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>•«•. ,..»■ 4 ■*■ ♦■•■ 4 ■•'+ ■»*•*♦ \
A little paper
with all the
news and a big
Published in the interests of Alice Arm and Anyox, B. C.
$2.50 a Year
Alice Arm and
Anyox. $2.75 to
all other points, j
VOL. 10,   NO.   39
Alice Abm, B. C, Saturday, March 21, 1931
5 cents each.
Gay Crowd Honors The
Birthday of Ireland's
Patron Saint
The St. Patriok's Day danoe
held at the Gymnasium on Mon
day evening, was, as usual ono of
the most lively and enjoyable dan
ces of the winter season. Quite a
number were present to oelebrate
the 17th of Auld Ireland and honor
the birthday of the Emerald Island's patron saint.
Harry Ward's orchestra played
delightful musio throughout the
evening and the bewitching strains
of the orchestra kept everyone i on
the floor until the early hours of
the morning. During the supper
hour Irish tunes were also played.
A feature of the evening was a
performance given by the New
York Follies, who created such a
good impression at the Sunrise
Cabaret. The girls were attired
in unique green costumes and led
by Miss Hannah Simpson, their
clever dancing evoked rounds of
applause which did not subside
until an enoore was given.
During the evening a very delightful solo dance was given by
Miss Shirley McRae. This youth
ful dancer displayed great talent
aud was the recipient of much
applause. Following the dance
she was presented with 'a box of
candies by Mrs. C. W. Ruckhaber
on behalf of the Catholic Ladies.
The visiting basketball team
from the Premier were guests at
the dance and thoroughly enjoyed
It was a very enjoyable evening's pleasure, and the Catholic
Ladies who organized the dance
deserve great oredit for the success
T. W. Falooner left on Wednesday on a business trip to Vancouver.
J.   Strombeok   who has   spent
three month's vacation in Vancou
ver, arrived home on Monday.
Al. Falconer, accompanied by
J. Collins and P. Williamson is
leaving today for the Naas River
and expeots to be gone several
Norman Fraser, superintendent
at the Esperanza Mine, is leaving
today for Anyox, and on Monday
will journey to Prince Rupert in
order to attend the annual general
meeting of the Esperanza Mines
H. C. Tennis Club Elect
The Community League Hidden
Creek Tennis Club held their annual meeting at the Gymnasium
on Friday, March 13th. Officers
were elected for the ooming year
and other necessary business transacted. Plans are all made for a
very successful season and members of the club auticipate an
early start due to the early spring.
The following officers will have
charge of the olub's affairs during
the coming year:
Hon. President, Mr. W. B. Maxwell.
President, Ed. Johnson.
Vice-President, Ralph Carrick.
Secretary, Forbes Kydd.
Mrs. O'Brien.
Mrs. Carrick.
Mr. L. Dodd.
Mr. George Adams.
Anyox Scouts Elect Officers
For Coming Year
The annual meeting of the
Anyox Boy Scouts Association was
held in the Red Parrot on Monday.
The meeting was well attended,
and, in addition to the election of
officers, plans were made for the
coming summer's aotivities.
Following is the list of officers
for the coming year:
President, Mr. Frank Dresser.
Vice-President, D. MacDougall.
Secretary, Mr. R. Gale.
Executive, Messrs. P. Loudon,
T. Kirkwood, A. H. Kirby, W.
Scott, F. C. Graham, R. Deeth,
and W. Henderson.
It is understood the scouts will
hold a dance on Easter Monday in
the Gymnasium, the proceeds will
be devoted to the annual summer
camp the boys are planning ou.
• ••4»-4»4*4 t
Mrs. M. Read arrived from Vancouver on Monday's boat.
W. Carfree arrived on  Monday
from Prince Rupert.
_ T. T. Wold was a passenger from
Vancouver on Monday.
J. A. Anderson arrived home on
Wednesday from Prince Rupert.
Continued on opposite column
The paper says at present you
can buy $1.25 worth of anything
for a dollar, but the catch is that
you have to have the dollar.
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Badminton and Basket-
Bali Teams Enjoy
Premier Trip
The Anyox badminton players,
who journeyed to Anyox during
the weekend to engage in a series
of games with Stewart and Premier, while not returning with the
championship of the triangle contest, made a good showing against
their opponents and thoroughly
enjoyed the trip.
In the games with Premier, the
former won 10 games and Anyox
5. In the oontest with Stewart,
the Anyox players were more fortunate, winning every game.
