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 A little paper
with all the
news and a big
Published in the interests of Alice Arm and Anyox, B. C.
$2.00 a Year
Alice Arm and
Anyox. $2.25 to
all other points.
in...... «-»<<
VOL. 12,   NO. 51
Alice Abm, B. 0., Fbidat, June 28, 1933
5 cents eaoh.
Mine Footballers Defeat
Rangers In Hard
Fought Game
Interesting and spectacular was
the game played on Thursday last,
between the Mine and Rangers,
when a misjudged kick by Ion towards the end of the game gave
victory to the Mine. Some regular
players from both teams were absent, and their places were capably
filled by aspiring younger players.
Shields, at full back for the Rangers
made his debut in league football
and acquitted himself creditably.
An outstanding feature of the
game was the splendid work of
Herzl, between the sticks forthe
Mine. Peppered from all angles,
especially in the second half, this
sterling goalie saved shot after
shot and cleared perfectly. The
odd goal against the Mine was a
dropping "twister" by Peel wnieh
gave Herzl no chance. A penalty
kick against the Mine in the first
half was well stopped.
For a while after the interval the
play was chiefly around the Mine
end, with Peel, Buchanan and Allen
constantly harassing the Mine defense. On the breakaways the
Mine forwards were unable to find
their mark, frequently kicking high.
Galbraith, however, was called
upon several times, notably when
Calderoni headed in two shots in
quick succession. Shortly after
this Ion, in attempting to kick the
ball over his head near the goal,
sent it through.
The first counter for the Mine
came from a penalty kick, nicely
taken by Dick Schaefer. Jack
Evans was the capable referee.
The teams: Rangers: Galbraith;
Ion, Shields; Ellison, Hamilton,
Dodsworth; Allen, Ferguson, Peel,
Buchanan, Flye. Mine: Herzl;
Draney, Dixon; Clarkson, Francis,
Phillips; Schafer, Owen, Calderoni,
Galbraith, Martin.
Results of Ladies' Golf Club
Championship Flight
In the semi-finals of the Ladies'
Oolf Championship Cup Flight,
Mrs. Wenerstrom wou from Mrs.
Frioker 2 and 1, and Mrs. Boy
from Mrs. Cundill 6 and 5.
In the First Flight of the second round Mrs. Sheen won from
Mrs. Gorman 4 and 2, Mrs. Lee
from Mrs. G. Stewart 3 and 2,
Miss Cloke from Mrs. Smith 6 and
4, Mrs. Simpson from Mrs. Gigot
5 and 4.
Surprise Party Given
To T. W. Falconer
Some surprise parties are a fizzle,
some are mediocre and some are
swell. In the last category can be
placed the surprise party sprung on
T. W. Falconer of Alice Arm on
Tuesday evening, on which day he
celebrated another birthday. A
large number of his friends,—in fact
all the bridge players and dancers
pf the town—invaded the house
while the boss was beguiled elsewhere. They crowded the living
quarters and overflowed into the
large hall adjoining, and the surprise was complete.
Following the recovery of the
surprise recipient, card playing was
commenced in the hall. This was
followed by a sumptuous supper,
which was digested by dancing until
the small hours of the following
From beginning to end it was a
lively, successful party, well worth
the loss of a few hours' sleep.
By the way, it almost escaped
our memory to say that, Mrs. W.
M. Cummings took home the ladies'
first prize for bridge, and Mr. Morris Petersen modestly pocketed the
men's prize.
Alice Arm Lakes Will Not
Be Stocked With Fish
This Year
A. D. Yorke, secretary of the
Alice Arm branch of the B. C.
Chamber of Mines, received a letter
this week from the Department of
Fisheries stating that it would be
impossible to ship any eggs of the
Kamloops trout here this year for
the purpose of further restocking
lakes with fish.
