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A little paper
with all the
news and a big
«.niiai«iiS"ei S"t ,
Published in the interests of Alice Arm and Anyox, B. C.
$2.00 a Year
Alice Arm and
Anyox. $2.25 to
all other points.
VOL. 12,   NO. 21
Alice Abm, B. 0., Saturday, October 22, 1932
5 cents each.
Keen Interest Taken In
Golf Tournaments
The Mixed Doubles Golf Handicap Tournament, played on Saturday and Sunday last over 18 holes,
was won by Mrs. Peters and J. Ion,
the runners up being Mrs. H. R.
Taylor and Captain Johnson. A
good number entered for this interesting event.
In the 9-hole Bogey Competition
held by the Ladies' Golf Club on
Friday last, Mrs. Simpson turned
in the best score-and secured the
Mrs. Roy is the winner of the
Sun Life Cup for the month of October. By previous arrangement
this competition ended at the 15th.
of the month. The various winners of this cup for the past season
will now play off to decide who
shall hold the trophy for the winter
| months.
Both Golf Clubs—the men's and
I the ladies'—report a very successful
[season. Greater interest has been
[taken in the game, more members
■have been added to the lists and the
Ivagaries of Dame Nature, however
[unfavorable they may have been to
I other sports, did not spoil golf, but
i rather helped the game. The golf
[ ing fraternity has grown tremend
I ously, and the game has incidentally
had the effect of bringing everyone
together in a most democratic man.
I neri
Badminton Season Officially
The official opening of the Anyox
Badminton Club, was held at the
Gymnasium on Thursday evening
the 13th. when thirty-five members
were present. The season was
opened to a good send-off under the
new arrangements of the Club, with
every indication that it will be successful. Refreshments were served
during the evening. The days and
evenings alloted to the game are:
Tuesday and Thursday afternoons
and evenings, Monday and Friday
mornings, and Sunday afternoons.
Tournaments will be held throughout the season as in previous years.
Boy Scout Charter Will Be
A function of importance to all
the boys of the Scout Group in
I Anyox will take place in the Gymnasium on Thursday October 27th.
when the Canadian General Council
Charter will be officially presented
to the First Anyox Scout Group.
Following this there will be an entertainment given by the Scouts,
Cubs and Rovers.     Parents and
I others interested in the work are
I invited to attend.
Charlie Lee Ends Life With
Gun At Atlin
News was received at Alice Arm
during the week that Charlie Lee,
a former well known resident of the
town, shot hinself to death at Atlin
on October 8th.
The deceased, with three others
were in a cabin looking at some
pictures when he said; "I'll show
you something else," and he reached for a gun, shooting and wounding one of those present, who fell
to the floor. The others rushed for
the door and after shooting at them
and luckily missing, Lee turned the
gun on himself with fatal results,
Insanity is thought to be the cause
of the shooting.
During his residence at Alice Arm
deceased followed the occupation of
miner. Since leaving here he has
worked in the northern interior.
He also resided at Prince Rupert for
some time and later worked at the
Sunrise mine on the Queen Charlotte Islands.
Buy a Ticket For Hallowe'en
Dance October 31st.
The annual Hallowe'en Dance
will be held this year at the Gymnasium on Monday October 31st. and
is sponsored by the Auyox Ladies'
Hospital Auxiliary.
As in previous years the entire
proceeds will be devoted towards
providing comforts for the inmates
of the hospital, which otherwise
they would not obtain. It is the
only means the Ladies' Auxiliary
have for obtaining funds, and if you
intend to patronize the dance or not,
the purchase of a ticket will help
swell this deserving fund.
Many a patient lying helpless in
the hospital has had cause to thank
the ladies of the Hospital Auxiliary
for the many comforts provided.
