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 in II ml
\ little paper
with all the
news and a big
Published in the interests of Alice Arm and Anyox, B. C.
{   $2.50 a Year
I Alice Arm and
| Anyox. $2.75 to
iall other points.
.«-»..»..«..>.it..«..>..».* ««-l *-i
VOL. 8,   NO. 13
Alice Arm, B. C, Saturday, October 6, 1928
5 cents each.
Company Will be Formed
to Operate Homeguard
A new mining company will
enter the Alioe Arm district next
spring and operate one of the best
known properties of the district,
which is the Homeguard Group,
jituate on 14 mile on the Dolly
Varden Railway, and owned byG.
W. Bruggy and Wm. McFarlane.
Organization of the compay will
be in charge of Mr. Bruggy, who
lias had considerable experience,
having been associated with mining in the north for the past 20
years- The decision to organize a
company was reached after the
owners had been approached by
several persons of Anyox and Alice
Arm, who have visited the property and are anxious to participate
in its development.
The Homeguard is considered
one of the best properties in the
district. On it are large bodies of
ore, and sufficient development
work has been done to commence
shipping ore to a smelter next
Mr. Bruggy recently accompanied a mining engineer to the prop
erty, who thoroughly examined it,
and recommended that a drift be
driven on an ore ledge, carrying
silver, lead and gold values. This
is now being done. The drift will
be from 30 to 40 feet iu length and
will, at the same time intersect a
big copper ledge carrying good
An abundance of ore has already
been proven on the property, and
is of sufficient richness to ship
direct to a smelter.
A moiled sample taken aoross a
width of 14 feet on the copper
ledge, gave returns of 5 per cent,
copper, $4.80 gold and 13 ozs silver
per ton. Another sample taken
across 6 feet of a silver-lead ore
body gave returns of 22 ozs. silver,
$8 gold and 15 per cent, lead per
ton. The ore bodies are consistent
the oopper ledge being traceable on
the surface for a distance of three
claim lengths-
The Homeguard is ideally looated. It lies south of the Torio and
Tiger mines that are being operated with such success, and is adjacent to these two properties on the
same side of the Eitsault river.
It is located at mile 14 on the railway, which cuts through the
All that is needed in order to
commence shipping ore is a short
aerial tramline from the workings
to railway, and enough ore has
already been developed to justify
this course.
The Homeguard comprises six
claims, and was among the first to
be staked in the Eitsault valley.
The only thing necessary to to put
it on an operating basis is capital,
This will be forthcoming in the
near future and a commencement
of operations made in the early
The Homeguard has all the earmarks of rapidly developing into a
mine and indications point that it
will take its place on the list of
Alice Arm shipping mines next
summer and become a big producer.
Scout Secretary Gives
Interesting Address
P. T. A. Meeting
A special meeting of the Anyox
P. T. A. was held on Wednesday
evening in the United Church, to
hear an address by Mr. Norman
Saunders, Provincial Secretary of
the Boy Scouts Association, who is
touring the north country in the
interests of the work. An audience
of about 30 listened to a resume of
the scout movement since its inception by Sir Robert Baden-Powell
and associates twenty years ago.
There are now, the speaker said,
over two and one half million scouts
in the different countries of the
world. Affiliated with the scouts
are the Wolf Cubs, boys from 8 to
12, and the Rover Scouts for youths
of 17 and upwards, but of this latter organization there was little
The whole movement, said Mr.
Saunders, is designed in a fourfold aspect to produce that development of the boy which is most beneficial to himself and to society. An
attempt is made to round out the
physical, mental, moral, and spiritual qualities. He stressed the fact
that in religion the Scouts are "non
sectarian and inter-denominational"
In closing, Mr. Saunders denied
various criticisms of the Scout
movement, chiefly those relating to
the accusations of militarism.
The Rev. Mr. Dewar added the
statement that the only forces op
posed to the scouts were Bolshevism
Kitsault-Silver Co. Going
Ahead With 3 Properties
J. A. Anderson Receives
During the week J. A. Anderson
was notified by the Minister of Public works, Hon. Nels Lougheed
that he had been appointed superintendent of Public Works for the
northern coast portion of the province. His district will cover Alice
Arm, Anyox, Stewart, Atlin, and
Naas River. W. A. Talbot, who
for the past few years has filled this
office has been transferred to Revelstoke district and left on Monday.