The reason given was that owing
to high water in certain lakes in the
south, where the spawn is procured,
the obtaining of the eggs was not
Last year several lakes in the
district were stocked with eggs
and latest observations showed
that they had matured very successfully.
Mrs. James Mclnnis and four
ohildren arrived at Anyox on Mon
day from Vancouver.
News Omitted   Owing   To
Change of Boat Schedule
Owing to the change this week
in the date of publication of the
Herald, it was impossible for all the
Anyox news copy to reach us in
time, including the box scores of
the baseball. We are sorry, but
next week everything will be back
to normal.
Developing, Printing and Enlarging. All work returned on
following boat. Wrathall's Photo
Finishing, Prinoe Bupert.
W. J. Asselstine Chosen
For Liberal Candidate
At Convention
At the Liberal Convention held at
Anyox last night, Thursday, June
22nd., for the purpose of electing a
Liberal candidate at the forthcoming election, W. J. Asselstine
of Premier was elected. The only
other nominee was H. F. Kergin.
The vote was: Asselstine 25, Kergin 16. Twenty-three delegates
were present and the other votes
were by proxy. Chas. Harman
was chairman.
The vote for Asselstine was as
follows: Anyox 13, Premier 3,
Stewart 5, Big Missouri 1, B. C.
Silver 1, Marmot River 1, Silver
Heights 1. Stewart had 10 votes,
5 of which voted for Asselstine and
5 for Kergin.
The vote for Kergin was as follows: Alice Arm 3, Atlin 3, Dease
Lake 1, Aiyansh 1, MacDonald
River 1, Stewart 5, Telegraph
Creek 2.
The meeting was protracted,
lasting until after 11 p.m. At the
conclusion Mr. Kergin congratulated Mr. Asselstine on his receiving
the support and < confidence of the
delegates, and declared his intention
of standing 100 peU cent for liberalism.
This is the first time Mr. Asselstine has been a candidate in an
election. H. F. Kergin has represented Atlin for the past 13 years.
Colts and Beach Win
Baseball Games
The Colts' baseball team dazzled
the Beaoh with their brilliant play
in the game on Friday evening.
In perfeot weather they batted the
Beaoh all over the lot and won the
game with a 10 to 3 score.
In the game between the Beach
and Cubs on Tuesday the former
were victorious with a soore of 10
to 6. Lazorek was on the mound
for the Cubs and pitohed a great
game. This was his first appearance this season.
Stewart Delegates Attend
Liberal Convention
A number of delegates arrived
at Anyox from Stewart on Wednesday morning at 6.30 a.m. to
attend the Liberal Convention for
the purpose of electing a Liberal
oandidate at the forthcoming
eleotion. They were: W. J. Asselstine and F. S. MacDonald of
Premier, Geo. Hill of Silver
Heights, H. Campbell, J. Hawkin-
son and B. McAulay of Stewart.
Dnnoan Munroe accompanied the
Born to Mr. and Mrs. J. L.
Stewart, at the Anyox General
Hospital, on Friday, June 16th.
a son.
Shower Given To Anyox
A linen and china shower in
honor of Miss Margaret Lindsay,
who will be married in Rupert during next month to Mr. Donald
Ritchie, was held at the home of
Mrs. A. McMaster on Tuesday
About thirty guests were present.
Bridge was played during the evening Mrs. G. A. Warwick securing
the first prize and Miss Lindsay the
second. The consolation was won
by Miss Kathleen Eve, and Mrs. E.
R. Oatman won the jig-saw puzzle
Many handsome gifts were presented to the bride-elect, who is a
member of the nursing staff of the
General Hospital and is very popular. Arrangements for the shower,
were in the hands of Mrs. McMaster, Mrs. Hunter and Mrs. Selwood.
Alice Arm Notes
Selkirk Falconer, who has been
attending Magee High School, Vancouver arrived home on Monday
and will spend the holidays with his
Erling Svarvars, who has spent
the past two years here, left on
Monday for Vancouver.
