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i nn*'""''***"""1!*
A little paper
with all the
t news and a big
Published in the interests of Alice Arm and Anyox, B. C.
$2.50 a Year
Alice Arm and
Anyox. $2.75 to
all other points.
VOL. 4,   NO. 49
Alice Arm, B. C, Saturday, June 13, 1925
5 cents each.
Cabinet Ministers Visit
Alice Arm; Trip Made
to Toric Mine
Hon. Wm. Sloan, minister of
mines, and Dr. Sutherland, minister of public works, paid a visit
to Alice Arm on Tuesday. They
were aocompanied by Mrs. Sutherland; J. McDougall, secretary to
Hon. Wm. Sloan; P. Phillips
superintendent of public works;
A. L. Carruthers, superintendent
of bridges; and G. C. McKay, district engineer for tho north.
Bert Kergin, who met them in
Prince Rupert the previous week,
and journeyed with them to Stewart also aocompanied them.
They arrived from Stewart on
board the Lillian D. of the Forestry
Department, on Tuesday morning,
and the day was spent sightseeing.
A trip was made to the Toric
mine, by gasoline speeders over
the Dolly Varden railway, and the
large amount and quality of ore
shown the visitors, gave them an
idea of tlie mineral wealth of the
All the party were greatly impressed by what they saw, and
proved to the ministers that the
Dolly Varden is hot the only mine
in the Kitsault valley, and it also
showed them the possibilities of
tlie district when more fully developed.
The railway was inspected en-
route, and an inspection was also
made of the work oarried out by
the puhlio works departmcMit during the past few years. The evening was spent by the ministers iu
meeting mining property owners
and others, and discussing local
problems with them, and later
a public meeting was held,
a full report of which is given in
our other columns. .
Tlie party left on Wednesday
morning for Prince Rupert.
Union Church  Ladies'
Aid Dance Big Success
Last Wednesday evening the
Ladies' Aid of the Union Clinch
gave a dance in the Gymnasium.
The dance was a very successful
affair in every way and the huge
crowd iu attendance were treated
to good music from nine until two
o'clook. Refreshments were serve-
ed at twelve o'clock and after a
short intermission, dancing was
continued. The ladies who worked
so hard to make the dance a success, are to be congratulated upon
their efforts. The committee in
charge consisted of Mrs. Cloke,
Mrs. Barclay, Mrs. Asimus, Mrs.
Patrick, Mrs. Scott and Mrs.
Sawrey. The girls' baseball
games which took place at the ball
park earlier in the evening proved
very successful both as a ball game
and also from a financial standpoint. The Elks' five-peice orohestra provided music for the
dance, and their efforts were
heartily applauded, some numbers
being encored as many as five
times. The orchestra oonsisted of:
Jack Austin, piano; Steele, Trombone: MaoDougall, cornet: Armstrong, violin, and Waterman,
Granby Co. Will Examine
Property Near Juneau
The launch, Azurite, left early
on Tuesday morning for Juneau,
Alaska. She had on board Mr. E.
I J. Conway, who will make an ex-
| aminatioii of a mining property a
short distance south of the town of
Juneau. '
Two Important Alice
Arm Ore Discoveries
Several important ore discoveries
have been made during the week
in the Alice Arm district, These
discoveries are not "promoters
strikes," but have been made during development work by the
owners of different properties, and
will stand investigation.
Welcome news comes from the
Alice property that a high grade
vein of silver ore six inches wide
has been encountered, at a depth
of about fifty feet, and a distance
of about 5b' feet from tlie portal of
the tunnel. Specimens of the ore
brought to town are magnificent
specimens, and contain brittle and
ruby silver, also galena and zinc
ore. The Alice is owned by a
number of Anyox residents. It
joins the Esperanza, and the location of the discovery is about 3000
feet from the Esperanza workings.
On the Riverside No. 2 an ore
discovery has been made that may
place that property among the producing mines at an early date A
sample of ore recently taken from
a dyke gave assay returns of $12.00
in gold per ton. This dyke is three
feet wide and can be traced on the
surface for a long distance. It
cuts an ore vein from which
samples have been taken giving returns of 13 ozs. silver and $6.50 iii
gold per ton.
The Riverside No. 2 is located on
Granite creek, in the Kitsault
valley, about five miles from Alice
Arr,\ and is owned by W. A. Wilson and J. A. MoDermaid. The
discovery is about 500 feet from
the railway tracks.
Anyox Waterfront Notes
S. S. Mogul left for Tacoma
with the largest cargo ever carried
from Anyox on one ship, consisting
of 3700 tons of Premier' ore and
concentrates, 550 tons copper and
150 tons sulphite of ammonia.