The Celts' basketball team who
journeyed to Premier in company
with the badminton team, divided
honors with the Premier players.
In a fast and closely contested
game on Saturday evening Premier
won by the score of 37-31. At
half time the soore was 25-19 in
favor of Premier.
On Sunday evening the second
game was played, the Celts excelling themselves and by good team
play and very accurate shooting,
in which Stuart Steele was the
star, won by a margin of 30 points.
Half-time score 18-8, in favor ofj
Final score: Anyox Celts 46,
Premier 16. It was a splendid
game, and the Premier fans sure
gave the Anyox ..representatives
tlieir support. Stewart Steele
scored 27 points.
Visiting teams were warmly
welcomed and handsomely entertained by the Premier Co. The
trip from Stewart to Premier was
made by car during Hrst part of
the journey aud sleighs were necessary during the latter part.
Following the basketball game
on Saturday evening the visitors
were guests at a very enjoyable
danoe. On Sunday both teams
were the guests of honor at a
luncheon given by the Premier Co.
Walter Ridley and Jimmy Don
aldson left on Wednesday   on a
visit to their homes in England.
Mrs. G. Warwick and daughter
Daphne left on Wednesday for
Vanoouver where they will spend
several weeks.
C. P. Ashmore, superintendent
of Granby Stores, left on Wednesday for a business trip south.
The many friends of Walter
Stentoii will be sorry to hear that
he received the news of the death
of his mother, who resided in England, on Monday.
Billiard League Scores
Of Past Week
Mat Carey cleaned up on Mike
Chenoski in the fourth game of the
playoff series between Orphan and
Boiler Shop teams contesting for
the A. C. L. Billiard Cup. This
game was rather one-sided as Mat
Carey was right on top of his form.
On Friday the Boiler Shop came
to the fore and won by 157.
J. Ion 200 Peel 186
M. Carey. • 167 Wright.. 200
J. H. Donaldson 119 Chenoski 200
T. W. Piuokney }43 Adcock.. 200
"629 "786
This win for the Boiler Shop
necessitated a furthur game which
was played on Monday and resulted in the Orphans carrying off the
"mug" by 223 points.
J. Ion 200 Wright...71
M.Carey 200 S. Peel....88
T. W. Pinokney 200 Adcock.. 123
J. H. Donaldson 105 Chenoski 200
"705 "482
The games were refereed by
Walter Jones. Much amusement
was caused by some pen and ink
cartoons by Jack Evans.
Outers' Club Hosts At. St.
Patrick's Party
A very enjoyable oard party waB
held at the Alice Arm Hotel on
Tuesday evening, in honor of the
anniversary of the birthday of St.
Patrick. It was under the auspices of the Alice Arm Outers' Club,
and the ladies of this organization
excelled themselves in, providing an
excellent evening's enjoyment.
The prize winners were: Ladies'
first prize, Mrs. J. Graham; conso
lation, Mrs. J. Wier. Men's first
prize. Mr. Gus Anderson; consola
tion, Mr. W. M. Cummings.
The emerald green of Old Ireland
was muoh in evidence throughout
the evening. The prizes were
green and also a considerable por
tion of the refreshments, aud even
some of the bridge players were
The  exoellent  supper provided
was a feature of the evening.   The
proceeds went to swell the Angli
oan Churoh Building Fund.
Constable S. Servioe arrived in
town on Tuesday from Anyox and
left again on Wednesday.
Premier   Wins   Close
Game From Micos
By 1 Point
Prior to the chief game of the
evening on Wednesday, March 18
there were two other games of
basketball. The first being an
exhibition game between the Celts
and Sheiks, the "Blues" easily
winning by 19 points Scores:
Celts 26—Davis-6, Patrick-4, Calderoni 2, Steele-8, McDonald 4,
Hill-2. Sheiks 7—Dresser 5, Wat-
son-2. The game was not so fast
as usual both teams appearing to
take things easy. Referee Scott
from Premier handled the game.
The second game was a bard
fought struggle between the High
School Girls and Pats, this game
being the second of the playoff
series. The High Sohool Girls
played well to win by the narrow
margin of two points. Scores:
High School 12—P. Loudon 2, D.
Bushfield-2, G. Peters 4, M. Dresser 4. Pats 10—H. Calderoni-4, P.
O'Neill-1, K. Eve-1, Mrs. McRostie 4. .   .