It is possible that Canon W. F.
Rushbrook will arrive at Alice Arm
this week-end and hold the services
at St. Michael's Church on Sunday.
If, however, he does not arrive the
services will be held by Mr. J.
Walter-Hughes. Services will be
as follows: Holy Communion at
10 a.m. Sunday School at 11 a.m.
and Evening Service at 7.30.
The Herald Will Be Published
On Friday
Owing to the change in the sched-:
ule of the Canadian National
Steamships, which necessitates a
change in the dates of the launch
Awake, which plys between Alice
Arm and Anyox, the Herald will be
published on Fridays while the present schedule is in force. This will
be continued until the fall change is
made, when the Herald will again
be published on Saturday. During
the summer months the Herald will
reach Anyox every Friday at 4 p.m.
C. O. Fricker Beat W. Henderson In Golf Final
In the semi-final of the flight for
the Men's Open Golf Championship,
C. O. Fricker won from Geo. Lee
4 and 3, and in the final the same
player beat Henderson 8 up and 6
to go. Fricker thus qualifies to
meet Sid Peters over the 36-hole
route for the Club championship.
One way not to get up is to continually run down others.
Activities of The Anyox
Wolf Cubs, Scouts.
and Rovers
The First Anyox Paok of Wolf
Cubs are progressing excellently
under the leadership of Mr. Bam-
forth. All the boys are now working for their badges after having
passed the preliminary tests.
The paok has been divided into
two sections, one of whioh meets
at the Beach on Thursdays and
the other at the Mine on Fridays,
and a united meeting is held onoe
a month. Great progress is being
shown by the boys.
The Scout Troop is eagerly
looking forward to their summer
camp outing. It has been deoided
to make the oamp at Clearwater
Creek, Alice Arm. Tbe Troop will
go into oamp on July 23rd. and
stay until August 13th. A good
programme of activities is being
arranged, including a field day for
the boys and girls of Alice Arm
Softball games, etc. will also be
On Friday last, Lone Scout
Miohael Blomfield, who was on a
visit to Anyox from Alice Arm,
passed his Tenderfoot and was invested as a Scout in the presence
of the Anyox Troop. Both he and
the boys enjoyed the event, and we
hope he will oamp with us this
The Rovers are doing their best
to live up to their ideal of service.
They have constructed a raft which
will be used for diving at the
Elks' Beach. They also cleaned
up the Beach and at the same time
made improvements on the trail,
which was blooked up.
Celts and Mine Play A
Drawn Game
In ideal weather, and with a good
number of spectators, the Celts and
Mine drew one all in the league fixture on Monday last. A fine exhibition of football was provided.
Both goals scored were from mix-
ups close to goal, which gave the
goalies no chance. Good defensive
work on both sides marked the
game throughout. Jimmy Currie,
a newcomer from Prince Rupert,
gave a good account of himself at
full-back for the Celts. Herzl, the
Mine custodian, gave a stellar performance, and Williams the Celts'
centre-half, played a fine game.
The teams: Celts: Evans; Johnstone, Currie; Murray, Williams, J.
Gillies; Buntain, Davies, Horner,
Francis, L. Gillies. Mine: Herzl;
Draney, Dixon; Turner, Home,
Clarkson; Calderoni, Phillips, Cog-
gan, Jelbert, Schaefer. ALICE   ARM   AND   ANYOX   HERALD,   Friday, June 23.  1933
Alice Arm & Anyox Herald
Issued every Saturday at Alice Arm
Alice Arm and Anyox $2.00 Yearly
Other Parts of Canada, $2.25
British Isles and United States, $2.50
Notices for Crown Grants -   -   $15.00
Land Notices ...      -      $15.00
Transient Advertising, 50c. per inch
Contract Rates on Application.
