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The Herald Brings Results to Advertisers
$2.25 a Year
Alice Arm and
Anyox. $2.75 to
all other points.
■ ■ ■ ■ i ii .I ■■#««.+■«. ,*«.
VOL. 3,   NO. 13
Alice Abm, B. G, SAfpitbAir, September 22, 1923
5 cents each.
Alice Arm
Mining News
Esperanza Mine Breaks into
Good Shoot of High Grade
That steady produoer t>t high
grade silver ore, the Esperanza
Mine is looking better now than
iever it did. For the past few
months work haB been concentrated
in the tunnel above the Baldy tunnel. Here a small vein of high
'grade ore Was found alongside the
dyke whioh outs through the property. This vein has now widened
out to a width of three feet of high
grade ore, and is found on the foot-
wall of a quartz vein six feet in
width. This quartz vein also carries ore, but whether it will be
profitable to mine it has not yet
been fully ascertained.
The richest ore on' the footwall is
12 inches wide, and samples taken
from the remaining two feet,of ore,
while, not s? rich, gave assay
returns of 1.58 ozs, gold, and 67.4
ozs. silver per ton. Taking the
present market price of silver this
ore is worth $73.38 per ton. The
fact that this ore carries over li
ozs. of gold per ton has given great
satisfaction to the owners.
Work on the ore vein is being
steadily proceeded with, and the
next few weeks work will be
watched with interest.
Four hundred sacks of ore are
now at the mine, and this stock is
being added to at the rate of over
Wo tons per day. '
Compressor Plant for Home-
stake Mine
The Homestake'Mining Co.
received a compressor plant on
Monday by the Cardena for their
mine at the Kitsault Glacier. The
compressor will be capable of operating two drills, and will use gasoline for fuel. During the week the
company's speeder has been busy
hauling it over the Dolly Varden
Railway to Camp 8 from there it
will be packed or drawn by go-
devils to the mine. The plant will
be put into commission as quickly
as possible and will be operated
throughout the winter, An ore
oar also arrived by the same boat.
The work of building oamp is
nearing completion, the cook house
and dining room being already
occupied. Work underground has
been resumed, and the future of the
mine is promising. '
Good Ore Struck on   Rex
The Rex property,' which joins
the David Copperfield on the south
was the scene of a strike of good
ore during the week, when Archie
McPhail uncovered an ore vein
four feet wide, and traoable ou the
surface for a distance oi 1,500 feet.
The ore oarries considerable argen-
tite and brittle silver and also
ehalcopyrite oopper. Samples have
been sent out for assaying, and
returns are anxiously awaited. The
Rex property runs to the Dolly
Varden railroad tracks, which fact
ensures cheap transportation of all
ore taken from the property. The
strike was made 300 feet from the
Mining Engineer Inspects
Mr. E. Martin Torneley, mining
engineer for the Keystone Mining
Co. arrived in Cilice Arm on Mon^
day, and visited the Sunset property, which the oqmpany has under
bond. He was well pleased with
the general outlook at the mine,
Dance Held at
Alice Arm Hotel
The dance held last Saturday
evening at the Alioe Arm Hotel outshone all previous dances as the sun
outshines the moon. For brillianoy
of scene, the musio of the orohestra
and number of dancers present, the
dance on Saturday was the best
yet. The orohestra was composed
of Mrs. T. W. Falconer, and Miss
Violet. McKay piano; Mr. A. B.
Giffon saxaphone; Mr. E, R. Oatman, oornetjMr. C. E. Hutchinson,
clarinet; and J. D. Cameron, drums
and traps. The players were bent
on giving everyone a good time, and
they played unceasingly "until it
was time for the departure of the
Anyox visitors.
A special feature of the evening was
the dancing of the Misses Kathleen
and Irene Bruggy, Kathleen danced
the Sword Dance, and both danced
the Highland Fling, both dances
being perfectly executed, and the
little tots received rounds of
There were over thirty persons
who came,over from Anyox to join
in the merriment and the general
verdict was that' a real good time
had been spent. Mr. Geo, Bruggy
was the Master of Ceremonies an
offioe whieh lie .handled in his usual
efficient manner.
A sumptuous supper was served
and great praise is due to the ladies
for the wonderful confections provided, and also to those who spent
considerable time in preparing the
Smelter Football Team
Wins Championship
A very suocessful season of football was brought to a close on
Monday evening, when the Smelter
met and defeated their old opponents, the Mine, aud Outplayed
them all the way, winning with a
store of 2-0.
Cy, Greenwell and Elder scored
the goals for the Smelter. Both
teams played good clean football
but it was dearly evident that the
Smelter were the superior team. •,,
The following teams lined up:
Mine: 'goal, Chapman;
Stewart, and Lange; half baoks,
Cane, Pymn, Currie; forwards,
Twaddle, Barnes, Stewart, Ingram,
Dearlove. - Smelter: goal, Mc-
Dougall; backs, Ross, Main; half-
baoks, Kirkland, Westwood, Mo-
Guire; forwards, Elder, Matthews,
Cy. Greenwell, Armstrong Kirkland.
