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 A little paper
with all the
news and a big
Published in the interests of Alice Arm and Anyox, B. C.
$2.50 a Year
Alice Arm and
Anyox. $2.75 to
all other points.
VOL. 10,   NO.   15
Alice Arm, B. C, Saturday, October 11, 1930
5 cents eaoh.
New Ore Discovery Is
^     Made on Moose
J. Strombeek, who has spent
considerable time this summer in
close prospecting the Moose property has discoveted a vein of solid
galena ore, carrying good silver
values. The vein has been traced
for several hundred feet, and has a
width varying from 18 inches to 6
feet. Samples brought down show
it to be a massive high grade ore.
An ore showing, composed of high
grade grey copper ore, carrying
silver values was also discovered,
and it is expected that further work
will show that the two veins merge.
Mr. Strombeek intends to further
develop the new discovery this fall
by surface stripping and open cuts.
The Moose adjoins the Wolf
property in tbe Upper Kitsault
country, and is owned by J. Strom-
beck and Miles Donald. Considerable development work has been
done on the property at various
times by tunnels on the larger ore
bodies, of which silver is the predominating metal. The results of
development have been very encouraging, but the present low
price of silver does not encourage
further development on an extensive
i+,.»■♦■♦.■»..»<.» ■■♦■■■♦ ».♦■.>.■.»■'■<
H. C. Fraser, inspector of
sohools, arrived at Alice Arm on
Monday morning. During the day
he made a thorough examination
of the pupils at the looal school
and left on Tuesday morning for
Mrs. J. A. Wheatly, who left
last week to attend the wedding of
Mrs. R. E. MaoKaraoher and Mr.
S. D. Murray of Anyox whioh took
place at Prinoe Rupert, arrived
home on Monday.
Arthur'Smith, left on Wednesday for his home in Vanoouver,
after spending some time here examining the holdings of the Kitsault River Mining and Development Co., and gathering other
mining data.
Louis Reynolds who has spent
the summer months at Stewart
returned home on Monday evening.
T. W. Falooner left on Wednesday for a visit to Vancouver.
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Basketball League Make
Plans for Coming
On the night of Monday, October 20th the Basketball League
met in the Recreation Hall to discuss plans for the coming season.
It was announced that there
will be four leagues in operation
this year, and a very successful
basketball season is looked forward
to by the league officials. Considerable interest lias already been
shown by the public, and the players themselves are very anxious
for au early start this season.
There are to be three teams in
the Senior A league, two in the
Senior B. league, and two in the
Intermediate league, as well as two
teams in the Ladies' league.
It is planned,, according to the
present tentative schedule, to play
three games, two nights each week,
possibly Mondays and Thursdays.
The present schedule calls for a
Senior A. and a Senior B. game
each basketball night, and for the
third, game of the evening, the
Ladies team play one night and
the Intermediate team alternating
on the next basketball night.
The season is scheduled to open
on the night of Monday, October
20th, so come along all you basketball fans, get behind the game and
give it a real boost this winter.
Every night is Bargain Night at
the Basketball games—just think
it, three big games for one thin
dime, what could be sweeter.
Don't forget, the opening games
on Monday, October 20th.
Granby Co. Forced To
Reduce Dividends
Anyox  Couple Married At
Prince Rupert
Two well known Anyox people
were united in marriage at Prince
Rupert on Saturday, when Mrs.
Rosamund Ella MacKaracher became the bride of Mr. Simon David
Murray. The wedding was quietly
solemnized at the residence of
Canon W. F. Rushbrook at three
o'clock in the afternoon. Miss
Olive Wilson attended the bride,
and Mrs. J. A. Wheatley of Alice
Arm was Matron-of-Honor.
Mr. and Mrs. Murray will reside
at Anyox. Both have been residents of Anyox for a number of
years, and their many friends wish
them the best of good luck. Both
were former residents of Pictou,
N. S.
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The Granby Consolidated Mining
Smelting & Power Co. Ltd. has
reduced its dividend payable to
shareholders on November 1, of
record October 17, from 75c. to
50c. her share.
Dividends in the form of capital
distribution amounted to $2 per
share for the first two quarters of
the current year. The distribution
on August 1 was reduced to 75c.
per share and now a further cut is
announced, reflecting the company's
diminishing earnings, caused by
the low copper prices.
