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All the Mining
: News of the
B. C. Coast
The Herald Brings Results to Advertisers
$2.25 a Year
Alice Arm and
Anyox. $2.75 to
all other points.
VOL. 2,   NO. 25
Alice Abm, B. C, Saturday, December 16, 1922
5 cents eaoh.
Elks' Carnival
Great Success
On Friday, Deoember 8th, the
Elks' Hall was transformed into
a regular Country Fair, with its
barkers, shell game artists, hot dog
men, 'n everything.
To start the riot, the visitor
exchanged perfectly good Canadian
dollars for a .brand of phony simo-
leons,, whioh a couple of quiet, cool,
calculating individuals named Sam
and Pete, generously turned over at
the rate of $100.00 for 10 cents.
Then the "come on" was invited
by "Bill" to try his luok at an old
Soldier game, oalled "Crown and
Anchor." ... If Bill could not clean
the boys, another old soldier game,
"Housie, Housie" was forcibly presented by Timothy and another
Bill.    .
"Fatima," th% Egyptian palmist, in a quiet comer, did a little by
.way of collecting a few stray
thousands. Two other games of
chance, at which a lucky player
was rewarded With a box of
chocolates, cigarettes, or small
kewpies, were operated by two
gents..called "Ed,juid Sid." \\j$$0{
to add a touch of human kindness,
"Jimmy and George" dispensed hot
dogs and coffee.
Downstairs, one landed into a
regular bedlam, mixed with
Barnum and Bailey, and Ringling
Brothers. Different side-shows, in
which for $100.00, one could see all
the wonders of the world.
On the top floor, three husky
, voiced individuals, who all answered to the name of Fred, did a
roaring business with a spinning
wheel, which occasionally awarded
a kewpie beauty to a lucky player.
The greater-part of the hall was
devoted to dancing, which was
well patronized. Excellent music
being supplied by Mrs. Ed.
Swanson, piano; A. Ross, saxa-
phone; J. Prevost, banjo mandolin;
J. Tynmouth, drums.a
Alice Arm Skating
Rink is Now Open
Thanks to the untiring efforts of
several of the energetic citizens of
the town, the Alice Arm Skating
Rink was able to be opened to the
public, on Sunday last, at 12
A large number of persons availed themselves of the opportunity to
again skim the surface of the rink
and later in the afternoon, a hookey
game, composed of local players
was held. During the week, the
rink was well patronized, and a
successful season of sport can be
looked for.
'* Born to Mr. and Mrs. J..,M.
Milligan, at Smithers Hospital, on
Saturday, December 9th, a
daughter. i
Alice Arm Skaters
Hold General Meeting
The Annual Publio Meeting of
the Alioe Arm Skating Arena, was
held on Saturday evening at the
Anglican Churoh.
The finances of the organization
were fully discussed. It was
decided that the rules and regulations governing the rink should
be the same as they were last year
but that they be more strictly
enforced, as it was felt that not
enough consideration was given to
beginners last year. The rules,
governing the rink as to hours for
hockev, are: from 1 to 2 p. m,
no. hockey sticks. allowed on ice;
from 2 to 3 optional; from 3 to 4
for children; from 4 to 5 hookey
players. Those learning to skate
will also have the whole morning
for practice, if the ice is in condition. ,
The price of Season Tickets has
been reduced this year. Gentle-
mens tickets will be $7.50; ladies
$3.00; ohildren $1.00. There Was
some discussion as to the
iadvisability.of reducing prices, but
it Was felt that as considerable,
indebtedness was paid off last year
and that as the syndicate were
now in a better financial condition
that the reduced prices would help
considerably to make the rink even
more popular than in the past, and
that it would also encourage those
who can not skate to take up the
sport; It is not the wish of the
officers of the syndicate to make
any profit this year, and if they
get the full support of the citizens
of the town it is anticipated that
the above prices' charged will
enable them to meet all expenses
and that is all they desire.
Following is the financial statement for the season of 1921, and
also the financial standing at the
present time! *
Cash in hand at commencement of 1921-22 season $1.65
Deficit    417.76
Liabilities Due, 1921-22. •   419.41
Receipts 372,60
Disbursements  •37P_.i6
Cash on hand    2.44
Cash in hand at commencement of 1922-23 season      2.44
Defioit .........;,......   146.59
Liabilities • •    149.00
Prior charges, and estimated expenditures — • •   240.25
Last year a dance was held, and.
the sum of $62.00 realized. This
sum was to be set aside for the
purpose of building an addition to
the dressing room, but was never
Alice Arm Holds
Weekly Debate
The weekly debate of the Alice
Arm Debating Society, was held
in the Coliseum, on Tuesday, evening, at 8 p.m., followed by a
Five-Hundred Drive. A large
number of people were present, and
a very instructive and enjoyable
evening was spent.
