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 A Kale paper
with all the
news and a big
is»ian«usiiiiii*i«ii» t-w •r-vf *f*
Published in the interests of Alice Arm and Anyox, B. C.
$2.00 a Year
Alice Arm and
Anyox. $2.25 to
all other points.
VOL. 13,   NO. 11
Alice Abm, B. C, Saturday, September 16, 1933
5 cents each.
Will Hold Arts & Crafts|Ball Park Sports Were Low
Exhibit On October
12 and 13
Started three years ago by a few the net cost °f the A- C- L-baseba"
enthusiastic art lovers, the Anyox and football during the season just
. .   . —    ■ 1
Arts and Crafts Exhibition now
takes an important place in the annual events of the smelter town.
The first exhibition, held in 1931,
was very creditable, and last year'
„..„ ..., -.--.--    , ' fans *ho enjoyed these recreations
was even more successful, both as ...
to number of exhibits and all-round
excellence. The work exhibited
appeals to everyone, and arouses
keen interest among all sections of
the community.
This year's exhibit is being planned along ambitious lines and the
committee is endeavoring to make
its scope even wider than before
Exhibits are being asked for in
painting, drawing, photography,
china-painting, lamp shades, embroidery, knitting, rug-making,
weaving, needlework, woodwork,
metalwork, carving, jesso work,
curios, etc.
if you know anyone who does
some of this work, you may help by
persuading them to exhibit. Names
of exhibitors will be witheld when
so desired. This is a non-competitive exhibition, and no prizes are
awarded. The hearty co-operation
of everyone interested is invited.
Remember the dates: Thursday
and Friday, October 12th. and 13th.
Mr. F. Dresser or the Secretary of
the Community League will be glad
to give any information desired.
Ladies Golf Club Handicap
In the first round of the Handicap
Championship of the Ladies' Golf
Club, played last week, Mrs. Wenerstrom won from Mrs. Gorman,
Mrs. Fricker from Miss Shields,
Mrs. Gigot from Miss Cloke, Mrs.
Roy from Mrs. Deane, Mrs. Cundill
from Mrs. Geo. Stewart, Mrs.
Peters from Mrs. Johnston, Miss
Dresser from Mrs. Smith, and Mrs.
Lee defaulted to Mrs. Sheen.
The losers named will form  a
A. C. L. Members Must Pay
Dues Promptly
The attention of the Council has
| been drawn to the fact that many
members are in arrears with their
dues and at the same time are receiving the full benefits of membership, including library privileges.
This is quite unfair to those members who pay promptly, and a
system will be devised at once to
take care of this condition.
„ I    A mountain goat was shot by R
flieht, and pay same off as soon asl. ,       .,,.  „   ......     . . ..
6   '        v  ' I Gale and Vic Hopkins in the vicinity
possible. - -	
Tennis Championship
On Thursday September 7th. E.
Ross Oatman successfully defended 	
his  title   of  tennis  champion  of     gorn   t(J Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Anyox by defeating 0. G. Macin- Lew Lun at the Anyox General
tvre in the final of the Singles ser- Hospital,  on   Friday,   September
„,. „„ e. * fi 4 7.S   15th., twin daughters,
ies.   The score was 6-J, o-% t-s.
Oatman has won this event every     _
year since 1929, and Macintyre has Fitzpatriok. at the Anyox General
been  the runner-up for the past Hospital, on Wednesday Septem
five years. ber 13th. a daughter,
In Price This Year
According to figures prepared by
the League Secretary, V. S. McRae
closed was low, being around
$300.00 for baseball for the Beach
and Mine branches combined and
$100.00 for football. Considering
the large number of players and
the figures are absurdly small and
thanks are due to those fans who
consistently attended to witness
their favorite sports.
A. C L. Council Starts Very
Busy Season
Dealing with many matters regarding the activities of the League
during the past season, and projects
for the approaching winter, the
Council of the A. C. L. had a busy
session at the meeting which was
held on Wednesday evening last.
A number of important matters
were brought up and the necessary
action taken on same.
Rolston Takes Airplane To
Northern Districts
It is reported that Mr.
H. W. M. Rolston, independent
candidate, left Stewart for the
Telegraph Creek and Atlin districts
in an airplane this week to address
the electors there, in connection
with his politioal campaign.
