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 A little paper
with all the
news and a big
Published in the interests of Alice Arm and Anyox, B. C.
$2.50 a Year
Alice Arm and
Anyox. $2.75 to
all other points.
VOL. 11,   NO. 48
Alice Akm, B. C, Saturday, Mat 28, 1932
5 cents each.
Repairs Commenced On
Railway and Trails
At Alice Arm
The summer programme of work
was commenced at Alice Arm this
week by the Department of Public
Works. Six men under the supervision of J. Graham are doing repair work on the Dolly Varden railway and three men are clearing
obstructions from the North East
Fork trail of the Kitsault River.
Present work on the Dolly Varden railway will consist of removing
obstructions, such as fallen trees
and rock slides, and also necessary
repair work on bridges and trestles,
so that the road can be used for
1 light traffic such as gasoline speeders and push cars. The railway is
ithe only means of transportation up
'the Kitsault Valley.
Wages have greatly reduced this
liyear. The sum of $2.80 per day
|;?or 8 hours is being paid.
No information has been received
I'egarding the extent of work that
Ijjvill be done in the district this year.
|The amount of work will depend
Rentirely upon how prompt the taxes
I are received by the government this
Rsummer. If taxes are slow to
[collect, the amount of money available for road work will be small.
I Rev. F. Bushfield Will Leave
Anyox to Hold Unique
Dual Position
At the United Church Conference
of British Columbia, held recently
at New Westminster; which was
attended by Rev. F. Bushfield,
there were 400 delegates present.
Sixty exchanges of ministers were
Rev. Bushfield has been transferred to the United Church at
Stewart and Premier. In addition,
he will be the minister for the
Methodist Episcopal Church of
Alaska at Hyder. He will also
reside at Hyder, Alaska, as, although he is a Canadian, special
regulations will permit him to reside in Alaskan territory. His
position in that district will be a
most unique one.
Mr«. Cutler Winner of Golf
The weekly competition held by
the Ladies' Golf Club on Friday,
May 20th took the form of a "hid.
den hole" contest over nine holes.
Twenty-two players took part in the
competition, which was won by Mrs.
Cutler, Mrs. Wenerstrom being second. Theday was clear and bracing,
the course in good shape after the
recent heavy rains, and the competition was thoroughly enjoyed by all
who took part.
Empire Day Dance Was
Outstanding Success
The historic Empire Day Dance,
held on Monday the 23rd, under the
auspices of the I. O. O. F., was
attended by a large crowd, and was
as usual an outstanding success.
The gymnasium was beautifully
decorated in the national colors,
and the whole evening was one of
animation and gaiety. The music,
which was supplied by T. Stretton's
Orchestra, was most enjoyable, and
many of the numbers were encored
A delightful supper was served,
after which dancing continued without intermission till 3 a.m. It is not
often possible to hold dances on
evenings which are followed by a
holiday or lay-off day, and this fact
may account largely for the enjoyment of the guests on this occasion.
Beach Win First Base-
Ball Game
The first League Baseball game
of the season was played On May
24th, between the Mine and the
Bcajjfi, before - a large number of
spectators. The Beach won by 7
runs to 3, and considering that this
was the initial game of the season
some good ball was played.
The pitchers were Lazorek for
the Mine and Musser for the Beach.
Hits off Lazorek were seven and
Musser four. The teams were:
Mine, M. Chenoski, Fred White-
house, J. Lozorek, S. H.'Bartman,
F. Anderson, N. Roberts, T. Calderoni, F. Calderoni, G. Anderson,
Dyer.   Beach: J. McColl, R. Hardy,
G. Allan, A. McDougall, E. R.
Oatman, J. Buntain, Dan McDonald, A. Dwyer. Umpires were J.
J. Cody and R. E. Hopkinson.
First Aid Competition Proves
Very Interesting
An interesting First Aid Competition between teams representing
the Mine and the Beach was held
on May 24th, at the ball park. The
weather was clear and sunny, and a
large < crowd watched the various
proceedings. There were two teams
each from the Mine and Beach.
