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All the Mining
News of the
B. C. Coast
The Herald Brings Results to Advertisers
$2.25 a Year
Alice Arm and
Anyox. $2.75 to
all other points.
I   VOL. 2,   NO. 14
Alice Arm, B. G, Saturday, September 30, 1922
5 cents eaoh.
(Operations Started
on Lone Maid
J Operations were commenced this
J week by a small orew of men, on
{the Lone Maid property, whioh
■joins the Eisperanza. The fitfst
('work to be done is the preparing
lot a camp, and the old building on
tthe Black Bear property is being
Ire-modeled to provide living quarters for the present. As soon as
I the repair work on the oamp is
[completed, active development
I work will be undertaken. According to present plans, a small shaft
j will be sunk before any drifting is
[done. E. Elge is in oharge of
Alice Shows
Some Good Ore
Development work on the Alice
lis producing very encouraging
I results, During the week, higher
J grade ore was encountered in the
lidrift than has hitherto yet been
1 found. The ore is of much higher
1 value, Mid ie<jomposed of ruby and,
I brittle silver, and the vein is from
112 to 18 inches wide. The depth
[obtained being about 22 feet. The
[fact that this vein of high grade
(ore has been encountered under-
[ ground, is very encouraging and it
I is the intention of the owners to
[continue work on the property
I throughout the winter.
[Silver Tip Looks Good
The Silver Tip Fraction, situated
I at the Kitsault Glaoier and joining
[the  Homestake mine is showing
! great promise.    Messrs. E. Ness
aud J. Fiva have this year driven
| a drift twenty feet in length on
I' the property.   The ore encountered
in the drift, which is composed, of
yellow oopper and galena is somewhat decomposed, but solid ore is
expeoted to be encountered as soon
as  the drift is lengthened.    An
open cut, 10 teet by 16 feet was
also made on the ledge.
Raise in Wages for
Anyox Employees
A raise of wages will be made in
Anyox, commencing October 1st.
The increase will be 50 oents a
■ day for all employees of the Granby
Company. This will bring wages
up to the scale as applied to 16-18
cent oopper. although copper is not
at that price. The sliding scale
will be cancelled.
The scale is in accordance with
the increase in wages in the other
oopper camps in the south. The
new scale for certain lines of work,
will be as follows: Miners $4.75,
Muckers, $4.25, Metal Craftsmen
and Carpenters $5.50, Laborers
$3.60, Stevedores $4.00.
Popular Anyox
Athlete Married
On Saturday, September 23rd, a
very pretty wedding was solemized
at the Catholic Churoh, when Miss
Florence Macdougall* of Vanoouver
and Mr. James Ferguson, son of
Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Ferguson, of
Vancouver, were united in marriage by the Bev. Father Fleck.
The bride was attended by Mrs.
O. K. Dwyer, sister of the groom.
The groom \ was attended by his
brother, Mr. Geoil Ferguson. The
bride was given away by Mrs. O.
After the ceremony, a 'reception
was held at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Dwyer, when some twenty-
five friends we're present. A
dainty supper was served, which
was followed by music and
( The bridegroom has lived in
Anyox for the past eight years,
and is' well known in athletic
oiroles, especially as a baseball
pitcher. The bride arrived from
Vancouver, on Thursday, September 21st, and has been the guest of
Mrs. Dwyer.
Many beautiful and handsome
presents have been received. They
will reside at Swamp Pt., and they
carry the best wishes of a, host of
friends in Anyox.
Wedding at Anyox
The wedding was celebrated at
the Cathholic Church, on Tuesday,
September 26th, of Mr, Federeoa
Paschalis and Miss Hisoria Alterio.
Bev. Father Fleck officiated. The
bridesmaid was Miss Pauline
D'Attilio, aud the groomsman was
Pasquele Alterio. The bride, who
is a native of Italy, recently arrived in Anyox from the Old Country.
After the ceremony, a reception
was held at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. D'Attilio, when a very pleasant time was spent by a large
number of guests. The couple will
reside in Anyox.
Anyox Tennis Club
Dance, Held Sep. 22
The dance given by the Anyox
Community League, ou Friday,
September 22nd, was greatly enjoyed by all those present, there
being just, enough room on the
floor to allow room to dance with
comfort. The music of Messrs.
Haesler. Overand, O'Connor and
Tinmouth was of the. usual high
standard. The Hall was beautifully decorated, whioh did great
credit to the artistic taste of
Councillor J. Murdoch.
During the evening; Mr. W.
Wetmore, who is leaving Anyox,
after nine years residence here, was
the recipient of a handsome smoker's set, as a gift of the citizens of
Anyox. through the Community
League. Councillor C. J. Lowry
made the presentation. Jtfr. Wetmore replied with a short address.
