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 A little paper
with all the
news and a big
Published in the interests of Alice Arm and Anyox, B. C.
$2.00 a Year j
Alice Arm and j
Anyox. S2.25 to j
all other points
i ■••••..•..•..•..«.,....
VOL. 12,   NO. 29
Alice Arm, B. C, Saturday. December 17, 1982
o cents eacl'
Ladies' Golf Club Prize
Winners and Officers
On Friday the 9th. at the home
of Mrs. George Lee, a luncheon
was held in honor of the executive
committee of the Ladies' Golf Club,
and also the winners of the various
trophies during the past season.
Miss M. Cloke was presented
with the handsome Cup donated by
Mrs. Charles Bocking for the championship of the Club. Mrs. W.
Simpson was the runner-up in this
event, and was presented with the
prize donated by the honorary vice-
president, Mrs. W. R. Lindsay.
Mrs. Chas, Cundill, winner of the
First Flight in this series, received
the prize donated by the secretary,
Mrs. Fricker. As the runner-up in
this Flight, Mrs. C. Docherty received a prize given by the Club.
Mrs. Wenerstrom was honored as
the winner of the play-off for the
Sun Life Cup, and the same player
won the Eclectic Competition for the
season, and was presented with a
special prize donated by the president of the Club, Mrs. Lee. The
occasion was most enjoyable.
Don't Fail To Attend
Alice Arm Xmas Tree
)ratorio "Messiah" On
December 21st.
Among the composers of sacred
jmusic the name of G. F. Handel
stands out the most prominently.
With his oratorio "The Messiah",
written in 1741, Handel has given
to the world a portrayal of the life
of Christ, which easily surpasses
any other such story. His wonderful grip of the theme is very evident,
fas the music lends itself to the
I words in a way which is clearly the
result of inspiration. The one is
inseparable from the other.
This marvellous work, which
includes such well-known choruses
as "Hallelujah", "Glory to God",
"Worthy is the Lamb", and "For
unto us a Child is Born", will be
■presented in the Elks' Hall on December 21st. at 8 o'clock, by the
United Church Augmented Choir,
under the direction of Norman R.
The soloists will be Mrs. J. Peel
and Mrs. V. S. McRae, sopranos,
and Mrs. J. McMillan, contralto,
and Mr. N. R. Redman tenor. Mr.
F. Dresser will be the organist.
As this is one of the outstanding
events of the year the music-loving
public should make a special point
of being present.
The annual Christmas Tree and
entertainment for the children of
Alice Arm will be held in T. W.
Falconer's hall on Thursday next,
December 22nd. commencing at
7.30 prompt.
An entertainment will be given by
the children consisting of excerpts
from the world famous musical comedies, "The Country Girl" and
"The Geisha". These two musical
comedies have delighted huge audiences throughout the world for a
number of years. The children have
been patiently trained by Mr. J.
Walter-Hughes for the past few
weeks and a first class entertainment
is assured.
Following the entertainment Santa Claus will pay the children a visit.
Following his departure refreshments will be served to both adults
and children. It is probable that the
evening's enjoyment will terminate
with a dance.
No   admission   fee   charged.
Everyone is cordially invited.
Don't forget the date—Thursday
fttmitt folmte's
:-: Christmas :-:
Miss G. McWhinney, who has
been a member of the nursing staff
at the hospital for a number of
years, left on Wednesday for Vancouver and will probably make a
trip to California. Miss McWhinney is well known and highly respected in this district, and takes
with her the best wishes of a great
number of people. The vacancy
thus caused will be filled by Miss
E. Graves, of Vancouver, who
graduated at the Jubilee Hospital,
Season's Trophies Presented
At Tennis Dance
■ ityt the Annual Tennis Dance held
on Monday the 12th. Mr. T. W.
Cavers, President of the Anyox
Community League, presented to
the winners the various trophies
won during the past season by
members of the Hidden Creek Club
and the A. C. L. Club. These were
as follows:
Hidden Creek Club: Men's Singles; John Gillies. Ladies' Ladder
Games: Mrs. R. T. Carrick. Men's
Ladder Games:  L. Dodd.
A. C. L. Club (Beach): Ladies'
Ladder Singles, Miss K. Eve.