Mr. Anderson's appointment is a
very popular one. He is well
known and well liked throughout
the north.
Prior to 1916 he held a similar
position in Stewart. Later he was
superintendent of construction at
the Rocher de Boule mine at Hazelton, and following its closing down
was superintendent of construction
at the Dolly Varden mine.
Picture Show Proceeds Are
Devoted to Charity
A pleasing feature for Anyox
movie patrons occurred last weekend when the local chapter of the
I. O. D. E. took over the theatres
for the showing of Mary Pickford's
latest film "My Best Girl". Music
by the Serbian String Quartet and
vocal solos by Mr. J. Hegarty delighted the large audiences. The
sale of home-made candy helped to
swell the proceeds which will be
devoted to the charitable work of
the order.
The ore body on the Eagle, which
is one of the three properties being
developed by the Kitsault-Eagle
Silver Mines Ltd., was encountered
on Monday. The ledge is being
crosscut, and at the present time
the width has not been determined.
The ore was struck at a distance of
222 feet from the portal of the
The ore is of good grade, and on
the surface has a width of 10 feet,
and it is expected that this width
will be maintained in depth. The
ore carries silver and gold values.
Development work will be carried
on throughout the coming winter if
the pack trail to the mine is passable, so that supplies can be taken
in this fall.
The Eagle is in the vicinity of La
Rose mine, and it is the intention
to push development work as
quickly as possible.   ,
In addition to the Eagle the
Kitsault-Eagle Silver Mines Ltd.
are also developing the Sunrise and
Silver Cord, on McGrath mountain.
On the Sunrise the 1000 ft. tunnel
is well advanced, and work will be
carried on throughout the winter.
The pack trail up the mountain
however, is in bad shape, and considerable difficulty is being experienced in getting in supplies, which
is to be deplored. At the present
time 1000 feet of track and 100
boxes of powder are awaiting bet-
On the Silver Cord, the main
tunnel is being carried ahead, and a
good grade of ore is being drifted
At the present time 1400 feet of
underground work has been done
on the Silver Cord, including the
main tunnel and crosscuts. A
large tonnage of ore has been developed, which is being steadily increased.
The Kitsault-Eagle Co. are due
considerable credit for the able
manner in which they have carried
on development work for the past
three years. They have obtained
full value for all money expended,
and the excellent results attained
are due to their policy of putting
money into development work, and
receiving a dollars worth of work
for a dollar spent.
and Fascism.    There was no openjter weather conditions before being
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Mc-
jiKay, at the Anyox Hospital, on
|Tuesday September 11th., a son.
Address Given on Electrical
The first of a series of entertainments planned by the Forum Committee of the A. C. L. was held on
Friday last when Mr. Kirkpatrick
who is associated with the electrical
prospecting work being done on the
Hanna claims gave a talk on this
subject in Recreation Hall. Vocal
and violin selections by Mr. Stanton
were much enjoyed.
The favorable reception accorded
this first venture should encourage
the committee to continue the good
discussion after the address of the
evening. Mr. F. Dresser was
heard in two piano solos and accompanied Mr. McRitchie. For
this first meeting refreshments were
served by the executive. The next
meeting will be on Monday, 15th.
when considerable business will be
Geo. Lace left on Saturday for
a visit in the south.
Mrs. M. McLeod arrived on the
Catala on Monday to be present at
her son's marriage to Miss Ruth
Gordon on the 8th. inst.
Dr. H. T. James, distriot resident
mining engineer, left on Saturday
for Priuce Rupert.
Bob Pearson left on Saturday
for, the south.
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Pruski were
southbound passengers on Saturday.
The best leaf tobacco, and the
best workmanship are put into an
ElDoro oigar. That's why they
are the best.
H. Eemp was a southbound passenger on Saturday.
Continued on Page 4
taken in. A lot of other supplies
will also be taken in this fall if trail
conditions improve.
Daughters of Empire Hold
First Meeting
Collison of Kincolith Chapter, I.
O. D. E. held its first meeting after
the summer recess on Tuesday
afternoon. The members voted
money for the purchase of sets of
history books for the schools at
Telegraph Creek and Aiyansh.
Mrs. Anderson entertained the
meeting with vocal solos prior to
the serving of refreshments.
