   28th, 1931,
Return Limit March .llit.
For Information call or write
r. v. MoNaughton, o.p.a.
Prince Rupert, D.C
Exports of Nickel Increasing
Dominion Bureau of Statistics
figures show that exports of nickel
gained more than 40 per cent, in
quantity in December compared
with November. The output was
about 25 per cent, lower than in
December, 1929. The total for
December, 1930, was 70,145 cwt.
valued at $1,485,211, compared
with 47,872 cwt. worth $1,091,033
in November, 1930, and 89,421 cwt
valued at $1,971,930 in December,
In twenty years the mineral production of Canada has increased
from ninety-two million dollars to
three hundred and ten million dollars in 1929.
ere an
More than two million I'lnge'i'lliig
salmon and 40,001) trout yearlings
were placed In Nova Scot In lakes
and streams dining 1930 from tlie
fish hatchery al Lake George.
About $80.0110,000 was spent In
Canada In 11)30 on hydro-electric
power development and installations and it is expected that filHyi
$300,000,000 will be spent for a
similar purpose during .the next
three years.
Consumption of natural gas In
Canada during l!i2!) for domestio
purposes was calculated to be sufficient to displace 640*000 tons of
coal. Natural gas is found in
abundance in Albeit tn and some
parts of Western Ontario, and the
Maritime Provinces.
Province of New Brunswick's representation at Sportsmen's Shows
in the United States this year will
bn larger than ever and new territory will be invaded. Its first exhibit will be at the New England
Sportsmen's Show at Boston, February 7-14, and also at the Philadelphia Sportsrr.ens and Motor
Boat Show. February 21-28.
Six thousand pounds of unfrozen
white fish from Northern Saskatchewan recently went by Canadian
Pacific from Prince Albert to Winnipeg and points beyond. It was
carried 150 miles to Prince Albert
by' aeroplane in one hour and a
quarter, a trip thai would by ordinary means have taken from eight
to eleven days
When a 22-year-old woman recently fell from the wharf at Pier D,
Vancouver, Into the dangerous rip
tide of Burrard Inlet, William Hil-
llon, assistant chief clerk of the
British Columbia Coast Steamships
of the Canadian Pacific Railway,
without hesitation dived In and
after a 20-mlnute Kittle In the chill
waters succeeded In getting her
ashore.    The woman will recover.
All Canada from hors d'oeuvres
to dessert was represented at the
first dinner served to. tho former
Governor-General of Canada, Viscount Willingdon, on Canadian Pacific liner Montclnre, which sailed
for England recently. Starting with
Saint Jolin oysters, It Included supreme of Nova Scotia sole, saddle
of western lamb, ronst Ontario
chicken, and bomb maple leaf as
a sweet.
Work has started on the building
of the British Columbia link of the
Trans-Canada Telephone Line. A
direct system through the Crow's
Nest Pnss tn Allvrta will be provided to replace the present system
of routing telephone calls to and
from British Columbia across ihe
United States via Seattle. Tho proposed system will cost $1,250,000
nnd will Involve some MB miles nf
telephone linos 125 mllos of which
have already been built.
Marriage at sea has happened
before and will llkolv happen nu'tin,
but tho distinction of being baptized at sen Is claimed tn be unique
and this occurred when two Infant
children were baptized In mid-
Atlantic by Dr. Oliver C Rankin,
Scottish minister aboard Canadian
Pacific liner Mlnnodnsa, recontlv,
The mothers and children wore
coming out tn Canada from Great
Britain and the minister 's frivln» t
course of loctures at McUlll l!ul«
Anyox Community
The Council of the League
meets on the Second and
Fourth Wednesday of each
month, in Recreation Hallt
at 7 p.m.
Al. Falconer
Alice Arm
Baggage, Freighting, Pack
and Saddle Horses
Slab Wood Cut any Length
Every Order Given
Immediate Attention
Business Lots from $200 to
Residential Lots from $50
to $300
Agent for Alice Arm Mining
and Development Co.
Printing: :
High clast printing of all   ,
descriptions promptly and
:   : neatly executed   :   :
Pamphlets      Programmes
Posters   Letterheads
Envelopes   Billheads
Admission Tickets
Etc.   Etc.
♦ *
Prompt delivery on every
i order
*   *   •>
Herald Printing Office
Alice Arm
MtW*t  ■111 — 10)
(Form ¥■)
"Sub-Collector" Mineral Claim, situate in the Naas River Mining Division of Cassiar District.
Where located: On the North-east
Fork of the Kitsault River.
