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A little paper   \
with all the     j
i news and a big   j
circulation      |
, ..L.II.I.I.lH.l.ntl ."."■"•!  •'■■ |
Published in the interests of Alice Arm and Anyox, B. C.
»._.... rw. r...,_.. t
l   $2.50 a Year
| Alice Arm and
| Anyox. S2.75 to j
! all other points, j
• •*•■•■■•■••■•-•..•-.. ^»« .«»• .*>.•  aj
VOL. 10,   NO.   41
Alice Arm, B. C, Saturday, April 4, 1931
5 cents each.
Esperanza Mines  Ltd.
Plan Extension Of
The Esperanza Mines Ltd. will
continue development work at the
Esperanza Mine throughout the
coming summer, states H. B. Bowyer, general manager of the com
pany who inspected the mine this
Mr. Bowyer stated that it is hoped
to considerably increase the work
ing staff at the mine in the near
future, when a two-drill compressor plant will be installed. The
power will be supplied by a Deisel
oil engine, and is expeoted to have
everything in running order early
this summer.
Development work at the mine is
being 'concentrated on the driving
of the No. 9 tunnel. The tunnel is
being driven to tap an extensive
vein of gold bearing ore, and it is
expected that this ore body will be
encountered by the driving of an
additional 30 feet. During the
driving of the tunnel a body of low
grade ore was cut, and this will
probably be utilized later when a
concentrating mill is installed.
It has been decided to group the
twelve claims adjoining the Esperanza, and controlled by the company, into 2 groups of 8 and 4
claims respectively. When this
has been done, development work
will be concentrated on the claims
containing the best ore bodies.
Mr. Bowyer stated that the com
pany  is in   a   healthy condition,
both financially and also in respect
to the successful development of
the mine.
Accompanying Mr. Bowyer was
Robert Blauce, President of the
company, Angus MacDonald and
Norman Fraser, directors. The
latter is also foreman at the mine.
Angus MacDonald, who is well
known ill the district, was kept
busy during his visit renewing old
Mr. Blance expressed himself as
perfectly satisfied with operations
being oarried on at the mine, and
will make a further examination
during the late summer.
The Esperanza Mines Ltd. are
to be congratulated on the resourcefulness and tenacity displayed in carrying ou development
work in face of the present depression, when se many milling com
panics have closed down. There is
no doubt, however, but that their
perseverance   will   be   rewarded.
Football   Club   Make
Plans and Elect
Members of the Anyox football
olubs and their supporters held
their annual organization meeting
at the Recreation Hall on Sunday
evening. There was a good attendance, plans were made for the
forthcoming season and officers
eleoted for the coining year.
The new officers are: President,
T. Sanderson; Vice President, T
W. Pinckney; Secretary, W. J.
Johnson. The executive commit
tee will consist of the managers
and captains of the three teams
entered for this year's competition.
The Celts, Smelter and Mine will
again field teams this year and
clash for honors.
Fred Williams has again signed
up for the Celts. Fred is a footballer of considerable calibre and
represented Wales in a schoolboy
international game, prior to coming
to Canada.
The Celts will have several new
players in their line up, and the
Mine team will also field hew play
ers. The teams are very anxious
to get started, and this year's football promises to be even more attractive than last year. The playing season will commence earlier
this year on account of the early
spring, and a few friendly games
will be played before the league
matches are commenced.
Esperanza Extension Tunnel
Will Be Extended
During his visit to Alice Arm
this week, Mr. Angus MacDonald
made arrangements for assessment
work to be done on his mining
claims, the Esperanza Extension
This work will consist of extending the present tunnel, which is
being driven towards the Esperan
za mine, and which, when completed, will be available to tap at
depth the ore deposits on the
They have a very promising property, with a good past record and
a bright future. Its ores contain
gold, silver, lead and also tungsten
It has been reported upon favorably by many mining engineers.
It is also close to tidewater, thus
affording cheap transportation.
If some other mining companies
showed the same dauntless spirit
iu carrying on operations during
dull times many men would be employed who are now idle.
Esperanza Mines Ltd.
Hold Annual Meeting
The annual meeting of the Esperanza Mines Ltd. was held at'
Prince Rupert on March 27th.
Plans were made for future operations at the Mine, and officers
elected for the coming year. Those
elected on the directorate were:
Robert Blance, D. B. McDougall,
Angus MacDonald, Norman Fraser
and Reid McLennan.