The subjeot debated was:
"Resolved that Navigation is more
beneficial to the world than Railways." Speakers for the affirmative, were: Mrs. R. F. McGinnis,
J. M. Morrison,' T. W. Falconer.
Negative: Miss B. Crawford, H.
Fowler, M'D. Ross. On account
of the card party following the
debate, each speaker was limited
to five minutes each.
H. Fowler started the ball
rolling for the railroaders. He said
that in regard to Canada, she
could do without navigation, as
the country-couldsupport itself and
grow fat.
Mrs. McGinnis in the course of
her remarks, said: boats brought
us or our ancestors over here, aud
without navigation thore would be
no nations in America.
Miss Crawford maintained that
the vast interior of Canada could
not have been developed without
railroads, and that they were mote
essential to the prosperity of any
country than navigation.
T. W. Falconer, who presented a
host of facts in favor of navigation,
said: navigation has always been
the means of international intercourse. It was instrumental in
settling up the globe. The world
got along very weir without railroads until a few years ago, but
could never get along without
navigation. .
Continued on page 3.
Kergin Votes for 8
Hour Day Bill
The eight hour day bill introduced
by Major Richard Burde, member
for Alberni has been rejected by
the legislature by a vote of 22 to 18
Party lines were abandoned in the
H. F. Kergin, member for Atlin,
in suporting the eight hour day bill
in the legislature, said the system
was general in his constituency and
the companies were making money.
He himself once worked in a lumber
mill an average of twelve hours
every day including Sunday. Now
the same mill employs three times
as many men on the eight hour day
system and are still making good
carried out. This $62.00 was later
transferred to the general fund,
and it has been decided that the
work shall be done this year as
early as possible.
Weekly Meeting of
Anyox Community
League Council
The regular weekly meeting of
the Community League Counoil
was held in' the Rest Room
December 13th. This meeting was
to have been held at the Mine Hall,
but owing to the concert of the
Union Church being held there and
a rehearsal of the numbers for the
show in aid of the Vancouver
Province Xmas Tree Fund going
on in the Reoreation Hall, the
Counoil decided to meet in the Rest
Room. i
The minutes of the preceding
meeting were read and approved
on motion of Mr. Lowry, which
was seconded by Mr. Rowley.
The Secretary reported as
follows: Watch fobs for the baseball champions would be in
Thuraday's mail, while those for
the football winners arrived last
week. The tennis trophies had
also been received. It is suggested
that these be presented at the
December 22nd. Dance. The
official notification of the Counoil
action iu regard to recreation at
the Mine was forwarded to the
Mine Club. An official communication in connection with the
amendments proposed by the Mine
Club Committee has been received.
Before leaving Anyox, Mr. Harper,
who came here in answer to our
advertisements and letters for a
music teacher, informed me that he
would return hereabout the middle
of January and remain-if the
number of pupils'continued to
warrant it. Matters are progressing favorable for the Children's
Party as well as for the Christmas
Dance of the League. The decorations ordered from outside have
arrived and Mr. Wing will .have
the green boughs, etc. by Wednesday next.
The correspondence consisted of
two letters from Spalding, Bros,
one telling of watch fobs being
forwarded, the other quoting the
price on rubber-tired roller skates
From the Mine Club there was a
notification that their proposed
amendments to - the League's
proposals had been endorsed at a
regular meeting of the Club. On
a motion of Mr. Lowry's, which
Was seconded by Mr. Rowley, the
Secretary was instructed to advise
the Mine Club that the proposed
amendments would be considered
only in so for as the section
relating to representatives oil the
League Counoil was concerned,
This motion was carried unanimously. •
A lengthy discussion took place
in connection with the gymnasium,
its equipment and general supervisions. The necessity of having a
care-taker, the probable profits
from a refreshment stand, its-
location and the possible sources of
revenue were all discussed.
Progress in connection with the
rink and Xmas Entertainments
was reported.