This year the I. O. D. E. will
again hold a competition for original stories and one-act plays.
Mrs. J. Wynne will gladly furnish
information to those who wish to
enter. The competition is open to
the public.
Anyox Indoor Sports Being
With the opening of the gym
scheduled for Monday the indoor
sport season will be on. The Badminton Club is already organized
and is urging members to sign up
now so that all arrangements can
be made. Basketballers are advised to listen for the summons to an
organization meeting in the near
Catholic Ladies Hold Successful Card Party
On Monday evening the Catholic
Ladies entertained at a Whist Drive
and Dance in the Catholic Hall.
The prizes for cards were awarded
to Mrs. Macintyre and Mr. Garvie
for first prize, while Mrs. A. MacDonald and Mr. Lahame obtained
the consolations. Music for the
dancing was supplied by the
Bids for the leasing of the Red
Parrot should reach the Secretary
of the A. C. L. in writing before the
next meeting of the Council on
October 10th.
Will Stand Trial For Attempted Murder
Charged with attempted murder
Nick Priza appeared before Stipendary Magistrate H. Beech on Thursday of last week at Anyox. After
evidence had been submitted accused
was committed for trial at Prince
Priza is charged with attempted
murder of Louis Rawka, when he
stabbed him in the stomach, on
August 24th. during a fracas.
Since that time Rawka has been an
inmate of Anyox Hospital, and his
condition was very critical.
No Free Nights For Use Of
Due to the fact that for some
time to come the Community League
will be at pains to pay for the gymnasium, the Council has cancelled
the policy of allowing local organizations the use of the gym free on
one night each year. Hereafter, in
all cases rental will be charged.
W.   Mitchell left on Saturday
for the south. ALICE   ARM   AND   ANYOX   HERALD,   Saturday.    October   6
Alice Arm & Anyox Herald
Issued every Saturday at Alice Arm
Alice Arm and Anyox $2.50 Yearly
Othor Parts of Canada, .$2.75
British Isles and United States, $3.00
Notices for Crown Grants -   -   $15.00
Land Notices ....      $15.00
Transient Advertising, 50c. per inch
Contract Kates on Application.
E. MOSS, Editor and Publisher.
The grand opening of the new
Anyox Gymnasium takes place on
Monday next, October 8th.   The
people of Anyox will then have an
opportunity of seeing for themselves
the new structure, which is said to
be a great improvement over the
old building.    Indications point to
next Monday's opening being a
really grand affair, and  a record
crowd will undoubtedly   be   on
hand to admire the building and
step a waltz or fox trot on the
hardwood floor.    The officers of
the Anyox Community League are
the recipients of many congratulations for the business-like manner
in which they commenced construction of the new building so soon
after the destruction of the old one.
They are deserving of every bit of
praise given  them,  especially the
secretary, Mr. F. M.  Kelley, on
whose shoulders has fallen a large
part of the work entailed  when
constructing a building of this size.
The Community   League   have
done their part, and done it well,
in again providing a winter playground.    It is now up to everyone
to do their part and support the
League, whole heartedly and unselfishly.    Without the Community
League there would be no gymnasium, which means no basketball,
badminton, or athletics, during the
long winter months, and no fine
hall to use when desired for social
affairs.   That the League will receive the  unstinted    support    of
everyone is  without question, for
all realize what an asset it is, to
the social life of Anyox, and what
a void would be left if something
should happen and it failed   to
properties by the Radiore Company while several other mining
companies are planning tests.
Prominent among the properties
receiving attention are the recently
acquired Hanna claims of the
Granby Consolidated Mining &
Smelting Company at Hidden
Creek near Anyox, the Bowena
Copper property, Bowen Island, a
group of claims on Texada Island,
and the famous Dunwell Mine in
the Portland Canal District.
