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.«,.*. yw» + ■»»+.■■ ♦*** ♦ '*"*' ♦
A little paper
with all the
news and a big
Published in the interests of Alice Arm and Anyox, B. C.
$2.50 a Year
Alice Arm and
Anyox. S2.75 to j
all other points
VOL. 11,   NO. 18
Alice Arm, B. O, Saturday, November 7, 1931
5 cents each.
Large Number Enjoyed
Annual Hospital
Responding well to the appeal of
the ladies of the Hospital Auxiliary,
a large crowd attended the annual
Hospital Dance in the Gymnasium
on Monday last. The function was
in every way enjoyable. Contributing largely to the entertainment
was the splendid display of dancing
given by the pupils of Mrs. V. S.
This included a very effective
Spanish Dance given b\ Barbara
Lee, the Misses Cavers, and May
Barclay; a tap dance, nicely executed by a group of young ladies,
and the graceful "Kiss Waltz" by
Mrs. G. S. MacDonald and Miss
Vera Eve.
Another feature was the giving
away of prizes to the holders of
certain lucky admission tickets
The first prize, a handsome coffee
pot presented by the Super-health
Aluminum   Co., was won by  W.
I Cavers Jnr., and the 2nd., 3rd. and
4th. prizes, each a bag of (lour,
were won by H. W. Mahler, J.
Shields, and Alfred Waters.     En-
| joy able music was furnished by the
Merrymakers'   Orchestra,    and   a
' delightful supper was served.
Mr. Edwards Assumes Charge
Of Bank of Commerce
Mr. D. M. Sinclair, manager of
the Anyox Branch of the Canadian
Bank of Commerce for the past four
years, has been transferred to the
Bank of Commerce at Williams
Lake, and left on Wednesday's boat
for that point. His successor is
Mr. F. C. O. Edwards, from Vancouver, and formerly of Princeton,
B. C. Mr. Edwards, together with
his son, Master M. Edwards, arrived in Anyox on Monday. Mr.
Sinclair was very much respected
in Anyox, and the best wishes of
all his friends go with him in his
new appointment.
Organizations  Will  Hold
Remembrance Parade
The annual Remembrance Day
Parade will be held on Wednesday,
November 11th.
The Canadian Legion, I.O.D.E.,
Girl Guides and Boy Scouts will
take part. .
Parade starts from Legion Rooms
at Elks' Hall at 10.30 a.m. prompt,
and marches to cemetery, where a
service is held, and the last post
The general public are cordially
invited to take part in this Annual
Plans Being Made For
Alice Arm Christmas
At a meeting of the Alice Arm
School Board held on Wednesday
evening, permission was granted to
Mr. A. C. Ironside, to train the
children for a Christmas concert,
should it be found feasible to hold
the concert in connection with a
Christmas Tree. In regard to the
latter it was the opinion of the
School Board that the best means
of elicting information as to the
wishes of residents of the town regarding a children's entertainment
and Christmas tree was to call a
meeting of the ladies. A meeting
will therefore be held at the Club
House on Monday afternoon at
3 p.m. and all those interested in
providing an evening's enjoyment
for the children during the Christmas festive season are requested to'
Alice Arm Celebrated
With Dance
A five piece orchestra; a large
crowd; a good dancing floor, and
tasty refreshments were outstanding features of the Hallowe'en
dance held at the Alice Arm Hotel
on Saturday evening under the
auspices of the Alice Arm Athletic
Everyday cares were relegated
to the background, and Mr. Gloomy
Outlook was nowhere in evidence.
From the commencement until the
strains of Home Waltz beckoned
the happy dancers homeward the
floor was filled throughout the
The outstanding feature of the
evening was undoubtedly the
efficiency of the newly formed
Alice Arm orchestra. Their delightful music was the cause of
many favorable comments and it
was due to their efforts that the
dance was such a great success.
