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 A little paper
with all the
news and a big
Published in the interests of Alice Arm and Anyox, B. C.
S2.00 a Year    j
Alice Arm and j
Anyox. S2.25 to
all other points.
VOL. 13,   NO. 42
Alice Arm, B. O. Saturday, April 21, 1934
5 cents each.
Vandals Beat Trojans
And Win Basketball
One of the fastest and cleverest
games of basketball between local
teams, was the final for the Basketball Cup by Trojans and Vandals on Friday the 13th. the latter
winning 28-24. This was the third
game of the finals of. the play-off
series between these top-of-the-
league teams, Vandals having won
the first and Trojans the second
A large crowd turned out and witnessed a brilliant exhibition.
Trojans were slow in starting to
soore, the flrst half ending 16-7 for
the miners. After the breather,
however, the Trojans found their
stride and the whereabouts of the
basket and through the medium
of their star shooter, Bud Gillies,
passed the Vandals at the 22-21
mark. From then on both sides
played with every ounce that was
in them.
Splendid checking by both teams
kept the scoring down. Time and
again.the Trojans, after fast and
accurate passing, would be beaten
at the basket and the same thing
would happen at the other end.
Three shots by one side in a row,
all missing by inches, were a frequent happening. High lights for
the winners were the Calderoni
brothers, Fred and Tony, the former securing 12 points and the latter
11. Bud Gillies starred for the
losers with 14 points. Vandals
score would have been much higher
but for the brilliant work of Frank
Dodsworth at guard. Falconer for
the miners played a stellar game
and Bennie Windle was at top
form. Shields played a clever and
cool game and made a beautiful
basket from the centre of the floor.
Towards the end of the game H.
Dresser, who played a brilliant
game was despatched to the showers, his place being taken by Tommy Scott.
The teams: Trojans: Shields 4,
F. Gordon 4, B. Gillies 14, H. Dresser 1, F. Dodsworth 1, T. Scott.
Vandals: T. Calderoni 11, F. Calderoni 12, L. Falconer 5, B. Windle,
W. Gourlay.
Anglican Church Services
Sunday, April 22nd.
10 a.m.   Holy Communion
11 a.m.   Sunday School
2.30. p.m.   Service at Mine Hall
7.45 p.m.   Evensong
James Anderson left on Wednesday for Telegraph Creek.
Mr. and Mrs. Flink left on Wednesday for Vanoouver.
A. C. L. Tennis Club
Holds Annual
There was a fair turnout of members of the A. C. L. Tennis Club at
the annual general meeting held on
Monday last in the Reoreation Hall
when much important business
was transacted. President E. B.
Oatman occupied the chair. The
minutes of the previous annual
meeting were read by the Secretary
Mr. 0. G. Macintyre, and duly
adopted. The secretary's report
and financial statement were also
presented. It was shown that last
year the Club had fifty-three members.
The election of officers resulted
as follows: Hon. President, Charles
Bocking, Hon. Vice-President, W.
R. Lindsay; President, E. R. Oatman; Vice-President, W. Cavers;
Seoretary, O. G. Macintyre; Executive Committee, Miss T. Gordon,
Miss M. Dresser. F. Dodsworth Jnr.
R. Duffy.
A discussion took place regarding junior tennis players and it was
decided that the new executive
committee be empowered to hold
tournaments for, and to foster the
interests of junior players and also
to donate prizes as may seem advisable. Junior players to be under sixteen years of age.
The date for the commencements
of the annual open championships
was set for July 1st. An important decision was made iu regard
to referees for the open championship series, it being decided that no
referees would, be necessary except
in the semi-final and final games.
The matter of competitions with
clubs in other towns was discussed
and the new executive was em'
powered to look into the possibili
ties of holding suoh competitions.
Anglican Women's Auxiliary
Hold Final Social Event
Of The Season
To wind up their series of social
evenings held during the past season, the Women's Auxiliary of the
Anglican Church held a Whist
Drive and Social iu the Parish Hall
on Friday, April 13th. Prizewinners were: Ladies' first' Miss Brisbane; Consolation, Mrs. Frank
Henderson; Men's first Arthui
Dodsworth; Consolation Mr. Plumb
The programme of singing and elocution which followed was thoroughly enjoyed by all.