S. S. Griffco left on the 9th. for
tho south with 1800 tons Premier
ore and concentrates, 250 tons copper and towing the Riverside witli
3200 tons of concentrates.
S. S. Marmion arrived from
Namu via Prince Rupert and
Maple Bay with 250 tons Outsider
ore and towing Granby No. 1 with
1800 tons Outsider ore.
S. S. Amur arrived from the
south 8 a.m. on the 8th. with 1500
tons of coking coal and 500 tons of
S. S. Marmion left at midnight
on the 8th. towing soow Griff, for
Prince Rupert, returning from
Rupert at noon on the 11th. with
150 tons of coal and towing the
scow Griff with 400 tons of coal.
8. S. Amur left for Stewart 10
p.m. on the 11th.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Belabba
at Anyox Hospital on Sunday
June 7th., a son.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. W. P.
Tampkin at Anyox Hospital, on
Sunday June 7th., a son.
Born to Mr and Mrs. Hume at
Anyox Hospital, on Monday June
8th, a daughter.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. P. Wilson
at the Anyox Hospital, on Thursday June 11th., a son.
Mr. Gow was a passenger south
on Monday's boat.
Public Meeting at Alice
Arm Addressed By
Cabinet Ministers
Hon. Wm. Sloan and Hon Dr.
Sutherland Chief Speakers
A public meeting was held at
the Alice Ann Coliseum on Tuesday evening, at which Hon. Wm.
Sloan, minister of mines, and H.
W. Sutherland, minister of public
works department, were the chief
speakers. Bert Kergin, M. L. A.
for this district also addressed the
The hall was filled to overflowing, and the speakers were listened
to with rapt attention. They
dealt with various matters, both
local and provincial, aud threw
the light onto a number of problems, that were a question to a
large number of the audience.
H. Fowler was chairman of the
meeting, and gave a short address,
in which he referred to the present
ministers as the type of men who
had placed the province in its present prosperous condition. He also
pointed to Hon. Wm. Sloan as the
person responsible for the free ore
assays now obtainable by mining
property owners, and who .also
gave us the 25% reduction in price
of powder now enjoyed by prospectors. These things Mr. Sloan
had fought for and obtained in his
endeavour to expand the mining
industry. We also enjoyed the
best mining laws on the continent
and these also were due to a large
extent to our present minister of
Mr. Fowler also said that the
financial standing of the province
was the best of any province in tin
Dominion. Iu concluding, he invited anyone who wished to discuss any private problems *witl:
either of the ministers to take it up
with them after the meeting.
Bert Kergin, M.L.A., who was
the next speaker, said that he had
urged the present ministers, at different times to pay this district a
visit, and it gave him great
pleasure to be able to bring them
here, and give them first hand information regarding our problems.
He gave an account of their trip
from Prince Rupert, and assured
his hearers that he had kept the
party on the jump. He said that
later in the evening Mr Sloan
would probably endorse the statement of Premeir Oliver, recently
appearing in the Herald, that the
Dolly Varden railway could be
operated by any legitimate mining
company, and no obstacle would
ever be placed in the way by the
government regarding operation of
the railway.
Dr. H. W Sutherland, minister
of public works, was the next
speaker. He went into details regarding the work carried on
throughout tbe province by the
Public Works Department, and ex
plained to the audience why it was
not possible to concede to every
request made, He said that before leaving Victoria, he had found
Continued on page 2
Will Make Plans For
Proposed Concentrator
Mr. C. W. Tandy arrived in
Anyox on Monday from Salt Lake
City. Mr. Tandy holds the position of chief draughtsman for the
Utah Copper Company, and while
in Anyox will make complete plans
for the proposed new unit to the
Concentrator Mill. He expeots to
be here about six or eight weeks,
B. P.O. Elks Hold Card
Party and Dance
Last Friday evening the B.P.O.
Elks entertained at a card .party
and dance. Cards were started at
eight o'clock and continued until
ten, only straight whist being
Mrs. R. C. Macknight won first
ladies' prize and Mrs. Alex.
Roberts won the consolation prize.
Mr. Wm. Adams won first Men's
prize, and Mr. M. Upjohn won
Men's consolation prize.
Refreshments were served in tlie
Dugout directly after cards, after
which dancing was indulged in until twelve o'clock,,a three piece orchestra consisting of Jack Austin,
piano; Sid. Armstrong, violin, and
Ed. Waterman, drums, supplied
snappy music for the dancers.
The committee in charge consisted of Brothers Parmiter, Hutchison, Robertson and Gibbs.
On Sunday evening the Beach
and Smelter played a postponed
game ending in a draw, 1-1. The
play was fairly even throughout,
both sides missing many chances to
score. Archie Dewar notched the
goal for the Smelter.
