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 A little paper
with all the
news and a big
■♦■■»n»i.tiil»lnlii» T
Published in the interests of Alice Arm and Anyox, B. C.
j   $2.00 a Year    j
1 Alice Arm and (
Anyox. $2.25 to j
all other points.
I -•--••••«•"•"•■.•>-•    $«♦■■•—■
VOL. 14,   NO. 6
Alice Arm, B. C. Friday. August 17. 1934
5 cents each.
Rising Silver Prices May
Start Mining Activity
In District
The action of the United States
government to nationalize silver, is
received with great satisfaction by
Alice Arm people. This decision
means that 25 per cent, of the statutory metallic reserve against the
lawful paper currency of that country will hereafter be silver.
The issuance of $100,000,000
worth of silver certificates is but a
start along that line and more such
certificates will be printed from
time to time. This will mean that
the United States government will
become a large purchaser of silver
and this should result in a substantial rise in the price of silver. It is
very possible that other countries
will re-monetize silver, when satisfactory results have been attained
in the United States. All the countries of the world within the last
100 years were on a
standard and it is very probable
that now the United States has led
ihe way back to it, other nations
will follow suit. Even if they do
not it is quite possible that during
the next few months silver prices
will rise high enough so that many
inactive mining properties in the
Alice Arm and Stewart districts
can be operated successfully.
Dr. J. T. Mandy Pays Visit
Dr. J. T. Mandy, resident mining engineer, arrived at Anyox on
Friday from Prince Rupert in
order to make an examination of
mining properties in the district,
iuoluding the new gold discovery
at Hastings Arm.
On Wednesday he arrived at Alice
Arm, where he will also examine
properties and left yesterday for
the Upper Kitsault Country. Dr.
Mandy will leave Alice Arm for
Stewart on Friday next. He is
aocompanied by Mrs. Mandy who
is stopping at the Alice Arm
Hotel during the ooming week.
Miss Kathleen Eve Wins
Tennis Championship
Miss Kathleen Evo won the ladies' Singles Tennis Championship
ou Wednesday, when she defeated
Miss Mi Leighton by the soore of
7-5,1-6, 6-1.
In the men's Singles Championship games, Sontkay defaulted to
F. Gordon; The latter was defeated in the semi-finals by Ross Oatman.
Elks Win Opener  Of
Final Series
Stubborn Defence Feature
Close Game
Although they strongly outhit
their opponents the Elks had to depend on a critical miscue by Tuscoe
Turner to spore a single run. Each
team contributed only two errors,
which is about the best fieldingi
performance this year. The Elks
failed to score in the first inning on
four successive hits, and the crowd
was treated to three fast double
plays, two at the expense of the
victors. Lazorek although hit freely, rallied consistently in the pinches. Chenoski was in his customary
fine fettle and all owed the Oddfellows a paltry three hits. It is not
much trouble for a ball club to win
behind such pitching. Allan and
Hopkinson    both   tripled   though
neither was able to score.
R H. E.
I.O.O.F. 0000100 1*3 2
B.P.O.E. ,0 00300- 3 10 2
Batteries—Lazorek and Vincenzi;
Chenoski and Whitehouse.
Big Increase in Mineral]
Production In B.C.
During 1934
All Metals Show Substantial
Oddfellows Win From
Elks In 2nd. Game
Advertise in the Herald
Fielding of Elks' Team Was
Somewhat Ragged
Shades of 1906! The Oddfellows
could only get to Roy Hopkinson
for one hit last night and that man i
was caught trying to stretch it, but
they managed to turn in a 2-0 win.
It has made the fans hark back to
those "Hitless Wonders" the Chicago White Sox of 1906 who annexed a World's Championship on
nothing more than pitching and
nerv?. The Oddfellows scored
twice in the first inning on a series
of errors, McColl being their chief
benefactor, and this ended the scoring for the entire game.
Both teams were belligerent and
Umpire Stephens had his hands full.
The Elks disputed a quick delivery
by Hardy but the Umpire upheld
the pitcher. In the sixth Stephens
reverted a "foul strike" call to that
of "hit batter" on a bean ball on
Red McColl.
The Oddfellows protested so vehemently that the Umpire banished
Roy Hardy. Maybe this apparent
misfortune is what really saved the
game for the boys from the flats,
for Charlie Musser breezed them
right past the Elks thereafter.
