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 A little paper
with all the
news and a big
Published in the interests of Alice Arm and Anyox, B. C.
\   $2.
00 a Year
\ Alice Arm and j
Anyox. S2.25 to
all other points, j
VOL. 1.4,   NO. 22
Alice Arm, B. C. Saturday. December 8. 1934
0 oentR each.
Three Good Basketball
Games Played On
Some good basketball was uncovered on Friday tbe 30tb., when
three games were run off. In tbe
Senior B. Division tbe Hovers
made an excellent showing against
the Vandals, although the score
wat 36 to .12 against them. Tbe
Hovers' best effort was in the second half, when they made 8 points
and held down the miners by persistent checking.
Scores were: Rovers; Summers 4
Cloke 4, Cadillao 2, O'Neill 2, Flye.
Vandals: White 6, McMillan 12,
Powell 4 McConnel, Heinkey 14.
The Mine girls started off aggressively against their old rivals
the Spooks, and up to the third
quarter ran them a neck and neck
rac^t Experience and speed finally
told against them, and they finished on the short end of a 15 to 8
score. There is a noticeable improvement in the play of the Mine
Girls. They have pepped up on
"their passing and general team
work, but are evidently in need of
practice in shooting. They have
the material for a real good team,
and will have to be reckoned with
before the season is much further
Scores: Mine Girls; V. Powell 2,
J. Roberts 2. H. Calderoni, P. Arscott 4, Y. Cannon. Spooks; K.
Eve 10, N. Salmon 2, V. Wenerstrom, H. Glass, C. McCall 2, J,
McDonald 1.
Elks and Trojans met in the
Senior A. fixture, and played a fast
hard-fought game in which there
were many flashes of brilliance.
The Trojans' machinery was slow
to move at first, but once started it
never slackened iu speed and effect
iveness. The Elks played in masterful style, combining nicely and
shooting well. Personals were frequent, Hamilton being sent to the
showers early in the second half,
and later Watson and Shields left
by the samo route. Referee Gillies
the newly-elected comptroller of
the game, handled all three tilts in
a most efficient manner.
Scores: Elks; I. Davies 4, K
Meagher 2, J. Currie 2, D. Hamilton. W. Watson 2, C. Dresser 1, S.
Steele 4, A. Phillips. Trojans; B.
Gillies 11, F. Gordon 2, A. McDonald, W. Shields 3, H. Dresser 3.
Elks 15, Trojans 19.
I. 0. D. E. Doing Good
Work Throughout
The District
The monthly meeting of the
Collison of Kincolith Chapter,
I. 0. D, E. was held in the Canadian Legion Club Rooms on Monday
Deoember 3rd. with Regent Mrs.
J. W. Lang presiding. Hearty
thallks were extended to those who
bad helped in the disposal of the
Cedar; Chest recently. A vote of
thanks was passed to those ladies
who had kindly donated books for
isolated schools. The Chapter, has
sent a library of books to the
schools at Remo and Haysport,
B. G, also a set of History Books
to Fort Fraser B. C. I. O. D. E
calendars will be forwarded to the
local Public and High Schools also
to isolated schools outside the district. An appeal is being made
for clothes for babies and children.
Anyone who lias any such clothes,
which they would like to donate,
will kindly leave them at the Relief
box locatad near the Recreation
Halfei The Chapter received greetings from Mrs. Fricker, a former
Regent, who is now in Rhodesia.
Hostesses for the evening were
Mrs. J. Wynne, Mrs. W. F. Eve,
and Mrs. J. W. Lang.
A special meeting of the Chapter
will probably be called at an early
Granby Company Has
Large Assets
Granby Consolidated Mining-,
Smelting & Power Co. Ltd., as at
October 31st., had in inventory
approximately 99,000,000 pounds
of copper, 650,000 ounces of silver
and 6700 ounces of gold according
to a statement just sent out to
shareholders by Charles Bocking,
The value of these metals at current prices is approximately $6,109,-
000, which in addition to cash and
accounts receivable, makes a total
of $6,225,000, against which the
company had outstanding loans and
accounts payable of $1,545,000 or
an excess of $4,680,000, equivalent
to $10.40 a share. This sum does
not include mining properties,
equipment, etc.