O. Gray was an arrival on Monday from Los Angeles. Mr. Gray
spent the winter in the sunny
See Al. Falconer for Freight and
Pack Horses
Hand Laundry Work. Moderate
prices—Miss B. Crawford, Alice
Messrs. Petersen. R. Armour,
and Ely arrived from Vancouver
on Monday for the Toric mine.
Mr. Mellon arrived in town on
Tuesday from Vancouver; in order
to make an examination of the
Esperanza mine.
Mr. and Mrs. Al. Falconer arrived home on Monday. Mrs. Falconer has spent the past few weeks
in Prince Rupert, while Mr. Falconer returned from Vancouver.
Mrs. H. Nucich arrived home
on Monday from a six month's
vacation spent visiting her parents
iu Jugoslavia.
C. S. Stapples arrived in town
on Monday from Prince Rupert.
Mr. and Mrs. A. C. H. Gerhardi
and baby arrived in town on Monday. Since leaving here last fall,
Mr. Gerhardi has made a business
trip to London, England.
See Al. Falconer for AVood, Coal
and Lumber.
Miss Flynn, who has been visiting Mr. and Mrs. Carl Johnson,
left on Thursday for Prince
Mine Lady Baseballers
Win By Narrow Margin
The first of a two game series
between the Mine and Beach
Ladies' baseball teams was decided
on Wednesday evening before a
large crowd. After battling an
uphill fight right up the last inning
the Mine girls managed to win by
the narrow margin of one run.
The final score being 30 to 29.
Mrs. Dwyer and Mrs. McTaggart
excelled at bat for the Beach,
while Mrs. Crone turned in a nice
game for the losers.
Misses Julia and Helen Calderone, Sis Dean and Phyllis McMillan starred with the stick for
the winners. Walter Olsen handled the game in a satisfactory
The teams were: Beach, Mrs.
Dwyer c, Mrs. McTaggart p., Mrs.
Crone, lb. Mrs. Cody, 2b. Thelma
Deeth s.s,, Margaret Dupuis 3b.,
Annie Scott, l.f. Rowena Champion c.f., Rose O'Neil r.f.
Mine: Misses Rashleigh c, Dean
p. and lb. McMillan lb. and p.
H. Calderone 2b., J. Calderone s.s.,
J. Moffatt 3b., J. Morley l.f., A.
McLachlan r.f.
Another game will be played ou
Wednesday, June 24th.
►•+■■■ 4...+...+.....■♦ ■.■4'..+...+'.'4 '.'4'.'♦■*'♦ t
Jack Bagwill, who has been
visiting his- parents for the past
three weeks, returned on Tuesday
to Seattle, Wash.
Mrs.    Wm.    Robertson      and
daughter left on Monday for their
holidays, which  will be spent in
Vancouver and Chilliwack.
Continued on page 4
Smelter Team  Defeat
Elks 5-3
The Smelter broke into the win
column on Monday evening, when
they defeated the Elks by a five to
three score. Numerous errors
coupled with three hits counted
for four runs against the Brother
Bills in the first frame. The losers
«hased three over the plate iu the
third, but the winners added one
more to their lead in the fourth
and cinched the game. Ross
pitched a nice game for the Smelter and was given good support by
his team mates. Cody turned his
first game of the season for the
Elks, but was not up to his usual
good form. Steve McKeown was
the star with the bat, garnering
four hits out of as many trips to
the plate. Umpires, Olson and
SUMMARY:   Runs Hits Errors
Smelter 5        8        3
Elks .3 8        6
P.      W.      L.      Pts.
Mine        5 3 2       600
Elks 5 3 2       600
Smelter    4 1 3        250
The Beach footballers have finally succeeded in breaking their jinx,
on Tuesday evening, when they
took the Mine into camp 2 goals to
nil. O'Connell, a newcomer in
town, added considerable strength
to the winners lineup and seemed
to give them just the added punch
Conservative Candidate
Pays Anyox Visit
G. G. Bushby, who has spent
the past week here, returned on
Monday to Prince Rupert. Mr.
Bushby was recently nominated as the conservative candidate
for the coming federal election, and
will oppose Fred Stork, the present member, Mr. Bushby was
here to get acquainted with local
conditions, in preparation for the
coming campaign.
Walter Olsen sailed on Thursday for Minneapolis on a business
trip. ALICE   ARM   AND  ANYOX  HERALD,   Saturday,   June  13,   1925
Alice Arm & Anyox Herald
Issued every Saturday at Alice Arm
Alice Arm and Anyox $2.50 Yearly
Other Parts of Canada, $2.75
British Isles and United States, $3.00
Notices for Crown Grants - - $.10.00
Land Notices .... $10.00
Coal Notices .- - - - $0.00
Transient Advertising, 50c. per inch.