Between the many disputes and
the time out for injuries to Cody
and McColl a lot of time was lost.
Stephens called the game at the
end of the sixth.
R. H. E
B.P.O.E.     000000     047
I.O.O.F.     200000     213
Batteries—Hopkinson and White-
house; Hardy, Musser and Vincen-
The Honourable George S. Pearson, Minister of Mines, has announced the issuance of Bulletin
No. 1, "Summary and Review of
the Mineral Industry of British
Columbia, for the six months ended
June 30, 1934." This Bulletin,
compiled by A. M. Richmond, Resident Mining Engineer, contains an
estimate of the mineral production
for the period under review, brief
reports on their Districts by the
Resident Mining Engineers, and a
statement on the coal output by the
Chief Inspector of Mines.
The gross value of the mineral
production of British Columbia for
the six months ended June 30th.,
1934, is estimated at $18,667,691,
an increase of $6,259,707, or 50.5
percent, over $12,407,984, the estimated value of the production in
the corresponding six-month period
of 1933. a
The total value of the metallic
production (lode and placer gold,
copper, silver, lead and zinc mining
output) for the six-month period
was $14,988,271, an increase of
$5,806,287, (63.2 per cent) over
$9,181,984, the figure for the corresponding period in 1933. This
substantial and very gratifying increase was due primarily to materially increased production of lead,
zinc, copper, gold and silver. Coal
production also increased by approximately 61,000 tons, or 10.3
per cent, over the corresponding
production in 1933. The output of
miscellaneous metals and minerals
shows a marked increase, while
there was a slight decrease in the
production of structural materials
The tonnage of metalliferous ores
mined in the province in the period
under review was 2,321,400 tons,
an increase of 521,400 tons, or 28.9
per cent, over the figure for the
corresponding period in 1933.
This increase in tonnage is due to
expanded outputs at the Britannia
mine, the Sullivan mine and the
Monarch mine, and new and increased production from several
small gold mines.
As estimated in the 1933 Annual
Continued on page 2
Mrs.D.W. Riley Passes
Away At Anyox
Mrs. D. W. Riley, mother of Mrs.
H. R. Taylor of Anyox, passed
away at the Anyox General Hospital early on Saturday morning,
August 11th. Mrs. Riley had been
in failing health for some time.
She was 73 years of age, her birthday being celebrated on August 5th.
A native of Kentucky, the late
Mrs. Riley had resided in Anyox
with her daughter, for about three
years, prior to which she lived in
Allenby for about four years. Beside Mrs. Taylor she leaves to
mourn her loss a son, Camden Riley
who resides in Kansas City. Other
relatives reside in Kentucky. The
late Mrs, Riley was greatly respected by many friends in Anyox.
The body was conveyed to Vancouver on the Catala on Monday
last, Mr. and Mrs. Taylor and fanv
ily making the journey also. Sep
vices were held at the Mount Pleasant Undertaking Parlors. A number
of beautiful floral tributes were sent
by Anyox friends.
Anyox Tennis Tourneys
Nearing Completion
Every effort is being made to
complete the various Open Tennis
Championships of Anyox while the
sun continues to shine. Good progress is being made in the Singles
events, but there are several games
to be played in the Doubles series.
In the men's Open Singles B. Gillies
accounted for D. B. Smith 6-3, 6-3;
W. Barber won from W. Cavers
9-2, 6-4, and Ross Oatman defeated
F. Gordon 6-2, 6-2. In the ladies' Open Singles K. Eve defeated
L. Dresset 6-2, 6-4; and M. Leighton won from M.  Dresser 6-1, 8-6.
Presentation Made To
W. R. Lindsay At
Farewell Party
Gathering at the home of Mr, (7.
P. Ashmore on Saturday the 11th.
the heads of the various departments
at the Granby Company's mine and
plant entertained the General Superintendent, Mr. W. R. Lindsay,
who is leaving shortly to take
charge of the Reno Mine, near
Nelson. A programme of music
and singing was greatly enjoyed
during the evening and many anecdotes related and experiences recalled.