E. MOSS, Editor and Publisher.
Canada Gold Production
Bounds Upward
Canada produoed 260,154 ounoes
of gold in Maroh as compared with
228,224 ounces in the preceding
month and 255,675 ounces in
March, 1932. During the first
The months of July and August, three months of 1932 gold output
which are the big holiday months totalled 721,834 ounces, a 0.9 per
of the year, will soon be with us
and everyone in Anyox will yearn
for a holiday out in the open air
away from the smelter smoke and
whistle and the monotony of everyday work. These are the days
when economy rules in regard to
holidays as in other matters. Long
expensive trips are out of the
question for many during the present period of low wages, and holiday resorts closer at hand will
again be in favor this year. Luckily for Anyox people the beautiful
town and district of Alice Arm is
within a two-hour trip of home,
Alice Arm is the most picturesque
and ideal holiday resort on the
northern coast. Here the trees
are clad in many shades and wild
flowers abound in profusion.
Numerous shady roads and trails
offer pleasant walks. Sparkling
rivers and creeks lure the fisherman, while mountain climbing,
boating, swimming, tennis, etc. can
also be indulged in. The attractions of Alice Arm are many, and
not among the least is that the
cost of taking such a holiday is
reduced to a minimum. One can
live practically as cheap amid these
pleasant, surroundings as at home.
You owe yourself a holiday. You
owe the children one also. Why
not take advantage of the opportunity ?
Whether silver will be re-monetized by the present London Economic Conference still remains
unsettled. Silver has many friends
at the Conference. It also has
many enemies, which makes the
outcome doubtful. All we can do
is to hope for the best and prepare
for the worst.
Iceland Born Duck Was Shot
In Quebec
The banding of young birds
which is carried on as a joint effort
by the governments of the United
States and Canada under the provisions of the Migratory Birds
Convention is resulting in the compilation of valuable data.
Last Fall a resident of Bradore
Bay in Northeastern Quebec, shot
a drake pin-tail whioh bore a small
aluminium band on one of its
wings. This band was stamped
with a Danish name and address
which he sent to a member of the
migratory bird staff of the department of the interior at  Ottawa.
An investigation by that department proved that the bird had been
banded as a duckling on June 30,
1930 in Aldaldal, northern Iceland, j
cent advance over the production
in the corresponding period of 1932.
Ontario's production rose to 198,
875 ounces from the February total
of 177,994 ounces. A slight advance was recorded in the output
of gold in Quebec; the month's
production amounted to 28,719
ounces as against 27.306 ounces in
February. Production in British
Columbia totalled 18,306 ounces in
March; during the preceding
month 12,263 ounces were produced
Manitoba produced 14,120 ounces
as compared with 10,223 ounces in
February. The Maroh production
was the highest on record since
August, 1932. There was a small
production of gold from the Yukon
and Nova Scotia during March.
I have no luok with  women.'
'Lucky fellow!"
Some men are born to trouble.
Some have it thrust upon them.
Others look for it by violating
safety rules.
Anyox Community
The  Beach   Council meets on the
Second and Fourth Wednesday of each
I month, in the Recreation Hall, at 7
The Mine Council meets on the First
and Third Thursday of each month, in
the Mine Hall, at 7.30 p.m.
Four  Large   Dredges   Are
Digging For Gold In Yukon
All of the Yukon Consolidated
Gold Corporations four large
dredges are turning over gravels
and extracting the gold contained
therein. Canadian No. 4 is located
on Klondike Kiver between Bear
Creek and Hunker Creek; No.2 on
Klondike River about a mile and a
half below Bear Creek; Northwest
No. 1 at about 17 miles Above on
Dominion Cieek, and Northwest
No. 2 also on Dominion. The hulls
of Canadian No. 2 and Northwest
No. 2 received extensive overhauls
this spring and should make a
wonderful showing this season.