Weekly Meeting of
Anyox Community
League Council
The regular weekly meeting of
the Community, League Council,
was held in the Becreation Hall,
on Wednesday evening, September
27th, at 8 p.m. Present: President Fergusonj Seoretary-Treasur-
er C. J. Lowry, Councillors Mrs.
MoKay, Messrs. Noel, Bowley,
Armour, Buzzelle, and Murdoch.
The minutes of the previous
meeting were read aud adopted.
The Seoretary announced that
work had been started the day
before on the Mine building, the
lumber having, been delivered at
the beginning of the week. In
connection with the pool rooms at
the Beach and Mine, the Ways and
Means Committee had decided to
try a daily news bulletin for a
month, and if results warrant a
continuation of this bulletin it will
be continued, , Advertisements
were forwarded to the Vancouver^
Viotoria, and Prince Bupert papers
specified by the Council, to run for
a period of two weeks..
In connection with the Home
and Sohool Department, Mrs. McKay reported an interview with
the management of the Granby Co.,
in the matter of transportation for
Mine school children during the
winter months. She was pleased
to state that the Granby Company
would send a sleigh from the Mine
to the school during the'winter
when the roads were unbroken.
Mr. Rowley, Chairman of Choral
and Dramatic, told of the. Monday
night meeting which had been
called for the purpose of organizing
a Dramatic Club under the auspices
of the League. This meeting had
been adjourned to Sunday evening,
October 1st.
Mr. Noel, Chairman of the House
Committee, told of the presentation
which had been made to Mr. Wade
Wetmore, who was leaving Anyox.
The inomento consisted of a
smoker'a outfit and the very best
that could be procured in the limited time.
A. letter was read from Spalding
Bros, stating that Watch, fobs for
the winners of the Anyox Baseball League would be forwarded at
an early date. The Secretary
stated that the management of the
Granby Co. had arranged to
provide medals for the football
players..    ,
In the matter of weekly concerts,
a letter was read from Mr. J. A.
M. McGuire, of Prinoe Bupert, in
which he stated that unless the
League could see its way clear to
have a weekly concert as proposed
by him. he would not consider it
worth bothering with; The letter
was laid over for futur a reference,
Thematte'rof the Tennis Club
Dance was discussed for some con
siderable time, and the League
Secretary taken to task by Messrs.
Buzzelle, Armour and Murdoch for
Continued on page 8.
New Store Building
for Alice Arm
Construction started this week
on another building in the centre
of the business section of the town
of Alioe Arm. Mr. S. Dumas is
the builder, and he expects to have
the building roofed before the snow
flies. The building, which will be
used as: a store will be 24 feet, by
40 feet. The • interior will be
V-jointed, and every thing will be
done in first-class style*
Harry Fowler Arrives
Back in Alice Arm
Harry Fowler arrived baok in
Alice Arm on Thursday, from a
five month's trip to his old home
in England. He is looking fine
and well and has had a fine time.
He found his parents, brothers and
sisters all well, after an absence of
twenty years. He sailed on the
Marutania from New York, going
home, and made the return trip on
the Aquitania, having a splendid
passage both ways. Harry expects
to be on the bridge of the Awake
on her trip to Anyox todayl   '"-
Church Service at Alice Arm
\ ■        ^
The usual monthly Service was
held in the Anglican Church, on
Sunday last, by the Bev. Bush-
brook. The evening Service was
well attended and very impressive,
a special feature being a duet by
Miss V. Selkirk and Mr. J. Pinder-
Moss, the hymn, "Fierce raged the
tempest o'er the Deep" being beautifully rendered by these two
Funeral of Anyox Boy
The funeral was held at the
Union Churoh, on Saturday, September 23rd, of Charles McLeod,
aged 11 years, eldest son of Mr.
and Mrs. Norman McLeod. Interment took place at the Anyox
cemetery. Bev. J. Herdman officiated. A very large number of
people were present at the Service,
including a large number of sohool
ohildren. The pall bearers were
all playmates of the deceased.
J. Pinder-Moss Visits
Alice Arm and. Anyox
Mr. J. Pinder-Moss, Director of
the Northern Polytechnic, was a
visitor to Anyox and Alice Arm
during the week, in connection
with organization work. He stated that the winter's programme
for Anyox and Prince Bupert is
rapidly assuming shape, and it is
expected that classes will soon be
started at Alice Arm. The Alice
Arm Citizens' Association will take
this matter up tonight at the regular meeting.
Successful Smoker
Given by Mine Club
On Monday, September 25th,
the newly organized Mine Club
started operations with a highly
successful smoker in the Dining
Hall, there being some two hundred people present. Mr. Jay
Tuttle was Chairman of the proceedings.
