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 A little paper
with all the
news and a big
Published in the interests of Alice Arm and Anyox, B. C.
T •*tx> r .. y»■».»..».•«■■♦■—»»■■»■ j
$2.00 a Year
| Alice Arm and ]
Anyox. S2.25 to {
all other points, j
VOL. 13,   NO. 17
Alice Abm, B. G, Saturday, October 28, 1933
5 cents each.
Two Basketball Games
Held On Monday
Basketball appears likely to head
the list of indoor sports in Anyox
this winter, judging by present
signs. Two good games were
played on Monday last, the teams
from the Concentrator and the
Mechanics A and B clashing. In
the first of these, the '"B"game,
Concentrator won 15-9. Considering the personnel of the Mechanic;
squad, they did well to hold the
millmen back to this extent, as
most of the lathemen are beginners
at the game. It was a good go,
full of action and keeness, and.both
teams will show up even better in
the near future.
The second game in which the
Concentrator and Mechanics''A"1
teams met, ended also in a viotory
for the crusher and flotation crew
by a score of 26-20. The teams
were splendidly matched and the
game provided much excitement
for the fans, all the players being
willing to go the limit.
Four "A" and four "B" team?
should make the sport attractive
this winter, and fans are looking
forward to many thrilling battles.
Anyox Rovers' Concert Was
Greatly Enjoyed
A large orowd of Anyox people
attended the variety couoert given
by the Rover troop in the Recreation Hall ou Wednesday evening
last. The lengthy programme
contained a number of interesting
and entertaining items, and the
concert proved to be most enjoyable. The best thanks of the
Rovers are extended to all those
who so kindly assisted in making
the concert a success, and especially
to Mrs. Kent and Mr. Dresser for
their services as accompanists.
H. F. Kergin Opens His
Campaign In District
At Alice Arm
Mr. H. Fowler Also Gives
Lengthy Speech
T. W. Falconer Is Confident
Of Victory
T. W. Falconer arrived home on
Thursday from a campaign tour of
Stewart and Premier Mine. He
held meetings at both places and
was given a warm welcome. The
meeting at Stewart was exceptionally well attended. During his stay
at the head of the canal Mr. Falconer met a large number of people,
and he says that there is noquestion
but that he will receive the largest
number, .of votes in that district.
With a big vote assured at Anyox
his success seems certain.
Anyox Canadian Legion
Armistice Activities
Fifteen years since Armistice!
Yet despite the passing of time,
the remembrance of that day of
sadness and gladness, of sorrow
and laughter, is as vivid as though
it were but yesterday. It was a
day of tremendous import to us all
especially by ex-service men and
The Anyox Branch of the Canadian Legion are preparing with
their customary enthusiasm to celebrate Armistice. Theirprogramme
Wednesday, November8th, Poppy Day.
Friday, November 10th. Armistice Danoe.
Saturday, November 11th. Parade to Cemetery aud decoration of
graves of ex-service men. Annual
Smoker in the Elks' Dugout.
Sunday, November 12th, Annual
Memorial Service in Recreation
H. F. Kergin Held Meeting
On Thursday
H. F. Kergin, who is seeking reelection for Atlin held a well attend,
ed meeting in the Elks' Hall Anyox
on Thursday evening. Mr, H.
Fowler was chairman. Mr, Kergin
reviewed his record for the past 13
years, He criticized his opponents
and also the late Conservative government. In reply to a question,
he stated that his platform in the
future would be the same as in the
Outside Bodies Not To Use
Picture Shows
At a recent meeting of the Beach
Council of the A. C. L. an important decision was arriyed at, with
regard to allowing other organizations to run shows for the purpose
of raising funds. It was deoided
that such requests be not granted.
The question came up through an
application from the I. 0. D. E,
for permission to run a show for
the purpose stated.
Bom to Mr. and Mrs. R. Adcock
at the Anyox General Hospital, on
Saturday, October 21st. a daughter.