Two problems were submitted
and competed for, the men from
the Mine winning one and the Beach
men the other. A very small number of points separated the teams
in both problems. The judges, Drs.
Learoyd and Lang, expressed their
gratification at the splendid work
Send your films direct to Wrath-
all's Photo Finishing, Prince Rupert. Low prices for good work.
All orders returned following mail.
Empire Day Is Loyally
Celebrated At Alice
In regard to patriotism to the
Province, the Dominion and the
Empire, Alice Arm stands second
to none. Although only a small
community tucked away among the
rugged mountains of the north
coast, Empire Day was celebrated
as loyally and patriotically as any
town or city in the Dominion.
Silver may be down to 28 cents an
ounce, and copper to 5 cents a
pound, but the spirit of the hardy
pioneers of Alice Arm is as high as
The celebration commenced with
field sports in the afternoon, followed by a baseball game. In the
evening the tennis court was the
centre of attraction, and at 9 p.m.
a big dance was held.
All the children Of the town were
on hand at 2 p.m. to take part in
the various events, and many adults
were equally anxious to show their
skill and speed on the sports field.
The day was showery, but not
sufficiently to marany of the sports
and the entire programme was
carried out without a hitch. Some
keen contests were witnessed.
Following is a list of the prize
Girls under six, i Flora Graham,
2 Mary Nona Smith.
Boys under six, 1 Jacky Graham,
2 Robert Marshall.
Girls under eight, Annabell Intermelia, 2 Julia Intermelia.
Boys under eight, 1 Arthur Moss,
2 N. O. Other.
Girls under 14, 1 Hilda Moss, 2
Anna McGuire.
Three legged race, boys and
girls, 1 Alma Evindsen and Marguerite Moss, 2 Joan Trinder and
Hilda Moss.
Potato race, boys and girls, 1
Hilda Moss, 2 Joan Trinder and
Marguerite Moss (tie.)
Men's 100 yards' dash, 1 Lome
Falconer, 2 E. Svarvars.
Men's 1 mile race from government wharf to centre of town, 1
Emil Sodurland, 2 Lome Falconer.
The baseball game between the
Wildcats and Tigers attracted a big
crowd of fans. It was the first
game of the season, but that did
not stop either team from piling up
a string of runs. The score was
15 all and gambolling round the
bases was the chief recreation.
The game was, however, full of
thrilling events and both teams
tried their hardest to emerge victorious.
W. M. Cummings efficiently
handled the game as umpire.
The teams were: Wilcats: Lome
Falconer p., Ted Kergin c, A. D.
Yorke 1st. base, Gunn Fiva 2nd.
base, Gus Pearson 3rd. base, Gus
Anderson ss., J. Trinder l.f.,
Emil Soderlund r.f.
Tigers: A. C. Ironside p., T. W.
Falconer c, Inga Fiva 1st. base,
H. Besner 2nd base, Erling Svarvars 3rd. base, S. Skirl s.s. J.
Hutton r.f., J. Studdy 1. f.
The dance held in the evening at
Celts Defeat Mine In
First Soccer Game
A good gathering of football enthusiasts witnessed the game between the Celts and the Mine,
played on Tuesday evening, May
For the first game of the season
the footballers put; up an excellent
showing. A number of changes
have taken place in the ranks of
both teams, the Celts being strengthened by the inclusion of several
players from the ranks of last year's
Smelter team, and by two players
from the Mine team last year, who
are now located at the Beach. The
Mine team is also changed considerably. A nagging wind which blew
diagonally across the field did much
to spoil direction, but some excellent football was seen, the teams
appearing to be very evenly matched. For the winners, goals were
scored by Arthur Horner and Henry
Deeth, while Don Morrison notched
a fast one for the Mine.
Schools Visited By I. O.D.E.
On Empire Day
On Empire Day, Monday the 23rd,
the I. O. D. E. paid their annual
visit to the schools of Anyox. Each
pupil was presented with a ribbon
of the historic colors of the Empire.