Men's Ladder Singles: E. R. Oatman.
Anyox Open Championships:
Ladies' Singles, Miss K. Eve.
Men's Singles, E. R. Oatman.
Ladies' Doubles: MissM. Leighton
and Miss K. Eve. Men's Doubles:
O. G. Macintyre and E. R. Oatman. Mixed Doubles: Miss D.
Grigg and A. McDougall. Consolation Singles (ladies): Mrs. T.
Stretton. Consolation Singles
(men's) D. Gillies.
A. C. L. Christmas Dance Is
The Christmas Dance scheduled
to be held by the A. C. L. on December 24th. has been cancelled.
This is solely due to the large number of social events being held
around that time and to the fact
that it has been found difficult to
find an evening that would be suitable to the majority. It is felt that
with so many other functions scheduled for this season, this Christmas
Dance can readily be dispensed
with, for this year at any rate.
"On behalf of the Government of
British Columbia I extend our cordial good wishes at this season,
and our warm appreciation of the
courage and confidence which has
everywhere been manifested in the
crisis through which we are passing. The closing phases of 1932
find us in sober and reflective mood,
but still with a sublime faith in the
Divinity which shapes our ends,
and an unshaken confidence in what
the future holds for us.
"On the whole, British Columbia
has weathered the economic disturbance remarkably well. Diversity of production has been our
salvation, and that same diversity
will ensure a rapid recovery in the
revival which is everywhere predicted. Conditions have not been
good, and our basic industries have
suffered severely from the chaotic
conditions'of the world's markets.
But we have lived through these
periods before—they are unfailing
precursors of progress and improvement in the human status—but we
have always emerged from them in
good shape.
"British Colu^n^ia has nothing
to fear, but on the contrary has
everything to hope for, every reason
to look forward with feelings of
cheerful optimism. We have, dealt
with our emergencies firmly and
vigorously, and we are sure of our
ability to resist the economic pressure. The Government has stood
behind the people and fought their
battle with a dour persistence and
with a measure of success, which
will be better appreciated when the
smoke has cleared away.
"Be of good courage in this last
little hour. The skies grow brighter, the night is spent. The tide of
trade is turning our way, and soon
will be flowing again in full flood.
The lean years past, let us remember their lesson and keep it before
us in our new prosperity, so that
when they come again, as come
they will, we shall be in better condition to endure them.
"Courage, confidence and a little
patience will see us over the stile,
and in that spirit it gives me much
pleasure to wish your readers a
Merry Christmas and a Happy and
Prosperous New Year."
Prime Minister of
British Columbia.
Victoria, B. C.
9th. December, 1932.
Annual Tennis  Dance
Greatly Enjoyed
Though not quite so numerous as
last year, a fair number of devotees
of dancing attended the Annual
Tennis Dance on Monday the 12th.
The committee had spared no
efforts to make this popular function
enjoyable. The hall was cleverly
decorated characteristic of the occasion, no less than seventy tennis
rackets being used in a novel decorative scheme The Merrymakers'
Orchestra supplied excellent music,
and a most appetizing supper was
During the evening the various
tennis trophies won during the season were presented by Mr. T. W
The committee deserve praise for
their efforts to make the function
enjoyable, and although the near
ness of Christmas with its many
obligations might possibly have
affected the attendance somewhat,
the affair was nevertheless a very
happy one.
The Herald is $2.00 a year.
Anyox Lodge No. 47, B. P. O.
Elks will hold their annual New
Year dance in the Gymnasium on
Saturday, December 31st. Plans
are maturing to make it one of the
outstanding social events of the
season. The Brother Bills have an
enviable reputation for thorough
ness and everyone can rest assured
that this year's New Year Dance
will be equal to those of past years.
Badminton Club Membership
Fees Are Changed
At a well attended meeting of the
Anyox Badminton Club, held on
Friday the 9th. some important
changes in the membership fees
were decided on. Commencing
January 1st. shuttles will be provided by the Club instead of members
having to provide their own, as
formerly. As at that date members
already fully paid up will be charged
a fee of $2.00. New members will
pay $3.00 membership fee as from
that date. It is believed that the
providing of Shuttles by the Club,
as in former years, will meet with
general approval by members.