Popular Anyox
Couple are Married
A very pretty wedding was
solemized on Friday evening,
Deoember 8th, at the home of Mr.
andMrs. J. Green, of Anyox, when
their daughter, Grace Clari was
united in marriage to Mr. William
Frederick, Second son of Mr. and
Mrs. J; Mattix, of South Vancouver, The Rev. J. Herdman was
the officiating clergyman.
The bride, who. was given away
by her father, was attired in a blue
tricotine dress, and carried a
bouquet of red roses, and was
attended by Miss Marjorie McDonald. Mr. Jaok Sherman
supported the, groom.
The ceremony was performed
under a large white wedding bell,
in. the presence of a number of
guests, and was followed by a
reception, supper being' served.
Mr. T. Eaton proposed the toast
to the groom, and Mr. Whit ticker
gave the toast to the bride, both of
whom suitably responded.
The parents of the bride were
oalled upon for a speech, aud both
in a pleasing manner, thanked the
guests  for   their kindness   and'
thoughtfulness to their daughter.
A very large number of beautiful
presents were in evidence, testifying to the popularity of Mr. and
Mrs. Mattix. After supper, the
guests adjourned to the dance at
the Elks' Hall.
Tunnel to be Driven
-    on the Lone Maid
Jaok Murdoch has secured a
contract to drive a 100ft. on the
Lone Maid property, and work will
commence next week. The tunnel
will he a continuation of the tunnel
on which work has been done for
the past two months. The tunnel
was started on an ore vein and
this vein will be followed to a
point where it intersects the Esper-
aii2.. vein. The owners of the
property are anxious to have the
tunnel driven as quickly as possible
and work will be speeded up to
the limit.
Boat Service to Change
Commencing December 31, the
winter schedule of the G. T. P.
steamships will go into effect, when
the Prince Rupert will go into
drydock, for the annual overhauling.
The Prinoe George will look
after both the Stewart and Anyox
service. She will leave Seattle at
11.45 p.m. every Sunday, and
leave Vancouver every Monday, at
8 p.m., reaching Prince Rupert at
10.30 a.m. on Wednesdays, Stewart
6 a.m. Thursdays, and arriving at
Anyox, at 6 p.m.   -
Advertise in the Herald ALICE   ARM   AND   ANYOX   HERALD,   Alice Abm,   Saturday, Deoember 16, 1922
of Anyox.      «
The different organizations of
Anyox are doing a large amount of
good in their different spheres.
The oldest established organization,
the Anyox Community League is
still going strong. The new
gymnasium will soon be ready.
All kinds of winter sports can be
indulged in. The new rink is
now just about ready for the
followers of that exilirating sport
and the League Council is at all
times ready to study the wishes of
the members, in all kinds of sports
and recreation, both for the mind
and body. The Benevolent and
Protective Order of Elks, which
also has a large membership, have
already instituted some novel entertainments this winter, and more
will be forthcoming before the
snow is off the ground; The
members have a large and spacious
building for recreation etc. The
officers of Anyox Lodge No. 47
are a "live wire" brigade, and the
local Lodge fills a long felt want
in the smelter town. The North-,
ern Polytechnic Institute cater to
those who wish to improve their
education. A large number of
pupils are availing themselves of
the golden opportunity to increase
their knowledge, and classes will
continue throughout the winter.
The newly organized Mine Club,
is doing splendid work on the hill,
in organizing social events, recreation etc. for the residents at the
mine, and if the present policy is
continued, the Mine Club will
become a permanent institution.
The Parent-Teacher Association,
which was formed for the purpose
of fomenting a co-operative spirit
between the parents and teaching
staff of the schools, is meeting with
success, and a large amount   of
good work has been done since it's
inauguration. The various Church
organizations, contribute in no small
measure towards making life
happier for the people of Anyox,
and a co-operative spirit prevails
between the churches, which is
very often lacking in other towns.
The Service Association, formed
by Ex-Service men, is doing a
splended work, in giving a helping
hand to Ex-Service men in distress,
and many returned men, have had
cause to bless the Association
since it's inauguration. The
Hospital Ladies Auxiliary is an
Association formed by a band of
eager workers, who are doing
their utmost to alleviate the suffering of the hospital patients.
This little band of workers do
their work quietly and unostent-
iously. They do not seek publicity.
They are perfectly satisfied with
the results of their labors,
and the plaudits of the public mean
nothing to them. Anyox is
fortunate in possesing so many
public spirited men and women
eager to give their time for the
benefit of their fellow men, and
every resident of Anyox, should,
in some way or another help the
good work along by joining one or
more'of the above mentioned
institutions, and taking an active
part in their affairs.