TAKE NOTICE that we, K. Okttbo,
Fret! Miner's Certificate No. 45408-D,
D. P. Fawiuhar, Free Miner's Oertift-
cute No. (5409-1); Alexander Player,
Free Miner's Certificate No. 40010;
Joseph Newton McPhee, Free Miner's
Certificate No. H5800-D, and Miles
Donald, agent, Free Miner's Certificate No. 821S0C, intend sixty
days from the date hereof to
apply to tho Mining Recorder for a
Certificate of Improvements, for the
purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant
of tlie above claim,
And further take notice thataction,
iriider section H5, nitiHt be commenced
before the Issuance of Htich Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated' this 27th. day of October
A. D., 19S0.
Agent. ALIOE  ARM  AND  ANYOX  HERALD.   Saturday, February 7, 1931
Outstanding Champion
Meet Mr. "Strathmore C. Koba
Fairchild," prise bull who has
been awarded Reserve All American
honors by a committee in the United
States appointed by the American
Holstein-Friesian Association. In
addition he won first prize at the
recent Royal Canadian Winter
Show in Toronto. Strathmore
Mary Koba was Reserve All American Junior yearling heifer, 1930.
Both animals were bred at the
Canadian Pacific Experimental
Farm at Strathmore, Alberta. The
Strathmore and Tilley farms, operated bythe Agricultural Branch of
the Canadian Pacific Railway, made
a very remarkable showing at the
Toronto show last November. Suf
folk sheep from the Tilley farm won
every first and second prize and all
championships including Champion
wether. In Hampshires the flock
from Tilley farm won four firsts
including Grand Champion ewe,
reserve Grand Champion ram and
Champion wether. Holsteins from
the Strathmore farm won the
coveted Haley & Lee trophy for the
second time. Altogether the sheep
from the Tilley farm and the cattle
from Strathmore farm won eighty
ribbons at the Royal Winter Show,
Toronto, of which fifty were made
up of nineteen Firsts, twenty
Seconds and eleven Championships,
and Reserve Championships.
"Caught Short" Is An
Uproarious Comedy
II you won or if you lost on the
last "bull market" in Wall Street,
you will find laughs in a very timely
comedy which will be shown
at the Anyox Theatre on Tuesday.
It is a Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer picture, "Caught Short," and it co-
stars Marie Dressier and Polly
Moran under the direction of Chuck
Riesner, the director of the "Hollywood Revue of 1929."    •
"Caught Short" is, to express it
very simply, the short and very
amusing adventures of a pair of
boarding house landladies in the
finger-burning business of buying
and selling stocks on . margin.
What the adept Marie and the uproarious PoHy can do with such a
situation can be imagined by the
friends of this famous pair of comedians. The love interest of the
story is capably furnished by Anita
Page and Charles Morton, and
excellent .characterizations of typical "boaiders" are furnished by T.
Roy Barnes, Herbert Prior and
Edward Dillion. Nancy Price is
Polly's younger daughter.
• sr ■
Largest Producers and
Sellers of Condensed and
Evaporated Milk.
Quebec Sets Pace In Winter Sports
Winter sports, in the most historic city of the American,
continent — Old Quebec, cradle of
New World civilization, with the
Canadian Pacific Railway's beautiful Chateau Frontenac Hotel as
headquarters, are again proving a
drawing card for devotees from all
parts of Eastern Canada and the United
States. The great hotel, with its long, fast
tohboggan-slide on Dufferin Terrace and Its
spacious skattaig-rink just outside its doors, offers
something unique in the way of comfort for sport-
lovers. Quebec, too, boasts a fine ski-jump and plentiful opportunities for cross-country work either on skis
or snowshoes. Curling, hockey and sleighing are also
staples of the winter's program, most events bring
rounded off with dancing in the evening.
The season is now in full swing; the International
Snowshoe Convention and the ice-canoe race across
the St. Lawrence on January 31 and February 1; the
famous Eastern Dog-Sled Derby on February 19, 20,
and 21, followed by the traditional Masquerade Ball
n tbe Chateau Frontonac's gracious ball-room, being
imong the high-lights.
For picturesqueness, Canada's Ancient Capital cam
hold its own with any city in the world and tbe surrounding countryside offers a host of opportunities for
sxcurslons. Snow conditions, .following the great
January storm, are reported excellent and those who
have visited the Chatsau Frontenac, either ln winter
or ln summer, have learned that its name for hospitality, accommodation and cuisine is indeed well-earned.