Mr. Shenton Objects To
The following telegram was received at the Herald office yesterday, October 27th. from Mr. T. J.
Shenton, C. C. F. candidate.
"I note Mr. Asselstine in article of
October 21st. of your paper states
that C. C. F. policy is purely socialistic and is a transplantation from
Russia. The latter clause of statement I declare to be a falsehood of
the most dishonest type.
T. J. Shenton.
Owing to the death of W. J. Bowser, which occurred on Wednesday
at Vancouver, the election in Vancouver centre and one Victoria
constituency has been postponed.
In consequence no absentee votes
from these constituencies can
be received next Thursday.
A well attended meeting was
held at the Alice Arm Hotel on
Tuesday evening by Mr. H. F.
Kergin, who is seeking re-election
to the Legislature at the forthcoming election. He spoke fluently on many topics and his explanation of the various subjeots under
discussion convinced his audience
that he was very familiar with
parliamentary affairs.
Mr, Harry Fowler, who was
chairman, opened the meeting with
an eloquent address. He reviewed
many subjeots relating to present
day problem?, aiid explained how
they could be remedied.
We have. Mr.; Fowler said, in
opening his address, seen both
good and bad times in this district, but'present day conditions
are worse than at any previous
time. We can, however, help to
better conditions by electing good
men to represent us at Victoria in
the coming election.
He strongly condemned former
Conservative governments under
Premiers McBride and Bowser for
giving away the resources of the
province to the capitalists, who
now held large tracts of land that
could provide good homes for
many people. The Conservatives,
he said, also squandered the people's money, and we are now paying for their folly. But, he said,
the people at that time demanded
it, and he mentioned the disa-
pointment at Stewart in 1910
when the government refused to
build a railway into the Groundhog Country, until a tonnage was
The Liberal government, he said
also spent money too freely, but
the people again demanded it, and
they got what they wanted. But
it is our duty now to get behind
men and elect thein, that will stop
this reckless expenditure.
He criticized the Independents,
and said that of 35 Conservatives
in the Legislature under Premier
Tolmie, 31 were now running as
Independents., and that as soon as
a Federal election was held they
would again be Conservatives.
Mr. Fowler criticized the building of the Alice Arm-Naas River
road by the Department of Public
Works, and he would like to ask
the Hon. R. H. Bruhn who authorised the building of tlie road.
In connection with relief work
he said that the Liberal party
went on record for all relief payments to be made by cheque.
Criticism was levelled at Mr. T,
W. Falooner by the speaker, who
asked why the Independent candidates were coming before the people as such, and said that Mr.
Falconer was not honest with him
Considerable criticism  was also
levelled at the C. C. F. and Mr. T.
J. Shenton. How could the C. C.
F. the speaker asked carry on as a
government if it wasn't a party.
Mr. Shenton, he said has told us
that he is financially broke. He
has for the past 13 years held the
position of Mines Inspector for this
district at a good salary. If he
cannot handle his own money better
than that, he is, in my opinion a
poor representative for us to send
to Victoria to assist in handling
the people's money. Mr. Shenton
has also told us that he was only
receiving $35.00 a month from the
government for superannuation allowance which he did not think
was fair, but he is not entitled to]
more or he would receive it. It is
no use for us to send the C. C. F.
to Victoria if they refuse to work
with any other party, but he said
I don't think they will get very
far judging from the recent elections on the prairie.
In concluding he urged his audience to vote for Mr. Kergin on
November 2nd. whose past-reoord
at Victoria he said, speaks for itself.
Mr. H, F. Kergin was the.next
speaker, and iu opening his address
said that for a time it looked as
thoug j he would not be a candidate. There were those, perhaps,
who wished t'iat he had not offered
himself as a candidate, but since
the Liberal convention had been
held at Anyox many people had
urged him to become a candidate.