Mr. Lindsay, on behalf of those
present, was presented with a cut
glass wine set, Mr. Buck doing the
honors of the occasion. Mr. Buck
voiced the sincere regret of himself
and his associates at the severance
of their business connection with
their chief, who at all times had
commanded their loyalty and respect, and wished for him the greatest ot success in his new sphere of
Mr. Lindsay expressed his high
regard for all his fellow members
on the executive staff and stated it
was no easy task for him to say
goodbye, after nine years of happy
association. He would cherish, he
stated, many happy memories of
his life and associations at the
Anyox plant. A lusty singing of
"For He's a Jolly Good Fellow"
brought a very happy evening to a
Mrs. L. Levoir left on Monday
for a visit to the south.
Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Taylor and
daughters left on Monday for Vancouver.
Short Football League Schedule Is Planned
Immediately following the olose
of the baseball season a short series
of football games will probably
take place. The Mine and Beach
Councils are now busy with this
project, and it is hoped that all
those interested twill give this idea
their loyalty and support.
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Evans, of
the Mine Apartments, announce
the engagement of their eldest
daughter, Mary Margaret, to Mr.
John J. Coggins, of London England. The wedding will take place
at the Anglican Church, Anyox, on
J Sunday, September 16th.
Surprise  Shower For Miss
Cecelia Desjardins
A surprise shower was held at
the home of Mrs.T. J. Wilkinson,
the Mine, on Thursday evening,
August 9th. in honor of Miss Cecelia Desjardins, whose marriage to
Mr. Joseph McConnell takes place
on Friday August 17th. at the
Catholic Church.
The unwary bride-to-be was taken
altogether by surprise, to find herself in the midst of forty-five guests
and seated in front of a large barrel
which was surmounted by a bride
in miniature, and full of useful and
handsome gifts. Music and dancing
occupied the remainder of the evening and were much enjoyed. A
buffet supper was served.
Mrs. A. E. Clay, of Cloverdale,
is in Anyox at present on a visit to
her daughter, Mrs. M. Rooks at the
Mine, whose baby son was christened at the Anglican Church, Anyox
on Saturday, August 11th. by the
Rev. A. Abraham. ALICE   ARM   AND   ANYOX   HERALD,   Friday.   August, 17   1984
Alice Arm & Anyox Herald
Issued every Saturday at Alice Arm
Alice Arm and Anyox $2.00 Yearly
Other Parts of Canada, $2.25
British Isles and United States, $2.50
Notices for Crown Grants - - $10.00
Land Notices - - ■ ■' $10.00
Transient Advertising, 50c. per inch
Contract Hates on Application.
E. MOSS, Editor and Publisher.
Big Increase in Mineral
Production In B.C.
During 1934
All Metals Show Substantial
Continued from page 1
Report gold production showed a
decided increase, particularly in the
lode-gold section of the industry.
The combined gold-production figures totalled $2,997,988 for the
half-year,as compared with $2,292,-
946 in the comparative period of
1933, an increase of $705,042, or
30.7 per cent. These figures are
calculated with gold at the standard
price, in addition to which a very
substantial premium was enjoyed
by the gold-producers. This premium averaged 67.7 per cent during
the six-month period under review,
and it is estimated that approximately $2,030,136 was received in
"premium" by the producers.
Therefore the total return in Canadian funds to the gold-producers
of British Columbia during the first
six months of 1934 was approxim
ately $5,028,124, an increase of
81.3 per cent over the return in
Canadian funds received during the
first half of 1933. On this basis
the value of the gold production
was greater than that of any other
metal or mineral produced. Gold
was followed by lead, zinc, coal,
copper and silver in the order
named in point of value of production. This estimated gold production of $5,028,124,is somewhat less
than half of the total estimated
production for 1934, namely,$11,-
500,000. However as several of
the smaller operations have only
recently come into production, and
as the figures for the first half of
1934 do not reflect increased production which will be made during
the latter part of 1934 at the Brae-
lorne and Pioneer through the ad
dition of extra milling facilities, it
is confidently expected that the
1934 estimate will be reached and
in all probability slightly exceeded.
Including premium, the price of
gold averaged $34.67 per fine ounce
for the half-year ended June 30th.,
Silver production, estimated at
4,150,000 oz., valued at $1,867,708
shows an increase of 59.7 per cent
over the corresponding period in
1933. This increase was caused by
increased production fron the Sul-
ivan mine and also from the Beav-
erdell mines. Due to the increase
Iii the price of silver, averaging
about S'/( cents per ounce above
the price obtainable in the first half
ot 1933, more interest in this phase
of the industry has been shown,
and with but a furthur slight advance in the price obtainable for
this metal there should be a considerable expansion in silver-mining
in the Province.