Contract Bates on Application.
E. MOSS, Editor and Publisher.
Public Meeting at Alice
Arm Addressed
Cabinet Ministers
Continued from Page 1
it necessary to run his pencil
through $4,000,000 worth of roads
that had been applied for. Owing
to the population of the province
being scattered over such a large
area, the road problem was one of
the biggest the government had to
contend with. The policy of the
Public Works Department was to
examine each request thoroughly,
and build the roads which were
most essential.
Dr. Sutherland said the government owned 6000 miles of roads,
and in addition also owned 1500
miles of first-class mining trails,
and the wooden bridges of the
province if placed end to end
would extend a distance   of   66
miles.   All these roads,  trails and
bridges had to be kept iu repair by
the government in addition to new
The speaker said that at the
present time there was more activity in the mining industry in B.
C. than ever before, and the department is trying its utmost to
meet the road and trail problem in
the mining districts. He said that
they had seen the Toric mine that
day, and from what he saw there
he believed that the people of Alice
Arm had every reason to be optimistic, and said he believed that
this district has a great future.
He assured his audience that the
Dolly Varden railway will be kept
open for anyone wishing to use it,
and any trunk roads needed will
be looked upon by the department
with favor. He. concluded his address by saying that he would be
pleased to discuss local matters
with anyone after the meeting, as
he thought it a good way to oh
tain information regarding th.
Hon. Wm. Sloan, minister of
mines, gave a somewhat lengthy
address. He reviewed the mining
industry of the province thoroughly, and also delved into the activity of other government departments.
He stated that as one of the
pioneer prospectors of the Yukon
he knows something from a prospectors point of view, and he realized the difficulties that beset the
pioneer prospector. He came to
British Columbia when the province contained a population of only
70,000 people, and to show the
remarkable growth since that time
reminded his audience that last
year the provincial payroll reached
the huge sum of $160,000,000.
He reviewed the good work done
by the government in regard to
the Workmen's Compensation
Act, and stated that the provincial
government was petitioning the
federal government to introduce a
system of old age pensions for the
aged and hoped it would soon be
consumated. Mr. Sloan quoted
figures to show the remarkable
growth of the lumbering, fishing,
agriculture and mining industries,
and said that last year the mines
of the province produced wealth
totalling nearly $50,000,000 and
predicted that the total for the
present year would reach nearly
The speaker said that mining industry was improving in every
section of the province, and in
order to give encouragement, we
must give capital a square deal.
He wanted to see money invested
in our mines, not as a speculation,
but as an investment. He referred to the injury done to the mining industry of the province by
the wildcat mining of the early
days, and considered that any
company formed should spend at
least 70% of their capital ou development work.
In reviewing negotiations now
proceeding with the Dominion
Government in regard for help in
building mining roads, Mr. Sloan
stated that the Dominion should
pay 50 per cent, of the cost of
new mining roads. When a new
mine was brought in, the Dominion Government derived as much
benefit from taxation as the Provincial Government, and did not
>ay out a cent in providing transportation. This expense being
Some entirely by the people of the
province. He thought it was only
fair that the-Dominion Government should shoulder a part of
this burden.
He also advocated tbe free
entry of mining machinery into
the province. The B. C. mining
companies were compelled to compete with the world in the world's
markets, and any handicap, such
as taxation of imported machinery
should be removed, so that they
had an even break. He was
pleased that the people of the province were realizing the importance
of the mining industry, and investing their money in it, but urged
his hearers to give them a square
deal, to which they were entitled.
In addition to holding the office
of minister of mines, Hon. Wm.
Sloan is also provincial secretary,
and he gave an outline of the activities of this department, which
includes supervision of all Mental
Hospitals, the Tuberculosis
Hospital, etc., and which costs the
people of the province $2,000,000
per year. He stated that one in
every 286 is an inmate of a mental
hospital, and these hospitals last
year cost $650,000 to maintain.
He advocated a strict mental examination of all persons entering
Canada, in order to stem the fast
rising flood of mental deficients.
The Oriental problem was next
discussed by the minister, and he
said that this provinoe was not big
enough for two separate civilizations. One must go, and that
question must shortly be decided
by the people. He said that if
everyone would strictly avoid all
dealings with Orientals the
question would solve itself quickly.
In concluding, he appealed to
those present to help build up a
strong and prosperous province,
and asked for the hearty cooperation of all to attain that end.
Pioneer Hotel
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OPEN   UNTIL   10   P.M.
Producers of Copper, Coal, Coke, Benzol and
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Purchasers of Ores of Copper and Siliceous Ores
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MAIN  OFFICE:-Anyox, B. C.
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Victoria, Seattle and intermediate points, each Thursday, 1.00 p.m.