Mine   Minstrel  Troup
Gave An Excellent
A. Y. P. A. Bids Their Past
President Farewell
L. H. McCarthy left on Thursday for his home at Stewart.
During the past few months Mr.
McCarthy was sports writer for
the Herald.
Scout Toy Shop Is Busy
Place These Days
The Anyox group of Boy Scouts
are very busy these days, mending
broken toys and packing them for
shipment to less fortunate children
in northern British Columbia. The
boys have turned their club room
into a work shop it is a real treat
to watch them mend the broken
toys that the people have so kindly
donated. Many of the toys are in
goftd condition and need very little
touching up. The boys, with
their leader, Scoutmaster It. Gale,
are to be complemented for their
keen interest in doing their part to
make it the success it will be. At
time of writing live boxes have
been packed and shipped and-it
looks as if several more will be sent
before old St. Nicholas starts on
his journey south.
The annual Scout Christmas
Party will be held on Friday, December 2lst. All Boy Scouts are
advised to keep this date free, as a
very interesting programme is being outlined for that evening and
there will be lots of good things to
eat also,
At the regular weekly meeting
of the Anglican Young People's
Association held in the Parish Hall
on Thursday evening, November
29th., L. H. McCarthy, who is
Past-President of the Association,
was made the recipient of a very
|useful gift. Mr. McCarthy, who
had been a very active member of
the Association, departed for his
home at Stewart on Friday, November 30th. Miss Dorothy Plumb
in making the presentation declared that it was the heartfelt wish of
all his fellow members that he
would meet with every success at
Lawrence McCarthy was also
Assistant Cub Master and was
very active in that position. He
was a member of the Rowr Crew,
and every Cub and Rover were
sorry to lose such a valuable member.
Upholding the reputation they
gained last year, as a troop of real
entertainers, the Mine Chrysanthemum Coons gave a noteworthy
concert at the Mine Hall on Thursday, November 29th. and put up an
even better performance, at the
Beach Recreation Hall on Monday,
the 3rd.
The flrst concert was given under
a decided handicap, as the interlocutor, Mr. J. H. Firth, was absent,
he having been called away to the
bedside of his sick mother. At
short notice and without any
knowledge of the part, Mr. F, Garland undertook this important task
and held the show together capably.
On the second performance his
work was excellent. Considerable
praise is due to T. H. Bamforth
the director, aud his assistant Ed.
Blundell, for their untiring work
in the production of the show.
Credit is also given to all members
of the company, as their rehearsals
were constantly hampered by that
bugbear of mine life; viz., shiftwork.
A willing and oheerful worker
behind the scenes, was Mrs. C. Eklof, who prepared and repaired
costumes and made up the various
members of the troupe in creditable
style. The public are heartily
thanked for their patronage of the
concerts, the total proceeds of whioh
are being applied to welfare work
at the Mine. Splendid work was
done at both concerts by the orchestra' consisting of Frank Dumont, W. Thompson and Svei
Elks   Will   Hold  Unveiling
Ceremony at Alice Arm
Weather permitting, a number
of members of Anyox Lodge No
47, B. P. O. Elks, will arrive at
Alice Arm about 11 a.m. tomorrow
Sunday, December 9th,, for the
purpose of conducting an unveiling
ceremony of the Memorial Stone
on the grave of the late Mr.
Patrick Clune, who was a charter
member of the Anyox Lodge. The
ceremony will take place early in
the afternoon, and the people of
Alice Arm are invited to attend
the ceremony.
Geo. Webber left on Wednesday
for the south.
