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A little paper
with all the
news and a big
Published in the interests of Alice Arm and Anyox, B. C.
$2.00 a Year
t Alice Arm and
Anyox. $2.25 to
all other points.
VOL 13,   NO. 12
Alice Arm, B. C, Sattjbday, September 23, 1933
5 cents each.
H. F. Kergin Will Seek
Re-election In Atlin
Has Been Member of Legislature
For Atlin 13 Yean
H. F. Kergin M, L. A. who has
represented the Atlin constituency
at the Provincial Legislature for
the past thirteen years will seek reelection at the general election on
November 2nd.
This statement was made to the
Herald on Thursday by Mr. Kergin, and he further stated, that at
the present time he had nothing
more to say, except that he would
seek re-election.
Mr, Kergin's entry into the field
makes a total of five candidates to
date and it is possible now that
so many are in the field others may
feel inclined to contest the seat.
The entry of T. W. Falconer last
week and H. F. Kergin this week
has upset all the calculations of
expert observers, and makes the
outcome of the campaign in Atlin
difficult to solve.
As far as old party lines are concerned they will not exist. No one
candidate will receive the full party
support as at previous elections.
That the campaign will be a strenuous one there is not the slightest
doubt, and the sincerity and ability
of each candidate together with
j their past record will play an important role towards success.
Golf Club Dance Will Start
Social Season
There will be no doubt about the
success of the Annual Card Party
and Dance of the Anyox Golf Club,
to be held in the Elks' Hall on
Friday October 6th.
This event proved most popular
in the past two years, and the present one, which will mark the be-
o-inning of the social season, is
being eagerly anticipated by many.
The cpmmitttee in charge may be
relied on to provide everything that
will make for the enjoyment of their
patrons. Those who have not yet
been to a Golf Club Social will do
well to book this date.
Community League Will
Award Prizes
At the recent meeting of the
Beach Council of the Community
League it was unanimously decided
to award prizes to the 1932-33
basketball league winners, in the
Ladies' and Men's teams. Prizes
will also be awarded to the winners
of the 1933 Baseball League.
The Canadian National steamship Priuce Bupert, which will terminate her Thursday morning
oall at Anyox next week.   Commencing on Wednesday, October 4th, she will call at Anyox
every Wednesday evening, instead of Thursday.
Anyox P. T. A. Elect
Officers At Annual
At the annual meeting of the
Anyox Parent-Teachers Association
held on Monday, September 18th.
the various reports for the year
were : submitted. These reports
showed that much good work had
been done by the Association, although it had been functioning for
only ffflSSW time. ~'" "'
The following subjects had been
used for discussion at various meetings: Technocracy; Drawing in the
Public School; Obedience. In addition, certain important subjects
had been very ably dealt with by
the following speakers: "Health of
the School Child," by Dr. Lang;
"Some aspects of High School
Work," by Mr. Davies; "Character
Building," by Rev. Evan Baker.
A scholarship of $25.00 had been
sent to the'University of Alberta for
Phyllis Bushfield, who is continuing
her studies there, and another one
of $25.00 had been won by Amy
MacDonald for having obtained the
highest average standing in Matriculation Class this year.
The following officers were elected for the ensuing year: Hon. President, Mr. R. Wallace; President,
Mrs. J. A. McMaster; Vice-President, Mrs. W. Simpson; Secretary,
Mrs. R. C. Cormier; Treasurer,
Mrs. H. Patrick. The following
conveners were appointed: Programme, Mr. R. Wallace; Entertainment, Mrs. ]. Evans; Refreshments, Mrs. Campbell and Mrs.
Hague; Membership; Mine, Mrs.
Johnson, Beach, Mrs. Adams.
The Association has also donated
to the Public School, during the
past year, Supplementary Readers
to the value of fifty dollars, which
were very much appreciated.
The Herald is $2.00 a year.
Reception Is Held For
Rev. A. Abraham
A very enjoyable event took
place at Christ : Church Parish
Hall, Anyox, on Friday evening the
15th. when a large number of members and their friends gathered to
welcome the Rev. A. Abraham,
who has recently been appointed to
the parish. ,      '
The evening was a most pleasant
one, being occupied for the first
part with cards, and later to music
and singing. Among those contributing to the vocal programme
were Mrs. T. Pinckney, Mrs. Kelly,
and Rev. Abraham. Miss F. Allan
and Mrs. L. McKay gave several
pianoforte selections, aud Mr. A. E.
Field gave a humorous monologue.
Community singing was enjoyed by
all, Mrs. J. Salmon being the accompanist for this and for the various vocal items.