Anyox' Birthday Party
On Saturday evening last, at
the home of Mrs. Charles Clay was
the scene of a delightful dinner
party to celebrate the nineteenth
birthday* of her daughter Miss
Bernice A. Clay.
Among the invited guests were
Misses Mary O'Neill, Janet Moffett,
Ruth Gordon, Lucy Teabo, Evelyn,
Rice, Nettie Thompson,, Margaret
Barr, Mabel Stevens, Mary Harrington and Rita McDonald.
D. Cole is Winner of
Anyox Tennis Cup
in the Men's
and D. Cole
Sunday after-
a close and
I went to the
The   final game
Open       Singles
between H. Ballfc
junr. took place on
noon last, and atjb
exciting game, whii
full length of five gets, Mr. Cole
emerged the victor. "V '
In the first three sets Ballion
undoubtedly had the edge on his
opponent, his shots being better
placed and having better length on
many occasions he left his opponent standing at the net with passes
down the sidelines; Many points
were lost by him through mistimed
overhead smashes, fending them
either out of the court or into the
net. ! Cole made'few mistakes
in this most effective of all strokes
smashing being one of bis strong
points, but in his other strokes he
seeine to lack the effisjctive placing
of the ball, too muoh, in the centre
of the court, and not; close enough
to the side lines. His out strokes
are very deadly and accurate,
although there is not the pace to
them that one gets In, the drive,
and in this game it was specially
noticeable, Ballion's driving being
very fast and only Cole's quickness
at the net, saving him on many
occasions from being beaten.
.They were both serving well,
except in the last set when Ballion
fell down, not only in his service
but also in his play., His game
went to pieces completely,"and Cole
playing the best tenuis of the game
won the final set 6-0.
The complete reversal of form in
Ballion's play in this set is hard to
explain, but it is very certain that
Cole's play was very good, that
Ballion would have had to maintain
his previbus form or; play even
better than he had been doing in
the other sets, io have won.
It was a splendid game to watch
and was muoh enjoyed by the small
enthusiastic orowd present.
The weather was everything
that could be desired, giving no
advantage to either player in the
matter of light.
We must congratulate Mr. Cole
on winning the oup and we may
also say that his ooming to Anyox
has helped greatly to stimulate and
revive interest in tennis among
the old Anyox players,, an interest
which was, more or less, waning on
account of lack of hew blood.
Parent-Teacher Association
Hold Organization Meeting
On Tuesday, September 11th., in
the New Sohool, the Anyox Parent
Teaoher Association held the first
meeting of the fall term, at whioh
the following officers were elected:
Hon. President, R. H. Manzer,
President Mrs. Jenkinson, Vice-
President, Mrs. Dwyer; Recording
Seoretary, Mrs. McAllister; Correspondent-Secretary Miss D. Bowes,
Treasurer, Mrs; MoKay.\j©bnvenors
of special committees: Membership,
Mrs. Eve; Musio, Miss. B Leitch;
Programme, Mr. H. D. Southam;
Sports, Mr. W. Robertson; Refreshment, Mrs. H. Selfe.     ■?
It was deoided unanimously that
the membership fee for the ensuing
year be fifty cents, this sum admitting both parents. Meetings at
whioh new members will be heart
illy welcomed, are to be held on the
second Monday of each month.
He also inspected properties at
Copper Creek, and before his return
south will inspect properties in the
upper Kitsault valley
See Al. Falconer for Freight
and Pack Horses.
The Welcome Lunch Counter,
which adjoins the Welcome Pool
Room, will be opened on Monday
byf Mr. A. Beaudin. Everything
will be bright, clean and up-to-
date. Meals at all hours. You'll
always find a welcome at the
Mr, J. B. Lambert, of the Federal Works department arrived on
Monday to take souhdimgs and
determine the location; of the new
government float. ,
Mrs. Criohton and son Jack
arrived on Thursday from Vancouver, and will spend a short
holiday with Major Criohton.
Capt A. C. H. Gerhardi arrived
on Thursday from a business trip
to Vancouver.
Mr. James MoAleenan, an old
timer of the oamp arrived on
Thursday, from Prinoe Rupert for
a few days visit.
Mr. J, A. McDermaid, who has
been, an inmate of the Anyox Hospital for'nearly two weeks through
injuries received from falling from
falling from a roof, arrived home
on Thursday, but has not yet completely recovered, i    . „<:.
Constable A. Dryden, of Anyox,
arrived on Thursday, on official
Man and wife with no family or
one child requiring a well furnished
house in Alice Arm oan obtain
same by supplying board and room
to owner—For particulars apply
Herald Office.
G. C. Allen, E. W.
Bassett, and K. C. MoCannell, who
have Spent the past two mouths
here cruising timber for the government, left on Monday.' The two
former will take a forestry course
in the Washington University
and the latter in the B.C. University
Miss B. Crawford arrived home
on Monday from a week's visit to
the Prinoe Rupert Exhibition.
Mr. and Mrs- Geo. Matheson and
family arrived home on Monday
from Stewart where they attended
the marriage of Mrs. Matheson's
neice, Miss lip May Young.
See Al. Falconer for Wood or
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Wilson and
daughter Irene, arrived on Thnrs
day from the Peace River, on a
visit to Mrs. Wilson's mother, Mrs-
Geo. Thompson.