. Mr. Harold Spencer was elected
vice-president in place of Mr. R
Gale, who has resigned. If it is
possible a tournament will be held
during the first week of the New
Resumption of Basket-
Bali Games Draws
A nice crowd was on hand at the
Gym. on Friday the 9th. to witness
the resumption of the basketball
games. Two senior Men's games
were played, but there was no girls'
game, as some of the players were
not fully recovered from recent
The first game, between the Concentrator and the High School,
proved a thriller, as the latter team
won their first victory of the season, beating the League leaders
29-27. It was a ding-dong battle
all the way. The Students played
with a snap and vigor which seemed
at times uncanny, and gave the
crowd, with whom they are always
popular, a pleasant surprise. It
was a clean game throughout, and
well handled   by  Norton  Youngs.
The teams: Concentrator, Dodd-
6, McDonald-3, McDougall-4, Fal-
coner-10, McLeod-4. High School,
Gillies-6, Gordon-9, Dodsworth-6,
Dresser-6, Patrick 2.
The second game, between the
Mechanics and Vandals, ended in a
win for the latter, the final score
being 42 to 26. The victory of the
Mine boys, who had just managed
to keep out of the basement, also
proved popular with the fans.
The teams: Mechanics. Buntain-
8, Dresser-10, Mikeli-6, Dodsworth
-2, Sanderson, Watson. Vandals:
Walmsley-10, T. Calderoni-12, H.
Jack-18, F. Calderoni-2.
Cold Weather Forms Ice On
Owing to the continued cold
weather considerable ice formed on
the inlet at Alice Arm and also at
Anyox. Much hard work was necessary on the part of H. F. Kergin
and ,H, Fowler of the launch Awake
to keep open water to the government wharf. Breaking of ice was
necessary every day. At Anyox the
C. N. Steamship broke a passage
through heavy ice to the wharf on
Wednesday evening. The launch
Awake followed her in and out of
the bay, thus ensuring delivery of
the Alice Arm mails.
If our Anyox subscribers do not
receive the Herald on Saturday this
week as usual, it will be on account
of ice not allowing entry of the
launch Awake into Granby Bay.
Everything possible is being done
to prevent disruption of the mail
service, but sometimes the obstacles
are insurmountable.
Good Sales For Anti-Tuberculosis Seals
With their usual whole-hearted
support of any good cause, the
people of the district are responding
well to the appeal of the I. O. D. E.
in their campaign for the sale of
Anti-Tuberculosis Christmas Seals.
Most parcels going through the
mails bear these bright colorful
seals, depicting a "Star of Hope.''
The committee in charge wish to
emphasise that the seals are obtainable from any member of the
I. O. D. E. and also at the Drug
Department of the General Store.
Only one cent each. Swell the
funds and help in keeping up the
good name which Anyox has won
as a contributor towards this most
worthy cause.
Boy Scouts Will Assist With
Christmas Parcels
As in former years, the Boy
Scouts will assist the Post Office
staff and carry out their slogan of
doing a good "deed", by distributing parcels at Christmas time.
Everyone who has noted the mountains of mail that have to be dealt
with at the local post office will
appreciate what the help of these
boys means, to the general public
and the postal staff. Parcels are
handled carefully and promptly.
Anyone preferring to handle their
own parcels will kindly notify the
postmaster accordingly. ALICE   ABM   AND   ANYOX   HERALD.   Saturday, December 17.  1932
Dr. J. T. Mandy Favors
Copper Refinery
On Coast
Dr. J. T. Mandy, resident mining
engineer in an address to the Prince
Rupert Rotary Club last week,
stressed the advantages of establishing a copper refinery on the
B. C. Coast.
He showed that in 1930. the
latest figures available, the production of copper at Anyox amounted
to approximately 23,500,000 pounds
and at Britannia 22,500,000
pounds. There were all kinds of
potential sources of supply on Vancouver Island, at the Queen Charlottes and at other points.
Dr. Mandy showed that it was a
hardship for producers on the coast
to have to ship to Trail or to other
smelters or refineries. He had been
told that, if Britannia stopped
shipping to Tacoma, the smelter
there would have to close. This
showed the possibilities in British
Columbia, with two such large
sources of supply. There were at
present only three copper refineries
in Canada—at Trail, at Copper
Cliff and at Montreal. Noranda,
with an output of 65,000 tons, kept
up a smelter, a refinery and a processing plant. If such were established on this coast it would mean
a tremendous impetus to business
generally. People had no definite
comprehension of the possibilities.