Mrs. Pinokney sang: "If I might
Come to You," giving as an encore
"Mary of Argyle." Mr. Marks
sang "Beneath Thy Window" and
"The Victor." Mrs. Abraham de
lighted everyone with a recitation:
"Ths Green Eye of the Little Yellow God." Mr. Abraham sang
"Come to the Fair" and "The
Kerry Dance." Mrs. Salmon accompanied the various solos and
also the community singing which
was indulged in during the evening.
Miss Ursula Malkin
It Is a Special Treat For
Anyox Folk
In sponsoring the piano reoital
to be given by Miss Ursula Malkin
on Monday next the 23rd. the local
ohapter of the I. 0. D. E had no
thought of any monetary profit
whioh may be derived from same.
Their only idea was that the event
would be a special treat for Anyox
music lovers, aud it is believed,
that their aotion, and the motive
which prompted it, will he fully
understood and appreciated.
For ohildren attending the Publio School there will be a Free
Reoital on Tuesday afternoon at
4 o'clook. This special reoital is
only for ohildren attending Publio
Sohool. It is not for High Sohool
Press notices aoclaim Ursula
Malkin a pianist of rare ability.
The programme to be presented at
the reoital on Monday, April 23rd.
in the Recreation Hall, is one that
will test her versatility. It varies
from the Sonata in D Major to the
beautiful Liszt number; "St. Francis Walking on the Waters.''
Miss Malkin has an artistic nature
with the background of a cultured
education and the sincerity of her
devotion to musio, makes her performance a real joy to musio lovers
of discriminating taste. It is certain that she will oapture the
hearts of Anyox folk when she appears on the 23rd.
An unexpected treat at this reoital will be the appearance of Mrs.
A. Abraham, a Gold Medal Elocutionist from Belfast. Mrs. Abraham possesses all the qualities of
Dinner and Frolic Close]Fire Destroys Home Of
Badminton Season
A most successful Badminton
season was brought to a close on
Wednesday, April 11th. with a
dinner and dance extraordinary iu
the supper room of the Gymnasium,
twenty-six members being present.
For this affair the men dressed up
as small boys and the ladies as
little girls^ a most comical effect
The dinner was a most enjoyable
one, the ladies of the committee;
viz, Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Macintyre
being largely responsible for this
part of the evening. Mr. J. Gillies
and his orohestra kindly gave their
services gratis in providing the
music for dancing.
In an after dinner speech Mr. A.
H. Kirby, president of the Club,
welcomed those present and expressed his pleasure at the success
of the senson just closed. On behalf of the Club he expressed his
thanks to the Community League
for the free use of the Gymnasium
during the season and for the assistance and co-operation sb'cneerfuily
given at all times.
Alice Arm Notes
Miss A. Barker, who has been
spending holidays at the Alice
Arm Hotel left on Monday for her
home at Smithers.
Owing to engine trouble shortly
after leaving Vancouver, the Catala
did not arrive at Alice Arm until
7 p.m. on Monday instead of 5 a.m.
The Rev. W. A. Delap will hold
Evening Service at St. Michael's
Church tomorrow, Sunday, April
22nd. at 7.30 p.m. Everyone
Wm. Dann, who was here in
connection with the removal of
some of the old equipment of the
Dolly Varden Mines Co. Ltd. to the
United Empire mine at -Stewart,
left on Monday. No heavy machinery is being moved, the shipment
consisting chiefly of office equipment. It will be shipped out next
Mr. Harry Smith, who left Alice
Arm last fall to join his son Marshall and family at Duncan, Vancouver Island, arrived back again on
Monday. Mr. Smith was one of
the pioneer residents of Duncan,
and during his stay last winter
renewed acquaintances with many
>ld friends. He states that the
Oriental population has increased
considerably in the distriot since
he formerly lived there, and that
the distriot is feeling the effects of
the depression.
Mr. & Mrs. J. Sauer
At Alice Arm
an elocutionist—expression, power,
feeling, and charm. With two
suoh splendid artistes the evening
will be one of rare enjoyment to
those who attend.
The home of Mr. and Mrs. J.