Anyox Hunters Secure Fine
Mountain Goat
of Six Mile on Saturday September
9th.    It was a two-year old animal
ROSS    Oatman    Again   Wins and had to be packed about eight
miles befpre it was safely in the
boat and headed for home.
T.  W.  Falconer Has
Decided to Enter
Political Contest
Gives Summary of What He
Intends to Do
T. W. Falooner of Alioe Arm,
announced his intention this week
of running as an Independent candidate in the forthcoming election.
This will bring the total number of
candidates for the Aclin constituency to four. It is not very probable that anyone else will contest
the seat. The other three candidates are W. J. Asselstine of
Premier, Liberal; T. J. Shenton of
Prince Rupert, Independent Labor
and supported by the C. C. F., and
H. W. M. Rolston of Stewart; Independent candidate,
i T. W. Falconer contested Atlin
at the last eleotioh. He was defeated by a small majority by H.
F. Kergin, the present member.
: After carefully reviewing the
methods of party politics in British Columbia, Mr. Falooner is
oonvinced that it is time to discard
the old worn out two-party system
And eleot a government independent of all parties. Following is a
synopsis of his views:
"In offering myself as a straight
Independent Candidate in the
ooming election, I wish to make it
plain that petty politics and patronage will not concern me. There
are paid officials in each district
for the purpose of. directing and
carrying ont all public works, and
as long as these officials perform
their duties in a proper manner,
I will not interfere.
"My main objeut in standing for
office, is because I feel that this
country if drifting into a worse
condition each year. Our debt
keeps mounting higher, and interest oharges and taxes are beyond
most of us. I do not believe our
provincial government oan do a
great deal about lifting this prov1
ince or Canada as a whole, out of
the depression, as it really is a
Federal matter. But I do believe
that if we discard party politics
and the struggle for party suprem
aoy, team up and work more in
harmony, we can perhaps impress
on our Federal government thb
necessity of aotion on their part, as
I feel it is from that source, and
that alone, that we oan ever hope
for reoovery.
"I also wish to say that if I am
honored with being elected AS
AN Independent member, I shall
not go to that parliament with the
idea of fighting with the government in power, whether it be Lib-
Busy Season Predicted For
Anyox Gymnasium
The Gymnasium building will be
officially opened on Monday, Ootober 16th. but long before that date
it will be very muoh in use. Minor
renovations are in progress and
equipment is being repaired aud
replenished wherever necessary.
It is expected that the present season will be a busy one. Basketballers are making plans; badminton players are inspecting their
raokets, and sooial events are being
anticipated. These promise to be
quite numerous between now and
Badminton Club Will Meet
On Monday
The Annual General Meeting of
the Badminton Club will be held in
the A. C. L. office on Monday,
September 18th. at 8 p. m. Mr. W.
Gibb attended the Council meeting
on behalf of the Club. All those
interested in the shuttlecock game
are requested to attend, as such
important matters as the election of
officers, fixing of dues, etc. will be
dealt with.
A. C. L. Reduces Rental for
As from the 1st. of September,
the rental rate for dances etc. in the
Gymnasium has been reduced to
$20.00. This rate will include the
usual service. The Community
League are to be commended for
this decision, which will meet with
the approval of many public bodies
who make use of this splendid
eral, Conservative or any other
brand, as I believe far greater
things can be accomplished
through friendship than enmity,
and you may rest assured that I
will be trying at all times to do
my part iu returning our province,
And its people as a whole, to better
conditions and prosperity, instead
of having for my first interest, like
all party men, party politics.
"I believe that in the coming
eleotion, there will be enough real
Independents eleoted to ooutrol
matters. Then, I would say, let
us invite all eleoted members, who
are big enough and willing to for
get party and individual interests,
to join the government iu one big
drive for the return of better conditions for the people of British
Columbia, It is with this objective in view, that I solicit your support on the 2nd. day of November."
The Bowser Party Have
Consolidated With
W. J. Bowser, former Premier
and Attorney-General of British
Columbia has decided to consolidate his non-party political organ-,
ization with the Independent
group, which, during the past few
weeks have become au influential
body in Provincial politics. In
ridings where a Bowser and an
Independent oandidate have been
nominated, efforts will be made to
withdraw one from the field. This
will, however, not effect Atlin riding, where two Independents are
contesting the seat.
