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A little paper
with all the
news and a big
Published in the interests of Alice Arm and Anyox, B. C.
\   $2.00 a Year    f
Alice Arm and
Anyox. $2.25 to
all other points, f
VOL. 12,   NO. 13
Alice Abm, B. 0., Friday, August 26, 1932
5 cents eacli.
Visit Of H.M.C.S. Ship
Skeena Was Greatly
Promptly at eight o'oloek on the
evening of Thursday the 18th.
H. M. C. S. "Skeena" nosed into
Anyox waters and dropped anchor
in mid harbour. Practically all the
inhabitants of the town were on
the dock to see the trim and stately
The Skeena was designed in Canada and built by John I. Thorny
croft and Son at Woolston Works
Southampton England. She was
launohod on October 10th. 1930,
leaving England June 4th. 1931.
In accordance with the wishes of
the authorities, the visit to Anyox
was an informal one, though the
officers of the ship were entertained at dinner on Thursday evening
by Mr. W. R. Lindsay, General
Superintendent at Anyox. On
Friday afternoon the ' ship was
thrown open for inspection, and a
great number of people looked over
its splendid appointments and
The Skeena with her sister ship
the Saguenay, are the two very
latest destroyers afloat. The immaculate decks, metal and paintwork were admired by all. On
Friday several parties of officers
and men were shown round the
mine and the plant, and these trips
proved very interesting.
In the evening a football match
was played  between the Skeena
and  the Anyox All Stars, after
which   the footballers and  their
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Plans For Entertaining
H. M. S. Delhi Are
Anyox   Open   Tennis
Championships Keenly
Ladies' Singles, Third Round.
M. Dresser won from I. Gillies 6-3,
6-1, Mrs. Smith won from T. Gordon 6-1, 6-3. M. Leighton beat
Mrs. McConnachie 6-4, 6-2.
Ladies' Doubles, Final. Won by
K. Eve and M. Leighton from Mrs.
Smith and T. Gordon 6-2,6-2.
Men's Singles, Second Round.
Macintyre won from F. Gordon
6-1, 6-4. Oatman beat A. Cavers
6-0, 6-2. In the semi-final Oatman
beat Lee 7-5, 6-2,6-3. Macintyre
defeated James 6-2, 6-1, 9-7. Oatman and Macintyre will thus play
off in the final.
In the second round of the Men's
Doubles, F. Dodsworth Jnr. and
Frank Gordon defeated G. Lee and
G. James 11-13,6-4,6-4.
"The best laid plans o'mice and
men aft' gang aglee", and 'tis thus
in the case of the momentous visit
of the Delhi. The reception planned for the officers, to be held at Mr.
Booking's house, will not now be
held, as this function would interfere
with the plans of the war vessel.
It is proable also that the dance
which was being arranged by the
Community League and Canadian
Legion for the Monday night may
not eventuate, as the men on the
ship have expressed a preference
for picture shows.
The football game between the
renowned team of the Delhi and
Anyox, so keenly anticipated by
local fans, will take place, and announcement as to the exact time
and date will be made later. The
public may rest assured that a full
program of functions for the entertainment of both visitors and residents will be gone through, and
that everything will be done to make
this visit a noteworthy one for all
local people.
Suggestions have been made that
residents take upon themselves,
whenever possible, the entertaining
of the men and officers, and there is
no doubt that this idea will be carri
ed out by many people. When a
definite program has been made of
the doings during the visit the public
will be at once notified.
Kitsault Glacier District
Unrivalled In North
For Scenery
Brief Description Of Week-end
Visit by The Editor
Visit the Exhibition at Alice Arm
[ on Labor Day. You will be surprised at the variety and excellence of
the vegetables, fruits, flowers, etc
that this district can produce.
Sports in the afternoon. A dance
at night.
Shower In Honor Of Anyox
On Wednesday the 17th. a miscellaneous shower was given at the
home of Mrs. C. O. Fricker in honor
of Mrs. J. McConnachie, nee Miss
Doris Greenwood, who was recently
married at Alice Arm. The attair
was arranged jointly by Mrs. J. L.
Stewart, Mrs. D. McLeod and Mrs.
C. O. Fricker. There were 32 ladies present. Many beautiful presents were forthcoming, and these
were presented by dainty little Patty
Jack Stewart. Refreshments were
served, and a very enjoyable evening was spent.
