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 ,M"l'i|i'l Hiitmiit'i»"t">">
A little paper
with all the
news and a big
Published in the interests of Alice Arm and Anyox, B. C.
.+.i«..i,l()i.t.H,.t..«. y> f. |»»
$2.50 a Year
Alice Arm and
Anyox. $2.75 to
all other points. I
VOL. 7,   NO. 10
Alice Arm, B. C.,' Saturday, September 17, 1927
5 cents eaoh.
Ore Values on the
Vanguard Are
The drift being driven on the rich
ore body on the Vanguard is now
in 75 feet states H. W. Heidman,
who is in charge of operations and
was in town during the week. The
drift carries a full face of ore, and
values are much higher than when
the ore body was encountered with
the crosscut tunnel. The drift is
now going through ore with the
phenominal value of 15 per cent
copper, and a sample of this spectacular ore was brought down by
Mr. Heidman. The drift will be
driven an additional 25 feet and the
ore body then crosscut to determine
the width.
A new tunnel has been commenced
500 feet south of the present workings. It is being driven on the
same ore body and will be 60 feet in
length, which will give a depth of
75 feet on the ore. Eight men are
at present working on the property.
The successful development of
the Vanguard is a source of great
satisfaction to those in charge of
operations and also to the whole
district, and its success will be instrumental in greatly increasing
mining activity in the district.
The main tunnel on the Red
Point Mr. Heidman stated is now in
675 feet, and is being driven at the
rate of 8 feet per day. The big ore
body has not yet been encountered
but it is expected that it will be
struck within the next 50 feet.
The new tunnel which is being
driven at a higher elevation is in 25
feet and has cut through a good
grade of ore the entire distance. It
is being driven to obtain knowledge
of the ore body, which will assist in
driving tunnels on the lower levels.
Ore Body on Stormer
Has Been Traced
An important discovery of high
grade ore on the Stormer Group
was recently made by J. Calvin,
who on Thursday returned from the
property, bringing in several fine
samples. The ore runs about
5 per cent copper and similar
samples taken from the ore body at
a lower elevation have given returns
in addition to copper values of 30
ozs. silver and $2.00 gold per ton.
The ledge from which these
samples were taken is 5 feet wide,
and this year has been traced on
the surface for a distance of 500
feet, at an elevation of 3500 feet.
Another ledge paralleling the
above mentioned one, has been located at an elevation of 3000, It is
much wider and carries good copper
The Stormer Group consists of
4 claims and joins the LaRose on
the west. It is located in a rich
mineral belt and further prospecting
and development will be carried on
with all possible speed.
Says Alice Arm is First Class
Mining Camp
Paul F. Brown, New York
mining engineer, who spent
considerable time in Alice Arm
last year, and returned again
this summer stated before leaving
for the south today that he was
convinced that the Alioe Arm
district was a first-class mining
oountry, and predicted a great
future for the oamp. The large
deposits and the faot that the ore
was spread over suoh a large area
of the oountry warranted such a
statement. He expected to interest capital in the oamp, but would
not give any details. He was of
the opinion that further development of the oamp by small companies was necessary before the
advent of the large conoerns. Mr.
Brown expeots to leave for the
south today.
Suffers Severe Injuries from
High Fall
D. Lamont, an improver employed
in the Boiler Shop at Anyox, while
working on a special job on the
smelter roof Wednesday afternoon,
slipped and took a couple of thirty
foot slides to the ground. He is
now in hospital suffering from a
broken foot, dislocation of the
elbow, bad laceration of the leg and
bruises on the head. At the time
of going to press there is every
chance of Mr. Lamont's recovery
from this miraculous fall.
Anyox Native Sons Hosts
At Dance And
Officersandmembers of the Native
Sons of Canada Assembly No. 85,
were hosts to about 150 guests on
Friday evening last at the Elks'
Hall. As hosts the Native Sons
certainly excelled themselves and
nothing but praise from everybody
present was heard during the evening and ever since the party. Mr.
F. F. Brown, the worthy president,
spoke a few kind words of welcome
during the banquet which was responded to by very hearty applause
by all those who were not really too
busy enjoying the wonderful spread
provided by the boys.
Dancing was indulged in and
much enjoyed to the music of the
Moose Orchestra until the small
hours of the morning.