It was decided that escrow stock
would he left for a period of six
months, after which it may be
given to the different shareholders.
A report of operations at the
mine, since they re-commenced on
February 1st. was given by the
superintendent, Norman Fraser.
At a later meeting of the directors, Robert Blance was elected
President, and D. B. McDougall,
Vice-President. E. H. Mortimer
way re eleoted secretary-treasurer,
and H. B. Bowyer, general man
ager of operations at the mine.
Anyox Tennis Club Hold
Annual Meeting
The A. C. L. Tennis Club held
their Annual General   Meeting in
the Recreation Hall on Friday,
March 27, during which the following officers were elected for year
1931. Hon. President, Mr. Chas
Booking; Hon. Vice-President, Mr.
R. L Healy; President. Mr. O. G,
Macintyre; Vice-President, Dr.
Gordon James; Secretary, E. Ross
Oatman; Executive, Mesdames
R. 0. Cutler and J. J. Cody and
Messrs. R. F. Hill and A. E. Field.
The tennis courts have been
receiving the attention of the carpenters, and play was commenced
during the week. The Seoretary
has a limited supply of tennis balls
on hand for those who intend an
early start. A further supply will
shortly arrive.
Anyox Police Court News
On the 24th of March, Eustaoh'o
Facohin was sentenced to six
months imprisonment for vagrancy
being esoorted south by Constable
McClinton on the following day.
Martin Nayki was fined ten
dollars aud costs or ten days, on
March 27th, on a charge of assaulting A. Horvotich.
The Granby Bay School
Board Hosts At An
At Home
The second annual At Home
held by the Granby Bay School
Board at the Gymnasium on March
30th. was well attended and a very
pleasant evening was spent by
those who accepted the invitation.
The chairman of the evening
was Mr. Dan Macleod, who gave a
short and interesting address. A
short speeoh was also given by Mr.
W. R. Lindsay in regard to ad van
tages obtained from study of night
school classes.
The exhibition of the work of
the art classes attracted much
attention, the work showing a high
degree of ski'l. The first prize for
this class was won by Barbara Lee
and the second by Harold Dresser.
All the work for competition was
skilfully executed and difficulty
was experienced in choosing the
best two. Mrs. A. H. Stewart
presented the prizes.
Both the art class and steno
graphy olasses were seen in action
and their work was afterwards
admired by the audienoe. Diplo
mas awarded to the students of the
various classes were displayed on
the walls. In the exhibition of the
students of English one conld easily
percoive the advance made by
those who took advantage of the
excellent facilities provided by the
night schools. Many fine pieces
of work were also exhibited by
students of the dressmaking class.
During the evening several pleas
ing selections were given by the
Anyox Amateur Orchestra. Tasty
refreshments were provided, follow-
which dancing was indulged in, the
music being supplied by the Vagabond Orohestra, under the leadership of Mr. Walter Stenton.
It was a very enjoyable evening
and the excellence of the products
shown by the students and the
capable manner in whioh arrangements were oarried out adds considerable prestige to the instructors
of the night school classes, and
those responsible for the social
Birth at Anyox
Bom to Mr. and Mrs. Richard
C. Gegg at the Anyox Hospital, on
Saturday, March 28, a daughter.
A. Davidson, who has spent the
past winter in developing the Wild
Cat property in the Upper Kit'
sault Country, was in town during
the week to replenish supplies. He
left again immediately to continue
development work.
Advertise in the Herald
Badminton Season Ends
With An Amusing
About forty members of the
Anyox Badminton Club excelled
themselves in the art of masquerading for their final tournament
and social evening in the Gymnasium on Tuesday.
The event was confined to members only, and many who would
have liked to take a peep at the
gay aud novel tournament found
the way barred. The male members were dressed in female attire.
The dresses and make-ups were
wonderful, and many varied char-
aoters were portrayed. The ladies
attired as mere men were equally
successful in their efforts.
The tournament turned out to
be exceedingly comical, some playing left-handed, others kneeling on
the floor, and in addition to these
handicaps weighted shuttles were
played with, and also table tennis
or ping-pong balls were used in
place of shuttles.
Some of the men found their
skirts rather impeding their play,
but all joined in the spirit of the
novel tournament. Many of the
men looked very charming indeed,
and oii3 particular member por
trayed one of Dicken's celebrated
characters, "Sarah Gamp" in fine
style, or otherwise he was attempting to cut Marie Dressier out.