Buy a ticket and attend the dance
if possible. It will be one of the
outstanding social events of the
Jack Wamsley Training Mine
Basketball Team
One of British Columbia's premier athletes is coaching the Mine
basketball team. Using the Ellensburg system of offense he is welding a team that will take a lot of
stopping. Football and hockey
have been his forte, having played
with Ex-King George in all their
championship races in the past four
years, and with the famous Burke,
coached Varsity Inter-Collegiate
Champions. "These guys expect
to lose, so don't disappoint them,"
is the gag that Wamsley drives the
Mine into the game with.
Wednesday's Basketball
Games Full Of
If the basketball games played in
Anyox this season are .up to the
standard of the tilts last Wednesday,
the public have something good to
look forward to. All three games
were full of action and thrills. The
noteworthy feature of the whole
card, was the splendid showing of
the High School boys, playing
against experienced and mature exponents of the game. The, plucky
youngsters had the crowd on their
feet allthe way through. And maybe the fans didn't cheer.
The first number was between the
Mechanics and the Vandals, which
the former won by 19 to 14. This
was a fast and clever exhibition,
the Vandals really deserving a better score. Although they stepped
out all the way through, bad luck
seemed to dog them. Time and time
again they missed baskets by inches.
They are certain, to give a good account of themselves later.
Vandals: T. Calderoni, I. Davies
J. Walmsley, H, J^k, F. Calderoni,
Geo. Dyer. Mechanics: J. Buntain, J. Gillies, F. Dodsworth, F.
Mikeli, F. Sanderson,  W. Murray.
In the ladies' game the Spooks
had a birthday, Christmas, and New
Year celebration rolled into one.
They just couldn't go wrong. During the first quarter the Pals kept
up with them step by step, but after
that the Spooks left them right be
hind. Despite this, however, the
Pals, which includes most of the
girls of the famous High School
squad, played with their usual combination, but could not keep up
with the pace set by the black Und
The game ended 18-8. in favor of
the Spooks.
The third and final game provided sufficient thrills for the whole
evening. This was between the
fast-stepping Concentrator team and
the whirlwind High School aggregation. As both teams took the
floor it looked as though a mistake
had been made, and that a junior
team was about to tackle a senior.
But when they started the students
proved tn be as fast and tricky as
their opponents, checking and passing with amazing skill. In about a
month's time they will hold their
own with the best.
The Mill team includes some real
veterans of the game, and their experience, to say nothing of superior
height and weight, told against the
youngsters, who were on the small
end of a 36 to 18 score. They deserve much credit for their splendid
showing.   High School: A. Dods-
Athletic Association Hold
Card Party
A very enjoyable cards party was
held at the Club House on Saturday evening, under the auspices of
the Alice Arm Athletic Association.
Bridge was played at every table,
and refreshments terminated a very
pleasant evening.
The top scores of the evening
were secured by Mrs. H. F. Kergin
for the ladies, and T. W. Falconer
for the men. Low scores were not
announced. Prizes will be given to
those holding the high score for
four successive games, and a grand
prize to those making ' the highest
score of the season. The games
will be held every two weeks.
Funeral of Late John Hecim-
ovich Largely Attended
On Tuesday last the remains of
the late John Hecimovich, whp'met
his death at Anyox on October §2th.
were interred at the A'hyox Cemetery. The service was heltpri the
Catholic Church, the Rev-pather
LeRay officiating.
in a
The deceased, who h
resident of Anyox for eight years,
was well-known and highly respect,
ed, and his countrymen turned out
in their usual loyal manner to honour his memory. The late Mr.
Hecimovich, was 36 years of age,
leaves a wife and two children resident in Jugo Slavia. There were
a number of floral tributes.
Many Hunters on Hand
To Pot Geese
The duck and goose hunting season opened with a bang and a roar
at Alice Arm on Saturday morning
last, when every local hunter was
at his favorite post of vantage in
an endeavor to bring down a goose
duck before these unmolested
birds became wary from being shot
The Alice Arm hunters were augmented this year by a band of
Anyox enthusiasts, comprising W.