S. S. Prince John leaves Prince Rupert, fortnightly for Vancouver,
via Queen Charlotte Islands
Trains leave   Prince   Rupert   daily   except Sunday at 11.80 a.m.
for Jasper, Edmonton, Winnipeg, direct connections for points East
and South.
For Atlantic Steamship Sailings or further information, apply to any Canadian
National Agent, or to R, F. Mc-NAUGHTON, District Passenger Agent,
Prince Rupert, B. C.
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Rooms for rent by Day, Week or Month.
Geo. Beaudin
Dealer in Fresh, Salt, and Smoked Meats,
Fish and Poultry
W.   A.   WILSON,   Proprietor
Certificate Of Impbqvements
"Hill Billy," "Hill Billy No. 2,"Mutt
and Jeff Fraction," and "Silverado"
Mineral Claims. Situated in the Naas
River Mining Division, Cassiar District. Where located:—Kitsault River
Alice Arm.
TAKE NOTICE, that I, Frank
Stringham, F. M. O. No. 76941-0, acting for myself and as agent for
G. Rattray, F. M. 0. No. 76043-C,
J, McOallinn F. M. O. No. 77010-O,
Allan Craw, F. M. 0. No. 7G934-C, C.
Morrow, F. M. C. No. Special 6821,
W. Mclver, F. M. C. No. 76038-O, A.
McDoraid F. M. C. No. 81097-C, E.
Cameron, F. M. O. No. 76940-O, J.
Smith. F. M. C. No. 77000,0, A. G.
Murray F. M. O. No. 76939-0, P. Stivenard F. M. O. No. 76910-C, L. .1. McKay, F. M. O. No. 75146-0, A. Beaton
F. M. C. No. Special 7400, W. Carson
F. M. C. No. Special 7107, J. Mclsaac
F. M. C. No. Special 7406, and A. L.
Ployart F. M. C. No. 77014-0. intend
sixty days from the date hereof, to
apply to the Mining Recorder for a
Certificate of Improvements for the
purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant
ot the above claims.
And further take notice that action
under Section 85 must be commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements,
Dated this 31st day of March, A.D.
Agent, Hill Billy Group.
Notice of Intention to apply to Lease Land
In Prince Rupert Land District,
Recording District Oassiar, and situate
at head of Hastings Arm, on east
Take Notice that Alfred E Wright
of Prince Rupert, occupation, Land
Surveyor, intends to apply for permission to lease the following described lands:—
Commencing at a post planted one-
and-a-half miles south-east of the
south-west corner of Kshwan Indian
Reserve, on east shore of Hastings
Arm; thence north 30 chains; thence
west 60 chains; thence south 30
chains: thence east 60 chains and
containing 180 acres more or less.
Name of Applicant,
Lyman H. Hintnn, Agent
Dated May 15th. 1025.
|_«i__W»!!WW«S*^y____l iff
ALICE   ARM  AND   ANYOX  HEBALD,   Saturday,   June  13,   1925
Beach Recreation Hall:
Pictures:  Tuesdays,
Thursdays, and Saturdays
Mine Recreation Hall:
Pictures:   Wednesdays and
Help the Organization
that Serves You
The Welcome
Pool Room
Alice Arm
Tobacco and Soft Drinks
Pool Tables, Cigari, Cigarettes
A. BEAUDIN, Proprietor
i_- : i
Vacant, unreserved, surveyed
Crown lands may be pre-empted by
iiritush subjects over 18 years of age,
and by aliens on declaring Intention
lo become British subjects, conditional upon residence, occupation,
and Improvement for agricultural
Full Information concerning regulations regarding pre-emptions is
given In Bulletin No. 1, Land Series,
"How to Pre-empt Land," copies of
which can be obtained free of charge
by addressing the Department of
Lands, Victoria, B.C., or to any Government Agent.
Records will be granted covering
only land suitable for agricultural
purposes, and which is not timber-
land, i.e., carrying over 5,000 board
feet per acre west of the Coast Range
and 8,000 feot per acre east of thai
Applications for pre-emptions are
to be addressed to the Land Commissioner of the Land Recording Di
vision, in which the land applied for
is situated, and are made on printed
forms, copies of which can be obtained from the Land Commissioner.
Pre-emptions must be occupied for
five years and Improvements made
to value of $10 per acre, including
clearing and cultivating at least Ave
acres, before a Crown Grant can be
For more detailed information Bee
tlie Bulletin "How to Pre-empt
Applications are received for purchase of vacant and unreserved
Crown lands, not being timber-land
for agricultural purposes; m'nlmum
price of first-class (arable) land is $6
per acre, and second-class (grazing)
land $2.60 per acre. Further information regarding purchase or lease
of Crown lands is given in Bulletin
No. 10, Land Series, "Purchase and
Lease of Crown Lands."