The best dressed "lady" on the
floor was Mr. J. A. D. Stewart,
and in the terms of one of the
male" players looked perfectly
charming. The prize for the best
dressed "man" on the floor was
awarded to Mrs. W. G. Johnstone,
whose make up almost resembled
Syd. Chaplin.
Another member dressed as a
country girl, with flaxen curls of
wood shavings, caused much merriment; while other serious members of the community were attired
in startling oostumes.
All the oostumes were very good
and it would be hard to give adequate praise to each of those who
took part.
In the terms of one of the players, it was "a large evening" and a
wonderful wind-up to the Badminton Club's successful year.
The annual' meeting of the
Woman's Auxiliary of St. Mich
ael's Church, Alice Arm, will be
held on Tuesday, April 7th. at 2.30
p.m. at the Alice Arm Hotel.
Everybody welcome. ALICE   ABM   AND   ANYOX   HERALD,   Saturday, April 4, 1931
Alice Arm & Anyox Herald
Issued every Saturday at Alice Arm
Alice Arm and Anyox $2.50 Yearly
Other Parts of Canada, $2.75
British Isles and United States, $3.00
Notices for Crown Giants -   -   $15.00
Land Notices - $15.00
Transient Advertising, 50c. per inch
Contract Rates on Application.
E. MOSS, Editor and Publisher.
The Hon. W. A. Gordon, Federal Minister of Mines, certainly
spoke the truth when he stated at
the annual convention of the Canadian Institute of Mining and
Metallurgy that "the mining industry was the great trade stabilizer of
Canada during adverse economic
conditions." The big mining companies operate as near maximum
as possible during hard times.
Other industries close their doors,
or work a very small staff, arid the
logging companies close down
altogether, throwing thousands out
of work, until better prices prevail.
Closing down a big mine and ore
reduction plant is, however, an
expensive operation. Somehow,
the mining company must struggle
along, and in doing so it keeps
thousands of men employed.
Spends millions of dollars in equipment and various supplies. Supplies tonnage to the railways and
steamship companies, and as Hon.
W. A. Gordon stated, acted as the
great trade stabilizer. It is in times
of stress that the benefits of the
Canadian mining industry is realized. Imagine every mine, mill
and smelter closed down in British
Columbia. It would create an
army of unemployed that the authorities would be unable to cope
with. Every encouragement
should be given the mining industry for the greater it is, the less
hard times bear upon us.
A Review of Canada's
Eleven Premiers
Henry Ford, the great car manufacturer, unburdened himself a
few days ago by saying that "good
times prevail, but the people do
not realize it." It is pretty hard
for people who have been unemployed for six or twelve months to
fool themselves that times are
good. Especially if the wife or
children are sick, no money to pay
for medical attendance, no food in
the cupboard, and holes showing
in the clothes and shoes. It is
also hard for even the business
man to realize that good times prevail, when trade is falling off, taxes
increase, overhead expenses stay
almost normal, a growing family to
be educated and perhaps mortgages
to pay off, on a dwindling weekly
Shed a tear o'er Mary MoQueer-
Deatli held for her no terrors,
She lived an old maid
She died an old maid
No minsl No hits! No errors!
It is estimated that the United
States is producing 72 per cent
of the world's petroleum production.
Ottawa, March 28; (Special to
the Herald). Canada has had
eleven premiers. Two of them
have been bachelors; two of them
have held office twice. The shortest term was that of Sir Charles
Tupper in 1896. The longest continuous term was Sir Wilfred
Laurier's, from 1896 to 1911, but
Sir John A. Macdonald still holds
the record of having been Premier
longer than anyone else, not counting his premiership before Confederation.
The average age of our Premiers
when they took office is between
60 and 61 years. Sir Charles Tupper was the oldest man to become
Premier and the Rt. Honorable
Arthur Meighen the youngest.
Eight of our Prime Ministers have
been members of the Imperial
Privy,Council, although Sir Charles
Tupper was not until long after he
had ceased to be Prime Minister.
Six of our Prime Ministers have
been knighted; one was a baronet.