Delightful refreshments were
served during the evening and the
committee in charge wish to thank
all those who so kindly assisted in
making the evening a success.
Badminton Club Organize For
Coming Season
At a well-attended meeting of
the Badminton Club, held iu the
Community League office on Monday the 18th.. the following officers
were elected for the coming season:
President, A. Kirby; Vice-president,
F. C. O. Edwards; Seoretary, W.
Gibb; committee, Mrs. J. Smith,
Mrs. O. G. Maointyre, H. Spencer,
S. Peters. The matter of fees for
the season was fully discussed, and
these were fixed at $4.00, shuttles
to be supplied by the Club.
The opening night will be held
early in Ootober, aud it is probable
that a tournament will be held.
As there will probably be several
new members the prospects are
bright for an aotive season.
District On Way
To Stewart
T. D. Pattullo, provincial leader
of the Liberal party was a passenger on the Steamship Catala on
Monday going north to Stewart.
While the Catala was in port at
Alioe Arm, Mr. Pattullo discussed
political matters with several persons. Ho appeared to have no
doubt in regard to a sweeping Lib
eral viotory at the polls at the
coming eleotion. In fact, he said,
that the election was already won.
The Liberal leader held a campaign meeting at Stewart on Monday evening, when he delivered a
rapid tire speech for 45 minutes
while the Catala was in port. W,
J. Asselstine, Liberal candidate also
addressed the meeting.
H. W. M. Rolston independent
candidate, was also a passenger on
the Catala on Monday. ! He
was returning to Stewart from an
eleotion tour of the Atlin and Telegraph districts. He stated that he
anticipated no difficulty in winning
the Atlin seat at the coming election. He had previously intended
to spend a few days in Anyox, but
as Mr. Pattullo was holding a
meeting at Stewart he had deoided
to continue his journey.
Herald May Not Be Published
Next Week
Owing to an abnormal amount
of work at the Herald office it is a
problem whether it will he possible
to publish the Herald as usual next
week. If it is found impossible, a
full report of next week's local
news will be published in the following issue. Every effort will be
made to publish as usual, but at
present it is a question if it oan be
Advertise in the Herald
Tennis   Championships
Tournaments Are
Sunday afternoon last saw the
conclusion of the Anyox Open Tennis championships for the 1933
season, when the final of the Men's
Doubles was decided and the Cups
presented to the winners of the
various events. A number of spectators were on hand to watch the
match. Afternoon tea was served
by a committee of ladies of the
Tennis Clubs.
The final for the Ladies' Doubles,
which was played on Saturday the
16th. resulted in a win for Miss K.
Eve and Miss M. Leighton over
the Misses L. and M. Dresser, the
score being 6-2, 11-9.
In the final for the Men's Doubles between D. and J. Gillies and
E. R. Oatman and O. G. Macintyre,
the latter pair won 6.2, 6-0, 8-6.
Although the younger boys appeared to weaken in the second set,
they came back strongly iu the
third and almost succeeded in nailing it down.
The various Cups were presented
by Mrs. E. R. Oatman, as follows:
Ladies' Open Singles, Miss M.
Dresser; Men's Open Singles, E. R.
Oatman; Ladies' Doubles, Miss M.
Leighton and Miss K. Eve; Men's
Doubles, O. G. Macintyre and E.
R. Oatman; Mixed Doubles, Miss
M. Dresser and G. Mclnnes.
The Consolation games of the
Open Tennis championship series
have >et to be concluded, and they
will be played whenever opportunity offers.
Neil Forbes Still At Atlin
The many friends of Neil Forbes,
both at Alice Arm and Anyox will
be pleased to learn that Neil is in
the best of health away up iu the
Atlin country. In a recent letter
to the Herald editor he stated that
since leaving this district he had
seen a lot of country, but so far his
prospecting had not favored him
with a fortune. Neil renewed his
subscription to the Herald, and
looks forward with pleasure to its
weekly news of the distriot.
Anyox   Basketball  Players
Will Hold Meeting
An organization meeting for basketballers will be held on Monday
next the 25th. in the Recreation
Hall. All those interested in the
game—fans as well as players—are
invited to be present. It is expected that this season will be one of
the best ever held. ALICE   ARM   AND   ANYOX   HERALD,   Saturday, September 23.  1933
Alice Arm & Anyox Herald
Issued every Saturday at Alice Arm
Alice Arm and Anyox $2.00 Yearly
Other Parts of Canada, $2.25
British Isles and United States, $2.50
Notices for Crown Grants - - $15.00
Land Notices.... - $15.00
Transient Advertising, 50c. per inch
Contract Rates on Application.