With the new Empire market and
with the waterpowers available on
this coast, he said he saw a picture
of tremendous industrial expansion
and a new era for mining in British
Present Schedule Of C. N.
Steamships Will Remain
In Effect
The winter service of the Canadian National Steamships is now
in operation and will remain in
effeot until the spring schedule is
commenced on May 15th. according to the latest operating schedule
issued by Thomas Louden, acting
general superintendent. On this
schedule a weekly service is operated between Vancouver and Stewart and Anyox, with a fortnightly
service between Vancouver and
Queen Charlotte Islands.
Steamship Prince Rupert will
continue to operate the weekly
service, leaving Vancouver every
Monday evening at eight o'clock,
calling at Powell River, Ocean
Falls and Prince Rupert en route
to Stewart and Anyox. Similar
nails are made southbound.
The Queen Charlotte service is
between Vancouver, the Islands,
Prince Rupert and way ports.
Steamship Prince John will leave
Vancouver December 9 and 23;
January 6 and 20; February 3 and
17; March 3,17 and 31 and April
Anyox Community
The Beach Council meets on the
Second and Fourth Wednesday of each
month, in the Recreation Hall, at 7
The Mine Council meets on the First
and Third Thursday of each month, in
the Mine Hall, at 7.30 p.m.
Bread,  Cakes, Pastry,
Coal Superior to Oil Fuel
States John Galloway
If the same modem methods of
use and equipment were applied to
ooal as are now being used for the
burning of its chief competitor
imported fuel oil, British Columbia
coal mines would be working at
normal capacity, and would be
saving thousands of dollars for
British Columbia citizens engaged
in private and industrial enterpri
ses large and small, John Galloway,
Provincial mineralogist, told an
influential gathering of western
engineers and mining men last
He pointed to the rush a few
years ago to switch from coal to
oil in industries, without adequate
investigation of the greater efficiency of coal when properly equip'
ped and sorted as to the particular
grade to use for each purpose.
Modern machinery came with the
new oil, but if old coal equipment
had been scrapped and new ooal
burning Rear installed, a still greater efficiency and saving in cost
would have been won. he stressed.
It was now beginning to be realized
that for many purposes, B. C. coal
was more efficient and oheaper than
oil fuel. I
Ore Vein Persistent At
Georgia River Mine
A total of approximately 325
fee.t had been drifted on the new
low level strike on the Southwest
vein at Georgia River Gold Mine
before work was suspended for the
winter, reports Wellington Beaton,
president. The drift was in ore for
all of this distance except for two
small breaks. Good values were
encountered over the entire length.
Another vein was cut during this
work but not enough drifting has
been done to ascertain definitely
whether this is the Main vein, Mr,
Beaton reports. Owing to the expense of keeping trails open under
heavy snow conditions the management decided to suspend operations.
It is hoped to resume work in February. Meanwhile directors are
making progress with plans for financing further development and
construction of a mill.
Adventurers Prospecting At
Coppermine River
Those who have the love of adventure ever lurking in their bonen,
and find a fascination in seeking
valuable metal in the northern outposts of the Dominion, are now
turning their attention to the great
possibilities wrapped up in that
northern hinterland of Canada
known as the Coppermine River
district, according to information
reaching the Canadian National
Railways. The Coppermine River
is a fast flowing stream about 500
miles in length, emptying into
Coronation Gulf on the Arotio
(The Sailors love it)
(The Doctors recommend it)
Shipped by
LONDON Established 1849
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Advertise in the Herald
You may join at the Beach or Mine Libraries.
Beach or Mine Counters, or with the Secretary.
Among the Canadian Provinces, British Columbia is the
leading producer of Silver, Lead and Zinc
In this Province, about 45 per cent, of Canada's Silver,
97 per cent, of the Lead and 93 per cent, of the Zinc are
British Columbia has produced approximately $1,300,000,-
000 worth of minerals.
About 200,000 square miles of unexplored mineral-bearing
lands are open for prospecting.