Copper production of 25,050,000
lb., with an estimated value of
$2,030,753, shows an increase in
value of 78.6 per cent. This increase in production is mainly due
lo increased output at the Britannia
mine. The Hidden Creek and
Bonanza mines of the Granby Company are producing at capacity but
the Copper Mountain plant still remains idle. ,
The lead production of the province, amounting to 161,560,000 lb.
forthe first six months of 1934,
was valued at $4,162,917, an increase in value of 51.2 per cent,
over the corresponding period in
1933.     .
The zinc output for the half year
was 117,780,000 lb., or almost
twice that obtained in the first half
of 1933.
New Mining Bulletin Issued
By Government
A new and informative bulletin
entitled "The Mineral Industry of
British Columbia" has been released
for distribution by the Honourable
George S. Pearson, Minister of
Mines. It includes a short his'tory
of mining, a synopsis of mining
laws, data of value to prospectors,
dealing in particular with elementary placer mining methods, statistics of mineral production to date
and a brief summary of the progress of mining during the past
year. There is set out a complete
list of the personnel of the Department, together with the names and
addresses of the Gold Commissioners and Mining Recorders and an
account of the activities of the
Department in its several branches
in the course of 1933.
Bright Future Predicted For
Silver By U.S.A. Authority
Nevada Mining Bulletin
James A. Farley, postmaster
general and reputed key man of the
Roosevelt administration, stated in
an address at Reno a few days ago,
that the president was firmly behind
the administration silver program;
that "he has just begun and will
never quit until silver is restored,"
which undoubtedly means $1.29 an
ounce for the white metal.
"What the president wants" Mr.
Farley declared, is this 1,300,000,-
000 ounces of silver so as to increase our silver currency. He
knows that the removal of this silver from the world markets will
gradually but surely raise the price
to the limit of $1.29 an ounce."
Make the Hotel Grosvenor your
home while in Vancouver. Here
is every comfort and service—
cheerful lounge, writing and smoking rooms, dining room. Just two
blocks away is the centre ot Vancouver's shopping and theatre district.    Rates are very reasonable.
United Empire Cuts Big
Ore Body at Depth
The Stewart News
While exact details are not available, there seems to be some real
foundation for the report current on
the street this week that the United
Empire has encountered, in the
long tunnel, some 30 odd feet of
what appears to be good milling
grade ore at a depth said to be
roughly 300 feet below the surface.
According to the report this ore
appears to occur in a large mineralized zone paralleling .the main
showing,which it is anticipated will
be reached with about another 50
feet of tunneling.
The first shipment of high grade
ore, amounting to a carload was
sent to the Consolidated Mining and
Smelting Co. at Trail.
Leaving Anyox
calling al Prince Rupert,
Ocean    Fells,    Powell
1900 miles ol de luxe travel
by train and boat . . .
Vancouver. Jasper National
Park, Prince Rupert
For Information Call or Write:
Local Agent or P. Lakie, D. F.
& P. A. Prince Rupert, B.C.
 " V-26-34
Men's Summer Wear
We carry a large stock of Men's Summer Clothing,
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Clothing needs.
LEW  LUN  &  Co.
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The value of gold production increased by 22.6
per cent, in 1933, with indications that it will
considerably expand during 1934.
Investors are invited to apply for authoritative
information regarding mining development in
the Province
Annual Report of the Honourable the Minister of
Mines, for the calendar year 1933. /
"Placer Mining in British Columbia."
Non-Metallic Mineral Investigations: "Barite," "Asbestos;" "Glassware;" "Clay;" "Magnesite and Hydro-
For Results,  Advertise in the
Herald ALICE   AEM   AND   ANYOX   HERALD,   Friday,   August, 17  1934
That's what / call
a perfect thirst-
quencher! it seems
to put new life
into every nerve
and muscle.
I like B.C. Bud
better than
is so delicious
and satisfying
without making you fat.
A clear, sparkling lager which has
been fully fermented and thoroughly
aged. It is non-fattening because it
is free from excessive carbohydrates.
B. C. Bud is sold in Bottles at Government Stores
and at Licensed Premises.