This is the first public function
offered by the Native Sonsof Canada
here in Anyox—and a very successful one—and great credit is due the
Committee, Mr. J. Deeming, chairman; Mr. Dune Campbell and Mr,
H. E. Arnold for their splendid
efforts in making the first of these
affairs "nulli secundus".
Public Meeting Raises
School Assessment
A public meeting was held at the
School House on Thursday evening
for the purpose of discussing the
recent ruling of the Superintendent
of Education whereby Alice Arm is
raised to the status of an organized
The chair was occupied by H.
Fowler. Secretary Al. Falconer
read a letter from the superintendent of Education stating that no
change could be made in the decision to make Alice Arm an organized
school district.
All districts having an assessment
over $150,000 are now classed as
organized. The Department of
Education have stated that they will
provide $580.00 toward the salary of
the teacher and the people of Alice
Arm must supply the balance, which
is $820.00 and which allows for
janitor work.
It was decided after much dis
cussion to raise the assessment for
school tax from $750.00 to $1350.00.
Anyox Couple Married
Surprise weddings are becoming
popular in Anyox. On Thursday
evening September 8th. Mr. Benny-
Brown of the Mine and Miss Annie
Hill were united in marriage at the
Beach Club House by Rev. C. D.
Clarke. The ceremony was performed very quietly. Both the
young couple are well known in
Anyox and their many friends wish
them all happiness in their future
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Dan Mackenzie, at the Anyox Hospital, on
Tuesday morning September 13th.
a daughter.
Body of G. W. Morley   Is
Shipped South
The body of G. W. Morley, who
recently died at Silver City was
shipped to Seattle from Anyox on
Monday. Prior to the departure of
the steamer Catala a funeral service
was held, at which a large number
of friends were present. A large
number of friends of deceased went
from Alice Arm and Silver City to
pay their last respects to their old
time friend.
Anyox Shipping Notes
The S. S. Anyox arrived from
Stewart on Sunday at 2 p.m. towing scow Griff, loaded with 800 tons
of Premier ore. She left at 10 p.m.
on Sunday for Maple Bay and thence
to Stewart to load ore.
S. S. Amur arrived on Monday
from the south with 500 tons of
coking coal and 400 tons of general
freight. She toWed the barge
Lord Templeton which will load
with concentrates.
S. S. Amur left for Stewart on
Wednesday at 9 p.m.
S. S. Anyox arrived from Stewart
on Thursday at 8 a.m. loaded with
1009 tons of Premier ore, and towing scow Independent loaded with
400 tons of Outsider ore. She left
the same day for Seattle at 4 p.m.
after loading 248 tons of copper
A. B. Morkill,   Leaves  for
Among other noted arrivals were
A. A. Todd, Mr. Boyd, T. Simpson
G. A. Crear, F. Griffith and Dave
Alan B. Morkill left on the "Prince
George" on Wednesday night for
Victoria, where he has been transferred to the Johnson Street branch
in that city as manager. Mr. Morkill has been manager of the Canadian Bank of Commerce, Anyox, for
over three years and in going away
to take up his new duties we wish
him every success and the best of
good luck and good health. Parting
is such sweet sorrow and he leaves
many many friends behind. Mr.
Morkill's successor is Mr. D. M.
Sinclair who comes from Keremos.
New Ore Located
on Bunker Hill
is Rich
FOR SALE—Good Jersey family cow, good milker, quiet, T. B.
tested. Fresh in October, Price
$125. Apply Arrandale Cannery,
Naas River.
J. Wells left on Monday for
Ed. Peterson left on Monday on
a visit to Vancouver.
Mrs. *A1. Falconer and family
left on Monday for Vancouver,
where they will make an indefinite
Hand Laundry Work done at
reasonable prices.—Miss B. Crawford, near Meat Market.
E. Ness arrived back on Monday
from a short visit outside.
N. McLeod arrived home on
Monday from a visit to Prince
Mrs. Marshall Smith arrived
home on Monday from a visit to
North Vancouver.
W. A. Wilson left on Monday on
a visit to Prince Rupert.
G. Strombeek returned on Monday from a short visit to Vancouver
Mrs. J. Calfa left on Monday on
a visit to Prince Rupert.
Chas. Lindberg, who has spent
some time in Anyox, returned on
Saturday, and is now blacksmith at
F. L. Housley's logging camp.
W. Shaw arrived in town on
Monday from Prince Rupert.