Practically every mineral known to be found on the
Continent occurs to some extent in British Columbia
Annual Report of the Honourable the Minister of
Mines for the calendar year 1931.
"Lode Gold Deposits of British Columbia."
"Placer Mining In British Columbia."
"McConnell Creek Placer Area"
Non-Metallic Mineral Investigations:    "Barite,"
"Asbestos," "GlMsware," "Clay."
A. C. L. Libraries Are a Boon
To The Public
In these days of economic living the Community League
Libraries furnish pleasurable and instructive reading at
very low expense. Those using the libraries and
reading rooms are naturally expected to belong to the
Membership in the League carries many other privileges.   Anyone may join.   The dues are only  50c.
per month.   The Secretary will be glad to give you
full information.
We carry at all times a Full Line of First Class
Groceries;   also Heavy and  Shelf Hardware.
Clothes,   Boots,   Shoes   and   Kuhbers   of   all
descriptions.   A large stock to choose from
Alice Arm
Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B. C. VIJI'K   .'.IMI    Wl>   AWOX   HKIIAI.lt.   Siiturrlay.  December 17.   1982
Winter Sports in Canada
Skiing—Bob-Sledding—Hockey—Curiing—Tobogganing—Dog Derbies
Outstanding Attractions
HE invigorating climate of
a typical Canadian winter, now regarded u M
advantage rather than a
hardship, owing to the unusual variety of healthful
and appealing sports, is
attracting increasing numbers of visitors to the Dominion.
Across Canada there are many
beautiful and attractive snow-clad
mountains, hills and valleys, which
offer exceptional opportunities for
enjoying a wide variety of outdoor
winter sporta. The principal activities
throughout the country are skiing,
snowshoeing, skating, tobogganing,
curling, hockey, bob-sledding and
dog derbies, all of which may be
thoroughly enjoyed, under ideal conditions. With the exception of an
occasional day during mid-winter,
the temperature is not too cold for
participating in outdoor sports.
While motor travel is not general
during the winter season, there are
many long stretches of highway which
are kept conditioned throughout the
winter months. The traveller will
always find train service a modern
and luxurious means of transportation. Hotels in many of the leading
summer resort districts remain open
the year round, providing good
accommodation for those wishing to
participate in local winter events.
Wide Range of Sports in Every
Each province possesses winter
attractions mora or less peculiar to
its own particular surroundings. Practically all forms of winter sport are
available in the Maritime Provinces, but a preference is shown for
hockey and curling. In the province
of Quebec the major sport events
centre in and around Montreal,
Quebec City, Murray Bay and the
Laurentian mountains. Lovers of
winter sports will find vast territories in Ontario which are ideal
in location and in scenic beauty.
Ottawa, the federal capital, is adjacent to some of the finest skiing
country on the continent, while the
best of ice-yachting may be enjoyed
in Toronto bay and along the waterfront of lake Ontario. In the Mus-
kokn and Algonquin Park districts,
hotels and cabins are open for the
accommodation of winter visitors.
In Manitoba the Winnipeg bonspiel
also the winter carnival held at The
Pas, are annual events of international interest, while Banff, situated
in the scenic Canadian Rockies in
Alberta, is . one of the most important centres for winter sports.
Record performances in ski-jumping
have been witnessed at Revelstoke.
The islands and mainland  of the
southwestern pant of British Colum*
bia offer golf, tennis and other
summer sports, for the winter visitor.
Government Bureau Information
Information concerning winter
sports in Canada may be obtained
from the National Development
Bureau, Department of the Interior
at Ottawa. Those who desire such
information should state, if possible,
the particular district or districts in
which they are interested, in order
that the most complete data may
be supplied.
Personal Christmas
r ■    «-.-->CTT,i
Greeting Cards
It is not too late for you to order your Christmas Cards
if you have not already done so, nor is it too late for
you to increase your order should you find that you
have not enough on hand to convey the Season's
Greetings to your many friends.
Don't be sorry when Christmas Day arrives and then wish you had ordered
more cards
Our Prices are cut so low this year that the matter of an extra dozen or
two cards is a trivial matter
Samples can be seen at the Elks' Club.   Your cards returned
by next mail following receipt of order
We have sold Personal Christmas Cards in Anyox for the past eleven years,
and our business is increasing.   There is a reason of course.   It is high grade
cards and printing, plus a low price, and quick delivery
Support one of the District's Industries
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The Herald: $2.00 a Year, $1.00 for Six Months.   Subscribe Now.