Sauer of Clearwater Ranch, Alice
Arm, aud the whole contents of the
house except for a few articles, was
completely destroyed by fire on
Monday morning.
The outbreak occurred shortly
after 8 a.m. when Mr and Mrs.
Sauer were at breakfast. They
noticed the smell of smoke and upon
investigation found the roof blazing fiercely, a spark from the
stovepipe no doubt starting the
Heroic efforts were made by Mr.
and Mrs. Sauer to subdue the
flames, but it was of no avail, and
as the building is isolated, no assistance was procurable. Efforts
were then made to save some of the
effects but heat and smoke rendered
it impossible, except for a small
amount. Mrs. Sauer recieved
burns on her arms aud also severely
injured her knee when she slipped
and fell and for a time was unconscious. Mr. Sauer also received
burns on his hands and eavs. No
insurance was carried on the house
or personal effects.
Many people of Alice Ann saw the
cloud of smoke across the flats,
but were under the impression tlu.t
Mr. Sauer was burning brush
The townsfolk of Alice Aim
quickly rallied to their assist:.nee
and on Thursday a tent and fly had
been erected for their accomodation
and necessary furniture aud cooking utensils provided.
Col. Victor Spencer of Vancouver
on receiving a wire from Whi
Dann of Stewart, who was in town
promptly donated them the building formerly used as police headquarters here. On Tuesii vy ginga
of men volunteered to tear down
the building, while others transported the lumber and a building
gang commenced construction of a
new residence.
Mr. and Mrs. Sauer were married here a short time ago and the
sympathy of the whole r .nmuuity
is extended to them in their loss of
home and belongings.
Madam Annette of Prince Rupert
will arrive at F. Lew Lun's General Store on Monday next, April
23rd. and leave the following Monday, April 30th. She will have on
display a large stock of Ladies'
coats and dresses in the most up-to
date styles.
About half of all the silver mined
in America since the time of Columbus was mined after 1889. ALICE   ARM   AND   ANYOX   HERALD,   Saturday.  April 21,   111S4
Alice Arm & Anyox Herald
Issued every Saturday at Alice Arm
Alice Arm and Anyox S2.00 Yearly
Other Parts of Canada, $2.25
British Isles and United States, $2.50
Notices for Crown Grants  -   -   $15.00
Land Notices ...      -      $15.00
Transient Advertising, 50c.  per inch
Contract Rates on Application.
E. MOSS, Editor and Publisher,
Govt. Mining Committee This
Year Was Active
The Miner, Vancouver
Copper In U. S. A. Will
Be Subject To Govt.
Copper, still groggy from the
blows of the depression, is preparing
at last to submit to the regimentation of the national recovery administration, says a report from New
One of the last of the major basic
material industries to agree, finally,
on a code, it has decided, through
the United States Copper Association, on a revised draft, which has
been sent to Washington, in the
hope of early approval, possibly
with some modifications.
The new code, it was understood,
deals primarily with labor problems,
and does not attempt rigid production control and price fixing.
Nevertheless, an indirect effort to
control prices through provisions
against "destructive price cutting,"
it is hoped, may bring the price up
to around 9 cents a pound. The
present price is 8 cents.
The American copper industry,
which in the boom days produced
more than half of aggregate output,
has been dealt a double blow in the
drastic decline of domestic consumption, and in the loss of much
of the foreign market. Recent estimates indicate American smelter
production has fallen to about a
third of the world total.
But with domestic demand reviving and American copper finding
increasing outlets in foreign markets since devaluation of the dollar,
the industry is looking up, although
still operating at less than half of
Surplus stocks of copper are still
well over a year's supply, but under
the new code, it is expected fabricators will arrange to buy substantially all of the new current production, so that with expanded exports
and increasing use at home, a fair
inroad into the burdensome stocks
may be made during 1934.
The current price of 8 cents is
nearly double the low of little more
than a year ago, 4^ cents. Average production costs are estimated
at 8.6c. a pound. At 8c. some low
cost mines can show small profits,
and a number could, operate satisfactorily at 9c. or 10c.
R. R. Burns, M. L. A. for Rossland Trail, a former resident of
Vancouver, stated in the legislature
that Consolidated M. & S. Co. contributed 4J per cent, of the entire
provincial revenue.