Since he had announced his candidature he had received a large
number of requests, some from un
expeoted quarters, urging him to
stay with it. These requests had
been received from all over the
The speaVr outlined tno . ork
done in the Alice Arm section
under the Liberal regime, and
mentioned the road to the wharf,
stispeiisioii bridges over the Kitsault River, building of the Illiance
aud Kitsault valley trails and
other projects. He said that every
thing done had been warranted,
and uot a single complaint had
been received in regard to graft
or useless expenditure of public
Or iiiing legislation undertaken
by the Liberal government, Mr.
Kergin said they passed the Act
making it compulsory to pay the
workers every two weeks; also
the Workmen's Compensation
Aot; Mothers' Pensions; the Minimum Wage Act and other Sooial
He severely criticized the no pat-
rouage plank of the Tolmie government and said that one of the
first things they did when ooming
into power, was to discharge Nor
man Watt, government agent at
Prince Rupert, but who was later
Continued on page 3
Don't Fail To Secure
Hospital Dance Ticket
Responding generously to the
appeal of the ladies of the Hospital
Auxiliary, the public of Anyox are
giving their support to the Hospital Dance, which will be held on
Monday next in the Gymnasium.
As a consequence it is expected
that this dance will be one of the
most successful yet held. The
committee are doing everything possible to ensure an evening
of real enjoyment. The floor, the
music, and the supper will be the
best. Anyone who has not yet had
the opportunity of attending a
Hospital Dance in Anyox has a
treat in store for them. There is
uo worthier cause than this one,
which has for its object the providing of extra oomforts for the
hospital patients the whole year
round, and the appeal goes out for
support for this dance. If you
have not yet secured a ticket, do
so today.
Anglican Church Y. P. A.
The Anglican Young People's
Association of Anyox held their reorganization meeting recently in
the Parish Hall. The following
officers were elected: Honorary
President, Rev. A. Abraham; Pres-
sident, Lawrence McCarthy; Sec.
Treasurer., Henry Henderson; Executive, Misses A. Dodsworth, K.
Eve, F. Dodsworth, R. Henderson,
and Messrs. R. W. Pillsbury; J.
Foss, N. Goater and T. Kergin.
Prior to the meeting an enjoyable
time was spent by all present in the
playing of several interesting games.
Armistice Dance An Annual
'Event of Importance
Friday, November the 10th. has
been happily chosen for the holding of the Annual Armistice Dance
for the next day is a holiday. Add
to this fact the enjoyment of this
great occasion—for the Armistice
Dance is one of the best functions
of the kind held in Anyox—and
you have cause for rejoicing.
Everyone knows this dance and
everyone goes, so if you are a newcomer to the district, start now to
anticipate one of the gladdest
dances of the year. The music will
be of the best, and everything else
will be, as Charles Dickens says,
"similar according." Anticipate
and then participate.
Developing, Printing and Enlarging. All work returned on
following boat. Wrathall's Photo
Finishing, Prince Rupert.
t^mmmmmmmmmmm ALICE   ARM   AND   A-VYOX   HERALD.   Saturday.  Ootober 28.   1933
Alice Arm & Anyox Herald
Issued eveiy Saturday ut Alice Arm
Alice Arm and Anyox $2.00 Yearly
Other Parts of Canada, $2.25
British Isles and United States, $2.50
Notices for Crown Grants - - $15.00
Land Notiees .... $15.00
Transient Advertising, 50c. per inch
Contract Rates on Application.
E. MOSS, Editor and Publisher.
Closing Comments on The
Political Campaign
This will be the last issue of The
Herald before the general election,
which will be held next Thursday.
As far as we are concerned the battle is over, and our next issue will
carry the result of the voting in the
Atlin constituency, and general
election news throughout the
On Thursday next the electors of
Atlin will choose from the five candidates one man who will represent
them at Victoria for the next four
or five years. He must be an Independent, a Liberal or a Socialist.