B. MOSS, Editor ond Publisher.
World Copper Condition
Reviewed In
The September issue of the
Monthly Commercial Letter pub
lished by the Canadian Bank of
Commerce, carried a very instructive report on the world condition of
the copper market, which will prove
fnteresting to our many readers.
Following is the report in full:
The copper-producing industry
has been subjected to a great diversity of influences, good and bad,
during the past four years. Technological changes, the entry into
the market of new producers on
a large scale, disastrous attempts
at price control, tariff hindrance to
trade and the effects of the general
depression have all contributed to a
state of uncertainty within the in
dustry. Canadian producers are
therefore, to be commended on their
record during a period of most trying market conditions. Despite
the fact that the monthly average
price of electrolytic copper in New
York (the primary market) declined
from 18.11 cents in 1929 to 5.56
cents in 1932, Canadian production
actually increased during that period
from 121,151 tons to 125,370 tons,
although the high point was reached in 1930 with 151,833 tons.
During the same four-year period
world production had fallen from
2,127,834 tons to 972,720 tons. A
curtailment agreement, to which
some of the Canadian producers
were signatories, was put into effect
early in 1932, but production in
that year declined only 15.3 per
cent, below that in 1931, as compared with a decline of 34 per cent,
in world production, the United
States and South America curtailing
most drastically with reductions of
51 per cent, and 53 per cent, respectively. In at least two cases
Canadian producers have been assisted in maintaining operations by
the precious metal content of their
ore, but good management and
sales policies and the success with
which they have met their metallurgical problems and utilized byproducts, have largely enabled them
to carry on through difficult times.
This applies also to the producers
of lead and zinc. One of the most
gratifying features of the export
copper trade in recent years has
been the increasing degree to
which refined and fabricated copper
has superseded ore among exports.
This development first became apparent in 1930, when exports of
refined and rolled copper amounted
Rudderham  Will  Run   As
C. C. F. Candidate
In Prince Rupert
' George W. Rudderham, for sev
eral years a member of the city
council in Prince. Rupert, has received the unanimous nomination of
the local branch of the Socialist
Party of Canada as Co-operative
Commonwealth Federation candidate for Prince Rupert in the forthcoming provincial election, it was
announced last week following
receipt of endorsation of Mr. Rud-
derham's candidature from the provincial executive of the Federation.
Ex-Aid. Rudderham will oppose
T. D. Pattullo, Liberal leader for
British Columbia, who has sat in
the Legislature for Prince Rupert
since 1916, and Charles Chapman,
United Front candidate.
No  More   Changes To Be
Made In Cabinet
Premier S. F. Tolmie stated this
week that he did not expect to
make any further changes in his
cabinet before the forthcoming election. His government, the Premier
said, expected to be represented in
the most of the ridings of the pro.
ConsolidatedShipping Radium
From North
Consolidated Smelters is shipping
105 bags of high grade silver and
pitchblend from its Great Bear Lake
properties,- adjoining Eldorado Gold
Mines and Great Bear Lake Mines,
eastern reports state.
This information is of particular
significance from the fact that
Smelters has given little news out
regarding its operations, which
have included extensive surface
work followed by diamond drilling
of the zone immediately adjoining
the north line of Rad claims of
Great Bear Lake Mines.
No statement has as yet been
issued regarding the results of work
done this year By Smelters on this
ground, but the shipments of the.
high grade pitchblend and silver
would indicate important results.
to 3,480 tons out of total exports
of 114,643 tons. In 1931 it had
increased to 52,602 tons out of a
total of 95,832 tons, and in 1932
stood at 100,461 tons out of a total
of 130,441 tons. Not only did the
total copper exported reach the
highest point on record, but new
markets were opened up in Belgium,
France, Germany, the Netherlands,
Sweden, Italy and Brazil.
While world stocks of copper had
more than doubled during the period from 31st. December, 1929, to
31st. December 1932 (on the latter
date they were 745,939 tons) they
were only a fraction of those on
hand at the end of the war, for instance, when stocks in the hands of
producers and the allied governments, and scrap accumulated at
munition plants reached the enormous total of 1,900,000 tons.
These stocks were gradually worked
off in a relatively small market, and
it is not unreasonable to assume
that with an acceleration of business
activity, accompanied by a replenishment of iuventories, the present
stocks will be reduced to more
manageable proportions.