Lumber Industry
Has Big Payroll
British Columbia's payroll for
the lumber industry in 1922 will
run over $20,000,000, according to
offioials of the provincial government, who have based their
calculations on returns from 532
firms, whose statistics show that
in 1921 the payroll amounted to
$18,180,962, with an average
number of wage earners of 14,500.
Many plants that were idle have
resumed operations, and even those
which kept going all the time
through 1921 have increased their
It is confidently expected that
that this year will show a big
increase over 1921, and the $20,
000,000 mark is said to be on the
conservative side.
Thertotal number of automobiles
registered in the Dominion of
Canada is 462,848. British Cohan
bia has 32,850 cars registered.
Minnesota produces 60 per cent,
of all the iron ore in the United
The vote against prohibition in
New Zealand, gave a majority to
the wets of 16,138. The wets'
majority in 1919 was 3,232.
Gifts for all Tastes
at all Prices
May we suggest the following sensible and in many cases, inexpensive
Gifts, suitable for Christmas Presents
For Him:
Smoking Supplies, Kodaks and Accessories,
Military Brushes, Etc., Etc., Etc,
For Her:
French Ivory, Djer Kiss Toilet Sets,
Perfumes, Leather Cushions,
Beaded Bags, Etc., Etc., Etc.
All of these, and many other Seasonable Gifts, most reasonably priced, are displayed in
Granby General Stores
Are You a Success?
The man who does not and can not
save money will not do anything else
worthwhile. The best way to accuni'
ulate is to resolutely save the bank a
fixed portion of your income, no
matter how small the amount is.
—Andrew Carnegie.
If you want to know whether you
are destined to be a success or not,
you can easily find out.
The test is simple and infallible.
Are you able to save money? If not,
drop out.   You will lose.
You may think not, but you will
lose as sure as fate, for the seed of
success is not in you.—James J. Hill.
The complete furnishings of a
5-roomed House; including, Ivory
Enamel Bedroom Suite, Extra Bed
and Mattress, Overstuffed Davenport,.
Wicker Chairs, Dining Chairs, Rockers, etc., Mahogany Dining Table,
Mahogany Smoker's Cabinet, Aladdin
Lamp, Rugs, Dishes, Cooking Utensils
etc., etc. Price $350.00 cash. The
above furniture is practically new,
having been in use less than one year.
'For full particulars apply Herald
Bluebird Cafe
Pies, Cakes, Doughnuts, Etc. for Sale
Hon Cooking; Jut like Mother's
Mrs. J. M. DAVIS
ANYOX     .        .       .      B.C.
B. P.O. Elks
Dominion of Canada
Meets Every Monday, 8 p.m.
Elk's! Hall
Anyox Community
Council meets every Wednesday
Evening, at 7.30 p.m. Every
second Wednesday of month at
Mine Hall; every first, third and
fourth Wednesday at Recreation
If you can suggest anything to
better conditions, tell it to us at
the meetings.
Producers of Copper, Coal, Coke, Benzol and
Ammonium Sulphate
Purchasers of Ores of Copper and Siliceous Ores
of Gold and Silver
Canadian National Railiuaus
Steamers Sailing between Seattle, Victoria, Vancouver,
Powell River, Ocean Falls, Swanson Bay, Prince Rupert,
Anyox, Stewart, and Queen Charlotte Islands
Thursdays at 1.00 p.m.,  for Vancouver,  Victoria,  Seattle and
intermediate point's
Passenger: DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAY, at 8 p.m., for Smithers,
Prince George, Edmonton and Winnipeg, making direct connect-'
ions for all points East and South.
For Atlantic Steamship Sailings or further information, apply to any Grand Trunk
Pacific Agent, or to G. A. McNICHOLL, Assistant General Freight and
Paaaenger Agent, Prince Rupert, B. C.
Christmas Gifts
We have a large Stock to choose from, including: Ladies'
Dresses, Tweed Coats and Skirts, Silk Skirts and Blouses,
all colors and all sizes. Inspect our stock of fancy Table
Cloths, Doylies, Table Covers, Baby Blankets, Ladies and
Gentlemens' Sweater Coats, Jewelry, Etc. Etc.
LEW LUN & Co.. General Merchants
West Side of Smelter ANYOX, B. C.