The pictures show: above: a typical dog-team and,
right, the majestic Chateau Frontenac, towering over
Quebec's Lower Town; upper centre and lower-left:
ski-jumpers and, below: visitors out for a run ln the
Chateau Frontenac's dog-sleigh. ' The very youthful
skliers shown middle-left are typical of how young
Quebec takes to winter sports, which have become
famous throughout the American continent and bring
visitors and competitors over Canadian Pacific lines
from most of the larger centres of Eastern Canada
and the United States.
Convenient! Economical!
SAVE yourself the bother of Keeps indefinitely ia its
waiting for milk deliveries, sealed, airtight container-
Keep a supply of NbstiI's on always pure and sweet when
your shelf—use as needed, you open the tin. ai
Men's Clothes
We carry a full line of Men's Clothes including
Dress Suits in latest patterns and styles. Gabardine
Raincoats, Shirts, Ties, Hats, Shoes, etc. For working
purposes we have; Slicker Coats and Pants, Mackinaw
Shirts, Coats, and Pants, Waterproof Pants, Heavy
Boots, Rubbers in all lengths, Gloves, etc.
LEW LUN  & Go.
General Merchants, Anyox
West side of Smelter
OPEN   UNTIL   10   P.M.
Candies. Stationery, Proprietary
Medicines, Toilet Articles, Etc
W. M. CumUlingS,   Agent for all Vancouver Daily Papen
Post Oflice Building, Alice Arm
■' ii—ini -i.
Picture Show for 25c.
Commencing with the advent of the Talkies, which
date is August 30th., members of the Anyox Community League, will be allowed admission to one picture
show each month, on the presentation of their membership card, showing dues paid to date, for the price of
25c.   This arrangement to be in lieu of past free show.
1. Library 3. Organized Sports
2. Reading Rooms    4, Excursions
To keep these going we need your member-
i   ship and your patronage
Advertise in the Herald
ft .-. ..ttl"J-i-J<lU..,!.tr.,-
ALICE   ARM   AND  ANYOX  HERALD.   Saturday, February 7, 1931
Four Basketball Games
This Week
Two games of basketball were
played on Thursday, January 29th.
The High School team lost to Pats
by four points. Scores: A. H.
School 10— P. Louden-2, M. Cloke
2, G. Peters-6. Pats,- 11. Gaidar-
oni-2, Mrs. McRostie 4, K. Eve-8.
Total 14.
In the Senior A game between
the Celts and the Sheiks there was
some fast basketball and the winners had to fight hard to get their
margin of thirteen points over the
losers. Soores: Celts 27,—Davis
1, Calderoni-9, Patrick 3, McDon-
ald-3. Steele-5, Dodswovth-1, C.
Hill 5. Sheiks,—Dresser-5, Gillies
4, Mikeli 3, Watson-2.   Total 14.
Two games of basketball wer"
played on Monday. A score of 4
points all was registered in tbe
ladies' game between the Cadets
and High School after playing
extra time. The Cadets have improved considerably and their op
pouentsdo not seem so good without Mildred and  Lillian Dresser
An even score was a fitting
result to this game.
After a long stay in the cellar
tbe Micos came out to give the
Sheiks a trimming on Monday
night in the gym. The winners
showed much improved form, their
checking, passing and shooting
being very accurate, B. Bass and
P. Anderson combining well in tlie
first half scored some very neat
baskets. At half time the Micos
had a substantial lead. The Sheiks
did not get anywhere with their
fancy passing and should have
adopted the more direct methods of
tlieir opponents. Dresser, as usual,
was the mainstay of the Sheiks
and in addition to scoring some
fast baskets, worked very hard
endeavoring to bring the team out
of the hole. Scores: Micos 25,—
Dwyer 8, Anderson'-10, Bass 4,
Dodd 2, Deetb-1. Sheiks 15,-
DresserlO, Gillies-2, Mikeli 3.
j T
t      ANYOX NOTES      j
4-f...-f*4*4-<.«.**4**»-f ••♦•••♦ ...+...♦ t
W. L. Carfrae arrived from
Prince Rupert on Tuesday and left
again on Wednesday.
R. L. Healy, formerly assistant general superintendent
at Anyox, and later in charge of
the Granby Company's operations
at Copper Mountain arrived on
Tuesday from Vancouver.
C. W. S. Tremaine, a former
resident of Anyox arrived on Tuesday from Copper Mountain.
W. R, Lindsay, general superintendent, left on Wednesday for
Constable Sam Service left on
Tuesday for Prince Rupert on
official business.
J. Wynne left on Tuesday for
Prince Rupert and returned on
Nancy Carroll Seen At
Tonight's Show
Nancy Carroll, the adorable idol
of millions of film fans, is triumphing' in a new dramatic play at the
Anyox Theatre, today, Saturday.