F. Eve, J. A. McMaster, E. R.
Oatman, J. A. Anderson and son
Donald, F. F. Brown, who came
over on the launch Kavema on Friday evening. After two day's
hunting, Eve, Brown and Oatman
each secured a goose, and in addition the party bagged about thirty
Up to the present the Alice Arm
hunters have not attained any outstanding successes. A few geese
and ducks have been brought in.
There are lots of ducks and geese
on the flats this year, but lots of
patience and tact, plus good luck is
necessary before a pair of geese is
hanging in the larder.
Alice Arm Notes
Lome Falconer arrived on Saturday from Anyox and spent the week
end with his father, returning on
Constable Brunton arrived from
Anyox on Thursday on departmental duties, chiefly in connection
with the game laws.
J     ANYOX NOTES      !
Miss A. Dodsworth returned on
Monday from a holiday visit to
S. Jabour, northern representative of the Sun Life Insurance Co.
arrived on Monday.
Mrs. T. P. O'Brien and children
returned on Wednesday from a visit
to Ontario. Mr. OBrien met his
family at Prince Rupert.
Mr. and Mrs.  Selwood returned
on Wednesday from a holiday visit
to Vancouver and Victoria.
Continued on Page 4
worth, H. Dresser, M. Patrick, F.
Gordon, W. Shields. Concentrator: S. Steele, A. McDougall, L.
Falconer, L. Dodd, A. McDonald,
C. Bushfield.
Alice Arm Residents Return
From Gold Diggings
J. Peacock and T. Calfa, arrived
home on Monday from the Dog
Creek placer diggings north of Vanderhoof. They spent the past summer there developing their claims.
Their work this year consisted of
sinking a shaft in order to reach
bed-rock, but in this they were unsuccessful, although one shaft was
sunk about sixty feet. It is planned
to continue work next summer.
They state that G. W. Bruggy
and Wm. McFarlane, former residents of Alice Arm have left the
diggings, and will winter in Vancouver. They did not sink a shaft
on their claims, but washed the
surface gravel for gold.
Father of F. W. Mattix Died
In Vancouver Recently
The many friends of F. W. Mattix
of Anyox, will be sorry to learn that
his father passed away at Vancouver on October 11th. at the age of
65. Deceased was born in Prince
Edward Island and came to Vancouver 26 years ago. Besides his
son, F. W. Mattix of Anyox he is
survived by his wife, a son and three
daughters. The funeral was held
on October 13th., interment taking
place at Mountain View Cemetery,
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__ ALICE  ARM  AND   ANYOX  HERALD,  Saturday, Ootober 22, 1932
Alice Arm & Anyox Herald
Issued every Saturday at Alice Arm
Alice Arm and Anyox $2.00 Yearly
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E. MOSS, Editor and Publisher.
Higher Prices Predicted
For Copper
The stability of copper prices at
6.25., Connecticut, since September
7 despite the recent lack of active
domestic demand and the adverse
factors of price weakness abroad
and depressed securities and com
modifies in Wall Street, gives sup'
port to the view that copper prices
are due for higher levels when business in general warrants, says a
recent analysis of the situation in
"Daily Metal Trade." Producers
already have given evidence of
their desire to raise quotations
nearer a profitable level.
Much progress still remains to
be effected before copper can be
quo.tably lifted from subnormal
depths. During the 10-year period
of 1909 to 1919, the price of copper
at no time fell below lie. a pound,
while the high was around 37c.
The lowest point reached during the
nest decade was about 11.5c. The
average for October 1930 slipped
to 9.837c. and only two months in
1931, January and March, averaged
10c. or better.
It is generally believed that
prices around 14c. a pound would
be regarded as favorable from a
cost of production point of view.
Some producers, of course, could
profitably sell their metal at several
cents lower, but even at lie. to
12c. a pound, the current price of
copper must bo nearly doubled
Copper prices entered the present
subnormal field about the middle
of 1930. During the preceding decade, the average price was approximately 15c. The monthly average for July 1930 was 11.248o. and
for August 10.928c. During the
current year, monthly averages
have been under 6c. since March.