It is very possible, that due to
the encouragement given to the
Athletic Association by the excel-
Unit number attending on Saturday, that another dance will be
held in the near future.
Mr. and Mrs. Austin Lindgren,
who went to Vancouver on a honeymoon trip, will probably be a little
delayed in their return to Anyox
owing to the fact that Mrs. Lindgren was taken ill and had to be
operated on for appendicitis. Latest reports indicate that she is
recovering rapidly.
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The Government Relief
Camp Closed On
The Government relief camp at
Alice Arm was closed on Monday
evening. The shutdown was entirely unexpected and no official reason
was given. The cause is no doubt
due to the fact that amicable arrangements have not yet been
reached with the Federal Government in regard to the amount of
money to be expended on relief
work throughout the province.
Latest advices from the south stated
that the Federal Government considered the relief work programme
of British Columbia too elaborate.
The sudden shutdown caused
great disappointment throughout
the district, and it is hoped that
work will be resumed at an early
date. Those having homes in the
district were sent home, and those
without homes are being cared for
at the camp.
The shutdown on Monday was
general throughout the province.
It is not expected to be of long
duration. If it w> a hardship will
be imposed on many local men.
Celebrate Armistice Anniversary by Dancing
The big annual Armistice dance
will be held this year on Wednesday November Hth. in the Gymnasium.
Thirteen years ago on that date
the carnage and suffering ceased on
a dozen battle, fronts, and on the
high seas, and the greatest armed
conflict the world had ever experienced passed into history, and the
defeat of the Central powers assured
us our freedom from their ambitious
rulers. Celebrate, therefore, the
anniversary of this big event and
show your loyalty and thankfulness
by attending the dance on Wednesday evening. You will enjoy yourself, forthe veterans of Anyox as
entertainers or soldiers are unbeatable.
Armistice Smoker Will Be
Held on Monday
The annual Armistice Smoker
will be held on Monday evening,
November 9th. at 8 o'clock in the
Elks' Dugout.
This is one time of the year when
all ex-service men foregather.
Music by the Legion Orchestra.
Community singing. Solos, recitations, entertainment, and a good
time generally.
All ex-service men cordially invited.    Admission $1.00.
Advertise in the Herald
November Hth Known
As Remembrance
The Federal Government has
arranged for a national legal holi •
day to be observed on November
11th. This will be known as
"Remembrance Day." Wednesday
next will be the first occasion on
which it has been declared and observed as a legal holiday. It was
through the efforts of the Canadian
Legion that this holiday has been
arranged by Parliament, and all
Commands and Branches of the
Legion are being urged to see that
the sacred character of the day is
fully preserved, and every precaution taken to prevent it becoming a
mere public holiday.
Peace River Gifts Accepted
Up To November 13th.
The Committee of the I.O.D.E.
who have in hand the work of collecting books and other gifts for
needy people in the Peace River
country will be at the Legion Club
Roomfrom 2-.30till-4.30 on November 13th. Donations may be left
at the Legion rooms at any time up
to and including this date. You
may have something which will be
reatly appreciated by those people
in the Peace River district. If so
send it along.
National Government's Final
Majority Is 491
Final outstanding returns from
London having come in over the
week-end from three university
seats. The majority of the National
government over the opposition as
a result of the general election in
Great Britain stands at 491.
Of the last three seats to report,
the Conservatives won one and Independents two, giving the government a total of 553 seats and the
opposition a total of 62.
> 4)... t)■■■ 4 it. f is. 4■•■♦■♦.♦*.♦■•. f ,..4)...4)... ♦■•■ ♦
Mrs. O. Evindsen returned home
on Monday from Vancouver, where
she has spent a vaoation,
Pete Anderson, who spent last
summer at the gold diggings at
Rainbow Creek north of Vander-
hoof returned home ou Monday.
The Alice Arm Athletic Assoc
iation will hold a oard party at the
Club House this evening commencing at 8.30 p.m.