Particular  attention    will    be
directed to the results of the work
at the Dunwell, not as a test of the
practicability or otherwise of the
Radiore   system   of   prospecting,
which is established without question, through many hundreds ot
applications to mining problems in
United States, Canada and elsewhere, but because the faulted vein
system in that Bear River property
catching a too-sanguine management unawares when the broken
continuity of the veins was taken
for granted, resulted in the closing
down of a modern and efficient
new mill at Dunwell after only a
few months operation.   Should the
Radiore test supplemented by diamond drilling or tunnelling, locate
for Dunwell ore reserves sufficient
to warrant re-opening the mill, the
whole outlook for holders of Dunwell stock, many of whom saw the
price soar above $2, would be
One of the electrical prospectors
used in field operations by the
Radiore Co. is on display in the
British Columbia Chamber of
Mines office at present. By making use of the electrical conductivity of the average metallic mineral
ore deposit the equipment, in the
hands of specially trained scientists
definitely establishes the position
of mineralized bodies below the
surface, although there may be no
outcroppings in sight. Thus much
guesswork and needless expenditure of money may be eliminated
in mining.—The Financial News.
James J. Hill used to say:
"There'll be no pockets in your
ere an
Grain handlings In the Fort of
Montreal this season passed the
200,000,000 bushel mark on August
30th, receipts and shipments being
evenly balanced. Total handlings
at that date weru 16,363,592 bushels
ahead of the similar period of last
A twenty-six pound eight-ounce
muskey, 47 inches long and 17%
inches ln glrtt, has been caught
after an exciting battle near Pine
Rapids on the French River, by
Edmund Slechhart, ot Chicago. The
giant has been entered in the Canadian Pacific' Bungalow Camp Trophy Competition.
The University of British Columbia at Vancouver has a new flag
pole second only in height to that
at Kew Gardens in London, England—the tallc In the wo:'ld. Both
are one-piece poles ot Douglas fir,
that at Kew being 214 teet high
and that at the University 206 feet
high. The Vancouver Court House
has one measuring 197 feet, while
the Provincial Parliament Buildings
have one measuring 165 feet.
The Australian Government has
Just completed a deal for eighteen
foundation heifers and two bulls
from J. D. McGregor and Sons, the
widely known Aberdeen-Angus
breeders of Brandon. The animals
will be selected from Mr. McGregor's Glencarnock herd by the head
herdmaster of the Australian Government and shipped by the Canadian Pacific Railway by way of
Vancouver. This shipment apart
from some purebred dairy cattle to
the Orient from British Columbia,
Is probably the first exportation of
purebred cattle from Canada over-
Another link has been forged in
the air express services extending
from the Gulf of St. Lawrence into
the heart of Canada. The Canadian Pacific Express have undertaken an air express service between Winnipeg, Regina and Calgary in co-operation with Western
Canada Airways and in connection
with air mail routes. This means
that express matter shipped from
England may be picked up from incoming Atlantic liners at Rimouski,
speeded by air via Montreal to Ottawa and Toronto, placed aboard
westbound trains, trans-shipped to
airplanes at Winnipeg, and delivered direct to the consignee at Regina
or Calgary, or placed on a train
again if the destination is further
west, putting tbe shipment many
days ahead of the usual service.
Electrical or geophysical prospecting on a scientific basis, not as
an experiment but as a practical
system of locating ore bodies, is
being practised in British Columbia on a number of well-known
The teacher had been giving his
class a lecture in English composition, and when he had finished he
asked a bright boy of the class to
write a very long sentence. The
boy wrote: "Imprisonment for life."
Utility Mines No. 1 Limited have
taken over the Tiger and Kitsol Groups
in the Upper Kitsault Valley, and an
intensive program of development work
has been inaugurated.
A six and three-quarter.pound
speckled trout, a monster of its
kind, has been caught on the Nipl-
gon River by Philip L. Peterman,
of Laurium. Michigan. This catch
will probably win tte Nipigon River
Bungalow Camp trophy for the
record catch of the season, for
none of the fish previously entered
ln this competition approach it in
size. The winner receives a silver replica of a fish mounted on an
oak pannel and an engraved gold
lapel button. Fishing on the Nipigon has been better this season
than tl has been for ten years. The
regulation of the water level to prevent fluctuation has resulted in fish
returning to their old haunts, and
sport is now as good as it ever
For Full Information apply to the Fiscal Agents:
Utility Mining & Financing Co. Ltd.
830-831 Rogers Building, Vancouver, B. C.