Mrs. J. Laidlaw returned on
Monday from a week's visit to
Prince Rupert Exhibition during
whioh time she was the guest of
officials of the, exhibition. During
her visit she gave exhibitions of the
Sword Dance: and Highland Fling
at the Exhibition Hall on Wednesday evening, receiving thunderous
applause and encores. She was
also lucky enough to win a gold
wrist watch for a 50-oent ticket,
and also a ham for two bits. Prince
Rupert is alright.
Mr. M. D. Ross, manager of the
Royal Bank, who left for Vancouver two weeks ago will not return
having been appointed manager of
the Royal Bank at Pentioton, a
newly opened branch. Mr. Ross
has been manager of the local Dank
since it was opened some years ago.
Mine Win Double-
Header Ball Game
iOn Sunday September 16th. the
Mine and the Elks met in a double <
header baseball game and it was ''
indeed the "Miners Day" for they
Won both games.
The Mine were first to bat in the
first game and they went out in
one, two, three order. In their
half of the first Cody got a hit but ,
was unable to get farther than
first base. In the first half of the
second, Stewart got on first on a
walk, and Anderson reached first
on an error. Halverson the next
man up hit aiid scored Stewart
with the first run. In their half
Fitzpatrick of the Elks got to first
on an error and came home on a '
fielders choice, which Sloan hit to
Mealey. It was in the first half of
the third that the balloon went up
the Mine making five runs on three
bunched hits and 2 errors. In the
last of the third Down, Campbell
and Cody got hits in .succession but .
were unable to soore, Downs being
forced out at seooud. In the first
of the fourth the Mine made another run, Mealey getting a two base
hit, and came home on, Cecil Ferguson's hit. In the last of the
fourth Brentzen and Sloan got on
but Brentzen was left stranded on
third when the third man was
retired, Iifcthe first of the fifth the
Mine added one more run to their
total, Anderson after getting to
first on a hit came home when Allan,
connected for a solid smash and
Was safe, at first. In the last half
of the fifth the Elks gathered in
two runs, Campbell got to first on
a hit and came home. Fitzpatrick
came home after using his head,
being hit on the Ivory by a pitched
ball and brought home when
Draudson hit,
The Mine again put the game on
ice in the last of the sixth scoring
three runs on hits by Greenwell,
Cecil Ferguson, Jimmy Ferguson
and Halverson getting 2 base wallops. The Elks were unable to
score in the last of the sixth,
Campbell getting a hit and was
forced out at second. In the first
•of the seventh Greenwell got on
base on a safe hit but stayed on
first and died there. The Elks held.
a belated rally in the last of the
seventh scoring three runs on two
walks, a hit, and a two base hit
by Sloan, but they were too far
behind to have any chance of equaling the score. At the end of the
seventh the Scoreboard read this:
Mine 11, Elks 5.
Continued on page 3.
Anyox Carnival Queen Has
Royal Time
Miss Margery McDonald, the
Anyox candidate for Queen of the
Prince Rupert exhibition, was third
on the list for number of votes.
Prince Rupert coming first and
Prince George second. Miss McDonald was well pleased. with her
treatment at the hands of the
exhibition officials. A delegation
of ladies was at the boat to meet
her, and her stay in Rupert" was a
round of dances, dinnerparties, and
entertainments. Miss McDonald
is spending a holiday at Smithers
and will visit the Telkwa Fair
while in the interior.
He was one of the most publio
spirited men of the town, taking an
active part in all movements pertaining to the welfare of the camp;
He was courteous and obliging at
all times, both during business
hours and in private life, and his
departure will leave a gap that
will be hard to fill. ALICE   ARM   AND   ANYOX   HERALD,   Alioe  Arm,   Saturday, September 22, 1923.
Alice Arm & Anyox Herald
Issued-every Saturday at Alice Ann
Alice Arm and Anyox $2,25 Yearly
Other Parts of Canada, $2.75
British IsleH and United States, $8.00
Notices for Crown Grants - - $10.00
Land NoticeB - ' - , / - - $10.00
Coal Notices .... $6.00
Transient Advertising, 50c. per inch.
Contract Bates on Application.
E. MOSS, Editor and Publisher.
The Copper
Burdick, Logan & Company, Limited
737, Granville Street,
Vancouver, fi. 0.
Special to the Herald
Stand by Your
Town Newspaper.
' Stand by your local newspaper.
If anyone outside of Anyox or
Alice Arm hears of anything that
is going on there, it is a pretty safe
bet that the local paper was responsible for the spreading-of the news.
Every town gets its money's worth
from the little local newspaper.   It
is the wagon that carries all the
goods to market, and it ought to be
kept in good repair.   It will pay to
grease it, paint it, and keep its running gears in good shape and shelter.   Stand by your local newspaper.    It is   the guardian and
defender   of  every interest,  the
forerunner and pioneer of every
advance movement, and the sturdy
advocate of law and order.   Take
it away and it would not be  six
months before the town would look
as though  it  had  been  doped.