L. Gillies Chosen Arbitrator
Of Basketball Games
An election among signed members of basketball teams in the
various leagues at Anyox, was held I
recently, the object being to secure
iv referee of the game, who would
be acceptable to the majority of the
players. Final results showed
that L. Gillies and J. Lazorek
received an equal number of votes,
eaoh being a little ahead of the
third nominee, viz. N. Youngs.
On the ruling of the basketball
commission L. Gillies was appointed, with Lazorek as a spare arbiter.
The result gave general satisfaction to those concerned and there
is no doubt that the three leagues;
viz. Ladies', Senior B and Senior A,
should travel smoothly through the
remainder of the season.
Dr. J. T. Mandy Tells
Of Alice Arm Mining
Mining development in the Portland Canal district in the past
season has been of a sound constructive character with entire ab-
sense of unhealthy boom conditions
Dr. J. T. Mandy. resident government engineer for tbe district, told
the Canadian Institute of Mining
and Metallurgy convention at
Dr. Mandy gav^ a detailed report of mining operations that had
been carried on in tbe Stewart district during this year and explained what work had been done nn
several properties. In commencing on the Alice Arm district he
Although the district has been
inactive, the gold aspects of the
west' side of. the .Upper. Kitsault
valley have been attracting examining engineers and the outlook is
more encouraging, not only due to
this increase in interest due to
gold showings but because of the
rising price of silver.
Homestake Mine—The ore zone
is 15 to 30 feet wide and has been
traced for 1000 feet. It is well
mineralized. Atone point across
27 feet Dr. Mandy obtained assays
of 0.3 and 0.8 oz. of gold per ton.
This he regarded as very encouraging.
Gold Reef Group—Extension of
the Homestake zone has been
stripped on the adjoining Gold
Reef group. Gold values of 0.14
oz. per ton have been obtained
across considerable widths.
Mastodon—Located ou Hastings
Arm, this property has a persistent quartz replacement vein in
which assays of 0-15 oz. gold per
ton have been obtained with ore
widths of 2 to 5 feet.
In giving values obtained  from
assays   of   the   above   properties.
Dr. Mandy did not mention values
of silver, copper, lead and zinc that
gold ores  of   this district carry.
His point evidently was to draw
attention to the gold values that
are carried in the ore in sections
of this district.
The Anyox General Hospital
take this opportunity of thanking
the Cubs for the "good deed" they
did on Friday, November 30th.
The boys under the capable leadership of Acting Assistant Scoutmaster T. Kergin oalled at the
homes where empty medicine bottles
were on hand, and returned same
to the hospital where they are
needed. ALICE    ARM   A.VD ANYOX   HERALD.  Saturday-. December 8,  1934
Alice Arm & Anyox Herald
Issued every Saturday at Alice Arm
Alice Arm and Anyox $2.00 Yearly
Other Parts of Canada, $2.25
British Isles and United States, $2.50
Notices for Crown Grants -   -   $10.00
Land Notices ....       $10.00
Transient Advertising, 50c. per inch
Contract Bates on Application.
E. MOSS, Editor and Publisher.
Mr. S. G. Blaylock, bead of the
Consolidated Milling and Smelting
Co. of Canada in an address to the
delegates of the Canadian Institute
of Mining and Metallurgy, last
week in Vancouver, spoke a lot of
truth when he referred to the necessity of friendly relations between
employers and employees in the
mining industry. He gave a detailed description of how friendly
relations were created and maintained between tbe Consolidated Com
pany and its 5000 employees, and
said, you must play fair with your
employees if successful friendly
relations are to be maintained.
Similar to a good many more high
business executives, Mr. Blaylock
realizes that giving employees all
possible comforts while they are
employed and an income from insurance, when their working days
are over, creates a loyal industrious'
and self-sacrificing personnel. Big
employers of labor are beginning to
realize that the old system of "hire
and fire" is expensive in many ways.