Three political groups only are
now in the field for politioal honors. They are the Liberals, Independents and C. C. F., which
simplifies matters and clarifies the
situation to a considerable extent.
During the next six weeks the electors of the province will be fully
informed from politioal platforms
and through the press the plans of
eaoh party for improving provincial conditions.
In addition to the above mentioned parties it is understood that
the Tolmie party will contest several ridings in the south.
Monday Is Last Day To Get
On Voters' List
The final Court of Revision of
the Voters' List for the Atlin Constituency will be held at the Court
House, Anyox on Monday next,
September 18th. from 10 a.m. to
5 p.m.
Anyone wishing to get their
name on the list must appear in
person on the above date. This is
the last opportunity to get your
name registered, as after Monday
next the lists will be closed. Be
sure your name is on the list, and
if it isn't your last opportunity to
vote will be gone after next Monday.
Owing to the restricted amount
of advertising carried at present iu
the Herald, which necessitates the
cutting of costs to a minimum it
will not be possible to publish a
detailed report of the political
speeches made by the candidates
during the present eleotion campaign, unless financial arrangements are made with the publisher.
The reporting and publishing of
politioal speeches entails considerable cost and valuable time, which
we are not able at the present to
donate gratis to political aspirants. ALICE   ARM   AXD   ANTYOX   HERALD.   Satur da J'.' 'Somber 16,  1933
Bayview Mine, Stewart,
Being Developed
Bayview Mining Co. Ltd. has
sold two of its 14 claims two miles
north of Stewart in the Portland
Canal area to United Empire Gold
and Silver Mining Co. Ltd. taking
shares in the latter company as payment. United Empire started tunnelling operations on the Bayview
claims about a month ago. Bay-
view officials state that if this work
proves successful Bayview will proceed with development of the balance of its property either on its
own account or through arrangement with United Empire. The
property had been inactive for some
years owing to low silver prices.
Values are in silver, lead and gold
with silver predominating.
Shareholders of Bayview have
approved a reorganization whereby
a new company will be formed and
an exchange effected on the basis
of one new share for each 10 old
shares. Present authorized capital
is 3,000,000 shares, par 25c. of
which 2,705,000 are outstanding.
Accordingly the new company
will have only 270,500 shares outstanding.
Officers are General V. W. Odium, president, Jonathan Rogers,
treasurer, Carl Frost, George Cameron, Col. Nelson Spencer, C. E.
Smyth and Col. A. M. Brown.
The secretary is G. F. H. Long.
Americans Demand 10c Per
Pound Duty on Foreign
Amendments to the proposed
copper industry code which, proponents assert, would result within
sixty days in opening mines in Arizona at from 60 to 70 per cent, of
capacity, will be laid before the
National Recovery administration
this week, Miles Carpenter, representing a group of United States
copper men, stated.
Carpenter said that the Arizonans
will demand allocation of production according to states, instead of
by groups of producers, as provided
in the present proposed national
code, will demand "freezing" of
existing surplus to keep it off the
market during the recovery period,
and will insist on a ten cents a
pound tariff on foreign copper.
American Copper   Custom
Smelters Refuse To   |
Curtail Output
Advices from New York state
that the attempt of large copper
producers to get certain smaller
units to sign the industry's code,
has not yet met with full success..
Also, the custom smelters, although quite willing to see the
price of copper fixed, provided they
are assured sale of their intak;e„
refuse to limit their output to any
ratio with respect to primary production or to limit the period of
forward sale of 'their output to
three months, as suggested in the.
There is said to be considerable
opposition by smaller producers to
any reduction in copper stocks until
consumption is higher.
Ten Thousand Less Unemployed In B. C.
A total of 101,107 persons were
receiving unemployment relief in
British Columbia in July, according
to latest available figures, made
public by Hon. W. M. Dennies,
minister of labor. This is a
reduction of about 10,000 from the
peak figure of last spring.