Following is the programme:
1. Overture, Violin, Mr. Liddel.
2. Song, by Jas. McKay.
3. Wrestling Bout of 10 minutes,
by J. Nix and A. Cameron.
Beferee, Pete Doerksen, who has
accepted a challenge of Gustavo
Erado, of Prince Bupert.
4. Part Song by Mine Quartette.
5. i Beeitation "The Great Alone,"
by Fred Archer.
6. Wrestling bout of 15 minutes,
between Al. LaFortune and Dick
7. Song, by J. Wilson.
8. Violin Solo, by Mr. Liddel,
accompanied by Mr. Bowland.
Interval: During whioh several
rounds of hot dogs, buns, veal
loaf, oheese and coffee were served,  which was greatly enjoyed
,.   by everyone.
9. Boxing bout, three 2-minute
rounds, Braithwaite vs. Greenwell, both of Beach.
10. Boxing bout, three 2-minute
rounds, Hutohison, (Dam) vs,
Corckle (Mine.)
11. Song, "The rose of no man's
land," Ed. Blundell.
12. Boxing bout, three 2-minute
rounds, by the Mine bantams,
Deane vs. Anderson.
13. Beeitation, "The Great Alone"
by Fred Archer.
14. Song,   "We  parted  on   the
Shore," by Ja& McKay.
Several   speakers   gave   short
addresses during the evening,
among whom were Messrs. H. S.
Munroe, general manager; L B.
Clapp, assistant general manager;
B. Armour and T. J. Kirkwood, ,
who dealt mainly with the newly
organized club and its future.
Mr. Munroe had a very pleasant
aud interesting subject for discussion, it being, "raise of pay for all
Granby employees, on October
If this smoker is any criterion,
the Mine people are assured a
pleasant time this winter, and
great credit is due the .organizers
of the Club, namely: Messrs. T. J.
Kirkwood, organizing president,
Dick Stubbs, organizing secretary,
Jas. Herbert, A. L., Ployart, Earl
A meeting for the election of
offioers was called for Friday
night.       ,       •
When a man loses anything else
he advertises for it, but when he
loses his head he stops advertising.
Consistent advertising gets the
business." ALICE   ARM   AND   ANYOX   HERALD,   Ahob Abm,   Saturday, September 30, 1922
The Alice Arm and Anyox Herald
Published at Alice Am
Editor and Publisher
2.25   A   YEAR
Transient Display Advertising, 50 cents per inch per issue.
Local Readers 10 cents per line pur issue,
Classified Advertising, per insertion, 2 cents per word.
Special Position Display or Reading, 25 pur cent above ordinary Rates.
Certificate of Improvement, $10.00.
Lane! Notices, $10.00      Coal Notices, $6.00
Contract Display Advertising Rates on Application
No Advertising accepted for First Page.
An editorial printed in a recent
issue of "Mining Truth" Spokane,
under the heading, "Is British Columbia in Canada?" calls attention
to the (act that Canadian capitalists are not investing in mining in
this province as they should do,
but are leaving the rich harvest to
be gathered in by the astute
Following are extracts from the
"As the western pilgrim leaves the
Windsor Street Station of the Canadian Pacific Railway at Montreal,
his heart is made glad by a splendid
exhibition of British Columbia
products in one of the arcades leading
to the street. Among these exhibits
are specimens of ore from Slocan,
Ainsworth, and other well known
mining districts. That, according to
our personal observation, is the last
link between eastern and western
Canada, so far as the mining industry
"Try to discuss mining in British
Columbia with the average Montrealer
and he will immediately register ennui
of the most pronounced type. True,
some Montrealers own stock of Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co., but
that is looked upon as an investment
quite remote from mining and numbered among the happy financial
children of the great railroad system.
There is real activity in Cobalt and
Porcupine stocks, but absolutely no
enquiry for or interest in the mining
wares of the far western province."
We do not believe any will be found
to dispute this obvious condition,
even if it be dificult to find proper
explanation. It nevertheless emphasizes the fact that British Columbia
must look elsewhere for capital with
which to develop the interior and
coast districts, all of which are crying
for attention and all of which offer
inducements not duplicated anywhere
On the other hand, British Columbia
stocks are as well known in the financial district of New York as they are
in Nelson or in Spokane. There is no
antipathy to stocks based upon mines
of the provinces in fact, they are as
popular as any on the long list of Curb
active issues. This means that if the
mines of the province are to be developed within the next hundred years or
so the necessary capital will be found
in the United States and not in
Those interested in mining are
well aware that there is a lot of
truth in the above items, and they
also know the apathy of Canadians to invest in mining in this
province, except on a very small
scale. The Americans on the
other hand are quick to grasp the
opportunity, and are unceasing in
their search (or new properties.