Beef, Pork and Mutton, Fresh Salmon and
Halibut, Ham and Bacon Always on Hand
'   ■ - ;  •
J. A. MacDERMAID,   ■  Alice Arm
"     AUCE ARM
Baggage and Transfer.   Heavy Freighting
and Pack Horses
If you want Real Good, Up-to-date Printing,
send your next order to the Herald Office. ALIOE   ARM   AND   ANYOX   HERALD,   Alios Arm,   Saturday, Deoember 16, 1922
Alice Arm Weekly Debate
Continued from page 1.
' M. D. Ross oriticized the
remarks of his opponents and
said: Railroads brought the
produce to the coasts and made
navigation possible. Navigation
only developed a fringe along the
coast lines, and Canada would
have no international standing
without railroads.
J. M. Morrison, who was the
last speaker for the sailors, said:
freight can be shipped more cheaply
by river boats and motor trucks
than by railroads, and railroads are
more dependent on navigation,
than navigation is on railroads.
M. D. Ross, in a 3-minute
rebuttal, extensively criticized the
remarks of his opponents, and thus
ended the'debate.'
On the vote being taken, the
railroaders were declared the
winners. The vote being: railroads 29, navigation 8,
The Five-Hundred Drive was
then proceeded with, and o very
pleasant evening was spent in
playing cards. The winners were:
ladies, Mrs. T. W. Falconer:
gentlemen, W. Cumniings; booby
prize, H. Carney, j.unr, ,
Explosion at Premier
Was Big One
Regarding the recent acoident at
the Premier mine, in whioh one
man was killed and four others
severely injured, the Portland
Canal News, says: the explosion
ooour^red in the temporary magazine, which contained eight oases
of powder.
The force of the concussion was
so great that air pipes and track
for a distance of about 400 feet
were torn up, bent and twisted,
The same fate befell the steel cars
that were being taken into the
mine; they being in some cases
badly battered. It was while
pushing these oars into the mine
that the men were injured.
League ■=-
Warship at Prince Rupert
' H. M. C, S. torpedo boat destroyer Patrician, spent two days at
Prinoe Rupert during the week.
She was built during the late war
and saw two years war service.
The Prtrician is nearly 300 feet in
length, with a registered tonnage
of 1160 tons. Her crew consists of
84 officers and men and she has a
speed of over 35 knots per hour.
Subscribe to the Herald
Gold Rush to Labrador
North Sydney, N. S. prospectors
lured by tales of rich river silt in
the streams of Labrador, are preparing for a gold rush into the'
barren north as soon as the spring
opens, The area in which the
alleged discovery of gold has been
made falls under the jurisdiction ot
the Newfoundland govennment,
and already over 700 claims have
been filed with the mines-department at St. John's, N. F.
If a man marries a widow by
the name of Elizabeth1, who has
two children, would you say that
he had a second-hand Lizzie.and a,
couple of runabouts.
Wm. Sloan, assayer at the Daly
Alaska mine, Salmon river, is on a
business trip'to Seattle.
f»+i»+++++4=*+m++++f» ♦f»H»fHHfHHW»tHt ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦■»
Office: Next to Post Office       -        J. M. Morrison, Manager
*»♦♦'♦♦■♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ »44++t+4+++4^*++++++*++frf+4"H++++4
Wholesale and Retail
Fresh Meats,  Groceries, Provisions,
Hardware,   and .General  Outfitters
-MM IHPr~-Tiy UAAAU MM lt*| flf
Dining Room and
Club in Connection
Hot & Cold Water
Electric Light
Special Rates for Families
L McCOY, Proprietress
Get the Habit Three Nights a
:;   ::    SATURDAY    ::   ::
O 0.0 0
Be Sure &Keep These Nights
for the Pictures
If you've anything to sell, ad
vertise it in the Herald and turn
it into money.
Anyox Community
League      •'
If you are in need of a mental
tonic, take advantage of the
League Library. The digestion
of a good book is often the
cause of a different viewpoint
Turkish   Sweat  Shower
and Tub
Maple Bay Cafe
Under New Management
Meals at All Hours
ing House
First Class Rooms to Rent by Day,
Week or Month
Minimum price of first-class .and
induced to $5 an acre) second-clasB to
»?.50an acre. ,
Pre-emption now confined to hut-
veyed lands only.
Records will be granted covering only
land suitable for agricultural purposes
and which Is non-timber land.
Partnership pre-emptions abolished,
hut parties of not more than four may
arrange ^for adjacent pre-emptions
wllh joint residence, but each making
necessary improvements on respective
claims. ;.