Constable W. Smith arrived in
town  on  Thursday   from   Anyox
The regular monthly meeting of
the Alice Arm branoh of the British Columbia Chamber of Mines
will be held at the Anglioan Church
on Monday evening, September
19th at 8 p.m. Your presence
will be appreciated.
Get the habit, ask for El Doro
when ordering Cigars, quality
Surface stripping carried on this
year on the Bunker Hill property
which adjoins the LaRose mine,
has been instrumental in discovering two ore veins, whioh are of
great importance.
A vein of solid ore has been uncovered from 10 to 12 inches wide.
The ore is silver-lead-zinc, carrying
gold values from $5.00 to $6.00
per ton. Samples have assayed
50 per cent lead, 65 ozs. silver and
$7.00 gold per ton. The work
was undertaken this year by Ed.
Trethewey, whose father J. O.
Trethewey of Abbotsford is owner.
This new discovery parallels a
vein that has been traced on the
surface for a distance of 350 feet,
aud varies in width from 6 inches
to 2l/i feet an average width of 18
inches being solid ore.
Between the two veins it is composed of crushed rock, iu which are
many small connecting veins varying from J of an inch to 4 inches
Another discovery was made 75
feet higher up the hill from where
ore was discovered last year, and is
an exceptionally fine showing
These two discoveries add considerable value to the Bunker Hill,
which is a very promising property
It is expected that with the commencement of underground work
considerable more ore veins will
be discovered. The heavy over-
Iburden makes surface prospecting
difficult. It is looated in a rich
mineral zone on Haystack mountain, and' underground work is
necessary to obtain big results.
Visitor Enjoys Stay at Alice
W. A. Johnstone of Vancouver,
left on Wednesday to return to his
home, after a few week's sojourn
at Alice Arm. He was pleased to
say that he had enjoyed his stay;
the delightful atmosphere; the
bathing, and the genial hospitality
of the citizens. The Alice Arm
Hotel with its electric lighting,
running water and baths, affording
its guests accomodation superior
to that found in many pretentious
towns. The stores are stocked
with all the accessories necessary
to supply all requirements.
After a most pleasant experience
I leave with the most sinoere hope
and trust that the fondest hopes of
the enterprising citizens of Alice
Arm may be speedily realized.
E. Errington of the Mine, who is
at present sick in Vancouver, wishes
to thank the brothers of the Elks
and Moose and also fellow workmen for their kindness to himself
and wife and family during their
recent time of trial.
Advertise in the Herald ALICE  ARM  AND  ANYOX   HERALD,   Saturday,    September   17 1927
Alice Arm & Anyox Herald
Issued every Saturday at Alice Arm
Alice Arm and Anyox $2.50 Yearly
Other Parts of Canada, $2.75
British Isles and United States, $3.00
Notices for Crown Grants -   -   $15.00
Land Notices ....      $15.00
Transient Advertising, 50c. per inch
Contract Rates on Application.
E. MOSS, Editor and Publisher.
The Anyox Community League
propose to operate Technical
School classes in Anyox during
the coming winter, and anyone
who wishes to improve their
knowledge either in the occupation
they are following or some other
line of business, will have ample
opportunity. This is an age of
learning, and everyone who wishes
to ascend the ladder of fame, or
even improve their position must
study. We are living in a province whose industries are rapidly
expanding, and there is lots of room
at the top for those who will bend
their energies toward study. It is
hoped that a generous response
will be made and that the various
classes will be filled. Competent
instructors will be provided for
each class. A splendid opportunity exists for those who wish to
increase their earning capacity,
which no one with ambition can
afford to ignore.
The salmon fishing along the
British Columbian and Alaskan
coasts have been a failure. The
cause of the failure lies with the
canneries, who in past years have
taken as many salmon as possible,
with no thought of the future. All
the streams have been fished to the
limit, and now the price is being
paid. The shortage does not
effect the cannery companies so
much as the fishermen. The can-
ners have received ample returns
for their investment and they ,now
can invest their money in some
other line of business. A large
number of fishermen, however, are
in a different position. They have
homes, wives and families on many
islands along the coast. The
money derived from fishing keeps
these homes going to a certain extent, and has created many prosperous settlements. A failure of
the salmon fishing spells disaster for
these people. The Indians also
are hard hit when the salmon
fails to appear. They are the
wards of the white race, who have
taken their hunting grounds from
them, and they must be provided
for. Major J. A. Motherwell,
chief inspector of fisheries, who
has personally examined the situa-
Lightning Rods & Lighting Fixtures Consume
Much Copper
During recent years intensive
efforts, have been made to demonstrate the 'efficiency of copper
lightning rods as a protection
against damage by electrical storms
and a substantial market has developed in a relatively short time.