The company is now producing
its copper at a consolidated cost of
nine cents per pound from its Anyox
and Allenby properties, after crediting precious metals and miscellaneous income to copper before depreciation writeoffs. Costs for the
second quarter of the year were
9.95 cents; for the first quarter,
12.07 cents, and for the full year of
1929, 10.614.—Financial News.
All copper mining companies of
North and South America have
been forced to. reduce their dividends since the decline in copper
prices commenced this year.
♦ ■•■ + '>■♦■■■♦■•■ ■■■+■•'+■■.♦■•■+ •>+•••+•••4*«,4 j
Miss E. Mitohell arrived from
Vancouver on Wednesday evening.
Don Ritchie returned to Anyox
on Wednesday's boat, after spending the summer in Vancouver and
the East, recuperating from his
serious illness last winter.
Dr. H. T. James returned on
Wednesday evening from a vacation in the south.
W. R. Lindsay, returned to
Anyox on Wednesday evening,
after spending a few weeks holiday
in Vanoouver and Seattle.
Mrs. C. Gunderson and baby,
were southbound passengers on the
Prince George on Wednesday
H. C. Fraser, inspector of schools
arrived in town on Tuesday in
order to conduct an examination of
pupils at the local sohools.
F. Buckle arrived in Anyox on
Wednesday, after an exploration
trip to Hazelton and district.
Miss  K.  Blakey  returned    to
Anyox on Wednesday, after spend
ing holidays in the south.
Miss R. Woolaey, relief nurse at
the Anyox Hospital, was a southbound passenger on Wednesday
Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Wenerstrom
returned to Anyox on Monday.
Mr. Wetherington and Mr. A.
Berry arrived in Anyox, Monday
morning from Vanoouver.
Kitsault  Co.   Develop
Rich Gold-Copper
Ore Body
This season's work on the hold
ings of the Kitsault River Mining
and Development Co. at the Kitsault Glacier has developed a considerable body of ore carrying good
gold values in addition to copper,
states A. Smith who recently made
on examination cf the property aud
who returned to Vancouver on
Mr. Smith was greatly enthused
with the body of gold-copper ore
that has been developed this year
by J. Fiva and brothers. Work
this year is concentrated on what
is known as the spar vein. This
vein was stripped for several hundred feet, and it was found that it
connected with another vein on the
north which was discovered some
years ago.
Samples from this latter vein
have given as high as $48.50 in
gold and 31 per cent, oopper per
ton. Owing to the dry warm
summer in the Upper Kitsault
country whioh was favorable for
development work in the vicinity
of the glacier, it was deoided to
explore this vein. Development
work shows the vein matter to be!
18 feet wide in which chalcopyrite
copper is abundant. Large copper
nuggets were found, which carry
free gold.
In addition to this splendid ore
body, samples taken from the Fox
tunnel at a lower elevation, have
given assay returns of $26.00 in
gold per ton.
This discovery of gold, both free
and in pyrites, in what is known as
the Upper Kitsault copper belt will
probably be instrumental in opening up a new important property
independent of silver, which in the
past has been the predominant
metal in the development of the
Ladies' Hospital Auxiliary
Elect Officers
The annual meeting of the Anyox
Ladies' Hospital Auxiliary was held
on Monday afternoon at the Hospital.
Among other business transacted
was the election of officers for the
ensuing year, which are as follows:
Honorary President, Mrs. W. F.
Honorary Vice-President, Mrs.
J. S. Brayfield.
President, Mrs. H. R. Patrick.
Vice-President, Mrs. A. R. Kent.
Secretary-Treasurer, Mrs. F.
Results of Ladder Games
Anyox Tennis Club
For This Year
The final results of the 1930
Ladder competitions show that Mr
Ross Oatman won the Gent's Ladder with a good margin over Jerry
Macintyre tlie runner-up. Angus
Cavers finished third.
In the Ladies' Competition, Mrs.
J. Smith won with a good margin
over Miss Leighton the runner-up.
Miss Kathleen Eve finished third.
A great deal of interest was
displayed in the ladder series this
year, much of which was probably
due to the unusually fine dry summer we have experienced. Another
feature of the ladder games which
helped to make them popular, was
that it gave tiie entrants a chance
to have competitive singles matches
with other players who are about
equal to themselves in ability.