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Al. Falconer
Alice Arm
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This advertisement is not published or displayed by the Liquor Coutrcl
Board or by the government of British Columbia ALICE   ARM   AND   ANYOX   HERALD,   Saturday.    October    6    1928
Large Number Defunct
Companies Struck
Off Register
Alice Arm list Very Light
Viotoria, Sept. 29.—During the
current quarter no fewer than 522
B. C. concerns incorporated under
the Companies Acts of 1878, 1890,
1897,1910 aud 1921, and under
the Co-operative Associations Act,
will be struck from the provincial
register, the redemption period for
346 of these already having expired
without effort on the part of the
delinquent companies tore-establish
status. Two of these defunct
concerns the ' Schaake Machine
Works Ltd. and the Western Toy
Mfg. Co., figure in the last detailed
report to the legislature's Publio
Accounts Committee by the Industrial Commissioner, the one as talc
en over by the Department and the
other as active and expeoted to
repay cash advances obtained from
the Treasury.
The long list of moribund or extinct companies is interesting in
recalling many once important
business institutions playing important parts in community progress, the success of which in many
instances seemed established.
Others are notable in refreshing
memories of enterprising pioneers
who have passed away, their
businesses crumbling and now
disappearing. Still others mark
earlier stages in the development
of important commercial enter-
prizes since reorganized and reincorporated to meet demands of expansion, in connection with which
those concerned have failed to formally wind up the primary organizations. Of these the Woodward
Department Stores Ltd. and McLennan, McFeeley & Co. Ltd. of
Vancouver are characteristic examples.
Northern and Central British
Columbia figure very modestly in
the company death roll, the eliminated corporations including:
Prince Rupert Supply Co., R.
Cunningham & Sons, Skeena Orchards, Perth Trading Co., Smithers Hall, Prince George Co-operative Association, B. C. Trappers
Association, Aberdeen Fish Cannery Co, Rattenbury Lands, Fort
George Company, Northern Interior Co-operative Association,
Fort George Trading & Lumber
Co., Kishechna Oil Co, North
Coast Land Co., Prince Rupert
Fisheries, Prince Rupert Housing,
Prince Rupert Spruce Mills, and
Alice Arm Consolidated Holdings.
given effect, in which connection
legislation will be offered at the
first session of the new parliament
completely relieving the polioe of
their extra duties as game wardens.
Meanwhile every effort will be
made toward rigorous enforcement of the law for the protection
of British Columbia's game asset
and the safety of those who legally
hunt four-footod or feathered spoil.
More particularly is there to be an
immediate tightening up for the
prevention of carelessness with
firearms, the cause of a majority
of shooting season mishaps. Any
so offending henceforth, whether
the killing or injury of others does
or does not result, may count upon
having his license privileges summarily terminated, not again to be
Beach Recreation Hall:
Pictures:  Tuesdays,
Thursdays, and Saturdays
Mine Recreation Hall:
Pictures:   Wednesdays and
Help the Organization
that Serves You
Provincial Police Will
Be Relieved Of
Game Duties
Victoria, Sept. 29.—Representations of Mainland sportsmen that
the administration of the game
laws should be entirely divorced
from the duties of the provincial
police are quite in accord with the
policy advocated by Attorney General Pooley, while House Leader of
the Conservative Opposition.
Now that his party is in a position
to do so, Conservative proposals
for game law betterments  will  be
A pure, rich milk,
C^*- obtained under
perfect sanitary conditions from healthy
cows, condensed and
blended with best
refined sugar. Since
1857 the ideal food
for bottle-fed babies.
Vaoaat, unreiervad, lurray**
Crown lands may bo pre-empted by
British aubJeoU ovor II years, of age,
and by aliens on declaring- Intention
to become British •ubjeota, conditional upon reildence, occupation,
and. Improvement tor agricultural
Full Information concerning regulation! regarding pre-emptloni li l
given In Bulletin No. 1. Land Series,
"How to Pre-empt Land," copies of
which oan be obtained free of charge
by addressing the Department of
Lands, Viotoria, B.C.. er to any Oovernment Agent
Records will be granted covering
only land suitable lor agricultural
purposes, and which is not timber-
land, i.e., carrying over 6.000 board
feet per aore west of the Coast Range
and 8,000 feet per acre east of that
Applications for pre-emptions - are
to be addressed to tbe Land Commissioner of the Land Recording Division, In whioh the land applied tor
Is situated, and are made on printed
Corms, ooples of whioh can be obtained from the Land Commissioner.