At both schools Mr. Ed. Ashton
made a memorable speech, his subject—the national colors of red,
white and blue—being inspiring as
well as educational.' At the high
school the prizes won in the Empire
Daycompetitions inaugurated by the
I. O. D. E. were presented to the
successful contestants. The visitors composed a very representative
number of members of the local
Rev. Evan Baker Coming To
Anyox From Stewart
The Rev. Evan Baker, from the
United Church at Stewart and
Premier, will succeed Mr. Bushfield
at Anyox, and will commence his
duties on the first Sunday in July.
The Rev. Baker is highly spoken of
as a splendid worker for the United
T. W, Falconer's hall was attended
by practically all those of the tow n
who include dancing as one of their
pastimes. Music was furnished by
the Alice Arm orchestra, and they
allowed no pause for the dancers.
Everyone was in a happy holiday
mood and always ready for more.
The floor was in splendid condition,
and this, combined with the good
music, made the dance a great
success. It was one of the most
enjoyable dances held for a long
time and was a fitting climax to the
day's celebration
The 1.0. D. E. Sponsors
Unique Competition
For School Pupils
Keen interest was taken in the
competitions arranged by I. 0, D. E.
for the pupils of the Anyox High
School, and a quantity of good
creditable work was turned in to the
The task set for the girls was the
preparation of a day's menu for a
family, the items of which were to
be composed entirely of products of
the British Empire. Some very
close results were recorded, Miss.
Jean Pinckney being awarded first
prize, with Dora Peterson and Dixie
Taylor only one point each behind.
Some very neatly-prepared and well-
balanced menus were handed in.
The judges were Mrs. Yard, Mrs.
Gigot, and Mr. Ashmore.
The Boys' competition consisted
of making up an economic map
showing British possessions and
marked with the products of the
various countries. In this also
there was also keen competition,
and some excellent work was done,
the first prize finally going to Maxwell Patrick, with Bob Nelson close
For the boys' work the judges
were Messers Archie McDougal, C.
O. Fricker and F, Buckle.
Empire Day Sale of Work
Great Success
A very successful Sale of Work
and Afternoon Tea was held by the
Collison of Kincolith Chapter, I. O.
D. E., on Empire Day, Monday the
23rd. The function took place in
the Elks "Dugout" and the rooms
of the Canadian Legion, which were
very nicely arranged and decorated
for the occasion.
Plain and fancy sewing, also novelties, attracted much attention, and
the candy and home cooking department was well patronized. The
financial results obtained were very
gratifying, and the committee
extend sincere thanks to all those
who, by their generous patronage,
helped to make the affair a success.
1. O.D.E. Will Hold Monthly
The regular monthly meeting of
the Collison of Kincolith Chapter,
I. 0. D. E., will be held on Thursday, June 2nd, in the Legion Club
Room, at 7.30 p.m. A musical
program will be presented. Will
all members kindly note the change
of date of the meeting from the
first Monday to the first Thursday
of the month.
Advertise in the Herald ALICE   AEM   AND   ANYOX   HERALD, Saturday,  May 28, 1932
Alice Arm & Anyox Herald
Issued every Saturday at Alice Arm
Alice Ann and Anyox $2.50 Yearly
Other Parts of Canada, $2.75
British Isles and United States, $8.00
Notices for Orown Grants - - $15.00
Land Notices - - - - $15.00
Transient Advertising, 50c. per inch
Contract Kates on Application.
B. MOSS, Editor and Publisher.
On Tuesday last the Dominion
of Canada, from the rugged shores
of Nova Scotia to the fit clad
mountains of the west coast of
Vancouver Island celebrated
Empire Day. May 24th. is the
birthday of that illustrious monarch,
Queen Victoria, and the day was
set aside some years ago for a
public celebration in order to keep
the memory of the vast Empire in
the minds of all Canadians. Every
city and hamlet throughout the
Dominion, from the Atlantic to the
Pacific, and from the United States
boundary to the Arctic Circle,
spontaneously celebrates our
Empire connections each year.