It is the duty of every elector to
think very seriously before marking
the ballot paper. We are living in
abnormal times, fraught with great
dangers. Wise statesmanship will
be needed to keep the ship of state
on an even keel, and the election of
anyone who has not the true interests of the province and its people
at heart is liable to cause a wreck,
and bring worse confusion at Victoria than has at any time previously existed.
At the present time we need at
Victoria, men strong willed enough
and big enough to stand above
party politics as we have known
them in the past, and vote in favor
of any measure that is for the good
of the people as a whole, irrespective of whom sponsors the measure.
Since the campaign started you
have heard the views of the five
candidates either at the meetings or
through the columns of the Herald.
Every candidate has been given an
equal opportunity to express his
views. Halls have been unstinting-
ly placed at their disposal for meetings and the Herald has reported
their utterances without fear or
favor. We have avoided criticism
as much as possible as we believe
that the electors can form theirown
opinions without the assistance of
any hysterical condemnation of any
candidate on our part. Before
closing, however we intend to say
a few words in regard to the qualifications of the C. C. F. to govern
this Province, and the advisability
of sending Mr. T. J. Shenton to
Victoria to represent us. We are
publishing these comments regarding the C. C. F,. purely for the reason that we do not believe that it is
in the best interests of the province
at the present time, to commit ourselves into the hands of the leaders
of the C. C. F. some of whom are
advanced socialists.
The  C. C. F., The Farmer,
The  Press,  Confiscation,
Religion and Mr.
The Co-operative Commonwealth
Federation was born on the
prairies. The cause of its birth
was because the wheat growers
were getting low prices for their
wheat. They could not pay their
mortgages off, nor their indebtedness at the banks. These debts had
been incurred principally by the
farmers in buying more land when
wheat prices were high and recklessly purchasing much up-to-date
machinery, which, as a rule, they
allow to rust in the fields. In the
fall of 1929 they made the biggest
blunder in agricultural history,
when they held hundreds of millions
of bushels of wheat for higher
prices, at a time when wheat was
selling on the open market at $1.35
a bushel. They got pinched in the
fall of prices that followed and they
howled for sympathy and they have
been howling increasingly louder
ever since.
They formed the C. C. F. and
invited the miners, muckers, smeltermen, loggers etc. of B. C. to
join them and help them back to
prosperity. These same farmers
never recognized a labor union
when wheat was selling anywhere
above $1.25 a bushel and they won't
again when it rises to that level.
Labor to them is just a commodity
to be bought in the cheapest market.
Some socialists in B. C., however,
joined the C. C. F. movement, and
socialized it. At their Provincial
Convention a short time ago, they
passed measures for the censorship
of the press, the confiscation of a
property except farms, and they
advocated the issuance of scrip
money when elected to power at
Victoria, instead of real money.
They would not recognize a re^
igion, judging by the remarks, al
eged to have been made by Mr.
W. A. Pritchard, leader of the C.
F. in B. C. If his party were
elected he would naturally become
Premier. His views on religion
should be of interest to many people
who are supporting the C. C. F.
Here is an extract from page 293
of "The Silent Force," a history of
the Royal North-west Mounted
Police, by T. Morris Lonstreth:
"The Calgary convention was a
stirring success. The advantages
of a state without either capital or
Deity were aired, and when Mr.
Pritchard was asked to make a
speech giving his qualifications for
oflice, he said that it was scarcely
necessary, "but that I will tell you
that I am running against the late
lamented Mr. Christ," a statement,
which though marked less by good
taste than emphasis, was greeted
by laughter and applause sufficient
to show that it summed up the auspices under which the new movement was working."
Will Mr. Shenton support this
agnostic doctrine of Mr. Pritchard's
and continue to work with him in
his campaign against "the late Mr.
It looks as though he must for
Mr, Pritchard is a member of the
committee of twelve who sit in
judgment on all C. C. F. matters,
and all candidates must subscribe
to that doctrine to receive the consent of the committee of twelve in
regard to their candidature.