Enjoyable Dance At Mine In
Honor Of Skeena Visit
About fifty sailors and petty offi
cers from H. M.C. S. Skeena, and
a large number of local residents
attended the dance at the Mine on
Friday evening last, arranged by
the Mine branch of the Community
League in honor of the visit of the
war vessel. The affair proved to be
very enjoyable.
Harry Ward's Orchestra augmented by the pianist from the
warship, supplied snappy and tuneful music. Delightful refreshments
were served, after which dancing
was continued until 1 a.m., when
everyone regretted that navy regulations would not permit of a longer
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To those who yearn to get away
for a few days from the monotony
of everyday life, take a trip into
the high hills, above timber line.
The Kitsault Glaoier district for
preference, as did the Editor of the
Herald last week-end. Breath the
exhilarating air of the high altitudes; gaze down on lakes, streams,
glaciers, canyons, and at lofty
ranges of mountains away in the
dim distance. Loiter among the
fields of white and purple heather,
into which is blended wild flowers
in full bloom of every hue and
color. Cook your bacon and beans
over an open fire, shoulder your
pack at sunrise and hit the upward trail. Sweat, and then
drink at the cool clear streams.
Do all this and you'll feel a 100 per
cent, better man or woman when
you again take up: your-everyday
duties. \ ■
Little does the average person realize the beautiesr of viiature that
are to be found on|the hills in the
vicinity of the Kitsault Glacier.
Last week-end the-Herald's editor
decided he needed a change of
scenery. He therefore filled his
tobacco pouoh, reached for his favorite pipe, gave the office door an
extra bang on his way out, and
with the bang forgot all business
worries for a few days. On Saturday morning, just as the sun
peeped over the top of the mountain we pulled into Camp 8 on
board the gasoline flier at the end
of the Dolly Varden Railway, accompanied by onr three daughters
aud J. Strombeek, the latter very
rindly volunteered to aot as guide.
On board the speeder were also
Mr.' and Mrs. W. Henderson of
Anyox, who were making a trip to
the Glacier via the Vanguard and
were accompanied by Morris Peterson, and whom we parted company with a few miles along the
In the afternoon at 2.30 p.m. w'e
lauded at our first objective, namely
a oabin on the other side of the
Little Glaoier. From this' point,
sitting amidst a profusion of wild
flowers one could gaze down 200
feet directly onto the vast field of
ice from which flows the Kitsault
River. Here is a soene of uupar-
alled grandeur. Wild flowers and
heather at one's feet; ice hundreds
of feet thick a short distance below; across the glacier a green clad
mountain, with park-like bunches
of stunted timber, while to the
north stretched a vast field of ice
that does not terminate until it
reaches the headwaters of the Marmot River near Stewart.
On tlie west and quite olose, rose
the famous Vanguard hill, renowned for its rioh ore deposits of
copper-gold ores, silver and galena.
Here, nestling close to the Little
Glacier is the Homestake property,
Continued on Page 4
Hidden  Creek  Tennis
ips Are
Under Way
Ladies' Singles, second round.
Mrs. Cameron defaulted to Miss
I. Gillies.
Men's Singles, first round. L
Dodd defeated F. Kydd, E. Moore
defeated C. Musser J. Turnbull won
from T. Stretton, J. Gillies defeated
S. Peel, J. Locke won from Ed.
Johnson, J. Dixon defeated D. Gillies
In the second round D. Boyd won
from Gawthorne 6-3, 6-1".
The Ladies'Ladder series at the
Hidden Creek Club was won by
Mrs. Carrick, who will receiye a
Cup for this event.
L. Dodd was the winner of the
Men's Ladder games, the prize in
this event being a handsome cup.
Mrs. M. A. McKenzie
Is Laid To Rest
A lage number of people attended the funeral of the late Mrs. M.
A, MoKenzie at Anyox on Satur
day afternoon last, and many
beautiful floral tributes testified to
the respect and esteem in .which
she was held. The burial Service,
whioh was simple and extremely
impressive, was held at the* Anglican Church at 2.30 p.m., the Rev.
Evan Baker officiating. The favorite hymn of the deceased: "Rook
of Ages," was sung.
Wreaths and floral offerings were
received from Mr. and Mrs. A.