In the manufacture of lightning
rods about 15,000,000 pounds is
used each year. If complete protection by copper lightning rods
were provided for all exposed
buildings, it is estimated that over
200,000,000 pounds of copper would
be required.
The great increase of the past
few years in the number of residences wired for electricity has provided a corresponding increase in
the market for lighting fixtures.
Brass is the material largely used
for fixtures to be placed in residences, and bronze for the more architectural type of fixtures for halls,
public buildings, etc. For outdoor
fixtures, such as porch and garage
lanterns, and many kinds of traffic
signals, sheet copper is used. The
lighting fixture industry, as a
whole, consumes over forty million
pounds of copper per year in all
Fire, Life, Accident
and Sickness
Guaranty Saving! & Loan Society
P. O. Box 264, Anyox
FOR SALE—At Alice Arm.
Nice Comfortable 1-room cedar
Log Cabin. Beautiful view.
Partly furnished. Price $200.00
with terms. Apply Herald Office
Al. Falconer
Alice Arm
Baggage, Freighting, Pack
and Saddle Horses
Slab Wood Cut any Length
Every Order Given
Immediate Attention
Immigration to Province   is
Immigration into British Colum
bia from the British Isles this year
is approximately fifty per cent
above 1926 according to F. A.
Pauline, agent general in London,
who predicted that the rate of increase would continue, as no other
part of the empire appealed so
strongly to the people of the British
Isles as did this province. Most of
the B. C, immigrants come from
the British Isles, lie said.
Predicts Great Harvest
A western grain crop of 400,000,-
000 bushels is predicted by Sir
John Aird, president of the Canadian Bank of Commerce. He predicted that the movement to Vancouver will be the greatest in history. The new freight rates, he
believed, would benefit Vancouver
as well as the east.
Ore shipments from Alaska for
June show a drop to $591,167,
compared with $1,200,213 for corresponding month of last year.
tion, states, that salmon fishing will
become unprofitable to both fishermen and canners, if the quantity of
fishing gear is not reduced. This
reduction should have been made
years ago. If it had our streams
would still be swarming with fish.
Alice Arm
The Boianza Silver
Camp of B. C.
We invite you to investigate the mining shares now
being offered in Alice Arm properties and recommend
Kitsault-Eagle Silver Mines Ltd. (N.P.L.)
British Colonial Securities Ltd.
Suite 32S, Standard Bank Building, Vancouver
Alice Arm Representative:   A. McGuire
We have just received a large new consignment of
Dr. Middleton's pure food products, including the
famous Macaroons, Ironized Whole Wheat, Oatmeal
Fruit, Sugar, Ginger, and other Whole Wheat
Health Cookies.
Full line of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Weekly.
Alice Arm
S.S. Prince George leaves Anyox each Thursday
midnight for Prince Bupert and Vancouver via.
I Prince Charlesleaves each Monday 12.00 inid-
1 night, via Stewart and Massett, for Prince Rup-
lert, Vancouver, Victoria, Seattle.
___ S. S. Prince John leaves  Prince  Rupert, fort
nightly for North and South Queen Charlotte Island ports.
Trains leave Prince Rupert daily except Sunday at 11.30 a.m., for
Jasper,   Edmonton, Winnipeg, direct connections for all points
East and South.   Jasper Park Lodge open May 21st. to Sept 30th.
See Canada in Canada's Diamond Jubilee Year,   1867-1927
Use Canadian National Express for Money Orders, Foreign
Cheques, etc., also for your next shipment.
For Atlantic Steamship Sailings or further information, apply to any Canadian
National Agent, or to R. F. McNAUGHTON, District Passenger Agent
Prince Rupert, B. C.
Launch "Awake"
Leaves Alice Arm for Anyox Tuesdays and Thursdays,
Returning same day
Leaves Alice Arm at 2 p.m. on Fridays, returning following day, leaving Anyox (Saturday) at 10 a.m.