Of the total, 56,145 were under
municipal supervision, 32,290 under
provincial supervision, 10,240 under
the special relief commission, and
2432 under the federal department
of defense in road camps.
Pioneer Mine Creating Large
Canada Producing   Radium
For Empire
Gilbert Labine, managing director of Eldorado Gold Mine, spoke
to an Edmonton audience recently
and informed his hearers that from
the radium deposits of the Great
Bear Lake district ore is now being
refined at Port Hope, Ontario and
sufficient refined radium is produced
to make the British Empire independent of any other country for
its supply.
Pioneer Gold Mines of B. C. Limited reports gross income for August at $202,150 from 9,300 tons of
ore milled. Gross income in July
was $204,300. Expenses in August
we're $62,000 leaving net income
before depletion and depreciation at
$140,150. Expenses for July were
reported at $61,200 leaving net before depletion and depreciation at
$143,100. Expenses were slightly
higher in August owing to extra
work being done on the hydro-electric plant.
Changes Will Be Made In
Premier S. F. Tolmie stated this
week that he expects to make some
changes in the personnel of the
cabinet before the election. The
extent and nature of the changes,
however, were not indicated.
lc a Mile
in each direction
.  Ticket! on Sale
Final Return Limit
30 days
Tickets Good in Coaches
Small Additional Charga for
Tourist SImpmi
Full information from any Agmi
B.  P. O. ELKS
Dominion of Canada and Newfoundland
Meets every second and fourth Monday of
the inonth
Hall for rent for dances, social functions, etc,
on application to club manager
Bread,  Cakes, Pastry,
;We carry at all times a Full Line of First Glass
■yGlrooeries; also Heavy and Shelf Hardware.
•\jClothes, Boots, Shoes and Kubbers of all
i'.. descriptions.   A large stook to choose from
Minister of Labor Will Urge
Social Reforms
Announcement that he will seek
an inter-provincial conference in the
near future to consider national unemployment and state health insurance, minimum wages for men,
hours of work for industry, employment of white crews on subsidized
vessels and other matters is made
by Hon. W. H. Dennies, provincial
minister of labor.
It is announced that single unemployed women will not be granted
further relief in this province unless
they can show that they have endeavored to get work within the
two weeks preceding their application for relief.
(The Sailors love it)
(The Doctors recommend it)
Shipped by
LONDON Established 1849
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ed  or displayed  by   the   Liquor*
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Lots as low as $25.
Now is the Time to Buy Property
Agent for Alice Arm Mining'
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Slmph Way of Making Cream Sauce I
L-JERE is a simple way to make a delicious cream sauce that you cili
1 ■ use for vegetables, fish, meat, croquettes, souffles, etc.
5i tablespoon butter V. teaspoon pepper
M tablespoon flour J4 cup St. Charles Milk
M teaspoon salt % cup water
Melt the butter in top of double boiler. Add flour and seasonings,
blend well and pour in gradually the milk diluted with water, stirring
constantly until the mixture is smooth and thick. Continue to cook
fifteen minutes in the double boiler.
Borden's St. Charles Milk is better and you can
prove it—therefore be sure to use it for this and
other recipes that call for milk.
The Borden Co. Limited gl4
50 Powell St., Vancouver, B.C
Gentlemen: Please tend me a copy of your free cook book "The
Good Provider".
British Columbia
Has Produced Minerals of an Aggregate
Value of $1,400,000,000
You are invited to apply to the Department of Mines,
Victoria, B. C, for the latest authoritative information
regarding mining development in British Columbia
Annual Report of the Honourable the Minister of
Mines, for the calendar year 1932.
"Placer Mining in British Columbia."
Summary and Review of the Mineral Industry of British Columbia for the six months ended June 30th., 1933..
Non-Metallic Mineral Investigations: "Barite," "Asbestos;" "Glassware;" ''Clay;" "Magnesite and Hydro-
OF  MINES ■:;?,
\).Wft   r\$$   aS?1>   ANYOX   HEIlAii).   Saturday. September 16. 1988
■i in«'    'i    i     11   «i i' mm
il   Uliliil-
Provides Millions of Meals Yearly
^bout 13,500,000 meals a year are served to travel-
0 lers by the Canadian Pacific, which is the
equivalent of saying that it provides 37,000 every
day and 259,000 every week of the year. This
gigantic total is made np of about 4,200,000 in dining
cars and station restaurants; 4,450,000 on Atlantic
and Pacific steamships; 1,850,000 on inland and
coastal steamers; and 8,500,000 in the company's
hotels and bungalow camps. Lay-out Shows first-
class dining saloon on "Empress of Australia";
lunch for two on typical trans-continental Canadian
Pacific flyer; and kitchen on C.P.R. dining car with
the men in action behind the guns.