The results of the season's ladder
series, as compiled  by the Committee, are as follows:
Name Matchel MMchei Total    Score
Played   Won   Cutlet Won
Oatman E.R     16 15 159 1759
MoIntyreO.G.   14 9 116 1123
Cavers A.          12 7 91 896
McDougall A.    15 6 102 818
Field A. E.        14 6 102 813
SimondsP.        12 6 82 788
James G.              7 5 64 661
AltenC.               7 4 60 556
Pinckney J.         4 4 40 540
Gourlay H. A.      8 3 61 456
Spencer H.          7 3 56 450
Goedbloed L. A.   6 3 53 448
Rudland W. H.    6 3 52 447
Grant H. R.        4 3 33 423
Cavers W. Jr.      6 2 47 338
Towgood R. S.    6 2 45 335
Clark C. A. F.     8 2 40 330
McConnachie J.   3 2 29 327
McRae V. S.       4 2 33 323
Lee G. M.            5 2 35 320
Kent H.P.          5 1 41 232
Hill F.                5 1 35 220
Cutler R. O.         1 1 10 210
Johnstone W.G.   3 1 21 200
Youngs T.N.       1 0 8 90
Gordon F.            3 0 16 83
Stewart J. A. D.   4 0 14 75
Smith Mrs. J.    21 16 196 1903
Leighton Miss    17 12 149 1458
Eve Miss K.       18 10 140 1258
Dresser Miss M. 18 8 120 1047
Cutler Mrs.          5 3 40 430
Simpson Mrs.      4 3 36 430
Kirby Mrs.        12 2 45 358
StewartMrs. J.A. 8 2 49 341
McRae Mrs.         3 2 23 307
Blakey Miss         5 2 28 307
Dresser Miss L.    6 2 28 307
Eve Miss V.        5 1 38 226
Lemon Miss         2 1 19 215
O'Neill Miss        2 0 11 75
Gordon Miss T.    1 0 4 50 ALICE  ARM  AND  ANYOX  HERALD.  Saturday, October 11, 1930
Alice Arm & Anyox Herald
Issued every Saturday at Alice Arm
Alice Arm' and Anyox $2.50 Yearly
Other Parts of Canada, $2.75
British Isles and United States, $3.00
Notices for Crown Grants -   -   $15.00
Land Notices ....      $15.00
Transient Advertising, 50c. per inch
Contract Rates on Application.
E. MOSS, Editor and Publisher.
Departments at Ottawa
Now Settled Down
To Business
Ottawa, October 4th; (Special to
the Herald.) With the emergency
session of Parliament ended and
Canada's delegation off to the
Imperial and Economic conference,
the departments of Government
are getting down to real business
for the first time in eight months.
When the House is in session the
regular routine of the departments
is disrupted. That happened from
February until June. Then came
another upsetting feature in the
election campaign and immediately
after it the change of Government
and hasty preparation for the session which has just terminated.
Conditions in the civil service,
of course, are not what they were
prior to formation of the Civil Service Commission. Then a change
of Government brought the menace
of dismissal before every appointee
of the outgoing administration.
Now only those found guilty of
marked partisanship have anything
to fear. There are, of course,
changes in the higher confidential
positions, but even here the number of post-election traufers are
extremely inconsequential.
While the major burden of
administration of unemployment
relief voted by parliament falls
upon the Labor and Public Works
Departments, almost every branch,
of tho Government is interested.
This work, together with the re
organization of the Pensions Department and reconstruction of the
Canadian National Railway directorate, formed the most immediate
tasks which Mr. Bennett left to
his colleagues when he sailed for
Tlie British High Commission
ship will not be filled until his re
turn, nor is it likely that a new
Minister will be appointed to
Washington till then. It is unlikely that any developments with
regard to St. Lawrence development will take place until Mr.
Bennett comes home and in the interval there are no questions arising between Canada and Washing
ton which cannot be handled by
the Canadian charge,
An anti-tobacco leaflet says a
cannibal will not eat the meat of a
man who has used tobacco. But
what of it? Who is going to go
without tobacco just to pamper a
Will Control Price of School
Hon. Joshua Hinchcliffe, minister of education, announced last
week the Department of Education,
starting next year, will control the
price of text books without engaging in their sale. This is an alter,
native to the proposal of the
School Trustees' Association of
British Columbia that the government itself sell all the books used
in schools.