Sunday Excursions from Anyox Special Trips by Arrangement
Vaoant, unreiu-ved, muftm**
Crown landi may be pre-empt**! »y
Britlth subjects over It yean o( age,
and by aliens on declaring lnt*M»»n
to become Brltlih subject*, *e*»S-
tlonal upon residence, oooupatian,
and Improvement for agricultural
Pull Information concerning recitations regarding pre-emptions Is
given In Bulletin No. 1, Land Series,
"How to Pre-empt Land," ooples of
whioh can be obtained free of onatige
by addressing the Department of
Lands, Viotoria, B.C., or to any Otrr-
crnment Agent.
Reoords will be granted covering
only land suitable for agricultural
purposes, and which Is not timber-
land, I.e., carrying over 5,000 board
feet per aore west of the Coast Range
and 8,000 feet per acre east of that
Applications for pre-emptions are
;o be addressed to the Land Commissioner of the Land Recording Division, ln which the land applied fer
la situated, and are made on printed
forms, copies of whioh can be obtained from the Land Commissioner.
Pre-emptions must be occupied for
five years and Improvements made
to value of (10 per aore, including
clearing and cultivating at least five
aores, before a Crown Grant can be
For more detailed Information see
the Bulletin "How to Pre-empt
Application* are received for purchase of vacant and unreserved
Crown lands, not being Motherland,
for agricultural purposes; minimum
price of flrat-olasa (arable) land Is If
per aore, and second-blass (grailng)
land |1.50 per acre. Further Information regarding purohase or lease
of Crown lands Is given ln Bulletin
No. 10, Land. Series, "Purchase and
Lease of Crown Lands."
Kill factory, or Industrial sites on
tlmHer land, not ezcesdlng 40 acres,
may be purchased or leased, the conditions Including payment of
Unaurveyed areas, not exoeeding 20
aores, may be leased as  homesites,
conditional upon a dwelling being
created In the flrst year, title being
obtainable after residence and Improvement conditions are fulfilled
and land has been surveyed.
1 For grailng and Industrial purpose* areas not exceeding 640 aore*
may be leased by one person or a
Under the Orating Aot the Ptwv-
lnoe la divided Into graslng district*
and the range administered under n
lOraalng Commissioner. Annual
grailng penults are Issued based on
'numbers ranged, priority being given
to established owner*. Stock-owners
may form associations for rang*
management Free, or partially free,
permits are available tar settler*,
campers aad traveller*,  up  to  tea
The Herald
$2.50 a Year
Anyox & Alice Arm
The Mineral Province of Western Canada
Has produced Minerals as follows: Placer Gold, $78,018,548; Lode Gold, $126,972,318; Silver, $80,-
787,003; Lead, $106,976,442; Copper, $209,967,068; Zinc, $50,512,557; Coal and Coke, $284,699,133;
Structural Materials and Miscellaneous Minerals, $50,175,407, making its mineral production to the end
of 1926, show an
Aggregate Value of $988,108,470
The substantial progress of the Mining industry of this Province is strikingly exhibited in the following
figures, which show the value of production for successive five-year periods: For all years to 1895, inclusive $94,547,241; forfive years, 1896-1900, $57,607,967; for five years, 1901-1905, $96,507,968; for five years-
1906-1910, $125,534,474; for five years, 1911-1915, $142,072,603; for five years, 1916-1920, $189,922,725;
for five years, 1921-1925, $214,726,650; for 1926, $67,188,842.
Production Last Ten Years, $429,547,755
Lode mining has only been in progress for about 25 years, and only about one-half of the Province has
been even prospected; 200,000 square miles of unexplored mineral bearing land are open for prospeoting.
The Mining Laws of this Province are more liberal and the fees lower than those of any other Province
in the Dominion, or any Colony in the British Empire.
Mineral locations are granted to discoverers for nominal fees.
Absolute Titles are obtained by developing such properties, security of which is guaranteed by
Crown Grants.
Practically all British Columbia Mineral Properties upon which development work has been done
are described in some one of the Annual Reports of the Minister of Mines. Those considering
mining investments should refer to such reports. They are available without charge on application
to the Department of Mines, Victoria, B. C. Reports oovering eaoh of the six mineral Survey
Districts are published separately, and are available on application. Reports of the Geological
Survey of Canada, Winch Building, Vancouver, are recommended as valuable sources of information.