If the leaders of the C. C. F. in
B. C. had left religion alone, if they
had not threatened the press with
the extinction of their hard won liberty, and not advocated the socialization of all private property, then
their chances of gaining power
would have been immeasurably
greater. As it is the extremists
seem to wield the power, which is
a great pity.'
Mr. Shenton is probably sincere
in his efforts, but the fact remains
that his actions in the Legislature
would be governed entirely by the
famous committee of 12. Could he
fight against them. We believe
not. For they have the power to
recall any member that acts contrary to their wishes.
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To The Electors Of
As previously announced, I am in the field at the
request of a large number of Electors of the Atlin Riding
as a straight Independent Candidate, attached to neither
Party, Leader or Group, and with perfect freedom to act on
each issue that comes up for debate, on its merits.
If I am honored by being elected on November 2nd. I do
not intend to go to Victoria with a chip on my shoulder with
the intention of quarreling with the government in power,
no matter what party or brand it may be. My earnest endeavor will be to help as much as possible to lift the cloud
of depression which has hung over this Province and the
Atlin Constituency since 1929.
The first great effort must be expended on the Party
System and the associated "Patronage" decease. I cannot
believe that any British Columbia Government can get down
to the real business of the Province until such a time as the
political battles, which last during the whole of each session,
are eradicated, and the members elect to join hands in the
ranks of harmony and good government.     '
We all realize that the problems confronting the incoming government are great, and it will take lots of team work,
good level heads and sound thinking to improve conditions.
There will be forty-seven members elected and we
cannot afford to vote for even one that will not be sincere in
his efforts on behalf of the Province.
We have five candidates in the Atlin Riding and I
Would ask each elector to think seriously before marking his
or her ballot on election day. The record and qualification
of each candidate is fairly well known throughout the district
and I sincerely hope that Atlin will be fortunate in the
selection made.
Yours sincerely,
The Independent Candidate
THE HERALD,  2.00 A  YEAR ALICE   ABM   AND   ANYOX   HKliALD.   Saturday. October 28.   1933
H. F. Kergin Opens His
Campaign In District
At Alice Arm
Continued from page 1
reinstated. They gave $25,000 to
the head of the Liquor Control
Board to resign, and appointed
three men in his place. They pensioned Mr. Pauline off at $350.00
per month and appointed Mr.
Burden, then minister of lands, as
the Provinoial Agent in Loudon.
Belief work methods carried out
by the late government were condemned by Mr. Kergin, who said
that all the money appropriated
was spent before the oamp9 were
built. Wages, he said, were not
uniform, and in one camp 105 men
were olassified as carpenters. He
also condemned the use of too
much machinery for road work,
and said that the only thing it did
here was to pile big rooks on the
roads, spoiling them.
He condemned the late government for disfranchising all Dotik-
obors, and said that the Conservatives contemplated at one time
to disfranchise all men in government relief camps. Also, that
they had considered discriminating
against naturalized Canadians
when voting at elections.
The Conservative government,
he said, had approached the Liberals with a view of forming a Union
Government, so that all would be
re-lected again. When I moved a
resolution, he said, in the Legislature, in regard to an enquiry into
the cause of the strike at Anyox,
and an investigation as to working
conditions there, the Conservatives
all voted against it. Those voting
for it were all Liberals and Tom
Uphill, Labor member.
In reviewing the work undertaken by the Conservatives in connection with the surveying of
the Alaska-Yukon Highway, he
said that $40,000 had been oharged
up to Atlin, although the work
was done in four ridings. Among
the items of expenditure there was
$340.00 for 8 dead horses, $52.50
for Aneriod Barometer, $69.90 for
3 Kodaks, $14,882.75 for Canadian
Western Airways, $32.00 for Binoculars, Stenography servioes for
report amounted to $13.75.
Mr. Kergin criticized the other
candidates and said that the nonpatronage platform advocated by
T. W. Falconer at the last election
had not been carried out by him,
and quoted several instances to
confirm his statements. In regard
to Mr. H. W. M. Rolston, he said
that he was a potential Conservative candidate iu 1920. He actively supported the Provincial Party
in 1924 under General A. D. McRae
and in 1928 he sought the Conservative candidature. In 1930 he
campaigned for Mr. Brady, the
Conservative candidate.