It has been the practice at each
session of the Legislature to appoint
a Mining Committee; but until this
year that was a mere formality, as
the committee did not function.
This year's Committee was quite
active. Its chairman was Mr. Du-
gald -MaoPherson of Grand Forks,
a man who has a reputation for
sound sense; and its secretary was
Mr. W. Asselstine, the only member of the House having a genuine
understanding of the conditions and
requirements of the mining industry.
These, with two or three other
members of the Committee from
mining districts, fortunately were
able to keep the ignorant exuberance of some of their colleagues
within tolerable bounds; and except
in one or two particulars, the report of the Committee as submitted
to the Legislature was not without
The Howe Sound Company
Maintains Dividends
Howe Sound Company is maintaining dividends at the annual rate
of $3.00 per annum, a distribution
of 75c. per share having been made
March 30. This is the second payment at this rate. Total dividend
payments in 1933 amounted to
$1.20 per share, and in 1932 to
Premier Pattullo Announces
Economic Council
Premier T. D. Pattullo announced the appointment of six members
to the economic advisory council
this week as follows:
James O. Nicholls, miner, Nanaimo.
James G. Robson, lumberman,
New Westminster.
Thomas VV. Bingay, Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co., Trail.
James H. Lawson, barrister,
Dr. H. C. Wrinch, Hazelton.
Percival E. French, agriculturist,
Professor W. A. Carrothers of
the University of British Columbia
is chairman.
Plans To Reorganize   The
Woodbine Mining Co.
Plans are under way to reorganize
the Woodbine Gold Mining Co.,
which is now in the hands of the
liquidator. The proposed reorganization would enable the old shareholders to exchange their shares on
the basis of one share of new stock
for five of the old, leaving 4,000,000
shares in the treasury. The treasury shares would be sold only to
meet the requirements of mine development.
Flin Flon mine, Northern Manitoba, discovered in 1915, lay undeveloped for 10 years and was turned
down by the engineers of a dozen
or more large mining companies as
too difficult an ore to treat and too
far from a railway to be profitable.
In nine years it has become one of
the great mines, with an income of
$7,000,000 a year.
International Nickel, with its big
plants at Copper Cliff, Ontario, reported 3,643 more men employed on
December 31, 1933, than on the
same date of the previous year.
M. RAINS leave Prince
Rupert Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 5.30
p.m., connecting at Jasper
forall points East and South.
Trains from th<^ East will
arrive at Prince It u pert on
Tuesdays, Thursdays and
Saturdays at 10 p.m.
Thursday train connects
with steamship for southern
ports, leaving at 10.15 p.m.
Sleeping and buffet-parlor
car service.
Lose Fares to the
Sailing List :>n AequcRt. Complete Information 311 ROUND
AMERICA   and   ulicr    lours.
For Information  Call or Write:
Local Agent, or P. Lakie, D. F.
&P. A., Prince Rupert, B. C.       '
Make the Hotel Grosvenor your
home while in Vancouver. Here
a every comfort and service—
cheerful lounge, writing and smoking rooms, dining room. Just two
blocks away is the centre of Vancouver'! shopping and theatre district.    Rates are very reasonable.
'■-; jl'l niiiwitrfy'lfafvl'tif- DiilinNio^i^M
..■  A   .   ((.BLOCKS-FROM tlj> CfNTHE) .      if.?
Sell It!
If you have anything to
sell, try a Classified advertisement in the Herald.   Our rates are very
Someone may need that
article you don't require.
A small Ad. may bring
lots of
iB '    A      A      A      tO      A      A      <9
Bread,  Cakes, Pastry,
First-class  Business  Lots at
$200   each,  and   Residential
Lots as low as $25.
Now ia the Time to Buy Property
Agent for Alice Arm Mining;
and Development Co.
Madam Annette
Will visit our Store from Monday next, April
23rd. until the following Monday, April 30th.
She will have a full line of Ladies' Coats and
Dresses in all the most up-to-date styles.
LEW  LUN  &  Go.
General Merchants, Anyox West side of Smelter,
OPEN   UNTIL   10   P.M.
We carry at all times a Full Line of First Class
Groceries;   also Heavy and Shelf Hardware.