Full information, together with Mining Reports and Maps, may be obtained gratis by addressing
VICTORIA, British Columbia
MB ii
ALICE ARM  A^D ANYOX   HERALD,   Saturday,    September   17 1927
Will of late John Oliver is
The will of the late Premier Oliver which was probated leaves an
r estate valued at $75,502,92. The
beneficiaries are the widow, five
sons, and three daughters.
Under the will, which was dated
July 15 of this year, the widow
receives a life income from the
estate except a considerable portion of the Delta estate of whioh
his son William Arthur has the
free use for life.
The will mentions that Mrs.
Oliver is to receive title to the
family residence, at Viotoria, P. G.
E. debentures worth £340 and
$1,000 in Dominion bonds. The
residue of the estate is divided into
81 parts and to each of his sons
and daughters he has bequeathed
parts, stating reasons for so doing.
Sale of Indian  Silver
Depresses Market
The government of India has
recently sold silver bullion held in
the Indian paper currency reserve
to an amount of approximately
9.200.000 ozs., representing the
total stock of mine silver held by
the government of India. As this
silver ceases to form part of the
currency reserve, its place will be
taken by Indian government rupee
securities whioh will be reduced as
the sterling proceeds from the sale
of silver are received.
The fact of the announcement
having been made officially rather
suggests that the Indian government has no immediate intention
of operating further at the moment
but nevertheless the sales have
continued to depress the market.
Halibut Scarcity Causes
The international fisheries commission has not recommended that
the halibut batiks be temporarily
closed and has not made a report;
to the United States or Canadian
governments." John P. Baboook,
ohairman, said in reply to Washington reports saying suoh a recommendation would be made. "In
November, after the closed season
begins, the commission will hold
public meetings in Ketchikan,
Prince Rupert, Vancouver and
Seattle. A digest of the date collected will be submitted and the
commission will listen to the halibut men who oare to talk and
afterwards the commission will
draw up its first reports to the
Canadian and United States Gov
Nelson   Conservatives    Will
Nominate Candidate
Surveys of Mineral ('hums, Subdivisions, Underground  Surveys,
Conservatives at Nelson, after a
conference with Hon. S. F. Tolmie
decided to nominate a candidate
to contest the constituency made
vacant by the death of the late
Premier John Oliver. The convention will take place October 15.
M. M. STEPHENS & Co. Ltd.
The oldest Financial Office in Northern B. C.
Pack Trains, Saddle Horses
and Heavy Teams
No Contraot too Large or
too Small
Worthy of your Support
, Anyox Community League
Reading Room and Library
A wide range of Newspapers,
Magazines and Periodicals on
. file.   New books regularly
Join Up!
Make  the League better
through your influence
Topley Mine at Smithers
Will Amalgamate
The Topley mine which was
optioned to a big company by F.
H, Taylor and Wesley Banta and
which was dropped recently,is now
proposed to amalgamate with the
Topley Consolidated Company and
a meeting is to be held next week
for the purpose of considering the
amalgamation proposal. If the
amalgamation goes through the
new concern will be known as the
Topley Richfield Mining Company,
Ltd. The capitalization will be
Dominion of Canada and Newfoundland
Meets every second and fourth Monday of
the month
Hall for rent for dances, social functions, etc.
on application to club manager
Welcome Hotel
Alice Arm
Comfortable Rooms for Rent
Tobacco and Soft Drinki
Cigars,   Cigarettes
A. BEAUDIN, Proprietor
Candies, Magazines, Stationery,
(j  Proprietary Medicines. Toilet Articles. Etc.  j]
W. M. CummingS,   Agent for all Vancouver Daily Papers
Post Office Building, Alice Arm
Meals Served at All Hours
GUS.   ANDERSON,   Proprietor
Waterproof Clothing
Everything for the wet weather, including Water
proof Shirts, Coats and Pants, Slicker Coats, Rubber
Coats and Hats.
Rubber Footwear, including Rubber Boots in low,
knee and hip lengths.
LEW  LUN  & Go.
General Merchants, Anyox West side of Smelter
OPEN   UNTIL   10   P.M.
Fall and Winter Clothing
Our stoch is complete to outfit you with Fall or
Winter Clothing, including Rain Test Shirts, Coats
and Pants, Mackinaw Coats and Pants.    Rubber
Footwear of all descriptions.