As good Canadians, we show our
pride in forming a part of the
British Empire by a general rejoicing, and as the years pass the
enthusiasm continues undimished.
During the past three years, of the
general world-wide depression, we
have been fortunate in being one
of the commonwealth of nations
and dependencies that form the
Empire, and all signs point that we
shall reap even greater benefits in
the near future, now that the
Mother Country has adopted a
tariff on many imported goods of
foreign manufacture, and at the
same time giving those countries
that form the Empire extensive
Sherritt-Gordon    Will
Close Down Mine
Next Month
Directors of Sherritt-Gordon, at
a meeting last week, decided to
suspend operations for at least 90
days, beginning in June. It was
stated that mine has produced and
sold copper so far at a profit but
cannot do so under existing conditions. Operations will be resumed
as soon as the copper market shows
signs of definite improvement. An
official statement was issued as
'Considering the very disorganized situation in the copper market
and the fact that there is only a
nominal market at less than six
cents per pound, the directors ol'
the Sherritt Gordon Mines Limited
have decided to suspend operations
during the month of June for at
least ninety days.
'The mine has produced and sold
copper at a profit to date but can
not do so under existing conditions.
"The directors are forced to take
this action as they cannot afford to
jeopardize the liquid position.
"As soon as the oopper market
shows signs of definite improvement
operations will be resumed."
Lumber Exports To Australia
Show Increase
Monoton, N. B., May 21—Since
the Canadian—Australian trade
agreement came into eflect last
year there has been an increase in
the imports of lumber from Canada
into Australia from approximately
26 to 76 per cent, according to the
Natural Resources Department of
the Canadian National Railways.
B.  P. O. ELKS
Dominion ol Canada and Newfoundland
Meets every second and fourth Monday ol
the month
Hall for rent for dances, social functions, etc.
on application to club manager
The final adjustment in regard
to Empire preference will be settled at the Imperial Conference to
be held at Ottawa in July. If a
policy of give and take is adopted
by each country, all will benefit.
If each one selfishly wishes to
impose their goods on the other
without taking a fair amount of
goods in exchange, no one will
benefit. International trade is
simply an exchange of goods.
One country can not sell to the
other without buying a like amount.
If the Canadian representatives
enter the Imperial Conference with
this policy of give and take no
difficulty should be experienced in
quickly reaching an agreement.
We have enormous quantities of
goods for export that Great Britain
needs, and we can use a vast
amount of the Motherland's manufactured goods. In the past we
have sold our goods to Great
Britain and with the money they
paid us bought what we needed in
the United States. The economic
condition of the world is forcing a
change, and in future we must buy
from whom we sell to or our export trade will show a serious
For the great majority of us the
easiest way to get a living is to i
earn it. 1
Presentation Made To Mrs,
O'Brien By Moose Ladies
A very interesting event took
placeat the home of Mrs. J. Wynne
on Friday, May 20th. when Mrs.
T. P. O'Brien, who is leaving the
district, was made the guest of
honor at a social gathering of the
Anyox Chapter No. 757, Ladies of
the Moose. Mrs. O'Brien, who has
been a valued member for some
considerable time, was made the recipient of a handsome Bridge Set.
Those present were: Mrs. J. Varnes,
Mrs. Kruzick, Mrs. Havica, Mrs.
T. Pinckney, Mrs. J. Vine, Mrs.
Hardy, Mrs. Ben. Davies, Mrs. Russell, Mrs. Carrick, Mrs. F. Kydd.
The presentation was made by Mrs.
J. Wynne, the Regent of the Chapter, who expressed the appreciation!
of those present for the loyal service and kindly goodwill of their
departing sister. Mrs. O'Brien
leaves Anyox for Toronto, where
she will reside for the summer
Mrs. Kent Honored by Ladies
Of Christ Church W. A.