It creates a tendency to "loaf on
the job" whenever possible; it breeds
a spirit of "I shonld worry how
little work I do, the job is no good
anyway" and it persuades the employee not to bother his head about
conserving the company's property;
"let it break" he says, "I should
worry." A body of contented,
loyal employees is a big asset to an
employer, and an army of contented
workers is the biggest asset a nation
today, can possess. Force cannot
stifle discontent. Sooner or later
the   smouldering  will   break   into
Contracts  More Fully
Explained By Mr.
C. Stewart
So far we have dealt with the
first two requirements of a valid
contract ... an actual offer and
acceptance . . . and writing or consideration in some cases. The third
requisite is that tbe parties to the
contract are capable of making a
contract and roughly we find the
Infants: Except for necessaries
like food and certain clothing no
one under tbe age of twenty-one
can be sued on a contract.
There is one other exception,
life insurance contracts,   which can
be made   by anyone over sixteen
years of age.
flame and the longer it has been
held in check the greater will be
the explosion.
Almost at the same time that Mr.
Blaylock was showing how desirable
it was to study the welfare of employees in British Columbia, Hon.
H. H. Stevens was addressing an
audience at Toronto, and to whom
he revealed a few instances of the
degradation to which some employees in the East had been forced, in
order to provide themselves with
the bare necessities of life. His
statements, showing the inhuman
lack of responsibility of some Eastern employers, should bring a blush
of shame to the brow of every
Canadian man and woman. Such,
a shameful state of working conditions is not necessary for profits in
Canada, who, with adequate tariffs
is not forced to compete with foreign
labor. There is no need for forcing
Canadian men and women below
the standard of Chinese coolies or
African negroes, and the people of
Canada should see that it is abolished.
Otherwise a contract made by an
infant cannot be enforced unless
ratified by him or her after they
reach the age of  twenty-one years.
Companies: A company is limited in making contracts to those
that are covered in the powers set
out in the company charter. If the
company has no power in its charter to cover a contract that it makes
the contract cannot be enforced.
Lunatics: Contrary to most opinions, a contract made with a person
of unsound mind is valid, unless the
other party to the contract was
aware of the insanity of the first
party and took advantage of it.
Inebriates: A contract made by a
person when he was intoxicated is
valid unless he cancels it as soon as
possible after becoming sober.
They have the right at law to cancel a contract made when they were
intoxicated to a degree that they
did not know what they were doing.
Mistakes: Generally speaking,
persons are supposed to look after
themselves, and if they make a mistake there is no remedy for it.
Misrepresentation: This is a misstatement of facts; not known to
be false and not intended to deceive.
Fraud: This is a mistatement of
facts, known to be false and purposely made with the intention of
deceiving, and in fact actually deceiving the other party and inducing him to enter the contract.
Misrepresentation, if it furnished
material inducement to enter the
contract will generally be grounds
to set the contract aside.
Fraud always gives the injured
party the right to damages he suffers or to have the contract cancelled and be released from it.
Should he desire to cancel the contract he must promptly notify the
other party as soon as he has discovered the fraud.
Anyox, B.C.       Carl M. Stewart
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Now is the Time to Buy Property
Agent for Alice Arm Mining
and Development Co.
The Minerals of British Columbia
This Province offers excellent opportunities for useful and
profitable investment.    British Columbia has produced
OVER $1,352,000,000 WORTH OF MINERALS.
The gross value of mineral production for the six months
ended June 30th. 1934, exclusive of gold premium, is
estimated at $18,667,691.00, an increase of 50.5 per cent,
over the estimated value of the production in the corresponding six-month period of 1933.
GOLD PRODUCTION: Gold production showed a
decided increase; a total return in Canadian funds
to the gold producers of'British Columbia during the
first six months for 1934 being approximately
$5,028,124.00, an increase of 81.3 per cent, over
the return in Canadian funds received during the
first half of 1933.