It must be admitted that were it
not (or American capital coming
into the country, there would
probably be no Anyox today,
paying out nearly $2,000,000 a
year in wages, and also spending
nearly that figure in purchasing
supplies of various kinds; there
would be no Surf Inlet or Britannia mining camps, and if R. K.
Neil, of Spokane had not developed the Premier, that famous mine
would without a doubt, be nonexistent. American capital put
Alice Arm on the map, when
Chicago interests commenced operations on the Dolly Varden and
Wolf, and Canadian capital nearly
wiped it off the map when they
took hold of the same properties.
We would naturally prefer to see
Canadian capital invested in mining
in this province instead of American, but as this seems to be
impossible, American capital is
heartily welcomed, and no obstacle
should be placed in its way.
Fully four hundred men are now
employed in the mining industry in
the Slocan district.
Between 150 and 175 men are now
working in the vicinity of Sandon in
mining and mill work.
Two rockers working on the original
claims on Cedar Creek, Cariboo, last
week, washing two and a half yards
of gravel, taking out 103 ounces of
gold, and 83 ounces the following day.
The machinery has arrived at the
claims and a very large cleanup is
A new gold strike has been made on
Hills Bar Creek, near Hope. The original discoverers of the Lucky Pour
copper claims, which were sold for
$100,000 a few years ago, made this
new discovery, which consists of three
quartz vein outcroppings in the creek,
varying in width from four to fifteen
feet, and it is claimed is traceable for
nearly a mile, showing free gold and a
little chalcopyrite.
Dr. G. A. Young, of the Canadian
Geological Survey, who has been commissioned to make a detailed survey
of the iron ore deposits of British
Columbia, has returned to Victoria
after an extended trip up the coast of
the lower mainland, as far as the north
end of Vancouver Island. S8me seven
or eight properties were examined.
These include those of Fanny Bay,
Phillips Arm, Seymour Inlet, and
others in the vicinity. En route
south, the Texada Island deposit was
Mann Townsite at Stewart
is to be Sold
A portion of the Sir Donald Mann
townsite addition to Stewart, consisting of several hundred lots, will soon
be placed on the market, With H. W.
M. Rolston as agent. The property is
situated east of the railway track j and
extends from salt water to the depot.
The following is a bill presented by
a painter who had been employed to
touch up some decorations in an old
Correcting the ten OomiMand-
ments »' M  $6.25
Varnishing Pontius Pilate and
putting in front teeth    1.80
Putting new tail on rooster of
St. Peter and mending his coat  4.05
Touching up and re-gilding Guardian Angel    3.60
Washing servant of High Priest
and putting carmine on his
cheek    1.40
Renewing Heaven, adjusting the
stars and cleaning the moon..   0.00
Brightening up flames of hell;
putting new left horn on the
devil and cleaning his tail 14,00
Two hours doing different jobs
for the damned.    3.00
Putting new leaves on Adam and
Eve    ■ .32
And the Crowd Laughed
Lecturer (in loud voice:) I venture
to say to this crowd of people that
there is'nt a man in this audience
tonight who has ever done anything
to prevent the destruction of our vust
As he paused for breath, a little man
in the back row rose timidly: "Yes I
have, I killed a couple of woodpeckers
Another "Mary" Yarn
Mary had a little cat;
It swallowed a ball of yarn,
And when the little kittens came
They all had sweaters on.
A Good Investment.
Many a man has saved ten times
the price of his subscription to the
Family Herald and Weekly Star of
Montreal by using advice and recipes
given through 'its columns. If one
buys the paper for its stories only, he
saves from eight to twenty dollars a
year, which the serials and other tales
would cost him ,jt bought, in book
form. As an investment nothing
which yields a better return is on the
market. One huge subscription list,
with names on it which have been
there for fifteen, twenty, thirty, forty,
even fifty years, is one proof of that.
The Subscription price of the Family
Herald and Weekly Star is $2.00 per
Bluebird Cafe
Pies, Cakes, Doughnuts, Etc. (or Sale
Home Cooking;  Just like Mother's
Mrs. J. M. DAVIS
ANYOX     .        -       •      B.C.
B. P. O. Elks
Dominion of Canada
Meets Every Monday, 8 p.m.
Anyox Community
Council meets every Wednesday
Evening, at 7.30 p.m. Every
second Wednesday of month at
Mine Hall; every first, third and
fourth Wednesday at Recreation
If you can suggest anything to
better conditions, tell it to us at
the meetings.
Producers of Copper, Coal, Coke, Benzol and
Ammonium Sulphate
Purchasers of Ores of Copper and Siliceous Ores
of Gold and Silver
MAIN OFFICE:   Anyox, B. C.