Canadian Copper Out-
Put Shows Decline
Canadian producers reported an
output of 18,090,417 pounds of copper during July as compared with
20,669,800 pounds in June and 23,-
676,241 pounds in July, 1931, ao
cording to a statment issued by the
Dominion Bureau of Statistics.
The July falling-off in production
was due principally to the fact that
the Britannia mine in British Columbia did not export any concentrates to the United States during
the month. Output of blister copper during the month totalled 17,-
165,965 pounds, a decline of 3.8 per
cent from the June production of
17,843,427 pounds.
Copper in ore, matte, regulus,
etc., exported from Canada in July
amounted to 2,227,700 pounds valued at $66,831. Blister copper
exports were recorded at 8,258,800
pounds worth $425,335. Exporta-
tions of copper in ingots, bars,
cakes slabs and billets declined to
7,181,500 pounds at $384,934 from
the June total of 23,347,300 pounds
with a valuation of $1,364,526.
Copper in rods, strips, sheets,
plates and tubing exported in July
totalled 2,053,600 pounds appraised
at $117,661; in June, 1,924,800
pounds worth $111,955 were ex
Sherritt-Gordon Mine
Remains Closed
There does not appear to be any
immediate prospect of Sherritt-
Gordon re-starting operations
while copper remains at such a low
price. In its last full month of operation, Alay of this year, Sherritt-
Gordon established its best operat
ing record. It produced 2,003,000
pounds of copper at an overall cost,
through to finished copper, of 5.56c
per pound. The milling rate was
an average of 1,018 tons per day.
Mining and milling operating costs,
including all mining expenses covering development, mining and
hoisting, crushing and conveying,
milling and general expenses, but
not head offloe, were $1.97 per ton
of ore milled. Deductable from
this were the gold and silver recoveries amounting to 54c per ton.
All costs, including smelting and
refining freight charges, were $3.-
535 per ton. .
Value of oopper produced to date
in British Columbia is placed at
Over 500 assays of ore have been
made this season by D. E. Whittaker, provincial assayer at Victoria.
All Government Departments1
Will Cut Expenditures
All departments of the government commenced the preparation of
1933-34 estimates this week, with
clear-cut instructions to pare expenditures down to the lowest possible
point, consistent with efficient service. The total expenditures estimated for the current fiscal year,
ending March 31 next, was $24,-
688,000, and it is unofficially hoped
to cut this by $2,000,000, if it can
be done. Nearly $6,000,000 was
taken out of the expenditures this
year, compared with 1931-32, so
that further reductions are not so
easv to achieve.
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Government  Issues  Report
McConnell Creek Placers
An interesting bulletin in mimeographed form has been released for
issue by Honourable W. A. McKenzie, Minister of Mines. It is Bulletin No. 2, 1932, "McConnell Creek
Placer Area, Omineca Mining Division," by Douglas Lay, Resident
Mining Engineer, No. 2 District,
and is based on a careful study of
the area.
McConnell creek was the scene
of a small rush in the spring of this
year as a result of stories of a bonanza discovery of coarse gold on
bed-rock. Mr. Lay's report shows
that true bed-rock on the creek has
never been reached, and the original story was highly over-coloured
iand exaggerated. There is, however, an auriferous gravel-run lying
on a false clay bed-rock which may
prove to be of considerable importance. The gold is comparatively
fine and the ground shallow down
to the clay. Individual operators
may in certain cases, even with
small-scale methods, make wages.
The main value is in gold but a
small platinum content also occurs.
Copies of the bulletin may be obtained free on application to the
Department of Mines, Victoria,
Canadian output of copper in
1931 showed a decrease from 1930,
but was higher than in 1929. In
1931, Canada was fourth iu world
production of copper.