Recent Publications of the Department of Mines   ,
Annual Report of the Honourable the Minister of
Mines, for the year 1933.
Summary and Review of the Mineral Industry of
British Columbia for the six months ended June 30th. 1934.
Bulletin "British Columbia the Mineral Industry"
(containing a short history of mining, a synopsis of the
mining laws, and other data of value to prospectors.)
"Placer Mining in British Columbia."
Non-Metallic Mineral Investigations: "Barite," "Asbestos;" "Glassware;" "Clay;" "Magnesite and Hydro-
For Results, Advertise in  the
Herald AL1CK    A KM   \SD ANYOX   HERALD.  Saturday. December 8,  1984
News  Brevities  From
The Stewart News
The Premier Gold Mining Company was due to receive yesterday,
November 22nd. a payment of $29-
800 as a dividend from its interest
in the Toburn property, situated in
Northern Ontario.
Constable Potterton has been
officially requested to enforce the
Curfew law, which states that no
child under the age of 16 years
shall be on the streets of Stewart
after 8:30 o'clock in the evenings,
unless accompanied by its parents,
or under the protection of some
adult person, except for good reason.
C. N. R. Railway Revenues
The gross revenues of the all-
inclusive Canadian National Railways System for the week ending
November 14, 1934, were $3,102,-
804, as compared with $3,028,114,
for the corresponding period of
1933, an increase of $74,690.
picture show in Stewart on  Saturday evening, December 8th.
With the building renovated, and
material for the construction of tbe
operating room expected Monday
next, and machines with full equipment, and an expert to install them
expected the following Monday,
Mr. Carolan told the News today
that he hopes to open with his first
The big 700-foot raise up from
the 2,850 or Province tunnel on Big
Missouri was completed during the
past week-end, thus completing
another important step in the development of that property. It is
reasonable to suppose that with the
completion of this raise, the crew
therein employed will be directed to
cutting and running a drift possibly
200 feet above the 2,850. Good
progress is being made with the
Advertise in the Herald
$40.70 Return
$10.70 Return
Meals and Berth Included
Boat Leaves Anyox
These low  rates  in  effect  until
February 28,  with return   limit
March 31
.' i
"...So that Our Visitors
will be Sorry to Leave"
"If we are going to invite people to this country,
we must be honest with them . .. Courtesy costs
nothing and is one of our greatest tourist assets
. . . Let us so treat strangers within our gates
that it will be easy for them to come, pleasant for
them to stay, and difficult for them to leave."
Rt. Hon. R, B. BENNETT, Prime Minister ef Canada, to tht Canadian Association of Tourist and Publicity Burtaus, November 6,1934.
/anada's tourist activities represent more than a great industry from
which everybody benefits. They provide an opportunity to create what the
Prime Minister has described as "that feeling of neighbourliness" which is
such a vital factor in building up cordial relations within thefamily of nations.
Jot both these reasons, may I urge upon the people of Canada the importance of showing consideration, courtesy and honesty to guests of our
country? Let us all do those little acts of kindness which count for so much
when one travels in a strange land.
SJk have a beautiful country. We must keep it so. We want our visitors
to travel highways free from disfigurement, walk the streets of cities that
are orderly and clean, and find at the end of every day's travel an inviting
spot to rest. Canadians should turn their attention now to the important
work of preparing for next year's tourist season.
tA& a nation, we are advertising abroad the attractions of Canada as a
holiday land. We must see to it that our guests return home with only the
happiest recollections—and the determination to come back again and again.
^or should we forget, in planning our own vacations, that there are
beauties to discover and friendships to be made in our neighbouring provinces. We live in one of the world's most glorious playgrounds—let us
learn to know better the rich variety of its travel attractions.