By this time the crowd was
keyed up for the game between
Premier and Micos. Right from
the start the basketball was very
exciting to watch, both teams playing well but pot having much success with their shooting. At half
time the Anyox quintette led 7-6.
After the breather the baskets
came more often aud Premier took
the lead and held ou to it for a
long time. Towards the end the
visitors played one short and the
Micos were able to catch up. The
Premier boys, however, were still
able to hold their own and eventu-
Bridge was played at six tables. ( My W(m by   01ie point_    Score8.
Premier 20—Ed. Smith-6, J. Cur-
zon-6, F. McCaiillife-2, R. Stewart
6. Micos 19—Dodd-6, F. Ander-
sou-4, A. Dwyer-7, J. Lazorek-2.
Referee George Lee handled the
game and Soott umpiring.
H. B. Porteous, who for several
years was in charge of the Mine
office left on Wednesday for the
south. During his residence in
Anyox Bert has made a host of
friends who are sorry to see depart.
A large number were at the boat
to wish him good luck and bid
Subscribe to the Herald
The Celts' basketball team and
Premier basketballers, together
with the Anyox badminton team
arrived on Monday evening from
Stewart. The Premier teams after
playing a series of games here left
for home on Wednesday. ALICE  ARM  AND  ANYOX  HERALD,  Saturday, Maroh 21, 1931
Alice Arm & Anyox Herald
issued every Saturday at Alice Arm
Alice Arm and Anyox $2.50 Yearly
Other Parts of Canada, $2.75
British Isles and United States, 83,00
Notices for Crown Grants -   -   $15.00
Land Notices ...      -      $15.00
Transient Advertising, 50c. per inch
Contract Rates on Application.
E. MOSS, Editor and Publisher.
The mining industry of Canada
has for several years been developed
to a point where it occupies a position of greatly increased importance in Canadian affairs being
second only to agriculture, and, in
addition, it is become an important
factor in the mineral production of
the world. During the first decade mining has made tremendous
progress throughout the Dominion.
Not only in British Columbia is
the mining industry expanding, but
Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba and
Saskatchewan, are developing tremendous bodies of ore, building
mills, smelters and refineries, and
British Columbia must exert herself if she is to retain the proud title
of the "Mining Province." During
the year 1929 the mineral production of Canada was worth $100,-
672,040 exclusive of precious
metals. The weight of the product,
was 450,000 tons. During the
same year the aggregate value of
copper, nickel, lead, zinc and
cobalt exported from Canada
amounted to $84,532,775, and the
weights involved amounted to 385,
000 tons. This is a wonderful
showing for a country that was
regarded a few years ago as a
purely agriculture country. Figures
for 1930 are not available, but
they will be even higher as several
large mines increased their tonnage
last year and others, such as the
Flin Flon entered the producing
Another progressive step taken
last year in connection with mining
industry was the completion of a
copper refinery at Copper Cliff,
Ontario by the Ontario Refining
Co. Ltd. This refinery handles
copper from several large mines,
including the product of the Granby Company at Anyox. The
plant has a capacity of 120,
000 tons per annum. Early this
year will see the completion of a
second large and thoroughly up-to-
date copper refinery in Canada. It
is located at Montreal East and is
owned jointly by the Noranda
Ltd. and the Nicholls Copper Co.
New York. The first unit now
under construction will have a
capacity of 75,000 tons per year.
No longer is it necessary for the
big copper companies to send their
smelter product to the United
States for refining purposes to be
sent back into Canada at much
higher prices. Our fabricating
companies now buy the finished
product direct from the refineries,
Last year Canadian manufacturers
Outlook For Silver Is
Becoming Brighter
There is nothing new to report
on the prospects of silver price
stabilization excepting the fact
that the neoessity of doing something about this dilemma of silver
is more widely realized today than
ever before and the agitation is
growing. The Senate has authorized President Hoover to set in
motion the necessary machinery to
produce a conference of interested
nations on the issue of silver price
re-establishment. This news re
suited in silver moving up several
points in price. It is approximate
ly five cents an ounce above its
historical low touch?d three weeks
ago. Current quotations are iu
the vicinity of 30 cents an ounce.
That price is below the cost of
production for a great many silver
mines. Forty cent silver would
probably maintain silver produc
tion at a normal level. It is below
normal today.
Silver might come back surpris
ingly quickly if certain construe
tive influences continue to work.