Vancouver and Victoria
Publicly-owned in British Columbia by nearly 2,000 Shareholders
Thin advertisement is not published or displayed by the Liquor
Control Board or by the Government of British Columbia
How can any man possibly look aa pleasant as this Gymnasium
Instructor, with seven charming ladies crying "Gimme" at once? The
•Mwer is that the photograph was taken on the Canadian Pacific liner
"Duchess of Richmond" during a cruise of West Africa, the Isles of the
Blest and the Mediterranean. This was the last photograph taken by the
late "Topple" Edwards, father of the modern illustrated newspaper.
THE   HERALD,  2.00  A  YEAR
Russians   Drill   Two  Miles
Into The Earth
A simple turbine attached directly to the drill and operated by water poured upon it from the surface
of the ground has been used in
Russia to drill an oil well to the
depth of nearly two miles.
June lumber exports from British
Columbia amounted to 68,714,000
feet. For the first six months of
the year British Columbia shipped
408,522,460 feet in the deep-sea
trade, of which the United Kingdom
took 222,000.000 feet, China took
66,000,000 feet, Australia took
65,000,000 feet, and Japan was
fourth with 23,000,000 feet
ere an
S. S. Empress of Japan arrived
at Victoria recently with one of
the largest passenger lists in the
past three years. There was a
total of 577 trom the Orient and
Honolulu. The liner was also
heavily booked for the westbound
trip from Vancouver and Victoria.
Speaking at Toronto reoently
before members of the International Building Owners and
Managers Association, E. W.
Beatty, K.C., chairman and president of the Canadian Pacific
Railway, doubted the wisdom of
"too elaborate planning" in national economics. Mr. Beatty did
not think the present system ot
society was wrong except in the
"way in which it Is applied."
The Canadian Pacific Railway
will celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the completion of its
transcontinental line next year.
It was November 7, 1885 that
Donald A. Smith, later Lord
Strathcona, drove the last spike
at Craigcllachle joining east to
west and Atlantic to Pacific.
Hon. Charles A. Dunning, vice-
president and general manage."
of the Seigniory Ciub, Monte
bello, Quebec, has been elected a
director of Barclays Bank, Cin-
ada. The former Federal Minister of Finance is also president
of the Ontario Equitable Lite Insurance Company.
After one of the most rer ark-
able and successful meetings ever
held by a religious body, the Oxford Group left the Banff Springs
Hotel for the East Many of
them sailed from Quebec by 83.
Empress of Australia for England. The next house party will
be held at Oxford July 1-14.
Speaking at the Admiral Baatty
Hotel, Saint John, Sir William
Clark, British High Commissi iner
to Canada, claimed tbat the r*al
source of Canada's troubles ln
connection with marketing agricultural produce lay in the uneconomic expansion of agricultural production by indut-trlal
countries, especially some of the
larger European fountries which
are normally importers.
i  ■—-
Music, moonlight, glorious lake
breezes with 600 miles of sailing
on the Canadian Pacific's Great
Lakes ships Assiniboine, Keewatin and Manitoba are at the disposal of passengers on the company's lines this summer at low
cost. The offer promises to be
very alluring to C tadians and
visitors to the Dor uion as well.
Quebec Province Is alive with
fetes, celebrations and gala
events this year marking the
anniversaries of some of the
most memorable events in its
history. Among them and the
most important Is the 400th anniversary of the discovery of Canada by Jacques Cartier in July
A Mediterranean - Africa - South
America cruise In the 22,000-ton
liner Empress of Australia, visiting 24 ports ln the Mediterranean,
Palestine, Egypt, East and South
Africa, South America and the
West Indies will be operated next
winter, it is announced by the
Canadian Pacific. The cruise will
take $6 days, leaving New Tork
January 18, 1935 and returning
*ere April 24.
Printing of Every
The Herald Job Printing Department is equipped to handle
any class of work promptly
and efficiently, from a plain
black and white Handbill to a
three or four Color Souvenir
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Are among the many forms of Printing
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Attractive manner.  Delivery
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three days, or even earlier if
you phone us a rush order
Estimates Gladly Given
The Herald Printing
®r^^0l^^|N£^ EE^tvsfe S^B^^S ALICE   ARM   AND   ANYOX   HERALD,   Friday,   August, 17  1934
Large Numbers Leave
Anyox For Holidays
In the South
The following left Anyox by the
Prince Rupert on Friday the 10th.
for Vancouver and Victoria: Mrs.