What is the C. C. F. he asked.
Dr. Telford tells us it is not a party,
The C. C. F. is worse than any
party. Its parliamentary polioy
will be controlled by a committee
of nine. (This was reoently raised
to twelve.) The committee endorses every politioal candidate, and
every candidate will do just what
this committee tells him to do, If
the C. C. F. were elected to power
the people of the provinoe would be
completely governed by this secret
nine. Every C. C. F. oandidate
has pledged himself to this effect.
Why You Should
Re-elect Bert
As Member for Atlin
As your Representative he has given Increasing Evidence of his desire to make Living and
Working Conditions Better
Note the following comments
Btctoria aub itstntt 'fabes ana
labor tonal
Victoria, B. C, April 8th. 1933
H. F. Kergin, M.P.
Parliament Buildings,
Victoria, B.C.
Dear Sir:
I am instructed by the above Council io express
our appreciation of your attitude towards Labor,
during the recent session of the House, when the
matter of the Anyox dispu.t; was brought up.
Thanking you, I rrmain,
yours sincerely,
Steuiart liberal AsMctatian
Stewart, B.C., July 6th. 1933.
H. F. Kergin, Esq.,
Alice Arm, B.C.
Dear Mr. Kergin:
I beg to inform you that, a I a meeting of the
local Executive held this week the following resolution was passed:
'That the Executive of the Stewart Liberal Association places itself on record as sincerely appreciative
of the hard working services of H. F. Kergin, who has
for many years served this district well as Liberal
Member, and that a letter to this effect be forwarded to
Mr. Kergin."
That resolution was passed unanimously, and
sincerely, and expresses the feeling of the members.
Yours sincerely,
Stewart Liberal Association.
GEORGE B. CASEY, Labor Candidate in the
1920 election in Atlin District, speaking on behalf
of Mr. Kergin in the Election Campaign of 1928,
If he had been elected, he could not have done more on
behalf of Labor and the District in general than Bert
Kergin has done.
BERT KERGIN is not under
any obligation to any special
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■■■■■■■a ALICE   ARM   AND   ANVOX   HERALD.   Saturday,  October 28.   1HS3
Mr. J. Wright Was Married
In Nova Scotia
Mr. and Mrs. J. Wright arrived
in Anyox on Wednesday from Nova
Scotia. Mr. Wright who is a member of the Coke Plant Staff, has
been spending holidays in the far
eastern province. On Octoberl7th.
he was married at East River, St.
Mary's Nova Scotia. He is receiving the hearty congratulations of
his many friends in Anyox.
Mr. Gunnard Anderson Wed
Last Summer
Mr. Gunnard Anderson, a resident of Anyox who is well known
in basketball circles, was quietly
married at Smithers while on a holiday visit there, during the past
summer. The wedding took place
at the Anglican Church, Smithers.
The bride was Mrs. I. Isaacson, of
Smithers. Mr. and Mrs. Anderson
who are still receiving congratulations are making their residence
with the groom's mother, Mrs. E.
Anderson at the Mine.
+ 4
..+.«<+ .».+•••♦ ♦
A. Omdahl returned on Monday,
from a holiday visit to Vancouver.
T. Kergin returned on Monday
from a visit to Prince Rupert.
F. Dodsworth Snr. returned on
Monday from a holiday visit to
R. Chesnut arrived on Monday
for a holiday visit.
Mr. and Mrs. C. Cauthers arrived
on Monday.
Mrs. A. Moore and children arrived on Monday.
Mrs. E. Parsons left on Monday
for a visit to Prince Rupert.
Miss J. Alder arrived on Wednesday from Vancouver.
Miss M. Robinson, who has been
spending a holiday with her sister,
Mrs. Fitzpatrick, returned to Prince
Rupert on Wednesday.