Canadian National Railiuaus
Steamers Sailing between Seattle, Victoria, Vancouver,
Powell River, Ocean Falls, Swanson Bay, Prince Rupert,
Anyox, Stewart, and Queen Charlotte Islands
Thursdays at 1.00 p.m.,   for Vancouver,   Victoria,  Seattle and
intermediate points
Passenger: DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAY, at6.45p.m., for Smithers,
Prince George, Edmonton and Winnipeg, making direct connections for all points East and South.
All Trains and Boats operate on STANDARD TIME.
For Atlantic Steamship Sailings or further information, apply to any Grand Trunk
Pacific Agent, of to G. A. McNICHOLL, Assistant General Freight and
Passenger Agent, Prince Rupert, B. C.
Value for Money!?
Inspect our Complete Stock of Men's Working
Clothes, Including: Slicker Coats and Hats,
Rubber Shoes, Knee Rubbers, Hip Rubbers,
Raincoats, Etc. Men's Working Shoes, Cloth
Pants, Overalls, Socks, Hats and Caps, Etc. Etc.
LEW LUN & Co., General Merchants
West Side of Smelter ANYOX, B. C.
Beef, Pork and Mutton, Fresh Salmon and
Halibut, Ham and Bacon Always on Hand
J. A. MacDERMAID,   ■   Alice Arm
Baggage and Transfer.   Heavy Freighting
and Pack Horses
// you want Real Good, Up-to-date Printing,
send soar next order to the Herald Office. ALICE   ABM   AND   ANYOX   HBRALD, j> Alice; Arm;   Saturday,; September 30, 1922
Lnyox Community
League Meeting
Continued from page 1.
|ot putting over a success.
The "Granby News" was again
i for some sooring on the part of
Ir. Murdooh.   He stated that it
Evas useless, and that he could
vrite it all in four minutes. Mr.
iuzzelle could'nt see any ad van-
i in it, and if taking up the
Secretary's time, it ought to be
The matter of how the Mine
Hall would be handled on its completion, was left in obeyance for
the time being. No formal organization had been effected, and there
was no authority to prooeed with
(iny business in connection with
the suggestion that it be taken up.
Until such time as representations
had been made to the Counoirfrom
the proper source it would be wasting time to consider the matter.
Mr, Herdman asked for the use
of the old gymnasium building for
jthe winter months if it was not
going to be used.   He said he had
two classes of boys working there
every Friday night, and that soon
there would be a third class taking
advantage of the floor there.   He
said he had been fortunate in securing   the  assistance of electrician
: Evans, who was interested in boy's
work, and felt that they were on
the right road to do some good for
the  youth  of  Anyox.     He also
thought that Mr. Gibson, of the
IjjAnglican Church, would appreciate
jthe use of .this building.   It was
('.decided   to   have  the  Secretary
make     the   necessary    enquiries
through the-Housing Department
\ and secure permission for the use
of this building until other arrangements could be made.
In oonneotion with the construction of a gymnasium at the
Beach, it was thought that it
would be necessary to have some
equipment in sight as soon as
possible, and it was deoided to advertise for second-hand material in
good condition for this purpose.
It was also suggested that the
Canada Ordnance Department be
written to as they would probably
have excellent second-hand apparatus lying idle.
Mrs. Eve asked that a copy of
the daily news bulletin be placed
in some place where the womenfolk would be able to read what
was going on in the outside world.
It was decided to place a bulletin
in the Beading Boom and another
near the oement block.
Anyox Police Court
Olof Franzen lined $52.00 for
being drunk in a public place.
Stanley Moran fined $7.00 for
assault on Lew Buck.
Mike Boss fined $7.00 for assault
on Frank Maoy.
Ed'ward Barrett and William
Clark fined $52.00 or thirty days
for being drunk in a public place.
Each man was escorted to Prince
Bupert by Constable Martin, and
served thirty days in jail.
Tony Mike and George Colvin,
each fined $52.00 for being drunk
in a public place.
James Redmond was fined $52.00
or thirty days in jail, for being
drunk in a public place. He was
unable to pay the fine and was
sent,,to Prince Rupert to.serve his
time in jail.
♦♦ ♦ ♦♦ ♦+♦+♦■»♦♦♦+++♦+♦+»» »♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦■♦ ■mH++*+*"»+++f++++++
Office: Next to Pott Office       - J. M. Morrison, Manager
♦+♦♦♦♦♦♦'♦♦ ♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦+♦♦♦♦+♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦+♦+♦'♦■»+♦♦+
Wholesale and Retail
Fresh Meats,   Groceries, Provisions,
Hardware,   and General Outfitters
y nsp-^-    iih ysr ywwmvii——im iiy iiii-
Dining Room and
Club in Connection
Hot & Cold Water
Electric Light
Special Rates for Families
■ E. McCOY, Proprietress
Anyox ™^
League :
Get the Habit Three Nights a
::   ::    SATURDAY    ::   ::
<} 0 0 0
Be Sure & Keep These Nighls
for the Pictures
0 0
If you've anything to sell, advertise it in the Herald and turn
it into money.