Six Premiers have been members
of. the bar. One Prime Minister
Sir John Thompson, had baen a
judge. All our Prime Ministers
have been members of the House
of Commons;   Sir  John   Abbott,
(The Sailors love it)
(The Doctors recommend it)
Shipped by
LONDON Established 1849
This advertisement is not published  or displayed  by   the   Liquor
Control Board or by the Government of British Columbia
who had been a member for many
years, was a Senator during his
Premiership, and Sir Mackenzie
Bowell became a Senator after he
was Prime Minister.
Only two Prime Ministers have
died in office, Sir John Macdonald
and Sir John Thompson.
Business Lots from $200 to
Residential Lots from $50
to $300
Agent for Alice Arm Mining
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Al. Falconer
Alice Arm
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Immediate Attention
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Leaves   Slewart Thursdays  ll.Ofl
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Vancouver, calling at Ocean Falls
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Fortnightly service to North and
South Queen Charlotte Islands.
Particulars on request.
S.S. "Prince Henry" leaves Vancouver   daily   at   2.00   p.m.   for
Victoria and Seattle.
Passenger trains leave Prince
Rupert for Edmonton, Winnipeg
an.l points East every Monday,
Wednesday and Saturday at
11.30 a.m.
For information call or trrttv local aflcnl or
R.  P. MHNAIJUIITON, Dllt. Phm.  ArmiI
I'rlnre Ruporl. B.C.
Two men became Prime Minister
without having previously been
members of the Government, namely, The Honorable Alexander Mackenzie and Sir Robert Borden.
All Prime Ministers of Canada,
(save the first two who were of
Scottish birth) and save   Sir  Mac
kenzie Bowell (who was of English
birth), were born in Canada: Nova
Scotia leads with three, New Brunswick one, Ontario two, Quebec two.
Two of the eleven Prime Ministers
have been Roman Catholics.
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Candies, Stationery, Proprietary
Medicines, Toilet Articles, Etc.
W. M. CuinmingS,   Agent for all Vancouver Daily Pap
Post Office Building, Alice Arm
Picture Show for 25c.
Commencing with the advent of the Talkies, which
date is August 30th., members of the Anyox Community League, will be allowed admission to one picture
show each month, on the presentation of their membership card, showing dues paid to date, for the price of
25c.   This arrangement to be in lieu of past free show.
1. Library 3. Organized Sports
2. Reading Rooms     4. Excursions
To keep these going we need your membership and your patronage
During these tight times by failing to
take advantage of the advertising
columns of the Herald
If you have anything to sell, whether it is a piano,
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Advertise it in the Herald
and Increase Your Sales
Managers of social affairs are reminded
that an extra ticket or two sold pays for
an advertisement, and the others sold
through advertising are all clear
We will gladly  write your advertisement for
you,  if necessary, and display it to the best
possible advantage
M ALICE   ARM  AND ANYOX  HERALD,   Saturday, April 4, 1931
Mining Is Canada's
Trade Stabilizer
Ottawa—The mining industry
has exercised a stabilizing influence
upon the country during the adverse
economic conditions to an extent
exceeded by practically no other
single business, Hon. W. A. Gordon, federal minister of mines, told
the annual convention of the Canadian Institute of mining and metallurgy.
Mr. Gordon declared the industry
had the support of the federal
government. It was the institute's
32nd annual gathering and delegates were from every province.
In his presidential address Dr.
J. S. DeLury, mining commissioner
of Manitoba, said the forging ahead
of Canada as a gold producer had
been one of the bright spots of last
Manitoba Farmers Not
Paying Taxes
Only 130 farmers in Manitoba paid
income tax in 1929, it was revealed
in the report of the Manitoba Tax
Commission, tabled in the legislature recently. A total of 2,570
farmers made returns but only 130
paid into the government's coffers
and they contributed only $2,400.
Employees, it was shown, pay
far the greater part of the provincial income tax. Over sixteen
thousand employees contributed
$453,100 while 930 merchants and
manufacturers were assessed $123,-
900. The gasoline tax netted the
government $1,580,970 in 1929.
More Persons Coming From
U. S. A. Than Going In
Ottawa, March 21; (Special to
the Herald). Nearly 3000 more
Canadians and immigrants entered
Canada from the United States
during the first ten months of 1930
than entered the United States from
Statistics for the 10 months of
the calender year 1930 indicate that
50,558 immigrants and Canadians
Returning to Canftda left the United
States during this period as compared with 47,661 immigrants and
American citizens entering the
United States from Canada. These
figures indicate that Canada received 2,897 more persons from the
United States during this period
than entered the United States
from Canada.