J. Deeming was a week-end visitor at the Alice Arm Hotel, arriving
from Anyox on Saturday and leaving again on Monday morning.
No More Football Games
Will Be Played
This Year
The football season has evidently
drawn to a close, but unfortunately
without a consummation of the
League Series which has been running all summer.
Two or three circumstances were
responsible for this, one being the
Prince Rupert fixtures, which shut
out local football for two weeks,
while the nights steadily drew in.
Another was our old friend Jupe
Pluvius. When a lay-off day came
and the boys were ready to play the
grounds were very, very moist.
However, the Football Cup Series
was completed, and the Cup won
by the Smelter team.
In reviewing the past season we
are glad to note two things: that
football was very well patronized,
and that the game was well played.
The results of the Prince Rupert
games is a proof of the ability of
the Anyox boys. We are also
pleased to note excellent spirit prevailing among all the boys of the
football fraternity.
We understand there is a project
afoot to hold a banquet to which all
local footballers will be invited,
when the pas.t will be reviewed and
the future anticipated. This interesting event will serve to cement
friendships and place this "king of
sports" on a more sure and certain
basis in Anyox than ever.
Celts' Basketball Team Win
From Store
A schedule Senior League game
was played on Wednesday between
the Celts and the Store, the former
winning by 20 to 15. The Store
were handicapped by the fact that
that they were without spares, the
five players having to play through
the whole session. Despite this,
however, they put up an excellent
game. J. Lazorek was the capable
Canadian Copper Production
Shows Increase
Ottawa—Canada's copper production in August was 27,159,496
lbs., which was three and a half
million pounds over that of July
and one million more than was
produced in August last year,
according to figures issued by the
Dominion Bureau of Statistics.
For the eight months of the calendar year Canadian production was
roughly two hundred million
pounds, a drop of ten million from
last year's similar period, but an
increase of 43 million over the
same period of 1929. ALICE   ARM   AND   ANYOX   HERALD, Saturday, November 7, 1931
Alice Arm & Anyox Herald
Issued every Saturday at Alice Arm
Alice Arm and Anyox $2.50 Yearly
Other Parts of Canada, $2.75
British Isles and United States, $8.00
Notices for Crown Grants -   -   $15.00
Land Notices ....      $15.00
Transient Advertising, 50c. per inch
Contract Hates on Application.
E. MOSS, Editor and Publisher.
Important Mining Meeting at Vancouver
In November
British Columbia has been selected this year for the Western
Annual Meeting of the Canadian
Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, whioh will be held jointly with
the Mining Association of B. C. in
Vancouver ou November 2o-27th.
In the progamme that has been
arranged the subject of gold mining and gold mining opportunities
in British Columbia will be stressed, and among those contributing
papers ou them are Mr. J. D.
Galloway, Provincial Mineralogist; Mr. J. E. Moran, of Atlin;
Dr. W. E. Cockfield and Dr. J. F.
Walker. There will also be a
paper on the general trend of gold
milling in Canada by the members
of the ore-dressing staff of the
Mines Branch at Ottawa.
Of popular interest will be the
illustrated lecture by Mr. John
Hosie, Provincial Librarian on
"The Gold Rush of Cariboo."
A number of tecl/uical papers of
timely interest will be presented,
and include a contribution by Mr.
H. S. Spence on the pitch-blende
and silver occurences at Great
Bear Lake.
The prosperity of our mining
industry is dependent on world
conditions. Hence it has been arranged that two sessions at this
meeting will be devoted to a consideration of some of the major
economic problems of the day, both
national and international in character. These problems will be defined and elucidated in addresses
to be presented by members of the
professional staff of the Department of Economics of the University of British Columbia. One of
the subjects to be discussed will he
"The Stablization of Non-Ferrous
Mineral Production," and another
'Technological Improvement Their
Social and Economic Consequences."
The meeting will be open to the
publio and all interested in the
welfare of the mining industry are
cordially invitedto attend.