;    mrr idu   wnTCC    t
Miss Lois Studdy left on Monday
for Prince Rupert, where she will
join the nursing staff of the General
Hospital there.
Mrs. E. M. Orr and daughter arrived on Monday from Vancouver.
They will reside here until they can
procure a house at Anyox, when
they will join Mr. Orr. who is employed at the Mine.
Miss Katherine Chenoski arrived
last week from Anyox and is spending an extended holiday with Mrs.
C. Ripley.
J.J, Phillips arrived last week
from Aiyansh. He came overland
and stated that he mushed through
2>/i feet of snow for a considerable
distance, He left for Anyox where
he hopes to spend the winter.
W. B, Bower has been appointed
Deputy Returning Officer for Alice
Arm   during    the   election     next
The polling station at Alice Arm,
on Thursday next will be in the
restaurant building of Mr. G. Anderson on First Street. Polling
hours will be from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Cast your vote early.
Anyox Notes
Crowded Out From Last Week
T. W. Marks arrived on Monday
from Vancouver.
Geo. Fowler returned on Monday
from a holiday visit to Vanoouver.
Mrs. R. Rooks left on Monday
for a holiday visit to Vancouver.
Mrs. R. B. Wallace and children
arrived on Monday from the south
E. Bartlett arrived on Monday
from Vancouver.
Mrs. J. Ion returned on Wednesday from a visit to her home in
Mr. Dunwoodie returned on
Wednesday from a holiday visit to
the south.
A. T. Kornan left on Wednesday
for a holiday visit to the south.
Ted. Kergin left for Prince Rupert   on   Monday where he wi
receive medical treatment.
James Anderson arrived on
Wednesday from Prince Rupert,
where he has been undergoing
medical treatment. Mr. Anderson
has spent some time at Telegraph
Creek and Muddv Creek, at which
latter place he was taken sick and
left for Prince Rupert.
Annual Hallowe'en Bance
The  Anyox Hospital Women's Auxiliary
Dancing from 9-2.      -       -     First Class Music
Entire Proceeds of Dance will be devoted towards
providing comforts for patients at the Hospital during
the coming year.
THE   ADMISSION   IS   $1.00
Enjoy a
A  GLASS of good beer is a tonic for the jaded appetite
and over-wrought nerves.   It is rich in body-building
vitamins and highly recommended as a digestive aid.
The brands of beer mentioned above are scientifically
brewed,  fully matured  and guaranteed pure in  every
This advertisement is not published or displayed by the Liquui
Control Board or by the Government of British Columbia.
Apartment   House,   Going
Concern, Address P. O. Box
187, Prince Rupert, B. C.
♦ Armistice lance ♦
In The Gymnasium
Friday, November 10th.
The best of Everything.
An Annual   Event   you
should not miss.
$1.00 per Couple.
Lady 50c.
William J. Asselstine
Liberal Candidate
Familiar with  Every Phase of Mining, and
Capable  of  presenting  all   problems  from
Prospecting to Production
"The People Before the Party"
Winter Clothes
We carry a large stock of Men's Winter Clothes, suitable
for every use, including Heavy Woollen Sbirls, Mackinaw
Shirts, Heavy Tweed Pants, Woollen Underwear by all the
leading makers, Woollen Socks, Woollen and Leather
Gloves, Rubber Boots and Shoes, Etc
General Merchants, Anyox
The price of Knitting Wools increased fifty
cents per lb. as from October 1st.
We will continue selling at the old prices as
long as our stock lasts. Now is the time to
buy your wool and effect a real saving in price.
Dove  Wool  in  practically  all  the   popular
new shades; per ounce, 15c.
Down Wool in a variety of colors, per ounce,
Viyella at 20c.      Visylka. 20c.
See our Luncheon Sets, Runners, Bridge Sets,
Plaun  Lace  Doilies,   and   other   attractive
West side of Smelter.


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