Children of Returned Men
Receive Education Grants
Eighty-two children of returned
men are receiving benefits under
the provincial pension plan for the
education of children of soldiers,
Hon. Joshua Hinchcliffe minister of
education and father of the plan,
stated last week.
The sum of $12,000 is to be distributed to parents of children aid.
ed under the plan. The commission
administering the plan met yesterday and made the awards.
Anyox Community
The Council of the League
meets on the Second and
Fourth Wednesday of each
month, in Recreation Hall,
at 7 p.m. *
EjNJOY the luxury itnil
comfort of Canadian National
whenerer you travel east or
south. Modern equipment * * .
personal service.
S.S. Prince Rupert or Prince
<;«M>r«<« sails from Stewart for
Ketchikan, Prince Rupert and
Vnncouver,   Sundays   A.M.
For Prince Rupert and Vancouver,  Thursdays,  11*00  a.m.
Weekly sailings from Prince
Rupert for North and South
Queen Charlotte Islands.
Passenger Lralna leave Prince
Rupert for Edmonton, Winnipeg and points East every
Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 11.30 a.m.
Fun information from
>*rlnre Runert     t« - 31r
Ask For Standardization Of
Silver Price
The Vancouver Board of Trade
has cabled Premier R. B. Bennett
in London asking him to bring
before the Imperial Conference the
question of the advisability of standardizing the price of silver. The
suggestion that the silver situation
be taken up at the Imperial Conference emanated from the Smithers' Board of Trade and the proposal was approved at the recent
convention of the Associated Boards
of Trade of Central British Columbia.
ere an
One of the biggest game bags
ever to be taken out of the Canadian Rockies has fallen to the gun
of Angus Hodgson, of Montreal,
who has been hunting in the Kootenay Valley. It includes two deer,
two Rocky Mountain goats, one
moose, one elk, and one black bear.
At the end of his trip he spent six
days tracking a monster grizzly
and with one bighorn ram he
would have had the limit of every
animal possible to get which the
law allows him.
Comprising the largest one-day
movement of apples out of British
Columbia this season, the Canadian
Pacific Railway recently operated
four special freight trains over the
mountains, making a shipment of
113 carloads of Mcintosh Red.? to
the Prairie Provinces and as Jar
east as Kenora.
Riding moose across New Brunswick lakes and rivers Is beginning
to rate as the coming new craze,
says Major McGeehan, noted New
York sport and magazine writer,
who has been spending a Pall outing in the Miramichi and Cain's
River districts. Up to the present the moose ridden have been
cow moose but Rev. Thomas Travis,
of Montclair, N.J., appears to be the
first who has ridden a bull moose
which was done in the Key Hole of
Grand Lake, about 35 miles from
Fredericton. Now other sportsmen are taking up the pastime until it begins to look as though
sportsmen In New Brunswick will
be getting the habit of crossing
lakes and rivers on mooseback.
Officials of the World's Grain
Exhibition and Conference to be
held at Regina July 25 to August 6,
1932, report that farmerB in the
States of Missouri and Kansas are
keenly interested. Entries of both
oats and corn from these states are
to be expected at the Exhibition.
Over $200,000 is to be offered in
cash prizes and in some classes as
many as fifty prizes will be awarded. First prize for wheat will be
$2,500 and first prize for corn,
Flag poles are found at their
best and highest In British Columbia. Recently one was sent via
the Panama Canal all the way by
water, to the Toronto National Exhibition. It was 177 feet high, 31
inches in diameter at the base and
9% inches at the top. This young
giant was 236 years old. The daddy
of them all is at the famous Kew
Gardens, London, England, and is
241 feet high.
This year's crop of grapes in the
Niagara fruit peninsula between
Hamilton and Niagara Falls, Ont,
is expected to reach about 68,000,-
000 pounds, an increase of 15 per
cent, over the 1929 crop.
Motor tourist travel from the
United States to New Brunswick
has been 54 per cent, greater this
year than in 1929, according to
statistics covering the season up to
August 31, compiled by the provincial government from official returns gathered at the 25 ports of
entry along the International
boundary. The number was 385,-
531. Normal increase each year
has been 25 per cent, and the great
difference this year Is attributed to
wider advertising by the provincial
ere an
A spectacuular high line trail
ride about 7,000 feet above sea
level from Banff to Lake Louise
has just been inspected and found
feasible by J. Murray Gibbon and
Jiin Brewster. It is 27 miles west
of Banff over timber line to a ride
looking down on the little known
glacier-fed Taylor Lake and following the 7,000-feet contour to
the Consolation Lake trail leading
to Moraine Lake. It commands
magnificent views ot the glacial
country north of the Canadian
Pacific Railway west as far as the
Bow Lakes and south to Mt. Assi-
niboine. It id 60 miles long and
will probably be used for the ai-
nual official camping trip of the
.Trail Riders of the Canadian
Rockies next year.