Clothes,   Boots,   Shoes   and   Rubbers   of   all
descriptions.   A large stock to choose from
Lode and placer gold mining have made remarkable strides
in the past three years.   Historic Cariboo and Bridge
River districts are now prominently in the public eye.
There are opportunities for profitable investment, and
about 200,000 square miles of unexplored mineral bearing
lands are open for prospecting.
British Columbia is the leading Canadian Province in
production of tilver, lead and zinc.
Inform yourself by consulting Official Publications of
which these are the most recent:
Annual Report of the Honourable the Minister of
Mines, for the calendar year 1932.
"Placer Mining in British Columbia."
Preliminary Report on the Mineral Industry of British
Columbia for the calendar year 1933.
Non-Metallic Mineral Investigations: "Barite," "Asbestos;" "Glassware;" ''Clay;" "Magnesite and Hydro-
The Department of Mines,
For Results,  Advertise in the
Herald AUCE   ARM   AND   ANVOX   HERALD,   Saturday. April 21,  1934
British Columbia   Treasury
Bills Renewed
Renewal of British Columbia
treasury bills, totalling $5,220,637
has been authorized by the Lieutenant Governor-in-Council, involving
entension for three months of
$4,670,637 owed to the Canadian
Bank of Commerce and a year's
extension of $550,000 payable to
the Dominion government under
the unemployment loan and other
In one case of the Dominion the
interest rate to be charged the
province is reduced from 5^ per
cent to 5 per cent, while in the case
of the bank it will be continued at
5 per cent.
The Mill At Dunwell Mine
Is Starting Up
Dunwell Mines Ltd. expects to
have $25,000 worth of ore in the
bins when milling starts next week,
officials report. In the upper workings 40 tons of ore are being broken
daily averaging from $25 to $27 per
By April 1, 65 feet of drifting on
the sub-level had been done with
good ore for this distance. Officials
state that on completion of 300 feet
of this drift they expect it will have
proven approximately 10,000 tons
of ore between the third level and
the sub-level.
Captain Cyril D. Neroutsos, for
many years Manager of the British Columbia Coast Boat Steamship service ot the Canadian Pacific Railway, relinquishes his
duties on April 1st under the provisions of the Company's retirement regulations. He is succeeded by Captain R. W. McMurray,
formerly Marine Superintendent
at Vancouver.
Three cruises to the Norwegian
fjords and the Land of the Midnight Sun will be made by the
Empress of Australia this summer. The first cruise, of 14 days,
leaves Southampton June 29, the
second from London July 14, for a
19 day trip as far north as Ham-
merfest, North Cape and Spitz-
bergen, and the third from Im-
mingham, 12 days, to the fjords
and Oslo and Copenhagen. Connecting sailings from Canada for
the three cruises are the Empress
of Australia from Quebec June 21,
the Duchess of Atholl from Montreal July 6, and the Duchess of
York from Montreal July 20.
i —ipM
Printing: :
High class printing of all
descriptions promptly and
:   : neatly, executed  :   :
Pamphlets      Programmes
Posters   Letterheads
Envelopes   Billheads
Admission Tickets
Etc.   Etc.
♦ *
Prompt delivery on every
*   *   *
Herald Printing Office
Alice Arm
. . . Any one of these dishes is enough
to make ANY woman a St. Charles
fan—you try it and see! Everything
TASTES so much better when built up
on the fresh creamy flavor of St. Charles
Milk. The soup is so smooth—the vegetables so creamy—the pie so delicious!
But do not risk a disappointment—use
St. Charles—the milk with the fresh
creamy flavor.
Try these dishes—each one 'is worth a
thousand words of persuasion when
you TASTE how good it is.
t slices onion, 1 stalk celery, 8 cups stewed or
canned tomatoes, 1 tablespoon minced parsley, 1 teaspoon salt, % teaspoonpepper, 1 teaspoon granulated sugar, 14 bay leaf, yi cup
water, 1 recipe Borden's Cream Foundation.
Simmer chopped onion, chopped celery, tomatoes, minced parsley and seasonings with
water 40 minutes or until very soft. Force
through puree sieve. Blend gradually with
Borden'sCream Foundation (seerecipe Below)
Reheat. May be garnished with whipped
cream. Serves eight
S tablespoons butter, 3 tablespoons flour, }4 teaspoon salt, ]4 teaspoon
pepper \% cups St. Charles Milk,2M cups water or white stock.
