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 A little paper
with all the
news and a big
Published in the interests of Alice Arm and Anyox, B. C.
$2.00 a Year
Alice Arm and
Anyox. $2.25 to
all other points.
VOL. 13,   NO. 13
Alice Arm, B. C, Saturday, October 7, 1933
5 cents each.
Skating Rink for Anyox
Being Planned
The idea of constructing a skating rink in Anyox was reoently
mooted by a well known enthusiast, and has oaught on with amazing quioknesa. A screen announcement at the pioture show last Saturday was greeted with cheers,
and an organization meeting
brought out many keen followers
of the sport. A large number of
tentative membership forms have
already been signed, and the Community League have endorsed the
idea and are giving the scheme
every encouragement. With the
large number of skaters now residing iu the community a commodious rink is practically assured,
and will be a source of recreation
to all who use it.
Football Association Accounts
Show Nice Balance
The accounts of the Football Association for the season just ended
show a balance on the right side of
the ledger, their receipts being
$163.25 and expenditures $94.14,
thus leaving an amount in hand of
$69.11. This sum will be turned
over to the Community League to
be used towards the purchase of
prizes for the two winning teams;
namely, the Rangers, winners of
the League, and the Celts, who
won the Football Cup. The best
thanks of the Association are extended to the A. C. L. for the use
of the football grounds and their
maintenance, and their willing assistance whenever same was requested.
Harvest Thanksgiving Held
At Anglican Church
Christ Church was filled with
worshippers on Sunday evening
last, the oooasion being the annual
Harvest Thanksgiving service.
The church was beautifully deoor-
ated with flowers and vegetables,
and a most appropriate interesting
sermon was preaohed by Rev. A.
Abraham. A ohoir is already in
formation, and an Anglican Young
Peoples' Society is being organized.
Last Week's News Published
In Today's Issue
Although every effort was made
last week to issue the Herald as
usual, circumstances would not allow it. All of last week's looal
' news, however, has been published
in this issue, some of which appears
on page two.
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Mr. A. Todd Presented
With Handsome Clock
On Friday afternoon September
22nd., Mr. Arthur Todd, Coke
Plant Superintendent, was made the
recipient of a handsome wedding
present by the members of his staff
and crew. The gift took the form
of a handsome oak clock with
Westminster chimes, the presentation being made by Mr. A. R.
Kent, who expressed the best wishes
of the employees for the happiness
of Mr. and Mrs. Todd. He stated
that he hoped the clock would never
register the time when the marriage
would be regretted.
Mr. Todd expressed his pleasure
at receiving such a handsome token,
and his keen appreciation of the
thoughtfulness of his staff. In a
facetious vein he stated that it was
difficult to find suitable words with
which to reply as he had never experienced anything of this kind before.. Mr. Todd was married in
London recently while on a holiday
A. C. L. Sports Banquet
Grand Success
A complimentary Sports Banquet was held in the Mine Hall on
Wednesday last under the auspices
of the Beach and Mine Brandies of
the Anyox Community League and
the Granby Company. It proved
one of the most successful and en
joyable events of this kind ever
Oue hundred and fifty persons
sat down to a sumptuous repast,
and a lengthy programme of vooal
and musical items was enjoyed.
The prizes and trophies won by
the teams of the various sports
during the past season were presented during the evening.
A full report of the proceedings
will appear in our next issue.
A. C. L. Dance at Mine Was
Well Attended
One of those pleasant Community
League dances which are now part
and parcel of the social life of the
people at the Mine, was held on
Friday evening September 22nd. in
the Mine Hall, when a good number
of people attended. The floor had
been well prepared, and the Merrymakers' Orchestra furnished peppy
and tuneful music. Dainty refreshments were served during the evening. The pleasant atmosphere
surrounding these popular dances
speaks well for their success in the
Advertise in the Herald
Opening of Badminton
Season Attracts Large
Judging by the large number
who attended the opening night
for Badminton in the Gymnasium
on Monday last, and the keen interest displayed, this popular sport
is iu for the biggest season yet experienced. No less than seventy-
three members were on hand to
take part in the opening games.
A great many new faces were
seen on the floor and it is understood that still more prospective
players are prepared to join the
club. Appetizing refreshments
were served during the evening.