Hill, factory, or Industrial sites on
timber land, not exceeding 40 acres,
may be purchased or leased, the conditions Including payment of
• Unsurveyed areas, not exoeeding 20
aores, may be leased as homesites,
.conditional upon a dwelling being
.erected In the first year, title being
obtainable after residence and improvement oondltlons are fulfilled
and land has been surveyed.
{ -EA8ES
: For graslng and Industrial purposes areas not exceeding 640 acres
may be leased by one person or a
Under the Orasing Aot the Prov-
inoe li divided Into grazing districts
.and the range administered under a
I Grating Commissioner. Annual
gracing permits are Issued based on
'numbers ranged, priority being given
!to established owners, Stock-owners
may form associations for range
management. Free, or partially free,
pormltt are available (er settlers,
campers and travellers, up to ten
Mine Team Goes to Top
of League
The Mine went to the top of the
table on Thursday evening of last
week, when they defeated the
Smeltei' by a 9 to 7 score. The
Miners made three in the first,
third and fifth innings. The losers
got two in the fifth and five in the
sixth. Beauiieu pitched the first
live innings for the Smelter, allowing eight hits and fanning four.
Moss, a newcomer, replaced him
in the sixth, and showed a lot of
class. Jimmy Ferguson, on the
mound for the winners, let the opposition down with six hits and
struck out nine.
SUMMARY:   Rims  Hits Errors
Smelter 7 6 6
Mine 9        8        5
Walter Oleson was the umpire
Mine Footballers Victorious
Over Smelter
The Miners were victorious over
the Smelter on Friday evening,
the score was live goals to two.
The game was fast all the way
through, with the winners
stronger in front of the goal. The
Smelter seemed unable to get into
their stride, and the fine combination play shown in previous
games was lacking.
How Revenue is Derived
Thirty three per cent of British
Columbia's total revenue comes today from the operation of the
natural resources of the province,
and between 12 and 14 per cent,
comes from taxation of luxuries,
such as aiiiusements, races, liquors
and similar lines. Hon. Dr. J. D.
McLean, provincial minister of
Hon. Dr. McLean said that the
feature of. the taxation of the past
few years has been derivation of
funds from the profits of the
lumber manufacturer and the development of other natural resources. Dominion subsidies have
fallen to negligible proportions,
and today this province gets only
4 per cent, of its revenue from this
The largest provincial source of
revenue, tlie speaker said, was $3,-
500,000 yearly from operation of
natural resources. The forests
provide $3,300,000, the liquor business contributes about $2,200,000,
and real property adds $1,100,000.
Motor licences and Dominion contributions are each worth $800,-
000 to the province, the minister
Barber Shops
Loyal Order
Anyox Lodge No. 1412
Lodge Meets Every other Friday at
8.30 p.m. Prompt
Headquarters: Catholic Hall, Anyoi
F. W. Onoss
J. Q. Ems
P. O. Box 187
Anyox Community
The Council of the League
meets on the Second and
Fourth Wednesday of each
month, in Recreation Hall,
at 7.30 p.m.
Orders   Taken  for  all
Kinds of
Finished Building Material
S. DUMAS, Alice Arm
Alice Arm Electric
Downtown Agency: Welcome    f
Pool Room t
Clothes Cleaned and Pressed    T
J. LAIDLAW   -    -    PROP. .1
In Prince Rupert Land District:
District of Cassiar
TAKE NOTICE, that I, Jacob
Sauer, occupation farmer, intends to
apply for permission to purchase the
following described lands. Commencing at a post planted at the northeast
corner of Lot 51, thence 35 chains
south to northeast corner of Lot 60,
thence 25 chains east to south-west
corner of Timber- Limit No. 40640,
thence 35 chains north, thence 25
chains west to point of commencement, containing 80 acres more or
Dated this 23rd. day of May, 1925.
Blasting Powder
The large consignment of Blasting Powder just received by us enables us to supply your wants for
60, 40, or 20 per cent, also Caps and  Fuse
Alice Arm
Baggage, Freighting, Pack and Saddle Horses
Slab Wood Cut Any Length
Meals Served at All Hours
GUS.   ANDERSON,   Proprietor
4 '•■ 4 ••■ ♦ ■•■ ♦ '•'+***♦***♦••'♦•**♦'•'+■•*+••'+'»+*»'♦'*'+*•'♦•*' ♦'*'+■•'+••'♦••• f "»»-"»'»4'*' ♦♦♦ ■•■+■•■
Leaves Alice Arm for Anyox 9 a.m.
Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays
Returning Same Days at 3 p.m.