Aerial  Mapping  of  Queen
Charlotte Islands Finished
A programme of aerial mapping
and photography which has been
in progress on the Queen Charlotte
Islands for several weeks has now
heen completed, and two Fairchild
seaplanes of the Royal Canadian
Air Force, whioh were engaged in
the work with base at Queen Charlotte City, left recently for their
headquarters at Jericho Beach air
station, Vancouver. Flying Officer
Dunlap, flying one of the planes,
has been in charge of the expedition.
Collections on $144,000,000 of
war debt instalments due by na'
tions of Europe to United States
on Thursday of last week aggrega
ted lees than nine per oent of the
total, it is officially calculated.
''But, Madam, you have no claim.
Your husband did not insure his
life; he took out a policy against
That's what I claim. He has
been cremated."
Advertise in the Herald
B.  P. O. ELKS
Dominion of Canada and Newfoundland
Meets every second and fourth Monday of
the month
Hall for rent for dances, social functions, etc.
on application lo club manager
Bread,  Cakes, Pastry,
(The Sailors love it)
(The Doctors recommend it)
Shipped by
LONDON Established 1849
This advertisement is not published  or displayed  by   the   Liquor
Control Board or by the Government of British Columbia
For all ailments:   Stomach  Trouble,
Neuritis, Rheumatism, Colds, Hrthritis.
Is Now For Sale in Canada
$2.00 a Package—Postage Paid
One Package makes 15 gallons of
Mineral Water at a cost of only 13c.
a gallon 1
850, Hastufi St. West, Vancouver, B. C.
First-class  Business  Lots at
$200   each,  and   Residential
Lots as low as $25.
Now ia the Time to Buy Property
Agent for Alice Arm Mining
and Development Co.
Men's Clothing!
We have a complete stock on hand of Men's
Summer Wear, including Suits, Hats and Caps,
Shoes and Oxfords, Shirts, Ties, Underwear,
Socks,  Raincoats,  Etc.   for  both work and
dress purposes
Call and inspect our complete stock of Men's
Clothing and Footwear, at very attractive prices
LEW LUN  & Go.
General Merchants, Anyox West side of Smelter.
OPEN   UNTIL   10   P.M.
We carry at all times a Full Line of First Class
Grooeries;   also Heavy and  Shelf Hardware.
Clothes,   Boots,   Shoos   and   Rubbers   of   all
descriptions.   A large stock to ohoose from
You may join at the Beach or Mine Libraries.
Beach or Mine Counters, or with the Secretary
The Minerals of British
The amount of Gold produced in
British Columbia shows a total value
of approximately $227,000,000.
British Columbia offers excellent opportunities for profitable investment
NOTICE: Amendments to the "Mineral" and "Placer
Mining" Acts were passed at the 1933 Session of the
British Columbia Legislature having to do with the
staking and working of mineral claims and placer
mining leases, effective on the 1st. of July, 1933.
Those interested should apply to the Department regarding same.
Copies of the Annual Reports of the Honourable the Minister of Mines and special bulletins, etc. may be obtained, free
of charge upon application. A new PLACER MINING
bulletin also is available, for which there is a charge of 25c.
Same contains comprehensive and up-to-date information as
to this phase of mining in British Columbia, together with
a synopsis of the new mining laws. Applications should be
addressed to
T.   W.   FALCONER Alice Arm
A. C. L. Libraries Are a Boon
To The Public
In these days of economic living the Community League
Libraries furnish pleasurable and instructive reading at
very low expense. Those using the libraries and
reading rooms are naturally expected to belong to the
Membership in the League carries many other privileges.    Anyone may join.   The dues are only 50c.
per month.   The Secretary will be glad to give you
full information.
•JJ ALICE  ARM   AND  ANYOX   HERALD,   Friday, June 23,  1933
Wild Animals Friendly on Banff-Windermere Highway
"The Friendly Road," toy DaivM
Grayson, which Is well-known to
many lovers ot nature, depicts Incidents and friendliness ot people
along country roads and In the rural
districts. There Is, however, a road
In the Canadian Rockies the friendliness of which Is not due to mortals
as ia Grayson's book, but to the
friendliness of animals. Animals
termed wild, but in this Instance a
word that cannot be applied to those
on the Banff-Windermere Highway.