Minimum price of first-class land
reduced to $6 an acre: second-nlass to
IB.GO an acre.
Pre-emption now confined to surveyed lands only.
Records will be granted covering only
land suitable for agricultural purposes
and which Is non-timber land.
Partnership pre-emptions abolished,
but parties of not more than four may
arrange for adjacent pre-emptions
with joint residence, but each making
necessary Improvements on reBpeotlve
Pre-emptors must occupy claims lor
five years and make Improvements to
value of (10 per acre, including clearing and cultivation of at least 5 '.res.
before receiving Crown Grant.
Where pre-emptor In occupation noi
'ess than 3 years, and has made proportionate Improvements, he may, because of Ill-health, or other, cause, be
granted Intermediate certificate of improvement and transfer his claim
Records without permanent residence may be Issued, provided applicant makes Improvements to extent of
£360 per annum and records same each
year. Failure to make Improvements
or record same will operate as forfeiture. Title cannot be obtained In
■ess than 6 years, and Improvements
of $10.00 per acre, Including 6 acres
cleared and cultivated, and residence
of at leant 2 years are required.
Pre-emptor holding Grown Grant
may record another pre-emption, if he
requires land in conjunction with his
farm, without actual occupation, provided statutory improvements made
and residence maintained on Crown
granted land.
TJnsurveyed areas, not exceeding 20
acres, may be leased as homesltes,
title to be obtained after fulfilling residential and improvement conditions.
For grazing and Industrial purposes
areas exceeding 840 acres may be
leased by one person or company.
Mill, factory or Industrial sites on
timber land not exceeding 40 acres
may be purchased; conditions Include
payment of stumpage.
Natural hay meadows Inaccessible
by existing roads may be purchased
conditional upon construction of a road
to them. Rebate of one-half of cost of
road, not exceeding half of. purchase
price, Is made.
The scope of this Aot Is enlarged u>
Include aft persons Joining and serving with His Majesty's Forces. The
time within which the heirs or devisees
of a deceased pre-emptor may apply
for title under the Act Is extended
from for one year from the death of
such person, as formerly, until on*
year after the conclusion of the great
war. This privilege Is also made re-
No fees relating to pre-emptions are
due or payable by soldiers on preemptions recorded after June 26, 1918.
Taxes are remitted for five years.
Provision for return of moneys accrued, due and been paid since. August
4, 1914, on account of payments, fees
or taxeB on soldiers' pre-emptions. '
■ Interest on agreements to purchase)
town or oity lots held by members of
Allied Forces, or dependents, acquired:
dlreot or indirect, remitted from enlistment to March II, 1920.
Provision made, for Issuance of
Crown grants to sub-purchasers of
Crown Lands, acquiring rights from
purchasers who failed to complete
purchase, Involving forfeiture, on fulfillment of conditions of, purchase, Interest and taxes. Where sub-purchasers do not claim whole of original parcel, purchase price due and taxes may
be distributed proportionately over
whole area. Applications must be made
by May 1, 1920.
m Oraxlng Aot, 1919, for systematic
development of livestock Industry provides for grating districts and range
administration under Commissioner.
Annual graslng permit* issued based
on numbers ranged; priority for estab
llshed owners. Stock-owners mar
form Association* for range management. Fret, or partially free, permit*
for settlers, campers or travellers, ud
to ten head. " <
Anyox Community
If you are in need of a mental
tonic, take advantage of the
League library. The digestion
of a good book is often the
cause of a different viewpoint
Turkish   Sweat   Shower
and Tub
Shoe Repairing
Maple Bay Cafe
Only Cafe in Town
Piei, Cakes and Bread fresh
See us when you want an
appetising lunch
Geo. JESSOP, Prop.
Rooming House
First Class Rooms to Rent by Day,
V/eek or Month
Soft Drinks, Cigiri, Cigarettes ud Tobacco
Kitsault Cigar Store
Cigars, Tobacco & Soft Drinks
Wholesale and Retail
For Rent, by Day, Week or Month.
Reasonable Rates.
♦...4m +n.4,.if.,f.,«,.,»,.,f.i4.., + ,. +.,» .,f.it ..«...» »+-+^.-f».,-♦—»«■♦.'♦'«'»"♦;'
Leaves Alice Arm for Anyox 9 a.m.
Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays
Returning Same Days at 3 p.m.