Seven Seas Traversed
Our Flowing Homb
VJU e passed in luxurious comfort, free from any
care or irritating responsibility and absolutely
rithout one disturbing incident from continent to
continent," stated Lady Williams-Taylor on her return
from a world cruise on board the Canadian Pacific
liner, the "Empress of Australia." during which tour
five continents, twenty-one countries and twenty-six
ports were visited and seven seas traversed.     '
"With sheltered ease," continued Lady Taylor,
>w had unfolded to us the soul-penetrating magnificence and the somewhat repellaht fanatical conditions
K India and distraught, yet ever thrillmgly ihterest-
K China. We steamed up and down the dangerous
Pearl River, and saw first-hand the devastation of
Canton. Mysterious Java, and almost untouched
lumatra, held us spellbound.  Singapore and its ever
growing docks amazed us, and lovely Ceylon enchanted us. But Hawaii wound itself about out
hearts and, to its haunting 'Aloha Oe,' we saw it
fade away through regretful tears. Not only are
the islands more than fascinating, but the Royal
Hawaiian Hotel would tempt any traveller to return.
"After such a wonder tour of 188 days," concluded
Lady Taylor, "we 'Lotus Eating Tourists' have one*
again to face the realities of ordinary existence wttsV
out the untiring supervision and perfect organisation
of the mighty and far-reaching Canadian Pacifn
Railway and Steamship's protection and earn of us.
It was, indeed; with hearts fall of gratitude and
appreciation for our splendid captain, his staff, and
for the constant and devoted attention of the erulsa
directors, that w# finally bid farewell to our floating
home-tiie «Em»^^iSittralia.'» ,'
Is Increasing!
This bright and newsy paper will be sent you
through the mail for $2.00 per year, or $1.00
for six months.   Or 5 cents per copy if you
wish to buy it by the week.
Read The Herald and Keep
Informed of what is happening
in the district.
Subscriptions at Anyox can be obtained from
Mr. P. Powell, or at the Post Office
Because the Alice Arm and Anyox
Herald carries all the local news of
the district, placed before its readers -.
in a concise and pleasing manner. |
A glance oyer the headlines shows
exactly what has happened in Anyox
and Alice Arm during the past
Reliable reports gathered from authentic sources, regarding the state
of the copper and silver markets are
frequently published; also interesting
news items of provincial mining activities, etc.
Broadminded editorials, written from
a purely independent viewpoint, concerning the metal markets, Provincial,
Dominion and International politics;
also editorial comment on local affairs
are a feature of the Herald.
8 ALICE   ARM   AND   ANYOX   HERALD,   Saturday, September 16.  1933
United  States  Government
May Peg Silver Price
At $1.19
Senator Pittman of Nevada, ha9
gone to Washington to press his
proposal that President Roosevelt
authorize the acceptance of newly
mined silver by United States
mints and its return to th9 owners
in the form of coins.
If the president lacks the power
to authorize Senator Pittman's
plan, the senator predicted that
legislation for the remonetization
of silver will be adopted during
the first thirty days of the session
of Congress convening next January.
Should the United States remonetize silver it is possible that
other countries would follow suit.
It is expected that the price
would be pegged at $1.19 per
ounce. Should this happy state of
affairs occur it will undoubtedly
help the silver mining companies
of British Columbia as well as the
Western States, and put into operation many silver mines that are
now idle, including those in the
Alice Arm distriot.
Baseball Season Was Very
Comment was made at the recent
League Council Meeting regarding
the excellent season of baseball
which has just been concluded.
Some discussion took place as to
holding some social function in
connection with the sport, and this
will receive attention at a later date.