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the month
Hall for rent for dances, social functions, etc.
on application io club manager
Anyox Community
The Beach Council meets on the
Second and Fourth Wednesday of each
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The Mine Council meets on the First
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Among the Canadian Provinces, British Columbia is the
leading producer of Silver, Lead and Zinc
In this Province, about 45 per cent, of Canada's Silver,
97 per cent, of the Lead and 93 per cent, of the Zinc are
British Columbia has produced approximately $1,300,000,-
000 worth of minerals.
About 200,000 square miles of unexplored mineral-bearing
lands are open for prospecting.
Practically every mineral known to be found on the
Continent occurs to some extent in British Columbia
Annual Report of the Honourable the Minister of
Mines for the calendar year 1931.
"Lode Gold Deposits of British Columbia."
"Placer Mining In British Columbia." '
"McConnell Creek Placer Area"
Non-Metallic Mineral Investigations:    "Barite,"
"Asbestos," "Glassware," "Clay."
Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B. C.
T.   W.   FALCONER Alice Ann
LMa^HB *
ALICE  AEM   AND  ANYOX   HERALD,  Saturday, Ootober 22, 1932
Ski Runners of the Canadian Rockies
With a field of activity unequalled the world over the new winter
sports association the Ski Runners of the Canadian Rockies,
is rapidly coming into prominence among skiers and winter sports
enthusiasts generally. The new organization is patterned largely
after the famous Trail Riders and its locale, unequalled for
Bcenery and facilities on this continent and probably without a
rival even in Europe, is Banff, in the heart of the Rockies, with
runs and trails varying from one to ten days in duration and
covering such world-known objectives as Mount Assiniboine,
Simpson Pass, Shadow Lake, Lake Louise, Ptarmigan Valley and
Pass, Bow Lakes and Pipestone Pass. Ski-ing over some of these
passes is in full swing as late as June when visitors are enjoying golf
and tennis, fishing and hiking, in tbe valleys below. But tbe sport begins in November eat j year.
0 A thousand feet above Banff and about an hour out from the town 13 the ski lodge built on the pass
between Mounts Norquay and Stoney Squaw. From the club house runs radiate in all directions with cabins
and shelters at strategic points for rest and refreshment. There is a 50-metre Jump at Buffalo Park and
every year in February (this year February 7-14) a tournament is held where the pick of Canadian and outside jumpers compete. f
Lay-out shows (1) Ski track across virgin snow with Mt, Assiniboine, 11,800 feet high, in background;
%) Canadian Pacific Bungalow Camp at Magog headquarters for ski-ing- at Mt, Assiniboine; (3) Mount
irquay Ski Lodge, 1000 feet above Banff, overlooking the Bow River, with do? team in foreground and
The Towers, on Wonder Pass, near Mt. Assiniboine, one of the finest winter scenes in the Rockies
Where Four Centuries Meet
Uniting me nxteemn ana twemiein centuries as typuied in tbe lower leit hand and tbe upper right hand cornen
of this group, stands the lordly Manoir Richelieu, the fashionable holiday resort at Murray Bay on the north
shore of the St. Lawrence and the site of the activities of the "One Hundred Associates" of New France. Tbe
Casino,, shown at the upper left, designed after the famous Chateau de Ramezay built in Montreal in 1705, now
Douses one of the most complete sound and talking picture installations on this continent.
•* Acoustic engineers of the Northern Electric Company have been working for some time with engineers of
Ine Canada Steamship Lines, to effect tbe necessary treatment for the perfect reproduction of the best products
«C (Ihe moving picture, studios, thus affording visitors to the Manoir Richelieu still another addition to the many
attractions of this famous pleasure paradise.
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AND A FAIR PRICE ALICE   AEM   AND  ANYOX   HERALD,  Saturday, Ootober 22, 1932
Vandals, Pals and Concentrator Won Games
On Friday
Three clever and peppy games
gave the basketball season an energetic start on Friday October
14th., when a large number of fans
turned out to witness the opening.