Morton, South Africa; Mr. and
Mrs. H. F. Noel, Smithers; Mother, Dad and family, Yorkton, Sask;
Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Kergin and
family and Mr. H. R. Fowler, Alioe
Arm; Mr. and Mrs. Jack Pottinger, Prince Rupert; Miss Eva
Walton, Mr. and Mrs. Dan Morrison, Frank and Ann Dicker, all of
Yorkton, Sask: Mr. James Thomson and Nettie, Mr. and Mrs. C. P.
Ashmore and Phillip, William
Hanna, Frank Lew Lun and family, Mr. and Mrs- W. F. Eve,
Vera and Bubbles, Mrs. Anderson,
Gunnard and Frank; Norman
Hueston, Mr. and Mrs. George
Sellars, Dr. and Mrs. D. R. Learoyd, Mrs. Eld and Harold, The
Pioneer Girls, Mr. and Mrs. C.
Ruckhaber, Mr. and Mrs. Ed.
Kitchen, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Dunn,
Power Plant Employees, "McK."
The pall bearers were Dr. D. R,
Learoyd, C. P. Ashmore, J. Mo-1
Callum, James Thomson, A. W,
Gigot. W. F. Eve.
Exhibition Promises To
Be Very Successful
The Alice Arm and Anyox Exhibition, which will be held on Labor
Day, September 5th. promises to
be highly successful. It will be held
in Geo. Bruggy's big store building,
where ample floor space is available
for the display of exhibits.
No exhibits will be permitted the
previous evening as was the case
last year. The building will be open
to receive exhibits at 7.30 a.m. on
Monday morning, and all exhibits
must be delivered before 10.30 a.m.
so that they can be properly arranged before judging takes place. If
this schedule is adhered to, the Exhibition will be opened at 1 p.m.
It is hoped that everyone cultivating a garden will exhibit as much as
possible, as future Exhibitions depend on the success attained this
year. Don't imagine your produce
is not good enough. Your neighbour probably will think the same.
In reply to an enquiry sent to Mr.
W. R. Lindsay, general superintendent, at Anyox as to whether there
would be a shut-down of the plant
on Labor Day, the President received a letter this week from Mr. Lindsay stating that as far as was
known there would be a shut-down1
on September the Sth. However,
this might be subject to change in
case any conditions which would
interfere with this might occur between now and that time.
If there is a shut-down of the
Anyox plant on September Sth. a
large ijumber of people will no doubt
attend the Exhibition.
Sports will be held in the afternoon and the day's celebration will
terminate with a dance in the evening.
In honor of Mrs. Margaret McDonald, who is the president of the
Rebecca Assembly in British Columbia, a special meeting of the Lodge
was held in the Oddfellows' Hall on
Saturday the 20th. A delightful
supper followed the meeting, and a
very sociable hour was spent.
Don't fail to see the Exhibition
at Alice Arm on Labor Day. In
addition to a first class outing you
may be able to purchase some prize
winning vegetables.
Sid Peters Wins Handicap
Golf Championship
In the semi-final of the Golf Club
Handicap Championship J. Dixon
defeated J. Ion 2 up, and Peters
won from Moffatt 3 up and 1 to go.
In the final between Dixon and
Peters, played on Sunday last, the
latter won 7 up and six to go, thus
winning the Handicap Championship and the handsome Charles
Bocking Cup presented for this
In addition to winning the Handicap Championship, Sid Peters also
won the Open Championship a few
weeks ago.
Change of Steamship Service
Next Week
The Fall Schedule of the Canadian National Steamships goes into
effect next week, and the boat will
leave Vancouver Monday the 29th.
arriving Wednesday evening the
31st. instead of leaving Vancouver
Wednesday and arriving Friday as
On Monday next the 29th. the
Catala according to present arrangements, will leave Anyox at 10 a.m.
instead nf 10.15 as is customary. ALICE   ARM   AND   ANYOX   HERALD,   Friday, August 26, 1932
Daily   Train   Service
From Prince Rupert
Official announcement is made by
the Canadian National Railways of
an important change in train service
between Jasper and Prince Rupert
which will be effective August 31st.
The regular passenger service which
has been operated during the summer months to handle the tourist
traffic will be discontinued and a
three day a week service will
be resumed for the winter months.