Germans Abandon Salt Water
Gold Scheme
The fantastic scheme of German
scientists to pay Germany's reparation debt with gold from the
ocean has been abandoned. For
more than eight years Professor
Wilhelm Schlenk of the chemical
institute of the Berlin university
revealed, German scientists carried
on extensive research in all the
oceans of the world in an attempt
to extract gold from seawater.
''Our last hope of winning gold
from sources other than mines has
been definitely abandoned," Professor Schlenk declared.
C. N. Railway Earnings Are
Down From Last Year
Montreal—The gross earnings of
the Canadian National Railways
for the week ending Oct. 21, 1931,
were $3,921,853, as compared' with
$4,734,345 for the same period ■ of
1930, a decrease of $812,492.
There is on file at the Chamber
of Mines, Vancouver a list of promising properties for sale. This list
is open for publio inspection.
W. Crawford Winters Horses
At Vanderhoof
With 32 head of horses, W. J.
Crawford accompanied by T. R.
Whitely left Stewart recently for
Vanderhoof. There it is the intention of wintering the stock.
After completing arrangements in
connection with the horses Messrs.
Crawford and Whitely expect to
visit Prince George before returning which they expect to do in
about two weeks' time.
"Yes, sir: I spent $25,000 on my
daughter's education, and now
she's gone and married a fellow
with $1500 a year. What do you
think of that."
"Oh, well, it's 6 per cent, on
your money, ain't it?"
Canada Is The World's
Second Gold
Added incentive given the gold
mining industry by the drop in
production costs is expected to   result in an  output for 1931 being
the highest for the past 15 years,
according to leading mining authorities.    Every important producing country   except   the   United
States has increased its output of
gold.      The estimated  1931 pro.
duction   is   placed   at   21,000,000 W
ounces valued  at    approximately
$400,000,000 compared  with    20,
150,000 ounces in  1930, Canada,
South Africa, Australia are principally responsible for the increase.
Canada is placed well ahead of
United States and second only  to
South Africa in   a table showing
estimated    world   production   for
1931, prepared  by S. D.  Strauss
and appearing in the current issue
of the Engineer and Mining Journal.     Even should  the output of
Philippine Islands be included with
that of United  States, the Canadian output is expected to be 425,-
000 ounces greater, according to
these figures.
Husband and wife were at the
movie show. During a love scene
she nudged him and inquired:
"Why is it you never made love
to me like that?"
"Say," he said, "do you know
the salary that fellow gets for
doing that?"
The Alice Arm Mining
and Development Co.
Announce a Drastic Cut in
Prices of all Residential and
Business Lots at Alice Arm
Prices have been Slashed from $1000.00
to $200.00, and to as low as $25.00,
or at least a 75 per cent, reduction on all lots
Now is the time to secure a good Business
Lot or a Residential Site for a Summer
Prices of. Individual Lots, terms and all other particulars may be obtained from E. Moss, Sole Agent,
P. O. Box 8, Alice Arm, B. C.
Men's Overcoats
We have a considerable stock of Men's High Grade
Woollen Overcoats that we are offering at greatly
reduced prices.
Regular Price $30.00, Reduced to $25.00
Regular Price $25.00, Reduced to $20.00
These Overcoats are in AH Sizes.
LEW  LUN  &  Co.
General Merchants, Anyox
West side of Smelter
OPEN   UNTIL   10   P.M.
We carry at all times' a Full Line of First Class
Groceries;    also Heavy  and   Shelf  Hardware.
Clothes,   Boots,   Shoes   and   Rubbers   of   all
descriptions.   A large stock to choose from
Alice Arm
League members benefit all ways, and especially as
patrons of the Picture Shows. Note these low prices to
Community League members and their families: Men,
one show a month at half-price. Ladies, all the time,
25c. on presentation of Membership Card. So join the
League and take an active interest in all its doings.
Total Mineral Production to the end of 1930 valued at
$1,237,847,847.00, made up as follows.