Pre-emptors must occupy claims tor
five years and make Improvements to
value 'of $10 per acre, Including clearing and cultivation of at least 5 :res
before reoelvlng Crown Grant.
Where pre-emptor In occupation noi
'ess than 8 years,.and has made pro
portlonatp Improvements, he may, because of Ill-health, or other cause, be
irranted intermediate certificate of im
provement and transfer his claim
Records without permanent resi
donee may be Issued, provided applicant makes improvements to extent of
5360 per annum and records same each
year. Failure to make Improvements
ur record same will operate as foi
feiture. Title cannot. be obtained in
■ess than 5 years, and Improvements
of $10.00 per acre, Including 6 acres
cleared and cultivated, and residence
of at least 2 years are required.
Pre-emptor holding Crown Grant
may record another pre-emption, If he
lequires land In conjunction with his
farm, without actual occupation, provided statutory Improvements made
and residence maintained on Crown
granted land.
Unsurveyed areas, not exceeding 20
acres, may be leased as homesltes,
title to be obtained after fulfilling residential and improvement conditions.
For grazing and Industrial purposes
areas exceeding 640 acres may be
leased by one person or company.
Mill, factory or .industrial sites on
timber land not exceeding 40 acres
may be purchased; conditions Include
payment of stumpage.
Natural hay meadows Inaccessible
by existing roads may be purchased
conditional upon construction of a road
to them. Rebate of one-half of cost of
road, not exceeding half of purchase
price, is made.
The scope of this Act Is enlarged .o
include all persons joining and serving with His Majesty's Forces. The
time within which the heirs or devisees
of a deceased pre-emptor may apply
for title under the Act Is extended
from for one year from the death of
such person, as formerly, until one
year after the conclusion of the great
war. This privilege is also made re-
No fees relating to pre-emptions are
duo or payable by soldiers on preemptions recorded after .Tune 26, 1918.
Taxes are remitted tor five years.
Provision for return of moneys accrued, due and been paid since August
4, U14, on account of payments, Tees
or taxes on soldiers' pre-emptions.
Interest on agreements to purchase
town or oity lots held by members of
Allied Forces, or dependents, acquired
dlroot or Indirect, remitted from en-
. llstment to March II, 1920.
VMVtolon made for Issuance of
Omm grants to sub-purchasers of
Cnjw* Lands, acquiring rights from
pwutsniiirs who failed to complete
purchase, Involving forfeiture, on ful-
finrtient of conditions of purchase, In-
tsMMt and taxes. Where sub-purchasers do not claim whole of original parcel, purchase price due and taxes may
bo distributed proportionately over
whole area. Applications must be made
by May 1, 1920.
Grazing Act, 1919, for systematic
development of livestock Industry provides for grazing districts and range
administration under Commissioner.
Annual gracing permits Issued based
on numbers ranged: priority for eutab
lished owners. Stock-owners may
form Associations for range management. Free, or partially free, permits
for settlers, campers or travellers, up
to ten head.
Shoe Repairing
Soft Drinks, Cigars, Cigarettes aid Tobacco
Kitsault Cigar Store
Cigars, Tobacco & Soft Drinks
Wholesale and Retail
For Rent, by Day, Week or Month.
Reasonable Rates.
♦ m4m4m4n. 4 m4ms.».4 m 4 m 4 m 4 ,i.tm 4,4m4 m 4 m4 m4 m4m4 m |ininimm4'»4'»4"'♦"»
Leaves Alice Arm for Anyox 9 a.m.
Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays
Returning Same Days at 3 p.m.
A.m.. A•-.». A.m. A..A. A. .^. A..m.. A..—. A..*. A .^. A . —. A   -.   A'.^.  A-   A   ■>   j\   -   A.*.   -.   -   —   -.~A   —   A.    *
Y '■' T * V       T        V        T        T        Y *  yTT^^v^^^^r^^ T^^ t^^^^^t^^^^^ *J,?,J••,J■#,S7^i*^••,^
Meals Served at All Hours  \
GUS.   ANDERSON,  Proprietor
Shelf and Heavy Hardware, Paints and
Oils, Groceries. Drygoods, Boots & Shoes
Dynamite - Caps - Fuse      McClarys Stoves and Ranges —seessss—sm
ALICE   ARM   AND   ANYOX   HERALD,   Aliob Arm,   Saturday, December 16, 1922
Alice Arm Xmas Tree
The Alice Arm Children's Christmas Tree and,Entertainment, to be
held on Saturday evening, December 23rd, at the Coliseum, promises
to be a big affair. Songs, recitations, . dances, etc., etc. will be
given by the ohildren, and a Christ'
mas Tree loaded with gifts, will be
one of the features. Refreshments
for everyone will be supplied
, during the evening, and a good
time is promised to all those
4>* 4's* 4'»'♦'•■♦'»'♦'•*♦ ■*■ 4'*' 4'" 4iS'4'»4,*'4>
Anyox Dam Closes
Owing to tho continned cold
weather, all construction work on
the partially completed new storage
dam, at Anyox, closed down on
Monday. Although only partly
completed, water is now being
stored. Work will be resumed
next April.