An agreement among the nations
which would increase the use of
silver for currency purposes, even
though it did not attempt a fixed
parity of the white metal with
gold would be instantly effective.
Larger domestic trade in India
as a result of the abandonment of
Ghandi's civil disobedience and
boycotting campaign would in
crease that country's silver requirements and stop some of the
exporting which has had such a
disastrous effect on the silver market. Peace prospects in India are
better today than at anytime in
years. Silver's prospects must
continue to dominate the economic
outlook until the crisis is removed.
It interests every foreign trading
country. Particularly it interests
Canada, sixth amongst the nations
in foreign trade and third as a
source of the world's supply of
silver—The Finnncial News.
The Red, White and Blue will
never fade if we act white, overcome the blues and give the Reds
nothing to harp on.
used 45,000 tons of copper and
the mining companies estimated
output was 160,000 tons leaving
5,000 tons for export.
ere an
.uure man tflirty carloads of
smelts have been shipped recently
to the Boston, New York and Chicago markets trom Bathurst, N.B.
The value of these shipments ie
placed at about $35,000.
An increased enrollment in both
common and high schools, an increase In teachers and in average
attendance were indicated ln the
report of tbe schools of New
Brunswick for tbe year ending October 31, 1930.
Aggregate value of life insurance in Canada, according to latest available information, was $6,-
150,000,000 or about $628.49 per
capita of the population. Its value
has more than doubled in Canada
since 1920.
Last year's catch of salmon ln
British Columbia totalled 216,-
500,000 pounds, the highest ever
recorded. About 2,220,000 cases
have been canned, most of it to be
exported to different parts ot the
Good progress was made in 1930
in civil aviation in Canada, particularly in commercial flying. A
total of 87,453 hours was flown, an
increase of 7,667 hours over the
flying time of registered aeroplanes in 1929.
An advance of about 800,000 in
net tonnage handled at the port
of Vancouver during 1930 Ib shown
in the annual report of the Vancouver Merchant Exchange, tonnage in 1930 being 12,776,634
against 11,984,771 in 1929.
Latest reports on the output of
the central electric stations In
Canada states that in 1930 power
generated from such stations totalled 17.828,121 thousands of kilowatt hours, an Increase of 195,245
thousands of K.W. hours over
When the new 42,500-ton Empress of Britain, Canadian Pacific
Atlantic flagship, goes on a world
cruise, she will break at least 29
records. Except for Southampton
and New York she will be the
largest vessel ever to enter
world cruise ports.
Prediction of a favorable year
for the fruit growers of the Annapolis Valley is already being
made for 1931. Dr. Blair, superintendent of the Government Experimental Farm, Kentville. N. S.,
announces there is every Indication of an excellent crop, adding
that fruit buds had formed unusually well and were plentiful.
Statistics gathered from cities
and towns having a population of
4.000 and over show that in 138
such centres with a total population of 3,359,703 the number of police officers employed was 5,004,
or one officer to every 671 persons. As an instance of their
efficiency It is reported thai of the
■11.160 automobiles stolen in the
year 1929, all but 10 were recovered.
While Industry and commerce
are preparing their plants and
methods for low-cost operation
and quality service In the coming
contest for home and export markets, our railway systems, a primary Implement of these occupations, are cramped tn that respect
by Inability to accummulate reserves in fat yean as did other
corporations, according to resolutions adopted at the annual meeting of the Railway Business Association. Ill
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ALICE   ARM  AND ANYOX  HERALD,   Saturday, March 21, 1931
Short Provincial News
Victoria, March 14, 1931—An
order for 300 boxes of apples to be
shipped monthly to Hong Kong has
been received here. Winesaps are
Six leghorn cockerals were shipped recently from Nanaimo to the
Mooi River in Natal, South Africa,
on order from a breeder there. So
far has the fame of British Columbia's poultry travelled.
The mouth health crusade now
being conducted in the province has
been made possible largely by the
financial assistance offered by the
Canadian Life Insurance Officers'
Association. This is considered a
tribute to the work of the dental
practitioners in promoting the
health of the people. The crusade
has the assistance of Dr. Young,
Provincial Health Officer and the
Hon. J. Hinchliffe, Minister of
Education with the co-operation of
the health and service organizations.
In a letter received here from Dr.