Meals Served at All Hours
GUS. ANDERSON,  Proprietor
Shelf and Heavy Hardware, Paints and
Oils, Groceries, Drygoods, Boots & Shoes
Dynamite • Caps • Fuse      McClarys Stoves and Ranges ALICE   ARM   AND   ANYOX   HERALD,   Alice Abm,   Saturday, September 30, 1922
Born to Mr. and Mrs. J. D.
Buchanan, at the Anyox Hospital,
on Thursday, September 21st, a
Born to Mr. and Mrs. C. L.
Ingraham, at the Anyox Hospital,
on Friday, September 22nd, a
Born to Mr. and Mrs. H. Gerard,
at the Anyox Hospital, on Wednesday, September 27th, a son.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. H. R.
King, at the Anyox Hospital, on
Thursday, September 28th, a son.
♦'■'♦■■'^ .■■♦■•'♦'"♦■" ♦'"♦■" ♦"'♦'"♦'*'♦'" i
Young Spring Chickens for Sale
For Roasting, $1.25. Frying, $1.00
Mrs. G. Matheson, Alice Arm.
Mrs. Robert Stewart and daughter arrived from Victoria on
Thursday, to join Mr. Stewart.
Mrs. H. Chapman and daughter
returned home on Thursday, from
holidays in the south.
Mr. C. L. Champion, General
Store Manager, returned on Thursday from a trip south.
Mr. J. Conway, government
agent, left on Thursday, to hold a
coroner's inquest at Terrace.
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Nicholson
and family returned on Thursday,
from a trip to Prince Rupert.
Union Church Services, Sunday,
October 1st. Sunday School 11 a.m.
Evening Worship, 7.45 p.m. We
extend a welcome to you.
The Ladies Anxiliary of the
Anyox Hospital Board, deserve
credit for the artistic and clever
method of beautifying the town
with   posters,   announcing   their
forthcoming Hallow'en Dance,
which will take place in the Recreation Hall, on October 30th.
Mr. and Mrs. Norman McLeod
left Anyox on Thursday. Mrs.
McLeod will visit her home in
Nova Scotia, and will return later
to join her husband at Cassidy.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Milligan and
young son, left on Monday for
Smithers, where Mr. Milligan will
start operations for a new mining
company' He was formerly superintendent at the Dolly Varden
mine and since ooming to Anyox
has been on the engineering staff.
Mr. and Mrs. Wade Wetmore,
left on Thursday, for Woodland,
California, where they will reside.
Before leaving, they received many
handsome presents, among the
donors being: the Anyox Community League, Mechanical Department employees, and the Anyox
Lodge A. P. & A. M. Mr. Wetmore is one of the real old-timers of
the camp, coming here nine years
ago when the present site of Anyox
was dense bush. Ae was in charge
of all survey work during the early
days, and during the last few years
has been superintendant of all
outside construction and the mechanical department.
Mr. and Mrs. Norman McLeod,
of Anyox, wish to thank the
people of Alioe Arm for the beautiful flowers sent by them at the
funeral of their little son.
Mrs. N. Sutilovich and daughter
Zorka arrived home on Monday,
from a visit to Prince Rupert.
Accompanying them were Mr. N.
Gurvich, his eldest daughter and
young son. They are spending
holidays with Mrs. Sutilovich.
Arthur Smith, who arrived from
Anyox  last week' to inspect the
Anyox Stores
0 0 0
Insure Your
Good Teeth
Save Your Bad One's
0 0 0
Pure Bristle Tooth Brushes, shaped to reach the crevices,
50c. 60c. and 75c
Pepsodent Tooth Paste
For Cleansing and Overcoming add condition
of the mouth.   Price 50 cents.
Fox Group, in which he owns an
interest, is very enthusiastic over
the property, the amount of ore
shown up this year being much
greater than he expected.'
Jack Smith and Walter Jones,
of Anyox, came up on Sunday last
to make an inspection of the Alice
property, in which they hold an
interest. Accompanying them
were G. Kinrade and J. MoCullum.
See Al. Falconer for Freight
and Pack Horses.
Rev. Rushbrook paid his usual
monthly visit last Saturday, and
left again the following Tuesday.
Mrs. Kergin is accompanying
Mr. H. I. Kergin to Nelson, to
attend the big Liberal convention.
Steve Morrison arrived in town
on Thursday, from the Naas Valley
where he has spent the last few
months. He says that in spite of
the dry season, some wonderful
crops have been produced this year.
Ross Pedvin and Jim Hutchings
arrived on Thursday from Anyox,
and left the following morning for
the Red Bluff property.
Aleok MoPhee arriyed in ' town
on Thursday, from Anyox.
Mrs. P. G. Forest and Mrs.