The committee extends a cordial
invitation to anyone interested in
the game to visit the hall on praotice evenings and i get acquainted.
Praotice evenings are not yet definitely set, and in the meantime
Tuesdays and Thursdays will be
set aside for the) game. Mr. W.
Gibb is the energetic secretary, aud
A. H. Kirby is tha president.
Mrs. Wenerstrom Winner Of
Ladies' Handicap Golf
H. R. Taylor Winner
Of Golf Trophy
We have only recently secured
details as to the result of the Golf
Club Handicap Championship, for
which there were forty-six entries.
This event created even more interest than did the regular championship, as the various handicaps,
which were carefully allotted, made
the games in every round very close.
The finalists were C. O. Fricker
and H. R. Taylor, the former having to concede four strokes over the
36-hole route. It proved to be a
very close and well-fought match
throughout. At the end of the
first eighteen holes the contestants
were all square, and the game was
anybody's up to the last hole, when
Taylor won two up. This championship carried with it the handsome Charles Bocking trophy, and
the winner received many congratulations on his success.
J. Rainbow Speeds To Visit
His Sick Mother
The final of the Handicap Cham
pionship of the Ladies of the Golf
Club, played on Saturday the29th.
resulted in a win for Mrs. Wenerstrom over Mrs. Cundill. This
was a well played match, the con
testants being all square at the
ninth hole. Mrs. Wenerstrom
finally winning 3 up aud 2 to go.
In the First Flight of the above
Handicap series Miss Cloke won
from Mrs. Gorman; Miss Shields
defaulted to Mrs. Johnstone; Mrs.
Smith defeated Airs. Stewart, and
Mrs. Lee defaulted to Mrs. Deane.'
In the final played on Wednesday, Mrs. Smith was the winner of
a very close and exciting game.
Mrs. Cundill was the winner of
the Sun Life Cup for September,
with a net of 82.
D. C. Roy was the winner of the
Lovested Cup for September, with
a net of 65.
There were four flights among
the various competitors for the
Handicap Championship of the
Golf Club, the First Flight beiug
won by F. C. 0. Edwardes. The
other three flights are steadily
Receiving messages by radio and
telegram that his mother was dan-
gerously ill at Hed ley, B. G, Jaok
Rainbow, an employee of the Granby Company, was hastily conveyed
in Alton Pynn'sgasboatou Sunday
last to Ramsden Point, on the
Portland Canal, and transferred to
steamship Prince George, en route
from Stewart to Prinoe Rupert.
On hearing of Rainbow's predicament Mr. Pynn volunteered to
assist him by means of his gasboat
and made the trip to meet the
George in company with George
Dyer. Three passengers on the C.
N. boat; namely J. A. Anderson,
J. Trinder and W. S. Orr, took the
opportunity of travelling to Anyox
iu Mr. Pymi's boat, thus saving
several hours by avoiding the run
to Prince Rupert..
Christ Church Services
Sunday School, 11 a.m.
Evensong, 7.45 p.m.
Lutherans and members of the
Greek Orthodox Church are cordial-
Iv invited.
No  Change In Local
Political Situation
Since the last issue of the Herald
two weeks ago, no change has
taken place in the local political
situation. All five candidates are
still in the field, and no signs prevail of anyone withdrawing. Nomination day is scheduled for next
Thursday, October 12th. and on
that day it will be definitely decided the number of candidates in the
field. At the present time no in
formation has been received in regard to any additional candidates.
Following next Thursday, the
various candidates will no doubt
commence aotively conducting
their campaign, and inform the
eleotors by speeches, pamphlets and
advertising, their stand on various
provincial political mattorsand their
formula for curing the ills of the
depression as far at least as British
Columbia is concerned.
Result of Semi-Finals Ladies'
Golf Championship
In the semi-finals ofthe Handicap
Championship of the Ladies' Golf
Club Mrs. Wenerstrom won from
Mrs. Fricker, and Mrs. Cundill
from Mrs. Roy.
In the First Flight of this championship series Miss Cloke won
from Mrs. Gorman, and Mrs. Smith
defeated Mrs. George Stewart.
Mrs. Lee defaulted to Mrs. Deane.
Mrs. Johnstone and Miss Shields
have still to play in this round.