Tight Fit But Paint Untouched
•\-y.v 4 \y*. ^.^.*.v.>:w;w:v*-^:-v:■'■■:■.;
Residents of Panama Canal
Zone had their biggest thrill
since the "big ditch" was finished when the Canadian Pacific
liner "Empress of Britain" passed through the canal in April.
As the largest vessel ever to navigate the canal the Empress received unusual attention. In fact
as far as canal officials were
concerned, she was viewed with
furrowed brows. The lock-keepers, if they wanted to, could have
jumped aboard her, so tightly
did she fit.
Furrowed brows marked Chief
Officer, W. 0. Busk-Wood, H.N.R.,
of the Empress of Britain. As
tbe "Mate" he is responsible for
her gleaming white painted sides
and bets were freely offered that
he would have to put men over
the side when she reached Cristobal to re-paint. Scotchmen
amongst the 481 passengers covered every bet—they.had faith in
the Scottish caution of Commodore R. G. Latta, her commander.
It was a tight fit, but never a
scratch of paint!
The photograph shows the
Empress of Britain entering the
Pedro Miguel lock. Her passengers crowded the decks to
watch the spectacle and so interesting was this feat of navigation that Chief Steward Frank
Moss complained that for the first
time in four and a half months
they forgot to eat!
Your Message To
The Public
Will give you 100 Per Cent. Results
when it is Published in The Herald
If you are holding a Dance, Card Party,
Concert, Public Celebration, or any Public
Affair, or if you have anything to sell, the
quickest, cheapest and easiest way to inform
the Public is to carry an advertisement in
the Herald
Our Advertising Rates are
The Herald finds its way into almost every
home in the district, and your message is carefully and leisurely read by the whole family
round their own fireside. It is not scanned
over and forgotten as is a small weather-beaten
message stuck on a post
We can also handle your printing orders cheaply, quickly and
Anyox Representative—Mr. P. Powell,
Phone 262 ALICE   ARM   AND   ANYOX   HERALD.   Saturday. December 17.  1932
The Four Marx Brothers.
A Paramount Production.
They're off again on all eight feet
and heaven help the girls who have
cracked lips. This picture is a jubilant whinny of unbridled joy.
Groucho is a college prexy who
keeps pretty co-eds after school.
Harpo is a thieving dog-catcher.
Chico is a bootlegging iceman who
sells a kick in every cake, and Zep-
po is a football stewdent. It's just
one long college yell of joy as they
clown with the co-eds, caper over
the campus, and turn a football
game into a roaring riot. You'll
laugh till you're limp. X Marx the
Saturday's program is exceptional: "Paramount Pictorial", "Shine
on Harvest Moon"—A Paramount
Screen Song; "Hollywood on Parade" and Paramount News.
Anyox Notes
J. A. D. Stewart left on Wednesday for a visit to Vancouver Island.
Miss Gladys Ballentyne returned
on Monday from Vancouver.
W. 0. Boyce left on Monday for
a visit to Vancouver. Mrs. Boyce
and children are at present in that
Carl Pelovich returned on Monday
from a visit to Vancouver.
Miss G. McWhinney left on
Wednesday for a visit to Vancouver
and California.
Miss E. Graves arrived on Wednesday from Vancouver. Miss
Graves will join the hospital staff
as nurse.
Mr. and Mrs. W. Cloke left on
Wednesday for Vancouver, where
Mrs. Cloke will seek special medical
Joe Sleigh returned on Wednesday from a visit south.
W. Wharton left on Wednesday
for a visit to Seattle and  Portland.
Mrs. J. Robertson and her daughters Hester and Mary left on Wednesday for Vancouver, where they
will reside.
TUESDAY,  DEC. 20th.
John Barrymore, Helen Twelvetrees
Jill Esmond, William Boyd, Mary
In this RKO Radio Picture John
Barrymore is superb. Dynamic
Romannic. Politics made him and
a woman broke him. He is the
kind of a lawyer who never handled
a straight case in his life. Helen
Twelvetrees is seen in her most
spectacular performance. All the
details of this picture are technically correct and the setting itself was
copied from an actual night courtroom. You are sure to like this
picture on Tuesday.
v" '.<
V. Vikstrom left on  Wednesday
for a visit to Vancouver.