Canada's manufactures, valued
per capita, now stand at $390,
comparing with $564 on a similar
basis in the United States.
Mrs. Smith~"My husband talks
in his sleep.    Doesn't yours?"
Mrs-. Jones—"No, and it's so
exasperating.    He only smiles."
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LEW  LUN  & Go.
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We carry at all times a Full Line of First Class
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Alice Arm
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Striking photo of Toronto's new waterfront taken from Hanlan's Point. The latest C.P.R. hotel, the Royal York,
stands out prominently in the centre with the new Star building directly behind it and the Sterling Tower half —",•
between it and the City Hall clock tower. On the right are Toronto's original Skyscrapers' at the co.7.21' of King anu Yvj
CANADA:—Well, well! Who would have thought that the little vine root I saw planted fifty years ago would cover the world in that time.
*'r" ■■-      -" I Rwrlnted from Montreal D»llySUr. March S 1M1. by eourteey of Mr. A. G. lUeirf ALICE   ARM   AND   ANYOX   HERALD,   Saturday, April 4, 1931
J. Strombeek Prepares For
Summer's Work
J. Strombeek commenced the
first stage of his mining development plans this week when he took
in a quantity of supplies to the
.Moose in the Upper Kitsault
Country. He freighted the supplies over the Dolly Varden. railway to the snow, and from there
will transport them by hand sleigh
which is quite an undertaking.
Mr. Strombeek is one of the few
pioneer prospectors of the camp
who has stuck through thick and
thin. With his brother Gus, he
looated and sold the now famous
Toric mine. His other interests
now claim his attention, and the
lure of the high grade is as strong
as ever.
1 .»+..^,.»+.«..»+<..»—+♦+♦■»•»•♦ ■»■♦■■■ »■»■»
I      ANYOX NOTES      !
► ..+...+...+.•••♦ ♦
Miss Lillian K. Reid, of the
General Store Staff left for Van
couver on Wednesday. Miss Reid
came from Allenby six months
ago and during this period made
many friends who will miss her
genial disposition.
T. J. Bontell arrived in town on
Monday from Prince Rupert,
John Bow of the Anyox branch
of the Canadian Bank of Commerce
left on Monday for Vancouver.
Mr. Bow leaves behind him a host
of friends who wish him every success in his future banking career.
F. W. Bradshaw arrived from the
south on Monday to replace Mr.
•Chas. A. Pyne, manager of the
Sovereign Life Assurance Co., who
has spent several days here left on
Monday for Stewart.
Chas. Karen, the well known
wrestler left on Monday for Vancouver and New Westminster.
He will probably take part ill the
amateur wrestling contests in the
Dr. T. W. Kergin arrived from
Prince Rupert ou Wednesday, and
left again the same evening.
Tom Mitchell, left on Wednesday
evening for Vancouver.
+ ♦
T. W. Falconer arrived home on
Monday from a short visit to Vancouver.
Robert Blance, president of the
Esperanza Mines Ltd., Harry Bowyer, general manager, Norman
Fraser and Angus MacDonald,
directors arrived at Alice Arm on
Monday in order to inspect the
company's holdings and make
plans for future operations.
H   M.   SELFE
Office:    Opposite Liquor Store
Subscribe to the Herald
Decrease In Revenues
Worries Government
Ottawa, March 28, (Special to
the Herald). The problem of making shrinking revenues meet emer-
gencies in a period of general
depression is exemplified in the
February financial statement of the
Government. Covering eleven
months of the fiscal year it indicates
a drop of $79,352,366 in ordinary
revenue and an increase of $21,-
095,076 in   ordinary   expenditure.
Increased expenditure is largely
accounted for by relief measures
and by increased pension payments.
During the eleven months ended
February 28 last ordinary revenue
amounted to $322,729,407 as compared with $402,082,773 for   the
B.  P. O. ELKS
Dominion ol Canada and Newfoundland
Meet! every second and fourth Monday ol
ihe month
Hall for rent for dances, social functions, etc.
on application to club manager
Anyox Community
The Council of the League
meets on the Second and
Fourth Wednesday of each
month, in Recreation Hall,
at 7 p.m.
(Form P.)