9 There is ipossilbly no more beautiful road than this which runs from
Banff to Lake Windermere, In the
Columbia River Valley. The distance
of 104 miles is spectacular and the
scenes are constantly changing. The
views from the high passes looking
down Into valleys, thousands of feet
Wow, tiny lakes surrounded by al-
pine meadows, rivers crossed and re-
crossed, and glimpses of cascades
tumbling down slopes from dizzy
heights are Intriguing and beautiful.
To this natural beauty Is added
that of seeing the animals ln their
natural haunts. Rocky Mountain
sheep are seen on the road along
Vermilion lakes not far trom Banff.
They are sotame that often motors
have to slow down as they will persist, almost to the point of danger,
ln standing ia the .middle of the
Bozo, a black beu\ is «i friend to
many motorists on the Banff-Windermere road. Hfl comes out on the
highway as if he had sole right to
it. He does not resent these invaders In the least and really wishes to
show his friendliness. Sometimes be
has lunches handed to him and the
remarks of "nice old chap, fine old
fellow," please him tremendously,
and he will try to come even nearer.
Bozo no doulbt had many dreams
during the winter of summer tourists, and possibly has figured out la
true bear fashion Just how to got
the most out of the tourist season.
Deer are seen, also, on this famous
.highway, though not as often as
[other animals. They are regular visitors to Banff, and are frequently
seen on the streets of the village.
There are hundreds of miles of
smooth motor roads through the
Canadian Rockies, and devotees of
the open road are visiting this region la Increasing JMWibers annually.
Canoe Trips in Canada
Lakes and Rivers Provide Numerous Attractions
Opportunities for an Enjoyable Vacation Almost Unlimited
WlfpP;:'.       '..!
HE requirements for a successful and satisfactory trip
by canoe; suitable water,
1 picturesque country and an
excellent summer climate,
can be found almost any-
 , where in Canada. The innumerable lakes and rivers make the
choice of trips almost unlimited.
One can travel for hundreds of miles
on any of the great rivers, journeying from lake to lake and portaging
where rapicb impede or heights intervene.    Having   decided  upon  the
kind of trip to be made, whether
one requiring much effort and experience, or one quite free from
rapids and portages, the canoeist has
only to select his route.
Easy of Access
Although railways and the automobile have provided a. means of
rapid transport, there are countless
places in the quiet of the forest,
out of reach of either. It is such
places, approachable only by canoe,
that invite the adventurer to partake of the wonders of nature. The
railways and the development of
good roads have however made the
majority of canoe routes in Canada
easily accessible, and one need not
travel far from the majority of
Canadian cities before reaching the
embarking point of an enjoyable
Forest Beauty
In certain parts one may follow
the streams for a long summer
outing and never see a village or
dwelling, yet civilisation lies so
close that return is easily possible.
Waterfalls, rapids large and small,
lakes of singular beauty hidden
deep in the forest, and islands
covered with pine and spruce trees
are among the interesting features
encountered en route. In some
places one may travel hundreds of
miles without meeting obstacles of
any kind.
There is a remarkable contrast between the conventionality of modern
life and the full naturalness of life
in the great forest, where one may
relax, amid the beauty of natural
surroundings. A strange appeal of
imagination comes to one while following the routes of the historic
explorers and oootentmant prevails
amid the constant change of beautiful scenery.
Fish and Gasne in Abundance
Canadian lakes and rivets are
renowned for the variety and
abundance of their fish. Brook and
lake trout are numerous, the latter
often weighing from fifteen to thirty
pounds while other species of fish
are plentiful. Eastern Canada is
well provided with waterways, well
suited to travel by canoe. Canal
systems, rivers large and small,
rapids, falls, lakes, stillwatem and
all the requirements for an enjoyable
canoe trip, await the devotee of the
paddle. Whether it be a cruise
through a well settled region, or an
adventurous journey through tlie
wilderness, Ihe canoeist will find an
almost unlimited number of lakes
and streams.