Barber, Mrs. Schworer and children;
Mrs. Harvey Cook and child; Mr.
and Mrs. George Hunter and son;
Mrs. R. Summers and child; Mrs.
J. Evans, Mr. and Mrs. Fretz and
child; Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Watson
and Cyril Watson; Miss Eleanor
Wilson; Mr. and Mrs. K. 0. Peterson and daughter Kathleen; Mrs.
Ben Davies; Mr. and Mrs. J. Shields
Mr. W. Pinckney and Miss J. Pinckney; Miss H. Simpson; Mrs. N.
Youngs and son; Mrs. M. Chenoski; Mrs. W. Copeland; Mrs. Havirco & son; Mrs. VV. F. Eve; Mr. &
Mrs. Campanella & daughter; Mrs.
Watkins; Mrs. J. Varnes and son;
Mrs. J. Arscott, Miss S. Arscott;
Masters J. and B. Ferguson and
Miss J. Ferguson; Mrs. W. Rogers
Mrs. A. Abraham; Mrs. J. Wynne
and Dick Wynne; Miss J. McDonald; Mrs. H. Deeth; Miss D. Breu-
ther; F. T. Larson and son Billy;
J. Barclay; C. Musser, J. Kirkland;
J. Cody; Dan McKenzie; Sid. Armstrong: L. Lauridsen; J. Bell; Alex.
Wright; J. L. Forrester; j. W.
Marks; W. Sellars; W. D. Smith;
J. Wilkinson.
Mrs. J. Salmon and Miss N. Salmon left on Friday for a visit to
Prince Rupert.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Johnston and
Miss E. Johnston left on Friday for
Vancouver, where they will reside.
S. Thomas returned on Friday
from a visit to Vancouver.
Mr. and Mrs. K. Hunter and
daughter returned on Friday from
a visit to the south.
P. Gordon returned on Friday
from a visit to Vancouver.
J. J. Cody left on Friday for holidays in Vancouver and other
southern points. From Vancouver he will fly to Portland, Oregon.
Mrs. Cody and family have been
holidaying in the south for some
Don Mcleod returned on Friday
from holidajs in the south.
Stan. Elliott left on Friday for a
visit to Stewart.
Mrs. G. Blaney returned on Friday from a visit to her home in
A. Derantz left ou Monday for a
visit to Vancouver.
R. E. Hopkinson and P. Forde
left on Monday for a holiday visit
to Vanoouver.
Mrs. V. S. MoRae and family
left on Monday for Vancouver
where they plan to reside. The
illness of her son Raymond necessitates a change of climate. A large
number of friends were sorry to
see her leave.
H. Kent left on Monday for a
holiday visit to Vancouver.
Ted Kergin left on Monday for
a visit to the south.
Max Legg left on Monday for
Porcher Island.
Ed. Yager left on Monday for a,
visit to Prince Rupert.
Mrs. Don. Cleal left on Monday
for a visit to Vancouver.
Mrs. E. Volkovich left on Monday for a visit to the south.
S. Jabour left on Monday for
Prince Rupert.
A. Deeth returned on Monday
from a visit to Vancouver and
F. Anderson returned on Monday from a visit to Vancouver.
M. Mitchell returned on Monday
from the south.
F. C. Edwardes returned on
Monday from a visit to Prince
Alice Arm Notes
Mrs. E. J. Moore and family,
arrived on Saturday from Anyox
and are spending holidays here.
Mrs. G. Jordan arrived from
New York on Saturday and is
spending a vacation with her brother E. Moss, whom she had not
seen for over twenty years.
Mr. and Mrs. D. Williams arrived from Anyox on Monday for
summer holidays here.
Mr. and Mrs. Koenen arrived on
Tuesday from Anyox and are spending holidays at the Alico Arm
P. Gordon, who is a director of
the Esperanza Mines Ltd. arrived
on Saturday from Anyox in order
to make an examination of the
company's mining properties.
Fred Green arrived on Monday
from Anyox and is spending holidays at the Alice Arm Hotel.
Wm. O'Neill and family arrived
recently at Silver City and are
spending holidays there.