Alice Arm-Anyox Contract
For Mail Awarded
Christ Church Annual Fall
Bazaar Is Planned
Thursday, November 23rd. is the
date set by the Women's Auxiliary
of Christ Church for their Annual
Fall Bazaar. This has been one of
the chief social events of Anyox for
years past, and its popularity increases every year. Home cooking,
fancy work, novelties, and everything that goes to make a bazaar
attractive. Refreshments will be
served. Everybody keep this date
open and give 'em a call. A hearty
welcome awaits you.
Developing, Printing and Enlarging. All work returned on
following boat. Wrathall's Photo
Finishing, Prince Rupert.
Mr. Jens Larsen of Alice Arm
has been awarded the contract for
carrying the mail between Alice
Arm and Anyox. Notice to this
effect has been received locally
from the Postal authorities. The
date when he will take over his
new duties was not stated. Mr.
Larsen is purchasing a new launch
at Prince Rupert for the bi-weekly
service between the two towns.
Anyox I. 0. D. E. Resume
The regular monthly meeting of
the I. 0. D. E. was held on Monday evening last, Vice-Regent Mrs.
Fricker presiding. The meeting
concerned itself largely with a discussion on ways and means of raising funds for the various activities
of the local Chapter, and several
suggestions were made. The hostesses for the evening were Mesdames T. W. Pinckney, J. Wynne,
and D. Macleod.
Mrs. Harrington and Mrs. C.
Perks arrived last week from a trip
to Vancouver and southern points.
mssm ALICE   ARM   AND   ANYOX   HERALD.   Saturday. October 7.  1933
Alice Arm & Anyox Herald | Canada's   Tremendous
Issued every Saturday at Alice Arm
Alice Arm and Anyox $2.00 Yearly
Other Parts of Canada, $2.25
British Isles and United States, $2.50
Notices for Crown Grants -   -   $15,00
Land Notices -      -      -      -      $15.00
Transient Advertising, 50c. per inch
Contract Rates on Application.
E. MOSS. Editor and Publisher.
Prospects Are  Bright
For Basketball This
A well-attended basketball organization meeting was held in the Recreation Hall on Monday evening
the 25th. Sports Councillor J.
Buntain was elected to the chair.
The minutes of the previous annual
meeting were adopted, and the usual constitutional form was gone
Entries for teams were called for,
and from those entered and those
about to be formed, it would appear that there will be eight men's
basketball teams in the field this
season. These will be divided into
four senior A and four Senior B
teams. Of these there will be one
Senior A and one Senior B team
from the Mine. Two ladies' teams
are assured, and there are possibilities of a third team, which would
add considerably to the interest in
the ladies' league.
A number of nominations were
received for the basketball commission. Clarence Dresser was the
unanimous choice for secretary and
commissioner of the League.
With so many enthusiasts of this
popular game, and a large number
of new-comers to the camp, the
prospects for a good season are
very bright.
Expansion of Mining
Among the various business indexes which economists base their
deductions and prognostications
none occupy a more important place
than base metals. Latest figures
available in this respect show, comparatively, the tremendous growth
which industry has made in Canada
during the last decade and they also
indicate the low level to which
world commerce had dropped, states
the Industrial Department of the
Canadian National Railways.
Taking the production of copper,
lead and zinc in Canada during the
decade 1922 to 1932, Canada increased her production of copper
495.5 per cent, lead 282.9 per cent
and zinc 310.1 percent. Lead mining in Canada is concentrated in one
mine at Kimberly, British Columbia
which accounts for 98 per cent, of
all the lead mined in the Dominion,
Nickel, which is a product of the
steel-alloy age, exemplifies the extent to which world trade had fallen. Canada exercises practically a
monopoly in nickel production and,
therefore, Canadian figures can be
taken as a gauge in this regard
Comparing the year 1932 with 1929
there has been a decline of 72.4 per
cent, in production. Comparing
the 1932 with the 1931 level, production fell off nearly 54 per cent
With world trade recovery under
way, the production of copper, lead,
zinc and nickel should show corresponding increases.