Pre-emptions must be occupied for
five years and Improvements made
to value ot $10 per aore, Including
clearing and cultivating at least five
aores, before a Crown Grant can be
For more detailed Information set
the Bulletin "How to Pre-empt
Applications are received for purchase of vacant and unreserved
Crown lands, not being tlmberland.
for agricultural purposes; minimum
prloe of flrst-olass (Curable) land is $5
per acre, and seeoMi-blass (graslng)
land $1.60 per aore. Further Information regarding purchase or lease
of Crown lands Is given in Bulletin
Mo. 10, Land. Series, "Purohase and
Lease of Crown Lands."
Mill, factory, or Industrial sites on
timber land, not exoeeding 40 aores,
may be purohased or leased, the conditions Including payment of
■turn peg*.
i Unsurveyed areas, not exoeeding 20
acres, may be leased as homesltes.
conditional upon a dwelling being
.erected ln the flrst year, title being
obtainable after residence and Improvement conditions are fulfilled
and land has been surveyed.
l For graslng and industrial purposes areas not exoeeding (40 acre*
may ba leased by one person or a
Under the Oraalng Aot the Provinoe is divided Into graslng districts
and the range administered under a
I Oraalng Commissioner. Annual
erasing permits are Issued based on
'numbers ranged, priority being given
to established owners. Stock-owners
may form associations tor range
management Free, or partially free,
permits are available for settlers,
camper* *ad travellers, up to ten
B. C. Land Surveyor
Surveys of Mineral Claims, Subdivisions. Underground Surveys,
Civil Engineer of Registered Professional Engineers
Welcome Hotel
Alice Arm
Comfortable Rooms for Rent
Tobacco & Soft Drink. Cigari, Cigarettes
A. BEAUDIN, Proprietor
Subscribe to Ynur Local Paper
Pack Trains, Saddle Horses
and Heavy Teams
No Contract too Large or
too Small
Business Lots from $200 to
Residential Lots from $200
to $300
Robertson & Dumas
Agents for Alice Arm Mining
and Development Co.
The Herald
$2.50 a Year
Anyox & Alice Arm
Powder, Caps, Fuse, Steel and Tools.   Rain test Clothing,
Stanfield's Underwear, Hand-made Boots.    A full  line of
Quality Groceries for Mining needs.
B.  P. O. ELKS
Dominion of Canada and Newfoundland
Meets every second and fourth Monday of
the month
Hall for rent for dances, social functions, eic.
on application to club manager
In the Matter of the Administration
Act: and
In the Matter of the Estate of Fred
Martinson,—Deceased Intestate.
TAKE NOTICE that by order of
His Honor, F. McB. Young, the 6th.
day of September, A. D. 1928, I was
appointed Administrator ofthe estate
of Fred Martinson, deceased, and
all parties having claims against
the said estate are hereby required to
furnish same, properly verified, to me
mi or before the 11th. day of October,
A. D. 1928, and all parties indebted to
the estate are required to pay the
amount of their indebtedness to me
Official Administrator
Prince Rupert, B. C.
Dated the 11th. day of September,
A. D. 1928.
Alice Arm
The Bonanza Silver
Camp of B. C.
We invite you to investigate the mining shares now
being offered in Alice Arm properties and recommend
Kitsault-Eagle Silver Mines Ltd. (N.P.L.)
British Colonial Securities Ltd.
Suite 312, Standard Bank Building, Vancouver
Alice Arm Representative:   A. McGuire
(Form F.)
Certificate of Improvements
"Saddle No. 1," "Saddle No. 2,"
"Saddle No. 8," "Saddle No. 4," "Saddle No. 5," "Saddle No. 6," and "Saddle Fractional" Mineral Claims,situate
in Naas River Mining Division of
Cassiar District. Where located:
near the head o f Hastings Arm, on tlie
West side.
TAKE NOTICE, that I, G. L.
Eraser, Trustee for the Saddle Syndicate, Free Miner's Certificate No.
17359-D. intend sixty days from the
date hereof, to apply to the Mining
Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements for the purpose of obtaining a
Crown Grant ofthe above claims.
And further take notice that action,
under section 85, must be commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 5th. day of September,
(Form F.)
Certificate of Improvements
"Standard," "Standard No. 1,"
Standard No. 2," and "Standard No.