>»it?»ffW"t—*■#' •••■•»•"•"•»•••••*•«
4 |
Beach Cafe
Meals at All Hours
Soft Drinks, Sweet Milk and
The Mineral Province of Western Canada
Has produced Minerals as follows: Placer Gold, $77,382,953; Lode Gold, $118,473,190; Silver, $68,-
824,579; Lead, $70,548,578; Copper, $187,489,378; Zmc $32,171,497; Muedtewoiia Minerals. $1,431,349
Coal and Coke, $260,880,048; Building Stone, Brick, Cement, etc., $42,225,814; making its -mineral
production to the end of 1924, show an
Aggregate Value of $859,427,386
Production for Year Ending December 1924, $48,704,604
The Mining Laws of this Province are more liberal and the fees lower than those of any other Province
in the Dominion, or any Colony in the British Empire.
Mineral locations are granted to discoverers for nominal fees.
Absolute Titles are obtained by developing such properties, security of which is guaranteed by
Crown Grants.   -
Full information, together with Mining Reports and Maps, may be obtained gratis by addressing
VICTORIA, British Columbia
jj Unpractically all British Columbia Mineral Properties upon which development work has been done
are described in some one of the Annual Reports of the Minister of Mines. Those considering
mining investments should refer to suoh reports. They are available without charge on application
to the Department of Mines, Victoria, B. C. Reports of the Geological Survey of Canada, Pacific
Building, Vancouver, are recommended as valuable sources of information. i»i»*wwi<««_ai9«sa»^^ ,.■.,..,...,-....■,.   Wji,Wr,..T.,.,..-..v-r..,.„,    . „
ALICE   ARM   AND   ANYOX   HERALD,   Saturday,   June   13,   1925
Prevent Forest Fires-It Pays
l___i_ii^l___H____P__-___] ^i__l e^___ _________=! ___m ___iS El l____l^Sl^^l___i_ilii_Sl____iiiii__gi____il_____iiii_Sii____J
Anyox .Votes
Continued from page 1
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Warwick and
child left on the Prince Rupert
last Thursday for Vancouver.'
Miss Katie Zucco of Berkely,
California, who has been visiting
her father, Mr. Martin Zucco, sailed for the south on the Prince
Rupert last Thursday, accompanied by her aunt, Mrs. Tinetli, who
made the trip up from the south
with Miss Zucco and has also been
visiting Mr. Martin Zucco.
Miss Bernice Clay and Miss
Cassel of Prinoe Rupert, have been
been visiting Miss Clay's parents,
returned to Prince Rupert last
Twin Cylinder Pay and Bowen
engine. Make and break ignition.
Reverse Propeller and shafting.
Recently overhauled and just as
good as new. Complete for $175.
Apply: F.Noel
P. 0. Box 147 Anyox.
Surveys of Mineral Olaims, Sulv
divisions,   Underground Surveys,
AUCE  ABM,  B. 0.
Sunset Rooming House
For Rent by Day, Week or Month
Soft Drinki, Cijari, Cigarettes and Tobacco
Alice Arm
First Class Rooms, Hot and
Cold    Water,   Heated,    aud
Electric Light
An ideal place (or your summer vacation.
Commands line . view.   Splendid fishing
and hiking facilities
Good Single Beds for Workingmen, 50c.
Mrs. E. M. McCOY Proprietoren
Certificate Of Improvements
"Big Strike" Mineral Claim, situate
in the Naas Biver Mining Division of
Oassiar District. Where located: on
Evindson Creek, Kitsault Biver, Alice
Ann, adjoining the Royal No. 4 Mineral Claim oil the west.
TAKE NOTICE that Noel Humphreys, acting as agent for Robert T.
Colqiihoun F, M. Certificate No.
81461-0, Walter S, Baird, F. M. C. No.
808380, and Douglas R. Shewan F. M.
.0. No. 80535-C, intend sixty days from
the date hereof to apply to the Mining
Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a
Crown Grant of the above clsim.
And further take notice that action,
under section 85, must be commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 28th. day of May, A.D.
19   '      NOEL HUMPHRYS, Agent
Mrs. E. J. Waterman and
daughter Dorothy, were south-
liouiid passengers on Monday for
Seattle where they plan to spend
two month's vacation.
Mrs. R. M. Neuell of Kalama,
Washington, who has been visiting her sister, Mrs Mac-Master,
sailed for tlie south on the Prince
Rupert last Thursday.
Art. Walters, who received a
telegram on Saturday, bearing the
news that his father was seriously
ill in Vancouver, left on Sunday
for the south. He took the launch
Cuprite to the Naas, and caught
the Prince George going south
from Stewart.
T. Mahon was a passenger south
on Monday, and will spend a vacation in Vancouver and Vancouver
For a good smoke buy an El
Dora cigar.