Howe Sound Co. Increases
Howe Sound Company with the
October 15 dividend payment of 25c
returns to an annual dividend basis
of $1.00 per share, compared with
40 cents in recent quarters. The
25c payment will be made October
15, to shareholders of record September 30, Dividends of this company, which operates Britannia
Mine on Howe Sound and lead-zinc
mines in Mexico, reached a peak of
$5.00 per annum in 1929 after
$4,00 per annum in the two previous years. The distribution in
1930 totalled $4.00; in 1931, $2.25
and in 1932, 95 cents. For the
first two quarters of this year pay
ment was made at the rate of 10c
per share.
United Church Ladies
Hold Japanese Tea
Somewhat of an innovation was
the Japanese Tea which was held in
the United Church Hall on Friday
September 22nd. A large number
of people were present and thoroughly enjoyed the novel surroundings and the dainty refreshments
which were served. The hall was
prettily decorated in Japanese style,
and the oriental setting was made
realistic by the attractive costumes
of the young ladies who acted as
Those in charge of the arrangements for the tea were Mesdames
Dunn, Evans, Cloke, Roots and
Windram; and the young ladies who
served tea were Flora Cavers, Mae
Barclay, Eleanor Wilson, Lillian
Dresser and Mildred Dresser. The
Home Cooking and Candy section
was in charge of Mrs. W. Barclay,
who was assisted by Mrs. Ubell and
Mrs. Newton. Mrs. Bristow looked
after the general arrangements for
the afternoon.
The Herald is $2.00 a year.
Gold Production in Canada,
Slightly Lower
The production of gold in Canada
during June totalled 261,411 ounces,
in the preceding month 237,661
ounces were produced and in June,
1932, the output was 270,652
ounces. During the first six
months of the current year 1,457,-
923 ounces of gold were produced
in Canada as compared with 1,501,-
230 ounces in the corresponding
months of 1932.
Ontario mines produced 180,511
ounces, Quebec 33,845. The first
production of gold bullion by the
Beattie Gold Mines Ltd., in Dupar-
quet township is included in the
June record. British Columbia,
Manitoba, the Yukon and Nova
Scotia produced 46,055 ounces.
Included in this total were 13,132
ounces of alluvial gold from British
Columbia and the Yukon.
Bridegroom (in poetic frenzy, as
they stroll along the shore): "Roll
on, thou deep and dark blue ocean,
Bride: "Oh, Gerald, how wonderful you are.    It's doing it."
The one thing that hurts more
than paying an income tax is not
having to pay an income tax.
"Father, freight is goods that are
sent by water or land, isn't it?"
"That's right, son."
"Well, then, why is it that the
freight that goes by ship is called a
cargo, and when it goes by car it is
called a shipment?"
B.  P. O. ELKS
Dominion of Canada and Newfoundland
Meets every second and fourth Monday of
the month
Hall for rent for dances, social functions, etc.
on application lo club manager
Bread,  Cakes, Pastry,
(The Sailors love it)
(The Doctors recommend it)
Shipped by
LONDON Established 1849
We carry at all times a Full Line of First Class
Groceries;   also Heavy and Shelf Hardware.
Clothes,   Boots,   Shoes  and   Rubbers   of   all
descriptions.   A large stock to ohoose from
This advertisement is not publish-A
ed  or displayed  by   the   Liquorf
Control Board or by the Government of British Columbia
First-class Business  Lots at
$200   each,  and   Residential
Lots as low as $25.
Now it the Time to Buy Property
Agent for Alice Arm Mining
and Development Co.
Alice Arm
A Salad Dressing Everybody Likes I
kA ANY a knowing housewife has discovered this eggless mayonnaise
'"' recipe. Try it for yourself, and once you do we predict
that it will become one of your most cherished cooking secrets.
14 teaspoon salt
14 teaspoon dry mustard
14 teaspoon paprika
14 teaspoon sugar
Few grains cayenne
3 tablespoons St. Charles Milk
% cup salad oil
2 tablespoons vinegar, or
1 tablespoon lemon juice and
1 tablespoon vinegar.
Thoroughly mix dry ingredients. Add the milk, blend well and beat
in the oil gradually. Add the vinegar, or the lemon juice and vinegar,
beating until mixture is smooth.