Brown, Medical inspector of schools
in the Peace River district, he says
that in spite of hard times, he has
not, in the course of his visits,
come across a single instance of
malnutrition, or neglect, or shortage of clothing. He speaks highly
of the comfort of little schoolhouses
in the bush or on the plains with a
good stove for heating, fine equipment and capable teachers.
Revised figures of the pilchard
Alaska-Juneau Makes
A new record was made in December by Alaska Juneau Gold
Mining Company, when it showed
a net operating surplus of $149,100.
Gross recovery was $323,000. The
average recovery value was 99.08
cents of gold and silver per ton.
Predicts Silver Increase
The letter on the 9th instant from
the Whitney brokerage house, of
New York states that there is a
movement afoot which may mean a
20 per cent increase of silver within
the next 30 days. This is apart
from any action being taken in the
United States, and is outside that
country. That there is even foundation for such a statement indicates
that the silver situation is strengthening.
British Columbia will be represented at the joint federal conferences of provinces to be held in
Ottawa on April 7 likely by Premier
S. F. Tolmie and Hon. J. W.
Jones, minister of finance.
Winnipeg—The year 1930 was
the best yet in the mining history
of Manitoba in the matter of advances towards mineral production.
Mining expenditure's that year were
IS per cent over the previous year's
figure of $12,500,000.
meal and oil industry for 1930 show
a marked increase in production
over 1929 despite a reduction in the
number of plants from 27 to 17.
The oil output last year was 3,204,-
058 gallons as against 2,856,676
for 1929, and meal increased from
15,826 to 18,934 tons. The pilchard
are caught in shoals off the west
coast of Vancouver Island.
There was a pack of 30,300 tons
of herring from the salteries of
British Columbia last year. The
herring industry centres mostly
around the east coast of Vancouver
Island. Virtually the entire pack
goes to China, though some ship,
ments go by way of Japan.
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Canada's Challenger To Have Canadian Talkies
What romance lurks to tho contrast between the Royal William, the floating kettle which first puffed
across the Atlantic by steam—(rom Quebeo to London 'n 1887; and Canada's greatest floating palace,
the Empress of Britain, now being rushed to completion on the Clydebank, which will number Sound and
Talking Pictures among her many attractions. The equipment, which has been specially designed to meet
the requirements of a life of Marine Globe trotting, and manufactured in the Montreal plant of the Northern
Electric Company. Ltd., is being shipped via S.S. Minnedosa, from Saint John, to Liverpool, where English
sound engines™ will install it in the Concert Hall. An unique feature of this, Canada's first Marine insUUa-
tion of Sound Pictures, is that at whatever port the "Empress" Is likely to call in fifty-five countries of the
world special sound engineers will be available In case of any emergency accident to theequipment.
Passengers will sit at ease in tha beautiful Concert Hall on an upperdeck while the latest London, Paris, or
Broadway hit, or an Illustrated lecture on some foreign port, which they are approaching, will entertain
thorn from the^silverser^.^ rf the (1EmpMi,,, letvlng Quebec ln the wake of the "William"
ninety-four yean after. Below the Royal William on the high seas. Left, the Prince of Wales and E. W.
Beatty on their way to launch the great liner last year. Right, one of the Talking Picture equipment*,
being Installed, on the new vessel. 	 ALICE   ARM   AND   ANYOX  HERALD,   Saturday, March 21, 1031
Will   Hold United Church
Bazaar on Tuesday
An Everyday Utilities Bazaar
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Tuesday, March 24th. Goods of
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—Sewing baskets, bags, sewing
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Saturday's needs: Baking—
Homecooking, afternoon tea, etc,
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Canada Imports Large Tonnage of Coal
Canadian coal imports from Great
Britain in 1930 consisted of 729,-
458 tons of anthracite and 15,368
tons of bituminous, making a total
of 84,826 tons. Coal imports from
the United States was made up ol
14,469,831 tons of bituminous,
3,173,043 tons of anthracite and
14,108 tons of lignite.
Hollinger mine, Canada's leading
gold producer, since its inception in
1912, has produced gross $169,129,-
000 and paid dividends in excess of
$54,786,000. Value of ore has
run from $7.52 to $9.05 per ton.
Orator—And what do we do?
We pursue the shadow, the bubble
bursts and leaves but saokcloth and
ashes in our empty hands.
In order to prevent dumping
into Canada of bituminous coal,
the value of duty purposes has
been fixed by Hon. E. B. Ityck-
man, misister of nation revenue, at
$1.00 per ton for slack coal and
$1.25 on mine run coal.