Ottawa, Canada
Printing of Every
The Herald Job Printing Department is equipped to handle
any class of work promptly
and efficiently, from a plain
black and white Handbill to a
three or four Color Souvenir
Office Forms
Business Cards
Admission Tickets
Visiting Cards
Invitation Cards
and Announcements
Are among the many forms of Printing
handled by The Herald Office
is executed in a Neat and
Attractive manner.  Delivery
is prompt and the cost as low-
as possible
Can be filled within two or
three days, or even earlier if
you phone us a rush order
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Estimates Gladly Given
The Herald Printing
m ALICE    ARM    A.VL) ANYOX   HERALD.  Saturday. December 8.  193.4
Much Talent Uncovered
At Mine Minstrel
A medley of Plantation Songs,
given hy the full ohorus, was an
appropriate opening for the concerts
given by the Mine Chrysanthemum
Coons at the Mine and Beaoh on
November 29th and December 3rd.
respectively. U. Murphy followed
with "St Louis Blues." W. Home
sang "Wagon Wheels," the company joining in the chorus. An
intelligence test, presumably prepared by Mr. 0. P. Ashmore, of the
Granby Stores, was next applied
to various members of the troupe,
all of whom failed lamentably in
their answers. "Golden Slippers"
provided some rousing chorus work
while T. H. Bamforth delighted
the audience with his "My Hat's
on the side of My Head." An original composition by J. Smathers.
in song form was much appreciated
and some numbers by the Minstrel
Band, to the last one of which T.
M. Waterland gave a clever step
dance, were well rendered. ''Little
Dutch Mill" was sung by G. Murphy-
Ed. Blundell was inspired to deliver
a sermon, dealing with the sinful
nature of the world in general, and
Anyox in particular and wound up
his rapid and well delivered discourse by singing: "That's why
Darkies were Born." E. J. Griffiths
saug ''Sunrise and You," while
Tom Neilly, assisted by the company, sang ''Swing Low, Sweet
Chariot." A quartette composed
of Messrs Bamforth, Phillips, Rhead
and Key. blended nicely in some
favorite numbers. Sven Anderson
artist of the piano-accordian, played
the "Glow Worm." R. Key sang
"Asleep in the Deep" and Ed. Phillips rendered ''Old Man River."
An outstanding number of the
performance was the singing of
'My Little Grass Shack" by Ed.
Blundell and chorus. T. H. Bamforth, assisted by the chorus roused
everyone with ''Dark Town Strutters' Ball". The first half of the
concert closed with the singing hy
the "Melody Four" of some local
Nine Cent Copper Does Not
Apply To Canadian Product
Some people still have the idea-
says a writer in a mining journal,
that copper produced in Canada is
selling at around 9 cents per pound.
This however is not the case. The
only copper in the world today
selling at 9 cents is the Blue Eagle
fioppei'j produced in the United
States. This price is paid only to
American producers who sell the
copper in the United States. Canadian copper is shut out from the
United States market by an imposition of 4 cents a pound duty.
Canadian oopper is forced to compete in the world's market, where
the ruling price today is a fraction
over 6 cents a pound. Canadian
producers would be feeling happy
just now, if the price of their product was 9 cents a pound.
Elks' Memorial Service Held
On Sunday Last
There was a fair attendance on
Sunday evening last at the Elks'
Hall for the Annual Memorial
Service of the B. P. 0. E., Anyox
Lodge. This impressive service is
held on the first Sunday in December of every year, as a memorial to
departed Brother Elks. An appro
priate address was given by Rev.
Evan Baker, of the Anyox United
Church. Anthems were rendered
by the choir and Mrs. J. Peel sang
the soprano solo: "I know that My
RedeemerLiveth" from theMessiah.
limericks in which various celebrities were brought into the limelight
The audience, aud especially the
younger folk, enjoyed the shadow
performance of "The Hungry
Chinaman," rapidly such odds and
ends as fishes, dogs, snakes, sausages, etc and later had some extracted from his interior. A prize
Cake Walk, in which the audience
were the judges, brought roars of
laughter as each couple took the
floor. A rousing chorus. "Side by
Side." and the singing of God Save
the King" brought the performance
to a close.