Melt butter in double boiler. Add flour and seasonings. Blend thoroughly.
Add St. Charles Milk and water slowly, stirring until mixture thickens. Allow
to cook len minutes longer, stirring occasionally.
To this Cream Foundation may be added two cups vegetable puree or pulp
of meat or fish prepared in the following way: Cook vegetables, meat or'fish
until tender. Fo'.ce through puree sieve and return to water in which cooked.
After blending with Borden's Cretin Foundation, bring to boiling point.
Beat with an egg beater, to prevent skin forming on top and serve.
NOTE: For extra richness, a half cup more of St Charles Milk may ba added hut
before serving. A beaten egg yolk firirred in at the same time also adds to the
attractiveness ofthe soup.
]4 teaspoon salt, \4 teaspoon dry mustard, % teaspoon paprika, \i teaspoon,
granulated sugar, few grains cayenne, 8 tablespoons St. Charles Milk, % cup salad
oil, 2 tablespoons vinegar or 1 tablespoon vinegar and 1 tablespoon lemon juice.
Thoroughly mix dry ingredients. Add St. Charles Milk ami blend thoroughly. Beat
in salad oil gradually. Add vinegar or vinegar and lemon joke, beating uutil mixture is smooth. Makes one cup.
1 teaspoon finely chopped o''-— ' '"'iespoons butter, % cup flour, )4 teaspoon
salt, % teaspoonful pepper, zcup St. Charles Milk, )■'• cup water or white stock,
i egg yokes, 1 % cups chopped cooked meat, 1 tenspoou minced parsley.
Cook finely chopped onion in butter o minutes. Add flour and seasonings. Blend.
Add gradually St. Charles Milk and water or stork. Blend thoroughly. Cook,
stirring constantly until mixture thickens. Add slightly-beaten egg yokes. Cook
two minutes longer, slirring constantly. Remove from fir-.. Add chopped meat aud
parsley. Turn mixture on plate. Chill thoroughly. Shu po. Roll in beaten egg, blended
with a little cold water; then in sifted dry head crumbs. Fry in hot fat
(878°F-90°F) using a frying basket. Serves six.
\\i cups St. Charles Milk, 1% cups * ater, 4
eggs. }4 cap graauluted sugar, j£ teaai oon salt,
unbaked pie (rust (0 inch), grating of uii .meg.
Blend St. Charles Milk,water, slightly 1 eaten eggs,
sugar and salt together. Line pie tin t th unbaked
pie crust. Build up fluted edge. Four in filling.
Sprinkle with nutmeg. Bake in a hotoven (400°F) to
set edge. Decrease heat and bake about 40 minutes
in slow oven (S00°F) A knife blade inserted will
come out clean when custard is done.
leading Brands are:
• B.C. Bud is a pure, healthful,
invigorating and delicious pale lager
that has been perfectly brewed and
matured. Only the very choicest of
rich malt, selected hops and tested
yeast are used in its manufacture.
You can always depend on the quality
and flavor of B.C. Bud—that is why
it has become such a favorite among
those who appreciate good
lager beer.
British Columbia malt beverages
are obtainable at all Government
Liquor Stores.
This advertisement is not published or displayed by the Liquor Control Board or by the Government of British Columbia. ALICE   ARM   AND   ANYOX   HERALD.   Saturday.  April 21,  11.34
Mine Girls Win Final
Basketball Game
Topping off their first season at
basketball with a win of 12 to 9
against the Beaoh Girls, the fair
hoopsters from the Mine are able
to rest content and to contemplate
their doings with justifiable pride.
All the Mine girls are beginners at
the game. They received their
coaching from Ralph Swanson,
captain of the Vandals A and have
made great progress during their
one season of practice and play.
They are being encouraged to study
the rules and learn the game
tlicioughly. It is understood that
they will devote their energies
during the summer months to soft
In the game on Friday the 13th.
the half-time interval found the
Mine girls on the long end of a 10-
1 score. Some' changes in the
Beach make-up strengthened that
team somewhat, but effective checking by the Mine girls kept the
score down, while they themselves
added two points to their total.