This is just one of the many tempting recipes that you will find in the
80 pages of' The Good Provider". This beautifully
illustrated practical cook oook is yours for the asking. Write to The Borden Co. Limited, 50 Powell
St., Vancouver, and a copy will be sent to you
by return. sir
British Columbia
Has Produced Minerals of an Aggregate
Value of $1,400,000,000
You are invited to apply to the Department of Mines,
Victoria, B. C, for the latest authoritative information
regarding mining development in British Columbia
Annual Report of the Honourable the Minister of
Mines, for the calendar year 1932.
"Placer Mining in British Columbia."
Summary and Review of the Mineral Industry of British Columbia for the six months ended June 30th., 1933.
Non-Metallic Mineral Investigations: "Barite," "Asbestos;" "Glassware;" ''Clay;" "Magnesite and Hydro-
Husky and Happy-Oh Boy!
Forty-eight happy boys and
girls at the Royal York
Hotel, Toronto. They are the
lucky winners ot the Stiver Token
Contest sponsored by Crosse and
Blackwoll, well-known manufac-
t-rers of food products, and their
reward was a two-day visit to the
Canadian National Exhibition.
They all travelled Canadian
Pacific and the Royal York Hotel
was theirs for two full days.
There was much entertaining ln
the various rooms occupied by the
youngsters. The contents of a
large number of bottles ot pop
were consumed. Hands were
swept over slick heads and ties
were adjusted before entries were
made to the dining rooms, and
there was much jolly chatter over
meals. Thorough tours were made
of the big exhibition and for a
long time to come these boys and
girls will have happy memories
of the two exciting and hilarious
CanADA-The Ideal Vacation Land
4 Country of Scenic Charm and Outdoor Recreation
IN recent years Canada has
become one of the most
popular playgrounds of the
North American continent
and millions of tourists visit
this country annually, in
search of recreation.
Canada possesses aa extensive system of modern highways, with good
secondary roads linking together the
main routes of travel. Excellent
train services are in operation between the principal cities, while
steamship lines connect lake and
ocean ports. Every class of travel
accommodation is available, from
tourist camp to luxurious hotel. Our
larger Canadian cities possess some
of the finest hotels in the world and
the majority of smaller cities and
towns have modem establishments
which cater to the travelling public.
Recreational Attractions Nearby
Within reasonable touring distance of the main centres of population, recreational attractions of
outstanding merit are to be found.
Lakes and rivers well stocked with
fish, hunting areas of vast extent and
camping grounds' in their natural
state, are only a few of the many
features which make the country a
popular vacation land during all seasons of the year. An atmosphere
of old France permeates Quebec and
tbe Maritimes, while Ontario and
the Western provinces have much to
offer by way of historic sites and
Numeroni Canoe Trips
For those who desire a vacation
close to nature, a canoe trip is ideal
and Canada's extensive system of
rivers and lakes offers a limitless
choice of route and type of trip.
For the novice there are many trips
close to civilisation, which may be
taken with comfort and perfect
safety, while unmapped and even
unexplored regions challenge the expert and the adventurous. Canoes
and equipment may be rented and
guides are available in practically
all districts. •'Subject to reasonable
fire prevention regulations the canoe-
its, camper, camera hunter or
student of wild life, may come and
go, unrestricted, through the country's vast forested ana.
Excellent   Fishing
's fishing waters, on account of their extent and diversified
nature, provide an exceptional range
of sport for the angler. The game
fish include, salmon, brook trout, lake
trout, bass, maskinonge, pike, pickerel, grayling, steelhead and tuna.
Intelligent protection and constant
re-stocking help to keep up tbe supply of fish in the popular districts,
while in the more remote areas there
are still plenty of virgin waters. The
cost of fishing licences is moderate
and the open seasons are long.
Calf and  Tennis Popular
Caiada is well supplied with golf
sourses and new ones are being built
in every province. No city is without
at least one golf club and most of the
larger towns and popular summer re
sorts have courses.  Tennis b also
popular in all parts of the country.
Government Bureau Free
Information Service
A number of specially prepared
booklets on Canada's recreational
attractions and automobile road maps
indicating the main connecting highways between one province and another may be obtained free of charge
by adults, from the National Development Bureau of the Department of tbe Interior, at Ottawa. Tha
Bureau also has on file information
concerning practically all phases of
recreation in Canada, which will
be gladly provided, upon request.