Organizations   would relax,  and
some would perish for lack of publicity.    And the outside   world
would know no more of what had
happened or what people were
doing in this district, than they
would of some little town located1
in the heart of central Africa.
If your wife laughs at your joke,
you can be sure it's either a darn
gook joke, or you've got a sdam
good wife.
Tone of copper market is better
than last week. Prices are slightly
higher. Friday bids were 13.50 cents
for domestic delivery with no business
reported at this figure. Market \s a
quarter higher with big producers
holding at 13 7-8 cents. Several domestic inquiries for substantial tonnages
ranging from 1,000,000 pounds upward,
are in the market. Friday and Saturday export and domestic sales were
Several factors enter into making
the market firmer. Advance in price
of electrolytic and standard in London
is reflected here. Since Friday electrolytic is up £1 on spot and 10s. on three
months, while standard is up £1 10s.
6d. London advance is viewed - in
some quarters as reflecting an early
adjustment of Ruhr situation, while it
is also explained as being due to continental buying of copper as an investment. It is reported from London
that even firms outside of the metal
trade are investing funds in copper,
lead and tin.
Effect of the Japanese disaster on
the copper market has not been
determined. Up to this time it has
not been felt here. Japan has been
buying in small lots and no orders
have been received to defer shipments.
Extent .to which copper consumption
will be Increased by rebuilding programme, will not be ascertained for
some time. Electrolytic for domestic
consumption is 13 3-1 to 13 7-8 cents a
pound delivered to end of November.
Price aside ship New York is 13 34
cents. Lake copper is dull at 13 7-8 to
14 cents delivered. Price c. i. f.
European ports is 13.95 cents.
Boston—Few copper stocks can show
the price stability of Chile Copper
during the wide market swings of the
year. The high of 301-2 was touched
when negotiations for the purchase of
control by Anaconda were under way
last January. During the break in
the market of early summer the stocks
sold down to 21 14$, since recovering
to 27, around which level it now clings
a range of only little over6points. It
is singularly, too, that when it was
announced that control was to bepur-
chased at $35 a share for 2,200,000
shares by Anaconda, the stock did not
respond in the market. It hung
around 20 to 30.
At its current level Chile is off eight
points from the price at which control
was purchased, representing a shrink-,
age on paper to Anaconda of $17,600,
Anyox Moose Lodge
Will Hold Meeting
The new Moose Lodge has
become a reality in. Anyox, and
will be instituted'on Thursday
next, September 27th, at 7 p.m.,
in the Catholic Hall
The growth of this organization
in Anyox has : been somewhat
phenomenal, and the; Anyox Lodge
Loyal Order of' Moose will commence its career with a membership roll bordering on the 150
mark.   .', -!»»'.
The Catholic, Halt has been secured and will be .the headquarters
of the Anyox Moose, and meetings
will be held there until further
notice. '
On Institution night, all those
eligible for initiation should endeavour to be present.
For further particulars, apply to
W. F. H. Thompson, organizer.
Anyox Community
Loyal Order of Moose
Important Notice
This Lodge will be Instituted on Thursday
Next, September 27th, at   7 p.m.,   at the
Catholic Hall
Council meets every Wednesday
Evening, at 7,30 p.m. Every
second Wednesday of month at
Mine Hall; every first, third and
fourth Wednesday at Recreation
If you can suggest anything to
better conditions, tell it to us at
the meetings."
Meals Served at All Hours
GUS, ANDERSON,  Proprietor
Leaves Alice Arm for Anyox 9 a.m.
Tuesdays. Thursdays & Saturdays
Returning Same Days at 3 p.m.
For Rent^by Dfiy, Week or Month.
.euouue Rate».
Boot and Shoe
First Glass Work
Highest Grade Material
C.H. WALKER Alice Arm
Opposite Rojil Btak
Office: Next to Post Office       •        J. M. Morrison, Manager
Shot Guns & Sheik
Everything for the Duck Hunting Season
Now that the dark evenings are here, you'll
need a Torchlight.' We carry a wide range
Men's Working
■   i '     ■
Also Rubber Boots and Shoes of all
LEW LUN & Co., General Merchants
Weit Side of Smelter ANYOX, B.C.
The Mineral Province of Western Canada V
Has produced minerals valued as follows: Plaoer Gold, $76,542,203; Lode Gold, $109,647,661; Silver,
$59,814,266; Lead, $51,810,891; Copper, $170,723,242; Zinc, $24,625,853; Coal and"Coke, $238,289,565;
Building Stone, Brick, Cement, $36,605,942; Miscellaneous Minerals, $1,358,839; making its mineral
production to,the end of 1922 show _
An Aggregate Value of $769,418,462 j
The substantial progress of the Mining Industry in this Province is strikingly exhibited in the followingv
figures, whioh show the value of production for successive five-year periods:  For all years to 1895, inolusive,
894,547,241; forfiveyears, 1896-1900,$57,607,967; forfiveyears, 1901-1905, $96,507,968; forfiveyears, 1906*
1910, $125,534,474; for five years, 1911-1915, $142,072,603; forfiveyears, 1916-1920, $189,922,725; for the
year 1921, $28,066,641, and for the year 1922, $35,158,843., . j
Production During last ten years, $339,280,940
Lode-mining has only been in progress for about 33 years, and not 20 per, cent of the Province has been
even proBpeoted; 300,000 square miles of unexplored mineral bearing land are open for prospecting.