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5 egg yolks
Vi cup butter
1 cup confectioners' sugai
1H teaspoons vanilla
5 egg whites, stiffly beaten
! dozen lady fingers
Whipped cream
Put the chocolate and granulated sugar into top of double boiler, add boiling
water, let stand over hot water until chocolate is melted. Bring the St. Charles
Milk to scalding point and blend with the chocolate mixture. Add the egg
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British Columbia
Has Produced Minerals of an Aggregate
Value of $1,400,000,000
You are invited to apply to the Department of Mines,
Victoria, B. G, for the latest authoritative information
regarding mining development in British Columbia
Annual Report of the Honourable the Minister of
Mines, for the calendar year 1932.
"Placer Mining in British Columbia."
Summary and Review of the Mineral Industry of British Columbia for the six months'ended June 30th., 1933.
Non-Metallic Mineral Investigations: "Barite," "Asbestos;" "Glassware;"' "Clay;" "Magnesite and Hydro-
lliagnesite," '.''"'
Strathmore Farm
Holds Three Milk
and Butter Production Records
(1) Strathmore
Lady McKinley.
(2) Primrose
LllyPletJe. (3)
Mona Pontiac
When milk and
butter tn tke
topic ol conversation,
attention must needs
be directed to the
Canadian Pacific Railway's supply farm, at
Strathmore, Alta.,
where three bovine
aristocrats have established outstanding production <records for
1981, for the whole of
Canada, there is little
to choose between the
three cows; a glance at
their pictures tells the
story. Excellent stock,
well handled, has once
more proven its worth
and E. W. Jones, the company's Superintendent of Agriculture and Animal Industry, is Justly proud of the achievement.
Mon* Pontiac Walker—184648—under
Government regulation, Ud all the milk-
producers in Canada by over 2,000 lbs.,
having completed a yearly reoo'd on
November 27, 1931. with 30,464 lbs. of
milk and 1,160 lbs. ot butter. In 1980, as a
four-year-old, she held another record, with
29,202 lbs. of milk and 1,071 lbs. ef butter.
The next highest milk production record for 1981 goes to Primrose Lily Pietje—
161147—who also held the butter record tor
the Dominion for the same year. Her performance was 28,271 lbs. of milk and 1.210
lbs. of butter. She is an outstanding snow
animal and took first prise in the dry cow
class st Vancouver and Victoria in 1981.
The four-year-old production record
for Cansds, for both milk and butter is held by Strathmore Lady McKinley—148899—accorded her records
under Government regulation, in 1981, with 26,669 lbs. of milk and 1.102.6 lbs. of buttet.   She is a re-
markably fine beast of the best of Holstein pedigree, as is shown by her fine lines.
Ski Runners of the Canadian Rockies
With a field of activity unequalled the world over the new winter
sports sssodation the Ski Runners ot the Canadian Rockies,
is rspidly coming into prominence among skiers and winter sports
enthusiasts generslly. The new organisation is patterned largely
after ths famous Trail Riders and its locale, unequalled for
scenery end facilities on this continent and probably without a
rival even in Europe, is Banff, in the heart ot the Rockies, with
runs and trails varying from one to ten days in duration and
covering such world-known objectives ss Mount Assiniboine.
Simpson Psss, Shadow Lake, Lake Louise, Ptarmigan Valley and
Psss, Bow Lakes and Pipestone Pass. Ski-ing over some of these
pssses is in lull swing ss late ss June when visitors are enjoyrng golf
and tennis, fishing.and hiking, in the valleys Mow. But tbe sport begins, in November eac'i j .
9 A thousand feet above Banff sail snout an hew ect from the tew* is the ski lodge built on the psss
.-     . », j,m "qusw..From the cltbjiouse runs rsdbitemsH directions with cabins
between Mounts Norqusy end I      .    .	
end shelters tt strategic points for rest and refreshment. There is t 60-metre,Jump st Buffalo Park and
every year in February (this year February 7-14) a tournament is held where the pick of Canadian and outside jumpers compete. *   ••■
Lay-out shows (1) Ski track across virgin snow with Mt. Assiniboine, 11,800 feet high, in background;
«) Csnadisn Pselflc Bungalow Camp st Magog headquarters for ski-ing at Mt. Assiniboine; (8) Mount
is/quty Ski Lodge, 1000 test above Banff, overlooking the Bow River, with, dog team in foreground and
,7 The Towers, on Wonder Psss, nesr Mt. Assiniboine, one of the finest winter scenes in the Rockies
Read The Herald and Keep
Informed of what is happening
in the district.
Our Circulation j
Is Increasing!
Because the Alice Arm and Anyox
Herald carries all the local news of
m   the district, placed before its readers
J   in a concise and pleasing maimer.