Anyox Concert Orchestra
Commence Activities
Permission has been granted by
the Community League to the
Anyox Concert Orchestra for the
use of the Recreation Hall on Sunday and Wednesday evenings. A
start is to be made immediately on
the season's work, and a specially
active season appears imminent.
Basketballers Will Organize
On September 25th.
Basketballers are asked to attend an organization meeting at
7.30 p.m. September 25th. in the
Recreation Hall. All intending
players and those interested in this
popular sport should make an effort
to be present.
Jens Larson left on Thursday for
a short visit to Prince Rupert.
J. Hauber, who has spent several
weeks prospecting on the coast
south of Prince Rupert returned
on Monday.
Miss Juanita Falconer left on
Monday for Vancouver, where she
will attend the B. C. University
during the coming term. This is
her first year at the University.
Arthur Smith, mining promoter,
who has spent the last ten days in
the distriot examining mining properties, returned to Vancouver on
Thursday. He was greatly enthused with the ore exposed on
several properties since his last
visit and carried many samples of
ore south with him.
Mrs. F. Williams returned on
Monday from, a holiday visit to
Mrs. C. Musser and ohild returned on Monday from a visit to
F. Calderoni returned on Monday from a visit to the south.
Mrs. F. Dodsworth returned on
Monday from a holiday spent in
the south.
Mrs. W. Gentlemen left on Monday for the south.
Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Cripps left
on Monday for Prinoe Rupert.
Mr. Cripps has succeeded Mr. C.
H. Homer as Provincial Assessor.
Lee Moon, who has been a resident of Anyox for the past six
years, left on Monday for a visit to
his home in China.
Miss P. Stone returned on Monday to Prince Rupert, after spending a holiday here with her sister,
Mrs. Windle.
Mrs. R. McMillan and daughter
returned to Vancouver on Monday.
Mrs. D. Macintominey, who has
spent the past three and a half
months in tbe south owing to ill-
health, returned home on Monday.
During her stay in the south she
visited many old friends in Vancouver, Victoria, and Seattle..
Harold Eld who has been spending summer holidays with his
mother, left on Monday for Vanoouver, where lie will resume his
studies at the B. C. University.
This is his third year at the University and when he has completed
his education there he plans to be'
come a teacher of mathematics.
R. Levoir left on Monday for a
holiday visit to Vancouver.
A. Horner, J. Dixou, H. Hallcro,
and R. Dunwoodie returned on
Monday from holidays spent in tbe
William Cloke, who has spent
the summer holidays with his parents left recently for Vancouver,
where he will resume his studies at
the B. C. University.
Dr. and Mrs. Lang and daughter
left on Monday for a holiday visit
to the south.
Mrs. C. J. Dooherty and ohild arrived home on Thursday from a
holiday spent in the prairie provinces.
Mrs. C. R. Smith and two ohildren arrived on Thursday from the
Arrivals from the south on
Thursday included Miss H. Smith.
Miss Robinson and C. McGregor.
W. R. Lindsay left on Thursday
for a visit to the south.
Mrs. Kohn and ohild were southbound passengers on Thursday.
Among departures for the south
on Thursday were: Miss D. Gray,
Mrs. MacLeod aud A. S. Smith.
Father:   "My boy, there's  nothing new under the sun."
Son: Yes there is, sometimes."
Father: "What's that?"
Son:  "A patch on the back of
his pants!"
"I left my money at home," said
a lady to the conductor. "But you
Will have to trust me, for I am one
of the, director's wives."
"Lady," said the conductor, "I
couldn't trust you if you was the
director's only wife."
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Candies, Stationery, Proprietary
Medicines* Toilet Articles* Etc.
W. M. CummingS,   Agent for all Vancouver Daily Paperi
Post Office Building, Alice Arm
Note These Prices!
Crazy Water Crystals      ■      -      -    $1.95
Ambrosia Powder, Introductory Offer $1.50
Cleanser Cream and Powder, a $2.50 value
for $1.50.
Jergen's Lemon-kist or Pine-kist Soap,   4
tablets, cellophane wrapped, 19c.
Leave your Films and Negatives for finishing
at our Drug Department.   Work returns one
week from boat day.
Films,  Cameras, Tripods,  Finishing
Materials, Etc. for the Amateur


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