"I do not believe that the talking films will ever take the placo
of the legitimate stage. . . . People
still appear to be building ordinary theatres," said Lady Diana
Manners, famous English society
beauty and equally famous as the
heroine of "The Miracle" during
its New York and Boston productions, who arrived at the Windsor
street station, Montreal, recently,
on her first visit to Canada.
The Quebec Festival of French-
Canadian Folk Lore and Handicrafts at which habitant artists
born and bred on the soil of Que-,
bee province, and well-known artists from far and wide rival ono
another in recovering the spirit of
Old France, and old New France
and the age-old culture of the
Gallc race, will he held this year
October 16-18, according to an announcement made by t!«e Canadian
Pacific Railway, organizers of the
Travelling tn two Canadian Pacific special trains, about 250 of
the most eminent figures in the
British medical world left Montreal for Winnipeg to attend the
first convention of the British
Medical Association held in Winnipeg. They were preceded by a
group of 60 members of the British Tuberculosis Association, who
attended a convention of tuberculosis specialists at Ninette, Man.,
before going to Winnipeg.
"In view of the fact that this is
the last year ln which Canada has
a seat on the Council ot the League
of Nations, I could not resist the
request made to me by the Prime
Minister to represent the Dominion
at Geneva," said Sir Robert Laird
Borden, former Prime Minister of
Canada, as he sailed for Europe
recently aboard the Empress of
Every activity of the Canadian
Pacific Railway was stressed this
year at the National Exhibition at Toronto, which was
opened formally by E. W. Beatty,
chairman and president of the
road. An outstanding feature of
the company's exhibit was the
model of the new 42,500-ton Em-
pross of Britain, greatest lnter-
Empiro passenger vessel, launched
by the Prince of Wales last June
and t-c be In service between Quebec and Great Britain next year.
More than $100,000,000 will be
spent in each of the next three
years on power production now
under development in Canada. Although there are other plans for
Important building projects none
will have a more Intimate bearing
on the industrial development of
Canada than those now content"
plated by the power industry,
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Al. Falconer
Alice Arm
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Slab Wood Cut any Length
Every Order Given
Immediate Attention
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Men's High Grade English Gabardine
Raincoats from $21.00 to $27.50.
Rubber Coats, Slicker Coats, Pants and Hats.     Rubber Boots
in Ankle, Knee and Three-Quarter Length, also Pullover Rubbers.
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T. W. FALCONER auc. a™,
J vt4
ALICE  ARM  AND  ANYOX  HERALD.  Saturday, October 11, 1930
The manager of a pioture theatre
tells this as a true story. Two
men stopped outside his cinema,
aud looked at the poster announcing, "All Quiet on the Western
Front." "Let's go in," said one.
"No," said the other. ''I'm fed up
with these Western pictures, all
cowboys, and bronco-riding."
Playing Tonight, Anyox
Local audiences will see tart
drama, rollicking comedy and gay
music successfully combined when
"Street Girl," Radio Pictures' enjoyable musical drama plays at the
Anyox theatre tonight. It is not
the first time Hollywood has tried
to unite the three on the talking
screen, but the first time this reviewer has seen it done in such an
intelligent and convincing manner.
''Street Girl" will appeal to almost any type of audience. It has
everything that goes to make up
the perfect entertainment. Betty
Compson capably plays the lead as
an appealing little violinist and entertainer in a New York East Side
cafe. She really plays the violin,
and does it most satisfactory.
One pf the high spots of the
show is the comedy furnished by
probably the best combination of
comics ever presented in a picture.
Jack Oakie, Ned Sparks and Joseph
Cawthorn, all familiar to musical
comedy and motion picture audien^
ces, got every laugh possible from
Jane Murfin's sparkling dialogue.