"Laughter" is a vehicle which
gives full opportunity to Miss Car
roll lor a display of her emotional
capabilities. She doesn't miss a
moment of this big chance for new
dramatic honors, Throughout the
tense action of the play Miss Car
roll sweeps along in a superb portrayal of an ex-Follies girl who, as
the wife of a mis-mated marriage,
tries to be loyal—and is, but who
always seems to be victimized by
the irony of circumstances,
Fre'dic March, as a young pian
ist composer who had been in love
with Nancy prior to her marriage to
Frank Morgan, the rich broker,
pops into the picture again as ai
romantic menace, a sort of Bohemian heart thief and troublemaker.
A series of unfortunate events
gets Nancy more and more into ill-
favor with Morgan. Finally she is
accused of the death of a young
sculptor suicide. She eventually
proves her innocence, but the scandal has been too much for her long-
suffering husband, and he breaks
off with her.
Birth at Anyox
Born to Mr. and Mrs G. Pavich
at the Anyox Hospital, on Thursday, January 29th., adaughter.
The Elks beat the Mine in a
Billiard League contest at the
Beach Pool Room on Monday-
Only three games were played, the
Elks winning them all.
A new historical low was established this week when the price of
silver dropped to 28}io. per ounce.
These new historical lows are get
ting altogether too frequent.
H   M.   SELFE
Office:   Opposite Liquor Store
M. M. STEPHENS & Co. Ltd.
The oldest Financial Oflice in Northern 8. C.
(Form P.)
Certificate op Improvements
"Bunker Hill No. 1," "Bunker Hill
Fraction," "Conger" and "Rocket"
Mineral Claims, situate in the Naas
lliver Mining Division of Cassiar District.
When'located:—On Granite Creek,
about 7 miles from Alice Arm.
TAKK NOTICE that I, W. B. Bower, F. M. 0. 02140-C, agent for Joseph
E. Trethewey V. M. C. 35277-D, William Gray F. M. 0, 35278-D, and Robert W. Harris F. M. C. No. 35270-D,
intend, sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder
for a Certificate of Improvements for
the purpose of obtaining a Crown
Grant of the above claims.
And further take notice thataction,
under section 85, must bo commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements,
Dated this 20th. day of October,
A. D. 1030.
W. B. BOWER, Agent.
Dominion ol Canada and Newfoundland
Meets every second and fourth Monday ol
the month 4
Hall for rent for dances, social functions, etc.
on application to club manager
Bread,  Cakes, Pastry,
Pack Trains, Saddle Horses
and Heavy Teams
No Contract too Large or
too Small
British Columbia
Department of Mines
You are invited to apply to the Department of Mines,  Victoria, B.C.,
for the latest authoritative information
regarding   mining   development   m
British Columbia.
Annual Reports, Bulletins and Maps are
available free of charge, upon application to
For Results, Advertise  in the
% I
Men's Department
One Hundred and Fifty Men's Shirts are going On Sale Wednesday
Morning, the 11th, for $1.95 or Three for $5.00.
What a value!   You cannot afford to miss it.  Latest patterns, good quality
broadcloth and two collars, size 14\ to 16\.   These shirts are made by Toohe
Bros., Miller, Lang, and Arrow.   Regular price as high as $3.75. Oar price
$1.95 or 3 for $5.00.   Don't Miss It.
Dress Flannels, suitable for dresses or skirts, colors, green, powder, fawn,  brown, and
navy, price per yard, 95c. and $1.05.
Wool Poplin, colors powder, and brown, 40 inch wide, price per yard, $2.35.
Dress BuoUles in assorted colors and styles, price, ' 15c. to $1.00.'
Lace Collar and Cuff Sets, a nice assortment of styles, price per set, 65c. to $2.50.
Hand made Flowers in aji assortment of pastel shades., prioes each, — $1.00 to $1.50.
Just the thing to freshen up your dress or coat.
- 1931  GOLF CLUBS -
Uncord Beeline Drivers No. 2 Irons Putters
Brassies No.5 Mashie Golf Bags
Kroflite Mesh Balls Two Bob Balls
These Prices Will Prevail For Only a Short Time
HoVseliide Strops, regular $2.25, special $1.75.
Horsehide Strops, regular $3.35, speoial     2.45.
Pigskin Strops, regular $2.25, special 1.75.
Horsehide Strops, finest Scotch Tanned, regular $3.00, special- < $2.25.
Horsehide Strops, finest Scotch Tanned, regular $4.50, speoial .' $3.50.
• V   I


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