J. Hanson and Gilbert Nelson
arrived on Monday from Anyox on
the former's launch, Willeua May,
and are spending holidays here.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Munro and family arrived on Tuesday from Anyox
for summer holidays.
Trout Fishing Continues To
Be Good
Trout fishing continues to be
excellent in all the Alice Arm
streams and Anyox visitors have
made some good catches during tlie
week. Ideal holiday weather has
been enjoyed, and many picnics
have been held at the fishing
Pilot J. McConnachie arrived at
Alice Arm yesterday with his seaplane. He planned to fly Dr. J. T.
Mandy to Clearwater Lake in the
Upper Kitsault Country but cloudy
weather did not permit.
Two men were seated together
in a crowded street car. One of
them noticed that the other had his
eyes closed.        ,' .
"Whassamatter, Bill," he asked,
"feeling ill?"
"I'm all right," answered Bill,
"but I hate to see ladies standing."
The Strathcona Hotel
One Block from the Crystal Gardens. Central Location.
Moderate Rates.   Fireproof.   Our bus meets all boats.
E. J. MARTIN, Proprietor and Manager
is like a mischievous child, as soon as your
back is turned it is doing something unexpected for which you are not prepared.
During the past ten  years (1924-33)
campers, smokers and brush burning have
started 7,639 forest fires in British Columbia.
Do not throw away burning matches
or smoking materials.
Do not build a bigger fire than you
need. Do not leave it unattended. Put
it out before you leave.
President of United Church
Conference Pays Visit
Rev. Capt. R. C. Scott, principal
of the Coqualeetza Institute at
Sardis and president of the B. C.
Conference of the United Church of
Canada, passed through Anyox on
the Catala on Monday the 13th.
While at Anyox Captain Scott baptized the son of Rev. and Mrs.
Evan Baker.
Free Conveyance   Children
On Beach Bathing Days
On those days when the lifeguards
are on duty at the bathing beach,
free transportation is being provided by the Mine Council of the
A. C. L. from the Mine totheregu-
ar stopping place at the Beach.
Thus the children may enjoy the
healthy recreation at the bathing
beach, and be perfectly safe while
A olose and exciting game of soft-
ball was witnessed when the Roustabouts beat tbe Bonanza 10-9.
B.  P. O.  ELKS
Dominion of Canada and Newfoundland   .
Meets every second and fourth Monday of
the month
Hall for rent for dances, social functions, etc.
on application to club manager
Diversion and Use
TAKE NOTICE that Esperanza
Mines, Ltd. whose address is 618
Broughton Street Victoria, B. C. will
apply for a licence to take and use
12 cubic feet per second of water out
of Palls Creek, which flows easterly
and drains into Kitsault River about
one half mile from the town of Alice
Arm. The water will be diverted at ft
point about 30110 feet up Falls Greek
from its junction with the Kitsault
River, and will be used for power purpose upon the mine described as Esperanza Mines, Alice Arm.
This notice was posted on the ground
on the 7th. day of August, 1934. A
copy of this notice and an application
pursuant thereto und to the "Water
Act" will be filed in the office of the
Water Recorder at Prince Rupert,
Objections to the application may
bo filed with the said Water Recorder
or with the Comptroller of Water
Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B. O, within thirty days after the
first appearance of this notice in a
local newspaper.
Esperanza Mines, Ltd., Applicant,
By J. C. Harris Secretary, Agent,
The date of the first publication of
this notice is August 17th. 1034.
1935 Stromberg-Carlson
The owner of a Stromberg-Carlson, of whatever
type, can be sure that no radio in all the world
is better than his own. Beauty of tone, far
reaching power, ease of operation and reliable
performance set Stromberg-Carlson radios in a
class apart. Quietly dignified in design, they add
beauty to any room. Designed and made in
Canada. Let us demonstrate these unusual
Elks' Building
Phone 200
Value In Work
ALL OUR WORK BOOTS are select-
ed by us with a thorough knowledge of the
usage to which they will be subjected. Only
leathers that will stand up to your particular
job are chosen. The best of upper stock and
sole leather is to be found in the Work Boots
purchased at the Granby Stores. We are glad
to show you our line of Work Boots.
$4.50 AND $5.50
Boots, Shoes and Slippers for the whole family
at reasonable prices.   Let us show you !


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