Advertise in the Herald
Government Grants Vancouver Unemployment Relief
Vancouver, Oct. 6:—A grant of
$100,000 will be made immediately
to the city of Vancouver, by the
provincial government as a refund
for a portion of Vancouver's expenditure for relief of unemployment
during the first six months of the
year. This was announced by
Mayor W. H. Malkin following a
conference of city council representatives with Premier Tolmie and
Hon. N. S. Lougheed, minister of
public works.
In addition, the province will
advance the city dollar for dollar on
public works in Vancouver for the
The funds for this assistance are
being provided by the provincial
government and from the Dominion's unemployment relief appropriation.
(Form V)
Certificate op Improvements
Smith was standing before the
judge for having injured has wife.
Judge: "You maintain that you
threw your wife out of the second
story through forgetfulness?"
Smith: "Yes, we used to live on
the ground floor and I clean forgot
that we had moved."
"Sub-Collector" Mineral Claim, situate in the Naas River Mining Division of Cassiar District.
Where located: On the North-east
Pork of the Kitsault River.
TAKE NOTICE that we, K. Okubo,
Free Miner's Certificate No. J5408-D,
D. P. Farquhar, Free Miner's Certificate No. 46409-D; Alexander Player,
Free Miner's Certificate No. 40019;and
Joseph Newton McPhee, Free Miner's
Certificate No. 35899-D, intend sixty
days from the date hereof to
apply to the Mining Recorder for a
Certificate of Improvements, for the
purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant
of the above claim.
And further take notice thataction,
under section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Datec this 27th. day of September,
A. D., 1930.
31^=1001 1| 1C3UCZ1C3 C
Candies, Stationery, Proprietary
Medicines, Toilet Articles, Etc.
W. M. CummingS,   Agent for all Vancouver Daily Papen
Post Oflice Building, Alice Arm
A. R. S. M. Eng.
Stewart, B. C.
Leave Samples at Herald Office
M. M. STEPHENS & Co. Ltd.
The oldest Financial Office in Northern B. C.
Picture Show for 25c.
Commencing with the advent of the Talkies, which
date is August 30th., members of the Anyox Community League, will be allowed admission to one picture
show each month, on the presentation of their membership card, showing dues paid to date, for the price of
25c.   This arrangement to be in lieu of past free show.
1. Library 3. Organized Sports
2. Reading Rooms     4. Excursions
To keep these going we need your membership and your patronage
Artists in British-Canadian Concerts
Hood A
Brilliant entertainers are to be heard this fall and winter ln a nation-wide chain of musical centres throughout the Dominion, sponsored
hy the Canadian Pacific Railway. They will appear in a series of six
concerts, the outgrowth of the Music Festivals, now Internationally
known, which have been staged by the Music Department of the railway.   Each of these concerts will be given at Toronto, Winnipeg,
Regina, Calgary, Vancouver and Victoria with a probability of other
cities being added to the list. Among those now taking part in these
concerts will be Florence Hood, brilliant Canadian violInlst;*Mary
Frances James, lyric soprano of Montreal; Stanley Maxted, Montreal
tenor; Rudolph Plamondon, Canadian-born star of the Paris Opera;
and the Hart House Quartette, internationally famous as players of
Chamber Music. 1
ALICE  ARM  AND  ANYOX  HERALD.  Saturday, October 11, 1930
Kitsault-Eagle Co. Developing
Property Queen Charlotte
The Kitsault-Eagle Silver Mines
Ltrl. are at present successfully developing a mining property near
Skidegate, Q. C. I. carrying good
gold values.
Since commencing work in
March they have developed an
approximate tonnage of 10,000
tons of ore showing values between
$10 and $15 per ton.
High grade lenses encountered
have given values of $4.00 per
pouud in gold, and test shipments
of approximately six tons have
given returns varying from $100
to $350 iu gold per ton.
The Kitsault-Eagle Co. is among
the most aggressive mining companies in the province. They own
extensive mining properties in the
Alice Arm district, and which they
will further develop as soon as
market conditions warrant.
A man who had been waiting
patiently in the post-office could
not attract the attention of either
of the girls behind the counter.
"The evening cloak," exclaimed
one of the girls to her companion,
''was a redingote design in gorgeous brocade, with fox fur and
wide sleeves."
At this point the long suffering
customer broke in with: "I wonder
if you could provide me witli a
neat red stamp with a dinky
perforated hem, the tout ensemble
delicately treated on the reverse
with gum arabic? Something
about two cents."