The Mining Laws of this Provinoe are more liberal and the fees lower than those of any other Provinoe
in the Dominion, or any Colony in the British Em|i^e. ,t \
Mineral locations are granted to discoverers for nominal fees.
Absolute, Titles are obtained by developing suoh properties, security of whioh js guaranteed by
Crown Grants.
Full information, together with Mining Reports and MatM, mby be obtained gratis by addressing
VICTORIA, British Columbia ALICE   ARM   AND   .\NYOX   HERALD, uAlhjk Arm,   Saturday, September 22, 1923
Maple Bay Cafe
Meals at All Hours
and Licensed Embalmer
Granby Bay Hotel;
Anyox >
Anyox Wins Northern
mm price or first-class land
reduced to $5 an acre: second-class to
t?.60 an acre.
'   Pre-emption   now   confined   to  surveyed lands only.
Records will be granted covering only
land suitable for agricultural purposes
and which Is non-timber land, i,
Partnership pre-emptions abolished,
hut parties of not more than four may
arrange for adjacent pre-emptions
nilh joint residence, but each making
necessary improvements on respective
claims. ...
Pre-emptors must occupy olaims tor
five years and make Improvements to
value of $10 per acre, Including dealing and cultivation of atv least 5 jres.
before receiving Crown Grant.
Where pre-emptor In occupation not
'ess than 3 years, and has made proportionate Improvements, he may, because of Ill-health, of other cause, De
granted Intermediate certificate of Improvement and transfer his claim.
Records without permanent residence may be Issued, provided applicant makes Improvements to extent of
per annum and records same eaoh
year. Failure to make Improvements
nr record same will operate as forfeiture., Title cannot be obtained In
■ess than 6 years, and Improvements
of $10.00 per acre, Including 5 acres
cleared and cultivated, and residence
of at least 2 years are required.
Pre-emptor holding Crown Grant
may record another pre-emption, If he
lequires land In conjunction with his
farm, without actual occupation, provided statutory Improvements made,
and residence maintained on Crown
granted land.
Unsurveyed areas, not exceeding 20
acres, may be leased as homesltes;
title to be obtained after fulfilling residential and Improvement conditions;
For grazing and Industrial purposes
areas exceeding S40 acres may be
leased by one person or company.   ,
Mill, factory or Industrial slteB on
timber land not exceeding 40 acres
may be purchased; conditions include
payment of stump Age.
Natural hay meadows Inaccessible
by existing roads may be purchased
conditional upon construction of a road
to them.  Rebate of one-half of cost of
not exceeding half of purohase
Is mad*.
The1 scope of this Act is enlarged to
Include afl persons joining and serving with His Majesty's Forces. The
time within which the heirs or devisees
of a deceased pre-emptor may apply
for title under the Aot Is extended,
from for one year from the death of
such person, aa formerly, until on*
year after the conclusion of the great
war. This privilege Is also made re-
No tees relating to pre-emptions are
due or payable by soldiers , on preemptions recorded after June M, IMS.
Taxes are remitted for five years.
\ Provision for return of moneys ao-
crued, due and been paid since August
4, 1114, on account of payments, fees
or taxes on soldiers' pre-emptions.
Interest on agreements to purohase
town or city Ion held by members of
Allied Forces, or dependents, acquired
dlreot or Indirect, remitted from enlistment to Maroh 11, MM.
Provision mad* for lssuano* of
Crown grants to sub-purchasers of
Crown Lands, acquiring rights from
purchasers who failed to complete
purchase, Involving forfeiture, on fulfillment of conditions of purohase, Interest and taxes. Where sub-purohas-
ers do not claim whole of original par
cel, purchase price due and taxes may
be   distributed   proportionate!)
whole area.  Applications must t
be distributed
whole area. At
by May 1, l»20.
Graslng   .
development oi
Act,   MM,   for
    —   systematic
livestock/industry pro
vides for graslng dlstrlots and range
administration under Commissioner.
Annual. graving permits Issued based
on numbers ranged: priority for established owners.' Stock-owners may
form Associations for rug* management. Free, or partially free, permits
for settlers, campers or travellers, up
to ten head.
The large silver cup, emblematio
of the baseball championship of
Northern B. G, will repose in
Anyox for atj least one year. The
boys of the smelter town who
journeyed to Prince Rupert to
battle for the trophy, certainly
brought home the bacon—or at
leapt Ben Selfe will bring it up
later when he hands over the cup
at the annual smoker.,
Anyox played Smithers on Wednesday, of last week, and any ambitions Smithers may have
possessed regarding the Gup were
rudely dispelled, when the Anyox
boys \ eliminated them from the
contest by the soore of 27 to 1.
It does'nt take much imagination
to picture what kind of a game it
was.      -\    •
The Smithers boys gave Anyox
some nice batting practice, and
loosened them up for the game on
Thursday, when they met and
defeated Prince Bupert, with a
score of 5-3. Both teams put upN
a hard fight and played a fine
game, Anyox made Vei?y few
errors, playing, almost a faultless
Continued at foot of next column
B. P.O. Elks
Dominion of Canada
Meets Every Monday, S p.m.