320 ROOMS all outside moms
DAILY «o«t 2*»
WEEKLY fMM ,15°-°
MONTHLY ™m,350-0
Ivenj meal
popularly priced
Send for
F 0 L 0 E r\
Hotel Georgia
"POOP    LAGER    IS    GOOD    FOR    YOU"
■T it's a case of good cheer
•"• for tho Festive Season—
then try B.C. Bud. This is
a delicious pale lager, brewed
from the choicest malt and
selected hops. It has fully
matured flavor and invigorating quality all of its own.
Other most popular malt
beverages arc:
Silver Spring Lager, Old
Milwaukee Lager, English
Bitter Beer, Bohemian
Lager, Burton type Ale,
XXXX Stout.
Order your requirements
now. Orders for two dozen
or more placed with Government Stores will be delivered
to your home.
LAGER #2.0©
ALE     #2.4©
At Government Stores
f+.•.+.•.+.•. .r^.**.**.*...*....**.*.*.**..**.*
Miss Alice Kergin, who is attend
ing St. Joseph's Academy at Prince
Rupert, arrived on Thursday and
will spend Christmas holidays with
her parents.
Continued howls of a band of
wolves were heard on Monday at
noon at Alice Arm. The wolves
were on the hill east of Silver City.
Will the parents of children please
leave their gifts for the Christmas
Tree at T. W. Falconer's hall on
Wednesday afternoon.
Holy Communion will be held at
St. Michael's Church tomorrow,
Sunday, December 18th. at 10 a.m.
Evening Service will also be held
at 7.30p.m. Mr. J. Walter-Hughes
will conduct the services.
The upper part of the inlet at
Alice Arm was covered with over
four inches of ice during the week.
Skaters have been enjoying themselves to the full during the last few
days. It is possible to skate from
the Alice Arm side to the Silver City
float across the inlet.
A card party was held at the Club
House on Saturday evening by the
Alice Arm Athletic Association. A
larger number than on the previous
occasion attended and, as usual, an
enjoyable evening was spent. The
winners of the evening were: Ladies' first prize, Mrs. O. Evindsen;
Men's first prize, Mr. J. Graham.
Refreshments terminated the evening's enjoyment.
Ladies'   Hospital   Auxiliary
Christmas Tree
As in former years, the Women's
Hospital Auxiliary will have a
Christmas Tree at the local Hospital. A concert will also be given at
the hospital on Christmas Eve, and
anyone wishing to play Santa to the
patients or anyone else at that
worthy institution may have their
gifts taken care of through the
Auxiliary. That body of willing
workers undertakes to look after
the patients only, and are glad to
have the co-operation of the general
public in their efforts at Christmas
Opposite Liquor Store
B.  P. O.  ELKS
Dominion of Canada and Newfoundland
M«t> every second and fourth Monday ol
the month
Hall for rent for dances, social functions, etc.
on application lo club manager
to Vancouver
Return Limit
March 31, 1933
Full particulars Irom inn agent
Candies, Stationery, Proprietary
Medicines, Toilet Articles, Etc.
W. M. ClimmingS.   Agent for all Vancouver Daily Papers
Post Office Building, Alice Arm
laeful (Sifts tm Mm I
Dress Shirts, with collars attached or separate collars.
Of fine quality broadcloth; $1.95, $2.25, $2.50.
Fancy Socks in all the latest patterns;  50c, 60c, 75c,
85c, $1.00.
SWEATERS: We can supply just the Sweater you
would like.   In All Wool, or Silk and Wool; $2.75
to $5.50.
THE NEWEST SCARVES: A smart and welcome gift   In All Wool or Silk, at $1.00, $2.00,
$2.50 and up.
LEATHER DRESS GLOVES, at $1.50   and
NECK TIES: See the latest styles in these!   Pleasing gifts, neatly boxed, 50c to $1.50.
Wednesday,  21st.  (Pay   Day)  open until 7
p.m.   Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 22nd.
23rd. and 24th, open until 8 p.m.
See the Displays of Useful
Gifts throughout the Store


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