On Friday, May 20th, a meeting of the Vestry and W. A. of
Christ Church was held in the Parish
Room. Games were indulged in
and light refreshments were served.
The event of the evening was the
presentation of a handsome Flower
Basket to Mrs. A. R. Kent, late
organist of the church, who had
resigned owing to ill health. The
Rector's Warden, Mr. F. Watson,
made the presentation, to which
Mr. A. R. Kent suitably replied on
behalf of his wife. The singing of
the national anthem brought to a
close a very happy and enjoyable
Anyox Community
The Beach Council meets on the
Second and Fourth Wednesday of each
month, in the Recreation Hall, at 7
The Mine Council meets on the First j1
and Third Thursday of each month, in
the Mine Hall, at 7.30 p.m.
Bread,  Cakes, Pastry,
Established  1849
"Lamb's  Fine Old Navy"
Old and Good!
A»k the British Navy!
On sale at Liquor Vendors or direct from
Government Liquor Control Mail Order
Department, Victoria, B. C
This advertisement is not published  or displayed  by   the   Liquor
Control Board or by the Government of British Columbia
Steno—How do you spell sense?
Boss—Dollars and cents, or
horse sense?
Steno—Well, like in "I ain't
seen him sense."
This year Canadian National
offers four different fares to
Eastern points for you to
choose from:
1. Coach One-Way Fares*
Good in coaches.
2. Intermediate One-Way
Good 111 Tourist Sleepers upon
payment of Sleeper charges.
3. 30-Day Round Trip
Good in nil classes of equipment upon payment of sleeper
4. Summer Excursion
Round Trip Fares**
Good in all classes of equipment upon payment of sleeper
•Eflcctivo May 1,1 to Dec. 31.
"Effective Mny 22 to Oct. IS.
Return limit Oct. 31.
Complete information from
Local Agent or H. McEwen, D.
F.&P. A, Prince Rupert, B. C
Canadian National
Ladies' Underwear
Our new stock of Ladies' Underwear has just arrived.
Included in the shipment is Rayon non-run Vests and
Bloomers in all the latest colors.    Also Silk Underwear
and Pyjamas, in all shades.
We have also received a new shipment, of  Ladies' Silk
Hose, at prices ranging from 75c.  to $2.00 per pair.
All latest shades.
LEW  LUN  &  Go.
General Merchants, Anyox West side of Smelter
OPEN .UNTIL   10   P.M.
We carry at all times a Full Line of First Class
Groceries;    also Heavy and Shelf Hardware.
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Community League members and their families: Men,
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League and take an active interest in all its doings.
In 1930, among the Canadian   Provinces,
British Columbia was the leading producer
of Silver, Lead and Zinc.
In this Province, 45 per cent, of Canada's
silver, 97 per cent, of the lead, and 93 per
cent of the zinc were produced.
British Columbia has produced over $1,260,-
000,000 worth of mineral products.
About 200,000 square miles of unexplored
mineral bearing lands are open for prospecting.
Practically every mineral known to
be found on the Continent occurs
to some extent in British Columbia
A special report on placer mining in British Columbia
is available, and may be obtained, together with copies
of the Annual  Reports and  Bulletins (one of which
contains a synopsis of the mining laws) upon
application to
MINES, VICTORIA, B. C. ALICE   ARM   AND  ANYOX   HERALD, Saturday, May 28, 1932
Birth of Mining In B.C.
Was OnQ. C. I.
Despite the belief that gold was
first mined in British Columbia by
placer miners in 1858 and the
following year, it is a fact that gold
was mined from a lode deposit six
years earlier. This statement is
contained in a book on lode gold
deposits just issued by J. E. Galloway, provincial mineralogist. He
asserts that in 1852 Captain Wm.