In order that tbe most complete information may be supplied it is desirable that applicants be as specific at
possible as to the areas in which interested,
Our Circulation
Is Increasing
I Because the Alice Arm and Anyox
Herald carries all the local news of
the district, placed before its readers
in a concise and pleasing manner.
A glance over the headlines shows
exactly what has happened in Anyox
and Alice Arm during the past
Reliable reports gathered from authentic sources, regarding the state
of the copper and silver markets are
frequently published; also interesting
news items of provincial mining activities, etc.
Broadminded editorials, written from
a purely independent viewpoint, concerning the metal markets, Provincial,
Dominion and International politics;
also editorial comment on local affairs
are a feature of the Herald.
This bright and newsy paper will be sent you
through the mail (or $2.00 per year, or $1.00
for six months.   Or 5 cents per copy if you
wish to buy it by the week.
Read The Herald and Keep
Informed of what is happening
in the district.
Subscriptions at Anyox can be obtained from
Mr. P. Powell, or at the Post Office
"READ THE HERALD!! ALICE   ARM   AND   ANYOX   HERALD.   Saturday, October 7.  1933
Dave  Hamilton  Joins The
Hole-In-One Club
On September 6th. Dave Hamilton achieved the distinction of
making a hole-in-one on the Anyox
Golf Course. The feat was performed on the 18th. hole. ' Dave,
who is one of the outstanding footballers of Anyox, has sbown that he
can also wield a wicked golf club.
October 6th. 1933.
I, T. W. Falconer, a candidate
in a Provincial Election to be held
November 2nd. 1933 do hereby appoint Mr. Cpcil 0. Fricker of Anyox
B. C. my agont.
Signed, T. W.  FALCONER.
J. Trinder,
Returning Officer,
Atlin Electoral District,
Anyox, B. C.
October 6th. 1933.
I, H. F. Kergin. a candidate iu a
Provincial Election to be held
November 2nd 1933 do hereby appoint Mr. Harry Fowler of Alice
Arm B. C. my agent.
Signed, H. F. KERGIN.
J. Trinder,
Returning Officer,
Atlin Electoral District,
Anyox, B. C.
October 6th. 1933.
I, W. J. Asselstine, a oandidate
in a Provincial Election to be held
November 2nd. 1933 do hereby appoint Mr. Howard Campbell of
Stewart, B. C. my agent.
J. Trinder,
Returning Officer,
Atlin Electoral District,
Anyox, B. C.
October 6th. 1933.
I, H. W. M. Rolston, a candidate in a Provincial Election to be
held November 2nd. 1933 do hereby appoint Mr. Gordon P. Heinekey
of Stewart, B. 0. my agent.
Signed, H. W. M. ROLSTON.
J. Trinder,
Returning Officer,
Atlin Electoral District,
Anyox, B. C.
Ootober 6th. 1933.
I, T. J. Shenton, a candidate in
a Provincial Election to be held
November 2nd. 1933 do hereby appoint Mr. Charles H. Lake of
Stewart, B, C. my agent.
Signed, T. J. SHENTON.
J. Trinder,
Returning Officer,
Atlin Electoral District,
Anyox, B. C.
Advertise in the Herald
Second Round Ladies' Golf
Handicap Championship
In the second round of the Ladies'
Golf Handicap Championship, Mrs.
Fricker won from Mrs. Peters, Mrs.
Wenerstrom defeated Mrs. Gigot,
Mrs. Cundill won from Miss Dresser and Mrs. Roy from Mrs. Sheen.
The next round will determine the
finalists for this important annual
♦-.♦■■■♦■•■+.«.+■»+■»■+■>.+.».+■»■ 4 ■>■ 4 .tit.>..
T. W. Hall, inspector of schools
for northern B. C. arrived in town
on Monday last week, and left again
for Anyox on Tuesday after an
examination of school pupils here.
Mrs. E. Petersen, who has spent
some time at Prince Rupert arrived
home last week.
J. Trinder, returning officer for
Atlin Electoral District during the
coming election, left for Stewart
on official duties on Monday of last
week and returned again the following Monday.
Mrs. L. Pamplin left for Anyox
last week with her daughter Kathleen. The latter has spent the
summer months here.