Alice Arm  Notes
Mrs. C. P. Ashmore left on Monday for a visit to the south.
Mrs. G. S. MacDonald and
daughter left on Monday for a
visit to the south.
Mrs. E. Baker returned on Monday from a visit to Prince Rupert.
Tusko Turner left on Wednesday
for a five weeks' holiday in the
Stewart Barclay, who has recently completed a mining contraot
at Stewart arrived home on Mon
day from that town.
OFFICE—Opposite Liquor Store
We Failed To Mention
In our report of the presentation
of trcpliies at the Annual Card
Party and Dance of the Anyox
Golf Club we omitted to mention
one or two somewhat important
items. One is that although thirteen tournaments were played in
the men's section, during the season, only three tournament trophies were presented at tlie dance,
the remainder having been awarded at the close of the respective
tournaments. We should also
have stated that the trophy oup for
the Men's Open Championship,
which was won by S. Peters, was
presented by the Granby Stores.
Leaving Anyox
The  Continental   Limited   leaves
Vancouver (or the East daily at
2.45 p.m.
From Prince Rupert trains leave
5.30 p.m.   Mondays, Wednesdays
and Fridays for points East and
For Information Call or Write:
Local Agent or P. Lakie, D. p.
& P. A. Prince Rupert, B.C.
__ V-C5-34
_.//■ 1 fm     v
1    $1.90
1     Per
I    Doz.
Ask for this Good Beer..
■TIHERE is no substitute for "Capilano." That
light, golden-amber colour! That zestfuL
refreshing flavour! That rich, creamy collar!
This is "Capilano!" Nothing else can take its
■' .: ■■*; • raw ■
This advertisement is not published or displayed by the Liquor Control  Board or by the
Government of British Columbia
British hospitality and British Columbia loods blend happily in
I making out guests comfortable.
Dining-room, lounge and rooms
are clean, homelike and quiet.
Near shops, theatres, boats and
trains. Mr. E. G. Baynes, well
known Owner-Manager ol the
Grosvenor gives his personal assurance of the highest quality
modern hotel service to visitors
(rom al! points in British Columbia.
Write For
Weekly and
Monthly Rates
Y'muauvvr'x llotvl of Distinction* ;i
The Provincial Government h;.s
announced a Royal Commission to
investigate the fuel problems of the
Province, including- coal, oil and
gas. The investigation will be in
the hands of Mr. Justice M. A.
Macdonald, of the British Columbia
Appeal   Court,    as    Royal    Corn-
Ordinary revenues of the Dominion in the seven months of the fiscal
year elapsed have increased $26,-
000,000 over that budgeted by the
Finance Minister.
B.  P. O.  ELKS
Dominion of Canada and Newfoundland
Meets every second and fourth Monday of
the month
Hall for rent for dances, social functions, etc.
on application to club manager
Lumber, Shingles, Sash, Doors,
Veneer, Ready Roofing, Brick,
Lime, Cement, and other Building Materials.
Quotations Furnished and
Shipments made Promptly
1425 Granville Street, Vancouver B.C.
The Strathcona Hotel
One Block from the Crystal Gardens. Central Location.
Moderate Rates.   Fireproof.   Our bus meets all boats.
E. J. MARTIN, Proprietor and Manager
There IS a Santa Claus!!
SANTA CLAUS will, of  course,  visit   every
youngster in town this Christmas, as he always
has done.   Our stock of toys and other gifts for
children is complete,  and "Santa" has already,
paid several visits.   The earlier the better!!
Wm. A. Rogers Company have surpassed themselves in their productions of silverware this year,
both as to quality and value.   See our inexpensive gifts in fine silver plate.
A nice choice of English China Cups and Saucers at most moderate prices.   These are dainty
and acceptable gifts.


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