3" Mineral Claims, situate in the Naas
River Mining Division of Cassiar District. Where located: on the North
Slope of McGrath Mountain, Alice
TAKE NOTICE, that I. Frank D.
Rice, agent for Miles Donald, Free
Miner's Certificate No. 11576-D; Nels
Olsen, Free Miner's Certificate No.
11577-D; Wm. McLean, Free Miner's
Certificate, No, 11570-D: Norman McLeod, Free Miner's Certificate No.
11632-D, intend sixty days from the
date hereof, to apply to the Mining
Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements for the purpose of obtaining a
Crown Grant of the above claims.
And further take notice that action
under section 85. must be commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 15th. day of September,
(Form F.)
Certificate of Improvements
"Saddle" Mineral Claim, situate in
the Naas River Mining Division of
Cassiar District. Where located: near
the head of Hastings Arm, on the
west side.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Charles
Clay, Free Miner's Certificate No.
99471-C, intend, sixty days from the
date hereof, to apply to the Mining
Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements for the purpose of obtaining a
Crown grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action,
under section 85, must be commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 10th. dav of September,
,    CHARLES CLAY. ALICE  ARM   AND  ANYOX  HERALD,  Saturday,    October   6    1928
Anyox Notes
Continued from Page 1
The Herald is at all times
anxious to publish news of general
interest. We spare no effort in
obtaining all the news of the district, but sometimes a news item is
overlooked in spite of our vigilence.
Mr. Fordyce Clark is the Anyox
representative of the Herald and
he will be pleased to gratify your
wish in regard to desired publicity.
Constable W. Smith left on
Saturday for Rupert, where he
escorted Nick Priza, who will
stand trial there for attempted
Among the departures on Saturday for the south, were: R. A.
Cowdell, C. M. Carton.
W. A. Talbot, who for the past
few years has held the position of
government district engineer, has
been transferred to Revelstoke.
He left on Monday to take up his
new duties.
Mrs. G. Paine and children arrived home on Saturday from a visit
to the south.
Miss Josephine Smith arrived in
town on Saturday.
Among the arrivals from the
south on Saturday, were: F. Wil-
lan, S. Sewell, Norman Boyd, J.
E. Lawrence, A. C. Knight, W.
Laing, R. 0. Lyatt.
S. Down left on Monday for a
vaoation in the south. He will
spend some time in California,
where he will visit former Anyox
Mrs. V. Parmery was a southbound passenger on Monday.
Among the departures on Monday, were: J. W. Young, F. D.
Kelly, R. 0. Lycett, J. A. Bray.
Chris Cane returned on Monday
from a vacation spent in southern
F. S. McNicholas arrived home
on Monday from a trip south.
P. Cranley arrived iu town on
S. T. Lewis was an arrival from
the south on Monday.
Mrs. MacDonald arrived on Monday from the south.
Arrivals from the south on Monday, were: H. Pickford, P. Powell,
B. Lazoretto, T. Paulsen, G. Kaz-
imir, W. R. Bennett, J. F. Lane.
The Herald job printing plant is
equipped to handle all classes of
printing. We do not mix printing
with any other line of business.
We are printers and can handle
your work satisfactorily. Our
prices are fair. Our work is good
and delivery is prompt.
H.   M.  SELFE
Office:   Oppoaite Liquor Store
Send your next films direct to
Wrathalls Photo Finishing, Prince
Rupert, B. C. Our high class
photo work and quick returns will
please you. We also do picture
framing.   Try us.
J. Wells returned on Monday
from a visit to Prince Rupert.
Leo Paulcer, who has spent tlie
past few weeks at Stewart, returned home on Monday.
Win. McLean, who has spent
several weeks at Prince Rupert,
arrived home on Monday.
Fred Stork, Ex-M.P. for this
district, spent several days in
Alice Arm and Anyox during the
week.   He will also visit Stewart.
A. C. H. Gerhardi arrived on
Monday from a visit to Vancouver.
Ken Martin, Stan Shayler, Jack
Fairley, Rod Anderson, Ken Bews,
left on Monday for the B. C. University. They comprise the staff
of the Dominion Topographical
party, that has been working here
for the past three months under
the direction of Mr. Bartlett.