The teams: Mine, B. Cannon 3,
Y. Cannon 1, C. Petersen, E. Johnson 6, P. Arscott 2, M. Owen, J.
Tamkin, V. McMillan. Beach: N.
Salmon 3, N. Wenerstrom, D.
Rogers, L. Dresser, D. Taylor, L
Kergin, P. Loudon 2, J. Pinckney
Golf Season Opening Takes
Place Tomorrow
Postponed from last Sunday for
unavoidable reasons, the opening
tournament of the Anyox Golf Club
is scheduled to take place tomorrow (Sunday, April 22nd.) This
will be a Mixed Two-ball foursome
over eighteen holes. Prizes will
be awarded to the winners and the
runners up.
The course is now in fine shape,
members are taking a keen interest
in their favorite sport and prospects
for an interesting season are bright.
Ore in the mine of Mount Cable
Gold Mining Co., near Anaconda,
Montana, is so soft that it is bored
with an augur and no crusher is
Fully experienced Dental Nurse
Prophylaxis, X Rays, Pyorrhea,
and Trench Mouth treatments.
Six years' experience. Requires
position.    Write:
Miss G. E. Lang,
C% Dr. Brett Anderson,
Bank of Nova Scotia BIdg.
Vancouver, B. C.
B.  P. O.  ELKS
Dominion ol Canada and Newfoundland
Meets every second and fourth Monday nf
the month
Hall for rent for (lances, social functions, etc.
on application to club manager
Anyox Notes
J. D. Ferguson returned on Monday from a visit to Vancouver.
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Settle left
on Monday for Vancouver, where
they will reside.
Mr. J. Buntain left on Monday
for a holiday visit to the south.
W. Law left on Monday for a
visit to Vancouver.
J. Sloan left on Monday for a
visit to the south.
D. McDonald left on Monday for
a visit to Vancouver.
C. P. Ashmore returned on Wednesday from a visit to Vancouver.
Every time you evade the truth
vou tell a lie.
IN   A
Monday,   April   23rd.
Gold Medal Elocutionist of
You can't keep character out of
Mother love has wrecked many a
Love makes men fools;  marriage
makes them wise.
"So you are from New York?"
"Yes, I live in the American col-
Big Fish—Happy Fisherman
Tickets SOc.
Recital held under auspices
of I. O. D. E.
every THURSDAY 10.15 p.m.
Canadian  National Steamships
Enjoy This
Foaming "Bock"
Beginning March 31, Government Liquor
Stores and beer parlors offer you this special
brew from British Columbia's most famous
breweries. For months it has been in the
maturing vats . . . and now it is ready.
Full-bodied, foaming, rich in those healthful
properties which make "Bock" the Spring
tonic that thousands enjoy.
i    (.
British Columbia's Favorite Brands
Hook a 35 pound musky tor
yourself like tbis one and
then sympathize with J. A. Gibson of Toronto who fought for
four and a half hours near French
River Bungalow Camp 215 miles
north of Toronto, to land it. It
is the seventh musky to be caught
near the camp by guests this season and was caught on Friday,
July 21st. so fisherman's luck
seems to be a complication of
opinion.   The scene  took place!
late in the afternoon right in front
of the outlying camp dock in full
view of guests who lined the shore
aud started tires in order to see
the finish, forgetting dinner and
later celebrating the latest entry
in the bungalow camp annual
musky competition fittingly. Since
every musky to date has practically been larger than the laBt,
the winner of the challenge shield
this year may become famous...
if he can land it.
This advertisement is not published or displayed by the Liquor Control Board or by the
* Government of British Columbia.
Smokers' Sundries
Fine Quality Pipes, 25c., 50c., $1.00 and up.
Sets of Two Pipes, complete  50c.
K. W. Storm Lighters 75c.
Bullet Lighters 25c.
Thoren Lighters $3.50
Ronson Lighters $5.00 and $6.50
Sets of Cigarette Case and Lighter, $1.25
Aonian Lighter and Chrome Finish Case; a
very smart set, $2.25.
See our Swiss 7-jewel Watches, regular $7.50
Special $6.00.
Pocket Bens, guaranteed    $1.75


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