Alice Arm
FOLLOWING the Eucharistic
Congress held recently at
Chicago, several Princes of
the Church visited Canada before
returning overseas. The top picture was taken on the arrival at
Montreal of the International Limited, on which the dignitaries travelled from Chicago. Prom left to
right are: Mgr. A. E. Deschamps,
Auxiliary Bishop of Montreal; Sir
Henry Thornton, K.B.E., Chairman
and President, Canadian National
Railways; Mgr. Heylen, Bishop of
Namur, Belgium, and permanent
president of the Eucharistic Congress; His Eminence, Cardinal
Dubois, Archbishop of Paris; His
Eminence, Cardinal Charost, Archbishop of Rennes in France; Mgr.
Chaptal, Bishop of Paris; Canon
Tharciasus, secretary to Mgr. Heylen.
The lower photograph shows as
they alighted from the C.N.R.
train: Mgr. Heylen; Mgr. du Bois
de la Villerebel, Archbishop of
Rouen, France; Mgr. Deschamps;
Cardinal Charost; Mgr. Belanger,
Pastor of St. Louis de France,
Montreal; Cardinal Dubois; Mgr.
Grent, Bishop of Mans, France;
Mgr. Laynaud, Archbishop of Algiers. — Canadian National Rail*
ways photographs. ALICE  ARM   AND  ANYOX   HERALD,   Saturday,    September   17 1927
|      ANYOX NOTES      j
Mr. and Mrs. S. Grimason returned on Monday from an enjoyable trip during the past month
which was spent in Vancouver and
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Swanson arrived home on Monday from a trip
Mrs. W. R. Lindsay and son
Jack returned on Monday from an
extended visit in the south.
H. C. Fraser, school inspector,
spent several spent days in town
during the week.
Miss J. Morley, arrived from
Prince Rupert on Monday and will
spend a vacation with her parents.
She is on the staff of the Prince
Rupert Hospital.
For a quiet rest try the Alice
Arm Hotel. Pleasant surroundings.   0. Evindson. proprietor.
Miss Rosie O'Neill, who is on
the staff of the Prince Rupert
Hospital, arrived on Monday for a
Miss Mary O.Neill, who has been
spending a vacation in Prince
Rupert returned home on Monday.
W. Lang of the Turner Beaton
Co. spent a few days in town during the week.
Miss Richard was an arrival on
Monday's boat.
Harry B. Chapman was a passenger to Prince Rupert on Monday.
Rod. Chisholm was a southbound
passenger on Monday.
Mrs. Coates of the Dry Goods
Department left on Monday for a
vacation in the south.
We can fill your requirements regarding your winter suit or overcoat
Stan Ballard, Anyox Tailor Shop.
Mrs. Peters arrived from Victoria
on Wednesday on a visit to her son
Mr. S. Peters.
Miss White arrived from Victoria
on the Prince George on Wednesday.
Dr. J. W. Lang returned on the
Prince George on Wednesday from
a short visit to the south.
Mrs. McMillan arrived on the
Prince George from a vacation
spent in Vancouver.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Leslie left on
the Prince George for Los Angeles,
where Mr. Leslie will take up a
position with the Petroleum Process
Company, They are old residents
of the camp and a large number of
friends wish them the best of luck.
Mr. Leslie was superintendent of
the Coke Plant, a position he filled
very efficiently,
Winter recreation such as dances,
parties, etc. demand a man to be
well dressed. Consult A. Galy for
your winter suit.
R. Brooks left on the Prince
George for Kdmonton where he will
meet his wife who has been spending an extended visit to the Old
Among others noted leaving for
the south were Messrs. Alex. Yberg
Hans Lundberg, D. Burton, B.
Goff, Chas Swanson.
Frank Gordon left on Wednesday
night for Vancouver where he will
take up his studies at the University.
Dr. and Mrs. G. S. McDonald
were passengers on the Prince
George for Victoria.
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Walters were
passengers for Prince Rupert on
the Prince George on Wednesday.
F. E. Patton was a passenger on
the Prince George on Wednesday
making his destination, Portland.
The El Dora, a Cigar that has
been in demand for years on
account of its quality.
Mr. C. S. Rankin and Mr. Fred
Lagru were among the arrivals on
the Prince George.
Mr. and Mrs. David Deane returned on the Prince George on
Wednesday from a vacation spent
in the south.
Mrs. H. Patrick and child arrived
on the Prince George from the east
where Mrs. Patrick has been spending an extended visit with relatives.