The waterways of western Canada,
in days gone by, assisted materially
in unveiling the mystery of tbe
great country between lake Superior
and <he Pacific Ocean. Radiating
from lake Winnipeg, are routes of
romantic interest. Nestling among
the mountains of the coast are many
beautiful lakes, also streams that
wind through the hills, where sport
for the angler and hunter may be
Free Inf ormsttioa
The National Development Bureau
of the Department of the Interior
at Ottawa, has prepared a series of
four booklets entitled "Canoe Trips,"
copies of which may be had by oar
readers, free of charge. The series
covers the Maritime Provinces, Quebec, Ontario and Western Canada.
Further detailed information is available to those who require specific
data oil any particular trip.
Herald Ads. Will Bring You Business
The Herald Job Printing Department is
equipped to handle any class of work
;   :   :  Promptly and Efficiently ;   :   :
Office Forms
Business Cards
Admission Tickets
Visiting Cards
Invitation Cards
and Announcements
Are among the many forms of Printing
handled by the Herald Office
Daring the past ten years the Herald
Printing has won an enviable record
Your Message. To
The Public
Will give you 100 Per Cent. Results
when it is Published in The Herald
If ydu are holding a Dance, Card Party,
Concert, Public Celebration, or any Public
Affair, or if you have anything to sell, the
quickest, cheapest and easiest way to inform
the Public is to carry an advertisement in
the Herald
Our Advertising Rates are
The Herald finds its way into almost every
home in the district, and your message is carefully and leisurely read by the whole family
round their own fireside. It is not scanned
over and forgotten as is a small weather-beaten
message stuck on a post
We can also handle your printing orders cheaply, quickly and
Anyox Representative—Mr. P. Powell,
Phone 262 ALICE   ARM   AND   ANYOX   HERALD.   Friday. June 23.  1933
Editorial  Comment In
Regard To Future
Silver Prices
What will be the ultimate result
of the present agitation for the
raising of the price of silver by re-
monetizing it, is being widely discussed throughout North America,
especially in the silver producing
sections. Following is a portion
of an editorial published in the
Alaska weekly, and also an editorial
published in the Financial News,
Vancouver. These comments show
that many think silver prices will be
higher in the not distant future.
"Keep your eye on silver. We
do not often indulge in a natural
editorial propensity to prophecy but
we are going to declare this a special occasion and make the statement
that the boom in silver properties
will overshadow old King Gold
before the year is out. We base
that assertion on the fact that a reviving world commerce is impossible without the recognition of silver
as a stabilized medium of exchange
acceptable throughout the world.
That recognition will not detract,
but will add to the value of gold for
it will stimulate world trade in a
manner which will vastly increase
the demands on all recognized media
of exchange. During the month
of May, silver imports to the United
States amounted to 1,400,000
ounces as 'against 681,000 ounces
for April and 500,000 ounces in
May, 1932. Present prices average
around 36% cents as against 25
cents a year ago. Keep your eye
on silver, on the shares in silver
properties and on the communities
which will develop with increased
silver production."
"A significant development in the
world currency situation not to be
underestimated in its ultimate outcome is the acceptance by the United
States of a war debt payment by
Great Britain in silver, valued arbitrarily at 50 cents an ounce.
This action may possibly be a
precedent which will have no sustaining sequel, but it would appear
to be silver's first step back to
something like its former respectability as a monetary metal.
There are many interests and
many economists antagonistic to
the return of silver to free coinage
and to its stabilization on a price
basis in fixed ratio to that of gold.
Such a step, they say, would be
inflation in a dangerous form.
That same school of economists
is inclined to regard silver as a
commodity having a value chiefly
through its own intrinsic qualities
as a metal and as a useful substance
for the making of small coins.