Tbe values apply at the point
of production.
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Office:   Opposite Liquor Store
It's Here
The New 11-Tube Philco
How about your old set?
Enquire as to trade-in
For full information, see
write or phone
Anyox, B. C.
P. O. Box 23 Phone 257
B.  P. O.  ELKS
Dominion ol Canada and Newfoundland
Meets every second and fourth Monday ol
the month
Hall far rent for dances, social functions, etc.
on application to club manager
Anyox Community
The Council of the League
meets on the Second and
Fourth Wednesday of each
month, m Recreation Hall,
at 7 p.m.
(Form F.)
Certificate ov Improvements
"Bunker Hill No. I," "Bunker Hill
Fraction," "Couger" and "Rocket"
Mineral Claims, situate in the Naas
River Mining Division of Cassiar District.
Where located:—On Granite Creek,
about 7 miles from Alice Arm.
TAKE NOTICE that I, W. B. Bower, F. M. C. 62146-C, agent for Joseph
E. Trethewey P. M. O. 35277-D, William Gray V. M. C. 85278-D, and Robert W. Harris F. M. C. No. 35279-D,
intend, sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder
for a Certificate of Improvements for
the purpose of obtaining a Crown
Grant of the above claims.
4nd further take notice thataction,
under section 85, must be commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
if Improvements.
Dated this 29th. day of October,
A. D. 1930.
W. B. BOWER. Agent.
!T^ mnny luxuries and comforts which add pleasure to
your trip South hy Steamer
or East hy Trnin. ,
S.S. "Prince George" or S.S.
"Prince Rupert" leave Anyox
for Prince Rupert and Vancouver via Stewart, Wednesday at midnight.
Ki'Kiilur services to North
and South Queen Charlotte
Islands. Particulars of Railings, rates, etc., on request.
Passenger trains leave Prince
Rupert for Edmonton, Winnipeg and points East every
Monday, Wednesday and
Saturday at 11.30 a.m.
it. f. MoNaughton
District Ptussmgttr Agent
Prinoe Rupert
For Information call or write Local
Agent, or write R. F. McNaughton,
General  Passenger Agent, Prince
Rupert, B. C.
British Columbia
Department of Mines
You are invited to apply to the Department of Mines,   Victoria, B.C.,
for the latest authoritative information
regarding   mining   development   in
British Columbia.
Annual Reports, Bulletins and Maps are
available free of charge, upon application to
For Results, Advertise in the
HI Drug Department
1      EASTER   CHOCOLATES     1
An Easter Box of Chocolates make a very nice remembrance for your best girl,
wife, mother or friend.   We have a beautiful selection of Moir's and Ganongs
packed in pretty Easter boxes, priced as low as 75c. to the highest at $2.50.
You should choose early the box you wish and we will set it aside for you.
Easter Cards are now on display    Why not enclose a card with your gift?
Do you need a new foundation garment for your Spring gown?
"Popular" the now oorselette, bust measurements 32 to 42, price $3.00 to $4.50
"Soantie"   The new garment that can be worn without all the garments that usually
obscure the fashionable form, sizes 32 to 38, price $4.50 to $10.25.
Ribbon Brassiers, sizes 32 to 36, price $1.00
Lace Brassiers, sizes 32 to 36, price 85c. to $1.00
Many new styles in "Cup Form" brassiers.   Come and see onr beautiful line
of crepe-de-chine lingerie.
Boys' Dept
The newest creation in run about pants
for boys is the "Caballero" style. They
are made from good quality red back
denims with red or green trim down the
side of the leg, four pockets, the front
two are in a fold with colored trim
elastic insert at baok and fastened in
front in Caballero style which does away
with suspenders or belt. Sizes 22 to 32.
Special at $1.45.
Shoe Dept
Hurlbutt's shoes are recognized
as the best for children. Among
the newest styles is an oxford
for the youth. Made in either
black or tan calf skin with all
the Hurlbutt qualities of fitting
and quality. Sizes from 11 to
2, price $5.00.
Even though it is hard to make flowers grow, there is no reason why you should not
have some for Easter. We have arranged to have a shipment of plants sent to us for
sale on Maroh 30th. There will be jew baskets, flowering baskets, geraniums, fushias,
baby roses, begonias and several others among the seleotion. Then on April 2nd we
will have a beautiful shipment of cut flowers
So that you won't be disappointed we advise you to leave your order now.


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