Mitchell went with a party of the
Hudson's Bay Company's brigant-
ine "Una" to Mitchell Harbor on
the northwest ooast of Moresby
Island in the Queen Charlottes for
the purpose of mining a gold-quart/
vein whioh bad been reported by
Indians in 1851. ,Ho took out
more than $1000 worth of ore from
this vein, but his attempts to bring
it away were frustrated by the
Indians who stole it as fast as he
could oolleot it, and the party had
to return to Victoria empty hand
Final Rush for Homesteads
In Peace River
The final big rush to pre-empt
homesteads came to an end last
Saturday with many filings at
'Pouce Coupe and at the sub-agent's
office at Fort St. John. Approximately 250 homesteads, compris
j ug 40,000 acres of laud, were filed
•'.in in the final ten days. In future
till land in the Peace River Block
must be purchased.
f Noranda Mines Making Big
Noranda  Mines   Ltd.   reported
ij total recovery for the quarter ended March 31, 1932 at $3,050,046.
Estimated profit for the period before providing for depreciation is
' shown at $1,446,900.   After a 15%
reserve for depreciation estimated
|    net profit was $1,091,441 equivalent to 48.7c.
It is not generally realized that
Pioneer, allowing $4 a share for
depletion, is more conservative in
that respect than thegreat majority
of mining companies, Dome's reserve for depletion is provided for
at the rate of $1 per ton annually.
Premier allowR about $1,50.
Excursions run by the Canadian
Pacific Railway between various
points in Eastern Canada have
met with unqualified success. To
date, some 17,000 persons have
been carried on visits and holidays,
over different week-ends, by this
The 1931 census shows 728,244
occupied farms in Canada, or
17,154 more than were shown
when the count was taken in 1921.
ljuebec, Manitoba, Saskatchewan,
Alberta and British Columbia are
responsible for the increase, with
the last-named in the lead.
Navigation opened in Montreal
on April 18, with the Canadian
Pacific freighter Beaverburn the
first trans-Atlantic ship in port.
Her master Captain E. Landy,
receiving the gold-headed cane,
presented annually by the Harbor
Commissioners, lor this exploit.
Passenger honors in the trans-
Atlantic service also fell to the
Canadian Pacific, when the liner
Montclar'o docked on the afternoon
of Tuesday, April 19, as the first
passenger ship to arrive in Montreal. Thus the C. P. R. claims
double honors for the 1932 season.
Gold mines in Ontario in 1931
broke all records of production and
set a new high for dividends paid-
Dividends were over $14,000,000,
being over $3,000,000 more than in
Client—I know the evidence is
strongly against my innocence, but
I have $50,000 to fight my case.
Lawyer—As your attorney, I
assure you that you'll never go to
prison with that amount of money
And he didn't he went there broke.
a Leader]
SEVENTY-FOUR years ago, in
1858, the first Phoenix Export Lager was made in Victoria,
and ever since then it has been
first in popularity throughout
British Columbia. Phoenix Export Lager is a British Columbia
product and always dependable.
This advertisement is not published or displayed by the Liquor
Control Board or by the Government of British Columbia.
It will
the Flavor of
Your Cooking!
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Truro, N.S.,- Insenoll,
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end Sumas, B.C.
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Vancouver, B.C.
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During these tight times by failing to
take advantage of the advertising
columns of the Herald
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The Alice Arm Mining
and Development Co.
Announce a Drastic Cut in
Prices of all Residential and
Business Lots at Alice Arm
Prices have%been Slashed from $1000.00
to $200.00, and to as low as $25.00,
or at least a 75 per cent, reduction on all lots
Now is the time to secure a good Business
Lot or a Residential Site for a Summer
Prices of Individual Lots, terms and all other particulars may be obtained from E. Moss, Sole Agent,
P. O. Box 8, Alice Arm, B. C.
For Results Advertise in the Herald ALICE   ARM   AND   ANYOX   HERALD, Saturday,  May 28,  1932
Orchestra Card Party And
Dance Very Enjoyable
The card party and dance held at
the Alice Arm Hotel on Saturday
evening proved a very enjoyable
affair. It was sponsored by the
Alice Arm Orchestra and was
well attended. Bridge was played
during the early part of the evening.