J. A. Anderson, superintendent
of Public Works, spent a few days
in town this week. While here he
made an examination of the Dolly
Varden railway and transportation
conditions in the Upper Kitsault
Mr. and Mrs. Jens Larsen left
on Wednesday for Prince Rupert.
They expect to return on theirown
launch, which is a new one that is
being built in Prince Rupert for
Mr. Lars?n.
T. W. Falconer, Independent-
candidate at tlie forthcoming election left on Wednesday for Anyox,
where he will spend a few days in
connection with his election campaign. Since he has announced
that he will run as an Independent
Mr. Falconer states that he has
received very strong support from
all sections of the Atlin riding.
Boarder: "Come quick—two rats
are fighting in my room."
Landlady: "Well, what do you
expect for fifty cents—a bull fight?"
Apartment  House,   Going
Concern.   Address Box 189
Daily News, Prince
Mrs. H. R. Healy returned to
town on Monday from a visit to
the south.
Mrs. Murdoch returned on Monday from Victoria.
A. Calderoni returned on Mon
day from  a holiday visit to the
F. Dodsworth left on Monday
for a holiday visit to Vancouver.
Mr. and Mrs. F. F. Brown re
turned last week from a visit to
Vancouver and Victoria.
Mrs. Art. Dwyer returned last
week from a visit to Vancouver.
C. P. Ashmore returned last
week from a business trip to Vancouver.
L. McKay returned last week
from a visit to Vancouver,
Ed. Ashton returned last week
from a visit to Toronto and other
eastern Canadian points. He also
visited the big Chicago exhibition.
Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Hall left on
Thursday for the south. Mr. Hall
is the Inspector of Schools, for
northern B. C. with headquarters
at Prince Rupert.
Government Spends $20,000
On Bridge River Roads
following out an active policy of
opening up roads and trails to producing mining properties, the British Columbia Department of Mines
has placed a further $5,000 at the
disposal of the public works department for road improvement in the
Bridge River section, serving Bralorne, Pioneer, and other mines.
This brings the total to be expended
this season on such work to $20,000
on funds secured through prior
savings effected in the Mines De
A brain is no stronger than its
weakest think.
W. J. Asselstine, Liberal Candidate, will address a Meeting of
Electors in the Recreation Hall,
Anyox, on Wednesday Evening
next, October Hth., commencing at 8 p.m.
William J, Asselstine
Liberal Candidate
Familiar with  Every Phase of Mining, and
Capable of presenting all   problems from
Prospecting to Production
"The People Before the Party"
Steamship Service •
(Effective from October 4th)
S.S. "Prince Geor8c" or S.S. "Prince Rupert" for
Vancouver, calling al Ocean Falls and Powell River
For Anyox and Stewart—WEDNESDAYS, 4 P.M.
Southbound passengers from Anyox and Stewart leave
Anyox Thursdays a.m., Stewart 11 a.m. same day.
Fortnightly Service to Queen Charlotte Islands.
Trains leave Prince Rupert for Jasper, Winnipeg and
points East Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays 5.30 p.m.
For Information, call or write Local Agent or
write H.   McEwen,  District Freight and
Panenger Agent,  Prince Rupert B. C. V-114-8S
Canadian  National
Wet weather Clothes
We have a large stock of Men's Wet Weather
Clothes for all purposes, including High Grade
Rubber Boots in low, knee and hip lengths. Slicker
Coats and Hats, Mackinaw Shirts, Pants and Coats.
Heavy Woollen Shirts, Etc.
Oar Prices are exceedingly Low.  .Call and inspect
oar large Up-to-date Stock
LEW  LUN  & Go.
General Merchants, Anyox West side of Smelter,
OPEN   UNTIL   10   P.M.
3 l^=lC3C3t II inaDc
Candies, Stationery, Proprietary
Medicines, Toilet Articles, Etc.
W. M. CummingS,   Agent for all Vancouver Daily Papers
Post Office Building, Alice Arm
Badminton Begins
Including the famous Top-flight, G. A. T. Special
and Queens' all priced to sell quickly
National $2.50
Star  3.15
Army  3.40
X. L  4.50
Premier  3.75
Buckley 5.75
Cheltenham  7.15
Top-flight   7.50
G. A. T. Special 12.25
Queens 12.25
Presses at 50c. and 75c.   Shuttlecocks $3.75 doz.


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