The first tilt was between the
High School and the Vandals, the
latter winning 23 to 13. This was
a lively scrap throughout, and the
High School boys deserve credit for
their showing against a more experienced squad.
. High School: M. Patrick, H.
Dresser, F. Gordon, W. Shields,
A. Dodsworth. Vandals: T. Calderoni, I. Davies, J. Walmsley, H.
Jack, F. Calderoni.
The ladies' teams, Pals and
Spooks, next made their debut, and
this was a well contested game.
The teams are evenly matched,
which means that future games will
be well worth watching. There
was action from start to finish.
The Pals, who individually are just
what the name indicates, played a
clever and forceful game, but
could nose out their opponents by
only one point.
Spooks: T. Gordon, A. Carrick,
K. Eve, M. Cloke, J. Roberts.
Pals: M. Dresser, P. Loudon, L.
Dresser, M. Barclay, J. Pinckney.
On Friday the Hth. the reputed
powerful Concentrator team turned
the Mechanics back with a 20-13
score. The game opened with fast
passing and ragged floor play, with
the Mechanics forcing the issue
Steele for the Concentrator was
shooting long, but with little effect
The Macleod boys changed their
style to a slower pace to suit their
lack of substitutes and ended the
half with an 8-4 lead.
Play slowed down in the second
half and the Mechanics got more
than their share of personals, losing
Mikili in this frame. For the Mechanics, Buntain was the offensive
spark, and Dood and Steele looked
good for the Concentrator.
Concentrator: Dodd-8, Steele-8,
Falconer, McDougall-4, McDonald.
Mechanics: Dresser, Watson,
Buntain-6, Murray, Gillies-4, Mikili,
This Paramount picture features
Herbert Bosworth, who cures by
faith, and who brings about a reformation in the lives of four city
crooks, played by Chester Morris,
Sylvia Sidney, John Wray, Ned A.
Sparks. The four are doing well
in their duping under Morris, their
leader, A plot to make capital out
of the Miracle Man is started but
never completed, because one by
one the crooks fall under the spell
of his goodness. A New York audience at the Tivoli gave close attention to this film, impressed with
the imposing figure of Bosworth's
strong, sincere portrayal. See
Morris when he becomes reconciled
to Miss Sidney and promises to
build a chapel. You'll enjoy this
picture on Saturday.
"I want a good novel to read on
the train—something pathetio,"
said the woman to a book salesman.
"Let me see; how would "The
last Days of Pompeii" do? asked
the salesman.
"Pompeii? I never heard of him.
What did he die of?"
"I m not quite sure, madam," replied tho salesman. Some kind of
eruption, I think."
Reformer: "Don't you know that
the stuff you are drinking is slow
Bibulous One: "At's all right,
I'm in no hurry."
TUESDAY,  OCT.   25th.
With Warner Baxter
This is a splendid melodrama.
The hero, whose cousin has lost
money belonging to others, goes to
America, and lets the suspicion be
cast upon him. He does this in
order to save his cousin's wife,
whom he loves. He marries an
Indian girl and has a son by her.
His cousin is killed during a foxhunt, and the heroine goes to America, and tries to persuade him to go
back to England, as he is now an
Earl and the heir to his cousin's estate. He refuses, and instead
sends his son. His Indian wife,
unable to bear the separation, takes
her life. Eleanor Boardman, Lupe
Valez, Charles Bickford, Mitchell
Lewis and others are in the cast.
"I am not running away Irom
the election. I am out of poll-
tics and have no vote in the district of Columbia," said Mrs.
Woodrow Wilson, widow of the
famous United States war-time
President, interviewed at the
Banff Springs Hotel recently,
where she stopped en route to
Tokio where she Is attending the
marriage of a family connection.
Mrs, Wilson motored on to Chateau Lake Louise as part of her
tour of   the  Canadian Rockies.