The winners were: Ladies' first
prize, Mrs. O. Evindsen; consolat-1
ion Mrs. E. Peterson. Men's lirst
prize, Erling Svarvars; consolation;
Gus Pearson.
Following cards, dancing was
carried on for a short period, terminating a very pleasant evening.
Rain Interferes With Tennis
Fine weather prevailed during the
earlier part of the opening day of
the A. C. L. Tennis Club, when a
Mixed Doubles tournament was
During the afternoon, however,
rain interfered, and it was found
possible to complete the tournament
on one court only, that on the other
court having to be postponed. A
good many players took part and
some very close scores were recorded. Miss. D. Grigg and E. Ross
Oatman were winners on No. 1
Court. The competition on No. 2
Court will be completed at an early
Artistic Window Display By
Granby Stores
Responding in whole-hearted
fashion .to the request of the
I. O. D. E. for some special displays for Empire week, the Granby
Stores fairly outdid themselves.
The   displays   would   have   done
credit to the stores of any city.
Empire made goods were shown
in  an artistic   manner,   and in a
characteristic   atmosphere.      The
beautiful effects achieved were the
cause of much favorable comment,
and   the purpose of the displays
was fully realized.
+ •••+•*•+-«>4
l+*.+».+„+*. ■+-»♦■»+*■+*.+.«■♦■.. »...».»■ 4-
J. Deeming arrived from Anyox
on Saturday and returned again on
Miss Emily McGuire arrived from
Anyox on Tuesday and left again
on Wednesday.
]. Trinder, manager of the Wild,
cats' baseball team, issues a chal
lenge to all comers to a game of
softball tomorrow afternoon at the
ball grounds
A general meeting will be held at
the Club House this evening, May
28th, at 8 p.m. for the purpose of
considering the advisability of holding an exhibition of vegetables,
flowers, etc. during the coming falL
If it is decided to hold an exhibition
again this year, officers will be elected for the coming year, and
arrangements made to enlarge the
exhibition as much as possible this
coming fall.    Please be on hand.
J. A.Anderson, district road superintendent of the Public Works
Department arrived in town on
Saturday from Anyox. He was
joined on Monday by J. C. Brady,
road engineer, who arrived from
Prince Rupert. During Monday
they made an examination of work
that has been undertaken here recently and also made an inspection,
as far as possible, of the Dolly
Varden railway.
Renew Your Free   Miner's
Licence Before May 31st.
Mining property owners, do not
forget that the date for renewals of
free miners licences expires on Tuesday, May 31st.
Advertise in the Herald
4 ♦*.+«. >.•■+*.--f... 4) ..■♦■.■♦ .>4....+..>4>..4 4
Mr. George Taddy, who has been
in Anyox for some time, suffered a
mental relapse recently and was
taken to Vancouver by the boat of
Monday last.
Mr.   W.  McKenzie,  brother of
Miss G  McKenzie, arrived on Mon
day on an extended visit to Anyox.
Mr. D. McRitchie, who has been
spending a holiday at Langly Prairie
and Vancouver,  returned on Mon
Rev. Bushfield returned on Mon
day from New Westminster, he has
been attending the Conference ot
United Church ministers.
Matt Thomas, N. Olsen, and P.
Crawly arrived on Monday from
Prince Rupert.
Mrs. T. P. O'Brien and children
left on Monday for Toronto, where
she will spend the summer with
relatives. Mr. O'Brien accompan
ied his family as far as Prince
Mike Stefanik was a passenger to
Prince Rupert on Monday.
J. A. D. Stewart and J. L. Stew
art lett on Monday to attend the
Pensions Board Sitting at Prince
Rupert. Mrs. J. L. Stewart and
daughter accompanied her husband
for a brief holiday in Rupert. They
returned on Wednesday evening.
Mrs. W. M. Maxwell and son returned on Wednesday froma holiday
visit to California and other south
em states.
Miss A. Maki, who has resided at
the Mine for some time, left on
Wednesday for Kirkland Lake,
Ontario.where she will reside.