Garnham, of Vancouver, are visiting Mr. A. Falconer and Mr. T. W.
The monthly meeting of the
Alice Arm Citizens' Association
will be held in the Anglican
Church Building, this evening, at
8 p.m. All members or intending
members are requested to attend.
See Al Falconer for Wood or
"Surprise" and "Uist" Mineral
Claims, situate in the Naas River Mining Division of Cassiar District.
Where located: on Kitsault River,
Alice Arm
TAKE NOTICE, that I, Clifton P.
Riel, .Free,' Miner's Certificate No.
47418-C, acting as "agent for Angus
McLeod, Free Miner's Certificate No.
41087-0, and Donald J. McVicar, Free
Miner's Certificate No. 62066-0, intend,
sixty days from the date hereof, to
apply to the Mining Recorder for a
Certificate of Improvements, for the
purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant
of the above claims.
And further take notice that action,
under section 85, must be commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 25th. day of September,
A.D. 1022.
Whereas R. T. Colquhoun, D. R.
Shewan, both of Vancouver, B. C.
and W. J. Van Houten, of Hollywood,
California, are co-owners of the "Big
Strike" Mineral Claim, situated in
Portland Canal District, Alice Arm,
located June 8th, 1919, and recorded at
Anyox, on the 19th. June, 1910;
And Whereas the said W. J. Van
Houten has failed to contribute his
proportion of the expenditure required
by Sections 48 and 51 of the Mineral
Act, and his co-owners, R. T. Colquhoun and D. R. Shewan have made
the expenditure;
to said W. J. Van Houten that if, at
the expiration of ninety days from the
first publication Of this notice in thr
"Herald" a newspaper published and
circulating in the Mining Division in
which said claim is situated,-the said
W. J. Van Houten shall fail or refuse
to contribute the sum of $50.00, his
proportion of the expenditure required
by said sections 48 and 51, together
with all costs of advertising, his interest in the claim shall become vested in
his said co-owners pro-rata, ou complying with and in accordance with
the provisions of Section 28 of the
Mineral Act.
The said ninety days shall expire,
Saturday, October 14th, 1922.
' D. R. Shewan
Robert T. Colquhoun
F. O. Saunders, Solicitor for Shewan and Colquhoun, 727 Birks Building,
Vancouver, B. 0.
Certificate of Improvements
"Silver Dream" Mineral Claim, situ
ate in the Naas River Mining Divisioi
of Cassiar District. Where located
East side of Kitsault River.
TAKE NOTICE that 1, William F
Eve, Free Miner's Certificate No
62081-C, intend, sixty days from tht
date hereof, to apply to the Mining
Recorder for a Certificate of Improve
ments, for the purpose of obtaining i
Crown Grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action,
under section 85, must be commencec
before the issuance of such Certificatf
of Improvements.    .
Dated this 15th. day of August, A.D
Subscribe to the
$2.25 a year
The Beer without a Peer
Made in B. G for thirty years from only
pure products
Canada Cream
The Finest Stout Made in B. C.
Ask the Government Vendor for CASCADE BEER
For Sale at Vendor's Store, Anyox
The Mineral Province of Western Canada
Has produced minerals valued as follows:  Placer Gold, $76,177,403;  Lode Gold, $105,557,977;  Silver, 3
$55,259,485;   Lead, $48,330,575;  Copper, $166,393,488;  Zino, $21,884,531;  Coal and Coke, $225,409,505;
Building  Stone, Brick,   Cement, $34,072,016;  Miscellaneous Minerals, $1,210,639;   making its minora]]
production to the end of 1921 snow '
An Aggregate Value of $734,259,619
The substantial progress of the Mining Industry in this Province is strikingly exhibited in the following \
figures, which show the value of production for successive five-year periods: For all years to 1895, inclusive,!
$94,547,241; for five yeare; 1896-1900, $57,607,967; for five years, 1901-1905, $96,507,968; for five years, 1906-1
1910, $125,534,474; for five years, 1911-1915, $142,072,603; for five years, 19164920, $389,922,725; for thej
year 1921, $28;066,641.
Production During last ten years, $336,562,897
Lode-mining has only been in progress for about 33 years, and not 20 per cent of the Province has been jj
even prospected; 300,000 square miles of unexplored mineral bearing land are open for prospecting.
The Mining Laws of this Province are more liberal and the fees lower than those of any Other Province!
in the Dominion, or any Colony in the British Empire. / .
Mineral locations are granted to discoverers for nominal fees.
Absolute Titles are obtained by developing such, properties, security of which is guaranteed by|
Crpwn Grants. •'
Full information, together with Mining Reports and Maps, may be obtained gratis by addressing   3
VICTORIA, British Columbia!
 ;     • ••


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