Rod Campbell, who for many
years has been employed at Anyox
mine, and who has mineral olaims
at Alice Arm, where he has done
considerable development each
summer, has been in ill health recently and he left on Monday for
Tranquille Sanatorium, Kamloops.
A public meeting of the ladies of
Alice Arm will be held at the
Sohool on Wednesday afternoon at
4 p.m- for the purpose of making
arrangements for the Children's
Annual Christmas Tree. Everyone requested to attend.
J. Stark has been appointed
caretaker of the Dolly Varden Co.
buildings and effects, in place of J.
A. Anderson, who recently resigned.
The gold certificates for the prize
winning ores at the Vancouver
exhibition were received at Alice
Arm on Monday. G. W. Bruggy
of the Tidewater Molybdenum,
aud A. McGuire of the Silver Cord
each receiving one.
When you're hungry for real
food—the homey kind—come
over to the
The home of pure wholesome
food,   friendly  service and
welcome atmosphere
M. M. STEPHENS & Co. Ltd.
The oldest Financial Office in Northern B. C.
P.  O.  BOX  1604
Anyox Golf Club Members
Membership in the Golf club is
now over fifty and it is planned to
limit further entries. The present*
rainy weather has not dampened
enthusiasm as the surface of the
playing area is not much affected
by the downpour.
True economy calls
eous expenditure as
courageous saving.
for   courag-
well   as  for
So live that you can be sick and
be delirious without later worrying
over what you said.
Alice Arm
Comfortable Rooms for Rent
By Day, Week or Month at
Reasonable Rates
N. Sutilovich       Prop.
Anyox Community
1   The Council of the League
meets on the Second and
Fourth Wednesday of each
month, in Recreation Hall,
at 7.30 p.m.
Alice Arm
Bread and Pastry Always for
Gas Anderson
Candies, Magazines, Stationery,
]  Proprietary Medicines, Toilet Articles, Etc.
W. M. CummingS,   Agent for all Vancouver Daily Papers
Post Office Building, Alice Arm
S. S. Prince George sails from Anyox for Prince
Rupert,   Vancouver, and  Intermediate Points
via Ketchikan, each Saturday 12 Midnight,
S. S. Prince John leaves Prince  Rupert,   for
Vancouver, via all ports Queen Charlotte Island*
fortnightly, effective Saturday September22nd
Trains leave Prince Rupert Daily except Sunday, at 11.30 a.m.,
for Jasper, Edmonton, Winnipeg, direct connections for all
points Bast and South.
For Atlantic Steamship Sailings ot further information, apply to an) Canadian
National Agent, or to R. F. McNAUGHTON, District Passenger Agent
Prince Rupert, B. C.
We have a huge assortment of Men's Fall Shirts, in all weights.
Heavy Twill Flannel in Fawn Color  $3.50
Heavy, All Wool Plain Grey Flannel,  4.00
Light Weight All Wool Grey Flannel,  3.75
Plain Brown, All Wool  Flannel  3.75
Fancy Checks in All Wool Flannel,  3.75
Heavy, Coarse Wool Khaki Flannel,  2.75
Fine Wool Khaki Flannel  3.25
Our stock is now fully equipped
with complete lines of Rubber
Boots, Zippers and Light
Weight; Rubbers, for Men,
Women and Children. Dominion, Gutta Percha and
Goodrich Makes
Boys' Slicker Coats, Size 24  $4.25
Larger Sizes     $4.75 and 4.95
Boys' Wool Golf Hose 65
Boys' Wool Combinations, $1.75 to 3.50
Boys' Bloomer and Straight Pants
$1.25 to 2.25
Boys' Khaki Bib Overalls $1.25 to 1.35
Towel Sets, in Two Sizes, per set,  $1.95 and $1.15.
Embroidered Pillow Cases in different designs, per pair     1.75 and 2.40.
Linen Towels with Colored Borders, per pair,  1.00
White Linen Towels, per pair,  • .75
Plaven Lace Centres, each  75c. to 3.95
Plaven Lace Oval Centres,each  75c. to 1.75
Plaven Lace Tray Cloths, Linen Centres,each  3.25
.Madam LeBlanc will be in Anyox on October 15th, displaying Fun,
Afternoon and Evening Dresses, Coats and Millinery.   Do not buy until
you have inspected these lines


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