A glance over the headlines shows
exactly what has happened in Anyox
and  Alice Arm during the   past
Reliable reports gathered from authentic sources, regarding the state
of the copper and silver markets are
frequently published; also interesting
news items of provincial mining activities, etc
Broadminded editorials, written from
a purely independent viewpoint, concerning the metal markets, Provincial,
Dominion and International politics;
also editorial comment on local affairs
are a feature of the Herald.
This bright and newsy paper will be sent you
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Mr. P. Powell, or at the Post Office
g^aBa^SBiBESBESISiBSBB ALICE   ARM   AND   ANYOX   HERALD,   Saturday, September 23,  1933
Sports Supper Event Being
An event of interest to the sports
fraternity of Anyox will take place
in the Mine Hall on Wednesday
October 4th. at 8.30 p.m. This
will take the form of a supper and
it is planned that at this function
the prizes awarded to last season's
basketball winners, and the baseball
league winners of the season just
ended, will be presented. The
affair will be sponsored by the
Beach and Mine Councils of the
Community League, and the Granby
Company have kindly offered to
provide the supper for the occasion.
Invitations will be issued to those
who have taken part on the various
teams, and also to the members of
the executive committees.
Olier Besner Is Recovering
From Accident
According to word reaching
Prince Rupert, Olier Besner, who
sustained serious injuries in an airplane crash about a month ago in
the Bridge River mining district.
is continuing to make rapid progress toward recovery. It is expeoted that he will be able to leave
hospital within the course of the
next ten days or two weeks. Mr.
Besner's injuries were later found
to be not quite so serious as was
at first believed.
♦   A  ., A m, A  ii Aifc ii.i Ai*iAi.i Aii^ A ■■■ A.ai A itm. A^ A
▼ ■• T ■ T ■ T""' V  ■   T   "  V  ■   V   ■   V   ■   T   ■  T  ^ Y ■ ▼
A.   L   -   ±   -    1   .    A-    1-    A   .    A-    t   -    A   -   X   -   A. ..   A..*.. A
T Y • T ■ T • T ■ ▼*" Y ■ Y '• T ■   Y ~ T ■ Y • T ■   T
Mrs. J, Calfa left on Monday for
Prince Rupert where she expects to
spend the winter months.
Jens Larson returned on Monday
from a short visit to Prince Rupert.
J. Trinder reoeived notification
this week from Victoria that he
had been appointed returning
officer for the Atlin constituency
during the coming election.
After next week mail for the
south will close at Wednesday
noon, instead of Wednesday evening. This new schedule will commence on Wednesday, October 4th.
Developing, Printing and Enlarging. All work returned on
following boat. Wrathall's Photo
Finishing, Prince Rupert.
Apartment  House,   Going
Concern.   Address Box 189
Daily News, Prince
Annual Card Party and
Friday,  October  6th. 1933
Cards 8 to 10 p.m.   Dancing
10.30 till 2.
Admission 50c.     Refreshment!
Tickets on Sale 6j> members of
Golf Committees
R. G. Holmes, representing the
Denver Rook Drill Co. left on
Thursday's boat.
R. M. Bagshaw, government
auditor, arrived on Thursday from
J. C. Watt arrived on Thursday
from Vanoouver.
J. E. Dowdle arrived in town
from Dewdney on Thursday.
Mrs. A. Woods arrived from
Prince Rupert on Thursday's boat.
Sid Armstrong left recently for
a holiday visit to Vancouver and
southern cities.
Miss Barbara Lee and Miss Dora
Peterson left on Monday for the
University of B.C.
Miss Emily Nelson left on Monday to resume her studies in the
Mrs. T. P. O'Brien, who has been
in ill health for sometime, returned
on Thursday from Vancouver.
Mrs. H. Nye returned on Thursday from a holiday visit to the
W. Cloke returned to Vancouver
by Thursday's boat.
Eddie Phillips left on Thursday
for a visit to Vancouver.
Dr. G. S. McDonald left on
Thursday for a holiday visit to
E. Bartlett left on Thursday for
a visit to Vancouver.
Born, to Mr and Mrs. R. D.
Marsh, on Wednesday, September
20th. at the Anyox General Hospital, twin boys,
William J. Asselstine
Liberal Candidate
Familiar with  Every Phase of Mining, and
Capable  of  presenting  all   problems  from
Prospecting to Production
3      "The People Before the Party"
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Cleanser Cream and Powder, a $2.50 value
for $1.50.
Jergen's Lemon-kist or Pine-kist Soap,   4
tablets, cellophane wrapped, 19c.
Leave your Films and Negatives for finishing
at our Drug Department.   Work returns one
week from boat day.
Films.  Cameras.  Tripods,   Finishing
Materials, Etc. for the Amateur


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