N. Bamford returned to Prince
Rupert on Wednesday after a
session of relief duty at the Canadian Bank ot Commerce.
Mr. J. McMullen returned on
Wednesday from a holiday spent in
Vancouver and district.
Mr. T. P. O'Conner, returned on
Wednesday from Rupert.
Mr. and Mrs. Harrington and
Jack McKay, son of Mr. and Mrs.
L. McKay, left on Wednesday for
Brandon, where they will spend a
few weeks' holiday.
Office:   Opposite Liquor Store
"Fanny Foley Herself"
Tonight, May 28th.
Edna May Oliver, John Darrow,
Helen Chandler, Hobart Bosworth,
Rochelle Hudson.
An all-New Technicolor Picture.
In this R. K. 0. Radio Picture Miss
Oliver portrays "Fanny Foley Herself," a vaudeville headliner, internationally loved and celebrated.
She marries the son of a multimillionaire, and the family happenings that follow are comedy one
minute, drama the next. You'll
laugh and cry by turns. The climax
is a glorious combination of high
comedy, thrills, and dramatic intensity, and Edna teaches them all a
lesson. Don't miss this beautiful
technicolor picture Saturday.
Tuesday, May 31st.
This Fox Picture, a Frank Borzage
Production, is from Vina Delmar's
sensational novel. Flirting, petting,
playing with love, Dorothy Haley
(Sally Eilers) typical New York
working girl, falls in love with
Eddie Collins (James Dunn). From
then on the story holds you spell
bound. It throbs with racy touches, for it deals with theme that is
more than human. "Bad Girl',
was read by millions when serialized
and the best and richest parts of it
are contained in this picture. Sally
Eilers is wicked, wayward, and winning. Don't on any account miss
this picture on Tuesday.
Ladies  Will  Play   Baseball
On Wednesday, June 8th, a baseball game will be played between
ladies of the Beach and of the Mine.
This event will take place under the
auspices of the Ladies Aids of the
United Church. Judging by the
interest being taken in this contest
there should be a large crowd on
hand to watch the proceedings.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. John Curti
at the Anyox General Hospital, on
Tuesday, May 24th. a daughter.
Radio  Sales  Were  Good
Last Year
Sales of radio receiving sets in
Canada during the calendar year,
1931. numbered 266,122 machines,
valued at $18,141,347, factory sel
ling prices, according to a report
issued by the Bureau of Statistics
of the Department of Trade and
Some people show their ingenuity in their methods of making fools
of themselves.
One English baby buggy in first
class condition, original price $35.00
will sell for $15.00. One baby cot
$5.00. One collapsible English
baby bed $3.00. For further par-
particulars apply Herald Office,
Alice Arm.
Candies, Stationery, Proprietary
Medicines, Toilet Articles, Etc.
W. M. CummingS,   Agent for all Vancouver Daily Papers
Post Office Building, Alice Arm
From Anyox for Stewart, Prince Rupert,
Ocean Falls, Powell River and Vancouver,
A.M. Thursdays.
Fortnightly service to Queen Charlotte
Islands. Particulars on request.
Passenger   trains   leave   Prince   Rupert
Mondays.  Wednesdays and Fridays at
3.00 p.m. for Edmonton, Winnipeg and
point? East
For injbrmation call or write local agent or
H. McEWEN. D.F. tf P.A.
Prince Rupert. IVC.
Greatest Legacy
of the Canadian people
to the next generation
...is life insurance
When the Sun Life began business in
1871 life insurance in Canada was $13
per capita.
TODAY it is $635 per capita.
With one exception, Canadians are now
the highest insured people in the world.
The Sun Life has played a leading part in
fostering this thrift in the Canadian people
and in protecting Canadian homes.
The rapid growth of the Sun Life is shown
in the following table:
Sun Life Assurance
Company of Canada
H«.d Office: MONTREAL
S. J. Jabour, Northern B. C. Representative
Prince Rupert, B. C.


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