Gold, placer $78,588,949.00
Gold, lode 140,868,011.00
Silver 102,435,047.00
Copper 265,871,528.00
Lead 163,617,773.00
Zino  87,772.190.00
Coal and coke  330,293,688.00
Structural materials  62,538,833.00
Miscellaneous minerals, etc     5,861,828.00
Total $1,237,847,847.00
The Annual Report of the Honourable the Minister of
Mines for the year 1930 now is available, and may be
obtained free of charge, together with copies of special
bulletins, maps, etc., upon application to:
Victoria, B. C. ALICE  ARM  AND ANYOX  HERALD, Saturday, November 7, 1931
In the year 1670 the Governor and
Company of Adventurers of England,
trading into Hudson's Bay, dispatched
their first ship under royal charter to
brave the little-known waters of the
New World. Today, the Hudson's Bay
Company, ever abreast of human progress, has to its credit 261 years of
continuous trading on this continent
There is a tradition of excellence ... a
venerable reputation . . . back of its
every product. The name "Hudson's
Bay Company" is your guide to ... your
guarantee of the BEST
Perfect blending of very old malts makes
Whisky of outstanding character. Its average
age is guaranteed to exceed 12 years.
'$tyfr0!ft'B*g d
This advertisement is not published or displayed by the Liquor Control Board or by the Government of British Columbia
1 ALICE   ARM  AND   ANYOX   HERALD, Saturday, November 7, 1931
.   ti|it..».» i ♦ ■ » ■ »■■■♦ ..^...>...4*'» f
Mr. F. C. O. Edwards, the newly appointed manager of the Anyox
Branch of the Canadian Bank of
Commerce, arrived on Monday.
He was accompanied by his son,
Master M. Edwards.
Mr. H. W. Mahler, passenger
agent of the North German Lloyd
Steamship Co., arrived on Monday.
Mr. T. J. Shenton, District Inspector of Mines, arrived by Monday's boat, leaving again on Wednesday for Prince Rupert.
Mrs. N. R. Redman arrived on
Monday after a holiday spent at
Mrs. D. Mclntominey was a passenger to Prince Rupert on Monday's boat.
Mrs. R. M. Ballentyne arrived by
Monday's boat to take up her residence in Anyox.
T. D. writes with regard to a
joke recently printed in this column: '"The threat of the merchant
to an employee who had asked for
a raise that if he wasn't careful he
would be made a partner and so
get nothing, recalled to my mind a
bit of advice once given by a sue
cessful man. "Work faithfully for
8 hours a day and don't worry and
in time you may became a boss and
work twelve hours a day and have
all the worry."
Established   1849
"Lamb's  Fine Old  Navy"
Old and Good!
Ask the British Navy!
On sale at Liquor Vendors or direct from
Government Liquor Control Mail Order
Department, Victoria, B. C.
This advertisement is not published  or displayed  by   the   Liquor
Control Board or by the Government of British Columbia
By Anyox Branch of the Canadian Legion
in the Elks' Dugout
Monday, November
9th. at 8 p.m.
AU Ex-service Men Cordially
Admission $1.00
Armistice Dance!!
Wednesday,   November
11th,, Gymnasium
Celebrate Armistice by attending
this Dance
*% ood Mutic   -   - -
good Supper   -   -
**ood Everything
Tickets $1.00 a couple
Ontario Using More Prairie
Coal This Year
Winnipeg—Residents of Ontario
are this year looking toward the
prairie coal mines with greater interest than usual if October ship
ments of coal are an indication.
According to T. P. White, superintendent of car service for the
Canadian National Railways, a
total of 85 cars of coal were shipped to Ontario in the first three
weeks of Ootober, as compared
with 15 cars for the entire month
of October, 1930. The majority of
those shipments came from Drum-
heller but several were from Edson
and Saunders.
Teacher: "Tommy, can you tell
me one of the uses of cowhide?"