We have one of our nursing
staff, Miss Dingwall, at present
indisposed, recovering from an operation on the throat. We certainly hope for a speedy recovery and
trust that she will soon be on her
feet again administering to the
wants of the patients in her usual
cheery manner.
Opposite Liquor Store
Choice Business and Residential Lots lor Sale.    Small
Monthly Payments.   Best View in Town.
Overlooking Bay
BUSINESS    LOTS  ■ FROM    $200    TO    $500
RESIDENTIAL   LOTS   FROM   $200  TO  $300
Agent for the Alice Arm Mining & Development Co
Anyox Community
The Council of the League
meets on the Second and
Fourth Wednesday of each
month, in Recreation Hall,
at 7.30 p.m.
(Diversion and Use)
TAKE NOTICE, that Toric Mines
Ltd., whose address is 706 Credit
Foncier Building, Vancouver, B. O.
will apply for a licence to take and
use one cubic foot per second of water
out of Tumble Creek, which flows
westerly and drains into Kitsault
River about 300 feet north of Kitsault
Suspension Bridge, The water will
be diverted from the stream at a
point about 550 feet North 50° East of
South-West corner of Riiby M. C. Lot
1210 Oassiar District, and will be used
for wash water for concentrator purpose upon the mine described as Toric
Mineral Claim Lot!)35, Oassiar Distriot.
This notice was posted on the
ground on the 11th. day of June, 1927.
A copy of this notice and an application pursuant thereto and to the
"Water Act" will be filed in the office
of the Water Recorder at Prince
Rupert, B. C.
Objections to the application may
be filed with the said Water Recorder
or with the Comptroller of Water
Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B. C, within thirty days after
the first appearance of this notice in a
local newspaper.
TORIO MINES Ltd.,  Applicant
By Frank D. Rice, Agent
The date of the first publication of
this notice is June 18th. 1927.
Beach Recreation Hall:
Pictures:  Tuesdays,
Thursdays, and Saturdays
Mine Recreation Hall:
Pictures:   Wednesdays and
Help the Organization
that Serves You
Subscribe to Your Local Paper
Notice of Intention to Apply to
Purchase Land
In Cassiar Land Recording District
of Prince Rupert, and situate on Hastings Ann.
Take Notice that Henry Harshman
Oarney of Anyox, occupation, Rancher, intends to apply for permission to
purchase the following described
Commencing at a post planted at
the South-West corner of T. L. 10581 P
thence North 30 chains to South Boun-
daryof T. L. 13101 P, thence West 40
chains to Shore; thence South-Easterly following Shoreline to point of
Commencement, and containing sixty
acres, more or less.
Dated 21st. June, 1927.
We trade in al. LISTED and
orders promptly attended to
Buyers or Sellers.
720 Haitingt Street W.
Vancouver, B. C.
Phone Sey. S061
Member  Vancouver Stock
Sunset Hotel
First-class Rooms for Rent,
by Day, Week or Month
J.THOMAS   -   Prop.
Alice Arm
Comfortable Rooms for Rent
By Day, Week or Month at
Reasonable Rates
N. Sutilovich        Prop.
W. A. WILSON, Manager
Dealers in Fresh, Salt, and Smoked Meats,
Fish and Poultry
Heavy Wool Mackinaw Coats, a goorl variety of patterns in all sizes. Price $8.25
Heavy Wool Mackinaw Shirts, all sizes, Prices $7.75   $8-25
Good Weight Wool Lumberjacks in fancy patterns, Prices $4.75, $5.25, $5.75, $6.75
Good Weight Canvas Hunting Coats, double throughout, with large pocket $6.75
Ladies' Silk Pajamas and Kim-
onas in corresponding colors.
Maize and Black, Orchid and
Black, and Lipstick   and   Black.
Kimonas at  -$4.50
Pajamas at •' • • •     5.25
Ladies silk knickers and vests
in Pastel shade, Price • 2.25
Germicidal Soap 1 per cent.
Cleanser, deodorant and disinfectant.
A killer of germs and should be used
when taking precautions against infection.. Invaluable as a shampoo and
perspiration deodorant, also in the
treatment of boils, pimples, head lioe,
wounds and contagious
Price 25c.
We would remind you that the shooting season is now open, and we can
show you a big range of shot guns.    We have a complete stook of all
kinds of ammunition—all sure fire stuff


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