Elk's Hall
If you are in need of a mental
tonic, take advantage of the
League Library. The digestion
of a good book is often the
cause of a different viewpoint
' - \ ■    ■ «
Anyox ■==
League ?™-
Get the Habit Three Nights a
::   ::    SATURDAY    ::   ::
Be Sure & Keep These Nights
for the Pictures
o »
Mine Defeat Elks in
Double-Header Ball Game
Contymed from page 1.
The second game saw the Elks
take the lead, when Down scored
in the first half ofthe first inning,
being batted in,by?Cody.     The
Mine were unable to do anything
in their half, the batters going out
in the, order in which, they came
up, one, two, three; << In the second
inning, 'Autterson got a hit, but
was   not advanced any further
than 1st.   In the last of the seoond
C.  Ferguson walked,   but   was
forced out on the next play, when
Stewart got to first!   Stewart was
out trying to steal second aiid the
next man flied out.   The first of
the third saw the, Elks   score
another, A. Campbell crossing the
home plate on two hits in success'
ion by Greenwell and Draudson,
In their half,   Halverson  of the
Mine, reached first on an error, and
the next three were easy dutS    In
the first of the' fourth,, the Elks
were set down in one, two, three
style and the Mine took the same
medicine in their half.   The first
of the fifth saw Cody reach first on
a single, but was unable to advance
as the next man was1 the third out
at first.   Stewart, got a hit in the
Mine's half, but was forced but at
second and Halverson the   third
was caught stealing second for the
third out.   Sloan connected with a
single in the first of the sixth/ but
the next man Hied for the final out.
Jlealy got to first on a hit in the
last half of the sixth, but only got
as far as seoond, when: Greenwell
failed to beat* the throw to first.
It was in the seventh that  the
excitement comnienoed,   the  first
half saw three, men step up and go
back, two flying out and the third
struck out.   • Then i$. was the
Mine's turn* and Jimmy Ferguson,
the first man up got to first on a
nice hit and was out trying to
steal second.   Stewart got to first
on a fielder's choice and Jimmy
Ferguson crossed the pan,    The
qext two men up, Anderson and
Halverson, reached first safely and
Stewart crossed the home plate for
the tying run.   Anderson was out
stealing third, and Pynn flied for
the final'out.   In the first of the
eighth the Elks tried hard to score
when Cy. Greenwell got to first on
a olean hit, but his team 'mates
could not cbrinebt for the timely
wallop.   In the last of the eighth
Allen   flied put, Mealy reaching
first on a hit, and was advanced to
second when Geo. Greenwell drove
a hot one through the short-stop,
Greenwell led off first and Cody
pegged tb first, Mealy rushed for
third, and came home when tbe
first baseman threw the ball into
the Mine bleaoherites,   who  had
been rooting too strongly for the
The Welcome
Pool Room
Alice Arm
Pool Tables, Cigars, Ciftrettts
Tobacco sad Soft Drinks
A. BEAUDIN, Proprietor
Orders   Taken  for
Kinds of
Finished Building Material
S. DUMAS, Alice Ann
Following are the scores and the
line-ups of the Anyox team for the
two games:
Smithers game: Mealy, ss;
Down, If j 'Matheson, 2b; Mo-
Keown, 3b andp; Cole, rljj C.
McKeown, fi\ Sherman, of;' H.
Thorley, lb; Draudson, p; A.
Fortin, rf; (after 6th); Halverson,
3b after 6th)„
Prince Rupert Game: Mealy,
ss; Down, l.f; J. McKeown, 3b;
Fortin,,p; Matheson, 2b; Cole, rf;
O. MoKeown, o; Sherman, of;
Thorley, lb.
Turkish  Sweat  Shower
'        and Tub
Kitsault House
Rooms for Rent by Day,
Week or Month
All Kinds of Soft Drinks
F. J. BISHOP, Prop.
Rooming House
First Class Rooms to Rent by Day,
Week or Month
Soft Drinks, Cigars, Cif arettes sail Tobacco
 ; i . _____
Subscribe to The Herald
. Producers/ of Copper, Coal, Coke, Benzol and
v      Ammonium Sulphate •
Purchasers of Ores of Copper and Siliceous Ores
of Gold and Silver
Rainproof Clothes
For Men, including
Shirts and Overalls
Handmade Shoes for Loggers, Miners, Prospectors
Baggage, Heavy Freighting and Pack Horses
Wellington Lump Coal, Slab Wood
Cut any Length, $3.50 per Load
Dealer in Fresh, Salt and Smoked Meats,
> , Fish and Poultry
W.   A.  WILSON,  Proprietor ALICE   ARM   AXD   ANYOX   HERALD;   Alicb  Abm.   Saturday, September 22, 1923
Certificate of Improvements
Silver Bell Fraction Mineral claim
situate in the Naas Biver Mining
Division of Cassiar Distriqt. Where
located: On Kitzault River adjoining
the Dolly Varden Group of Mineral
Take Notice that Lewis W. Patmore,
F. M. 0. No. 66818, as agent for William MacLean, F. M. C. No. 474570;
Bobert F. McGinnis. F. M. C. No.