Certificate of Improvements
corresponding period ending  Feb-1   "Bunker Hill No. 1," "Bunker Hill
ruary 28, 1930.     Ordinary expen-TP-raction'-" "Coiiger" and   "Rook,!,"
diture   totalled   $331,243,180    as
compared with $310,148,104 for the
eleven months ended February   28,
The total net debt of Canada on
February 28th was $2,207,895,964.
On February 28, 1930 the net debt
was $2,156,276,098.
The decline in ordinary revenue
as shown by the statement is due
to a reduction in receipts from customs duties, excise duties and
excise tax (sales, stamps, etc.)
On the expenditure side of the
financial sheet interest on public
debt declined to $106,163,925 from
the previous figure this time iast
year of $108,762,164. Pensions
payments totalled $37,364,942 an
increase of nearly four million
Typewriting of all kinds promptly
and efficiently executed at very
moderate prices. Miss R. Dunwoodie, Straw Boss Alley, Anyox,
Thoroughly Acclimatized.   Have
been grown in district for past
five years.
Guaranteed First Class Seed.
Mineral Olaims, situate in the Naas
Uiver Mining Division of Cassiar District.
Where located:—On Granite Greek,
about 7 miles from Alice Arm.
TAKE NOTIOE that I, W. B. Bower, P. M. 0. 62146-0, agent for Joseph
E. Trethewey P. M. O. 35277-D, William Gray P. M. O. 35278-D, and Robert W. Harris P. M. C. No. 35279-D,
intend, sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder
for a Certificate of Improvements for
the purpose of obtaining a Crown
Grant of the above claims.
And further take notice thataction,
under section 85, must be commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 29th. day of October,
A. D. 1930.
W. B. BOWER, Agent.
Comparative figures of tonnage production
of the different metals:
Gold                 131,128 oz.
163,100 oz.
Silver             3,377,849 oz.
11,800,000 oz.
Copper         44,887,676 lb.
92,000,000 lb.
Lead            39,331,218 lb.
320,000,000 lb.
Zinc             47,208,268 lb.
250,000,000 lb.
The Mining Laws of British Columbia are
liberal and Crown Grants are given
to Mineral Claims.
For information regarding British Columbia mines,
apply to the
Annual Reports, Bulletins, Maps, etc.,
furnished free of charge on application.
For Results, Advertise iri the
SS. "Prince Charles"
liri'ct tit
AT 10:00 P.M.
Full particulars from local agent or
Prince Ituprrl V-119
Advertise in the Herald
Drug Department
This slogan of the Boy Scout movement might well be adopted by us all.   Prepare today
for tomorrow's emergencies.   A neglected cut or sliver can easily develop into something
very serious.    Here are a few everyday necessities you should have on hand.
A good pair of tweezers     50c.
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Iodine,  per bottle 25c.
Healing ointment      25c.
Adhesive tape, per roll 35c.
Absorbent Cotton, per small package 15c.
Surgical Lint  35c.
Parke, Davis Liniment, for sprains and strains,  per bottle 25c.
Bandaid, handy pocket first-aid set, per box 35c.
Antiphlogistine.        Bandages, 1 inch, \l/2 inch, 3 inch.
"Fugilk" the new wash material suitable for Ladies' tennis, street and house dresses.
Plain colors.    In peach, mauve, green and sand.    Price per yard, 50c.
Plain Rayon used for lingerie, pillows and foundation garments.    Cdlors, yellow, green,
white and black.    Price per yard, 55c.
IJrocade Rayon, satin finish, suitable for lingerie,  pillows,  bed  spreads and dftrpes.
Colors light and dark rose, yellow, green and white.    Price per yard, $1.00,
Shoe Dept
Children's play shoes. These are designed for wear. Made with heavy uppers
and rubber soles. In either boot or
Oxford style. Sizes from 5 to 2. Price,
Don't forget we always stock the  Hurl-
butt shoes, which are,  without a doubt,
the best, shoe for children.
Men's Dept
Men's combinations underwear in Merino,
Cotton and Balbriggan. These garments
are made with short sleeves and ankle
length.    A very comfortable garment.
In sizes, 36, 38, 40, 42.    Price $1.25.
Balbriggan shirts and drawers in all sizes.
Per garment, price 75c.
Rubber Balls, 5c. up to 75c. Skipping Ropes, 25c. Children's Brooms,  25c.
Marbles, 5c. per dozen up. Jacks and Balls, 10c.
Baby Rattles, 25c. Balloons, 5c.


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