Alice Arm Briefs
Mrs. Ceo. Young arrived home
on Monday, from holidays in Vancouver.
Art. Baudin arrived on Tuesday,
from Vancouver and Anyox.
For driving a 60 foot tunnel at
the Esperanza mine, Alice Arm.
Tenders-, close December 22nd.
Apply R. Armour, Anyox, B. C.
Born to Mr. and Mrs; Chas.
Gray, at their home at Hill Street,
Anyox, ou Sunday, December 10th'
a son.
It is estimated that the production
of gold from the mines of northern
Ontario, will reach at least a total of
920,000,000. The production in 1921
amounted to $16,000,000.
Mrs. Claude Davis and baby
returned on Monday, ftom a visit
of several months in England.
Union Church Services, Sunday,
December 16. Sunday School 11 a.m,
Evening Worship, 7.45 p.m. We
extend a welcome to you.
Jack Humphreys returned last
week from a six month's visit to
the Old Country. Cecil Parmiter,
who accompanied him on the trip
stopped off at Vancouver, to spend
Christmas at his home. The first
Christmas he has spent at home for
many years.
The Prince George carried a
large list of passengers south on
her last trip* most of them being
men from the construction crew of
the new storage' dam. Most of
whom express a/ desire to return
and continue the job in the spring.
Nearly everyone has made a winter
A variety entertainment to be
held on December T8th, is being
arranged on behalf of the Vancouver. Provinoe Xmas Tree Fund.
The Anyox Community League are
staging the show, withH. A. Berry
as manager. Eight big acts are
announced, so a good entertainment
for a worthy cause is assured.
Eat, drink and be merry,' is the
A. C- L. slogan for the Christmas,
and to assist everyone to follow the
advice given above, the League
will hold a dance in the Recreation
Hall, on Friday, December 22nd.
Christmas Tree socials will be held
during the week for the youngsters
so the League is doing its share for
the festive season.
Mr. and Mrs. S. D. Buzzelle,
after a residence in Anyox of three
years, went south on Thursday, to
reside iu Vancouver.   They leave
a host of friends in Anyox, who
will miss them. > Mrs. Buzzelle, as
a musician, has favored the people
of Anyox many times on the piano.
Mr. Buzzelle is a member -of the
RE. O. E. Anyox Lodge No. 47,
and he has also served three terms
as a Councillor of the Community
League. • Mr. Buzzelle was always
an enthusiastic worker for the
public welfare, ever generous with
his time and energy in an endeavour to make life a little more
enjoyable for all. ■';
Advertise in the Herald, the
Paper that reaches the People
played by hand dr electric. Over
100 rolls. Automatic change. Full
compass. Splendid instrument.
A bargain at $400.00. Also one
pair boots and skates, boys, size 6,
$4.00.—J. A. "Jeffery, Cabin Q,
Anyox, P. O. Box 234.
George (reading from a catalogue:)
"This magnificent ;plant bursts into
an avalanche of'glorious bloom in
early autumn, giving the garden the
splenderof billowy, surf-swept coast,
or miles of great rolling snowdrift, emblazoned by the setting sun,"
Mabel: "Oh George, do let us have
a ten cent packet of that.
No difficulties need be
encountered in selecting
Your Xmas Gifts
If you take advantage of the
suggestions we are offering
Our weekly arrivals in  MEN'S  WEAR   and
JEWELRY include many useful and attractive
lines that will be pleasing to the most fastidious
Don't Wait until the Last Minute
•    SEE   US   NOW  AT
Mens Wear Department
"We are now passing the pldest
inn in England," shouted the guide" in
the front seat, as the motor car rolled
over the landscape,?;'
And a husky v^ice from back
asked:   "Why?"   j,.;.