Mrs. McLean and family left on
the Cardena on Monday, bound for
Rev. and Mrs. C. D. Clarke and
family arrived in Anyox on Monday from Vancouver. Mr. Clarke
has taken the place of Rev. J.
Herdman, pastor of the Union
Church. He was formerly pastor
at White Rock, B. C.
Mrs. McQuarrie arrived home on
Monday from Vancouver, after
spending a vacation in the south.
Mr. Bert Wing was a passenger
to Vancouver on Monday, after
spending a week's vacation in
Anyox and Stewart. Bert is looking well, and was busy renewing
old friendships during his stay in
Mrs. Pynn and child were southbound passengers on Monday's boat
Mr. Gorman, representative for
the Canadian Explosive Co., was a
passenger to Vancouver on Monday, after visitnig Anyox and Alice
Mr. Parker was a southbound
nassenger for Vancouver on Monday.
L. P. Landry arrived in town on
Thursday. He will relieve Mr.
Russell Jones of the Drug Department, who is leaving for a vacation.
H.   M.  SELFE
One way via Vancouver, or direct rail
both direction!
For full information apply:
R. F. McNaughton,
District Passenger Agent
Prince Rupert, B. C.
Subscribe to the Herald
Worthy of your Support
Anyox Community League
Reading Room and Library
A wide range of Newspapers,
Magazines and Periodicals on
file.   New books regularly
Join Up!
Make  the League better
through your influence
B.  P. O.  ELKS
Dominion of Canada and Newfoundland
Meets every second and fourth Monday of
the inonth
Hall for rent for dances, social functions, etc,
on application to club manager
John M. Morrison
General Contractor
Teaming Freighting, Wood
Coal, Pack Horses and
Saddle Horses
Notice of Intention to apply to Lean Land
In Prince Rupert Land District, Recording District. Oassiar, and situate
at head of Hastings Arm.
Take Notice that Alfred Swanson of
Prince Rupert, occupation Mariner,
intends to apply for permission to
lease the following described lands:—
Commencing at a post planted ill)
chains north of A. hi. Wright's application post; thence north -10 chains;
thence west 20 chains more or less to
the low water mark of the main
branch of Kshwan river; thence south
III chains along low water mark of
said main branch; thence east 20
chains more oi> less along the north
boundary of A. K. Wright's application to point ol' commencement, and
containing 80 acres more or less.
Name of applicant
Alfred 15. Wright, Agent
Dated May 17th. 1925.
Candies, Magazines, Stationery,
j   Proprietary Medicines, Toilet Articles, Etc.  [
W. M. ClimmingS,   Agent for all Vancouver Daily Papers
Post Office Building, Alice Arm
During the hot weather for a
Cool Refreshing Drink
Dry Goods
Ladies' Sweaters in Silk and Art Silk
4 only Sweaters.
2 only Sweaters.
1 only Sweater.
3 only Sweaters.
Regular $6.25 for $4.25
Regular |4.50 for $3.00
Regular $2.25 for $1.95
Regular $5.25 for  $3.75
Pleasant lasting— Refreshing-
«_ gives prompt relief to can rf Si*
Biliouaor Nervous Headache, Bilioumeat
Jaundice, Ca-tipa-av Indigestion, Sour
Stomach, Hiccough, Heartburn, Rheumatic or Oouty Conditions,
f WampeVe GiaptSatta
•lie it highly nenmmtnj-
til Sk- EntfbM, Mt
•luring Meaitaa, Scsrlil
few. CUdua Ta and
airallir ttvtra. to cool tbe
Mood1 and cUanM _• ay*
tra. Iiadaaa a Caitk
laitttn and Sti-lllUt
As Lit*.
Price.-* SOc
China and Glassware
Tumbler Sets of 6, at 90c. and $1.00
Special in Tumblers.   Grape design.    Per
dozen, $3.00
This is exceptional value and Well Worth a visit
to see them
Dinner Ware
Cups and Saucers, per dozen  $4,00
8 inch Plates, per dozen      $4.00
7 inch Plates, per dozen • •  $3.00
6 inch Plates, per dozen  $2.50
5 inch Plates, per dozen • • $2.25
Just received:  Shipment of Inlaid and Hand
Painted China
Boys' Wool Jerseys
The colors are Navy, Maroon, Heather and Olive.   Sizes 24 to 32, at $2.25 each
Boys' Shirts and Blouses in Blue Chambray or Khaki Drill, sizes 11 _• to 14.   85e. each
Boys' Bathing Suits, 75c. each
Sale  01 Men S ShOeS High Grade Calf Stock Goodyear Welt Shoes.
ONE WEEK ONLY All sizes, Black and Tan, $5.45


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