Effective Wednesday, August
31st., the westbound train will leave
Jasper at 9 a.m every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and arrive at
Prince Rupert at 9 p.m. every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, con-
necting with the Thursday southbound sailing of the Canadian
National Steamships.
Eastbound the trains will leave
Prince Rupert every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10.30 a.m.,
handling the passengers from the
northbound sailing of the Canadian
National Steamships arriving at
Prince Rupert each Wednesday, and
reaches Jasper at 9 p.m. each Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
Both East and Westbound trains
connect at Jasper with the regular
transcontinental trains operated by
the Company from Coast to Coast.
Saturday, August 27th.
Reno's divorce farce becomes the
subject for farcial antics by Wheel
er aud Woolsey in their latest radio
laugh tonic, "Peach 0'Reno". ]t
is the very best of the recent productions featuring these ooniias,
and has passages that are positively
uproarious. As Reno's leading
bargain rate divorce lawyers, they
have lots of opportunities to puke
fun at Reno's martial mill, its gambling and its balljhoo. They are
well aided and abetted by Zelnvi
O'Neal, Dorothy Lee, Joseph Caw-
thorn, Sam Hardy, and others.
Anyox Football Team
Defeat Sailors In
Good Game
About 350 Anyox folk, and quite
a number of sailors, witnessed the
football game between H. M. C. S.
"Skeena" and the Anyox All-stars,
and were treated to a fine exhibition. The Jack Tars present enlivened the scene by rooting strongly
for tlieir mates. A feature was the
long passing and splendid kicking
by both sides. Early in the game
Anyox pressed hard and came close
to scoring. Play moved to the
other end, and after some nice passing by the tars their outside right,
Brown, sent in a beautiful shot
which dropped between the goalie's
hands and the top bar. This .reverse put the local boys on their
mettle, but up to half time they
failed to score.
On the resumption they got in
some nice combined work and Davis
notched one from close in. The
same player got the second goal
a few minutes later. The visitors
played a clean and fast game which
was good to watch, Sinclair, the
centre-half and Walker at outside
left playing a sterling game. They
have an excellent goalie in Massick.
The Anyox team was nicely selected Freddy Williams, at outside
right, did nice work whenever the
chance offered, but Fred is a real
worker and his opportunities were
few. The game was capably handled by Petty Officer McArthur.
The teams: Skeena: Massick,
Stone, Tapley, Mann, Sinclair,
Hyson, Brown, Archer, Gleave,
Miindie", Walker. Anyox: Hunter
Dyer, Ion, Hamilton, Curry,
Dodsworth, Williams, Davis,
Homer, Peel, Gillies.
Tuesday, August 30th.
Charlotte Greenwood, Bert Lahr
A musical comedy which is very
strong on comedy. It is the soreen
version of the famous stage' jcess.
Bert Lahr pulls a bundle of laughs
which begin 'way down in the pit
of the stomach and rise up to slap
resounding]? on the roof of the
house. There are tuneful mtisioal
numbers by the well known DeSyl-
va. Brown and Henderson also
knookout dance ensembles by Bushby Berkley. Charlotte Greenwood
as usual may be relied upon for her
share of the fun. Charlie Winnin
ger, Guy Kibbee, Hedda Hopper
and others give expert support.
It's a scream from start to finish.
A great show. See this by all
Also an extra amusing short
subjeot programme.
Power Plant Associates Of
Mr. McKenzie Express
Showing the respect in which
Mr. McKenzie is held by his associates in the Power Plant^a beautiful
wreath was subscribed to by them
and laid on the grave of Mrs.
McKenzie at the funeral last Saturday. Mr. McKenzie has been a
resident of Anyox for nineteen
years, and has made a great number
of friends during that time.
Dressing Rooms Greatly
During the period of warm
weather recently enjoyed, a great
many people have visited Elks'
Beach, and the new dressing rooms
have been much used and appreciated. These dressing rooms were
put up by volunteer labor, and it
has been suggested that they be
kept clean by the same means If
bathers will take an interest and
keep the premises free of paper and
rubbish the task will be easy.