.   LANO',,ACT
TAKE notice that Miles. Donald,
Donald 'W. Camewm, and John M.
Morrison, of Alice Arm, B. C, occupations, prospectors, intend to apply for
permission to lease the following described lands:—     ,.-'.
Commencing at a post planted at
the south-west corner of the Kitzault
Indian Reserve; thence southerly
along the east boundary of Lot 1070.
Cassiar District, to the south-east
corner of Lot 1079; thence westerly
along south boundary of 1079 to southwest corner; thence southerly to low
watermark; thence easterly along low
water mark to mouth of Kitzault
Biver; thence northerly along west
bank of Kitzault River to the south
boundary of Kitzault Indian Reserve:
thence westerly along south boundary
of Kitzault Indian Reserve to point of
commencement and containing, 20
acres more or less. ■  " ' •
Dated November 6th., 1922.
certificate of improvements
"Surprise" and "Uist" Mineral
Claims, situate in the Naas River Mining.. Division of Oassiar District.
Where located: on Kitsault River,
Alice Arm.
TAKE NOTICE, that I, Clifton P.
Riel, Free Miner's Certificate No.
47418-C, acting as agent for Angus
McLeod, Free Miner's Certificate No.
41067-C, and Donald J. McVicar, Free
Miner's Certificate No. 02066-0, intend,
sixty days from the date hereof, to
apply to the Mining Recorder for a
Certificate of Improvements,, for the
purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant
of the above claims.
And further take notice that action,
under section 85, must be commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 26th. day of September,
A.D. 1022.
Patronize our Advertisers
It is a known fact that the merchant
who does not advertise pays the advertising bills of the merchant who does.
Whereas I, Walter Jones, co-owner
and agent, with power of attorney
for the co-owners of the Alioe group
of mineral claims, situated in the
Portland Canal District of Alice Arm,
B. O.
And whereas the said J. Mclsaac
has failed to contribute his proportion
of expenditure required by Sections 48
and 51 of the Mineral Act, and his
co-owners have made the expenditure:
to said J. Mclsaac, that if, at
the expiration of ninety days from the
first publication of this notice in the
"Herald" a newspaper published and
circulating in the Mining Division in
which said claim is situated, the said
J. Mclsaac shall fail or refuse
to contribute the sum of $80.00, his
{iroportidn of the expenditure required
>y said sections 48 and 51, together
with all costs of advertising, his interest in the claim shall become vested in
his said co-owners pro-rata, ou complying with and in accordance with
the provisions of Section 28 of the
Mineral Act.
Dated this 2nd. day of December,
Walter Joniss
The Beer without a Peer   ~.
Made in B. C. for thirty years from only
pure products
Canada Cream
The Finest Stout Made in B. C.
Ask the Government Vendor for CASCADE BEER
For Sale at Vendor's Store, Anyox
The Mineral Province of Western Canada
Has produced minerals valued as Mows: Placer Gold, $76,177,403; Lode Gold, $J05,557,977; Silver,
$55,259,485; Lead, $48,330,575; Copper, $166,393,488; Zinc, $21,884,531; Coal and Coke, $225,409,505;
Building Stone, Brick, Cement, '$34,072,016; Miscellaneous Minerals, $1,210,639; making its mineral
production to the end of 1921 show
An Aggregate Value of $734,259,619
The substantial progress of the Mining Industry in this Province is strikingly exhibited in the following
figures, whioh show the value of production for successive five-year periods: For all yeartrtb 1895, inclusive,
$94,547,241; for five years, 1896-1900, $57,607,967; for five years, 1901-1905, $96,507,968; for five years, 1906-
1910, $125,534,474; for five years, 1911-1915, $142,072,603; for five years, 1916-1920,. $189,922,725; for the
year 1921, $28,066,641.
Production During last ten years, $336,562,897
Lode-mining has only been hi progress for about 33 years, and not 20 per cent of the Province has been
even prospected; ,300,001) square miles of unexplored mineral bearing land are open for prospecting.
The Mining Laws of this Provinoe are more liberal and the fees lower than those of any other Province
in the Dominion, or any Colony in the British Empire.   - , ' -
Mineral locations are granted to discoverers for nominal fees.
Absolute Titles are obtained by developing suoh properties, seourity of whioh is guaranteed by
Crown Grants,
Full information, together with Mining Reports and Maps, may be obtained gratis by addressing
VICTORIA, Brituh Columbia


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