Tommy: "Er, yessir. It keeps
the cow tosrether."
"What's the greatest help to the
textile industry?"
Advertise in the Herald
Glasgow Favors B.  C. Fir
For Buildings
G. B. Johnson, Canadian Trade
Commissioner in Glasgow advises
that the corporation there has de
cided that much of tlie lumber to
be used in future in its housing
schemes is to be of British Colum
bia fir. Five or six years ago
was found that Glasgow, with
population of about 1,250,000
needed some 70,000 new houses.
To meet this demand thousands of
new homes are being constructed
every year, of which at least half
are being put up by the corporation itself and the rest by private
builders. In its preference for
B. C. timber Glasgow is following
the example of the London County
Council, and Inverness is also considering a similar move.
B.  P. O. ELKS
Dominion of Canada and Newfoundland
Meets every second and fourth Monday of
the month
Hall for rent for dances, social functions, etc.
on application lo club manager
Charlie Chaplin
||   Screamingly Funny   ||
Matinee 1 o'clock
•   -       Evening at 7 and 9
EVERY comfort, luxury and convenience
known to modern railroad travel is yours
on the "Continental Limited". Radio, valet
service, library-buffet'observation cars, and
the famed C.N.R. personal service
Trains leave Prince Rupert Mondays,
Wednesdays and Saturdays, at 11.30 a.m.
connecting with this crack flyer.
For information call or writ? '.ocal agent or
H. MoEWEN, D.F. & P.A.
Prince Rupert, B.C.
Canadian National
49 t       i V-181-R1
Passports arranged
for Old CoutUrj
From Stewart lor Prince Rupert. Ocean Falls, Powell River
and Vancouver, A.M. Sundays and Thursdays.
For Ketchikan. A.M. Sundays
From Anyox lor Stewart and Ports South,
W-.dnesdavs. 1?midnieht,
Fortnightly «ivice to Queen Charlotte Islands.
Particular? on request.
Passenger trains leave Prince Rupert Mondays, Wednesdays
and Saturdays for Edmonton. Winnipeg and
points East.
For information call or write local agent or
H. McEWEN. D.F, « P.A.. Prince Rupert. B.C.
^« -.«k  ^ "110-Reviw
Canadian National
Bread, Cakes, Pastry,
H   M.   SELFE
Office:   Opposite Liquor Store
Anyox Community
The Beach Council meets on the
Second and Fourth Wednesday of each
month, in the Recreation Hall, at 7
The Mine Council meets on the First
and Third Thursday of each month, in
the Mine Hall, at 7.30 p.m.
$2.50 a  Year
Candies, Stationery, Proprietary
Medicines, Toilet Articles, Etc.
W. M. CumiilingS,   Agent for all Vancouver Daily Pap
Post Office Building, Alice Arm
Union Steamships
Visit VANCOUVER and PRINCE RUPERT during the
Christmas Season
From Anyox or Alice Arm (Including Meals and Berth)
Tickets on Sale on S. S. Catala.   From November 1st. 1931 to
February 29th, 1932, with final return limit March 31. 1932
S. S. Catala leaves Anyox for Prince Rupert
and Vancouver every Monday at 10.15 a.m.
Further information regarding all sailings from all pursers
or Union Pier, Vancouver.   Phone Trin. 1321
Kumfy Cover Free!
I IX . ... I.....M.:: „ f, ,
With each Kumfy Bottle you receive a Kumfy Cover. This
is made of sponge rubber and slips over the bag, entirely
covering it. A bottle which ordinarily would blister the
skin will give off just the right heat when used in a Kumfy
Cover, and stay hot much longer. This is a truly wonderful
value and our supply is limited. The hot-water bottle is
Toys!    Toys!
Yes, they will be on display next month, and you will find
the games, books, toys, dolls, tea sets, etc. just the very
things for Xmas.   Make your selection early.    We wil! put
them aside for you till Xmas.


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