474830- Alfred Wright, F..M.C. No.
68795; and Alfred E. Wright, Free Miner's Certificate No. 66793, intend 60
days from the date hereof, to apply to
the Mining Becorder for a Certificate
Of Improvements for the purpose of
obtaining a Crown Grant of the above
claim. And Further Take Notice that
action under Section 85 must be
commenced before the issuance of such
Certificate of Improvements;
Dated this 10th. day of August, A,
D. 1923.
Anyox Lodge No. 1412
AU Candidates for Initiation
please note that Initiation
Night is arranged for Thursday, September 27th, at the
Catholic Hall, 7 p.m.
(Form F.)
Certificate of Improvements
"Homestake," "Homestake No. 1,"
"Homestake No. 2." Homestake No.
3," Homestake Fraction," "Homsstake
No. 1 Fraction;" and "Tip Top" mineral Claims, situate in the Naas River
Mining Division of Cassiar District.
Where located: Kitsault River, Alice
TAKE NOTICE that I, A. C. H.
Gerhardi, F. M. 0. No. 76927-C, acting
agent for Arne Davedson, F. M. 0.
No. 47461-0, Arthur F. Smith, F. M. C.
No. 73743-0, Gustaf Pearson, F. M. C.
No. 72515-0, and Harry M. Mann, Free
Miner's Certificate No. 67886-C, intend
sixty days from the date hereof, to
apply to the Mining Recorder for a
, Certificate of Improvements, for the
. purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant
of tne above claims,
And further take notice that action,
v under section 85 must be commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 6th, day of August, A. D.
1923. ,
Mine Cafe
Meals at All Hours
Bread, Pastry and Cakes
for Sale
George Jessop
Bluebird Cafe
Home-made Pastry & Cakes
Soda Fountain
Mrs.  M.   BRYDEN
/ Drugs and Sundries
Stationery and Novelties
W. M. CummingS,  Agent for all Vancouver Paily Papers
Post Office Building, Alice Arm
Get Acquainted
With this Bottle
and the trademark label of "Cascade."
It stands for all that is good in beer,
brewing. It has behind it the resources
of the most scientific plant in the
west. It indicates purity beyond reproach. It cures the longest thirst,
invites the palate, brings the healthy
glow of good cheer and content. It
is the Million-dollar Brew—brewed
for YOU.
Get acquainted with "Cascade"
at the Government Liquor Store
today.   INSIST on it.
Vancouver Breweries
This advertisement is not published or displayed by the Liquor Control
Board or by the Government of British Columbia.
Mrs. Mary Castioano who has
been staying with her mother Mrs.
Dattillio left on Thursday to rejoin
her husband in Vanoouver.
W. Rowan was a southbound
passenger for Vanoouver on Thursday last. /
Robert Brown was oharged
before Stipendary Magistrate Mr.
John Conway with being drunk in
a pubh'o place at Anyox and was
fined $50 and $2 costs or 30 days
hard labour.
Rev. J. B. Gibson left on Thursday for Prinoe Rupert, where he
will eonduot the Services at.the
Pro Cathedral. , Mr. W. J. E.
Pamplin will officiate at Christ
Churoh until his:return.'
Mr. Fred Whittaker left on
Thursday for Vanoouver. Fred
was a popular young man around
town, taking ah active part in
sports and entertainments, and a
wide oircle of friends wish him the
best of luck.
Mr. L. F. Champion, manager of
the GranbyStofes, returned from
a trip south on Thursday.
Mr. Harry Sinclair Arrived on
Thursday from1'Vancouver, and
will sucoeed Mr. Whittaker in the
Drug Dept. of the Granby Stores.
Miss S. Brentzen, of the Anyox
Hospital staff, left on Thursday for
a vaoation which will be spent in
Vanoouver and Victoria.
Safety First inspector Sweeney
returned on Thursday from - his
vacation.        ap
Mrs. Thorsen, who left Anyox
some, months .ago, returned on
Thursday, and will reside here
again. 'jifi....-.; •;
Mr; and Mrs. H. Kirk were
homeward bound passengers on
Thursday's boat.
The new ribbon road which
extends for quite half a mile along
the Mine road, is a great boom to
traffic. The 'jitney service should
benefit considerably.
Anyox is rapidly becoming noted
for the remarkable variety of dogs
to be found here, During the past
few weeks several hew breeds have,
been imported. Why hot hold a
dog show? it should be of great
interest to local dog lovers.  ,
Mrs. J, Wier returned ou Thursday, from a trip to the south. '
' '■ \
There was quite a large passenger list on,, Thursday, on the
' Prince George," booked for Anyox
among whom were: Mr. J. E. Gill,
Mrs. Sam Bill. Mr. H. W. Sinolair,
Mrs. W. A. McDonald, Mr. and
Mrs. A. S. Palmer, Mr. and Mrs.
E. A. Middletou, Mr. and Mrs. T.
MoEwen, Mr. and Mrs. H. R,
Plommer, Messrs. J. S. Eastwood,
F. C. Myers, J. Lee, ,W. G. Fowler,
and R. Greenwell.