Visit Of H.M.C.S. Ship
Skeena Was Greatly
Continued from page 1
officials were entertained at dinner
in the Pioneer Mess. Later in the
evening a dance was held at the
Mine. This function was arranged
by the enterprising officials of the
Mine Branch of the Community
League, and turned out a huge
The Skeena was scheduled to
leave at 6.30 a.m, Saturday, but
owing to fog she did not get away
until 11 o'clock. She proceeded to
Skidegate, Q. C. I, remaining there
until the following Monday, when
she goes to Quatsina Sound to join
the Vancouver.
At the beginning of this year the
Skeena sailed from Esquimalt to
join the Saguenay, in the West
Indies, but was diverted on the
voyage and sent to the assistance of
British and Canadian interests at
San Salvador. She took on board
a number of refugees, looking after
them until the trouble ashore was
The following are her officers,
all R. C. N. Commander V. G.
Brodeur, Lieut. Commander F. L.
Houghton, Engineer Com. G. L-
Stevens, Torpedo Officer Lieut. H.
N. Lay Naval Officer Lieut. K. F.
Adams, Gunner A. R. Turnbull,
and Medical Officer Captain J. E.
Hunter, C. A. M. C. Her complement of men is 146. She carries
four 4.7 guns of the latest type,
two sets of quadruple torpedo tubes
and 2-pdr. pom pom gnus. Her
three Thorneycroft water tube
boilers develop 35,000 h. p., and
she has a speed of just over 36 knots.
Anyox Community
The Beach Council meets on the
Second and Fourth Wednesday of each
inonth, in the Recreation Hall, at 7
The Mine Council meets on the First
and Third Thursday of each month, in
the Mine Hall, at 7.30 p.m.
Effecllne August Sift
From   Anyox   lor   Stewart,
Prince Rupert, Ocean Falls,
Powell River and Vancouver,
Wednesdays, Midnight.
Fortnightly service to Queen
Charlotte Islands.
Particulars on request.
Passenger trains leave Prince
Rupert Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 10.30
a.m. for Edmonton, Winnipeg and points East.
Passports arranged/or
Old Country sailings.
For inforstnation call or write
local agent, or
H. McKWKN, D.F. & P.A.
l'rlnco lluport, D.C.
We carry in stock at all times a Complete Line
of Men's Shoes
Men's Dress Shoes in black and tan, all sizes, from
$4.00 to $7.00 per pair
Outside Work Shoes, in black and tan, from $3.50 to
$4.50 per pair.
Strong Mining Shoes, with 10 inch top $9.75;  with
9lA inch top $6.75.
LEW LUN  & Go.
General Merchants, Anyox West side of Smelter
OPEN   UNTIL   10   P.M.
We carry at all times a Full Line of First Class
Groceries;    also Heavy and  Shelf Hardware.
Clothes,   Boots,   Shoes  and   Rubbers   of   all
descriptions.   A large stock to choose from
You may join at the Beach or Mine Libraries.
Beach or Mine Counters, or with the Secretary.
You are invited to apply to the Department
of Mines, Victoria, B. C. for the latest authoritative   information   regarding   mining
development in British Columbia
Annual Report of the Honourable the Minister of
Mines for the calendar year 1931.
"Lode Gold Deposits of British Columbia."
"Placer Mining In British Columbia."
Non-Metallic Mineral Investigations:    "Barite,"
"Asbestos," "Glassware," "Clay."
Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B. C.
Alice Arm
A. C. L. Libraries Are a Boon
To The Public
In these days of economic living the Community League
Libraries furnish pleasurable and instructive reading at
very low expense. Those using the libraries and
reading rooms are naturally expected to belong to the
Membership in the League carries many other privileges.   Anyone may join.   The dues are only 50c.
per month.   The Secretary will be glad to give you
full information.
British Columbia
The Mineral Province of Western Canada
Has Produced Minerals of an Aggregate
Value of $1,272,731,028 ALICE   ARM   AND   ANYOX   HERALD,   Friday, August 26,  1932
Of  Vegetables,  Fruits,
Flowers, Home Cooking
Canned Goods, Etc.
Of the Alice Arm and Anyox District
Monday, Sept. 5
Barring unf orseen events there will be a
general shutdown at Anyox on Sept. 5
The Biggest Exhibition
Ever Held North of Prince Rupert
Sports In The
Afternoon, also
Dance at Night
Spend Labor Day at Alice Arm and
enjoy yourself
Exhibition Opens at 1 p.m.   Exhibits must be in
place before 10.30 a.m.