Referee,    Norton
Under Auspices Anyox Women's
Hospital Auxiliary
Tickets $1.00 a Couple.   Extra
Lady 50c.
Support an Excellent Cause
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Anyox Notes
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M. Heican arrived from Prince
Rupert on Wednesday.
J. Wright arrived on Wednesday
from Vancouver.
L. Lauridson returned on Wednesday from a visit to Prince Rupert.
Mrs. W. Murray and child arrived on Wednesday from Prince Rupert. She was accompanied by her
sister, Miss Mary Mezzai.
Mrs. D. L. Pitt passed through
Anyox on Wednesday on her way
to Premier.
T. R. Punnett arrived in town on
Wednesday from Duncan B. C.
A. K. Field left on Wednesday
evening for a hunting trip in the
vicinity of Prince Rupert.
Made by Lillooets and Pembertons
P. O. Box 172, Anyox. Phone 92
■ ll M ll M ii ■■ ll .m II ■ II I IM ifj
"I have never seen a more beautiful country or enjoyed a visit
more," said Sir Philip Cunliffe-
Llster, British Secretary-of-State
for the Colonies, as he said farewell to British Columbia when
boarding the Canadian Pacific
Imperial Limited on Ms way to
Calgary He enjoyed his favorite sport, fishing, In that province,
where he And his party took four
fine fish, Including a 17-pound
salmon. (869)
H   M.   SELFE
Office:   Opposite Liquor Store
First-class  Business Lots at
$200   each,  and   Residential
Lots as low as $25.
Now it the Time to Buy Property
Agent for Alice Arm Mining
and Development Co.
Vancouver* IB. ۥ
The House ol Comfort
and Cheery Service
Extremely Low
New Winter
DAILY      $  1.50 $ 2.00
MONTHLY  25.00   30.00
Free Garage
In the centre of the city's
All   roimiN   exceptionally
large and noise proof
Write For Illustrated Folder
Vancouver, B.C.
H. G. Houghton. Manager
GREAT said her husband
-"How Your Cooking Has Improved"
/ 1
HE won't work late at the office—
not he. Ha does not remind hli
bride of mother's cooking any more.
What has made the amazing change?
She read about a little book called
"The Good Provider" and a marvelous way of making delicious things
with St. Charles Evaporated Milk. Now
her cakes are a joy to see—and taste.
Her soups and creamed dishes
would change any man's
mind. And here's what
she writes about
—and so that
you may enjoy
proving it too, just
write for your copy of
"The Good Provider.''   It
has 80 pa ges illustrated In full
color and will prove a treasure-
house of cooking wisdom.
Truro, N.S., Ingersoll,
Ont., Norwich, Ont.
and Sumas, B.C.
The Borden Co. Limited
50 Powell fat.i Vancouver, B.C.
Toronto, Ontario
Gentlemen: Please send me free copy of "The Good Provider.**
Candies. Stationery, Proprietary
d Medicines, Toilet Articles, Etc.
W. M. ClimmingS,   Agent for all Vancouver Daily Papers
Post Office Building, Alice Arm
i  1
The Newest Novelties
Specially Suitable for Christmas
Florentine Leather Book Covers, finely worked and very
inexpensive; $1.50, $1.75, $2.00.
Hand Purses (rom Florence, in beautiful tooled leather, with
zipper or clasp; $1.75 to $11.50.
Dressing Sets of Brush, Comb and Mirror, in the latest
style; beautifully cased; $13.50.
Also Ladies' Change Purses, Bridge Scores, Key Cases,
Pocket Books and Card Cases, all of Florentine Leather.
We will be pleased to set aside for you any article you may
select for Christmas.
n i
The Newest Necklets!
Novelty Necklaces in the newest Parisian styles.   Dainty
colors and line finish.    Modestly priced at '35c, 50c,   75c,
85c, $1.00 to $2.25.
Also Crystal Ear Rings in pendant style.    Novel and
pleasing designs; $1.00.
For Results Advertise in The Herald


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