Mr. Dave Young left on Thursday for the south for a short vaoation.
We have hoticed that Capt.
Yuill, skipper^f "The Unknown"
has been wearing quite a harassed
kiok for some time, now, however,
the secret is out, the missing olutoh
problem has been solved, thanks to
the ingenunity of Mr. McDonald
the Anyox hoot maker. Where
others failed he succeeded, and now
Capt. Yuill can be seen daily with
his usual jovial smile. Congratulations to both. I
Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Monroe returned on Monday from a trip
south. While in the south Mr.
Munroe made an inspection of the
progress ' of work at Copper
Mr. A. S. McDonald arrived on
Monday from a week.s vacation
spent in Prinoe Rup6rt.
A,new addition to musical oiroles
of Anyox is Mr*. A. B. Giffen, who
recently arrived from Vancouver.
Mr. Gitfen is an expert player of
the saxaphone, and during the summer, played in. the orchestra of the
Vancouuer Rowing & Yacht Club.
r ■        ' |
The Ladies Aid of the Union
Church will hold a sale of work on
Friday November 9th.
The sale of home cooking Held by
the Ladies' Aid of the Union
Church last' week was a huge suo-
oess, aiid the committee in charge
wish to thank everyone who helped
in any way towards its success.
Among those returning on Monday from visiting the Prinoe
Rupert Exhibition, were: Messrs.
Rod McLeod, Stewart Steel, Wm,
Adams, E. E, Perry, and D. Munro
Mr. A. C. Beatty, one of the
oontraotors engaged in constructing
the Government Building, arrived
on Monday.
Mrs. G. F. Robinson, who is an
old resident of Anyox, arrived on
Monday on a visit to Mr. Robinson
Mr. Archie Carmichael, an old
resident of Alice Arm and Anyox
arrived on Monday.
U-boat warfare cured some pro-
German Americans, and buying
German marks cured the others.
The Catholic Ladies'will hold a
card party and dance, on Monday
evening, September 24th, at the
Catholic Hall. Refreshments will
be provided.   Admission 50 cents.
In the Matter of the MINERAL
AOT and FORFEITURE of INTEREST of Co-Owners who have failed to
To W. J. VanHouten of Hollywood,
in the state of California, IT. S. A. and
W. G. H, Campbell of Port Haney, ?n
the Province of British Columbia.
WHERAS you the said W.J. VanHouten and W. G. H. Campbell are
each a holder of an undivided one-
quarter interest in the "Big Strike"
Mineral Claim situated in the Portland
CAnal District, Alice Arm, B. C. located the 8th day of June 1919 and
recorded at Anyox, B.C. upon the 19th.
day of June 1919.
AND WHEREAS Douglas R. Shewan and Robert T. Oolquhoun are each
a holder of an undivided one-quarter
interest in the said Mineral Claim.       >
NOW you the said W. J. VanHouten
andW. G. H. Campbell are hereby
given notice that the said Douglas ft.
Shewan and Robert T. Oolquhoun ,
jhave niade the whole expenditure upon
the said Mineral Claim for the Tear
ending the 10th day of June 1928 as
requirtid by Sections 48 and 51 of the
Mineral Act.
AND that if you the said W. J. VanHouten and W. G. H._ Campbell shall
fail or refuse to contribute your proportion of the said expenditure required by the said Sections 48 and 51 of the
Mineral Act together with all costs of !
advertising oil or before the tenth day
of December 1028 your respective
interests in itho said Mineral Claim
shall become vested in your Co-owners
to wit; Douglas R. Shewan and
Robert T. Colquhoun (who have made
the required expenditure, pro rata) pn
filing with the Mining Recorder of the
Division in which the said claim is
situated, tins Notice in full and on fulfilment of the requirements of Sections
28 of the Mineral Acts and do you thef
said W. J. VanHouten and W. Gs H.
^Campbell govern yourselves   accord-
'"I^A^K 0. SAUNDERS, Solicitor \
for Douglas -ft. Shewan and
Robert T. Colquhoun, whose
address for service and place of
business is 402, Dominion Building, Vancouver, B. C.       •
Our Motto!
We Guarantee Every
Line That We Sell
Our stock is always up to the minute,
and we endeavour at all times to carry
■,     a lull line of clothing:, etc., suitable
to the season.
"■'.   ;V* ' ',■■".'■
If you, require anything  not carried in
stock we will make special effort to
supply your wants by ordering to
suit your requirements.
Coast Steamship Service
will sail from Anyox every Thursday at
1.00 p.m., for Prinoe Rupert, Ocean Falls,.
Powell River, Vancouver, Victoria, Seattle.
S.S. PRINCE JOHN will sail from Prince Rupert, for Vanoouver,
via Queen Charlotte Island Ports, every Wednesday at 8.00 p,m.
DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAY, at 6s45 p.m., for Smithers, Prince
George, Edmonton and Winnipeg,, making direct connections for
all points East and South.
Foi Atlantic Steamship Sailings or further information, apply to any Canadian Nat.
ional Agent, or to R. F. McNAUGHTON, District Passenger Agent,
Prince Rupert, B. C.


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