The Alice Arm Mining
and Development Co.
Announce a Drastic Cut in
Prices of all Residential and
Business Lots at Alice Arm
Prices have been Slashed from $1000.00
to $200.00, and to as low as $25.00,
or at least a 75 per cent, reduction on all lots
Now is the time to secure a good Business
Lot or a Residential Site for a Summer
Prices of Individual Lots, terms and all other particulars may be obtained from E. Moss, Sole Agent,
P. O. Box 8, Alice Arm, B. C.
During these tight times by failing to
take advantage of the advertising
columns of the Herald
If you have anything to sell, whether it is a piano,
a radio, phonograph, an admission ticket to a dance,
concert or card party, Life or Fire Insurance, something to eat, wear or smolte, an auto ride, or whatever you have to sell: then
Advertise it in the Herald
and Increase Your Sales
Managers of social affairs are reminded
that an extra ticket or two sold pays for
an advertisement, and the others sold
through advertising are all clear
We will gladly write your advertisement for
you,  if necessary, and display it to the best
possible advantage
-M ALICE   ARM   AND  ANYOX  HERALD,   Friday, August 26, 1932
Kitsault Glacier District
Unrivalled In North
For Scenery
Brief Description Of Week-end
Visit by The Editor
Continued from.page 1
while above it are the mining properties of the Kitsault River Mining
Co. Time did not allow us to
examine the ore showings, but
some of the tunnels could be plainly
seen. Joining these properties on
the south is the Vanguard, while
above it is the Lucky Strike, both
rich in copper-gold ores, but much
more development work has been
done on the latter.
That same evening we travelled
north until we reached a point on
the Kitsault-Naas divide where a
better view could be obtained of
this vast sea of ice. Here we looked down on the glacier which is
the birth-place of the White River,
a mighty tributary of the Naas.
Away to the north-west stretched
miles upon miles of ice, studded
with pointed mountains, and as the
rays of the setting sun reflected on
this white waste it presented an
awe inspiring scene.
Sunrise found the outside camp
firs blazing merrily, aud coffee,
mush, bacon and eggs quickly
found a welcome home. The high
altitudes of the Vanguard hill
was now the objective. Here the
wild flowers and heather come
dowiuto the main trail, and the
lark of heavy timber and underbrush makes climbing much easier.
But the slope is steep and before
an elevation of 4000 feet was
reachsd much perspiration was
lost, the hot sun greatly assisting
an easy flow.
Dropping down a few hundred
feet, we examined the upper ore
showing of the Vanguard property.
Here is au ore vein, five feet wide,
carrying high gold values. Sam-
plei taken by different persons
have given returns of $22.00 to
$60.00 per ton. It has been traced
by open outs ou the surface for
about 400 feet, and this work is
being carried on this summer with
satisfactory results.
Dropping again several hundred
feet we examined the copper-gold
ore body which has made this hill
famous. This ore body has been
developed by tunnels at various
times, which has resulted in the
developing of a considerable tonnage of high grade ore. The dump
almost resembles a jeweler's show
case. Large blocks of pure copper-
gold ore, reflecting all the colors of
the raiubow are piled up, which is
a witness of the richness of sections
of the ore body.
It was with regret that we continued our downward hike which
eventually brought us home.
It was a pleasant outing, and
much of the pleasure was due to
J. Strombeek, who piloted us unerringly without a mis-step over
a rough and rugged country, sometimes with a trail, but often without. Mr. Strombeek is a prospeot-.
or of wide and varied experience.
He has spent the past twenty-four
years in the Alioe Arm district;
with his brother he was the original owner of the Torio mine, and
still holds an interest in several
promising mining properties including the Vanguard.
I     ANYOX NOTES      \
4 4... +... 4... 4...... 4 ■•■ i) ■■■ + ■» + *.+.».4>«.4.«-4 t
Miss Agnes Frew left on Friday
last for Vancouver.
H. Deeth returned on Monday
from a holiday visit to Vancouver
and Victoria.
Mrs. Wm. Gentleman arrived on
Monday from Vancouver.
Mrs. Frank L. Henderson, with
her son and daughter arrived on
Monday. Mrs. Henderson will take
up her residence in Anyox.
H. S. Nye returned on Monday
from a holiday visit to Vancouver.