United States' action in accepting
silver instead of gold in payment of
S. J. Jabour Holds Record
Of Sales For Canada
S. J. Jabour, northern B. C. representative of the Sun Life Assur-
anoe Co. aud a frequent visitor to
Anyox has been advised by the
head office of his oompauy in Montreal that, for volume of business
during the last twelve months, he
led all individual salesmen in Canada. He thus heads the "Macaulay
Club," an organization of leading
salesmen for the Dominion in point
of production. Accompanied by
his wife, Mr. Jabour left Prinoe
Rupert recently for St. Andrew's
-by-the-Sea, N. B., where he will
attend the annual oouventiou of
the ''Macaulay Club." On the
way home they will attend the
World's Fair in Chicago.
Former Anyox Resident
Gains Promotion
James R. Mitchell, who was a
member of the Granby Bay Schools
teaching staff for# two years, was
recently appointed supervising
principal of the West Vancouver
High Schools. There are a large
number of Jimmy's friends in the
district who will be pleased to
learn of his success.
a portion of the June war debt instalment due from Great Britain
tends to lift silver out of the class
of a commodity and give it at least
a partial status with gold as a medium of exchange."
Ketchikan  Ball Team Will
Visit Anyox
An All-star baseball team will
arrive from Ketchikan this week
and play a series of games with
the piok of the Anyox players on
June 30th. and July 1st. The
Anyox team will return tbe visit
to Ketchikan on July 4th.
The after-dinner speaker droned
on and oh; one man nodded and
presently rested his head ou the
table. The chairman leaned over
and tapped him on the head with
his gavel.
The delinquent raised his head a
"Hit me harder," he said. I oan
still hear him."
A real friend is one who will tell
you of your faults and follies in
prosperity and assist you with hiR
hand and heart in adversity.—Horace Smith.
The only passion of friendship is
of so sweet and steady and loyal
and enduring a nature, that it will
last through a whole lifetime, if
not asked to lend money.—Mark
To preserve a friend three things
are necessary: to honor him present, praise him absent, and assist
him in his neoessity.—Italian Proverb.
Printing: :
High class printing of all
descriptions promptly and
:   : neatly executed  :   :
Pamphlets     Programmes
Posters   Letterheads
Envelopes   Billheads
Admission Tickets
Etc.   Etc.
♦ •>
Prompt delivery on every
♦ •>•:•
Herald Printing Office
Alice Arm
Silver Spring &
Phoenix Lager
Carton of One
Dozen Pints—now
Less allowance for undamaged
empty bottles
This advertisement is not published or displayed by the Liquor
Control Board or tbe Government of British Columbia
The Provincial Government
Completes Bond Sale
The Hon. J. W. Jones, Minister
of Finance, Viotoria, announces
the completion of the sale of the
$4,000,000, 5# per oent. government bond at a rate offered to the
publio of 6.30 per cent."* interest
yield. The better financial situation has caused a steady absorption
of British Columbia issues at rising
prices, with the result that this
issue has been entirely sold to the
Subscribe to the Herald
Canadian National
m=lC3ai JI 3E3E3C3C
Candies, Stationery, Proprietary
Medicines, Toilet Articles, Etc.
W. M. CumUlingS,   Agent for all Vancouver Daily Papers
Post Office Building, Alice Arm
See Our New Lingerie
We have a selection of Rayon Wear in new
styles and colors, and invite you to see these.
Rayon Gowns in peach, pink  and  white;
lace and tailored styles; $1.25 to $1.75.
Rayon Dance Sets   ■      ■       -       -   $1.50
Crepe de Chine Dance Sets, $1.50 and $1.75
Crepe de Chine Slips    -       ■       ■     $1.90
Celenese Slips ■ $1.00
A shipment of new Orient Hosiery, featuring
the newest styles.   Let us show you these
fine models


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