B. C. Mining Making
Steady Progress
Referring- to conditions in' the
mining' industry of British Columbia, Hon. W. A. McKenzie, minister of mines, says:
"While mining cannot be said to
be booming because of the relatively low prices of metals, the tone of
the industry is healthy and there is
an underlying atmosphere among
operators and others of unshakable
faith and confidence in the future.
Some of the small mines have been
compelled to close down temporarily but as the outside markets
recover price levels that will make
production profitable, they will
be again on the shipping list.
Meanwhile such enterprises as
the Britannia Mining-, Smelting &i
Power Co., the Premier Gold Min
ing Co., the Granby Consolidated
Mining and Smelting Co. and the
Consolidated Mining & Smelting
Co. give practical evidence of their
faith by carrying on large organizations and by continuing the development of and the search for
new properties."
Dominion ot Canada and Newfoundland
Meets every second and fourth Monday of
the month
Hall for rent for dances, social functions, etc.
on application to club manager
A School Inspector said to a
pretty teacher: ''Do you teach
"'Then I will test the class. Now
children, shut your eyes and sit
still.'' The inspector made a slow,
chirping sort of noise and followed
with: "now children what did
I do?"
One little piped out: "Kissed
H   M.   SELFE
Office:   Opposite Liquor Store
Bread, Cakes, Pastry,
Pack Trains, Saddle Horses
and Heavy Teams
No Contract too Large or
too Small
British Columbia
Department of Mines
British Columbia, die Mineral Province of Western Canada,
has produced over $182,455,854 worth of mineral products.
Mineral Production, year 1928- $65,372,583.00.
Mineral Production, year 1929—$68,245,443.00.
Reports and Bulletins available on application, and mailed
free of charge to any given address, include:
"ANNUAL REPORTS"—These contain detailed accounts of
mining conditions and developments in the Province during the year with whioh they deal.
"British Columbia, the Mineral Province of Canada"—A handy
reference book summarizing the previous year's mining
activity and giving an outline of British Columbia mining law.
"Placer Mining in British Columbia"—A Special Bulletin
dealing with a branch of mining in respect of which the
Provinoe offers unusual opportunities.
"Report on Taku River Area, Atlin Mining Division"—This tells
the story of the discovery and the pending development
of a new lode mining Held now attracting much attention.
For Results, Advertise  in the
The most practical way to induce
new industries to come to British
Columbia is to convince them
that British Columbia people give
a preference to goods made in
B.C. Every time you make a
purchase, you have an opportunity to vote for or against more
B. C. Industries. Vote the
straight ticket. Ask for B. C.
Vancouver Board of Trade
Boys' Department
Boys' Fleece Lined Underwear.   A medium Weight Combination of a soft
texture made in Long Sleeves and Knee Length.   Sizes 4 to 14 years, at $1.25
a Suit
Boys' Leatherette Windbreakers will keep the rain out, and give warmth,
Price $4.75
Boys' All Wool Mackinaw Windbreakers, in a wide variety of patterns, Prices
$2.75 and $3.00
Mackinaw Coats, good quality heavyweight.    Made with all round belt,
Price $5.75
With the advent of Fall we are often beset with that miserable condition all too common and neglected at this Season—a Cold in Head or Chest. We have numerous well
known remedies, of which one of the following should be on hand in every Household:
Creolixir, per bottle 60c.
Syrup, White Pine and Tar, per bottle 50c.
Rum, Honey and Cod Liver Oil, per bottle 60c.
Pure Cod Liver Oil, per bottle $1.00
Shoe Dept
Look at our stock of School Shoes, and
you will be convinced of the exceptional
values. The prices are low and the
quality is good. Let us look after the
children's feet and help to keep them
Hardware Dept
We have a large selection of Throw
Down Rugs arriving in stock next
week.   Sizes 15 x 27, 27 x 54, 36 x 53,
Prices range from $1.50 up to $9.00.
We have just received a new shipment of Belding Corticelli Hose.   These Hose are
noted for their durability and good appearance.   Service Weight,  Full Fashioned.
Colors: Pearl Blush, Champagne, Ashes of Roses,  Muscadine, Moonlight, Nature,
Ivoire, Florida and Blue Fox.   Sizes 8*/2 to 10.    Price $1.95 and $2.10.
Chiffon Hose, Full Fashioned, very sheer.   Colors same as above, Price $1.95


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