R. Deeth left on Monday for a
vacation in Victoria.
Mrs. W. Watkins returned on
Monday from a visit to Prince
Mr. and Mrs J. Jeffrey and children, also Mrs. Honeywood returned on Monday from a visit to Prince
Rupert and Smithers.
A. Milne left on Monday for a
holiday visit to Vancouver.
Mrs. H. R. Patrick returned on
Friday last from a holiday visit to
Vancouver, Victoria and Seattle.
Doug. Roy returned on Friday from
a holiday spent in the south.
Mrs. J. Evans arrived on Friday
from a visit to Vancouver and
Mrs. ]. C, Dandy arrived home
on Friday from Vancouver.
Mrs. J. Tierney and family returned on Friday from a visit to Vancouver.
Dr. J, W. Lang returned on Friday from a visit to Edmonton.
Mrs. Lang, who has been visiting
at Prince Rupert, returned home
with him.
Mrs. Margaret McDonald, who is
the president ofthe Rebecca Assembly, is a visitor to Anyox.
Messrs. J. M. Dunn and B. M.
Buck have kindly consented to act
as Exhibit Committee for Anyox in
connection with the Big Exhibition
held on Labor Day. They will no
doubt be able to supply information
as to what boats are going over to
Alice Arm and make arrangements
for the transportation of exhibits.
Mr. M. A. MoKenzie desires to
express bis sincere thanks for the
kindness and sympathy shown him
in his recent bereavement. He
especially wishes to thank Dr.
Learoyd, the staff of the hospital
and Mrs. W. F. Eve for their
thoughtfulnes8 and attention to
Mrs. McKenzie during her illness.
Send your films direct to Wrath-
all's Photo Finishing, Prince Rupert. Low prices for good work.
All orders returned following mail.
Alice Arm Notes
Fred Jeffrey and Harry Ward
arrived from Anyox on Monday and
are spending holidays here.
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Intermelia and
family who have spent the summer
liere, returned to Prince Rupert on
Chris. Anderson and John Havick
arrived from Anyox on Tuesday and
are spending a vacation here.
Lome Falconer, who has spent
several weeks at the Naas River,
returned home on Tuesday.
Carl Eckloff arrived on Tuesday
from Anyox and will spend holidays
Anyox visitors spending holidays
at the Alice Arm Hotel this week
are: Mr. and Mrs. J. Cloke, Charlie Struthers, J. A. McKenzie.
The Exhibition advertisement on
the third page was donated by
the Herald.
Sweet Alice Arm,  I am here again
To enjoy your sunshine wind or rain.
If old Sol proves true don't go amiss,
Two   weeks   I'll   spend in  happy
For all is green and O, so grand,
To view around on ever" hand,
And the beautiful flowers seem to
say with a smile;
We greet you kind Sir, come tarry
W. J. Pierce.
Taking advantage of the exceptionally fine weather that has prevailed this week a large number of
Anyox visitors and Alice Arm people
are spending holidays at Bowman
Lakes, enjoying the scenery and
catching fish.
Office:   Opposite Liquor Store
B.  P. O. ELKS
Dominion of Canada and Newfoundland
Meets every second and fourth Monday of
the month
Hall for rent for dances, social functions, etc.
on application to club manager
Bread, Cakes, Pastry,
$2.00 a  Year
^t^=H-ir-u ii nnoc
Candies, Stationery, Proprietary
Medicines, Toilet Articles, Etc.
W. M. CummingS,   Agent for all Vancouver Daily Papers
Post Office Building, Alice Arm
This advertisement is not published or displayed by the Liquor
Control Board or by the Government of British Columbia.
The newest style Pants for Boys are of good quality
striped material, medium weight and sateen finish.
They have Toreador fronts, belt loops, and adjustable straps at back. Exceptionally good wearing
quality. Fawn, blue and grey. Sizes 24 to 32.
Monarch Dove, in many pleasing shades.   Per oz.
Monarch Down, in a nice selection of colors, per
2-oz. ball, 30c.
Monarch Silvertwist, in white, pink, green, yellow,
and mauve.   Per oz. 20c.
New Monarch Knitting Books   - 25c.
Folders on the newest Sweaters -       - 5c.
We feature Viyella   Wools in an assortment of
shades.   Per oz. 20c.
For Results Advertise in The Herald


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